Wednesday, December 17, 2008


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{Via e-mail} We can’t allow HIS rav to keep covering for him and not force him to face his psak. I don’t understand why there are no organized demonstrations outside the Gerer Rebbe’s home and Yeshiva here and in E”Y, why there are no organized demonstration outside Mondrowitz’s home and the homes of his family both here and in E”Y. If this does not take place immediately and we wait for the OFFICIALS to do what they should do and not listen to the askanim backing him, justice will never take place.

Demonstrations should be legal and organized but they should take place immediately both here and in E”Y, round the clock. I know that he has at least one brother in Boro Park and maybe others. Some of you might know more. His family is protecting him and his friends are protecting him, NO ONE protected his victims. NOW IS THE TIME TO STAND UP FOR HIS VICTIMS. And honestly, I don’t want to hear about chilul hashem and being in the media, this would be the biggest Kidush Hashem to put this monster behind bars and make him the biggest example of what will happen to any molester who DARES to touch a yiddishe neshoma.


At the Brooklyn D.A.'s office, the best contact is Rhonnie Jaus, head of the sex crimes unit. Her email: JausR@BrooklynDA.org. You might also want to write to the D.A.'s liaison to the Orthodox community, Henna White, at WhiteH@BrooklynDA.org. These people should be speaking publicly about the importance of retrieving this wanted criminal for trial in New York's worst child sex abuse case. So should their boss, D.A. Charles Hynes. The U.S. State Department has the most direct responsibility for pursuing Mondrowitz's extradition: you can call its public communication division at: 202-647-6575. The main switchboard is 202-647-4000. Just let them know you care very much about the successful completion of the State Dept.'s efforts to extradite Mondrowitz. In Israel, the case for Mondrowitz's extradition is being argued by the Ministry of Justice. You can fax to the "Public Inquiries" number, which is: 011-972-2-6466357. Again, you can let them know how much the case means to us and our community. Of course, the actual decision is being made by Israel's High Court. It's improper to try to influence judges, so there's no way to contact them directly. However, you can call the Public Affairs Department at the court to express your strong interest in the Mondrowitz case and to ask how to follow its progress. The two numbers are: 011-972-2-675-9612 and 011-972-2-675-9613.

You can also email the Israel Supreme Court at:


It's case: 2144/08 Avraham Mondrowitz versus State of Israel

All support, actions and tefillos will be deeply appreciated by all Mondrowitz victims. Let's hope we can see justice done.

Michael Lesher, Esq.
Attorney for 6 Mondrowitz victims, author and activist


Archived Post --- Colmer is in prison awaiting trial!

Recently (June 14, 2007) Stefan Colmer was arrested in Israel at the request of U.S. authorities, who are seeking his extradition to stand trial in Brooklyn on charges of severe child sexual abuse involving at least two victims (ages 13-14), both Orthodox Jewish boys.

Sadly, it will come as no surprise to those familiar with these issues that Colmer is far from being the only party responsible for these crimes. Colmer's history of child abuse goes back more than ten years, and it was no secret to several rabbis, none of whom ever reported Colmer's crimes to authorities. Instead, Colmer was shuffled from community to community -- without so much as a warning to each new neighborhood -- while rabbis falsely claimed to victims that Colmer was "under control" or "being watched," and in some cases actively discouraged them from contacting police.

This is bad enough. But if we don't act quickly, another inexcusable injustice along the same lines will be committed. Even as Stefan Colmer's extradition is being sought from Israel for his crimes against our children in Brooklyn -- and despite pleas from victims and their advocates -- the Brooklyn District Attorney has so far refused to add an extradition request for Avrohom Mondrowitz, who has already been indicted for child sex abuse even worse and more extensive than the charges against Colmer. Under the current extradition treaty, Mondrowitz is subject to extradition just as Colmer is, and legally the case against him is ready for trial. Unfortunately, D.A. Charles Hynes continues to believe that the Orthodox community is unwilling to see Mondrowitz prosecuted for his heinous crimes against children, and is therefore -- amazingly -- ignoring this outrageous case.

WE MUST CHANGE THIS. NOW -- while the extradition of one child molester is being formally sought from Israel to Brooklyn -- now is the time to show the D.A. that WE WANT MONDROWITZ BROUGHT BACK FOR TRIAL TOO. This is a man believed to have abused or sodomized as many as hundreds of our children, and who has been living openly in Jerusalem for years, thumbing his nose at his victims.

WE MUST DEMAND JUSTICE NOW. With the recent improvement in the U.S.-Israel extradition, nothing is lacking to have Mondrowitz brought to trial but the will of the Brooklyn D.A. to stand up against the rabbis' wall of silence and demand the prosecution that is his legal obligation. It would be an insult to Mondrowitz's many victims if justice is selectively pursued for one hareidi child abuser who took refuge in Israel -- but not Mondrowitz.






Arthur said...

Boy that picture was a shocker. For a moment there I had the blasphemous thought that you had become a Gerrer chosid.

The Madoff betrayal: Life imitates anti-Semitism

By Bradley Burston , Haaretz

For the true anti-Semite, Christmas came early this year.
The anti-Semite's new Santa is Bernard Madoff. The answer to every Jew-hater's wish list. The Aryan Nation at its most delusional couldn't have come up with anything to rival this:
The former chairman of Nasdaq turns out, also, to be treasurer of the board of trustees at Yeshiva University and chairman of the university's business school. Rich beyond human comprehension, he handles fortunes for others, buying and selling in a trading empire that skirts investment banks and other possible sources of regulation. He redefines avarice, knowingly and personally bilking charities and retirees in the most classic of con games.
Even better, for those obsessed with the idea that Jews control finance, entertainment and the media, is the idea that Madoff's greed was uncontrollable enough that he targeted fellow Jews, even Holocaust survivors, some of them his own friends, as well as Israeli companies who insured Jews, including Holocaust survivors.
The beauty part, for the anti-Semite: Madoff's machinations, which could have been put to use for the sake of humanity, have directly harmed Jewish welfare and charity institutions.
He has managed to harm contemporary Jewry in ways anti-Semites could only dream about. He has sapped the Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles of 11 percent of its assets, or some $18 million. In the words of prominent educator Avraham Infeld, he "obliterated" long-standing charitable foundations for Jewish causes in Israel, Eastern Europe and North America.
Along the way, Madoff assured the story enormous play, not only with the scale and the impudence of the scheme, but with his A+ roster of celebrity victims, among them Stephen Spielberg, Elie Wiesel, and billionaire real-estate tycoon, media mogul, commentator and former chairman of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations Mort Zuckerman. A senior U.S. senator is one of his client-marks, as well as present and past owners of professional football and baseball teams.
Then there was the betrayal of old friends like philanthropists Carl and Ruth Shapiro, megadonors to the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston,
Brandeis University and the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical
"The scandal rippled far beyond the multimillion-dollar private foundation run by Madoff that channeled money into hospitals and theaters," Reuters reported, "and swept up charities large and small, directly and indirectly, along with wealthy Jewish investors Madoff personally advised."
Adding the element of clannishness, The New York Post was more direct.
"Working the so-called "Jewish circuit" of well-heeled Jews he met at country clubs on Long Island and in Palm Beach, and through his position on the boards of directors of several prominent Jewish institutions, he was entrusted with entire family fortunes.
"The guy was totally respected. He was a heymishe Jewish guy. He had sweet old ladies and he let their children in," said a Manhattan lawyer who invested with Madoff.
"This guy was dealing with all the rich Jews in Roslyn and the rich Jews in Palm Beach. This was passed down from family member to family member because he wouldn't open up to new people."
It remains to be seen how far we've come from the days of the frank Jew-hate and genteel anti-Semitism of the likes of Henry Ford and F. Scott Fitzgerald. We can only hope that the Meyer Wolfsheim Effect remains dormant, the Great Gatsby heritage of "the man who fixed the 1919 World Series."
" ... If I had thought of it at all, I would have thought of it as a thing that merely happened, the end of some inevitable chain," Fitzgerald's narrator confides. "It never occurred to me that one man could start to play with the faith of fifty million people - with the single-mindedness of a burglar blowing a safe."
In the meanwhile, Bernard Madoff, you've made the days of uncounted devout Jew-haters. This year, all they want for Christmas, is you.

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

R' Arthur,

Funny... please do not tell anyone --- the closest I ever came to becoming a chasid -- was becoming a Lubavitcher. Never happened, other than being mesermized by the Rebbe --- please keep this between us. Shhhh!

What's wrong with this picture? said...

Madoff Placed Under Home Detention
Published: December 17, 2008

DealBook: The Madoff Scandal

U.S. District Court Order (pdf)Bernard Madoff, the financier accused of one of the biggest frauds in Wall Street history, will remain out on bail but will be placed under home detention and electronic monitoring, a federal judge ordered on Wednesday.

Federal District Judge Gabriel Gorenstein also ordered that Mr. Madoff’s wife, Ruth, surrender her passport by noon on Thursday.

In the order, the judge also modified the bail so that Mr. Madoff would not need two additional signatures to guarantee the bond, as initially required. Only his wife and his brother Peter, who worked at Mr. Madoff’s firm, had signed the guarantee as of Wednesday morning. His two sons, Mark and Andrew, had refused to sign, according to court papers.

Under the new bail package, Mr. Madoff and his wife agree to surrender their houses in Montauk, N.Y. and Palm Beach, Fla., if he flees in exchange for reducing the number of co-signers on his bail from four to two. He also agreed to a curfew of 7 p.m. through 9 a.m.

Mr. Madoff met with federal prosecutors Tuesday, according to a person with knowledge of the case.

“In light of this order and the agreement of both the defendant and the government to the changes in the bail conditions, there is no need for a further hearing on bail today,” the judge’s written order said. “Accordingly, the hearing is canceled.”

LVF said...

Michael,Thanks once again for all you do.

great points, but it aint happening, noone is going to demonstrate outside the gerers house, reason being, he has thousands of lunatic chassidim that will show up to the demonstration, and lets see how long your protest will last, just look at what he did to meir porush, the gerers wiped him out.

A thought just entered my mind as I was writing here, meir porush might be the answer, porush is still a very active and powerful politician, why dont we contact him about any information that is known of the gerer rebbi or any of his chassidim that are trying to influence the judge's decision, he'll know what to do with it, he always hated the gerer, especially now after he lost the election b/c of them.

Watch the Arabs stew said...

OPEC announces production cuts of 2 million barrels then oil plunges 10% to $39.

You got to love it.

Anonymous said...

Stick to the topic!!!

For now I only want to state that unless specific family members of Mondrowitz are documented as assisting him we must lay off of the family. This case has personal significance to me (hint hint) but I refuse to allow the innocent members of his extended family to be colateral damage. bad enough they are bound to him by blood and name. They too have suffered and hurting them more will not benefit the victims.

Someone please post the contact info of meyer zilbershtein who admits to shielding the oisvorf in his capacity as gerre rav in israel.

Anonymous said...

Burn baby burn! All u fuc-in' molesters and enablers and proectors. Had u let this man stand trial for his sins 25 years ago he would have been forgotten of by now. The fact u refused validation to the dozens of victims will wip your as for decades.

Anonymous said...

Steve, this is ripe for your picking. Fire away!

Melvin Greenwald Refused to comment! F@#$ you Melvin! said...

NYC currency firm manager admits embezzlement

NYC manager of foreign currency firm admits embezzling almost $2 million
Wednesday December 17, 2008, 2:30 pm EST
Yahoo! Buzz Print NEW YORK (AP) -- The manager of a foreign currency exchange's New York City branch has pleaded guilty to stealing nearly $2 million from her employer.

Shemika Jackson pleaded guilty to first-degree grand larceny. She admitted Wednesday that she stole the money from Travelex Inc. between December 2006 and March 2008 by entering false computer data.

Manhattan Justice Gregory Carro promised Jackson, who's 33, a 4-to-12-year prison sentence on Jan. 7. She is jailed without bail.

Travelex says it is the largest provider of currency exchange and cross-border payment services, with branches throughout the world.

Police said after Jackson's arrest in March that she spent the money on cars, casinos and rock concerts, and threw herself a $15,000 birthday party.

Defense lawyer Melvin Greenwald refused to comment.

Harry Maryles said...

Who's Worse Bernie Madoff Or The Monsey Butcher?

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

Whose worse Shmuel Kaminetzky or the Ger Rebbe?

Whose worse Mondrowitz or Kolko?

Whose worse Margulies or Belsky?

steve said...

I agree with anon @2:58. Leave his family members alone. The pressure must be put on the US State Dept. and DOJ and Israeli politicians. Bombard them with phone calls, e-mails and faxes. Don't stop until this mamzer is brought back here to face the music. You all did a fabulous job in pressuring Hynes to capitulate last year. It's time to finish the job. Hamatchil B'Mitzvah Omrim Lo G'mor!

steve said...

Whose worse Mondrowitz or Kolko?

Zeh Neveila V'zeh Tereifa!

LVF said...

UOJ, time for a repost of the israeli justices and higher ups, get their e-mails listed here so people can let them know how they feel about probably the biggest kiddie rapist in ny history, Avroham Mondrowitz.

YTT Misnagid said...

One way of looking at it is that Margo was a bus driver before Belsky was a truck driver.

Ezra Merkin dodging Ronnie's phone calls said...

Dec. 17 (Bloomberg) -- Chrysler LLC, awaiting a federal rescue as its cash dwindles, will shut all 30 of its plants for at least a month starting Dec. 19 as unsold cars and trucks pile up at showrooms.

Production won’t resume until Jan. 19 at the earliest, Chrysler said today in a statement. General Motors Corp., also waiting for word on U.S. loans, said a new factory making engines for the Chevrolet Volt electric car is being delayed to conserve cash.

Margo's banker in Zurich said...


Edward H. Davis Jr., a name partner with Astigarraga Davis in Miami, agreed, saying he thinks there is a good chance Madoff squirreled away assets overseas.

"I look at it like he was a modern era Willie Sutton," Raymond said. "What did Willie Sutton say when asked why did he rob banks? ‘Because that's where the money is.'"

We Wuz Robbed said...


Mayor Bloomberg's aides secretly pressured city tax assessors to inflate the value of land under the new Yankee Stadium so the team could qualify for nearly $1 billion in tax-free bonds, city e-mails show.

In March 2006, the city's chief tax assessor put the market value for the stadium site at $27 million, far lower than the Yankees wanted. A Finance Department official ordered him to redo the report. Within hours, he jacked up it up to $204 million.

The bombshell e-mails raise a big question: Did city officials violate state law, which requires uniform valuation methods for all properties?

"This is the smoking gun," said Assemblyman Richard Brodsky, who has spearheaded a state probe into the stadium deal.

YU insider said...

YU is digging in against Ezra Merkin and has hired heavyweight law firm Sullivan & Cromwell to advise on what actions to take.

Sir Vivor said...

Kaminetsky vs. Alter = Too close to call.

Mondrowitz vs. Kolko = No contest. Mondrowitz molested more jewish and italian kids and some commited suicide r"l.

Margulies vs. Belsky = Can't tell the twins apart.

sir vivor said...

a little birdy told me that leizerowtz, another ger molester, was invited to a wedding that a talmid and protector is making in brooklyn. i nominate steve and lvf as bouncers. lets roll.

Bigger than Madoff said...


Social Security: The Biggest Ponzi Scheme

Chaim Berlin said...

The yeshiva should be more careful about who gets invited to the dinner. Who knew that Sumner Redstone has been married to an Italian shiksa for the last 5 years? This woman is agav the niece of the prusta lady who gets kicked out of NY Giants games for not wearing enough clothes.


It's official: Sumner Redstone's second marriage is finished, confirming our exclusive from Friday. Court papers were filed at the end of last week, according to the Los Angeles Times, and now the Viacom chief has issued a statement saying the split is "amicable" and that "we remain close and supportive friends." In other words, wife Paula Fortunato has finally, 14 months after divorce rumors surfaced, agreed to leave, perhaps because she got something beyond her "iron-clad prenup," once thought to be worth a flat $1 million, or because she's actually now earned $5 million, with the prenup now pegged at $1 million per year of marriage. Or maybe the former public school teacher is just tired of living with the mean mogul, 40 years her elder, and of hearing rumors he's been calling some famous comedian's wife. Whatever happened, Redstone is reaching into his pocket at a time when he can least afford it. Writes the LA Times:

Any divorce settlement would come out of Sumner Redstone’s own pocket, and not his family's Boston-based business, National Amusements Inc., said two people close to the firm. National Amusements is caught in a credit squeeze and Redstone's daughter, Shari Redstone, who runs the company, is trying to restructure its nearly $1.6-billion debt load, including an $800-million bank loan that is due in mid-December.

Like when Aron Twerski "resigned" as Dean? said...


Meanwhile, a spokesman for Hofstra University, from which Madoff graduated in 1960 and at which he was a trustee, said the school's board of trustees voted to place him on leave. "The charges against Mr. Madoff have nothing to do with his role at the University," spokesman Stuart Vincent said in an e-mailed statement

Shereshevsky victims get victimized again said...

Dewey & LeBoeuf is Hershel Wein's law firm, brother of scamstress Dina Wein-Reis.


Is it possible for a law firm to bill $100,000 a day on a matter? Apparently so.

If you don't believe it, check out the fee application submitted by Dewey & LeBoeuf in its work on the receivership of WexTrust Capital, an investment firm that targeted Orthodox Jewish investors. Another surprised person: federal district court judge Denny Chin, who on Monday questioned a $2.1 million fee application made by Dewey & LeBoeuf partner Timothy Coleman, who is the receiver for WexTrust.

Dewey's request covered work performed between August 11 and August 31, a total of 20 days. Dewey attempted to make its fees seem reasonable by noting that Coleman, who usually bills at $850 an hour, reduced his rate to $250. The firm also added that it capped its blended hourly rate for nonlegal services at $200 per hour. Still, Judge Chin noted that some partners billed as much as $950 an hour, and a handful of associates had rates of more than $600 per hour. Objections to these fees had been raised by lawyers at Sullivan & Worcester, who represent WexTrust investors.

In his order requesting more information, Judge Chin wrote that "without knowing anything about [the lawyers'] backgrounds, it is difficult for the court to determine whether the requested hourly rates are reasonable."

Coleman declined to comment to the Litigation Daily. He is expected to file an answer to Judge Chin's order this week.

Marc Lubin said...


In September, we brought you the unusual story of Marc Lubin, a former Dechert associate who sued the Philly firm for allegedly making false promises about the high-level deal exposure he would get at Dechert. In the suit, which seeks nearly $6 million in back pay and damages, Lubin claims the work provided was basically that of a "glorified paralegal"; he also said a Dechert partner told him he was fired in 2004 for being "different." Lubin took the comment as a shot at his Orthodox Jewish beliefs.
Dechert fired back in papers filed late Monday in New York trial court. The firm and its counsel at Miller & Wrubel basically claim that Lubin's entire lawsuit is bogus. The firm says no one lied to Lubin during the interview process in October 2002 (though Dechert's lawyers admit they don't know precisely what hiring partners said during those interviews), and they deny the allegation that Lubin's religion played a part in his dismissal.
As for Lubin's claim, set forth in his complaint, that he was a highly sought-after commodity who left a "secure" $215,000 job at Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom for the chance of more fulfilling work at his new firm, Dechert again challenges the notion. It denies that Lubin's job at Skadden was actually "secure," though the firm doesn't explain how it knows this. Dechert lead attorney Joel Miller was traveling and unavailable for comment. Skadden did not immediately respond to questions about Lubin's tenure there.
Lubin had been at Skadden since about 1999 after short stints at both Weil, Gotshal & Manges and Latham & Watkins in the mid-1990s; he graduated from Columbia Law School in 1994.
He claims Dechert offered him work on a complex deal involving the securitization of attorneys fees from tobacco litigation. The deal, which he described as "poorly organized" and "in total disarray" by the time he arrived, eventually fell apart, Lubin's complaint says. Dechert confirms the deal was a firm matter in its response, but declines to comment further citing attorney-client privilege.
Dechert's team also says the suit is barred by statute of limitations rules and seven other affirmative defenses.
Lubin's attorney, Neal Brickman, did not return calls seeking comment.

R' Henoch Paulson got his feet wet here said...


Mean Street: The Chutzpah of Goldman Sachs

Ronnie Schreiber Spokesman said...


December 17, 2008, 11:12 am

Why Cerberus Won’t Put More Money Into Chrysler

Barry Slotnick (Young Israel of Scarsdale) said...


The Palm Beach Post reports that teams of lawyers were descending on an area particularly stricken by Madoff's alleged Ponzi scheming. The paper reported that Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney's Barry Slotnick--he of New York subway vigilante lore--flew down to the wealthy enclave from New York on a client's private plane.
"When all is said and done, the gloom and doom with regard to the inability of those that have been defrauded to recoup is just wrong," Slotnick told The Wall Street Journal's Law Blog last night. "I've been speaking to people in various parts of the world and do believe that there are funds that have to be found and captured, and, necessarily there are techniques that I'm not at liberty to discuss right now that I will employ for my clients."
Slotnick wouldn't disclose the nature of his cryptic "techniques," but The Palm Beach Post reports that he met with one client who claimed Madoff-related losses of $500 million. Slotnick told the paper he expects to depose many individuals in "one of the worst betrayals I've ever heard of."

Like Ezra at YU board meetings? said...


Cerberus Leveraging Billion Dollar Connections In Congress

Cerberus has for years had a nasty reputation on Wall Street as a fierce player and hard nosed negotiator

Moetzes Resign! said...


GMAC's Merkin Must Go

GMAC Financial Services can ill afford to be distracted by the Bernard Madoff scandal now that it touches its chairman -- J. Ezra Merkin.

YU said...


Yeshiva University may see its credit rating cut after its endowment suffered big losses by investing with Bernard Madoff.

Moody’s Investors Service said Wednesday that it put Yeshiva on watch for a possible downgrade because the university’s $1.2 billion endowment faces up to $110 million in losses from investing with Mr. Madoff. Up until last week when he resigned the posts, the disgraced financier served as treasurer of the institution as well as chairman of the board of its Sy Syms School of Business.

The investment with Mr. Madoff’s firm was made via a fund managed by Ezra Merkin, a former trustee and chairman of Yeshiva’s investment committee. The university may have other exposure to Mr. Madoff through other sources.

“The rating action reflects Moody’s concerns about the university’s governance, investment management and oversight, [and] pressure on liquidity due to investment losses,” Moody’s said in a statement.

A credit downgrade would likely raise Yeshiva’s borrowing costs. The university has $177 million of rated debt. Yeshiva’s full losses aren’t yet known, but Moody’s said the university “will still have substantial balance sheet and other credit strengths.”

In a letter to Yeshiva students, faculty, and staff, President Richard Joel said the university’s endowment was the source of 13% of its operating income. “Although this decreased endowment must factor into our long term fiscal plans, it will have minimal impact on day-to-day operations,” he wrote Tuesday. He added that the university has hired law firm Sullivan & Cromwell and consulting firm Cambridge Associates

British Agudah Fresser said...

I didn't know Margo had so many offshore bankers.

I only knew about the ones in the Caymans and Isle of Man.

Big Oil said...

Royal Dutch / Shell lost $45 million of the pension fund with Bernie Madoff.

Donny Deutsch said...


It seems that Donny Deutsch, whose CNBC show “The Big Idea” was put on hiatus last week, has found solace in the arms of a hedge fund managers’ wife. The advertising mogul has been having an affair with Lisa Sandler, the wife of hedge fund manager Andrew Sandler, according to the New York Posts’ Page Six.

According to the tabloid, Andrew Sandler—son of Sandler Capital Management founder Harvey Sandler—hired a private detective a few weeks ago, suspecting that his wife was being unfaithful. The dick managed to get pictures of Lisa Sandler kissing Deutsch.

Andrew Sandler filed for divorce last week, reportedly naming Deutsch as the third party.

Deutsch, who was divorced from his ex-wife in 2005 and whose ex-girlfriend gave birth to his daughter last year, saw his show shelved by CNBC, which is making cutbacks, earlier this month. The Big Idea’s ratings have reportedly been going south for some time, although Deutsch is expected to remain with CNBC, possibly hosting a once-a-month show.

Malach Hamovies said...

Two years ago on an Erev Shabbos in KJ, Hatzoloh got a call. A man claimed his son had injured himself with a construction tool. Hatzoloh gets there and meets the father of the thirteen year old child, who shows them to the basement with an expressionless face, saying simply “he’s down there.” What hatzoloh found in that basement is truly too gruesome to think about. The thirteen year old boy had been castrated with a jigsaw and had bled to death. When Hatzoloh tried to question the father, he refused to cooperate, saying only that his son had deserved it and that he was a chazar, a pig, because he touched himself. Within 30 minutes that child was under the ground. No police report was ever filed. It was never talked about. Those who dared to question were hushed up. People of KJ, a murderer walks in your midst.
I have good sources for these stories. I may not know all the details, but I know what happened. I wait for the day when people will have the guts to stand up for what’s right instead of allowing corruption to overpower them.

Malach HaMovies said...

Check out this post from Hasidic Feminist- Nit Tzu Gloiben !!!

I know things.
(To my dear audience: I ask you to excuse the shoddy writing in this post as i was in a rush to get this stuff out. I've been keeping it in me for a while and I just want to put it out there and see if there is anyone else who knows about this.)

I keep my finger on the pulse. Even though I’m not Hasidic anymore, I’m still on good terms with a handful of people inside the community, people with connections, people who keep me updated. Over the years I’ve heard some things that didn’t make the news, and I’d like to share them with you.

Firstly I would like to comment on the current sexual abuse allegations that have been popping up all over the place and have escalated this issue into a rather volatile situation. I was recently watching Rabbi Nuchem Rosenberg on youtube and something that he said struck me as significant. He mentioned something about how pedophiles and sexual abusers finance and support many structures and organizations within the community, and that’s why the community rushes to protect them.

I would like to tell you a story. I heard this story from a fellow OTD friend of mine who spent a couple of months in Monsey on her way out of KJ, and she heard this story directly from the source. About a year ago it was discovered that a very wealthy man who lived in Monsey had been abusing a 12 year old boy for three months. This man is in his 80s. He owns shuls, charities, schools, buildings, businesses, the works. He always had the respect of his community. Sure the men joked that he was a “faggot”, he liked young men, invited them over, hung around the periphery of their little groups like a mascot, but nobody really minded. After all, he was lonely, and can you really blame the guy for being gay? But then this story broke out. And Dov Hikind got involved. The congressman sent a team of investigators to the guy’s house and what they found was just mind-boggling. The guy had collected fifty years worth of child pornography. He had pictures of all of his victims in shoeboxes lined up neatly in his closet, right between his hats and his socks, just like that. Many of the little boys in the pictures are now men in their 30’s or 40s. The total number of victims identified in the photos are way up in the three-digit arena. We’re talking about a guy who masqueraded as some holy dude for fifty years, while secretly molesting hundreds of children. Is that really possible? Am I expected to believe that even the tiniest little inkling of what he was doing never leaked? No, I think it did. But I also think that the community responded to it in the same way they did in the most recent case. They took his money, told the parents to keep their mouth shut or else the children would suffer, and they let the guy go on taking his walks up and down college road every day like nothing ever happened. If any of you live in Monsey still and you ever pass him by on one of his morning strolls, do me a favor will you? Roll down your window and spit.
This little boy who was molested? No yeshiva will take him. He is on the streets. His menahel/principal, the one who originally exposed the story, kicked him out of school. So the boy is being punished, while the abuser is allowed to go free. What kind of sick system is this? What kind of message are we sending to our children if we are punishing victims instead of their attackers? If you ask me, I smell money burning in the oven. Somebody got paid off, and that somebody would rather live in luxury with blood on his hands than live up to the moral standards he preaches. For all you people out there who are letting this happen, I hope you burn in hell. Parents: Don’t be afraid to press charges. They can’t ruin your child’s life any more than they already have. At least protect future victims.

Now on to my second story: You may have heard some rumors about the first one, but this one is a Class A secret. We’re talking hushed up under the ground like you’ve never seen before. Two years ago on an Erev Shabbos in KJ, Hatzoloh got a call. A man claimed his son had injured himself with a construction tool. Hatzoloh gets there and meets the father of the thirteen year old child, who shows them to the basement with an expressionless face, saying simply “he’s down there.” What hatzoloh found in that basement is truly too gruesome to think about. The thirteen year old boy had been castrated with a jigsaw and had bled to death. When Hatzoloh tried to question the father, he refused to cooperate, saying only that his son had deserved it and that he was a chazar, a pig, because he touched himself. Within 30 minutes that child was under the ground. No police report was ever filed. It was never talked about. Those who dared to question were hushed up. People of KJ, a murderer walks in your midst.
I have good sources for these stories. I may not know all the details, but I know what happened. I wait for the day when people will have the guts to stand up for what’s right instead of allowing corruption to overpower them.
Have any tips regarding these stories? Share them. Have your own stories that nobody ever talked about? Share them. Would you like to hear some more shady stories? Ask and I will tell. As I said, I keep my finger on the pulse. I hear the secrets.

As for those of you who support the attitude of burying crimes under the ground, go to an early grave yourself. There is no better place for people like you.

Now do I sound angry? If I do it is only for the sake of innocent children who are out there getting beaten by the system. Please if you read this, protect your siblings, you children, even your neighbors. If you see a child being abused, take action!
Posted by Hasidic-Feminist at 10:10 AM 10 comments Links to this post

Ombudsman said...

British Agudah Fresser and friends,

In all seriousness, the more shrewd tax evaders have chosen England over Switzerland for years. A Swiss passport shtempel arouses suspicion while the UK does not. All you do is fly to London and take a boat to the secretive banks in the Isles.

That may be precisely the reason why Madoff's only foreign office was in England.

It would also be interesting to know if the United Kingdom has also been part of Margo's travel itinerary.

Sleeper Cell? said...

LaHood is an Arab who changed his name from Lahoud. And because he's from Illinois, he may be corrupt.

Obama reportedly picking LaHood for transportation chief

By Mike Dorning | Washington Bureau

December 18, 2008

WASHINGTON — Peoria Republican Rep. Ray LaHood has been chosen as Barack Obama's transportation secretary, placing him in a key role in an administration that has signaled plans for an ambitious public works program

Boro Park Hungarian Putz said...


Swiss Watch Exports Drop Sharply Amid Economic Downturn

Archie Bunker said...


if Margulies was dumb enough to put the accounts is his own name, he's going to be in for a surprise soon.

Germany was fed up with tax cheats so they placed an economic embargo on Switzerland & Liechtenstein. The Alpine fressers sold out their clients as soon as they felt the pinch and Germany is now sharing the information with the IRS.

I believe that England was already cooperating.

Federal courts have also forced the credit card companies to name cardholders with accounts linked there.

The new haven for tax cheats is Singapore but I don't think that Margulies likes 26 hour plane flights.

Anonymous said...

Oil is $38 this morning!

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...



The Bernie Madoff Morality Tale
Andy Kessler, 12.16.08, 03:15 PM EST

From ''schlub'' to ''macher'' to ''goniff.''

Why, Bernie, why?

By all accounts, Bernard Madoff had a successful trading business and was a hitter on Wall Street. Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities was one of the top three market makers in Nasdaq stocks, had over 600 brokerage clients and claimed to often contribute 10% of New York Stock Exchange trading volume, usually after the 4 p.m. market close.

So why, inquiring minds want to know, did he perpetrate the largest fraud ever on Wall Street, some $50 billion? He had it made, so why risk it?

Well, for starters, if you leave the Tri-State area, very few people know what a market maker is. At the Palm Beach Country Club or the Boca Rio, the preserved specimens at cocktail parties know about cement or paper plants; their brokers at Merrill (or maybe Goldman) are their only ties to Wall Street.

"And what do you do?"
"I'm the third-largest market maker of …"
"Oh, my drink is empty."

Madoff was just another schlub ("worthless oaf" for you Yiddish-challenged) from New York with money. Get in line. Schlubs are a dime a dozen in the Sunshine State, contributors of hanging chads and everything.

So Madoff got the brilliant idea to start a money management business on the side. He didn't charge any fees, explaining that he would just make money trading stocks on the securities side of the business. Merrill Lynch (nyse: MER - news - people ) and every retail brokerage player perfected this business model years ago--it's called churning.

And the gerries fell for it. Now, all of a sudden, Madoff is a macher (a big shot, a mover). The ability to make someone money moves you to the top of the cocktail-party list. Madoff didn't advertise; he kept it exclusive, adding to its mystery and allure. And he didn't swing for the fences, he "produced" tortoise-like (steady) returns: 13.72% one year, 9.82% another. Goldilocks-esque. Not too hot or cold, just right.

It became known as the "Jewish T bill." Never mind that his option split strike conversion strategy was completely bogus. As everyone on Wall Street should know, you can limit the downside or enhance the upside, but not both--and certainly not for free. There are too many market makers--hey, like Madoff Securities--who will clip you for trading fees and risk premiums for a strategy like this to ever work. It's like putting $10 on red and on black at a roulette table. You win every time, except when 0 or 00 come up, which they do once every 19 spins.

But still, that doesn't explain the fraud.

OK, Madoff has left us some hints as to why. The first clue is that there isn't $50 billion sitting in some numbered Swiss bank account. In fact, it probably isn't a $50 billion fraud. There seem to be lots of problems with Madoff and numbers. The only facts we know are the claims of $17 billion in assets in his money management business, according to his filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

The market is down 40%, so perhaps there should be $11 billion left. Some of his customers, mainly hedge fund-of-funds and European banks, would use 3:1 leverage to magnify Madoff's "steady" returns, hence the $50 billion claim. If you're going to go down, you might as well go big and get something named after you. Why should Ponzi keep hogging the limelight?
So as far as we know, he didn't steal the $50 billion/$11 billion--he probably just lost it. He might have built a trading powerhouse, but he was god-awful as an investor. It happens all the time (Bear Stearns, Lehman Brothers (nyse: LEHMQ - news - people ), Citigroup (nyse: C - news - people ), Morgan Stanley (nyse: MS - news - people ), yadda, yadda, yadda …)

My guess is that this is what went down. Even though Madoff Securities was on the leading edge of automated trading, the business itself was becoming less and less lucrative. Everyone had the same computers. Spreads, the difference between the bid price and the ask price that became Wall Street trading profits, began shrinking. And the move to list stocks in penny increments instead of eighths (12.5 cents) whacked trading desks all over Wall Street.

So you make it up in volume. Beyond cocktail parties, Madoff really created the money management business to feed himself trades. But his strategy was garbage. He absolutely bombed as a money manager, but he desperately needed the assets under management to feed his trading operations, so he started to make the numbers up. As is usually the case, most don't set out to be crooks, but Madoff became one when his talents proved lacking. There is your "why."
It's not new. This was the Enron story: They lost tons in water ventures and Indian power plants, so concocted fraudulent entities to cover up their losses. Same for Sam Israel and his Bayou hedge fund. And even (without the fraud) the Citigroup/Wall Street story, too. They tried to be investors to make up the difference of their bread-and-butter business deteriorating and were awful at it, so they levered up in off-balance-sheet vehicles.

Who knows when the fraud started? As early as December of 1990, he was taking money from the Fairfield Sentry fund of funds. The bull market resumed in January of 1991 as Operation Desert Storm commenced. Madoff showed up years, as did most money managers. But 1994 was rough. So were 1996, 1997 and 1998, yet he did have double-digit years.

Since 2001 and 2002 were ugly, and Madoff showed "only" single-digit returns this decade, so my sense is that money kept flowing in and flowing in. The Tremont fund of funds and Nomura and European banks--my partner and I were out raising a hedge fund and couldn't raise a tarnished nickel from these groups. And we tried.
Public begging is humiliating. But funds of funds and banks were steering money into the Madoff machine. (Ah, schadenfreude delayed.) But it went beyond these so-called professionals or even the country club set; lots of great charities fell for his fudged numbers.

As in any classic Ponzi scheme, you pay old investors who redeem with new money. Sounds like not too many wanted out, until 2008. Now, $7 billion in redemption requests since the Credit Crisis began meant Madoff has made a complete circle, from schlub to macher to goniff (a crook, swindler or cheat).

Let that be a lesson. Learn a few jokes to tell at the club.Impressing the highball crowd with your investing prowess is a losing strategy.

Andy Kessler is a former hedge fund manager turned author.

Oil $37! said...

New York oil price falls below $38 a barrel

18 minutes ago

LONDON (AFP) — The price of New York crude oil sank under 38 dollars per barrel on Thursday, hitting the lowest point for four and a half years as traders fretted over weak global demand despite an OPEC output cut.

On the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX), light sweet crude for delivery in January dived to 37.71 dollar a barrel ahead of the contract's expiry on Friday. The low point was last seen in July 2004.

Yehuda Eckstein said...

"I don't think that Margulies likes 26 hour plane flights"

I currently don't have any helicopters that can fly that far either.

Anonymous said...

Why instead of reporting them were they run out of town? Have we not learned yet to report these sicko molesters. Yes in Lakewood a babysitters husband was molesting 2, 3, and 4 year olds and instead of reporting him they just chased them out of town. No problem as long as you do not screw any of our kids, just go elsewhere and screw whomever you want. This happened yesterday.

Now Margo will really be scared of flying said...

Airplane Hits Cow During Landing

posted: 33 MINUTES AGO

LONDON (Dec. 18) - A British pilot said he ran into an unusual hazard while making an emergency landing — a cow.

Anonymous said...

A federal court has also set up a trustee to oversee the liquidation of Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities LLC. More information can be found online at www.madoff.com, a site now administered by the trustee, or by phone at 888-727-8695

5 Towns Hypocrite said...

This is the guy who was exposed on UOJ for using a fake name to write a piece called "Why the "loshon hara' about Rubashkin?" and who was too much of a coward to attack Rubashkin critics like Mayer Fertig using his real name.


Madoff, Ponzi, And Halachah

By Rabbi Yair Hoffman

Anonymous said...

What's the Lakewood baysitters husband's name?

Rabbi Avrohom Perlstein (Salem, Oregon) said...


December 17, 2008

Five more children testify in abuse trial

15-year-old boy says injuries from being disciplined left 'stick marks'

By Ruth Liao
Statesman Journal

A fiberglass tent pole segment with a dangling elastic cord was entered during trial as evidence of a weapon allegedly used to abuse children.

A 16-year-old boy described to the jury how his father used the end of the approximately 2-foot pole, as well as the cord, to beat his younger sibling. He said he was so afraid of how it was used, he hid it from his father.

Tuesday was the second day of trial for a Turner-area couple accused of abusing and mistreating nine of their children. They also have three adult children.

Robyn Kay Drown and Graydon Drown each face a 25-count indictment of second-degree abuse and criminal mistreatment charges. The jury trial is expected to last through Thursday in Circuit Judge Thomas Hart's courtroom.

Robyn Drown, 42, is represented by attorney R. Brooke Holstedt. Graydon Drown, 49, is represented by attorneys Chapin Milbank and Stephen A. Lipton.

The parents are accused of beating the children using 2-by-4s, metal and plastic pipes and a switch. Their nine children living with them at the time — ranging in age from 6 months to 16 — were taken by child custody authorities and placed in foster care.

Two of the children testified Monday, and five of the children testified Tuesday.

A 15-year-old boy told the jury how his seven brothers and one sister shared their three-bedroom home. The boy said he and his siblings were disciplined regularly and the injuries would leave "stick marks."

When asked by Marion County prosecutor Sarah Morris why it took some time before the abuse was reported, one boy replied: "I didn't think that what was going on was wrong."

Penny Lewis, a certified foster parent for medically-fragile children, described how the youngest child, at six weeks old, came to their home. The infant had dirt caked in between his fingers and toes, as well as in the creases of his arms — she had to soak the baby first in water before cleaning him.

Patty Villarreal, an Oregon Department of Human Services caseworker, described how she interviewed the older children, who each told her that they were abused by both parents.

Villarreal said she met Robyn and Graydon Drown after their arrest and conducted assessments. Villarreal said Graydon Drown appeared angry and confused, at times balling up his fists in anger when she described what the state intended to do for the children's care.

Villarreal said Robyn Drown appeared unconcerned and did not cry, or ask any questions about the children.

Salem Rabbi Avrohom Perlstein, with Chabad of Salem, testified how the two older teen boys first told him of beatings inflicted by their father.

Perlstein is not a rabbi at Temple Beth Sholom, where the Drowns regularly attended. Perlstein knew the Drown family through Perlstein's religious classes. The Jewish faith does not sanction corporal punishment, he said.

"There is no such thing as beating your children," Perlstein said. "Even slapping your child is not allowed."

Perlstein said he later learned after the Drowns' arrest that Graydon Drown was not Jewish because he did not convert under Orthodox Judaism rule.

Perlstein said he discussed with one of the sons about recording any of the beatings on tape in order to show authorities, which the boy did. That recording is expected to be played in trial today.

Perlstein said he coordinated with Leslie Gutfreund, who is involved in Temple Beth, in contacting authorities discreetly for fear that Graydon Drown would "pack up the house and go."

Perlstein said it was his main concern that the children were given "a fighting chance for life."

rliao@StatesmanJournal.com or (503) 589-6941

New York Legislature said...

The mamzer from KJ who buied his son boom bam after the "work accident" didn't file a death report so they an still collect food stamps, tax deductions etc.

Just like some idiots in Monsey still collect monthly Social Secuity checks for their dead relatives, still have phones registered in the dead persons name to keep their tracks covered.

The same as the Jews who don't file marriage cetificates so they can bilk the government for more money being single parents.

Is there any question why Jewish education funding is being cut majorly in the new budget?

Jewish numers simply can't be relied upon.

Rabbi Perlstein took the tapes to Police said...

Check out the video here


December 18, 2008

Jury hears taped beating

Video captures sounds of child hit by father, prosecutor says in trial

By Ruth Liao
Statesman Journal

The camera lens was apparently nestled on a bed, capturing a home video of jeans and a towel.

But what was unseen was most telling, as the soft and indistinct tones of a child's voice suddenly gave way to pistol-like cracks of what sounded like a whip, followed by bawling and shrieks of pain.

A man's voice was speaking, at most times inaudibly, in a stony, staccato tone.

"You are being rebellious," he said.

The video, which lasted less than two minutes, was shown by Marion County prosecutor Sarah Morris Wednesday to the jury in the trial of Robyn and Graydon Drown. The Turner-area parents are accused of abusing and mistreating their nine children.

The state rested its case Wednesday. Defense testimony is set to continue today for Robyn Drown, 42. Testimony in defense of Graydon Drown, 49, is expected to follow.

The children range in age from 6 months to 16 years old. Seven children testified Monday and Tuesday. The Drowns also have three adult children who do not live with them in Oregon.

The oldest boy secretly videotaped one of the beatings against his younger sibling. He gave the recording to Salem Rabbi Avrohom Perlstein, who then turned it over to authorities.

During Perlstein's testimony Tuesday, he identified the voices on the tape as Graydon and Robyn Drown, the child being beaten and the background voices of other children.

Morris showed the jury Tuesday the alleged weapon thought to have been used for that beating, a fiberglass tent pole segment about two feet long, with an elastic cord tied in a knot that dangled from one end.

On the video, a murmur of voices were exchanged. A man's voice was heard on the recording, asking, "Where's the stick?"

Then, nearly a dozen sharp cracks are heard. The girl was heard to sob "Daddy," and then a second series of cracks was heard, lasting twice as long. The girl's cries persisted.

The man also was heard to mention the "land of promise."

While the recording played in court, Robyn Drown cried and covered her face. It was the first time she openly displayed any emotion during any court proceedings.

Marion County sheriff's Detective Mike Myers testified that he was one of the deputies who went to the couple's home in a rural area of Turner. Myers identified two of the alleged weapons seized during the investigation, the switchlike device and a four-foot pipe made of galvanized metal, allegedly used in beating one of the teenage sons.

After the parents were arrested, a neighbor notified investigators of a small parcel left on the property. In it was a blue tarp, flashlight, batteries, some food and toilet paper — later identified by one of the teen boys as his "runaway kit."

Marion County sheriff's Detective Martin Bennett, the case's lead investigator, was in charge of searching the Drowns' home. He described the dwelling as small and cluttered, but said that he didn't see anything that caused immediate concern for the safety of the children while inside.

"It was in fairly decent shape for the number of people (living there)," he said.

Asa witnesses for Robyn Drown's defense, her younger sister Heather Larson described to the jury how she and her sister were raised in Anchorage, Alaska, under the faith of the Worldwide Church of God. Larson described the ministers having nearly complete control over the family's lives, including relationships, child-rearing and financial decisions.

Larson said the church sanctioned punishing children using belts, but that she never struck her own children.

Bungalow Yenta said...

Exactly why is Margo scared of flying - because he might get hit on the ground like the other cow?

Ahavah Gayle said...

Watch the Arabs stew:

The market knows something the arabs are having trouble figuring out - so many people have lost their jobs or are priced out of the automobile or gasoline markets that raising the price of oil back up will just cause more people to use alternative transit, move closer to their jobs, telecommute, or whatever they need to do to reduce their consumption even further than it has been. Granted there is a large percentage of the population that will not be able to significantly reduce their gas usage due to inability to change their suburban location, but even they could carpool to mass transit or devise other strategies. The "bell curve" for oil production is simply now past the point of diminishing returns. The price of gasoline may go very high, but people are finding ways to avoid buying it in the first place. The market senses this - the sheiks think you are hog-tied to their product.

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

The Saudi oil minister said on 60 minutes this past Sunday --- Saudi Arabia needs $55 a barrel to run the country! He also admitted that it costs them $2 a barrel to produce.

Let them get rid of their Bentleys and get back on the camel!

Telecommuting said...

Employers are using telecommuters as convenient targets for layoffs.

In many instances, they are now disallowing the practice and telling the employees who live hours away that they have 90 days to decide if they will start reporting to the office.

The employers know that renting another apt is not an option in the current economic climate.

Avi L. Shafran said...

From ''schlub'' to ''macher'' to ''goniff.'' They caught me stealing the towels at the Agudah Convention.

boog said...

From the Michael Ray Richardson Dept.

"This ship be sinkin"

Anonymous said...

Child abuser who walks daily on college road in monsey is putye (yaakov yitzchak) Lipschuts (he has changed the legal spelling a few times to avoid authorities). This mamzer went into early hiding in miami this fall. he lives on dolson road near 2 of his sons and his daughter (seperate story) lives a few minutes away. the story mentioned above by the feminist is this bastard. If hikind verified this one then he has to turn him in as he is an active offender. he gives voice lessons in his home for children and young men. WHY THE FUCK IS THIS MAN STILL OUT THERE? now all we need is the name of the father who called in the gruesome murder of his 13 year old son in KJ.

Archie Bunker said...

Attributed to one William Sievers:


You're a mean one, Bernie the Grinch
You really know how to "filch" and steel,
You're a cuddly Ponzi scheming cactus, you're a charming Wall Street "khazer", Bernie the Grinch,
You're a big Palm Beach banana with a greasy black peel!

You're an asset management "loch in kop", Bernie the Grinch
Your business is a "gelt" black hole almost as big as AIG,
Your brain is full of "ferkakdeh" trades, you have garlic in your "fershtinkiner" soul, Bernie the Grinch,
Investors shouldn't have touched you with a thirty-nine-and-a-half foot pole!

You're a foul one, Bernie the Grinch,
You say the dog ate your "bupkes" records,
You have all the tender sincerity of a typical "filching" Wall Street "shnorrer", Bernie the Grinch,
Given a choice between the two of you I'd sooner drink East River bottled water!

You're a rotten "s--hmuckster", Bernie the Grinch,
You're the king of hedge fund scamster "dreck",
Your heart's a rotten "gefilte" splotched with moldy purple spots, Bernie the Grinch,
You're a triple decker synthetic CDO and CDS toadstool sandwich with arsenic Wall Street bailout "shyster" sauce on top!

You nauseate me, Bernie the Grinch,
You're a nauseous super Wall Street "momzer!",
You're a crooked Alpha "schlockster" and you run a crooked "shandhoiz", Bernie the Grinch,
Your trading books are an appalling dung heap overflowing with the most disgraceful
assortment of "chazere" rubbish imaginable mangled up in tangled "kishka" knots!

You're a foul one, Bernie the Grinch,
You're a nasty wasty Wall Street "goniff",
Your heart is an unwashed "shmanta", your soul is full of bogus "schmaltz", Bernie the Grinch,
The three words that best describe you are as follows, and I quote,
"Shtunk, shtup, shlemiel"!

Bernard Madoff
"Tsen shifn mit gold zol er farmorgn, un dos gantse gelt zol er farkrenkn."
Ten ships of gold should be his and the money should only make him sick.

Brilliant! said...

CHICAGO (AP) Obama says "there needs to be a shift in ethics on Wall Street."

Important Question for UOJ said...

I have information on lowlife Lipschutz or however he spells his name this month.

It's not something that he can be arrested for because the people won't press charges but it could aid in knowing what a diabolical scumbag he is.

In your opinion, is there any point in informing Dov Hikind?

Ahavah Gayle said...

Well, telecommuting, that's a stupid strategy - which they'll find out the hard way. Qualified experienced workers are expensive to replace and inexperienced workers tend to make your customers mad - not a bright move in this economy when consumers are evaluating every dollar they spend and wondering why that firm should get theirs.

It costs the company far less to have staff telecommute than it does to have to maintain office space. What you're describing is the stupidity coming out of business school these days. These MBA's are not capable of thinking outside the box or understanding that economic shifts can benefit them if they use them properly. Reducing physical building space required not only lowers costs, but a well-designed telecommuting program with defined login times, etc., actually boosts productivity because employees don't need to waste time and energy getting to work.

A boss who needs to stare at his workers to tell if they're being productive is not paying attention to the actual WORK being done - and probably doesn't know how to evaluate it correctly anyway. If he can't tell if assignments are being completed then he has way bigger problems that the fact he can't see you all day and micromanage you. That's a boss an intelligent employee doesn't want to work for in the first place. If he can't "manage" you when he can't see you, he's the one who should get 90 days notice - and no "choice." Feel free to tell such a boss I said so. :)

Donald Trump said...

I'll be on Neil Cavuto today describing how Made-Off tried to Make-Off with my money. Actually I'm running a Ponzi Scheme myself, my "empire" is on the verge of collapse because I can't borrow "2 cents".

Archie Bunker said...

What's next for Shmarya?


Wednesday, December 17,2008
Cold comfort

Michigan atheists huddle for the holidays
by Lawrence Cosentino

One guest speaker, avowed ex-Jew and anti-circumcision crusader Norm Cohen, showed the group a slide of himself, as a boy, standing next to his father, a rabbi.

“I’m speaking today as a former slave,” Cohen said.

Cohen gave the group a break from fuming over mangers on courthouse squares, excoriating Judaism as a “destructive group fantasy.”

“I am defined by my actions, not my parentage or heritage,” Cohen said.

When it came to apostasy, he scorned half-measures.

“You don’t have to say, ‘I’m a secular Jew’ or ‘I’m a humanist Jew,’” he said. “You can just stop being a Jew.”

Despite the day’s odd glitches and the edgy rhetoric, the only really uncomfortable moment in the day came just after Cohen’s speech, courtesy of a Lansing visitor to the convention.

Spike Tyson, a familiar figure at state Capitol protests against the Iraq war, sparred with Cohen over the number of Jews killed in the Holocaust. Tyson said the number was closer to two and a half million, not six.

Cohen and the following speaker, American Atheists legal director Edward Kagin, hastened to condemn “Holocaust denial.”

Tyson was unmoved. “Nonsense is nonsense,” he muttered as he left the microphone.

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

In your opinion, is there any point in informing Dov Hikind?


Give it a shot --- If there are no witnesses willing to talk, it's probably a waste of time. If there are witnesses, why don't they go to the police?


Frankel's shul yenta said...

Potye Lipshitz doesn't only hide out in Miami.

He has the same sickness that many other Hungarians have. They have to steal money to pretend they are very rich to impress everyone and go to all the hotspots like Miami and the Sheraton Plaza in Israel.

I heard a credible story once that Potye was running around to all the sfurim stores in Brooklyn with the most bizarre request anyone had ever heard.

He wanted to set up a chushive looking sfurim shrank without paying the price, so he was looking for sfurim including a Shas that had printing errors for cheap closeout prices.

Joe Putz said...

The Lipschitzes can be pretty scary dudes and most of the sons are almost as nuts as the father.

They're not like some dumbass Kolko who runs away when confronted. They are fight to the finish kind of guys.

Important question for UOJ said...

"If there are witnesses, why don't they go to the police?"

It's based on one victim who is easily manipulated.

Although there were reports given to professionals they were not conclusive. The professionals themselves, some heimish and some not Jewish, said so and predicted a very difficult grounds for charges even if the victim cooperates.

One rov who you can't stand refused to get involved.

Another rov who is a good guy and has experience in these areas said that even if charges are brought, they will not likely stand up in court.

Someone tried calling Charlie Hynes office at one point. An assistant DA who sounded mentally retarded (Hynes probably likes it that way) was not very encouraging.

Anonymous said...

get a name of who you talk to in the da's office. record the date and time as well. they love denying everything when the situation gets sticky. politics is screwing up our lives in every way.

Jeepers Creepers, where'd Potye get those peepers? said...

One of the creepiest things I ever witnessed was Lipshits coming across a young attractive boy. He stopped like he was mesmerized and seduced and proceeded to stroke his face for quite a while.

Anonymous said...

UOJ, are the potye lipschutz accusations credible?

Boruch said...

A boss who needs to stare at his workers to tell if they're being productive is not paying attention to the actual WORK being done - and probably doesn't know how to evaluate it correctly anyway. If he can't tell if assignments are being completed then he has way bigger problems that the fact he can't see you all day and micromanage you. That's a boss an intelligent employee doesn't want to work for in the first place. If he can't "manage" you when he can't see you, he's the one who should get 90 days notice - and no "choice." Feel free to tell such a boss I said so. :)

Ms. Gayle, the sentiment is valid although the "bosses" would argue that without having the horses under whip their bosses would judge them as incompetent. More than one employee has gotten by and been promoted by the perception of the work done as opposed to actual work being done. Business talks to performance indicators and goal measurement. In reality it's an exercise that keeps the VP of HR in a job and has no real value when evaluating an employee. For most business, the best employee evaluation is how much you've contributed to the bottom line. That's why administrative people are on the low end of salary and bonuses and sales people are on the high end. The system is a theoretical exercise with rhetorical upshot.

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

In order for me to consider any allegation credible, I must have three independent witnesses - whom I verified as real and credible people.

On Lipshitz I have none.

Having said that --- there are literally --- some THREE thousand individuals that have registered complaints via e-mail against individuals as abusers/enablers.

The reason they do not appear here, is because they choose to remain anonymous.

When asking about Shit-Lips you must be specific said...

"are the potye lipschutz accusations credible?"

Beating his sons?

Tormenting his daughter?

Molesting other children?

Declaring bankruptcy 5 times including personal?

Ripping off anyone who ever sold him a meal or pair of gatchkes by screaming and yelling when he gets the bill that he was baavelled and storming off?

Fighting with everyone at the 47th St Diamond Club and Frankel's & Steinwurzel's shuls?

Kicking Rav Schlesinger out of Rubinstein's shul in Monsey?

Yelling at Rav Kreisworth ah 25 times with the F word?

Batter up said...

UOJ, I am a real person willing to confide my name to you but not publicize it.

If I email you my phone number, are you willing to call me to hear what I know about Potye Lipschitz?

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

I'm happy to speak with you...on Sunday - please give me best time and 2 alternative times. That's the return calls day - barring emergencies.

Your anonymity is guaranteed!

Ahavah Gayle said...

Appearances over substance - oy, veh. That's most of what's wrong with the world today.

LVF said...

R'UOJ, Can I send your picture to Times mag? I nominate you for Person of the Century.

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

I'm just a poshute Yid doing what I believe needs to be done.

Thanks chaver.


Anonymous said...

Oil $36!

How low can it go in one day? said...

Oil flirting with $35

Andrew UOJ-ackson - copied from Shmarya said...

Ultimately, we all decide how we wish to live our lives. If we are stuck in a repressive family, community, or nation, we must either resign ourselves to the dictatorship and live a life of submission and mediocrity, or we can leave the surroundings, painful as that may at first be, or try to change them.

When you are stuck in such a dilemma, realize that there are many others like you, thinking they are alone, trapped in the silence of their thoughts. One person can- indeed, must- step up and rally others, and lead the way.

"One person with courage is a majority" --Andrew Jackson.
They don't put 'nobodies' on money, at least not in the USA.

Nowadays, maybe a blog is a good way to start. Be prepared for a lot of hate from those who resent your efforts at freedom of thought and freedom of expression. (Spend a day or two reading the threads here on FM and you'll see what I mean).

I've noticed that many of the people on this site have undergone their own spiritual journeys, especially those of us who (I think) are at least 40-50 years old. Many started in the orthodox world, some passed through it, others still stop by that world from time to time. Religion does not have to be 'all or nothing'.

I will not let a bunch of middle aged Jewish guys from thousands of years ago decide that they know what God wants, that they know how I should pray, eat, sleep, get dressed, and have sex. Yes, at that time somebody had to write a rule book, and get the practical aspects of religion organized. They did a great job, considering the times and circumstances in which they lived.

But what gives them the audacity to proclaim their rules immutable for all time? Our 'sages' thought the earth was round, but flat like a coin. They thought that diseases happen because you didn't pray hard enough. They thought that if you didn't put your socks and shoes on right-left-right-left, you would develop memory loss.

I can respect the original codes as historic documents that are part of our heritage as thinkers and scholars, indeed, People of the Book. But I was given the power to reason, and that's what I'll keep doing, as long as God still lets people do so.

Ashamed To Be A Yekke said...

Sophie Breuer is the youngest daughter of Rav Samson R. Hirsch. Her daughter Ursula is Ezra Merkin’s mother. As you can see Rav Hirsch’s great-grandson the yekke Ezra, endangered his entire fortune by failing to do due diligence.

This just proves that there is no such thing as a straight yekke. They do not internalize ethical behavior that they may - or may not - have learned. They value personal desires, money, power, and status over truth and ethics and care little about the welfare of others.

As far as molestation is concerned, the yekkes aren’t “straight” either. They value the pride of the kehillah more than the children who attend services there. When the victims come forward, the community will be shocked.

Anonymous said...

HaRav Eliashiv on Unapproved Shavers: "Every Effort Should Be Made to Publicize the Severity of the Matter"

by Yated Ne'eman Staff

Members of the special beis din on halachic shavers held meetings at the homes of gedolei Yisroel, including Maran HaRav Eliashiv shlita, where they expressed their dismay that some men still use forbidden shavers which gedolei haposkim hold are a transgression of Torah law, despite the fact two kosher shavers are currently sold on the market.

"Every effort should be made to publicize the severity of the matter as widely as possible until the message gains acceptance," HaRav Eliashiv told the beis din members, saying he was surprised at those who do not unequivocally convey their stance on shavers to their talmidim. "If there are kosher shavers that have been approved by the special beis din, why are people still using forbidden shavers and transgressing issurim deOraisa?"

One of the meetings was also attended by Mr. Yossi Miller, CEO of Epilady, which was the first company that endeavored to manufacture a kosher shaver called Mega, investing heavily in the special project, and even complied with a request by the beis din to sell it at an affordable, standardized price. Miller received warm blessings from Maran shlita.

Anonymous said...

Gedolei Yisroel Oppose Merkaz Rabbanei Eretz Yisroel Founded by Chief Rabbi Amar

by Yated Ne'eman Staff

Gedolei Yisroel shlita voiced their staunch opposition to Merkaz Rabbanei Eretz Yisroel, noting it poses a dire threat to the conceptual and halachic independence of rabbonim in Israel and could herald a takeover attempt that would foist certain opinions on all rabbonim and the entire public in Israel.

A short time ago Sephardic Chief Rabbi Shlomo Amar founded and became president of an organization called Merkaz Rabbanei Eretz Yisroel, which seeks to unite all rabbis in Israel. The aim of the organization is to serve as a supreme rabbinical body in the State of Israel and it threatens to place itself in a position to determine halacha and hashkofoh in every area for the entire public, including kashrus, mikvehs, conversion, etc.

Letters sent to all rabbonim in Israel intended to persuade them to join the organization listed the names of prominent rabbonim supposedly slated to serve on the presidential board without first seeking their consent.

Many rabbonim, including prominent rabbonim, declined to join whereas others have joined the new organization, which ostensibly seeks to uphold the Torah and the rabbinate without any ulterior motives. Others joined because they were concerned they might be targeted if they refused.

Maranan verabonon have issued strident warnings that the organization is an attempt by certain rabbinical figures to aggrandize themselves and crown themselves as deciders of various Torah issues that periodically come on the agenda. They noted that 20 years ago Maran HaRav Shach zt"l firmly opposed any attempt to set up an organization of rabbonim, saying it would be liable to intervene in public affairs, determine halacha and state opinions, and try to run Torah life in Israel in place of gedolei Yisroel. In a letter published in Teves 5748 (1988) he wrote, "In my opinion it is forbidden to set up any union of rabbonim under any name, and what has already been done should be annulled."

Maranan verabonon said ruling on halachic matters and determining hashkofoh is in the hands of gedolei hador and the leading poskim, who set the path for the machaneh and decide every matter for Am Yisroel. They also called on rabbonim who are loyal to daas Torah to withdraw their support for the organization and cancel their membership.

Worse than Satmar said...

AP - Even Uncle Sam may get burned by Bernard Madoff. Investors who lost their fortunes in Madoff's alleged Ponzi scheme will end up paying far less in taxes and may even be eligible for refunds, according to accounting experts. By some estimates, the Internal Revenue Service could be out as much as $17 billion in lost tax revenue.

Sir Vivor said...

Whoever has solid info on putye lipshits of dolson road monsey new york, please contact UOJ via email. the address is accessable by clicking the profile link near the top of the home page. If poye realy is a molester then he is a ticking bomb poised to strike again and again. anyone with info who does not come forward has blood of jewish children on his hands.

Anonymous said...

Did Bernard Madoff act alone? Investors doubt it

Thursday December 18, 7:14 pm ET
By David B. Caruso, Associated Press Writer

Did Bernard Madoff act alone? Investors doubt it, investigators look for accomplices

NEW YORK (AP) -- Bernard Madoff's contention that he pulled off one of the biggest financial frauds in history without any help is being met with disbelief by his investors and experts in the securities industry.

It normally takes a team of accountants, stock brokers, lawyers and more to operate the kind of multibillion-dollar investment fund that Madoff ran from the 17th floor of his Park Avenue headquarters.

The firm had clients around the globe. Simply generating the detailed financial statements investors got in the mail every month would have been a monumental effort for just one person, observers said, even if those reports were pure fantasy.

"Someone had to create them. Someone had to create the appearance that there were returns," said attorney Harry Susman, who represents several Madoff investors.

"The guy was 70 years old. Could he have done it himself? The computer systems would have needed to be extensive. Supposedly, he's selling puts, buying puts, selling calls, buying stocks. Somebody had to sit there and buy stocks. Where are these people?"

Federal investigators are still in the early stages of trying to answer those same questions as they decipher Madoff's operation. Already, they have discovered multiple sets of books and what appear to be fraudulent documents in his Manhattan offices, raising the question of who prepared them. It may take time before they can say whether he had accomplices.

Investigators have started serving grand jury subpoenas requiring witnesses to testify and seeking documents, according to an official familiar with the case. The official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because the investigation is ongoing, declined to identify who was served or specify what documents were wanted.

The investigation has been unfolding in a Manhattan office that was once Madoff's sanctuary but is now the site of a nonstop hunt for incriminating documents, with boxes of confiscated records stacked in the hallway.

"Every time I go out my office door to go to the ladies' room I've been tripping over FBI agents," said Muriel "Mickie" Siebert, whose namesake brokerage firm shares the 17th floor of the office building.

The investigation is being led by the FBI and Securities and Exchange Commission -- agencies already challenged with unearthing other financial scandals since the Wall Street meltdown.

Upper Manhattan said...

Hey Ashamed Yekke,

Merkin is a Litvak, ben acher ben, so I am surprised you guys are still taking all the credit for him when there is no time like now to disown him.

And you are more ashamed of Ezra than his cholerye shvester Daphne who writes for the NY Times?

She is completely frey, if not a kofer bikur too, and has dragged old man Hermann and the rest of the Merkins through the mud with her "tell all" book.

Knowing Ezra personally, I was always curious if there was any truth to Daphne's shocking allegations or if she is just out of her mind.

Anonymous said...

UOJ, please check your Yahoo email.


Anonymous said...

The Lakewood molester that was run out of town lived in Presidential Estates.

Daphne Miriam Merkin said...


Daphne Miriam Merkin (born 30 May 1954 in New York City) is a Jewish American literary critic, essayist and novelist. Merkin is a graduate of Barnard College. She also attended Columbia University's graduate program in English literature.

She began her career as a book critic for Commentary magazine, The New Republic, and The New Leader, where she wrote a book column and later, a movie column. In 1986, she became an editor with the publishing house of Harcourt Brace Jovanovich. In 1997, after Tina Brown became editor of The New Yorker, Merkin became a film critic for the magazine. She also wrote extensively on books and became known for her frank and lyrical forays into autobiography; her personal essays tackled subjects ranging from her battle with depression, to her predilection for spanking, to the unacknowledged complexities of growing up rich on Park Avenue. In 2005, she joined The New York Times Magazine as a contributing writer. She is the author of a novel, Enchantment, (1984) as well as a collection of essays, Dreaming of Hitler (1997).

Her father was Hermann Merkin (d.1999). Her brother, J. Ezra Merkin, heads a number of Hedge Funds, including Ascot Partners, one of the largest investors in Bernard Madoff's funds, which was revealed to be a Ponzi scheme. Mr. Merkin resigned all his positions with Yeshiva University, whose endowment he had managed, including his seat on the Board of Trustees, of which his father, Hermann Merkin, had been Vice-Chairman.

She teaches writing at the 92nd Street Y. She married and divorced Michael Brod, and lives on the Upper East Side of Manhattan with her daughter, Zoe.

Hermann Merkin said...


Hermann Merkin (born 1907 in Leipzig, Germany - died March 9, 1999 in New York City) was a Jewish-American businessman and, with his wife Ursula Merkin, a philanthropist. He is the father of writer Daphne Merkin.

Merkin's family fled Germany to escape Nazi persecution and came to New York City in 1940. Soon after coming to the United States, Merkin joined the Army as an intelligence and counterintelligence officer. After the war he purchased a seat on the New York Stock Exchange, and founded Merkin & Company, an investment firm. Although he was known to many people in that capacity, the actual bulk of his fortune came from his ownership of a significant portion of Overseas Shipholding Group, which owns and manages a large fleet of transatlantic Oil Tankers. Consequently, he was actually not so much an investment manager, as a shipping magnate.

Merkin was, for a period, a good friend of Herman Wouk and the two were very involved in the founding of Fifth Avenue Synagogue in Manhattan. He had six children, three sons and three daughters, and at his death had 20 grandchildren. He and his wife "Ulla" sponsored the well-known Merkin Concert Hall in New York City and also gave generously to Mount Sinai Hospital, Yeshiva University, Re'ut and many Jewish charities; they were particularly interested in furthering Jewish education through philanthropic gifts. Hermann met and married his Wife Ursula Merkin (maiden name Breuer) in 1950 in New York. Merkin was a religious man, and regularly attended a shiur until he was unable to do so. He was very active in his synagogue.


As a memorial to his father he endowed the Leib Merkin chair in Talmudic studies and Jewish philosophy at the university's Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary. He was also on the board of Bar-Ilan University, in Israel.

three sons, Ezra, of New York, Solomon, of Englewood, N.J., and David, of Cleveland; three daughters, Daphne Merkin and Dinah Mendes of New York, and Deborah Gerber of Jerusalem

Lakewood Talmid said...

Irving Bunim zl got the zayde Leib Merkin to financially support BMG in the 1940s along with his friends like Ernst Bodenheimer & Siegfried Bendheim.

One of the contemporary Merkins works for Torah Umesorah. But I like to think he feels a longing for RSFM as opposed to being a Fishman crony.

Oil sinks to $34! said...

Saudi King Ferd or Fahd ymach shmoy should take UOJ's advice and get camel riding lessons.

Sir Vivor said...

I dont give a rats ass where the lakewood molester lived. I want a full name and where he lives now. His new neighbors have a right to know. Be they jewish or otherwise. Once a molester always a potential (re very likely) molester.

King Ferd's camel gabbai said...

Oil sinks to $33!

Tort Putz Twersky said...

King Fayed al-Ferd is an honorable man

Dr. Bungalow Ferd said...

The good news is that the gas to the Catskills costs less.

SV said...

UOJ, I cant look at the news on the mondrowitz case without runing up a panic attack. please tell me this will work out for the best.

los angeles guy said...

Rabbi Muskin of Young Israel of Century City in Los Angeles was livid from the pulpit, at his Shabbat sermon today and denounced the worst "chillul hashem and disgrace to our people in recent history.. and all because of greed". YU may have disassociated themselves from Madoff the minute the scandal broke but some Rabbis are openly asking "where did we go wrong?"

And as for Madoff, the death penalty is too good for him. As if it wasn't enough that we were blamed for the financial meltdown and everything else that went wrong in America, now the anti-semites actually have someone to point to. Jews like Madoff, cause all the hardship and suffering that our people have endured for years. And why do these scums do what they do? because they ned to live in 30 million dollar mansions, take expensive vacation to the Bahamas and be "respectable". Guess what, I work 10 hours a day breaking my back, trying to make a life for myself. I live in a rent controlled apartment, I don't even own a vehicle. Do I complain? no. If I had the financial knowhow to rip off investors, would i do it? NO! because I have something that too many of these rich greedy Jews don't have and that is a sense of ethics and morality.

I am sorry if I come off angry here, but I am. I am sick and tired of these scoundrels blackening the name of our people. And, Ladies and gentleman, we are at fault here! we are the ones who enable these crooks, by putting up plaques on our yeshiva buildings with their names, by giving them the best aliyas in shul, by bestowing respect upon these people- who are not deserving of respect. I venture to say that if our community adopted a policy of zero tolerance for financial scandal and bestowed upon them eternal shame, people like Madoff would not exist!

Let us all make a new years resolution to be decent and better human being and above all to spit out from our midst people who have no decency and who have caused our people countless misery with their actions.

Anonymous said...

a MUST read: