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At the outset, please forgive me for making the assumption that I have something meaningful to offer the survivors of sexual abuse, which I am not, or to the chachomim of this city, also which I am not. I am not an accredited professional. I am however, a father of an innocent child to whom these acts have been committed and, as such, I feel I may have a relevant contribution.

I have learned to see victims of abuse as people that have gone through an individual holocaust. Each victim having been through an event or chain of events that has forever changed not only the victim, but also reaches out to affect families, relatives, schools, communities ,and even into the next generation. The price we pay has nothing to do with the thousands of dollars spent in therapy for so many different issues both related to the assault(s) and their outgrowth (family disunity, Yidden off the derech, drug abuse, promiscuity, and poor school performance), but the toll it is taking on Klal Yisroel's future.

We must choose to understand the nature and scope of the dilemma and plan a clear path forward. As in all matters of Torah, the motivation must be the search for emes. Those who seek to accuse, blame, seek their pound of flesh, desire kavod or satisfy gaivah need not, no-must not be a part of the problem solving and the development of relevant answers for the needs of our community.

We must admit to ourselves what currently exists in our community in order to appropriately respond to those who perpetrate abuse and those who have suffered from it, as up until now the response has been inadequate and inappropriate.

I believe we must understand what the abuse is and is not. Sexual abuse is not an act of inappropriate or misplaced sexual desire. It is an act perpetrated by one in need to control and overpower another individual. Many times this is accomplished by manipulation and at other times by brute strength. Ultimately the result is the same. The victim is left feeling totally powerless in their world, afraid and intimidated by the prospect of a recurrence, guilt ridden, and feeling totally alone while being unable to share what has happened to them with those who care and love them.

It is a criminal act and not one between consenting individuals, even if somehow the perpetrator has manipulated the victim into thinking that the act was desired by the victim. It is the debasing of another human being to satisfy the lust for power and control ;it expresses itself as a sexual act. It robs innocence, it robs self esteem, it robs confidence, it robs one of closeness to G-d, it robs one of families, it robs ones ability to express love and intimacy in appropriate ways, it robs youth, it clouds judgment, it is spiritually, physically, and emotionally painful. It is extremely rare to find a perpetrator that acts only once. It is extremely rare to find a person who has been victimized who is not aware every day of their life of the continuing effects the abuse has had.

Who are the perpetrators? They are almost always males. When this is perpetrated by individuals outside of our community, we try to understand and make it understood that within the world at large, unfortunately, there are goyim such as these. It isn't easy, but the door is left open to understand the events within a Torah context, utilizing daas Torah to help us understand the machla and refuah. The most pressing issue we must cope with is what happens if the perpetrator is from within our own community? Brothers, fathers, cousins, uncles, friends, rabbeim, baalei battim, people we know and would otherwise respect, yeshiva trained or poshuta Yidden. Neighbors, business associates, baalei tsedakah, black hat or kipah srugah. They are here. They who have committed these atrocities are among us.

What are we to say to our beloved when the trust instilled in us of our own community is violated? So many have been robbed of the single most important asset we can use to interpret and understand and reach out to those in need of help.

Many of the accused seem to be protected, their crime hidden from public awareness. Some leave town, only to perpetrate again within another community. There is denial on the part of many that those accused are guilty. When the victim is a child or the accusation comes years after the crime, the testimony is often suspect. Often times, we can only reach the conclusion that there was a victim, something happened, but the details become an issue of debate due to an inability to substantiate the facts.

We must decide how to handle the confirmed perpetrator. It is important to remember that a crime has been committed by a person with a sickness. If I was prone to seizures and drove a car and damaged someone, G-d forbid, I would not expect my rov to get me out of the legal obligations I would have, nor would I expect him to remain quiet if I wanted to transport children in my car at a later time. It would be expected that I would notify people that I was unable to do certain things due to my condition and I would be expected not to put myself in another situation where the safety and well being of another person would be compromised. A person with a cancer can only hope that with G-ds help, he will live his 120 years in remission, but with the realization that once discovered, the disease is forever at risk of re-emerging.

We must come to terms with those who carry within themselves the depths of understanding and knowledge of Torah, yet, have turned their bodies from holy vessels to impure receptacles by an action(s) that seems to refute their outward appearance of being yiray Shomayim. Just as Moshe Rabeinu was not reprimanded for breaking the luchos instead of bringing them into the midst of the unfit Bnai Yisroel at the time of the golden calf, it is understandable to feel that the perpetrators are not worthy of the gifts of Torah they hold and the kavod due them as holy vessels. However, today we lack the Leviim ;those tzadikim who are so pure that they are worthy and able to rid us of the unholy and tainted.

Perpetrators must come clean. They must first admit to themselves, then to their victims and the community at large, what they have done. This is always the first step. It must be public because the victim must have the validation that they were victimized. They have been abused and too often feel responsible and ashamed. When the abuser confesses, enough of the victims self doubt can be removed to allow the door to recovery to begin. We can deal honestly with the abuser and not allow him to be in situations that may cause him to stumble. We can watch, counsel, teach, and guide a person who understands and accepts his failings. We can take this Yid's shortcoming and use them to enhance our community. How many times has the government taken ex-criminals and put them to work preventing the same criminal behavior in others? They speak, they teach, they make aware. They have insight we lack. This is how they can do tshuva. Of course they may NEVER be around children again!

Who are the victims? They are our children, siblings, parents, extended families, friends, neighbors, our kehilas, and our community. We all suffer. The energy expended in the fallout of the effects of abuse is without end. Victims often suffer in silence for years due to fear, shame, and/or guilt. They may repress their horror or be emotionally unable to confront their reality, doubting their own credibility. This is a personal holocaust. Who is going to believe such a thing could happen? How is anyone else going to understand the pain?

The victims often feel it is easier to live in pain than to be forthcoming and be written off as a crank, a liar, a crazy person. Their pain and suffering exhibits itself in ways seemingly unrelated to the abuse. Many become problems academically and behaviorally at school. Their interactions with loved ones may deteriorate. They may not trust. Not just strangers, but even those closest to them. They may carry and exhibit irrational anger. They feel betrayed by their loved ones and others who have the responsibility and obligation to protect them from harm. We often lose them as b'nai mitzvas. We often lose them as members of our families and communities. We lose them to drugs and promiscuity. We may even lose them to be perpetrators themselves, having learned from the criminal behavior of their abuser how, through a warped and sickened perspective, to gain some control into their own out of control lives. The cycle continues. We all suffer.

We must feel it is as much an obligation to educate, inform and warn our children parents, neighbors, and congregations of the threats to our physical and spiritual safety as it is for all other types of criminal activity, whether Torah based or secular statutes.

We understand from Shlomo Hamelech that there is nothing new under the sun. It is our obligation to delve into Torah and find ways to help. The answers are there. We must find the needed refuah for the victims, the perpetrators, and our community. We must not give up on nor lose those we love and those who need our love.

The Agudah's response to the allegations of sexual abuse in their summer camp is way too little and too late. Where were you for forty agonizing years? We, who believe in the Divine involvement in every single act that occurs on Earth and all the galaxies, have to believe that the fire that destroyed the main building at Camp Agudah, the exact day that the Agudah's pathetic counter to the New York Magazine article on sexual abuse among the Orthodox Jewish community was published, was Hashem saying to Klal Yisroel "enough is enough."

May we all be zoche to be closer to Hashem through our efforts.


Has anyone contacted you as being a victim of Avrohom Mondrowitz?
I am a victim of his who only came forward as a result of the NY Mag article.
I've been in touch with an Attorney, went to the Brooklyn DA's office to formally file a criminal complaint,
and through my Attorney have been in touch with & given interviews to multiple Press outlets while
maintaining my anonynimity. The reporters are digging for the cause of DA's office quietly dropping the case,
and stories will be appearing shortly.

I believe that there is renewed interest in this case & pressure will be applied to the DA's office
to bring him back. I firmly believe that someone or some group from the "frum" Orthodox community pressured
the DA's office to drop the case. I am trying to find out if other victims have also recently come forward so that we can
pool our resources & pressure the DA's office.

Your assistance will be greatly appreciated.


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Anonymous said...


Thank you for a most powerful and poignant post.

Anonymous said...

Why can’t Agudah hire a spokesperson who writes like this?

I find it humiliating to wear a yarmulke in public after Avi Shafran suffers one of his Tourette syndrome episodes and insists on putting his brain fart in writing for the world to see.

boog said...

Heart rending.

To the poster of this article: I pray that your child has a Refuah Shleima in all aspects.

To The Agudah, Torah Umersorah, and all organizations that have worked diligently to cover up and protect these pedophiles:

You have Jewish Blood on your hands.
A public recognition and Apology would be a good start. A concerted effort to get meaningful legislation with teeth passed by the NYS Legislature; sex regisrty, fingerprinting, DNA on file, would be better.

This is your Tikkun. Anything less and you should cease as an organization.

Anonymous said...

and aguda's camp burned down this week..

the awareness ctr. said...

To understand the mindset of those involved with the case of Rabbi Yehuda Kolko, and some of the other case in the orthodox world, please watched the Bryks video (see link below). It's a download and you need a dvd player to watch.

The Awareness Center is providing the documentary "Unorthodox Conduct" in the memory of Daniel Levin.

Our hopes is that it will be used as a way to educate the public on the devistating ramifications a case can have on an individual, family and in Jewish communities around the world. It's important to know what happens when a case of "alleged" childhood sexual abuse in the Jewish community is not dealt with properly from the beginning (bringing the case to law enforcement who is trained and educated in dealing with these cases).

Our hopes is that after you view this documentary that you will go to your rabbis and other community leaders and demand that there be changes made when a child makes allegations they were sexually abused/assaulted. We cannot afford for there to be anymore cover-ups when there are allegations that a child has been molested. We cannot afford to let one more child die. Our hopes is that not one more child will feel so desperate that they will take their own lives, as Daniel Levin did.

Please note: The Investigative documentary: "Unorthodox Conduct"contains graphic information regarding the case against Rabbi Ephriam Bryks. It was produced in 1994 by Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

For more information on the cases of:

Rabbi Ephraim Bryks

Rabbi Yehuda Kolko

Anonymous said...


Has this letter been sent around to "rabbis" and "gedolim"? Anyone get any kind of response? Anybody think they really care? How many more lawsuits is it going to take? How many more are coming up? Will YTT be allowed to open in the fall?

Yadeinu Lo Shafchu Hadam Hazeh said...

"To The Agudah, Torah Umersorah, and all organizations that have worked diligently to cover up and protect these pedophiles:

You have Jewish Blood on your hands."

The Eglah Arufah, the baalei musser explain, is to be mechaper on retzicha, even though the gedolei hair did not send the murdering bandits. Why is that? Because the traveler was not given a warm farewell, he lacked a measure of self-esteem and confidence, that may have enabled him to muster enough strength to fight off the killer(s).

Me chapt zich a tressel when I think about what officials of the aforementioned organizations are going to have to answer for in allowing rotzchim of Yiddishe kinder to operate for decades with impunity.

boog said...

I did indeed watch the CBC documentary on Bryks a few months ago. Painful, emotional beyond words.

This monster and killer still walks the streets a free man.

This documentary must be mandatory viewing at the next Torah Umesorah convention, and in every Yeshiva, Camp, and Mosad as part of orientation training for all Rebbeim and Staff.

Remmember Daniel Levin.

Hungarian Idiots of BP & Flatbush said...

"Will YTT be allowed to open in the fall?"

"Chashivus" is more important than children being scarred for life.

Anonymous said...

Stefan Colmer
1778-E15th St
Brooklyn, NY
Had a Shabbos Group in his home for children ages 7-10.
He molested and performed oral sex on the children.
Last night the families went to R'Rosenbloom and asked him if they should go to the police. R Rosenbloom said they should not tell people about it. R Ginsberg lets him Daven in his Shul. R Ginsberg knows about it. R Ginsberg why does this man need to daven in a Shul? Shame on the families that hesitated and did not go straight to the police. Shame on you R Rosenbloom who said that the person who has the Capital Hotel in Lakewood could be killed, yet you protect a child rapist. Shame on you R Rosenbloom shame on , shame on you.

Vicki Polin said...

"Who are the perpetrators? They are almost always males."

This statement is not completely accurate. Please feel free to download The Awareness Center's brochure for more statistics.

About 60% of male survivors sampled, report at least one of their perpetrators to be female (Mendel, 1993).

Nosson Tzvi Cohen said...

Regarding Colmer, is that R' Yosef Rosenbloom from Shaarei Yosher you are talking about? And what is the problem with Bursztyn who owns the Capitol Hotel?

Vicki Polin said...

I want to make sure everyone is aware of an organization that is dedicated to male survivors of sexual violence. "Male Survivor" is dedicated to helping male survivors (boys and men) heal from their victimization. "Male Survivor" is a secular organization, yet they have excellent information on their site.

I think it's vitally important for everyone to read "Myths About Male Sexual Victimization".

Simcha Becker said...

The Capitol Hotel is grada where Yehudah Oratz was plying his indecent exposure trade but I doubt that Bursztyn even knows him.

Anonymous said...

Had a Shabbos Group in his home for children ages 7-10.
He molested and performed oral sex on the children.
Last night the families went to R'Rosenbloom and asked him if they should go to the police. R Rosenbloom said they should not tell people about it. R Ginsberg lets him Daven in his Shul. R Ginsberg knows about it. R Ginsberg why does this man need to daven in a Shul? Shame on the families that hesitated and did not go straight to the police. Shame on you R Rosenbloom who said that the person who has the Capital Hotel in Lakewood could be killed, yet you protect a child rapist. Shame on you R Rosenbloom shame on , shame on you.
============================= please post R. rosenblums phone numbers so that we can call him and asak him what his problem is.
Also this ZR Rosenblum is one of the big ones behind the slifkin affair.
He is a wild kanoi and a thug.

Anonymous said...


Break Out The Beano said...

The sad reality is that Shafran's "brain fart" was put in the Jewish Week of all papers for a reason. The Agudah knows they can't fool us, but they can possibly fool a more secular crowd who has no idea that the Shea Fishman did zilch to stop sex abuse.

Anonymous said...

Someone asked earlier about Rabbi Herschel Kurzrock's beis din. I don't know much about him, but I can tell you a thing or two about Iggud Harabbonim. Offhand, I don't have much faith in that organization whose director is indicted felon and ex-con Gershon Tennenbaum and whose Vice President is Yaakov Klass, of the Jewish Press who were last seen covering for Margo and Kolko and lying about psakim of R' Chaim Kanievsky to protect sex lunatic Mordechai Tendler.

Erliche Yid said...

Congrats on the attacks on R Y Rosenblum - Know there is not one Rabbi in NY state that has not been attacked on this blog. You people are all a bunch of sonei Torah and sonei yisroel. Go enjoy yourselves at the gay clubs in YU.

UOJ Chosid said...

Rabbi Rosenblum also banned the Making of A Godol the second time around.
He is also called the Chofetz Chaim of Boro Park.

I nominate the Rebbe Reb UOJ and the Rebbe Reb Orthorev for the Moetzes.

What a Hoot! said...

"Erliche Yid" in the unofficial Brisker dictionary is the term used to describe a completely naive fool.

cousin of Rosenblum said...

Why dont you address the point instead of running off and bashing YU.

If you thinK R rosenblum said we SHOuLD go to the police then go verify it and post it here with his wreitten letter and we will ask mechila Berabim from him.
Be a man and face the issue.

Georges Gilles de la Tourette said...

Oui, dziss Avi Shafran looks like he has a problem writing dzee truth.

Moish Kahn said...

If one more child is touched by Colmo the Homo on Ginzberg's watch, then the shit abour his own family will have to be made public. Word is Ginzberg is no stranger to this.

If anyone can, please post the name of the president and any other officer of Ginzberg's shul so that we can identify all of Colmer's enablers.

Anonymous said...

It's not easy to get through to R' Yosef Rosenbloom as his family screens his calls. Even if you are calling for what they deem to be a possibly legitimate issue, they will make you call back every day for about a week. He doesn't go much to his own beis medrash. He hides out in other neighborhood yeshivos because people come to Shaarei Yosher to ask him shaylos or pour their hearts out. Good luck trying to track him down.

OrthoRev said...

Shafran just came out with the Aguda's response to the "Father's Plea":

The Father Plea- Or Is It Really A Plea
By Avi Shafran

Please complete the Soduku puzzle below.

After that finish the scrabble and th daily word jumble.

Then, in my last game that deals with this 'funny' issue of child abuse, I will ask four new 'shticky' true or false questions.

Avi Shaft-Ran

P.S. I will still not apologize under any circumstances.

Frum Is A Mental Disorder



Excited said...

Erliche Yid,

If it's true that RYR said to keep it quiet, if it's true that RSB smply told him to stay away from the Mir, if it's true that RLG keeps him around, if it's true that he continued to molest innocent yiddishe kids all the while, are we still "sonei Torah"?

Anonymous said...

Moish Kahn,

I don't know who you are referring to as far as R' Lazer's family. His wife nebich didn't have kids although he did adopt some.

I think that Privalsky is a big macher in that shul but don't expect him to listen to anybody. He's a about as receptive as a cold fish pulled out of Sheepshead Bay the day before. Privalsky owns a travel agency in a shutfus with Friedler.

Anonymous said...

The Agudah knows they can't fool us, but they can possibly fool a more secular crowd who has no idea that the Shea Fishman did zilch to stop sex abuse.
Shia Fishman did a lot. He covered up Kolko's abuse and protected Margulies and TT.

When this is over, Fishman will be a name no one will forget.

Moish Leben said...

Shafran exposed himself as an agudah mouthpiece. The only way he could have embarassed himself more is if he exposed his woefully inadequate schmeckl.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
It's not easy to get through to R' Yosef Rosenbloom as his family screens his calls. Even if you are calling for what they deem to be a possibly legitimate issue, they will make you call back every day for about a week. He doesn't go much to his own beis medrash. He hides out in other neighborhood yeshivos because people come to Shaarei Yosher to ask him shaylos or pour their hearts out. Good luck trying to track him down.
The mere fact that he hides out in other shul and yeshivas because people are always looking for his help .
This initself is the proof in the pudding that he is only out for his kanuoos and thugery and should be shut down along with all the other ketanim / gedolim and thugs.
If anyone know where he hides please let us know and his phone numbers , even if his gabbai picks up thats fine too for starters.

Mario Cuomo said...

Moish Kahn should apologize to homosexuals for that anti-gay slur. Is there an equivalent in Flatbush of Dinkins the Pinkins?

Bob Grant doesn't call a bleeding heart Liberal like me the "sfacim" for nothing.

Shmeel Kahn said...

Anonymous you dolt, "family" can mean more than wife and kids. Like maybe siblings, or siblings children?

Anonymous said...

I dont know if this helps but i think The Rich Tikotsky guy from Sand and Stone (High end plumbing store) is also a Big Macher therein ginzburgs shul.

Pick a Kahn said...

To all queers, faigs, butnuts, ankle grabbers, pillow biters, homos and the like. Sorry.

Anonymous said...


Who knew at Agudas Yisroel?
Reb Elya?
Did Rav Pam know?
Rabbi Shmuel Bloom?
How far back did the accusations go, how widely known were they, and what was everybody's response?

Also, is it true that the "Gedolim" told people not to go to the police on Mondrowitz, allowing him to run to Israel and do his thing? Who is behind pressuring the D.A. not to extradite him?

What did they know, and when did they know it?

Lakewood Meshugass said...

An illegal minyan in Lakewood means any shacharis outside of BMG that is later than 7:45 am and/or not approved by the roshei yeshiva.

Any mincha/maariv in the dorm except when R' Malkiel let Goldfisher learn in his room. (long story)

Any chassidishe minyan on Shabbos. That is until the yeshiva started up with Gur and got half of Boro Park riled up. The yeshiva backed down after R' Elya Fisher called and demanded an explanation.

The Cardinal Sin is davening by Rabbi Paul Z. Levovitz which is why Dovid Schustal blew a fuse at Ellinson one night in the parking lot.

Anonymous said...

How can we reach out to ALL victims in ALL yeshivas, so we can find out what is really going on, help the victims, expose the molesters, and change the system once and for all?

Why do I get the feeling that the Yated Neeman, and Hamodia, which have abused their privileges by failing to serve the public's interest, are not going to run an ad for us asking victims to please come forward.

Unless we protest the Aguda strong enough that they get the rabbis to change and to put the ad in for us. When the rabbis finally agree to apologize to the vicims, it should be in public so that we can all here the sincerity, or lack thereof. But I guess so far nobody has had the guts to say anything.

Hershel Leitner said...

Another Cardinal Sin was Eizikovitz / Fishkovitz. The roshei yeshiva had to shut him down because there were too many fressers going there for the free chow.

Anonymous said...

THe comment that starts with the awareness ctr. said... leads us to a download address http://www.theawarenesscenter.org/offender/brykslq.rm. Iwanted to see who is behind that download and went to the one before it: http://www.theawarenesscenter.org/offender/
This is an islamist fundamental site. Even though the http://www.theawarenesscenter.org appears to be a legitimate Jewis place, it is hosting an Islamist place. Beware of what you do not see.

Anonymous said...

People keep telling me that Reb Matisyahu Solomon gets involved helping victims, but I haven't heard any victims say so. Does anyone know where he stands? What he will do for us?

P.S. About the assur minyanim...I think the Lakewood rosh yeshivas need to get a life.

Anonymous said...


I think you give Shafran and Agudah too much credit.

They would probably try to discredit the father of the victim because he posted on UOJ so that makes him an Apikorus and they don't care what happens to his son.

The fact that there are many others who are yorei shamayim and have suffered the exact same thing, and have NOT posted on UOJ, doesn't matter, because they don't care about them either.

Don't you realize that Aguda's stance is that this whole problem was made up by the goyish media to discredit Orthodox Jews?

I don't know if frum is a mental disorder, but some of the people in charge sure have some kind of emtional problems.

Naftoli "Zukes" Cukier said...

It serves Fishkovitz right that he was shut down. All those fressers gulping down kishke and chulent without a percentage going to kiruv for the Russians.

Same thing when Mickey Rottenberg's was made offbounds for first seder. It was a Purim shpiel with cake and coffee.

Rav Solomon got involved in one case but only one semi-guilty shlemazal was dealt with while the real molester got away with it. Rav Solomon also visits prison cells when people with the last name of Pinter get locked up.

Anonymous said...

Does anybody remember a few years ago when Eretz Yisroel was under heavy terrorist attack and all American Jewry protested at the White House?

All, of course, except the frum establishment, because Aguda officialy did not endorse it, and the Novominsker voted for it before he voted against it, or something like that.

That's when I realized that Frum is a Mental Disorder.

Anonymous said...

Will Rav Solomon be visiting Rabbi Kolko soon?

Yeshiva University Gay Club said...

Why don't the homosexuals in all the yeshivas, and the rabbis who defend them, start a club like ours? come out of the closet and then we can have real achdus! Shalom al yisroel, if you know what I mean...

Itche Meyer Cohen said...

That's not fair. When the roshei yeshiva had Berel Leifer kick me out, I had to go back to being a homeless bum in Grand Central Station and Rav Solomon never came to visit.

therapist with a question said...

How come at Y.O.B. people are only going after molesting rebbies?

I have a patient who was traumatized by witnessing countless incidents of sadistic corporal physical abuse by several different rabbis there. Can't we close down that school too, please?

Jacobs said...

Itche Meyer you lowlife. That's what you get for breaking someone's leg and telling Reb Yisroel Neuman to f### off.

OrthoRev said...

The first issue of the “Frum is A Mental Disorder” newsletter

will comprehensively and undeniably (in English and not in silly true/false riddles) prove beyond any doubt that "frum' as practiced today is truly the devil-child of a metal disorder.

Small problem- not enough subscriber yet and don't know hot to go about contacting (perhaps) the named victim.

Hopefully email address and contacts will trickle in over the next week or so.


Nesanel Carmen said...

We haven't yet been given an explanation about those comments on Lakewood's Capitol Hotel. Could someone please elaborate?

The Awareness Center, Inc. said...

FYI: The Awareness Center, Inc. is a Jewish organization.

You can see a list of alleged and convicted sex offenders on their site.


Here we go again with the Agudah
libel of gay clubs in YU. I went to
YU in the 90's and there's no
official gay club at the undegraduate college in which all
the students are Jews. Such a club would never be tolerated by the
Administration, Roshei Yeshiva or the sudent body. They do unfortunately
exist at Einstein Medical and
Cordozo Law where the
students are predominantly non-Jews.
I once spoke to an important Rav
in Agudah and no matter how much
I insisted based on my first-hand
testimony that there were no gay
clubs up on the YU Undergraduate
campus- he refused to believe me!!!

Avrom Kunstlinger said...

I hope you realize this could be the beginning of a very long cat and mouse game with Colmer. If you get him out of Reb Lazer's he could drift between dozens of other shuls within a 10 minute walk. Between Skver, Eitz Chaim, Ginzei Joe, the Syrians and the Lebanese, the list is almost endless. Are you going to put every shul out of business? I wish there was an easy solution.

Eli Shindler said...

Make sure that Leib Pinter doesn't sneak the molester into his shul on Ave S.


Where the hell did BOB GRANT go!!!
He was the only no-nonsense EMES
on the radio!!! Deos anyone know
if he's on another station?

As all the people loyal to UOJ's cause know
to well:


Rev. Joseph G. Steadman said...

This hits such a personal note for me, I don't know how to respond,I would just say: All those who are harmed are in my prayers...

The Rev.


Anonymous said...

A website to deal with issues in the frum community is commendable. However, this particular website is both a "moshav leitzim" and irresponsible for the following reasons.

1) The majority of comments are unacceptable and should be screened out by a mature moderator.

2)Using personal attacks and silly name calling (e.g., putz, fresser) do little to give this site credibility.

3) Engaging Kolker to write an article does more damage to the cause of dealing with molestation in the frum community. When you engage a secular paper, they will try to sensationalize it and make it (inaccurately) to a broader catholic priest problem. This was a major major mistake to involve them.

IF this website would stick to the real issues of molestation instead of engaging in "juicy" gossip and anonymous bashing of anyone who they dont agre with, it might have a reputation of being something other than its current "moshav leitzim" status and a place for bitter and frustrated Flatbush people to hang out.

jewishwhistleblower said...

Clearly the page you refer to has been illegally hacked. The Awareness Center it certainly not hosting an Islamist place. Your information has been passed on to the appropriate authorities.

>THe comment that starts with the
>awareness ctr. said... leads us
>to a download address
>/offender/brykslq.rm. Iwanted to
>see who is behind that download
>and went to the one before it:
>This is an islamist fundamental
>site. Even though the
> appears to be a legitimate
>Jewis place, it is hosting an
>Islamist place. Beware of what
>you do not see.

Anonymous said...


whoever you are I think you are doing such a kiddush hashem (sanctifying the Name of God), probably on the level of Pinchas.

Forget the story about Rabbi Shimon ben Shetach, the donkey, the Arab and the stone.

I added you to my personal prayers.

Anonymous said...

I live in the same neighborhood as YTT and heard on Shabbos about the matter which you have written about. I am very saddened to hear about it and hope that the matter can be resolved. Several years ago, I had heard of a pedophile in the neighborhood and am aware of his being ostracized to some degree.

I have spent the past five years at a so-called Bes Din in Brooklyn trying to get justice in a horrible and shocking matter. Sadly, there was no machlokess, none. It could have taken five minutes, but for the corruption of the so-called Bes Din.

After a stupendous amount of work, that could have amounted to several thousand phone calls, letters, hearings, visits, etc. I finally got a Psak from that Bes Din (the first one, I accidentally used as toilet paper). Then, recently, I was called by the Rav of the Bes Din urging me to settle the matter without getting justice. I firmly rejected his offer and advised him of what I have gone through.

These people have no concept of justice, truth, humanity, Torah, Mitzvos, Shulchan Aruch, Mishne Brura, etc. I for one, bli neder, never intend to see the inside of a Bes Din for anything or any purpose. I believe that unless the institution is totally reformed and that rabbis are trained in due process and that there is a procedure for appeal. I will take my chances in Sdom, where I have a shot at honesty and truth.

Yes, I did whatever I could to avoid a Chilul HaShem. I realize that the religious community b'chlal, does not believe in G-d, Torah, justice or truth. If one wants truth, try enrolling a kid in Torah Temimah. One will quickly get the truth, about $5000 to enroll a child therein. That is the truth. In short, the religious community is largely about money. Gelt. That is the Torah, that is the mitzvos. Perhaps there are exceptions.

I am sad to write this.

Regarding Aaron Twersky, I did not attend the evening at YTT.

Having slight contact with so-called religious lawyers, I do know some, who are honest. I realize that is an oxymoron.

Anonymous said...


boog said...

The CBC documentary on Bryks needs to be required viewing by the Novominsker, Zwiebel, Bloom, Gertzulin, every staff member of the Agudah, and every big gelt donator of the Agudah; Fishoff, Scharf, et al.

Pick any day of the week, during the lunch hour, in the Agudah offices. Instead of Schiffenbauer's Daily Daf Yomi Shiur, show this CBC video documentary on Bryks. It is Hatzolos Nefoshos for the Klal and of the Klal.
If after this viewing there is still a dry eye and unbending cold heart amongst the Agudah hanhala and they do not do a 180 and advocate for strong legislation to protect our children, the doubters and deniers amongst you will know the sad truth about our "leaders".

x ytt parent said...

3) Engaging Kolker to write an article does more damage to the cause of dealing with molestation in the frum community. When you engage a secular paper, they will try to sensationalize it and make it (inaccurately) to a broader catholic priest problem. This was a major major mistake to involve them.
===================================Mr Anon.
You are upset that this issue was taken to the Secular media and That the kolker article made molestation a worse problem.
Well then, why dont you tell us what you woyuld have done and which frum news paper would you have used to spill this problem to the frum oilam?

Tell us of one frum newspaper that was willing to address and spill the beans about YTT.
Before you start knocking what was dont you must offer your own legitimate solution which would be apparent that you have none.

Un-Orthodox Jew said...


The CBC has contacted me about assisting them with a documentary on the Kolko matter and the bufoons that call themselves rabbis and leaders.

My PI is gathering all relevant information on these cartoon characters; I plan on helping them with this upcoming blockbuster.

boog said...


Look forward to seeing such a documentary.

You could set up Asifas in auditoriums in Lakewood (Bais Faiga, Boro Park, Flatbush, Monsey, Monroe). Beam it to major American, Canadian, European cities via closed circuit TV.

Un-Orthodox Jew said...

Actually I was going to have the three stooges, Pro-Fresser Aaron Twerpski, David Mandel and David Zweibel standing on the corner of Coney and "J" handing out the CD.

boog said...

Good idea!

Combine it with a coupon special to Essex on Coney promotion and you'll give away thousands of copies!

Anonymous said...

I've heard conflicting reports wether Mendel Epstein is a good guy or a gangster. Can we get some input here? If you believe he's a gangster, please explain why.

Anonymous said...

Mendel epstein is a Toen. Name me one succesful Toen which is not a gangster.
In order to be a Toen in a (frum) Bais Din you must be a gangster . I dont understand what is bothering you.

Anonymous said...

see waht happend to agudah it burnt down on wedsday i wolud love to know if their paying the parents back.

uoj fan

yankel fefferkolkokorn said...

Do you know that Kolko was at YOB several weeks ago,he was in charge of the regents review courses and colllected payments from the boys who came (predominatly from YTT).
I think this is own little gesheft;instead of going to YTT,where he is persona non grata at the present time,he goes down Ocean Parkway,to the corner of Ave.L

Izzy Asper said...


Be aware that many foreign news organizations like the BBC and Canada's CBC have shown their anti-Semitic colors when covering Israel. They are capable of using you in distorting even the things that you request of them.

Your best bet is to go with a subsidiary of Rupert Murdoch's News Corp. Besides Dow Jones, they are the most balanced media company.

J.J. Schreiber said...

Tikotzky does not own "Sand & Stone". He owns "Home & Stone" as well as Island Plumbing.

I wonder if my brother in law Pinky Wallerstein still serves as Rav Lazer Ginzberg's right hand man.

Gershon Spiegel said...

Who said a toen is automatically a gangster?

Shmiel Fried said...

I did!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
see waht happend to agudah it burnt down on wedsday i wolud love to know if their paying the parents back.

I am not a lover oF agudah or camp agudah, but it was only the main building that burned down and not the camp as a whole . From what i understand they plan on opening on time , so dont dream of getting any money back from them even if they were not opening.

Georgie Klein said...

Camp Agudah is opening a week late because of the fire.

Aron Kagan said...

Kolko has the nerve to show his face in YOB? I should come down to slam him with one of my beer kegs. I thought Mandell was dealing with the pedophile issue.

Un-Orthodox Jew said...

The Gerrer gangsters are throwing a pervert party for A.M. Leizerowitz at Ateres Chaya Hall on July 11th.

All victims are urged to file police reports immediately. The momzer is taking off to Israel permanently.

Guest speakers:

Lipa Margulies
Aaron Twerski
David Mandel
Shea Fishman
Pinky Penetrate Scheinberg

Special Mitzva Tantz by Yudi Kolko

Strulovitch from Vienna said...

Joe Lieberman and Avi Shafran are insulted that they weren't added to lineup of speakers.

To the anonymous complaint about UOJ said...

Sadly, your naivete, probably encouraged by your yeshiva education and membership in a brooklyn shul, is extremely dangerous.

No amount of web discussion of the problem, even without name calling and "unacceptable" comments, would have stopped margolis or kolko.

How many more innocent Jewish children have to suffer before people like you are ready to get with the program?

As a victim of molestation in a mainstream yeshiva, there was NOBODY else who would help us, except UOJ. Now that he went to Kolker, something is being done about it in many yeshivas, including the one that I went to, where the molester is still a rebbi (not much longer) to this day. I waited 22 years for this, and it is only because of UOJ that it is finally happening.

How dare you stupidly criticize and offer no realistic alternative!
Shame on you.

Monheit from Strulovitch's Shul said...

Lippy Geldwerth doesn't care if he speaks. He just wants a spot on the dais.

For more information call 1-800-Yishakeini.

Anonymous said...

Are you able to get one of the local media stations or paper to write an article about him leaving the states and urging any victims to file a police report?
I believe this is the only language these molesters and thier backers understand

Anonymous said...

What has been the offical response of the Gerrer Rebbe to his Chasid's not-so-chasidishe behavior?

has anyone asked his good friend Rav Steinman if his achdus tour meant that we should embrace child molestors and their enablers?

Anonymous said...

such hashgacha peratis! An article appears in New York magazine and camp agudah burns down.

UUJ, you are one powerful dude.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the D.A. would be willing to do an investigation of Ger and look for victims, inviting them to come forward. Maybe they won't want another Mondrowitz fiasco?
On the other hand, we desperately need more media coverage of the political blocking of the D.A. from doing his job. Don't you think ALL residents of Brooklyn deserve to know who they're voting for, and what they're up against.
I've said it beofore: It's one thing for the frummies to use their political clout for good causes, even if it means stepping on some anti-semitic toes. But when they begin to abuse their power by turning it against their own children and protecting those who abuse them, we need outside intervention!

Anonymous said...

Mendel Epstein is one of the biggest gangsters around. He has a shul and is a "Rabbi" but is a lowlife like no other.

The man has no morals and is truly a repulsive individual.

I know this from personal experience.

I, too, had heard that Kolko was at YOB. I heard it was YOB girls school.

Anonymous said...

Please don't be so quick to connect the Camp Agudah fire to Shafran's Op-Ed. As tempting as it is to do this, we should not play G-D. Further, I believe that many of you would be the first to condemn those "Chareidim" who claim that they know exactly what G-D is thinking when a tragedy occurs...

Lorne Greene said...

Why would the CBC be interested in an American story?
The CBC is a great news organization but they definitely have a bias problem.
The president is a yiddishe yingel Robert Rabinovich.
He worked for Charles Bronfman at Claridge.
Charles is Edgar Bronfman's brother.
Edgar Bronfman is the buddy of Izzy Singer.
Izzy Singer is being honored by the Agudah.
The Agudah of the Noviminsker,Zwiebel, Shafran et al.
Everything is connected.


Jack Alter, Gerrer despot, Steinman bodyguard and Real estate magnate said...

Did UOJ really run Leizerowitz out of town?
Why is is Ger honoring him?
If it is true that he molested kids, then in Ger it is better to fool around with boys than to look at females even if they are 6 months old and only as a picture in a magazine.
Remember Shteinman and Millionaire Alter only wanted men stewards on their flights. Is that allowed? What was going on in the bathrooms?

Anonymous said...

Agudah has a fire problem. They had a fire in their Orthodox Jewish Archives a few years ago.

true daas torah said...

I hope you realize this could be the beginning of a very long cat and mouse game with Colmer. If you get him out of Reb Lazer's he could drift between dozens of other shuls within a 10 minute walk. Between Skver, Eitz Chaim, Ginzei Joe, the Syrians and the Lebanese, the list is almost endless. Are you going to put every shul out of business? I wish there was an easy solution.




Shlomo Pfeiffer said...

Is the Wilner of Torah Temimah the one who owns Achim? Why is he a problem?
This is a letter sent out to the parents of Achim.

Camp Achim

Dear Parents:

We respectfully take the liberty of communicating with you about an extremely important issue that deserves your personal consideration as we get ready for what will b‘ezrac Hashem be a wonderful camp season.
Over the years, The Association of Jewish Camp Operators (AJCO), which serves as an umbrella group for Orthodox Jewish summer camps, has issued guidelines and suggestions at the request of our Gedolei Rabbonim and Roshei Yeshiva on a number of issues, such as the Safe Driving Guidelines in the Mountains.
In response to inquiries from a number of camps, the Moetzes Gedolel flaTorah of Agudath Israel of America recently discussed the sensitive topic of protecting the privacy and bodily integrity of our children. Among other things, they encouraged the summer camps to take posihve steps to help avoid any potential problems — including enlisting parents to discuss this subject with their children before sending them off to camp. They further requested that AJCO prepare a document guiding parents on how to advise their children to respond in the event their bodily privacy has been threatened or chac v'sha1om violated.
Accordingly, we are enclosing a “Keep it Safe” fact sheet that has been prepared by AJCO in conjunction with the experts at OHEL Children’s Home and Family Services. We respectfully urge you té speak to your child or children and convey to them the important points outlined In the enclosed document.
As a member of AJCO, and understanding the importance of this issue, we are committed to taking every step in our power to protect the safety of our campers and staff. We will be doing our part by sensitizing staff regarding this issue, and we respectfully enlist your assistance in speaking to your children as well. Of course, please feel free to call us if any issue or problem arises, or if you have any further questions.
Looking forward to a wonderful summer, both b‘ruchniyus u‘vegashmius.


Things to Tell Your Child Before the Camp Season
• Let your child know that he or she can always speak to you, the camp director, head counselor or other trusted member of the camp administration about anything, and that you will always be supportive.
• Teach your child that no one, not even a person in a position of authority or a close relative, has the right to touch him or her in a way that feels uncomfortable.
• Teach your child that it is OK to say, “No, get away.”
• Let your child know that he should tell you or a trusted member of the camp administration about any inappropriate touching or more generally, if he is not comfortable with how he is being treated. Emphasize that this does not constitute loshon hora or any other aveirah; and that in fact it is a mitzvah to report such mafters.
• Tell your child that he should not listen to anyone who tells them to “keep secrets” from his parents or from the camp administration.
• Tell your child that he should not be afraid of threats from anyone who touches him improperly or otherwise threatens his physical well being or privacy. Both you and the camp administration will protect him.
General Pointers
• Be alert for changes in your child’s behavior that could signal abuse, such as sudden secretiveness, sleeplessness, withdrawal from activities or increased anxiety.
• If your child is a victim of abuse, don’t blame him. Listen and consult with a competent professional.
• Above all, let your child know that he can always tell you anything without fear of blame. Communication is critical.

vb_2006 said...

Does anybody have anymore imput about this guy Stephan Colmer i live on the block and i have kids I feel like busting his face i want him out of New York and I can't stand that the Rabbonim are covering it up PLEASE GIVE ME SOME SUGGESTIONS OF WHAT TO DO

Anonymous said...

I feel like busting his face i want him out of New York
Why are you any better than the Rabbi's covering it up? Why should any other community have to deal with Colmer or other molesters?



Anonymous said...

Wilner from Achim is NOT the same as the one from TT. Shaya Dovid Wilner is a decent guy. Achim has a good reputation.

Auto Report World Editors said...

I'm an agnostic on the Bryk's case. His alleged victim clearly was messed up and came from a messed up situation. Of course the professional victims' advocates will say that predators carefully select their victims, and they do, but not every accusation is founded - look at the McMartin and Amirault cases. News organizations are not always credible, particularly on sensational stories.

The victims' advocates spout questionable data (1 in 4 children is molested allegedly) and believe that every accusation is the truth.

If the movement to remove pedophiles and sexual predators from our yeshivas and girls' schools is to have credibility, it cannot be a witch hunt. Yerushalayim is our model, not Salem. [Aside: My choice of city names is deliberate, but as I type, I'm perplexed as to why the religious Puritan settlers in Massachussets would name the town Salem, after the Canaanite city, instead of something like New Jerusalem. Salem was a Jebusite city. The settlers named their town after a pagan city and it ended up as a buzzword for religious fanaticism.]

Frequent readers here know that I actively support what UOJ is doing. It's just that there's something about the Bryk's case that makes me very uncomfortable.

anti-moshav leitzim said...

And the moshav leitzim continues........

Bored and bitter Flatbush people having nothing better to do with their time that to engage in juicy gossip and character assasinations of anyone they fancy.

Attention all losers here....

There is a legal system to file real complaints. Those who have no real issues to discuss should get a life and do something constructive (those who can learn, do so. Those who cant, get involved with hatzolah, shomrim, chaveirim or many other chessed organizations).

boog said...

Forget about Hynes. He's bought. Won't do a damn thing unless instructed to by his Handlers.

Contact the media and picket, demonstrate in front of Ateres Chaya on July 11th.

This Leizerowitz is a Mondrowitz Hall of Shamer.

Attibeesee said...

Anybody know the story about Bryks? Is he a chester? I mean if he is a member of the little itty bitty titty brigade then how in the hell did the Queens community let him infiltrate after they threw him out of Canada?

These so called rabbis that sodomize and molest our youth should be strung up by their balls and left to hang. Either that or have someone in jail toss their salad on a regular basis.

I'd love to see Kolko in a dress and makeup limping into breakfast in prison with blood still trickling out of the fresh stitches in his anus. That would be justice.

Anonymous said...

Hey Big Shot,
Why Are YOU telling US to go to the Police. If it is so important to you as you say it is then you have that same obligation . GO TO THE POLICE. NOW>>>>>>>>>>>>>
and stop telling us what to do when you have that same responsibility.

Shraga Moshe Kalmanowitz said...


Join up with, Alpert, Lobel, Pluchok, big fat Kahn, Old man Kalmanowitz, Lobel, Greenberg, and tell Sicker get him out!!!!
BTW as a trivia question does anyone know the other guy from the block who is a homosexual? I remember him from yeshiva days putting his hands were they didn't belong.

Anonymous said...

Various rabbinic authorities have ruled that if a heinous crime against someone, particularly an innocent childm is imminent and can be prevented, you MUST go to the secular authorities. No more of this baloney about letting the guy resign quietly (so as not to "shame the family" and "hurt the chances for making a shidduch for his children") and leave town to do the same thing again, the way the Catholic bishops did for so many years by reassigning their pervert priests.

If you know something, DON'T be deterred by baloney about how you will be a "moser" (informer) or how this is "loshan hara" or "nibul peh."

That having been said, I don't wish to sound like a nervous Nellie, but I do have one caution. Ask any beat cop in the 6-6 (BP) or 9-0 (Williamsburgh) whether he is allowed to really enforce the law there -- and he or she may well tell you that the answer is NO. Give some Hasidic jerk blatently disobeying the traffic laws a ticket and he more likely than not will call his rabbi, who's hooked up with some other official, who is friends with the police chief, and the ticket gets quashed.

Look at the way the idiots in BP poured into the streets and blocked traffic, burned trash and even torched a cop car (what a chillul Hashem THAT was!) just before Pesach becsause some old fool got a ticket for the very dangerous and illegal practice of blabbing on his cell phone while driving instead of concentrating on the road (A CAR IS A 4,000-POUND GUIDED MILLILE THAT CAN HIRT OR EVEN KILL PEOPLE, FOLKS!) and refused to give over his license for a ticket. Word spread like wildfire to the yeshivas that "a Yid" was "being beaten." Young, restless idiots with nothing better to do poured into the streets to "defend one of our own." Imagine what the reaction would be if a "respected mechanech" or a "chushaveh rebbe" like Kolko, as the Kool-Ade drinkers still consider him is perp-wallked, in cuffs, into the police station (remember, most of these people don't log on the internet or readsecular publications like New York Magazine). These bozos may lay siege to the place, or even try to storm it or burn it down (it happened a few years ago in Crown Heights). The cops may therefore decide to tread VERY LIGHTLY on such accusations.

stephen colmer/yiddie kolko/noson shapiro said...

Hey Sprecher

We do "metzizah bepeh for free" you got any problem with that?!

Noah Erenberg said...

"It's just that there's something about the Bryk's case that makes me very uncomfortable."

Could it be the thought of Bryks thrusting his dick into Daniel Levin's mouth?

Big Shot said...

Hey Big Shot,
Why Are YOU telling US to go to the Police. If it is so important to you as you say it is then you have that same obligation . GO TO THE POLICE. NOW>>>>>>>>>>>>>
and stop telling us what to do when you have that same responsibility.
I have no knowledge of the Colmer case. You guys do. GO TO THE POLICE. This guy Colmer is sick and will strike again and again. He has been molesting kids for a long time.


Excited said...

The Editor,
Did you see the video? If yes, which part didn't you understand? (If no, shut your face; but I am giving you the benefit of the doubt).
BTW, "Vayehi Beshalem Suco" is in Tehillim.

Mordechai Scheinberg aka Pinchos Tendler aka Yudi Bryks aka Ephrayim Colmer said...

To all g-d fearing Jews:

The internet is a terrible thing and we hereby ban its use from every house because before the internet we could get our rocks off whenever we wanted without fear of reprisal but now every Tom Dick and Harry with a cable connection can out us, and its getting harder and harder to find good cult followers who are morons enough to enable. So stop using the internet because it is causing us a serious case of blue balls and is really unappreciated. And remember if there aint no penetration there aint no perpetrator.

Yudi nelkenbaum said...


Meet me in front of Landaus Shul tonight at 12:00 for Maariv.
I will derange your face for attempting to molest my brother-in-law's kids.

pipipipipipppppinnny hechchchchet said...

Colmer must be punished TODAY.

There will be no more waiting around.

Anonymous said...

just to set the record straight everyone in colmer's neighborhood is aware of his activities. He was told to leave the neighborhood and until he finds another place to live he is only authorized to daven at R' Lazer Ginsburg's shul so that they can keep an eye on him

Lipa Brenner said...

How did I get so lucky that my daughter married Ephraim Bryks and his brother-in-law is the world-renown know-it-all Pesach Krohn? At family get togethers we sit around and compare little boys smecheleck. Ain't life grand.
I aslo write for the Jewish Observer. Pinter is not the only one who gets books deals.


Un-Orthodox Jew said...

Following the herd
By Shahar Ilan

The new communications minister, Ariel Atias, last week provided an astonishing figure in the ultra-Orthodox newspaper Bakehila. The Haredi public, which totals an estimated 600,000 people, has purchased to date only 30,000 "kosher" mobile phones, which exclude content services.

This despite the clear and vociferous directives by Torah sages to use only such cell phones.

This is not the Torah sages' only failure recently. Even more embarrassing was their attempt to ban Internet use. There can hardly be another public so active in the area of online forums as the Haredim (ultra-Orthodox). There you do not need to identify yourself, and under the protection of anonymity may write whatever you think and feel. Haredi businesses have long since learned that whoever is not on the Internet is essentially non-existent.

Ultra-Orthodox rabbis do not internalize the rule that you don't impose a decree the public cannot fulfill. Like a deluge, the modern world is flooding the Haredi street, and the rabbis, instead of instructing their people to wear life jackets, are trying to stop the water with their hands. The result: The Haredi public continues to respect the Torah sages; it just doesn't heed them so much.

There are many possible explanations for the decline in the power and influence of the Torah sages over the past few years. One of the most important is the split of the Council of Torah Sages into three councils - of Agudat Yisrael, Degel Hatorah and Shas.

But the main reason is that the rabbis have made themselves irrelevant. They are battling the modern world instead of trying to serve as regulators. And mainly, they completely fail in dealing with the truly important crisis facing the Haredi society of learners - the economic crisis.

The most prominent scholar on Haredi society, Prof. Menachem Friedman, has been warning for 30 years that this crisis is waiting to happen, but none of the rabbis have tried to preempt the foreknown economic tsunami. Friedman warned, for example, that a time would come when the secular public would no longer be prepared to bankroll the yeshiva students. And yet, when the child allowances were slashed, the rabbis and their public were caught completely off-guard. In the general public, that would be termed a fiasco. The Haredim quietly grumble.

It's not that stuff isn't happening in Haredi society. The Israel Defense Forces' Haredi Nahal battalion was created. Vocational training courses are opening. Dozens of men and women received law degrees last week. But everything is happening too slowly, in a faint trickle. The reason for this is that all of the processes are occuring without the overt support of the rabbis. Their uncourageous consent is expressed merely through turning a blind eye.

The conservative rabbis are trying to hang on by their fingernails to a society in which two out of three men study. They fail to grasp that this is untenable from an economic standpoint. Other rabbis know what has to be done, but they haven't the guts, nor broad enough shoulders.

They haven't the guts to announce that only those who excel ought to study their entire lives, while the rest should study for several years at a kollel - a yeshiva for married men - and then go out to work. They haven't the guts to initiate academic tracks at yeshivas, like in the United States, and to permit the establishment of Haredi high-school yeshivas. Fear of the zealots is stronger than concern for the public.

Within this so very mediocre leadership, Rabbi Aharon Leib Steinman, the Number 2 man in Degel Hatorah, stands out positively. Steinman favors jobs for those who do not wish to continue studying, and also backed the Tal Law. But he too lacks the courage, and perhaps the ability, to take it all the way and express his positions publicly. He is especially admired among Haredim in the Diaspora, but cannot seem to become a prophet in his own city.

And to finish up, a moment of Haredi logic: If this generation was deserving, a leader would surely arise who knows how to contend with the current challenges. Since the generation was not found worthy, the Haredi public has become a herd whose shepherds follow it.


Anonymous said...

The president in Ginzberg's shul is Simcha Margolis. Tikotsky is not a macher there any more, he is in Lakewood more than in Brooklyn. Privalsky is in semi retirement brought back as gabbai shlishi after Hisiger (yes the one from YTT) resigned. Friedler is no longer in the travel agency business. The big machers are Joe Pressberger and Asher Lang. Speak to them (although Ginzberg does only what he wants to do) about removing Colmer. Did anyone call Dr. Eilenberg to find out why he didn't report Colmer?

Anonymous said...

Has Colmer molested his son Yisroel Meir?

insurance for assholes inc. said...

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I don't remember much from the incident, but I should not have walked away without a scratch. But I did.

And I can only attribute it to my Shemirah Bidrachim Insurance Policy.

It saved my life.

yitzchok "orchy" orchochowitz said...

To anonymous

"Just to set the record straight everyone in Colmers neighberhood .."

What the hell are you talking about. Only his block East 15th. st. knows about it. The surronding blocks have no idea. These sick so called rabbonim we have, Ginsburg, Rosenblum etc why don't they invite him to their block or better their house. Ginsburg has an empty house plenty of room why doesn't he take him in. Why do they insist on protecting this monster. What kind of stupid "aiza" did this sick Rosenblum give not to make everyone aware of Colmer. Hasn't he heard of blogs you can't keep these things secret. He is a dope to say that.

Aaron Feinberg said...

Get rid of Ginsburg he is a menace to society

Slifkin supporter said...

This shmira Bedrachin insurance policy sure sounce like a heavy dose of Kefirah to me. YES KEFIRA!!

Anonymous said...

This Thug Rosenblum is Covering for an active child molester among our midst yet he considered Burstyn from the capitol hotel a Rodef and he said deserves to be killed.
Why? because he was renting rooms to section 8 people and had a contract with the local townshiship.
what a screwed up guy this Rosenblum is.
we need to find him a nice place to retire and very soon.

Parents of campers said...

Can anyone explain why the Gedolim advised the camps encourage us to lie to our children and tell them that the camp will protect them? The Gedolim themselves are the ones who have not allowed the camps to call the authorities, which is the only real way to protect them. In fact, the Agudas Yisroel's own camp covered up for Kolko for all these years and hasn't even apologized.

So why are they telling us to lie to our children and set them up for more rejection and abandonment when they report abuse to the camp? Why not give the kids at least a fighting chance by telling them to only tell their parents and to tell their parents to call the police?

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Old Man Kalmanowitz, did you see who had krias hakesuba by his daughter's chasuna last Thursday night? Yes it was HaRav HaGaon Lippy Margo!

Therapist who works with victims said...

At a professional conference on childhood sexual abuse, an expert speaking on the subject of prevention told the following story:

A man in the stairwell of a tenament approaches a six year old girl and offers her money to engage in inappropriate sexual behavior.
She says: "That's stupid, and I'm calling the police!" and runs away.

The speaker wished that all children would react as this one did.

But in our community, the child would then be ostracized, blamed by the parents, get thrown out of school if the molester was a t5eacher, and never get a shidduch because she was involved in a "chillul Hashem".

It's as if our community has made it more advisable for the girl to just do it and get it over with, quietly than to confront the situation directly.

Anonymous said...

To all those who say that children are not affected by unwanted sexual touch, I know some people who would pay good money to touch your children. Don't worry, there won't be any penetration. You could really save up for your child's yeshiva education and make a little profit, and don't worry, there will be no affect on the child, right?

Leib "the gonif" Pinter said...

Hey how come no-one talks about me? I am remodeling the Mirrer Yeshiva for the syrians who want to buy the building. Hey Josh, Eli, Avi, anyone up? PiPiPiPinny Hecht I hate you.

exposemolesters said...

To the author of this post,

You have written a brilliant piece. You may not have the credentials to counsel, but in my book you do. Masterfully, you hit upon every important detail of what victims of sexual molestation live through every day of their lives. You laid out the foundation to recovery, both for the victims and the perpetrators. The part about the Molester doing Teshuva is extremely relevant and important for the recovery of the victims. However, I suffer from pessimism on this matter because of several factors.

1) I do not think the ones doing the abusing and the ones doing the coverup, will ever admit what they did in public. As much as I would like to believe that Yudi Kolko and Yehuda Nussbaum will beg for forgiveness from their victims and admit what they did in public, I doubt they would ever have the guts to do it. They would rather just continue doing the abusing un-noticed and unchecked hoping to cover up their ugly crimes, hoping no one will ever find out the truth. Lippy Boy Margulis and Jack the Sadist Mandel, would never ever admit their ugly part in destroying Klal Yisroel. At least I don't think they will. Tshuva is definitely the correct approach on this matter, and the way to do it is by admitting to it in public and owning up to it. Please let all these sick, evil, twisted, corrupt, and deceitful people of sin prove me wrong!

2) I think that you have made another fantastic and very relevant point, where you so correctly stated the sad truth. The current system of holding offenders accountable for their repulsive acts of sexual abuse against children is for the PITS. Agudas Yisroel Of America is a prime example. If we have organizations such as Agudah running a campaign of sexual abuse cover-ups for over 4 decades, we know that we are in loads of trouble. When we have a so called "Frum" public that ignores the problems by refusing to acknowledge the victimization of these children by their abuser, it is almost as much a crime as the offending itself, for this allows the abuse to continue. The cycle never ends. And because there is no accountability and no system in place to protect our children from abuse, Klal Yisroel continues to suffer. Can people (especially the "Frum") ever be counted on to do the right thing and not deny and vilify the accuser instead of helping to stop the offender from offending again? Can they be counted on to perform their duty of protecting our innocent children from harm? So far they have failed miserably in this aspect. People have just run to the defense of these villains, and to the offense of these poor victims. Is this how a true Yid is supposed to act? Are we not the ones that should be looked upon with envy from every other nation? The Goiyim see how Jews act and say to themselves "we don't envy them". Look what they do. They have Rabbi's that abuse boys and the Jews still defend them and let them continue to be around children. They allow 40 years of silence to dwindle away before finally uttering a small stupid response to the allegations of sexual abuse that was the disease in Camp Aguda, Yeshiva Torah Temima, as well as many other Yeshiva's (and that's not even including all the Chasideshe Yeshiva's). If I was a gentile and I saw this happening, I would have no respect for the Jews. Nada. Zilch. Why should I respect Jews if they act worse than animals? Why should I envy the Jews that are all about faking it out. They care about saying Krias Shema bezman, and checking in the mirror to make sure their "Shel Rosh" is centered in middle, and yet these same people would do anything in their power to coverup sexual abuse. The question naturally is why would other nations envy us, if we act worse than them? It's a good question. It's a good Tayna on Klal Yisroel. Perhaps, this is the reason we are still waiting for Moshiach to come.

As my ramblings come to a close, I would like to share with you a secret that a good friend of mine just revealed to me. Sadly it was another sexual abuse story by a "Rabbi". When he was thirteen years old, he was molested by his Rebbe while attending a Yeshiva in Monsey NY. Courageously, he was a able to tell his parents. The Police were summoned and they arrested this "Rebbe". This "rebbe" later pleaded guilty to all charges. As part of his plea, he would never be permitted to work or be near children again.

For 7 years, this boy's neighbors refused to talk to him or even acknowledge him. They viewed him as a "troubled" kid who was making these highly impossible stories up. Time, is an influence though, and after 7 years, some of his neighbors approached him and asked for Mechila from him for doubting and not believing him. May all of Klal Yisroel do Teshuva for whatever sins they have committed (myself included). And may we be Zoche to be the "ENVY" of every other nation in the world!

Feivelson of Mirrer Yeshiva & Ohel said...

Tell Michel Handelsman & Yitzchok Mitnick about this molester. They will go down there and pick him apart limb by limb to make sure he never touches another kid.

R' Moishe Weissman said...

It's terrible that someone is identifying abuse victims. It is actually against the law and how would you like it if someone sexually abused your kid and some moron publicized your name. You are a horrible person to say the least.

LIpa "Lay Your Nuts on my Lips" Margolis said...

Come on guys, this was all just a little joke. Some of us older guys just needed a little outlet, you know, we were just having a little fun. You didn't have to take it so seriously. Gosh. I mean, our wives have bushes so thick you need a weed wacker to go down on 'em, so it was only natural that we would look for the young hairless ones to goof around with. Haven't you ever heard of Nambla? Yudi's the president of the Boro Park/Flatbush chapter. We didn't mean no harm, whaddya say guys, can't we all just get along? And if we can't get along, can I get a long one?

Excited said...

He was told to leave the neighborhood and until he finds another place to live he is only authorized to daven at R' Lazer Ginsburg's shul so that they can keep an eye on him
Idiots! He can find another place to live? Ginzburg will be his watchdog? Are you OUT OF YOUR MINDS???
If they know it true and give a damn about yidishe kinder (or any human beings) why don't they report him immediately?
Thanks for setting the record krum.

Justice Our Children said...

When I read about Kolko and Bryks, I can't help but think of the case of Matis Weinberg. How did he get away with abusing boys for 40 years? What is he doing today?

I know when the case broke a few years ago he tried to get a job at a Yeshiva in South Africa. Unfortunate for him those who did the hiring looked him up on the net.

Then there's also the case of Eliezer Eisgrau in Baltimore. He's the principal at TI (Torah Institute).

Same story all over again.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Baltimore, isn't Shafran from Baltimore or at least educated in Baltimore?

Meir Lichtenstein said...

Why is renting a run down dump like the Capitol Hotel to Section 8 minorities such an avla? These chevra live all over Lakewood anyway.

Un-Orthodox Jew said...

I urge any victim to feel free to contact R' Yitzchok Mitnick. He's a real good man, and has been very helpful.

All victims of Leizerowitz GO TO THE POLICE!

Moishe Weisberg said...

The Lakewood Vaad doesn't want any undesirables renting hotel rooms or apartments. Period.

Rivie Schwebel said...

Yitzchok Mitnick is da man. He once made sure some Israeli faig stopped making moves on bochurim in yeshiva dorms. We need 100s of Mitnicks instead of all these fraidy cat rabbonim and mechanchim.

Anonymous said...

Surely Shafran learned the art of cover-up while he attended TA (1960's). What did the Hanahala do when a dormer was caught "visiting" other dormers? They gave him his own room! Scary to think that young molester became a Rebbi. I wonder what ever came of him?

Mendel Rabinowitz said...

The Lakewood Vaad is right. That also goes for a chasidish guy near the yeshiva who had better not rent his basement again to a known drug dealer or anyone else who gets visits from zonos.

Sasregen Sendy said...

Abi Meleipt!

Shmuel Shmelke Glick said...

Is there a coverup of an abuser on the Lower East Side?

R' Elya Brudny said...

Which Kalmanowitz chasuna was on Thurs night? I usually get answers without asking questions but Margo makes me azoy tzehitz that I am cutting right to the chase. Vos Margo iz gevven dort iz mistomme nisht kovod far unzerre roshei yeshiva. Where's Motti Hellman these days? He might have thrown him out.

Shalom Jacob said...

There's a molester on the Lower East Side? Is Shelly Silver protecting him by any chance?

Yossi Pressburger said...

I may jyst sit in the back most of the time and just BS, nut I can assure this blog that Reb Lazer IS most definiely addressing the Colmer matter. This is first hand info. Reb Lazer is a good man who does not want to cause Chillul Hashem, but he is taking steps to protect the children from the beast Colmer. Don't forget, Reb lazer did not ask this pedearst to come knocking on his door, and there is no "What to do when a pervert comes a'knockin" hand book to deal with this crap. But Reb Lazer IS, repeat IS, dealing with this. So lay off and move on to the next homo who can't keep his hands of the little ones.

Motti Hellman said...

Well Rav Brudny, my specialty is giving CPR to rosh yeshivas. But there are two problems with Margo. First he is not a real rosh yeshiva. Second he might have a din of moridin velo maalin.

Yankel "black jack" Kalmanowitz said...

Eli Brudny why are you blogging go prepare your "tattes" shiur. It was Betzalel Kalmanaowitz old daughter that got married. Anyway soon we are throwing you out on your head and you can stay a whole day by Yankel Bender. Oh were would we all be without "chashava tattes" I guess in the garbage were we belong.

Hungarian Baal Bos said...

R' Chaim Weinfeld is breathing a sigh of relief that you guys are all bent out of shape over Lazer Ginzberg. It's business as usual shielding Kolko.

Yankel "black jack" Kalmanowitz said...

Hey Eli Brudny what are you blogging about go prepare your "tattes" shiur. That was Betzalel Kalmanowitz's old daughter. I can't wait to throw you out on your head.

Have You Frasked a Faig Today? said...

Iggud Harabbonim beis din's convicted crook Gershon Tennenbaum is also very involved in politics. They say he is the one pushing the Boro Park machine to go along with lesbian Quinn and homosexual agendas. The Mabul came biymei Noyach because people where trying to make the fag way of life an accepted thing. This is all with the backing of his buddies at the Jewish Press.

Anonymous said...

uoj have you been contacted yet by the President of the United States to receive yet another plaque?

Time to move on.

Batman solved all of Gotham's evils.

Sexual molestation, genug.

Time to expose theft, fraud, lies.

Summer is here. We need more interesting reading in our bungalow colonies.

Gossip. We want gossip.

The moshav leitsim society

Sex Offender Registry said...


Nassau County executive, Thomas R. Suozzi, has been on the outside looking in, holding something of a protest press conference in front of Mr. Silver's Manhattan office Wednesday, where he called Mr. Spitzer and Mr. Silver "the No Can Do Duo."

Anonymous said...

Betzalel Kalmanowitz's daughter, R' Shmuel was mesader and Margo had krias kesuba

boog said...


You're not rambling, you're on target.

Speaking of leizerowitz...the Gur cover-up and silence continues.

Gur does have their priorities: Instructive to note that they did send out a fire and brimstone mass mailing last week exhorting their followers to get the "Kosher Cell Phones".

Letter was signed by R. Moshe Fogel, R' Elya Fisher, and R. Duvid Olewski.

'Dor Tapuchos Haimoh'.

Jack Manne said...

Is that the Kalamanowitz from East 15th St that works for the Defense Department? He is much younger but is actually R' Shraga Moishe's brother from R' Avrohom's youngest wife. Did Margo come mitzad the other side? Who is the chosson? A Torah Temimah guy?

Anonymous said...

"I have a patient who was traumatized by witnessing countless incidents of sadistic corporal physical abuse by several different rabbis there. Can't we close down that school too, please?"

Does YOB have assets? Any equity in the buildings?

I know of a half dozen kids in Therapy for abuse suffered at YOB.

Anonymous said...

Who's that loser making fun of Rav Brudny ? He is a choshuve Yid who knows more learning that you will ever. You are probably some loser who never made it out of Schepansky's shiur or you never learned much to begin with and R' Shmuel told you to find a new yeshiva over the summer.

Excited said...

Reb Lazer is a good man who does not want to cause Chillul Hashem, but he is taking steps to protect the children from the beast Colmer.
Explain to me how "dealing with it" wtihout reporting it is different than covering-up? Think how many kids will be hurt because it is not being reported. And what is the reason not to report it? They haven't even made a (useless) bes-din as far as I know.

Shaya Pilchick said...

It's not fair that you guys keep bashing the Agudah, Rabbi Weinfeld's shul and others. There are guys who purposely associate with these kinds of organizations so they can be choshuv. What are they supposed to do now?

boog said...


Betcha Kolko, Mondrowitz, at al. have Kosher cell phones.

Excited said...

And another thing. " does not want to cause Chillul Hashem". What are you TALKING ABOUT? WHich headline sounds better:
A) Sex Monster Finally Nabbed After Years of Rabbis' Intervention
B) Brave Rabbis Turn In Their Own; Deal Fatal Blow To Sex Abusers
Or perhaps you prefer C:
C) (no headline. the abuse just continues and the victims suffer silently).

Nicholas Scopetta said...


Do you have anything in the works to go after the Queens yeshiva that is employing Bryks?

Thomas Von Essen said...

Does Paysach Krohn have any official position on his brother-in-law Bryks?

Anonymous said...

Has anyone confronted Dr. Eilenberg about his silence?


Has anyone contacted you as being a victim of Avrohom Mondrowitz?
I am a victim of his who only came forward as a result of the NY Mag article.
I've been in touch with an Attorney, went to the Brooklyn DA's office to formally file a criminal complaint,
and through my Attorney have been in touch with & given interviews to multiple Press outlets while
maintaining my anonynimity. The reporters are digging for the cause of DA's office quietly dropping the case,
and stories will be appearing shortly.

I believe that there is renewed interest in this case & pressure will be applied to the DA's office
to bring him back. I firmly believe that someone or some group from the "frum" Orthodox community pressured
the DA's office to drop the case. I am trying to find out if other victims have also recently come forward so that we can
pool our resources & pressure the DA's office.

Your assistance will be greatly appreciated.

Bernard Kerick said...

Tom, hey, it's been a while. Yes, Krohn does have a position on the Bryks matter. Doggie Style.

Howard Safir said...

Paysach Krohn holds that if someone has a not so apparent learning disability, you tell the other side and they can break off an engagement.

What does he hold if a kid has a rebbe or rosh yeshiva who is a molester?

boog said...

probably knit him a yarmulka.

Chanina Brudny said...

Hey anonymous

It is I Chaninie Brudny who is making fun of my father. I can't forgive him for letting me marry Donner. He couldn't find a bigger gvir who wouldn't lose his money. I hate you.

lazer Handelsman said...

Who is making fun of my brother. Don't make me come back from California, I know how to handle molesters I will slit his throat.

Stam Meshugenne Hanging Around Mir said...

Is that the same Donner who is a partner in business (and crime?) with Leib Pinter?

Chaim Prussman said...

People just get up and give any kind of announcements in Landau's shul. UOJ should have someone warn people by publicly naming molesters and where they live.

Anonymous said...


Yes, Yitzchok Mitnick is a good guy and will get things done.

Just keep in mind, what his Rov has to say about you........

Yimach Shmo said...

Yes, Yitzchok Mitnick is a good guy and will get things done.

Just keep in mind, what his Rov has to say about you........

Are you talking about where he goes for shalosh Seudos?

Rabbi Dr. Herbie Bomzer said...

We had a good thing going but now the neighborhood has been going to the dogs. Pinter, Colmer and other sleaze. At least that crook Abramczyk moved out of the neighborhood.

yehuda eckstein said...

I'm very insulted! Why hasen't anyone contacted me for information on the Corban incident?

Call me up 718-692-4642

michel spitzer said...

Lazer Ginzberg will be brought out of the closet together with lippy geldwirth.

Just wait.

One sicko at a time!

alan liptman said...


My name is Alan Lipman. I am the older Bochur from the Mirrer Yeshiva who wears the funny pink and yellow suits on Shabbos morning.

Why is everyone attacking Horav Elya Brudny?
You are attacking the wrong person.

shimon ganz said...

Can you please delete the post that has Exsteins home number in it?

it's not fair to hurt an innocent guy like that.

take care,

Shimon Ganz.

leiby puretz said...

Why dont you post a picture of this Corban animal so i know what he looks like?

It's important for everyone to know what these maniacs look like.

Leib Pinter everyone knows what he looks like......with a NOSE that's 14 feet long, ya just cant miss him!

OUCH!! That has GOT to hurt Leib!
I KNOW FOR A FACT that you read this blog all day long.
You switch back and forth between this blog, stealing money, watching poro and stealing money and reading UOJ and stealing and stealing and stealing and licking the Mirrer Yeshivas TUCHAS and stealing and reading UOJ...

WOW!!!!! You sure are a BUSY GUY!!


Avrum the shabbos said...

Hey Bomzer the Momzer

What's doing with the goyim I mean garim you are making.

Anonymous said...

"Lazer Ginzberg will be brought out of the closet together with lippy geldwirth."

Is Lipa Geldwerth guilty of deviate conduct as well? Other than him being a self-righteous shmuck, I thought he was a straight-shooter.

zevy trenk said...

OK OK I won't let Colmer eat by my public soup kitchen on Friday night.

mordy florence said...

Me neither.
I never allow child molestors into my soup kitchen.

shimon Griesman said...

I promise never to give Colmer or Leib Pinter an aliya ever again in the Mirrer Yeshiva....... UNLESS.....Asher Kalmanowitz forces me to....like he always does.

Please don't potch my tush Asher. I will be a good boy today.

alter bochur gershonowitz said...

Hey how come nobody asks me my opinion about Colmer? Hey Pinter you creep get the hell out of mirrer yeshiva. Oscar Kalmanowitz you gonif you sicko go to the Ukraine with your brother-in-law.

avrohom brevda the electrician whos pants are falling down said...

I will electrocute anyone who goes near my kids.
I swear.

Robert Schonfeld said...

Is Corban the same guy as Colmer that some illiterate yeshiva bochur can't spell?

Anonymous said...

did avrumi shorr really say yimach shmo about uoj?

Menashe Witkin said...

Is that Avremel Schorr that was chavrusa with Meir Shimon?

pinchos wallerstein said...

No that was me.

boog said...

As a disciple of the Bais Yisroel, R' Schorr as a seeker of Emes should talk about leizerowitz, instead.

Frankel's Shul Kiddush Club said...

It's no surprise that Abramcyzk moved away from Ave R to join us. We like to hog all the crooks to ourselves. Leib Pinter should feel free to join anytime too.

Anonymous said...

So, what was the cause of the mysterious fire at Camp Agudah?

Eish zarah?


some fanatic fired up by the wrath and holy ire of uoj?

Any police reports in?

What does the PI say, or must we double his retainer?

shmelke pinter said...

It's amazing.
No matter what the topic being discussed is, my brother Leib manages to make it into the thread!

What a filthy Ganiv he is.


Report: Manchester rabbi frequents whorehouses

The Lubavitcher rabbi is most likely spinning in his grave. One of his Hassidim was photographed consorting with whores. Prior to this event, he announced on TV that, for religious reasons, he is unable to shake hands with a woman
Moody Krightman
He regularly frequents whorehouses, garters especially turn him on, and he pays extra for special sexual services. No, we're not talking about a high-class pimp or an executive in the pornography industry, but rather an ultra-Orthodox rabbi of the Lubvitcher school.

The bestselling tabloid in the world, News of the World, published on Sunday the scandalous story of Manchester resident, Rabbi Dovid Jaffe. Jaffe, married and the father of four, heads the Lubavticher center in Manchester and prepares youths for their bar-mitzvah ceremony.

Rabbi Jaffe in News of the World

Recently, he appeared on BBC 4 as a guest on a show featuring Jewish customs. While on television, he described the difficulties in maintaining an ultra-Orthodox lifestyle in England and went on to say that, for religious reasons, he cannot even shake hands with a woman.
It turns out, however, that the rabbi who is not prepared to clasp hands with women is more than happy to clasp plenty of other body parts. He was photographed recently visiting the "Angels" whorehouse in Manchester and cavorting with the women there

'Whores dressed in garters'
The weekly paper that exposed Rabbi Jaffe's exploits says that, for half an hour of sex, the rabbi is willing to pay forty pounds, fifty if oral sex is also part of the package. He prefers to have his whores dressed in garters.

"He's a frequent client here," reveals one of the whores. "He's a man who knows exactly what he wants." One whore, who in a moment of boredom perhaps wanted to purify herself, happened to watch the BBC production and discovered that her client was a rabbi. His remarks on the show infuriated her. "How hypocritical can you be? On one hand, he won't shake hands with women and, on the other hand, he comes around all the time and has very bizarre requests. Only a day before preaching on television, he came here and had a good time."
When he arrived for a visit at the house following his TV appearance, one of the whores told him, "I don't know whether to ask for money or an autograph."

Dovid Korbman said...

Corban / Colmer. I hope no one confuses that with me and thinks that I'm the guy.

chanina brudny said...

My fatherused to beat me up.
Does anyone know what I can do about it now?
Please let me know.
Chanina Brudny.

Barry Hertz said...

To that LOSER who makes fun of R' Michel Spitzer,

Let's see you get anywhere near him in learning and marry a rosh yeshiva's daughter.

All the LOSERS with no life come here to take vague potshots at rabbonim who haven't done anything to harm anyone.

Anonymous said...

Why should I care if that lubav is a ba'al tayvah? I thought this thread was about abuse of children, not about every orthodox guy that frequents the local rub & tug.

Karma Dude said...


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