Saturday, January 13, 2007


So Many Rules.....,

By Hella Winston

The first time 12-year-old David Framowitz had his genitals fondled by a respected teacher from his yeshiva, he panicked, desperate to flee the parked car in which the man had given him a ride to school. Later, when he told his parents about what had happened, they dismissed his story, unable to fathom that a rabbi could be capable of such behavior. Not wanting to cause trouble, Framowitz continued to suffer the abuse in silence, until he changed schools two years later. Now 48 and the plaintiff in a civil suit against this rabbi, and the school and camp that employed him, Framowitz has come forward to tell his story. Not surprisingly, reactions to it in the ultra Orthodox world have hardly been encouraging for other victims.

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What an Outrage said...

Last paragraph

Shame on Chaim Weinfeld and the Hungarian jerk membership.


a few months after the original magazine article appeared, the teacher accused of sexual molestation was spotted escorting young campers to a water park in Connecticut, and a reliable source told me that he has since been soliciting parents to sign their children up for a similar outing next summer. At Rosh Hashanah, he was also reportedly asked to blow the shofar in his shul, an honor accorded only the most respected members of the community. One can only imagine how his victims must feel about that.

Anonymous said...

Here again is the problem. While I am pleased that we have become more aware of sexual predators in the Frum community, and while I hope that Kolko and Margolis get raped so many times in jail that they would need a colostomy bag, we must be careful on who we allow to disparage our community. While UOJ has done us a great service by exposing what was under the carpet, unfortunately ninety five percent of the frum community won't get with the program because of his nutty ramblings on Gedolim, and such. While the Bobov sect has a lot of weird crap going on the way she presented it is exploitive journalism. The same with this article. You would think that every second guy is banging his sister while his brother is getting fellatio in the Mikvah. I'm sure unfortunately this goes on, but no where near the proportion that the article states. I can also say, an unnamed therapist, who cannot reveal himself told me that someone is having relations with a mule. Lets be careful on who we quote and how we represent facts, before they are wrongfully mislabeled as ramblings.

(edited mildly by site-owner)

Un-Orthodox Jew said...

Above Anon,

I read the same article as you did and in no way came away with your conclusion. Hella was very clear that sexual abuse, incest, and other aberrant behavior is not the norm, but it is existent.

Shick, Shafran and company want you to believe that it's non-existent.

BTW, Hella does great work for people in need that nobody knows about, she is a champion of the lonely voices that finally have an outlet and a safe one at that. Let's thank her for her work, she's not getting rich(or even making any kind of money) on her books or articles.

In regards to my NUTTY ramblings, the truth hurts badly so I might as well make it entertaining. DO NOT BELIEVE for a second that my ramblings have anything to do with 95% of the people not getting with the program. In fact there are a great many people that agree with me but for their safety, can't say so.

Whatever, the issue is not me, never was!!!

Gilligan Student (Little Buddy) said...

"Hella does great work for people in need that nobody knows about, she is a champion of the lonely voices that finally have an outlet and a safe one at that. Let's thank her for her work, she's not getting rich(or even making any kind of money) on her books or articles."

Why can't someone be Mr. Jump-in-the-issue to profit off selling books and ads? Can't a guy make a living ?

Shafted by Shafran said...

This message comes to you from the hundreds of victims who suffered at the hands of Kolko & Margo and the thousands of other victims in other yeshivos.

Avi Shafran pretends we don't exist. The Agudah paraded a few kids around the dais at the latest convention to put on a charade that they are doing important work. Shafran just fressed away on his dinner and tossed the victims into the dustbin called screw you.

boog said...

Weinfeld and R' Schecter from Chaim Berlin are now Mechutanim, with Weinfeld's daughter becoming Kallah to Schecter's einekel, Houliwa. Pics prominent in this past weeks Yated rag centerfold.

Would be a totally fitting Ze L'Umas Ze for Weinfeld to be Mechabed Koko with a brocho under the Chupah so that K can cop a feel on the Chosen and put him into a good frame of mind for the wedding night.

Caligula redux.

Un-Orthodox Jew said...

Schick & Shafran are "SS" troopers for the "Haredi Supremacists" movement.

I say we destroy them before they destroy us!

gross said...

Hella Winston is a a wonderfulwriter, no question about that. She is honest, educated, clear and to the point. A large part of the problems facing the "Ultra-Orthodox," particularly the Chasidish world is the ignorance in which they are firmly rooted. If only Chasidim were aware that they can indeed lead normal and frum lives - educated and in touch with the the modern world - a lot of these problems wouldn't exist. Instead, they are kept in the dark, living lives of 17th century Judaism with no idea who the vice-President is, or how to put a sentence together, so that the higher-ups can maintain control over the hearts and souls of their pathetic constituents. I feel pity for them. If only they would understand that they are being lied to and that Cholov Stam and sexual infidelity are not one and the same in terms of levels of prohibition.

boog said...


Noble sentiments, but it ain't happenin.

The Chariedim are going backwards.

See last weeks artice in The Jewish Week on the new "Dass Toirah" ban on chareidi women in Israel getting their Teacher Certificates.

Ah, Whoose dat knockin on my door, you say?

Schnorer, Schnorrer, go away.

Semi-Heimish said...

The proverbial is hitting the fan.


Beirach Steinfeld said...

Sholom aleichem, I'm Rabbi Hisiger's eidim who runs around to greasy restaurants for Kehilla Kashrus.

"Shame on Chaim Weinfeld and the Hungarian jerk membership."

Doesn't Cocoa sometimes daven by the Bostoner too? The same people that brought us the yeshiva called Darkei Nowhere. Mamash geferlech!

Thurston Howell III said...

It's been a while since I lived in Flatbush and davened by Sassreggen, so I haven't exactly been up on the latest news. My old friend Willy Wiesner tells me that Gilligan Student has been making a fool out of himself again. Oh, goodness gracious, I don't know how we're going to get that confused young lad to straighten out.

Travel Agent said...


Poor Gil Student needs a break from all you guys ganging up on him. He's headed to a quiet tropical island that's a three hour boat ride from Hawaii. Please refer to the map above.

Say what? said...

Are these the ramblings of an idiot or can any sense be made from this?


This past Shabbos R' Dovid Cohen of Khal Gvul Yaavetz publicly stated that he was the author of the "Open letter to Rav Matisyahu Salomon" regarding the blogs. Rav Cohen stated that he has all his information from his position as the clergyman for Ohel Children's Home. What is strange to me is that in 1998 Ohel too was written up in the NY Post as having been involved with a major coverup over the rapes of young boys by their male counselors. Shame on you Dovid Cohen. Not too long ago you were written up in the media (NY Times etc.) as the rabbi that gave advice to a woman to bribe Gerald Garson, the convicted matrimonial judge who presided in Kings County. It was that bribery case that brought down Judge Garson. You are no rav, you are a phoney. You are no Cohen either, you are the child of a Gerusha and a Cohen. You are a Challal at best, that is if your really Jewish. Your disgraceful arrogance is not found among true Jews. Your shul building was purchased with laundered funds from a convicted felon (Green)hiding today from the law in Switzerland. The public should be aware of who you really are. Rav Belsky too has stated on numerous occassions that you Dovid Cohen are the antecedent of a new tribe of challal meyuchsan as well as the puke of the Jewish community. Once again Shame on you!

Posted by: Talmid of Rav Belsky | January 14, 2007 at 08:25 PM

toryb@earthlink.net is this guy's email.

YUGUY said...

And I responded to him there.....

Now, I happen not to know too much history of R' Dovid, but if he did cover up and do some misdeeds in the past, he seems like he would fit right in to the 'godol' list and their ilk. The fact that his mother is a gerusha making him a challul has NOTHING to do with his rabbonus. You should be ashamed of yourself for accusing someone of being born of illigetimate parents. If someone has no control over their parenthood, why should we shame them for it? Some of the greatest Jewish people came from couplings that are deemd as ossur, yet we still praise these people. Dovid Hamelech committed adultery, however the commentarys attempt to cover it up. A Get, he was at war, he wasnt jewish..... Bat Sheva was married, and the only reason Dovid wasn't chayiv missah was because there were no Adim to give Hasraah.

So lets not blast R' Dovid from the soap box for something he didn't do, or something he didn't say. If you wanted to comment on the fact that R' Dovid's past is dirty and makes him look like a frummer rabbi, fine, but there is no need to invent.