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If Only The Jewish Press Would Have Called Elliot Pasik Esq. - The Founder Of JBAC

The UOJ Archives - February 28, 2006

Dear Rabbi Klass and the Jewish Press editorial board,

I am truly sorry about mailing out thousands of letters to the New York Jewish community. You see Rabbi Klass, what I'm sorry about has nothing to do with your editorial. I'm sorry that our community has let all of us down, including you and your paper. There was no need to do a mass mailing, in fact I pleaded with Lipa Margulies to "consider" putting Yudi Kolko on paid leave, pending the outcome of a hearing at a mutually agreed upon bais din.

I sent emissaries to him weeks before the mailing asking him to "consider" putting Kolko on leave. He denied ever hearing about Kolko being a problem around children and therefore was not only not going to put him on leave, but that he was going to defend him if it ever came to bais din, which he said would never happen. He is a pathetic liar and a very evil man.

I e-mailed you the letter that I intended to mail out to the community two weeks before the mailing took place asking you to investigate. What happened R' Yaakov, why did you not call Lipa Margulies and ask him what's going on? Were you also of the belief that one day I woke up with nothing really important to do, so I just picked up the phone book and picked out a name and started ranting about the danger Yudi Kolko poses around children?

R' Yaakov, you could have been a contender!

Your paper could have investigated and seen that an esteemed frum attorney, Elliot B. Pasik put his name on this campaign. No, not necessarily endorsing any or all of my opinions, but endorsing my efforts to get rid of Yudi Kolko from the classroom!

Instead you busied yourself with the "eat until you die" Pesach ads. I ask you why have you ignored this issue? Is there no more important issue to Klal Yisroel than the safety of our children? Do you really think any reputable attorney would "impose" on Klal Yisroel such a "mundane" issue as safety from sexual predators without a thorough investigation?

Why did you not call Elliot Pasik Esq? Why did you not call Jeffrey Herman Esq? Do you think that these respected attorneys would take a case of this magnitude if they thought for a brief second that these were false claims? Or is it easier to just ramble on about the issue of an anonymous mailing? I challenged you to investigate these claims; I challenged you to call Lipa Margulies and demand that he sign a sworn affidavit under penalty of perjury that he was not aware of any of these accusations.

I'm going to say it again...really clear for the entire frum world to hear, to digest, and to help you rise up out of your slumber...Lipa Margulies is harboring a pedophile knowingly and willingly for thirty plus years, he was informed and knew without a shadow of a doubt for thirty very long years and countless victims later that Kolko is a dangerous predator; and Yudi Kolko is seriously ill, he needs help immediately and must be removed from any environment that children find themselves in.


February 16, 2006

Dear Chaverim,

Because I am an attorney who has long been involved in advocating a program for protecting our children from sex abuse, I feel the need to publicly comment in the forum of this blog on the allegations being made against a rebbe at Yeshiva Torah Temimah.

Over the past several weeks, I have read various posts of alleged victim accounts which have given dates, places, type of sex abuse, and other factual detail.

In addition, the blog administrator ("UOJ"), a frum Jew and a musmach, has mailed thousands of letters to frum Jews in Flatbush and Borough Park. He has demanded that this rebbe's employment at the yeshiva be terminated.

I have also spoken to several adult individuals who confided in me their stories of childhood sex abuse committed against them by this man.

The allegations are serious, but there are solutions, and I will present them in this letter. In addition, concerned community members have been in contact with the yeshiva, and I hope and pray, b'ezras Hashem, that a resolution will be reached, along the lines to be outlined here.

For a fair amount of time, I have been advocating a two-part approach for eradicating the problem of child sex abuse in our yeshivas, day schools, camps, and other youth settings.

First, we need to perform fingerprint-based criminal background checks on all of our employees and volunteers, and in this way, we will avoid hiring convicted sex offenders, drug offenders, violent criminals, and other dangerous predators.

I have previously written in my letters to Torah U'Mesorah, Agudath Israel, the Rabbinic Council of America, the Orthodox Union, and the National Council of Young Israel that 42 out of 50 states now require their public schools to perform fingerprint based criminal background checks on their employees (including New York State); 10 states require their nonpublic schools to perform such checks (not New York). In addition, after too-numerous child sex abuse incidents, every major youth group in the U.S. is performing background checks: the Boy and Girl Scouts, the Boys and Girls Clubs of America, Little League of America, the American Youth Soccer Organization, Pop Warner Football, the Civil Air Patrol.

In the wake of the Catholic priest sex abuse scandal, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops has required employee and volunteer background checks for all Catholic schools and youth groups since April 2003, whether required by law or not.

Even private corporations whose employees do not have regular access to children are voluntarily performing criminal background checks. An August 26, 2004 Wall Street Journal article reported that 80% of America's 400 largest corporations are performing background checks on their employees. Wal Mart, the nation's largest employer, joined this group after two convicted sex offenders working in their South Carolina stores were alleged to have molested children on store premises.

All of these background checks have weeded out thousands of convicted sex offenders and other dangerous criminals who would otherwise constitute a grave danger to children.

How great is the danger? The U.S. Congress and the U.S. Department of Education most recently addressed the school sexual abuse problem in a lengthy June 2004 report entitled, "Educator Sexual Misconduct: A Synthesis of Existing Literature", authored by Hofstra University Prof. Charole Shakeshaft, a leading expert. This report informs us that nearly 10% of U.S. students are targets of contact and noncontact sexual misconduct during their K-12 years. Among the security recommendations are that all public and private schools perform fingerprint based criminal background checks. This report is available on the U.S. Department of Education website.

Another good resource for people who want to educate themselves about the problem is a book called, "Predators" (2004), authored by Dr. Anna Salter, a Harvard College, Harvard Medical School-educated psychiatrist, who presents a mountain of evidence that establishes the great danger that child sex abuse presents. Dr. Salter has also written the two leading textbooks in use in our country on the treatment of sex offenders. Dr. Salter proves through her evidence that sex offenders should never work near children. Pedophiles are actually never cured, and they are in need of lifetime therapy.

In addition, there is also a mounting body of medical evidence which proves what we already intuitively know: that childhood sex abuse has long-term consequences. Medical studies have established that people who have suffered childhood sex abuse are at a greater risk for depression, substance abuse, and suicide.

Our own community has not ignored the child sex abuse problem. In May 2003, for example, both Torah U'Mesorah and the RCA, at their respective conventions, addressed the issue. I have listened to the audiotapes. A psychologist prominent in our community for specializing in this problem spoke at each convention, and described an incident in a yeshiva where a janitor with a criminal record for sex abuse attacked our children. In addition, the psychologist stated that we have suffered an unconscionable number of suicides of children who have been sex abuse victims.

Hashem yerachim.

I have made some progress on achieving my goal of having every yeshiva and Hebrew day school in New York State perform fingerprint-based employee background checks. The New York State Senate is drafting a bill, which I hope to have in my hands shortly. State Assembly sponsors will then be needed, and hopefully the Governor will support the bill, and it will pass.

But background checks are only one part of the overall solution. What do we do about the vast majority of sex offenders who never see the inside of a courtroom? Most child sex abuse victims never report the crimes done to their bodies, and unfortunately, even when they do, they are often not believed. More unfortunate, even when they are believed, successful criminal prosecutions are difficult, particularly where there is an absence of physical evidence.

Clearly, our yeshivas and day schools need to unite to form our own internal disciplinary system and registry, which will record the names of those individuals, who after a hearing conducted under careful rabbinic auspices, are found guilty of either violence or sex abuse, and will then be forever barred from employment in our mosdos.

Such a disciplinary system and registry would be neither novel, nor difficult to establish. Every public educational system in our country has such a program in place, as does the Catholic Church. We Jews therefore have numerous models to follow, and we should quickly establish our own disciplinary system and registry. In fact, the registry concept was specifically discussed and spoken of very approvingly at the May 2003 Torah U'Mesorah Convention.

In addition, I approached the Rabbinical Council of America, an organization of approximately 1,000 rabbis, and proposed and drafted for them a Resolution endorsing background checks, and a disciplinary system and registry for all of our 700 yeshivas and Hebrew day schools that teach 200,00 Jewish children in the United States, including 100,000 in New York State. The Resolution passed at their May 2005 Convention, you can read it on rabbis.org, and I credit this Resolution for the great progress I am making in the New York State Senate for achieving a law that will allow fingerprint based criminal background checks to be conducted in our schools.

Our yeshivas and day schools do need to be concerned about laws that protect our children, and performing background checks, and having an internal disciplinary system and registry, will accomplish that goal.

Some New York laws that come into play are: Education Law section 3204, which provides that a nonpublic school teacher must be "competent". It is highly questionable, to say the least, as to whether a teacher who is a child sex abuser is "competent".

New York State Education Law section 549(1) provides that "the state has a primary responsibility to ensure the health, welfare and safety of children attending both public and nonpublic schools."

New York State Penal Law section 2601.10 is entitled, "Endangering the Welfare of a Child", and provides that it is a misdemeanor for a person legally charged with the custody of a child to fail to exercise reasonable diligence in preventing such child from becoming "abused". Statutes like these have been used in prosecutions of cases against the Catholic Church.

New York State Social Service Law section 413 makes it a misdemeanor for a school official not to report sex abuse to the New York central registry of childhood sex abuse.

In addition, New York courts have, on multiple occasions, declared the duty that a school owes to a child, sometimes referred to by the ancient Latin phrase, "in loco parentis", in place of the parent. When a parent transfers physical custody of his child to a school, the school stands in place of the parent, and assumes the same duty. Thus, just as parent would never hire a sex offender as a babysitter, so too should a school never employ a sex offender as teacher. See, e.g., Pratt v. Robinson, 39 NY2d 554 (1976).

The Torah has much to say about this situation, which time and space do not allow here, but suffice it to say that the Torah commands, Lo sa'amod al dam ra'echa, Do not stand upon the blood of your brother. This is a positive mitzvah that requires one Jew to save the life of another. In addition, the Torah tells us, V'shmartem nafshosachem me'od, You will guard your lives exceedingly. The Torah also tells us, Tsedek, tsedek tirdof, l'maan tichyeh. Justice justice shall you pursue, in order that you may live.

Certainly, if the individual accused of sex abuse at Torah Temima declines to resign, or if the yeshiva declines to terminate his employment, an evidentiary-type hearing, in my opinion, should be held. The alleged victims should testify, the accused abuser can also testify, and a decision should then be rendered by the professional panel of judges - unbiased rabbis and lawyers from our community.

Barring resignation or termination, the hearing may be the solution to our current problem. This hearing can be the first step taken towards establishing our own internal disciplinary system and registry. Gam zu l'tovah.

This process and verdict can also be a refuah for the alleged victims who have suffered in silence for so long, at cost to their physical and mental health. They are entitled to some small measure of justice.

The establishment of our own disciplinary system and registry can also be a first step in teshuvah and recovery for the accused individual.

In the future, cases like these need not be addressed through anonymous mass mailings, blogs, and public letters from a lawyer such as myself. Our own genuine justice system, which will itself act as a deterrent, can properly handle such problems.

Together with our own hishtadlus, may the Ribono Shel Olam endow all of us with the kochus and chochma that we will need to resolve our current situation.

Very truly yours,

Elliot B. Pasik
Attorney at Law
145 West Olive Street
Long Beach, New York 11561


T>T> parent said...

At this point a boycott is a very silly move.
Lets stay focused.
The issue here is not newspapers . The issue is not having a dialogue with anyone about this TT case
The issue here is about taking the NEXT STEP to resolve this dangerous issue that face our children daily.
UOJ , please dont plead with the jewish press.
They are entitled to thier own opinion.
Its a free world out there. Its thier peragative to decline running the article (RIGHT OR WRONG)
Just take all this mounting evidence that you have collected and do the right thing and take the NEXT STEP.
Everyday that you wait , more and more neshamos are be scarred for doros.

Un-Orthodox Jew said...

There is a very organized process that has begun.

Fellow Yid said...

I am familiar with what you are doing UOJ, I work at a certain organization that is worried to death about their liability.
UOJ keep it up it's working.

Anonymous said...

are we satisfied with the amends the OU has made since their Lanner mess up?

Anonymous said...

"mounting evidence" Of which we have not seen a shred! Get real, all your providing are more "trust me"s and that will not convince the outside to pass judgement on a man who has been a mechanach for more than 30 years.

Anonymous said...

At least they admitted that they messed up. With Margolis's arrogance, I do not see that happening.

Anonymous said...

Checked the JP this morning. Not one word, not one letter, nothing. These guys headed for the hills. Smart move.

Anonymous said...

I shudder to think about what your hell will be if this is not true, but I must admit that "UOJ RESPONDS TO THE JEWISH PRESS" was well written and quite convincing.

Das Torah said...

A Guten Choidesh to all:

Mee Shenichnas Adar Marbin Bisimcha:

Lets hope this month brings Simcha to all of Klal Yisroel but especially to those whose lives have been shattered by the improper actions of others and who are watching a Vinahapoch Hu take place here.

The Mitzvah of Mechiyas Ammalek is a central theme of this month and of Purim. The reason why we are commanded Moche Timche es Zecher Amalek is because Amalek will have no Tikun L’usid Lovo. As the Posuk says ‘Viachreeso Adei Oved’ Their end will be destruction.

Indeed, the Loshon ‘Yimach Shimo Vizichro’ comes from this Loshon by Amalek. Is it appropriate to use such language against a fellow Jew? It was reported that a prominent Rov used that Loshon about OUJ. I don’t know if this is true. If it is then the following should be read as Yilamdeinu Rabbeinu.

The knock on OUJ is that he has been Mevazeh Talmeidei Chachomim. Some of his earlier postings certainly constitute Beezoi Talmeidei Chachamim. The Rambam in Hilchos Talmud Torah based on the Gemara in Sanhedrin states that ‘Hamevazeh Talmid Chahcham Ein Lo Chelek L’olam Habah.’ However, the Rambam concludes by saying this is only if the person does not do Teshuvah. If they do Teshuvah then they certainly have a Chelek in Olam Habah.

It would seem, since a person can do Teshuvah until his last breath, and indeed Hashem is anticipating eagerly the Teshuvah of even Reshaim, that its inappropriate to say Yemach Shemoh Vizichro on a Yid as he can always do Teshuvah.

There is also a Machlokes what ‘Ein Lo Chelek L’olam Habah’ means. Rabbeinu Bechaya, in the end of Parshas Achrei Mos, brings Bishaim the Rikanti and Rabbeinu Ezra that it only means he won’t have his own Chelek but he will have Olam Habah through others. The same is true for Korais Hanefesh. He says however that the Rambam is Cholek and learns that Korais Hanefesh means destruction of the Neshama Chas Vsholom. According to Rabbeinu Bechaya, Lchoirah you can never say Yimach Shmoh Vizichro on a Yid since every Yid has a Neshama Nitzchiyis. Even those Yiddin on whom is is said Ein Lohem Chelek L’olam Habah.

Some seem to argue that in light of the fact that OUJ has been Mevazeh Talmeidei Chachamim we are prohibited from associating with the blog in any way. However, this is not supported by Halacha. R’ Moshe in a Teshuva (Even Hoezer Tzadik Vav) with respect to the Halacha of Sefer Torah Shecosvoi Min Yisoraif Shelo Lhuneeach Shem states that this is davka by a Sefer Torah which is a Duvur Shebkdusha, but something which is not B’etzem a Duvur Shebkedusha even if it is used for Iyunai Kedusha, one is permitted to utilize it. The blog is clearly not a Davar Shebkedusha although the goal of ridding a Yeshiva of a Mazik Oomachtee Es Harabim involves many mitzvos. On that note, it is well known that Godol Hamachteeo Yoser Min Hahargoi. There are stories of people whose frumkeit have been compromised as a result of these Maasim. The Poskim indeed call it a Pegiah Nafshis.

It is not unusual to find Devarim Shebkedusha emanating from sources that are less than holy. We find by Bilaam that on the one hand he was a Rasha Bmidos Ubimaasim and on the other hand his Madreigah of Nevuah was as great as Moshe Rabbeinu. We say every morning Mah Tovu Ohulecha Yaacov, a quote from Bilaam. Terach the Oived Avodah Zorah gave birth to Avraham Oveenu. Why Hashem chose such vehicles for these Inyunim is a separate issue.

The mission of OUJ is a mission of Hatzolos Nifoshas that is clearly worth embracing. Notwithstanding this fact, I am Moche Bichul Loshon Shel Machaa on the Elboina Shel Torah of his previous posts. I hereby publicly exhort him to publicly, on the blog, do Teshuvah and withdraw and retract each and every negative comment made about Gedolei Yisroel and Talmidei Chachamim. The goal here is to weed out the bad apples, the Tzvooim, Sheoisim Maaseh Zimri Umevakshim Schar Kipinchus, not to denigrate true Ovdei Hashem and Talmidei Chachamim. That defeats the whole purpose.

I would also point out that the purposeless denigration of Talmidei Chachamim on earlier OUJ posts has been used very effectively by the supporters of the Mazik . They will seize upon any and every distraction to try to keep people away from the Emes. We need to take away that distraction so that all right thinking Bnai Torah, Balabatim and YTT Parents can embrace OUJ’s mission of Hatzolas Nefoshos without hesitation.

Anonymous said...

"they admitted that they messed up"

kind of, after they were forced to ...

Anonymous said...

UOJ- I have been reading your posts since mid summer. I am trying to keep up with all the comments and posts on R'Kolko, but i have a question. Has anyone thought to ask R'Klien (from Manavu and Chaim Berlin) why he bought out Kolkos share in Manavu and made Kolko swear to never open up his own camp? We all thought Klien was the bad guy at the time.. but maybe he just knew things that we werent privy to ..Makes me wonder. It also makes me feel horrible for viewing Rabbi Klien as 'the bad guy' back then.

Yehudah Laufer said...

UOJ - why did you not go directly to attorneys and file suit? You had to have known that an anaymous campaign would not accomplish your goals.

Yehudah Laufer said...

A few weeks ago, somebody posted a comment claiming that a person named "DL" molested him and others in Toras Moshe and that DL is now a shoel umayshiv. I happen to know that the yeshiva got wind of the post and R Mieselman said he knew who the poster was and would contact him (which seems to lend credence to the claim). If you are still out there, did Mieselman ever call?

Anonymous said...

So typical of R Mieselman to feign control of the situation . TOMO graduate here ( 2004-2005), and I have fingered (well they told me) atleast 3 people that posted accusations against “DL” on this and Angrysouls blog.

The way I understand it, the outcry is against Mieselman for intentional continuos failure to protect the students of the Yeshiva.

Truth be told, during our year we heard the rumors already and knew to stay away from private encounters with “DL”. We heard that he’d been in and out of therapy and what not. I always maintained a safe distance.

Hope that helps.

Anonymous said...

How the heck would Meiselman know such a thing? I don't buy it for a minute.

Anonymous said...

Another thing to think about is how much Klein is enjoying this.

I would suggest he takes a step back. Once we are done with sexual abusers were gonna move on to physical abusers.

Kleins day may yet come.

happy purim said...

To annon:
you said: "why he bought out Kolkos share in Manavu and made Kolko swear to never open up his own camp?"

Bad point. He bought out R' Lipa Geltwirth from ma-na-vu also.

good luck.

R Meiselman said...

there were a number of people that claimed they were molested in Tomo... we did find out about the comments and this blogsite, but we could not be sure which person was the one commenting and therefor, we decided not to contact any of the victims.

We were also not sure what we would accomplish by contacting anyone. We could have called the few people who made claims and told them we did not believe them then and we still do not believe them now..... problem is 4 other people came out of the wood works since and to call 6 ppl and tell them we dont believe them might look bad on our part.... also the reaction from these people might not have been the same as the first time around. Back when this issue came up when we told them we dont believe them, they shut up and didnt really talk about it much again. We got the feeling this time around that the reactions would be slightly different....

Based on the above we decided to use the same approach as always.... keep quiet and do nothing. That always works.

any questions or comments please email me: RMeiselman@gmail.com

TRUTH said...

Call up Shloimi Klein (as I and other people did) and ask him yourself. He told me that never in his around 20 years around Yudi Kolko (in TV of Flatbush and Manavu) did he see or hear anything that would give credence to these allegations. And that is from someone that doesn't like Kolko, to say the least!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

when you say "they told me" who is they?

I am also curious ho they would know or why angrsoul would come up? He had nothing to do with tomo??

another former tomo grad (2002-2003)

Charles said...

This site is now hacked! We will begin deleting stuff shortly. Just waiting for the check to clear

PS. It will take you two days to realize that you are really hacked, Dont say I didnt warn you.
Also, I really have nothing against you, I'm just an IT guy that is being paid to do this, and I am starting to really rake it in.


rebbe in tt said...

truth- Did you call up Nosson Scherman, Yisroel Belsky, Yehuda Oelbaum, Simcha Kaufman as well?

Yeshiva Rebbe said...

Part of the deal that Shlomi Klein made with Kolko was that he would never divulge Kolko's ugly secret.
Why do you think the court file is sealed?
Klein is a liar and has no neemonus
by anyone,not even by his dead brother Yankee.
Call Klein is like saying call Margolis, cut the stupidity. Shoitah!

Anonymous said...

UOJ where do we go upon word of the hacking of this site?

Un-Orthodox Jew said...

In case of hacking of this site, the new address will be:


e-mail address for any information:

meilech said...

the yingele avrumi shorr is out of his league and mind. he should shut up because he will be proven wrong.

boog said...

avrumi shorr has some physical "abuse" skeletons that are well known in B.P., Flatbush,and Monsey.

UOJ...give 'em all hell.

Hey Jason Maoz and Danny Rapps(Jewish Press Pashkivil Editorial Writer) did you see your faired-haired boy wonder Mordy Tendler's picture in this morning's NY Post? Got the boot finally from the KNH Board. Long, long overdue. And this shtick tinaf is outraged and claims that the Boards action is illegal!?

Anyone notice the eerie facial similarity between mordy tendler and ephraim bryks? sends chills down your spine.

Anonymous said...

First of all, the correct terminology would be an unorthodox jew, not a.

Just a word here: It is commendable that you are trying to get molestors and rapists off the streets, and away from our childrenbaloney and total r

However, I find it ludicrous, that you find the chutzpa to spread rumors about great klal people in our midst. I AM DEFINATELY NOT REFERRING TO THIS POST ABOUT KOLKO/MARGULIES/YESHIVA TORAH TEMIMAH. I know nothing about this case.

I'm referring to the archives I read on your hacked sites. Some of your posts are nothing but sheker, and hurting wonderful people who do great things for klal yisrael.

FrumHypocrisy said...

Daas Torah,

I think you should send out a weekly email of your D'var Torah and perhaps a nice Balabus can print it out and distribute it to the local shtieblach so the mispallelim will have something to do during davening.

TRUTH said...

The entire Ma-Na-Vu court ruling was on the front page of the New York Law Journal in mid 1992. Their online site doens't go back that far but you could probably find it in a library. It was by no means sealed. The NYLJ gave it such coverage because it was a landbreaking ruling, where the secular courts held up the ruling of a lone Rabbi (R' Dovid Cohen).

I did not speak to the other Rabbis, but heard that Nosson Sherman and Simcha Kaufman don't know of anything supporting these claims. That's what they say, but who knows, maybe they were also sworn to secrecy!! Maybe Margolis told them that if they say anything they will be fired.

Whoops, Nosson Scherman isn't in TT anymore. Nah, who cares. It's a good theory anyway and will sell to the masses. That's all that counts.

Anonymous said...

*Whoops, Nosson Scherman isn't in TT anymore. Nah, who cares. It's a good theory anyway and will sell to the masses. That's all that counts. *
maybe he cant speak because he is in the midst of putting out a new mystery series which includes sexual predators

lawyer representing victims said...

We're going to get all these hotshots; Scherman, Belsky, Kaufman,Oelbaum, and all other "Men In Black" in a courtroom in front of a judge and jury and let them convince a jury in Brooklyn that they knew nothing about Kolko.

Das Torah said...

To Frumhypocrisy:

These comments address very serious issues. Many of the people commenting here take these issues quite seriously. If you don't, perhaps you should look for another topic that piques your interest.

Anonymous said...

If I remember correctley, angrysoul complains of abuse at the hands of "DL" while he was in High School at Shar Hatorah.

I've heard alot of serious allegations in the past few weeks concerning Toras Moshe, Shar Hatorah, and Camp Romimu.

It appears that the Kolko matter opened a bag of worms.

I'm only 16 but clealry the situation calls for your strongest efforts to be waged against Miesalman and TOMO, Feifer Romimu-Nosson Shapiro, and Shar Hatorah.

Not to downplay the Kolko incident, but there seems to be more imminent lurking danger.

(1) This DL character seems to be a Shaol Umashiv enabling him strike at any time. Miesalman is portrayeds as sitting back and doing nothing.
(2) All I have heard for 3 weeks is story after story of homosexual activities in the Shar HAtorah dorms. The shar hatorah dorm seems to be infested with sexual deviation.
(3) This Nosson Shapiro guy apparently tied young boys up with landyard and raped them. Romomu is accused of being aware of Shapiros activities and looking the other way.

I don't understand. Names and faces have come out iagainst DL and Shapiro.
Yet you choose this faceless campign against Kolko

UOJ I commend your efforts but can you please tell me why you ignore these more compelling dangers??????

Un-Orthodox Jew said...

Above Anon,

I hear you loud and clear.

My strategy is to crack wide open the "system" that permits sexual predators to feel comfortable behind the walls of yeshivas.

I feel that I must focus on one example of a long-time predator and his protector and the gangster-like activity surrounding this case.

The next step, once these guys are exposed, convicted and removed from the yeshiva, is to set up a permanent panel of independent professionals to investigate these type of allegations immediately...

This example must be made without rachmonus in order to prevent these animals, both predator and their protectors, from getting into the system..and if they are already in to get them out pronto.

My focus for now is the big picture which means this case must be prosecuted before I can move on to the next ones, or better yet let the newly convened panel deal with these molesters.

Flatbush Rabbi said...

I was skeptical at the very least of your allegations at first. I am now convinced not only that you're right but I believe you are doing the greatest mitzva one can do which is hatzolas nefashos.
I don't agree with much of what you say but you're entitled to your opinions, and it certainly does not negate your credibilty in my eyes.
I as well am skeptical to what is today called Chassidim and the true roots of that movement.

Anonymous said...

the NYLJ article is from Feb 1993 and it's really quite tedious and boring.

FrumHypocrisy said...

Daas Torah,

I think you got the tone of my comment all wrong. I am very aware of the seriousness of this issue and in fact am acquainted with victims of Yeshiva abuse and also suffered plenty myself. I have been a long-time reader of this blog and my comment was actually mocking the oilam that is so apathetic to the important issues that plague us. They'd rather read the low end, generic torah flyers and newsletters that circulate shuls than discuss or even care about what is really important. I guess my attempt at humor was not well-received.

Das Torah said...


I'm glad to hear that. Your handle (frum hypocrisy) also seems to indicate your desire to stop the phoniness. Apathy is indeed our biggest challenge as many people prefer to live by the credo Shulum Ulai Nafshi and lets not rock the boat. This is also caused by fear that they will be labeled a troublemaker and it will effect them in shidduchim etc. Fortunately, some people are willing to stick their neck out and those individuals truly deserve a Yasher Koach for waking up the rest of us.

boog said...

Das Torah;

Are you giving a Shabbos Hagodol Drosho somewhere? I have a feeling it would be a worthwhile listen.

Das Torah said...


Thanks for the vote of confidence. I am actually beginning to feel, for the first time, that the Oilam may be ready to hear what I have to say. The Emes is starting to break through, ever so slowly.

Anonymous said...

I think the main reason people are starting to see the light is , 1, because no letters from any of our favorite GEDOLIM or KETANIM for that matter have come out refuting any of this stuff.
But the biggest proof of the putting lies in the fact that neither TT nor Kolko Nor Margo
tried to refute it.
as we all know it says SHETEEKAH is KEHODAYA! (keeping quiet when asked a question is as if he THE questionee) agrees that what you are saying is indeed TRUE

Anonymous said...

Guilty people have a hard time denying the truth. Especially when they know that the truth is about to come out and will turn them into complete liars. Nobody will get near this because evreybody knows its true and in its only because of Margulies that its been suppressed all these years. But as they say if you close the door on reality it comes through the window. I believe alot of YTT sympathizers are still in a state of shock as this horrible reality slowly begins to sink in. I understand the pain they must be feeling right now. I expect that pain will very soon turn into anger and rage at Margulies for having decieved them all these years.

Anonymous said...

you are a sick person...worse than any of the ppl u mention on ur page.
for the hate and lashon hara u spread on these pages god will punish u bad one day

rabbi wachsman is a tzadik and rabbi kolko is a good person who is under a venomous attack in which he cant stop...people like listening to garbage and lashon hara and u r feeding it.
in the worst case rabbi kolko is guilty of the alleged claims hes is going straight to gan eden as he has had hell on earth being embarrassed by mamazerim who hide behind a blog...either way kolko wins...hes headed ad meyim vesrim to gan eden...
if u really felt it was an issue it should have been done with lawyers, not press conferences and newspapers...

Anonymous said...

the klien kolko manavu split had nothing to do with a sex scandal
as a matter of fact they both wanted to keep manavu they sat in bet din and courts for months...they even sat in camp 1 last summer b4 they broke up

Anonymous said...

why dont you people ask all the manavu counclors of the 80s's and early 90s if there was any funky stuff going on in manavu...
ask the (names removed)
there wasnt.. rabbi kolko was a very strict head councelor but cared about his student and campers and their families and wouldnt do anything that would hurt them
no one would put up with any bad stuff like that going on...

regardless the method of uoj etc dealing with this issue is completly wrong...should be either with rabonim and if that way wasnt working with lawyers in privact NOT in newspapers etc...

spacedoutBT said...

I am in mourning for my old Midwood neighborhood for what it has become. Achisofel and Doeg Ha Edomi were both talmidei Chahamim who fell into rishus because they allowed victimisation of the weak. Victims are coming forward and whether if they are wicked or blind they still defend Kolko. I remember how mothers used to adress monster Mondrowitz on Larry Gordon's radio program - with the special reverence reserved for "Rabbi Doctor". How people covered for him and shipped him out of the country! Rabbi Leo Landman of YU and Talmud Torah of Flatbush was 100% right after all.