Thursday, August 10, 2006



UOJ has done a tremendous Toivah to Klal Yisroel in exposing the evildoers in our midst and being Mekayaim the Mitzvah Dioiraisah of Ubearta Harah Mikirbecha. His whole campaign would have been Kidai even if he only prevented one Jewish child from being molested. Kol Hamikayaim Nefesh Achas Meyisroel Keiloo Kiyam Oilam Moleh. Nothing is more precious to us than our Heilige Kinderlach. On them Chazal say Al Tigoo Bimisheechoi Ibinveai Al Tareioo, do not touch my anointed ones and to my prophets do no harm, Ailoo Teenokos Shel Bais Rabun these are the children of the house of their teacher (cheder). Some explain this Chazal to mean that every Jewish child has the potential to be Moshiach. How careful must we be then with the development of every child? Where is the collective communal outrage at what has been allowed to go on here? What drug has placed us into such a stupor that nothing seems to wake us up even when the safety of our children is at stake?

This situation is nothing less than Pikuach Nefesh Mamesh and if some “unorthodox” methods were used to wake us up from our slumber so be it. Bimokom Chillul Hashem Ain Cholkin Kovod Lirav. And what a massive Chillul Hashem this has caused. What greater Chillul Hashem can there be than the destruction of our Heilige Kinderlach in the very place they are learning Toira? The secular media talking about us having a “catholic priest problem”? Oi Lieinaim Haroiois Vuznaim Hashomois Es Ailah. And this Chillul Hashem does not stop. Even after all this, Kolko is still allowed to be employed as sports director in Camp Silver Lake (the summer home of Yeshiva & Mesivta Torah Temimah and Lipa Margulies) and hang around in a bathing suit at Lake Compounce surrounded by our Heilige Kinderlach! Once again reported by the secular media.

We are witnessing an unprecedented type of Rishus that is beyond comprehension. Firstly, a Mossad entrusted with the care of Jewish children keeps a man on its staff for over thirty-five years and knowingly enables his destruction of countless Jewish children. This alone defies belief and understanding. But then, even after they are exposed to the entire world for the Rishus they have perpetrated against the Klal, and have caused a Chilul Hashem of untold proportion, they are still Oimid Bimerdum Ibirishum Bichul Hatoikef and insist and causing an even greater Chilul Hashem.

There are no words to explain such conduct.

We as a community must say Dai, enough, no more. Lipa Margulies must be immediately put out of business. This situation has come about because an Am-haaretz has been allowed to run a Yeshiva without Daas Toirah, without Middos and without Seichel. No one is a Baal Habos on the Toirah. Toirah is a valuable keepsake, a Peekudoin which has to be guarded and watched only by people who understand its real value. Those are real Talmeidai Chachomim who are Meyagaia Batorah Lishmah. Our keepsake has been hijacked by an individual who has no appreciation whatsoever for our real values but merely sees the Torah as a means for expanding his business interests, his fame and his glory. The result is before our eyes. Hashchoso of unprecedented proportion. And he has no compunction whatsoever about bringing down the entire Oilam Hatorah and Klal Yisroel together with him because it means nothing to him.

We will not let him do that.

Yeshiva Torah Temimah must be shut down right now. A Mossad that harbors a molester and is causing a massive Chilul Hashem in the process no longer has a right to continue as a Yeshiva. When the Russians tried to introduce secular studies to Volozhin the Netziv shut it down rather than adulterate the Torah. Volozhin, at that time, was the first Yeshiva in Europe, one of the only Yeshivas in existence and was certainly the most central and important Yeshiva in the Oilam Hatorah. Shutting down Volozhin was like shutting the Torah itself Chas Vesholom. But the Gedolei Yisroel felt that if the Torah cannot be learned Kitzoorusuh, Kmoi Shenitnah Biseenai Al Taharoas Hakodesh it’s better to shut it down. Yeshiva Torah Temimah is in that very Matzav right now. It may have done some good over the years, now its time to close its doors. Everybody in Klal Yisroel is Mechooyav to do everything they can to shut down this Moisad immediately. Especially the Talmeidai Chahchomim who are employed there, so they are not Chas Vesholem considered Machzeikei Yidei Oivrei Aveirah.

Oi may haya lanu?


Welcome back Daas Torah! said...

Das Torah strikes again. Score one for the good guys.

Anonymous said...

finaslly let this person come forward and be given his due for standing up to the garbage of margolis and kolko
when one sees margolis kolko leizerowitz belsky yeedle werdiger mondoritz one should spit on the floor

where is a bes din to have the courage to stand up and be counnted on to clean up this garbage

shmiralbonimubanos said...

A CALL OUT TO rabbis reisman and COHEN

let all of us call rabbi dovid cohen and rabbi riesman and ask them to get of their a____s and take a stand for a change

learn one less daf and save a jewish child
let there be a public apology by these rabbonim for not cleaning up this when they thought about it

let them ask belsky to resign from the ou and any bes din he is involved with
let them make a psak that yeedle werdiger can not perform in any jewish venue
let them finally take a stand against molesters

Anonymous said...

Where is Belsky's response to true Daas Torah?

Anonymous said...

how can shustel continue working with kolko and margulies? is money such a corrupting influence?

Anonymous said...


Regarding your recent pilpul and alleged revalation of Horav Yisroel Belsky.

A smilar story happened over 2000 years ago a Mr. BarKamsa was humiliated and wronged in public before the leading Rabbonim who watched in silence in Yerushalayim and nothing. Mr. BArkamsa got his revenge and we sit in golus for over 2000 years.

How will history judge OUJ hero for the hurting or a Rasha Gommer?

1 vote for Rasha Gommer here