Thursday, May 01, 2014

“I don’t do metzitzah b’peh. Period. The health risks are pretty clear.”

Yehuda Lebovics: “I don’t do metzitzah b’peh. Period. The health risks are pretty clear.” 

Read more: http://www.jta.org/2014/04/30/life-religion/americas-top-mohels#ixzz30OSPyFKR


Krohns Disease said...

This is still a dumb report overall because another chapter of it says that Krohn is a good mohel

Never mind he covers up for multiple molesters in his mishpocho like Ephraim Bryks, Leizer Bryks & Lipa Brenner and is good friends with Dovid Weinberger. He also told Eckstein on camera that bloggers "should be put in cherem".


Satmar came after Krohn for butchering kids with Gomco clamps. Krohn only does this to clueless modern & secular families. The Gomco makes things much easier for the mohel but causes excruciating pain for the baby & can cause disfigurement. That's why the gedolei Eretz Yisroel poskened that using a Gomco possels both the mila AND the mohel

Gateshead Agudah Fresser said...


May 1, 2014

A member of the Gateshead Orthodox community went on trial this week accused of a string of historic sex offences against a teenage boy.
Jeremy Bernstein, 37, was accused of touching the boy inappropriately and forcing him to carry out sex acts between December 1998 and December 2003.
Mr Bernstein, from Whitehall Road, Gateshead, pleaded not guilty at Newcastle Crown Court, to indecent assault with a male person of 13 years, indecency with a child aged 13 years, indecent assault with a male person of 14 years, indecent assault with a male person aged 15 years and indecency with a child aged 15 years.
He also denied two counts of indecent assault with a male person.
Anne Richardson, prosecuting, said: “The abuse started by touching the victim’s chest under his jumper while in a synagogue. This was Jeremy Bernstein trying out the victim… Nowadays we would call this grooming.
“The victim buried it deep within him and did not want to admit it to anyone, not even himself. Jeremy Bernstein is a man who knew or believed that even if the victim did speak out, he would be disbelieved.”
The court heard that the victim did not tell the police until two years after informing his wife about the alleged abuse in 2011.
Giving evidence, Mr Bernstein’s wife Melissa told the court how her husband was a “loving, caring person”.
Jonathan Goldberg QC, defending, claimed the victim invented the allegation in order to get sympathy from his wife and keep their marriage together.
He called the alleged victim “a jealous and bitter young man who has tried to ruin the life of a better man than himself. If he (Bernstein) is going to try a grope, he wouldn’t do it in a busy synagogue. Jeremy Bernstein is a deeply religious man.”
Judge John Milford told the jury: “The defence claim the victim was jealous of the success that has been enjoyed by the defendant. ”
He noted that Mr Bernstein had won an award for his contribution to life in the local Orthodox community.
The trial continued as the JC went to press.

Gateshead Agudah Fresser said...


Bernstein was just acquitted on all charges

Israel Belsky Shlita said...

letoyeles horabim


Vibrating pill helps constipation

Leopold Margulies said...

"Vibrating pill helps constipation"


Vee kent men es farrrkoyfen farrr a billiga prrrice?

Cholent top said...

Zalmi & Aron Teitelbaum continue to cover up for molesters like Avrohom Reichman (who is still in chinuch) and Nechemya Weberman.

Ma she'ain kain the Satmar Dayan in Antwerp R' Chaim Yosef Dovid Weiss told people to call the police on Yisroel Weingarten (who used to work for Margulies) and writes this in his teshuva sefer "Vayaan Dovid" chelek 3, siman 68:

"it's muchach from Shu"t Radba"z (chelek 5, siman 2, ois 78), and Shu"t Chikkei Lev (Yoreh Deah 46), and Shu"t Divrei Chaim (Yoreh Deah 13) that a melamed that sins with children chas vesholom must be removed permanently from chinuch positions and not to have rachmonus on him even if he will not have parnossa. And it is also clear from Shu"t Shoel uMayshiv (Mahadura Kamma, Chelek 1, Siman 185): don't think that a man like this could teach tinokos shel Beis Rabban that their breath is pure & he should defile them with disgusting acts."

YTT Misnaged said...

Margo, let me guess? You want the cheapest price on the high tech ex-lax so you can re-sell them in the yeshiva dining for a profit like you do with some of the USDA food you get for free?