Thursday, April 07, 2016

Fugitive Jewish headmistress Malka Leifer will now battle ­authorities in two countries after a former student and teacher at a Melbourne girls’ school last week launched legal action against the former principal for serial sexual abuse...

Fugitive Jewish school principal Malka Leifer sued for sex abuse

Fugitive Jewish headmistress Malka Leifer will now battle ­authorities in two countries after a former student and teacher at a Melbourne girls’ school last week launched legal action against the former principal for serial sexual abuse.

The woman is the sister of ­another victim who was last year awarded $1.27 million for molestation at the hands of Ms Leifer while she was principal of the ultra-orthodox Adass Israel school at Elsternwick in Melbourne’s inner southeast.

The Melbourne woman, who cannot be named, has followed her sister in suing Ms Leifer in Victoria’s Supreme Court, alleging years of abuse by the former headmistress while a student and then teacher at the school.

Students at the female-only Adass Israel school are brought up in ultra-orthodox Jewish families and have limited access to members of the opposite sex, no television, radio, internet, magazines or newspapers, and have no sexual education. Ms Leifer fled Australia for ­Israel in 2008 in the middle of the night within hours of being made aware of allegations she had sexually abused more than eight girls at the school. Some members of the Adass Israel school board are under investigation by Victoria Police for helping Ms Leifer and her family leave to avoid a criminal investigation and possible prosecution.

Ms Leifer has been under house arrest in the ultra-orthodox enclave of Bnei Brak in ­central Israel since 2014 after ­Israeli authorities responded to an extra­dition request by ­Canberra. Australia wants her to face 74 criminal charges for sexual abuse of children while head of the school, but the mother of eight has avoided extradition, claiming psychiatric distress.

Family, friends of victims and sexual abuse advocates have ­accused her of manipulating the Israeli justice system to avoid ­facing the charges.

Last month, an Israeli judge ­rejected her plea to drop the ­extradition case after her lawyers argued she was medically unfit to travel to Australia due to ­depression and panic attacks. It was the seventh extradition court hearing for Ms ­Leifer, leading to prosecutors ­accusing her of stalling tactics. State prosecutor Avital Ribner-Oron told the Jerusalem District Court that Ms Leifer was “faking” her illness to have the proceedings dropped.

The judge refused to drop the extradition application, but ordered an intensive psychiatric assessment of Ms Leifer.



Echter yid said...

Its just normal, the Jewish communities always had mercy on the molesters,and on the pedophiles, and the victims,?, yes the victims where thrown under the wheels of the bus,,

Anonymous said...

The community damns itself with its behaviour.
We are 'supposed' to be a light unto the nations...instead we have degenerated into an 18th century cult of dressing like polish noblemen, and ignoring the needs and cares of anyone 'not within'


Eliyahu Yisroel Levav. Or Ilya Lvov. He often wore an unyeshivish checkered shirt and straw hat. A wooden Russian accent. Only a few years in Baltimore with his wife and small kids. A bushy beard. He was mesmerized by Chassidism and he translated Breslover books into Russian. Kiruv, he lived it. He wanted to talk to the rabbis involved in Kiruv.

He met rabbi Moshe Eisemann. Specially visited Yeshiva Lane to introduce himself. He shared with rabbi Eisemann that it was a bad idea to separate little kinderlach going to American yeshivos from their parents in Russia who had no chance to reunite with them for many years to come: Look at how Yaakov Avinu suffered without his dear son Yosef! He could not understand why rabbi Eisemann suddenly had a fit of anger. (He knew nothing of rabbi Eisemann's cash-&-sex machine.) Later he could not understand why rabbi Eliezer Eisgrau refused to accept his kids into his Jewish school; why he was told by many that his family was no longer welcomed in Baltimore.

He could not believe the fact his friends shared with him: that rabbi Eisemann kept telling people that "wicked" Levav murdered someone, and rabbi Eisemann himself had to keep that "secret" to somehow protect the community. After their car was gone, Levav could not bear seeing his wife pushing a grocery cart around the neighborhood and his suddenly lame son and rejected daughter following her. Then they vanished forever.

I doubt Eliyahu Yisroel Levav murdered anyone, but rabbi Moshe Eisemann certainly slaughtered one more family.

La Kosher Nostra said...

Does UOJ have any knowledge of the Russian's story?

There is another recent Eisgrau story of attempting to harm a family through non-molestation means. And like Ilya's story it came after an innocent remark that only a sick paranoid mind could construe as tcheppering them about molesting kids.