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From the UOJ Archives - Saturday, February 04, 2006

A Heartfelt Letter To The Abuse Victims Of Kolko/Margulies/Tora Temima

Dearest Brothers,

I am not going to assume that I understand the life-long pain you are suffering being victims of sexual abuse. If the hurt you are presently feeling is because I have brought this issue to the front and center of the Orthodox world, kindly understand that I did it with the sole purpose of creating a new climate in our world; that of accountability.

The religious organizations as well as the yeshivas have failed miserably in protecting our youth from the merciless hands of abusers, be it sexual abuse or emotional. In matter of fact the Agudah for example, has ACTIVELY pursued a policy of protecting the molesters and their cohorts, by blocking every single piece of legislation that would have permitted the authorities to protect our children from the predators.They say "let the principals handle it," when the principals in many cases are involved in covering up the scandals to protect the "reputations" of their highly profitable fiefdoms.

There is nothing in it for me. I will remain anonymous; no fame, no glory, no plaques, no maftir, no money other than the money I intend to spend to publicize the issues that should be addressed by the organizations but are not. The mailing on Thursday is working it's way to your mailboxes; the post office and the mailing service are nice and friendly, but they insist on getting paid for their services. Bummer.

I would understand your hesitancy to come forward in a civil lawsuit against the above named people and entities; this is what I can offer to you as miniscule compensation for the suffering you have experienced.

I am in contact with the law firm who has collected in excess of two hundred million dollars from the various Catholic churches and archdioceses that were found guilty of harboring molesters.This is what they uncovered so far.

1- The combined assets of Kolko, Margulies, Tora Temima and it's entities have a net worth in excess of fifty million dollars.

2- "Leopold" Margulies started moving millions of dollars of assets around at the end of last year.

3- The law firm is VERY CERTAIN that if there are twenty bona fide witnesses,they can obtain a judgment against the above named entities, and wrestle away ALL the assets of the above named people and entities.

4- The juries have awarded damages, depending on the circumstances, from $500,000-$5,000,000, read five million dollars per victim.

5- In order for this firm to take this case the following has to happen:

a- I must give them a $100,000 retainer, which will be reimbursed to me after they collect on the judgment. This reimbursement would come from the "law firm's" proceeds, not from the victims'.

b- I am willing to do that out of my personal funds. I DO NOT want money from anyone!

c- The law firm's share would be one third of whatever they collect, the rest is going to be distributed in it's entirety to the victims.

d- They will NOT take the case until they have interviewed at the very least TWENTY victims, and are convinced of the credibility of the individuals.

e- I'm sure you are aware that everything you divulge to the attorneys would be protected under the attorney-client privilege.

The following must now happen in order for me to proceed. I must be contacted by e-mail by at the very least twenty five people that are willing to testify in court. ALL REPLIES WILL BE HELD IN THE STRICTEST CONFIDENCE.

The way I see it, each victim potentially would be able to collect anywhere from one to two million dollars, realistically. That is not to say that the judgment could not be greater than fifty million dollars; anything above fifty million, in my opinion, would not be collectible.

The alternative to actually taking money; you may wind up owning Yeshiva Tora Temima and it's entities, Margulies's house and Kolko's house, and you would now be in control of the yeshiva, to run it as you deem fit.

Please let me know. I am prepared to move quickly!

Hatzlacha v'kol tuv.



Tuvya Chaim Neuhoff said...

UOJ thinks he's challenging us by rehashing some old posts?

The Bungalow Putz might be forced to come to the rescue by restarting Tuvya's Blog too!

This is a first said...


A State COmptroller audit lists the schools not properly securing Regents and for maybe the first time, the only culprit with a Jewish sounding name is the freye Solomon Schechter - no yeshivos.

Shapiro Update said...


Testimony of a victim in D.C.

Chabad Scandal said...

this rabbi molested me
Thursday June 07th 2007, 7:07 am
Filed under: Uncategorized
Rabbi Tzvi Hirsh Raskin, Yeshivah Tomchai Temimim Montreal

I was fifteen. He, the older mashpia-bochur - me, the young naive lesser religious, grossly convincing me as my mashpia not to run after chix and to study with him and become really really close to the rebbe…he did this b’tur mashpia mitam hayeshiva. He was 20.

The other rabbi, Rabbi Dovid Wakser of Crown Heights did it first when i was 12 1/2. I am forgoing here a fifty thousand dollar settlement since he is still molesting teenagers- as I saw the young ones when I came to pick up the check.

I made a mistake, since in both cases they are in situations where they are still hurting others.

I can’t press charges, since I signed a settlement that prevents me from doing so. I am now forgoing that settlement- in the amount of 40 thousand dollars.

I don’t want money. I want them exposed.

One more thing: I will not remove this post when phone calls are made for exchange of cash.

I will not be bought.

-radloh (Avrohom Shemtov)


Ilan Reich said...

How come no one ever told me about the link Aron Tendler has with my old pal Mike Milken?

"The second of three children raised in an upstanding Orthodox Jewish family in Midwood, Brooklyn, he had always felt inadequate beside his 17-month-older brother, Yaron, who preceded him at the same high school, college, and law school. Ilan had rejected his family's faith"


Ilan was a remarkable lawyer. He will no longer be able to practice his profession. For Ilan, disbarment is a profound and devastating punishment. Even if there is a possibility of reinstatement after a period of years, the disbarment is lifelong in effect because his legal career is destroyed. Many of his former partners shun him and probably always will. For him, the punishment is capital in nature. -Letter from Lawrence Lederman, partner at Wachtell Lipton Rosen & Katz, to Judge Robert Sweet, Dec. 15, 1986, pleading for leniency in the sentencing of Ilan Reich (pronounced "ee-lon ry-sh").

The last time Ilan Reich almost died, it was a metaphorical passing. A 1986 cover story on him in The American Lawyer was titled "Death of a Career," but it was really much more than that; it was the very painful and equally public crumbling of an identity. One moment Reich was a brilliant young partner at one of Wall Street's most elite M&A law firms and the doting father of two (soon to be three) boys. The next moment his multiple dimensions flattened to just one: criminal. On Oct. 9, 1986, Reich pleaded guilty to securities and mail fraud for tipping Drexel Burnham Lambert banker Dennis Levine off to several deals that Wachtell was working on.

Had his story ended there, he would have been little more than the answer to a trivia question, a cautionary tale about a 25-year-old lawyer who lost himself in the huge insider-trading ring that ultimately ensnared Michael Milken and Ivan Boesky and cast a decade-long shadow over Wall Street.

But Reich's story is much more complicated than that. Driven by insecurity more than greed, he never collected any of the illegal profits he'd "earned." He publicly admitted guilt, went to jail and launched a seemingly quixotic quest to rehabilitate himself by being reinstated to the bar and - ultimately - running a public company.

Reich had demons. The second of three children raised in an upstanding Orthodox Jewish family in Midwood, Brooklyn, he had always felt inadequate beside his 17-month-older brother, Yaron, who preceded him at the same high school, college, and law school. Ilan had rejected his family's faith and had a difficult relationship with his parents. He had never made friends easily, had trouble communicating with his wife, and was perceived by many of the Wachtell partners as arrogant.

So when Dennis Levine, then a young banker at Smith Barney, spotted him across the room in a deal meeting and invited him to lunch, Reich believed he'd found a new friend. He hadn't. Levine wanted a blabbermouth, not a buddy, and he told him about a virtually risk-free scheme that could net both of them millions if Reich gave him the heads-up on pending deals.

Reich knew in every cell of his body that it was wrong, wrong, wrong. But for reasons he still struggles to explain, he did it anyway. "In my arrogant and naive way," he says, "I didn't appreciate that (a) there were con artists and (b) my own arrogance was going to be a source of tremendous downfall." He tipped Levine on one deal, then another, and another, leaking a total of 12 in just over two years, before he decided to stop in late 1982.

But he stayed friendly with Levine - who had cultivated several other sources at other firms and banks - and in April 1984, when his interpersonal issues had made partnership less than certain and the survival of his marriage equally so, he started again, tipping Levine on deals involving companies like G.D. Searle.

In August 1984 - just three months before he learned that he was in fact going to make partner at Wachtell - Reich again backed out of the scheme, telling Levine to "go f*ck himself." He never collected one cent of the $300,000 that Levine said he had set aside in a secret account and in fact never asked for or received proof that the money was even there, which helped assuage his guilt.

When Levine was arrested on May 12, 1986 (and began naming names, including titans like Ivan Boesky as well as young behind-the-scenes types like Reich), the young attorney denied everything, certain that his actions were untraceable. But in July, when the lawyers at his firm ushered him into a conference room and hammered away at him, it was clear that he was caught.

Convulsing with sobs, he confessed and begged forgiveness. Afraid Reich might kill himself, his lawyer Robert Morvillo asked that someone stay with him that night. "His life was clearly passing in front of his eyes," Morvillo says. "It was one of the really low, low spots I've ever seen a client in to this day."

In October 1986, Reich pleaded guilty to one count each of securities and mail fraud and paid a fine of $485,000, leaving his family nearly broke. He was disbarred. "I am saddened by the pain that my acts have caused to my family and friends," he said at his Jan. 23, 1987, sentencing hearing. "I am ashamed for having betrayed the trust placed in me by my former colleagues and clients. I feel shattered every time I think about these things...."

Despite the letters of support, Judge Robert Sweet sentenced him to jail for a year and a day as Reich's pregnant wife looked on (his third son was born four days later).

Anonymous said...

So what is the deal here?

Did you get 25 people?

Hear Ye, Hear Ye said...

The code, in Disciplinary Rule (DR) 1-102(a)(4), bars lawyers from engaging in "conduct involving dishonesty, fraud, deceit or misrepresentation."

Another provision of the code, DR 1-102(a)(2), bars lawyers from evading code requirements through the "actions of another."


Chaim Dovid Zweibel
Shlomo Gottesman
Aron "Tort Putz" Twerski
Avi Moskowitz
Chaim Book
Leo Kimmel
Charlie Hynes
Kalman Finkel
Mendel Epstein's daughter (Hersko)
Ben Brafman
Nat Lewin
Scott Tulman

Wall St Journal Solution for Shnorrers said...


Bum's Bill of Rights
"A homeless man who was arrested after asking a policeman for a dollar got a judge to throw out the case by arguing that begging is a form of free speech," the Associated Press reports from New Rochelle, N.Y.:

Judge Gail Rice made the ruling after Eric Hoffstead had his lawyer cite a 15-year-old federal court decision saying New York state's loitering law violated First Amendment protections.

"This is a great victory for freedom of speech," said Hoffstead's lawyer, Carl Birman.

What a country we live in, where a bum accosting strangers asking for money is "free speech," but donating money to a candidate so as to further a political cause is subject to heavy government regulation.

But wait. That gives us an idea of how to solve the panhandling problem. Why not make it a misdemeanor to give money to a panhandler? Surely this violates no one's free speech; it merely prevents a commercial transaction that hinders the quality of life. The law would likely spur less defiance than laws against panhandling itself, since citizens who have money tend to respect the law and don't gain anything by giving vagrants money anyway. And who wouldn't be happy to brush aside an aggressive beggar by saying, "Sorry, it's illegal"?

Anonymous said...


Chabad Family Tree said...

There is also a Mendel Raskin who heads Chabad in Montreal.

They are probably related to R' Yehuda Leib Raskin who was niftar a few years ago and was the Rebbe's shliach in Morocco for 40 years. He has four brothers and six children who serve as shlichim in Vermont, Montreal, Maine and California.

There are other Rabbi Raskins, both Lubavitch and COnservative.

Dovid Raskin is the menahel of 770.

Aron Raskin is a rov in Downtown Brooklyn Heights.

Zev Raskin is Chief Rabbi of Cyprus.

Shua Raskin is rov in CHmielnitzky were the Besht is buried.

Zalman Raskin has a yeshiva in Vienna.

Uri Raskin, formerly the coordinator of the Executive Learning Center, Aish HaTorah, Jerusalem, is currently Director of the Center for Inner Jewish Child Counseling.

There was a Raskin who had a yeshiva in Laurelton or Rosedale (far eastern Queens at the Nassau border)

Anonymous said...

Yaron Reich is a partner at Cleary Gottlieb. He is considered one of the top tax lawyers in the world.

Anonymous said...

Hillel Tendler & fatso Richard Klass should be added to the list of lawyers being warned to behave.

You Can't Make This Up said...


You can't make this up: the above mentioned Shua Raskin tells the mayor of Chmelnitzky, a goy, to go daven at the Baal Shem Tov's kever.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Yaron Reich is a partner at Cleary Gottlieb. He is considered one of the top tax lawyers in the world.

Marty Ginsburg wins.

Anonymous said...

I saw a good one the other day on Yudel Shain. He blasted the RCC for pretending not to know about Aron Tendler for 20 years, then getting rid of him in a PR stunt.

"You are either with The Un-Orthodox Jew - "UOJ"- or against him!"....... said...

I saw a good one the other day on Yudel Shain. He blasted the RCC for pretending not to know about Aron Tendler for 20 years, then getting rid of him in a PR stunt.


They ONLY got rid of him when the teens he molested, now grown, threatened to sue and go to the media. In fact, some in the media have told me that they are speaking to victims of both Tendlers in L.A.

Muckraker said...

Never mind a few days ago on Yudel Shain. Yesterday & today you see Gornish & Scheinerman getting picked apart. One Yudelstake entry has over 100 posts which is a record on that blog.

Shmarya said...


Here's a picture of Raskin, the alleged Lubob molester.

Borat Sagdiyev said...


Jagshemash! I was want to chase da Bungalow Putz for help Belsky but was case of mistake identity and I chase da wrong guy.

Howard Jonas said...

There's been a lot of bad luck ever since Kolko and the Tendlers signed up for IDT's "uncensored" internet service.


Telecommunications services and products company IDT Corp. on Wednesday said its third-quarter loss nearly doubled on an 11 percent drop in revenue.

"The decline in minutes occurred primarily in our U.S. calling card business, where our business has been adversely affected by the practices of certain of our competitors, who continue to significantly overstate the number of minutes to be delivered by their cards," according to IDT. "While we have taken legal action in an attempt to level the playing field and promote fair competition, we cannot be certain whether or not we will be able to regain market share lost over the past number of quarters."

The company in March filed a civil anti-fraud lawsuit in federal district court in Newark, N.J., against certain competitors, but the judge denied IDT's request for a preliminary injunction and the defendants' request to dismiss the case, which is continuing.

Daniel Lack said...


On the eve of Sunday's elections for the presidency of the World Jewish Congress, Daniel Lack, the former WJC lawyer who first drew attention to financial mismanagement at the international organization, sent an email Thursday to leading figures in the Jewish world calling on all the current leaders of the WJC to resign.

In a sharply worded statement, Lack said: "What I query, rather, is their blind determination to try and pretend that everything was alright under (former policy council chairman Yisrael) Singer’s management, when it clearly was not."

Ron Lauder said...

I learned from Sruly Singer how to hide things up my sleeve.


Lauder, who a week ago formed an alliance with Bronfman's son Matthew, was convinced that the elections were in his pocket. This week he came to Israel on a lightning 24-hour visit, during which he passed up the opportunity to meet Prime Minister Ehud Olmert. Olmert's associates thought that Lauder would be interested in being photographed with the prime minister, for the purpose of garnering votes in the WJC elections. Lauder, the patron of Benjamin Netanyahu and Effie Eitam, thought otherwise.

By the end of the week, however, Lauder's associates sounded much less sure of victory. The uncertainty stems from the fact that it is not clear for whom many of the 90 members of the body that elects the president will vote. They include representatives of Jewish communities and organizations from five continents, people with honorary positions, as well as employees of the WJC. Kaplan may have lost Bronfman, but he has several other cards up his sleeve.

Paris Hilton said...

Bronfman really knows how to profit off of sleaze & sensationalism!


Hilton, who was released from jail this morning because of a medical condition, has shrewdly cashed in on her notoriety. She deserves a gold medal for parlaying her 15 minutes of fame into a show-business career.

Though she's confined to her home for the next 40 days, expect to see quite a bit more of the ditzy heiress America loves to hate.

For reasons best known to CEO Edgar Bronfman, Warner Music is putting out Hilton's album Paris, which is on sale for $19.98. Time Warner's TMZ.com site and other entertainment sites can count on millions of people hitting their pages for the latest gossip on Hliton. By the way, TMZ is reporting that Hilton's problem is emotional, not physical.

Nosson Scherman said...


'Our Goal Is To Increase Torah Learning (and be marbitz the teachings of super-criminals like my good friend Leib Pinter)'

By: Elliot Resnick, Jewish Press Staff Reporter
Wednesday, June 6, 2007

An Interview With ArtScroll's Rabbi Nosson Scherman

How do you respond to critics who accuse ArtScroll biographies of whitewashing history by characterizing great rabbis as saints without faults?

Our goal is to increase Torah learning and yiras shamayim. If somebody can be inspired by a gadol b’yisrael, then let him be inspired. Is it necessary to say that he had shortcomings? Does that help you become a better person? What about lashon hara? You know in today’s world, lashon hara is a mitzvah. (UOJ's) character assassination sells papers. That’s not what Klal Yisrael is all about. (But it's ok for Margulies, Applegrad & Belsky)

Isn’t it a form of sheker though, to write a biography and knowingly exclude material?

Why is it sheker to omit lashon hara? It’s not. People say, "Well, why don’t you say that this or that gadol had certain serious character flaws?" So you’re not saying it. Is that sheker? It’s not sheker. Rav Yaakov Kaminetzky once said in a "shmuess" that if you go over to somebody and say, "You know you have a long ugly nose," that doesn’t make you an ish emes [man of truth]. That makes you a rasha [wicked person].

Some companies are $10 million companies, others, $100 million. Is there a number one can pin on ArtScroll?

No, I can’t give you a number on that. But I can say that people think that ArtScroll is a gold mine. It’s not. (Please don't bring up proof to the contrary in federal records waved around by newspapers & UOJ). We have to go out and raise money. It’s very very far from a gold mine. (I only take home half a million in income). Some books sell very well, but the profits from those books subsidize the other books (like Leib Pinter's that not many read anyway).

It’s no different than a yeshiva, or, l’havdil, Harvard or a symphony orchestra that has to raise money in addition to tuition and ticket sales.


Yaakov Alexander said...


UOJ should mind his own business. Who cares if someone gives loads of tzedaka with stolen money?

Overlawyered said...


That's some bio that Daniel Lack has on the website of Geneva law firm Ziegler Poncet Grumbach Carrard Lüscher

Anonymous said...

'WORST NIGHTMARE': Bernard Mutterperl (above) has been charged with trying to kidnap Brooklyn 11-year-old Xochil Garcia. A Post editorial in May lashed out at DA Joe Hynes.
June 6, 2007 -- An accused child kidnapper - who admitted to cops he can't stop his pedophile urges - was finally behind bars yesterday after a judge upped his bail from a measly $25,000 to $1 million in cash.

Bernard Mutterperl, 19, of Brooklyn, was nabbed last month for allegedly trying to kidnap an 11-year-old girl - only to be stunningly let out on the skimpy bail.

"This is the very nature of someone who cannot abide by the rules of society," said Judge Patricia DiMango, as Mutterperl was arraigned on upgraded charges of attempted kidnapping.

"I can't say it enough - it's everyone's worst nightmare," DiMango said.

A Post editorial lashed out at the Brooklyn DA's Office for requesting only $10,000 bail when Mutterperl was originally arraigned in May. At the time, Judge John Wilson actually set a higher bail than prosecutors requested: $75,000 bond or $25,000 cash.

DA Charles Hynes stubbornly defended the prosecution's original bail request.

But even Judge Wilson's increased bail was easily within the means of the wealthy suspect. That left his alleged victim, Xochil Garcia - who managed to struggle free after she was grabbed - fearing he "might come back" for her.

But when the original charges of unlawful imprisonment went before a grand jury, the panel voted to indict Mutterperl on the more serious charge of attempted kidnapping, as well.

Yesterday, authorities revealed part of the statement Mutterperl made to cops after his arrest. At one point he told police there was no way he would have raped the girl because "Jewish people don't have sex with non-Jews."

He also admitted he can't control his compulsion for little girls, cops said.

"I, Bernard Mutterperl, have realized for quite some time over the last two or three years that I have a problem that when I see young girls I just want to go after them," his statement reads.

Because of the new charge, authorities revisited the bail issue yesterday.

Assistant DA Jacqueline Kagan asked for $100,000, while Mutterperl's attorney, Leo Kimmel, asked that bail remain the same.

But DiMango made the unusual decision to slap Mutterperl with $1 million bail.

"The circumstances here have changed drastically," she said.

When DiMango announced the bail, Kimmel protested, reminding her that the DA asked for only $100,000.

"I'm not bound by the district attorney's requests," the judge said.


Anonymous said...

I hate it when these scatterbrains stick in their two cents without actually reading the blog. That's the 3rd time that that particular article on Mutterperl was posted.

YULA Graduate said...

I'm a former YULA student. Shalom Tendler is guilty of every imaginable crime. My father is arranging a meeting for us with investigators. He is worse than Aron and Mordecai.

Chabad Report said...


Shmarya says he has the following confirmations from confidential sources inside the shaliach network. They believe Raskin is "cured" (although the purported blogger-victim disputes that) and they believe that Waksler is still molesting.

Shmarya has not yet commented on Chanowitz.

Where's the Vaad Hakavod? said...

Is Shalom Tendler a member of the RCA? He should be expelled to the same doghouse as his nephew Mordechai. Enablers are even worse than the perverts.

"You are either with The Un-Orthodox Jew - "UOJ"- or against him!"....... said...

Vaad HaRabbonim LeInyonei Giyur Warns Against Disinformation in Media Reports

By Betzalel Kahn

Vaad HaRabbonim LeInyonei Giyur, founded by the late Gavad of Antwerp, HaRav Chaim Kreiswirth, has issued a statement clearly warning the public not to rely on any mainstream media reports related to the conversion issue.

The statement follows misleading reports that have been widely disseminated, making their way into the mainstream media outside of Israel and even into the Wall Street Journal.

In recent months a debate on conversion has been raging in the mainstream media. The Joint Conversion Institute, a Reform- and Conservative backed organization in Israel that received a government franchise to prepare so-called conversion candidates based on the recommendations of the Ne'eman Committee, claims that the Israeli Chief Rabbinate's special conversion courts are too stringent with the candidates appearing before them. Officials at the Conversion Authority, which oversees the courts, claim that all of their practices are in accordance with halacha.

Vaad HaRabbonim maintains the media is not the proper place to hold a debate on the issue, which should remain exclusively in the hands of prominent, fixed botei din and each conversion case should be considered on an individual basis. A Vaad spokesman said that he cannot fathom how the conversion botei din under the auspices of the Chief Rabbinate could cooperate at all with the Joint Conversion Institute, which was banned outright by all gedolei Yisroel in 5758 (1998) and also by the Chief Rabbinate Council.

"Unfortunately the special conversion courts operate according to a conveyor-belt system, approving conversions without thoroughly inquiring into the ger's intentions, whether he is genuinely prepared to accept the yoke of Torah and mitzvas in its entirety," said a Vaad HaRabbonim spokesman, adding that the Vaad has corroborated figures indicating that over 90 percent of the converts at the conversion courts do not intend to keep Torah and mitzvas properly, which invalidates the giyur even bedi'eved. These "converts" are nonetheless officially recognized by the Chief Rabbinate. (The RCC in California is guilty of such heinous conduct and should be stopped from performing these heinous "conversion" crimes. Anyone off the street can become a "convert" without a thorough background check, and in particular, a criminal background check)

The Vaad also relates that at present there is no approved bench made up of dayonim talmidei chachomim veyirei Shomayim, despite the Wall Street Journal's claim that many of the conversion dayanim are ultra-Orthodox. Rabbi Yisrael Rozen, one of the conversion dayonim, also recently claimed, "Almost all rabbis in Israel recognize [their] conversions and allow them to marry [as Jews]."

However, according to longstanding instructions by Maran HaRav Eliashiv shlita, conversions performed by the special conversion courts should not be recognized.

The Vaad HaRabbonim is calling on all parties to stop exploiting the media in Israel and abroad as a means of applying pressure to increase the number of false conversions, and is calling on the Chief Rabbinate to put a stop to the failures of the conversion system, instead setting up a botei din system comprised of talmidei chachomim yirei Shomayim who would convert a very small number of solid candidates. At present none of the botei din handling conversion with Chief Rabbinate approval is accepted by the chareidi public.

The Vaad is also calling on all rabbonim, dayonim and institution heads to conduct inquiries into the kashrus of any convert who appears before them, not recognizing converts — and certainly not permitting them to marry — until they are thoroughly convinced that the converts genuinely intend to keep Torah and mitzvas in full.

Observant Jew said...

I don't know if I missed the boat earlier, but this headline states that Belsky told Margulies not to go to beis din. I would probably believe anything about those scoundrels, but how do we that is what happened? If this can be verified, is that not enough reason to have Belsky removed from the rabbinate?



Victims are encouraged to watch this.

"You are either with The Un-Orthodox Jew - "UOJ"- or against him!"....... said...

If this can be verified, is that not enough reason to have Belsky removed from the rabbinate?
Consider it verified!

Sefer Yuchasin said...

Gilligan Student's buddy Rabbi Michael Broyde has been involved in being megayer people under suspicious circumstances. When candidates are turned down by other rabbis in the south, they mosey on over to either Broyde or another clown who have weak standards if you can even call them that. They have been megayer people who were publicly living in sin with a Jew according to people in those communities.

Of course if you ask Gilligan, you'll get a big fat "no comment" because he's trying to profit off publishing Broyde's writings.

Remember that next time Gilligan starts his two faced moralizing from the pulpit in a shul or on his blog.

Observant Jew said...

"Consider it verified!"

Is this something that can be proven in a court of law? Belsky should have his buttocks dragged before the judiciary.

"You are either with The Un-Orthodox Jew - "UOJ"- or against him!"....... said...

Is this something that can be proven in a court of law? Belsky should have his buttocks dragged before the judiciary.

Give me some of whatever you're taking.

The Height of Hypocrisy said...


So there is an Agudah fresser conference that covers ethics in the workplace and who does the Jewish Press send to cover the story? Rabbi Gershon "the shvindler" Tannenbaum, a felon convicted for fraud.

"Rabbi Dovid Cohen reviewed the halachic implications of many aspects of the therapist-client relationship."

But if Kolko molested you and/or Margo slapped you at YTT, jump in the lake.

Sit down for this one:

"Rabbi Moshe Heinemann highlighted legal and halachic issues in Dina d’Malchuta, Mesirah, defending someone known to be guilty, Midvar Sheker Tirchak, and Chillul Hashem."

"Rabbi J. David Bleich reviewed the enormous strides that have been made in the field of genetics"

And Belsky hasn't answered Rabbi Bleich's question why Belsky was soser himself on permissability of eating bison meat.

Jewish Press Weasels Strike Again said...


The same week that corrupt kashrus organizations are criticized on UOJ for not implementing elements of the "hechsher tzedek" idea, the Jewish Press is put up to attacking the Conservative by these very people. The Jewish Press engages in their typical dishonest approach by raising certain elements of the secular proposal and ignoring others that would cast the hashgochos in a bad light.

Shlomo Appleman said...


Is UOJ taking sides here?

Upper West Side said...


Did the mikva force Mrs Lobel to retire because she was discouraging single girls who were there to misbehave?

UOJ Among Them said...


Prominent Jews Go To Bat For Scooter

Strike Three in one week said...


The Jewish Press criticizes Rabbi Marc Angel for rightfully criticizing the Rabbanut. Why does anyone buy the loser newspaper?

Whistling Dixie said...

"Gilligan Student's buddy Rabbi Michael Broyde has been involved in being megayer people under suspicious circumstances. When candidates are turned down by other rabbis in the south, they mosey on over to either Broyde or another clown who have weak standards if you can even call them that. They have been megayer people who were publicly living in sin with a Jew according to people in those communities."

There is a huge problem in some cities where many of the supposedly orthodox singles are sleeping around with each other. When potential candidates for conversion get caught up in this or are at least openly dating Jews, which is not permissable, any rabbi worth his salt will not let a beis din make them a ger. It is said that the 'other' rabbi besides Broyde, is a Rabbi Lindenblatt, who also allows the ger candidates to date Jews. Broyde has been accused as going so far as allowing it when he knows they are sleeping together.

Julie Berman said...

What would everyone do without me & Sruly Singer running the Claims Conference?


The German authorities are much slower at processing property claims from the Nazi era than claims against East Germany's communist regime, a Haaretz probe reveals.

The German Federal Authority for Central Services and Pending Property Claims, known in German as the BADV, has almost completed processing all claims by German citizens from East Germany's communist regime which collapsed in 1990.

However, the German authorities have attended to less than 25 percent of the claims pertaining to property robbed by the Nazi regime, which mostly confiscated Jewish property.

German government officials said the delay was not a result of deliberate foot-dragging, adding that the process of treating the claims from the Nazi era would not be completed before 2015 - a quarter of a century after the first claims were filed.

Richard Nixon said...

Does UOJ know who broke into Isi Leibler's office?


The final days leading up to the vote were filled with backroom deals, and intense lobbying efforts.

Eleventh-hour moves also included a call by a former WJC lawyer, Daniel Lack, who first drew attention to the allegations of financial mismanagement at the organization for Kaplan to resign, while documents leaked to The Jewish Daily Forward indicated that Isi Leibler, a former WJC vice president and Lauder supporter, had been actively promoting him for months.

Leibler said over the weekend that he has long supported Lauder, and that the documents were taken as a result of a break-in.

Leopold Margulies said...

I see that apparatus Chabadniks are taking a page from my book. They are painting the molestation victims as misfits, rejects and potheads.

Dixie Chick said...

"Gilligan Student's buddy Rabbi Michael Broyde has been involved in being megayer people under suspicious circumstances. When candidates are turned down by other rabbis in the south, they mosey on over to either Broyde or another clown who have weak standards if you can even call them that. They have been megayer people who were publicly living in sin with a Jew according to people in those communities."

Don't believe all of the lies being spread in order to support Tropper's universal standards of geirus chumras. Broyde may not be your typical yeshiva man but he is an ish emess.

"It is said that the 'other' rabbi besides Broyde, is a Rabbi Lindenblatt, who also allows the ger candidates to date Jews."

If you guys haven't jumped on Lindenblatt then you fail your Jewish Geography test.

Confederate Flagster said...

Dixie Chick wrongly assumes that people attacking Michael Broyde are supporting Tropper.

Broyde HAS been megayer people under suspicious circumstances. Ish emess my a$$.

Maybe Dixie Chick is one of Broyde's products or married to one or dating someone in the process of converting with Broyde which is prohibited.

Or Maybe Dixie Chick is Gilligan Student.

And someone did jump on Lindenblatt, so what's her problem?