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Address: 1296 E. 10th. St.
Brooklyn, N.Y. 11230


Auto Report World Editors said...

But UOJ, what good is outing him? It's not like you're going to dig up dirt on him like some frummie.

Un-Orthodox Jew said...

Hi Ronnie,

As a victim's advocate, I do what I do best. I expose the fraudulent component of Judaism that hurts innocent people.

The rest will take care of itself, as the world watches.

Anonymous said...

Let's give Mr. Neuhoff a chance to apologize. I believe this is fair. Despite his wrongdoing, we must rise above our enemies.

Perhaps Mr. Neuhoff/Tuvya will retract the things he has said and admit that Kolko is guilty of molesting children. That will be a step in the right direction.

This is not about revenge. Let's give him the chance.

Anonymous said...

He has nothing to be ashamed of.

Anonymous said...


The "Frummies" will do what they do best. They'll turn on each other and poor Tuvia/Chaim will will now be the other.

Anonymous said...

Do you mean Rabbi Dr. Chaim Neuhoff?

Still Wonderin' said...

If my two cents is worth anything:

1) I support UOJ's efforts to expose coverups in the frum community of instances of sexual abuse and narcissistic manipulative psychological abuse and initiating methods of transparency, oversight, and prevention.

2) I am disgusted and incredulous by the prolonged campaign to silence and destroy UOJ for his sin of taken extreme measures (albeit justifiably upsetting to many) to break the walls that perpetuate a serious problem.

3) I am astounded at the level of venom and personal vindictiveness that has erupted in the last week between those who support and oppose this effort, as well as the harassment and overt desire to destroy the person indentified as UOJ.

4) I hope that if the person UOJ has identified as Tuvya is indeed Tuvya, despite the unspeakable setback he has allowed in the drive to expose abusers AND those who harbor and appologize for their misdeeds, that the people who support UOJ do not stoop to emulate the disgraceful behavior we've all seen this last week on the tuvya blog, on the mr rosh yeshiva blog, hurled at private individuals in their homes and places of business and most terribly to friends, work associates, and family memebers.

5) If Tuvya is who uoj says he is, then fine; let's allow that, in and of itself, to serve as a lesson to all that anonymity online is difficult to sustain and that we should all take measures to disagree in a more civil, more respectful, and more constructive way.

6) Anyone with an ounce of sensitivity understands how this very emotional, complicated issue hits very close to home for many of us. But the bile being flung back and forth is just overwhelming. I hope I'm not alone in my desire to end it.

Un-Orthodox Jew said...

There will be no personal attacks allowed against Chaim Neuhoff or his partner in crime! Don't waste your time commenting.



Still Wonderin' said...

"There will be no personal attacks allowed against Chaim Neuhoff or his partner in crime! Don't waste your time commenting"

kol hakavod!!!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Gil Student's close buddy.
I don't believe Gil knew who Tuvya was. Either way, he was not interested in promoting Tuvya in any fashion.

Un-Orthodox Jew said...

I apologize to Paul Plotzker for the error. I will do it formally and have someone contact him in person in my behalf and ask him for forgiveness.

I will offer to make restitution in any way he suggests.

Anonymous said...

Learning Torah on the Subway

Can a man learn Torah on the subway or bus when there are immodestly dressed women there?


I. The Problem

One Sunday this past summer, I drove with my family up to "the country" to visit our neighbors (of eruv fame) in the delightful Riversite Bungalow Colony, near South Fallsburg, NY. While there, we discussed -- particularly with R. Dr. Chaim Neuhoff -- whether a man may sit by the swimming pool during men's swimming time and learn Gemara. The issue is twofold. First, one may not learn Torah in a place where people are immodestly dressed (Shabbos 150a). Second, one may not learn Torah in a bathhouse even when everyone there is dressed, because the bathhouse is designated as a place where people are normally undressed.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't that on Gil's site?

Anonymous said...

hmmmm, he's concerned about the learning question on the subway. what about hurting innocent people?
oh yes , i guess he said his rav belsky ok'd that.

mt mehdi said...

I apologize to Paul Plotzker for the error. I will do it formally and have someone contact him in person in my behalf and ask him for forgiveness.

I will offer to make restitution in any way he suggests.

Thank you. Long live UOJ!

Anonymous said...

Good work!

Anonymous said...

What kind of Dr. is he? I think that is relevant.

Tuvya’s Psyche said...

These is an absolute moral equivalency between the acts of Yudi Koko /Lipa Margulies and the nasty comments directed by UOJ at Rabbonim. In fact, Daas Toirah has told me that UOJ’s words are worse than the acts of Kolko/Margulies.

I am L’Shaim Shomaim as is evidenced by my not making a move without first asking permission from Yisroel Belsky.

The fact that I am employed by Lipa Margulies is further evidence of my true dedication to the cause. I want to help him help the children.

Yudi Kolko has not been proven guilty in a court of law and is therefor innocent and I will not engage in the slander of an innocent party, unlike UOJ whose identity has been proven, (oops, I do have a problem here, so let’s make a note to ask Harav Belsky what to think.)

Yisroel Belsky has no Negios here despite the fact that he has been protecting his friend Yudi Kolko for over 30 years and has been exposed by UOJ. Belsky is such a Gadol that the personal attacks on him by UOJ have no bearing on his ability to remain neutral and guide me in this matter.

Anonymous said...

he is innocent said...

If you want the world to think you are reliable, why are you publicizing Leizerowitz his address, shul etc when you know there's no evidence against him? You keep on bragging how reliable you are.

What do you have against Ger in general? Your blog is full of hate since the begging. NO EVIDENCE?
HOW DARE YOU TELL ME NO EVIDENCE AS I AM A VICTIM OF THIS PERVERT besides are you hashem that you know where and with who this sick man leizerowitz was with 24/7 365 for the 20 somthing years he was mashgiach/MOLESTER. HOW DARE YOU. LEIZEROWITZ VICTIM FOREVER

Anonymous said...





Anonymous said...

Tuvya Chaim Neuhoff is a child psychologist who works for Margulies and claims to be concerned about victims of child molesters.

I think that any parent who allows their child near this man is guilty of criminal negligence.

Anonymous said...

Chaim Neuhoff says, "I am against molestation and molestation is horrible. I am against what UOJ is doing and what he is doing is horrible."

Is this Daas Torah, Belsky style?

Does Chaim believe that Kolko molesting children is akin to UOJ insulting rabbonim? If he does, he should not be allowed around children, not even TT students.

Anonymous said...

and tuvya kept asking victims to contact him!!! this just keeps on getting sicker.

uoj - maybe make that offer to R Shustal again.

Mark Weiss In The Jewish Voice And Opinion said...

It is not just the fact that I was sexually molested as a child that is so terrible. What’s worse is that I am part of a community that unwittingly enables these predators to strike victim after victim. There are sick and immoral people in this world. This is a reality. As survivors, we intimately feel the pain and suffering each time a new story surfaces about sexual abuse. We are brought together by a universal experience, a common tragedy; brothers and sisters unified by a profound violation of that which we had come to know as normal and safe. We begin to doubt our own judgment and our sense of well being disappears. Yet we try to move on.

It is no easy task. There are those who are lucky enough to be part of families and communities that provide proper and healthy support. Those individuals are able to express their suffering with the help of their loved ones, friends and mental health professionals. They are encouraged to speak their truths without fear of repercussions or negative backlash. They are not held captive by stigmas or taboos or the fear of what people will think of them. They are lucky.

Sometimes, we as Orthodox Jews are not as fortunate. We oftentimes bear the burden of living in a society that is reluctant to face the extent of this problem. No one wants to talk about sexual abuse. It is a shanda, met with cries of “It couldn’t possibly be happening in the frum world. This kind of thing only happens to other people!” We as frum Jews are thought to be above such horror. We have the Torah and mitzvot. We are the chosen people. We couldn’t possibly be a safe harbor to predators and pedophiles. Or could we?

Let me assure you, this sense of security is merely an illusion built up over many years of continuous denial. As more stories of abuse come to light, we are beginning to see what the issues really are. Not only do we have a serious problem, but our tendency to cover things up in an attempt to avoid a chilul Hashem and what amounts to be a distorted view of loshon horah, tends to foster this type of behavior.

My story, like those of so many others, illustrates this problem. Like many preadolescent boys and girls, I was having trouble finding my place in the world. My parents were good people, well respected members of their community and the Jewish institutions in which they served. Yet, I was failing to fit the mold of the “typical yeshiva boy” and was shifted around to several different yeshivas in search of a place that would be a good match for me. Things were difficult and I was not meeting with much success.

My family knew Avremel Monderowitz when he lived in Chicago with his parents. He was a student at the yeshiva where my father taught. Monderowitz’s father, a rabbi, was a sweet older European Jew and a spiritual leader of a small cozy shul in Chicago. On occasion, my father and I would daven in his shtibl. When the situation at home grew strained I was sent to Avremel Monderowitz, then thought to be a respected mental health professional, a leader of a school for boys, and an overall great guy. Best of all, he was a frum member of the community in Boro Park, Brooklyn. What more could one ask for?

I arrived in New York City, a naïve and innocent young man in a new world. Moderowitz picked me up in his fancy car with it’s great stereo. He took me out to eat everyday, to amusement parks, whatever I wanted to do.

When we returned to his empty home (his family was away in the Catskills) I was given the choice of where to sleep. I was offered a place in the kids’ bedroom or the master bedroom with him where things were not as “scary and lonely” in that strange home in a strange city. In hindsight, everything that ended up taking place was done “with my consent”. Pedophiles rely on the fact that any discussion that is sexual in nature is taboo and inappropriate, thus children from frum homes like mine are clueless that what is happening to them is inappropriate. I had the misfortune of spending an entire week with him and was subject to sexual abuse on a daily basis.

Completely unaware that anything bad had happened, I returned to my home and never mentioned a word of my experiences to anyone. It wasn’t until I was 18 years old and had a chance meeting in shul with Mondrowitz that I flashed back to the ordeal of years before and suddenly realized what had happened. My parents were in complete disbelief of my story. They insisted that they knew Mondrowitz, that he was a respected professional and a frum Jew and that I was very possibly mistaken. However, a short while later I was summoned to speak to the Rosh Hayeshiva (dean) of the yeshiva where my father taught and was asked “if I would trust my children with Avremel Monderowitz”. I realized that this was his modest way of asking the very difficult question of whether I had been abused. I also realized I was indeed correct about my recent recollection of my abuse and I was further devastated. Sadly, the Rosh Hayeshiva never followed up with any additional discussion of the situation, nor was any guidance ever offered on how to deal with it.

Many years later I became aware of an event that was to take place in a shul in Flatbush. It was billed “A Night for Survivors” and was to be an opportunity for victims of sexual abuse to come forward and tell their stories to Torah leaders. I immediately made plans to attend this event and was excited that this issue would finally be addressed by the leadership. Despite the original intent of the event’s organizers, the victims were not allowed to tell their stories. No one could directly address the Rabbis and only the most benign questions from the audience were selected. The Rabbis additional comments did not even touch on the subject of sexual abuse, and it was clear that there is a long road ahead toward understanding and adequately addressing the issue. The disappointment and frustration I experienced that night was beyond description. I had come to participate in a night of healing and left feeling even further abused. It was devastating to realize that the very people I had expected to sooth some of the pain were now additionally the source of it.

There is steady progress being made on the efforts to have Monderowitz extradited back to the United States to stand trial for his crimes. We are fortunate to have attorney Michael Lesher and advocate Dr. Amy Neustein who tirelessly fight to have Monderowitz and other perpetrators removed from our communities and brought to justice.

We must remain vigilant in how we deal with each and every instance of abuse. We must express outrage at community leaders, schools and public institutions when they attempt to cover up abuse stories. We must strongly protest when our government caves in to political pressure and fails to protect victims by their inaction. We cannot continue with our tendencies to sweep these matters under the rug under the false pretense of avoiding a chillul Hashem or speaking loshon hora about an alleged perpetrator, while at the same time needlessly dealing harshly with the victim.

Together as a cohesive community with open minds and a realistic approach to the difficult job of doing what is right but not necessarily popular, we will save countless lives from the horrors of sexual abuse.

Un-Orthodox Jew said...

Paul will now be doing a tell-all interview with the secular media.

My knowledge of the vile people that are cockroaches dressed in black, pale in comparison to the verifiable information that he has.

Good luck guys...trust me, I've seen some of the stuff.

jewishwhistleblower said...

>Tuvya Chaim Neuhoff is a child

I can't find anyone licenced as such under that name in the State of New York.

Can anyone clarify?


If it can be proven that Rabbi Belsky gave Tuvya the green light to do what he did without speaking to Paul, Rabbi Belsky will be terminated from any position with the OU. My advice to Paul is to call Rabbi Belsky to bais din.

Ohel Therapist said...

Chaim Neuhoff's career is kaput!

Anonymous said...

Just another attempt by the rishaim called rabbonim to kill anyone that dares to expose them for the momzeirim they are.
go UOJ.

rca rabbi said...

Rabbi Belsky is history. Not soon enough.

Anonymous said...

If the Rabbonim would have had an asifa after the ny magazine article instead of being concerned about women not wearing bullet-proof stockings then maybe all this bad blood would not have been spilled.

Anonymous said...

oyyyy...daastoooooooooyyyyyyyrah...you are confusing me. is the internet now mutar?
or only do destroy your perceived enemis.
time for another asifa

Anonymous said...

if whats true about leizerowitz being taken to HADDASAH MEDICAL CENTER i am totally not surprised,for such a "person?" accustomed to so much koved all his life to all of a sudden being this sick pervert {even though his family/freinds dont beleive it} i wouldnt be shocked to find out he is under pyschiatric suicidal watch especially after what i heard that the gerer rebbi finally oserd him from dealing in chinuch. in ger atleast LEIZEROWITZ VICTIM FOREVER

Anonymous said...

the lashon hara perpertrated on this blog is unbearable..still i find myself reading on as if a mesmerized teenager with no life besides a computer screen, two day old cup of coke and stale potato chips. azai shreklache matzav gentlemen

Anonymous said...

once again it is a true shame that people our rabiis cover up for this grbage

i long for the day were we can send our children to torah temima without a kolko or margolis
where a belsky is silenced and made for what he is a koton not a godol
where a yeedle werdiger is not allowed on a stage in the jewish world

oh when will that day occur

Un-Orthodox Jew said...

Shavua Tov...

In response to hundreds upon hundreds of inquiries asking if:

1- I know the identity of RY

2- Why I don't post it...

The answers are:

1-I know the identity of RY

2-The animal in me is raging to post it, my heart however is urging me not to; I will listen to my heart for "now."

I have work to do before I post it.

Anonymous said...

why not post it?

Un-Orthodox Jew said...

I have my reasons for not posting it now.

Sruly Belsky is my target for now, he will regret the day he was born.

I was gentle with Margo and Kolko in comparison.

Anonymous said...

I know Neuhoff. He is a good guy and purely motivated, though misguided (IMO). I wouldnt attack him and focus instead on the bad guys.

Un-Orthodox Jew said...

Neuhoff, while I intend to deal with him at my leisure, is the "goon" that Belsky chose to do his dirty work.

Neuhoff was suckered as most of his type are.

Anonymous said...

Give us a hint into the id of RY.

Un-Orthodox Jew said...

No clues, you will see Jewish history in the making.

When I'm ready there will be no warning, I'll just throw it up.

Un-Orthodox Jew said...

How come all you guys are not at the show? I guaranteed my friend a SRO crowd.
Please, I do not want to hurt my credibility.

Anonymous said...

How come all you guys are not at the show? I guaranteed my friend a SRO crowd.
Please, I do not want to hurt my credibility.

Nothing as entertaining as reading blogs.

uoj hater said...

tuvyas not belsky's goon as much as you're paul's goon

Anonymous said...

Dates for Fringe Festival August 2006

SAT 8/12 10pm
SUN 8/13 2:15pm
WED 8/16 3pm
THUR 8/17 5:15pm
SAT 8/19 9:30pm
THUR 8/24 5:45pm

Henry Street Settlement - Recital Hall
466 Grand Street
SUBWAY: F to Delancey, JMG to Essex
BUS: 14A

Anonymous said...

Neuhoff was suckered as most of his type are

Suckered?????he's looking like the biggest fool in the world.

Anonymous said...

What a shmuck him and Belsky are looking like.
I hope you sue their asses off.

Un-Orthodox Jew said...

I can't sue their asses off, my friend most definitely will and much much more.

You'll see the action here exclusively.

Maybe I'll start charging membership...hmmm......

Un-Orthodox Jew said...

There probably were some 300 comments and e-mails in the last hour begging me to put up RY's identity.

Please guys, I'm eating melave malke..singing zmiros...hamaavdil bain kodesh l'chol...chatoseinu huuuuu "lo" yimchol...lalala...

I'm waiting for many things to be put in place before I just throw it up without notice.

I guess you just have to start sleeping with your laptops. LOL!

Un-Orthodox Jew said...

Yes, Ronnie.

Un-Orthodox Jew said...

There are 4 seats left for tomorrow...get there early. Tonight was sold out.

Un-Orthodox Jew said...

To the distinguished oiiiiiilam of Haredi Orthodox Jews world-wide....

I understand that the real,fake, phony, menuvel, rasha, sheigetz, goy gamur,evil, rot in Hell, maybe, for sure, possible, probable, can't be, could be, absolutely, positively, disgrace to the Jewish people, uncircumcized, mechallel Shabbos, little pipick, no pipick, skinny, fat, Hitler, Eichmann, Stalin, Spinoza, mevaze gedolim,........you get the drift (all really sent in ),...........will be doing a meet and greet to all his friends and enemies Sunday at 2 p.m.

If you want to kill him, shoot him, bomb him, shake his hand, cut his hand off, give him a black hat, spit at him, get his autograph, or just want to bring every single whacko to get a real good look at THE NUMBER ONE ENEMY OF HAREDI JUDAISM...

IF YOU SAY "REAL UOJ" at the ticket counter...they will give you a fifty cents discount.

HE'S LOOKING FORWARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

unbelievable just unbelievable how they crucified the guy.

mt mehdi said...

Would it be possible to post (in pdf) the defendant's answer to the complaint in the Kolko lawsuits?

Un-Orthodox Jew said...


I believe there was the standard "general denial". I'm certain it's a matter of public record.

To the journalists following the case, kindly post the defendant's response if you have it.

Anonymous said...

Slifkin Launches Book, Discusses Ban
By: Elliot Resnick, Jewish Press Staff Reporter

“Truth and peace you shall love.”

With this quote from Zechariah, Rabbi Tzvi Hersh Weinreb, executive vice president of the Orthodox Union, opened his lecture at the official launching of Rabbi Natan Slifkin’s new book, The Challenge of Creation.

The book launch took place at the Young Israel of Kew Gardens Hills last Tuesday, where 120 people gathered to hear Rabbis Slifkin, Weinreb and Gil Student (the book’s distributor) discuss the controversial book. An earlier and smaller version of the book, along with two others by Slifkin, was banned by 24 rabbis, including Rav Yosef Shalom Elyashiv and Rabbi Matisyahu Solomon, in January 2005.

Slifkin spoke about the ban the following night at the Young Israel of Teaneck to a crowd of about 60.

The rabbis’ ban had attacked the books, which grapple with evolution, the age of the universe and strange scientific assertions in the Talmud, as being “full of heresy.”

However, Weinreb said Slifkin’s new book is very necessary for ba’alei teshuvah, alienated youth and people engaged with the secular world. “It answers questions that many people have that are not answered anywhere else,” he told The Jewish Press.

“That was the most frustrating part,” agreed Slifkin, in his talk in Kew Gardens Hills. “Those banning my books were not providing alternative solutions to the problems that physical reality raises.”

Both Weinreb and Student were careful to say that their support of the book is not a “war against great rabbis.”

“There are many rabbanim and roshei yeshiva who disagree and want the book available for their communities,” Student said. “Ask your rabbi. If he approves of the book, feel free to buy it; if he doesn’t, don’t buy it.”

In his speech, Student noted that rabbis such as Rambam, Rav Samson Raphael Hirsch, and Rav Isaac Herzog (Rav Elyashiv’s rebbe, said Student) all adopted similar approaches as those presented by Slifkin. He quoted the great halachic decider, Rabbi Chaim Ozer Grodzinski, as saying that in non-halachic matters, local rabbis should decide what is best for their communities.

Trying to play it safe this time around, Slifkin added a warning in the beginning of the new book. He proclaimed it to be only for those who struggle with various problems that scientific findings and theories present. All others, it reads, “are advised not to read [the book].” Slifkin also hopes the picture of the tyrannosaurus rex – not another dinosaur like the apikorosaurus, he quipped – on the front cover will discourage all those who are afraid of the questions dinosaurs raise from reading the book, he told the crowd.

Slifkin thinks it highly unlikely his new book will be banned. The majority of the 24 rabbis, he said in Teaneck, did not believe his books contained actual heresy. Indeed, he said Rav Elyashiv was surprised recently when he saw the words “complete heresy” on the text of the ban, as apparently he had signed a less harsh ban which “zealots,” as Slifkin calls them, “revised” after they had obtained his signature. Rather, these rabbis simply felt the material in his books was harmful for their communities. According to Slifkin, Rav Elyashiv was even heard to say that Slifkin’s books can be used for outreach purposes.

The ban, however, limits Slifkin’s access to ultra-Orthodox communities. “It is upsetting. I know there are people in those communities who benefited a lot from what I wrote, so it’s a shame I’m not going to be able to get to those people now,” he told The Jewish Press.

Although Slifkin spoke for more than 45 minutes in Teaneck, his address in Kew Gardens Hills was less than 15, which disappointed some. “I would have liked to hear more of him,” said local resident Dr. Roberta Farber. Nonetheless, she agreed with the speakers’ message. “I think you have to take science seriously.”

The two lectures were part of a lecture tour for Slifkin. He is filming a documentary on Torah and animals next month in California, where he is also visiting family. He returns to his home in Ramat Beit Shemesh, Israel at the end of the summer.

Anonymous said...

I urge anyone that cares about our future to please contact me at a_unorthodoxjew@yahoo.com.

I will expect that these people will be highly intelligent, very caring about our plight, and very well respected by their peers

Dear UOJ,

Rather late in life I have sadly come to the conclusion that Orthodox Judaism is fatally flawed and beyond saving. I have given up trying to save Jewish souls for Yiddishkiet. I believe God loves all his children equally, Jews and non-Jews, and therefore reject all halachic discrimination or teachings to the contrary. This makes me an apikoris and therefore not the right kind of person you are looking for to help you save Orthodoxy. Nonetheless, I have great respect and admiration for you and support what you are doing, helping human beings in pain. I wish you much success.

A friend of one of the many victims of Moshe Eiseman

JWB said...

Shmuel Juravel plea bargain - over 20 years in prison


Shmuel Juravel is the son of Rabbi Moshe Juravel who is employeed as a
teacher at the Torah Institute of Baltimore.

U.S. Dept. Of Justice said...

Alice H. Martin
United States Attorney
Northern District of Alabama

August 11, 2006
see: http://www.usdoj.gov/usao/aln/Docs/August 2006/AUGUST 11, 2006


BIRMINGHAM, AL - SAMUEL ZEV JURAVEL pled guilty late yesterday in
United States District Court to three counts of traveling to have sex with a
child and use of the internet to entice a child to engage in illegal
sexual acts. JURAVEL, 30, of Savannah, Georgia, was arrested in
Birmingham in March 2006 and remains in federal custody.

“Be warned - out of state child predators who travel to Alabama to harm
our children will be prosecuted,” states U.S. Attorney Alice H. Martin.
“We will protect our children through zealous prosecution of those who
take advantage of and steal the innocence of childhood.”

In the Plea Agreement filed August 10, 2006, JURAVEL pled guilty to
traveling from Georgia to a location in Jefferson County, Alabama, to meet
with what he believed to be a 12 year old boy and an 11 year old boy
for illegal sex acts. JURVAL also admitted use of the internet to attempt
to persuade induce, and entice the boys to meet him for sex. Through
criminal forfeiture proceedings, a lap top computer which was seized at
the time of arrest will be forfeited by JURAVEL.

According to the plea agreement JURAVEL now faces 262 months
imprisonment and a life time of supervised release. Additionally, JURAVEL also
faces a fine which will be determined by the Court at the time of
sentencing. A sentencing hearing date has not been set by the Court at this

This case is significant in that it brings attention to a new Federal
initiative: Project Safe Childhood which was launched earlier last
month. Project Safe Childhood is a major Department endeavor where U.S.
Attorneys will work together with local Department-funded Internet Crimes
Against Children task forces, and all their other federal, state, and
local partners, in unprecedented cooperative efforts to attack online
pedophiles and pornographers.

This case was investigated by Special Agents of the Federal Bureau of
Investigation, the Birmingham Police Department, and the United States
Postal Inspection Service. Assistant United States Attorney John H.
England, III is prosecuting this matter on behalf of the U.S. Government.

United States Attorney’s Office Press Releases are also on the Internet
visit www.usdoj.gov/usao/aln
Jill Ellis, Public Information Contact, 205-244-2015

Modern Orthodox and very proud said...

I was at The Rabbi And The Cheerleader last night with my wife and parents. It was a wonderful experience. We laughed our heads off and cried our eyes out.She is a magnificent performer.
Forget about hate ladies and gentleman, go see it. It is a heartwarming Jewish experience that is totally kosher.
Thanks for the tip UOJ.

RCA Rabbi said...

It has come to our attention that the accused UOJ is intending to file a libel lawsuit against Rabbi Belsky and Chaim Neuhoff. For the kavod Hatorah, please do not file suit in court yet. Every Jew is required to go to bais din for a full airing of their complaints.
My halachic advice is for him to go to bais din first. Issue hazmanas to the both of them. If they elect not to go to a din Torah after three hazmanas, the RCA would have no problem issuing a heter arcaos, or a writ of permission to litigate in secular court. This is the appropriate way to proceed, come to bais din first.
It is clear to us based on the information we have seen, that the person they identified as UOJ, may have cooperated with UOJ recently, but on it's face is clearly not UOJ. Bais din should and will make that determination. Regardless, we are informed that Rabbi Belsky never contacted the accused, there was no way for him to know if the information presented to him was in fact accurate. In fact, Neuhoff is now claiming that the information provided to him that he presented to Rabbi Belsky was by an anonymous third party that he does not know, and can not verify the accuracy of those claims. Please rabosai, let us prevent another chilull Hashem that will become a spectacle for the secular media to delight in.

Anonymous said...

Tuvya/Chaim Neuhoff on August 13, 2006:

Conversation with Rav Belsky

I met with Harav Belsky shlita this morning who asked me to publicize three things.

1) I cannot use UOJ's "low" tactics such as publicizing their names or contact information or using low insults and mockery. I need to stick to the facts and take the "high" road.

Tuvya/Chaim Neuhoff on August 6, 2006:

UOJ is..................... A disgrace to his illustrious grandfather and namesake......... Ztl.A disgrace to his distinguished family. And a disgrace to the Jewish people.

His main enabler is ..........., a despicable and wicked person.

May they both around their errant ways and use their energy for productive work. If not, may the verse “v’shaim rishoim yirkav” be applied to them.


For more information, please see............ (an independent blog)

Tuvya/Chaim Neuhoff, I ask you, which is it? The former or the latter?

Time to face reality, Chaim. You are following Belsky who is a common thug and a fraud.

True Daas Torah does not engage in personal and petty squabbles with a faceless blogger. A petty thug such as Belsky does.

You have chosen to align yourself with the likes of Belsky, Margulies and Kolko.

In the words of Hector Hugh Munro, "A man is known by the company he keeps."

Anonymous said...

If not for that "distinguished family", Fraud Belsky would be driving a truck for Rubashkin, hanging chandeliers with his brother Pinky, or be a world traveller shnorrer shlomazal with his idiot brother Mendy.
What would your father Barney say SROOOOOLLLLY?

Old Williamsburg Boy said...

let me chime in here. The reason belsky is heavy handed and uses mob tactics to attempt to indimadate his enemies is because he has a history of beating the shit out of his enemies physically. All his lifegrowing up he's been using his fists to hurt people. there were fist fights regularly in the agudah of williamsburg with belsky b'rosh.
it's genetic, his grandfather binyomin use to beat the shit out of his grandmother in public in his hardware store.
his uncle yossi wilhelm used to beat the living daylights out of his wife and she filed numerous police complaints and was frequently put in the hospital. so belsky is geneticall f@#$ up.

Auto Report World Editors said...

I've been trying to stay away from commenting on Rabbi Belsky. He's the rebbe of a fine young man that I've known since he was 5 years old. E is a talmid chacham with outstanding middot and I'm having a hard time reconciling the fact that someone with fairly good judgement would think highly of someone who is clearly acting inappropriately. I can only assume that this fine young man is not aware of Belsky's actions in this matter..

I'm not talking about hazmanas of the past. I'm talking about the fact that he is providing supposed halachic guidance and permission to C. Neuhoff in a matter to which he, Yisroel Belsky, is a party. A true Jewish scholar would recognize that he has an unavoidable conflict of interest and recuse himself.

Should we expect less from a "distinguished" rabbi than from a secular judge?

Auto Report World Editors said...

it's genetic, his grandfather ... use to beat the shit out of his grandmother in public in his... store.
his uncle ... used to beat the living daylights out of his wife and she filed numerous police complaints and was frequently put in the hospital.

Hey Tuvya/Chaim, I'm trying not to enjoy any *schaedenfreud here, but see what you started? You falsely accuse someone, get into bed with people who have slandered a decent Jewish woman by all accounts, and **voila, you find that some really nasty news gets published about your rebbe's family. Midah k'neged midah? That's for better Jews than me to figure out. However, none of us is without sin, and the shmutz you have spread around is creaping close to the hem of your own heilige tallis. UOJ isn't gong to do anything untoward, but he now has many allies, some, unfortunately, with lower standards than he has. Whatcha gonna do when you ask "what's that smell?" and you find out that it's you?

*Schaedenfreud - pleasure at the misfortune of others, typically former friends. As I, and my children, have been the target of some very malicious LH from those who endorse Tuvya/Chaim and Belsky, it's tempting to enjoy. However, I'm trying very hard to be kind to my fellow Jews. We are in existential danger.

**For those whose yeshiva thinks that secular studies are bittul Torah, the word is not "walla", as some frummies seem to think, it's voila, French for "see the".

Auto Report World Editors said...

Hey, UOJ, were FM and SM selling any merchandise at the play? I have a cool idea for some shirts and hats.

Anonymous said...

Seriously, what kind of idiot rav paskens on shailos as pertaining to what anonymous bloggers may or may not do? It sounds to me like R' Belasky has gone bonkers. How old is he, is senility setting in?
This is like the Twilight Zone.

Un-Orthodox Jew said...

I agree with you Anon, Belsky has effectively disqualified himself as a posek and a rav with any sort of credibility at all. He has become a cult leader.

I will make it my next goal to destroy this fool and fraud in every way I legally can.

I will discredit him in every single forum possible. He will be looking over the proverbial shoulder for the rest of his miserable life. I will not permit anyone in a position of power to destroy innocent people at will.

He will go down the same trash bin as Margulies and Kolko.

Anonymous said...

The problem, of course, is that their tactics tend to work on a lot of people--those without money or status or connections, who are too afraid and unprepared to make a life away from this cesspool of corruption and ignorance.

Anonymous said...

And you know the worst thing about all of this? It can turn you into a real anti-Semite. Not a self-hating Jew (whatever the hell that is), but an anti-Semite. You walk by men on the street in black suits and hats and you wonder: what kind of fraud did they perpetrate today, what innocent person did they threaten or guilty motherfucker did they protect. We are taught not to generalize and it is, of course, wrong.
However, there is a point when it no longer seems to be about isolated incidents, or a few "bad apples." You start to see how the system is rotten to the
core and, while good people will fight the good fight (and get destroyed in the process), the
temptation, if you can, is to run as fast as possible in the opposite direction.

Anonymous said...

These guys have gone beyond words. The fact is that they are so fucking scared for their lives right now--the boundaries of their shtetls are crumbling, the
"little people" are becoming emboldened and empowered by technology and the only way these "leaders" know how to hold onto their power is through a
combination of instilling fear of "the goyim" and, when that fails, employing tactics of raw intimidation, which seem increasingly to include

Anonymous said...

2) Reading UOJ's blog (as well as many others) is an absolute violation of hilchos loshon hora.

I get suspicious whenever anybody begins to take cover behind this Loshon Hora wall. It smells, stinks rather of fraudulent coverup

3) Regarding my involvement and expsosure to vile insults, he said "scharcha harbe meod". Furthermore, I should feel privleged to be disparaged by the same lowlifes who insulted Rav Elchonon Wasserman and Rav A.L Shteinman.

Well, saying the truth avout somebody mistakes does not seem to me to be insulting, it just comes to try to prevent such mistakes in the future. Actually, by not exposing those mistakes one does disservice to all

Anonymous said...

Allowing nivul peh too?
You must 'really' care about yiddishkait!
Did anybody say you were a 'meglomaniac'!!!

Anonymous said...

belsky has shown his true colors. now i understand why he was denied the position he so lusts after in ytv.

Anonymous said...

How can the post Lanner OU employee the likes of Belsky? He has been protecting molesters (e.g. Kolko and Brenner) for decades.

Haven't they learned from their mistakes?

grew up in williamsburg said...

I was a child but i remember the Wilhelm hardware store on Division av. in williamsburg. I was there with my mother and we bought some pots. The old man Benyamin wilhelm gave the pots to his wife to toivel in the tvillas kailim mikva. she didnt move quickly enough, so the bastard hit her on the face with a big pot. she was bleeding and my mother ran out of the store across the street to the police department. The police came running. they took the old momzer away. i don't know the end of that story. i swear to god this is like 65 years ago, i remember this like yesterday. ok this explains why belsky is crazy. there was always talk about the wilhelm family- belsky's mother being sick.

Anonymous said...

They can't possibly be as nuts as the Scheinbergs

Anonymous said...

she didnt move quickly enough, so the bastard hit her on the face with a big pot.
WOW, Sounds like Belsky! You can't make this stuff up. I'm happy to see that the truth will catch up with him and the world will know what he is all about.

Still Wonderin' said...

Anonymous said...
Allowing nivul peh too?
You must 'really' care about yiddishkait!
Did anybody say you were a 'meglomaniac'!!!

4:42 PM, August 13, 2006


Talk about nivel peh....you can't even spell megalomaniac, let alone define it.

(meanwhile, in anonymous's house, after reading this comment, he runs to get a dictionary, realizes he doesn't own a dictionary, looks it up on google and runs to post a comment to prove that, yes, he does, indeed, know what "megalomaniac" means. Siiiiighhhh....a Jewish mind is a terrible thing to waste.))

outsider looking in... said...

I believe it is long past the time when these communities can be trusted to clean up their own act; the system is way too corrupt. We need to use the law, and
other means of creating pressure from the outside.

This is not to say that the people who are living within these
communities do not have a significant role to play. But they need to be educated for
social action. I am serious about that. They have to learn how to organize and work together and with advocates. There is tremendous power in numbers, but
they need a real leader/leaders. Of course, this is, as you know, a HUGE uphill battle because of issues of trust of outsiders, stigma, shidduch, etc. But
unless people learn to take responsibility for their own lives and communities, it is
going to continue this way. Unfortunately, this is anathema to the "kind" of Judaism they have been taught.

There is so much work to be done...

Brother Vs. Brother-Shimon V'Levi Achim.... said...

In this video Rabbi Twerski mentions that after his first two workshops exposing domesitic violence he had to have police protection due to death threats.

Can you imagine what happens when one exposes sexual violence in Jewish communities? Can you imagine what the survivors have experienced?

Video: Rabbi Dr. Abraham J. Twerski - The Truth about Gambling in the Jewish Community
December 18, 2005



Reading UOJ's Blog it reads like absolute loshan hara...............


Bungalow Yenta said...

So which bungalow does Neuhoff go to? I bet it's a real putzy one. Is it Regency?

Mama Twersky said...

shnai goyim b'vitnaich.

Yated Reader said...

Some interesting comments from the Yated.

For the full version check out http://rabbipinchoslipschutz.blogspot.com/2006/08/answer-is-in-posuk.html

This week saw a big tumult about doctored photos which were sent out by a respected news organization to newspapers around the world. Media everywhere replicated the staged photos from Kana and many others, and used them to invent a massacre of innocent Lebanese civilians by Israel.

Thanks to observers outside the mainstream media, the subterfuge has been exposed and laid bare for people who are interested in the truth. The incident offers a profound lesson.

So often we seek to portray ourselves dishonestly and think we get away with it. We use makeup to cover our blemishes and offer the world a picture-perfect image. Isn’t it time to make an attempt to be less artificial, more sincere in our dialogue with ourselves and others?

How about our tendency to delude ourselves with wishful thinking?


Perhaps that ought to be an extreme reminder to us that when we see wrongs being perpetrated, we have a responsibility to do what we can to halt them. We can not sit by and say, “It is not my problem; let someone else worry about it.” Evil is evil and wrong is wrong and it is our duty to oppose it. Looking the other way is not the answer. We can not permit people who harm others to operate in impunity, certain that no one will have the guts to stop them.

We live in a time when we are under a microscope, when there are no secrets. We have to be cognizant of that and be especially careful in all we do to ensure that nothing we do will cause a Chillul Hashem. We have to go the extra mile to ensure that all we do is proper and not try to hide behind facades and improper excuses. When people speak falsehoods in our name, engage in flagrantly improper behavior, and commit destructive actions, we have to exhibit the courage to speak out publicly and make it clear that they do not represent us. Regardless of whether they happen to be powerful and influential, or hapless Neturai Karta kooks, our duty is the same.

The Answer Is In The Posuk

Un-Orthodox Jew said...

PM: We’ll continue to hunt Hizbullah down


Paul tells UOJ ‘in every altercation with Hizbullah the MO soldiers had the upper hand. Hizbullah leaders went into hiding and are lying. We will continue to hunt them down anytime, anywhere’

By Ilan Marciano- Haaretz.com

The Villiamsboig Enquirer said...

Quite interesting to note that The old momzer Binyomin Wilhemm and his two sons Shea and Yussie all had strokes about 10 years before they dropped dead and the right sides of their bodies and the hands that beat the living shit out of their wives were paralyzed. All 3! very interesting family belsky comes from. Not quite as "distinguished" as his nemesis's family.

moshe sherer said...

"Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of man" .. the uoj knows!

Steve said...

Tuvya/Chaim said......
I am against molestation and molestation is horrible.
When somebody writes a statement like that, it just shows how clueless he is. Which civilized human being isn't "against molestation"? UOJ's blog isn't a debate whether molestation is or isn't horrible. It's about enabling such behavior to continue and covering up for these criminals.

Enquiring Minds Vant To Know said...

Is that the same Wilhelm family that's related to the Kaminetzkys?

Anonymous said...

Number of days we're waiting for Tuvia Neuhoff to tell us his plan for getting rid of molesters: 80.

Posek Hador Yisroel Belsky...Now The Blogger Posek said...

I'm against beating the living shit out of your wives, unless they speak loshon hara or if the don't obey you or if they agree with UOJ.
For other heterim contact me directly or my goon Neuhoff.

Republican National Committee said...

"Number of days we're waiting for Tuvia Neuhoff to tell us his plan for getting rid of molesters: 80."

Don't hold your breath. That's like John Kerry promising to come through on something.

Bimbo The Clown said...

Hi, I also go by the name Moskowitz when representing YTT. Silly of Steve to ask what kind of plan Tuvya has to deal with molesters. Tuvya made it very clear that accused molesters should take a leave of absence until things can be properly determined. Margo couldn't have said it better himself. He put Kolko on "leave of absence." Of course, insignificant little details shouldn't be a distraction, like Kolko just happening to show up to take Silver Lake kiddies in bathing suits by the hand to a splish splash water park. It sure beats the boiler room.

William Wallace said...

How brave of Tuvya to end his blog with a personal attack. Will he continue to maintain silence after crawling back under his rock or will he face his critics like a man?

Posek Hador Yisroel Belsky...Now The Blogger Posek said...

Oh.Oh....I paskened that you can only speak loshon hara against UOJ or whomever I decided was UOJ. You see I'm the posek hador, I make up my own shit that has nothing to do with Yiddishkeit. Like I wrote that article with Yisroel Reisman about Metziza B'Peh, I really believe Avraham Avinu gave himself a BJ. Really...that's my psak.


OK guys, the new psak is you are not to be m'vaze gedolim, I mean me. Loshon hara is only against the enemies that have exposed me for the sheigetz and thug that I am.

NO LASHON HARA AGAINST ME...THAT's the psak..from the Blogger Posek. I get to dtermine which comments stay up, I get to determine if you get to blast the shit out of innocent people, only MEEEEE! I'm the Blooger POSEK.


Anonymous said...

miss eisgrau:
you did the right thing to tell your story. there is no other way to make these........!@#$ pay for what they have done, to you and to others.

Jewish Survivors Of Sexual Violence said...

Thou shalt not go up and down as a talebearer among thy people; neither shalt thou stand idly by the blood of thy neighbor" (Leviticus 19:16).

If practicing lashon hara is the only thing that will safe, then we should all be doing it daily!

Remember One out of every 4 girls and One out of every 5 boys are sexually abused before their 18th birthday.

1 in 3 women and 1 in 5 men will be sexually assaulted in their lifetime. (FBI, 1990)

66-80% of victims know their offender. (FBI, 1990)

64% of rapes and 80% of attempted rapes are not reported to the police. (FBI, 1990)

The typical child sex offender molests an average of 117 children, most of who do not report the offence. Source: National Institute of Mental Health, 1988.

out of control said...

no question about it, Belsky lost it.

A descendent said...

Come on, UOJ
You shouldn't have posted the comment referencing Avrohom Avinu in such a humiliating manner. It's just not right.

Kolko / Margo Watch said...

This lawsuit could set a legal precedent for victims who don't file suit on time.


TRENTON, N.J. (AP) -- A former high school student who says he got HIV from a sexual relationship with his band teacher can sue the school district even though he missed a legal deadline, an appeals court panel ruled Monday.

The former student, identified only as R.L. in court documents, learned early last year that he was infected with HIV, the virus that causes AIDS.

He had three months to initiate legal action but didn't file a claim against the Newark school district and school officials until October.

A lower court judge, citing extraordinary circumstances, had granted R.L. the right to file a tort claim, a lawsuit precursor required when suing a public entity. The Newark school district appealed, but the appeals panel upheld the lower court ruling.

''My client is just waiting for his day in court. It's the only way he's going to find a measure of justice for these wrongs that were inflicted upon him,'' said R.L.'s attorney, Richard W. Carlson.

Newark school district attorney Matthew J. Tharney couldn't be immediately reached for comment Monday.

R.L. graduated from a Newark high school in 2004, four years after first alleging his band teacher touched him ''in a sexual manner,'' according to court documents. He reported the incidents to his guardian, his aunt, who enrolled him in another high school in another city. But he returned to Newark before his sophomore year.

During his junior and senior years, the teacher allegedly invited him to an apartment where he gave the student alcohol and drugs until a month before graduation.

After he found out he had HIV in May 2005, R.L. reported the teacher's conduct to the Newark school board and police department.

R.L. requested permission to file a late tort claim on Oct. 7 after a newspaper reported the teacher had been hired by a different school district. The teacher was later suspended with pay by the new district.

''Following his diagnosis, R.L. was very distressed,'' Monday's ruling states. ''He was hesitant to reveal his HIV status and was unaware of the legal requirements.''

The appeals court wrote: ''R.L. was two months short of his nineteenth birthday when he learned that he had been injured as a consequence of his teacher's conduct. The unexpected news was that he had a condition that not only can lead to death but also carries a stigma.''

The Essex County Prosecutor Office's child abuse unit is now investigating the teacher, said assistant prosecutor Mark Oli.

''It's an active investigation by the prosecutor's office and the matter will be presented to the grand jury,'' Oli said.

Mayachoray Hapargod said...

Avrohom Avinu stands by the shaarei Gehinnom to save his children from being pushed in. Maybe the idiot obsessed with bjs should keep that in mind.

George W. Bush said...

" You're either with UOJ or against him." I am anti-terrorists, therefore I stand proudly with UOJ. Yes, we need to destroy the Taliban whether they are Jews or Arabs. All forms of Fascism must be eliminated, Jewish, Muslim or otherwise.
Be proud UOJ, you are winning the war. It's not easy fighting terrorists. They hide themselves among normal people. They disguise themselves as Jewish clerics. They preach hate. Enter their temples. They hate mainstream Jews, they hate everyone that does not buy in to their brand of Fascism. They hate people who speak the truth. THEY ARE HATERS disguised as clerics. They hide their weapons of mass destruction in Jewish homes. They have destroyed the religion of God, the only religion of peace. They have crippled families by not permitting the "should-be" breadwinners to go to work. They want total dependence to their brand of fanaticism. Fight them UOJ, Fight them.
Destroy them before they destroy normal Judaism. Stand up and destroy the haters, stand up and destroy the protectors of abusers. Stand up UOJ and destroy the very people that choose to destroy everything that the Torah says is sacred.

National Association To Advance Fat Acceptance said...

UOJ should not utter slurs against larger size persons. If he has an issue with Margulies shielding a child molester that is one thing, but calling someone a "fat slob" is unacceptable and hurts the feelings of zaftig people.

This is not a joke. Follow the link atop this post.

The calm.....before.....the.....storm...... said...


glued to the computer said...

Thank Heavens, maybe I can take a shower now. I'ts been a week now and my wife just about had it.
Takeh ah shrecklacher matzav.

The sh.. is gonna hit the fan said...

I just feel it in my bones.

The suspense is killing me said...

You effectively destroyed my life, I can't eat, sleep, or work.
My marital life is basically on hold.

Thanks for the reprieve.

gateway pundit said...

Gateway Pundit

Tuesday, August 08, 2006
New York Times Busted in Hezbollah Photo Fraud!

** Dead Men Walking! **

** UPDATE: The New York Times makes a correction- details below.

From the New York Times photo essay by Tyler Hicks on July 27, 2006 comes this unbelievable fraud!

Click photos to enlarge for detail- notice the shorts... and the hat!

Bizzyblog forwarded the "Dead Guy w/ no dust" photo this morning thinking that this guy looked pretty clean for a bomb attack!

Here is the post from this morning:
The NY Times Hezbollah Photo Dust Up

An anonymous commenter put the pieces together on this Hezbollah photo fraud this afternoon:

This photo is part of a photo essay entitled "Turmoil in the Mideast" - Reports from Israel and Lebanon: Attack in Tyre" accessible through the NYT website. All of the photographs are attributed to Tyler Hicks/The New York Times. The photograph shown on your site is photo number 6 in the array.


"Dead Guy w/ no dust" shows up with hat in photo no. 2 (right side) pointing out something to the photographer.

Image 2-

You see him again scrambling over debris in photo no. 3 and no. 4.

Image 3-

Image 4-

Finally, you see him laying dead on top of the debris with a heartbreaking caption.

Image 6- The "dead" man is sweating and holding his hat by his side!

Caption: The mayor of Tyre said that in the worst hit areas, bodies were still buried under the rubble, and he appealed to the Israelis to allow government authorities time to pull them out. (Photo Tyler Hicks The New York Times)

** Notice that he is even holding his hat next to his body with his arm!
Hat Tip Russ
(Again- Click on each picture to enlarge)

So, dead guy began his day assisting the photographer, then scrambled over debris, then fell dead. Perhaps the caption should have read "don't help - you'll end up dead".


Ace feels a "flaming skull" is appropriate for the occasion.
Michelle Malkin - (and Claire) "The Pieta"

Update: Tom Pechinski sends this article on the NYT photographer - "Hicks Shares Iraq Pics"

Update 2: Michelle Malkin has a scan of "The Pieta" picture as posted at NPR. The picture at NPR does not excuse the NYT's misrepresentation nor does it answer the other open questions about the photograph.

Update 3: ZombieTime explains the four types of fraud.
Hat Tip Larwyn
And, Alexandra has more at Newsbusters.

Update 4: The New York Times made a correction today:
Hat Tip Tom Maguire

A picture caption with an audio slide show on July 27 about an Israeli attack on a building in Tyre, Lebanon, imprecisely described the situation in the picture. The man pictured, who had been seen in previous images appearing to assist with the rescue effort, was injured during that rescue effort, not during the initial attack, and was not killed.

The correct description was this one, which appeared with that picture in the printed edition of The Times: After an Israeli airstrike destroyed a building in Tyre, Lebanon, yesterday, one man helped another who had fallen and was hurt.
Michelle Malkin has more on the NYT correction.

Update 5: FOX News Special Report aired a clip on "Dead Man Walking" on their Grapevine segment tonight (Wednesday).

From the Grapevine:

Now, The New York Times has issued a correction for a photo on its Web site, which the paper originally described as a Lebanese "body" being pulled from the rubble after an Israeli attack.

Astute readers pointed out the so-called "body" was very much alive in other pictures from the scene.

The Times now says the man "was injured during the rescue effort — not during the initial attack — and was not killed."

posted by Gateway Pundit at 8/08/2006 04:17:00 PM Trackbacks (30)

Doctor Photoson said...

« "Fauxtography:" It's all in the framing | Main | Primary night results »
"Fauxtography" alert: NYTimes and USNews;
plus Time and Reuters' Issam Kobeisi
By Michelle Malkin · August 08, 2006 08:58 PM
***scroll for updates...8/9 - The New York Times corrects...***

Case study number one: The NYTimes and the Lebanese pieta

Take a close look at the above photo. (Pay close attention to his shorts, his dustless chest, muscular torso, the dust on his hands, and the hat tucked in the crook of his arm.) You've probably seen the image before. It was part of a NYTimes photo essay series published online here. It's an iconic image of Lebanese death at the hands of Israel--even described as the Lebanese pieta. The caption accompanying the photo:

The mayor of Tyre said that in the worst hit areas, bodies were still buried under the rubble, and he appealed to the Israelis to allow government authorities time to pull them out. (Photo Tyler Hicks The New York Times)
Only guess what? The body depicted "buried under the rubble" appears to have been up and walking in the photographer's photo series of the scene throughout the day as a rescuer, not a bombing victim. Jim Hoft is all over it. Allah is on it. Take a look and tell me what you think:

Slide 2:

Slide 3:

Slide 4:

Silde 6:

Judging from his clothes, his body, his unique dusted hands, and his hat, it seems like the same man in all of the above slides. Did the pole fall on him in the last slide? Maybe. But that's certainly not what the caption about "bodies buried under rubble" as a result of an Israeli airstrike implies.

Or, as Ace asks: "Did he collapse from heat exhaustion? Or did the director here simply decided the production was long on rescuers and short on corpses?"

Ask the Times:

To send comments and suggestions (about news coverage only) or to report errors that call for correction, e-mail nytnews-at-nytimes.com or leave a message at 1-888-NYT-NEWS.

E-mail the ombudsman at public-at-nytimes.com or call (212) 556-7652.

E-mail the Editors at executive-editor-at-nytimes.com and managing-editor-at-nytimes.com

Update: Fascinating. NPR interviewed Tyler Hicks and featured his photo gallery. The pieta photo caption is very different than the NYTimes website's:

Well, that seems to make more sense. If that's accurate, why doesn't the NYTimes' own site reflect that? What exactly happened?

Case study number two: US News and the smelly fire

Take a close look at the cover of US News magazine. It's from the July 31 edition, titled "Lebanon's new ruins"--spotlighting the destruction of Lebanon at the hands of Israel. Thomas S. and Allah and Hot Air readers examined it carefully. The armed Lebanese man is identified on the cover as a "Hezbollah fighter near Beirut."

Near what?

The image and the story context imply that he is at the scene of an Israeli airstrike or explosion caused by IDF artillery. The same guy appears in a photo taken by none other than ex-Reuters camera man Adnan Hajj. He's pointing a gun at the site of the explosion:

Only guess what? The site is...

...as Allah points out, a garbage dump.

Dan Riehl has more on the smokescreen. Will the US News editors investigate?

Contact US News:

Email form
Editorial Offices:
1050 Thomas Jefferson Street NW
Washington, DC 20007

Update: Reader Robert P. writes:

When I saw the US News photo I knew I'd seen it somewhere else as well. This exact same scene is shown on page 45 of the July 31st issue of Time Magazine. The caption reads: "The wreckage of a downed Israeli jet that was targeting Hizballa trucks billows smoke behind a Hizballah gunman in Kfar Chima, near Beirut. Jet fuel set the surrounding area ablaze." The photo credit is to Bruno Stevens - Cosmos. Upon closer inspection the blaze indeed appears to be a tire fire.
Bob Newman of KOA Radio reports that he notified Time and received an e-mail acknowledging the error, but no word on a retraction or correction to be published.

Update: Here's the Time photo and caption, via Allah and HA readers:

Update: Dan Riehl is first out of the box with a Photoshopped US News cover.


Zombie has the definitive taxonomy on Reuterized news photos. Allah can't keep up with the tips fast enough.

A tune keeps running through my head:


Update: Mary Katherine Ham has more ceremonial displays of dead babies from AP photographer Lefteris Pitarakis.

Update: Rusty Shackleford, who debunked Adnan Hajj's fake flare photo and forced Reuters to make a second admission of doctored photos, is raising questions about a second photographer named Issam Kobeisi.

There is more. DFH has more. Whoever Issam Kobeisi is, Reuters should check this photographer out very carefully.

Update: F/R is keeping a Fauxtography list.

Oldest trick in the book by Harry Trainer said...

Doctored Photo from the London Evening Standard

>>> On 9 April 2003, the front page of the London Evening Standard (circulation: 400,000) contained a blurry image supposedly showing a throng of Iraqis in Baghdad celebrating the toppling of Saddam Hussein. What we are really looking at is an incredibly ham-fisted attempt at photo manipulation.

The source of the image is footage from the BBC. The Standard's paperboys were obviously allowed to clone and blur the image in numerous ways to make it look like a gigantic crowd. This was first exposed Simone Moore and posted on the UK Indymedia site. The image below is a dissection of the fakery by an IndyMedia user called Gnu and a Memory Hole reader called Daedalus.

The red circles show a man in a turban who appears three times. The purple circles highlight an unknown object that appears four times (it's smudged in its rightmost incarnation). The darker blue circles show two instances of an identical white object, disembodied arm, and partial male faces. The yellow ovals show a partial male face and another one or two objects that appear as a group thrice. Similarly, the orange ovals highlight some sort of conglomeration that was duplicated. The two lighter blue circles are around an indistinct blob that appears on top of itself, while the bright green circles show yet another man who appears twice in the scene.

The black circles show something a little different. Obviously, two different still-frames from the footage were used, because the man with sunglasses and white, open-collar shirt appears twice but in a different pose, as do the men on either side of him.

The green line indicates where the image was clumsily smudged in order to cover up the fact that it had been stitched together.

And take a look at the guy who's just to the right of center. His forearm is unnaturally long and very strangely shaped, becoming razor-thin at the wrist. What is this, a Salvador Dalí painting?

Below, The Memory Hole has cut and pasted some of the objects which reappear. They've been placed side by side so that there can be no doubt that they show the exact same thing.

Naturally, The Memory Hole is incensed at this blatant lie--drastically altering a news image in order to present as reality something that never occurred. Yet at the same time we're doubled over in laughter at the sheer incompetence of this hack job. Truly, Stalin's propagandists were doing the same thing better in 1930.

Update >>> People who write to the Standard about the contents of this page have been receiving this reply:

Our front-page picture of an exultant crowd in Baghdad celebrating the fall of Saddam's regime was a video grab taken from BBC News 24. As is customary practice on all newspapers, the TV station's small logos were removed and a replicated part of the background inserted.

The Memory Hole website alleges that the Evening Standard intended to deceive readers by inflating the size of the crowd. Wrong. It also claims we put together two different still-frames. Wrong again. It says a man with sunglasses and white open shirt appears twice in different poses. Not true.

Multiple still-frames were not used and at no time was there any intention to deceive our readers and indeed our readers were not deceived.

I hope this clarifies the matter for you.

Yours sincerely,

Jeannette Arnold

In response, all I can say is, Look at the images on this page again. It's all right here. Even if you say that the two doppelgangers in the white shirt and shades aren't the same guy, how can you explain away the repetition of the exact same people and objects in the same positions? Although most repeated elements show up in the upper left portion of the image, many don't. Perhaps Saddam didn't just have an advanced WMD program--he had an advanced cloning program, too! This would also explain his reported body doubles (none of whom has been found, by the way). That poor soul with the Daliesque arm must be the victim of radiation from Saddam's advanced nuclear weapons program.

I'd be more than happy to run the original still-frame from the BBC for a side-by-side comparison. Send it on, Jeannette.

Update >>> On 5 May 2003, the London Guardian ran a story on The Memory Hole's exposure of the Standard. Not surprisingly, the Guardian's reporter makes snarky comments about the MemHole and heavily implies that the butchered photo has not been inappropriately doctored. (Actually, the article wasn't written by a reporter. For some reason, the Guardian gave the assignment to the author of a novel about US Civil War photographers.)

He accepts at face-value the Standard's response that this was simply a still-frame from a BBC video and that the only change was getting rid of the Beeb's logo in the upper right corner. He apparently didn't ask the Standard to produce the original, unaltered source image. So I did:

To: feedback@mediaguardian.co.uk
From: russ@mindpollen.com

I read with interest the Guardian's article ["Faking It," May 5] about my site, The Memory Hole, exposing the Evening Standard's use of an obviously altered photo. Your reporter strongly implies that the photo isn't doctored in an inappropriate way and seems to accept the Standard's inadequate explanation. He singles out only one sign of the fakery, then tries to explain it away, as if this invalidates the whole charge that the photo is faked.

Did your reporter ask to see the original, unaltered image? I'd be more than happy to run the still-frame from the BBC as it was before the Standard changed it. Naturally, I'd prefer to receive it directly from the Beeb. It would've been especially helpful if the article had contained the URL of my page [www.thememoryhole.org/media/evening-standard-crowd.htm], so that the Guardian's readers could've judged for themselves whether the people and objects that reappear repeatedly throughout the photo were actually at the scene.

zelman studios said...

$cientology Press Release LIES

Washington Post's Reliable Source coverage that started it all HERE -
Scientology's Funny Photos

Image below is from what was Scientology's picture #3, called the Long Shot Angle which was at:

The original 8 meg jpg, was too big for me to web, being 24 meg uncompressed as a .bmp here is small version to show you where the blow-ups were taken from

and here is image 1 area, left to right, note people duplicated, note hair drawn on man head below upper square, note "headless" man right hand square, standing next to twin who still has head...
Below is closer shot lightened just a bit so you can see

The man they painted hair on 'by mistake' and the MAN with NO HEAD as printed in the Washington Post

In other sections of this not yet shown, [ it takes a while of looking at these to see the goofy stuff ] There are also balcony shots that are weird, the rear rows behind aisle there is a splice mark visible, the rear section, and balconies, a man is draw in with smoke coming from his cigarette, there is a water stain, and scratch marks, as if this was blown up into a big photo and then hand painted, but they ran out of time... and didn't think we'd notice...

please look at the original pics very carefully, and email alerma@bellatlantic.net picture sets like the above at under 100k size please. And PLEASE get these huge originals before the cult pulls them off the site.

{note 4 jan 99 the images there have been BLURRED, so dont bother)

We are finding that minorities were replicated and inserted at various locations, some appear twice.. there was a lot of work done on these all with intent to paint a picture of something that was not there. Sort of like Scientology's promised state of super duper mental powers, called the state of OT...

Here is another section of image located by irc nick Ethercat: note pattern of shirt, gold blouse, and hand

PROOF - $cientologyLIES!

And also, seems that the CROSSED OUT part of the CROSS of the Satan used by Satanist Alestair Crowley is getting bigger every year, compare with the one hanging on the front of your local borg indoctrination facility [ if the Ferengi were to breed with the Borg you'd have Scientology, apologies to all ferengi everywhere ]

Left - this is a 'church?', it looks more like a scene from TV Miniseries "Wild Palms" or worse.



And to the poor Sea org graphics guys that tried to comply... we delayed mentioning this publically so that you could escape for your Millenium Liberty [ time off is called "liberty" in military organizations and in Scientology ,] before the dwarf found out you made him look like a LIAR and a FOOL and sent you to the gulags of $cientology - The RPF.

Arnie Lerma

Ex Sea Organization Officer

For you guys still under the influence [ of Scientology Mind Control] : I think it is significant that LRH [ L Ron Hubbard] has been pushed to one side to be replaced with the crossed out satanic cross

Justice Latey said that the tactics used by Hubbard and his helpers are "grimly reminiscent of the ranting and bullying of Hitler and his henchmen".

Freedommag.org has pulled the two 'wide shots' off their website. The numbering of the thumbnails there still says 2 and 4 which is proof there was a 1 and 3, must be one of those MEN without HEADS in charge of this fiasco...The pulling of these wide shots is an admission of guilt.

So now readers around the world are starting to look at the close in shots 2 & 4

and what did a savvy reader in Australia found in one of the images still webbed

by $cientology more LIES

in the upper right, there also two guys with same face and someone drew a shadow..

$cientology, is this the BEST that the "the most ethical group on the planet" can do?

Keep sending in those pics folks!

arnie lerma

UPDATE ; 18:50 hrs january 1, 2000

freedommag.org has changes the pics numbering to one and two, this page is getting too big, so additional LIES in the pics at $cientology, that they still have webbed will be placed on a new page

idiotography said...

photo ethics

Feedback/suggestions: tips@sree.net
Last updated: Nov. 22, 2005

Links to items about photo ethics:

Poynter.org tips on photo ethics
NYC24.com story on photo manipulation

Famous examples of digitally manipulated photos (a.k.a. doctored photos)

March 2003: During Gulf War II, the Los Angeles Times ran the photo on top on its front page on March 31. It was a composite of the two lower photos. Photographer Brian Walski was dismissed two days later. See LAT editor's note that ran April 2.

June 1994: Newsweek's straight photo and a Time "photo illustration" (see editor's note following issue)

o o o o o

December 1997: Newsweek gives Mama McCaughey a tooth job.

o o o o o

May 1970: Pulitzer Prize-winning photo by John Filo shows Mary Ann Vecchio screaming as she kneels over the body of student Jeffrey Miller at Kent State University on May 4, 1970 -- after being fired upon by National Guardsmen.
Valley Daily News, 1970 (bottom)
Life Magazine, May 1995 (top)

o o o o o

February 1982: The pyramids were moved closer together to accommodate this vertical National Geographic cover.

o o o o o

Nov. 2000: Bill Clinton and Fidel Castro did meet in New York, but no photographer was present. So the Daily News just faked this photo.

o o o o o

February 2003: Saddam Hussein and George W. Bush did not debate, but appeared to in this cover shot.

o o o o o

August 26, 1989: TV Guide pastes Oprah's head onto Ann Margaret's body

o o o o o

Below: University of Wisconsin-Madison doctors photo to show "diversity"
Photo of black student inserted onto admissions bulletin. The descriptions below are taken from a story in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (read story).

In an effort to show what a diverse campus UW-Madison is, UW officials doctored a photo that appears on the cover of the Wisconsin 2001-'02 admissions application to include a black student in it.

The original photo shows Badger football fans cheering during a football game at Camp Randall Stadium.

(Photos: UW-Madison News & Public Affairs)

This photo of Diallo Shabazz was added to the cover of the admissions application. Shabazz was originally with ethnic minority students meeting each other at the PLAYFAIR icebreaker activity for new students during Wisconsin Welcome, a University of Wisconsin orientation activity. The photo was reversed to make it work within the context of the other photo.

sree.net > tips > photo ethics

Feedback/suggestions: tips@sree.net

Auto Report World Editors said...

We live in a time when we are under a microscope, when there are no secrets. We have to be cognizant of that and be especially careful in all we do to ensure that nothing we do will cause a Chillul Hashem.

Rabbi Lipschutz is talking about the world of public opinion, however we really are under a microscope at all times. You think the Seeing Eye and Hearing Ear can't resolve down to the level of an electron microscope?

Peter Himmelman does a song on his Skin album (perhaps his most explicitly Jewishly informed album) called 11 Months In The Bath of Dirty Spirits about a neshoma going through a gilgul. The lyrics include:

This must be the place where you learn what you would not learn on earth
I'm standing in acoliseum where 500 million angels are laughing at me
And on a screen as big as the sky the details of my life unfold

The problem is that many of us forget the lesson about the harsher penalties in the Torah for a burglar than for a robber. While the robber may be brazen and perform his misdeeds in the open light of day, the burglar is more afraid of man than God. The predators in our community believe that as long as nobody finds out about their crimes they are safe.

But which one of us can know for sure that we will be eternally safe?

Auto Report World Editors said...

Remember One out of every 4 girls and One out of every 5 boys are sexually abused before their 18th birthday.

1 in 3 women and 1 in 5 men will be sexually assaulted in their lifetime.

I'm sorry, but these "statistics" have the whiff of the other well-intentioned misinformation that we've heard, like the women who are allegedly beaten by their husbands during Super Bowl halftime.

I know you will say that they are based on FBI statistics - so please direct me to where on the FBI site that I can find them.

The only way that these figures can be accurate is if there is an exeptionally broad definition of "sexual abuse". My guess is that it includes experimentation, kids "playing doctor", etc.

Do you really think that every third woman in the US is a victim of rape?

Un-Orthodox Jew said...

Take off the last one and add Neuhoff and we got a deal and a homerun. I will promote the heck out of it and consider another mass mailing.
I will get you more biz as well with the other people.
LOL! Brilliant.

Un-Orthodox Jew said...

You guys( I love you) are driving me F@#$% nuts. I KNOW THE IDENTITY OF RY AND CHOOSE NOT TO POST IT FOR NOW!

The reasons will be painfully obvious once I throw it up in all it's glory!

Get this, you will be able to verify everything I say independently, just like you were able to with Margulies and Kolko.

As you will with the Blogger Posek
Thug Belsky.

Now stop bugging me (:-)

Un-Orthodox Jew said...

Rabbi Shraga Feivel Mendlowitz zt"l on "TODAYS Gedolim" !

Are "TODAYS Gedolim" really Gedolim ?

Do you want to know what caliber leaders "TODAYS Gedolim" really are ?

Well, let me tell you what Rabbi Shraga Feivel Mendlowitz zt"l had to say about "TODAYS Gedolim".

In 1945, when Rav Yaakov Kamenetsky was living in Toronto, he was upset with himself that perhaps he was compromising the Torah education of his children by living in Toronto. This was more than sixty years ago, when Toronto did not have the significant Torah school infrastructure that it has today. Therefore, Rav Yaakov decided to move to New York. When he moved to New York, he accepted the request of Reb Shraga Feivel Mendlowitz zt"l and became the Rosh Yeshiva of Mesivta Torah Vodaath.

When Rav Yaakov came to Torah Vodaath he started giving shiur to the class formerly taught by Rav Reuven Grozovsky. The approach to saying a shiur of Rav Yaakov Kamenetsky was as different as day is from night from the approach of Rav Reuven Grozovsky. Rav Reuven used to get involved in intricate pilpul, building great infrastructures of Torah premises and complex logical arguments. It was challenging and stimulating and everybody loved it.

Rav Yaakov took over the class. He had a different approach. It goes without saying that he was a tremendous Gaon in his own right. But his pedagogic approach was one of simplicity and straight-forward interpretation of the Talmud and commentaries. It was not that one was a greater scholar or one was a lesser scholar, it was just a different approach. But Rav Yaakov's lectures did not have the pizzazz of the lectures delivered by Rav Reuven.

Slowly but surely the students started dropping out of Rav Yaakov's shiur. "I heard shiurim from Rav Reuven! I have to come to Rav Yaakov's shiur to hear Gemara, Rashi, and Tosofos?" Slowly but surely the enrollment in the shiur dwindled.

Rav Shraga Feivel Mendelovitch called the students into his office and said as follows: I want to ask you boys a question: It states in connection with Avraham Avinu "the souls which he made in Charan" [Bereshis 12:5]. We are told that he converted thousands and thousands of people to monotheism while he was still in Charan. But when the Jewish people went down to Egypt two generations later, their population numbered only 70 souls. What happened to the thousands and thousands of souls that were made in Charan?

Rav Shraga Feivel explained that what had happened was as follows: they had a great teacher named Avraham Avinu. He was a master of kindness. He used to feed people and give them a place to sleep. He was a 'nice guy'. The disciples loved Avraham Avinu. Avraham died. Yitzchak became the leader. Yitzchak had a different approach of Service to G-d. His approach was Fear of G-d, Judgment, an austere type of Service. The people said, "This is the great spiritual role model? This is the leader? This is the 'Gadol'? We remember Avraham Avinu! He was a leader. He was a Gadol. He knew how to take care of his disciples. Yitzchak is not my style. Not for me. This is not the Judaism I knew. They had enough of monotheism."

What happened to them? They lost it all. They did not have a teacher. They did not have a spiritual leader. They did not have a Rabbi. They kept on making comparisons and could not find anyone to measure up to Avraham. So they were left with nothing and they developed into nothing.

He told the students, "You have only the judge who is present in your days. Rav Reuven was Rav Reuven and Rav Yaakov is Rav Yaakov. Both these and these speak the word of the Living G-d." [Eruvin 13b] He warned them that to discount the new Rebbe because he had a different style than that of the previous teacher was the path of the "souls that Avraham made in Charan". The final chapter of those souls was not a happy chapter. Nothing ever became of them.

For this reason, Rashi needs to stress both in Parshas Shoftim and in Parshas Ki Savo that one must deal with the only judge or kohen that he has -- the ones who are there in his own day.

Now, had this lesson been taught to us by any other Godol, I would understand that there are those that would simply dismiss the message by attacking the Godol for just being one of "TODAYS Gedolim".

But this was said by Rav Shraga Feivel Mendlowitz zt"l.
Reb Shraga Feivel was a genius of the soul who understood better than others that the command "Love Hashem, Your G-d" includes the command "Make him beloved to mankind".
From his great love of Klal Yisroel he devoted his days to bringing the Jewish people close to their Father in Heaven.

Indeed, Rav Shraga Feivel might very well be the ONE and ONLY Godol in the last 100 years to be accepted by EVERYBODY !

Giborim and Chaloshim, Resha'im and Tzadikim, Zaidim and Oiskei Soirasecha - whether you share Reb Shraga Feivel's exact vision or not - all agree that the Architect of Torah in America was a true Godol.

So I think it behooves all of us to take his message above to heart.

How would Rav Shraga Feivel describe UOJ ? said...

He would say...he spoke the words of truth... as painful as ugly as they may be...the truth must be said for everyone to hear once and for all!

For Yiden to cause the destruction of the neshama that RSFM lived to protect, he would have "riced kria" torn his garments in mourning!


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Number of days we've waited for Tuvia Neuhoff to tell us his plan for getting rid of molesters: 81.

Un-Orthodox Jew said...

Number of days we've waited for the "GEDOLIM" to get rid of Yudi Kolko.....14,600 days, 40 long years our rabbonim "chashuvim" stood by and covered for him....MARGULIES, SIMCHA KAUFMAN, SHEA FISHMAN, BLOGGER POSEK THUG BELSKY, THE AGUDATH ISRAEL......14,600 LONG AND TERRIBLE DAYS.....HUNDREDS OF LIVES...HUNDREDS OF FAMILIES.....


Anonymous said...

And the Uoj train keeps rolling on!

Anonymous said...

to all the uoj haters, the other yeshiva on ocean parkway fired their problem rebbe, thanks to who?
he warned them and sent shluchim and could have gone public and take credit. did he? he sent margolis 4 hazmonos before he did anything. for the first time ever the yeshivas are held with their feet to the fire. forget about torah umesorah one big stupid joke.
i am a victim of the other yeshiva, uoj would not even let me post the rebbes name since he's gone now. i also say ashrecha.

Baruch said...

i am a victim of the other yeshiva, uoj would not even let me post the rebbes name since he's gone now. i also say ashrecha.
So do I.

Un-Orthodox Jew said...

Someone e-mails me about what one smug Chicago boy says about the other rebbe I outed.

It goes something like this...OK I agree with UOJ about the vile predator Yudi Kolko and the enablers, all of them, it's about time someone did something...verrrrrry bad.

But the other rebbe...the yeshiva can "only" confirm one victim and his testimony is questionable.

Well...to the Chicago resident that gave us Mondrowitz...I say to you, you're a fool. Are you becoming part of the spin machine?

How many CONFIRMED victims have you spoken to dating back to his days in Philadelphia?


Assuming there's only one you fool, how about if that ONE was your child? HUH, WISE GUY?

Hey idiot...how many nights did you stay up communicating with those victims who have names?




Auto Report World Editors said...

I think Harry is trying to stake out a responsible position. In this case I think he's wrong, but from reading his blog over the past few months he strikes me as a rational guy, and a potentially valuable ally in the struggle to make a frum community with integrity. Rather than getting into a micturation contest with him (would that I follow my own advice all the time), perhaps it might be appropriate to engage him in respectful dialogue. Instead of mocking him, much as his statement about "one" victim aggravates you, show him how the nice guys get coopted.

It's interesting, though, to see the frummies endorse the view of a MO rabbi whom they normally despise.

Anonymous said...


Do you think that once the Yeshiva has fired the molester, we should not talk about the molester?

What about the community at large?

I believe that this is a legitimate question.

I agree that you should be given credit for not allowing discussion of the Yeshiva once they fired the Rebbi, but the Rebbi may continue to molest once he is fired.

Shouldn't the community know about him?

Similar to Colmer, etc.?

Tuvya's "Plan" Is A Dismal Failure said...

Was the YOB rebbe actually fired or was he allowed to retire with dignity?

Also, I don't understand why UOJ won't allow his name to be mentioned again in this case. If the rabbi is actually a threat, he can continue to be a threat to children of neighbors in Boro Park, especially when sent by their parents to drop off articles in his basement for the other enterprise he is involved in.

Kupas Haeer said...

In response to all the ridicule that Tuvya is facing from fellow putzes in the bungalow, he is set to soon announce his latest plan to deal with molesters. When rebbeyim are placed on "leave of absence", Tuvya will be passing around his Borsalino to raise money for an emergency unemployment fund. Poor Kolko has been especially hard hit. The man can't even make a few cents off salivating over kiddies in bathing suits twice a summer or administer tests to boys in YOB without being hounded by the UOJ lynch mob.

Shea Fishman said...

What the hell is this? Why are UOJ & Co demonizing me as flavor of the month? Now I understand why Leib Pinter was rushing to his computer the second Shabbes was over to get the latest bashing updates.

I don't even (conveniently) remember what happened.

Stop bothering me !!!!!!!

Kool-Aid Drinker said...

It is a disgrace to allow these personal attacks on the "treifenet". As a proud Kool-Aid Drinker myself I would like to announce that the end of these anti Yiddishkeit supporters is almost here. I call upon all fellow drinkers to Unite. Drink Up Boys!!!!


Hey UOJ!
I've never posted a comment before.
I just wanted to tell you two words.
scroll down.....




F-U-C-K Y-O-U.

OH BY THE WAY.........


Anonymous said...

But the other rebbe...the yeshiva can "only" confirm one victim and his testimony is questionable.



Anonymous said...

Ashrecha to you sir from the entire Jewish community in Waterbury, Connecticut.

Un-Orthodox Jew said...


It is totally impossible to be sympathetic to that point of view.

That's how we got to situation we're in. "One" life, one soul, one "questionable" victim, is tossed aside. Firstly, Harry is clueless to the facts. He knows my e-mail address, he obviously spoke to the other guys.

I went easy on Baltimore. If he wants to have a dialogue with me via the Internet, be my guest. I'll start numbering the victims, dates, places, and details. Go ahead Harry...make my day!

Dirty Harry said...

Who is UOJ referring to ?

Un-Orthodox Jew said...

Anon, 11:51,

It's up to the community to deal with their problems in a dilligent manner. How long was this rebbe there? How many years since the community was aware that the Kolko/Margulies tag team was a problem?

If you choose to do nothing, pay the disgraceful price you are now paying as a community.

And of course, daven that it's not your kid "they" get their hands on!

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:51:


My point is that you should still allow the Rebbi's name on this blog as you are protecting the community.

Un-Orthodox Jew said...

Yes, please add the two creeps to the list.

Un-Orthodox Jew said...

I'm really pleasantly surprised. There's been a huge shift in the "love/hate" mail.
The "love" mail is now approx. 9 to 1. Thanks goons...thanks Blogger Posek Hador.

Anonymous said...

Yes, please add the two creeps to the list
Which creeps and which list?

Anonymous said...

Can you post an event time line so some of us can catch up on what's going on?

Anonymous said...


Kool-Aid Drinker said...

Hey Kupas
Don't worry I will set up a kool-aid stand and all proceeds will go to help Tuvya & Kolko, though I will only be selling Kool-aid to kids 12 & under

Anonymous said...


You are owed a great debt for the great taharah process that you are implementing. But please take care by not becoming tamei yourself like in the parah adumah process by sometimes stooping to choice of language that would be considered inappropriate and unnecessary. Your credibility will be attacked for any reason your detractors can cling their finger nails on.
May Hashem bless you for your courageous work.
P.S. Your identity is only important to those who are guilty of the deeds they are being accused of. If I knew who you were I would chip in to buy you maftir Yonah. Hopefully, Moshiach will be here before then.
On another note: Does anyone know what the impact of this whole issue has on the upcoming year's enrollment ay YTT? Or are the Hunkies still oblivious to emes and are just looking at what their neighbour does first?

The panty posek seeks blood said...

From Chaptzem

Fighting like Katz and Katz

Rabbi Leibel Katz and his brother are on the verge of going to court to settle a dispute over some money. Although the brothers keep threatening each other to
go to court if the other one won't give in, they are nevertheless
reluctant to actually
do so because of what may come out in the public because of it.

Tuvya Chaim Neuhoff said...

.....I am not currently employed by Torah Temimah and never was. I have not seen Rabbi Kolko in 25 years (since my MaNaVu days).

.....I was recently approached by Torah Temimah to work on a very part-time basis as school psychologist for the coming year. I have since declined this offer due to a possible misperception.
Good news Torah Temimah boys!

"Due to a possible misperception," Dr. Chaim won't be messing with your heads.

Rabbi Yudi may mess with your privates, but for the moment your heads are safe.

Anonymous said...

keep up your HOLY work for there will always be some very sick people around but we can stop their supporters THANK YOU UOJ LEIZEROWITZ VICTIM FOREVER

Ashamed Chicagoan said...

It goes something like this...OK I agree with UOJ about the vile predator Yudi Kolko and the enablers, all of them, it's about time someone did something...verrrrrry bad.

But the other rebbe...the yeshiva can "only" confirm one victim and his testimony is questionable.


People don't get it. Torah Temima was supposedly an upstanding school until you forced the public to take another look up-close and personal. It seems that originally you had David come forward.
Same here, Harry is only saying "good job" to the obvious, or they'll carry him away.
So here goes the Establishment again through Dirty Harry, questioning the veracity of the victim (usual), and then of course there's always "only" one. Let's all together now take a collective crap on that "one". Ready, get set, go.

Anonymous said...

Neuhoff.....I was recently approached by Torah Temimah to work on a very part-time basis as school psychologist for the coming year. I have since declined this offer due to a possible misperception.
Cut the crap Neuhoff, you were paid off to smear UOJ. Let me understand something, I am proudly pro-UOJ, you got evidence via e-mail from someone you don't know? You need a head doctor buddy!
Backfired badly up your ass! Who in the world is ever going to ever employ you?

Anonymous said...

Thers no need to let the obscene commenters get through. I know your trying to show us how sick they are but believe me we know it already. Its really just disgusting nothing else.

Anonymous said...

Tuvya wrote this on his blog. He's gotta decide if he is with UOJ or with Kolko. Or is it just a bunch of alter-egos

The effects of molestation can be devastating for the victims. It eats away at one's core. It is a violation of ones sense of self and can have major major ramifications for the direction of one's life. One can feel empty, dirty, and used. Not all victims have this intense reaction; It depends on many factors (e.g., intensity, frequency, duration of abuse; temperament of victim; relationship to abuse, etc.). However, the suffering can be great and profound.

And this….

Even with the T.T. situation, many people over the years made an issue about it, convened botai dinim, and did what they can. Unfortunately it was inadequate (if, in fact, the KOlko allegations are true), largely because of one very powerful person (which, again, is not the norm).

Ex Waterbury Bachur said...

"Anonymous said...
Ashrecha to you sir from the entire Jewish community in Waterbury, Connecticut."

?????? explain ??????
What are you guys thankful for

Avi Shafran said...

"Who in the world is ever going to ever employ you?"

Come on down, Tuvya! You're the next contestant on the Agudah's Price is Right!

Yaakov Applegrad said...

That was Margo posting all those vulgarities about UOJ yesterday afternoon. His doctor told him he needs an outlet to let out his frustrations, so he had Kolko teach him how to use the internet.

Un-Orthodox Jew said...

---------------------------------------ALERT ALERT ALERT

The blog was compromised by a hacker.....

If it goes down the new address:


It's truly a sad day when in order to silence the truth, they destroy the truth!

I'm here to stay....I will be communicating with Shmarya at Failed Messiah and David Kelsey at Jewschool if there are further problems getting UOJ up.


Anonymous said...

Can you please remove the posts from yesterday @ 4:04, & 7:03?
I am a big fan of yours but, It really is inappropriate. Unless, it's the hackers who did it.

Anonymous said...

Hey, you fucking piece of shit. I am glad you were exposed. Everyone knows who you are. And you will be running away from all the worthless cesspool of shit that you wrote for the rest of your fucking waste of a life. If only you could kill yourself now.
Fuck you, Fuck your mother, Fuck your Bitch.

Anonymous said...

Chaim Neuhoff shares an office with the OB/GYN? Cuz Dr. Sol Neuhoff, the OB/GYN is at that address. I oughtta know, he delivered my 3 kids.

Anonymous said...

is this the quite before the STORM?

Auto Report World Editors said...

UOJ, what's this about us bitter lowlife users and our nivul peh?

The above posts show the true face of froomies.

As Froom As Ronnie Schreiber Is Doomb said...

Poor Ronnie out in his lonely Detroit outpost never had anyone to listen to him before UOJ provided him a soapbox.

It would surprise me if Ronnie hasn't generously spewed expletives. Hypocrisy aside, his "true face of froomies" remark is as absurd as it is childish.

It's ok. Let the loser go back to crash reading entries in Encyclopedia Judaica so he can present himself here as some kind of great scholar and philosopher.

Auto Report World Editors said...

Poor Ronnie out in his lonely Detroit outpost never had anyone to listen to him before UOJ provided him a soapbox.

Been published and have received honorariums for public speaking. Do I like sharing my opinion? Sure. But apparently what I say is troubling enough to you that you have to engage in ad hominum, rather than address the issues raised.

It would surprise me if Ronnie hasn't generously spewed expletives.

Under the right circumstances. But then, I'm not the one crying about nivul peh. UOJ's critics use more vile language than I could imagine using. They try to inflict harm with their words.

Hypocrisy aside, his "true face of froomies" remark is as absurd as it is childish.

Please explain how it's hypocritical to point other people's hypocrisy? I've never whined about nivul peh on any blog, the way you froomies do. BTW, since froomies seem to be upset at my use of the term, I've changed the spelling from frummie to froomie, so as not to disparage all seemingly observant 'frum' Jews. If you are offened by being called a froomie, it's most likely because you care more about being frum than authentically observing Yahadut.

It's ok. Let the loser go back to crash reading entries in Encyclopedia Judaica so he can present himself here as some kind of great scholar and philosopher.

Not a philosopher, and hardly a scholar. Actually, it would have been useful to have taken a philosophy course or two, or at least some formal logic. My education has many gaps. But I know how to do research and provide citations.

It's been years since I read the EJ. I have the 1972 edition at my ex's place.

As Froom As Ronnie Schreiber Is Doomb said...

I may be seriously deranged, but nobody who knows me, not even the folks who despise me, has ever accused me of being dumb. Crazy? Sure! But far from stupid. Not a genius either - I can keep up with true geniuses if they go real slowly - but in the 99th percentile for sure. The difference between 99th percentile and 99.5 is exponential. Those folks are really smart. I'm just kinda clever sometimes.

So I guess that makes you not so frum.

Tell me, As Froom, when was the last time you hosted a stranger for Shabbat?

Auto Report World Editors said...

The truth or falsity of his denunciations ... can not be proved, but the fact remains that he quarreled with almost all his contemporaries. He considered that every man who was not for him was against him, and attacked him accordingly. Still, he enjoyed a certain authority, even among ... rabbis.

[His] works show him to have been possessed of critical powers rarely found among his contemporaries, who generally took things for granted. He was strictly Orthodox, never deviating the least from tradition, even when the difference in time and circumstance might have fairly been regarded as warranting a deviation from the old custom.


It kinda fits.

But it's really about R. Yakov Emden, who I'm pretty sure would have supported UOJ, or at least not attaked him.