Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Hey Lipa & Yudi-The Match Only Satan Could Have Made

Hey Lipa,

Stop sending your gofers my way looking to screw over the victims once again.

Hey Lippy boy, I got news for you; scores of victims of all ages have come forward with their parents. So you must be thinking...aha God is on my side, after all I call myself rosh yeshiva, and the assholes in my school wait until I mumble shema, while really what I'm doing is counting ALL the victims of sexual abuse that may be coming forward to destroy me.

So Lip, if your lawyers are telling you there's nothing to worry about, I got news for them; there are recent victims who have come forward...get it Lip, no statute of limitations to protect you against recent victims.

I just thought I'd let you know that my train has left the station...and this is one conducter you can't screw over.

Sleep Well!


Anonymous said...

prost and ordinary, our uoj.

you are a good model for hasidic movements.

Anonymous said...

i know this is not a uoj issue, but there is another terrible scandalgoing on in monsey. shloime greenbaum, the absentee menahel of ysv, who hasnt been menahel in 20 years but was given an honorary job at of sympathy to his father, now wants to bring his son, a full fledged skverer chossid, into ysv. the board is freaking out.the skverer son was asked h'ow can you become principal of a modern school, you will have to talk to women?" skverer replied "i ken talk to a vimen"
greenbaum has now asked for 5 million dollars, pracically the entire amount being held in the building fund as the price for him to leave, or hes threatning a "din torah"
it seems hes a real talmid of his rebbe

10:36 PM

Anonymous said...
To Anonymous:

Your disclosure regarding Greenbaum is not surprising. YSV like most Yeshivos is a private business that hides behind the IRC and provides no disclosures.

In fact, YSV (like most yeshivos) does not file a Form 990 with the IRS. Go to Guidestar and do a search on your favortie yeshiva and it is likely that the school is operating as a church. The b.o.d. goes along.

It would be interesting to know how much SG has been paid in the last 20 years. The same can be said for all the heads of the monsey yeshivos. What does R' Fink or R'Horowitz pay themselves? There should be full disclosure and complete transparency for all Yeshivos.

Parents are struggling to pay tuition while principals in yeshivos are getting paid more than their public school counterparts. Additionally, they get free tuition. Imagine, you make $150,000 per year and get free tuition for your kids. This is the case at one yeshiva in Monsey.

Modern Orthodox Parent 54 said...

I have just finished reading the New York Magazine article. TODAY, not for the first time, but more than ever, I AM EMBARRASSED TO BE AN ORTHODOX JEW!!! What Rabbi Kolko did does not embarrass me - it sickens and repulses me. He is sick, and while he is still accountable for his actions, should not have done it, and should pay the price for not controlling his urges, he does not embarrass me.

However, the cover-up by his enablers does embarrass me. They are far worse because they did not have (as I'm sure Kolko will claim) uncontrollable urges. They had a responsibility to protect the children and stop the abuse, and they didn't.

Torah Temimah, if Rabbi Margulies does not resign (hopefully in handcuffs) by next Monday, May 22, 2006, should be shut down. Every parent in the school should be embarrassed about leaving their children there in their care. I am certain that every other yeshiva in town will gladly take the boys in to complete the semester and their education, but any parent who is not embarrassed and frightened to leave his kid OF ANY AGE in their care is a shameful parent.

I am very embarrassed by Rav Pinchas Scheinberg. For whatever motive, to say it is not actionable because there was no penetration is woefully sick, I don't care if the Gadol is 93 or 193. He has young m'shorsim who should be able to advise and explain to him what is going on. NOTHING MAKES THE TORAH LOOK MORE FOOLISH THAN HIS STATEMENTS. He has brought a great Chilul Hashem on our community by saying what he did.

I am embarrassed by the Jewish Press and their attack on UOJ. I hope they eat their words and apologize. I won't hold my breath because they will not do the right thing.

I am embarrassed by a blogger who can - in all sincerity and immense stupidity - write that loshan harah is worse than the actual sexual abuse. Once again, statements like that make the Torah (and us) look foolish. I have an image in my head that this blogger and Rav Scheinberg's comments have Hashem (k'v'yachol) weeping on his Heavenly throne. (Can this be why it has been raining day after day in New york as this article was going to press?)

I am embarrassed by the senseless and mindless attacks on UOJ. To me, he is a hero of the Jewish people. I hope that someday we know who he is and that right-thinking organizations will honor him and his work of great sacrifice and great patience and great courage. And if not, if he is never honored by basar v'dam, I am certain he will be honored by the Most Honorable On High, by He who is All Honor, for the dignity he tried to bring back to His children. May Hashem bless his hands and his handiwork.

Ari Sealine said...


Shalom. You may or may not remember me from previous exchange on TFSG blog. Some time ago, you'd posted angrily about the Yehudah Kolko-Lipa Margules scandal/coverup of molestation/abuse. Recently, Enigma (whom also you may or may not remember from same blog) hyperlinked New York Magazine article on very subject you'd posted. She suggested that concerned members of TFSG should send you e-mails of moral support for your courage to seek justice. Hopefully, that's what I did here and now.

Ari Sealine

Anonymous said...

i am a parent of 2 torah temima boys. its sad to say but i just found out about this Rabbi Kolko/ Margules scandal yesterday. to say that i am shocked? well i'm not. my personal experience with both on a completely different subject left me with great distaste for both, i came away with no respect for the way they handeled a personal matter (having nothing to do with Sexual abuse.) i relized that for both money was the bottem line and whoever waved more of that around got their attention. they are both morally corrupt beings. but now with this latest revelation comes the question, what do i do with my 2 boys? change them yeshivas? even when they are both thriving ? Rabbi Kolko is out, what about Margules?

Anonymous said...

thanks for all the information.
i attended Rabbi Jacob Joseph (RJJ) on the lower east side(henry street).
my rabbi Sol Soloff felt the cute boys up by petting them.and once actually humiliated a fellow student by asking him to marry him.
There was also plenty of abuse by the janitors (one named victor ) who seduced me, felt me up, laid on top of me,kissed me,and i watched him masturbate.wow.
i was in the 5th-6th grade. The years were 65-67.
I also found out i wasn't the only one.
So i guess this is really wide spread.
I am now gay and have have a great relationship with a wonderful guy for over 17 years.
that's it.
take care and keep on exposing the bad so the children can be saved.

chederboy said...

i remember last september
the day my rebbe touched my member.
he called me to come to his desk
and put his arm arround my shoulder
he then removed some chumash sheets
from a large yellow folder.

"read the words and point your finger" so id read it like a rocket,
i hardly noticed his hand slide down and sneak into my pocket.

i wasnt sure that it was wrong
but i sure thought it was funny
to have my rebbes hand down there
with my kugelach and lunch money.

but id keep reading, cuz if id stop
his other hand would snap
but right away it would return
to shaking in his lap.

id hurry up to finish reading
when hed start rubbing my unit
i do admit i was afraid his handling would ruin it.

as i read i kept on thinking
of asking him to please stop
the way he worked reminded me
of emptying a freeze pop.

but finally i finished
and he sent me to my seat
but he told me to send moshe up
for him to read the sheet.

later on by recess
i didnt find it strange
when moshe reached into my pocket
past my kugelach and change...

exposemolesters said...

It is about time someone has blown the whistle on Yudi Kolko and Lipa Marguelis. We cannot allow other children to be molested by (Rabbi) Yudi Kolko. We cannot allow the Lipa Marguelis's of the world to defend a known child molester. Because Lipa Margueli did not get (Rabbi) Yudi Kolko away from young boys and allowed them to continually be abused, he is just as much responsible as Yudi kolko.

I would like to bring to your attention a similiar story as Yeshiva Torah Temima. There is a (Rabbi) Nussbaum who to this day is still employed by Yeshiva Of Brooklyn. (Rabbi Nussbaum) sexually molested my brother about 15 years ago when my brother was in his 5th grade class, as well as several other victims. Rabbi Mandel threatened my father that he would "turn his name into mud" if he tried to proceed any further with the accusations. There is so much more to write, and i will continue to do so. For more information regarding Yeshiva Of Brooklyn and (Rabbi) Nussbaum, please check out my blog. WE CANNOT SIT QUIETLY ANYMORE WHILE THIS CHILD MOLESTER CONTINUES TO BE AROUND CHILDREN.


(RABBI) NUSSBAUM ALSO CHECKS SHATNEZ (although the only Shatnez that needs to be removed is himself).

Anonymous said...

UOJ's attacks on gedolim can not be defended on the grounds that he applies a "one strike and your out rule". in a a mindboggeling early post he showed his true agenda by creating a list of dozens of "bad" gedolim citing as their " crimes" that they "smile too much" or "can't learn".these vicious attacks were against some of the greatest rosh yehivas of our time a number of whom i know personally, having learned by them and having children in their yeshivas.nothing can ever excuse this baselees motzi shem ra against the gedolai hador.i am not adressing the propriety of his recent discussions.but i can not begin to imagine how one begins to do teshuva for making sweeping ad hominim attacks on the greatest yidden of our time. i shudder to even think that someone could ever have the nerve to callously besmirch these gedolim, who have dedicated their lives to the tzibbur.no reason was ever givin for creating this terrible "list", it appears to have been created almost in jest... before uoj became a public figure.when you beg for mechila from each of these gedolim, then you will perhaps have more credibility than Korach.

exposemolesters said...

To anonymous;

If you're really SO concerned about someone doing teshuva, I reckon the Yudi Kolko/Lipa Margulis sex-scandal should top your list. There is something called priority, a system where the more important issue at hand should be given the most attention. Apparently, your priorities are centered on the wrong picture. You love to use the "religious defense" but it holds no water. Need I remind you that the abuser in this case (yudi kolko) is a so called religious "orthodox Rabbi". Was his so called status as Rabbi, suddenly have the power to shield him from molesting young boys at Yeshiva Torah Temima??? Does it foolishly mean, that because the accused happens to be a "Rabbi" he gets a free pass to act lewdly to his students without so much as a whimper, protest, or an investigation into the allegations? The Catholic Church was not immune to the interrogation and removal of its pedophile priests, and so should our "Rabbi's" who prey on children, not be immune from the hands of the law?

So which is more of a priority for you "anonymous"? Someone who does not "keeps shabbos" or a "Rabbi" molesting young boys without ever being stopped? (heck! unchecked the molester may live doing it until the day he dies, which could be well into the next generation and after far too many victims).

Which is worse "anonymous"? Someone who wrote "baseless motzi shem ra against the gedolai hador" as you put it, or a Rabbi that would STILL be molesting boys at Yeshiva Torah Temima, had it not been for the courage and bravery of the victims able to speak about the sexual abuse they endured?

As far as your very "righteous" ways, where you state, ( "when you beg for mechila from each of these gedolim, then you will perhaps have more credibility than Korach"), I find that to be very ironic. The people that need to start doing real Tshuva yesterday, are still not held accountable to their heinous and ugly crimes against children. People in a position of power, especially when dealing with kids, have an added obligation to keep our kids safe. Safe means, not having a "rabbi" who molests children around our kids period. No ifs, ands, or butt's about it. They also have a moral obligation at the very least of looking into the allegations and not simply dismissing them with a snap of the finger, like was done by Yeshiva Torah Temima and Yeshiva of Brooklyn, where bosses (roshei yeshiva FYI) were in a position to fire the offenders long ago, and did not.

As far as Korach is concerned, he would be regarded as a saint, would he be living in out times. Yes, he was punished by the earth swallowing him up, but he was on a much higher level than probably most people in our days will ever achieve, therefore, he was held to a higher standard than most. At least Korach's sin was not molesting kids, a crime that is considered "life threatening" for the victims, and like the Torah tells us, one who saves one life, it is considered as if he had saved the world. Obviously saving a person's life (even one life) takes precedence over any one of your pointless statements, which seek to divert the real issue at hand rather than focusing on it, and that is very unfortunate on your part!

Anonymous said...


Is there an email address you have where surivors can write you regarding other abusive rabbis?

Un-Orthodox Jew said...

My e-mail address:

chesed said...

It seemed like Moshe Rabeinu's and Mordechai Hayehudi's stock value were "plummeting" - Moshe Rabeinu's approaching paroh seemimgly backfiring when making The B'nai yisroel collect their own straw and Mordechai Hayehudi's
Lo Yichra Vilo Yishtachave seemingly backfiring but both Moshe Rabeinu and Mordecchi Hayehudi Ultimately Being Proven Right

The same for Moshe Rabeinu and Korach - Korach and Dasan Vavirom claiming that Chas Veshalom that Moshe Rabeinu Anav Mikol Odom and Aharon Hacohen were Chas Veshalom seeking Kavod
Kol Haposel Bimumo Posel Korach and dasan Vavirom were projecting their own shortcomings and the same for you.
Madua Lo Yirasim lidaber Biavdi Harav Hagaon Rav Pinchos Scheinberg Shlita

Jewish Survivors Of Sexual Violence said...

Look to see how Chicago handles a convicted sex offender in their community


Home Sweet Home Chicago said...

Monday, June 26, 2006

Sexual Perversity in Chicago

Case of the Kosher Butcher in Chicago -- Meyer Miller (not convicted of any sex crime).

Case of the Rabbi/Teacher at Hillel Torah in Chicago - Rabbi Tzvi Wainhaus.

Case of Rabbi Avrohom Mondrowitz, M.Sc., Ph.D., L.N.H.A (grew up in the same apartment building in Chicago as the kosher butcher).

Case of Eugene Loub Aronin.

Seeking Friends Through

Anonymous said...

The biggest joke being foisted upon Klall Yisroel is AGUDAS YISROEL,and their N'SIYUS who are a the biggest bunch of farbrechers seen in ages. They have absolutly no clue and worse they dont care.Since the p'tirah of Reb Moshe Sherer Z"TZL, what has AGUDAS Yisroel accomplished for yiddishkiet? The N'siyus is a joke. Their leader Yankel Perlow is a world class clown. The only organization with bigger fools at the helm is TORAH U'METZORHAHA. They serve NO purpose at all.
Besides giving a few misanthropes a way of making a living WHAT HAVE THESE organizations accomplished? The fact that they have the chutzpah to say anything good regarding the Kolko/TT matter shows how stupid and corrupt they are. Zweibel is either a liar or a fool if he expects anybody to believe the "party line". It would be a MITZVA for all frum yidden to withold support of AGUDAS YISROEL, boycott their dinners and other funraisers, and refuse to attend the Annual "Let's Eat Turkey with the Turkeys weekend".

Why are we being led around like blind sheep under the guise of DAS TORAH. These clowns have no DAS.And WHO appointed these individuals DAS TORAH? Every SH'VANS wearing SH'VENS on his head in Boro Park and Williamsburg, every BEN TORAH (we'll discuss that at a later time) who has a few bucks or in most cases his father in-law has it, has opened a bais medrash and has decided THAT HE IS "DAS TORAH".In most cases these individuals can barely say Ivrah,much less teitch a posuk chumash without the help of Artscroll, and THEY HAVE BECOME DAS TORAH? These fools are busy ranting about 7 year old girls riding bicycles during vacations.These fools are raving about women talking on cell phones, they are our DAS TORAH? Plumbas (kashruth tags) on sheitlach, water filters for the water filters (yes I have seen them)THIS IS DAS TORAH?
OUR children are growing up withouth ANY REAL LEADERSHIP. Pass by ANY Yeshiva today, can you pick your MONKEY out of the OTHER MONKIES, Black hats, white shirts, dark jackets and grey pants..hmmm which monkey is mine THIS IS DAS TORAH?
Hasn't the Kolko/TT incident and the Ner Yisroel story and only the ribono shel olam knows what else shown us anything about DAS TORAH?

Anonymous said...

The yeshiva’s attorney, Avi Moskowitz, maintains that Kolko has nothing to do with Camp Silver Lake and that he was not in charge of the July 20 event. “Obviously, the camp has no control over where he goes and what he does,”.

WHAT LIES!!! Call Lake Compounce and ask them which camp/organization reserved the park for August 9. It is none other than Camp Silver Lake. What's Yudi doing there if he's no longer employed by YTT/CSL? They must think we're all idiots.

Anonymous said...

I am a member of the Passaic community, We have a new naighber Stephen Colmer. Can you please tell us what ever you know about his past in Brooklyn?

Anonymous said...

Colmer's your neighbor? You might want to move. He's a child molester. I can tell you that the scumbag molested me when I was ten years old. And I'm not even Jewish.

Anonymous said...

When I was a teen there was a story of a bachur that was killed at the Long Beach yeshiva and no one found out what happened. Any theories on if it might be connected to anything else?

Anonymous said...

If any of you victims of Colmer or should I say his alias Cohen don't go to the cops your family in Israel just maybe next

Anonymous said...

Looks like Vicky's rebbe has turned on her. In this weeks Baltimore Advertiser an ad appeared stating Etz Chaim and the Center for Jewish Education is working with Project Genesis in sponsoring an event with Dr. Gerald Schroeder.

For those of you who might have forgotten, Project Genesis is owned and ran by allged sexual predator, rabbi Yaakov Menken (aka: Ken Menken). I guess our Vicky has been betrayed by herrebbe, Sholom Porter.

Anonymous said...

The problem with this site is that it really just scrapes the surface with the high-profile cases we all know already.
Habad is a whole world of abuse and the latest is Cunin of California, yes Rabbi Cunin the guy who invented the term habad house-a serial kiddy fiddler