Wednesday, February 01, 2017

“Are you people that stupid?"

Savage – Mumps Resurgence, Terrorism, Bigotry, Death – Thank The Stupid Left

michael savage

Michael Savage starts his look at the impact of Obama’s open borders on America by noting that mumps has made a comeback, with 300 cases around Spokane and Seattle. He says, “Mumps has gone through a resurgence in America as a result of the borders being broken down. The politicized CDC was forced to report that mumps cases were confirmed in 46 states and the DC last year, totaling 5,311 infections.”

Savage continues, “Eight states reported more than 100 cases in 2016, Arkansas, Iowa, Indiana, Illinois, Massachusetts, New York, Oklahoma and Texas.” He asks, “Can any one of you progs try to use your brain, engage it for two seconds and tell me if you actually believe that mumps did not resurge in America as a result of ‘immigrants’ coming in with this infection?”

“Because I’ll tell you,  you’re wrong,” Savage says, “I’ll tell you point blank that Obama should be tried for crimes against America, for what he has done to this country. Flooding us not only with terrorists, go back and look at all the events going all the way back during his 8 years, his reign of terror. Don’t tell me there were no attacks by Muslims during his eight years. There were plenty. You probably forgot them all because of the brain washing.”

After noting that DHS didn’t do their job, due in large part to the Obamaite infestation, Michael Savage asks, “How could the gay people of America, in particular, not understand the danger they are in from unfettered immigration from Muslim nations?’ He asks, “Are you people that stupid? Do you have any idea how you’re looked upon amongst traditional, fanatical, throwback Islamists? Do you know what they think of you? Why do you march with them? What’s wrong with you?”

Savage gets a grip on himself, asking, what’s the point of my screaming, I could scream from a rooftop, you’re not going to hear me. Your mind is made up.” He notes that mumps was virtually wiped out and how it can sometimes be fatal.  He doesn’t mention another major concern of the disease which is male sterility.

He notes how our once great health care system was destroyed when “this fanatical idiot took over the country.” He points out the hypocrisy of Chuck Schumer, for one, in his tears over ‘the poor Muslims,’ a man who said nothing as people were being raped on an industrial level” and when Christian girls as well as Muslims were having their heads chopped off.

Savage asks, “Where is that liar, Hillary Clinton, the representative of all women on the earth, where was she when little girls were crying because they were being raped 24 hours a day by those vermin in ISIS who should be wiped off the planet?”



Anonymous said...

Rabbi Efrem Goldberg, Mora D'Asra of Boca Raton Synagogue, with a congregation of 1000 families is hosting Matthew Kelly, a self described Catholic missionary this Sunday.

Rabbi Goldberg is also the Av Beis Din of the only Rabbinute accepted Beis Din L'Giyur in Florida.

After widespread criticism about the shul hosting a Catholic missionary, Rabbi Goldberg posted on the shul website last night, that he has psak from two Gedolim to present this program which is on marriage and family life.

Respectfully, members of the community asked that the two psaks which Rabbi Goldberg posts both give him permission to promote this Catholic missionary, Matthew Kelly, be posted publicly.

Perhaps UOJ can find out for the community if our Gedolim permit a Catholic missionary to speak about marriage and family life in the synagogue?

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Just substitute 'Jews' for Muslims and we are back to FDR's ban against Jewish refugees in the 1930s.

Would 6 million have died if FDR had welcomed even some of the Jewish refugees from Europe?

My grandmother a"h who lost her extended family thought that if only FDR had admitted even a few hundred thousand refugees it would have saved all of Europe because Hitler was able to show the world that no one cared about Jews.

I find it difficult to believe that any Jew, given that I do not know an Ashkenazic family who was not affected by the Shoah would be able to turn away refugees.

I think that we should be very concerned about the anti Christian direction of this administration and especially Steve Bannon.

Anonymous said...

In the past, I have posted peer reviewed studies from the National Institute of Health's database specifically dealing with the Mumps vaccine's effectiveness.

" The effectiveness of prior vaccination with 1 dose of vaccine ranged from 72.8% to 91% for the Jeryl Lynn strain, from 54.4% to 93% for the Urabe strain, and from 0% to 33% for the Rubini strain. "

"here was evidence of waning immunity, which is a likely factor in mumps outbreaks, aggravated by possible antigenic differences between the vaccine strain and outbreak strains. Inadequate vaccine coverage or use of the Rubini vaccine strain accounted for the majority of outbreaks reviewed; however, some outbreaks could not be prevented, despite high vaccination coverage with 2 doses of the Jeryl Lynn vaccine strain. Our findings indicate the need for more-effective mumps vaccines and/or for review of current vaccination policies to prevent future outbreaks."


Blame the Jews for outbreaks of illness, dirty vermin who bring sexual immorality,terrorism and disease everywhere they go. Oh wait! There is a new scapegoat now, it is Muslims.

In Spain, it was Muslims first and many Jews sided with Christians against Muslims. In the end that did not go so well for Jews.

Those who do not learn history, repeat it.

Paul Mendlowitz said...

Re: Rabbi Goldberg. I would suggest that you contact him directly, he has a reputation for being a very decent guy. Ask him - let me know what he says.

Beware the Snake said...

Rabbi Mendlowitz n"y,

Your blogging may have been in moratorium when Effin' Goldberg showed his true UGLY colors! He is sheltering various molesters & crooks in the shul. The tyrant threatened to expel anyone who complains. When he invited JCW it was a cover up ruse after a huge backlash from outside the shul. The hypocrite incidentally refers to anti-abuse bloggers such as yourself as "menuvalim".

He protects the most infamous molesters who ever passed through YU like Lanner & Andron. And there are thieves in the shul who helped the Huberfeld / Bodner / Nordlicht ponzi scheme who haven't been arrested yet.

You heard it first on UOJ said...


Ivanka Trump's husband Jared Kushner reportedly has rift with President Donald Trump

5 Towns said...

"Rabbi" Hershel Billet invited a galich to give the drosha one Shabbos morning at Young Israel of Woodmere. He refused to back down after several rabbonim intervened. Some pleaded with him, some pressured him, some told him off.

This prompted the bitter & vicious jerk Charlie Miller who is President at Young Israel of Hewlett to "defend" Billet's "honor" by writing to Larry Gordon's 5 Towns Jewish Slime newspaper that yeshivish people are "parasites". He went on to attack Lakewood Mashgiach Rav Salomon despite that the Mashgiach had no connection to and did not know about the controversy.

Paul Mendlowitz said...
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Paul Mendlowitz said...

I messaged Rabbi Goldberg, I'll get back if and when he responds, and if he gives me permission to post his response. The halacha is pretty clear; that unless there are exceptional circumstances; "Jewish lives in danger living in Catholic jurisdictions", there would be no reason for this to be permitted.

The one exception I am aware of is ---- In the case of the pope being invited to an Orthodox shul in Rome. There could be others...

Paul Mendlowitz said...

Rabbi Goldberg responds:

"I am not sharing the names of the two gedolim so that they are not harassed the way i have been, though one of them has already been bombarded inappropriately.

the premise of the question is false - he is not a missionary and is not giving a presentation on religion. He is a world famous motivational speaker who speaks to fortune 500 companies.

PM: May I post your response, or parts of it?

sure. also see here - http://rabbisblog.brsonline.org/victimized-fake-news-setting-record-straight-matthew-kelly-speaking-brs/

Beware the Snake said...

As if Graham or Baker or Catholic Cardinals have never spoken at a Fortune 500 company


This company booked Graham for corporate engagements. Wikipedia says Graham addressed the TED conference of the scientific community.

Maybe the only premise that is false is how Effin Goldberg asked the shayla to begin with. And that's provided his phantom gedolim even exist. He would not be the first one to claim backing by gedolim and then conveniently not name them. Think Rafi Butler claiming a gadol told him to cover up for Lanner's child molestation at the OU, which come to think of it is exactly what Effin Goldberg does for Lanner & as well as Andron today at Broken Rattan Sin-agogue.

Effin Goldberg is using bogus arguments in his defensive blog post. There is no comparison from personalities he has named to an actual ordained Christian clergyman. And who cares if a fool like Mizrachi has joined the chorus of critics. It doesn't suddenly right any wrong.

Beware the Snake said...

How is Effin' Goldberg going to "explain" this?

Even if Kelly is not officially ordained there is no question that he has a status of galach & missionary in halacha


On Kelly's website here, go to the PDF link for "read more" which is about "Evangelizing" those who are not baptized.

Effin' Goldberg is a tyrant. Is he going to threaten to kick out of shul anyone asking questions about Kelly like he did to protect Lanner & Andron. After all, a little shmad is not worse than molestation & child rape.

Anonymous said...

to those Jews who want the U.S. to take in Moslem Syrian refugees....

Why in the world would we want more antisemites coming to the U.S.?The syrians have been inculcated in Jew-hatred,not just anti- Zionism,from early childhood on...and those dumb liberal Jews want them here? any comaparisons between Srians fleeing a civil war and Jews fleeing Hitler's murder ills, is an abomination...Or should I say...Obamanation!

Anonymous said...

That's because corrupt greedy frauds like former ADL head Abe Foxman were paid millions of dollars by Obama to not just facilitate the Arab sleeper cell resettlement but to propagandize in favor of it and to attack anyone in the Jewish community opposing it.

Foxman will get what is his. His son in law Daniel Small from the Upper West Side was recently arrested for the Platinum ponzi scheme. Let's see if other relatives and Foxman himself are next.

Lakewood said...

When Hershel Hershkowitz researched to find psakim from R' Yaakov & Rav Schach assering rabbonim endorsing meshumod political candidates, CEO Aaron Kotler freaked out because there is a meshumod who butters his bread. Aaron claimed a gadol is backing him but refused to name him. Could that be because the "gadol" is Aaron Kotler himself?

Aaron went on to kick Hershel's kids out of Lakewood yeshivos to punish him for rocking the boat.

It didn't end there because then Hershel got a general letter of hamlatza from R' Aron Leib Steinman which made Aaron freak out even more. Aaron called R' Aron Leib's house & started screaming that Hershel is a meshugenna. R' Aron Leib hung up on him. Then R' Aron Leib told Aaron's brother he will no longer be endorsing Lakewood Vaad favored candidates because they have not been telling him all the details when consulting with him like some candidates fighting for Chomos.

Aaron then goes back to Hershel & forces him to sign a contract that he will not open his mouth about political candidates or otherwise get in Aaron's way, or else he is going to be run out of town.

So when characters like Goldberg come along to invoke mystery gedolim, tell them in UOJ parlance to take a hike.

Anonymous said...

Islam is not anti Semitic. Muslims saved 500,000 Jews during the Holocaust because the Quran demands that Muslims protect the "People of the Book", dhimmi means "protected".

My family still lives in a Muslim country and they say they never feel anti Semitism there the way that they feel it in the US.

I know many families who emigrated from Syria, Iran and Yemen recently and they say that they never felt anti semitism in these countries the way that they feel it in the US and Europe.

Jews were expelled from Christian lands 108 times throughout history.

Jews were also massacred during the Crusades, pogroms, died during the Expulsion from Spain and during the Shoah.

There was never a formal expulsion from any Muslim country.

I am not saying that there was not anti semitism. There is always anti semitism, it is called galut.

Please see Rabbi Eliezer Papo ztl in Pele Yoetz Chapter 47 Galut, for a discussion on this topic.

Anonymous said...

I did contact Rabbi Goldberg directly by email and the response that I got was that he has said everything he plans to say on the matter.

Anonymous said...

"I am not sharing the names of the two gedolim so that they are not harassed the way i have been, though one of them has already been bombarded inappropriately."

Since when did it become harassment to ask a rav for his source in permitting something or forbidding something.

Also it should be noted the the subject of the lecture is marriage.

The Jewish view of marriage is rather different from Catholic view of marriage.

Anonymous said...

Is 5:05 pm playing with a full deck? Yasser Arabfart's grandfather formed a Muslim SS division after meeting with Hitler. And there are plenty of expulsions. The only reason why there are not more is because starting with Muhammed yms 1400 years ago, Arabs have preferred to just exterminate all the Jews in an area instead of expelling them.

There were "Golden eras" under Muslims when Jews where mostly left alone. I am surprised though the Pelle Yoetz does not mention the Chazals that before Moshiach the Arabs will become more bloodthirsty & certainly more fanatical than Esav.

UOJ gets results said...

The Forward this week contacted the Chevrat Pinto con man who tells them he has removed himself from the Rabbonus.

Someone must have major dirt on him that the police don't know yet. Does UOJ have some more of those famous "stuffed envelopes" of incriminating material in his file drawer that could have persuaded Pinto?

Paul Mendlowitz said...

Funny! Ah zayre guten zichoron. :-)

Anonymous said...

The Mufti was appointed by British Zionist, Sir Herbert Samuel.

It is true that Palestinians sided with the Germans against the British during WWII

But so did the Zionists, the Founders of the State of Israel.

There is a coin that was minted to commemorate the agreement between the Nazis and the Zionists.

(google "Nazi Zionist coin")

Both the Zionists and the Palestinians wished to be free of British domination and therefore both sided with the Nazis. The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

Israeli professor Tom Segev writes a well documented book on this era that reads like a novel. It is called "One Palestine Complete".

I would also recommend reading the Transfer Agreement by Edwin Black.

Black, the son of Holocaust survivors documents the worldwide boycott of the Third Reich that nearly toppled the Third Reich in April of 1933.

The boycott was ended by a pact between the Nazis and Zionist leaders (the Transfer Agreement).

Anonymous said...

My extended family has always done business in Muslim countries (as do many Syrian Jewish families who still own property and businesses there).

Everyone we meet can tell that we are Jewish and not only have we never experienced anti Semitism but to the contrary, I feel we receive special treatment BECAUSE we are Jewish.

Do not believe everything you see in the media.

Anonymous said...

Savage has it wrong. The various Mumps outbreaks that have been occurring over the last few years has nothing to do with immigrants. There is currently a Federal whistle blower case in court, where two scientists who worked on the MMR vaccine for Merck, are suing Merck with the claim that Merck falsified the efficacy data on the Mumps portion of their MMR vaccine in order to falsely claim a 95% efficacy rate. The Merck MMR vaccine is patent protected and is the only vaccine in use for Mumps in the US.
Additionally as a result of Viral Drift and mutation selection pressures caused by the the vaccine, there are now circulating mumps strains that are more virulent, and not covered by the current vaccine. This is why so many people who received the vaccine are still contracting Mumps.
The whole history of why public health authorities pushed the mumps vaccine on the public is also an interesting one as mumps historically was not a serious illness.

Anonymous said...

My Halabi friend, I lived for many years by Ave R. I went to more than one yeshiva with many Halabi boys. I am surprised to hear you have not yet felt any change in the Arabic wind. There are many prophecies in Chazal that correctly predicted the type of radicalization of ISIS-al Qaeda & their sympathizers ymach shmam. There used to be Arabs coming to eat in the Flatbush kosher restaurants, and they were very friendly, almost to the point of "fadaling" with everyone. But they stopped when Hamas started the campaign in the 90s of blowing up buses. I used to bring clients to restaurants all the time & remember when things changed.

If somehow you have been spared in your personal experiences, then mabrouk, because you are in the minority.

5 Towns said...

I heard that Sruly Singer got goosebumps after the UOJ blog mentioned the stuffed envelopes last night. He has a bigger bedroom since moving from Forest Hills to Lawrence so he can hide under his bed for extended periods with his iPad & a bunch of snacks.

Meanwhile that Pinto bum was probably behind the murder of Obstfeld from Bobov. Wow did the NYPD ever botch that investigation.

Ba asher hu sham said...

Muhammed mach shmoy was not the first Arab to massacre Jews though he was the first Muslim to do so.

Not only was there a kitrug on Yishmoel from pre-Muslim Arab barbarity but if you look in some Rishonim being mefaresh Kpital 120 you will see that Dovid Hamelech was warning they are backstabbers who think a peace overture means you are weak and makes you ripe to be attacked. There is also a limud from Yishmoel the "roveh kashoss" that they attack in the manner of cowards from a distance unlike Esav who is at least brave enough to fight with a cherev, face to face like a man.

Yossel Ponzi said...

The dudes in Boca Raton Synagogue working with the Platinum scheme of Dovid Bodner & Furry Huberfeld are Leo Ehrlich & his son Shmelliot. They live in Flatbush part of the year. Imagine that, someone claiming to be an ehrlicher when working with those convicted crooks.


Did they take BRS shul members like Meir Nordlicht & Uri Landesman fleeced the whole Young Israel of New Rochelle?

Semper Fi said...

When American soldiers receive combat training they are taught the treatise by Col. Norvelle de Atkine called "Why Arabs lose Wars".

When you actually fight those chicken bopkiss cowards it is poshut the Rishonim were right about them which is what the Colonel is mechaven to.

Anonymous said...

"There used to be Arabs coming to eat in the Flatbush kosher restaurants, and they were very friendly, almost to the point of "fadaling" with everyone. But they stopped when Hamas started the campaign in the 90s of blowing up buses. I used to bring clients to restaurants all the time & remember when things changed."

The reason that Muslims stopped eating in Flatbush kosher restaurants is because sadly too many treat non Jews not nicely.

This is not only true of Arabs, but also of Hispanics, African Americans and anyone else.

If you ever have the chance to eat in a kosher restaurant out of town, you will see that they are FULL of Muslims many of whom choose to live in Jewish neighborhood so that they can buy their meat in kosher stores, eat in kosher restaurants, shop in our modest clothing stores and use our mohels to circumcise their baby boys.

Kings Highway said...

The Arabs were treated very nicely in at least some of the Flatbush restaurants by owners & managers who spoke Arabic with them. I also know this from Cholon supermarket on Kings Highway. The last couple of times the Arabs came they were tense & not so friendly, then they just stopped coming period.

Do not be fooled. This is the way Arabs are. They can act like your best friend & suddenly change - asher lo yada et Yosef.

Someone was at a tourist spot out of town & had a very friendly hour long conversation with an Arab. The Arab ended by complimenting the Jew that he is very pleasant & interesting to talk to and a very nice guy but because he is a Jew, the Arab continued with a major caveat, he would nonetheless plunge a knife into him if not for the fact that he is not currently interested in being gunned down by police or spending a long time in jail.

Anonymous said...

"The Arab ended by complimenting the Jew that he is very pleasant & interesting to talk to and a very nice guy but because he is a Jew, the Arab continued with a major caveat, he would nonetheless plunge a knife into him if not for the fact that he is not currently interested in being gunned down by police or spending a long time in jail."

Since when does one Arab speak for all Arabs?

Since when does one Jews speak for all Jews?

Certainly there are Arabs who want to kill every Jew and there are Jews who want to kill every Arab.

And there are also plenty of people who want to kill all Jews and Arabs.

Anonymous said...

I was told that Yosef Mizrachi is behind the publishing about Rabbi Efrem Goldberg and the Catholic Missionary at BRS in response to Rabbi Goldberg signing the letter against Mizrachi.

Anonymous said...

Very nice, blame the zionists! Its a very easy scapegoat!

Anonymous said...

No antisemtism? Is that with the 10 bodyguards or without? Their was a reason the jewish communities ran! It was the fomenting antisemtism that was boiling over in those countries that caused mass emigration! How many religious jews live in syria? In iraq? In egypt? In lebanan? And on a side note when was the last time a religous community was allowed to live around arabia?