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I Got Nothing!


OU Eyepopper said...


The OU's chief dayan, Professor Rabbiner Michael Broyde, is repeating the same behavior as the Reformers in the alter heim.

Yerachmiel Lopin said...

Lakewood’s Reasons for Supporting the Vos Iz Neias Ban
by Yerachmiel Lopin on 01/03/2011


Chavrusa Tumult said...

Anonymous said...
Moish Finkel was Pinny's night seder chavrusa which is why the Yated buried the story.

2:06 PM, January 03, 2011

Pinny has an uncanny knack of picking chavrusos! First Moish Finkel and now Shalom Rubashkin!

Frankel's shul mizrach shvantz said...

Rubashkin had to declare bankruptcy at Agri for us to let him into the Frankel's shul club in Otisville. Declaring bankruptcy and screwing your baalei chov is a heimishe badge of honor among Hungarians.


NEW YORK (Reuters) - The number of U.S. consumers who filed for bankruptcy protection in 2010 was the highest in five years, and the figure could rise as Americans struggle with excess debt in an uncertain economy, a report issued Monday said.

Roughly 1.53 million consumer bankruptcy petitions were filed in 2010, up 9 percent from 1.41 million in 2009, according to the American Bankruptcy Institute

"The (2005) law was supposed to reduce filings, but we are very close to levels we were at then," Gerdano said. "The laws of economic gravity are more powerful than the laws passed by Congress."

Israel Belsky SHLITA said...


Ahh this feels good to get my name in the NY Times with UOJ powerless to stop it.

Anonymous said...


Kranc Iz Er ("sick is he" in Yiddish) said...

The tale of Gershon Kranczer, the Krancer aka Kranc-iz-er, 13

Where are the tears? Where are the heart-rending gut-wrenching moaning and choked up voices of pain and shame? As long as Kranczer is not brought to justice there is Tisha Be'Av mourning in the air!

Over these we cry:

Kranczer's large family that was dirtied and destroyed by his incestuous crimes!

Kranczer's seven daughters who were raped and defiled by their own father and brothers!

Kranczer's seven sons who were inducted into a cult of sexual sickness and perversion being taught to sexually molest their sisters by their sick father!

Kranczer's wife who is now a virtual AGUNAH and has to live with the shame inflicted on her children and husband and cannot move out of the deep darkness her spouse put her in!

Kranczer's family and anyone with the name "Kranczer" who will now have to squirm and feel guilty by association with the Kranczer name that is now mud!

Kranczer gullible former students and docile staff members at his Yeshiva Tehila (better "Bechiya") Ledovid who must bear the horrible scrutiny and suspicion that they are all tainted and may have been Kranczer's victims too!

Kranczer's rebbeim and yeshivas he attended, particularly Laizer Ginzburg of the Mirrer Yeshiva who was one of Kranczer's key sources of "daas Toireh" and Aron Schechter of Yeshiva Rabbi Chaim Berlin where Kranczer learned for a long time and who sanctioned and supported Kranczer's entry into "chinuch"!

Kranczer's neighbors and former friends who he has betrayed by having posed as the frummest of frummaks all the years but is now revealed and defrocked as a slimy sex monster they, or anyone, would never imagine!

Kranczer's family and friends in Israel who are giving him shelter from the law and making themselves into accomplices of his sexual misdeeds by shielding him from being brought to justice!

Kranczer's God whom he always prayed to so fervently for the horror He must feel and for the rage He must hold in waiting for Kranczer to realize that THERE IS NO PLACE TO RUN OR HIDE but that Kranczer must commence his penance of teshuva, if that is possible, and acceptance of whatever rightful punishments await him!

For all this and more do we cry!

Anonymous said...

No tears for Mrs. Kranczer. She is the epitome of evil. Driving the piece of scum to the airport and wishing him well. What kind of mother has NO idea what is ahppening to her own children? Why didn't she do anything to protect her innocent children?

Sick woman! No pity here!

Tropper-Hersh-Kranczer said...

Aguda's futile propaganda counter-offensive, part 1

One needs a bit of a memory to understand what lies (in all senses) behind the latest "kol koreh" (a kind of written "Torah shebichtav" lehavdil) against the VIN news blog and the latest lengthy diatribe defending the "kol koreh" in the Matzav.com news blog written under an obvious pseudonym by one "Rabbi Gavriel Rivlin" who does not exist in real life but it's surmised that he's Yitzi Pitzi Hisiger (as a kind of oral "Torah shebeal peh" to the "kol koreh") driving home its points that reveals its true targets as ALL bloggers and other news sources not under Aguda's fist who do not "take orders" from the Aguda's top honchos, but as is known Matzav.com is an extension of the USA YATED paper (YATED USA was forbidden to have its own website by Rav Elya Svei z"l) so that Matzav.com functions as the online proxy of the YATED crowd.

The December 27 article by cockamamie "Rabbi Riff Raff Rivlin" "Harry Maryles, Have You No Shame?" has a context, but it is not evident without knowing some history.

Number one, the big issue facing the Aguda rabbis and machers right now is how to deal with the meltdown and dark nuclear cloud unleashed by serious sex scandals, especially the current mother-of-all-Aguda-scandals the Kranczer family incest scandal that has been reported in the mainstream media like the WSJ, Father, Sons Face Sex-Abuse Claims, NYT, Former Yeshiva Principal Sought on Abuse Charges and other big media outlets. This is the story that VIN reported as well, and it seems to have been the one that finally broke the camel's back and got the Agudists rolling with their dummy "kol koreh" counter-attack. The Kranczer scandal has the American Agudists running scared, that is why they approve his escape from justice and encourage the hiding of Kranczer Aron Schechter's talmid.

Number two, the attack on VIN and by "Rabbi Riff Raff Rivlin" on VIN, Harry Maryless, and others who speak their mind, all in the name of "defending gedolim" (just how many times can anyone say "gedolim, gedolim, gedolim"??? this article sets a record) was ALREADY initiated by Michael Hersh under the direction of his guide Aron Schechter who launched a law suit about a year ago seeking $411 Million in "damages" (Michael and Miriam Hersh demand Yahoo! and Google release names of blog commenters for $411M lawsuit) from, among others, VIN, Harry Maryless, UOJ, and a host of blogs and online sources who do not submit to the Agudist politically correct tyranny of Haredism because they looked into and discussed the widely reported kidnapping and forced incarceration by Hersh of his own son Isaac on Tranquility Bay, on the island of Jamaica in the Bahamas run by Mormons! (Jewish family sues Jamaican reform school for troubled teens

Tropper-Hersh-Kranczer said...

Aguda's futile propaganda counter-offensive, part 2

The new attack on VIN, and now against Maryless and others may well be either a sign that the Hersh-Schechter cabal has lost patience with their crazy mega-frivolous law suit, realizing it will fail and make them look like cruel idiots, and so they launch a new attack via reactionary "kol korehs" and absurd articles on Matzav.com with calls to boycott VIN and disparage the likes of the open-minded Rabbi Harry Maryless and his blog, OR it may well be that they are feeling emboldened and are opening a new front, first against VIN but directed at their online nemeses, also connected to countering the scandalous shame that Kranczer has brought down on them with his shameful incest in their midst right under Aron Schechter's paranoid nose.

Number three, note how "Rabbi Riff Raff Rivlin" goes out of his way to castigate The Five Towns Jewish Times and Yair Hoffman both in the forefront of reporting breaking news about the Tropper sex scandal and the behind-the-scenes battles to push Tropper to resign for his various sexual sins that the rabbis in Monsey were fully aware of (Monsey Rabbis on Leib Tropper, Tropper Resigns His Position, Leib Tropper Scandal Finally Put to Rest, Leading Monsey Rabbonim Convene on Tropper Issue).

So just who is "Rabbi Riff Raff Rivlin" kidding or referring to when he says that a poor little rabbi in Monsey was "insulted" by VIN about: "the publication of a report condemning a respected Monsey rov who stood up for kedushas Yisroel" who is NOT named, but it follows a line of an organization and someone who ARE named: "the public defamation by VIN of the respected Dor Yeshorim organization, the false report by VIN regarding Sholom Mordechai Rubashkin" -- so why do readers have to know the name of Rubashkin but this great "Monsey eruv-rov" who goes un-named? unless of course one knows that this is none other than a new plug for the unfrocked and disgraced charlatan Leib Tropper who follows Aron Schechter who defends him to this day.

The harsh language of "Rabbi Riff Raff Rivlin" reveals that he is either Avi Shafrin on speed (unlikely), or a hired gun pressed into service by Aron Schechter (very likely), maybe its Yitzi Pitzi Hisiger, or even his college-educated daddy Yisroel Hisiger, or maybe it could be computer geek Elyakim Wilner who ghost writes YATED "gedolim" stories when they effect the vital interests of Chaim Berlin or of his mentor and bos-of-bosses, you guessed it, Aron Schechter of Yeshiva Rabbi Chaim Berlin who can rightfully claim Michael Hersh and Gershon Kranczer as disciples and alumni and Leib Tropper as a devotee and camp follower.

Listen up Matzav.com and "Rabbi Riff Raff Rivlin", take your cyber-bullying and trolling some place else. Nobody is going to be convinced or distracted by your cover-ups of sex scandals in the Aguda world. Focus your energies on bringing Kranczer to justice for his crimes of incest against his own family. Stop trying to rehabilitate the sick and disgraced Leib Tropper who should have been out of Monsey and burying his head in shame in some far off town away from any major Torah center. And quit supporting sadists and megalomaniacs like Michael Hersh and overlooking his unspeakable cruelty and crimes against his own sons!

Mrs. Kranczer said...

"Anonymous said...No tears for Mrs. Kranczer. She is the epitome of evil. Driving the piece of scum to the airport and wishing him well. What kind of mother has NO idea what is happening to her own children? Why didn't she do anything to protect her innocent children? Sick woman! No pity here!"

You may well be right, but as has been reported she is not the brightest, and was Kranczer's first cousin in the first place so who knows what kind of "similar" background she comes out of, for better or worse, now it seems entirely for the worse given her dumb drive of dear wanted hubby Gershon and accused son Osher Anshil to the airport, making her an accomplice to their escape to Israel.

But this is what the RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network) organization has to say on the topic:


What makes Incest different than child sexual abuse? ...

* It can also be very damaging for a child if a non-abusing parent is aware of the abuse and chooses—for whatever reason—not to take action to stop it.

* There are many reasons that a non-abusing parent might not stop the abuse.

o The non-abusing parent may feel that they are dependent on the abuser for shelter or income.

o If the non-abusing parent was the victim of incest as a child, they may think that this is normal for families.

o The non-abusing parent may feel that allowing the incest to continue is the only way to keep their partner.

o The non-abusing parent may feel that their child was “asking for it” by behaving in ways that the parent perceives as provocative or seductive.

+ Unfortunately, many non-abusing parents are aware of the incest and choose not to get their child out of the situation, or worse, to blame their child for what has happened. This makes the long-term effects of incest worse."

Will the "real" Queens Vaad please stand up said...

On ORA's website they only recommend a handful of beis dins besides BDA. Only a select few make the cut like Queens Vaad and KVH Boston that are pro-feminist and where the rabbis like joining organizations with Reform and Conservative rabbis.

How was yeshivishe maniac Chaim Schwartz, who doe$ what he'$ told at Left Wing organization$ when it $uit$ him, able to work simultaneously for both "Synagogue Council" KVH and Agudah while in Boston? A little conflict of interest there?


April 3, 1998
by Eric J. Greenberg
Staff Writer

A spokesman for Agudath Israel of America confirmed this. “We have a longstanding policy of not participating in or giving sanction to multidenominational Jewish religious bodies,” said Rabbi Avi Shafran. He said it is “downright dangerous” to pretend there is an “essential communality” between Orthodox and non-Orthodox Jewry. “It doesn’t exist.”

Dr. David Pelcovitz said...

Jamaica is not in the Bahamas which some yeshivishe rebbeim call the Behaymos.

Archie Bunker said...

Lipschutz probably made his nephew Hisiger aka "Gavriel Rivlin" remove Leib Tropper's name from the article and replace it with "respected Monsey rov defending kedushas Yisroel". That's were Pinny disagrees with his nephew as Fetter Elya hated Tropper while R' Aron Schechter loves him.

But why is Hisiger using the alias Gavriel Rivlin when Rivlin is a very uncommon name? There are some yeshivishe Rivlins from Detroit whose patriarch is the shver of R' Shlomo Miller.

There is also a Gary Rivlin in Philly. Maybe his Jewish name is Gavriel. He is listed as owning a business on Castor Ave next door to the Holyland Grill under the local Vaad hechsher. He might be the owner of the entire strip plaza.

Do Lipschitz-Hisiger know these people? Are they using their names as a form of mockery? After the big nmachlokes that Hollywood producers Katzenstein and Eisner had, Katzenstein gave the villain in the Shrek cartoon the likeness of Michael Eisner with a distorted face and physique to mock Michael Eisner as revenge.

5 Towns Jewish Times publisher Larry Gordon said...

Nassau Civil Supreme
Index Number: 019950/2005
Case Type: Commercial Division

Attorney/Firm For Plaintiff:
GERALD P. GROSS (Partner of Elliot Pasik)


In this action for money damages allegedly resulting from conversion, breach of fiduciary duty & professional malpractice by defendant accountants ...

The proof in the record is controverted as to monies given & taken and given back between the paries. The characterization of these transaction is shrouded in hocuspocus which again, to the view of the court, is a rent in the fiduciary fabric giving rise to
mistrust & suspicion. One party accuses the other of being a spendthrift, a scofflaw & deadbeat and the other is denominated a felon. In sum the allegations of deception & cleverness support maintaining the status quo while the truth is ferreted out.

The foregoing constitutes the decision & order of the court. All requests for relief, including application for an order of attachment, not specifically addressed are denied. The stay imposed upon alienation of real property owned by defendant, pendente lite, in the absence of notice & consent adequately protects plaintiff in the unlikely
event that defendant would secret two houses.


This Court having directed that plaintiff having failed to comply with the directive of the Court, accordingly it is ORDERED that this case is dismissed. It is further ORDERED that the restraint issued against assigning, disposing, transferring or encumbering either real property known as 114 Lakeside Dr, Lawrence, NY, or certain property known as 167 Lakeside Dr,
Lawrence, NY, is vacated.

Obama's Uncle Booga Booga from Kenya said...

Filed at 8:32 a.m. EST

NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) — Kenya's industrialization minister says he has resigned his post over a car imports scandal that will see the country's anti-graft agency taking him to court on corruption charges.

Henry Kosgey says he did not do anything wrong and looks forward to defending himself in court. Kosgey says he wrote to President Mwai Kibaki and Prime Minister Raila Odinga Tuesday to offer "to step aside," so that he can clear his name.

Odinga's office issued a statement Tuesday to say the prime minister consulted with Kibaki and accepted Kosgey's decision.

Kosgey is already facing possible charges at the International Criminal Court for his suspected role in Kenya's deadly electoral dispute that saw more than 1,000 people killed after the country's December 2007 presidential poll.

Noach Dear said...

Kings County Civil Court
Index Number: CV-044488-10/KI
Case Name: Kupferstein, Isaac, D/B/A Alright Travel Co.
5 Towns Jewish Times
Case Type: Civil

I was the judge in this case. Larry Gordon was stubborn and went to trial but settled a month ago. He should pay his bills!

Shmarya gets results said...


Navy Captain to Lose Command Over Videos

The videos, which also include slurs against gay men, were disclosed over the weekend by a Norfolk newspaper, The Virginian-Pilot.

Anonymous said...

I used to go to Chaim Berlin, and I was very curious as to who this Gershon Kranker is, as I had never heard his name.

So I asked a Chaim Berlin bochur, "who is Gershon Kranczer?". This putz had no idea about the rape and incest, and he told me that "if you're looking into him for a shiduch with his kids, he's very weird, and so are his kids. He davens in Chaim Berlin on Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur and he sits near R' Chaim Ozer Gorelick (Philly Rosh Yeshiva) right near the bima. He has a Yeshiva that nobody goes to except his kids and I think his kids are the rebbeim and the bochurim in the yeshiva combined."

So that was that. No one else that I asked knew who he was. I would love to see a picture of this animal, because I now suspect every Chaim Berliner of being Gershon Kranczer.

Michael Broyde said...


I should have stuck with my nobody publisher Gil Student. After I had a piece published by the OU Press in "Tradition" things have gone viral with the whole yeshivishe velt attacking me!

Chaim Berlin = My Way or the Highway said...


The embarrassing, sorry saga of Michael Hersh reached a significant
milestone on November 9, 2010 when the judge dismissd the case against a number of the defendants i.e., Rafael & Elizabeth Cohen, Sara Kreisler and Rabbi Aryeh Wolbe. Not only is this ridiculous lawsuit in tatters but Hersh's lawyers quit and he is continuing this farce serving as his own lawyer. How long will it take for someone close to Rav Ahron Schechter, shlita - to take proper notice and stand up and tell Hersh the fight is over. That he is destroying his family - especially the chance of his daughters getting decent shiduchim. The case was dismissed with prejudice which means that the case was dismissed for good reason and the plaintiff is barred from bringing an action on the same claim.

Bnei Brak said...

אלא שבגלל קשר השתיקה בציבור החרדי, בני ברק הפכה לבירת הפדופיליה של ישראל. העיר היא אבן שואבת לעברייני מין,

...Bnei Brak is the capital of
pedophilia and a magnet for sex predators.


העונש לפדופיל החרדי: גירוש מתחומי העיר
בנו של רב ידוע נחשד בביצוע מעשים מגונים בנערים אותם הדריך, אבל בישיבה העדיפו לטפל בכביסה המלוכלכת בבית ולא התלוננו במשטרה

מקרים של חשדות כבדים למעשי פדופיליה מגיעים באופן כמעט אוטומטי לחקירת משטרה, אבל כשמדובר בבנו של רב חרדי בכיר וידוע בבני ברק, זה אינו מובן מאליו. הוריו של הצעיר, הנמצא בשנות ה-20 לחייו, דחפו אותו להתחתן ועודדו אותו לעבור לגור לשכונה חרדית בנתניה, שם הוא מצא עבודה כמדריך בישיבה.

Successful Messiah said...

What is Shmarya going to say to discredit the researchers as "Charedi shills"?


85% of non-chareidi Israelis cheat on partners

Kranczer in Chaim Berlin during 1970s and 1980s said...

"Anonymous said...I used to go to Chaim Berlin, and I was very curious as to who this Gershon Kranker is, as I had never heard his name...So that was that. No one else that I asked knew who he was. I would love to see a picture of this animal, because I now suspect every Chaim Berliner of being Gershon Kranczer."

Gershon Kranczer was a talmid in the Chaim Berlin bais medrash and kollel during the 1970s and 1980s, before most of the present crop of guys learning there were even born. He came from a frum family in Boro Park and he married his first cousin while he was learning in Chaim Berlin, and probably Rav Aron Schechter was his mesader kiddushin.

Kranczer had a close connection with Rav Avigdor Miller zt"l and he was close to Rav Miller's son in law Rabbi Shmuel Brog who was giving a beginners shiur in Chaim Berlin. Shmuel Brog was also the close rabbi of Michael Hersh and around that time.

People who were at the Chaim Berlin Yeshiva and at Rav Miller's shull in the 1970s and 1980s knew Kranczer quite well. A while after Kranczer got married he founded his yeshiva for learning disabled boys that always had a stream of kids there, litvish, chasidish, whatnot, he got written haskomas from Aron Schechter, Leizer Ginsberg and others, and consulted them all the time, that he advertised and promoted during the 1990s till he was forced to quit recently when the scandal broke.

Yitzi Pitzi Hisiger said...

So looking at USA Yated Ne'eman in its last December 31, 2010 edition with that huge "biography" of "R' Tzvi Yehudah Harry Hisiger z"l The Torah Activist Who Inspired the Youth of East New York Upon his 53rd Yahrtzeit, 22 Teves by Rabbi Yitzchok Hisiger" it's as if the Hisigers are now so on the defensive that they have to "prove" that "they too" are a "dynasty" starting from grandaddy Harry Hisiger, through Yisroel who appears weekly inb the YATED's "what do I do with my frustrated child?" column, and now landing up with the latest edition Yitzi Pitzi Hisiger the revealed lackey who runs the Matzav.com news blog for Pini Lipi Lipschutz the owner-editor of the YATED.

At least Lipschutz has a cool head, while Yitzi Pitzi Hisiger is a real hot-head politically correct baby of Yisroel. Of course, at no point in the SIX page article is there any mention made of the fact that Yisroel's brother and Yitzi Pitzi's uncle is very "modern" and does not approve his brother's and nephew's fanatical Charedism hashkofas, or that daddy Yisroel did not do his own pappy proud when as "English principal" at Yeshiva Torah Temimah he was part of the huge cover-up of the Kolko pedophilia scandal.

Only "other" people have problems but the Hisigers are now to be enshrined in the new pantheon of "untouchables" befitting ArtScroll-YATED-Jewish Observer subjects to whom the adage "see no evil, hear no evil, do no evil" is like a genetic code.

But when it comes to attacking those who are not part of this perfect Agudist "utopia" then all's fair in love and war as Yitzi Pitzi Hisiger reverts to his default attack dog position laying into enemies of Haredism.

This is surely not what a fair-minded and broad-minded man like the late Harry Hisiger had in mind in better times when frumkeit was still not the official religion supplanting good sense and truth.

Mark Honigsfeld said...


I'm that modern orthodox macher on the board of every modern organization who lives in a $10 million house in Hewlett Harbor.

Does anyone know the story of how my friend from childhood sued me for swindling him out of $1 million?

Anonymous said...

Anyone out there have the goods on Brog?

I Wanna Be UOJ Chicago Correspondant said...

This is true:
The Novominsker's brother-in-law, Yehoshua H. Eichenstein of Chicago, who goes by the moniker "Zidichover Rebbe," will be honoring a known molester (and his wife) at his mosad's banquet this coming June.

Anonymous said...

When I started learning in Chaim Berlin after Pesach '88, Gershon Kranzer was already married with a couple of kids and Michael Hersh was in R' Chaim Kitovitz's shiur. The next zman Hirsh went into R' Aron's shiur and got married that winter. At that time Micheal had an unidentical twin brother named Pinny who was in R' Brog's shiur.

Shmuel Herby Brog said...

"Anonymous said...Anyone out there have the goods on Brog?"

Shmuel Herby Brog is now about 80. He came as a kid to Chaim Berlin Yeshiva from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He fell under the spell of Rav Avigdor Miller zt"l and married his oldest daughter. At one time he tried being the Chaim Berlin elementary school principal but failed so Rav Yitzchok Hutner zt"l set him up as a teacher of baalei teshuva in Chaim Berlin which was pretty unique.

The main thing is that Brog was totally under Hutner's heir Aron Schechter's command and they shared the same fundamentalist Haredist outlook of crushing boys who came in innocence to learn in Chaim Berlin but instead found themselves ensnared in a cult of "Rav Brog talmidim" with him as "REBBI" a kind of weird hybrid between Rav Avigdor Miller's fundamentalism and Aron Schechter's control-freak mania.

There was always a good connection between Avigdor Miller and Aron Schechter, kindred spirit American boys who made it big in the yeshiva world, while Rav Hutner who hired Rav Miller as mashgiach had a love-hate relationship with Rav Miller until he finally fired him, but kept on his son in law Brog who was very docile to Hutner/Schechter but was totally into mind-controlling and brainwashing new talmidim to become his dummy psychophants.

Brog was the magnet for a lot of crazy guys over four decades, and because he was so anti anything to do with modernity and psychology he refused to see that quite a few of his talmidim were psycho nut jobs and disasters in the making. He was a smooth talker and had himself even attended Brooklyn College which made him even more beguiling. He would polish and prepare guys to become part of Rav Miller's shull and thereby caught some good donors along the way and some of them became indentured "workers" for Chaim Berlin and others into sicko Schechter chasidim like Michael Hersh and Gershon Kranczer who knew how to lick Schechter's egomaniac tushy big time.

Brog "resigned" all of a sudden about a year ago at the same time that the Hersh scandal was at high pitch and the Kranczer scandal was brewing and about to break, maybe Abe the Knave Fruchthandler president of Chaim Berlin finally got fed up with the crappy products coming out the house of Brog, and it seems suspicious that Brog was finally put out to pasture and that no one has been appointed to succeed him either when the stench from Hersh and Kranczer was rising to the sky. But the damage has been done and Brog has left his legacy.

Brog, has ten married kids with many grandkids, and he still has some very nice Modern Orthodox family by that name in Pittsburgh, and they are also related to Ehud Barak whose original family name was Brog, but Shmuel Brog would never tell you that because part of his "religion" is to hate "tziyoinim" and anyone who does not fit the mold of Miller-Schechter brand fundamentalist Khomeini-ist Haredism.

Anonymous said...

I don't think that Rabbi Brog is dirty. When you are the rebbe of a "beginner's" shiur you are bound to have all kinds of weirdos along with some normal people pass under your tutelage. There's not much you can do about that. He is an eidim by R' Avigdor Miller.

Arthur said...

An email I received from my daughter in Brazil tonight
"Years ago, when I first came to Brazil from a first world country, it hurt me terribly to see children on street corners panhandling and cleaning windsheilds. Social differences and indifference to poverty was rampant and the norm. Whenever I mentioned this to family or friends native to Brazil, they seemed to not be affected by this at all. There were times when I would literally come home in tears after a three year old child would come to my car window at some late hour of the night asking for food.
> Unfortunately as time went by, I found that I too had become 'vaccinated' to this tragedy of poverty that surrounded me! Its so easy to live your life and act as though you dont see what is going on around you. Literally blind. You are in your own comfort zone and the helpelessness of the lower class doesnt exist!
> When my husband Mendel first started talking about volunteering for Casas Taiguara- a shelter for homeless street children, I have to be honest, I wasn't as supportive as I could have been. I didnt really see the point. Basically my line of thought was, let someone else take care of the problem. Or, if the Brazilian government doesnt care and most of the upperclass dont, than why sould I? I have my own children who need me, they need their father, why is he wasting his time on these few homeless kids? The more my husband got involved, the more I vowed to stay away. If I did get involved, it was to make him happy, and support him as his spouse, not because I believed in the 'cause' like he did.
> Recently, on a whim, I decided to join Mendel on one of his many expeditions with the adolscents of Casas Taguara to the Caverns of Petar. Thinking the following: a. maybe I'll see what he really is so 'gung ho' about. and b. our two small children and I would get to do something on vacation AND get to spend some time with husband/dad.
> Well, I am bitten. All I can say, is the lasting impression I have, of the young adults of Casas Taiguara, is the lesson of life they have taught me.
> They are the most well behaved young adults I've seen in a long time. Unspoiled, clean, happy. Things you wouldnt expect fo children who were collected off the streets. Most of them, talk of going home soon, a fantasy home,really. A dream, of a real home, like ours, to a family, like ours, that we are so lucky to have. Yet the reality is not this. They are living in a shelter without knowing what the future holds. They smile, they dont complain, they appreciate every gesture, every hug, every meal, every trip into the glorious nature this tropical country has. Every one of them went into the caves of Petar and came out a believer that it was his or her responsibility to save these precious caverns and the Atlantic rainforests around them. Every one of them soldiered on trecks through the forests for hours without a word of complaint (many times offering to, and carrying my little ones, who of course, complained a lot!) Their eyes full of wonder and awe...children who grew
> up rarely seeing a tree or bird in the 'favelas' where they come from. Their was no fighting or arguing between them (14 teenagers!!) They accept each others differences and that of those around them. They worry about my son's Shmueli's kipa falling off. Or his tsitsit getting stuck between rocks. They know that my little one, Feigy, cant be offered candies or cookies that they so willing want to give, and respect and are concerned that she have kosher. They never question, why a rabbi, a man who has a full time job administrating a private religious school of 400 jewish children, is taking the time to give them hope. But they love him, and admire him and look up to him as someone who helps them dream, of a future, that CAN be! A future where we wont be vaccinated anymore to the pain and poverty around us. A future where the blind will see, that even a homeless child can have a dream!

Shmuel Herby Brog said...

"Anonymous said...I don't think that Rabbi Brog is dirty."

Why of course he's clean, he takes a daily shower and brushes his dentures diligently like a good zeidi!

"When you are the rebbe of a "beginner's" shiur you are bound to have all kinds of weirdos along with some normal people pass under your tutelage."

Sure, but your job is not to stroke the egos of the nut jobs and make them into farfrumte monsters by planting the worst sort of frumkeit fundamentalism in their gullible empty formerly pot-head brains. This was also what Leib Tropper did and that is why both Leib Tropper and Shmuel Brog are Aron Schechter's type of "kiruv rabbis" because they are totally under the power of Schechter and their aim is to make BTs into submissive Haredim via cooky-cutter methods by destroying their personalities and abilities to think for themselves -- something that Hersh and Kranczer carried over to trying to do to their own kids causing the explosions that we now know about!

"There's not much you can do about that. He is an eidim by R' Avigdor Miller."

Therefore what? They DELIBERATELY planted the seeds of fundamentalism and encouraged frumkeit ubber alles and ignored warning signs. How about the ongoing acceptance of Michael Hersh by Aron Schechter and the lack of any condemnation of Gershon Kranczer, on the contrary, they shield both Hersh by letting him into Chaim Berlin when he should be thrown out on his head, and Kranczer by letting him escape and hide from justice when they should be handing him over to the law, as well as propping up Tropper who they should have cut off any contact with long ago and not help him with strategic advice in fighting the world in court and in dinei Torah.

So please do not cover up. In the laws of korbanos there is the din of "pigul" that the wrong thoughts defile the sacrifice and that similarly "mitzvos tzerichos kavana" and one can only conclude that from the RESULTS something was wrong from the very beginning when the wrong approach was pumped into and supported within the warped personalities of Hersh and Kranczer as well as the way Schechter inflates Tropper's ego who has done it to many people under his control in turn. It's all a self-perpetuating vicious cycle!

And it's all a dirty and ruthless game of burying "yenem" (others) while taking pride in "unzere mentschen" (our own), which was not what the teshuva movement was supposed to produce and result in. The warning signs were there and supposedly super smart guys like Schchter and his lackey Brog should have picked up the many warning signals but instead they fatally chose to ignore and now look at the consequences to everyone for yourself!

Anonymous said...

All these loony Chaim Berliners were talmidim of Rav hutner. Doesn't that make him loony? Anyone have the goods?

Get ur facts straight, dude! said...

The guy who thinks Hisiger was refering to Tropper as the ""respected Monsey rov defending kedushas Yisroel"." and then says that "That's were Pinny disagrees with his nephew as Fetter Elya hated Tropper while R' Aron Schechter loves him." is looney! Yated never printed any of Troppers stuff before his sex scandal and that was partly because Pinny had directives from R Elya about him (re: Neeuf) & the fact that Pinnys partner in Yated is Tress.

What he was reffering to was.....


Rabbi Aderet is really a nice upstanding man, as I know him and his children personally. Leave it to the jewish week to make this sweet man sound like a wild eyed ayatolla..

Dude said...

You can't really blame anyone for thinking Hisiger was just being the fanatical Chaim Berlin supporter that he is that would include defending Tropper. Rav Aderet has not lived in Monsey for many years so it's Hisiger who needs to get his facts straight.

Agreed that Rav Aderet is an adam gadol. He is a mekubal (not the fake kind) and a nephew of Rav Kook. He made a lot of the Great Neck Iranians frum.

By the way, there are some rabbonim trying to reach Rav Aderet about a problem in his area they wish to make him aware of but cannot find his phone number. Do you know how to reach him?

Chaim Berlin = My Way or the Highway said...

A yungerman from Beis Hatalmud once spoke his mind about Rav Hutner in the middle of the Camp Shmorris beis medrash. The Chaim Berliners jumped up and threw him headfirst out of the building.

UOJ gets results said...

Federal prosecutors in Brooklyn have opened a preliminary investigation into allegations that disgruntled sanitation workers sabotaged the cleanup after the blizzard last week that left neighborhoods snowbound for days, people who have been briefed on the inquiry said Tuesday.

The investigation is focusing on whether there was a work slowdown and if it was an effort to pad overtime. If the actions took place, they could constitute wire fraud or conspiracy, both federal crimes.

The leaders of unions that represent sanitation workers & supervisors have denied a slowdown, as have Mayor Bloomberg & Sanitation commissioner Doherty. All would have a vested interest in deflecting blame for the problems.

City Councilman Daniel Halloran, Republican of Queens, was quoted in The New York Post that supervisors bitter over demotions & staff reductions, told workers to “not do plowing of major arteries in a timely manner.”

Mr. Halloran also said 2 DOT employees told him that sanitation supervisors delayed their deployment by several hours.

“Their perspective was that supervisors at Sanitation were so to speak saying we’re going to show the mayor that he needs us,” he said.

Mr. Halloran met Tuesday with federal investigators and gave them videotapes & photographs he had received showing city trucks cruising through streets with their plows up.

Moetzes Resign! said...

A stricken 3-month-old boy whose medical treatment was delayed last week by unplowed streets in Queens died Tuesday at Elmhurst Hospital, paramedics said.

The infant, Addison Reinoso, began having breathing problems & lost consciousness last Wednesday, said Patrick Bahnken, president of the Uniformed EMTs, Paramedics & Fire Inspectors FDNY.

A baby sitter alerted the father, who tried to resuscitate him while the mother called for help. But it took her several minutes to get through to someone on 911, another 10 minutes or more for rescue workers to reach the family’s home, and 30 minutes for the ambulance to get close to the hospital, only to get stuck in snow on an unplowed stretch a block from the emergency room door.

Mr. Bahnken said one of the emergency crew members grabbed the baby & ran for the hospital while simultaneously trying to resuscitate him.

The snow had stopped falling more than 2 days before.

Addison was brain dead & clung to life for 6 days. His death was first reported by El Diario.

Mr. Bahnken said emergency medical services suffered from an array of problems during the blizzard. Ambulances did not have traction straps for their tires to help them through snow, streets were clogged with snow & stuck cars, and many ambulances ran out of gas because requests for fuel were denied by the Fire Department operations center before the blizzard, he said.

“This loss was tragic,” Mr. Bahnken said. “If we could reach this child in a timely fashion, I believe we could have made a difference.”

The death was at least the 2nd linked to the uncleared streets. In Crown Heights, Brooklyn, a woman gave birth in a building vestibule during the storm after emergency crews could not make it to her home. The baby did not survive.

Anonymous said...

You are wrong about the Brogs covering up their relation to Ehud Barak. The son who took over R' Avigdor's shul does admit it to people in the context of Haskala and Tzionus being very strong in Lita that affected most families including their own.

I do think it's hilarious to learn now though that Tatty Brog went to college considering how this son and his wife from a super yeshivish family view college for anyone male or female to be anathema.

I still don't know how much blame rests with Rabbi Brog in nurturing the monsters when there is a whole support system for that in Chaim Berlin without him.

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

This comment should be taken in context of my lifetime position that gedolim, or giants in Torah knowledge, are mere mortals.

In 2003 I spent a Shabbos in Albany, New York at an NCSY gathering. One of the locals asked to join me at my table after the rabbi introduced me as.......

They were on the TWA plane that was hijacked where Rabbi Hutner and Rabbi David were passengers as well.

Rabbi Hutner for the first two days denied he was a "big rabbi". Rabbi David refused to let any passengers approach Rabbi Hutner. R' Hutner, once discovered by the terrorists who he was, demanded special priviliges for himself and R' David ONLY!

He never ONCE comforted his fellow passengers and spent a good deal of time crying.

....And I ask....what would Rav Pam zt"l and Rav Yaakov zt"l have done under identical circumstances?

Gumshoe said...

Is there any proof to this? Someone who learned by Rav Elefant in Eretz Yisroel told me that Rav Hutner was accused of plagiarizing a sefer. Not clear if he heard this from Rav Elefant or someone else. I don't even know the name of the sefer in question.

Former Agudist and Activist said...

It corresponds to other "minhagim" of Chaim Berlin...

Dovy said...

Thanx for the detailed info on Rabbi Brog. I always had mixed feelings about him since on one hand one sensed that he really cared about you but on the other hand he always seemed so distant.

btw, Rabbi Miller himself went to YU and Johns Hopkins I believe.

They say Hutner liked opera music very much. I wonder how he dealt with Kol Isha or did he just listen to males?

Also: It's widely recognized that Rabbi Miller was practically the only one to take the Kolko accusations seriously and did his best to get rid of him, before being derailed by the likes of 'stinky' Fishman, etc.

Anonymous said...

I spent time in Rabbi Brog's shiur and I truly belive him to be a sincere person who has genuine love for his Talmidim.
I also remember that Michael Hersh's brother Pinny spent a few years in R' Brog's shiur and then was promoted to R' Kitovits' shiur. Unfortunatly, he was being pushed to hard by R' Brog to get married (he was already 24) and eventualy go into chinuch, so he left Yeshiva and not to long after that, due to other issues in his life, he went off the derech. completley

Anonymous said...


The incoming House majority leader, Representative Eric Cantor, Republican of Virginia, accused the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office on Wednesday of misrepresenting the cost of the recently enacted health care law at the behest of Democrats in Congress.

Yerachmiel Lopin said...

Was R. Miller in Toronto put up to the attack on Broyde or did he just happen to do the usual haredi motzi shem rah and it then got exploited by Pinny/Matzav/Hisiger/"Gavriel Rivlin"?

Is Pinny functioning as a Lakewood proxy in his shilling for Chabad/Rubashkin and now his attacks on vos iz neias? Or is he functionging as a free agent?

Are Pinny, Agudah, and Satmar shilling for Rubashkin to protect a vast chabad money laundering network. Satmar does not need Chabad to move money between NY, Antwerp and Mea Shearim. But Satmar does not have ATMs in Mumbai, Timbuktu, and other far flung places. So Chabad is the money launderer with more branches than any other frum group. If the US govt enforced anti-trust laws, Chabad would be broken up for that reason alone. Of course they should also be prosecuted under RICO and for 613 other reasons. But that is a separate discussion. Bottom line; is chabad too important a money laundering facility to be allowed to fail. Is this the tribute Chabad extracts. Is this the reason that the very people who wont do shidduchim with chabad or even use their shechita and shuls keep pumping up SMR as a tzadik. Chabad does not need the few million collected by Pinny for Ruby. They have multi-billionaire supporters wrapped around their finger. This is about preserving their legitimacy. The Shach and Svei attacks on Chabad are all being abandoned even as meshichism gets more entrenched.

YU - Torah Madua? said...


Lopin, cut the garbage.

Your YU heros are twisting around halacha to suit their feminist agenda. UOJ has said as much himself about ORA et al.

Agav, can anyone verify that the Steipler said that the YU rabbis doing this are choshud as royeh zoynos?

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

I tried to stay out of this fight, but I have been asked/urged to state my opinion:

1 - Rav Shlomo Miller is absolutely right on this halachic issue, the only thing he's guilty of is over the top language -- which I can relate to as a vehicle for making certain that his voice is heard.

2 - Rabbi Broyde, a man of great integrity erred big-time in this case -- a huge talmud chochom in his own right and a very honorable man.

3 - Yisroel Belsky got this one right - even a broken messed up clock is right at least once a day.

4 - Shmuel Kaminetzky belongs in the R' Meier Al. Z. Heimers nursing home already.

5 - ORA is an agenda driven organization, unfazed by the truth in any particular case.

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

The above comment refers to two separate issues.

Atlanta said...

Rabbi UOJ shlita, you should check out Broyde's involvement in gerus which is just as bad if not worse than the farce committed for Ivanka. Ask about the cases where people are fooling around and sleeping with each other and the only input from Broyde is to force them to rent separate apartments so that it doesn't LOOK like there is shtupping going on even though he knows darn well they are still sleeping together regardless. He picks up the leftovers that other rabbis refuse to convert becuase of the improprieties involved. Ask about that jerk in Atlanta who wrote a book with the name Jesus in the title who chronicled his escapades with pretty Mormon missionary girls. He availed himself of Broyde's services.

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

Dear "Atlanta",

Rabbi Broyde comes from a totally different "school" than those raised in the so-called "yeshivishe" ertziung.

To rule him out as a "bad guy" just knocks another nail in the coffin of Orthodox Judaism. Yes, there is much I disagree with the the MO on in principle -- but honestly, as a group, they have greater integrity than the bums at the heads of our organizations. There are no evil intentions, in my opinion, by the likes of Rabbi Broyde; they view the world with different glasses and will twist themselves out of shape to be as inclusive as possible of all elements of Jews.

To them, they view it as Halacha. Sometimes they get it right, IMO, many times they don't, this is one of the cases where they erred.