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I Urge all readers of the blog to take the time, immediately, and whenever possible, to contact Sol Werdiger and let him know the message we want him to convey to the Gerer Rebbe: that we are not going to tolerate any more coverups and whitewashings for Mondrowitz; that this man must face justice for abominable crimes; that anyone who aids or protects a criminal is morally as culpable as the criminal himself; and that we will be sure to expose anyone guilty of coverup just as we are succeeding in exposing the story of Mondrowitz. They might mention Pirkei Avoth, 4:5: "Whoever is mi'chalel Hashem in secret will be chastised publicly."

DO IT NOW. Time is of the essence. We may never have such a good chance to ensure that this worst of cases may finally see some justice.

Contact info for Sol Werdiger:


Outer Stuff Ltd.
1370 Broadway 15th Fl
New York, NY 10018
Phone: 212-594-9700
Fax: 212-695-6396

I think this man should hear as much as possible from as many people as possible who are tired of the coverup of Mondrowitz.

Mondrowitz is being held until NOVEMBER 27 (which is his 60th birthday, by the way) when there will be another hearing to determine whether he is to remain incarcerated or released with an electronic tracking device. His lawyer, David Ofek, argued today that the court will have to determine whether he can be held because of the "statute of limitations."

We have to be disciplined and focused in our response. So, for right now... let's hit Werdiger. Hard, and repeatedly. I want him to be so stunned in the next few days he'll be asking the rebbe to do something, anything to get him out of trouble.



CASE No. 011944/07








For the Plaintiff: Nili Gesser, Esq. and Marilyn Mazal-Hershkovitz Esq.

For the Defendant: David Ofek, Esq. and Tzivia Golovik Esq.


1. In the matter of the request to extend the detention of the Respondents pursuant to Article 7 of the Extradition Law of 1954 (“Extradition Law”).

2. In 1985 the Respondent was issued an indictment in New York, United States on the charges of sodomy and other sexual assaults against five minors between the ages of nine through fifteen. The authorities of the United States issues an arrest warrant against him. However, before they were able to execute the warrant the Respondent fled to Israel. That year, the American authorities requested that the Israeli Government extradite the Respondent back to the United States. At that time the treaty between the two countries did not allow extradition for the crimes the Respondent was accused of. The State of Israel decided to remove him from the country. During that process, the Respondent appealed to the Israeli Supreme Justice Court and the State of Israel decided to abandon the proceedings of his removal. From that time on, the Respondent has been living with his family in Israel.

3. During the course of the past year the protocols of the extradition treaty were modified in a manner in which the crimes that the Respondent stands accused of by the courts of New York became extraditable crimes. In September 2007, the United States authorities requested the extradition of the Respondent from the State of Israel.

4. The Respondent was arrested on November 11, 2007 pursuant to Article 6 of the Extradition Treaty. The Requester now asks for an extension of the Respondent’s incarceration for an additional 12 days for the purpose of obtaining an updated extradition request to amend the request filed many years ago.

5. A hearing of the allegations was held before this Court on November 16, 2007. The Representative today introduced the following additional facts. In May of 2007, a search was conducted of the Respondent’s home where four films containing child pornography were discovered. The Requester also argued that the likelihood of the Respondents fleeing is high if he is not detained, because of his recent knowledge of the change in the Extradition Treaty which now allows his return to United States. The Requester further argues that the Respondent is a threat to the public as evidenced by the above material discovered in his home.

6. The Respondent argued that there are issues of statute of limitations and extensive period of time that has passed since the initial extradition request was made and denied. The Respondent requests that he be released in a manner which assures that the Respondent will reappear once the extradition proceedings commence, even suggesting that the Respondent be released to house arrest and monitored via an electronic monitoring bracelet.

7. The first question to consider is if the Respondent is a candidate for extradition based upon the revised extradition treaty? (See paragraph 6 of the extradition treaty.) We need to answer this request in a positive manner. The treaty between the two countries today states that these offenses are extraditable crimes. The Requester holds affidavits given on behalf of the victims/complainers against the Respondent about the crimes that the Respondent committed. All this evidence is the basis for the indictment against the Respondent, by the Unites States government.

8. Regarding the Respondents claim as to the statute of limitations and the large amount of time that has elapsed, Paragraph 2B (a) 6 of the extradition law, the upholding of the law is conditioned upon the time of the crime or its punishment not exceeding the statute of limitations according to Israeli law. According to paragraph 9 (a) 2 of the Israeli criminal code of 1982, a person cannot be prosecuted for a crime (except in death penalty or life in prison cases) if a period of ten years has past since the day the crime was committed. According to paragraph 9 (3) the statute of limitations commences either from the time of the last day of the investigation, or the day of the indictment or the last day of the proceeding in a court of law, whichever comes last. In our case, all of the proceedings as stated in paragraph 9 (3) above, occurred over ten years ago. The Representative of the government expressed that the statute of limitations might be an issue, however the courts in previous verdicts have recognized other cases where the statute of limitations was frozen where the accused has escaped before prosecution. Based upon paragraph 94-1 (3) of the criminal code, we can come to reject the claim against the statute of limitations.

(See criminal appeal 739-07 (supreme) Yonatan Efrat vs. Attorney General)

I have reviewed this case and concluded that there is a solid basis for the Requesters request regarding the statute of limitations; however this issue has some effect on my decision as to keeping the Respondent incarcerated as I will explain.

9. Another question that paragraph 6 of the extradition law raises is if there is a probable cause that an extradition request shall be filed? To that we answer in the affirmative, and the United States government has declared specifically that it will do so.

10. According to the previous decisions, in a hearing where the subject is in accordance with paragraph 7 to the extradition law, the court shall consider the regular arguments for keeping a person in custody, among them being the safety of the public, the concern of interfering with the investigation and primarily the fear of the accused fleeing, which is a permanent concern in a case of an extradition proceeding. In addition, the court shall consider the commitment that Israel has towards the requesting country – a commitment that is established in an international treaty that is the basis of the extradition law- to extradite the suspect and allow his extradition to the requesting country. This last consideration is a crucial one in a sense that at times it is justified to keep a person in custody even though general custody considerations state that he is to be released, because of the extra dimension that is as a result of Israel’s duty towards the requesting country. [Hon. Justice D. Banish (aka) see case #4422/03 Yitzchak Cohen vs. Attorney General.] These considerations are brought into account also during a proceeding of a requesting of incarceration prior to declaring a person extraditable [See case Jerusalem 11287/04 attorney General vs. Zev Rosenshtien.]

11. In our case, consideration for continued incarceration evolved from danger to the public and fear of the accused fleeing from justice. As to the consideration of danger to the public, findings of the investigation against the Respondent by the Israeli Police Department create a probable cause that the accused is still an active or potential pedophile. The fact that against the accused no criminal offenses have been brought does not negate the known danger of these offenses, especially in the ultra orthodox sector that the accused belongs to, because the victims and their families very often do not complain to the police because of the will of that sector to attempt to solve those problems internally without police involvement, to avoid humiliation to the family. I am not establishing that the accused has commenced any crimes in Israel, but I am not ruling that out either. The fear of fleeing from justice evolves from the revised treaty that allows the extradition of the accused to the United States, a situation that did not exist during the entire period of the accused’s stay in Israel. Additionally, one must bring into account the commitment of the State of Israel towards the requesting country that was established in an international treaty that is the basis of extradition law.

12. All of the above leads me to the conclusion to grant the Representatives request and to hereby order the continued incarceration of the accused. Nevertheless, due to the legality of the statute of limitation as I stated above, there is no room to rule out a potential alternative to incarceration as suggestion by the accused council.

13. Therefore, I hereby extend the incarceration of the accused as requested until November 27, 2007 at 12:00 PM. I am ordering a recommendation report of the Probational Service Office for consideration of a substitute for incarceration including house arrest with an electronic monitoring device. The report shall additionally consider the danger that the accused possesses. The report shall be submitted before the end of the term of incarceration. The report may be used by this court if an additional request for incarceration is filed according to paragraph 7A of the extradition law or if there is a request to declare the accused as extraditable.

14. The secretarial office shall send a copy of this decision to the probation service office.

Given today November 18, 2007 in the presence of all parties.

Shimon Feinberg, Judge


I came across this a while ago and finally found it again. This applies to all of us. May we all be blessed for it with continued success health and happiness. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.
Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world.Indeed it's the only thing that ever has.
Mark Weiss - Survivor - Activist

Ex-Brooklyn rabbi Avrohom Mondrowitz faces extradition to U.S. on kid-sex rap!


Monday, November 19th 2007, 4:00 AM

Avrohom Mondrowitz (this summer - left ---- In court - right )

JERUSALEM - A Jerusalem magistrate Sunday ordered a former Brooklyn rabbi accused of raping several boys 20 years ago to jail while American and Israeli officials finalize a U.S. request for his extradition.

Avrohom Mondrowitz, a father of seven, faces extradition to stand trial in New York to answer a 1985 indictment on four counts of sodomy and eight counts of sexual abuse in the first degree.

Mondrowitz, 60, once a popular child psychologist and youth counselor in Borough Park, allegedly sodomized the boys after befriending them or after taking them on trips to the movies and amusement parks.

The U.S. extradition request, resubmitted in September after a change in the treaty between the U.S. and Israel, was delayed after one of the five complainants withdrew from the case.

The U.S. Justice Department is expected to file an amended request this week.

Mondrowitz was arrested early Friday morning at his Jerusalem home and arraigned the same day.

Judge Shimon Feinberg, vice president of the Jerusalem Magistrates' Court, found that Mondrowitz was a possible candidate for extradition and rejected defense arguments that the statute of limitations applied to the offenses, even though they were allegedly committed more than 20 years ago.

Feinberg granted a prosecution request to extend Mondrowitz's imprisonment until Nov. 27 after the prosecution told the court that an Israeli police raid on Mondrowitz's home in May had netted four pedophile movies.

Mondrowitz is due to appear in court again Nov. 27, when Feinberg will decide whether to extend his jailing until the end of the extradition proceedings, which could take several months.

Mondrowitz's wife, Raizel, declared his innocence.

"People can come up 25 years later and say all kinds of things about anybody. No one's had any complaints about him for the last 25 years. This is all old stuff," she said.


Rabbi Yosef Blau Comments!

The debate about whether the Haredi or modern Orthodox leadership has been more negligent in dealing with sexual abuse and which abuser is worse is at best a side show. Thr Mondrowitz case has raised serious questions about how the Orthodox rabbinate responded to the many accusations that emerged twenty plus years ago in Brooklyn.

Since almost no one has denied his guilt, minimally a public statement should be made expressing sympathy for his apparently many victims (my sources say that he sexually abused essentially all the boys that were sent to him)and support for his being extradited. It is also neccesary that there be a thorough investigation of the reports that various rabbis discouraged Jewish children from cooperating with the police and were complicit in his fleeing to Israel after being indicted. If these allegations are false then no one should be afraid of the facts being uncovered.
Yosef Blau

Steve....Kicks Shafran Where It Should Hurt If He Had Any.....

That is part of why the Torah-observant population is greatly underrepresented in the realms of societal ills like rape, AIDS, prostitution and marital infidelity that affect their less repressed neighbors.

WOW!! Don't we all feel so much better now!! Thank you Avi! UOJ, there is no need for this blog anymore. Tell Elliot Pasik that there is no need for all the fuss about background checks, fingerprinting, registry and mandatory reporting. After all, we are "underrepresented" when it comes to such things as child molestation! Tell all the victims of clergy sexual abuse that they really don't matter, you are "underrepresented".

How this moron continues to write such gibberish and gets away with it is beyond me. It's been a year and a half since that article he's referring to, and forty years since Kolko started his molestation career. Do we have anything in place from the Agudah or Torah Umesorah that will give our children one iota of protection? Why is it that public school children have this protection and our children have nothing? Will Avi L. Shafran or the Agudah ever address these questions head on, or will we continue to hear how wonderful the Orthodox world is, and that we are "underrepresented"? It's like the false prophets before the first Temple destruction, telling the people how wonderful they are.

Until there is a tremendous outcry from the community and a demand for change, we will continue hearing from these false prophets. If you care about your children and grandchildren, start putting pressure on the Agudah, Torah Umesorah and your local politicians. Mandatory background checks, fingerprinting, sex offender registry and mandatory reporting MUST BE ENACTED IN THE YESHIVA SYSTEM AT ONCE!!! I am sorry to say that we are underrepresented when it comes to people crying out for the children. Avi, you are wrong, we have more than our fill of perverts!!

Opinion - In child pornography, fight harder By Ernie Allen

Mon Nov 26, 3:00 AM ET

Alexandria, Va. - Millions of children around the world are being sexually abused and molested. Billions of dollars are changing hands as part of a growing crime wave of child pornography. This is anything but a victimless crime. Children – some as young as infants – are being barbarically assaulted for the sexual gratification of their abusers and those who view their photos.

While inroads have been made in the fight against child pornography, the problem remains severe. We have much more to do.

The Internet has become a child pornography superhighway, turning children into a commodity for sale or trade. Analysts at the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC) have reviewed 9.6 million images and videos of child pornography on the Internet just since 2002. There are millions more such images in cyberspace that we have yet to find.

Law enforcement agencies are cracking down on this crime wave. In November, the chief operating officer of the National Children's Museum in Washington was arrested and charged with distributing child pornography over the Internet. Also this month, police across Europe announced they had arrested nearly 100 people linked to a network that allegedly produced and sold child pornography videos to 2,500 customers worldwide.

In 1998 Congress asked NCMEC to create a "9-1-1 for the Internet." We established CyberTipline (www.cybertipline.com), which has received more than 500,000 reports from the public and Internet service providers regarding child sexual exploitation. More than 460,000 of those reports involved child pornography.

What is child pornography? It goes far beyond nude pictures of children. It is the visual depiction – whether in still photos or video – of children being sexually assaulted. In some instances, rapes of children have been shown live over the Internet to paying customers. In 1982, the US Supreme Court held that child pornography is not protected speech but child abuse.

Some suggest that many people who view child pornography just "look at the pictures." But our work on these cases has led us to conclude that for most of those who view these images, sex with children becomes a compulsion and evolves into physical acts with real children.

When NCMEC analysts scour the Internet for child pornography, they determine whether website content is illegal, use search tools and techniques to identify and track down the distributors of child pornography, and then provide the information to the appropriate local, state, federal, or international law enforcement agency.

Law enforcement agencies and NCMEC have managed to identify almost 1,200 of the many children who appear in child pornography. We have found that 35 percent of the photos were taken by a parent, 15 percent by another family member, and 20 percent by someone close to the child or the family. We have provided more than 12,000 evidence reports to prosecutors and law enforcement officers to assist in prosecutions of those accused of these crimes.

Sadly, NCMEC has found that the children being used in these images are getting younger and younger, and the images are becoming more graphic and more violent. Of the children in pornographic photos and videos who have been identified, 58 percent had not yet reached puberty.

To stop the use of credit cards that fuel the child pornography industry, NCMEC created the Financial Coalition Against Child Pornography. Today this coalition includes 90 percent of the US payments industry, with growing international involvement. The 30 companies in the coalition include MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Bank of America, Citigroup, Microsoft, America Online, Yahoo, Google, and many others.

Thanks to the participating companies and extraordinary leadership from federal, state, and local law enforcement, we have virtually eliminated the use of credit cards in child pornography transactions. Although credit card logos still appear on some sites, now when consumers attempt to use credit cards, they either become victims of identity theft or are redirected to another method of payment.

In too many places around the world, the possession of child pornography is handled as a relatively minor offense. In fact, in 136 countries it is not even a crime.

Children depend on adults to keep them safe. We need to do more to protect them from dangerous, cold-hearted predators who want to harm them for pleasure and profit. We need to recognize child pornography as a crime against humanity that must be attacked more forcefully and that deserves harsh punishment.

Ernie Allen is president and CEO of the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children, a nonprofit charitable organization based in Alexandria, Va.


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LVF said...

"Hodu lashem ki tov ki loilom chasdo"!!!!

Ouch that hurts said...

I'm mamish afraid for that poor israeli policeman, Mondrowitz is probably inserting a digit up that cops ayhole right now! Oy!

vicki said...

Please make the phone calls regarding Moshe Eisemann. The only way to make change is if everyone participates and puts pressure on Ner Israel, Rabbi Yaakov Hopfer and Artscroll to do the right thing.

It's important to be aware that Phil Jacobs and the Baltimore Jewish Times were limited in what information they made public when they published the story on Moshe Eisemann. Several of the survivors did not want to be interviewed for fear of retaliation. It's vitally important for each survivor to have choice, because while they were being abused choice was taken away from them. The problem is that when survivors choose not to be public it makes it difficult to make changes in hopes of protecting any more innocent children and adults from becoming the next victim of a sex crime.

The other dilemma faced by the Baltimore Jewish Times was that some of the information they were privy to was confidential and could not be published.

Many people have asked why we are asking that Eisemann's writings should be banned. One response is that many years ago Rabbi Moshe Feinstein made a decree that the songs written by Shlomo Carlebach after he went off the derech (path), should no longer be song, yet his older songs were ok. The same decree should apply to the writings of Moshe Eisemann.

boog said...

Israel's request for "clarification" from the US Justice Dept on clarifying the Extradtion Terms will take years and means that Gur has won and that Mondro will not be extradited to the U.S. but remain in Israel.

Organize a massive picket at this weeks Agudah Convention and call the NY Times, NY Post, NY Daily News, NY Magazine to cover it.

The corrupt israeli Govt, "Rabbis" and the macher Askonim that aid and abet Gur certainly will not help you.

Pinchos Lipschitz said...

I can't let UOJ get away with scooping all the big news. At this rate, the Yated is going to lose advertising dollars to him.

Avi L. Shafran said...


Hang in there. We're with Effy Wachsmann right now chaziring over the next attack on UOJ.

He was given some divrei hisoyrerus by Moran R' Yisroel Belsky this time. Me vet zenn a za brenn and frothing at the mouth from Wachsmann like you've never seen.

Sholom Rubashkin said...


I don't know why the EPA has to interfere with everything.

Who cares if ammonia is hazardous when absorbed by meat which then turns rancid?

Rubashkin Shlepper said...

23 Where a lairage has pens with high, solid sides, combined with a low roof and poor ventilation, ammonia can build up. In lairages like this, you should consider providing additional ventilation because the build-up of ammonia will harm both animals and staff who will experience physical distress such as breathing difficulties.

Chemistry Major said...

Ammonia is also present in the liquid manure from Rubashkin's animals. Without proper safeguards such an ammonia buildup poisons drinking water and aquifiers at the ground level as well as creating acid rain after chemically changing to nitric toxins.

The EPA is probably pursuing Rubashkin in this area since they already have a history of recklessly polluting the surrounding area.

Any hazard to workers, livestock and meat products at the plant would probably be pursued by other agencies.

Feeling Queasy After Eating Rubashkin Meat? said...


A woman and a 1-year-old child were injured in a single-vehicle crash Wednesday between Decorah and Waukon.

Hava Klein, 27, of Postville, was driving east on Highway 9 at about 12:40 p.m. when she attempted to turn south on Glenville Road but did not make the turn, the state patrol said. The van entered the ditch and struck a culvert.

Klein and Chana Klein, 1, of Postville, were transported Winneshiek County Hospital.

UOJ Photographer Missed the Leg Irons said...


At the downtown Jerusalem court building, Mondrowitz - small, slightly stooped and dressed in a black suit - was led into the hearing room with hands and ankles shackled, while four burly guards in khaki uniforms stood watched at the door.

The judge extended Mondrowitz's detention until November 27, at which point he will decide whether Mondrowitz will remain in jail or be placed under house arrest.

Mondrowitz's attorney, David Ofek, said he plans to appeal the decision to keep Mondrowitz in custody.

"The state didn't take action for 25 years, so they cannot bring the case back (now)," Ofek said, adding that he has seen no medical reports indicating abuse.

Two months ago the United States resubmitted an extradition request first made in 1985, months after Mondrowitz fled Brooklyn for Israel, said the spokesman for the Israeli Justice Ministry, Moshe Cohen.

The renewed US request came after Israel and the United States amended their extradition treaty to include all crimes whose punishment is more than one year imprisonment, according to the Israeli state prosecutor's office. Before the change that took effect in January, the extradition treaty between Israel and the United States did not include sodomy.

Sunday's ruling followed an expose on Mondrowitz in Haaretz's weekend magazine, which first appeared Thursday, a day before the arrest. The paper reported that the statute of limitations does not apply to crimes in which the suspect has fled to avoid charges.

Yudi Kolko said...


Shackles & leg irons? I know where UOJ is headed with this. He wants to humiliate all of us by putting us in a chain gang. That wouldn't even be so bad but the fatsos like Margo & Tropper will really slow us down.

I'm sure Uncle Milty will intervene with the Bureau of Prisons as this is cruel & unusual punishment.

Incognito said...

I happen to have intimate knowledge of another fugitive who was sought in Israel for extradition.

I am not familiar with all the details of the new treaty but I hope it closes a loophole that Ger & the Agudah could exercise that has been sucessful previously.

Obviously, I am not going to mention what it is to make things easier for the bad guys.

Sherriff Joe Arpaio said...


UOJ is welcome to use any of my original tactics in punishing prisoners. The only one that Kolko & Mondrowitz might appreciate though is the pink underwear dress code.

Anonymous said...

Happy Bithday Avrohom,

May you be zoche to have many more birthdays behind bars.

Chief Doofis said...

I work at an interdenominational Sunday Hebrew school. People (parents, co-workers and students) are starting to ask me about the Mondrowitz, Kolko, etc. cases, that are now cropping up in the mainstream media.

The religious establishment's prior attempts, to sweep these cases under the rug, will now cause an infinitely greater series of Chillul Hashem. If only quick action would have beentaken 15 or 20 (or 30) years ago. Our schools would have fulfilled the injunction of "Uviarta hara mikirbecha". Scum like these people would not even have had to go behind bars, they would have been merely precluded from anything dealing with kids,

The reputation of several Yeshivot, religious organizations, etc. would have remained positive, and children's lives and futures saved. By hiding behind a smokescreen, they've hurt us all, including themselves!!

Miriam said...

"Hodu lashem ki tov ki loilom chasdo"!!!!

I second that!

I only wish rabbaim could understand the depth of and know how severe molestation really is to its victims.

I hope people speak out to them more and more.

Baal H. Bos said...

If what Boog is saying is true, then it only proves that the phony kikes we all know as the chassidim (Gur, Vizhnitz, Skver, they're all the same) have not an ounce of true yiddishe bloit in them.

That any group, let alone allegedly orthodox jew, could not only hide but defend a mamzer ben niddah pederast like Mondrowitz proves that Jewish blood is cheap to these phonies.

Cults like those that the chassidim in general belong to have nothing to do with Torah true Judaism. It's time we realize that Chassidus is as much a threat to Judaism as reform is. Worse. Maybe the only thing worse than marrying a goy is marrying a chusid. Either way, you're screwed.

Chassidim have as many gays, drug addicts, gamblers, pervs, pederasts, homos and any other deviant pig among them as any other community. But these greasy phonies are worse than your average closet homo or underground kiddie porn fiend. Because these animals hide behind the groiseh toireh to defend themselves. Any yid who can do that, IMHO, is no yid at all.

I'm reminded of an old vietnamese torure, whereby glass tubes were inserted in a man's penis, and then shattered so that whenever the man had to urinate he would cause himself excrutiating pain. That is too good a punishment for the pig Mondrowitz.

I would go so far as to say that Hitler deserves less hell than Mondrowitz. After all, Hitler was a country bumkin anti-semite, who killed doros. Mondrowitz also killed doros, and supposedly his gresta mishpoocha are Jews. What's his excuse?

Any effort at defending Mondrowitz or failing to extradite him, or failing to prosecute him to the fullest extent and seeking maximum punishment, should be dealt with directly.

As for any members of the genpop where Mondrowitz might find himself. You know what this guy is. Please don't give Mondrowitz the courtesy of KY.Give him what he gave them. Dry. And if he bleeds out, so be it.

If Mondrowitz is a Jew, and we let him get away with this now, then pass me the cheeseburgers and shrimp cause all the Kol Nidres and tefillin in the world won't salvage this religion.

EJF conference Fresser said...


Ok, I have a theory why Tropper wants to be magayer everyone. He loves gourmet food and has had his eyes on Wolfgang Puck's menu for quite some time. You can see on the sidebar of this website that Puck's Jewish partner Barbara Lazaroff was his first wife, although there is no longer any mention on the corporate bio that they were married and have two children together.

Puck's latest wife is Ethiopian, but has a Hebrew sounding name, Gelila Aseffa.

Tropper could enjoy the ultimate in Fressing if he is megayer Wolfgang.

The Tom Kaplan listed here by the way is not the same one.

boog said...

BTW, Speaking of Pinny Lip-shits.

Pinny; You are a tinaf tinofes shaygetz and a disgrace to the "Ihr Hatorah" that is Lakewood. They should drive you out of town on a rail.


Read his Op-Ed Editorial in this past weeks Yated. You bring a Ra'yah to Yaakov Avinu's Response to Lovan on how we should conduct ourselves when we are verbally attacked from, fasten your seatbelt, folks...Rush Limbaugh??!!

To quote the great, late, Chubby Checker: "How Low Can You Go?"

You're talking out of both sides of your mouth. No Internet, no secular education, no exposure to the media, no learning a trade, going to college, learning meaningful skills to make a Parnassah and get off the Welfare line, just Lerhnin, Lehrnin, und Mehr Lehrnin. Just let the yunger Vibelich work themselves to the bone so that by the age of 27-28 they look like dish mops and don't have any energy to do nuthin.

Malkiel Kotler and his Mishpocho are sitting on millions and millions of dollars of valuable Real estate but they're coming to Brooklyn next week for a Shabbos "sponje". Soak the stupid hard working Middle-Class Baalabatim to pony up more money to support their Welfare State.

If you are really concerned about how the Goyim write about us in their Press, you can use your Yated Pulpit and do the right thing by making sure that Mondro gets his Arse hauled back to New York to stand trial and that Kolko gets what he so richly deserves. Have you got the balls for this?

I got a funny feeling that there are exactly 3 chances of you doing it:

Slim, None, and Fat.

Get outta my face, you disgrace.

steve said...

I ask everyone to take the time to e-mail Israel's justice department. The Israeli government needs to be made aware of how seroius we are in bringing this monster to justice. The e-mail address is :YaelK@justice.gov.il

I have sent the following e-mail to them:

Subject: Avrohom Mondrowitz' Extradition
To: YaelK@justice.gov.il

I am writing today to ask that the Israeli government comply with the U.S, Department of Justice request to have Avrohom Mondrowitz extradited to face charges of rape and sodomy. I am asking that this request be fulfilled at once and that justice should not be delayed any further. The scores of Mondrowitz victims have been waiting unjustly for 23 years now and it would be highly unethical for your government to delay this matter. Please note, the American public and the Jewish community will not rest or stand still if justice is delayed any further in this case. I hope that you see the urgency of this matter and work diligently to expedite the extradition.


Gumshoe said...

Is Werdyger involved in the cover up or are we just appointing him messenger boy?

R' Yosef Frankel said...

Is this my chusheve mispalel that lives on E 23 St?

Parthenon Capital Investments said...


The Starter brand and its inventory were purchased from bankruptcy court for $46 million last July by a consortium that included (Fartscroll supporters) Schottenstein Stores (which owns the Value City Midwestern retail chain), Parthenon Capital and Sol Werdiger of Outer Stuff.

Beginning with the '01 Nascar season, the Starter brand will appear on a car in 23 races of the stock car circuit's Busch series. Aside from the Nascar team affiliation, the marketing support is designed to give the appearance that Starter is still an authentic brand, without having to pay the heavy fees that the leagues impose for on-field rights.

But could Starter again carry the marks of the four big leagues? The new ownership was resoundingly rejected in an initial attempt to reobtain licenses. Since the MLB, NFL, NBA and NHL are still struggling to prop up sales in the upstairs market, the thought of adding competition at lower price points didn't thrill them (that Starter listed the leagues as some of its largest unsecured creditors when it went belly-up didn't help, either). Starter has received a bevy of collegiate rights from a deal with the Collegiate Licensing Co., which represents many top-selling colleges in the U.S. That program will be marketed regionally, with retailers hooking up with collegiate paint schemes on cars in various Busch Series races.

steve said...

This Thanksgiving, Trader Joe's is offering their TJ's brand "GLATT KOSHER TURKEY" prepared specially by Rubashkin. Please contact Trader Joe's and inform them that this product is hazardous to one's physical and spiritual health. Here's their contact information:


Also, attach the Forward article which lists some of the health issues:


The entire beef, poultry and egg industry had 34 recalls in 2006, while
AgriProcessors had two during the past eight months alone - both Class
I, the highest risk level.

In both March and September of 2006, the USDA sent the AgriProcessors
plant manager a "Letter of Warning" reviewing a series of problems. At
the end of the three-page September letter, the inspector wrote that the
slaughterhouse's efforts to correct the problems had been "ineffective."
The letter concluded that "these findings lead us to question your
ability to maintain sanitary conditions, and to produce a safe and
wholesome product."

AgriProcessors is the largest producer of kosher beef, and markets its
product under the Aaron's Best and Supreme Kosher labels, among others.

A spokesman for AgriProcessors did not return calls seeking comment.

Felicia Nestor, a Food & Water Watch expert on the meat and poultry
industry, who reviewed the USDA documents at the request of the Forward
said that the issues at the AgriProcessors plant are "systemic

"It seems like there are just problems throughout this," said Nestor,
who is a senior policy analyst at Food & Water Watch, a consumer
advocacy group. "We're talking about problems in beef, chicken, lamb and

There were at least 18 records in which AgriProcessors was cited for
fecal matter appearing on the animals being prepared. During December -
after the plant had received its letter of warning - AgriProcessors
received six warnings for fecal matter within 10 days. On December 26,
the inspector wrote that during multiple checks of 10 chickens, "fecal
contamination varied between 70 and 80%." Other problems, including bile
contamination, were noted at the time. After a number of warnings, the
inspector wrote that "further planned actions have either not been
implemented or have not been effective."

There were also at least five instances in which AgriProcessors was
cited for not taking the required measures to fend off mad cow disease.

This is not the first time that AgriProcessors has landed in trouble
because of documents released by the USDA in response to a request from
the FOIA. In 2006, PETA secured the release of documents in which USDA
officials censured AgriProcessors for the inhumane treatment of its

In case they try to dent that Rubashkin is their supplier, then attach this article:

Gobble it up

The turkey rating that I wrote about has created a lot of passion. People have written and even stopped me on the street to ask where they can find the Aaron's Best Rubashkin's turkeys that were praised by the testers at Cook's Illustrated.

Well, good news. I heard from Mark Halbe, national sales manager for Agriprocessors, the producers of the sought-after bird. He said, "Trader Joe's will carry a Fresh Trader Joe's turkey, which is packed at our plant. It's the same turkey rated in the Cook's article. If you turn it over, you'll see 'Packed by Rubashkins' on the back."

Happy gobbling!

Confirmed said...

It is Werdiger from Frankel's / East 23rd.

According to Federal records he gave only $2300 to Hillary Clinton 2008. He's a putz for giving her anything but that's very low figure for someone as rich as Sol.

Agudah Fresser said...


85th Annual American Aguda Dinner in New York

By G. Lazer

Over 1,300 people took part in the annual Agudas Yisroel of America Dinner at the Hilton Hotel in New York.

The participants were welcomed by R' Shlomo Werdiger, who asked them to become ambassadors for Agudas Yisroel and "spread the word," saying, "Not a day passes without Agudas Yisroel of America being called upon to provide advice, assistance and advocacy for individuals, groups and institutions," he said. "The [main] offices of Agudas Yisroel at 42 Broadway continue to be the central address for the resolution of any and all issues facing our people." He also showed an audio-visual presentation highlighting the organization's many accomplishments during the past year.

The keynote speaker, US Ambassador to the UN Zalmay Khalilzad, was introduced by Rabbi Chaim Dovid Zwiebel, Agudas Yisroel's executive vice president for government and public affairs. Khalilzad discussed Aguda's appreciation for the efforts made by the Bush administration following September 11th "to wage war against the forces of terror and evil that seek nothing less than total world dominion." He noted that US Jewry in particular owes an obligation of hakoras hatov to President Bush. "Without question he is one of the greatest friends Israel and the Jewish community have ever had in the White House."

The Admor of Novominsk, who serves as Rosh of Agudas Yisroel of America, said, "Agudas Yisroel is a vital, indispensable reality for the Torah community."

The dinner was used as an opportunity to pay tribute to several individuals and their efforts on behalf of Klal Yisroel. Executive Vice President Rabbi Shmuel Bloom presented the Rabbi Moshe Sherer Memorial Award to Rabbi Abish Brodt for his ongoing dedication to Klal Yisroel; the HaGaon Rav Aharon Kotler Memorial Award went to Moshe Gold for distinguished service for Torah; the Reb Elimelech Tress Award went to Avrohom Roth for preserving the legacy of Shearis HaPleitoh; and the Morenu Yaakov Rosenheim Memorial Award went to Dr. Martin Katzenstein for his distinguished service for Agudas Yisroel.

Big Macher <<< Give Me Kovod said...


Board of Directors
Avrohom Biderman
Amos Bunim
Benzion Fishoff
Sidney Glenner
Mechel Gruss
Hashi Herzka
Avi Klein
Yaakov Rajchenbach
Yussie Rieder
Shlomo Werdiger
Gedaliah Weinberger

George Klein
Yisroel Lefkowitz

Honorary Chairmen
Rabbi Yosef Kalatsky
Rabbi Shimshon Sherer

Vice President
Shimon Glick

David Singer

Rabbinical Board
Rabbi Yaakov Perlow
Rabbi Elya Svei

Lipa Brenner said...


80th Annual Agudah Convention

The opening session began with a recital of Tehillim en masse, after which this year's convention chairman, Rabbi Shlomo Werdiger, proclaimed the convention's official opening. Noting that Agudath Israel of America had reached "gevuros" (80 years), he said the organization must continue the holy task it was charged with by its founders with greater might.

Other speakers were HaRav Shmuel Kamenetsky, rosh yeshiva of Philadelphia Yeshiva; HaRav Ephraim Wachsman, rosh yeshiva of Meor Yitzchok Yeshiva in Monsey; HaRav Uren Reich, rosh yeshiva of Perth Amboy Yeshiva. This session was chaired by Rabbi Shlomo Gertzulin, Agudath Israel's executive vice president for finance and administration. The Melave Malka concluded with a midnight session featuring Rabbi Paysach Krohn, "noted" lecturer and author of the bogus Maggid series and enabler of child rapist Ephraim Bryks.

LVF said...

Below is the home phone number of Mr werdiger, please let the phone ring 24/7, call from a public phone if you wish to stay anonymous.

Werdiger, shlomo E.
1076 E. 23rd Street
Brooklyn NY 11210

Advise him that instead of making sports team uniforms, he might be better off making prison jumpsuits with the ichud molestas gur logo.

Anonymous said...

i think that maybe the next step is to call the NHL NFL NBA and MLB offices and ask them if they are aware that the uniforms that the players wear are being made by a group that is protecting molesters
hit them where it counts in the pocketbook
and notice the elya svie connection to werdiger

boog said...

Ichud Molestas Gur.

With Poster Boy Mondrowitz as their Mascot.


And to think that a savyy businessman like Lev Leviev gave the Ichud Molestas his money at the Trieste Fress earlier this month.

What's in it for him?



UOJ just gives us the word that you are assisting Mondrowitz, the sodomizing child rapist and we will contact every entity that licenses you to make their sportswear.

National Hockey League / NHL
National Football League / NFL
National Basketball League / NBA
National Collegiate Athletic Association / NCAA
Little League Sports

And all associated teams & franchises

Werdiger's Outer Stuff Ltd said...

Corporate HQ
1370 Broadway

Administrative Office
900 Hart St
Rahway NJ

Canadian Branch
201 Earl Stewart Dr
Aurora, Ontario, L4G 3H1

Anonymous said...

Is this the same Shlomo Werdyger who used to come to the Mesifta and visit the other gerer molester the high and mighty holy shliach from the lev simchas hachussid hapedifile v'harapist Herr Mashgiach Avrum Modche Leizerovich yemach shemo vezichro?

Ho Ho Ho! Tis da season to be merry for rudolph the red nosed raindeer will be a haulin mondrowitz , colmer and maybe even leizerowitz down the stinckin old sooty chimney to have those three arses stuffed with lumps of coal for being nice and naughty. (thou me thinks someone should consult ole sants if we can do that snap crackled and poped glass tube thing mentioned above - should make em holler lauder than the bells a tollin' jingle bells. Come avremel mondrowitz, care to sit on ole santa's lap and dance from KY-less pain? You faggot, how i pleaded that u not squeaze my prepubescent member cause it hurt when u did, and u later made do with rubbing me down and massaging my arse! u nearly convinced me u loved me more than my parents. more to come.

Thats all for now. The more resistance to extradition i hear the more i expose the monster for what he did to me.

boog said...

This years theme at the Agudah Convention is:

American Jewry At The Crossroads. Bringing Jews Back To Yiddishkeit.

No kiddin.

After all these years of pushing Jews away with your Policies, now you want to bring them back?

Might be too little, too late.

Shmatta District said...


Werdiger was also licensed by Puma, the third largest sportswear manufacturer in the world behind Nike and Adidas, and may still be.

Werdiger's Fax Number said...

Outer Stuff Ltd.
1370 Broadway 15th Fl
New York, NY 10018
Phone: 212-594-9700
Fax: 212-695-6396

boog said...

Anon; 7:12 PM

Important for you to make this distinction:

Ichud Molestas Gur is not Outerstuff, does not own Outerstuff, and is not manufacturing this clothing.

Werdiger is the owner of Outerstuff and is on record as a prominent Gur Hasid Member and a financial supporter.

There are surely other prominent Members and financial supporters that may have greater influence and
control over the Ichud Molestas.

Anonymous said...

Gary Noren, B.S. NYIT ‘76

Outerstuff Ltd.

Vice President Sales


Werdiger Hiring at YU said...

Wal-Mart especially will be FURIOUS if Werdiger is protecting Mondrowitz and will probably dump him. They have clout with the license holders and can cause his swift departure.

July 16, 2007

OUTERSTUFF LTD: Sales Analyst/Coordinator: children’s apparel business.
entry level, Excel skills, analyze sales of products at Wal Mart, Target,
Kmart, Point of Sale Systems. Will train. Salary range in low-mid $30s.
Visit www.outerstuff.com

Anonymous said...

Outerstuff Ltd.
fax (212) 239-4268
e-mail deeindt@outerstuff.com; Dale Eeindt, special services manager

Putzola said...


Werdiger may not be the ikkar guy but the other Gerrorists will be scared shitless when we get finished with him.

Typo said...


Special services manager is Dale Feindt with an F.

Same guy who's looking for his lost dog.

e-mail dfeindt@outerstuff.com; Dale Feindt

LVF said...

Welcome back R' Boog, you were greatly missed


Listen up you Agudah fresser shlock shamess,

We know some very shmitzik information about your mishpuche that you don't want publicized.

Don't push us.

boog said...


From what I've seen it's very tough to scare the shit out of these Gur Molestas, especially if you're gonna key on just one guy. Werdiger is dispensible. Scare him enough and he'll probably turn into a Litvak to save his business.

Who else was at the Trie$te Fre$$ that you can muscle?

SY guy feeling major hazeet said...

Werdiger is shutaf with our boys Ike & Victor Franco


100 west 33rd street, suite 911
New York, NY 10001
Tel: 212-967-7272 Fax: 212-967-7395

General Information: info@francoapparel.com
Sales: salesinfo@francoapparel.com

Shmarya is NOT UOJ said...

I for one will give up here if the franchise is sold to Shmarya. His hashkafa is unacceptable to me and many other readers here. I may have accepted him a couple of years ago but he's a different person today with different goals. I can't grasp why he even claims to still be Orthodox.

Suggestion to UOJ said...

What about giving us the occasional headliner for the next while & opening the comment moderation? If any comment gets out of hand then the exec committee of Boog, Gross or whoever volunteers can have access to delete anything improper.

Anonymous said...

One of the "machers <<< give me kovod" is the father of a molester and alleged gay rapist.

The macher spent big bucks to keep his son in a corrupt yeshiva. After each incident that his bisexual son put his hand on another bochur's privates or was caught messing with a shiksa, the father had to pony up another 10, 15 or 20 grand for the "rosh yeshiva" to line his pockets with.

The attempted rape cost something like 25 to 40 grand depending on who you ask.

Someone broke into the office and read the files late at night.

The troublemaker did all this during high school. I don't know what became of him so let me try Googling him.

Anonymous said...

are you all aware the reason that werdiger is so important is that he also is with aguda

while your asking him abount mondorowitz ask him how come the person in charge of all fundraising for the big machers at ger is moshe kahn of HASC fame

Anonymous said...

i for one will start a campaign and call the pro sports leagues if werdiger doesnt persopublish a letter asking the rebbe and israel to bring him back to the US will be interesting to call garry bettmans new radio show and ask him if he is aware that the leagues merchandise is made by enablers of molesters

and by the way maybe he will make UOJ hats free of charge for the AGUDA convention

Anonymous said...

let all of us call aguda and tie up there libnes day in and day out until mondorowitz is brought back

please let me know what avi shafrans role is in all of this

Anonymous said...

It turns out there are two people with the same name as the macher's molester son.

One of them is a chef in Israel today. The other was running a gay video joint until he & his "partner" bought a gay resort in Palm Springs.

UOJ Advance Scout said...

The lights are on at 42 Broadway late tonight and there is a lot of movement inside.

Shea Fishman just snuck in with Herbie Bomzer.

Preparing "Sumoburgers" for Leib Tropper said...


Tom Kaplan makes sure he gets k'suedas Shlomo Hamelech.

Agudah Fresser said...

For us shmucks who go running to the Chevrah, etc, you probably don't realize that almost 40 resorts in Palm Springs are for faigs. Some of them are nudist sex clubs.

Also, virtually all beef on the West Coast is from Rubashkin.



A search of Mondrowitz's apartment last May turned up four pornographic movies featuring children. On the basis of these findings, Jerusalem Magistrate's Court Judge Shimon Feinberg ruled yesterday that "there is a reasonable basis to suspect that he is still an active or potential pedophile." He said the fact that Mondrowitz was not charged with sexual abuse in Israel does not mean that he is not dangerous - particularly in light of the closed nature of the ultra-Orthodox society in which he lives, where sexual offenses are usually dealt with without police involvement,

Mondrowitz's attorney, David Ofek, said he plans to appeal the decision to keep Mondrowitz in custody.

The state didn't take action for 25 years, so they cannot bring the case back now, Ofek said

Wordy Gur said...

I'm sure Gary Gertzog, gertzogg@nfl.com, EVP and Corporate Counsel for the NFL, would love to know that Sol is protecting a pederast. Given the NFLs investment in its brand equity, they'd drop Outerstuff quicker than an Eli Manning bomb.

Was Shulem Weisner also at Foxwoods? said...


A poker player was arrested at the Mohegan Sun Casino on Thursday and is accused of marking cards, according to a story in the Hartford Courant.

Investigators allegedly discovered he was cheating and then raided his hotel room in the casino finding $55,000.

Sholem J. Weisner, 26, of Brooklyn, is being charged with cheating, first degree larceny and criminal trespass. He is out on a $5,000 bail and scheduled to appear in Superior Court in Norwich on Dec. 6.

State police allege that Weisner was physically marking specific cards in a game of No-Limit Hold'em to determine their location and thus give himself an advantage.

Weisner had a history of cheating and was actually banned from the Mohegan Sun back in September 2006 but was playing using a friends Players Club card and social security on Thursday to avoid being identified.

The timing of the arrest is interesting as just last week at the final table of the World Poker Finals in Nearby Foxwood's Casino there were two separate occasions where the deck had to be changed because of an unknown player marking the aces. It was never confirmed that a player actually did the marking and it's possible that tournament organizers gave the dealer a used deck.

Marking cards is a method of cheating that has been around since almost the beginning of poker. With the proliferation of cameras in cardrooms it has been seen less and less but there seems to be a sudden increase in this old backroom poker trick.

Anonymous said...

The NFL is the key to Outerstuff's business, and Wal-Mart and Target are the key accounts. Post on the blog that you need the buyer's names in Bentonville and Minneapolis and you'll have their email addresses posted here in one day.

Just my way of saying thanks to UOJ.

Child Molester from Tropper's Yeshiva said...


Case of Rabbi Michael Ozair

AKA: Rabbi Michael Ezra - Kabbalah Coach

AKA: Rabbi Michael Ezra Ozair

AKA: Rabbi Michael

Beverly Hills, Culver City, CA

(Photo: California Sex Offenders Registry)

Nachman Futterman said...

I may be Tropper's biggest financial supporter in Monsey. I'm also an officer at the Carlebach shul, Tropper of course being Shlomo Carlebach's first cousin.


In 2002, Rabbi Ozair pled no contest to one count of oral copulation in 1997 with a minor (a 14 year old girl who was not his student).

Contrary to some reports, at the time of the crime, Michael Ozair was not a rabbi.

Luke: "When did you receive semicha (ordination as a rabbi)?"

R. Ozair: "Fall of 1998."

Luke: "Tell me more."

R. Ozair: "I was involved with a small congregation in LA [Happy Minyan] and speaking every Shabbos and holidays and teaching. Rabbi Abner Weiss [head rabbi of Beth Jacob at the time] was my mentor rabbi. He suggested I get ordination. At first, it was going to be done in Israel, but it was going to be too expensive to live there. The next option was Monsey, New York. I went for an interview to [Kol Yaacov Torah Center] and was accepted. I was told it would be a year to a year-and-a-half for the basic semicha, taking into account my past years of Torah learning."

Rabbi Ozair was twice voted teacher of the year at Shalhevet High School before he was fired in the summer of 2000 (before the sex scandal broke) for allowing some senior students on a field trip to Mexico to buy a couple of beers on July 4th.

Here are the names of people who I am told can vouch for Ozair's attendance at Kol Yaakov: Rabbi Pinchos Dovid Orenstein, rabbi Sam Intrator (formerly of the Carlebach Shul, he recieved his semicha from the same Yeshivah/rabbi right before Michael did, since R. Leib Tropper is a cousin of Shlomo Carlebach), Nachman Futterman (resident of Monsey, big supporter of the Yeshiva) Dovid Moshe of Pompano Beach, FL.

While Ozair lived in Monsey, he was the co-administrator of the Reb Shlomo Carlebach List (Shamash).

Michael Ozair wrote Dec 5, 1997 on the List:

So glad to have finally joined the chevre on the Net. Let's spend less time as baalei machloket and more time in connecting to what we have in common, that is, celebrating the legacy of who our great rebbe was, is and ever shall be.

As a fairly new resident in Monsey, NY (and one of the founders of the Happy Minyan in Los Angeles), I want to share two interesting incidents that happened this morning. First, my Rosh Yeshivah, Reb Leib Tropper called all the yeshivah students in for some pretty heavy duty mussar after having heard that somebody had made a derogatory remark about Reb Shlomo Carlebach. The Rosh Yeshivah was FURIOUS and gave a very firm warning to the entire yeshivah, threatening expulsion. He stated clearly that there was a cherem against those who make any kind of derogatory remarks about one who has passed away. Although, not all the rabbis of this yeshivah think very highly of Shlomo, the Rosh Yeshivahs eyes instantly fill with tears at the mention of Shlomo's name. I should also note that every Friday night, the entire davening is Shlomo's nusach and is one of the most simchadik minyanim for Monsey standards. Also, I went to Tuvia's bookstore, the largest Jewish bookstore up here, to purchase a few seforim, when lo' and behold, right up there, hanging on the wall, along side all the big rebbes and Torah giants, was not one, but three pictures of our Rebbe Shlomo Carlebach, zt"l. I should also note, Shlomo was the only one smiling.

UOJ Speaks - Detroit goes under said...

DETROIT (Reuters) - Three top investors in the automotive industry painted a grim picture on Sunday for the sector in 2008, with one executive predicting a possible slump in U.S. sales to levels not seen in 15 years.

The weakest forecast is for a possible 9.4 percent decline. But all three -- Jerry York, an adviser to billionaire investor Kirk Kerkorian; financier Wilbur Ross; and Thomas Stallkamp, a former Chrysler president -- were more pessimistic than many in the battered industry.

"While I am very negative on the autos sector over the next 12 to 18 months, I'm just not sure how bad it could be," York, a former board member of General Motors Corp and chief financial officer of Chrysler, said at the Reuters Autos Summit in Detroit. "We all know housing is a debacle."

Tropper's haskomo for Ryan Karben said...


Karben forced out amid sex probe


THE JOURNAL NEWS (Rockland County) - May 20, 2006


Assemblyman Ryan Karben was told several days ago that he would be subjected to an ethics probe and was given the chance to resign, according to multiple Democratic officials.

"In the last seven to 10 days, (Karben) was hauled in and told: Either resign or we start the process," one official said yesterday.

A top upstate elected Democrat yesterday confirmed that version of events.

Karben, D-Monsey, resigned abruptly Thursday morning, saying he wanted to devote more time to his family and law practice. But several Democratic sources said officials had been looking into allegations that Karben, 31, may have made unwanted sexual advances toward a male intern.

"I think he's a wonderful man," Rabbi Leib Tropper said.

Shea Fishman - blames UOJ said...

VALENCIA, Spain - Global warming is "unequivocal" and carbon dioxide already in the atmosphere commits the world to an eventual rise in sea levels of up to 4.6 feet, the world's top climate experts warned Saturday in their most authoritative report to date.

Associated Press said...

Detroit area police responded to an emergency involving Autothreads editor Ronnie Schreiber who threatened to injure himself with a burnt out circuit board after UOJ predicted the demise of the Detroit auto industry on Sunday.

Baal Haabos said...

I have heard from more than one Rov that Tropper's organization is by default promoting inter-marriage! I know that Dayan Fuerst of Chicago has more than once publicly said that he feels that they are “being machriv klal yisroel”. I have also been told that many Rabbonim and Dayanim feel frustrated since when they will reject a potential geirus candidate – many times this organization will be megayer them (too) soon afterwards.

The Monsey Tzaddik said...

More about the Beheima.. he got his “yeshiva” Kol Eisav (he said that Rav Yaakov Kaminetzky ZT"L told him to start the yeshiva but let me tell you something, rav Kaminetzky was a real godol and would have nothing to do with that rosho).

He also likes to say that his was ben-bayit in rav Moshe’s house because he grew up in the lower east side, and again rav Moshe would have nothing to do with him.

The talmidim, rabbonim, and magidei shiur in that “yeshiva” are weirdoes and evil. They call other Jews such as MO, conservative, reform “shkotzim” , they say people who support the state of Israel are idolatry worshippers.

They also like to say that Jewish kids who are born with disabilities have a goyish neshama.

Some of the students are obviously mentally unstable and should not be roaming the town they should be under state protective custody.

Tropper hates Rav Noach Weinberg with a vengeance and called him impostor , he hates MO/RCA but they kiss his ass.

He also hates Rabbi Bomzer and said he is going to nullified all Bomzer conversions.

More to come about this rosho/beheima gassa

If you are able to stop him you will save many neshomos and doros

Aron Twerski said...

Leib Tropper is an honorable man.

Let Menachem Lubinsky Have It said...

Lubicom, LLC
1428 Thirty-sixth Street
Suite 219
Brooklyn, NY 11218
fax: 718.854.4474

He's paid by (Kaplan via) Tropper to promote the Nocturnal Jewish Fraud.

Send Fraud Lubinsky the copy of the issur from the Badatz.

Hopefully, Lubinsky's other benefactor, Rubashkin, is next.

Anonymous said...

let me tell u what my healing is all about: Have my story vindicated by a judge and jury. Give justice a chance to stand on my side for a change. And most importantly let the world see the charlatans our rabbis really are. Let it come out in court that the enabled him and prevented him from being removed from access to more children. Let the world see how these twisted psuedo-torah minds determined that it was more important to save political and rabbinical arse then save the children. Let the retired cop who investigated this originaly testify now in court how the concerned Italian families cooperated with the investigation while our rabbis chased the cops away from the yeshivas she wanted to enter and forbade even parents whose children commited suicide from talking to the cops. If your wisdom is so impecable and impeachable why are u all runing scared from the truth? And remember, all this grassroots effort to bring this monster back is powered by the victims. If you were a victim wouldn't u want him incarcerated. It's all but a fait acompli. The US andIsrael have ironed out a swap of 2 prisoners and it looks like this one is headed for a real rabbinical train wreck.

Leib Tropper's Sister in Law & Porno Press Agent said...


Susan Blond, a press agent for rock stars and rap artists whose very job is to place items in gossip columns (and who had more than 15 minutes of fame herself as a pal of Andy Warhol).

On her desk in the West 57th Street building is a small white sign that looks like a no-smoking request, but on closer inspection turns out to say, ''Thank you for not speaking loshon hora,'' which is Hebrew for ''evil words'' or ''forbidden speech.''

The sign was a gift from Ms. Blond's brother-in-law, Rabbi Leib Tropper

Ms. Blond is his press agent. She also represents a plastic surgeon, a fashion designer, the singer Luther Vandross, the heads of Arista and Ruffhouse Records, the Artist (formerly known as the Artist Formerly Known as Prince), and Robin Byrd, host of a television talk show on the pornography industry.

Ms. Blond has become more of an advocate for rules against gossip as she has become more committed to Orthodox Judaism in recent months, following the breakup of her marriage to someone of a different faith, she said.

Of course, she still speaks to the columnists, and not just about clients; the rabbi's class was mentioned recently in Mitchell Fink's gossip column in The Daily News.

West Bank Settlement said...

A lot of people in Israel are mad at Tropper. If he tries to be megayer all the Arabs married to Jews it's a huge threat to national security. This has been on the local blogs here.

Ja Wohl, Herr Werdiger !! said...


Sol Werdiger manufactures for Puma whose owners are Nazis, as in members of the Nazi Party of zee Reich.

Pretty interesting given how many Holocaust survivors are at Frankel's shul.

Moshe said...

Rabbi Feinstein never decreed that Shlomo Carlebach's songs should not be sung. He wrote that it would only be even possibly questionably prohibited if he was a heretic, which he was not. For some bad behavior the songs do not become prohibited. Get your facts straight before you post.

Nuremberg Trial said...

How many Frankels shul survivors are exactly that and not profiteering kapos?

At least one of them is a rotzeach and grubbe goniv.

Anonymous said...

What kind of laws does Israel have to deal with possession of child porn? Why wasn't Mondrowitz locked up when he was caught with the 4 movies last May?

Regarding Shlomo Carlebach said...

I have heard that talmidim of R' Aron Kotler don't listen to his music and do not allow it to be played at their children's simchos.

On the other hand, a rosh yeshiva who managed to escape from Germany and lived for a while near Carlebach's parents in Washington Hts said his music is permitted. However, the rosh yeshiva seemed to only be aware that Carlebach was kissing women in a consentual way.

Yalie said...


Tropper once gave a speech at Yale titled: "The Idolatry of Academia"

What a Crock said...

That explains Howard Jonas.


Kol Ya’akov’s alumni, which today number in the thousands and occupy positions of leadership around the world, are wont to reminisce about the yeshiva’s early years when a smaller structure than the one used today was bursting at the seams and the Rosh Yeshiva was finally forced to turn applicants away. “I’m willing to sleep under the Rosh Yeshiva’s desk”, one boy pleaded, only to learn that the spot was already occupied. While the demand for admission to Kol Ya’akov remains high, and expanding the physical plant tops the Yeshiva’s priority list, today’s new students can generally count on a sleeping in a bed.

Named after HaRav Ya’akov Kamenetsky, zt”l the co-leader of American Orthodoxy (with HaRav Moshe Feinstein, zt”l) for the better part of the 20th century, the Yeshiva was founded and is run to this day by Rosh Yeshiva Leib Tropper. He is a follower of and close advisor to HaRav Feinstein’s illustrious son, HaRav Reuven Feinstein, shlita. Notwithstanding the awe-inspiring names and titles, anyone trying to conjure an image of our Rosh Yeshiva would be ill-advised to turn to Hollywood stereotypes. Forget the even-keeled Spencer Tracy of Boy’s Town. Ditch the placid Dalai Lama. This religious leader won’t be found in central casting. The Rosh Yeshiva’s roots are firmly planted in the Yiddishkeit of Manhattan’s Lower East Side, and like the cheders, shteibels and Talmud tractates on which he was weaned, he is nothing if not complex. He will be the first to tell you that he is “driven” and that he needs to be “better organized”, and his closest associates like Executive Director, Rabbi Moshe Raice will wearily nod in agreement while making the point that the Rosh Yeshiva is a Torah genius and kiruv miracle worker. Indeed the rabbayim who keep the yeshiva running like a swiss watch, who field the Rosh Yeshiva’s anxious, late night phone calls, and who have helped him perfect Kol Ya’akov’s trademark system of personalized Torah pedagogy, seem to have been selected as much for their forbearance as for their Torah knowledge. Be that as it may, anyone compiling a list of America’s Most Influential Leaders had better take a good look at this real life Pied Piper. The Rosh Yeshiva’s administrative foibles only underscore the immensity of his talent, the current class of Kol Ya’akov students may be the greatest he has educated to date, and his powerful message is coming at a moment in history when European culture is in retreat and millions of Americans – not just Jews - are returning to their biblical moorings.

When orienting new students to the yeshiva environment, the Rosh Yeshiva often recalls the day that he asked HaRav Kamenetsky about the advisability of establishing a “baal tshuvah yeshiva” - a completely new kind of yeshiva specially designed for young men returning to normative Jewish life. The Gadol replied that he didn’t advise going forward with that project, however the idea of creating a traditional Orthodox yeshiva that happened to cater to returnees was certainly a sound one. Today, Kol Ya’akov’s graduates occupy positions of Torah and business leadership around the world. Its alumni include the founder and chairman of IDT Corporation, Howard Jonas, and such rabbis, communal leaders and authors as James Lavin, Mathew Gensler, Michael Kellmar Dr. Mordechai Stempler, Dr. Tuvia Meister and Rabbi Yaakov Borros.

Anonymous said...

Leaving now on an extended vacation because u worked 20 hrs a day is treasonous and punishable by your very own creation, your deputies. Unless you wanna feel the wrath of LVFs somewhat illiterate SWAT team u had best stay at the helm until at least this last battle is seen to its hoped for conclusion. Passing the torch at this crucial time would be a most tragic error. Besides, you ought to take your due credits berfoer bowing out, however temporary.
Chaver, CHAZAK!

Lubinsky Paid to Promote Tropper's Fraud said...

Just like with Rubashkin, Lubinsky doesn't disclose this when giving Tropper the lead "story" in his Kosher Today newsletter.


Converts in Intermarriages Move Families to Kosher
(Newark, NJ) A growing number of non-Jewish spouses are converting to Judaism and choosing to keep kosher homes. This was the sentiment of many of the rabbis who participated in an unprecedented Conference on Universally Accepted Conversions in Intermarriage at the Newark Sheraton on September 18-19. Amongst the speakers at the conference was Israel’s Chief Rabbi Yonah Metzger, Rabbi Reuven Feinstein, a prominent Torah scholar, Rabbi Leib Tropper, dean of Yeshiva Kol Yaakov in Monsey and Rabbi Herschel Schachter a dean at Yeshiva University. Nearly 130 rabbis, some from as far away as Israel and Europe, heard several speakers speak of the total commitment converting non-Jews make, including observing all the kosher laws. While it was difficult to get an exact number of such converts, one rabbi said he thought it was “in the hundreds.” The conference was so successful that nearly 600 rabbis applied for 40 scholarships that ultimately grew to over 100. The sponsors, the Lillian Jean Kaplan Jewish Pride Through Education, a project of Yeshiva Kol Yaakov/ Horizons in Monsey, NY are planning additional conferences in Miami, Los Angeles, and Boston.

(Notice how a whopping 600 fresser rabbis applied for 40 spots which Tom Kaplan then upped to 100)

Israel’s Chief Rabbi Seeks Universal Kosher Standards Worldwide
(Newark, NJ) Israel’s Chief Ashkenazi Rabbi Yona Metzger is determined to tighten up standards amongst kashrus agencies worldwide, a spokesman for the Chief Rabbi told Kosher Today. The Chief Rabbi was here for a conference on Universally Accepted Conversions in an Intermarriage, sponsored by the Eternal Jewish Living program of Monsey, NY. While here, the chief rabbi met with officials of the Orthodox Union (OU) Kosher supervision department to learn how the OU carries out its kosher supervision. He toured the Empire Poultry slaughterhouse in Mifflintown, PA to view the slaughtering according to Jewish law. "We agreed to strengthen our ties by offering the Chief Rabbinate access to our database of kosher certified products," said OU official Rabbi Moshe Elefant. The OU certifies 400,000 products in 83 countries.

(Why doesn't Rabbi Metzger worry first about the pathetic state of Rabbanut kashrus standards?)

Lulav, New Kosher Restaurant Opens in Little Rock
(Little Rock) Former President Bill Clinton would no doubt take heart with the news that Lulav, a new kosher restaurant has opened here. He could certainly entertain some of his Orthodox friends here. Its August opening came months later than originally planned, thanks to problems meeting code, etc.

(According to my sources, this restaurant is nothing more than kosher-style. But why should that stop Lubinsky shilling for them if there's a buck to be made?)

Montreal said...


Check this out on page 26.

It's disgusting how the Montreal Vaad is glorifying Tropper's bogus organization, going so far as to call Tropper "the most respected name in giyur kehalacha"

They also claim here that all Tropper gerim are accepted by the Israeli Rabbonut but I hear that's not at all true.

Montreal Vaad, shame on you!

You look like a bunch of fools taking your picture with the beheime gassa.

Saul Emmanuel
Mordechai Fishberg
Shalom Chriqui
Yona Rosner
Martin Labow
Fred Pfeiffer

Cool said...

Vicky posted Sol Werdiger's contact info on Awareness Center and is asking everyone to BOMBARD him.

Two Questions on Tropper said...

What happened with his first wife, rav Margolin's daughter?

What happened leading to Tropper's "departure" from Ohr Sameach?

You Oughta be in Pictures said...


Mondrowitz looks retarded in this picture.

Raizel Mondrowitz should not try joining MENSA said...


Mondrowitz's wife, Raizel, declared his innocence.

"People can come up 25 years later and say all kinds of things about anybody. No one's had any complaints about him for the last 25 years. This is all old stuff," she said.

Mondrowitz on NBC TV said...


Though Mondrowitz called himself a rabbi, authorities and local officials in the mostly Orthodox section of Borough Park claim there was no evidence that he was ordained.

New York Times/UOJ Section said...

The nation’s housing market is in a deep recession, and further declines in new construction, sales and prices are imminent. By the end of next year, falling home values, combined with rising payments on adjustable mortgages, tighter lending conditions and, in all probability, a faltering job market, will have unleashed mass foreclosures — estimated at several hundred thousand to two million — unless something is done to help keep Americans in their homes.

hannah montana said...

Oilem-Goilem !!! Hard to believe that weird boor and am-haaretz like Tropper became so important. I remember him hanging in Tuvia and striking conversations with young men. It is the access to money which made him so influential.

What many people do not realize that he pays airfare and accommodation to those rabbis to come from all over the world and participate in his conferences (in fancy hotels and resorts). If you say you wife is involved in keiruv she gets a ticket as well.

The icing on the cake is that many rabbis who participates in his conferences get also substantial grants (20,000-200,000) from EJF for supposedly keiruv/conversion efforts in their community.

If you participated in the conferences and you did not receive a grant call the shamas David Jacobs and tell him I sent you.

The way to stop him is to stop the flow of money from Kaplan to Tropper. We need to inform Kaplan of what Tropper is doing with his money.

There is conract information for Kapaln in Leor Energy web site :
http://www.leorenergy.com/contact.php (Guma Aguiar is Kaplan’s nephew ) or you can reach him at kaplan500@aol.com

Anonymous said...


You stood there on the steps on your way up to your shabbos afternoon nap rolled your eyes and asked your husband sternly why he wasn't going to nap too. At the very leased u suspected why he was taking me down to his office. Why didn't u save me from that torturous afternoon? You deserve the lot your getting. Why are u asserting that if he managed to evade the slammer for all this time he should be rewarded by us forgetting this "old stuff". You stinkin' slut, the fact this "old stuff" was Avrohom stuffing little boys ass. On hind sight the two of u should've been spayed and neutered 40 years ago.

Stupid Dr. Mengele! The 2 families he should have exterminated he didn't. I warned you folks not to push me to this. You want war with your husbands victims, you want us to "want blood"? You got it! Were going for the jugular. I wasn't gonne get involved with this. I figgud I put the rape behind me I might as well not dig it up and reincarnate it. But u opened your foul smelling ---- and insulted his victims for bringing up old "stuff". Sweety I'm gonne give u hell if its the only thing i'll do! UOJ, we cant and wont let her get away with this. That heartless bitch should remember the US dosn't provide conjugal visits in prison. Besides, Avrohom will get his share and hers as well. Common baby, say something else bright and I'll spill the goods on some other family history youd classify as "old stuff". I'm mad enough to consider bringing down the whole family, guilty or otherwise.

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

I am grateful to Yisroel Belsky for telling Margulies NOT to go to bais din. Ultimately, all the molesters and their rabbi enablers will be exposed and brought to justice.

Thanks Sruli, thanks Moetzes gangsters...all of you!

Leib Pinter The Ganev said...

How about telling the world that we will expose werdiger if we find out that he is not cooperating with our efforts to imprision this whore?






England said...


Andrew Josephs, who used to live in Edgware Way, Edgware, was released early from his sentence, police confirmed last week.

As part of his parole, he has been banned from entering the borough of Harrow, but it is believed the restriction does not extend to the borough of Barnet.

A spokesman for Barnet police said: "The probation service in partnership with the Public Protection Unit at Barnet Police are monitoring Mr Josephs.

Josephs, who used to teach Jewish studies at a Harrow school, was sentenced to two years and nine months in prison last March. He was found guilty at Wood Green Crown Court of four counts of indecent assault on one boy, and two of committing sexual activity with a second child.

How is Werdiger Connected to Ralph Herzka & Gelt Funding? said...

Or should we ask presiding judge Michael Mukasey?


RICO Bus.Disp.Guide 8575

FIRST NATIONWIDE BANK, A Federal Savings Bank, A Federal
Stock Association, Plaintiff-Appellant,
GELT FUNDING CORP., Allen I. Gross, Ralph Herzka, Shimon
Eckstein, 505 Realty Associates, Prospect Realty Associates,
Judah Wolf, Meir Unsdorfer, New Heights 765 Riverside
Limited Partnership, New Heights (765 Riverside) Management
Corp., 1691 Eastburn Realty Co., Sol Gross (a/k/a Eugene
Gross), Joseph Friedman, 1261 Central Avenue Owners Corp.,
65-11 Realty Co., Aviezier Cohen, Elaine Cohen, 730 Realty
Associates, David Malek, Peter Rebenwurzel, 36 Plaza Street
Owners Corp., Robert Wolf, 350 Sterling Associates, Edith
Gross, Brookhaven Realty Associates, Crown Equities Limited
Partnership, Adar Two Realty Co., 100 Realty Company, Esther
Shur, E. Phillip Weingarten, New Heights (173-174) Limited
Partnership, Temple Apartments Management Corporation, 740
Realty Associates, 2344 Davidson Associates, Jacob
Rabinowitz, 1958 Realty Associates, Menachem Halberstam,
Mordechai Halberstam, 273 Realty Associates, 2608 Realty
Associates, Solomon Werdiger, Esther Werdiger, Defendants-Appellees.

No. 457, Docket 93-7422.

United States Court of Appeals,
Second Circuit.

Argued Oct. 18, 1993.
Decided June 9, 1994.

This is Funny said...

In Werdiger's RICO (Racketeering Influenced Corrupt Organization) case:

Ralph Herzka is defended by Agudah & Rubashkin flack Nat Lewin.

Shimon Eckstein is represented by the corrupt lawyer Ed Fagan who is a yeshiva boy who went off the derech. I can't believe the putz hasn't been disbarred yet for all the shenanigans with clients & their money in his Holocaust lawsuits.

Adolf said...

that big lowlive putchie lipshitz from frankels shul also looked like hitler when he used to have a mustache

i dont get these ger chevreh like werdiger. they think it's cool to be clean shaven mit a bekishe

Interior Decorator said...

Esther Werdiger was always afraid that their house was attracting too much attention as the biggest eyesore in the neighborhood at the time. They had a home invasion one day. The crooks tied up the goyte when she took out the garbage. They were furious that they couldn't crack the safe so they pulled out machetes and destroyed the entire house. They vandalized every inch of carpet, wallpaper, furniture, everything.

Anonymous said...

Bad bad boyz! Digging uo "old stuff" on de verdygers. Are they related to the werdyger that screwed around with underage heimishe girls and photographed the sleazy scene?

Anonymous said...

Oy Vei! The implications of a family name....I'm tempted to ditch mine and go for sometin like hernandez, escobar, figuirero, or just plain dickstein! (No shtinckowitz - thats been used too often)

just wonderin' said...

High loud does the pig have to squeal before the UOJ man calls off the pack of wild dogs?

Quoted from Rabbi Reuvain Feinstein said...

"There have been many conversions done even by Orthodox rabbis that have come into question.
I am concerned that Orthodox rabbis have cooperated converting people who claim to intend to keep mitzvos, who in fact, will never actually keep them.
Any convert that does not fully keep all the mitzvot, they're conversion should be rendered null and void.
A bais din in New York will be set up to hear these claims of bogus conversions and if found fraudulent, will be nullified"

Anonymous said...

Just how big and deep is hell?

All you out there who defame Gedlei Yisroel and fine baal'e batim will find out in due time.

Aren't you afraid of the ultimate day of judgement?????

Nobody is against the extradition of an evil man.

Where have you gotten your facts from, that the Gedolim are against the extradition?

State solid sources before you feed the group of idiots that believe everything on thhis site...

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

It seems like many people don't like me all that much. My feelings are really hurt....Eat DREK!

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

Filthy animals!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hell is only as deep and big as to accomodate Avrohom Mondrowits, Colmer Kolko Leizerowitz and all those rabbis who had a hand in covering up for ANY one of them. As for your concern regarding recent accusations of behind the scenes efforts to derail g-d forbid the extraditions here are some answers.

1. UOJ, who has a sterling reputation has stated it as fact and combined with the CHAZAKKA that has been established for 50 plus years it is at the very least an issue of Limeichish M'boyeah.

2. Do u want the exact hour and minute of the early Friday morning phone calls placed to significant askonim to attempt to spring the devil from jail?

3. Few direct charges have been made stating that rabbonim and askonim are actively participating in the obstruction of justice. The intent of the lobbying effort is to PREVENT Chalila any efforts on behalf of the indicted rapist and molester.

4. My dearest Werdyger family member: Look me in the eye and say for all to hear that OHEL and the rabbis implicitly implicated in the original cover-up are not working right now to quell the oncoming storm and the PR nightmare that will come with a torrent of lawsuits perhaps. Say it. Right here!

P.S. we dont forget much and we shall not forget the kind words u used on us ("group of idiots").

Anonymous said...

Your sputtering frustration is obvious in your rant, 1:13PM. A clear indication the Call for Action initiated by UOJ is having its surefire effect. Ais Laasos LaShem. Sorry Dude but this here is a case of Pikuac Nefesh which requires radical surgery a la UOJ and company.

Anonymous said...

The weather man of agudah and the tort putz will be back shortly with exact dimensions of hell and the degree of global warming at kolko's bungalow.

boog said...

Sol Werdiger to the right of the Gur Rabbi at the recent Trieste Fress. (From Yeshiva World)


Look at the rest of the pictures and you can't believe the money these chevra spent on recreating the Gur Shtetl.

What a monstrous waste!


"Just how big and deep is hell?"
Come I'll tell you. Yours is a complex philosophical question that begs a equaly simplistic answer for the digestion of the well heeled simpleton on a mound of ill gotten cash, the high holy lay askan and the venerated oppurtunistic clergy. Read this verrrrry slowly.

For those 7 to 17 year old boys who stood, knealed or lay before Monstrowits, hell is the size of that monsters wonky times the pain in a shattered heart, childhood and life. YOU DO THE MATH PUTZ!

Anonymous said...

UOJ, your choices on the blog poll are flawed. Most all your adherents would either refrain from choosing any choice given for lack of an option that would insure u fight on. The rest of your followers would have no choice but pick that u fight on till u drop dead chalila at your desk.

Put up a proper poll and watch the nachas

bob grant or boog rant? said...

Get off the phone u jerk!

aron twisty, esquire said...

Raizel Mondrowitz is an honorable man. What? I think I've lost my mind! But didn't that happen a long time ago? I'm horribly funcused. help

"Fine baal'e batim" Zogst dee? said...

It's time to shut down Werdiger's home base of Frankel's shul.

Headquarters for alla sort ganuvim, rotzchim, vucheelee.

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

New answer added to the poll. Show me some luv!

"State solid sources" said...

You asked for it, you got it, you PUTZ.

Newsday was the only publication that reported on the Werdiger hit & run. She mowed down a kid a few blocks away from her house and promptly fled the scene.

After consulting with Sollie & the lawyers, she decided to turn herself in.

The fact that police were "deciding whether to press charges" over a hit & run, speaks volumes about how well connected the Werdigers are.

I don't know if Esther Werdiger was ever charged in the end. It depends how furiously the crew was working the phones, namely Abe Biederman, "Uncle Milty" and many others.

Agudah = Sitra Achara said...

From R' Yudel Shain:

When Yaakov was victorious, he asked this Malach for his name, but was asked: “Why do you ask me my name?”

Or perhaps as a refusal to give a truthful answer. However, Rabbi Zelig Pliskin (Growth Through Torah, p. 97) brings a remarkable insight from HaRav Yehudah Leib Chasman, Z'tl.

HaRav Chasman explains that this was actually the name of the evil inclination, “Don’t ask!”

Lawrence Reisman said...

I met Mondrowitz in 1978 (you can see my post bout that somewhere on Shmarya's blog). When we came to his house, his wife answered the door. I remembered her as being indifferent, empty, lacking any emotions. In retrospect (and back then, no one knew about the child molestation - we just knew he was playing with children's minds) it was the classic case of the abuser's spouse coping with the awful truth.

Anonymous said...

That's better boss. Is Disney or Warner Bros the parent company of the Daily News? How den did they get a picture of porky pig and goofy for todays molester minute article?

Anonymous said...

Another sad/frustrating aspect of this is that the "gedolim" (ahem) who lead the Chasidim could at least make a pronouncement against the social ostracism of the victims and their families. While people are sometimes slow to change, at least the victims and families would have a "ruling" that coming forward was okay.

Apparently, the "rabbinic leaders" have not even taken this step. Which is doubly sad and frustrating when one considers how they have little problem issuing rulings with and proclamations, with speed and in abundance, regarding cell phones, concerts, and denim clothing. But with something like this, that deals with a REAL threat to their community (and everyone else's), they can't quite find the ability to do the same.

Anonymous said...

In all true fainess. Even though life isn't fair would you take down the picture and insult of the rebbe if you had evidence he wasn't protecting mondrowitz?

Yochanan Lavie said...

In May of 2007, a search was conducted of the Respondents home where four films containing child pornography were discovered.

This is truly shocking. Films were found! How dare he watch MOVIES!

And how could a gerrer chusid go outside and have his picture taken without his beeber hat ?? At least kolko was wearing a borsalino.

Anonymous said...

Coping via enabling?!?
Clarify yourself young man? and what became of your meeting him?

Anonymous said...

2:39PM has true words of wisdom. A challenge to any rabbi less than half brain dead. A kol kora with some kind words would be a start. Don't run to Rabbis Blau and Dratch to sign. They have done a lot more than that already. It's those playing ostrach that should sign on something other than waterbugs and wegblogs. Effy Wacksman need not apply.

Chevrah Kadisha said...

Who was the kid run over by Werdiger?

YUTZ Harry Maryles said...

EJF - Tropper should be stopped!

Gerrorist Watch said...

It's a good question for our Gerrer friends if Shloimy Werdiger is related to the Werdygers of Mordechai ben David & Yeedle infamy. They are all of Gerrer yichus after all.

Yeedle has been raping underage girls. See the Awareness Center.

His concerts have been assered by botei dinim but that doesn't stop Pruzansky and others from bringing Yeedle to perform at Pesach Fresser hotels.

Harry's Full quote said...

It is ironic that the Edah has condemned EJF. They probably agree with Rabbi Eisenstein’s views about the ‘hersey’ of an ancient universe. But whatever the reason, I’m glad they did it. If what comes out of such an organization can so contribute to the divide in Klal Yisroel it deserves to go into the ash bin of history.

So Sayeth Gilligan said...

I can't figure out sometimes whether he's silly or arrogant.


I don't know where they (Badatz of the Eidah) receive their information about what will lead to more intermarriage on a different continent and am therefore skeptical whether they have any right to issue a ruling on this matter, especially since no one asked them.

Hollyvood Reporter said...


By Gregg Goldstein

NEW YORK (Hollywood Reporter) - Call it "Meshuggah Full of Grace."

A spate of 1990s-era crimes where Hasidic Jews were recruited as mules to smuggle drugs into the U.S. has inspired an indie comic drama that is slated to begin next spring in New York.

"Holy Rollers" follows an impressionable youth (Jesse Eisenberg) from an Orthodox Brooklyn community. He's lured into becoming an Ecstasy dealer by a friend (Justin Bartha) with ties to an Israeli drug cartel. Newcomer Danny Abeckaser is set to play the owner of a club where they do their decidedly unkosher business.

Lakewood Talmid said...

One thing I found odd with Tropper is that he went around for a couple of years touting his haskoma from R'Reuven Feinstein and it was only recently that he added R' Dovid to the mix. It's getting to the point where it's ridiculous, that they are announcing a roll call as long as the Chida's Shem Hagedolim.

Tropper is also pulling out of his hat now backing from R' Chaim Ozer Grodzinski.

Who's next?

The Vilna Gaon?

boog said...


There's another tinof tinofes that won't get his day in Court.

Papa MBD paid off big-time.

All the Werdigers are Mishpocho.

Porky Pig said...


Bedeep, bedeep, that's it for Mondrowitz and Werdiger too if he doesn't watch himself.

Bungalow Yenta said...

Was R' Dovid Cohen the posek for Ohel when Mondrowitz skipped the country?

Joe Putz said...

Anyone have an interesting experience when calling Werdiger's gesheft today?

Answer to the question at 3:02 pm said...

In my experience with Gil Student, he does have silly characteristics but he is a smart guy who I believe goofs out of complexity, instead of sincerity.

To put it in frank language that most understand, I think he's a cunning weasel.

And if the end result is that he's happy that Tropper is being discredited, he should shut his yapper about the Badatz. With all his philosophizing it makes me wonder if he just loves to hear himself talk.

cnn said...

Builders see worse times ahead
Confidence index remains at record low as outlook for market in six months slips from previous reading.


Perfect Timing said...

The Agudah must be going nuts over how the Mondrowitz extradition coincides with their Fresser Convention.

Shea Fishman said...


Mondrowitz is the sum of all fears for the Agudah. Unlike Kolko, there was penetration and plenty of it.

Anonymous said...

I got an immediate reply from Werdiger to my email. Here it is:
There is no one involved in ger that is doing anything chasvesholem to stop his extradition!!!

Avi L. Shafran said...

Here's my latest attempt to mach aveck any achrayus for Kolko & Mondrowitz.


Avi Shafran , THE JERUSALEM POST Nov. 7, 2007

The topic of the e-mails is of no matter. The writers were urging Agudath Israel of America to take a certain stance on a political issue. It was their tone that stood out. The correspondents had taken for granted that their own judgment on the matter was right, and were writing to insist that the organization come on board, or "get with it," as one put it. Or as another wrote: "Your Moetzet Gedolei HaTorah [Council of Torah Sages - Agudath Israel's highest rabbinical body] needs to take a strong stand here..."

Agudath Israel is unique among Jewish groups. Its administration does not set policy; that role resides among the venerable rabbinic elders at our helm. The organization's officers and executive staff are sometimes asked to provide the Council members with information, even to lay out various approaches to an issue. But we do not tell our religious leaders what we think they should think. One might say that we report, they decide.

It is an approach that rankles some, especially those who might not appreciate the humor in a sign I have that reads: "People who think they know everything are particularly aggravating to those of us who do."

But the fact remains: Judaism teaches humility, and special respect for the judgment of those most experienced and knowledgeable. The letters of the Hebrew word for "elderly" - zaken - are parsed by the Talmud to yield the phrase "this one has acquired wisdom." And so, particularly in matters of Jewish communal welfare, we believe that Jews are exhorted to heed the direction provided by the community's most Torah-learned elders, those who have internalized a large degree of the perfection of values and refinement of character that the Torah idealizes. Even when those elders' judgment differs from our own. Actually, especially then.

Lev Leviev said...


I had to announce at the grand opening of my flagship diamond store on Madison Ave that the hors d’oeuvres weren't kosher because they were made from Rubashkin meat.

yosef blau said...

The debate about whether the Haredi or modern Orthodox leadership has been more negligent in dealing with sexual abuse and which abuser is worse is at best a side show. Thr Mondrowitz case has raised serious questions about how the Orthodox rabbinate responded to the many accusations that emerged twenty plus years ago in Brooklyn.
Since almost no one has denied his guilt, minimally a public statement should be made expressing sympathy for his apparently many victims (my sources say that he sexually abused essentially all the boys that were sent to him)and support for his being extradited. It is also neccesary that there be a thorough investigation of the reports that various rabbis discouraged Jewish children from cooperating with the police and were complicit in his fleeing to Israel after being indicted. If these allegations are false then no one should be afraid of the facts being uncovered.
Yosef Blau

General David Petraeus said...

I was wondering when UOJ was going to start the "surge" against the Gerrorists & Agudah Fressers.

Anonymous said...

great answer werdiger now notice he did not say that aguda is not involved in preventing this extradition

we must continue to email werdigers ofiice

and maybe go to his kids wedding in toronto next week

Bungalow Yenta said...

Who is Werdiger doing a shidduch with in Toronto?

Latest Bubba Maayses from Gershon Tannenbaum / Jewish Fress said...


- Besides the usual B.S. of promoting his own Iggud Haganovim, he gives a plug this week to Rabbi Marc Schneier, of both the Hampton Synagogue and the New York Synagogue. They might just be barely radical left modern orthodox in the Hamptons but his place on the Upper East Side is not orthodox by any stretch.

- He claims there is a "glatt kosher" butcher in the New Hyde Park kehillah. There is one that sells Rubashkin only and another that sells Hebrew National.

- He promotes the "Yeshiva" Har Hatorah in Little Neck, Queens, which is actually a co-ed school.

- He is apparently unaware that the "rabbi emeritus" of Young Israel of New Hyde Park was forced out because the shul thinks anything more than YU is too frum

- He gives a plug to the Alesker Rebbe who gives kovod to grubba Lipa's mishpoche

Moishe Arye Friedman said...


Someone just told me I was zoyche to make it to UOJ's sidebar. Mahmoud got a kick out of it.

Agudah Fresser said...

"With more than 4,000 Chabad Houses already functioning around the world, tens-of- thousands of Shabbos meals, if not hundreds-of- thousands, are being served every Shabbos bringing Jewish hearts (and stomachs) closer to Yiddishkeit."

It's fort about Lubavitch but this is my favorite part in Tannnebaum's column.

Leaked by UOJ? said...

Since when is Torah Or "prestigious" besides for BTs?


Sources within the battalion recently leaked the names of current or former Nahal Haredi soldiers who are the sons or grandsons of prominent haredi rabbis and MKs.

The grandson of Rabbi Pinchas Sheinberg, head of the Torah Or Yeshiva, one the most prestigious haredi yeshivas in Jerusalem, especially for Americans, was mentioned, as was the son of Telz Stone Chief Rabbi Aryeh Shulman. It happens that Shulman is also the son-in-law of Rabbi Zalman Sorotzkin, former head of the Council of Sages of Agudat Yisrael. The son of Shas MK Haim Amsalem was also leaked.

No major haredi rabbi has expressed open support for the Nahal Haredi, which is seen in the haredi community as a fringe phenomenon targeting yeshiva dropouts who are in danger of leaving the religious fold.

Meanwhile, last week Nahal Haredi officials inundated haredi neighborhoods with flyers modeled after pashkevilim, the black and white notices ubiquitous in these communities, that called on "young yeshiva students not currently enrolled in a Torah institute" who want to "earn a respectable salary" to call a toll free number.

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

All roads...will lead to treife and contaminated food that are certified kosher by Heinneman and the OU! I haven't missed one yet!

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - The California attorney general and Los Angeles city attorney filed a lawsuit on Monday against 20 companies accusing them of manufacturing or selling toys with unlawfully high levels of lead

The lawsuit, which names U.S. toy companies including Mattel Inc, and retailers, including Toys "R" Us Inc and Wal-Mart Stores Inc, says the companies knowingly exposed children and their parents to lead and did not provide sufficient warning about its risks.

"Despite the lengthening global supply chain, every company that does business in this state must follow the law and protect consumers from lead and other toxic materials," California Attorney General Jerry Brown said in a statement.

The lawsuit follows a series of recalls this year that have led to millions of toys being taken off store shelves. Many of the recalled toys were made in China.

Gareth Lacy, a spokesman in Brown's office, said the attorney general hoped the companies would settle the lawsuit by agreeing to increased inspection, testing and lower lead levels.

The state can require companies to put warning labels on products that contain hazardous materials and or require companies to adopt more rigorous inspection procedures.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has recalled millions of toys this year because they contained excessive amounts of lead. Other toys have been recalled because they contained other toxic substances and small parts that could be swallowed.

Mattel, the world's largest toy maker, makes about 80 percent of its toys in China. The company recalled some 21 million of its Chinese-made toys worldwide this year.

In October, one of its shareholders sued Mattel, accusing the company of failing to report serious defects in its toys.

Mattel said it was working with California's attorney general to improve toy safety.

"The use of paint with impermissible levels of lead by certain subcontractors was a clear violation of the company's quality and safety standards," Mattel said in a statement.

Lacy said the companies named in the suit could be fined up to $2,500 per day per "violation," that is every time a consumer or child is exposed to a contaminated toy, but it would be up to the court to decide what constitutes a "violation."

harry looking to get beat up again? said...

"I am certainly not the first one to cry out about it. There are others much louder than I and they scream about this issue every day, And though I don’t approve of their tactics, I do approve of their passion."
Harry Maryles

Anonymous said...

Thank You Rabbi Blau. From your words it is evident you somehow are able to understand the complex issues faced by victim of molestation. I've spent lots of time trying to inform rabbonim including a member of the Moetzes Asher Yatzar all to little or no effect. Thanks for having the backbone for something so unpopular. Hopefully within our time the shame in molestation will rest solely on the molester and his enablers. I have more than a dream.....I'm seeing the light at the end of this dismal tunnel.....and perhaps the tikkun haolam.

Anonymous said...

Now that we have elicited a reponse from werdyger do we continue or redirect our efforts elsewhere? Do we leave this to the pros and move on to goldman of bobov, leizerowitz of ger, hafner of bobov45 or what?

Joe Putz said...


When we start working to bring Leizerovitz back to US soil, are you going make that cockamamie claim again that no one from Ger is trying to stop it chas veshulem?

Gaydamak gave Half a Million Bucks to Ger said...

This guy is a fugitive thug & arms dealer wanted in some foreign countries. He also owns several kosher food companies under heimishe hashgochos.


Gaydamak hopes to exploit ultra-Orthodox infighting on his way to Jerusalem city hall
By Yair Ettinger

At the entrance to Jerusalem, a huge billboard depicts Russian-born Israeli billionaire Arcadi Gaydamak standing with folded arms under a caption that shouts, "Jerusalem, you deserve better."

This is not yet an official election campaign. Municipal elections are still 11 months away, and for now, Gaydamak is merely dropping heavy hints in the shape of ads in the city's local newspapers, and conducting a "shopping spree," mainly in the ultra-Orthodox neighborhoods. After purchasing Bikur Holim Hospital, he appointed a new management this week representing all the ultra-Orthodox streams, and promised free medical service at the hospital for ultra-Orthodox yeshiva students.

Gaydamak visited the ultra-Orthodox Mir yeshiva with his tycoon Habadnik friend from London, Moshe Gertner, who left behind an NIS 8 million check. Gaydamak met yeshiva head Rabbi Nosson Tzvi Finkel, and announced that he had arranged a weekly hour's study with him. The check and statements yielded him joint photographs with Finkel, a member of Degel Hatorah's Council of Torah Sages, in the ultra-Orthodox press.

But while his money is paving his way to City Hall, a Dahaf Institute poll released by the Yediot Jerusalem weekly last Friday had Gaydamak lagging (14 percent) behind Mayor Uri Lupolianski (37 percent) and opposition leader Nir Barkat (31 percent). In a face off with Lupolianski, Gaydamak also loses: 54 percent to 25 percent.

However, Gaydamak knows something that Dahaf's Mina Zemach does not. In 2003, when the Lithuanian Degel Hatorah Party sent Lupolianski to the elections, it obtained Agudat Yisrael's support in an agreement obliging Degel to support Aguda's candidate in the next elections. Degel reneged on a similar agreement in Beitar Illit, creating a rift between the two factions. Now Degel Hatorah and Agudat Yisrael's MK Yaakov Litzman want revenge on Agudat Yisrael leader MK Meir Porush, and are determined not to let him win the mayoral elections in Jerusalem.

Gaydamak hopes to gain from these rifts in the ultra-Orthodox community. He also hears talk in ultra-Orthodox circles that after four years of ultra-Orthodox rule, a non-ultra-Orthodox mayor may be better.

"The ultra-Orthodox public is difficult to figure out, everything is done at the last moment according to the Torah sages' decision," says Degel Hatorah chairman MK Avraham Ravitz. "On the other hand, Gaydamak tells us at every meeting 'what problems do you have? I promise you it will be ok.' If we could be sure someone would preserve Jerusalem's character and provide the ultra-Orthodox with all their needs, we'd support him, no matter who he is."

It's early to tell whether Porush and his rivals are merely using Gaydamak to bash each other, or whether his candidacy is being considered seriously. Even David Silberschlag, Gaydamak's advisor who has been appointed head of Bikur Holim's management, says "people are ready to support whoever contributes to the Mir yeshiva. But there is no chance the ultra-Orthodox will elect him mayor."

Silberschlag says Gaydamak would only have a chance to win the ultra-Orthodox vote if the community is torn apart. This rupture is appearing now. In addition to making large contributions to ultra-Orthodox institutions, some of them discretely, Gaydamak has made three friends who may help him win. One is MK Ravitz: Gaydamak has financed a chain of ultra-Orthodox girls' hostels he set up. Another is Porush: Gaydamak is financing a children's school for him. The third is MK Litzman, who influenced Gaydamak to contribute $500,000 to the Gerer Hasidim hospital being built in Ashdod.

Litzman and Ravitz respect Gaydamak, mainly for two reasons other than his bank account - his closeness to the ultra-Orthodox, and his fondness for alienating the elites.

"I'm not measuring how religious he is, although I hear he puts tefillin on every morning," said Ravitz. "He is a non-religious man who has a warm and positive approach to the yeshiva world. That's rare in these parts."

Moreover, said Ravitz, "he's no fool. He knows how to settle scores. No way Porush will be Jerusalem mayor. There is no way Degel Hatorah will support him, and if Gaydamak goes with Porush, he will lose our vote."

Mordecai said...

I have represented a fair number of child molesters and kiddy diddlers. Should Mondrowitz be extradited and be tried I want to draw a visual picture of what it is like to pick a jury in such cases.

Of all crimes perhaps the crime that evokes the most hate, ire, and contempt are crimes relating to kiddy diddling, rape, molestation and the like.

Voir Dire is the part of the trial dealing with picking a jury. The jury enters the courtroom and they are seated. The judge greets the jurors and there is some preliminary discussion by the judge.

The judge at some point tells the jury what type of case they will hear. He may say: This is a case about sexual battery on a child less than 12 years of age."

Words evade me to describe the palpable pall the descends upon the courtroom. Faces become hard, smiles disappear, eyebrows knot together, pupils enlarge, arms cross the chest folded together, muscles in the jaw begin to tighten, breathing starts getting heavier.

I have never seen these reactions in any other kind of case. And the defendant is sitting there watching all of this. This is what Mondrowitz will see. It is not a pleasant sight. And it is a sight which sends chills down the back of any criminal defense attorney.

Prisons seek to segregate these type of people from the general population. Getting kosher food in prison will be the least of his worries if he is convicted. Kosher food is generally available in places like New York. But the hardened criminal operates according to a set of existential postualtes that the man-in-the-street has no familiarity with.

They will wait for an opportunity to give a man like him a thorough thrashing. This is exactly why Jeffrey Dahmer was killed despite attempts to segregate him. A catholic priest (though his name evades me) was also killed in prison. It will not be pleasant for Mondrowitz if convicted.

In a way I feel sorry for him knowing what I know and envisioning his life if convicted. I have seen that these people are truly sick. I am not making excuses for the man and recognize that he may have committed horrible acts against children however nobody ever wins in these cases.

Isa said...

If nothing else the prisoners working the prison kitchen will piss in his kosher soup, stew or whatever after the guard says this tray is for Mondrowitz and turns quickly around.

Are you Serious? said...

Why is that really bad snapshot of Gil Student pegged to the poll question about Shmarya?

LVF said...


The only way for you to stop me from getting leizerowitzs ass back to the us, is for him to get a complete s*x change, with breast implants and get him to move to eilat, otherwise....

Neandershort said...

"In a way I feel sorry for him knowing what I know and envisioning his life if convicted."

Sorry for that piece of garbage? A man who, if guilty, abused the sacred calling of a therapist to inflict damage on young children from which many will never fully recover? What about the victims' right to some measure of closure after all these years? What about the right of others not to be his next victims? What about the planet's right not to be polluted with the likes of him? I know you're just doing your job and even Adolf Eichmann had a competent attorney, but please don't insult our intelligence with tales of the suffering this monster is likely to undergo in prison (for openers, he is likely to be raped up his ass). Whatever happens to him is richly deserved. I only wish it would also happen to the "religious" asswipes who covered up for him all these years, both here and in Israel.

LVF said...

I know the oilem was busy calling sol werdiger, but we cannot forget about the ministry of justice in israel, they have to know we are out here and will not back down, so please everyone just a few minutes of your time to send a nice e-mail.

Ministry of Justice
Main telephone: 011-972-2-646-6666

Department of Public Inquiries telephone: 011-972-2-646-6340/6321
Fax: 011-972-2-646-6357

Mailing Address:

Ministry of Justice
Salah-a-Din 29
P.O. Box 49029
Jerusalem 91490
Israel Fax: 011-972-2-628-543


Meshichist said...


Rubashkin could not have won the elections, without the Meshichisten, since the majority in Crown Heights are so inclined.

Rubashkin won over the Meshichisten, with lies and with MONEY.

Yes, Rubashkin’s promises of Money, the root of all evil, bought himslef the election.

Rubashkin promised about 4 million of a government grant for tourism, to be given for the Tishrey Hachnosas Orchim, which got him the sympathy of all the Meshichisten who care for the Rebbe’s Orchim.

Of course Rubashkin never delivered on ANY of his campaign promises.

But hind site is 20/20 and at the time, during his election, people fell for his campaign promises, regardless of him being known to be totally NUTS.

That could never happen again now, Chas Vesholom because since then Rubashkin has shown all his true colors when he teemed up with the Lowest Level of the Anti Meshichisten, “Peace with the Devil”’s Fisher Shemtov and Krinsky teams.

Rubashkin is the master liar. he promisies and does nothing.

He is possesed with having total power which is destroying CH.

He has done for harm then good in CH. He has 2 idiots helping with his dumb work. Lang and Plotkin are even too afraid to open their mouths to argue with him.

He treats the workers in the council like trash (typical Rubashkin family style).

Ask the workers how he abuses them.

They are too afraid to say a word otherwise he will fire them.

He now has his Rabbi under his clutches. Which honest Rabbi can write such letters about people which he has done.

Why? Rubashkin signs the Rabbi’s checks.

Maybe we should make elections for new Real Rabbonim.

I now see all of them are corrupt to the core.

Regarding the Newspaper printed by Moishe Rubashkin said...


Another week another thrust to the heart of the sh’chuna.

About the Rubbishcan Rag:

How do you make newspaper? Find a lot of money. Take it out of programs, that is, steal it from the needy. Deliver it by mail; it costs a lot more that way. Put a BIG picture of the Rebbe on the front so real Chasidim can’t just throw it away. Fill it with self-serving drivel and puff pieces for friends and stooges of the "OWNER." You have to be impressed with the shameless, unmitigated chutzpah of Rubbishcan.

The only news in his "newspaper" is the announcement of the executive committee of his fake Netzigim: a tiny rabbi, a fischeriste and a dunce already on his payroll.

It is significant that these nonstarters in the scheme of community leadership are the only ones willing to take the reins of Rubbishcan’s sham netzigim. And as if there were any doubt about Rubbishcan’s position on Moshiach and Geulah, a look at his guest writers tells the tale. Half of them hail from points left and farther left, revisionists and distorters of the Rebbe’s major themes.

Another contributor is the regular ringmaster at Rubbishcan’s mechitza-less Purim party.

A page and half to the Met Council and its executive director???

They have provided only a small fraction of the CHJCC budget.

Their major contribution to this community has been to support the position of our convicted felon!!!

After the borough Park COJO scandal this is what they think of our community!!

There are serious implications to this kind of support.


By the way, when Rubbishcan co-opted the CHJCC a new community web site was under construction – another initiative he killed.

Which Werdiger is this? said...


With launch parties this past weekend in Los Angeles, London, New York and Jerusalem, the new Shemspeed Web portal is clearly a wide-reaching initiative. The comprehensive, daily updated site (www.shemspeed.com) sports a global events calendar, a trove of CD reviews and other readings, a digital download store, loads of hand-picked Jewish music videos and even a streaming Web radio station.

Shemspeed is the latest addition to the edgy Jewish media empire of Brooklyn-based Erez Safar, 28, who heads the independent record label Modular Moods, manages New York City's annual Sephardic Music Festival and spins electro-breakbeat ethnic mashup jams at parties under the moniker DJ Handler.

"The new site is the only place you could listen and get turned on to Orthodox and very unorthodox Jewish music," boasts Safar.

The Web site's Jerusalem representative, Maaryasha Werdiger, who fronted all of the event's expenses in an arrangement more akin to a franchise license than a cultural upstart, is excited to plan even more local events - both with and without the Shemspeed brand name.

"Shemspeed is really helping to raise the profile of Jewish music globally," said the Australian, who arrived in Israel just four months ago.

Stay Tuned said...

Joe Izrael wrote on his blog last night that we have "not even seen the tip of iceberg" of exposing the FRAUD Leib Tropper.

"There are too many obstacles right now to do everything in the open... Watch this spot for further developements."

Winnie the Pooh said...


I do say, Mondrowitz looks like my friend Piglet.

Yossi Engel said...


THE Adelaide Hebrew Congregation (AHC) is withdrawing from an agreement to arbitrate its long-running dispute with Rabbi Yossi Engel.

AHC board member Allen Bolaffi said the synagogue was withdrawing from the arbitration agreement it signed in May, due to a lack of progress in setting up an arbitration procedure.

“We are prepared to submit ourselves to the jurisdiction of a properly constituted independent beth din. At this point, we do not see the arbitration as having any relevance or value. In our view, they have shown no willingness to proceed on the matter, and we can only regard the arbitration as having come to an end,” the announcement stated.

Bolaffi told The AJN that if a threatened siruv (religious contempt order) was placed on the shul, as a consequence of pulling out of the arbitration, the shul would face those circumstances.

In another development, the AHC has deferred its legal action in the District Court of South Australia to recover goods valued at about $5000, which it claims are in the possession of Rabbi Engel, until after a criminal investigation by South Australian Police is wound up.

The goods include a car, furniture, fridges, freezers and the shul’s Pesach crockery.

Rabbi Engel is running regular minyanim at his Adelaide home.

The AHC advised Rabbi Engel last year that his contract with the shul, which ended in December, would not be renewed.

Since then, an investigation has been launched by South Australian Police into fake report cards Rabbi Engel allegedly signed and government funding allegedly paid to a non-existent Adelaide Jewish school.

The Supreme Court of South Australia ruled earlier this year that Rabbi Engel’s contract with the AHC has ended.

Ronnie Schreiber Spokesman said...

Has Kolko ever invited a stranger for a Shabbat meal?


news (November 16, 2007)

Orthodox rabbis claim AJN poll flawed on same-sex ceremonies

Joshua Levi

A SURVEY on ajn.com.au has sparked a heated response from the Rabbinical Council of NSW (RCNSW), an organisation that represents most Orthodox rabbis in the state.

Michael Barnett, from Melbourne’s only Jewish gay organisation, Aleph, said he is not surprised by the response from the Orthodox rabbis.

“For the most part, the Orthodox community does not handle issues of homosexuality well and its usual method of dealing with it is to vehemently denounce it and sweep it under the carpet,” Barnett told The AJN.

He said that despite the official response, he has hope for the future after being invited, with his male partner, to share a Shabbat meal with an Orthodox rabbi.

London Beis Din said...


Family divided over father’s £10m legacy
By Simon Rocker
The Appeal Court has ruled that the son of a prominent Orthodox businessman is entitled to half of a disputed legacy estimated to be worth over £10 million, despite a legal challenge from some of his sisters.

The judgment follows years of argument thrashed out in both rabbinic and secular courts.

Izak Kohn, a former chairman of Kedassia, London’s strictly Orthodox kashrut authority, and honorary life president of the Union of Orthodox Hebrew Congregations, died intestate in August 2001.

After his death, his four daughters discovered that he had transferred shares he owned in their favour.

But his son Chaim, who now lives mainly in Israel, maintained that his father had not intended to hand them the shares but had done so to save inheritance tax.

He claimed that his father, who ran a photo-album company, wished him to have 50 per cent of the shares, with the remaining half distributed among the daughters.

His claims, however, were contested by three of his sisters, who brought the dispute to the London Beth Din.

In December 2002, the Beth Din rejected their case, although it concluded: “The deceased did not intend at any time for the share transfers actually to effect the transfer of the shares for the benefit of [the sisters] and the purpose of the share transfers was to avoid tax.”

When the sisters failed to comply with the terms of a subsequent award made by the Beth Din, the rabbinical judges gave leave to Chaim Kohn to seek its enforcement through the High Court.

But when the court backed the Beth Din’s ruling, two of the sisters, Dinah Berger and Sheva Wagschal, launched a further appeal.

The Appeal Court, which sat in July, has now confirmed the validity of the Beth Din’s decision.

In his judgment, Lord Justice Waller said: “What the Beth Din have decided is that, as a matter of Jewish law, there was no evidence of a gift to the sisters.

“It seems to me that there is no public policy which requires this court not to enforce that award.”

But the question of possible tax evasion had troubled the court.

“Should the person relying on the illegality be entitled to have a windfall or is the situation such that the court can both prevent that windfall without seeming to condone illegal conduct?” he asked.

As a result, he ordered that “all the relevant documents” should be passed to the Inland Revenue.

“The right course,” he concluded, “is to place the relevant documents before the Revenue, so that they can ascertain for themselves whether any deception is being perpetrated on them, or whether they have had a full and frank disclosure as to the question whether these shares formed part of the estate of the deceased at his death.”

Marvin Hier said...


This is all UOJ's doing, spreading rumors that I'm a shochen ra.

Sheldon Silver said...


Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver's nominee for the new state Public Integrity Commission has some integrity trouble of her own.

Virginia Apuzzo was rapped for breaching state ethics rules in 1993 when she had civil servants perform personal chores for her.

Apuzzo, 66, is now in line to become one of the watchdogs making sure 200,000 state workers obey the very types of ethics rules she was accused of violating

Where Else is Belsky a Consultant? said...


November 19, 2007 -- A TOP aide to Gov. Spitzer in volved in the Dirty Tricks Scandal angrily threatened to "professionally kill" a top utility executive for opposing the governor's energy policies, sources have told The Post.

Spitzer Policy Director Peter Pope said he was "going to kill" Gavin Donohue, the head of the Independent Power Producers of New York

"He was really threatening Gavin. It was unbelievable. It was shocking," said one of the state's best-known lobbyists.

"Pope was screaming and threatening to get him fired with his bosses and jabbing his finger in Donohue's face," added another source, who claimed Pope had also threatened several lobbyists over policy disagreements.

"He was yelling at Gavin, 'You're working against us! You're trying to hurt us! You have to pressure [Senate Majority Leader Joseph] Bruno to get with us on this!'

Donohue, former deputy chief of staff to Gov. George Pataki and a one-time state Environmental Conservation Department executive deputy commissioner, wasn't intimidated by the confrontation, telling associates, "I told Pope, in so many words, to go f - - - himself."

"I have never been treated so unprofessionally in my whole life," he told associates.

The sources, meanwhile, compared Pope's alleged behavior to the repeated charges that Spitzer - a self-described "f- - - -ng steamroller" - has repeatedly threatened or sought to intimidate political enemies and policy opponents, both as governor and as attorney general.

Pope, a longtime Spitzer friend, was known as "Eliot's bully" because of his aggressiveness as a high-level deputy to Attorney General Spitzer, said a source in the AG's Office.

Pope is one of three Spitzer lawyers who helped prepare a controversial sworn statement for the governor's former communications director, Darren Dopp, in which Dopp gave details of his role in the effort to use the State Police to gather purportedly damaging information on Bruno (R-Rensselaer).

Dopp, according to sources, contradicted a claim in the sworn statement in under-oath testimony to the state Public Integrity Commission, alleging that he was pressed into signing it by Pope and other Spitzer aides.

Pope was interviewed Friday by investigators for Albany District Attorney David Soares, who is believed to be considering perjury charges against Dopp.

Pedophile Central said...


November 12, 2007 -- HERE'S yet another reason to lock your kid in the house until she reaches 30.

When Nina Perez's 15-year-old daughter asked permission to attend a party for teens at a Manhattan club, the clueless mom was open to the idea. Her little girl was responsible and mature. What could be the harm?

But then, Nina happened upon a Web site dedicated to the weekly "19 and under" parties held at Club Deep on West 22nd Street. And she felt sick.

The site features color photos of "young people, half-dressed, having sex with clothes on!" Nina, 39, said, with equal parts alarm and disgust.

"There are couples and even triples all over each other in sexual positions, and then there are live shows on stage for the crowd to watch, where a young man with only pants and a young girl in skimpy top and practically no shorts grind and imitate sexual intercourse. See for yourself."

So I did.

Teen parties, it turns out, are held in all five boroughs, luring kids with online ads, a MySpace page and even paper fliers. Young people are drawn by the promise of scant adult supervision and free admission before 8:30 p.m. The party doesn't stop until 2.

While no alcohol is served, Perez said, her 17-year-old son told her that kids get wasted the moment they're out the door, and fights break out. Her son doesn't want his sister going.

What's more, the party is for teens ages 13 to 19 - meaning girls of 13 are invited to grind against men of 19. But, the ad boasts, "No ID required."

Some of the girls look to be 12.

Some of the guys look 25. Maybe older. See for yourself on cinteenbash.com.

Here, girls' clothes strip away the moment they walk in the door, revealing bikini bras and shorts the size of postage stamps. At a party held Oct. 13, two scantily clad and extremely young girls are seen performing lap dances aboard their grateful beaus.

A man calling himself Yanni answered the phone at the Fort Lee, N.J., offices of party promoters C.I.N. He assured me "there are no alcoholic beverages" at the parties, "and a full security staff. It's completely safe."

But when asked if ID was required, Yanni said, "The only people who probably get asked for ID look extremely old." Asked if there was a minimum age, Yanni laughed, "If you're 12 years old, you shouldn't be in the city anyway."

He promised to have someone directly involved with teen parties call me. No one did.

This Just In said...

They can work on New Square also, but some people approached the Skverrer Rebbe last night to explain to him what kind of a danger & FRAUD is Leib Tropper.

He's Seeking UOJ's Endorsement said...


November 18, 2007 -- POLICE Commissioner Ray Kelly will be ap pearing twice within a couple of weeks in Orthodox Jewish strongholds in Brooklyn, areas where at least one elected official says he'd be a strong contender for mayor in 2009.

Kelly has accepted an invitation to speak on Nov. 27 at a breakfast in Borough Park sponsored by City Councilman Simcha Felder (D-Brooklyn).

Felder said the event could draw 400 to 500 people.

Speakers at Felder's previous breakfasts have all been elected officials: Mayor Bloomberg, Comptroller Bill Thompson, former City Council Speaker Gifford Miller and Brooklyn DA Charles "Joe" Hynes.

"People in communities throughout the city are very, very appreciative of the job he has done to protect citizens," Felder said, explaining why he invited Kelly.

Just days later and blocks away, the commissioner has an appointment to speak with residents at a local police community council meeting.

Paul Browne, Kelly's spokesman, insisted that the two engagements are nothing out of the ordinary.

"He's done many, many such events in his role as police commissioner during both tenures and over years in various capacities from precinct commander to first deputy commissioner," Browne said. "It's not a sign of him entering the political arena."

But conservative Jews would certainly take a favorable view of Kelly if he decided to run for City Hall, according to Felder.

"A lot of people in my community are hoping that he will change his mind and seek public office," he said.

Does Lubinsky do Lobbying Too? said...


Lobbyists for some of the city's biggest corporations and developers are hiding the names of city employees they've tried to influence in apparent violation of the law, a Daily News probe has found.

Last January, a new was past requiring all lobbyists to list by name all city employees they've pressed to obtain tax breaks, zoning changes, contracts and other perks for their clients.

The News found 95% of the 264 lobbyists who filed reports this year failed to reveal the names of the so-called "targets" they lobbied on their registration forms.

As a result, the public has no way to know which levers most well-paid lobbyists are trying to pull for their powerful clients.

On Friday, Acting City Clerk Michael McSweeney, whose office monitors lobbyists, ordered an investigation to ensure the law is enforced in response to the ongoing News investigation of lobbyists.

"People are supposed to be following the law," McSweeney said. "They're supposed to specifically state the people that they're lobbying and the subject matter upon which they are lobbying. The law is clear.

"Based on what we've seen, clearly a lot of people are not adhering to that as specifically as required."

The lobbyists could face fines and even prosecution on misdemeanor charges.

Ombudsman said...

UOJ, in all fairness, I don't think Rav Elyashev deserves his picture atop the caption of "Latest Fatwa: No one is Jewish".

It's an old story that various thugs announce things in his name and it wouldn't surprise me one bit if Tropper is purposely misrepresenting in cahoots with the Eretz Yisroeldik faction who don't let anyone in while Rav Elyashev horevs on his masechta 14 hours a day.

Leib Pinter has been accused of going this route against Slifkin and he & Tropper are friends.

I don't know exactly which of Rav Elyashev's self-appointed bodyguards are behind this, but if you listen to Joseph Izrael, he thinks that Efrati is worse than Belsky & Mendel Epstein combined.

Mordecai said...

In these type of cases where the evidence is strong, you seek a plea offer. Where there are holes in the State's case, you attempt to have the charges changed to felony battery against a child and take it entirely out of the sexual sphere.

I do not know the facts of this case. I am assuming that the evidence against him will be fairly strong. That combined with the nature of this case (child sexual abuse) will give him a slim to no chance of winning.

What you would seek to do as a defense attorney is to sever the charges and try them separately so that there will not be 10 victims at once. If the acts of sexual abuse were comitted at different times and in separate transactions then you would file a motion to sever.

This means that there would not be 10 victims but one. When the defendant is facing one victim his chances are increased because reasonable doubt would be easier to establish, generally speaking.

A smart State Attorney however would seek to counter this attempt of the defense by filing a motion to admit similar fact evidence. What this means is that you would attempt to introduce similar fact evidence of other crimes, wrongs, or acts.

So let us say that Mondrowitz committed most of these crimes in a very similar and distinctive fashion, the evidence would be entered to show opportunity or motive. Let us say that Mondrowitz used his position as a psychologist to gain confidence and the various crimes were so similar in other important respects, then the other witnesses or victims could be brought into the trial.

In other words in a trial charging Mondrowitz with a crime against victim #1, then victim #2 and #3 might testify if the motion is granted. In such an instance the chance of the defense to win the case is diminished.

Shmuel said...

So this is the state of my hijacked religion: convicted felons, doing serious time for real crimes, know that child molesters are the scum of the earth. They KILL child molesters in jail. In their opinion, there is nothing lower than such a person.

Contrast with contemporary charedi Judaism, whose members (until UOJ and a few others) kept quiet, if they were victims; whose leaders denied, intimidated and quashed all discussion, all witnesses, all victims.

Isn't it clear that felons have a higher code of morality than Gerrorists & Agudah Fressers?

Can UOJ Verify This? said...

There is a debate raging over at Vicky's Jewish Survivor Blog.

Someone is insisting that there were actual rapes going on at Ner Israel.

I wonder if Vicky would allow such posts through if she thought they were too farfetched.


Japanese Newspaper on Mondrowitz said...


U.S. officials had requested Mondrowitz's extradition in 1985 soon after he arrived in Israel, but the Interior Minister at the time, Yitzhak Peretz of the ultra- Orthodox Shas Party, did not act on the request.

The Israeli response to the U.S. extradition request was "lukewarm to negative," according to one American official who spoke on condition of anonymity two years after the request.

Peretz left office several months later, and his replacement, Ronnie Milo, ordered Mondrowitz expelled.

"This is one of the worst cases I could ever imagine," Milo said on Israel Radio in 1987. "After checking the details I decided this man should be sent to the United States and be punished for the terrible things he did to children."

Peretz told Israeli television he refused to extradite Mondrowitz because he had no conclusive proof that the charges against him were true.

Anonymous said...

Is UOJ aware if charges made by one blogger of physical & emotional abuse at the Be'er Hagolah school in Brooklyn are true?

Mohel said...


Published: 11/15/2007

A top Israeli rabbi was injured in a circumcision accident.

Rabbi Yosef Shalom Eliashiv, leader of the powerful Lithuanian religious movement, served as godfather at a Jerusalem brit Wednesday but suffered a deep cut to his hand, apparently when the mohel slipped.

The 97-year-old sage received stitches and was declared well. The baby was unharmed.

News of the accident had stirred anxiety throughout the fervently Orthodox community at Elisahiv's fate.

Participants at the brit agreed not to publish the mohel's name for fear of harming his business. He was widely assumed to have been nervous because of the eminent Eliashiv's presence.

Chaim Regensberg's Ponzi Scheme said...


Bloomberg News — Arbco Capital Management LLP and Mid West Trading LLC President Hayim Regensberg was charged by federal prosecutors with running an $8 million Ponzi scheme that defrauded investors.

Regensberg, 43, was arrested today for securities and wire fraud stemming from initial public offering and other investment products he marketed to investors in New York and elsewhere, Manhattan U.S. Attorney Michael Garcia said in a

Prosecutors claimed Regensberg, of Manhattan, stole client funds after promising to use them to invest in international IPOs, or as short-term loans to trading institutions. He promised returns between 10 and 18 percent, Garcia said. He faces as much as 40 years in prison if convicted.

"Regensberg paid out some of the money he took in from new investors to earlier investors in amounts he claimed to be "profits' from investments, thereby perpetrating a "Ponzi' scheme,'' Garcia said in the statement.

The case is U.S. v. Regensberg, U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York (Manhattan).


Regensberg allegedly gave significant amounts of the funds to his relatives. Regensberg also invested and lost large portions of the money in highly speculative options trading. Regensberg paid out some of the money he took in from new investors to earlier investors in amounts he claimed to be “profits” from investments, thereby perpetrating a “Ponzi” scheme.

When some investors confronted Regensberg about the fact that they had stopped receiving regular payment of promised investment returns, and asked him whether their invested proceeds were safe, Regensberg provided the investors with a forged bank document purporting to show he still maintained approximately $9 million in an Arbco bank account, when in fact that account contained only approximately $9,000 at that time.

According to the complaint, Regensberg allegedly stole, and/or lost in speculative trading, in excess of $8 million in investor funds.

The complaint charges Regensberg with one count of securities fraud and one count of wire fraud. Regensberg faces a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison on each count. He also faces on the securities fraud count a fine of the greater of $5 million or twice the gross gain or gross loss from the offense, and on the wire fraud count a fine of the greater of $250,000 or twice the gross gain or gross loss from the offense. 11-19-07

Anonymous said...


boog said...


You really a fricken Lawyer? or your melodrama description of voire dire in sex molestation cases the result of watching too much "Law & Order"? or "Sharp". You feel sorry for Mondro?????????

He's got innocent children's blood all over him. Kids "treated" by him have committed suicide. Protected and coddled by his Molestas Gur cronies in Israel for over 20 years and abetted by black Yarmulke doily on my head, Irish asshole/vote panderer Hynes in Brooklyn.

There is a deluxe Louima Treatment waiting for Mondro when he gets back here and gets sent up to the Big House. The Boys will be more than happy to 'serve' Mondro's enabler Rabbis for the same price.
What you would call a "two-fer"

Mordecai, You are a sick M F--KER bastard.

boog said...

Excellent suggestion by Rabbi Blau.

Those "Rabbis" found to be complicit should be exposed.

Stick to what you guys know: Buggy Lettuce, creepy-crawlers in the water, wiggy hair from India, and crapola "hashgochos".

Hey Finkel; Howya doin? Bud! Nice comb over on the beard! Yo stylin, Bro!

Oh my! And Let's not forget this years "Designer" topic for daily/weekly Shmuessen to the Tzibbur:

Hey Scheinerman! Yea, Mister; I'm talkin to you! Phoney!

Shmittah in Israel!!! Your Friday night series. Chumros Galore! Vey, Vey!

Vos kukst du 6 thousands miles away?

Moshe, Better you should be boidek your own "Ohel" in Brooklyn and make sure there are no fake plumbas floating around on Avenue J.

Ohel Truck Driver said...

Gee, I'd better switch over to Rubashkin until this thing boils over.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for your amazingly descriptive account. It is reasuring to know that Mondrowitz has little chance of an innocent verdict.

Yitzchak Peretz said...


I hope UOJ doesn't decide to track me down now.

Rodney King said...

We all know what happens when people don't like verdicts.


Court Decision in Satmar Battle Goes in Favor of Younger Brother+
Originally Posted 9:30 AM

Pinned News Nov. 20 2007

Brooklyn, New York - The battle between the two factions of Satmar Hasidic leaders in Kiryas Joel and Brooklyn has already reached the Court of Appeals, the highest court in New York.
The verdict that was now announced is in favor of the younger brother, Rabbi Zalman Teitelbaum from Brooklyn, over his older brother, Rabbi Aaron Teitelbaum from Kiryas Joel, NY.

With the judges decision it determines that Rabbi Zalman's faction controls millions of dollars worth of synagogues, businesses and other property, mostly in Brooklyn, but it won't affect Kiryas Joel's institutions, which are owned separately and controlled by Aaron's side.

Ronnie Milo said...


The question is why wasn't Mondrowitz put on trial in Israel at least?

Mordecai said...

Yeah of course I understand the pain the children feel probably more than you realize. I have represented parent accused of abusing, neglecting and abandoning their kids. I have interviewed and conducted depositions of children who have been whipped with extension cords, beaten, and who have watched their mothers smoking crack in front of them. I recognize that Mondrowitz will be punished and must be punished. In no way do I suggest that he should get a free pass. Yet at then end of the day I still pity him and still feel sorry for him. So put me up against a wall and shoot me.

Solomon Dweck said...

What a mejnune, I mean come on. I hushowed millions from the community because , well, hey, its in our blood, but neeking idkays? In the abow? That is such a haramiyeh. Us SYs have it down, we neeek the chadameh when the wife's not around sure, or we tell 'em we are going to sully arbeet when we're really going out for some sowee and a muss. How does this guy Mondrowitz live with himself? He couldn't just ayplay with their bedarts, no, he had to actually neek them? Haazit on all the victims. A real tragedy. Hey, gotta run, one of my lawyer's is on the other line and the chadameh isn't home to answer the phone. Anyone care for some leftover kibbe and lachma bajin for lunch? Fudul!

Sarah said...

Shouldn't the U.S. attorney or an independent prosecutor investigate the Brooklyn D.A.? The NYS A.G. certainly won't because he'll want votes from the haredim when he runs for governor.
You can post comments on the Daily News article on their site.

Yochanan Lavie said...

I have a friend from college who was raised a Bobover Chosid. He was molested by his therapist at a young age. It messed him up. He became a punk rocker and a drug abuser. But he still managed to graduate, and maintained a Yiddish neshome. The rare occasions he would daven, he would daven like a chosid, with true kavanah.

Eventually, he kicked drugs, dressed mainstream, and even returned to observance as Modern Orthodox (although he davens in a Chassidic shtebl.) He is successful in business, and has a beautiful family. I wonder if his therapist was Mondro?

One can argue "all's well that ends well," but I'm sure he would have been spared pain, and taken a less circuitous route to happiness had a scumbag not molested him as a child.

Meyer said...

Ya all are a just bunch of lowly cowards taking anonymous potshots at our leaders. And those who aren't anonymous are mostly misfits. Let's see if you fools have the balls to approach the Rabbis and repeat in their face the venom you spew here. I dooooont think any of you foulmouths have such courage. So just keep on drinking your bile while the Charedi world keep on laughing at you bunch of farters.

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