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Each week I will select the best comment of the week and post it for the world to see. This week there were three excellent comments that stand out, and I'm in agreement with their thoughts. (mostly:-) Each winner may e-mail their real name, if they choose to, and I'll gladly post it. The commenters now have an incentive to create thoughtful, meaningful and powerful comments that will resonate loudly throughout cyberspace. From now until Pesach, each winner may e-mail me the name & address of a family that is in need of maos chitim (money for Passover). These names will remain anonymous forever.

As a rule the comments must be:


Anonymous Mr. Emes..........

UOJ's point - and he has a point - is that current events cannot be understood in a vacuum. The history is relevant. We Jews are in a long decline. Our communal child sex abuse problem needs to be understood in a historical context - and then we can fix it.I too disagree with much, but not all, of what UOJ has written about kabbalah and Chassidus. They are a legitimate part of Judaism, just as Rav Eidensohn wrote. Someone else wrote the Chofetz Chaim mentions the Ari, and that works for me too. I'm nowhere near any of these madreigas, by the way.But, G-d help us, look what the Chassidic movements have morphed into. Also, the yeshivish movement. We are disgusting. As if the thievery, the phony kollel movement and actual physical infighting were bad enough, who could imagine pedophilia. Who could image the coverups?Just think - here we are, sixty years after the Holocaust, its as if we've learned nothing. Our leading organizations and Torah leadership do not merely stand by, but are also complicit! This is horrifying beyond words!This is neo-Moloch. It is child sacrifice, for the sake of money, honor, power. Some Chassidim believe it is permissible to steal from a non-Jew. From that krum attitude, look what we have now. Pedophilia. Shomer mitzvos adult Jewish men pleasuring themselves with Jewish children. Rachmana latzlan. And the yeshiva rabbis have covered this up, at worst, or done nothing, at best.In our history, we do have a warped view of what religion should be. It is a fact that some European rabbis believed that both America and Israel were treife, and they instructed their people to stay where they were. And they did, and they died. This is just as warped as a rabbi saying no penetration is not molestation, and foiling a beis din.You can both believe in Daas Torah, and not believe in rabbinic infallibility. Rabbis possess wisdom, and rabbis make mistake. The Chofetz Chaim, who we all believe in, told Rabbi Wasserman, his talmid muvhak, that he made a mistake in not fighting Communism harder than he did. He still would have lost, he said, but the Communists would not have emerged as strongly as they did. So the Chofetz Chaim made a mistake. And if one Yid in those days had said, the Chofetz Chaim is wrong, we need to fight Communism as hard as we can, that Yid would have been right, and the Chofetz Chaim wrong.The Daas Torah of the Chofetz Chaim would have been wrong.History is relevant.


What's shocking is the number of "heimishe" grocery stores that carry the Rubashkin/Aaron's/Supreme line. The allegations against their Postville plant regarding kashrut violations, tzaar baalei chayim and employee rights violations, should have closed them down a long time ago. Remember, nobody believed Rabbi Shain eight years ago regarding Shevach. Many of those same people were crying last Yom Kippur night during Kol Nidre, "ki lchol haam bishgaga". According to Rav Yudel, "Rubashkin was the forerunner to Shevach, only they are more elaborate with their schemes." When you have a cholei bsakana and the only food you have available for him is Hebrew National or Rubashkin, he says to feed the sick person Hebrew National. A well respected mashgiach as Rabbi Shain would not put his reputation on the line if there were not serious issues with Rubashkin. Personally, I stopped buying their products when the Kosher Spot scandal broke, with the owner buying "kosher" meat from Rubashkin and labelling it "glatt kosher". The foul-mouthed truck drivers have full access to labels and plumbas that they can sell to any lowlife storeowner looking to cheat. When you have a company that's in the treife meat business as well, where they cannot compete in that market, it behooves them to label as much as possible "glatt kosher". Now they came up with the fraudulent label "glatt kosher chicken". As far back as I can remember, chicken was either kosher or not kosher. This is another means to defraud the consumer into thinking their product is superior. Then they place the phony OU symbol, while nobody from the OU even visited their plant. As long as the OU gets paid, it doesn't really matter, does it? They are certifying that they know tbe mashgiach, whatever that's worth. It's reached a point where I know certain rabbis that have become vegetarians, not even eating meat on Shabbos and Yom Tov.The state of kashrut today is probably as bad as it was 70 years ago during the days of RSFM. The phony mashgichim go under the title of "kulo ohev shochad verodef salmonim", and there's plenty that run abound. Phony mashgichim that cover up kashrut violations and phony rashei yeshivos that cover up sexual abuse. This is the sad state of affairs we are in today. One can choose to ignore Rabbi Shain's rantings to stop buying Rubashkin as well as one can choose to ignore UOJ's rantings to stop sending your kids to YTT. Just remember that Rav Yudel was right regarding Shevach and UOJ was right regarding Kolko, Nussbaum, Eiseman and Leizerowitz. Just remember, next Kol Nidre, you can no longer claim "ki lchol haam bishgaga". You have been duly warned!! --


The current culture of cover-up is based on three pillars. I've said it before and will repeat it again and again because if we do not understand and shake the pillars of the culture, that evil culture will continue to spread its evilness on all of us.The first pillar of the cover-up culture is the Issur Mesirah. We keep criminals who affect both the surrounding world and our own world, just so that we will not be Moser them to the gentiles. Firstly, I do not believe that the Issur Mesira is that encompassing that it would prevent us from giving away real criminals. We probably could consider them as people that the gentiles specified for specific (and probably justified) reasons. For such people there is no Issur. For those who believe that one is aloud to steal from a gentile or from the government, those probably have the Din of Rodef, because if their deeds become known then the gentiles and the government may come after all of us. And people who molest young boys, young girls or anybody else for that matter, they for sure have the Din of Rodef and since we may not punish them, the only viable solution is actually give them to the authorities.But there is even deeper problem that we neglect to notice and this is the corrupting effect of having criminals in our midst. If they are successful, others may see them as heroes and follow their footsteps. Those who are with higher morale may not go for that but they may be desensitized to criminal acts and may not see the problem.The second pillar of the cover-up culture is the Issur Loshon Ha-Ra. Think about it, the Chofetz Cahyim took a relatively minor and obscure Issur and elevated it to be the fourteenth Ikkar of Emunah, next to the old established thirteen Ikkarim of the Rambam. But this Issur is now abused. One may not come with real issues about somebody else since the Mekhubad Rabbi Listener would refuse to listen and obviously would refuse to act. Just take the story about R' Yudel Shain finding that Shevach was supplying Treifos some eight years ago and R' Braslauer refused to listen as an example. We took that Issur out of context and out of proportion and it is back firing.The third and, in my opinion, the most serious pillar of that culture is R' Shimon Schwab's Issur of writing Jewish History, magnified by his recommendation to write inspiring stories with only good things about people of previous generations. There are several problems here. Firstly, who is to say what is good and inspiring and what is not. For example, is the fact that R' Moshe Feinstein used to read the New York Times a good one because in that way he kept himself informed or is it bad because how could he read such Schmutz? Another issue is the well known maxim (not known in the frummie world for obvious reasons) that those who do not learn from the past are doomed to repeat it. If we do not read R' Wasserman letter and we are not aware about his false ideas then how could we prevent repeating such deeds.But the most serious offence of this notion is the desensitizing effect on society. We are so used to society mandated cover-up, that we do not even see how wrong it is. Think about it, R' Schwab called for an organized campaign of cover-up and the only thing many of us do is to mock and laugh about the resulting C.I.S and Artscroll hagiography publication, better known as The Life of the Saints Series.These three pillars must be cut out, smashed and destroyed Im Hafetzey Hayim Anahnu --


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful idea Mr. UOJ.

Leopold Margulies said...

Knowing UOJ, this contest is probably fixed.

ZA said...

I was told this over Shabbos, and in order to be fair to Rav Schwab ZTz"L I decided to publish this comment:
In order to fully understand Rav Schwab's stand against writing Jewish History we need to look at the historical context of his life and the people he was fighting against. Rav Schwab saw in horror the writings of Dr. Tzvi Gretz and the way he referred to people that Rav Schwab perceived as real saintly Gedolim. Dr. Gretz interjected his anti-religious ideology and personal attacks on religious people into his historical writings in such a way that these writing adherence with the truth is in many cases questionable. Rav Schwab also saw himself as a Talmid of the Chofetz Chayim and was influenced by the notion of Issur Loshon Ha-Ra. These facts explain but not fully justify his stand against writing Jewish History and in the same time encouraging white-washing that history. I would say that in my eyes his short sightedness and inability to see that his Daas Torah was wrong in that particular case, does not prevent me of still thinking about him as a real Godol, because in my eyes Gadluth has nothing to do with infallibility.

The Un-Orthodox Jew - "UOJ" said...


Once facts are distorted with rabbinic license, who is ever able to discern the truth, today or yesterday?

Anonymous said...

uoj! you won the contest with out a doubt with your response to rabbi eidensohn

Anonymous said...

Check out this post on Wasserman's "Maamar Al Emuna" at:


Gordon Young said...

Margulies, old buddy, I've been looking for you. I'm sure you have some sagely advice to help me out of my current predicament.

Howard K. Stern ESQ. said...

Maybe the oilam can help me. My present client just dropped dead. I was offerred a job by Margo and the Agudas Yisroel. I need to know who the bigger kurva is.

Mordechai Tendler said...


Something tells me that Margo's legal troubles are going to start looking a lot like this.

It's a set up said...

Do you wonder why the Agudah propped up Rav Salomon to talk about UOJ / YTT at the Fress-Fest convention? He wasn't around when it happened, so if he gets subpoenaed for saying "we made a mistake (about Kolko)", the Agudah will say, oh, he wasn't even here when it happened, so he doesn't know what he's talking about.

In essence, Zweibel made a fool out of the mashgiach.

Moish Finkel said...


Just a little question for you guys. How come a guy like Leib Pinter who was chotay umachtee es harabim with cheese & meat in the lunch program fraud AND who doesn't stop stealing from people gets any kibudim he wants from yeshivos & Artscroll? Pinter doesn't even ask mechila, yet the gedolim take him seriously when he ran around to torpedo Slifkin.

When it comes to any other chotay, they get bushos & cherpos wherever they go, even if they beg for mechila. You hear my kashya?

Anonymous said...

UOJ, what do you say about a big advocate for victims who once appeared on Oprah? The blogs have got the episode from YouTube this week and are saying it's proof the advocate is not credible.

Proud Romaniote Jew said...

I am disturbed by the actions of my fellow Romaniote Jews recently. There is the infamous Ariel Toaff of Rome who has just ignited a firestorm and then there the embarrasment of the D'anconas in Toronto. I still don't know what the heck an scion of an old respected Jewish family is doing in a hungarian chassidic cesspool.

Someone help me out here.

The Un-Orthodox Jew - "UOJ" said...

The Awareness Ctr. has done some very credible work. I did not and will not watch the Youtube clip.

proud romaniote jew said...

AwarenessCenter is a good thing but I am highly disturbed by what Vicki Polin had to say on Oprah more than a decade ago.

This is even more disturbing in light of what Ariel Toaff just published in his book.

Anonymous said...

The rule of falsus in uno applies to Vicky Polin and The Awareness Center.

The jury may decide that she "testified" falsely once on Oprah, and decide that she is otherwise credible.

Vos far a shanda said...

Toaff is a disgrace. There are people like him who will do anything for fame. His "findings" are based on wording from ancient "confessions" extracted under torture and probably altered by the torturers as well. The European Jewish Press is reporting that his own father will probably never speak to him again. The Chronicle of Higher Education reports that he is also in hot water with the university that employs him.

The Un-Orthodox Jew - "UOJ" said...

"Falsus in uno" may apply in a forward sense, not "after" she's demonstrated credibilty time and again.

steve said...

That You Tube clip is another attempt at attacking the messenger. It ranks up there with the Thanksgiving Night Massacre in Ct. When these people can't refute the allegations, which are all true, then they resort to these low tactics. Every one of those molesters listed on the Awareness Center have been thoroughly investigated. They are all valid accusations. Unfortunately, there are a lot more that we don't know about, just ask R' Salomon (the carpet sweeper).

Just an aside, Steven I. Weiss should be ashamed of himself, posting this clip. Totally unprofessional from a "journalist".

Rabbi Eidensohn said...

ZA blames the cover up on three pillars: The sin of mesira, the sin of loshon hora, and Rabbi Schwab's request that we right not write bad facts but nice things in our Jewish histories.

Does ZA actually believe that the people who covered up child molesting were pious people who feared the ISURE MESIRA or Loshon Hora? This is a joke. They were wicked people, not machmirim.

Let's call a spade a spade. There are rabbis who are wicked. They may be scholars, they have spent years serving the community, but they can still be wicked.

rabbi Dovid Eidensohn said...

Mr. Emes is the first post, and he in general says what I have been saying that the system stinks, but that we don't have to throw out the baby with the bathwater and discard Kabbala and Hassiduce. I would like, however, to add some thoughts to Mr. Emes's ideas.

First of all, we have a problem, say, child molesters. Why? Well, I think we have child molesters because some people are born with this desire and can't control themselves. Just as we have 2 percent of the population homosexuals, we have other percentages that lust for children and they cannot control themselves.

If someone does not have this problem and covers it up so that children are ruined, that person is a scum, a filth, a rosho and murderer.

But the molester I can't call these names. I know if I had the problem I would probably do what he does. So, although I will surely notify people to stay away and to keep their children away, I do this not with a feeling of "I stuck it to that scum" but rather I feel really bad for the sick person.

I worked with people who struggled, and I felt a shame that I was so remote from their spiritual level. But they are a menace, and we have to save the children. If a person has an infectious disease we feel sorry and try to help pay for the medicine, but we don't let him infect others. Anyone who does allow this is a grievous sinner.

Rabbi Balkany On Yudi Kolko from Chaptzem said...

Rabbi Balkany defends Yudi Kolko

In an interview last night on the Zev Brenner radio show Rabbi Balkany came to the defense of accused child predator Yudi Kolko. Balkany said that we should not assume that the charges against Kolko will ultimately stick and that he will end up in prison. He relayed how he too had been accused of wrongdoing on a grand scale and had never been jailed. I guess Rabbi Balkany forgot about the deal that he was forced to make to avoid jail time. Either way, I wonder if Torah Temimah will be hiring Rabbi Balkany any time soon.

steve said...

If someone does not have this problem and covers it up so that children are ruined, that person is a scum, a filth, a rosho and murderer.

But the molester I can't call these names. I know if I had the problem I would probably do what he does.

I disagree with Rabbi Eidensohn regarding the guilt of the molesters. We all have personal demons which we must control, whether its women, drugs, alcohol, gambling or violence. Having a strong yetzer hara does not give one the right to destroy another person's life. When he acts upon his lust and desire, he is absolutely a rasha and a scum. Likewise, when a married man has an affair which ultimately destroys his family, he is a rasha and a scum in every sense of the word. He is a rasha even if his family never finds out about it. Having a strong yetzer hara is no excuse. Each person must be held accountable for his actions.

I don't know if there have been any studies on the subject, but I'm sure that not all men that desire children act on their impulses. These men realize that there are consequences if they act, both for themselves and for the victim. That's why we need a strong system in our yeshivos to deter these pedophiles from acting on their desires. According to R' Eidensohn, there is no way for the pedophile to control himself, so any system will be useless. I totally disagree. If the potential molester knows that he will be exposed, locked up with other criminals and that his family will be shamed forever, he will think twice before he strikes. In the past, he knew that the Lipa Margulies' of the world will protect him. Hopefully, those days are over.

The Un-Orthodox Jew - "UOJ" said...

To put child molestation into the "traditional" category of yetzer tov, yetzer ra; feels to me like Rabbi Eidensohn is not grasping the enormity and scope of this issue.

Birds of a Feather said...


Milton Balkany is connected to Belsky's boys at the Iggud Haganovim. He probably shares a bank account with Gershon Tannenbaum. Of course he will defend Kolko.

Belsky's Buddies Watch said...


Satmar has a court order against Balkany.


IRS lien against Balkany to the tune of 113k.

"The image of this document was removed from the public view because it contains private information. A copy can be obtained by going to any City Register Office."

And other IRS liens:

7/12/2005 10:33:10 AM FEDERAL LIEN-IRS 2 11,235
1 BALKANY, MILTON 2005000342678

6/14/2005 11:43:58 AM FEDERAL LIEN-IRS 2 139,516
1 BALKANY, MILTON 2005000277908

5/13/2005 10:54:55 AM FEDERAL LIEN-IRS 3 37,914
1 BALKANY, MILTON & SARA 2004000145935

3/10/2004 5:47:44 PM FEDERAL LIEN-IRS 2 10,451

IRS liens against Gershon Tannenbaum including one for a quarter million dollars:

TANNENBAUM, GERSHON 2006000615938 11/3/2006 9:57:43 AM FEDERAL LIEN-IRS 2 5,968

1 TANNENBAUM, GERSHON 2006000558951 10/5/2006 9:58:57 AM FEDERAL LIEN-IRS 2 14,603

1 TANNENBAUM, GERSHON 98FL00577 4/14/1998 FEDERAL LIEN-IRS 1 1,743

1 TANNENBAUM, GERSHON 98FL00308 3/4/1998 FEDERAL LIEN-IRS 1 238,413

1 TANNENBAUM, GERSHON BROOKLYN 5645 68 4003/95 ENTIRE LOT 8/21/1997 MORTGAGE 5 30,000

1 TANNENBAUM, GERSHON 97FL30225 6/11/1997 FEDERAL LIEN-IRS 1 53,579

YTT Activity said...

Very strange. When Margo took the mortgage in 1978, city records don't show a bank as party #2, they show the excavation company. I can't pinpoint it but if you've got Margo and a funny transaction on the same page, I smell fraud. Where's Leib Pinter when you need him?

In 1979 he switched the name to YTT in the form of a deed transfer from YTV.


In 2001, Margo switched mortgage assignments with Yeshiva Chasan Sofer on 50th St. Why would they do that? I dug deeper and found that a realty company financed a joint mortgage to these 2 yeshivos in 1999. It seems that the property in question is in Far Rockaway.

There's also an IRS lien on Silver Lake for 77 grand but it's not clear if it's the same one.

Anonymous said...

hey everyone! i have a yetzer ra to rob a bank will lipa or anybody else cover for me, you know how about telling the police the traditional "nah it cant be he is a chasidisher yingerman"

Willy Wiesner said...

I've been hiding out the whole time by Ave I & the dead end. Does anyone know if UOJ is still out to get me?

Anonymous said...

ZA's postscript does give important context to his original post.

I also think ZA's comment about misplaced emphasis on mesirah continues to have merit. I believe the menuvilim amongst us accurately sense that they can get with their bad deeds because their fellow Jews won't turn them in, or even publicly condemn them. For the most part, they've been right, at least until now. This is probably, and very unfortunately, fallout from the Holocaust, and the European experience before that. Kapos, Junenrats, and mosrim were despised. Jews who died al kiddush Hashem, bearing untold secrets, are rightly glorified.

This was a good idea, UOJ.

Mr. Emes

Anonymous said...


In the late 1990s, a rov was screaming in his Shabbos Shuva drosho about idiots who were investing tzedoka gelt they were entrusted with, with David Schick of all people, which is assur al pi halocho.

Is that what happened here with Willy & Violet Wiesner? It would take that kind of a putz to back Margo.

Haman Harosho said...

Can anyone find a diyuk in Megillas Esther linking me to Margo?

Mattersdorfer said...

R' Shlomo Feivel is of the Chasan Sofer / Ehrenfeld mishpoche. Shrek, don't they know better than to get into financial upmachen mit Margo?

Bungalow Putz said...

What's with UOJ and all this forensic investigating? What's he going to post next? What brand of gatchkes we put on?

Most Rabbonim Today are Cowards said...

Kehillah Kashrus did not turn out to be a stellar hashgocho either. R' Hillel David who bailed out in the early days may have seen it coming. They are one of those hashgochos that in my opinion, like OK Labs, were a step away from becoming completely compromised like Gornish. They may have actually crossed that threshold without my becoming aware of it but I hope not. Scheinerman was somehow allowed to become their public mouthpiece. Had he been in charge of the kashrus itself, I would have never eaten from them. The administrator is a chassidish fellow, Zecharya Adler, who gets very defensive when you present a problem with an establishment to him. Some think Scheinerman is just a clown. I believe he has the potential to be dangerous. While he gets up in shul to flail his arms and spout yeshivishe hyperbole, it's all a show. He is an expert in manufacturing silly shaylos for the gedolim so that he may then rave from the amud, but he has proven himself as not very serious about real issues. Add to this mix his sidekick Bayrach Steinfeld and you have the makings of a very volatile soup. For every joule of defensive energy that Adler exerts, you have matching funds of offense & idiocy from Steinfeld. A friend of mine once had the misfortune of letting Steinfeld in on a problem with a Kehillah restaurant. What he got in return was Steinfeld launching into personal attacks on him and his wife. The Ave J treif fiasco proves what a bunch of incompetents they are. The cover up that ensued shows they are not just guilty in sincerity but in complexity. I have not completely written them off because they hired R' Yossi Eisen as an outside consultant. Still, Yossi Eisen is not Superman when in a part time position. I would still stay away from "ground z-treifo" on Ave J because they may not have kashered the store. I am also highly suspicious of those enterprises who bought the treif meat, namely Paperiffic and Friedman's on 13th Ave. Probably the best kept Kehilla secret is the series of scandals with Olympic Pita. The freye Israeli owners who presented themselves as Shomer Shabbos (where have we seen that before?) really pulled the wool over the eyes of Scheinerman & company without much effort. When the Kehillah clowns at least partially awoke from their slumber, they took away the keys. The restaurant owner meanwhile was attracting the attention of the FBI. Being chauffeured in a limo to Atlantic City to blow a quarter million each weekend can do that. This restaurant you see, like so many others in Brooklyn is a front for drug money laundering. Federal agents were seen casing the location for a while by those who work on the drag, before they swooped in to make the arrest. Olympic also had the worst Health Dept record in 11230 of ANY restaurant, kosher of treif. The fact that they abut onto a dirty butcher store doesn't help with pest control issues. I wonder what Scheinerman's shita is on consuming shrotzim. Maybe he doesn't have an opinion as there's not much mention in the seforim written for mesivta bochurim that he takes his droshos from. Before Rabbi Eisen's arrival on the scene, Kehillah was notorious for not fixing problems unless they were publicly exposed or pressured from outside. Scheinerman has the nerve to scream from the amud about shortcomings with other hashgochos. Even Gornish only did that in private conversations as far as I know.

OK Labs are a Lubavitch entity that packaged themselves as a national hashgocho. I have information that they let their clients get away with murder. Like other hashgochos, they are infected with a sickness that makes it difficult for them to part with their fee, especially where another money-grubbing hashgocho will scoop up the valuable poop. Violators are told to sign a meaningless contract that they will suffer severe repercussions if caught again. Yet when they are caught again they are simply made to sign another meaningless contract. The OK is an equal opportunity hashgocho, or at least almost. Non-Jewish and misnagdishe clients are given many chances, while their fellow Lubavitchers are given even more. Such was the case with Lubavitcher-owned Cafe K who were given umpteen chances before finally being dropped. It's not entirely clear if the fish on the menu were actually tmeyim, although the low, low prices are another indication in that direction. After trying a couple of even lousier hechsherim like the Udvari Rov, the Star K rolled into town, grabbing up this popular restaurant without even bothering to find out what happened.

Both the OK & Kehillah have a bad habit of being machshir restaurants that foster immoral environments. This would include hangouts for lowlife Israelis who bring along their shiksa girlfriends (bifrat nashim kushim) and Lubavitch run restaurants where the owner / mashgiach is literally manhandling multiple women per hour in plain view. Vu bist du Moishe Scheinerman?

YTT Activity said...

Who is Rachel Pinkovics that Margo was transfered a deed from for one dollar?

There are 38 Lakewood records under Applegrad.


Detail Name Date Type Book Page Town Lot Block File No. Map# Flag Status

MARGULIES LEOPOLD 05/13/1985 DEED 4304 81 B

MARGULIES LEOPOLD 08/27/1990 DEED 4856 345 B
* View

MARGULIES LEOPOLD 08/27/1990 MORT 3420 434 B
* View

MARGULIES LEOPOLD 02/25/1992 DEED 4962 899 LAKEWOOD 106 2 009463 B

MARGULIES LEOPOLD 02/25/1992 DEED 4962 899 LAKEWOOD 106 2 009463 B
* View

MARGULIES LEOPOLD 05/16/1996 DEED 5368 655 LAKEWOOD 106 2 031673 B
* View


* View

MARGULIES LEOPOLD 11/06/1997 DEED 5519 995 LAKEWOOD 2 106 076850

Eyal Benyosef said...

Does UOJ know what he's doing? Who knows what Margulies and Twerski are capable of when cornered.

boog said...

So Most Rabbonim,

I take it you're not attending Scheinerman's melave malka this coming Moetzi Shabbos?

BTW, who will be giving the hashgocho on their food? Kehillah??