Sunday, April 22, 2007

Evil, Incompetent, Corrupt, Immoral, Emotionally Dead, Mentally Deficient, Spiritually Bankrupt - The State Of The Rabbinate!

What if " Rabbi Yudi Cho" from "Baltimore Tech" or "Torah Temima Tech" was accused over and over again of threatening the well-being and the lives of his students?

And the rabbis did nothing!

What if numerous complaints were lodged with rabbis nationwide about various rabbis sexually abusing their students?

And the rabbis did nothing!

What if numerous mental health professionals informed the many Orthodox Jewish organizations that sexual abuse by rabbis was being perpetrated upon their students in yeshivas, girls' schools, camps and anywhere else rabbis had access to children?

And the rabbis did nothing?

What if these authentic, documented allegations over the past FORTY years have been proven to be true?

And the rabbis did nothing!

What if there was a convened bais din of "prominent" rabbis that found the allegations of sexual molestation believable, but were overidden by a demented rabbi without any concern for the welfare of the children?

And the rabbis did nothing!

What if a "prominent" rabbi, Rabbi Yaakov Hopfer, found Moshe Eisemann of Baltimore guilty as charged of sexually abusing students, and yet still have him living among hundreds of children on the NIRC campus?

And the rabbis did nothing!

What if Eliezer Eisgrau, a principal of a day school in Baltimore, was accused by his daughter of having been RAPED by her father, as well as other students' allegations of sexual misconduct...and Rabbi Yosef Blau, the mashgiach ruchni of Yeshiva University found Eisgrau's daughter's accusations absolutely credible?

And the rabbis did nothing?

What If Shlomo Mandel Of Yeshiva Of Brooklyn admitted that Rabbi Yehuda Nussbaum was indeed a danger to children, and yet permits him to "tutor" boys on the premises of Yeshiva Of Brooklyn!

And the rabbis did nothing!

What if Shlomo Mandel, principal of Yeshiva Of Brooklyn, allegedly has a history of physically, emotionally and sexually abusing children himself, dating back FORTY plus years since his teen-age years?

And the rabbis did nothing!

I ask you, my fellow Jews, what have WE done to deserve these rabbis?



A Letter to Rabbi Heinemann From A Survivor Of Incest

(From Jewish Survivors)

Dear Rabbi Heinemann,

I do not feel comfortable calling you on the phone or mailing my letter directly to you. I am hoping someone reading this will print out my letter and hand it directly to you.

I read the note you put up in your synagogue and have been reading on the various blogs that you do not feel that Rabbi Ephraim Shapiro's name should have been mentioned in the Baltimore Jewish Times article because Rabbi Ephraim Shapiro is no longer alive and can't defend himself and also because we should be protecting the family members of sex offenders.

I want to let you know that I am a family member of a sex offender. I am also an incest survivor. I tried many times growing up to get help and no one would listen. When I approached various rabbis asking for help, they seemed more concerned about protecting my father's good name then they were in stopping the insanity that was going on in my home. I was told over and over again that my father was a good person. That I should just try to get along with my family better.

No one cared that I was suicidal. No one cared that I often slept in a park as a way to prevent my father from raping me at night.

Rabbi Heinemann, I went to you twice trying to ask you for help and you told me you didn't believe me. The first time I was twelve. The second time I was over eighteen. Why is it that you care more about my father then you did about me?

Please remember every incest survivor is a family member of a sex offender. We also deserve to have a voice!

Sara Rivka Rachel Leah


boog said...

We will probably get another Editorial from Lipshitz on Bencraft's Customer Service.

Somebody pinch his brim.

"You are either with The Un-Orthodox Jew - "UOJ"- or against him!"....... said...

I know you were asked about Rabbi Simcha Shafran (Avi's father) already. I have a reason that I would like your opinion. Should I assume that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree? Can I value R' Simcha's judgments?

Dear Jew In Baltimore,

Let me try this response:

1-If a "tree" produced a rotten, poisonous, diseased,"apple", that has caused "illness" to anyone that had come in contact with this "apple", what may you assume about the tree?

2-If GM "manufactured" and sold you a car without a "motor", would you buy another car from GM?

R' Simcha Shafran was clearly in the wrong place at the wrong time!

Anonymous said...

This is the first we are hearing about mandel himself.

Anonymous said...


I want to express my thanks to you for the life saving work you do.

Keep up the great work.


Anonymous said...


Achakeh Lo B'chol Yom said...

Every generation past matan Torah has a yeridas hadoros. Everu generatiion has rabbis that the generation is worthy of. That says a lot about this generation. I guess when we sink to the 49th level of Tuma-ah, Moshiach will come and take us out of this golus (and only those who merit saving will be saved). Apparently Moshiach won't come on the merits of this generation, but, because we will have sunk so low.

Friend of many YOB guys said...

I never heard of Mandel doing anything sexual at YOB. Does UOJ have information about his days in Telz?

Derech Agav said...

Are there more people claiming to have been victimized by Nussbaum besides the mechaber of the Expose Molesters Blog? Is there a rough count on these people? I'm wondering if all these guys have the same m.o. like Kolko, that they abused countless children over the decades or are some molesters only responsible for isolated cases?

Rabbi Yisroel Plutchok from Derech Chaim (branch of Rav Scheinberg's yeshiva) recommends that people take their shaatnez to Nussbaum, because as he puts it, Nussbaum is both a talmid chochom and has technical knowledge of shaatnez that many others are lacking.

Anonymous said...

"I ask you, my fellow Jews, what have WE done to deserve these rabbis?"

- we didn't keep cholov yisroel?

Anonymous said...

eisgrau isn't principal of TA, it's shearis haplaita

calanit said...

UOJ, Please consider posting posting Paul Volosov's letter-to-the-editor, "the Real Issue", in the Balt. Jewish Times 4/19/07. Everyone concerned our community's response to child sexual abuse should read and internalize the principles and wisdom contained. Volosov is frum, respected, a medical professional. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Please Cut & paste my response to Rabbi Landesman post to this thread.


Anonymous said...

What if all the rabbis do what ever they could to discredit those who advocated for survivors and the community did nothing?

What if the rabbis started a smear campaign against those who spoke out against those who offended them and the community turned their backs on Jews who were in need?

This is what has been happening. It's time for each person to make phone calls and demand for there to be a change. If your rabbi or community leader refuses to educate our children on abuse, then I say fire them.

I strongly believe that your dollars can speak louder then words. It's time to make donations to The Awareness Center. Help them help others!

Anonymous said...

Its high time that UOJ did an Expose about Ohel Family Services.

Anonymous said...

Ohel Family Services

I had a bad experiance with Ohel's domestic violence counsler Joan Hertz. I felt they were only out for the gov funding. Did anyone have similar experiances?

"You are either with The Un-Orthodox Jew - "UOJ"- or against him!"....... said...

“The Shabbos Kitchen in the Hi-Tech Era” (Kosher refrigerators and electric)
will be presented by......

RABBI MOSHE HEINEMAN,(of Ephraim Shaipro fame-and trumped up, nonsensical, moronic e-commerce bogus psak to create extreme hardship on business people for no reason other than creating more bogus Shabbos contracts)

Rabbinical administrator of “Star "KKK-AK" Kashruth Organization” and sign-poster of Congregation Agudath Israel of Baltimore.

Please come and join us to give proper respect to a shotah!

PLACE: Cong Anshei Behaimos

Jonathan Kellerman said...


Molesters should be in asylums, not teaching in yeshivos.

Yehoshua Zelikowitz said...


Can UOJ reserve some of the condos at the YTT site for the old, poor amd infirm?

Anonymous said...

Anyone know why OK suddenly pulled the hashgocho from Domani restaurant on the Upper East Side this week?

Agudah Watch said...

The Agudah is hosting a forum at Ateres Chynka, sponsored by Maimonides hospital on Apr. 25th, called Mentchlichkeit 101.

Are they going to finally apologize to victims?

I dunno, as the keynote speaker is rapist Bryks's brother in law Paysach Krohn.

Pro Boxing - Moron Division said...

Marvin Schick & the Jewish Fress are slugging it out this week on the op-ed page.

This Takes the Cake said...

There's an ad in the Jewish Press for an Apr. 30th assifa on abuse at Bais Yehuda in Wesley Hills. The speaker is R' Dovid Weinberger from Lawrence.

This runs right below a piece by the new Jewish Press columnist Ryan Karben. The same guy who had to resign his state office after acting improperly with underage boys.

Kalman Renov said...


It's not just the Agudah that's coddling convicted felons. I'm the guest of honor at the Yeshivat Sha'alvim dinner, April 30th at the Marriott Marquis.

Ohel Watch said...

Ohel is teaming up with the Vaad harabbonim of Bergen County for a seminar on molestation, Apr. 22nd at Keter Torah in Teaneck.

No word yet if Twerski is making the arduous trip that's just as long as his commute to Hofstra, to defend the honor of Lipa Margulies.

Marty Markowitz said...

I'm trying to pander for votes but some UOJ readers tell me I don't know what the heck I'm doing. At a salute to Israel bash at Brooklyn Borough Hall on Apr. 24th, I'm honoring a bunch of nobodies:

Jerry Greenwald who runs the Jewish Press

Pam Brier, CEO of substandard Maimonides

and some young kid David Greenfield who is executive director of the Syrian federation.

Morty Davis said...


I'm Kalman Renov's father in law. Me and my clan of scam artists from the 5 Towns were behind a series of chilul Hashem featured in the Wall Street Journal and Barron's.

Julie Berman said...


My latest defense of Sruly Singer is that Ernst & Young is keeping an eye at him at the Claims Conference. Let's see if UOJ can argue away at that with more "shibbolet".

"You are either with The Un-Orthodox Jew - "UOJ"- or against him!"....... said...

My latest defense of Sruly Singer is that Ernst & Young is keeping an "eye" at him at the Claims Conference. Let's see if UOJ can argue away at that with more "shibbolet".

They don't have enough eyes!

Avi L. Shafran said...


"America's 50 most influential rabbis."

Rabbi Nosson Scherman although, at #45, he was listed well after a "Kabbala" snake oil salesman and a radical political guru famous for cloaking extreme left-wing stances in Jewish garb. By conceiving and building the Jewish publishing and translating powerhouse called ArtScroll/Mesorah, Rabbi Scherman has helped render accessible to more Jews than ever before a wealth of Jewish textual sources - including the entire Babylonian Talmud and the works of Leib Pinter and his associates, the biggest thieves in modern history.

SOME OF those truly influential rabbis head yeshivot or seminaries, of which there are dozens in the United States - many of them, like Lipa Margulies and Shlomo Mandel, having educated and inspired thousands of students. Others are hassidic rebbes, some involved in schemes to defraud the government; others like Moishe Scheinerman, respected congregational leaders.

Avi L. Shafran said...


I don't think Pinny Lipschutz should be lauding Bencraft customer service. When I questioned them about a hat steaming I became the victim of bizyonos and attempted assault.

boog said...

Lipshitz what you should really be screaming about is not Bencraft's Customer Service; after all that is just smart business practice.

Instead you should focus on the ridiculous amounts of time (hours!) these yeshiva Bochurim spend primping like Peacocks in front of the Bencraft mirrors measuring the widths and angles of the brims and the size of the pinches. They take more time to pick a hat than anybody's wife takes to put on makeup and get dressed to go to a Simcha! This is normal?

Lipshitz, This is Yiddishkeit? This is the heilige Mesorah you write about K'mat every week, Takeh?
What's in the Lakewood water?

It's not a stretch to consider that this "styling" Yeshivah Bochur self-centered Borsalino fetish is a symptomatic precursor to the Shidduch Crisis morass we find ourselves in today as well as the entire pervasive "Es Kumt Mir" attitude that reeks from many of these Yeshiva "All-Stars".

Lipshitz; write on relevancy that is "Nogeiya", not cotton candy. If you can't, then don't write.