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Stefan Colmer was arrested in Israel today (June 14) on a provisional arrest warrant. He is now in custody awaiting an official extradition request from the U.S. government seeking his return to Brooklyn to stand trial on child sex abuse charges, for which he has already been indicted.

Stefan Colmer

Rabbi Lazer Ginsberg
Rabbi Lazer Ginsberg is affiliated with:
Agudath Israel Of America
42 Broadway
New York, N.Y.

The latest news about the film Narrow Bridge including information about screenings is on the new website... Based on the true story of Rabbi Yudi Kolko and Yeshivah Torah Temimah - Brooklyn, New York - Lipa Margulies - schoolmaster!



A word from Israel Moskovits, director of the film:

Narrow Bridge is the first film of its kind in that it breaks the silence about the existence of sexual abuse in the Orthodox Jewish community. While the film focuses on the existence of the problem in that community, sexual abuse is a serious problem that is found in every religion, group, and community in the world. The scars run deep and affect victims, their families, and their communities for years. Sexual abusers rarely strike only once, they often know their victims and abuse many people over a long period of time.

There has been a long history of denial and inaction with regard to sexual abuse. When complaints are filed, accusers are often disbelieved or shunned, while the abusers are protected and often reassigned to other positions where they have the capacity to harm more victims. Meanwhile, the abused suffer in silence while the abusers do not get the help they need.

There is a prevalent myth among all religions that sexual abuse is not one of "their problems". The popularity of this notion allows the vicious cycle of harm to continue. As the facade of denial has begun to crumble, resources are now available for survivors and aggressors seeking treatment. If you or someone you know has been a victim of or witness to sexual abuse, do something about it.

While Narrow Bridge focuses on sexual abuse, it is also a film about abuse generally and its effects on survivors. The patterns of hurt and healing in sexual abuse, domestic abuse, incest, rape, or other forms of abuse are similar. It is my hope that every person who watches Narrow Bridge gets something different out of it. For those that are survivors of abuse, I hope the film empowers them with a message of hope. For those that are not survivors, I hope they will walk away with a greater understanding of the problem and a motivation to positively impact it. For religious viewers of all faiths, I hope they will see the similarities that infuse every religion, and come away with a renewed sense of faith and pride.

Narrow Bridge is a film about sexual abuse, but also about the tremendous power of faith, friendship and love. It is my hope that this film's message empowers its audience to use these forces to positively impact the problem of abuse, because if there is to be change, people need to work together.


"You are either with The Un-Orthodox Jew - "UOJ"- or against him!"....... said...

The New York Post is expected to have a story on his arrest in tomorrow's paper. There MAY be more from that paper in the next few days -- in particular, I've been urging the reporter for weeks to treat this story not as an isolated incident but as emblematic of a pattern of mishandling (or worse) of such cases in Orthodox Jewish communities. If you have information to contribute, please contact Phil Messing at the New York Post.


Anonymous said...

Why don't the officials pick up Mondrowitz, put them both on the same flight back, lock them in the bathroom on the plane & let them enjoy each other's company for the trip to the US. I would say the same for Leizerovitz but, it's too small a bathroom.

UOJ Sheriff's Deputy said...

Charlie Hynes should be locked up in the same cell as these monsters for abusing his authority.

Don't forget that a warden of Alcatraz was once arrested for his abuses. The jury even presented a non-binding resolution to the judge charging him with crimes against humanity. For that shocking but true story, see the movie "Murder in the First".

LVF said...

This is a great victory for all those victimized by perverts with rebbies covering up for them.
To all of his victims, I say, get a good nights sleep, for the day of justice is near.

Lev Leviev said...

I am the Bukharian-Lubavitcher billionaire who is president of the Jewish school in Rego Park, Queens where this ganav teaches. Rabbi David Levin is the menahel.


Teacher admits defrauding retailers of $200,000
Using stolen items and counterfeit receipts, N.Y. man repeatedly profited
Tuesday, June 12, 2007
Star-Ledger Staff
A Brooklyn teacher whose wife is pregnant with their first child pleaded guilty in federal court yesterday to playing a key role in a scheme that defrauded several major retail stores out of $200,000 over a four-year period.

At a hearing in Newark, Adam Stefanile, 32, admitted to U.S. District Judge Jose Linares that he and another man carried out the fraud from July 2002 until May of last year by stealing merchandise and then getting refunds for the items using counterfeit receipts.

While none of the individual frauds cited during yesterday's hearing exceeded $300, authorities said there were hundreds of such transactions, many in New Jersey. Legal papers identified the scheme's other participant as just S.M.

At the end of the proceeding, Linares set Stefanile's sentencing for September only to have defense lawyer John Murphy Jr. request it be rescheduled to November, after his client's wife is to give birth. The judge consented.

Earlier, Stefanile told Linares he holds a master's degree in teaching secondary school science and works at the Jewish Institute in Queens.

Stefanile faces a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison and fines ranging to $250,000 after pleading guilty to a count of wire fraud.

Prosecutors identified the victims of the scheme as Bed, Bath & Beyond, Pier 1 Imports, Michaels Stores and F.Y.E. stores in New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Maryland and Pennsylvania.

According to court documents, Stefanile stole the items in question from a loading dock on Long Island and also from unattended delivery trucks. He lifted receipt tapes from the stores as well.

With the aid of a computer scanner, Stefanile produced any number of counterfeit receipts after stopping by the stores to buy one item that matched the pilfered items, authorities charged. He then returned the stolen merchandise to the stores for money, using the bogus receipts.

Osher Lang said...

Listen, UOJ, not for anything, because I am with you, man, but as soon as they told Reb lazer that this lunatic Colmer was seeking out little itty bitty titty of the hairless sort - Reb Lazer threw him out. So what do you want with Reb Lazer? Check the facts. There is no pre-school in the place either.

Its a great day in klal yisroel when a guy getting fellatio from kids who just got off the jungle gym is arrested. Let us all pray that in jail ol' Stefan becomes a semen sponge for the entire black population of whatever prison they send him to.

Anonymous said...


Rabbi Jonathan Rosenberg said...


It's not easy healing the wounds left behind by Aron & Shalom Tendler.

Ruben Margules said...


There's more than one Margo who's building is being converted to condos.

Anonymous said...


Where's the story on Colmer? I can't find anything in the Post.

Anonymous said...

Here is the Posts' article about the pervert Colmer's arrest.

June 15, 2007 -- An alleged pedophile suspected of preying on as many as a dozen young boys in Brooklyn was arrested in Israel yesterday following his indictment on charges he molested two 13-year-olds, authorities said.

Stefan Colmer, 30, a computer technician and salesman, was picked up by Israeli police in Jerusalem at the request of the U.S. Justice and State departments.
Colmer was indicted by a Brooklyn grand jury for allegedly performing oral sex on the two boys from January to May 2006. He was charged with eight counts of committing a criminal sexual act and faces up to seven years in prison.
He also faces charges of sexual abuse, sexual misconduct and endangering the welfare of a child, a source said. "We are looking to have him extradited," said Sandy Silverstein, a spokesman for Brooklyn DA Charles Hynes.
The investigation began last fall following rumors that Colmer had lured boys at the Mirrer Yeshiva to his nearby home.
Yeshiva officials didn't return a call for comment.

Anonymous said...

Was looking for a bigger story but, it's on Page 24 right next to another menuval Kurt Waldheim.

mt mehdi said...

It's interesting how this didn't make the YeshivaWorldNews website. I guess for those people, a frum molester is not news.

"You are either with The Un-Orthodox Jew - "UOJ"- or against him!"....... said...

The hackers and the various worms/viruses are working overtime. If they succeed (doubtful)...I will post the new blogsite on Shmarya's...Failed Messiah.

Geek said...

UOJ has made many enemies since branching out from focusing on YTT. I wonder if NIRC has a war room with dedicated hackers. Sounds like these aren't just amateurs like Bungalow Putz Neuhoff.

Stefan Colmer is a techie but's it's not likely the mishtara gave him an internet connection in his jail cell.

Anonymous said...

Shafran(we don't have a problem) the Agudah HOCKER, could now have become the Agudah HACKER

steve said...

One down, two to go. LVF, please contact Phil Messing at the NY Post and give him all the information you have on Leizerowitz. Also, UOJ, can you please post the e-mail of the Village Voice writer who is doing an expose on Leizerowitz. As for Mondrowitz, I urge everyone to keep pestering the politicians as I have been doing. Call and write to the offices of Elliot Spitzer, Chuck Schumer and Hillary Clinton.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...
Rabbi Effy Wachsmann got up at the last Agudah fresser-convention to say that we cannot go by what a gadol said in a previous dor - even the last dor - unless the heintigge gedolim agree with it.

I guess the Agudah doesn't like uncomfortable truths. The obvious reason for that ridiculous speech was to mach avek R' Shraga Feivel's letter that was resurrected about corruption in the rabbonus.

6/14/2007 8:59 AM

Yehuda Shain said...
You are very correct.

We live a Torah-life by a "Mesorah", which gets passed on from generation to generation.

What the previous True Gedolim said (Reb Ahron, Reb Shraga Feivel Mendelowitz, Rav Schwab etc) was the "torah" then and now as well.


Not all Institutions have kashrus on their agenda, they are working on it.

In the meantime we are losing our children to their inactions-as Reb Shraga Feivel said in "I ACCUSE...".

6/14/2007 9:26 AM

"You are either with The Un-Orthodox Jew - "UOJ"- or against him!"....... said...

At this point it's up to D.A. Charles Hynes to have Mondrowitz extradited back to the U.S.

I URGE EVERYONE to write, call, pressure the D.A.'s office to do the right thing and bring Mondrowitz back to face trial and his victims!

outraged in flatbush said...


UOJ has only a half of the story.

#1) Lazer Ginzberg is not affiliated with the Aguda too much.
He is the rov of an agudah shul on coney island avenue in flatbush.
He was hired by a private kehillah and not paid by the Agudath israel of America.
He could daven maariv at the siyum hashas - but he is not part of any rabbinical commttee - or any other committee from the agudath israel whatsoever.

2)He IS affiliated with the Mirrer Yeshiva. He is the rosh kollel for more than 30 years.

3)Stephen Colmer was a mispallel at Lazer Ginzbergs shul. He was warned repetedly by many many many people that colmer was a dangerous person.
He always answered that he "was watching him"! (I wonder if he was really "watching him".)
He than did a dangerous move which the authorities should be notified about.
He decided to learn bichavrusah with this monster - INSIDE THE MIRRER YESHIVA EVERY SINGLE DAY.

That's right folks.

Lazer Ginzberg brought a child molester into a yeshiva building which has HUNDREDS AND HUNDREDS of innocent fresh young as*es for this mongoloid to prey on.

There is another person guilty here.

The principle of the yeshiva was warned repetedly about this as well.

He told countless people that he "was getting Colmer the help he needed".









Anonymous said...

perhaps the NY Post should be informed that this is the same Mirrer Yeshiva which harbors convictid felons.

That's right.


Anonymous said...

mirrer yeshiva 718-645-0536
leib pinter 718-627-9066

Anonymous said...

y did they not answer the post reporters questions?

Anonymous said...

To Steve:

Info on reporter from Village Voice

Kristen Lombardi
Staff Writer
Village Voice
212-475-3300, ext. 12019

Here's the story she did on Mondrowitz.

Anonymous said...

Let me explain why all of the rabbis who knew about Colmer's activities did not report their knowledge to criminal justice authorities. I will also explain why these rabbis will never be prosecuted.

There is no mandatory reporting law in New York State applicable to the yeshivas, Catholic parochial schools, and other nonpublic schools. Other states have them, New York does not. It appears that the rabbis broke no laws.

A lawyer from our community has asked the New York State Legislature for such a law.

Anonymous said...

Typical Rabbi stunt.

When a lowlife is exposed as a pedophile, what does the Rabbi do? They learn with him as a chavrusa. They make them a gabbai. They honor them at dinners. The Yated puts their cockamaimie picture in the center page of their newspaper.

Shame on the rabbis, hijackers of the religion, the Hamas leadership of Orthodoxy.

Rabbis read the words of your colleague at the Yated this week:

" Often, the truth is crystal clear for all to see. But that which is self-evident to the entire world is somehow not at all obvious to this person and no amount of explaining will help.

You wonder, what could he be thinking to engage in such reckless, irrational behavior?

The answer is likely that the person’s ego prevailed and his thinking process was taken over. His actions were divorced from the process of weighing, judging and reasoning things through.

Can it be that Korach, described as a “smart man,” didn’t think things through? It must be that whatever thinking he engaged in was corrupted by his craving for power. He was so jealous of his Levi cousins that his brain ceased to work the way it usually did."

Wake up before it's too late.

Anonymous said...

To aaron from L.A.- how is it that Shalom Tendler still sits on the RCC bet din? To a lot of people I know, they consider Shalom Tendler a rasha and a very sick person, worse than his sick nephew Aaron.

boog said...

Buried on Page 24 in the NY Post!?? C'mon Man, you gotta do better than that.

Hey Messing, this shoulda been on Page 3 just like for the catholic priests.

When the Satu Mario bulvane drek tinofsim were duking it out for supremacy a few months ago it made page 3; when that chareidi wacko upstate that was caught baking matzos in a converted school bus it made page 3, so Nu, why not this?

Maybe they're saving page 3 for Mondrowitz?

Maybe Jerry Springer has the answer. Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!

steve said...

I URGE EVERYONE to write, call, pressure the D.A.'s office to do the right thing and bring Mondrowitz back to face trial and his victims!

We've been calling and the schmuck Schmeterer gets on the phone and keeps mentioning the extradition agreement with Israel which included male victims only after 1988. Meanwhile, the Israeli Embassy says that all they're waiting for is a phone call from the DA's office. They've been waiting for 19 years now. It's time to go to the higher ups-the governor, senators, congressmen, etc- to put real pressure on Hynes.

Anonymous said...

Steve, that repoter doesn't work at the voice anymore. I heard she left very recently. Can u coroborate this? I don't want victims chasing down old and bad info. They may get discouraged. Perhaps UOJ can get us the latest info and how to contact K. Lombardi.

When Charlie Hynez needs a victim of Mondrowitz to call and talk to him in person in order to agree to request extradition of Mondrowitz, give me a holler here. I emailed the DA about Leizerowitz years ago and got nowhere.

Anonymous said...

rumor has it that leib pinter will be indicted in a few weeks.

please make sure that the ny post reporters are informed that this convicted lowife felon (who sat in federal prison), who bankrupted olypia mortgage company and stole over 60 million smackers is the spokesman for the mirrer yeshiva.

guess they harbor pee-pee players and thievs.

nice place.

oh i almost forgot.

they will deny that he is involved with the yeshiva....


go park your car on ocean parkway every morning and watch as this scum-bag walks in and out of the main office.

he also parks illegaly all day long with some bogus parking permit which is not valid at the mir.....just at his brothers kollel.....(thats another story.....)

"You are either with The Un-Orthodox Jew - "UOJ"- or against him!"....... said...

Kristen just informed me that she left the Village Voice for personal reasons. I hope to get all the relevant information and her complete file on Leizerowitz, Olewski and Ger.

I have numerous journalists that would be interested at looking the file.

She will sorely be missed at the Voice. It was a great learning experience and privilege for me to be able to work with a journalist of this caliber.

Bungalow Yenta said...

What's worse about Sholom Tendler than his nephew Aron (besides being an enabler)?

Ex-NY Times Reporter Judith Miller said...

UOJ, there are plenty of publications that will let Kristen Lombardi submit her work as a freelancer.

That's what I do after being canned by the "Newspaper of Record".

Leib Pinter is a Scumbag said...

How do you know he's getting indicted? It's not in the papers or anything. Do you subscribe to Pacer to follow federal trials?

It's really a chutzpah if he's still in the office. That would mean someone at the yeshiva is even lying to cover it up.

Feldman Family said...

Judith Miller's zeide grew up frum in Pinsk before winding up in Las Vegas as a casinos billionaire.

The Mirrer Mashgiach R' Hersh Feldman z'l was also from Pinsk.

NYC Dept of Transportation said...

If you know when & where Leib Pinter illegally parks with his bogus "permit", please call 311 to file a complaint with the DOT. We will come to ticket & tow his vehicle.

There are heterim to masser on someone who steals the reshus harabim and who does not comply with dina demalchusa dina of a medina shel chesed.

North Carolina Bar Association said...

DA Mike Nifong resigned at his disciplinary hearing today after making up lies in the fake "rape" case at Duke. He is still facing disbarment and criminal charges.

DA Charlie Hynes should face the same fate for covering up molestation at the urging of corrupt shadow operatives, the Iggud Haganovim likely among them.

Shmelka Pinter is a Scumbag said...

Click here for video.

Shmelka, you walking chilul Hashem!


Welcome to the Crossing at La Marque. It’s been vacant for a year and portions of it condemned for three.

"Not much of a welcome sign, is it?” said La Marque Assistant Fire Marshal Capt. Alfred Decker. “It's a shame for the citizens of La Marque to have to put up with this.”

The property belongs to Samuel Pinter, a rabbi from New York who operates a non-profit organization supposedly dedicated to providing affordable housing to the poor, disabled and elderly.

Chances are his name doesn't ring a bell, but if you watch the news, you might be familiar with one of his other properties. The Carter's Grove apartments, which were shut down by Houston earlier this year after two children, were shocked while playing near an unlocked electrical box. 11 News tried to reach Pinter at his office in New York, but was unsuccessful.

The Pinters are Scumbags Period said...

Leib and Shmelly Shmelka are related to the Pinter rabbonim in England. Does anyone know if the famous playright Harold Pinter is mishpocho who went off the derech? (Not the the Flatbush Pinters should be considered "frum")


How sharp Harold Pinter's 1978 cautionary tale about adultery feels.

Maybe it is quaint to find a play without the sexual grappling, obscenities and all the other show-offy coarseness Mr Pinter's lesser imitators have imposed on us.

Mirrer Talmid said...

Which menahel in the Mir was covering up for Colmer?

I can even understand somewhat how Pinter is allowed to get away with it there but not Colmer. The Mirrer rebbeyim always have their heads in learning and can't believe Pinter is a thief. They don't have the time or even know-how of how to look up the information. Even decades ago when Leib never came around or gave the yeshiva a penny (because he had nothing to get out of it at the time), they denied he was a ganav. Leib uses that to his advantage to take advantage of them, just like he's been taking advantage of people his whole thieving life.

What do you expect? said...

R' Lazer's shul, unfortunately is populated by some people, who while they might be considered "choshuv" when the "masses are asses", but they are anything but. (The rest are BTs)

Rabbi Hisiger who should resign from YTT instead of enabling Margo.

Hey Hisiger, we all know you read both this blog and Yudel Shain's.

A big talmid of Rabbi Scheinberg who I will not name for the time being.

A few guys who are considered big yeshivishe knackers, who are DISHONEST IN BUSINESS.

Eliezer Greer said...


There are ways to take care of criminals like Pinter.

Anonymous said...

The one thread I seem to see is that you must sacrifice your life and the life of your children for Orthodoxy. Heaven forbid if we tarnish its image. PR is more important than the truth.

I have always thought that the Hashem judges Jews by the way we treat the least powerful--widows, orphans, converts, etc. We have orphaned a whole generation by failing to protect the children who were molested. We have also judged children who just couldn't keep up with the yeshiva curriculum as lesser. Some of the brightest and best have left and others have been damaged.
I used to doubt that European Jewry could have been as bad as the stories of Singer's I read--I no longer doubt it.

Let us all try to salvage what is left of Judaism by doing the right and logical things. I ask everyone to post one thing we can all do and hope that small changes brings us closer to the geulah.

Anonymous said...

A friend of mine works for the media in Israel and was present at the arraignment hearing. Apparently Colmer choose not to attend because he didn't want to be seen by the cameras so only his public defense attorney showed up.

They agreed to hold him until Tuesday when they would meet in court again, but this time he would have a criminal lawyer he has hired. That doesn't mean on Tuesday they will let him go free, most likely on Tuesday they will set a date for a full extradition hearing according to my friend who often covers criminal cases in Israel.

"You are either with The Un-Orthodox Jew - "UOJ"- or against him!"....... said...

The one thread I seem to see is that you must sacrifice your life and the life of your children for Orthodoxy. Heaven forbid if we tarnish its image. PR is more important than the truth.
I have always thought that the Hashem judges Jews by the way we treat the least powerful--widows, orphans, converts, etc. We have orphaned a whole generation by failing to protect the children who were molested. We have also judged children who just couldn't keep up with the yeshiva curriculum as lesser. Some of the brightest and best have left and others have been damaged.
I used to doubt that European Jewry could have been as bad as the stories of Singer's I read--I no longer doubt it.
Let us all try to salvage what is left of Judaism by doing the right and logical things. I ask everyone to post one thing we can all do and hope that small changes brings us closer to the geulah.
Worth repeating; very thought out. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Many of the low-lives seem to have an affiliation with Agudath Israel. Belsky, Heinemann, Kolko, Ginsburg.

Anonymous said...

ruby schron davens in lazer ginzbergs shul and is the presidnet of mirrer yeshiva

call him and ask him how he associates himself with scum.

ruby schron -718-627-1809

Anonymous said...


Will your friend be back on Tuesday to take some pictures? UOJ is going to need a picture of Colmer in a jump suite.

Anonymous said...

The principle at the Mir is Rabbi Osher Birnbaum.

Anonymous said...

so how far out will they set for the full extradition hearing and will colmer be set free until the hearing?

i hate thieving pricks like leib pinter said...

I called the Yeshiva of Friday and asked to speak to leib Pinter.

They told me that he "left for the day", and suggested that I call back on Sunday morning".

Guess he does hang out there.

yuk yuk 1984 said...

Rabbi Eliezer Ginzberg: 718-645-4698

Exposing one whore at a time.........

Keep it up UOJ!

Let these skanks rot in hell

YoelB said...

Anonymous 11:17

When I was younger, I used to think that Singer wrote fiction.
Also, you are asking what we could do. When I first became observant many years ago, I went away from the healthier eating I had been brough up with. When that didn't work out so well, being in Northern California where healthy prepared kosher food was non-existent and there wasn't anywhere to go out to eat, my friends and family started cooking from scratch and entertaining at home.
You can live without restaurants, and if you cook it yourself, you know what the kashrut is.

Anonymous said...


You read it here first! Don't eat pistachio nuts as the navel orangeworm lays its eggs on the nut. You can see the egg by carefully looking for pinhead size holes in the nut meat! For this we will check for navels. New infestation. See how easy it is to get the frum oilam to do something!

No kidding check out the USDA website.
A little secret--we have all been eating tolaim that are visible if we only knew how to look.

Schwartzman said...

Ruby Schron is also Rabbi Scheinberg's biggest supporter. He sent his sons to YTT. He is friends with and lives directly across the street from lowlife Leib Pinter.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Uh Oh maybe Moshe Katsav will come to Colmers resuce.

Anonymous said...

What do you expect from R. Wachsman? He's too busy kissing up to his MENUVAL cousin from Lawrence, Mendy Klein, the father of Malkie Spitz, from the famous Spitz divorce case of a few years ago. Maybe R. Wachsman can make some of Malkies famous videos dissapear also.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't Schron one of those schmucks who went running a week ago to honor and enable Margo at the event in Boro Park?

Ultimatum to Alleged Chabad Molesters & Enablers said...


June 15, 2007
The Newest Chabad Scandal
A 14 1/2 year old girl from a Conservative Jewish home has a school project, of sorts – the requirement to do community service. She volunteers at her local Chabad House and quickly becomes the babysitter for the the rabbi's infant and toddler. Over the years, she spends much time alone in the Chabad House with the rabbi and two tiny children while the rabbi's wife works or is out of town. The girl's parents grow suspicious. They wonder how this type of yihud can be allowed. The rabbi blows them off.

The girl claims to have been raped on a local (non-Chabad) outing not long after she started helping out at Chabad. The parents got her therapy. The girl claimed not to know the boy(s) that raped her. She has been in therapy since then. And there is more to this story that can be told, if necessary.

This girl is an honor student at an exclusive school. She has a large college scholarship waiting for her. Despite her trauma, she seemed to be holding her life together and doing well. But her parents rightly worried about her involvement with Chabad – specifically the yihud issues with the rabbi, rampant underage alcohol use at the weekly kiddushes and special occasions, and less-than-Orthodox behavior of the Lubavitch yeshiva students introduced to her by the rabbi. They warned the rabbi (including written warnings) and asked for change. Yet they reluctantly allowed her to continue contact with Chabad, unable to believe the worst.

The girl's mother is a convert, converted both by a Conservative rabbi and an Orthodox (but non-Chabad rabbi). The girl was also converted as a young child in this manner.

The Chabad rabbi tells the girl she is not Jewish because she did not reaffirm her conversion when she turned 12. He tells her he will arrange a new conversion. However, she will need to go to Crown Heights and study for two years first. He drills this into her, constantly urging the girl – a minor – to leave for Crown Heights.

At the same time, the rabbi introduces the girl to Lubavitch yeshiva students visiting the area. Over the years the parents find evidence of trysts with these yeshiva students, in once case literally pulling a Lubavitch yeshiva student off their daughter as they lay in her bed, partially clothed and about to cohabit.

A few months ago, the girl, then 17, begins acting erratically. Parents find more evidence of trysts, including four negative pregnancy tests. When confronted the girl tells her parents that "We," i.e., Chabad-Lubavitch, Orthodoxy, "do not use contraception." When pressed the girl claims she has been with an "older" man.

Two weeks before graduation with honors from her exclusive high school, the girl – who had turned 18 two weeks before – fled for Crown Heights without telling her parents. A Chabad boy she met through the rabbi paid for her ticket. The rabbi's sister picked the girl up at the airport and took her to Crown Heights. The rabbi arranged housing for her and found her a job.

The parents have evidence of illegal alcohol and drug use involving their daughter and several Chabad boys, both before and after her flight to Crown Heights.

The parents contacted Rabbi Yehuda Krinsky, the titular head of Chabad, first on the 18th of May and then several times thereafter, including more attempts at contact yesterday and today. Rabbi Krinsky has consistently refused to speak with them or answer their emails.

The rabbi exerted undue influence over this girl when she was a minor. He plied her with alcohol, spent many hours alone with her in his home, disregarded her parents' wishes and, it may well be, committed clergy abuse.

This rabbi is a known problem in Chabad. But Chabad – more interested in protecting its image before Tuesday's ceremonies honoring the 13th yartzeit of the Rebbe than it is in this girl's welfare – refuses to deal with the problem.

It is Shabbos now in NYC. I had hoped to post this before Shabbos started, but was unable to. Still, I'm sure word will filter into Crown Heights. So let me get personal.

Rabbi Krinsky, people know about this, more people than you realize, bigger people than you realize. You cannot cover this one up. But you can deal with it. Do the right thing. Withdraw the rabbi in question and keep him away from children and college students. That means keep him out of outreach entirely. Do this any way you see fit but please do it.

Saturday night, Sunday morning at the latest, call up this girl's parents and broker a deal. Get the girl back home. Let her doctor and therapist examine her.

If she wants to reaffirm her conversion after a reasonable amount of time away from Chabad (and I mean away from Chabad) – let her. I think three to six months with no Chabad contact would be about right.

Rabbi Krinsky, do you remember another time when you would not take a phone call? That did not work out very well for you. Thing is, you could have talked your way out of it. Look at the lag time between the publication in Israel and the eventual publication here. Does that look like someone who was, then, "gleefully" running to publish "dirt" about Chabad?

The point is, not everyone with a complaint is out to hurt the organization, but that quickly changes when the organization hurts them. Some people just want their daughter back, safe, and a certain rabbi removed so he cannot hurt others. This does not seem an unreasonable request. I'm sure you can find a way to honor it in full before Monday morning.

Bungalow Yenta said...

What's the story with Mendy Klein and Spitz?

"You are either with The Un-Orthodox Jew - "UOJ"- or against him!"....... said...

Regarding UOJ cap orders:

Ronnie has run out of stock and is expected to get a shipment this week...and will embroider the caps, and get them to you ASAP.

Women: What better way to express endearment to your husbands...contact Ronnie and ask him to create "BUNGALOW PUTZ" caps for your husband who suffers greatly being alone in the city without you.

Tuvya Chaim Neuhoff said...

I very strongly protest the trademark infringement of the Bungalow Putz caps. I have my lawyers looking into this.

Another Ner Yisroel Connection said...


Wolfson & Lehmann.

Marvin Schick Finally Does Something Useful said...


Anonymous said...
hey Yudel are you reffering to how Yahoo Mintz is scamming all jews with Oorah and how he does not pay full tuition but rather a few dollars towards the tuition and tells the mosdos to go fund raise the $$ themselves while he sits on $13 million yes $13 million and keeps raking it in?!?!
how about how Marvin Shick too him to bayis din ( TU's of course) and forced Oorah to pay atleast $5,000 towards tuition for their little animals they scrape up from the public schools and how all the RaBonim in lakewood told the mosdos you have to take the kids in! what chutzpa after Lakewood Cheder refuses to take in kids whose parents work and then ask the bubies and zaydes to pay

The Case of "Rabbi" Tobias Gabriel said...


This putz learned in Telz before going to the YU Cantorial school.

Marketing Strategist said...

Ronnie should create a sample "Bungalow Putz" cap and put the image in the online shopping cart.

If successful, look to future versions like:

Tort Putz

Hissiger the Chalerya said...

Look, why all the fuss over a little gay sex. So what if its not consensual. Did a little rape ever kill anybody? Had we not provided Yidi with a fresh crop every year to quench the fire in his pants he would have suffered geferlech. Have a little rachmunis on these guys. They suffer terribly.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Imitation is the best form of flattery said...


I was hoping no details would ever have to come out. But it seems Rabbi Krinsky and Company are making the same mistakes all over again. If the family doesn't hear from Rabbi Krinsky today, I suppose more details will come out Monday or Tuesday – but in a much larger and more powerful venue than FailedMessiah.

The very idea that Rabbi Krinsky – the head of Chabad, so to speak – would stonewall these people for almost one month when they are literally concerned about the life of their child should greatly trouble all of us. Putting PR before the well-being of this girl and her parents is criminal.

Posted by: Shmarya | June 17, 2007 at 10:56 AM

Scottie is starting to sound like UOJ dont you think?
Threats, deadlines, ultimatums.

Posted by: KRAMER | June 17, 2007 at 11:20 AM

"You are either with The Un-Orthodox Jew - "UOJ"- or against him!"....... said...


Izzy Moskovits here,

I just wanted to let you know that I have created a website for my new film, Narrow Bridge, where you can find the latest news about the film including information about screenings. The address is:


Check it out, it's still being built so bear with me!


Gumshoe said...

Does UOJ or anyone know if Israeli Police have Mondrowitz under surveillance? Anyone responsible department of law enforcement would, given his background.

Looking for Marvin Schick's Phone No. said...


Call Marvin Shick and ask him why he took Oorah to bais din, they have millions in the bank yet spend bubkes on the kids while Klienman and Mintz laugh all during the Radiothon to the bank with good old Lipa and Country Yossi.

Belsky & Heinemann Watch said...


Yehuda Shain said...
NOTE: Rabbi Belsky claims "he never made a mistake"-maybe once?

Re: Dole products; Dole only allows Mashgichim in the plant once in 2 weeks. Therefore sticker or no sticker you can't use it unless you cosider "Star-K-Style" a Hashgocha!

Anonymous said...

Why prosicute him according to Ohel Family services he can be cured. Just send him there.


Following Rabbi Twerski, Mandel spoke about ways to engage children in conversations about sex abuse. Mandel noted that it was up to the parents to engage their children because most victims do not come forward due to shame, fear of their abusers, a sense of loyalty to their abusers and/or concern about being stigmatized.

However, when an audience member asked whether sex education could help to strengthen children's knowledge of inappropriate behaviors and empower them to come forward if someone violated them, Mandel responded that sex education was "not something realistic" in a community that stresses modesty.

He told parents that the overwhelming majority of children who have experienced "unwanted touch" would go on to live happy, healthy lives, while only a "small percentage" of individuals would be permanently harmed by the abuse

Mandel also said that abusers could be treated for their perversions.

"An individual who abuses children and who participates in treatment can lead a successful life and be believed that they would no longer hurt children," Mandel said.

When asked, in an interview the following day, whether such people could work with children again, Mandel evaded the question.

LVF said...

Gerer mesivtah, The end of an era with leizerowitz and his enabler "Big Dave OLewski".

The gerer cheder yeshiva yagdil torah on 18th & 52 is starting a 9th grade this elul so that the boys will not be joining the mesivta, and the following year they along with the boys finishing the 8th grade will be the first grades entering the new gerer mesivtah, exact details not yet known, but it seems as if the oilem had enough of this false rav in the gerer bais din that knew about leizerowitz for some 15-20 years and he did nothing, not even an investigation, all he said was those boys are shvacher bochrim, it can't be true,

And another boy was pushed under the agudah's rug.

If anyone has info on colmer please post, how come i don't see the story being covered by the israeli media? they usually love such stories.

Anonymous said...

Monday, June 18, 2007

Thirty one children have been rescued and more than 700 suspects arrested worldwide after British police broke up an alleged pedophile ring linked to an Internet chat room called "Kids the Light of Our Lives."

The chat room "featured images of children being subjected to horrific sexual abuse," the Associated Press is reporting.

Anonymous said...

Hello All

I Don't care too much for blogs, but I feel tha in this case, this is a good way to get my message across.

My Company in Manhattan uses the services of the Computer Networking Company that Stefan Colmer used to be with. Stefan was often in my office doing work and several times even came to my home to hookup my computers and help my wife and kids with them. I was appalled when I heard about this story and am very satisfied to hear of Stefan's recent arrest. In fact, there was a time where he once held my son on his lap and would not let go of him. My son told my wife about this and insisted that Stefan was gay and that there was something wrong. But at the time my wife wrote it off as an isolated incident. I thank God she was home at the time and nothing further happened. If these allegations of what Stefan did to many other young boys are true (and I believe them to be), then he deserves to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

To all the victims out there who have remained silent; Now is the time to come forward and do the right thing.

Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Lets be clear here. This is not ger cleaning off the dreck on its face. This is a bunch of parents with newly bar mitzva boys who dont want thier bochurim bending over for the likes of Leizerovits but would rather protect the young kids from losing virginity at so young an age and to a fuckin gai mashgiach.
Even with Leizerovts gone who would trust a kid with enabler Olewsky of agudah fame? that shtick tinof has been covering for and enabling leizerovits since the lakewood story 15+ years ago!
It remains to be seen if what LVF says about the new mesifta opening will actualy come to fruition or that these parents are as spineless as the YTT parents.
What would the scale look like if we put olewski on 1 side and margo-batchee on the other? Come to think of it..I don't think the scale could survive.

Boog's Bubbe's Meyses reporting live from the village said...

Colmer was visited by Mondrowitz in prison to get referals to lawyers familiar in extradition cases. Leizerowitz was barred from visiting due to a rare and highly contagious form of dick in mouth disease but he will be using the services of the high priced lawyer who stupidly recommended last year that he should not fear the victims because the victims bark has no bite. Next week is the anniversary of when MK and EN went to discuss the leizerowitz case with this lawyer who recommended the 7-11 party go on. An ass could have given better advice......... But all the assess were too sore to speak after all the action they saw with all these molester rabbis.

I cant sit no more said...

Easy on the foul language. I hear all of ger eats seudos shabbos together in shul this week to comemorate the great loss and passing on to israel of Moreinu harav Avrum Modche Leizerovich Shlita former rosh (head....oh forget it!) mashgiach of the gerrer mesivta who was appointed to the position by the lev smicha and AJ Irinstein. In honor of this first yarzeit zhlub david olewski will speak and reminisc on the many fruitful years of working side by side and front to back with the great digit harav licerowitch. He will quote from the mashgiach's hot and prespiring speaches on the pressing (or sqweezing) topics of shmiras habriss and the danger of wet dreams where the seed goes for naught and the mashgiach gets no satisfaction.
May his soul rust in pieces and may olewski finaly know some personal peace. (come on, did u have to put in that last jab on his personal life?)

Dave, u putz. Clean up the mess u enabled or we will never stop harassing u. Take those boys back in yeshiva and get them the help they need (I dont give a damn who forced u to kick them out) and apologize to everyone leizerowicz messed with over these last 20 or 30 years. If u cant id all his victims then do it in public or live the rest of your miserable life in perpetual sin, u scum bag size XXL.

uoj groupie said...

It looks like UOJ put SIW out of business. He bashed UOJ on Kolko-WRONG- He bashed UOJ on Singer-WRONG- he said UOJ was not credible-WRONG-In fact UOJ is the only credible person in the Orthodox world that got it right!Everything!

UOJ Groupie

Anonymous said...

It cannot be true what so many boys r saying bout leizerovits. He is a holee man and only holee peeple suffer like this in shame. i think kolko and kolmer are clean peeple. the rebee shleete knos evrything and would not leeve him heer so long if he did this. duvid olefski (lirn too spell shkutzim) is a goen and chushive roov and dont mess with ger. we are holee and oesgeteen fin der velt. we hav no shaichis with oylum haze like yu peeples. get a lief and dont think of such dirty thoughts. only a minivel thinks like dis.
all these liez come frum bum boyz throwed out from mesifte. we are not afrayed of them.

Anonymous said...

Regarding serial child molesters like Colmer, it is important to seperate this issue from homosexuality. There are frum therapists trained to help men with homosexual issues. Predation is another matter completely. The problem is that several of these therapists in the frum community have have taken on predation cases. These therapists have neither the education or skill set to treat the child molester and must refer these cases. Therapist must hold PHD or MD with specific training to treat the predator. There are several therapists, without the requisite training, here and in Israel, are taking on such cases. As good intentioned as they may be, they are putting our communites at risk by not referring to professionals. These frum homosexual therapists must be closely monitored by responsible community activists.

Anonymous said...

i might be naive, but how is it possible for any yeshiva to retain a suspected molester?

what is the upside for the yeshiva?

Anonymous said...

disposing of a molester teacher would equate to admitting a problem. Infalable Margos and DOs can't admit to that. Nor can any Rosh Yeshiva/godol hador or grand rabbi/tzadik hador. They are as god as god.

Anonymous said...

does this stuff happen in girl's school as well?

"You are either with The Un-Orthodox Jew - "UOJ"- or against him!"....... said...

I have been informed that there is a Haredi figure at the head of a major organization in Israel that uses his position to prey on vulnerable women.

I need more information from people that are willing to put their name on this.

Please remember that I will only go public with absolutely verifiable information from credible sources. Not that I have reason to doubt the present claim, but I need multiple people to come forward.


"You are either with The Un-Orthodox Jew - "UOJ"- or against him!"....... said...

Regarding the "discrimination" issue, I can only get involved once the matter has been adjudicated. I don't have the manpower to investigate a claim of this nature.


"You are either with The Un-Orthodox Jew - "UOJ"- or against him!"....... said...

I am running 7-10 days late in responding to e-mails. I'm doing the best I can.

"You are either with The Un-Orthodox Jew - "UOJ"- or against him!"....... said...

Although Ohel does some good work, I can not endorse that organization as long as David Mandel is at the head. He seems to lack the intellect and the chachma/bina required to run such an organization.

Anonymous said...


jO jO said...


This blog is trashing Lakewood!

A must see!

Kugel Fresser said...

The Awareness Center has accused the brother of Meshi-Zahav from Zaka - NOT Meshi-Zahav himself.

Anonymous said...

Summary of The Weekly Torah Reading: Rabbi Aron Tendler
Parshas Chukas
Note: The Shabbos Torah Reading is divided into 7 sections. Each section
is called an Aliya [literally: Go up] since for each Aliya, one
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1st Aliya: The laws of the Parah Adumah- the Red Heifer, are detailed.

2nd Aliya: In Nissan of the 40th year, Miriam died. The well dried up and
the nation gathered against Moshe and Aharon to complain.

3rd Aliya: The "hitting of the rock" occurred and Moshe and Aharon were
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4th Aliya: Moshe requested from Edom permission to travel through their
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5th Aliya: Aharon died and Elazar succeeded his father as Kohain Gadol.
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There are a number of reason why the story of Yiftach was selected to
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Anonymous said...

Just wanted to join the plea of Anonymous at 12:11 pm, who said: "To all the victims out there who have remained silent; Now is the time to come forward, and do the right thing."
Of course it's easy to stand back, and depend upon the testimony of the two brave boys who apparently have come forward, leading to the indictment against Colmer. But to make a really strong case that will be sure to stick, I'm sure that the authorities really could use some help from other victims and their families. If the current case isn't strong enough, your silence could be responsible for this "sexual predator in frum clothing" escaping justice. And worse, you could be responsible for more unfortunate victims going forward.
Do the right thing!

Anonymous said...

Protests Against Member of Chief Rabbinate Council
June 18, 2007
Rabbonim, dayonim and heads of Vaad HaRabbonim Haolami LeInyonei Giyur, founded by the late Antwerp Gavad HaRav Chaim Kreiswirth, issued strident protests against Rabbi Shear-Yeshuv Cohen, the rov of Haifa and a member of the Chief Rabbinate Council, for grave remarks he made against dayanim who stand firm against accepting prospective converts who fail to persuade them of their genuine intentions to keep Torah and mitzvas in full.

Speaking at a national-religious conference on conversion, Rabbi Cohen said he heard that there are dayanim at the special conversion courts who are careful not to approve the conversion of such candidates. “We have halachic authorities that can be relied on when it comes to accepting [a convert] even when we are not sure that the convert we converted will keep mitzvas,” he said. “The conversion court system was created to accept converts and not to defer them, therefore the conversion courts are not carrying out their designated task.”

Rabbi Cohen also cited a spurious ruling by former Chief Rabbi Goren, who stirred a tremendous controversy 30 years ago when he said, “In Eretz Yisroel there is no need to insist on accepting [the yoke of] mitzvas.”

Rabbi Cohen claimed, “We have halachic authorities who can be relied on when it comes to accepting [a convert] even when we are not sure that the convert we convert will keep mitzvas in the case of someone who wants to live in Eretz Yisroel and even more so regarding someone who has already intermarried and has a mixed family. We try to teach them how to run a Jewish home, which is incumbent on all of us. And I’m not saying chas vecholiloh that one should be lenient in this regard, but neither should they be rejected.”

Rabbi Cohen’s remarks stand in stark contradiction to a halachic ruling in 5744 (1984) signed by HaRav Yaakov Yisroel Kanievsky, HaRav Shlomo Zalman Auerbach, HaRav Menachem Man Shach and ylct”a HaRav Yosef Sholom Eliashiv, which reads, “It is a very serious prohibition to accept converts without being convinced they have genuine intentions of accepting the yoke of Torah and mitzvas.”

The Vaad HaRabbonim LeInyonei Giyur also raised strong objections, telling the Chief Rabbinate Counsel to convene an emergency meeting to issue a decision condemning the departure from the ruling by all gedolei Yisroel.

A short time ago MK David Rotem (Yisrael Beiteinu) proposed a bill that would give chief rabbis of cities the power to perform conversions. But such legislation would be very problematic. “The fact that the rabbi of one city openly says that one need not be convinced of the convert’s intentions to keep mitzvas in full, and a conversion candidate cannot be rejected, is the best proof of all that the new law could result in bringing thousands of non-Jews into Kerem Beis Yisroel,” reads a Vaad HaRabbonim statement. “Therefore the authority to perform conversions must be vested only in established, well-known botei din.”

(Source: Dei’ah veDibur)

crackpot said...

An elderly Chinese woman had two large pots, each hung on the ends of a pole which she carried across her neck. One of the pots had a crack in it while the other pot was perfect and always delivered a full portion of water. At the end of the long walk from the stream to the house, the cracked pot arrived only half full.

For a full two years this went on daily, with the woman bringing home only one and a half pots of water.

Of course, the perfect pot was proud of its accomplishments. But the poor cracked pot was ashamed of its own imperfection, and miserable that it
could only do half of what it had been made to do. After 2 years of what it perceived to be bitter failure, it spoke to the woman one day by the stream. "I am ashamed of myself, because this crack in my side causes water to leak out all the way back to your house." The old woman smiled, "Did you notice that there are flowers on your side of the path, but not on the other pot's side?" "That's because I have always
known about your flaw, so I planted flower seeds on your side of the path, and every day while we walk back, you water them."

"For two years I have been able to pick these beautiful flowers to decorate the table.
Without you being just the way you are, there would not be this beauty to grace the house." Each of us has our own unique flaw. But it's the cracks and flaws we each have that make our lives together so very
interesting and rewarding. You've just got to take each
person for what they are and look for the good in them.

So, to all of my crackpot friends, have a great day and remember to smell the flowers on your side of the path.

Anonymous said...

We need a bais din linyonei bris milah urgently. Then we take the fugitive perverts hiding from the law in jerusalem, stand 'em before this new court for a trial to make a case for castration and PRESTO! next week we make 'em a kiddush!
Me thinx this is the best new idea since sliced bread. And to cover court fees we auction on ebay the right of the rite of metzitze b'pe on these slime balls. Or better yet Margo gets the kibbud by kolko, ginzburg by colmer Olefski by liezerowits Elya pisher by mondrowitz, etc.

I nominate UOJ, Steve, Boog (when available) & LVF as bais din panelists to sentence these dreadful penilists.

Gosh, I'm on a roll.........

DA Charlie Hynes said...


Mike Nifong has now been disbarred. I hope UOJ doesn't get any ideas about me.

baalbatish said...

Is this picture acceptable for Mishpacha Magazine?


Yudi Kolko said...

Where's Steve Greenberg? We have to get involved here:

Hagai Eyad, an openly gay journalist with the Tel Aviv edition of Time Out magazine, late last month announced the formation of a gay political party to be called Magi, a Hebrew acronym for Gay Party in Israel. Sivan called Eyad "a nice guy," but added, "I'm not familiar with any consultation with gay organizations and associations" before he formed his party with a few friends.

boog said...

Anonymous said...

It cannot be true what so many boys r saying bout leizerovits. He is a holee man and only holee peeple suffer like this in shame. i think kolko and kolmer are clean peeple. the rebee shleete knos evrything and would not leeve him heer so long if he did this. duvid olefski (lirn too spell shkutzim) is a goen and chushive roov and dont mess with ger. we are holee and oesgeteen fin der velt. we hav no shaichis with oylum haze like yu peeples. get a lief and dont think of such dirty thoughts. only a minivel thinks like dis.
all these liez come frum bum boyz throwed out from mesifte. we are not afrayed of them.

1:50 PM, June 18, 2007

Hey Ger low-life;

You talk about "minivel"!!

Stop free-loading and Get a job.

steve said...

From Vos Iz Neias:

Mandatory Fingerprinting for Yeshivas

Community Alert!

New York - Last year, the NYS Legislature passed a law allowing the yeshivas and all nonpublic schools to fingerprint their employees, and conduct national FBI criminal history background checks. The law becomes effective July 1, 2007, and enables our schools to avoid hiring convicted offenders, and other dangerous criminals who should not be working near children.

The law received a good reception in our community, and this year, State Senator Dean Skelos, the Deputy Majority Leader, has sponsored and introduced a bill that will make the fingerprinting and background checks MANDATORY, just as it is for all public schools.

Mandatory fingerprinting has twice been endorsed by the Rabbinical Council of America, in formal Resolutions enacted in May 2005, and May 2007 (they can be read on the RCA web site, rabbis.org; click onto Policies and Positions).

The bill was introduced in the State Senate on April 20, 2007, and was ordered printed on Thursday, June 14, 2007. That is usually the last step before a bill is voted upon. The Legislature session ends Thursday, June 21, 2007.

You can make a difference. Express your support for the MANDATORY NONPUBLIC SCHOOL EMPLOYEE FINGERPRINT BILL Senator Skelos: skelos@senate.state.ny.us

Anonymous said...

June 19, 2007 -- The towering Brooklyn man who's accused of grabbing an 11-year-old girl after chatting her up inside the lobby of her building last month is free for the second time since his arrest, The Post has learned.

Bernard Mutterperl, 19, was released from Rikers Island Thursday afternoon after scores of supporters pitched in to pay $1 million in bail, Correction Department officials and his lawyer confirmed.

The news came as an unwelcome shock to the family of the girl, Xochil Garcia, who have now endured a series of roller coaster-like reversals.

"I had a pretty good Father's Day," said stepdad Heriberto Rodriguez. "But there it goes now, hearing this. Now to find out that he's been released. What's it going to take for this guy to stay in jail until the trial comes up?"

Mutterperl's release from jail last week came just nine days after Brooklyn Justice Patricia DiMango set the unusually high bail for the suspect, who allegedly admitted, "When I see young girls, I want to go after them."

Mutterperl's lawyer Leo Kimmel, admitted he was surprised the family raised the money so quickly.

"And I guess it was enough. He's not a flight risk," he said.


Marci Hamilton said...


“The last true frontier in civil rights in the United States is that of children's rights. It is our country's ugly secret that massive numbers of children are abused. Yet the law has been excruciatingly slow both in stopping ongoing abuse, and in deterring abuse before it happens.”


It is not too late to speak up for children.

GuideStar said...


Does anyone pay for a GuideStar subscription? Maybe you can post on UOJ how much Margo & co are "officially" being paid salary on the "books."

"You are either with The Un-Orthodox Jew - "UOJ"- or against him!"....... said...

I was asked by Shea Fishman to post his response to Marci Hamilton.

Dear Marci Hamilton,

The "climate" is not right. The gedolim have to give me the green light, but so far they're busy amassing real estate and don't have the time. In short, kiss my ass!

You can reach me at Camp Morris if you really need me, like to attend a dinner, or be honored for a lifetime of nothingness and missed opportunity to accomplish something of value.


Bungalow Putz said...

What part of Camp Morris is Shea Fishman in - Kochav or Merchav? I'll have to stop by with my pal Gilligan Student to pay a courtesy call. I'm going to tell Belsky that who knew that such chashuvim were present in Machane Moishe.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone is Israel attend Colmer's hearing today? Lets get some details please.

Rabbi Tzik Zimrony said...


UOJ readers are invited to stop by and have a drink on us. Yechee Adoneinu!

David Weprin said...

I daven at the Young Israel of Holliswood. These Shafrans are the best PR flacks. They really know how to spin a story!


Queens City Council Member David Weprin has been raking in campaign contributions from parking garage owners, all the while serving as one of the loudest critics of Mayor Bloomberg's congestion pricing plan. This ought to sound familiar to Streetsblog readers. Back in May we found that Weprin had taken in at least $20,500 in contributions from the parking lobby. The Post identified an additional twenty grand:

Records show that David Weprin, chairman of the City Council Finance Committee, received 28 contributions totaling $40,650 from garage companies and their owners. Garage operators are worried about losing customers if the city imposes an $8-a-day fee on cars entering Manhattan, and they want to stop the mayor's plan in its tracks.

Austin Shafran, a Weprin spokesman, said the contributions had "absolutely nothing to do with his opposition to congestion pricing."

OU Executive VP Rabbi Tzvi Hersh Weinreb said...


…In the absence of a (Lubob) leader, there has been a messianic reaction. Based on fragmentary remarks by the Rebbe himself, many of his followers believe that he is the Messiah, and that he will return from the dead to once again lead his followers, and not only his followers, but all the world, into the Messianic era. The belief is certainly not mainstream Judaism, and in the eyes of many is a blasphemy to Judaism no different from the messianic beliefs of Christianity. That the Rebbe's great piety, scholarship, and love of Israel should be sullied by such an unacceptable heresy is a grievous tragedy.…

Avi L. Shafran said...

"These Shafrans are the best PR flacks. They really know how to spin a story!"

Duly noted.

Mike Myers said...


It's funny that one of the Shafrans has a name like Austin that invokes a goofy image.

Detective said...

The Expose Molesters Blog has a timeline for Alan Horowitz that is incomplete. It is rumored that he attended Ner Yisroel. Can anyone confirm if he was there in the 1950s when a lot of deviant hanky panky is reported to have gone on in the dorm?

(1964-1968) - Harvard University (graduating magna cum laude) - Boston, MA

(1971) - Duke University (receiving a M.D. and Ph.D.) - North Carolina

(1973-1976) Residency in Psychiatry, Medical College of Georgia - Augusta, GA

(1976-1978) Assistant Professor of Child Psychiatry, University of Iowa - Woodward, IA


(1983) - Hagerstown, MD

Ohr Somayach (1983 - 1985) - Monsey, NY

(1985 - 1990) - Jerusalem and West Bank, Israel

(1990 - 1991) - Schenectady, NY

(1991) - Woodward, IA

Oneida Prison (2004 - 2006) - Oneida, NY

(2006) Albany, NY

(2006) - Tel Aviv, Israel

(2006) - Japan

(2006) - Thailand

(2006) - Hong Kong, China

(2007) - Sri Lanka

(2007) - Mahabalipuram, India

He is now awaiting extradition via US Marshalls.

Frankel's Shul Hang Out said...

Otisville prison has been in the news lately. Because the Federal BOP is trying to remove any books from prison libraries that can incite Muslim terrorists, they have completely overreacted and removed books of any religion. So you might think that the haymishe ganovim are upset about sifrei kodesh being removed? Wrong! Some putz fraudster who gave shiurim noch dem, who has been featured by UOJ, is complaining to the courts that Reform Rabbi Harold Kushner's book "When Bad Things Happen to Good People," is no longer available. The jerk didn't daven by Frankel's but he may has well should have.

Avi Shafran said...

MIAMI - Larry Seidlin, the wisecracking judge who presided in the dispute over Anna Nicole Smith's remains and was lampooned for his sobbing announcement of the verdict, will resign next month, a court spokesman said Tuesday. Larry called me and said that I do the same. I asked him why? He said he heard that " I also cried over the remains of Anne Nicole Smith". Something to think about.

Shrek the Ogre said...

"It's funny that one of the Shafrans has a name like Austin that invokes a goofy image."


Margo invokes my name every time he takes a beating from UOJ. He looks like me, but he says it in a Hungarian instead of Irish accent.

"You are either with The Un-Orthodox Jew - "UOJ"- or against him!"....... said...

DB quotes two very appropriate gemoras that describe aptly the times we live in.

"There is within a person a desire and a longing for theft (corruption) and illicit relations." --Chagigah 11b

"The punishment for dishonest weights and measures is more severe than that for illicit relations." --Bava Bathra 88b

Abraham Fruchthandler said...

Shea Fishman was very upset when Camp Morris banned BBQs because of danger from bears. He said that if the only place left to fress is at the Agudah convention, then vos vet zein? I think he was sneaking over to Silver Lake to get Margo's shirayim.

Leopold Margulies said...

What an ausnutzer. Shea Fishman thinks just because he helped me cover up molestation, he has carte blanche to freeload on me for all the steaks, hamburgers and hotdogs he wants.

CURIOUS said...

Can any enlightened person shed light on this Malkie Spitz story.
The drift I'm getting from the posts is that she enticed married men to cheat with her and videotaped at least some of the
action. Is that correct? Was she
herself married at the time?
What's she up to now?

Anonymous said...


On the issue of legalizing “alternative-lifestyle” marriage, the Orthodox Jewish world speaks with one voice, loud and clear:

We oppose the redefinition of the bedrock relationship of the human family.

We approach this issue through the prism of the Jewish religious tradition, which forbids Toeva acts, and sanctions only the union of a man and a woman in matrimony.

The institution of marriage is central to the formation of a healthy society and the raising of children. It is our sincere conviction that discarding the historical definition of marriage would pose a severe danger to society in a variety of ways. Thus, we are compelled to protest the proposed redefinition of marriage for the State of New York.

Moreover, we are deeply concerned that, should any such redefinition occur, citizens of New York who are members of traditional communities like ours will incur moral opprobrium and may risk legal sanction if they refuse to transgress their beliefs. That prospect is chilling, and should be unacceptable.

Society’s mores may shift and crumble but eternal verities exist. One is marriage. Its sanctity must be recognized and its integrity preserved.


LVF said...

Why is there no mention of colmor in the israeli media?

LVF said...

Anonymous said...
We need a bais din linyonei bris milah urgently. Then we take the fugitive perverts hiding from the law in jerusalem, stand 'em before this new court for a trial to make a case for castration and PRESTO! next week we make 'em a kiddush!
Me thinx this is the best new idea since sliced bread. And to cover court fees we auction on ebay the right of the rite of metzitze b'pe on these slime balls. Or better yet Margo gets the kibbud by kolko, ginzburg by colmer Olefski by liezerowits Elya pisher by mondrowitz, etc.

I nominate UOJ, Steve, Boog (when available) & LVF as bais din panelists to sentence these dreadful penilists.

Gosh, I'm on a roll.........

12:08 AM, June 19, 2007
I'M honored to sit on a bais din with R'UOJ-steve-boog, they are the sound of sanity in this crazy world, may god bless them all.

arutz sheva said...

Dana Olmert, the Prime Minister's daughter, came out publicly today in favor of the homosexual march. An avowed lesbian, Ms. Olmert said, "The question of why we march in Jerusalem is one that doesn't even deserve a response. It's like asking why people should have the right to vote. This parade is a political event, and as such, we need not ask permission to do it... If someone asks why we are holding it in Jerusalem, I simply say, 'Sorry, I have no dialogue with you.'"

Dana Olmert said that she is pleased with the controversy the parade has aroused, and hopes it will bring more and more people "out of the closet."

Anonymous said...

Opponents of the march plan on holding a "march of beasts" in Jerusalem this afternoon. They wish to show that bestiality and homosexuality are equally forbidden by Torah law.

Anonymous said...

As YTT is a congregation they don't have to file a form 900, nor any other form, hence it would be really impossible to find out how much margo makes unless you have inside info. Cong. info is simply not public unlike other non-profits like ohel, hatzoloh, etc.

Anonymous said...

Harav LVF (Chaver Badatz Agudas Hakanoim L'Inyonei To'Eive) Shlita,

If colmer was using the name dovid cohen wouldn't the media in israel refer to him as such?

Can't Sit No More,
ToAyn Rabboni
V'Safra DiDayne
L'Bais Din Shel B'Datz L'Inyonei To'Eive D'TALMIDEI RAVAD R' UOJ SHLITA
(non-Tax exempt money laundering institute & not founded to marry off our kids and promote our self interests and persue our worldly aspirations in whatever unethical way necessary)


Seal of the Bais Din and its affiliated and deputized ancillary members and organizations. (Can we get a cap with member logo designed by auto reviews, please?)

Agudath Israel Dinner Committee-We found a guest of honor said...

Associated Press

DUBLIN, Ireland — Former President Jimmy Carter accused the U.S., Israel and the European Union on Tuesday of seeking to divide the Palestinian people by reopening aid to President Mahmoud Abbas' new government in the West Bank while denying the same to the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip.

LVF said...

Anonymous said...
Harav LVF (Chaver Badatz Agudas Hakanoim L'Inyonei To'Eive) Shlita,

If colmer was using the name dovid cohen wouldn't the media in israel refer to him as such?

I searched hi and low for both names and nothing came up.

RONNIE, make some kind of a bais din symbol of uoj's bais din, and put it on a cap, for a vote, to see if it the logo is okay,

Anonymous said...

What is Lippy Geldwerth up to these days?

Anonymous said...

yehuda mehsi zahav is an animal with an insatiable sexual appetite for young girls i have spoken to one of his victims first hand of his many trysts but this girl is terrified for her life, and refuses to come forward so if anybody has any more information please come forward he is a very powerful man though and should not be taken lightly thank you for all your help

Anonymous said...

I knew Colmer. He lived on my block, East 15th Street in Brooklyn. I never really spoke with him but I always felt bad for his wife. She was very nice, but always seemed so sad and lonely. When they moved in they were newlyweds. I had heard rumors about him molesting young boys and at that point he moved down the street to another apartment. I remember that his wife had a baby. Seems like no one wants to talk about this matter.