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Opportunities In Adversity!


When my father passed away, a part of me died forever. I tried to move on, and I did in many ways, but his death shook me like nothing else I could imagine. Every day I think about - what would daddy say about this - or would he approve of that.

Years passed, and his yahrzeit is a milestone. Not just because it's the anniversary of his death, but it was actually the turning point in my life.

Every day meant something important to me. I searched for meaning of my existence. I was starving for real answers - not the nonsense most people pacify themselves with, but real answers.

I conceptualized a new shul, a shul where people actually came to daven - and dragged a friend out of kollel to become the rabbi. A shul that is the pride of its community.

I created a fund for people that were not capable of taking care of themselves. They don't even know from where the help comes.

I became UOJ! Your children and grandchildren will be forever safer, and corrupt rabbonim, eyes twitching, and hands shaking, are looking over their shoulders for the big, bad, scary guy that despises evil and will destroy them for ruining a part of our future generations.

Everything looked different. I became unorthodox in my thinking, and acted upon my feelings with passion and new-found energies. I no longer permitted my mind to be on a leash. I searched. I learned. I read everything meaningful I could get my hands on that I wanted to read before - but was verboten.

I comforted as many people that sought my advice. I made mistakes - because I stepped too far outside the traditional box. But...I don't look back, because I learn from my mistakes; and to live life to the fullest --- one will always make mistakes. I look forward with anticipation of great things to come. I can't change the past, I am only capable of changing tomorrow.

The Democrats will control all three branches of government. Not good at all. To me - it's actually sickening, and I worry for my kids and their kids, but I can't change the facts. There will be a different America - an America that will have lost its identity, as it has under George W. Bush; but worse...much worse. A part of America died tonight, and chances are that we, as a country, will not recover the glory past.

Make your lives more meaningful. Do what you thought you could never do. Dig deep, you'll be amazed at the things you're able to do, that you thought were impossible. Be kinder, help as many people as you can. Read, learn meaningful things, love your children and family more. Give a damn! Do something positive tomorrow that you would not have done yesterday!

I miss my father and I will miss the America I grew up in.

November 4, 2008 - another yahrzeit that will probably live with me forever.




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Anonymous said...


Echoing the sentiment of Arianna Huffington, who spoke on a panel earlier yesterday, Gore kicked off his speech by saying that Barack Obama would never have been elected president were it not for the Internet.

"The electrifying redemption of America's revolutionary declaration that 'all human beings are created equal' would not have been possible without the Internet," said Gore (leaving no decorative word unspoken).

"I'm a recovering politician," he later added.

Gore's mention of Obama's Internet victory was essentially a segue into his core message

Anonymous said...

Pelosi, Reid Urge Paulson to Extend Aid to Carmakers

By Dawn Kopecki

Nov. 8 (Bloomberg) -- Democratic congressional leaders urged Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson to use the $700 billion rescue bill passed last month to provide temporary aid to the U.S. auto industry.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid sent a letter to Paulson today saying the rescue bill gives him ``broad discretion to purchase, or make commitments to purchase, financial instruments you determine necessary to restore financial-market stability.''

Pelosi was among the lawmakers who met two days ago with the chief executives of General Motors Corp., Ford Motor Co. and Chrysler LLC. The three companies are seeking $50 billion in federal loans to help them weather the worst auto market in 25 years, according to a person familiar with the matter.

General Motors Chief Executive Officer Rick Wagoner, Ford's Alan Mulally and Chrysler's Robert Nardelli met with U.S. House and Senate leaders in Washington on Nov. 6. Wagoner said GM also has been in contact with Obama's staff.

GM's cash forecast was the bleakest yet from the company, which has lost almost $73 billion since the end of 2004. Using $6.9 billion in cash last quarter pushed GM closer to the $11 billion minimum it says is needed to pay bills.

Should GM file for bankruptcy protection, the result would be 2.5 million jobs lost in the first year among automakers, suppliers and related businesses, according to a Nov. 4 report by the Center for Automotive Research, based in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

If Paulson extends financing to the industry, Reid, of Nevada, and California's Pelosi asked him to take equity stakes in the companies and limit executive compensation.

Anonymous said...


Asked how he would respond to the letter of congratulations from President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran, Mr. Obama said he would review the letter and respond in an appropriate fashion.

“I’ve spoken to all of them that are living,” Mr. Obama said. “I didn’t want to get into a Nancy Reagan thing about, you know, doing any séances.”

A few hours later, Mr. Obama was on the telephone with Mrs. Reagan to “apologize for the careless and offhanded remark.”

The tax cuts, by law, are set to expire at the end of 2010, but Mr. Obama has said he will repeal them sooner and use the revenues to offset the costs of his health care plan.

Anonymous said...

2 more banks go belly-up

Regulators close down Franklin Bank, a Houston bank with $5.1 billion in assets, and Security Pacific Bank of California, with assets of $561 million, raising the tally of failed banks this year to 19.

By Catherine Clifford, CNNMoney

Anonymous said...

Layoffs hit every corner

Eight companies spanning several different industries announce nearly 15,000 layoffs in first week of November.

By Aaron Smith, CNNMoney.com staff writer

Last Updated: November 8, 2008: 11:40 AM ET

Arthur said...

I know I am sticking out my neck on this but we are rachmonim bnai rachmonim.
I just want people to keep something in mind. Despite your personal feeling on the Rubashkin scandal, there are 1000’s of people that rely on this plant for their Parnassah and livelihood.

The workers and families that live there are not the Rubashkins and a large percentage are not "Lubabs". They are people just looking to make a living and provide for their families. They are Frum Yidden who are facing terrible finanical futures and we need to keep that in mind

From Shmais:

Due to the May immigration RAID:

Our small town of Postville has reduced in population from 3000 to 2200. We have 850 housing units of which 300-400 are directly connected to Agriprocessors or people who derive their living from Rubashkins in some way. The housing market has plummeted due to the raid.

There are approximately 100 committed Postville families (own a home etc.) who have not seen a paycheck for several weeks and don’t know how long it will be until they do see one.

These people are still teaching, cooking for yeshiva bochrim, and shechting!! They are Jewish mothers who are standing on the assembly line packing chickens to be shipped to YOUR grocery.

These families are committed to Agriprocessors and to Postville.

We have a non-profit, tax-deductible fund set up for the benefit of these working families. Receipts will be mailed to you. For donations, see below:

JRC, (Jewish Resource Center)
P.O. Box 730
Postville, IA
OR, phone credit/debit info to: 563.864.3450
$$ amount,
CC #
exp. Date
3 digit security code
zip code of billing address for your card.

Anonymous said...


Massive waves a mystery at Maine harbor

Specialists have posed a variety of possible explanations, saying the waves could have been caused by a powerful storm squall or the slumping of mountains of sediment from a steep canyon in the ocean - a sort of mini tsunami. The last time such rogue waves appeared in Maine was at Bass Harbor in 1926.

Jensenius said the occurrence is so unusual, that specialists don't have a name for the phenomenon.

"That's part of our problem," he said.

A similar occurrence in Florida more than 15 years ago continues to baffle researchers. A series of 12- to 15-foot waves hit Daytona Beach on July 3, 1992, injuring more than 20 people and lifting and tossing dozens of cars.

Jeff List, an oceanographer at the US Geological Survey at Woods Hole said he and other researchers studied the occurrence, but no one has been able to pinpoint the cause. And he said similarly enormous waves appeared once on the Great Lakes.

Tsunami-like waves may not be as rare on the East Coast as most people think. Jensenius referenced a 2002 article in the International Journal of the Tsunami Society that called the threat of tsunami and tsunami-like waves generated in the Atlantic Ocean "very real despite a general impression to the contrary."

The article said such waves appear "in most cases to be the result of slumping or landsliding associated with earthquakes or with wave action associated with strong storms."

Explosive decompression of underwater methane could also be a factor.

A study commissioned by the Agudath Israel of America in 2006 found a link to actions by UOJ and an upsurge of methane gas following Fresser events.

Anonymous said...

At a CNBC forum in D.C., there was 5 minutes of applause after a moderator said that GM should stop shnorring from taxpayers and switch from 22 new car models that don't sell to a single model that will sell.


November 8, 2008

G.M. Says U.S. Cash Is Its Best Hope


DETROIT — The rapidly deteriorating finances of General Motors are forcing the federal government to decide whether to bail out the largest American automaker or face the prospect that it might go bankrupt.

G.M. said Friday that its cash cushion had been dwindling by more than $2 billion a month recently and that it could run short of money by mid-2009 unless it got emergency federal assistance.

It also said it had suspended merger talks with Chrysler to focus on its own increasingly urgent problems, brought on by higher gas prices, a weakening economy and tight credit — a combination afflicting the entire auto industry, but hurting G.M. the most.

The government faces a difficult choice. If it provides G.M. with a bailout, there is no guarantee the company will not need more money later to stay out of bankruptcy, particularly with the economy weakening.

But a bankruptcy by G.M. or any other automaker would have far-reaching consequences, given the millions of people employed by supplier companies, dealers and other small businesses that are dependent on the industry.

A bankruptcy filing by G.M. would also probably scare off many consumers, hurting any chances for a revival. “You can’t sell cars to people under those circumstances,” said Rick Wagoner, G.M.’s chief executive, in an interview on CNBC Friday.

President-elect Barack Obama signaled his intentions Friday to help the auto industry, calling it “the backbone of American manufacturing” during his news conference.

Despite shedding more than 100,000 jobs since 2006 and closing factories nationwide, the Detroit automakers cannot cut their costs fast enough to keep up with the steadily declining market for new cars and trucks.

“Clearly you can’t rule out bankruptcy,” said Erich Merkle, an analyst with the accounting and consulting firm Crowe Horwath. “In fact, it’s highly likely if there isn’t some sort of government action.”

“Ford has the ability to weather the storm a bit longer than G.M.,” Mr. Merkle said. “But if G.M. has to file bankruptcy that really puts the supply base in jeopardy, and it’s an industrywide problem at that point.”

About three million American jobs are directly tied to the Detroit automakers, said David Cole, chairman of the Center for Automotive Research in Ann Arbor, Mich.

Anonymous said...

Osama payback

The Democrat Senate leadership has asked Yossel Lieberman to give up his position as the chairman of the Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs.

Anonymous said...

(MarketWatch) - Swiss bank Credit Suisse Group said Saturday that it is shutting down a bond fund and its subfunds after their value was crushed by the global financial crisis, according to a published report.

Anonymous said...

This explains why UOJ had the tsunami hit Maine. This molester was indicted but not taken into custody.


BANGOR, Maine — A former Capehart man was indicted Monday by the Penobscot County grand jury for allegedly sexually molesting five children, showing them pornography and secretly videotaping their encounters.

Nathan D. Roy, 30, of Bangor was charged with five counts of unlawful sexual contact, gross sexual assault; the sexual exploitation of a minor; three counts of visual sexual aggression against a child; possession of sexually explicit materials; and sexual misconduct with a child.

Roy, who is not in custody, is scheduled to be arraigned Friday, Nov. 21, in Penobscot County Superior Court.

Anonymous said...

(The opinions I express below are my opinions alone. They do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the KPVL Board of Directors or KPVL Management.)

Given I have been identified by name in this blog, I will personally respond to the anonymous poster, “Getzel (Not)” and address accusations he/she presents.

First and foremost, I am not a Jew-hater, nor do I hate the Rubashkins.

Truth be told, I count Getzel and many other Chabad hasidim here in town as friends.

Getzel and I have had many discussions and he has taught me a great deal about Judaism, as have my many other Jewish friends. I hold only admiration and the utmost respect for the traditions and beliefs of Judaism. As I stated, I do not hate the Rubashkins. I do however, question some of the things they have allegedly done and the way they operate as businessmen.

The issue at hand is housing and the termination of electrical service to some of the homes occupied by GAL Investments’ tenants.

To suggest Shmarya and I are responsible for the housing problem because we helped publicize it is absolutely ludicrous. To clear up some of the misconceptions about the housing here in Postville and provide some background information, I will provide my view of the events as I have seen them happen.

Gabay came to Postville and started GAL Investments to compete in the lucrative rental market here in town providing rental units to employees of Agriprocessors. Prior to the raid, his units were predominantly rented by the Hispanic workers and their families. Obviously, after the raid, he lost the majority of his tenants. In the ensuing weeks, he was responsible for the maintenance and services coming into those homes and did not have a viable income coming in to support those expenses.

The raid on May 12th not only deprived Gabay of his tenants, but also took away a major portion of Agriprocessors employees. The plant scrambled to bring in workers and employed several different labor supply companies to bring them prospective employees. In what appeared to be a win-win set-up, Gabay agreed to supply housing to Agriprocessors employees and have the rental fees and deposits deducted from their Agriprocessors’ paychecks.

The plant and the labor supply companies deducted the deposits and the rental fees from employees’ checks, but a fair share of that money was not being paid to GAL Investments.

Gabay determined his best course of action to guarantee at least a portion of that money be rightfully paid to him and his company was to work out a direct lease with one of the labor suppliers from Dayton, Ohio, OneForce. He leased his units to OneForce and they deducted weekly payments from the checks of their temporary employees working for Agriprocessors.

On the surface, it seemed like a good solution. However, in order for it to work as planned, Agriprocessors needed to reimburse OneForce for the temporary employees’ wages they were paying and that apparently was not happening.

(I should mention here that Jacobson Staffing was apparently the “middle-man” in the payroll department at Agriprocessors. The wages paid by OneForce were channeled through Jacobsen so Agriprocessors only had to reimburse one company, with one check. When Jacobson pulled out of Agriprocessors last week, they were owed more than $800,000 by Agriprocessors.)

A few weeks before the raid, Gabay purchased a group of largely rundown houses owned by a Postville landlord. Gabay made efforts in many cases to make the houses more livable, but in some cases they still needed repair – and some of those needed serious repair, as you've seen posted here – when new Agriprocessors' workers began moving into them.

To his credit, Gabay tried to do the right thing and dealt with every complaint, including paychecks with so many deductions people were left with almost no money for the coming week. In many cases I know Gabay made personal loans to people coming into town because they were promised money by the staffing agencies (or by Agriprocessors) to help them get on their feet and never got it.

The reason Gabay is behind on utility payments, resulting in the disconnection of electricity from some of his rental units is clear and simple: Gabay was not paid what was due for his rentals.

The (ir)responsible party here is Agriprocessors. They have literally driven Gabay and GAL Investments to the brink of bankruptcy. And, apparently, that’s what they wanted all along; another step along their way to making Postville a company town.

I have a friend in real estate in a nearby community who related this story to me. He used to call and inform Gabay when he had a property go up for sale in Postville. One afternoon he called and Gabay said he would purchase the property for $160,000. Ten minutes later, Shalom stopped my realtor friend in the middle of the street and offered him $170,000 for the same property. And that is how the Rubashkins operate. Eliminate the competition and the market is all theirs.

No matter what they say, no matter how they say it, the Rubashkins are not the victims in Postville.

The Rubaskins are directly responsible for leaving people stranded in this town without money or means to return to their homes, wherever their homes may be. Their irresponsibility and unchecked greed has left this town in shambles.

Every day, people come to me in search of a way home because they are out of work and have nothing. People come to me wanting to know if there are jobs to be found nearby because they want to stay in this area, but can’t work for Agriprocessors because they can’t afford it.

I have personally seen cases where some individuals have worked for three weeks and not seen a dime of take-home pay because of all the deductions from their checks.

The Rubashkins have not paid their Rabbis in weeks and continually reassure them they are working to “fix the problem.”

Instead of fixing the problem, they extract every last drop of loyalty from their own Jewish brethren to further their own end. The only loyalty this family has is loyalty to the almighty dollar. They will do anything and everything to fill their own bank accounts, using and abusing anyone they can to accomplish their goal. They demonstrated this with their treatment of undocumented workers pre-raid and their treatment of legal United States citizens post-raid.

It is true the Rubashkins have done good things for people and organizations in Postville and especially around the world. But the sad fact is simply this: the Rubashkins have done a lot more harm than good to many of the people they employ(ed) and to the community of Postville.

They seem to have forgotten that acts of charity and loving-kindness are core to the Torah way of life everywhere that life is led – even in Postville, even when the recipients are poor indigent workers.

Getzel Rubashkin taught me something that will remain with me for the rest of my life. The mitzvah of Gemilut Chassadim is not fulfilled by just helping someone by offering material assistance. The true meaning of this mitzvah is best expressed by the Rabbis when they said: "It does not say 'happy is he who gives to the poor,' but 'happy is he who considers the poor.’ (Psalms 41:2)”

It is painfully evident from my time here in Postville that the Rubashkins do not "consider the poor" that have come here to work for them.

The Rubashkins have left all that "considering" to the residents of Postville: St. Bridget's, the community food shelf, and to those who have been generous with their time and money to help clean up the mess the Rubashkins leave behind.

Jeff Abbas
Postville, Iowa
November 8, 2008

Anonymous said...

What have you done to help the Brody family in their struggle against DC Children's Hospital, which has sued them in federal court to pull the plug on their 12 year old son, who never woke up from brain surgery?

why not go to their website and contact the hospital's leadership to politely ask them to keep Motl Brody on the ventilator until his heart stops?

Why not call the hospital and dialogue with them and share your thoughts?

Why not contact www.washingtonpost.com and write a polite letter to the editor in favor of religious freedom in this case?

And finally, why not contact your elected representatives to ask them to help?

Do NOT wait for rabbonim to act... That may be too late!

"Al ta'amod al dam rey'echa"

Anonymous said...


electronic bracelets on their ankles ... the devices become painfully hot when they're plugged in for up to two hours of recharging.

Anonymous said...

Consumer Spending Was Down Before The Crash

08/11/2008 11:41:03

The credit crunch hasn't quite hit the street fully if the retail sales trends over the last year are anything to go by. We were already seeing the warning signs of a sharp downturn in consumer spending, well before the credit crash.

Christmas looks to be even tighter and 59% of consumers expect to reduce their spending this holiday season. Higher food prices (73%) and higher energy prices (69%) were the top two reasons for spending less, prices out-pacing the economy or inflation (61%) and job uncertainty (18%).

A record number of consumers say they are pessimistic about the economy. Over half of the respondents (53%) say they expect the economy to weaken next year, the highest in more than 10 years of asking this question, compared with 43% last year.

Categories in which spending is likely to be down the most from last year are

Home improvements
Home/holiday furnishings
Non-gift clothing
Socializing away from home
Charitable donations
Entertaining at home

According to the report, 73% of consumers said the best value for their money and 72% said low prices will cause them to shop a particular retailer this season. More consumers say they will shop at venues such as discount/value department stores, warehouse clubs, dollar stores, outlet stores, and off-prices stores. Drug stores and supermarkets also showed big increases from last year. In addition, flea markets (7%) and re-sale/used merchandise stores (6%) were cited as destinations by consumers.

Over the past 24 months, consumer prices have risen 7.8% according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Consumers are changing their buying habits at the supermarket and choosing the cheaper 'home' or store brands.

Mintel International interviewed 3,000 consumers in September and almost 25% agreed that the couldn't tell the difference between national brands and store brands of paper products. Store brands on average cost 46% less than name-brand versions, Mintel found.

Everything from paper napkins(-12%) to nappies have suffered large falls in the past 12 months. Consumers are reigning in their spending like never before. Sales of 'home' brand detergents in general are up 23% and skin-care items are up 16% in the 52-weeks ended Sept. 6.

Sales of budget priced detergents have grown by as much as 60% in the past year.

41% of upper-income consumers (over $100,00) reduced spending on non-essential groceries, and a quarter of these consumers said they gave up favorite brands over six months in 2008.

Companies such as Procter & Gamble are being forced to alter marketing strategies, and the other national brand marketers must be seeing similar falls in sales of their products.

Stand by for a swarm of in-store promotions as brands try to influence consumers where the decisions are made.

Looking at these numbers which cover the period prior to the crash, it seems like we were already staring at a prolonged recession before the credit squeeze and actual market crash. Unemployment figures add more gloom to the picture. The fundamentals suggest we are in for a long downturn, somewhat deeper and more prolonged than any of our politicians and pundits are willing to admit.

As to what this means for banking, I'd suggest those credit cards will get much less use and low fees, no frills, safe banking is going to win the day for some time to come.

Anonymous said...

Dear Bankman'

The following is a transcript of a monologue taken off RushLimbaugh.com You may not agree with everything Rush says, and I also don't. But the facts are facts. I don't mean to bring in Rush's opinions, I only want you to realize that the media guys are also spooked from this guy.


RUSH: We're going to go back to yesterday's audio sound bite roster. Remember now Charlie Rose and Tom Brokaw a week ago today, (paraphrasing) "We don't know anything about him. It's an interesting question, he's written two books, largely autobiographical, we really don't know what his views on China are, Charlie." So they didn't know anything about him, and here Wednesday night, again on the Charlie Rose Show, we had a couple of clowns from Newsweek, Evan Thomas and Jon Meacham, and they're talking about Obama and how Saul Alinsky is a big community organizer, dedicated his book to Satan, the first real conscientious objector to power. Here's their conversation.

THOMAS: Saul Alinsky is, uh, really was a model from this, er, famous community organizer in Chicago, and this whole idea that Alinsky had that it's not gonna work if you offend large groups of people. You know, we think of community organizers as having their fist out and, you know? Ah, no, no, no, no, no. You have to win over the majority by being peaceful and nonthreatening. Saul Alinsky used the word "nonthreatening." This is key to Obama. There's no militancy involved. This is very important and -- and his chief strategist, Axelrod, really understood this. Especially if you're running a black guy for president, you cannot threaten the whites.

RUSH: All right, this is just indication all they knew that they didn't report about Obama and his associations and his alliances and how Obama was playing the game. Now, these next two, these are the piece de resistance, Jon Meacham and Evan Thomas of Newsweek admit and discuss, there's something creepy about Obama.

MEACHAM: He's very elusive, Obama, which is fascinating for a man who's written two memoirs. At Grant Park he walks out with the family, and then they go away.

ROSE: Mmm. Mmm-hmm.

MEACHAM: Biden's back, you know, locked in the bar or something.

ROSE: (haughty chuckle)

MEACHAM: You know, they don't let him out. And have you ever seen a victory speech where there was no one else on stage?

ROSE: Mmm.

MEACHAM: No adoring wife, no cute kid. He is the messenger.

THOMAS: There is a slightly creepy cult of personality about all this. I mean, he's such an admirable --

ROSE: Slightly. Creepy. Cult of personality.


ROSE: What's slightly creepy about it?

THOMAS: It -- it -- it just makes me a little uneasy that he's so singular. He's clearly managing his own spectacle. He's a deeply manipulative guy.

RUSH: Okay. Sorry, I can't stop laughing at this stuff. I know it should outrage me, but I just have to laugh. These guys, they've been bugged by Obama all this time, they buried it, and only now they are starting to, "slightly creepy cult of personality about this that just makes me a little uneasy, so singular, clearly managing his own spectacle, he's a deeply manipulative guy." Now, what they're saying folks, "We have seen this before, and we don't like it." You are hearing fear expressed here. "We have seen this before. It's a slightly creepy cult of personality," just swipes the wife and the kids off the stage. Does it all himself. Just manipulative, managing his own spectacle, so singular. It's creepy. We've seen this before. These are the Newsweek guys, and here you go, the finale.

ROSE: Watching him last night in that speech, he finishes --


ROSE: -- and he sort of -- it's almost like he then ascends to look at the circumstance.

MEACHAM: He watches us watching him.

THOMAS: Watching him!

ROSE: Exactly!

THOMAS: He does --

MEACHAM: It's amazing.

ROSE: It is amazing.

THOMAS: He writes about this metaphor being a screen upon which Americans will project. He said they want of Barack Obama; I'm not sure I am Barack Obama.

ROSE: Mmm.

THOMAS: He has the self-awareness to know that this creature he's designed isn't necessarily a real person, and he's self-aware enough --

ROSE: Ahhhhhh.

RUSH: Right. These people are nuts. These people are just flat-out nuts. They are now saying The Messiah ascends after his speech. He ascends and he watches us watching him. He has a self-awareness to know that this creature he's designed isn't necessarily a real person. That was Evan Thomas, who David "Rodham" Gergen, if you're listening, Evan Thomas just called the first black president a creature. A creepy creature, creepy cult of personality creature. Uneasy, so singular, he's a creepy creature. He ascends to heights and watches us watching him. This creature he's designed isn't necessarily a reason person. What, are they calling him a phony? Yes indeed they are.

Anonymous said...

So now Agudah is all for mandatory fingerprinting! YOWZA!

Now that's what you call forceful, cogent, and effective Leadership!


I predicted this last year that they were monitoring the wind currents and would jump to support this if it trended in this direction, became mainstream with more public figures (like Hikind) pumping support.

Fast forward a few eye-blinks and watch Agudah soon take full credit for spearheading, advocating, and pushing this legislation through into Law.

Better a Yossi come lately than not show up at all. Just make sure that Zwiebel gets himself a nice new tie and Borsalino when he shows up to testify in front of the Committee.

Anonymous said...

"Jewish mothers who are standing on the assembly line packing chickens to be shipped to YOUR grocery"

Several stores in the NY area do NOT carry Rubashkin product because it is not kosher.

The shochtim & mashgichim who work for Rubashkin are dirty because they know what's going on in the plant like the dead, rotting neveilos that are shipped to unsuspecting Jews.

Take a hike, Arthur.

Anonymous said...

You'll be reading a lot about the kosher meat "shortage" caused by Agriprocessors' legal troubles. But what you will not read is the truth behind that "shortage," and how that "shortage" is part of the Rubashkin's' strategy to retain ownership of Agriprocessors.

Agriprocessors, with the help of the OU and other Orthodox organizations, is claiming that access to kosher meat is guaranteed by the First Amendment. Therefore, the government cannot do anything to curtail that right – including appointing a receiver to sell off the company in parts or as a whole to non-kosher meat producers.

It also is meant to make difficult selling off Agriprocessors to a non-glatt kosher producer.

In other words, it is meant to make selling the company very difficult, and force the courts to allow the Rubashkins to restructure and keep Agriprocessors.

I believe Nathan Lewin is behind this strategy and that Agudath Israel, the OU and Chabad will be making this claim, as well.

The claim is frivolous and should be rejected by the court. But that rejection can be appealed and, well, you know the story from there. Delay after delay after delay. Meanwhile, Agriprocessors' creditors – lacking the dubious religious claim – will go bankrupt.

The honest businesses will suffer. The Rubashkins will not.

When you read about kosher meat shortages, consider how the Rubashkins got their distribution niche to begin with. You'll also see that most of the current shortages are in areas of Agriprocessors' monopoly or near-monopoly.

Yes, there will be legitimate shortages. But the market – if not restrained by frivolous legal motions and collusion on the part of kosher supervisors – will correct itself within a few months.

There are dozens of small and mid-sized meat plants throughout the midwest and south that had kosher slaughter 10 years ago. For the most part, these plants could be producing kosher meat within a few weeks if kosher supervisors would send a crew of rabbis and supervisors to work them.

Past that, large producers like Empire and Hebrew National could expand their reach, Empire into beef – which it said it was doing but now seems less certain of that – and Hebrew National into glatt products.

Both companies would be ideal buyers for Agriprocessors.

Anonymous said...

Remember last year there were cries of a wheat shortage. This gave distributors to raise the price of flour while storeowners doubled the price of baked goods such as bread and pizza. Soon after, they realized that there was no shortage, but they never lowered the prices back to where they belong. Ditto the gas shortage. Look for meat producers to increase prices and keep them high regardless of what happens.

Arthur said...

We&#39 said
"The shochtim & mashgichim who work for Rubashkin are dirty because they know what's going on in the plant like the dead, rotting neveilos that are shipped to unsuspecting Jews.

Take a hike, Arthur."
I said on a previous post that we are rachmonim bnai racmonim.Correction.MOST of us are rachmonim bnai rachmonim

Anonymous said...

Arthur seems to have missed the Chazal that someone who has rachmonus on achzorim will end up being an achzar on rachmonim.

There may be SOME innocent victims in Postville, but you have to even question the rebbeim in the Postville cheder where two molesters were abusing the boys.

Anonymous said...

Arrested at Coney Island & Cortelyou


A Hasidic father of seven was charged Tuesday with plotting to kill a business associate with an overdose of sleeping pills in his coffee.

Jacob Vizel, 54, was the beneficiary of a life insurance policy for the intended victim and had been making payments for several years, according to court papers filed yesterday in Brooklyn Federal Court.

"I'm tired of paying," Vizel told an informant who was secretly taping the conversation for the FBI.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Elizabeth Geddes said the defendant had been the target of a $12 million mortgage fraud when investigators recently learned of the murder-for-hire scheme from the informant.

The informant, wearing a hidden wire, taped several conversations this month with Vizel discussing how to get rid of the man, identified in court papers only as Joey.

Vizel said a man he knew had offered to kill Joey for money. "[H]e tells me, 'Give me $500 and I'll leave him in the basement'.... He choke him," Vizel said, according to the complaint.

Later Vizel mentioned that Joey used sleeping pills and suggested a different plan of attack. "When you want to bring him for coffee, you tell me and I give [sleeping pills] to you," Vizel said. "Insurance not going to do nothing. He took his own tablet."

The complaint said Vizel offered to pay the informant for putting the sleeping pills in the victim's coffee.

Vizel, an Israeli citizen who has lived in Brooklyn for 25 years, was ordered held without bail.

He has not yet been charged in the mortgage fraud scheme.

Eternal Jewish Fraud Watch said...


Tropper's associates have renamed EJF so that they can continue to squeeze money out of billionaire Tom Kaplan while mass producing gerim.


I would have thought that one safeguards precious things by LOCKING the doors - not throwing them wide open!

Despite signing the document, Tropper still lives in Monsey, same house on Grove Street. He even davened Neilah for the amud at the Krohns on Yom Kippur. The feckless Monsey Rabbinate is shamed beyond description.

As for davening in the voch, he never davened with a minyan. Never. Ask anyone who knows him. Ask anyone who has ever been in the yeshiva. He used to claim that he went to shul Mondays and Thursdays for laining, but later proven to be a liar.

He also has a new blog, ironically named kavodhatora (I guess it's better than chillulshaimshamaimbferhesia), where he espouses his same-old garbage. BTW, one recent post justifies his not going to hear leining. He bashes the current Kol Yaakov administration. He even goes so far as to take a dig at R' Shternbuch, shlit"a.

The whole thing is sickening.

Eternal Jewish Fraud Watch said...


Tropper's associates have renamed EJF so that they can continue to squeeze money out of billionaire Tom Kaplan while mass producing gerim.


I would have thought that one safeguards precious things by LOCKING the doors - not throwing them wide open!

Despite signing the document, Tropper still lives in Monsey, same house on Grove Street. He even davened Neilah for the amud at the Krohns on Yom Kippur. The feckless Monsey Rabbinate is shamed beyond description.

As for davening in the voch, he never davened with a minyan. Never. Ask anyone who knows him. Ask anyone who has ever been in the yeshiva. He used to claim that he went to shul Mondays and Thursdays for laining, but later proven to be a liar.

He also has a new blog, ironically named kavodhatora (I guess it's better than chillulshaimshamaimbferhesia), where he espouses his same-old garbage. BTW, one recent post justifies his not going to hear leining. He bashes the current Kol Yaakov administration. He even goes so far as to take a dig at R' Shternbuch, shlit"a.

The whole thing is sickening.

Eternal Jewish Fraud Watch said...

Tropper's new blog where he attacks his enemies like Rav Shternbuch, Rav Eidensohn and the Mendlowitz family.

1. The blog was formed Wednesday, December 16, 2009, just 2 days after his downfall. The stated objective of the site is "to restore the honor of talmidei chachamim, as the sin of scorning Talmidei Chachamim is too great to bear".

2. The first entry is about a rabbi annulling marriages.

3. The second entry is about how bad internet gossip is.

4. The post of Sunday, February 7, 2010 is all about three of the rabbanim who were against him. See here: http://www.kavodhatora.com/2010_02_01_archive.html

5. The only Monsey Rav he talks about with any respect is his crony R' Schlesinger, see here: http://www.kavodhatora.com/2010/08/hagaon-harav-yisroel-d-schlesinger.html

6. There are two posts about Kol Yaakov, both strongly opposed to the current administration and both full of lies, see here: http://www.kavodhatora.com/2010/08/tumult-of-kol-yaakov.html
and here: http://www.kavodhatora.com/2010/10/harav-dovid-wolpin-shlita-mashgiach-of.html

He is the only one in the world (along with a small handful of cronies like Bais Yaakov Monsey's Nachman Kramer) who feels this way about Kol Yaakov. Everyone else is either supportive of his resignation (which he is now trying to take back in goyish court) or ambivalent.

7. He speaks about R' Aron Shechter and R' Elya Ber Wachtfogel as if they're the only Roshei Yeshiva in America.

8. In an article about R' Shach, he mentions that R' Schach's rebbe was R' Leib Forer from Holyoke, Mass., who is his grandfather. No one else would even know that, or care.

9. The only two yeshivas that he mentions are the ones in Cliffwood (Rabbi Alster) and Boston (Rabbi Wilhelm), which happen to be the two yeshivas his son, Tzvi Pesach, went to.

10. He speaks very fondly of Rabbi J.B. Soloveitchik. He would become livid if anyone mentioned anything negative against R' J.B. and would dedicate entire Shabbos Drashos to upholding his honor. He knew that the yeshiva world didn't hold of R' J.B., but he wouldn't constantly try to explain how the gedolim really held of him.

11. The dig against R' Shternbuch here: http://www.kavodhatora.com/2010/10/halachic-disussion.html

12. The entire flavor and style of writing, without writing people's full names, not writing full or coherent sentences, the choice of words just smacks of Tropper. I guess if you don't know him, that doesn't mean much, but for those who know him, and especially for those who are close to him, the shoe definitely fits.

Hamodia bloopers said...


Bunch of hypocrites joining the Agudah fressers to throw a frum candidate under the bus to endorse an intermarried lowlife who wants to force yeshivos to teach kids it's normal to be gay.

Yudi Kolko said...

Does anyone know if this happened at a bris in the Catskills?


SAN JOSE, Calif. (AP) — A California man faces a charge of beating a Jesuit priest who allegedly molested him and his brother more than 30 years ago.

Anonymous said...

Watch out for the Hungarians who learned in Bobov. They seem like Galitzianers but they are snakes and lowlives like the rest of the Hungarians. There is a whole sub-culture of them.

Anonymous said...


Senator Schumer loves to speak out of both sides of his mouth. He has long showed up at Jewish old age homes where he draws his broken Yiddish out of the closet to scare the elderly that Republicans are "ante-Semitten".

He just showed up at an Agudah fresser event to lambast Obama for being anti-Israel but this is a deceit. Schumer was stumping for Tony Avella's State Senate campaign.


It's well known as explained here that Tony Avella is an associate of radical anti-Semites. Avella's wife is also a director at a company in Long Island that employs mostly women where she has persecuted and tried to engineer the termination of any shomer Shabbos woman who has ever worked there. She builds trumped up cases against the women who are not even in her division and her assistant director who is a Muslim falsely complains about them not making up time when they leave early on erev Shabbos in the winter.

Ohel CEO David Mandel said...


I'm glad that Dr. Pelcovitz agreed to go along with my whitewash of R' Shmuel Kaminetzky & the Novominsker to present them as anti-molester heroes.

OU Crony Watch said...


Do Lubinsky and the OU have any self-respect? A top pick at KosherFest this year is Greek gods yogurt under the OU.

The company makes very clear that the product is named for the deities. They also spell gods with a Capital G.


The company provides a chart here of every Greek god but be careful because halacha forbids even saying their names.

Israel Belsky SHLITA said...

I can't wait to clobber Yudel Shain for exposing this.


I was by Rav Eliyashev, Shlita last Elul to discuss various kashrus issues. Rav Eliyashev changed the subject and wanted to know if all of the facts are known as far as the ships carrying liquid food items. I told him that some of the information was gathered but numerous ships and shipping routes it's still unclear as what's being hauled, and is no relatively fool proof system in tracking all of the shipments e.g. South America, etc.

Then Rav Eliyashev says והוא כבר עשה ההתירים שלו so I ask who is the Ruv speaking about
that made his Heteirim רב בלסקי? He says yes, He always makes heteirim before knowing all of the relevant facts pertaining to the issue, and he even sends people to me saying that I don't have the correct facts.

So I asked we can't rely on his "pisokim"? דאס איז היתירים נישט פסקים, רופט דאס נישט א פסק נאר א היתר.

I asked further, but he has מראה מקומות? So Rav Eliyashev, Shlita said לא יכולין לסמוך על כל ההיתירים שלו בשום פנים ואופן.

So I asked further what's with רב בלסקי hetter on the operated cows that he says it's not a treifa? So Rav Eliyashev says, I have researched the whole issue with the operated cows and they are a treifa, the americana cows are the same as ours in Eretz Yisroel and it's treif, איך האב אייך שון געזאגט- מען טאר זיך נישט פארלזין אוף זיינע התירים-זייט געזונט.

Others have asked me "do you have it in writing"? No, I don't, But Rav Eliyashev would be more than happy to tell it to the heads of the OU and רב בלסקי.

Avi L. Shafran(ovitch) said...

Don't expect one word about molesters

Agudath Israel of America in conjunction with the Marine Park and Flatbush Communities is pleased to invite all MEN AND WOMEN to a special Evening of Chizuk

Our Marriages: Our Children

Sunday Evening
Rosh Chodesh Kislev - November 7th

Maariv 8:00pm, Program 8:15pm

Kingsway Jewish Center Ballroom
2902 Kings Highway
(Corner of Nostrand Avenue and Kings Highway)

HaRav Shmuel Kamenetzky, Shlita
Rosh HaYeshiva, Yeshiva Gedolah of Philadelphia

Rabbi Yakov Horowitz, Shlita
Founding Director, Project YES
Dean, Yeshiva Darchei Noam

Rabbi Chaim Dovid Zwiebel, Shlita
Executive Vice-President, Agudath Israel of America, Chairman

Question and Answer session.

Light refreshments to be served.

Free admission

With the support of the neighborhood Rabbonim.

For further information please call 212-797-9000 x 267 or email torahprojects@agudathisrael.org

Anonymous said...

A big joke with the Agudah event in Marine Park is some of the so called rabbonim who signed the flyer like the son of the gangster Mendel Epstein, Margo-Kolko crony Schiffenbauer and Rabbi Vigler.

Vigler is a Lubav who starts Shabbos shacharis at 10 am and attracts a band of wild chevrah so bad that area rabbonim have discussed whether they should try to force the shul to close.

Moetzes Resign! said...

STOCKHOLM (AP) — Sweden's King Carl XVI Gustaf has appealed for peace and quiet after a new book shattered a long-held tradition among Swedish media not to print intimate details about his private life.

Speaking to throngs of reporters at his annual elk hunt Thursday, the figurehead monarch said he had not read the book, which includes claims of visits to seedy nightclubs and an extramarital affair in the 1990s.

Without addressing those claims directly, the 64-year-old king said he understood from media headlines that the book dealt with events that happened "far back in time" and that his family had "turned the page."

He appealed to reporters to leave the royal family in peace "because we have certain duties to fulfill."

Anonymous said...

I have seen those clowns coming from Vigler's shul after davening. They are like a bunch of rowdy drunks pouring out of a bar. One loser I know from there will not daven at any minyan that starts earlier than 10 am even if he goes away and the latest minyan is 9:30. He also carries around 2 metal briefcases containing poker paraphernalia and offers to teach everyone how to play.

Tzugepasst said...

I'm holding the flyer for the Agudah fresser evening. Next to the word children is a picture of a daisy flower. The daisy had an early symbolic association of the Roman legions going to war. They had slaves with them who were forced to pick daisies along the way. Slaves in the Roman empire were often children who were kept around to indulge in molesting them as we know from Chazal.

itchiemayer said...

I urinated right next to Rabbi Zwiebel at the Aguda HQ several months ago. Sorry, I mean Rabbi Zwiebel, shlita.


I urinated ON Rabbi Zwiebel at the Aguda HQ several months ago. Sorry, I mean Rabbi Zwiebel, shlita.

OU Eyepopper said...


The 3rd person from the left in this picture, the modern orthodox fellow with the kippa seruga, is Teaneck resident Ilan Tokayer who is a mashgiach for the OU.

The picture was taken at City Winery, a business on Varick St in downtown Manhattan that claims to produce kosher AND non-kosher wines under the supervision of a mashgiach, dehighnu Tokayer. When you ask the company whose hashgocho they are under, they beat around the bush about an OU mashgiach having permission from the OU. When you further press them if that means they are actually under the OU, they say yes.

Whatever the exact details, what business does an OU mashgiach have getting involved in this?:


Sacramental Winemaking in Hudson Square

On Thursday, November 4, Trinity Church Reverend Dr. James Cooper and other officials will gather at Hudson Square to blend “Vicar’s Vintage,” a new sacramental wine that Trinity Church will use to celebrate the Eucharist. City Winery vintner Michael Dorf will be hosting the event.

The ceremony will commence with the opening of a barrel of kosher wine by a mashgiach. Afterwards, Dr. Cooper will fortify the wine with pure grape spirits. The ceremony will end with a blessing of thanksgiving.

The “Vicar’s Vintage” will prepare for bottling and ceremonial use by Easter 2011. The wine will be distributed at Sunday services at Trinity Church and St. Paul’s Chapel.

Anonymous said...

itchiemayer, that was right next to him? i thought you had better aim than that

OU Eyepopper said...

Was this a case of an OU mashgiach being osek in avodah zara mamash?

The Eucharist, also called Communion, Sacrament, and other names, is a re-enactment of the Last Supper, the final meal that Yoshkie shared with his disciples before his crucifixion, during which he gave them bread, saying, "This is my body", and wine, saying, "This is my blood".

Xtians hold there is a special presence of Yoshkie in this rite, that the wine actually transforms into zein blut.

The shtuss that they hold is that the crucifixion helped Yoshkie defeat the Sitra Achara and that anyone can do the same if they only believe in him. It's even more ridiculous how you can get an OU mashgiach to do anything for a por dollar.

Anonymous said...


On the one hand it's about time Eckstein finally had the guts to publish that the Agudah has lost it's clout with voters and that the politicians have finally figured it out.


On the other hand, he needs to stop promoting the new Assemblyman David Weprin as a "frum" guy. Weprin not just voted for, but sponsored every pro-gay bill when he was in NYC Council. You can also go to his shul and see him roll in every Shabbos around chazoras hashatz time. He then starts a big shmuz fest instead of davening the shacharis he missed. The guy is nothing but a loser who will do anything to stay in publicly funded jobs. He had a few party insiders including his mother sabotage the Democrat ticket so that no one could run against him in the primary.

Bnei Brak said...


Which beis din does R' Yaakov Klein sit on? This other rabbi involved, Chaim Cohen, seems to be either modern orthodox or Chardal type

Vos vet zein mit der kinder? said...

According to the 2009 "Jewish Population Study of Greater Philadelphia," 5 percent of the nearly 117,000 Jewish households reported at least one person living there who identified as homosexual. That could correlate to more than 5,800 gay Jews in the area.

(Does this include Philly yeshiva talmidim sent to Ner Yisroel?)

Anonymous said...

>Rabbi Chaim Dovid Zwiebel, Shlita<

You've got to be kidding!! 'Shlita'?

Anonymous said...

An Orthodox Jewish prisoner in New Hampshire has been banned from growing his beard longer than a quarter of an inch, despite claiming that it is his religious right to do so.

Albert Kuperman, 25, had argued that New Hampshire State Prison’s grooming policy went against his constitutional right to freedom of religion.

But a federal judge ruled that the First Amendment did not extend to facial hair.

Judge Steven McAuliffe said that the prison’s hygiene and security policy came first.

He noted: “That length allows correctional officers to identify inmates easily, prevents inmates from hiding contraband and weapons in beards and minimises the risk that an escaped inmate could quickly change his appearance after an escape.”

Judge McAuliffe added: “A grooming policy that allowed full beards, on the other hand, would strain prison resources and relations between inmates and staff by requiring more frequent inmate searches.”

Mr Kuperman, who was sentenced to up to seven years for sexually molesting a minor, lost a legal case to keep his kosher meals in 2009.

The prison had removed the privilege after he was spotted eating non-kosher food on more than one occasion.

Belsky files said...


Anyone know the whole story here? At first I thought that Young Israel of Las Vegas's Rabbi Yitzchok Wynne must be the good guy since Belsky & Bryks put him in cherem.

But if you follow the slideshow here, you see two letters written to R' Shmuel Kaminetzky that Wynne was mevaze Rav Ever, an alter Chevroner talmid of Rav Sarna and was metzayer an almonoh.

Agudah Fresser said...


I was very distressed when Jerrold Nadler showed up to the Agudah breakfast last week. I was afraid he would fress all the bagels before I got to them.

Boog groupie said...


Hey Dov Hikind, you disgrace! You should be tracking down the molesters in your files instead of getting up at the Agudah podium!

Letzonus said...


Remember that parody on UOJ once of the Wall St Journal that Shafran went to China for a joint news conference on assering the blogs? Maybe there was such a conference now that I see this picture.

Red Alert! said...

Yudi Kolko's son has organized a motzaei Shabbos sports league for little boys at Rabbi Bajnon's Yeshiva Ketana of Long Island in Inwood (a town sandwiched between Far Rockaway & North Lawrence). Rabbi Bajnon is a relative of Rabbi Pinchos "no penetration" Scheinberg.

Is there any guarantee that Yudi Kolko won't tag along with his son if he stays with him for Shabbos?

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