Friday, June 01, 2012

Clergy Need To Become Mandated Reporters - Hiding an abomination is an abomination itself!

Organized religions are responsible for many wonderful things, too numerous to mention here.

But they also have a responsibility to safeguard against terrible things that are done in their name.

Nowhere is this more apparent than in two current controversies,  one involving the Catholic archdiocese in Philadelphia, and the other an ultra-Orthodox Jewish congregation in Brooklyn.

Jurors are scheduled to hear closing arguments today in the child-endangerment trial of Monsignor William Lynn involving his handling of several priest-abuse complaints.

Lynn, 61, was the Philadelphia archdiocese secretary for clergy from 1992 to 2004. Dozens of priests have been accused of raping or molesting children in the archdiocese, yet were not reported to the authorities by the church and were allowed to continue to interact with young people.

Lynn testified that he was prevented from getting accused priests into treatment programs or removing them from parishes by the late Cardinal Anthony Bevilacqua.

Lynn said that unless a priest was a diagnosed pedophile, Bevilacqua would not remove him.

Lynn testified that in 1994 he gave a list of accused priests to Bevilacqua and that the cardinal destroyed it soon after reading it.

A similar despicable situation exists in the Orthodox haradi congregation of Agudath Israel, where abuse victims are discouraged and often ostracized for reporting incidents to police.

Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes has told Agudath Israel's leaders that police rather than rabbis should be the first ones notified in suspected child-abuse cases.

Agudath's executive vice president, David Zwiebel, has insisted that sex-abuse cases should be reviewed by rabbis before they are reported to police.

We understand that this policy is the result of centuries of warranted mistrust of authority in other countries by some Orthodox communities, but today, in the United States, this is terribly misguided.

Yet Zweibel said his group will continue to require that parents get permission from a rabbi before contacting police.

While religious rights are precious and should be safeguarded, the Catholic Church and Agudath must understand that children must be protected. Nothing is more important than that.

Every state has "mandatory reporter" statutes identifying professions required to report child maltreatment under specific circumstances.

In New York, they include various medical personnel, including physicians, medical examiners, coroners, dentists, registered nurses, emergency medical technicians and social workers.

Also, teachers, counselors, other school employees, day care providers, overnight camp directors, substance abuse counselors, district attorneys and law enforcement personnel.

But not clergy.

Police, not priests or rabbis, are the experts in dealing with child-abuse claims. Hiding an abomination is an abomination itself.

It is long past time for the New York Legislature to include clergy and others in religious organizations as mandatory reporters of child abuse.



Israel Belsky SHLITA said...


Those bums Kolko & Margo didn't even show up to my homecoming party after everything I've done for them!

Faceshnook said...


The Forward is reporting that Mark Zuckerberg whose Facebook stock is crashing through the floor attended the Reform Hebrew school at Temple Beth Abraham in Tarrytown. That probably means that Zuckerberg was a talmid of the modern orthodox molester Uzi Rivlin of Teaneck who taught at TBA.

Tarrytown's Doubletree hotel owned by the Gateways kiruv organization is next door to TBA




Police charged Elnaz Hajimohhammad, 26, with prostitution, a misdemeanor, at the DoubleTree Hotel around 8 p.m. on March 1. Hajimohhamad was released on $250 cash bail.

Anonymous said...

These digits to prove we are not spambots are getting more & more difficult to read. It's ridiculous.

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

The reason for comment moderation and the digital input required, is because my enemies, and there are many, constantly attempt via professional hackers to take down UOJ and spam it into oblivion.

PQ said...

If DA Hynes will go soft on the molesters themselves, do you really think he will prosecute rabbis who violate mandated reporting laws.

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

I do! There is a whole different climate out there and the Feds are watching!

Leopold Margulies said...

"because my enemies, and there are many, constantly attempt via professional hackers to take down UOJ and spam it into oblivion"

I vonder who vaz doing dat?

Lipa "Lewis" Brenner said...

Hey Izzy Belsky! Sorry I couldn't make it to the party. I was a little busy stalking yingelach in the bathrooms of Boro Park shtieblach.

Do you think UOJ is right? Do you really think that Charlie Boy will send rabbonim up the river after they sent Ben Barber to shtup him with enough greenback to stuff a thousand mattresses?

Hopefully now that my eidim's shvogger Paysach Krohn has threatened retaliation against bloggers, we won't be reading about any new developments.

Abe Beame said...

Ed Koch must have a personal motivation to settle a score with someone in coming out against Hynes. Can anyone guess what it is? When Koch backed Bob Turner against David Weprin, he showed what a phony he was the second the election was over by kissing up to Obama again. Koch doesn't give a rat's behind about Israel over Liberal policy. He bashed Weprin because David's father Saul Weprin was Koch's political arch-enemy 30 years ago. Still, any kind of pressure on Hynes is welcome.

Krohns Disease said...

The ultimate chutzpa is that half blind motormouth Chometz LePeSach Krohn has the nerve to "demand" that bloggers he does not like should be put in "cherem" and not given aliyas in shulls when the joke is that the rabbonim of Eretz Yisroel have banned HIM, so what is motormouth brainless clod bubba-meisa sputteing Chometz LePesach Krohn so worked up about, huh?:

From http://dusiznies.blogspot.com/2012/03/israeli-poskim-ban-r-pesach-krohn-as.html (natuarlly, a blog that half blind bubba meisa spouting Chometz LePesach Krohn would love to have "blocked":

"Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Rare View: Israeli Poskim Ban R" Pesach Krohn as a Mohel, since he uses a forbidden clamp that torture the infant! Video!

According to the Yudel Shain Blog, Pesach Krohn tortures infants when performing brissim and has been banned as a mohel in Israel...

Pesach Krohn also wants you to go to Rabbonim before going to police when your son is raped by a "Heimesher" Yid.

Watch video and see Rabbi Pesach Krohn perform a bris, placing the baby on a table, not on the lap of a Sandik, no tallis, watch him torture a baby for 7 minutes straight!

See letters of poskim banning him from performing Brissim in Israel!"

Matisyahu Pickwick Salomon said...

From the vaults of the UOJ blog:

"The Life and Times of Matisyahu Pickwick Salomon 5 said...(October 30, 2011)

When it comes to real crimes committed by leading citizens of Lakewood ir hakoidesh, the normally highly preachy Rabbi Matisyahu Salomon remains uncharacteristically very quiet. He can embody the way those "see no, hear no evil, talk no evil" monkeys behave WHEN IT SUITS HIM and when it is "politically correct" for him to shut up.

Just last week a major frum citizen of the Lakewood community was indicted, but of course, you won't hear anything from Rabbi Salomon nor from the Kotler cabal that employs him. Where are they all when this happens?:

"Bloomberg Business Week:

New Jersey Man Indicted by U.S. in $200 Million Ponzi Scheme

October 28, 2011

A purported New Jersey real estate investor was charged in an indictment with leading a $200 million Ponzi scheme that initially targeted fellow Orthodox Jews.

Eliyahu [Eli] Weinstein, 36, was accused by a federal grand jury in Newark, New Jersey of using sham real estate deals to bilk investors -- some of them while he was out on $10 million bail after his arrest in August 2010. Prosecutors said he spent his stolen money on jewelry, art, gambling, cars and legal bills.

An investor identified as H.D.W. sunk $70 million into Weinstein projects, including $5.4 million to buy property for a project in Trotwood, Georgia. Prosecutors say the town doesn’t exist. An H.D.W. representative met with Weinstein, according to the indictment. Weinstein asked what he and the man’s wife had in common. The representative said he didn’t know.

“We both f---ed you,” Weinstein said, according to the indictment.

Weinstein’s “exploitation of investors’ trust was so shameless he used doctored documents for properties he didn’t own,” U.S. Attorney Paul Fishman said yesterday in a statement, “and continued to commit crimes while out on bail.”

...Weinstein, of Lakewood, New Jersey, was charged with one count of conspiracy, 29 counts of wire fraud, two counts of wire fraud while on pretrial release, one count of bank fraud and 12 counts of money laundering. He faces as long as 30 years in prison on three of the counts.

Prosecutors said Weinstein, who began his scheme in 2004, targeted Orthodox Jews until 2010, when he also began targeting victims outside of that community including hedge fund principals. One victim, identified as R.B.S., was also a widowed retiree in Los Angeles who worked to assist orphaned and poor children in Israel, according to the indictment. Weinstein promised that he would help R.B.S. fulfill her dream of a music school for orphaned and poor children in Israel, prosecutors said.

R.B.S. invested about $1.1 million with Weinstein, and he promised to secure her investment with collateral in three properties in Lakewood, according to the indictment.

Those properties “were either fraudulently obtained, pledged to other victims of defendant Weinstein’s scheme to defraud, or were in foreclosure proceedings” before he pledged them to R.B.S., according to the indictment...

Weinstein was indicted with Vladimir Siforov, 44, a resident of Manalapan, New Jersey. Siforov, a fugitive, is named in three wire fraud counts, according to prosecutors...

The case is United States of America v. Weinstein, 10- mj-7115, U.S. District Court, District of New Jersey (Newark)."

And this is only ONE such case while there are dozens more scandals both in the past and present that have surfaced in heart of the Lakewood ir hakoidesh community over the last few years.

BUT noone will EVER hear a peeps in public from Rabbi Matisyahu Salomon condemning this stuff. He would much rather babble on about how bad cell phones are and how the Internet is corrupting people when the REAL corruption is washing over his head like a tidal wave. But then again, in ye merry olde England, the likes of Pickwick are used to living in and making the best of bad foggy weather, whot!

2:45 PM, October 30, 2011"

Mad Dogs and Englishmen said...

The British economy may be close to bust and Europe may sinking fast into bankruptcy and the begging to help the Jewish poor does not end as the same rabbis begging for money are also the same ones pushing to ban the Internet, but the English Charedim, obviously very proud of "their man" from Gateshead England now in Lakewood USA, Mat Salamon on his swan song before his kidneys finally shut down for good, does his thing and they don't want to be "left out" of such grandiose displays of frumkeit!

FM @

"June 01, 2012

British Haredim To Rally Against The Internet

Future Anti-Internet Rally poster haredim London 5-2012

The date of the rally hasn't been set, and its exact form hasn't been decided, but inspired by the massive haredi anti-Internet London's rally in New York last month, London's haredi community is planning its own public event against the dangers of the Internet."

FM has posted the "kol koreh/announcement" put out by Charei rabbanim in London, England that:

"In view of the recent Hisoirerus to protect the sanctity of Klal Yisroel from the dangers of the Internet etc, the Rabbinate of the UOHC will BS"D organise a Gathering of Hisoirerus in London in the near future. DETAILS TO FOLLOW."

Anonymous said...

"Even if you should be the only person in your community to hold a given view, do not say that you will never be able to gain a hearing. As long as the view you represent is truly right and aims only at what is good, do not refrain from expressing it.

Continue your fight, tirelessly and undaunted, for years if need be; in the end - provided you have fought for your cause solely for its own sake, without ulterior, selfish motives - you will be heard!". - Rabbi Samson Rafael Hirsh

Albany yenta said...

Ed Krotch is getting even with Mario Cuomo because the Sfacim as Bob Grant calls him had appointed Hynes as special prosecutor (for a child abuse case no less) and Hynes used that chashivus to later win the election as DA.

Krotch is very vengeful and never forgets anything. He ran against Mario in an election 40 years ago. Back then you could still get away with a lot of politically incorrect talk and Mario's staffers started a catchy campaign slogan of "Vote for Cuomo, not for the Homo". Krotch is a lifelong bachelor and resident of Greenwich Village and has never been known to have a girlfriend to put it mildly.

Since Andrew Cuomo is now Governor and thus the boss of Hynes, this is a double opportunity to get even with the Cuomo familia.

Anonymous said...

what is going on in florida

rabbis have been covering up molesters and abusers for years under the benzinger schmeltczer and matz from aguda

schmeltczer left t montreal
benzinger is just benzinger
matz from aguda can anyone tll me about him

what about the pregnancies at beis yaacov of nmb that have been hushed up

Vos zogt UOJ? said...


Do you think that Mesivta of Long Beach covered up information they knew about the murder of 15 year old Chaim Weiss on Shabbos night?

Here is a segment on it from NBC's Unsolved Mysteries hosted by Robert Stack.

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

I'm not familiar with the Weiss tragedy.