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The Tendler Phenomena!


My information differs from the "Chicago" study. Rabbis raping female teens under their care, is much more prevalent than we dare speak aloud - until now. I am not aware if the Chicago study factored in the male teachers of females - or they solely questioned them about females molesting females; and therefore found no incidences of sexual abuse in Chicago by teachers. I can confirm, that although among female teachers and counselors there exists incidences of child molestation, it is much rarer than male teachers raping male students, much less. The summer camping season is upon us - talk to your girls (and boys)!

The Tendler phenomena can be divided into categories:

Mesivta Birkas Yitzchok

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Mesivta Birkas Yitzchok
Los Angeles, CA, USA
Religious affiliation(s)Jewish
Head of SchoolRabbi Sholom Tendler[1]
Mesivta Birkas Yitzchok, also known as MBY or MBYLA, is an orthodox Jewish yeshiva high school in Los Angeles, California.


In 2006, Rabbi Sholom Tendler was forced to resign from his positions as Hebrew principal of Yeshiva University High Schools of Los Angeles (YULA) and as rabbi of Young Israel of North Beverly Hills under a cloud of various sex scandals.

1- A rabbi places himself in a female school environment - in a position of power and control - where teenage girls are just coming into their raging hormonal sexual desires. A charismatic rabbi able to seduce a weak or naive female student is too easy. If the rabbi lacks extreme yirat Shomayim and yirat chet, a rather too common incidence in girls schools, the children are prey to these evil and seriously deranged - degenerate - sub-humans.

2- Generally speaking, rabbis that teach in girls schools are inferior in Torah knowledge than their counterparts in boys schools, and most, if not all - would not be considered a noted talmud chochom - or a serious Torah scholar. Although there are exceptions, the same findings would apply to rabbis that are principals in girls schools.

3- These rabbis, that are around teenage girls in particular, must be screened to the maximum, and under constant monitoring. The ideal would be - in a perfect world, that no rabbi under the age of 60 years, should be a teacher or a principal of a girls high school. There are exceptions that could be made as far as the age bracket - but far and few. Girls should never seclude themselves with male teachers, and never take a ride home with them by themselves. Parents must make their teenage girls aware of the potential dangers of taking rides with any male, teacher or otherwise. Male relatives that act inappropriately towards teenage children, should be kept away from them. Child rape happens too often in the Orthodox Jewish community, more than anyone will ever acknowledge, as well as in all other communities. Protect your child with knowledge and awareness.

4- The shalom bayit rabbis are for the most part ignoramuses in their ability to counsel couples with marital difficulties. Most of these rabbis that specialize in couples counseling, should never be alone with the woman. They use it as an excuse to get close to them, even if no physical sex takes place - at first. A rabbi that has counseled hundreds, if not thousands of troubled couples over 35 years, stands accused of being intimate with many women.

5- Women should NEVER drop off their underwear for shailos in person, and NEVER pick it up in person. Use the mailbox or leave it at the door with a symbol or a number. Rabbis have used the good ol' underwear trick to lure unsuspecting women into their office, to discuss the circumstances surrounding the spotting or staining.

6- A "known" posek - who is still a practicing hilchos nidah posek, stands accused of forcing his wife to wear the panties of other women left overnight, while he donned others himself. He still uses the "difficult shailos" as an excuse to probe the sex lives of women.

7- Women should never go to a rabbi's study alone at night - unless you are absolutely certain that the wife and older children are at home, and the office door is completely open. There is NOTHING a rabbi has to discuss with you behind a locked door, that he can not say quietly and respectfully with an open door. When you get there - if the wife suddenly went grocery shopping - GET OUT OF THERE! NEVER go to the shul office EVER, by day or night - unless you are with your husband, or if you are single, accompanied by a friend.

8- Any shaila that needs clarification - should be limited to the telephone - and NEVER let the rabbi ask any questions that pertain to your sex life. NEVER!

There are competent and ehrliche rabbonim - but there are many that are not - and will use an opportunity to molest, talk sex, have sex with trusting and naive women. A former "chief rabbi" of a major American city, was able to convince scores of baalat teshuvas that he must accompany them to the interior of the mikve and witness the tevila - as part of their welcome to the Orthodox Jewish community! What followed - you don't need much of an imagination. He used everyone as a door mat for his personal gain, including issuing bogus hashgochos on food items that needed serious supervision; only for the community to find out that he NEVER showed up at the facilities, and had no employees.

Rabbi sexual abuse is real and out there - and comes in many different shapes, forms and guises. If anyone knows of any of these incidents similar in nature to the above - let me know - once verified - I'll hunt them down with all the means available to me - for the filthy pigs that they are, and the damage they do to innocents!

Chabdehu - V'CHASHDEHU - respect - but - SUSPECT!


Rabbis (allegedly) Infected With The Tendler Disease!







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Anonymous said...


June 26, 2008

Court of Appeals dismisses rabbi-seduction lawsuit

Steve Lieberman
The Journal News

New York's top appeals court yesterday dismissed a civil lawsuit accusing a Ramapo rabbi of convincing a woman that she must have sex with him in order to find a husband and have children.

Adina Marmelstein of Manhattan claimed Rabbi Mordecai Tendler seduced her into a 3 1/2 -year sexual relationship from November 2001 to May 2005.

Tendler, 53, a married father with eight children, has denied having had any sexual relationship with Marmelstein, who once attended his Kehillat New Hempstead synagogue on Union Road.

Marmelstein's lawsuit accused Tendler of breach of fiduciary duty and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

Her lawyers argued that because Tendler was a rabbi, he was in a position of power over Marmelstein, and that separated their relationship from a mere affair.

Tendler's lawyers argued her lawsuit should be dismissed based on the issue of seduction having been abolished in 1935 as a legal claim in New York to seek monetary damages.

The state Court of Appeals, after hearing arguments earlier this month, yesterday tossed Marmelstein's lawsuit, upholding an Appellate Division decision.

The seven justices on the high court ruled that even if her claims of an affair with Tendler were true, Marmelstein voluntarily had an intimate relationship with the rabbi because "she subjectively believed that the (sex) 'therapy' he suggested would help her find a husband."

The justices ruled that "no cause of action can be maintained for an extended voluntary affair between consenting adults."

Marmelstein claimed that Tendler told her if she wanted a husband and children, her only hope was to have sex with him. His true motivation, she claimed, was his personal pleasure.

The jurists found that "Marmelstein has shown only that she was deceived by Tender, not that she was so vulnerable as to surrender her will and capacity to determine her own best interests."

One of Tendler's lawyers, Glenn Feinberg of Manhattan, said yesterday that the courts have vindicated the rabbi.

"The rabbi has said from the very start of this that this case has absolutely no merit," Feinberg said.

"It's over," he said. "The case has been dismissed by the highest court."

Marmelstein's lawyer, Lenore Kramer of Manhattan, said the legal fight had not necessarily ended. Kramer said she would talk with Marmelstein about options.

"I am disappointed and I am somewhat surprised because of the way the arguments went," Kramer said, adding she had been hopeful for a decision in her favor after oral arguments.

Kramer said the Court of Appeals missed a chance to send a strong message with this case.

"It's a conservative court," Kramer said. "They are reticent to expand avenues of tort law. This was an opportunity to hold clergy who prey upon their congregants responsible."

Tendler is the son and grandson of two modern Orthodox Jewish rabbis. His father is Dovid Moses Tendler of Community Synagogue of Monsey, and his grandfather, Rabbi Moshe Feinstein, was an authority on Jewish law.

Mordacai Tendler became a well-known advocate of women's rights and counselor to Orthodox women seeking religious divorces.

Marmelstein, 43, first met Tendler in 1994 and began attending services at the Union Road synagogue in 1996. He began counseling her on family issues in 2001, when she claims the rabbi talked her into having sex with him.

In the lawsuit, Marmelstein claims Tendler told her that "he 'was as close to God as anyone could get,' that he 'talks to God all the time' and that he was in fact, 'the Messiah.' "

Supreme Court Justice Jane Solomon on June 20, 2006, dismissed Marmelstein's claims of fraud and negligent infliction of emotional distress. The judge denied Tendler's motion to dismiss her claims for breach of fiduciary duty and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

The Appellate Division later ruled 3-2 that Marmelstein's "thinly veiled claims of seduction" against Tendler are prohibited by civil rights law, and therefore she has no grounds to sue him.

The decision led to the showdown before the Court of Appeals.

Marmelstein's lawsuit and other accusations of womanizing led Kehillat New Hempstead's board of directors to oust Tendler as the congregation's leader.

The decision set off a series of legal battles in secular and religious courts.

On June 3, Tendler won an Appellate Division decision stating he was improperly dismissed as a rabbi. He can seek monetary damages for breach of his lifetime contract in court, Feinberg said.

The controversy surrounding Tendler became public in 2005 when the Rabbinical Council of America expelled him from its ranks of Orthodox Jewish rabbis.

Anonymous said...

Cholent Fresser is being dishonest. The rebuttals on other blogs WERE posted before he did his pro-Rubashkin cut & paste job.

The paid trolls are on Shmarya's blog but they are making a bigger impact in the comments section of the JTA and various newspapers. This is especially true when there is a registration process required. Lubinsky's & Engelmayer's boys are getting paid and have all the time in the world.

Anonymous said...


With their majority potentially reduced to a single seat, state Senate Republicans see their new leader, Dean Skelos of Nassau County, as a skilled, enthusiastic political in-fighter who will give them a better chance of retaining power than their former leader, Joseph Bruno.

Two years ago, he and Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver argued strenuously in public over whether the state should allow whistleblowers to sue to expose fraud in the Medicaid program. The idea wasn't included in final legislation.

Skelos is a lawyer and is best known in the Legislature for authoring Megan's Law, which requires sex offenders to register with the state, and for the EPIC program that provides subsidies for prescription-drug purchases by the elderly. He favors the death penalty, opposes gay marriage and abortion rights, although he said he would not move to change current laws.

The downside of Skelos' political aggressiveness could be a strained relationship with Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, D-Manhattan, some lawmakers said.

Anonymous said...

WASHINGTON - The Supreme Court ruled Thursday that Americans have a right to own guns for self-defense and hunting, the justices' first major pronouncement on gun rights in U.S. history.

Anonymous said...

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Stocks slumped on Thursday, with the Dow falling to its lowest level since September 2006, on worries about losses by big banks and a plunge in General Motors Corp's stock to a 53-year low.

Anonymous said...


Juda Engelmayer, 5WPR senior vice president, says he can't give any specifics on the degree to which the plant has recovered personnel or production.

Engelmayer flatly denies some former Agriprocessors workers' charges that the plant had a systematic policy of leaving overtime unpaid, looking the other way when underage hiring occurred, and alleviating undocumented workers' fears by telling them immigration was being paid off.

Engelmayer notes that former Missouri U.S. Attorney Jim Martin has now been hired as chief compliance officer at the plant.

"He's a no-nonsense kind of guy and he's not going to put his name on anything shady," he says.

Anonymous said...

A former active member of Berlin's Jewish community was arrested in a sweep of a crime syndicate.

Mikhail Rabo is one of 20 people arrested in a sweep of alleged masterminds of the powerful Tambov-Malyshev Russian crime syndicate. Police told reporters Monday that Rabo, 55, was arrested June 19 under a European warrant after a police raid on alleged Russian crime bosses in Spain. Spain has now requested Rabo's extradition.

Rabo reportedly was the group's number two boss overall, and number one in Berlin.

The gang is associated with the crimes of money-laundering, weapons and drug trafficking, documents fraud, smuggling of cobalt and tobacco, extortion and ordering assassinations. The Guardian newspaper said the Spanish raid was carried out with the help from German, American and Russian police.

Anonymous said...


A former Wichita man who had been living in an Orthodox Jewish community in New Jersey received a federal prison sentence of a year and a day for using a stolen identity.

Ted Riley Floyd must also refrain from using anyone else's name after he's released from prison and during his three years of probation, U.S. District Judge Monti Belot ruled.

Floyd, 28, cannot change his name legally without permission from his probation officer.

The unusual case created a stir in large Orthodox Jewish communities across the East Coast, after Floyd was charged with applying for a passport in Wichita six years ago under an assumed name.

At the time he was arrested this year, Floyd was using that same name, Nathaniel James Levi, and living with his wife and children in the Orthodox Jewish community in Lakewood, N.J.

Many in the tight-knit community said they had felt violated by Floyd's fraud.

Floyd has maintained throughout the case that he remained faithful to the Orthodox faith. He converted to Judaism while in Wichita between 2000 and 2002, before moving to New Jersey.

But Orthodox members have questioned whether that process followed the strict rules their practices require.

While in Wichita, in March 2002, Floyd applied for a passport at the Corporate Hills post office with the name and Social Security number of Levi, a deceased U.S. Navy veteran.

There has been no indication how Floyd obtained Levi's personal information.

Close friends of the family in New Jersey say his wife remained in Lakewood, where she has undergone an approved conversion.

Anonymous said...

For meat AND crystal meth.


Heidi Fleiss ruffles feathers in new documentary

Two sides of Fleiss

As a character, she has two looks -- the verité Heidi in the desert, scrawny, downsized and dealing with drug addiction (crystal meth, also Valium and Vicodin, she said), and the Heidi later interviewed for the film at the Regent Beverly Wilshire, groomed and eight days sober, reflecting on her life and infamy.

Even in an era of too many celebrity bad girls, Fleiss remains one of a kind. To review the rap sheet: In 1994, Fleiss was convicted of pandering in connection with her high-end prostitution business; she went to prison in 1997 for money laundering and tax evasion (concurrent with the pandering conviction). There was also that problematic relationship with actor Tom Sizemore.

On the phone, when asked about her drug use, Fleiss said: "I am sober right now."

She spoke of expanding her laundromat business, called Dirty Laundry, and of how Pahrump is growing. It has a Wal-Mart, and maybe a Home Depot opening soon, and maybe even Michael Jackson as a resident (it has been rumored).

Fleiss herself said she recently bought 10 acres and has big plans for her new residence.

"I'm gonna build my Hearst Castle," she said.

Hers is, in a way, a very L.A. story. She grew up in Los Feliz, the daughter of a Jewish doctor, and mingled -- legally and otherwise -- with the rich and powerful until it all came tumbling down.

Paul Mendlowitz said...

Buffet is right - Bernanke wrong!


NEW YORK (Fortune) -- Even Warren Buffett is wrong some of the time. Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke is hoping this is one of them.

Buffett, the billionaire investor behind Berkshire Hathaway (BRKA, Fortune 500), fingered "exploding" inflation Wednesday as the biggest risk to the economy. "I think inflation is really picking up," Buffett said on CNBC. "It's huge right now, whether it's steel or oil," he continued. "We see it everywhere."

Indeed, the prices of gasoline and milk have shot past $4 a gallon, and Dow Chemical (DOW, Fortune 500) has announced twice in the past month that it's raising prices to offset soaring commodity costs.

Anonymous said...


Vicky Polin has posted a bunch of new teshuvos on dealing with molesters. Some of them from gedolei rabbonim.

Anonymous said...


Letter from Rabbi Shmuel Fuerst Supporting Rabbi Mordecai Tendler

Note: Rabbi Shmuel Fuerst has supported several other "alleged" sex offenders in the Chicagoland area

Anonymous said...


Raffaello Follieri is about to experience the sweet cock-slap of justice. After being arrested on charges of fraud, he was placed on $21 million bail today despite prosecutors arguing Raffaelo has the money and connections to flee the country, but his lawyer guaranteed his cooperation. Which would've have been believable had he not just put on fake Hasidic Jew sideburns while asking for directions to La Guardia. The AP reports:

Prosecutor Reed Michael Brodsky said Follieri, of Foggia, Italy, boasted of tight Vatican connections to entice investors to give millions of dollars so he could "live the lifestyle of a multimillionaire." He said Follieri had duped one investor as recently as last month.
"In short, your honor, he is a con man, and he was able to defraud a lot of people out of a lot of money over a long period of time," Brodsky told Magistrate Judge Henry B. Pitman. "The evidence in this case is overwhelming because he left a trail of evidence."

Raffaello is not allowed to leave his home except for "legal meetings, medical treatment or religious services." After the part about religious services was announced, Raffaelo yelled "Cha-ching!" while dollar signs popped up in his eyes - then quickly apologized to his lawyer. "Oh, excusey. Was I not a supposed a do that? Me make a you spaghetti."

Arthur said...

Just came across this letter(published awhile ago) on a different site, which I am quoting in it's entirety. As such not all material will be directly relevant to the issue. You may or may not be familiar with this letter,however,I think it is appropo to what we have talked about before.
"I've Had Enough
This issue has been debated ad nauseum even in this forum, I doubt anything I will add will change anyone's set mind. It seems every Lubavitcher, Moshichist or not, is painted with the same vile brush, the fact that within Chabad there is extreme anger and even purging (witness the recent court case against the M’s in 770) is meaningless. The fact that any reader here can walk into a Chabad House throughout the USA, and in 99% of the cases will find not one hint of Yechi, Moshiach etc. is meaningless, The fact that at the recent Kinus, attended by over 3,500 Rabbis and 1,500 lay leaders and not one hint of the Rebbi ZT"L was or is Moshiach was uttered, is meaningless to this august crowd of contributors who continue to fill this and other prominent Blogs with their venom nothing else matters.

How many times have I read, of writers who while grudgingly admit that the Rebbe was “a Talmid Chacham” never even saw one of his, over a hundred, published works in all parts of Torah, Kabbala, Halacha, etc. yet heard from someone that heard from someone that he knew a little how to learn. How many times have I read of writers who dismiss Chabad work and wax knowingly about the type of Rabbis and communities they establish, and what they do there without even once visiting a Chabad House, or even meeting a Shliach. They rely on hearsay, on fragmented stories, on admittedly true stories but of disturbed individuals who perhaps never even learned in a Yeshiva but has decided to don a Kapote and wear a Borsalino and a beard. In a recent Blog, I read a comment by one who heard that someone visited someone, not a Rabbi, and before he made Kiddush Friday Night he kept looking at the Rebbe's Picture. Shoin!! Chabad is Ovdei Avoda Zoro. This is so ridiculous, laughable even, had it not reached such harmful proportions. How many readers, before they solemnly write out a segment of Klal Yisrael, a huge group of dedicated, good hearted, knowledgeable, nice families, who’ve dedicated their lives, in sometimes extreme conditions, to helping lost souls of Klal Yisrael, even bothered to drive thirty minutes, and spend a Shabbos at a random Chabad center, or two or three and see for themselves what really goes on.

I came to Sherman Oaks, California 21 years ago, there was nothing anywhere near my area, I was the only Frum Jew within 5 miles. I put up signs and some Yidden walked in. We have had a kosher minyan ever since. I gave a shiur in Chumash Rashi before davening, a Dvar Torah before Mussaf, and a shiur at mincha. I gave a tuesday night shiur, and my wife gave a monday night womens' shiur. We started an afternoon and Sunday Talmud Torah, ultimately sending dozens of students to the local orthodox day school, which in turn cemented the parents and the whole family to stricter Torah observance. We built a new building with a Mikve, the only Mikve in the immediate area for women, and the only mens' Mikve in the entire East Valley open daily. We now have over 120 people coming each Shabbos to Daven, we have a minyan 3 time daily with shiurim every morning and evening before mincha. On Yomim Noroim we have 2 minyonim, Ashkenaz and Sefard, with an aggregate of close to 800 attendees, no membership. On Monday nights there is a Shiur Torah in Russian, on Thursday nights in Hebrew, and Tuesday nights in English in addition to lunch and learn. We have a Talmud Torah with over 60 children, and a Bat Mitzvah club every year of Bat Mitzvah girls, we have a womens shiur and monthly tehillim groups , and we constantly have speakers on relevant Torah topics. Oh, and Boruch Hashem, we are an established stop for many meshulochim, collecting for decidedly non-chabad institutions daily. Of course they don’t seem to have any problem soliciting our funds, I guess Money is not Metame..

The past president of the local elementary school, the largest in the west, walked in to our shul years ago, now he, a full Ba'al Teshuva, and others on that same board as well who are mispallelim at other local Chabad institutions, give back tremendously to the community at large. There's more, but I won't bore you. Just in The Valley there are 21 such Chabad houses and centers. Some more succesful (Agoura Ca., Encino, Tarzana)) some less. Does anybody reading this realize any of this before they so willy-nilly tar and feather Chabad off the Jewish map? And yes, we talk about our Rebbe, we teach and learn his Torah, and we inspire people to follow his example of leading a selfless life of Torah and Mitzvos. We are Chassidim, we are connected to a Rebbe, we are proud of that. Were it not for the Rebbe's inspiration, I would have simply joined my families’ business and sat on Blogs all day. And no, we're not perfect not even close, we in Chabad, as in every single group, have their bad rotten apples, doesn't everybody?

I do, however, want to express my extreme disgust at “Rebbetzin” Katz, and her vile remarks in this forum and others; ugly, snide words cloaked in backhanded praise wondering whether the poison in every drop of water justifies the good. Afra Lepuma, I take personal offense. I am the Rov of a Chabad Shul, I receive no compensation, I have a business. I receive tens of Shaalos a week from Jews of all Valley communities, as it seems that I am the only one available, and I have merited to good Shimush. I am asked to adjudicate disputes, I have shiurim for hours daily, I have Kashered kitchens and put up mezuzos, I have brought unfortunate people to Kever Yisrael and attended more Shiva calls than you can even imagine there being. I have visited children and siblings of frum tradiitional homes who have landed in prison, I have made loans and donations to all types of Jews knowing I will never get it back, I have interceded on behalf of single mothers and other unfortunates to all types of schools, camps and institutions for free or reduced admittance and you dare to accuse me and my dear wife and children of instilling poison??? who are you, and how dare you even think words like that, let alone write such spiritually murderous poisonous words? how does a Jewish daughter even say such things? your Father was a Gerrer Chosid, does that make you an authority on Chassidus? you should be ashamed of yourself! what kind of warped chinuch did you recieve? I do not ask you or anyone on this forum to become a Lubavitcher Chossid, nor do I care what you think, nor do I even delude myself that there is not very valid criticisms of many in Chabad, nor would it bother me if anyone were to ask questions about my Rebbe's opinions and teachings, but to write words like that? on what basis? you met a few nut cases or misguided lunatics and you judge a whole Eidah? would you judge other communities similarly?

I totally understand the troubling Moshiach issues and its difficulties. I am the total opposite of a Moshichist, I and my friends and all that I associate with oppose it and will not allow any of their philosophy in our shuls. We have instructed young men who have desired to engage our congregants to leave the shul, and we do not allow placement of any publications mailed to us. I also have read recently on another popular Blog (where Toby spews forth regularly) where to my surprise a seemingly non chabad writer asked the self proclaimed “Halachist specialist” Blogmaster if there is anything in pure Halacha that would oppose believing that a person dead or alive is Moshiach, and to my amazement this honest and fearless blog master kept on refusing to answer, until he was seemingly forced to write that admittedly Halacha does not find anything wrong with that position, But it's wrong and dangerous and etc etc. because it's against the Torah and could lead to other problems. Without even realizing that this exact position was the reason all the Gedolim of yesteryear were vehemently against the MO Rabbinate, including RYBS, and others, because it could lead…

I, and multitudes of my colleagues, who BTW, bear the brunt of the justified backlash of the group of Meshichisten around, tend to flocks of Yidden, teach them Torah, introduce them to HKB"H and his Mitzvos, in many cases seeing them continue on their journey in another more established community. You should all be ashamed of yourselves, the shmutz I read in this blog and others, is shameful. Learn a little about Chabad and its Rebbes, open up a Sefer of The Rebbe in its source, not what some former student or dropout or single person interprets his words. Realize that as with any discipline, especially mystical, one has to understand the context and vocabulary used. Visit a Chabad House or two, and look at the type of Far Far off Jews on the front line these Rabbis have to deal with in way off communities and see what they have to work with. See how they live financially, see what it takes to educate their children properly, the hours and expense incurred to do car pool to the city etc. the mesirus for life in a foreign environment then try to emulate them and do something positive.

I know I went too long. But enough is enough! you cannot continue to murder an entire Eidah Kedosha on lies.

Moishe Weiss
Chabad of Sherman Oaks, CA"

Anonymous said...

I think UOJ & friends should set their sights on Eckstein. He's using Yeshiva World as a platform to spread the Rubashkin-Lubinsky lies, among others.

We can always do the kindish stuff like dig up dirt on him, but it will hit him where it counts if UOJ notifies the secular advertisers on that pathetic website.

Please help construct a list of Yeshiva World advertisers.

Paul Mendlowitz said...

Let's look at who uses Eckstein:

Agudath Israel

They all deserve each other.

Paul Mendlowitz said...

This is a monumental victory for "We The People." Think about the far-reaching implications - if we were not permitted to protect ourselves with deadly force if necessary. Every home should have a gun - in a gun safe - once you learn to respect the gun and learn how to use it!


Supreme Court strikes down D.C. handgun ban


WASHINGTON — A divided Supreme Court ruled for the first time Thursday that the Constitution protects an individual right to own guns, in a 5-4 decision that is likely to reverberate nationwide and spawn wide controversy over firearms control.
The momentous decision striking down a Washington, D.C., handgun ban came on the last day of the 2007-2008 term.

From the bench, Justice Antonin Scalia declared for the majority that the Second Amendment provides an "individual right to have and use arms in the home."

He rejected the notion that the gun right must be connected to service in the militia, as many lower court judges had ruled and Washington, D.C. officials had argued.

Anonymous said...

rabbi wiess
you spoke so eloquently
i for one grew up lubavitch and moved to a community where i am shocked that the local rabbis are incapable of helping one another and before a community event ask who will be there or tell a woman who is battered go back and make a better dinner
coming from my backround and B"H yichus we created a group of concerned balabattime to take care of the problems because the local rabbis suck

continue to do the work and dont worry about the katzs
the last time a rabbi spoke up against the rebbe in this community he spent weeks in a hospital after an accident and his kids arent frum or the ones that are dont talk to him and he takes seperate vacations
sad to say but he still hasnt learned

Anonymous said...


A sicko in Boro Park was arrested by cops a short while ago after he inappropriately touched two young Frum girls, Boro Park Shomrim tell YWN.

This sickening incident occurred on 57th Street near 11th Avenue, at approximately 6:30PM Thursday afternoon. According to credible sources, the middle-aged, white male forced two young girls into an alley where he endangered their welfare “amongst other things”.

Boro Park Shomrim were notified of the incident, and an intense search was initiated in Boro Park. After a short while, the man was found and apprehend by Shomrim units on 50th Street and 19th Avenue - until the NYPD arrived and arrested the man.

A positive ID has been made by the two children.

Boro Park Shomrim are urging all parents to please be vigilant, and keep an eye on your children. “The summer is here, and many parents tend to let their children play outside without supervision,” a Shomrim coordinator told YWN.

“Unfortunately, there have been some incidents of the same nature in the past few months - and parents should be aware of that, parents must be vigilant at all times”.

UPDATE 7:33PM EST: A highly credible source tells YWN that detectives have already linked the suspect to additional crimes “of the same nature”, and believe they will link him to others as well.

Anonymous said...

Eckstein is one of the rachmonus cases that worked for Puretz. I liked him better when he drove cars for a living.

I don't mean to send Boog's blood pressure shooting up but Eckstein also serves as mouthpiece for Moishe Scheinerman.

At least Eckstein is good for something in that war he rages against Leib Pinter.

Arthur said...

To Reb UOJ,
Again A partial but slightly
edited quote to protect the innocent (or maybe guilty).
If you feel I'm belaboring the issue please let me know and I shall forever (or at least for a while)hold my up my rhetoric.
"As for the pictures, Rabbi ----, I’ve seen plenty of mega-pictures of R’Schach, R’Ovadya, and the Gerer Rebbe in many homes - so what ? Visit Flatbush, Deal, Bnei-Braq, and you’ll see what I mean. But what of it ? This is what you call avoda-zarah ? There is ample support for this type of thing going back (at-least) centuries. While the following seforim may not be very well-known outside chassidic circles, their standing is certainly beyond reproach. The Arizal (see Chida- midbar kedemos, ‘tziyur’) instructs that difficulties in torah-learning can be overcome by conjuring up a picture of one’s rebbe. Sar Shalom of Belz said that when in trouble or need, one should visualize the image of a tzaddik and he will surely be helped (see Lev Sameach - R’Chanoch Henoch m’Olesk). And the Palgei Mayim (end 16th century) writes that he kept a picture of his rebbe in his bet-hamidrash to fulfill the verse ‘vehayu einecha ro’os es morecha’. So having children look at the picture of a tzaddik before saying shema at night doesn’t sound like a very big deal, EVEN if said tzaddik is the Lubavitcher Rebbe. To conflate this with avoda-zarah as you do (”Avodah Zarah mamash — people who call the Rebbe “Boreinu” and teach children to pray to him (l”a!) and look at his picture before saying Shema”)is dishonest, and runs the risk of running into the same situation confronting Mrs. ----- Ask yourself, is it worth it ?"

Anonymous said...

Arthur of course doesn't tell you the whole story. The Meshichistim actually kiss the Rebbe's picture before going to sleep, thus treating it like a getchka.

Anonymous said...

It seems that Matzav is the one with secular advertisers. At least tonight, Eckstein only has haymish ones:

TravelCell (Josh Mehlman / Abraham Fruitlaunderer)

Anchor Auto Leasing


Bonei Olam

Ezer Mitzion

Milano shaytels


Anonymous said...

A Chabad shliach in the north of England who was pictured on the front page of local newspapers didn't have much time for the Rebbe before retiring. The chap was busy with prostitutes instead.

Anonymous said...

There are pictures out now of that freak arrested in Boro Park for molesting kids in broad daylight. He looks like a putz sheigitz who lives near Mirrer yeshiva and has been seen coming out of the X-rated theater on Kings Highway.

Anonymous said...

Why did Zalman Silber have to impersonate a gynecologist to get into women's "hoysen"?

Why didn't he just pretend to be a rabbi???

Anonymous said...

"more people think their own income will fall than at any time since the Conference Board started asking that question in 1967."

One major employer in the NY area had a company wide meeting to inform everyone of cuts in benefits and days off. If your salary is $70,000 it translates to the equivalent of a $3000 pay cut. The de facto pay cut climbs with higher salaries.

Anonymous said...

Arthur & Weiss should look up the word "fact" in Webster's dictionary as they seem to have a different definition than everyone else.

"The fact that any reader here can walk into a Chabad House throughout the USA, and in 99% of the cases will find not one hint of Yechi, Moshiach etc"

What planet are you on? A bunch of Chabad shluchim even post the Meshichist crap on their websites and mailers.

"The fact that at the recent Kinus, attended by over 3,500 Rabbis and 1,500 lay leaders and not one hint of the Rebbi ZT"L was or is Moshiach was uttered"

The Meshichistim spoke with their actions when they started a melee that landed shluchim in the hospital from flying benkelach until the NYPD riot squad arrive en masse.

"before he made Kiddush Friday Night he kept looking at the Rebbe's Picture."

Name one other group in Judaism that looks at their Rabbi's picture first. Enough said.

"Were it not for the Rebbe's inspiration, I would have simply joined my families’ business and sat on Blogs all day."

I dunno, Weiss seems to be a pretty prolific blogger as it is.

Paul Mendlowitz said...

Midget Marvin Holocaust Racketeer Hier - and the two L.A. Tendler pigs should face the same fate!


Teacher pleads not guilty to child porn possession

Daily News Wire Services
Article Last Updated: 06/27/2008

A band teacher from Foshay Learning Center in Los Angeles has entered a not guilty plea to a felony charge that he possessed child pornography on a district-issued laptop computer.

Lief Arnesen Albaugh, 28, who was arraigned yesterday, is scheduled to be arraigned July 9 on a second felony count of possession of pornography involving his home computer, according to the District Attorney's Office. The charge dealing with his home computer was filed yesterday.

Los Angeles police served a search warrant June 4 at Albaugh's Los Angeles home and the school, officials said.

Officers allegedly discovered thousands of images of young boys and girls engaged in sexual conduct on both his LAUSD-issued computer and his home computer, according to the District Attorney's Office.

Albaugh was arrested June 4 and released on $20,000 bail.

Alan P. Hubbard, 49, a dean at Foshay Learning Center, is awaiting a preliminary hearing on charges of obstruction of justice and being an accessory after the fact. He is accused of covering up an affair between fellow administrator Steve Thomas Rooney and a student Rooney met while he was working at the school.

Rooney, now 39, is awaiting trial on 13 felony sex-related counts involving the former Foshay student and two girls at Markham Middle School, where Rooney became an assistant principal after leaving Foshay.

Arthur said...

To Decun.... blah blah blah
I never defended the meshchisten on this site or any place else.I abhor them and their actions and am quite vocal about it.
I personally have never seen anyone kiss the Rebbis picture before they go to sleep and I don't know anyone that does.All my four children are shluchim in different parts of the world and I now have 19 einekloch bli ayin horah who say Krias Shma the way every one else does it,without kissing pictures of the Rebbi or anyone else.
I assume you make the rounds of the homes of the Lubavitcher "idolaters" each night to check on their evil practices which makes you an expert on the subject.Yes i assume there are some nutcases that do so, but there are aberrations of behavior in all Jewish communities ,sad to say, as can be seen when you read the blogs on this site.
Please don't tell me the usual some one told me,I heard, I have a 99th cousin who is a lubavitcher and therefore am an expert on the subject ETC.HAVE YOU personally seen this practice WITH YOUR OWN EYES or is it hearsay?Don't tell me "it's a known fact".
You don't like Lubavitch? No one is forcing you to but stop with the blood libels already.

Anonymous said...


Originally published in Jewish Thought in Simple Words.

This past Sunday, I stood in the Parisian fourth Arrondissement as a proud fourth-generation child of Jews who found a new beginning here. My maternal grandmother's family were prominent members of the Russian Chassidic community of Nevel. During the Second World War, they found refuge in Samarkand, and then joined thousands of fellow Jews in Paris in an effort coordinated by the Jewish Joint.

Rue De Rosiere is in a historical subdivision of Paris. Before his leadership of Chabad, the Lubavitcher Rebbe led a weekly Talmud class here. It was here that my family were given a fresh opportunity to practice what the Talmud calls "a cardinal principle of the Torah," loving our fellow Jews.

Before my great uncle established what is now the kosher industry's greatest pride, he kept a humble butcher shop in the Jewish "Pletzel," keeping to his trade after settling in New York. Following history's aggressive process, he developed Agriprocessors, forever changing the face of kosher in the United States.

In recent weeks, the Rubashkins have made headlines. I too wish to tell their story - the full story. It pains me as a family member and as a person to observe other humans being treated unethically, especially when the Rubashkins are renowned for their own humanity. How could Jews and gentiles act so viciously towards some of the community's most gentle people? How could groups make life so difficult for individuals who make life easier for countless many?

To ignore the facts about the Rubashkin family is to either be ignorant or indomitably resentful. It is intolerably cruel to turn a blind eye to the family that provides a clear-sighted future for so many. To undermine a family that feeds not only the kosher market, but also the underprivileged hungry, is starving the world of much needed goodness.

This is no story of Robin Hood, and it is no exaggeration. The Rubashkins are innocent, and will not be proven guilty. If running an honest business and being true to the standards charged by Torah and civil law is wrong, then they are guilty as charged. Libels have plagued Jews throughout history, and this is yet another libel targeted on a family that plays a major role in history.

Whenever I meet Jews from Boro Park, Brooklyn, it is with immense pride that I jump at the opportunity to inform them that I am Aaron Rubashkin's great nephew. They consistently tell me what kind of great man he is. He is respected because he respects all.

Like my mother's siblings, her first cousins grew up in a home where they often shared the floor at night as their beds were given to the stranded or homeless. Their stomachs would be filled, but not before serving the many hungry who graced their table. Today, the Rubashkins continue this example. They are famous for their unparalleled hospitality and unrestrained charity. Whenever I am hosted at one of their homes, I am at first embarrassed that I don't recognize other family members, only to later realize that they are Jews who have been welcomed to the family. Then I feel embarrassed for not having that unyielding mindset.

The most terrible thing that one can do with a gift is to use it against its bestower. The Rubashkins have given and continue to give so much, yet the ungrateful turn hateful. Decent people stand up for what is right and just. Otherwise, they descend to ugly lows, shunning those that embrace them and sucking the blood out of those who sustain them.

Anonymous said...

"I personally have never seen anyone kiss the Rebbis picture before they go to sleep and I don't know anyone that does."

The nut who has the Chabad shtiebel in Flatbush on Ocean Ave near Ave N and his followers engage in this practice.

Drive by East 31st btwn M&N where the looney bin lives and you will immediately identify his house bedecked with oversized murals of the Rebbe and various slogans.

He even had his kids pushing their Meshichist videos to other kids in the neighborhood, prompting one rov to threaten him that if he doesn't cut the crap, he will see too it that children cannot play with them anymore.

Anonymous said...

What cover up was "Midget Marvin" involved in?

Paul Mendlowitz said...

Hier is the Dean of YULA - he shuffled around the Tendler pigs for 20 years and covered for them!

So did the RCC - Rabbinical Council Of California. (Shalom Tendler is still on their vaad)


Anonymous said...

Anyone care to explain why YU kicks out Mordechai Tendler on the East Coast but allows the Tendlers and Hier to get away with murder out West?

By the way, there is another major story brewing with Belsky and another kashrus scandal but people are waiting for Yudel to resurface to see what he knows about it.

Stay tuned.

Arthur said...

To Deconstucting..... and Who is Athur kidding
( I wish you would choose shorter pseudonyms.It would make life easier).Do you think you are the inheritors of the mantle of the GRAH ZT"L in his dispute with the Bal Hatanyah?I really don't think you fit the mold.Perhaps less "deconstructing" and more constructing would be in order on your part.
You guys have a wonderful talent of taking sentences out of context in order to distort that which I wrote.
I wrote".Yes I assume there are some nutcases that do so, but there are aberrations of behavior in all Jewish communities ,sad to say, as can be seen when you read the blogs on this site." I wrote "I personally have never seen anyone kiss the Rebbis picture before they go to sleep and I don't know anyone that does."I am completely unaware of these individuals that you mention and if true I repeat that which I mentioned before.I abhor them and their practices.Do I need a notarized letter witnessed by Maoh Rabonim to that affect?
Next time you set out on one of your witch hunts to flush out out all of us Lubavitcher deviants,I suggest that you visit our secret houses of iniquity where the Rebbis picture is hung upside down and we worship the devil.
Don't you have anything better,more "constructive" to do with your lives?
I really don't know why I bother to answer your allegations.Your attitude is "Don't confuse me with the facts my mind is made up."Name one other group in Judaism that looks at their Rabbi's picture first".Name another group in Judaism besides the"perushim" the followers of the Grah that place only 2 matzohs on the keorah? Name another group in Judaisim that follow the particular minhagim of Bais Brisk? and on and on.
I would rather my eineklach go to sleep with the picture of a Tzadik etched in their innocent minds then a remembrance of some vile video or TV program . Bad luck in your quest to delay the coming of Moshiach with your vile sinas chinom.

Anonymous said...

As my Rosh Yeshiva said in 1994, we welcome the Lubavitcher back when they are ready to be on our term. Rabbi Weiss it seems has accepted those terms, as has those like him, and them we welcome back. Others retain the messanic message prevalent in Chabad from the 60's and 70's, and we daven they do teshuvah.

Arthur said...

"Name one other group in Judaism that looks at their Rabbi's picture first".This reminds of the statement of the Rhosho who says ( not asks) "mah havodah hazos lochem".Or perhaps Haman ,who says,"Yeshno am echod mefuzer umfurod..."
The fact that there was an altercation in 770 between the so called "yellows",the crazy Tfaser meshichistim and the Shluchim just proves my point that most of us are not the apikursem you accuse us of being.
"As my Rosh Yeshiva said in 1994, we welcome the Lubavitcher back when they are ready to be on our term. Rabbi Weiss it seems has accepted those terms, as has those like him, and them we welcome back." Tell the your Rosh Yeshiva that we will all,including Rabbi Weiss, sleep more peacefully tonight knowing that he welcomes us back to the fold.

"Others retain the messanic message prevalent in Chabad from the 60's and 70's, and we daven they do teshuvah."
Pray tell what "messianic" message was prevalent in Lubavitch during 60's and 70's? "Achake lo bechol Yom sheyovo".The idea that that the Rebbi was very vocal about bringing Moshiach by hidur Mitzvohs?The fact the Rebbi made belief in Moshiach an every day experience instead of some abstract idea that we speak about on occasion if at all?
If that's the case then the Chofetz Chaim ZT"L,the Yismach Moshe ZT"L and many of our Chazal, Chasideshe and Liveshe gedolim are guilty of the same crime.
I am very touched by the fact that you pray for all the sinners of Chabad but a better idea would be to pray for all the sinners of Klal Yisroel that we read about on UOJ veani besochom and certainly for beas Hmoshiach.Ah Gutten Shabbos.

Anonymous said...

Rabbi Expelled for Misconduct

The Forward

By Anthony Weiss
Thu. Jun 26, 2008

A Buffalo, N.Y., rabbi with a history of alleged sexual misconduct has been kicked out of the international union of Conservative rabbis.

The Rabbinical Assembly expelled Rabbi Arthur Charles Shalman on June 4, four and a half months after he resigned from his position at Temple Shaarey Zedek outside Buffalo, amid allegations of an inappropriate relationship with a female congregant.

In 1999, the R.A.’s ethics committee had admonished Shalman for “improper touching” and “improper suggestions” with female congregants. Despite the rebuke, the synagogue had voted to retain Shalman and the R.A. acceded, on the condition that Shalman seek counseling and that he receive mentoring from another rabbi.

Shalman’s case is reminiscent of several other high-profile sex scandals that involve repeat offenders and have plagued the various Jewish streams in recent years. In 2006, for example, Rabbi Mordechai Gafni, a prominent figure in the Jewish Renewal movement, was forced to leave his position amid allegations of repeated sexual improprieties with female followers over a number of years.

Rabbi Joel Meyers, executive vice president of the R.A., declined to discuss the details of the complaint that led to Shalman’s expulsion, though he did say that the ethics committee’s recommendation for expulsion took into account Shalman’s behavior nine years ago.

Shalman did not return a call requesting comment on the matter.

Meyers said that neither he nor the ethics committee had second thoughts about the way the matter was handled in 1999.

“They have no regrets, unless they’re somehow prophets and one can somehow predict what someone is going to do in 10 years,” Meyers said. “It’s a tragic situation.”

Anonymous said...

Some rabbonim are furious that Rabbi Belsky is machshir the OU venison because they are using the hind quarters of the deer. There was a minhag in America since time immemorial not to use hindquarters. Comes along Rabbi Belsky and he just does whatever the heck he feels. Rav Rubin, the former NY State Commissioner of Kashrus Enforcement was furious but was afraid to battle the OU head on by prohibiting the meat.

I know a rov who is searching for any kol korays or anything bichsav regarding the minhag America. He fears that it may have only been mipee hashmuah.

Does R' Yudel or anyone know if anything exists in writing?

There may be a Rubashkin tie in too since Rubashkin produces ox tail. I would think that cattle and deer are included in the same gezeayrah.

Anonymous said...

KM kosher miami or kosher maybe is not a reliable hasgocho
they are being sued and people are talking about perhpas using only ORB or NK

YUDEL shain can you verify this

Anonymous said...

Stocks plunge as oil prices hit $140 a barrel, spooking investors

A torrent of bad economic news, including unstoppable energy costs, heightens worries about the stress on U.S. consumers.

By Walter Hamilton, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer
June 27, 2008
NEW YORK -- Only weeks after it seemed the stock market was on the road to recovery and the economy might soon follow it, the Dow Jones industrial average tumbled more than 350 points Thursday to a 21-month low as the price of oil topped $140 a barrel and worries grew about the financial health of U.S. consumers.

The bruising decline followed a recent barrage of bad economic news that added to concerns that many Americans -- deep in debt and having trouble borrowing more money from banks already reeling from loan losses -- could be forced to rein in their spending for years to come.

Anonymous said...


Envisioning a velt mit $200-a-barrel oil

As forecasters take that possibility more seriously, they describe fundamental shifts in the way we work, where we live and how we fress.

By Martin Zimmerman : times staff writer

June 28, 2008

Three months ago, when oil was around $108 a barrel, a few Wall Street analysts began predicting that it could rise to $200. Many observers scoffed at the forecasts as sensational, or motivated by a desire among energy companies and investors to drive prices higher.

But with oil closing above $140 a barrel Friday, more experts are taking those predictions seriously -- and shuddering at the inflation-fueled chaos that $200-a-barrel crude could bring. They foresee fundamental shifts in the way we work, where we live and how we spend our free time.

"You'd have massive changes going on throughout the economy," said Robert Wescott, president of Keybridge Research, a Washington economic analysis firm. "Some activities are just plain going to be shut down."

Besides the obvious effect $7-a-gallon gasoline would have on commuters, automakers, airlines, truckers and shipping firms, $200 oil would drive up the price of a broad spectrum of products: Insecticides and hand lotions, cosmetics and food preservatives, shaving cream and rubber cement, plastic bottles and crayons -- all have ingredients derived from oil.

With every penny hike in the price of gas costing American consumers about $1 billion a year, sharply higher pump prices would lead to "significant bankruptcies and store closings," said Scott Hoyt, director of consumer economics at Moody's Economy.com.

Almost 42% said they had reduced vacation travel and 40% said they were dining out less.

If any retailers would benefit, it would be those on the Internet. In a recent survey by Harris Interactive, one-third of adults said high gas prices had made them more likely to shop online to avoid driving.

Americans may also feel the effects of a rise in energy-related crime. Ads for locking gas caps are becoming more prevalent. Restaurant owners are complaining that thieves are helping themselves to used barrels of cooking oil, which can be home-brewed into biodiesel fuel.

Some experts say high energy costs are altering global trade and slowing the pace of globalization.

It takes about 7,000 tons of bunker-fuel to fill the tanks of a 5,000-container cargo ship for a trip from Shanghai to Los Angeles. Over the last year and half, the cost of that fuel has jumped 87% to $552 a ton, according to the World Shipping Council, boosting the cost of a fill-up to more than $3.8 million.

"To put things in perspective, today's extra shipping cost from East Asia is the equivalent of imposing a 9% tariff on East Asian goods entering North America," said Rubin of CIBC World Markets. "At $200 per barrel, the tariff equivalent rate will rise to 15%."

If oil continues to rise from current levels, officials at the Port of Los Angeles believe West Coast ports would gain business because they are 10 to 12 days' sailing time from Asia, versus the 18-to-20-day route from Asia to the East Coast through the Panama Canal.

But local ports could lose business if shipping costs get so out of hand that companies begin shifting production back to North America from Asia -- something that's happening in the steel industry, Rubin said.

Local distribution patterns could change too. Stephen Gaddis, chief executive of Pacific Cheese Co., a Hayward, Calif., cheese processing and packaging firm, thinks high fuel prices will push restaurants, retailers and food manufacturers to look for suppliers closer to their operations.

"Local sourcing is ideal. You won't pay as much for freight, and when you use less fuel it's better for the environment," Gaddis said.

Soaring diesel prices will make companies rethink whether they should have large, centralized plants or build smaller ones around the country.

That's what Pacific Cheese is doing. It's building a packaging plant in Texas to be closer to one of its larger suppliers and expects to serve its Southwestern clients from there.

In the near future, however, consumers can expect to pay for the higher cost of producing food and moving it around the country, say food executives, farmers and economists. Even having a deep-dish pizza with extra cheese brought to your door costs more now that chains such as Pizza Hut are charging for delivery.

Dramatically higher transportation costs would usher in an era of virtual mobility, or zero mobility, for many workers.

"We're seeing companies go to four-day workweeks, place increased emphasis on working at home, show bigger interest in setting up satellite offices -- anything that gets commute times down and gets people off the road," said analyst Rob Enderle of Enderle Group in San Jose.

Videoconferencing, touted as "the next big thing" for years, would finally have its day, thanks to improved technology and a desperation to cut corporate travel budgets.

Telecommuting, or working from home, is easier than ever because of the spread of high-speed Internet access, said Jonathan Spira, chief analyst at Basex Inc., a business research firm in New York. In particular, workers in "knowledge" jobs that can be performed with computers and phones would benefit.

But Gilligan of USC noted that lower-income workers tend to be in jobs that don't favor telecommuting, such as retail and food service.

"These are the same people who are already being creamed by the mortgage crisis," he said. "The impacts of energy price increases are highly disparate."

Although white-collar workers may be able to telecommute, they could also take a serious financial hit because soaring energy prices tend to wreak havoc on the stock market. The explosion of 401(k) plans and similar retirement accounts in the last few decades -- and the decline of traditional pensions with guaranteed payouts -- have tied workers' financial futures more closely to stocks than they were during the 1970s oil shocks. A prolonged Wall Street downturn could mean a no-frills retirement, or none at all.

Anonymous said...


If UOJ has allegations to make about me & the Tendlers, let him back it up with proof, like a video or something.

Can't I get any respect around here? Even Boog recognizes that I'm the little guy from RJJ who made it big.

Anonymous said...


New mystery: Feds planned to link Obama-Rezko but backed off

Federal prosecutors planning their case against Illinois political fundraiser Antoin "Tony" Rezko intended to invoke the name of his onetime associate, Sen. Barack Obama, often during the recently concluded two-month prosecution in Chicago.

Rezko was convicted on federal corruption charges.

The onetime political mentor and fundraiser for Obama, especially in the early days of his Illinois political career, arranged for a series of so-called straw political contributions to Obama, money from Rezko channeled through other people's names. Obama has since donated an equal sum to charities.

According to published reports in the Chicago Sun-Times, recently unsealed documents show prosecutors intended to call several witnesses who would tie Rezko to Obama. The federal judge ruled that they could.

"Witnesses will testify that Rezko was a long-standing supporter and fund-raiser of Barack Obama," one prosecutor wrote in their planning notes. But for unexplained reasons, they ended up not calling those witnesses.

Anonymous said...

Yelling at Eli Greenwald was just warm up for yalling at the judge.


Sexual Abuse Defendant Removed From Courtroom After Outburst

Man Visibly Agitated Throughout Trial

POSTED: 7:54 am PDT June 26, 2008
UPDATED: 7:59 am PDT June 26, 2008

ONEIDA, N.Y. -- A man accused of sexual abuse had to be physically removed from a courtroom in New York Wednesday after a violent outburst, and the whole thing was caught on camera.

Related Content: Raw Video | Images

The defendant, Michael Chicherchia, of Utica, is charged with sexually abusing a 6-year-old girl he was baby-sitting.

Throughout his trial, Chicherchia was visibly agitated.

He finally snapped during the prosecution's summation. He stood up and yelled at the judge.

Chicherchia could still be heard screaming after he was removed from the room.

Anonymous said...


Marmelstein's lawyer, Lenore Kramer of Kramer & Dunleavy, said the Court of Appeals has set such a high pleading threshold that clergymen who engage in predatory sexual relations with parishioners to whom they are providing unlicensed counseling "have free license to do so without any civil or criminal consequences."

Anonymous said...

is ramaz still using unregistered buses?

Anonymous said...

Rabbi Ephraim Lazerson, principal of Bais Yaacov Miami asked my foster daughter to stay after school to help in the office. He sneaked up behind her and began to fondle her.

We went to R' Leib Schapiro and asked for help, what to do and were told not to report because it would ruin shidduchim.

Another foster daughter of ours also had a problem with Lazerson. She was kicked out of BY.

Batsheva Marlow, held mandatory Shabbatons in her house which degraded into "panty parties".

Miami seems to be a place where all of the drek flows down to.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, don't put your kids in public school they could try drugs or get into things like homosexuality or having sex with goyim.

Keep your kids in yeshiva where they are extremely likely to be molested by their Rebbes or the Rebbetzins, or the other boys/girls.

There are also plenty of drugs, and Friday night alcohol, drug and orgy parties (both hetero and homosexual).

Then there are the BY girls who get molested by the Rabbis and then have sexual needs they need to fulfill with Gentile boys.

There is nothing going on in the public schools that is not going on in the yeshivas and worse. In public school, your kid is much less likely to be molested by a teacher. At least in public school sex is consensual.

And then there is the weird religion that is passing for Judaism these days. (It's more like Born Again Evangelical Judaism).

Are our children REALLY better off in the "Jewish" schools?

In many Jewish schools, a sizable percentage of the children are not even Jewish (ala Shannon Orand's kids).

At least if your kids go to public school, you can teach them the religion of our ancestors. And tell them that a Gentile is a Gentile.

Homeschooliing is probably the best. It does say in the Shema "And YOU shall teach them diligently to your children".

The day school/yeshiva system was originally for parents who were not able to teach their own children (ie orphans).

What gives the typical Jewish father a heter to hire some homo pedaphile "Rebbe" to teach his son "Torah"?

Jewish girls were always traditionally taught by their mothers.

No yeshivas/day schools = no molesters.

It has become so prevalent today, that I do not know of a young person who is not dealing with serious issues regarding molestation, or witnessing molestation etc.

Molestation is the new rite of passage for Jewish youth.

And we wonder why there is a shiddach crisis. Hitler could not have done better to destroy our people.

Monsey said...

The Yated of this parshas Pekudei in the West Coast section is farkoyfing two "hayligeh" mosdos:

Shalom Tendler's

And that of Elchanan Shoff, the son in law of Mordechai Tendler who one blog alleges was behind the vicious attack blog set up to smear Tendler-opponent Rabbi Yosef Blau.

Yated Aino Neeman said...

Pinny Lipschitz was also given a free ticket with the plane loads of roshei yeshiva to come to LA for the chassuna of Belsky's granddaughter?

He went to town in the Yated with dozens of pictures in a centerfold.

The most revolting picture was R' Elya Ber warmly enbracing Margo (who is looking fatter than ever)

Oxymoron said...

Torah Umesorah gives Shea Fishman the "Rav Shraga Feivel Mendlowitz" award.

Anonymous said...

A talmid of the Noda Bihudah, R' Yehuda Leib Margolios, was rov in Frankfurt and other major cities. His visit to the Vilna Gaon is described in Aliyos Eliyohu. He writes this in his out of print sefer Beis Middos (as translated in Yisroel Tsinberg's book "A history of Jewish literature". Tsinberg was a talmid of the Rovno yeshiva who became a major scientist and an admirer of Yiddishist culture but who was fort against the Maskilim. He was arrested by the Communists in 1938 as a Tzioni, which he was not, and was niftar a year later in Siberia):

Some of the leaders of Israel do not think of the glory of their Creator but only of their own. They employ all their power merely to terrorize the community. [He then elaborates on how they do this] . . . Do not think that one can turn for help to the great figures of the generation, to our rabbis, whose duty it is to be the protectors and defenders of the people. For they are in league with the oppressors, walk together with the powerful men and rulers of the city, become collaborators of every mischief-maker, give protection to every swindler. They exploit the rabbi’s title and authority for all kinds of evil deeds. Everything obtains the approval of the community rabbi. He who ought to be the guardian of righteousness and justice becomes the protector of robbers and bandits. The righteous judge joins the league of the swindlers. . . . . And these are our judges and lawgivers! Calmly they look on at the robberies and injustices that take place in the community and flatter the rich and powerful from whom every quarrel and plague come.

Anonymous said...

Yeah what the heck is wrong with Pinny Lipschitz featuring the wedding of Leib Pinter's granddaughter as if it's newsworthy? But at least all the rabbonim aren't running to be mechabed him anymore. There weren't enough of them to go around so Schron got one of the kibudim under the chuppah.

fraud central said...

i know there is someone from yeshiva of far rockaway who drives up all the time to visit his buddy pinter in otisville prison and was wondering who it is. in the yated pictures this week there is someone by the pinter chupah who looks an awful lot like rabbi brafman. is that who it is? pinter was a client of cousin ben brafman along with all the other filth that he defends in court

Anonymous said...

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Miriam said...

Dear UOJ! You are my rebbe and friend, although I don't know you personally! You have opened my eyes on so many issues! Yet I noticed that comments forms have disappeared from your site. It seems that there is no way to add comments now. :( This is intentional, or it's just a glitch?

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