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The Criminals - Gedolim - At The Agudath Israel Could NOT Care Less About You Or Your Children!

A father's plea for help - from the UOJ archives

At the outset, please forgive me for making the assumption that I have something meaningful to offer the survivors of sexual abuse, which I am not, or to the chachomim of this city, also which I am not. I am not an accredited professional. I am however, a father of an innocent child to whom these acts have been committed and, as such, I feel I may have a relevant contribution.

I have learned to see victims of abuse as people that have gone through an individual holocaust. Each victim having been through an event or chain of events that has forever changed not only the victim, but also reaches out to affect families, relatives, schools, communities ,and even into the next generation. The price we pay has nothing to do with the thousands of dollars spent in therapy for so many different issues both related to the assault(s) and their outgrowth (family disunity, Yidden off the derech, drug abuse, promiscuity, and poor school performance), but the toll it is taking on Klal Yisroel's future.

We must choose to understand the nature and scope of the dilemma and plan a clear path forward. As in all matters of Torah, the motivation must be the search for emes. Those who seek to accuse, blame, seek their pound of flesh, desire kavod or satisfy gaivah need not, no-must not be a part of the problem solving and the development of relevant answers for the needs of our community.

We must admit to ourselves what currently exists in our community in order to appropriately respond to those who perpetrate abuse and those who have suffered from it, as up until now the response has been inadequate and inappropriate.

I believe we must understand what the abuse is and is not. Sexual abuse is not an act of inappropriate or misplaced sexual desire. It is an act perpetrated by one in need to control and overpower another individual. Many times this is accomplished by manipulation and at other times by brute strength. Ultimately the result is the same. The victim is left feeling totally powerless in their world, afraid and intimidated by the prospect of a recurrence, guilt ridden, and feeling totally alone while being unable to share what has happened to them with those who care and love them.

It is a criminal act and not one between consenting individuals, even if somehow the perpetrator has manipulated the victim into thinking that the act was desired by the victim. It is the debasing of another human being to satisfy the lust for power and control ;it expresses itself as a sexual act. It robs innocence, it robs self esteem, it robs confidence, it robs one of closeness to G-d, it robs one of families, it robs ones ability to express love and intimacy in appropriate ways, it robs youth, it clouds judgment, it is spiritually, physically, and emotionally painful. It is extremely rare to find a perpetrator that acts only once. It is extremely rare to find a person who has been victimized who is not aware every day of their life of the continuing effects the abuse has had.

Who are the perpetrators? They are almost always males. When this is perpetrated by individuals outside of our community, we try to understand and make it understood that within the world at large, unfortunately, there are goyim such as these. It isn't easy, but the door is left open to understand the events within a Torah context, utilizing daas Torah to help us understand the machla and refuah. The most pressing issue we must cope with is what happens if the perpetrator is from within our own community? Brothers, fathers, cousins, uncles, friends, rabbeim, baalei battim, people we know and would otherwise respect, yeshiva trained or poshuta Yidden. Neighbors, business associates, baalei tsedakah, black hat or kipah srugah. They are here. They who have committed these atrocities are among us.

What are we to say to our beloved when the trust instilled in us of our own community is violated? So many have been robbed of the single most important asset we can use to interpret and understand and reach out to those in need of help.

Many of the accused seem to be protected, their crime hidden from public awareness. Some leave town, only to perpetrate again within another community. There is denial on the part of many that those accused are guilty. When the victim is a child or the accusation comes years after the crime, the testimony is often suspect. Often times, we can only reach the conclusion that there was a victim, something happened, but the details become an issue of debate due to an inability to substantiate the facts.

We must decide how to handle the confirmed perpetrator. It is important to remember that a crime has been committed by a person with a sickness. If I was prone to seizures and drove a car and damaged someone, G-d forbid, I would not expect my rov to get me out of the legal obligations I would have, nor would I expect him to remain quiet if I wanted to transport children in my car at a later time. It would be expected that I would notify people that I was unable to do certain things due to my condition and I would be expected not to put myself in another situation where the safety and well being of another person would be compromised. A person with a cancer can only hope that with G-ds help, he will live his 120 years in remission, but with the realization that once discovered, the disease is forever at risk of re-emerging.

We must come to terms with those who carry within themselves the depths of understanding and knowledge of Torah, yet, have turned their bodies from holy vessels to impure receptacles by an action(s) that seems to refute their outward appearance of being yiray Shomayim. Just as Moshe Rabeinu was not reprimanded for breaking the luchos instead of bringing them into the midst of the unfit Bnai Yisroel at the time of the golden calf, it is understandable to feel that the perpetrators are not worthy of the gifts of Torah they hold and the kavod due them as holy vessels. However, today we lack the Leviim ;those tzadikim who are so pure that they are worthy and able to rid us of the unholy and tainted.

Perpetrators must come clean. They must first admit to themselves, then to their victims and the community at large, what they have done. This is always the first step. It must be public because the victim must have the validation that they were victimized. They have been abused and too often feel responsible and ashamed. When the abuser confesses, enough of the victims self doubt can be removed to allow the door to recovery to begin. We can deal honestly with the abuser and not allow him to be in situations that may cause him to stumble. We can watch, counsel, teach, and guide a person who understands and accepts his failings. We can take this Yid's shortcoming and use them to enhance our community. How many times has the government taken ex-criminals and put them to work preventing the same criminal behavior in others? They speak, they teach, they make aware. They have insight we lack. This is how they can do tshuva. Of course they may NEVER be around children again!

Who are the victims? They are our children, siblings, parents, extended families, friends, neighbors, our kehilas, and our community. We all suffer. The energy expended in the fallout of the effects of abuse is without end. Victims often suffer in silence for years due to fear, shame, and/or guilt. They may repress their horror or be emotionally unable to confront their reality, doubting their own credibility. This is a personal holocaust. Who is going to believe such a thing could happen? How is anyone else going to understand the pain?

The victims often feel it is easier to live in pain than to be forthcoming and be written off as a crank, a liar, a crazy person. Their pain and suffering exhibits itself in ways seemingly unrelated to the abuse. Many become problems academically and behaviorally at school. Their interactions with loved ones may deteriorate. They may not trust. Not just strangers, but even those closest to them. They may carry and exhibit irrational anger. They feel betrayed by their loved ones and others who have the responsibility and obligation to protect them from harm. We often lose them as b'nai mitzvas. We often lose them as members of our families and communities. We lose them to drugs and promiscuity. We may even lose them to be perpetrators themselves, having learned from the criminal behavior of their abuser how, through a warped and sickened perspective, to gain some control into their own out of control lives. The cycle continues. We all suffer.

We must feel it is as much an obligation to educate, inform and warn our children parents, neighbors, and congregations of the threats to our physical and spiritual safety as it is for all other types of criminal activity, whether Torah based or secular statutes.

We understand from Shlomo Hamelech that there is nothing new under the sun. It is our obligation to delve into Torah and find ways to help. The answers are there. We must find the needed refuah for the victims, the perpetrators, and our community. We must not give up on nor lose those we love and those who need our love.

The Agudah's response to the allegations of sexual abuse in their summer camp is way too little and too late. Where were you for forty agonizing years? We, who believe in the Divine involvement in every single act that occurs on Earth and all the galaxies, have to believe that the fire that destroyed the main building at Camp Agudah, the exact day that the Agudah's pathetic counter to the New York Magazine article on sexual abuse among the Orthodox Jewish community was published, was Hashem saying to Klal Yisroel "enough is enough."

May we all be zoche to be closer to Hashem through our efforts.

Posted by The Un-Orthodox Jew - "UOJ" at Saturday, June 24, 2006


Margulies is an honorable man said...

Long Island, NY - The former dean of Hofstra University's law school Aaron D. Twerski, who had to leave his position due to health reasons, will rejoin BLS Faculty school as of August 2007.

Back in January, Twerski, 67, cited his quadruple-bypass surgery and that his cardiologist's insistence that his commute from his Brooklyn home to the Hempstead campus and his work responsibilities were not in his best interest, as was reported here on VOS IZ NEIAS.

Now in an announcement from Dean Joan G. Wexler went out, stating that Professor Aaron Twerski is coming back to Brooklyn Law School faculty. "I am pleased to announce that Professor Aaron Twerski will be rejoining the Brooklyn Law School faculty in August 2007, he said. "As those of you who have had the pleasure of being in his classroom know, Professor Twerski is a wonderful teacher, a world-class scholar, and a Brooklyn Law School treasure. He was a member of the Brooklyn Law School faculty for 19 years before becoming Dean of Hofstra University School of Law two years ago. He has decided to resume his full-time teaching duties, and we are honored and delighted that he will be returning to us, Wexler said.

mama said...

With this post we should bring up the topic of Stefan Colmer who has been mentioned many times on this site.

I can not reveal my name, but I can say that I am the mother of a young teenage boy who was molested by this Shmendrik. To my knowledge there are about ten other children from my neighborhood that were molested. I have not spoken to any of them.

He lived on our block for several years and we always thought he was a strange but a nice person. He was even married to a wonderful girl.

I am sick over this but I unable to come forward. I read that Colmer is living in NJ somewhere. But I think I saw his wife in Flatbush the other day. Where is he?

Does anyone else know about this? Can anyone help?

Leopold Margulies said...

I only have two voords to say:


Avi L. Shafran said...

Just because something happened at Camp Agudah 40 years ago, we have to answer? I think not.

Meystel File said...

I heard a rumor that Rabbi Davidowitz in Rochester is blamed for covering up the Catskills camp molestation by Rav Scheinberg's convicted nephew by menacingly threatening victims and witnesses that they will be "finished". Does anyone know anything about this?


... my run in with Yossi Meystel in Rochester yeshiva. He was forced out by other boys who caught him molesting freshman. I had been abused in yeshiva as well and was told to ignore te problem. After leaving rochester yossi went to south bend. I warned some guys about him and was hoping to never see his name again.


Ephraim Bryks Update said...

In Dec 2005 he bought a house in Lakewood on Sanz Town Rd. Does he have a kid in town or a summer home or is there more than one Ephraim Bryks?

Anonymous said...

When I was a teen there was a story of a bachur that was killed at the Long Beach yeshiva and no one found out what happened. Any theories on if it might be connected to anything else?

Tort Putz File said...

The Martindale-Hubbell division of Lexis Nexis considers Beis Medrash Elyon to be a legit undergrad school. That's kind of odd considering that they don't list Lakewood which has more official credentials. I believe that Findlaw on the other hand does count Lakewood.

Twerski is still on staff as Special Counsel with:

Herzfeld & Rubin, P.C.
40 Wall Street
New York, New York 10005
Telephone: 212-471-8500

Twerski's profile at his own law firm does not list BME.

Shtockfeigel said...

The father of the Long Beach victim believes strongly that the yeshiva was not forthcoming about everything they knew. There were many strange details surrounding the murder that the police never solved. The case even made it on the TV show "Unexplained mysteries." There was speculation that it had to do with a Satanic cult member who broke in to the dorm. It was on Halloween night. One of the biggest mysteries is who in the yeshiva was able to place a lit candle next to the niftar after the crime scene was sealed off. The police went nuts interrogating everyone in the building. They couldn't believe that the cops on guard didn't see who it was.

Martindale-Hubbell said...

We already have the Tort Putz listed with Brooklyn Law again:

Aaron D. Twerski
Francis Newell De Valpine Professor of Law
Brooklyn Law School
250 Joralemon Street
Brooklyn, New York 11201
Telephone: 718-625-2200

Courses taught: Conflicts of Law, Products Liability, Torts.

Admitted: 1965, Wisconsin; 1971, Pennsylvania; 1974, New York .

Education: Beth Medrash Elyon (A.B., 1960); Marquette University (J.D., 1965); University of Wisconsin (B.S., 1970).

Born: 1939.

The Un-Orthodox Jew - "UOJ" said...


Contact attorney Michael Lesher, he is involved in the Colmer matter and is certain to help you.


Anonymous said...

Does anyone know where i can find out more details about this colmer story?

Anonymous said...
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mama said...


Is this who you are reffering to?


The Un-Orthodox Jew - "UOJ" said...



Shea Fishman said...

Is that the same Rabbi Gottesman who serves as Chief Flunky at Torah Umesorah? It figures UOJ would bring this up on a day that NY is expecting another snowstorm. Inclement weather events seem to come in pairs.

Anonymous said...


More Info on Colmer all over the UOJ Blogs. Below are just a few.




mama said...


I saw some others were asking if you had a picture of Colmer to put on your site. I think this is a great idea.

Is this somehting you can do so others can be on alert?

The Un-Orthodox Jew - "UOJ" said...

If someone was to send me a photo of Stephen Colemer I would put it up.

The Un-Orthodox Jew - "UOJ" said...


Please contact me at once at:


I have a personal note to send you.


mama said...


I sent you an email a few moments ago. Thanl you for your help.

Shlomo Fine said...

I hope UOJ doesn't find out I live near Margo on Ocean Pkwy. He might figure out I'm Margo's poker buddy. The car by the way is not Kolko's old Plymouth.

Video at this link:


Forget road rage. Here's a story about a case of "driveway" rage in Midwood. A man in is accused of repeatedly hitting a pregnant woman with his car after she complained it was blocking her driveway.

Michelle Hagler is nine moths pregnant, yet Wednesday morning police charge a man intentionally drove his car into her.

Not just once, but several times.

Hagler, a lawyer, was leaving for work when she found a car blocking her driveway. She called 311 while standing in front of the car. The driver walked up, got into his car and lurched forward into her striking her knee several times.

"He kept pushing the car forward and I said, 'I am here, I am pregnant,'" Hagler said. "And I keep moving as he's hitting me. He'd gotten me to the point where I was like, next to his car and I was holding onto it. Then he managed at that moment to just go around me."

He never stopped.

The 311 operator heard the screams and transferred the call to 911. Police arrested the driver of the car, 64-year-old Shlomo Fine of Ocean Parkway.

"He's been arrested today," NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly said. "That was for leaving the scene of an accident."

The alleged driver would only speak to us through his door.

"My lawyer says I cannot talk to anyone," Fine said.

Hagler's baby was not injured.

"I can just image that if I had actually fallen to the floor, he probably would have rolled over me," Hagler said. "I'm convinced of it because if wouldn't stop after hitting me three times...”

Fine was released without bail after being charged with assault, menacing and reckless endangerment. If found guilty, he faces up to seven years in jail.

A Brooklyn grand jury is already investigating the case.


A Misdemeanor, 1 count, Not an arrest charge, Arraignment charge
Description: MENACING 2ND - WEAPON

B Misdemeanor, 1 count, Not an arrest charge, Arraignment charge
Description: MENACING 3RD

Violation, 1 count, Not an arrest charge, Arraignment charge

E Felony, 1 count, Not an arrest charge, Arraignment charge

D Felony, 1 count, Not an arrest charge, Arraignment charge

A Misdemeanor, 1 count, Not an arrest charge, Arraignment charge

E Felony, 1 count, Not an arrest charge, Arraignment charge

A Misdemeanor, 1 count, Not an arrest charge, Arraignment charge

D Felony, 1 count, Not an arrest charge, Arraignment charge

A Misdemeanor, 1 count, Not an arrest charge, Arraignment charge

Michelle Hagler said...

Shlomo Fine & Margo play the same game, but not necessarily together.

Liar's poker.

Rothenberg Firm Profile - Click on me said...
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Anonymous said...

yiddish mama and uoj:
I cannot understand why R ginzburg didn't reach out to his mispallelim and why the other Rabbonim who were handling the Colmer case in Brooklyn didn't reach out to the community, and why the pediatrician's who were handling the colmer case didn't reach out to the community! how many boys from that 4 block radius will go 'off the derech' in a few years?!? This is unfolding right before our eyes. There needs to be communication and networking. Uncomfortable phone calls need to be made now, so that shiva calls are not made in 5 years. It sounds harsh but look at the facts.

If these boys are under 18, then why can't you all go to the DA together and take care of this for once and for all! IF he molests your out of state cousins, or nephews next, will you take the responsibility??????

crush this b*st*rd said...
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crush this b*st*rd said...
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Comment from the Peanut Gallery said...

Cookie Jar dipping, Part II

I have not seen the ledger but I have heard allegations against a fellow who collects money on behalf of an Agudah division. I'm told that he is allowed to give himself a generous salary and that he has sole discretion over how the money is distributed. I do know for a fact that the guy is a shameless money grubber who shakes people down for a private enterprise he runs. He uses slimy pressure tactics even when told rabbonim have poskened he has no right to any compensation. When collecting for the Agudah division he has been known to even put the squeeze on bochurim, telling them that they can surely part with a few hundred more than maaser requirements since singles don't need much money to live on. It's not clear to me if this not-for-profit has been incorporately separately from the Agudah, but in any case, federal law allows any bum to keep up to 95% of the proceeds for themselves. It's a good idea not to give anyone unless you see their figures disclosed.

There are also some unsavory characters in Chassidish & Yeshivish circles running yeshivos singlehandedly. I'm sure they are profiteering considering how well they live. One clump of slime in Brooklyn who has a penchant for hiring young, pretty girls, doesn't even pay them.

I also have sources telling me that a certain yeshiva geared for baalei teshuva from 3rd World countries is a disgrace. The administrator lives like a King, while he shovels fecal matter to his charges for meals, all the while that they live in hovels.

Anonymous said...
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Joe Putz said...
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Flatbush Yenta said...

Who is Shlomo Fine? I was trying to listen carefully to the sound of his voice on the video to hear if he's Israeli or American.

Database Records said...
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Another Slimy Connection? said...
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Does this Rabbi protect or ostracize Hames? said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

It might make sense that Shlomo Fine is Israeli. He assaulted the pregnant lady across the street from where some infamous Israelis live. The kids are terrors that barge into people's homes without permission and wreak havoc, sometimes even destruction. The father is a big bulvan who I'm told carved out an illegal driveway in front of his house. He is the neighborhood bully who threatens anyway who parks there. His wife is the mikva lady at Ocean & L. Some women have stopped using that mikva because they don't want anything to do with these animals.

One other theory that could place Fine at the crime scene is "Grand Central Station". This is the nickname invented by Chaim Berlin bochurim for a basement apt in that area. There is a girl-at-risk who got married and divorced at a very young age. I'm not sure if she lives there, but she was offering herself on the internet for years to strange men of all ages for sex. The neighbors tried speaking to her Italian landlord to kick her out, but he thinks that's cool behavior.

Fact Checker said...

Are you sure you can blame Aish for Gafni (Winiarz) ? He went off the derech and joined the "Renewal" movement. I don't know if the rapes and stuff was going on while he was still orthodox.

Flatbush Askan said...

"The father is a big bulvan who I'm told carved out an illegal driveway in front of his house. He is the neighborhood bully who threatens anyway who parks there."

I'm tired of these gangsters who steal the reshus harabim. According to poskim you are allowed to masser on those who are mazik you and or do aveiros. You can check with the Dept of City Planning or the Transportation Dept who carries out enforcement against those who annex illegal driveways and steal parking spaces. There was a jerk in the East 20s who lived around the corner from a public school who was doing this too. He got away with it against his frum, naive neighbors, but when he gave his shpiel to a school official, threatening her, she called down the DOT who forced him to remove the driveway and pay a huge fine.

There is also a restaurant on Coney Island under Gornish that offers valet parking. The valet threatens you will be towed if you park at any meter that he marks as off limts. They try stealing all the legal parking spots with these mafia tactics.

Feminine Followers of UOJ said...


Have these girls been reading us bloggers?
(cont'd after the clipping)


Recently, OrthoMom posted her support for Gil Student's (aka Hirhurim) suggestion that Jewish women who are being assaulted should fight back - with Mace (although at OM I had suggested a camera).

According to the above article from Thursday's Ma'ariv, a Yeshiva bachur (no, not this one although maybe this one) propsitioned a seminary girl in a Hareidi town in Yesha. Yup, according to the story, it was a matter of S-x for Money.

She told her friends and classmates, they marched over to the Yeshiva, spotted the supposed felon, started yelling at him, his friends came to his aid and before you could say Jake Rabinowitz, the girls had beat up the boys. Feminine fisticuffs.

Well, are we now into a new age? Or do these girls go to gym and workout sessions?

In anycase, I would strongly suggest Yeshiva bochrim sticking with a blatt gemara.

mama's friend said...

To my knowledge, R Ginsburg is a close friend and protector of Colmer. He is part of the problem and used his influence with others to convince all the keep this quiet. Colmer is very smart and knows how to befriend those he needs both to molest children and to protect himself from being caught.

Anonymous said...

Is there not one kid or one parent who is willing (or wants) to go to the DA and make a complaint to get the ball rolling on this? After the DA got started on Kolko, they called up all the parents whose kids came into contact with him. These guys have resources and techinques that we should tap into. Are people afraid of being found out? Is that a real concern - are the courts ineffective at keeping these things sealed and under wraps? I'm just thinking aloud here... If parents think they won't talk about it and their kid will just forget about it, then they're going to regret it.

People love moshols, so here's one: If you have a slow leak in the ceiling, it won't do anything for a few years, and then one day it will just collapse and bring collateral damage with it.

Pinky Wallerstein said...

Lazer Ginsburg despises people like Colmer. He may have had misplaced priorities in trying to avoid chilul Hashem at all cost and hoping that Colmer did teshuva. The guy that committed adultery was kicked out of his shul and Sofer Zalman Anderson wrote the shtar of assur lebaal velaboel, but Colmer was allowed to stay.

Yeshivishe Nudnik said...

"Grand Central Station". This is the nickname invented by Chaim Berlin bochurim for a basement apt in that area."

I wrote last week about how the Agudah & Young Israel badly fumbled the ball when they were approached about stopping a certain online forum. The person raising the alarm told rabbonim about this young divorced girl from the basement apartment who was drawing everyone from high school boys to old men. There was also a married woman in the 5 Towns who was trolling for men to sin with.

The conversation with the chochom at the Agudah broke down into an argument about yeshivishkeit of all things. The Agudist felt the caller had no credibility after questioning him and deciding that he wasn't suffuciently yeshivish. When the caller farentfered that he does consider himself yeshivish to some extent but said over in the name of an adam gadol that some elements of yeshivishkeit are a meshugass, the Agudist chochom blew off steam: "Oy, chas veshalom, I'm not mekabel." As if that has anything to do with being mekayem the Aseres Hadibros.

Hames in State Supreme Court said...
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Hames Loses the case said...
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Rabbi Gafni / Winiarz said...


I would invite Yudi Kolko out here to Utah but I think he's more interested in little boys that becoming a Mormon meshumad to get a bunch of polygamous wives.

Dovid Winiarz said...


Hi, I'm the brother in Staten Island running my own kiruv organization.


I also own Gefen Financial.

Rabbi Michael Broyde said...


Oh no, the Yated exposed me as training pseudo-Orthodox rabbis from YCT through the RCA. I hope Gil Student doesn't have a heart attack now that he's publishing my works.

Gilligan Student said...

Well Rabbi Broyde, I just did what I'm famous for and played both sides of the issue. Isn't it great to be on both sides of the fence while profiting off your books?


Not Taking A Stand

A specific Left Wing Modern Orthodox yeshiva was recently maligned in a newspaper, as is being discussed on other blogs. I find many of the critiques unfair and this whole episode distressing. However, because there are significant areas with which I disagree with the yeshiva's policy, I choose not to defend it because of the risk of seeming to be one of its supporters.

Letter printed by the Yated said...

Dear Editor,
I greatly appreciated your article on this awful place of Jewish learning calling Yeshivat Chovevei Torah. Please forward to Yisroel Lichter my appreciation. The dangers posed by YCT on college campuses is great. They have basically taken over Columbia University. The Associate Rabbi at the Fifth Avenue Synagogue is a graduate of this place.
Mr. Lichter mentions that Edah is defunct. Edah is not defunct; it has just been taken over by YCT. He also alludes to the main reason why YU and other organizations cannot easily protest what is taking place at YCT. Many of the financial backers of YCT are also strong supporters of these organizations.
I hope that one day, in the near future, you will also write an exposé regarding another awful “yeshiva”, Yeshiva Bnai Torah, run by Rabbi Chait in Far Rockaway. The dangers they pose are as great as YCT.
Again, thanks for a great article.

Please Do Not Print My Name

Anonymous said...

Peanut Gallery wrote about the rosh yeshiva who profited personally and filled his gourmet stomach. I know who that grubba hypocrite is. He would always shrey against going to college and dug up every related story from gedolim to drive home his point. His own sons bypass college and go into business. So where are they now? I hear they are in court every other day, answering civil and criminal complaints from various government agencies because the bacon they bring home has a little too much sizzle.

Hofstra Board Member said...

It is important to know the reason(s) Aron Twerski was dismissed as dean.

Upon urging by UOJ and his contacts within the D.A.'s office and the Jewish community, we were able to definitively establish a connection to Twerski's influence peddling in covering up and obfuscating legitimate investigations in the Orthodox community.

We tried to give Professor Twerski the benefit of the doubt and the ability to defend these accusations. He consistently came up short and believe he lied to us on many issues.

His "illness" is his face-saving reason for his leaving Hofstra.

He was terminated!

It's important that the legal community knows that he can not be trusted.

To "Hofstra Board Member" said...

OK, joker, who are you trying to kid?

Twerski has control over the DA's office which is bought off by the Iggud Haganovim, the Agudah and chassidish clans. Twerski was not terminated although he may have felt it was coming.

Brad Hames File said...
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N.Y. Attorney said...

I know for certain Twerski was fired.

Vegas Bookie said...

How much do you want to bet that Gil Student is going to pull another, well, Gil Student. He will write on his blog that he doesn't wish to discuss the latest complaint against him in public (how convenient). He'll show up at a kiddush in some Marine Park shul where he will be thronged by questions from the crowd. If anyone later repeats what he said, he will moan that they violated the terms of a "private conversation."

Dean's List said...

UOJ, can you confirm that the tort putz was fired by Hofstra?

Do universities usually let you bow out like that with dignity? Twerski has a perfect cover story. If he was fired, you should start bombarding Brooklyn Law School & 40 Wall St with the same information.

Anonymous said...

to all those flying with el al or any other airline to the gerer chasunah this week of the ceo's grandson there will be a concert when you arrive in israel with the stars being our one and only LEIZEROWITZ/MONDROWITZ band with the lead song being





have a safe flight and enjoy!


Far Rotaway said...

I didn't know enough about Rabbi Chait that his hashkofos are so allegedly far out. I do know that a group of his talmidim were involved in a huge scam and even bigger chilul Hashem with rebate fraud on a national scale. The online consumer complaint forums were abuzz about being ripped off by these Orthodox Jews.

Something also happened with one of the Chaits being pushed out of the 5 Towns Vaad. The more modern idiots who didn't care about kashrus during the Gourmet Glatt scandal, were beating up on Rabbi Eisen and blaming him for destroying Chait.

Beis Din leinyanyei giyur said...

Rabbi Michael Broyde will be megayer a goy even if he knows that the goy is living in sin with a Jew. (Don't expect Gil Student to mention that in his hakdama on Broyde's sefer) Is it any surprise then that he abuses the RCA stamp on fake rabbis from YCT? Luke Ford is busy mocking Broyde's grooming and appearance while he missed the bigger issue.

Gil Student said...

Well the Jewish Press has me now as not only the book reviewer but writing a column on ethics too. I should write a column that what Rabbi Broyde is assur, yet necessary.

The Un-Orthodox Jew - "UOJ" said...

In reference to Twerski:

All I wish to confirm at the moment for the benefit of the klal is:


Anonymous said...

Michael Broyde gets away with it because no matter what shortcomings he has, he is an intellectual man, which mesmerizes his not very learned crowd at home. Gil Student seems to make his money by picking up these obscure authors that no one else will touch. You have to wonder why no one picked up Broyde for publication before and wether Gil Student could care less other than making a buck.

Hollywood Insider said...

I can't believe that UOJ's line was shamelessly plagiarized by Steve Martin playing Inspector Clouseau in the 2006 remake of the Pink Panther. He looks the cameras in the eye at a press conference and tells the criminals they cannot hide and are safe nowhere, because justice is justice.

Gil Student's Clinton Dictionary said...

Gil Student refuses to take a stand on Yated vs YCT. Read between the lines: He can't take a stand because the Yated made Broyde transparent and he has a contract to publish him. If he defends Broyde, his kids are tossed out of yeshiva. If he criticizes Broyde, he loses the contract. If he does either of the above, he will take a hit on sales.

Gil Student needs a new motto, like "I am all things for all people"

Brisker said...

For those of you familiar with Chumash shiur in Brisk, AJ says something to the yeshiva and rabbonim all over the place feel compelled to farentfer themselves.

UOJ is like Brisker Chumash shiur on steroids. He just makes a casual mention of something and it becomes the main focus everywhere. Rabbonim are scrambling at the Agudah convention and even pipsqueaks like Gil Student are taking questions from a crowd at kiddush.

Rabbi A.J. Soloveitchik said...

Yo, me kent doch UOJ dort in America. Er iz einer fun unz.

Bias Watch said...

Now that Gil Student is just another stooge on staff with the Jewish Press, anything he says on his blog or anywhere is suspect. He knows that if he says anything that rubs the corrupt JP editorial board the wrong way, he's done with them. I'd love to see a scenario where the Iggud Haganovim gets embroiled in a scandal. They are completely intertwined with the Jewish Press. Gil would just skirt the issue like any good politician does.

Gil Student said...


Gee, I don't know how the story got out that I published Broyde's book. Did someone reveal a private conversation? Anything on my blog is considered a private conversation as far as I'm concerned too.

M.D. said...

Twerski's lame excuse was that he quit Hofstra because the travelling was a hardship.

There's much more stress teaching than travelling. It sounds like he got canned.

boog said...

We are saddened to inform you that Rav Schachter's father, Rav Melech Schachter, Rosh Yeshiva, RIETS, was niftar this morning. The levaya will take place tomorrow, Tuesday, February 27 at 1:00 PM at YU in the Main Beis Medrash (Amsterdam Avenue and 186th Street).

Shiva will take place at 1823 53rd Street, Brooklyn. (Phone number: 718-232-3883)

Hamakom yenacheim etchem betoch shaar avelei tziyon v'yerushalayim.

Anonymous said...

Strictly speaking, "Steve" describes one possible criminal act committed by the Baltimore attorney. The attorney showed the 15-year-old Steve a porn magazine. Depending upon the magazine, the particular state statute involved, and the aggressiveness of the local district attorney, this might constitute the crime of, Endangering the Welfare of a Minor.

The error of the Baltimore rabbis was in not counselling "Steve" to either go to the police, or, obtaining advice from a criminal attorney. "Steve" then would have had his options to criminally prosecute, or go the beis din route in accepting the attorney's admission of guilt and apology.

Instead, the rabbis gave the impression they were doubting "Steve's" word.

These errors left "Steve" feeling robbed of any sense of justice, to the extent that he and his friend pursued street justice in continuously vandalizing the attorney's car. His embittered feelings also helped push him further off the derech.

In addition, had the attorney been prosecuted, or even just contacted by the police, the shock and humiliation of the criminal justice process - e.g., being fingerprinted, submitting to a mug shot, being arraigned, etc. -might have deterred him from future child abuse crimes. The experience might also have shocked him into seeking therapy, and living life as a normal, married, productive man.

If, indeed, the attorney has committed subsequent child abuse crimes, the rabbis have their cheshbon to contend with. Those subsequently abused children can then become abusers when they grow up. All because the rabbis were too lenient, and didn't counsel about going to the police or a lawyer.

Herein lies much of the problem. Rabbis thinking they know everything, not consulting with qualified professionals, and everyone loses.

And the rabbis wonder why people are angry at them....

Anonymous said...
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What's wrong with this picture? said...
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Where's Waldo? said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
What's wrong with this picture? II said...

A mashgiach in one yeshiva was a young guy who not so long ago had plenty of fun himself. He tried to act holier than thou to the bochurim and like a brown nose to the hanhala. He would snoop around the dorm and try to asser things that the yeshiva rules never forbade. He pushed the hanhala to asser all kinds of new frontiers like board games. They didn't give in to him on this item, but he still tried to enforce against classical music with no lyrics as off limits because the composer might have had menuvaldik thoughts when he jotted down the notes. This is a true story.

One night a bochur fell and sprained his ankle. Exhibiting te tremendous pain he felt, he asked this jerk to drive him to the hospital. The lazy, good for nothing bum invoked every lame excuse to weasel his way out of it.

Anonymous said...

What is the lawyer's side of the story?

The incident happened ten years ago. Perhaps, since then, he's gone for therapy, through Jonah, Ohel, or some other program treating sex offenders and same-sex attraction. Perhaps he has successfully quelled his urges. Perhaps he feels remorse. Perhaps he, himself, is an abuse survivor.

Remember, he is not working near children. He's a lawyer in private practice.

Perhaps his life has just now been very badly damaged.

That's the problem with blogs. It doesn't tell both sides of the story, like a genuine justice system should.

Anonymous said...

If he has documented proof that he completed a stint in therapy and the therapist gave him the OK, and he apologized to his victims and he has taken steps to never be in tempting situations again, then the Awareness Center would take him off the website and Phil Jacobs (or whoever wrote the article for the Baltimore Jewish Times) would have reported that.
That is not what happened. This guy blew it all off and continued his career in NY, leaving his grieving victims in MD. Well, now they're coming after him and they should give him hell.

You don't tell both sides either said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Wall St Journal said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...


Ginzburg is a hipocrit and a fool if he claims to despise people like Colmer but on the other hand when it comes to Colmer himself, misplaces his priorities.

There is no room for this, especially with our leaders who are supposed to protect us. All it takes is one more molested child. Can Ginzburg guarantee the safety of everyone he doesnt even know, I dont think so. Rebbeim are supposed to be able to use their power and influence to help the rest of the community, not put them at risk because of a misplaced priority about a sicko like Colmer.

The Chilul Hashem is when a Rebbe like Ginzburg acts this way and allows for this. In fact, it would be a Kidush Hashem if he would report Colmer to the police.

If Ginzburg doesn't get it by now, then he himself, like many others, is a victim of Colmer's manipulative games.

I hope someone sees the truth in what this is all about and comes forward to insure the safety of others.

Pinky Wallerstein said...
Lazer Ginsburg despises people like Colmer. He may have had misplaced priorities in trying to avoid chilul Hashem at all cost and hoping that Colmer did teshuva. The guy that committed adultery was kicked out of his shul and Sofer Zalman Anderson wrote the shtar of assur lebaal velaboel, but Colmer was allowed to stay.

1:07 AM, February 26, 2007

mama's friend said...

I dont understand you people. Everyone says the reason to turn in Colmer is because of what he may do to others. I agree this is a concern, but what about what he did do to our children already. There is no telling how many lives he has ruined and the if the Victims don't see justice they will never be able to fully heal. Doesn't the Torah provide for punishing those who ruin the lives of others?

Anonymous said...

UOJ, Will you be posting a picture of Stephen Coelmer?

The Un-Orthodox Jew - "UOJ" said...

I will be posting a picture of Colemar after Purim.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...
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No Comment said...


Under the leadership of Reb Aharon Kaplan, Tiferes Matzah Bakery is be’H opening here in Lawrence.

Reb Aharon is fondly known in the local community and has an impressive track record running local businesses. His impressive list of managerial credentials includes KRM Supermarket (“Kollel Store”) in Brooklyn, Kosherworld of Far Rockaway, and Zomicks in Cedarhurst. Aharon is the son of a local mohel and rebbi, Rabbi Yehuda Kaplan. His wife, Brochie, is the daughter of Rabbi Chanina Herzberg of Yeshiva Toras Chaim of South Shore.

From its earliest planning stages, no compromises were made in ensuring maximum kashrus at Tiferes. Reb Aharon has engaged HaRav HaGaon Rav Yisrael Belsky to be the rav ha’machshir for the operation. Rav Belsky is world-renowned for his expertise and broad knowledge in all areas of Torah, especially kashrus. Currently, Rav Belsky is the senior rabbi on staff for the Orthodox Union. By engaging Rabbi Belsky, Tifers Matzah is ensuring no compromises in producing 100 percent authentic handmade matzos. Tiferes Matzah is located at 210 Beach 2nd Street in Lawrence, just off Seagirt Boulevard. The bakery is housed in its own structure and has ample parking conveniently located nearby. The building will be used solely for the purpose of baking matzos. The bakery has two matzah ovens, twenty-four rollers, and completely separate rooms for water and flour. Under the guidance of Rav Belsky, Tiferes Matzah has purchased special utensils, tables, and other smaller vessels to help insure that mehadrin min ha’mehadrin standards are met.

To benefit the local populace, Tiferes Matzah has set up a glass viewing booth that overlooks the entire baking process.

Anonymous said...

Any 1 knows what went down in court today during mondrowitz's appearance there? Any new pics of the scumbag? Is he still wearing his tzitzis over his shirt? How are the fellow inmates and guards getting along with him? Has he been penetrated yet or are they waiting for AIDS test results before proceeding? Or is the lockup under the rabbinical supervision of those rabbis prohibiting penetration alltogether, in which case castration is the next best option.

I recall that when he skipped town rumors were flying that he was AIDS positive. Since that never panned out we shall wait and see which prison community will have bragging rights for inducting mondrowitz into the AIDS community. 50-50 Rikers or Jerusalem lock up. He will be the next Pilegesh B'Giv'a for all other molesters to reference should they think of abusing another boy or girl. BTW, it seems that the orthofox community seems to have more gay molesters than molesters going after girls. This statistic should prove that they are indeed a screwed up mess of a community. These very unnatural acts should be addressed by the heads of the orthofox people.

As for me I've long ditched judaism and now live with a very lovely shiksa. After they threw me from yeshiva when i complained over being the rosh yeshiva's personal condom, i realized the frauds they are. 7 years and counting with my girl friend. God loves me for doing this more than he loves rabbis in bed with teenage boys.

Israel Belsky said...


It's a hidur to have molesters involved in afiyas matzah.

For the first 100 orders from Tiferes, you get a voucher for no hourly charges at the Iggud Haganovim beis din if I'm ever mazmin you.

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

I removed posts regarding a person who is actively turning his life around to the better.

Regarding Mr. Bungalow Putz, unless he was part of the posts removed, I did not intend to remove any of the comments about him.

Thanks for the inquiry...I'm happy to report that there is some encouraging good news that I personally am happy about.

Anonymous said...

A molester has done teshuva? that would be a first. i dont believe that is possible.

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

A molester has done teshuva? that would be a first. i dont believe that is possible.
He was not a molester...and I'm informed he's in the teshuva process.

Avi Shafran will Blend Reality with Fiction said...

E! Online spills the beans on an upcoming episode of the TV show Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.

Shafran will say: A ha! They make this up just like with Kolko & Mondrowitz.


(3rd last item before the comments)

Also, over on L&O: SVU, an upcoming case focuses on a secluded Orthodox Jewish community called Kiryas Joel after several children are raped by a 14-year-old classmate. Can you feel my goosebumps of creep from there?

Anonymous said...

Hey! lets all chap a tentzal, for if uoj is in a good mood so are we.





Anonymous said...

A enabler did teshuva? Even more impossible!!!

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...


Mondrowitz to be extradited to the U.S.....More details as they become available!

To Anon 7:09 who was thrown out of yeshiva said...

I'm sorry to hear that you were so badly mistreated. Which yeshiva was that?

Major League Baseball said...

Another Grand slam for UOJ.

Sol Werdiger seems to have gotten the message.

UOJ Bureau of Detectives said...

Vicky publishes that the guy removed from this page is a molester.

I suppose UOJ disputes this.

Also, does UOJ believe that he showed a porno flick to a minor? That is legally considered to be child abuse.

We're confused.

Anonymous said...

and now u say mondrowitz is to be extradited. u lie'n to much these days man!

Anonymous said...

the yeshiva was the gerer mesifta no less. pop was a poor man and borrowed money so they would let an outsider into the school. in return he got only heartache. they knew about that molester for years and did zero

Anonymous said...

hey. on your say so uoj once you got the mondrowitz case under control tell us when to get the next case goin. your on a roll. and to think u was goin on vacation. good thing u took our advice. just wait till boog an lvf an steve get home frum wurk an see that mondrowits is heading across the atlantica soon

boog's alte gatche said...

any details on the extradition. are they sending his wife too or is she already in eilat with vashti leizorowitz

aaron twersky said...

vashti is an honorable man

LVF said...

Uoj, did I see correct, or is my eyesight failing me at such a young age?

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

No celebrations until he's on U.S. soil. I'm not certain what all this means yet - as far as his abilty to stall or appeal the process.

Kol hakavod said...

Michael Lesher and Company are todays Pinchas Ben Elazars.

Anonymous said...

o shucks, your spoiling the party.

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

Vicky publishes that the guy removed from this page is a molester.

Vicky is wrong in this case!

old stuff said...

sit down lvf, dont faint. have a glazel hard nuts and take in the good news slowly. we going afte your favorite molester soon to. dont throw out those email addresses yet

Anonymous said...

well its a start and i think we all need to thank mike lesher UOJ and vicki as well as those who labored behind the scenes

now the next target let it be the molesters in monsey who daven in peoples shul

This guy is a fugitive wanted by several countries said...


THE RELIGIOUS camp may one day be joined by Arkadi Gaydamak, who seems to be leaning increasingly towards religion.

Long before he purchased Bikur Holim Hospital, which is on the edge of a haredi neighborhood and caters largely to the haredi population, Gaydamak was reportedly laying tefillin on a daily basis.

Now he's reportedly on the verge of starting weekly studies at Mir Yeshiva with Rosh Yeshiva, Rabbi Nosson Zvi Finkel.

This may all be part of a strategy to court the religious vote should he actually decide to run for mayor of Jerusalem in the next elections. But it seems that the haredi community, as distinct from the religious Zionist community, is courting Gaydamak even more than he is courting the haredim.

He is frequently seen in photos published in the haredi press in the company of leading figures from the haredi community at weddings and other family celebrations.

Was Dovid Cohen at the Ceremony? said...


RECIPIENTS OF honorary doctorates bestowed last week by Ben Gurion

University of the Negev included philanthropist Marc Rich, who was pardoned by president Bill Clinton on his last day in office.

For 17 years, Rich, who lives in Switzerland, was a fugitive from US Justice. Current presidential candidate Rudy Guiliani, who in 1983 was US attorney for the southern district of New York, indicted Rich and his partner, Pincus Green, for tax evasion and illegal deals with Iran.

Rich and Green (who now lives in Jerusalem), had fled the US to Switzerland, and were unable to set foot in the US until Clinton, at the behest of Rich's ex-wife and reportedly on the recommendation of Ehud Barak, who was then prime minister of Israel, signed pardons for Rich and Green.

As far as Israel was concerned, Rich was always kosher, and not just because of his philanthropic largesse.

According to a report in The New York Post on February 5, 2001, Rich lived a double life during his years as a fugitive, funneling secret data to Israeli and other intelligence services about some unsavory governments.

Rich apparently had a lengthy relationship with the Mossad and his contributions to Israel's national security were repeatedly cited by Barak to Clinton and confirmed by former Mossad chief Shabtai Shavit.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
well its a start and i think we all need to thank mike lesher UOJ and vicki as well as those who labored behind the scenes

now the next target let it be the molesters in monsey who daven in peoples shul

8:05 PM, November 27, 2007

Hey big talker. put up the names of the monsey molesters so we can do something about it. give us the names of rabbi enablers too or forever hold your peace.

Anonymous said...

From The Awareness Center:

CALL TO ACTION: Unsuspecting Families Connected to Agudath Israel of America Need Our Help!

Over the last few years Rabbi Avi Shafran (public spokes person for Agudath Israel of America) has had many lengthy telephone conversations and e-mail exchanges with many experts in the sexual violence field, including The Awareness Center. Unfortunately Avi Shafran is more interested in protecting the assets and image of Agudath Israel of America then reality when it comes to protecting innocent adults and children from becoming the next victim of a sex crime.

It's time for everyone to contact Avi Shafran and Agudath Israel of America. Let them know they need to change their perspective. Demand that they hire an organization like The Awareness Center to do intensive training's with them.

Rabbi Avi Shafran, Public Spokes Person of Agudath Israel of America:
42 Broadway
New York, NY 10004-1617
Phone: (212) 797-9000

Anonymous said...

Let's not forget the beloved(by Mondrowitz) Herbert "the Momzer" Bomzer:


One member of Hynes’s Jewish council, Rabbi Herbert Bomzer, said he does not remember Mondrowitz’s extradition being discussed by the council. Bomzer did say that he knew Mondrowitz when the younger man was a counselor at Yeshiva University’s high school, and that Mondrowitz had been “loved” by the students.

When asked if he would now support extradition proceedings, Bomzer, president of the rabbinical board of Flatbush, said: “If he has managed to get to Israel and is protected by the law there — then leave it alone.”

vikki & UOJ may not agree on everything but they are still our heros said...

Anonymous said...

November 16, 2007 12:35 AM

Vicki Polin said...
To anonymous November 16, 2007 12:35 AM,

I'm so sorry I have to disagree with you. Having an alleged sex offender be held responsible for his acts is not a form of revenge.

You are forgetting that those who survived the alleged criminal sexual acts performed by Avrohom Mondrowitz will live a life time with the memories of his barbaric acts.

I personally do not believe that by Mondrowitz moving to Israel to be the cure that would stop an alleged serial rapist like Mondrowitz from continuing on with his molesting career.

It could be true that Mondrowitz's alleged sexual offending might have gone in and out of remission over the years. Yet with Mondrowitz's alleged past history it's very difficult to believe that he would have stopped altogether.

Avrohom Mondrowitz's father is not unlike many other parents, spouses or children of sex offenders. They too suffer from the actions of the offender. As a community we can offer them support as we would the child, spouse or children of those who commit murder.

I believe sex offenders should also be scene as murderers. They are murderers or attempted murderers of their victims soul.

Those who commit sexual offenses take away a sense of innocent from those who are forced to endure these criminal acts.

November 16, 2007 7:13 AM

Anonymous said...

Elliot Pasik, Esq. writes on Hirhurim today:

This is R Shafran's letter to the Jerusalem Post, January 24, 2006:

"Sir, - Readers of the Jewish Telegraphic Agency's recent series on clergy sexual abuse may have been misled by the report's assertion that the meaning of words spoken by a respected rabbinic authority at last year's Agudath Israel of America national convention is, as the article put it, 'open to interpretation.' The rabbinic authority, the article asserted, admitted 'that haredim are indeed guilty of sweeping things under the carpet.'

The writer of the series has acknowledged to me that he had not at the time listened to a recording of the speech.

Rabbi Salomon's words, however, could not have been clearer. He pointed out how some people like to accuse the haredi community of 'sweeping things under the carpet.' They are right, he went on to explain, but not in the way they mean. 'Do they know how many perpetrators' of sins against others 'have been dealt with?' No, he averred, because when actions are taken against individuals who have proven themselves untrustworthy, Orthodox leaders do not trumpet their actions. And even as they take what steps are necessary to protect others, he added, they also seek to protect human dignity.

Moreover, Rabbi Salomon declared that when crimes are asserted but not proven, Jews must be guided not by a mob mentality but by the Torah.

The JTA article may well be right that 'several Web site and blog contributors' chose to interpret Rabbi Salomon's remarks as an admission that 'haredi officials often look the other way when clergy sex abuse takes place in their midst.' But that says something only about those Web site and blog contributors, and nothing at all about what Rabbi Salomon actually said.

Director of Public Affairs
Agudath Israel of America"

Elliot Pasik now comments:

R Shafran's above Jerusalem Post letter actually reveals a sharp ideological split between the Aguda/Torah U'Mesorah and RCA/OU camps.

The RCA/OU accept American jurisdiction over Jewish sex abusers. They recognize that beis din and other communal structures we have are not equipped to handle these cases. They also recognize that for the protection of the Jewish and overall public, sex abusers need to be identified so that we can avoid having them work or live near schools and other youth settings. If the sex abuser is criminally convicted, he will become a registered sex offender, who can be checked on the Internet public registries.

Aguda/TU, even at this late date, would have none of this. Jewish sex abuse cases should be handled by Rabbi Salomon and his rabbinic colleagues. Sex abusers are entitled to a rabbinic adjudication where they will receive a level of 'human dignity' greater than the American juridical system. Moreover, when these sex abuse cases are handled by Rabbi Salomon et al., they will not be "trumpet(ed)". The public will never know. The sex abuser may be working in your local shul, or yeshiva. He may be your neighbor. He will not be listed on the public registries.

I find the Aguda/TU position, in this day and age, to be offensive. But it is also completely unworkable.
Elliot Pasik, Esq. | 11.27.07 - 5:01 pm | #

Yehu said...

"No celebrations until he's on U.S. soil. I'm not certain what all this means yet - as far as his abilty to stall or appeal the process."

Correction: until he's inside a cell with 16 8-foot black hardened criminals.

And all victims receive psychological therapy and consultation. Many times victims turn out to be molesters themselves.

And most importantly the coverups are stopped once and for all. I know in the old days this was "arranged" within the community. A hit-and-run accident w/o witnesses, a guy found beaten unconscious... the media and police knew nothing, but "in da hood" everyone knew. Those days are over. Unfortunately, the last option is our corrupt "justice" system. I'm not sure at this point it's reasonably possible we get back to "street justice".

Attention Shafran, Shmarya & Harry said...


Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Gutter Ballet

An open letter to Rabbi Avi Shafran and some of his critics

Dear Rabbi Shafran,

After reading your article about sexual abuse in our community, I was left hurt, insulted and betrayed.

The traditional reading on Yom Kippur’s Mincha is parshas arayes. That parsha details some of the most horrendous and repulsive behaviors any human can possibly commit. Why does the holy Torah coomand us to read that specific segment on the holiest of our days? The Mishna Brurah, has a simple answer: since a man’s self desires sexual sins, and one may have transgressed these prohibitions, he should repent. The Shulchan Oruch doesn’t exempt anyone from hearing this reading. It doesn’t exempt Talmidei Chachomim, nor people with frocks or shtreimels or white beards.

I fully understand that exposing such criminals may shed our community in a bad light. But covering them up shed us in an even worse light. As a result of your article, Rabbi Shafran, wherever and whenever I go with my hat and jacket, I feel like I proclaim “I protect child molesters! I deny that there are problems within my community!” This chilul hashem is by far greater than that of exposing criminals. Most people today understand that there are sick deviants in any society. Most people are able to understand that one who transgresses the Torah by the most odious acts is not a shomer Torah umitsvos. But when the systematic cover-up of such incidents is exposed –and it is exposed, believe you me- that’s when our community as a whole is being demeaned, shamed and ridiculed.

I am fully aware of the abysmal injustices that the Orthodox –and especially the charedi- communities in Israel have suffered at the hand of the Bolshevik Zionists – in some cases even murder. I am fully aware that secular Zionism propagates hatred of true Jews and has a lot to answer for. But it is no excuse for us to behave like them. Since we know what it means to be betrayed, we should be all the more careful not to betray the wretched victims of sexual abuse. Since we decry secular Zionism’s denial of its crimes, we must not deny our crimes either. But all of this is besides the point. In the final analysis there are no excuses; we must do what is right for the simple reason that it is right.

Rabbi Shafran, I understand that there are hachic problems in dealing with this topic. But I also understand that the Torah has specifically empowered our sages with daas Torah in such cases. Daas Torah can rule that a criminal is to be turned over to the authorities even without two kosher witnesses. I would also remind you, that in Jewish Law, a criminal tried for capital punishment but found not guilty, isn’t free to roam à-la O.J. Simpson or Teddy Kennedy. In the time of the Temple, such criminals were left to die in solitary confinement.

I would like to address now some of Shafran’s critics;
not only are you no better than him, you are far worse. You have exploited the victims of sexual abuse for political gain, for your fame and for the pleasure of putting down your opponent. Rosenberg has an exposé on how haredi culture (which he either doesn’t know, as is obvious from his articles, or he willfully distorts the facts) breeds more abuse and cover-ups. Unfortunately there is some truth to his words. But he conveniently omits a few disturbing facts; he writes: “Look at it this way. If you could stop a murderer from killing by calling police, but choose not to do so because breaking omerts would result in less desirable shidduchim [matches] for your children, would your inaction be correct? Is your child's "better" shidduch more important than the victim's life, a life you do not have the power to restore? If this question is in any way difficult for you, you're in the wrong species. Check your lineage for apes.” Well, sweetheart, you full and well know that murder was actually covered up. Unfortunately for you, that didn’t happen in haredi communities. It happened among your darling Reform brothers. That’s right – there are at least three incidents I am aware of, when Reform “Rabbis” were committing adultery with their congregants wives. In two instances the cuckolded husbands opted to have their wives assassinated, while in the other, a Rabbi himself ordered the murder of his wife, in order to marry a woman he recently “converted” to Judaism. You’d imagine that according to Mr. Rosenberg’s analysis there’d be a tremendous outcry in those communities, harshly condemning the tragic events. Not so. Not only the community tried its best to hush the events and refused to talk to the media, but when one of their own tried to document the case, she was beaten, her nose was broken, she received death threats and was ostracized. So much for the great secular civilization many of you so much adore.

Then you have the bleeding heart ultra-righteous blogger who abhors sex abuse so much, that any comment containing the names of sexual predators is deleted from his blog’s comments section. Well, as long as they belong to his party. In other words, Ze’ev Kpolevitch, who was convicted of no less than 19 counts of rape and statutory rape, but after serving a nominal 3½ years sentence, was brought back to the yeshiva, doesn’t make it to the blog world. That’s right, the pervert is brought back to yeshiva after conviction, he is still there, and you remain silent. The Israeli media accused Rabbis Chaim Druckman and Avraham Shapiro of covering up the case and urging witnesses to remain silent. That somehow wasn’t detected by your radar, Mr. Righteous. Why? Since you don’t care about this, why are you so adamant other predators are brought to justice? And don’t you think your over-defensiveness just gives credence to other allegations? If you bar as much as mention of the name George Finkelstein, don’t you think it raises suspicion that the allegations against him, as well as allegations of cover-up against Norman Lamm may be true?
You criticize others for the very same thing you’re guilty of. At least Shafran doesn’t run around accusing others of cover-up. You have exploited sexual assault victims’ plight for your own sick games, for political gain and idiotic partisan politics.

© Joseph Izrael 2007

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Werdiger has allies in the sports world that would cover up for him. Gary Belsky is editor-in-chief of ESPN Magazine.

boog said...

From the "Dor Tapuchos Haymoh" Department:

Illegal Aliens in New York State can be seriously advocated by our "Bulldozer" Gov. Spitzer to receive Driver's Licenses thereby making an illegal-legal, but school teachers and school personnel in our yeshiva system are not fingerprinted or recorded to a Registry!

Israel Belsky said...

What's wrong with that?


Auslander's alcoholic, anger-prone father swore prolifically

Jewish Fress Morons Come out Swinging to Defend Tropper's FRAUD said...

These are the same Low Klass Lowlives who LIED in the name of R' Chaim Kanievsky to defend Tendler.

They can't even spell Rav Povarsky's name and their is no evidence I've seen that he supports Tropper's FRAUD.


Conversions And Controversy

By: Editorial Board

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

A brief news item in last week’s Jewish Press reported on the latest conference of the Eternal Jewish Family, an organization intent on formulating universal standards for Jewish conversions. As was the case with its four earlier sessions, the group brought together notables from the Torah world – respected roshei yeshiva, leading poskim and prominent pulpit rabbis – to identify and promote a conversion process that would pass muster across the spectrum of Jewish life while alleviating the horror of conversions that are problematic because of questions about the procedures that were followed or the credentials of the overseers.

The enterprise would seem to be one of those things about which there should be no dispute. But the long knives are coming out nonetheless.

There are those who are not part of the Eternal Jewish Family team that are taking umbrage at its increasing success in the area of conversions. Frustration at not being accepted as the last word on conversions has, from the beginning, been a sore point with veteran conversion practitioners and rabbinic groups that preexisted the EJF (which, among other things, has directed the establishment of regional religious conversion courts that apply its standards and abide by its cap on what converts may be charged).

Unfortunately, a new dimension to the challenges has emerged.

In order to secure the recognition of the most stringent haredi communities, EJF early on enlisted the involvement of such luminaries as Rav Yosef Shalom Elyashiv, Rav Ovadia Yosef and the Israeli Chief Rabbinate in Israel and Rav Reuven Feinstein here in the U.S. There has also been support on the part of, among others, Rav Dov Povarky, Rav Moshe Shapiro, Rav Ahron Schechter, Rav Hillel David and Rav Shmuel Kaminetsky.

There are, however, voices from within the haredi world that have taken to questioning the bona fides of EJF despite the imprimatur of Rav Elyashiv and the other gedolim. To be sure, those leading the new charge have in the past made a point of tweaking Rav Elyashiv and others in the haredi hierarchy on various issues. And they have employed the time-honored device of approaching a posek, ex parte, for a p’sak regarding a litany of facts that may include a number of halahic no-nos but that do not necessarily have anything to do with the intended target. The inevitable negative ruling, though, is then spun as being directed at that target.

This is not to take sides in a public row that is only bound to escalate in the coming weeks. We do, however, recognize the great strides achieved by EJF on an issue that has long vexed the religious community and hope that the important work of standardizing the conversion process will not be derailed, even momentarily.

Why was he Silent when it came to Kolko, Margo & Belsky? said...


Haredi Violence Against Women

No Acquiescence

I would like to add my name to those who approve of Rabbi Yakov Horowitz’s Nov. 9 op-ed article “You Might End Up Dead.” While these crazies are fortunately few in number, they make a massive chillul Hashem, since the media do not differentiate between wild extremists and most other Orthodox Jews.

If we remain silent when women are attacked by misguided individuals, we are all guilty – as we learn from what happened when the holy shevet of Binyamin refused to take action when a woman was violated by a wild gang of youths in their midst. A tremendous number of Jews died in vain and the shevet of Binyamin was nearly wiped out.

One can resort to civil disobedience but never to violence. Often our Torah leaders are afraid to call mass protests against public Torah desecrations only because of the fear that some individuals will get out of hand and receive all the media attention, thereby causing a chillul Hashem instead of a kiddush shem shomayim.

All of us must protest such behavior lest our silence be interpreted as acquiescence. Unless we all clearly distance ourselves from such behavior we, too, are guilty.

Rabbi Eli Teitelbaum

(Via E-Mail)

UOJ Gets Results said...


Husband signs divorce papers 20 years after disappearing

Man located by Prison Service rabbi in Israeli jail after leaving 'chained' woman in France

Raanan Ben-Zur
Published: 11.19.07

Leib Tropper said...


Yonasan Rosenblum, in a column for Mishpachah Magazine, noted that amongst religious Jews, there is an almost cavalier dismissal of the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. To quote:

I once asked a member of a large charedi community, "Why is everybody here so fat?" My friend, an incisive wit, neatly captured the mindset, "The goy says its not good to be fat. What does the goy know?"

Too many of us are walking time-bombs just waiting to explode.

Last Shabbos, a friend I hadn’t seen in awhile sat down next to me at a Kiddush. I barely recognized him. He had lost forty pounds since I last saw him. I asked him what happened to him. He described how his wife had announced one day, in a tone that brooked no opposition, that they were going to the doctor.

"What should I tell the doctor?" my friend asked. "For starters, tell him that you sound like you are going to die when you sleep," his wife replied. The doctor ordered a battery of tests, which revealed that in his mid-40s he had already developed diabetes and his triglycerides were three times the danger level.

That same Shabbos another friend related how he had asked someone near him at a shalom zachor why he was breathing so hard. The man explained that he had just climbed several flights of stairs. Still not satisfied, my friend insisted that he speak to a doctor sitting nearby. The doctor told the man to meet him in the hospital on Sunday. While there, the man had a heart attack, which, Baruch Hashem, he survived.

zach said...

Your site really needs some work; it takes forever to load because you are apparently not using blogspot archives and everything shows up on the main page. Plus your Title shows the tags bold center break & small!

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

I'm not surprised!

Study: Young U.S. Jews most comfortable when surrounded by non-Jews

By Gabriel Sanders, The Forward

Tags: non-Jews, Jews, United States

In a groundbreaking study released last spring, social scientists Steven M. Cohen and Ari Kelman reached a novel and, for some, startling conclusion: Far from being indifferent to Jewish cultural life, young unaffiliated Jews are actually quite interested in attending Jewish events - provided they are being offered outside the walls of Jewish venues. Young Jews, the two provocatively argued, are most comfortable being Jewish when surrounded by non-Jews.

The study has prompted some Jewish cultural programmers to rethink their outreach efforts, with many synagogues and Jewish community centers now looking to off-site bars and clubs in their quest to lure the young and unaffiliated

Not versed in Nach said...

Is this true? Dennis Prager writes this article for a Catholic magazine:

In the ancient Near Fast and elsewhere, virgins were deflowered by priests prior to engaging in relations with their husbands, and sacred or ritual prostitution was almost universal. Psychiatrist and sexual historian Norman Sussman describes the situation thus: "Male and female prostitutes, serving temporarily or permanently and performing heterosexual, homosexual oral-genital, bestial, and other forms of sexual activities, dispense their favors in behalf of the temple." Throughout the ancient Near East, from very early times, anal intercourse formed a part of goddess worship. In ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, and Canaan, annual ceremonial intercourse took place between the king and a priestess. Women prostitutes had intercourse with male worshippers in the sanctuaries and temples of ancient Mesopotamia, Phoenicia, Cyprus, Corinth, Carthage, Sicily, Egypt, Libya, West Africa, and ancient and modern India. In ancient Israel itself, there were repeated attempts to re-introduce temple prostitution, resulting in repeated Jewish wars against cultic sex. The Bible records that the Judean king Asa "put away the qdeshim [temple male prostitutes] out of the land"; that his successor, Jehosaphat put away out of the land ...the remnant of the qdeshim that remained in the days of his father Asa"; and that later, King Josiah, in his religious reforms, "broke down the houses of the qdeshim." In India until this century, certain Hindu cults have required intercourse between monks and nuns, and wives would have intercourse with priests who represent the god. Until it was made illegal in 1948, when India gained independence, Hindu temples in many parts of India had both women and boy prostitutes. In the fourteenth century, the Chinese found homosexual Tibetan religious rites practiced at the court of a Mongol emperor. In Sri Lanka through this century, Buddhist worship of the goddess Pattini has involved priests dressed as women, and the consort of the goddess is symbolically castrated.

UOJ's not surprised - For What Reason? said...


"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

1-Prager is historically correct.
2- Today's youth have a difficult time identifying with anything Jewish, yet do not necessarily mind identifying themselves as Jews, because of the "genetic superiority" supposedly claimed by many Jews...and wish to reap the benefits associated with that claim. (able to get better jobs, sought after in the male/female dating scene)...there have studies confirming this.

Until they are Blu in the face said...


I long wondered if the undynamic duo of Yitz & Blu Greenberg are apikorsim. Here's the Putz Yitz calling for even bigger pirtzos in gerus than Leib Tropper. He wants to accept Conservative standards when looking for goyim to be megayer.

Anonymous said...

hi, UOJ- please fix your page, it loads very slow even with a very fast machine and fast internet connection.


"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

The conversion process is fraught with dangers within the Orthodox rabbinate as well. Many "batei din" on Tropper's "list" are fraudulent as to their agendas and the ability to discern the "honest" convert, versus the criminal convert with an agenda.

I am doing my own study on this very important issue...and will go public with it...pictures, videos...documents...sometime next calender year. It will be a bombshell and an eye-opener!

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

Is it loading faster now?

Chief Doofis said...

If organized Orthodoxy took a piece of garbage like [Rabbi Yehuda Kolko] and excoriated him with any of the passion that they treat decent people, who argue PHILOSOPHICALLY with them, they would truly gain credibility. Banning Rabbi Slifkin, who disagrees with the "straight" path is o.k. for these people, but they put Rabbi Scheinberg up on a pedestal!! Kolko can still get Aliyot in shul, and other offenders can hobnob with the rich and famous!! We live in a (mixed -up) world, where you can't get an Aliya if you aren't wearing a hat or jacket. But if you are arrested for sodomizing little kids, you're o.k.!!

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...


Well said...it gets worse than that. The studies that I'm sponsoring will document these frauds at levels that have never been exposed yet.

Anonymous said...

UOJ--Any word on the Mondrowitz hearing yesterday?

Malach HaMovies said...

Rabbi Shafran,

The reason there is a "mob mentality" is because organizations like yours and the yeshiva and chassidic world have allowed this disaster to go on for over 50 years. Also, your organization and the gedolei yishmoel have made sure that the molesters are the ones that are protected and given shelter.

Instead of being a true "baishan" (shamefulness - one of the three characteristics of being a jew) and saying that your'e sorry and admitting that you screwed up - you like the old nixon administration are still covering up. And for that you will pay a heavy price.

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

I am informed.... that the official Mondrowitz extradition decision (yes) will be announced in the next few days.

Paul Gelb said...


Margulies thinks he can survive UOJ.

Ave M & the 5 Towns said...

He also has offices in Lawrence & Long Beach.


Tuesday, November 20th 2007, 4:00 AM

Take a flat-screen TV and call me in the morning.

Investigators are examining whether that was a Brooklyn dentist's prescription to defraud an insurance company with the help of his patients - more than 40 Port Authority cops.

Federal investigators claim Dr. Barry Cohan performed procedures not covered by their policies, like teeth whitening and capping, in exchange for allowing him to use their names on bogus insurance claims.

Besides the cosmetic work, Cohan enticed the cops to go along with the scam by giving them flat-screen TVs and cash kickbacks, officials said.

"They sold their badges for TVs and bright smiles," a law enforcement source said.

A federal grand jury indicted Cohan, 50, on fraud charges Friday, and he is scheduled to surrender next Tuesday in Brooklyn Federal Court, sources said.

Cohan is accused of billing MetLife, which administered the PA's dental plan, for phantom work like expensive orthodontic braces, the indictment charges.

The cops who went along with the dentist's dirty scheme are under investigation and could be canned for allowing Cohan to use their names on the padded forms he submitted to MetLife for reimbursement, officials said.

"We will take the strongest action possible, including firing and suspension, if any wrongdoing is found among Port Authority employees," said PA spokesman Marc Lavorgna.

The Port Authority's inspector general uncovered the scheme about two years ago, Lavorgna said, and brought the allegations to the Brooklyn U.S. attorney. Lavorgna said an internal investigation is ongoing and declined to comment further.

No cops are expected to be charged criminally, sources said. The Port Authority employs about 1,600 officers.

Pending an investigation into his rates and billing practices, MetLife stopped making payments on Cohan's claims in August 2005.

Cohan allegedly submitted claims in the name of a dentist he shared office space with on Avenue M, the indictment says.

Cohan's lawyer Kenneth Kaplan denied the charges.

"There are complex billing issues that are involved, which will be the subject of his defense," Kaplan said. "We will vigorously contest these issues in court."

VinoPourer Nov 20, 2007 10:42:19 PM
Hello. Several of us have gotten to know Dr. Barry Cohan during interraction in an AOL chatroom over the past few years, I can say with sincererity that based on Dr. Cohan's behavior with others he is an embarassment to any profession. Dr. Cohan frequently cammed naked with women online, accused one individual of murdering her father, and frequently bragged about his immense wealth and accomplishments. It's sad but true that most, if not all of us who interracted with Dr. Cohan were glad to see his indictment and are hoping for an eventual guilty sentence and severe sentencing for his crimes (as this is Dr. Cohan's reported second offense of insurance fraud. One word of advice for the Federal prosecutors is that they should explore Dr. Cohan's property holdings in the state of Florida. In 2005 and 2006, Dr. Cohan frequently bragged of his new found wealth from the stock market and of his use of these funds to purchase Florida realestate. 2005 and 2006 was the reported period o

manthetruthhurts Nov 27, 2007 10:15:37 AM
i no barry personally,it was only a matter of time for this greedy pompous ass.as a business man he is the sleaziest, and as a human being nothing more than a cheating pig, often using a comp at my office to go to multiple dating sites,posing as "bill" even though he was or is married.charming guy in person when u first meet him, then truth comes out soon enough

Govt Whistleblower said...


Nada Nadim Prouty is a Lebanese citizen who was admitted to the United States as a student, overstayed her visa and then acquired resident alien status through a fraudulent marriage. She never lived with her "husband" but entered into the marriage as a business deal; he was to be paid (reports say he never was) and she did receive a green card.

She then worked at the FBI - where she conducted unauthorized searches to ascertain what they had on her, her sister, her brother-in-law (an alleged Hezbollah financier) and Hezbollah - and later worked at the CIA. While it is understandable that the FBI and CIA want to sweep this badly bungled case quickly out of view, the question that needs to be asked is…what is being done to make certain this does not happen again?
Marriage fraud is a pervasive problem and one that the government lacks the resources and apparent resolve to tackle. This vulnerability has been well documented in ever so many GAO and OIG reports, yet virtually nothing has been done to address this major gap in the immigration system that, as we see in this case, has significant national security implications.

In various newspaper accounts of the case, CIA officials nearly trivialize this serious situation. Those quoted make it seem as though immigration fraud is no big deal because it is a common ploy used by aliens to acquire green cards and United States citizenship. Indeed, this is true; but a slightly-overlooked fact is that it is also a felony, the CIA should know and respect this, and as pointed out above, it can lead to a national security nightmare.

Eitan Wertheimer said...


"The New York Times" quotes interviews with people who have been briefed on a $250,000 personal loan given to Bernard Kerik, an associate of Republican presidential candidate Rudolph Guliani, that the lender was apparently "Israeli billionaire and philanthropist, Eitan Wertheimer, whose family’s vast holdings include companies with US Defense Department contracts" and a related contact was "Brooklyn businessman Shimon Cohen, a marble and stone merchant who has been a friend of Kerik’s for several years."
"The New York Times" stresses that the loan was not illegal and that neither Wertheimer nor Cohen have been "charged with wrongdoing." Both men have declined to speak about the loan or the reasons it was made to Kerik.

"Federal prosecutors have not alleged that anything about the loan itself was improper. But they charged in a 16-count indictment unsealed two weeks ago that Kerik had failed to disclose it to the federal government as required after the White House appointed him to train the Iraqi police in 2003." He is charged with tax evasion and fraud.

"Wertheimer met Kerik through Cohen, a longtime friend, according to associates, and the two spent time together during Kerik’s trip to Israel in August 2001. Later that year, as he left his New York City police post, Kerik handed out 19 gold and blue enamel badges that declared the recipients “Honorary Police Commissioners,” and Wertheimer received one."

Last year, the Wertheimer family sold 80% of machine tools manufacturer Iscar Ltd. to Berkshire Hathaway Inc. (NYSE:BRK-A; BRK-B), controlled by chairman and CEO Warren Buffett, for $4 billion.

Shimon Cohen said...


According to Mr. Cohen’s 2005 interview with city investigators, Mr. Cohen has known Mr. Kerik for several years, having been introduced by a friend in common, Nathan Berman, a real estate developer who has also lent Mr. Kerik money.

Raoul Felder said...

UOJ should contact me if he thinks any judges are giving Kolko, Margo & Mondrowitz an easy ride.


NIAGARA FALLS, N.Y. - A judge who jailed 46 people who were in his courtroom when a cell phone call interrupted proceedings was removed from the bench Tuesday by a state commission.

Niagara Falls City Court Judge Robert Restaino "snapped" and "engaged in what can only be described as two hours of inexplicable madness" during the March 2005 session, Raoul Felder, chairman of the state Commission on Judicial Conduct, wrote in the decision to remove Restaino from the $113,900-per-year post.

"Everyone is going to jail," Restaino said. "Every single person is going to jail in this courtroom unless I get that instrument now. If anybody believes I'm kidding, ask some of the folks that have been here for a while. You are all going."

When no one came forward, Restaino ordered the group into custody, and they were taken to jail, where they were searched and packed into crowded cells. Fourteen people who could not post bail were shackled and bused to another jail.

Anonymous said...

Great news about Mondrowitz!

Margo's Crew is Guilty of Internet Harassment said...


November 28, 2007
A Hoax Turned Fatal Draws Anger but No Charges
DARDENNE PRAIRIE, Mo., Nov. 21 — Megan Meier died believing that somewhere in this world lived a boy named Josh Evans who hated her. He was 16, owned a pet snake, and she thought he was the cutest boyfriend she ever had.

Josh contacted Megan through her page on MySpace.com, the social networking Web site, said Megan’s mother, Tina Meier. They flirted for weeks, but only online — Josh said his family had no phone. On Oct. 15, 2006, Josh suddenly turned mean. He called Megan names, and later they traded insults for an hour.

The next day, in his final message, said Megan’s father, Ron Meier, Josh wrote, “The world would be a better place without you.”

Sobbing, Megan ran into her bedroom closet. Her mother found her there, hanging from a belt. She was 13.

Six weeks after Megan’s death, her parents learned that Josh Evans never existed. He was an online character created by Lori Drew, then 47, who lived four houses down the street in this rapidly growing community 35 miles northwest of St. Louis.

That an adult would plot such a cruel hoax against a 13-year-old girl has drawn outraged phone calls, e-mail messages and blog posts from around the world. Many people expressed anger because St. Charles County officials did not charge Ms. Drew with a crime.

But a St. Charles County Sheriff’s Department spokesman, Lt. Craig McGuire, said that what Ms. Drew did “might’ve been rude, it might’ve been immature, but it wasn’t illegal.”

In response to the events, the local Board of Aldermen on Wednesday unanimously passed a measure making Internet harassment a misdemeanor punishable by up to a $500 fine and 90 days in jail.

From Charlie Hynes's Office said...


A beautiful ex-Brooklyn prosecutor was charged Tuesday with improperly passing information about witnesses to her defense-lawyer fiancé.

Pillow-talking Sandra Fernandez is accused of using her position to obtain criminal records of three people who were witnesses against her boyfriend's clients.

Fernandez, 35, who was suspended from her job as an assistant district attorney, dabbed at her eyes as she pleaded not guilty to fraud and official misconduct.

Her beau, Douglas Rankin, who has since married her, sat in the front row and occasionally muttered advice to Fernandez.

Fernandez, a seven-year veteran prosecutor, faces up to four years in prison.

She was working in the domestic violence unit when she submitted written requests for information about criminal records of three people last year.

She claimed they were involved in cases she was working on, but they were actually witnesses in one of Rankin's cases.

The shenanigans came to light when Rankin waved the printout obtained by Fernandez in court in an effort to undercut the witness in a case about a shootout in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn.

The defendant wound up winning acquittal, prosecutors said.

When investigators questioned her about the requests, Fernandez first claimed she couldn't remember making them, court records show.

Later, she acknowledged that Rankin, a former Brooklyn prosecutor, received the information.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Barry Cohan lives in Syossett where the only orthodox shul had a big fight this past summer and split in two.

He just cut a plea deal with the Feds to squeal on the 40 corrupt Port Authority cops.

Alex Rabinovich said...


SEC Stymies Brooklyn Boiler Room By Aaron Seward
November 28, 2007

The SEC has, for the time being, put the kibosh on a Brooklyn boiler room that allegedly engaged in an unregistered and unlawful offering that raised $550,000 from unsophisticated investors, including seniors.

Responding to the Commission’s complaint, a New York federal court passed an order temporarily restraining Alex Rabinovich, Joseph Lovaglio, and their company, Rabinovich & Associates, from continuing the alleged scam.

The court also froze the assets of Rabinovich, Lovaglio and their company, and ordered prompt accountings, expedited discovery and a prohibition on document destruction. In addition, the court set a preliminary injunction hearing for December 12, 2007 to determine if the orders and asset freezes should be continued.

In addition to the emergency relief, the SEC seeks permanent injunctions against Rabinovich, Lovaglio and their company, as well as civil penalties and disgorgement.

According to the Commission’s complaint, Rabinovich and Lovaglio raised more than half a million dollars from at least 23 investors through a careful mixture of lies and pressure tactics. They also lost most of their investors’ money, said the SEC.

The lies began at the very foundation of Rabinovich and Lovaglio’s representations about their company. Rabinovich & Associates purported to be founded in December 2002 and located at 14 Wall Street in Manhattan. But the SEC said that the company’s offices were actually located in a storefront at 502 Gravesend Neck Road in Brooklyn.

The UOJ Effect said...


Foreclosure wave heading for NYC
Problem ‘still growing,’ housing officials say

by amy zimmer / metro new york

NOV 21, 2007

CITY HALL. The wave of foreclosures crashing over the rest of the country in the wake of the subprime mortgage crisis hasn’t hit New York. Yet.

The foreclosure rate has remained fairly constant over the last few years, but housing Commissioner Shaun Donovan presented some sobering stats yesterday to the City Council. They showed a dramatic rise in pre-foreclosure filings.

“We expect in the neighborhood of 14,000 [pre-]foreclosure filings in the five boroughs this year,” Donovan said. That’s more than double the roughly 6,870 filings in 2004 and in 2005.

Fox News Shakes Up Agudah Convention Fressers said...

Shocking undercover video footage on how a hotel stay can be hazardous to your health

The Agudah Fresser Convention was at the Westin, which along with Sheraton, is owned by Starwood.


Fox 5 Investigates: Hotel Cleanliness

Last Edited: Tuesday, 27 Nov 2007

Before you set foot into another hotel room you need to see the disgusting secrets our Fox 5 investigative team exposed at a bunch of popular hotels.

Anonymous said...


Pickpockets & other thieves are stealing from people on a daily basis at JFK airport. They especially grab your possessions at the security checkpoint after you empty your pockets for the X-ray machine and when you are online for e-tickets.

What's this about? said...

Rockland Civil Supreme Index Number: 010913/2007 Upstate RJI Number:
Case Type: Other ("Not One Of The Above")
Track: Expedited
Disposition Date:
Date NOI Due: NOI Filed: Disposition Deadline:
Calendar Number: RJI Filed: 11/28/2007
Jury Status:

Attorney/Firm For Plaintiff: NATISS, GORDON & ROCKITTER,P.C Attorney Type: Attorney Of Record Status: Active
212 248-8800

Olmert is a Dangerous Moron said...

Dovid Hamelech was the first to warn in Kapittel 120 that Arabs see this as weakness and are encouraged to attack.


Olmert mentioned "the terrible terror by Palestinian terrorists [which has] hurt thousands of Israeli citizens, the destruction of families and the efforts to disrupt the lives of Israeli citizens." Despite these things, Olmert said, "we want peace. We demand a cessation of terror, incitement and hatred. We are prepared for a painful, danger-fraught compromise to achieve these aspirations."

Anonymous said...

Agudath Israel of America (Agudah) told Rabbi Motti Katz a couple of months back, that it no longer wants any affiliation or association with JEP.

JEP will continue (bezras Hashem) its avodas hakodesh without funds from the Agudah. If any of you would like to help out this great kiruv organization with a long, successful track record you can contact:

Rabbi Motti Katz
Jewish Education Program
425 East 9th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11218

Phone # 718-941-2600

Thanks and tizku l'mitzvos.

Still NO Word on Young Yiddishe Neshomos Destroyed by Kolko, Margo & Mondrowitz said...


Rabbi David Zwiebel, Agudath Israel’s executive vice president of government and public affairs, acknowledged that it is unusual for Agudath Israel to speak out on matters relating to the peace process. But he explained, “The issue of Jerusalem is one that is sui generis: It stands on its own. It is the heart of Eretz Yisrael.”

Rabbi Avi Shafran, director of public affairs for Agudath Israel, told the Forward that the resolution passed by acclaim with no objections. The unanimity suggests that the issue of Jerusalem may pull groups into the debate over the peace process that have traditionally steered clear of these matters.

The stance also could be an important signal of the political tides in Israel. Rabbi Yaakov Perlow, the head of Agudath Israel of America, told the convention that he had consulted with the leading Agudath Israel rabbis in Israel and they had urged him to speak out on the matter. Isreal’s ultra-Orthodox political parties — United Torah Judaism and Shas — have traditionally been flexible on territorial matters in exchange for domestic funding, but that may not hold true for Jerusalem.

Pro Bono Sruly? said...

Gary Rosenblatt finally wakes up to news that was on UOJ weeks ago.


by Gary Rosenblatt
Editor And Publisher

Israel Singer, who was dismissed from a top post at the World Jewish Congress earlier this year for alleged financial misdeeds, has re-emerged in a lay leadership role for the Council for World Jewry, an offshoot of the American Jewish Congress.

Jack Rosen, chairman of both the AJCongress and the Council, said he appointed Singer as chairman of the latter’s international policy council several weeks ago because "he has the experience and standing in the Jewish community, and a great deal to offer."

He said Singer would focus on interfaith dialogue on the international level, an area that he has been dealing with for many years, including as chairman of the International Jewish Committee on Interreligious Consultations.

Rosen emphasized that Singer
would receive no payment and have no office space. But in anticipation of criticism for choosing Singer, who almost two years ago was barred by the New York State attorney general from any fiscal responsibility at the World Jewish Congress, Rosen said "the negative publicity we’ve heard to date has not pointed to any specifics that would confirm any of the rumors."

He added that "without any hard facts, it is morally wrong to taint anyone based on rumors. He hasn’t been proven to have done anything wrong or unethical," Rosen said of Singer.

Asked to comment, Isi Leibler, the primary whistleblower against the World Jewish Congress several years ago, said "it saddens me to bring back into public life a person who less than a year ago was expelled" from the World Jewish Congress "for misappropriating charitable funds" and "cast shame on the entire Jewish community."

Leibler said he "wondered if the leadership of the American Jewish Congress has really investigated the facts."

A January 2006 report by then New York State Attorney General Eliot Spitzer, based on a two-year investigation of the World Jewish Congress for alleged corruption, found no criminal wrongdoing. But it said Singer violated his fiduciary responsibilities at the WJC and he was forced to pay back significant sums to the organization that he had used personally.

It was a probe into a mysterious $1.2 million Swiss bank account that Singer moved from New York to Geneva that prompted what became a major controversy within the WJC and led to sweeping changes in its operations and leadership.

Singer was fired last spring by then WJC President Edgar Bronfman, who accused Singer, once a close friend and top associate, of stealing from him and lying to him.

Singer, who has maintained his innocence, told The Jewish Week on Monday that in his new post he looks forward to continuing his work in interfaith relations, particularly with the Muslims, on an international level. He said he sees Jack Rosen as a "partner" and that the two men have "worked well together in the past" in these areas.

Most recently he said he helped the American Jewish Congress coordinate its annual international conference for mayors in October, where 40 mayors from 30 countries met in Jerusalem.

Singer emphasized that he has no interest in the organizational aspects of Jewish life but remains committed to continuing his work on "substantive issues."

During his three-decade career at the World Jewish Congress, Singer was credited for his success in negotiations with Swiss banks that resulted in compensation for Jews who held dormant accounts. He was also involved in high-level meetings with world political and religious leaders over issues of anti-Semitism, restitution and interfaith activities.

The Council for World Jewry was formed several years ago under Rosen to counter international anti-Semitism and "build bridges to the Muslim world by pursuing contacts with moderate Muslim political and religious figures in the U.S. and around the world," according to its Web site.

It is perhaps best known for hosting a major dinner in 2005 in New York for President Pervez Musharraf of Pakistan during which the leader of the largest Muslim country held out the possibility of recognizing Israel after it resolves its conflict with the Palestinians.

Rosen, who praised Musharraf at the time for his "dignity and courage," has maintained a relationship with him and visited with the embattled leader last week at the president’s home in Pakistan.

Rosen said that "even if we don’t like what he did, he needs a way to fix it."

Musharraf has been criticized strongly in the U.S. for declaring emergency rule and cracking down on the judiciary and political opponents.

"However he got to this point," Rosen said, "the reality is that he broke the system and he has to fix it." He predicted that Musharraf would end emergency rule shortly after the election.

Jack Rosen (SIW's godfather) said...


"Rabbi Israel Singer has a decades-old record of distinguished service to the Jewish people worldwide," the AJCongress said in its statement announcing Singer's appointment. "It is hard to imagine a vigorous international Jewish life in which he is not centrally involved."

Earlier this year, Singer announced he would not run for another term as president of the Claims Conference, a position he had held since 2002.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous wrote:
Depending upon the magazine, the particular state statute involved, and the aggressiveness of the local district attorney, this might constitute the crime of, Endangering the Welfare of a Minor.

I reply:
Speaking on the issue of "endangering the welfare of a minor", I would like to speak out on the corruption and cowerdice of the haredi community in allowing children to get dangerously drunk on Purim. The askan'im of the community as well as the roshei yeshivoth must take concrete measures to disallow this chillul Ha-Shem to take place. I know of one fine young teenager who drank so much on Purim, that he committed a perverted sexual act and is now facing charges for this episode -- something that he'd never think of doing when sober. This boy's drinking took place under the approving eye of the local rosh yeshiva and community leaders.

The roshei yeshivoth must have the courage to take action and make it very clear to their minor students that drinking is PROHIBITED and that they face IMMEDIATE expulsion from yeshiva/day school/etc if they are found to have consumed ANY alcohol on Purim (or Simchas Torah etc). In addition, adults should be cautioned that drunken behavior, or allowing minors to drink even one drop on Purim will not be tolerated under any circumstances and will result in the most dire consequences available under Jewish law.

Purim has turned into an excuse for the lewdest behavior on the part of the haredi community, both "in-town" and "out-of-town". It should be a time for joyous celebration of God's salvation for the Jews, not a Chillul Ha-Shem where teenage boys are arrested and face life-long branding as sex offenders because their teachers and other adults in the community didn't have the courage to stop their drunkenness. DRINKING BY MINORS MUST BE UTTERLY PROHIBITED BY THE HALACHIC AUTHORITIES OF OUR GENERATION!!!!

I believe that the Nazi Jew-baiter Julius Streicher used this very same "Purim drunken behavior" in his newspaper Der Sturmer to goad Germany's citizens into greater depths of anti-Semitism. You can read this article from Der Sturmer on the "German Propaganda Archive" web page maintained at Calvin College's website.

Jewish Organizational Insider said...

This is phase II of what the Agudah did to Moti Katz & JEP. JEP used to be an Agudah subsidiary.

After the Lanner scandal with OU / NCSY, the Agudah was terrified that some kiruv rabbi with a perverted streak would land them in court, or worse, that they might be liable for damages. The Agudah then spun off JEP as a separate corporate entity but still gave them funding.

I'm going to look into why 42 Broadway now ordered this kiss off.

Wonderful News said...

Did UOJ readers provide tips that led to locating the missing girl, Shana?

Bassy the Haredi Slayer said...

Yonasan Rosenblum, in a column for Mishpachah Magazine, noted that amongst religious Jews, there is an almost cavalier dismissal of the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

Leib Tropper is probably the greatest “rabbi” alive, 400 pounds and still going strong. He cannot use his Toyota anymore and he requires a track.

Come to thing about it , if he cannot control his own taava, how peole can take him seriously.

Shea Fishman said...


Warning: Climate Crisis Maybe Hazardous to Your Health

But it's OK if Kolko's Gay said...


“There are some positions where we would only hire a man and some positions where we would only hire a woman and some where we would not hire someone who is gay,” said David Zwiebel, executive vice president for legal and government affairs at Agudah.

David Mandel & the Tort Putz Panicked said...


The ongoing Broadway stagehand strike in New York theaters almost caused the cancellation of an annual benefit for Ohel Children’s Home and Family Services this week.
But union leaders agreed to temporarily suspend their picketing outside the Marriot Marquis Theater in Midtown long enough for the show to go on.
Brooklyn Councilman Bill de Blasio brokered the deal after panicked calls from Ohel, the Borough Park-based foster care agency that aids abandoned, neglected, abused and disabled kids. The agency had been informed that the event was canceled because of the strike.
“This is their major fundraiser and they had people flying in from out of town,” said De Blasio spokeswoman Jean Weinberg. The concert was put on by non-union labor.

Underage Molesters said...


In New York, all under-aged sex offenders are required to go to two years of counseling.

Only 10 percent will re-offend, compared to adults, who are 50 percent likely to re-offend.

New York state has resisted deciding whether to publicize minors with sex offenses, but soon, this could change. The federal Adam Walsh Act requires youths 14 and over to be listed. If New York does not comply, it will lose federal funding.

President Bush FAARTS on AARTS? said...


US Review of Accreditors May Produce a Showdown

Chronicle of Higher Education (subscription) - Nov 25, 2007

Bush administration is expected to push colleges for more accountability



A dispute over the federal agency charged with reviewing college accreditors may come to a boil at a key review session next month, when the waning Bush administration will have one of its highest-profile...

So far the agency has taken that stance mostly with smaller accreditors like the American Academy for Liberal Education and the rabbinical and talmudic ...

To continue reading this premium article, you must have a Chronicle account AND a subscription or an online pass.

Subscriptions start at $40; Web passes for under $10.

Something's Fishy said...


Shreck said...

Now Rubashkin is selling gefilte fish too.


Does Rubashkin have access to treif & cheaply priced Catfish from the nearby Mississippi River?

Kosher Kaptain is run by the Lubavitcher shaliach in Annapolis MD and he bills himself as the ONLY source of kosher meat in the area.

Annapolis is where Olmert is currently making a shoyte out of himself to the Arabs by trying to give away Yerushalyim, against Daas Torah.

Anonymous said...

This is a question for any lawyers out there that would be comfortable answering it in this public forum, and if possible sharing your name and brief credentials as well.
To be honest, I'm asking this here, rather than at this point contacting individual attorneys, as I'm a little wary (maybe unjustifiably) that some lawyers might be interested in being associated with this case described below, partly to help promote their own broader agenda - rather than totally to represent the best interests of the young victim.

Here is the sanitized scenario:
A young teen is a victim of sexual abuse. The teen and family come forward, and report the abuse to the authorities, and after investigation, the perpetrator is indicted. The family is supportive of the child; the District Attorney's office also provides support; and counseling services are also provided.
The family's main interest in helping to bring this case forward, is to prevent the tragedy of any other innocent victims of this perpetrator's sick perversion - to keep him out of circulation with a jail sentence for as long as the law will allow, and to have him legally designated as a registered sex offender.

The family feels comfortable working with the prosecutors in the District Attorney's office.
Is there any reason why it would be in the interest of the child, to be represented by their own lawyer?
(I think that your answer would also be helpful to other victims who may be considering coming forward in similar cases - which I sincerely encourage them to do.)
Thank you!

Anonymous said...

VIN News reporting an anonymous Israeli official reporting that Mondrowitz will be in jail until December 12 when he will likely be extradited back to Brooklyn.


I'm not in your community but follow it with interest. Help me understand something about how guys think.

Whenever there's this sort of news, there are always posts about people encouraging others and the site owners/moderators to downplay this news on the basis that "it hurts the chances of the accused's immediate family from securing marriage partners".

I never understood this logic. Is it normal in your community to deceive and hide illnesses from prospective marriage partners? I mean, isn't it highly deceitful to try and "trick" someone into marrying into a family that, if they knew the sort of illness that pervades in the accused's family, would reconsider the arranged match?

What about the other side of the marriage coin? Don't they have the right to full disclosure as well?

I know this is a sidepoint to a much more important problem (bringing abusers/criminals to justice for purposes of justice and closure to the victims of these horrid crimes) but it's always something I've wondered when I've seen the "save the family from disgrace" posts on these types of boards, both in the context of white-collar criminals and in the context of crimes of deviance.

Yehu said...

"Attention Shafran, Shmarya & Harry said.." @ 11:47 PM, November 27, 2007 ____________

I really meant G Student, not Harry. Haven't seen what he has to say on the matter. But I guess it could go to him as well.