Sunday, August 14, 2011

Can You Hear Me Now?


Quotes from Samuel Reshevsky a former U.S. Chess Grandmaster
( and a devout Orthodox Jew)

"By playing slowly during the early phases of a game I am able to grasp the basic requirements of each position. Then, despite being in time pressure, I have no difficulty in finding the best continuation. Incidentally, it is an odd fact that more often than not it is my opponent who gets the jitters when I am compelled to make these hurried moves."

His self-description, "I am essentially a positional player, although I can conduct an assault with precision and vigor, when the opportunity arises. My strength consists of a fighting spirit, a great desire to win, and a stubborn defense whenever in trouble. I rarely become discouraged in an inferior situation, and I fear no one." ----


I played Chess with Samuel Reshevsky when I was a teenager, five times. I played him to a draw twice and lost three times (badly) after he figured out my weakness. That weakness is extreme impatience. But I learned a great deal from him and used his strategy as a guide in navigating life.

Ever since I can remember I loved a challenge and a good fight. I would not necessarily go looking for it, it always found me. But fight I did, and rarely lost. Bruised, absolutely, sometimes badly, but rarely lost!

So here we are, after being bruised and battered by evil and corrupt rabbis for decades, after permitting these same rabbis to permit all kinds of malfeasance in the name of daas Torah and Halacha, including their own, we dare include a "rabbi" like Shmuel Kaminetzky back into the fray of rabbi-permitted sexual abuse, by having him OK a script for a sexual abuse video for our children.

Here's the point; I'm going to attempt to remain calm, no promises.


Shmuel Kaminetzky knew that Moshe Eiseman was a pedophile some 35 years ago when numerous boys came forward in the Yeshiva Of Philadelphia. So did Elya Svei. I spoke to and communicated with many of those boys who are now in their sixties. There is irrefutable evidence that Eiseman was sent to Ner Israel in Baltimore because Kaminetzky and Svei were afraid their business, aka yeshiva, would be tarnished.

Kaminetzky sat smiling on the Agudah dais Fress Convention nodding approvingly of Mattisyahu Salomon's "under the rug-dignity-daas Torah-beat the [@#$%EDITED] out of the Bloggers" speech!

So now Eiseman is in Baltimore doing his thing, Kaminetzky's son in-law Tzvi Berkowitz, a rebbe in Ner Israel is told by more than a few boys some 20 years ago that Eiseman molested them. His response; "don't tell anyone, the yeshiva could get hurt." Any rational person would safely assume that Berkowitz discussed this with Kaminetzky. Nothing! Eiseman remains, and is promoted to a mashgiach ruchni of sorts, now he has access to the ENTIRE high school.

I called Shmuel Kaminetzky about a year ago under a pseudonym of the son of one of his benefactors. I asked him squarely; my son is in Torah Temimah, should I be concerned that Kolko has interaction with my son.

His response and I paraphrase; "The Jews have the ability to do teshuva even in cases of this nature; unless there were very recent credible accusations against Kolko, WE MUST ASSUME HE DID TESHUVA!"

I then asked him would he permit his grandchild to be in the privacy of Kolko's office; he asked for my phone number and would not answer the question. I hung up!

Debbie Fox in L.A. has Shmuel Kaminetzky reviewing the video presentation for viewing by children. What are Kaminetzky's qualifications?


Nothing much has really changed, other than spinning it differently!


Mandel and Horowitz from Ohel are still of the opinion that rabbis have a voice in this conversation, and under certain circumstances should be consulted.


Dovid and Reuvain Feinstein were aware 20 years ago that a young child in their family was molested by Kolko. Their excuse, they did not want to go up against Margulies. These two are the "best" of what we have as rabbis today. Do they know what they're doing on sexual abuse? Can they really be human?

They should be locked up!

We still don't get it!

The best of the rabbis I'm communicating with on the issue of child molestation still refer to the yetzer tov and yetzer ra as evil inclinations that can be overcome with teshuva!!!!!!

Rabbis are tripping over themselves asking for mechila for bad-mouthing me.






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Anonymous said...

Dear UOJ,

Can you please elaborate on this statement:

"There is irrefutable evidence that Eiseman was sent to Ner Israel in Baltimore because Kaminetzky and Svei were afraid their business aka yeshiva would be tarnished."

Can you please supply the evidence, or parts of it?

Also, per your suggestion in the summer I had contacted Rabbu Hopfer re: RME. RH was very vague and cryptic; not directly addressing my questions re: RME's guilt

The Un-Orthodox Jew - "UOJ" said...


12-day, 11-night cruise aboard the MSC OPERA
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Air transportation is NOT included. Request a quote for cruise line air rates

Shea Fishman said...

Whoa! I knew UOJ was going to let all Hell break loose again. I'm in headfirst in my favorite hiding spot. I hope he doesn't see my fat incriminated tush sticking out.

Kugel Fresser said...

UOJ, are those rabbis just offering lip service or are they sincere in their apologies and trying to act for the good now?

Anonymous said...

Can't you even get your facts straight?

Eisemann was not appointed by R. Berkowitz as Mashgiach of the high-school 20 years ago. He was a second mashgiach of the college along with R. Weisbord. R. Shlanger was mashgiach of the highschool.

What credibility do your other "facts" have?

KGB (Kaminetzky, Golombek, Belya) said...

A little over 20 years ago, there was a gay bochur in Philly high school that was making physical passes at guys in the dorm. R' Shmuel threw him out as soon as he found out about it. I wonder if that guy went on to be a molester.

The Timeline is a little off said...

If Philly knew 35 years ago, the bochurim would now be between 49 & 55. They would not be in their 60s.

Same Crap, Different Pile said...

It's Brooklyn Hungarians that make up Philly. Do you think these idiots care anymore about neshomos being destroyed than the YTT parents do?

Dreck Sells on Drexel said...

There was also a bochur thrown out of Philly in that tekufa for going to a porno flick. Otherwise, the yeshiva has been really overrated. They have a huge percentage of shvach or mediocre learners over the years for such a "top" yeshiva.

Anonymous said...


What about a mandatory school nurse? A registered nurse would be more realistic and he or she can provide counseling as well.

Philly is a sick place said...

What about that mind boggling cult personality around Reb Elya? Philly guys, except for the in towners, where always weirdos in my book. A bunch of mindless robots who can't use their brains to think without permission.

Here's a guy who was in 2nd year R' Elya's shiur. It's the end of the road, so he has to move on:

Are you going to Eretz Yisroel? I dunno, I have to ask R' Elya. Well, what do you think you will do? I don't know, I have to ask R' Elya. What do you want to do? I don't know, I have to ask R' Elya.

Critical Condition said...

Rabbi Avrohom Blumenkrantz with diabetic complications.

R' Avrohom ben Devora

Yeshivishe Guy said...

Philly bochurim were not nogaya in the yeshivishe velt. They were laughed at in Brisk for missing the boat. In Lakewood no one wanted to have much to do with them, but it didn't matter because they clung only to each other. In their own minds they were elitists but in reality they were just a bunch of losers.

Lakewooder said...

There is an unwritten rule that Lakewood has to take all Philly bochurim and that they even have kadimah over other yeshivos. Every so often, there would be a Philly guy that was gor a shvache even by Philly standards that Lakewood didn't want to take. The roshei yeshiva would duck out of sight and put Yankel Pollock up to the task that he so relished of saying no to Reb Elya.

Passaic Alum said...

Philly and Long Beach are on the same page. Personality cults and average learners who think they're choshuv.

Anonymous said...

Being that yeshiva's are certainly not entrusted with more responsibilites and duties to the public publicly traded business. So why not borrow from the law [Sarbanes-Oxely] a sure fire method of accountability.

There should be rquirement for every Yeshiva [i.e. it's rosh yeshiva, hiring committee, executive board, chairman] to sign a statement certifying that they have checked and conducted due diligence and background checks and that to the best of their knowledge all employees are not under suspicion of and have not been accused of any sexual or other actions that can place children at risk, and that the students under their responsibilities aren't being exposed to dangerous individuals. They should also certify that that there hasnt been any complaints of sexual misconduct, and if there were any comlaints there should be a mandated disclosure requirement [the details to be worked out].
This should be personnaly signed by the rosh yeshiva, hiring committee, executive board, chairman and others in management control postions and released to the parent body.

The time of ducking responsibility and vaguely worded statemetns, denials and explanations are over. We are educated and have the capacity to think -we arent sheep -we must demand accountability. Every yeshiva that refuses to become accountable should have their tzedaka campaigns, chinese auctions, annual dinners and other fundraising events shunned and ignored. The very least that we should demand for our money [unfortunately money is the only universal lanugauge that yeshivas and people understand and respond to] is the safety of our children, for whom we would ostensibaly do anything.

Fallsburg talmid said...

The yeshivos like the ones mentioned have a million directions like telling you exactly which 5 lines of the Rashba to learn and a million rules of what's mutter in the dorm. That always happens when a major chelek the guys aren't too bright. The yeshivos think they have to compensate by regulating them leain soyf. Yankel Pollock was a Long Beach guy so that's why he tried to bring that m.o. to Lakewood.

Not Familiar with NIRC politics said...

Do the Neubergers have the ability to fire a rebbe? Are they directly responsible here too?

boog said...

You guys are all pissing in the wind.

This is all bullshit.

All of These "Rabbis" are looking out for Numero Uno and it ain't you.

The only way you're going to get action, compliance, and insure the safety of your children is by having State Legislatures implement mandatory fingerprinting and checks on each new hire. You don't comply, no State financial aid, no Regents accreditation, and no Middle States Accreditation, which means your kid ain't getting an accredited high school diploma.

Pasik in NY got the State Legislature to pass such a law but it's voluntary. A start in the right direction but it has to have teeth to be effective. Maybe now with "F--K--G steamroller" Spitzer in the Gov. seat and if he can get control of the legislature away from spineless "I don't go to Cop Funerals" shelly silver, Pasik will have a better shot at getting a law passed that has teeth.

We'll see.

Avi L. Shafran said...

What the heck is wrong with Rav Kaminetzky? Did he forget the Agudah motto of Deny, Deny, Deny? I would never have gotten in this pickle. I would just deny everything when UOJ called up. He's going to be getting an earful from the Novominsker about this goof up.

Anonymous said...

I won't argue about calling the police but under no circumstances should any child services ever be called. I am an expert in dealing with cases against them and believe me even the Rabbis are a better choice.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone ever approach Rav Ruderman & R' Dovid Kronglass about this?

Anonymous said...

To Mr. S-Ox above,
Your idea is very nice and your writing style is easy on the eyes. But you are forgetting at least one detail, which by itself will sink your plan and ensure that it never gets off the dry dock.


The SEC has authority to fine, penalize, bring civil and criminal charges and delist a company, or capsize it with other means.

Our parent body is so worthless that it's priceless in a way that Mastercard never intended. Our Rabonnim are .... you know. Our askonim are worse.

I think it's time to realize that Flatbush is x,000 yechidim living on top of each other and not a community or a kehilla or anything like that.

You tell me: What happens in a vacuum?

Make them Accountable said...

I believe that the following attorneys have a role in misguided Agudah legal strategies. People should start demanding answers from them.

Dovid Zweibel
Shlomo Gottesman
Bubba Cohen
Mordechai Biser

These attorneys have influence on them and should be encouraged to intervene:

Nathan Diament
Nathan Lewin
Alyza Lewin
Noah Feldman
Dennis Rapps

Unfortunately, some lawyers like Aron Twerski & Chaim Book, who take their orders from Margo, also have influence. Chaim Book brought the Agudah lawyers into the Tenafly eruv case.

Anonymous said...

I thought Gottesman was disbarred.

Anonymous said...

To Anon 5:15

-the enforcement would be witholding money -but you're right this would only work if a lrge group of individuals [or rather a lrge group of money] publicised their stance.

There have been recently successful pulic awareness campaigns such as the one to ensure every rebbi has life insurance - requiring mandated disclosure reports could follow the same pattern.

Furthermore, if schools would lie and act decitfully they can get in trouble and even lose their tax-exempt status from the charity regulators [i.e. the IRS Not For Profit Bureau and the State Charity Departments] and their almighty ability to participate in governmant grant programs.

Yonason Rosenblum said...

When respect for religion runs high, sensitivity to the cruelty of forcing, or indirectly pressuring, a person to act in contravention of his religious conscience will be great. But when religion itself becomes suspect, and religious communities are viewed as undermining national unity and strength, less weight will be given to the religious liberty claims and greater weight to the state's interest in uniform enforcement of the statute in question.

Thomas Friedman said...

The New York Times’ Thomas Friedman already described the great threat confronting the West not as Islamic fundamentalism but as religious fundamentalism in general, including Christian and Jewish. Thus did Orthodox Jews find themselves uncomfortably linked with Islamic terrorists under the convenient rubric "fundamentalists."

Anonymous said...

Most Orthodox Jews would undoubtedly be shocked at finding themselves linked to Islamic extremists. And they would be right to object. The most salient distinction, of course, is that there are no Torah Jews blowing themselves up on the London Tube or plotting to explode 10 transatlantic airlines.

But it remains unlikely that courts would carve out an exemption for Jewish schools based on the generally "upstanding citizenship of their graduates."

Harry Reicher said...

Hey, don't forget about me! I'm an Agudah lawyer too! No one hears about me because those other guys hog all the limelight.

Rosenblum On Purim said...

Again religious Jews might argue for a religious exemption from legislation or regulations designed to ensure that students in private religious schools develop an attachment to the dominant national ethos and prove capable of integrating into the larger society.

They could point to their patriotism – e.g., the American flags waving on car antennas and from front porches after 9/11 – and the success of the graduates of Torah schools in all areas of national life – business, the professions, and in government.

Yet it remains true that Torah Jews, like many Muslims, do wear distinctive garb, profess an allegiance to G-d that transcends any allegiance to the secular state, and reject many of the values of contemporary society.

Unlike many Muslims, however, Torah Jews recognize the legitimacy of a secular legal system and acknowledge the duty to obey the laws of the land – dina d’malchusa dina – and nowhere seek to impose Torah law on the secular state.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone link to a record of Gottesman being disbarred? All states make this information available online.

Anonymous said...

The IRS doesn't touch these thorny tax-exempt cases, especially ones involving bona-fide educational, charitable, religious ones, like YTT. If somebody sent them hard evidence of fraud, private benefit, or illegal conduct, that would be a different ballgame. Nobody has done that, likely b/c nobody can do that. When kolko pleads out the criminal case there still won't be anything sticky. When YTT loses the civil cases, there will be what to talk about.

CPA said...

You'd be very surprised what the IRS can and will do in high profile civil and criminal cases.

Anonymous said...

maskim. It depends what you consider high-profile.

cpa said...

Hi profile is Orthodox rabbis molesting children and other Orthodox rabbis covering it up. High profile is also investigating, personally at first, the assets of the "sole owner" of this tax-exempt organization and match it to his declared income.
Hi profile is also tracking the money from the owner's accounts and real estate and other transactions.
Lipa Margulies would be the perfect target of the IRS and other federal investigators.

Anonymous said...

first of all I disagree with you, nothing personal, I hope you are mochel me. Then againm who I am that you should care.
Second of all, if you are so confident why don't you get yourself a piece of the pie. Surely you know that if you tip off the IRS to fraudulent activity and they collect, you will collect a piece of the judgment. You can be a Robin Hood. Imagine! You can take the money that the government takes from YTT and you can give it to truly deserving people. Wow! And if you want, you can even buy your wife a nice mink coat, so that people won't have to point at her and say, 'look, there goes the accountant's wife.'

cpa said...

I'm doing my share in this war.

Ombudsman said...

Another segment on our ongoing series of prevailing attitudes that facilitate abuse.

The slew of posts recently on kashrus scandals is very much connected. There is a reason why Cafe K remained so wildly popular despite whatever evils may have taken place there. It has been said that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. In hindsight, whoever coined that phrase is a great philosopher. While many rabbonim look the other way instead of publicly condemning their peers, Cafe K was different. Rabbonim made clear that no one should eat there. So why in Heaven's name was the place still packed every night? I questioned various fressers to ascertain what their motivations were.

Shimon exhibited no shame in explaining there is no place where you can stuff for face with such good food for so cheap. When asked how he can justify it when the hashgocho was pulled, he passed the buck to the new machshirim who he claims must know what they are doing.

Levi is a single fellow who also seems to have no shame. He is drawn to the restaurant by the waitresses who he rates as "sexier" than other locations. When asked how he feels being fed by people alleged to have sold treif ... Oh, my father knows Rav Heinemann personally. He must have looked into it before taking them under Star K.

Yehuda also dredges up the best-for-cheapest-deal-in-town excuse. When he is informed that his own rov holds one should not eat there, he wastes no time noting, oh so then I won't ask him what he thinks. Yehuda then implores me to not inform his shver of this. He feels that his shver would be devastated if his favorite eatery is under suspicion. I ask Yehuda how his shver could not have heard of the scandal. Yehuda's answer: he asked the restaurant owner and believes him that he made a mistake and just wants to move on.

I was too sickened to ask these fellows what they think of Kolko. They probably either don't believe it or place their trust in that he surely did teshuva.

A friend relates a story of a shul that was holding an affair at another restaurant with questionable status. He asked the organizer if he would consider moving the function to a different location where he's more comfortable with the kashrus. The organizer abruptly cut him off, explaining he is too busy to talk. When my friend called back, the organizer snapped that he "asked around and no one has a problem eating there." Before my friend could say a single word, he was hung up on. The organizer has an uncle who has been identified on UOJ's pages as an abuser in a yeshiva.

And how many rabbonei machshir have been directly or indirectly facilitating abusers?

And does anyone think it a coincidence that Applegrad & Finkel are mechutonim?

Ploni said...

Two items that caught my attention in this week's Jewish Fress.

A heartbreaking letter from another giyores telling of how terribly she is treated by Brooklyn Yidden. This one was addressed to the Queen of psychobabble Yael Respler. What the Hell is wrong with you people?

There was also a silly debate in the letters to the editor about the word "shvartza". Personally, I believe that word is just a simple description of a color that has been overpoliticized. Bob Grant said it best that the people nogaya decide about every 10 or 20 years that they want to be called somethiung else. They suddenly wake up one day and call you a racist if you call them what they originally requested.

The Un-Orthodox Jew - "UOJ" said...

As my friend Shmarya says so correctly, " WE ARE SICK!"

Anonymous said...

Pass the Advil. I'm going to wash it down with a pepto abysmal uhn a bissl chivas.

The Un-Orthodox Jew - "UOJ" said...

Anon 1:13,

If Eiseman was innocent would Hopfer give you "cryptic" answers!?

The Un-Orthodox Jew - "UOJ" said...


You're definitely a candidate for "baal-machshava" of the week.

Anonymous said...

Kolko's arraignment is tomorrow Feb. 20, 2007 in Brooklyn Criminal court. The judge is Judge Walsh, Fourth Floor room 21...

Jacob Perlow, Admor MiNovominsk said...

Ad kann!!!! Enough of these horror stories that are not Boro Park issues. I really have to push through my internet ban before UOJ brings the house down.

The Un-Orthodox Jew - "UOJ" said...

Mazel Tov Chevra! 15 million hits as of now!!!!

Anonymous said...

can we get a screen shot of that or some other proof?

Anonymous said...

we should get a team like these guys at www.abovethelaw.com to cover Yudi's trial and all the attendant star power. One thing the stars at this trial will have in common with real celebrities: shaved heads!

Leopold Margulies said...

"It has been said that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. In hindsight, whoever coined that phrase is a great philosopher."

I was the mechaber of that phrase. I never thought I'd be applauded on this blog.

Mordechai Tendler said...


Do you guys have any money to spare? I was originally going around shnorring in my father's shul but when they found out it was I that initiated the stupid lawsuits, they are furious for getting duped into contributing and they want their money back.

Chaim Seidler Feller said...


Someone should tell the Agudah that it's not too late to apologize.

A Friend said...

UOJ, please don't compare yourself to Shmarya. You are trying to fix what's wrong. Shmarya has taken a turn for the worse and revels in finding as many problems as he can. The more the merrier. You are pro-frum while he has become anti-frum.

From the Horse's Mouth said...

Gil Student on apologists:


"I often sympathize with the plight of apologists"

A Tip said...

A guy with a serious anger management problem and who has been known to hit children about bar mitzva age at the tip of a hat was a rebbe of a very young grade in MTJ. I did not keep track and I don't know if he's still there. It's very possible that R' Dovid Feinstein and the hanhala didn't know. A former rosh yeshiva who has been involved in too many sleazy scandals to count and who is a known liar got him the shteller.

Speaking of personality cults said...

Philly & Long Beach are ridiculous but funny and somewhat harmless. What goes on with the menahel at MTJ-Staten Island is a different matter entirely. It's scary.

Dirty kashrus konnections said...

Leib Pinter has a couple mechutonim in the kashrus business too. At least one of them is a good for nothing bum and scoundrel who took dirty money from criminals like Jack Abramoff. But it's all "kosher" if you listen to Artscroll lavish praises on the biggest goniff of them all, Leib Pinter himself.

Anonymous said...


Elder abuse hasn't even crossed anyone's radar screen yet. These victims are also helpless.

Anonymous said...

Great post. To the moron slandering Cafe K: there was no kosher scandal at Cafe K, there was a hashgocho shakedown. The "rabbonim" who concocted stories about this dairy establishment deserve to be sued for slander.

Some Clarification said...

It is true that there are conflicting stories between Cafe K & the OK as to what happened and that the OK is capable of a "shakedown". Someone wrote earlier that the subsequent problem with Star K is that they didn't even bother looking into what happened. It's anyway complicated because even if you do your homework, it is difficult if not impossible to determine who is telling the truth. I am one of the people who bothered to investigate.

Regardless of the actual merits in the Cafe K case, it is the apathy from the community that speaks volumes. And mind you, some of the "fressers" who try to justify gorging themselves there, use the "shakedown" cliche as an excuse. Can you prove there was a shakedown or do you feel compelled to defend yourself with ad hominem insults because you feel guilty that you downed a Tilapia priced at $11.

Anonymous said...

What do ou mean by "What goes on with the menahel at MTJ-Staten Island is a different matter entirely" ?????

Anonymous said...

What goes on with the menahel at MTJ-Staten Island is a different matter entirely. It's scary.

Please explain.

Who and what

Burnt by Rabbonim said...

I have what to say about Rabbi Kamenetzky and I wouldn't trust his opinion on anything. He never gives straight answers so you never really know what he really thinks. He is noncomittal on everything. He is also not above lying and saying motzei shem rah. I know this for a fact because of what he did to me (it had nothing to do with child molestation, but, it does show what kind of a character he is.) I'm really sorry to have to say this because I once held him in high esteem, but, not any more.

Speaking of personality cults said...

Staten Island has always been a destination for spacey kinds of bochurim. The menahel commands an army of virtual worshippers like North Korea where every 3rd citizen is a snitch working for the regime. It gets reported back how long you spent on the payphone and who it sounds like you were talking to, to how many times you farted when the vekker woke you up for shacharis.

Anonymous said...

From what i've read in posts,
Leib Pinter set up phoney
lunch programs in various Yeshivas.
Does anyone know if he's been indicted and where I could find more info?

Anonymous said...


What happened with you & R' Shmuel?

Anonymous said...




The only idea that I've heard that has any chance of working. The rabbis would be scared of the police there in a moments notice.

Most Rabbonim Today are Cowards said...

The Cafe K story is indeed very murky. The OK can sometimes play dirty but more often than not, they let their clients get away with murder. This was the case with the anti-Semitic shkotzim who own Le Marais so it seems less likely that they would go after their own fellow Lubavitchers. The crew that runs Cafe K are also pretty slimy so they don't garner much trust in my eyes. I believe that regarding the biggest machlokes of wether dagim temayim were served, Cafe K itself is moyde that they were buying from an unapproved source. Even if the fish were kosher, they were playing with fire and no hashgocho worth it's salt would stand for it. There were also several other issues that the OK repeatedly warned and was fighting with Cafe K about. Believe me that they got more chances than anyone else would get. They are all bums. Rabbi Levy was caught red handed 21 years ago using treif flavorings that rov poskim hold are not bottul. The yeshivishe velt stopped eating from the OK for a year or more. A central problem with all these stories lays at Albany's doorstep. The Agriculture dept used to print a rap sheet of violators and what they violated. After some lawsuits from Conservative & supposedly "Orthodox" cheaters, the state caved in and stopped making the information public. This is the reason why we will probably never hear of any possible outcome with Finkel and why cheats have more incentive to misbehave.

I have also been told allegations that the chassidish rov that serves as chief investigator at the Agriculture dept has been involved with at least one cover up for a friend of his. The facts certainly look suspicious but I cannot verify it. If anyone has any credible information please share it.

Stay tuned for more. I have yet to pick apart Boro Park hashgochos, the OU & others.

Dirt on Leib Pinter said...

Do Google searches which will turn up more than you could ever imagine in last year's UOJ posts. There are links to every report. The NY Times reported that Pinter was pawning off treif meat & cheese sandwiches as kosher. He was sent to prison and has been involved in many other disgusting scandals. He is currently in the trial of his life for stealing $44 million from his customers at Olympia Mortgage.

Pinter is the lowest of the low who should be destroyed along with Margo.

Barzilai said...

Unimaginative pseudonyms. Try Dasan, Aviram, Korach, Yeravam, Achav, ben ish Mitzri, or something. After all, those are the people you would be cheering on if you mechalelei sheim shomayim befarhesya lived back then.

boog said...

anon 11:59 PM.

What are you smoking, Pal?

You really think the Yeshivas are going to voluntarily hire medical staff to monitor sex abuse in their buildings?

The ONLY way you're going to get these low-life Mother F--K Rabbis and "Roshei Yeshivot" to protect your children from predators is to hit them where it hurts: Their wallets. Money is their God.

Laws passed by State legislatures that make finger printing compliance mandatory for new hires and checking against a Sex Abuse registry or face loss of financial aid and State charter-accreditation-Regents approval will force Yeshivas to do the right thing. It's either that or go out of business.

It worked to bring the Catholic Church into compliance and it will work for the Yeshivas as well.

Anything less and you're spinning your wheels.

People, WAKE UP!!

Wake up call said...

Hey Barzilai,

Maybe you should rename yourself Gedalya ben Achikam. There is a taanis once a year because he refused to listen to "loshon hora" that he should have which got him killed.

And what's with you running a blog? According to Rav Salomon, that makes you a "maskil" and your children should be denied entry in yeshivos.

Mendel Zilberberg said...

Can't a guy get any respect? I'm also an Agudah lawyer.

Anonymous said...

wednesday night in israel leizerowitz is marrying off his son please call to find out how many times the boy was molested.


Anonymous said...

Gornish's son works for the OK. Does anyone know if he was directly involved with Cafe K? It would make sense if he was being directed by tatty. Gornish Sr arrogantly pretends that no restaurant is good enough (unless he is personally responsible for it being not kosher). Have you ever asked Sr about another hashgocho? He says DON'T EAT THERE with a lot of drawn out emphasis.

Too Confusing said...

There was a story that happened in the Lakewood dorm during Rosh Hashana davening. Someone went to the roshei yeshiva saying he witnessed a bochur engaged in consentual but statutory gay rape of a mesivta kid. The alleged rapist who we will call Yitz left the yeshiva under a cloud. The achim Pfeffer, related to Yitz, called Dovid Schustal to scream at him. Schustal just meekly told them the bochur was not expelled. It turns out that rumors had swirled before about Yitz inapporpriately touching young boys. Not to be outdone, another Yitz relative, the outspoken Mrs Esther Koenig of Frankel's shul started a public awareness campaign, claiming to be a spokeswoman for Rav Schach. In case anyone had any ideas of discussing the story and thus putting a stain on her fine reputation, she warned that Rav Schach says you are "rotzchim mamash." At the time this made Mrs Koenig a laughing stock, but a wildcard dimension has just been brought to my attention. I don't know why I never put 2 and 2 together before but the alleged witness is both the son & brother in law of two of the most vile molesters & gay rapists ever villified by UOJ. Does anyone have some insight here?

Inside Information said...

To Most Rabbonim are Cowards:

There definitely was a cover up in one case managed by the rov at the Agriculture Department. He may not have gone so far as to break the law in doing so, but he gave his loser rabbi friend an easy ride. The loser rabbi friend is also connected to the Iggud Haganovim. Maybe Milton Balkany will say you can't know it was really treif. Maybe it was all just an optical illusion. Be careful in case Belsky wants to send you a hazmana for opening your big mouth.

Anonymous said...

Moshe Eisemann auditioned for the mashgiach job in Kol Torah in 1983 but R' Shlomo Zalman wouldn't take him.

Anonymous said...

Is it true that Jack Alter of Ger is gonna be the officiating rabbi @ Leizerowitss homo bash this wendsday?

Anonymous said...

It appears that he iz not the misader kidushin. But Mondrowits might get a nice kibud like batting cleanup (with his tongue).

Does anyone know if David ulefsky or some other molester enabler flew to the wedding?
Does Leon Esq. a granparent of the couple know who his son did a shidduch with and who he is now joined at the hip with? If he couldn't care then he deserves it. Makes u shudder thinking what Leiserowitz might do to his own kids and grandkids.

ex philly guy said...

I spent three years under the spell of R' Svei And R' Kaminetzky. The psychological damage wreaked on me and my friends will last a lifetime. I'm in therapy and suffer every day with unbearable pain.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, the American RY there who is a talmid of Philly very much wanted ME to get the job. He's still upset about it. It's too bad too, b/c he would have known how to handle the homosexual bochur who was there a few years ago and made a big tumult b/c he was a different RY's nephew.

Anonymous said...

Reshevsky appears to have been born in 1917. How old are you , UOJ?

Anonymous said...

This blog is responsible for my healing. I walked around for years thinking that I'm crazy for hating what the yeshivas did to me. I see I'm not alone. That's a good thing for me and others in similar circumstances. I'm scarred for life even though I'm doing better.

gross said...

Too Confusing:

So what do you suppose was the alleged motive of the witness? The witness wasn't the accused and what do you think the connection of the witness to the 2 "vile guys" signifies? I am "a little confused" as well.

Anonymous said...

When I was in Lakewood, I was among representatives of many different yeshivos. I found that many of the Philly bochurim had the worst midos representative of any group. Some of the Briskers (AJ) were also pretty bad but at least the Briskers were sophisticated. The Philly guys just thought they were hot stuff and didn't fool anyone.

Anonymous said...

Is it true what posters have stated that Reb Moshe Feinstein assured going to the police regardin Mondrowitz? If its true thats the end of my orthodoxy.

UOJ, could u give me your input on this?

Anonymous said...

Can someone confirm who went to the Leizerowitz weddinf in Israel?

The Un-Orthodox Jew - "UOJ" said...

I am not aware of R' Moshe's position on Mondrowitz. In general, I am told, R' Moshe preferred not to get the Authorities involved when possible.

Not all the facts always got through to R' Moshe, he had his doormen and gatekeepers as well. I'd like to believe that if he did know the facts about Mondrowitz he would have insisted that the police get involved. But, I just don't know!

Friends, can anyone shed light on R' Moshe's view of the Mondrowitz situation?

Another Cafe K detail said...

There's a Lubavitcher meshulach in Park Slope or Downtown Brooklyn somewhere I believe who defends Cafe K. He claims that the OK once made an exception to buy fish from the officially unapproved source. Cafe K continued to utilize the source which is what got the OK angry. It does seem kind of hypocritical of the OK even if Cafe K was wrong.

Fact Checker said...

I would find it hard to believe R' Moshe was asked about Mondrowitz.

In what year did Mondrowitz get the urge to make aliyah in the middle of the night?

boog said...

I think Bob Grant was indeed prescient:

We are sick, and getting sicker.

All in the name of "Toirah Hakedosha."

Yeshivishe Nudnik said...

UOJ just alluded to a huge problem that is across the board. You really have no idea these days if you are really hearing rav Elyashev speak or the mafia that surrounds him. I also spoke to a rosh yeshiva who wouldn't sign against Slifkin (besides R' Shmuel). He agreed that the whole episode is suspicious when it is engineered by a scumbag like Pinter who the gedolim should throw out if he dares show up. Pinter is a proven liar so who knows what kind of slander he concocted. I have from a reliable and well placed source that R' Moishe told the Bnei Torah staff that they could not snitch on Pinter even if he isn't enough of a mentch to owe up to what he did and they have to go to jail as a result. Several of them were actually jailed for a little while when the feds were trying to get information out of them. That's another thing that lowlife Leib has on his conscience.

I also know all the details surrounding a very lurid story that involved znus, niuf and possibly child rape. Someone approached a rosh yeshiva to enlist his help in stopping it. The rosh yeshiva was picked because he is related to someone on the Moetzes. The rosh yeshiva copped out with the excuse that it has to do with the internet and he is computer illiterate. The rosh yeshiva suggested contacting R' Chaim Bressler from Scranton who he said is more worldly and is a mover & shaker with Torah Umesorah with the evidence but asked that his name not be mentioned. The next day, the hard drive with the evidence unfortunately crashed. There were still ways of proving it by monitoring a site in real time. The fellow contacted the Agudah and National Council of Young Israel but got nowhere with the clueless idiots who took the calls. A buffoon at the Agudah said they will not get involved because they cannot acknowledge that people are using the internet and proceeded to give a musser shmuz to the caller, admonishing him for being on the internet himself. Two rabbonim did step up to the plate and offered to help. One of them approached the CEO of a blue chip technology company but got nowhere with him. The second rov tried to enlist the help of R' Avigdor Miller. A knucklehead gabai would not let the rov in because he could not fathom how this "crazy" rov could possibly bother Rav Miller with "stupidities" like the internet.

In the end, the fellow went to a secular Jewish organization who were the only ones who did something, but even they took forever to act.

Son of Boog said...

Der Rebbe, Bob Grant would say that UOJ's blog is wall to wall Bob Grant Country.

Tort Putz said...

The Agudah wouldn't help shut down a site where you can procure minors? I guess Twerski didn't want to deprive Kolko of an outlet.

Yeshivishe Nudnik said...

A few details I omitted. The first rosh yeshiva that was approached about the znus story recommended that the fellow not tell the Agudah his real name. He said that even though he is doing a tremendous mitzva to stop it, the Agudah rank and file will still think he's a quack. The fellow was still furious at the rosh yeshiva and stopped talking to him as a result because he felt he should have gone to his relative on the Moetzes. The objectives here were:

A. Children cannot be allowed on the internet without a parent supervising

B. That the rabbonim should mobilize to shut down the particular site, that believe it or not was funded with UJA money, to stop niuf, etc with the adults.

In the end, the rosh yeshiva probably developed a backbone and did something because not long afterwards, the Moetzes came out with the first anti-internet decree.

Comment from the Peanut Gallery said...

UOJ, I think your rage is being somewhat focused in the wrong direction. True, Rabbis Feinstein have a chiyuv to speak up, but they are human and not everyone has the guts to do so. There is always garbage going on in the background where various mafias like at the Agudah will not hesitate to bulldoze anyone in their way. They did it to Rav Gifter, R' Mottel Weinberg, R' Dovid Cohen, Rav Alpert and an out of town rosh kollel I know.

Most of your rage should be focused at the YTT rebbeim who are the biggest enablers. I don't know how they will answer the beis din shel maalah when asked how they justified keeping Margo in business.

The Un-Orthodox Jew - "UOJ" said...



mt mehdi said...

Most of your rage should be focused at the YTT rebbeim who are the biggest enablers. I don't know how they will answer the beis din shel maalah when asked how they justified keeping Margo in business.

I disagree. The rage should be directed at those who actively participated in cover-up and intimidation.

The Un-Orthodox Jew - "UOJ" said...

It's totally incomprehensible that the Feinsteins did NOTHING with the information they had!

I will never forgive them, neither should you. Any drunken bum would have gone to the police with the information they had about their own family member!

Anonymous said...


February 20, 2007 -- The arrest of a serial sexual molester out on Long Island over the weekend underscores the need for quick action by the Legislature on a long-stalled bill that would permit the continued civil confinement of convicted sexual predators whose prison terms have expired.

Police said Harvey L. Holmes III of Hicksville, a former mental patient, was taken into custody Saturday after allegedly molesting five people, including an 11-year-old girl.

There were no injuries.

This time.

The New York Times reported yesterday that Holmes had been released from the Nassau University Medical Center's psychiatric unit on Jan. 25. The newspaper quoted the suspect's father as saying his son needed further treatment, but didn't get it.

"The system failed him," said Harvey Holmes Jr.

It's a familiar story.

Misplaced concern over the civil liberties of individuals who pose a substantial - if not always immediate - danger to others has led to horrific crimes over the years.

The 1999 murder of Kendra Webdale - pushed in front of a subway car by a mental patient who'd stopped taking his pills - led to the passage of a law allowing forced treatment of the mentally ill under certain limited circumstances.

Each case must be judged on its merits, of course.

But the Webdale legislation marked a major step forward in putting the rights of innocent people into some equilibrium with those of potentially violent mental patients.

Still, much remains to be done.

Gov. George Pataki tried for years to persuade the Legislature to permit the continued confinement of convicted sexual predators whose prison terms were about to expire - to no avail.

So he singled out the most egregious offenders - that is, those most likely to repeat their crimes - and kept them locked up anyway.

The action was certain to be overruled by state courts - and it was. (Happily, the courts didn't order the immediate release of most of those detained, pending legislative action.)

But while Pataki's point was made, Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver still steadfastly refused to take up a bill that the Senate had repeatedly passed.

Silver's position was indefensible (he was trying to extort a legislative pay raise from Pataki in exchange for the confinement bill), but it was the final word.

Now there is a new governor.

Eliot Spitzer has budgeted sufficient funds to support a robust civil-confinement program - pending Assembly approval of the basic principle.

The issue is quite simple: There is general agreement among experts that some types of violent sexual predators are beyond "reform" - and that only continued confinement can protect the public.

At present, the state must obtain a confinement recommendation from a court-appointed psychiatrist, with a judge making the final determination. (It's an imprecise science, of course. Better, however, to err on the side of safety.)

Unfortunately, this procedure lacks the force of unambiguous law - and that must change.

Silver, who always resists toughening criminal penalties of any sort, needs to see the light of day on this one.

The U.S. Supreme Court long ago approved civil confinement in principle, and 16 states have such laws in force.

Why not New York, Mr. Silver?

Drunken Bum on the Bowery said...

I called 911 about Kolko & Margo. They put me on hold to verify my credibility when Aron Twerski told them I have no neemanus.

And where am I going to sleep? Mordechai Tendler's toain, Gershon Spiegel, is trying to sell the Romanisher shul for 15 million dollars, which will leave all the mispallelim and shikurim out in the cold? There is a lawsuit trying to stop him.

Comment from the Peanut Gallery said...

I thought about it further. Perhaps I was in error. Allow me to rephrase. UOJ's diatribe should have also taken a shot at the rebbeim in YTT. If they quit, Margo is finished. They could find jobs elsewhere. By staying they are enablers who hold the key to the quickest solution of ending not just the YTT debacle but they will send a strong signal to the rest of the yeshivishe velt as well. The same thing goes for the parents who keep their kids on the student roster.

Yeshivishe Nudnik said...

Here's my sevoro. I know for a fact about one molester rebbe who was brought to the attention of R' Dovid Feinstein. R' Dovid telephoned him and threatened that if he did not resign and leave chinuch that he would expose him. The rebbe complied. Could it be that R' Dovid tried the same thing against Margo & Kolko? The two arrogant reshoyim probably didn't budge and then R' Dovid chickened out to some extent.

Anonymous said...


if any body can send the mondrowitz/leizerowitz info to ynet about the gerer rabbonim covering for them we might get a nice article, from the looks of this above article it seems that they are not afraid of the GERRORISTS.

The Un-Orthodox Jew - "UOJ" said...

So R' Dovid chickened out did he! He should wind up at Rubashkin's place with the other chickens.

boog said...

"Why not, Mr. Silver?"

Because he is a low-life yella-bella little weasel who does not support what has to be supported: Cops, Death penalty, manadatory fingerprinting and registration of new school hires.

Every two-bit tinaf has shelly's support.

Jury is still out on Spitzer. He got rolled good by shelly and Boo-Boo-Bruno on the State Controller position. Let's see if he can rebound and get his balls out of their vise-like grip.

Yo! Spitzy, baby! You is no longer dealing with them effeminate CEO's on Wall Street, you're in the big-time now.

Let's see if you can make good on your pledge to be a "F--K--- Staemroller".

Anonymous said...

Boog reminds me of Sidney Zion. Ben Hecht too. With a little bit of Curtis Sliwa thrown in.

Now for the rant, everybody, gantz klal Yisroel,


Anonymous said...

Most Rabbonim Today are Cowards,

Can you please shed some light on what really went down regarding what used to be called "The Kosher Spot" on Avenue J and is now supposedly under new managment and ownership and it's called "Glatt Zone"?

From my understanding they were passing meat off as being "Glatt" when in fact it was not. Not as bad as Shvach Meats in Monsey selling pure treifa meat, but treading very dangerous waters indeed.

'''' Unforgiven ''''

boog said...

Sidney Zion-Jewish
Ben Hecht-Jewish

Curtis Sliwa- didn't start out Jewish but could certainly have turned instant Jew by having a "piece" shaved off by Gotti's Goons in that shooting in the Taxi a few years ago. Definitely has a Yiddish Hartz and more 'Jewish' than Scooby-Kuby.

Most Rabbonim Today are Cowards said...

I doubt that "Treif Spot" on Ave J was merely a case of substituting glatt. There are a number of rabbonim who believe that actual treif was sold there and you should kasher your keilim. Some rabbonim believe that any rumor or "psak" that there was not any actual treif were purposely deceptive lies and cover up put out by Scheinerman & the boys from the Kehilla war room (but surprise, surprise they don't make announcements about it bifnei am ve aidah). A Kehilla mashgiach caught them in the act but let them escape with the fake plumbas. One of the players there was a freelance con artist who has been involved in other scams and continues to lurk out there. One rov tells me he knows this snake's identity but he will not divulge it to me. The rov belongs on the chicken transport that UOJ is sending to Postville, Iowa. But it could be that the rov has a smach in halocho. This rov has been threatened in the past by gangsters who trade treif. I should probably devote another post just to this class of gangster. They are the Margos of the kashrus world who have sometimes inflicted harm on life and limb. Case in point. I was once aware of a freye Yid who sired a son with a shiksa. He was intent on conducting a frum style bris to the point of deceiving the mohel about the yichus. I was threatened by a related party that my legs would be broken if I tipped off the mohel. I consulted a posek who said the halocho does not require me to place myself in even a remote tzad of danger. The rov used a roundabout mehalech to at least stop the mohel from doing the procedure on Shabbos which is chilul Shabbos on a goyishe yingel. Kehilla kept stalling on Treif Spot while more people kept consuming the tarfus. This horror story proves how dangerous Scheinerman is. And because Scheinerman is so incorrigible, it's possible they didn't even kasher the racks in the store. A warning about Paperiffic too as they must have known something wasn't right with the fleish they resold from J. There are only two nafka minos here tzuvishen Ave J & Finkel. 1) Rabbi Breslauer is not as conniving as Scheinerman so the real story emerged in Monsey. 2) The Ave J mushchoss is Hungarian while Finkel is a Yek. When you have a wretched Ungarischer ohn-mentch, their fellow Hungarians don’t care. If Margo wasn’t a Hungarian “bro”, the feckless Vaad Hahorim wouldn't let him get away with it. Like the guy on J, does anyone even know his name? He was a fein shmecker Hungarian and his in laws were prestigious Hungarians. Does anyone know where he lives? Anyone not buy food by his brother in law? Anyone even know which food store his brother in law owns?? Finkel in Monsey was not a heimisher so not only everyone knows his name but you had hafgonos in front of his home, death threats etc etc.

Anonymous said...

Sliwa is a cut above the rest, boog
Welcome back and please tell me your here to stay.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

if any body can send the mondrowitz/leizerowitz info to ynet about the gerer rabbonim covering for them we might get a nice article, from the looks of this above article it seems that they are not afraid of the GERRORISTS.

4:45 PM, February 20, 2007

Gr8 idea bro. Some anonymous snail mail to Yediot should do it. They will need the whole Megilah. Maybe u should alert LVF in Flatbush too. He never forgave Ger for what they did to his cousin.

Good News in Monsey said...


New Rockland Sex Offender Law Takes Effect

NEW CITY, NY (AP) -- A new law to keep sex offenders away from children is now in effect in Rockland County.

Under the new law, Level Two and Three sex offenders will no longer be allowed to live, work or congregate within one thousand feet of a school or playground.

Jacob Perlow said...

Internet lo sazkiru. Lo yishoma al picha.

boog said...

Most Rabbonim;

Incredible story you tell about Ave. J Spot, Scheinerman, and Kehilla Tarfus.

Obviously Scheinerman has got some of that Clinton teflonitis on him. This stuff don't stick. He just keeps on truckin'.

Heard that he is having his Shul/Living quarters (Corner 24th and P)gutted and a new expanded 3-story edifice built in its place. No doubt some schvartz money is being buried on that location cause his membership is declining not growing.

Anybody have the inside scoop on this?

boog said...

"Kehilla kept stalling on Treif Spot while more people kept consuming the tarfus. This horror story proves how dangerous Scheinerman is. And because Scheinerman is so incorrigible, it's possible they didn't even kasher the racks in the store."

And this is the guy who has made YU's Rav Herschel Schacter persona non grata in his shul because of YU's 'kruma hashkofos', and never misses an opportunity to "treif out" YU.

Straight out of The Flintstones.

Yabba Dabba Doo said...

I hear that Scheinerman wants to expand so he can rent out a full fledged simcha hall to add to his revenue stream. Chaim Zev Stern offered Scheinerman to move into his house. There should be plenty of room in Stern's house. The basement is bigger than the rest of the house as it was carved out from boundary to boundary. The city website says he got in trouble when the neighbor's properties caved in.

Scheinerman should not be taken seriously if rabbanus means anything. I wasn't there myself but I heard that typical of his stubborn arrogance of not admitting when he is wrong, he was giving a shiur in arba minim, unaware that an expert in tropical horticulture was sitting there. There are only 2 schools in the country that offer this major including UCLA. Scheinerman loves to throw around scientific terms he doesnt understand which wind up in the wrong context. When this educated fellow tried correcting him, Scheinerman allegedly went for his figurative jugular. The biggest mystery is that Scheinerman is not rov of a bunch of am haaretzim. His gang are among the most lomdish of any shul. How do they put up with his clown act?

Everything that's Sick about Flatbush said...

Don't make me puke with all these Frankel shul and Koenig stories. They are symbolic of everything that UOJ rails against. Fake Phoney Frauds. The Koenigs live the life of a BIG LIE. The boys went to YTT & Brisk while secretly getting degrees in Brooklyn College because Touro is too haymish and they might be discovered. They went through life LYING to every rosh yeshiva and even their supposed friends. When there were no more Reichmanns to do shidduchim with, Mrs. Esther starts badmouthing gantz klal yisroel that "there are no good girls out there." When they got caught lying to Rav Shmuel Berenbaum for years, they came up with a cover story that some college professors swear to me is another LIE. You don't like that I am badmouthing them? That's ok, considering how many people in the neighborhood they sit around badmouthing like it's a pasttime that's going out of style. Oh and like most of Frankel's shul, they were also under investigation but managed to squeak out of it. What a sick existence.

Passaic Watch Dog said...

To my fellow friends of PC.

It seems as if this Colmer animal is still around and well.

There is now a recent picture of him being passed around in an email.

Is there a 24 hour watch on him? If not, is he still raping our young? Is our town of all talk finally going to take some action?

I am no expert, but from what i here, Colmer is not a well person and is a very big danger to everyone.

When will something be done?

Speaking of Rubashkin Chickens said...

Shmarya has really been on the warpath lately. He thought he smelled chicken poop when he saw Rubashkin claiming they got high marks on a review from the federal OHS Agency. SHmarya called some federal agents and started asking questions. It turns out that the agent who wrote the report was being paid by Rubashkin as a consultant. The regional supervisor is trying to find out which agent was illegally making private work look like official business.

Flatbush Askan said...

Kehilla Tarfus is right. I only had bad experiences with all the rabbonim at Kehilla who I think are useless. Or to be fair, all but one rov. The last rov escaped my attention. I only found out recently that he has been a Kehilla member the whole time and I did not give him a chance to act on something. The kashrus watchdogs also go too easy on them. They are all in bed with each other. Hisiger & Beirach Steinfeld used to be with KIC. Steinfeld switched to Kehilla. KIC's Rabbi Weiner is a little soft and won't criticize the more heimishe hashgochos. (Though R' Lazer Ginsberg did lash out years ago against Kehillah several times. He stopped after some enemies who wanted him to stop exposing their evils set him up for embarrassing bizyonos that pretty much shut him up for good). Eli Teitelbaum runs KIS, the KIC counterpart in Boro Park.

Anonymous said...

TONIGHT! in the gutnik hall locatrd on rechov bais hadfus 11 in jerusalem leizerowitz is marrying off his son, one good thing is that its one more bocher out of leizerowitzs reach.
please if anybody can call the hall and notify them of this pervert and that they should keep a watchful eye on him since there are usually plenty of children at weddings.


Molester Enabler Still with the OU said...

From Scotty Rosenberg:

Matt Tropp, is a rabbi who worked for NCSY under Rabbi Baruch Lanner. He ran cover for Lanner. He failed to report allegations of Lanner's abuse, either to law enforcement or to his NCSY superiors. He claimed in court that he was not a mandatory reporter, even though by law he was. And, after NCSY's parent body the OU issued a directive to all employees to cut off all contact with the then-disgraced Rabbi Lanner, Rabbi Tropp kept contact and admitted it in court.

Where is this rabbi now?

He works for Aish HaTorah in NYC (where he teaches outreach skills) and he speaks for the OU (here's the brochure for the OU's West Coast convention as a pdf download), and he recently shared a platform with major OU leaders, including Rabbi Herschal Schachter. He is also still listed on the OU's website as director of the New Jersey / ETZ CHAIM region of NCSY.

Why is this man still working in Jewish outreach?

UPDATE – Here's where he will be speaking Wednesday:

20 Difficult Questions & 20 Easy Answers - "The Top Twenty Questions that come up in Kiruv Encounters and How to Handle Them and the People Asking Them" …Wednesday, February 21st, sponsored by Project Inspire/Aish HaTorah. Presenter: Rabbi Moshe Zeldman, charismatic and popular teacher of Jewish Philosophy at Aish Jerusalem and international lecturer for the world-famous Discovery Seminar. The goal of the talk is to provide a starting point to get the asker to be intrigued into looking deeper, rather than comprehensive answers, and to get a person to realize that there "are" answers and that often the question is based on a misconception. At Congregation Bnai Yeshurun at 8:00 PM. For information on event or about Project Inspire - the grassroots Kiruv movement, contact Rabbi Matt Tropp…

It goes on to give his Aish HaTorah email address and phone number. [In spirit of full disclosure, Moshe Zeldman is an old friend of mine from my student activist days.]

Thursday, February 22 finds Tropp and Zeldman at another New Jersey event:

The JEC and Aish HaTorah's Project Inspire will present a lecture by Rabbi Moshe Zeldman for the greater Elizabeth/Hillside community on Thursday evening, February 22nd, at the home of Tova and Ira Shulman, 231 Exeter Way in Hillside, beginning at 8PM. Rabbi Zeldman intends to explain a lot about the mitzva of kiruv, including its source(s), what it's all about, and why it is/should be quite an urgent issue for us -- his talk is entitled "Facing the Crisis of the Spiritual Holocaust – Kiruv: What is the Mitzva?"

Too Confusing's response to Gross said...

I find it incredible to say the least that someone from a family of gay rapists is the one who reported catching a gay rapist. The star witness later divorced and I don't have any information that he is deviant like his other family members but I'm not sure if he's still frum. Mind you, I'm no fan of the Koenigs, I'm just not sure who is telling the truth. I don't know if the star witness has a relationship with his criminal father & shvogger. I don't know if something may have rubbed off on him or if he is all the more revolted by indecent acts because of his background. I am just wondering if any familiar with the case knows any other information.

Anonymous said...

Scheinerman recently paseled the Halberstam mikvah without even looking at it

Anonymous said...

Maybe UOJ can post the Colmer picture for residents of other NY-NJ communities that he sometimes visits.

Anonymous said...

uproar in ger boro park!
someone threw around papers in all gerer shtiblech the case of a.m.leizerovitch from the awareness center with an additinal paper with the phone #s of jeff herman and eric green.

Moishy Koenig said...

Please leave me alone. The Briskers already want to kill me for pretending the whole time I'm going to live a life of Tayreh, when I suddenly disappeared and went to NYU full time. And to that jerk who told AJ that I snuck out to college in YTT, I know who you are!

Fact Checker said...

The Koenigs were in Touro too unless things got a little too hot for comfort. One of them was exposed after the Jewish Press printed his name in Touro's honor role. That's when they had to make up lies to tell Rabbi Berenbaum. And they really pulled a good one on the two Rabbi Schustals. What are they doing in the legal and accounting professions? They should be acting on Broadway.

The Un-Orthodox Jew - "UOJ" said...


Honoring A Hero - Rabbi Yosef Blau
By Jewish Survivors
Jewish Survivors of Sexual Violence Blog - February 20, 2007

Over the last several months it seems like many bloggers are busy exposing the names of those who offend and also those who enable the offenders.

Today I felt like doing something different. I think we all need to be thanking and honor a rabbi who has dedicated zillions of hours talking to survivors and really doing something to make a difference. We all need to be thanking Rabbi Yosef Blau!

Rabbi Blau is someone who has been volunteering his own time to talking and listen to what survivors of sex crimes have to say. Rabbi Blau has really been there for so many. I don't know how he does this. All I can come up with is that for someone to be able to handle this sort of work they really need to have a support system standing behind them. For that reason I also think it's extremely important for us all to thank his wife Dr. Rivka Blau. She too deserves a great deal of credit.

Next time you see either Rabbi Yosef or Dr./Rebbitzen Rivka Blau, make sure to thank them for being who they are and trying to make a difference.

Vicky Mayer said...

What was the relationship between Reb Mottel Weinberg and Leib Pinter.

[1] They were in Eastern Parkway together. What were their positions?
[2] When & why did they leave? Pinter to B'nai Torah and Reb Mottel to Montreal.
[3] Were they partners in Camp B'nai Torah?
[4] Did camp B'nai Torah change to Horim due to Pinter's legal problems?
[5] Why did Reb Mottel [who had the reputation of being a straight shooter] publicly defend Pinter during his legal problems?
[6]When & why did Reb Mottel leave Chaim Berlin?
[7] Who owned Eastern Parkway?
[8] Why was Eastern Parkway named after Meilich Silber? Who was Meilich Silber?
[9] Who owned Yeshiva B'nai Torah?
[10]Why did it close down?
[11] Where does Klein-Kaufman fit into the picture?

Efraim Steif said...

Oy yoy yoy! The Koenigs are liars? Someone should have told me before I went into shutfus with them. I should have figured something was fishy that Frankel's shul people are looking to get into nursing homes.


"I like turnaround deals in facilities in need of help," said Efraim Steif, who bought River Mede last year with Uri Koenig, both of Rockland County. Steif, 39, is involved in the ownership or operation of seven nursing homes downstate, but this is his first upstate venture, he said Friday.

River Mede had a history of citations by the state Department of Health.

Tribute to a True Adam Gadol said...


Anonymous said...
I agree, Rabbi Blau is a hero!

A few years ago I spoke to you on the phone. I never told you that I was considering suicide. I couldn't handle my past. I felt betrayed by so many. You held me together in a way that kept me alive. I'm now married with a child.

Thank you for being there for me and everyone else!

February 21, 2007 8:56 AM
Anonymous said...
It brings tear to my eyes that Rabbi Blau saved someone from the brink of suicide. I shudder to think how many others were lost because they called a different rov who wouldn't help. Rav Blau must have saved the "entire world" many times over.

February 21, 2007 9:24 AM
Anonymous said...
I agree with what's said here.

I was raped by a rabbi many years ago in my youth. As an adult I basically walked away from being Jewish. After a conversation with rav Blau I started to reconsider. He was the first and only rabbi who ever stopped to hear my story.

February 21, 2007 10:19 AM

boog said...

Can any of the restaurants with Kehilla Tarfus hasgocho be trusted to eat in?

Mr. Donner said...

"Did camp B'nai Torah change to Horim due to Pinter's legal problems?"

It's said that Pinter had to put the camp in my name because he's barred by a federal court order from running anymore yeshivos or camps. The FBI carted away Leib's documents again last year in a raid on Olympia Mortgage but he's probably too smart to leave any trail.

George Ribowsky said...

Hey, Vic Mayer! Long time! I haven't seen you since I used to fill Leib Pinter's sandwich orders. Where the hell have you been since you got a get out of jail free card?

Leib Tropper said...


A NY Daily News reporter wrote a book about the first fraud that my buddy Leib Pinter pulled off. It starts here at page 42. I can't stick around to detail the other frauds when he got out of prison. I'm busy running around to rabbonim about my geirus agenda to remind everyone that I exist.

boog said...

To Flatbush Askan and Most Rabbonim:

So which hashgocho can you trust?

Rav Schustal said...

Koenig iz gegangin tzu NYU? I was wondering where my chavrusa disappeared to. He got off lucky. Not like the other Frankel's guy who was physically thrown out of Beis Hatalmud. Ich darf freggen tatty farvos aleh fakers darfen lebben tzvei identities.

Elli Koenig said...

There's a Victor Mayer who lives on Bedford off of Ave K. Is that Pinter's assistant from the lunch fraud?

Motti Dick said...

Was Koenig one of the YTT crew the year that AJ Soloveitchik got upset at the type of bochur that R' Shlomo Feivel was sending?

Private Eye said...

Pinter, Tropper and Blackjack Kalmanwitz concocted the Slifkin ban between them. They are master manipulators.

The Un-Orthodox Jew - "UOJ" said...

Pinter does believe in Evolution. All his sandwiches evolved from non-kosher to kosher...what a hypocrite:-)

Yossi Cheifetz said...

What is the geirus agenda that Leib Tropper has going?

Ausfresser said...

The "rabbonim cowards" guy forgot to mention that Pinter is another Hungarian who got off scott free when he sold treif.

Milton Balkany said...

You see, even UOJ came up with a tairutz why Pinter must be innocent. The treif meat & cheese evolved into kosher. There is a Gemora that something made al yedei ness is pareve & kosher. And that's why Scheinerman & Gornish put their seal of approval on anything. Gil Student tells me he's going to have a detailed post on the lomdus of this.

The Un-Orthodox Jew - "UOJ" said...

All food sold by guys with beards have a chezkas kashrus even though the people selling it are pigs!

Elizabeth Holtzman said...

My Congressional office fielded the complaints about Pinter selling treif meat & cheese sandwiches. UOJ should set up an interview with me. I currently serve on the federal commission to investigate CIA connections to Nazi fugitives after WWII.

Leib Pinter said...

Are you guys slow or something? Kosher meat plus kosher cheese means all the ingredients in the sandwich are kosher. That's what I told the freye Congresswoman. I wonder if she fell for it?

"Larry" Eleazary said...


Does anyone know how to edit a Wikipedia file? It should be noted that Leib Pinter is one of Ben Brafman's filthy criminal clients.

Rabbi Moshe ben Maimon said...

It's poskened in the Yad hachazaka that it's a mitzva to be mevazeh a chotay umachatee ess harabim. Selling trief is bad but don't forget about enabling molestation.

Joe Koenig said...

You guys don't even know half the horror stories in town. You should drop by Frankel's mikve sometime to hear the reyd.

Aufschnitt said...

Can you imagine having that on your playtzes, not knowing how many thousands of people you were machshil with treif?

Effy Wachsman said...

Who asked der Rambam to butt in? He's from a previous generation and didn't get the green light from me. Pinter is a star at Artscroll so we can't have all this discontent about him.

Tsedrayter said...

Which Kalmanowitz is Blackjack?

The extremist elitist mentality of the Yeshivishe velt that exists today will not allow them to admit
any mistakes. This is not the 60's
70's when Ner Yisrael was the dominant yeshiva and normalcy reigned.
They paper-over
any disagreements very effectively.
Nonetheless there are many tzaddikim there who've got their
nose stuck in a Gemara all day
and don't suspect any wrongdoing.
We should remember this.

Anonymous said...

Meilech Silver was the dean of Yeshivah of Eastern Parkway.I tought there in the early 1960's.Rabbi Silver was one of the most decent human beings I ever encountered.He was taken away from us way to early.
The yeshiva is named after him.

Anonymous said...


The Un-Orthodox Jew - "UOJ" said...

Above Anon,

I hope you were not a spelling and English teacher:)

Anonymous said...

"Blackjack" Kalmanowitz must be Yankel, unless one of the other brothers uses the Cingular Blackjack device which is similar to a Blackberry.

Yankel is the brother in Israel who tried getting on board in the Mir but had no such luck. I believe he's the kalmanowitz who once his pants stolen by an Israeli ganav when he was sleeping in his sukah.

Anonymous said...





boog said...


Could very well be that he is teaching 'Henglish' in one of our yeshivas; und dats vy vee arre pruduucing such vondeefull pradoocts.

Tsedrayter said...

I always thought that having marital relations through a hole
was a fiction made up by anti-Semites. Is it really true?

RN said...

Let's use the tragedy of the untimely passing of R' Blumenkrantz to educate ourselves and our families of the terrible dangers associated with diabetes. Type 2 Diabetes can be as a result of, and severely aggravated by, obesity (especially around the waist) a sedentary lifestyle, poor nutritional habits, and smoking. It is possible for Type 2 Diabetes to go unnoticed for years; the results of ignored Diabetes can be deadly. Diabetes left untreated (treatment includes medication, DIET, EXCERCISE, QUITTING SMOKING)can cause heart failure, amputation and death!

So, quit smoking, eat healthier and lose some weight. Studies have shown that even a small amount of weight loss can reverse the ravaging effects of this terrible disease. There have been patients that lost 20 lbs and no longer needed to be on medication.

Listen to your doctor or nurse! A small cut on a diabetic foot can quickly lead to amputation - the saddest part is that it is preventable. There is no excuse for neglect. The extra piece of cake or cigarette is not worth your toes or your life! Don't drive to shul - walk (discuss this with your doctor first)

There are so many ticking time bombs walking around BP and Flatbush that I just had to write this.

Anonymous said...

Do you have a pciture of Colmer you can post?

Vos zogt UOJ? said...


This would be one of the biggest developments in American history. Why am I afraid that everything Obama touches probably won't end well even if it sounds like a Conservative free market idea?

chaim said...

ok,ok,ok... As a longtime NIRC guy, let me tell you something. Eismann is out, tottally out. The guy is extremely weird and nobody really listened to what he said when he was in yeshiva (eg yeshiva guys have to wear suits, ties and hats to college etc)and hes most of the time in russia. The only unsettling fact is they havnt kicked him out of his aopartment building which is full of kids, but he now knows the consequences. He spends his time with russian girls - he must be hooked on the russian chicks.
Also, maybe not everyone is like this, but if eismann had come over to me in the dorm as the reports go, I wouldve beat him!
I always like to say, as the story goes, when shlomo carlebach came to baltimore in the late eighties, eismann warned everyone that whoever goes to the concert would be kicked out of yeshiva (many still did; shows how effective he was) (carlebach was eismanns peer in lakewood by R aharon). My pshat into this is because carlebach was approached constantly by hippie girls looking for sex while eismann had to sneak a grab on a yeshieveshe tuchiss in philly.
Lastly, the neubergers have all the power they need to have to fire him. They did that to Matis Weinberg when elya svei forced them to, not because he was a rapist and pedafile, but because he was left wing and a bigger talmid chacham then svei.

Satmar Peasant said...


Genetic Tests Can Unearth Family Secrets, Such as Incest

Medical Community Debates Implications of DNA Tests That Reveal Evidence of Incest


Feb. 10, 2011

Anonymous said...

I really doubt that Matis Weinberg is a bigger talmid chochom than R' Elya. Matis is a generation younger. As the legend goes, R' Elya was the half from the 2.5 talmidim who mastered R' Aron Kotler's difficult shiur. The other two were Carlebach and Eisemann / Eisenmann, the rosh yeshiva from Vineland who may be Eisemann's cousin. A friend who learned in Lakewood 20 years ago once met up with a R' Aron talmid who went completely off the derech. He was shocked to learn that all his old buddies were big roshei yeshiva today and proceeded to recount his whole inside take on Carlebach. According to him, Carlebach being seduced by music is a cover story from those uncomfortable speaking about the znus.

Back to the Weinbergs, R' Elya was out to get Matis and his father because of R' Yaakov Weinberg's machlokes with the Steipler. NIRC became persona non grata in the Agudah so NIRC tried to compensate by hijacking the Young Israel movement and some kiruv organizations.

Agudah Fresser said...

Are we ever looking like a bunch of losers! Chaim Dovid Zweibel and R' Shmuel's nephew Mottel Kaminetzky went running down to meet with the new Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano to be mechanef him for some funding but no one seems to have informed them about newspaper reports that the County is insolvent and is about to be taken over by NY State, making Mangano irrelevant.

Ohel CEO David Mandel said...

I have to speak to my handlers at the Agudah. It's about they stopped Rabbi Eidensohn from bring up all these topics that make it more difficult for us to cover things up


Abuse: Psychotherapist seduction of clients - Yes frum therapists do it also!

It is necessary to be aware of one of the clear and established dangers of psychotherapy. That is the therapeutic relationship makes it relatively easy for a therapist to seduce his/her client. Therapist and client spend much secluded time together discussing very personal matters and often this involves intense emotion.

Even frum therapists - including rabbis - have seduced their clients. While it is clearly against the law - but this applies primarily to licensed therapists. Seduction by unlicensed therapists apparently is viewed as two consenting adults . While for licensed therapists it is acknowledged that the therapist has a position of authority and thus sexual relationship with a client is viewed as an abuse of that authority. There is also a halachic problem. A married woman who has sexual relationship with a therapist is committing adultery and her husband needs to divorce her. When a frum married woman is seduced by her therapist - if she files a complaint her husband will most likely believe her and thus must divorce her. The case if the husband doesn't know or doesn't believe his wife must be handled by a major posek. Because of this halachic problem - as well as the disgrace to the family - seduction often goes unreported in the frum community.

A woman (or man) who has been seduced by their therapist or rabbi needs to speak to a competent Rav who has the ability to organize community resources - including the police - to stop the therapist

This page of Dr. Ken Pope provides some information. Aside from the terrible sin - there is the likelihood of serious psychological damage

chaim said...

Matis weinberg is much, much bigger of a talmid chochom then Elya Svei. His father, R' Yaakov, who himself was greater then most and for sure greater then Svei, said his son matis was greater then im in certain areas. R' Ruderman, his grandfather, would stand up for him and give him his chair whenever matis came into the room.
Do you have any info on the argument between the steipler and R Yaakov weinberg?

Anonymous said...

According to what I heard, this is what went down between the Steipler and Ner Yisroel. The Steipler was upset about the arrangement they had with Johns Hopkins because it is a Catholic school. I don't know what his exact tayna was as some big anti-college roshei yeshiva who are matir for post-kollel parnossa actually prefer the Xtian schools because there is a lot less pritzus. R' Yaakov Weinberg shot back at the Steipler in a way that got the Agudah and whoever else in the haymishe velt who was aware of it, pretty angry. Ner Yisroel was finished as far as they were concerned because no one was going to speak in such mechutzefdik terms about the Steipler and get away with it. Ner Yisroel was immediately sidelined at the Moetzes unless you also happen to be a Chaim Berliner like R' Aron Feldman who can be put under the spell of the Novominsker & R' Aron Schechter.

It didn't help either that another Weinberg son is a modern orthodox womanizing putz who supports the Tendlers.

Shmarya groupie said...

Noch an adam gadol is geshtorben. Vechol Yisroel yivku ...


Charles E. Silberman, Who Wrote About Racism in the U.S., Dies at 86

In “Crisis in Black and White,” he explored the nation’s long history of racial oppression and its dire effects on the economic, social and educational prospects of 20th-century blacks.

RSZA prediction on Star K bishul Akum said...

It's written in R' Shlomo Zalman Auerbach's sefer Minchas Shlomo that phony loophole "heterim" on bishul akum (utilized by Star K) are gorem intermarriage.


February 11, 2011

Speed-Dating, Muslim Style

That’s Millanus, the ultimate oxymoron: Islamic matrimony speed dating. It's a twice-yearly conclave started by a Pakistani-American financial adviser from Long Island who was tired of being asked by Muslim clients if he knew anyone suitable for their children.

MR. MOHSIN is an unlikely Islamic matchmaker. He grew up in Karachi, then moved to New York in 1979 to pursue a master’s degree in business administration at Iona College. He met his own wife the American way: as a graduate student, he took a job at an Indian boutique in the New Rochelle Mall, and a frequent customer named Marilyn caught his eye.

Like himself, Marilyn came from a family & community in the Bronx where men & women are separated until marriage. Hers, however, was Jewish; Orthodox, in fact. They disowned her when she introduced them to her Muslim suitor. (Only over the past 2 years, she said, have they begun to patch things up.)

Now, Mrs. Mohsin, a social worker who is 53, blends easily among the women at Millanus, wearing a blue sequined shalwar kameez, a traditional Pakistani outfit. “I don’t know what our secret is,” she said of their marriage, “but we’ve been doing it for 31 years.”

Mr. Mohsin could not resist the challenge. He introduced a few families, but became overwhelmed by a steady demand of requests that made him feel like “the community’s Yellow Pages.”

Then, he read an article in Newsweek about Jdate.com, a Jewish online dating service, which also arranges face-to-face events for singles. He did what any curious entrepreneur might: He joined.

“I get lots of messages on my profile,” he said in a deadpan tone.

Anonymous said...

The Agudah has been trying to patch things up with Ner Yisroel since Rav Weinberg was niftar. R' Shmuel Kaminetzky even did a shidduch with R' Yaakov Weinberg's eidim. And with R' Elya having passed on, there is no big kanoyi left to fight the Weinbergs over fishy hashkofos at Aish Hatorah. The only ones left still complaining about Aish are from outside the Agudah, R' Moshe Sternbuch's people over how Aish tells baal teshuva that it's ok that their parents are intermarried to goyim and even young adults that can afford their own rent may live at home with such an arrangement.

Anonymous said...

It was Rabbi Yudel Shain who went to RSZA with evidence Star K was pulling a fast one by having a Yid turn on a low watt light bulb instead of lighting a fire or igniting a red hot "glo-bar". Rav Heinemann reportedly had a fit when the sefer came out against him even though he was not named.

Star K is very sneaky when it comes to compromising halacha to make a buck. They are certifying Reform & Conservative temple catering halls at an increasing pace as other certifiers move to drop them because of the gay "marriage" ceremonies and other issues. Star K says on the record they will not do the gay affairs but have been caught sending mashgichim wearing disguises like baseball caps and casual clothes. Star K also denies sending mashgichim to special events where there is chilul Shabbos and no place for the mashgichim to daven with a minyan but rabbonim who have investigated say there is a good chance that Star K is lying there as well.

Anonymous said...

this chaim guy is either related to the rasha matis weinberg or is him himself. let's make this clear: MATIS WEINBERG IS A SERIAL CHILD MOLESTOR. there is no defense for his actions. whoever helped get him out of nirc and san jose (or wherever he had his druggie yeshiva in california) did klal yisroel a great chesed whatever side motivations they may have had. if chaim were a real talmid of r' yaakov weinberg, he would know that he never defended his wayward son and had almost nothing to do with him for decades-only his wacky wife, who we all know is not all there, was always looking to defend her son. his shver rav chaim stein never allowed him on the telz campus and took in several of his kids as a way of getting them out of his filthy clutches.

Yeshiva Kerem San Jose said...

Every scumbag, white, bearded trash get their start at Kerem. Matis Weinberg, Shalom Tendler, Aaron Tendler.Matis and Shalom were roomates in ner yisroel.

Rabbi Daniel Lapin said...

I was Matis Weinberg's shutef at Kerem but I'm best known for being Jack Abramoff's favorite rabbi. I'm originally from South Africa which is where Matis is always flying down to give lectures.

chaim said...

you people are getting me wrong. Don't think for a second that svei and the aguda wanted Matis out because of his molestation and weirdnesses (eg., he kisses talmidim on the lips, places their heads on his upper thigh when blessing them from 'sim na yadcha tachas yereichi'), but because of his leftist views, his vast torah and world knowledge, and his immenant take over of ner yisroel, which svei bullied NIRC into paying him a very handsome salary to live in his currnt house in jerusalem. I dont care who was older; matis crushed svei in learning.
BTW, good point about R Aharon Feldman being a chaim berliner, so thats why aguda is patching things up with ner yisroel. Keep in mind, NIRC dominates the SEED and many other outreach programs, something the truly defunct nd obselete torah umesorah would want to hijack.
And no, I am not related to the Weinbergs.

Anonymous said...

this matis weinberg apologist jerk is making me sick. this blog was started to stop molestor apologists and enablers like you.
btw, nirc has continued matis's legacy by producing several students who have become prominent child molestors, as well as by fostering several other well known molestors in the baltimore community, ensuring that baltimore remain the molestor capitol of america-sharing a partnership with our sister city, ramat bais shemesh, we are the two starry eyed bt capitols of the world. matis must be proud.

Anonymous said...

That's funny, Yeshiva Chofetz Chaim is convinced that they own SEED. They probably outnumber Ner on how many locations they service.

chaim said...

Im not a weinberg apologist; and dont think for a second that matis i a holy man. He isnt.
NIRC isnt harboring any molestor besides Eisenmann, and even he was thrown out. The other Baltimore stories - uravel, Shapiro, Eisgrau, Menken, etc are not harbored by NIRC. NIRC disposed of its sickos like eisenmann and M. Weinberg when they had to, even though they are covering up for Eisenmanns crimes, and I resent that. What about YTT - with Kolko, how instead of throwing him out, they just keep him going? What about Chaim Berlin with its continued backing and support of Tropper and Hersch?
the other pedo rabbis, eg Eisgrau and all the rest, are harbored by Heinnemann and Hopfer, who have very little to do with NIRC.
So why dont you just shut up, mr anonymous?

Moetzes Resign! said...

Lance Armstrong Retiring From Cycling Permanently

Filed at 10:43 a.m. EST

His retirement ends a comeback effort that failed to diminish talk that performance-enhancing drugs helped his career.

Armstrong vehemently denies ever using performance-enhancing drugs.

Even so, he remains shadowed by a federal investigation into the sport launched last year

Fool said...

All Rabbis are perfect and we must defer to them. They have Daas Torah and super powers and can do the things even Yoda never did in Star Wars. They are experts in everything and we should just worship them. The crap that comes out of their anus and their mouth never smells bad. They don't like the bloggers because bloggers are communicating which is not allowed in Torah law because human communication is Lashon Hara especially when the blog says bad things about child molesters. When did the Torah talk about child molesters? Which Rabbi in the Gemara was a Child molester? Clearly there are no Rabbi molesters. It is just a myth made up by bloggers who imagine that Rabbis do bad things. Rabbis are the best and the brightest of humanity they are the unsung heros who deserve nobel prizes for their contributions to society. They save more lives than Doctors, heal more people than Kevin Trudeo and his natural cures, invented the internet and even live without food or water for years. They are not human they are superhuman. We are the aliens and martians and they are the super heros who will save us from the evil bloggers and the other evils of the world.

This message has been brought to you in part from the Moetzt Gedolia Guyva Association
The NAMBLA foundation
Orthodox Molesters for Torah learning fund
and the Orthodox research for mind numbing and thought control studies

Anonymous said...


Avi Shafran is at it again. He attacks the bloggers (seemingly all of them) to call them the enemy from within (cf Yeshaya 49:17). He goes so far as to provide the mareh makom for the Novi. The Rishonim learn that posuk is going on the reshoyim who caused the churban Bayis. He accuses the bloggers of cynically using the Kletzky murder to advance their agenda which come to think of it is exactly what Shafran does himself in this terrible piece. He cites non-Jewish writers including "African-Americans", Irishmen, Muslims, etc who he claims are behaving better than fellow Jews.

Shafran is not just attacking those who called to stop taxpayer funds for Shomrim but also anyone who aired legitimate criticism of the rabbis from his organization who have spent decades shielding child abusers.

Knowing how calculating Shafran can be, it is probably no coincidence that the title he chose is "Hearing Voices" when the killer is allegedly schizophrenic. The intention seems to be to badmouth Agudah critics as being just as sick as Levi Aron. So just who is the dark cynic, Rabbi Shafran(ovitch)?

Kessef yaaneh es hakol said...

Asher Taub, a yeshivish type lawyer from Kew Gardens, Queens, who recently ran a failed bid for Congress in the district that includes Far Rockaway, joined the campaign of Republican Bob Turner to fill the Congressional seat in another district vacated by the disgraced Anthony Weiner. (Taub ironically lost the election in part due to the Agudah backing his opponent, a corrupt Black Congressman who is under Federal investigation). Taub recently penned a very appropriate op-ed for the 5 Towns Jewish Times & Yeshiva World News, blasting Turner's Democrat opponent David Weprin, a so called modern orthodox Jew who uses nonsensical & morally warped arguments to sponsor every piece of pro-gay legislation in government. Taub properly identified Weprin as "Obama with a yarmulka"


Now, Taub has folded like a cheap camera after he was approached by big money interests and shown himself to be a hypocrite who can be gotten to for the right price. Not only is Weprin in bed with the Queens Vaad, but some major financial supporters of Taub's who share that same crowded bed were alarmed after Weprin was exposed, so they put the squeeze on Taub. The same thing apparently happened at the ad-hungry 5 Towns Jewish Times who had a change of heart and ran a pathetic retraction by Taub (see link) as well as a stream of puff pieces on Weprin to transform him from Sitra Achara to the Goel Tzedek. 5TJT dishonestly referred to a NY Post article that Weprin is "not necessarily pro-Obama" when buried in the Post article is the fact that Weprin refuses to say if he will endorse Obama's re-election bid. 5TJT also showed Weprin receiving an award from a tzedaka organization posing together with Menachem Lubinsky. Funny how Lubinsky, an Agudah executive, always suddenly appears when a criminal or other scoundrel needs a makeover of his bad reputation.

The big money interests forced Taub to have breakfast with Weprin. Taub suddenly turns into a patsy and says that Weprin acted "humble" while shmearing his bagel with cream cheese, ignoring the fact that politicians are skilled liars. And here is Taub - who only a week earlier was calling for the gedolim to asser voting for Weprin - groveling at Weprin's feet and finding terutzim for his immoral hashkofos.

Kessef yaaneh es hakol said...

Part 2

Who are the big money interests? Queens askan Shimi Pelman whose nursing homes have time & again been sanctioned by State authorities for fraud and mistreating patients. And Zionist activist Dr. Joseph Frager. Frager heads a number of organizations that form a huge collective money pot, including tons of money from Yoshke worshippers. Taub didn't seem concerned that the same gedolim who asser voting for pro-gay politicians have assered taking money from those groups. Frager's sidekick at the Zionist shindigs is a Paul Brody who was suspended from practicing medicine due to fraud and gross negligence. His disciplinary record (as well as Pelman's companies') is posted online by NY State. Furthermore, Frager hangs out at the same Young Israel with Weprin. I say hang out because Weprin does not daven with a minyan (or perhaps even not at all), even on Shabbos morning. He drifts in around leining time to shoot the breeze with his buddies.

It seems the shmearing did not stop with Weprin's bagel. After Taub's retraction, he penned an even more ridiculous piece in the last couple of days for 5TJT, predicting Turner will lose to Weprin and insinuates that Turner is an anti-Semite through a weak argument. He says the co-op apts in Turner's Breezy Point neighborhood keep out shvartzas (so do the chassidishe in Williamsburg) and only have token Jews living there. Taub neglects to make clear why Jews would want to live in a strictly Irish enclave. In any case, like the gedolim said in a past Presidential election, even if Bush is for argument's sake an anti-Semite, it is better to vote for him than an immoral persona like Clinton.

Maybe Asher Taub can explain his confusing adherence to what the gedolim hold.

Anonymous said...

Taub is pathetic. He could only pull in 15% of the vote when he ran in a district that includes Jewish, Irish & Italian neighborhoods.

What a joke said...


UOJ will get a kick out of this interview with Shafran. It regards his piece on Moses Mendelssohn in the JO that the Moetzes apologized to the public over.

Shafran calls himself a Hirschian and gets away with it even though the Agudah holds like R' Boruch Ber that it was a bedieved for the matzav then in Germany.

Shafran also says with a straight face that the Agudah does not consider their gedolim to have a sort of Jewish papal infallability.

Observant Jew said...

This is my educated guess to explain Shafran's bizarre dialog with blogger Baruch Pelta who incidentally became a charedi BT in 2005, switched to modern orthodox in 2008 and left the fold to become an atheist in 2010. If he was not an atheist already when interviewing Shafran, he only had two more months left of that year to do so.

Shafran is a talmid of R' Yaakov Weinberg who was kept out of the Moetzes. I believe Shafran was pained greatly by this and by the fact that the Agudah deferred to the Steipler who considered Ner Yisrael to be outside the Olam hatorah. Since the passing of Rabbi Svei, I know that the Agudah has been quietly making overtures to Ner talmidim to draw them to their events. They are pretty much desperate these days to pull in as many warm bodies as they can to shore up their ranks. Shafran talks out of both sides of his mouth. Because of his Ner problem, he will at times say there are legitimate opinions outside the Agudah. When it suits him to attack those at odds with the Agudah, he will call that blasphemy. What a confused soul.

Anonymous said...

Starting around 1990, Lakewood stopped taking Ner Yisroel talmidim except in very rare circumstances. You had to be not taking any college courses (the Steipler was furious that there was an official exchange with a Catholic university and everyone else was furious at the chutzpadik attack on the Steipler by someone high up in Pikesville) AND it had to because you were against it in principal, not because you were lazy or didn't take the shuttle to Johns Hopkins because of some fluke. Less than one bochur a year fits that description. There was one guy who was already a CPA and dead set on getting into Lakewood. He happened to really know his beans in learning but they still refused to take him. After he begged and cried and got the whole world to call the roshei yeshiva for months, they got tired of his whining and let him in. What was odd about the CPA is that he was completely modern orthodox, to the left even at Ner Yisroel but was still dying to try out Lakewood. It was probably just for intellectual stimulation. He left after a year.

Sruly Singer said...

My friend Julie Berman moved out of Forest Hills and now davens in the same shul on 188th Street as Weprin and Frager. I wonder if they got the idea of bagels from Julie who made that the only meal allowed at the Claims Conference to cut costs.

Rubashkin fresser said...


Interesting lawsuit. Binyomin Ginsberg, a Telzer who has a shul in Minnesota, has of late been one of Rubashkin's chief apologists. He was sent by Pinny Lipschitz to visit Sholom Mordechai in his jail cell, where he wrote in the Yated that Rubashkin is a "tzaddik". Here is a lawsuit he launched that is being kicked around the courts. He accuses an airline of cancelling his frequent flyer card because he complained too many times about bad service.

David Barsky said...

David Barsky
April 7, 2011 00:05


David Barsky, 52, blabbed for an hour about Aron from a Rikers Island visiting room, giving the first detailed account of the confessed killer's private life - and it's predictably pathetic.

Barsky described Aron, 35, as a "socially awkward" and "borderline retarded" misfit who was a loser with the ladies and couldn't rock out on the mike.

"He couldn't hold a conversation," said Barsky, 52, who is jailed in lieu of $10,000 bail after getting busted in April for unlicensed operation of his Plymouth van - which was registered in Aron's name.

As police interrogated Aron after collaring him at his Kensington home July 13 - and finding Leiby's feet in the freezer - he called Barsky his "best friend," court papers reveal.

Failed Messiah nursery school said...

Over at the Failed Messiah nursery school there was a very funny development last week. You always have those Lubavitcher trolls trying to stick it to Shmarya. It's gotten boring already with the same predictable insults at and comebacks from Shmarya. There is a new kid on the block named Alex who has a way with words. He gets entertainingly creative and got Shmarya to lose his cool & overreact over an almost erudite way of saying that Shmarya smells from b.o.. Shmarya shot back with a flowery way of saying that Alex emits smelly farts. Amazing how a kid manages to get under the skin of a grown man in his 50s to drag him into a dispute about noxious bodily gasses.

YTT misnaged said...

"Plymouth van - which was registered in Aron's name"

Yudi Kolko is another pedophile whose vehicle of choice is Chrysler Plymouth.

The last time a Plymouth dinosaur was manufactured by the way was 11 years ago.

Boog's "Sick out there and getting Sicker" file said...


Even Jonathan Rosenblum criticizes Shafran for defending Obama as not anti-Israel. Has Shafran completely lost his compass? Did he ever have one?

Q said...

R' Yaakov Weinberg was not let into the Moetzes, and for good reason. Kaminetzky and Perlow would cringe, literally tremble, each time he got up to speak. He stood up for what he believed.... and it wasn't always pretty.
Being who he was, he attacted some strange people who call themselves his Talmidim. I believe that the actual Talmidim he had were extremely few and far in between. Take a look at Beryl Weisbord; holds himself to be his talmid, yet he's an Am ho'oretz walking around in a kapote defending eisenmenn all day. He even married his daughter.
Ner Israel was, at one point, gifted with individuals such as R' Yaakov Weinberg. Chaval Al De'ovdin - with the inception of Beryl Weisbod and Aron Feldman, together with the death of R' Herman Neuberger and the appointment of Sheftel, alas.... it is all but a memory in the past. It today is comprised of spineless conformists, who seek to turn it into another Lakewood, and are driving its relevancy into the ground.
Chaval Al De'ovdin.....

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