Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Jewish Ideals

Albert Einstein

"The pursuit of knowledge for its own sake, an almost fanatical love of justice and the desire for personal independence - These are the features of the Jewish tradition which make me thank my lucky stars that I belong to it.

Those who are raging today against the ideals of reason and individual liberty, are trying to establish a spiritless state-slavery by brute force, rightly see in us their irreconcilable foes.

History has given us a difficult row to hoe; but so long as we remain devoted servants to truth, justice and liberty, we shall continue, not merely to survive as the oldest of living peoples, but by creative work to bring forth fruits which will bring enlightenment and the ennoblement of the human race".



orthodox union said...

The following Alert is from the O-U:

Fresh strawberries have long been recognized as being prone to insect
infestation, including aphids, small mites and thrips, and should not be
consumed unless prepared in a proper manner.

These insects are found primarily under the green leafy crown at the top of
the strawberries. They can also be nestled on the surface of the berry. The
insects tend to migrate from the top of the strawberry downward.

Recent claims have been made questioning the viability of any cleaning and
checking procedure for strawberries. These claims have caused much confusion
and concern in the kosher consuming community.

The OU has carefully investigated these claims, and a series of experiments
were performed to address this issue.
Research has determined that when prepared and washed properly, the insects
will be removed from the strawberry (this result has been confirmed by a
group of Rabbonim and experts in the field, meeting in Lakewood on May 29,

The following is the OU's recommended method for preparing strawberries as
excerpted from the soon-to- be published "OU Guide to Checking, Fruits,
Vegetables, and Berries" (2nd edition). 1. Remove the green leaves from the
top of the strawberries, careful to not make a hole in the top of the
strawberry. If a hole was made, the strawberry should then be cut in half,
allowing you to wash both the inside and outside of the strawberry.
2. Place the strawberries in water that is concentrated with liquid soap.
3. Vigorously agitate the strawberries in water.
4. Allow the strawberries to soak in water for several minutes after
5. Wash each strawberry individually under a strong stream of running water,
ensuring that the entire surface of the strawberry is thoroughly washed.
6. Dry strawberries, wiping their surface.

Cautionary note: This procedure must be performed meticulously to achieve
desired results. A visual inspection should be made following the process.

Consumers wishing to receive additional direction from the OU on how to

Orthodox Union

steve said...

From Vos Iz Neias:

Mandatory Fingerprint Bill Passes NYS Senate

New York - The bill establishing mandatory fingerprinting and FBI criminal history background checks for the prospective employees of nonpublic schools passed in the NYS Senate yesterday.

The bill was immediately delivered to the NYS Assembly where a vote may take place today or tomorrow, the last day of this year's session.THERE ARE NO GUARANTEES.

Emails supporting this legislation, twice endorsed by the Rabbinical Council of America, would continue to be helpful. Please contact:

Assembly Speaker Silver: speaker@assembly. state.ny. us
Assembly Education Committee Chair Nolan: nolanc@assembly. state.ny. us
Assembly Member Weisenberg: weisenh@assembly. state.ny. us

This will be a giant first step. Next we will push for mandatory reporting.

LVF said...

Steve keep up the great work your doing,

steve said...

Bernard Mutterperl, 19, was released from Rikers Island Thursday afternoon after scores of supporters pitched in to pay $1 million in bail, Correction Department officials and his lawyer confirmed.

This is what they call Pidyon Shvuyim? Letting a potentially dangerous criminal back out on the streets where in his own words, "if I seelittle girls,I go after them". This is another example of perversion of halacha, similar to the perversion of the laws of mesira that has given molesters a free pass until now. Gilad Shalit, or any other Jewish POW is a perfect example of a shavui where it is a mitzva to redeem him. A Jewish kidnap victim or a Jew who is clearly wrongfully accused of a crime are other examples. Dangerous criminals and pedophiles certainly do not qualify and it is a tremendous aveira to help set these people free where they pose a threat to mankind. What next? A legal fund for Yudi Kolko and Stefan Colmer? I'm sure they've been set up already. How do you think Mondrowitz managed to escape to Ir Miklat and to stay there avoiding extradition? All under the guise of Pidyon Shvuyim! My question is, where are the tzedaka funds to support the survivors of these "poor shvuyim"? Instead they get muzzled and threatened. How many families who are facing foreclosure, who can't pay their bills, could have benefitted from that million dollars put up for Mutterpurl? Does it get any sicker than this?

steve said...


It's UOJ and people like Eliot Pasik and Michael Lesher that are doing the real work. They deserve all the credit. I just try to pass along the message.

"You are either with The Un-Orthodox Jew - "UOJ"- or against him!"....... said...

It's UOJ and people like Eliot Pasik and Michael Lesher that are doing the real work. They deserve all the credit. I just try to pass along the message.
Steve and LVF,

Please do not underestimate the power that you wield as commenters. Both of you are equal partners in all of our efforts.

Your comments embolden others to speak-up....some in this forum and some in other forums.

In order for change to happen we need everyone to speak up k'fi yachulto...to the best of their abilty.

It's the silence that permits these crimes to fester and repeat itself at our expense and the health of the klal.

We will remain silent no longer...., emes and yashrus will be re-incorporated into Judaism once again.

Anonymous said...

I've been watching the NYS Assembly all day, live, on my computer. The fingerprint bill hasn't come up yet, and I don't see it on their calendar.

Right now, they're debating a bill prohibiting the release of certain balloons. Before that, it was leaving unattended pets in your car. Also, shooting bears with rifles is now permitted in some upstate counties.

G-d should help us.

Maybe tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Last update - 02:25 21/06/2007

15 arrested protesting against Jerusalem Gay Pride parade

By Yuval Yoaz, Yair Ettinger and Jonathan Lis, Haaretz Correspondent

Fifteen arrests were made as hundreds of Ultra-Orthodox protesters threw stones, prompting police to use water cannons against them at a demonstration in Jerusalem early Thursday, against the Gay Pride march planned for later on Thursday.

The protest erupted after Israel's High Court cleared the way for the march on Thursday by dismissing an appeal against it by right-wing groups.

The High Court decision was published late Wednesday. The parade is set for a short route past the historic King David hotel to a nearby park, where a gathering is to be held.

Every year, the parade sparks a heated reaction from religious Jews, Christians and Muslims.

Ultra-Orthodox Jews have rioted repeatedly against the march over the past week, burning tires, assaulting policemen and damaging police cars. Police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said 22 policemen were injured in the riots, and 110 people were arrested.

Jerusalem's annual Gay Pride parade has been a relatively modest affair, with none of the flamboyant costumes or nudity common at similar events elsewhere in the world, or even in the nearby Israeli city of Tel Aviv.

At the 2005 march, an ultra-Orthodox man stabbed and wounded three marchers.

The 5,000 marchers expected Thursday will be guarded by 7,000 law enforcement personnel, Rosenfeld said. Because of security concerns, he said, the parade route is only 500 meters (yards) long.

Last year, security concerns led to cancellation of the parade. Instead, gays held a closed festival at a Jerusalem sports stadium.

Jerusalem Mayor Uri Lupolianski implored the court to cancel the parade in a personal message, though this contradicts the municipality's official stance. "The Jerusalem municipality's management regards this parade as a severe provocation, harmful to the delicate balance between the different interests of the city's various population groups," said Lupolianski's note. "The city's management therefore calls upon the court to cancel the parade and prevent violence."

Underscoring his views, ultra-Orthodox demonstrators protesting the parade confronted police Tuesday night in the capital's Mea Shearim neighborhood.

Earlier this month, however, the municipality adopted an official stance that runs contrary to Lupolianski's position: It decided that there was no reason for the city to prevent the parade from taking place.

Jerusalem police work to combat threats of violence
Jerusalem police on Wednesday detained three men in their 20s who were suspected of preparing caltrops and planning to place them on the road during the Gay Pride parade.

Police also found 60 tires hidden in the Gilo neighborhood and suspect that residents were planning on burning them at the parade.

The police have completed security preparations for the event, which will begin at 17:00 on Thursday. The parade will commence at the intersection of Hess and King David streets in Jerusalem and continue towards Liberty Bell Park.

They have also completed security preparations for the Ultra-Orthodox counter-protest which will take place at the same time at the intersection of Jaffa and Sarei Yisrael streets.

A temporary police headquarters will be established near the parade's route.

The High Court refuses right-wing petitions against parade
The High Court on Wednesday cancelled three petitions for the parade's cancelation which were under review since Tuesday. One was filed by the Kochav Echad nonprofit organization, the second by Industry Minister Eli Yishai, who heads the Sephardi ultra-Orthodox party Shas, and the third by right-wing activists Itamar Ben-Gvir and Baruch Marzel. All three petitions demanded that the parade be canceled on the grounds that it would offend the religious community's sensibilities.

Ben-Gvir and Marzel initially requested that their petition be reviewed by a different bench, but their request was rejected. Originally, they claimed, the panel was to have comprised Justices Edmond Levy, Elyakim Rubinstein and Joseph Elon - all of whom are either religious or from a religious family - but an "unknown party" replaced that panel with one comprised of Deputy High Court President Eliezer Rivlin, Justice Ayala Procaccia and High Court President Dorit Beinisch. Before rejecting their request for a different bench, Beinisch told Ben-Gvir and Marzel: "You may consider yourselves honored to have your request reviewed by the current panel."

During the hearing, the justices urged the Jerusalem Open House to give the event a restrained and modest character.

Ben-Gvir argued that "a march through the streets of Jerusalem would almost certainly generate violent rioting. The parade would offend hundreds of thousands of ultra-Orthodox and traditional Jews, as well as Christians and Arabs."

As police were completing their deployment in Jerusalem in an effort to ensure the safety of tomorrow's parade, ultra-Orthodox activists from the fundamentalist Edah Haredit sect continued to stage violent protests in Mea Shearim. In contrast, leaders of the mainstream factions of the ultra-Orthodox community instructed their followers to refrain from participating in protests against the parade, citing "educational damage to the community."

Jerusalem municipality still has not hung up Gay Pride parade flags

The Jerusalem Municipality has yet to put up Gay Pride flags along the route of the planned Gay Pride parade scheduled for Thursday, despite what the Jerusalem Open House called an "explicit promise to do so by [Wednesday] morning at the latest."

City officials said they had intended to hang the flags on Thursday morning, for fear anti-Gay Pride protestors will vandalize them overnight, but following a threat by the Open House that it would file a petition with the High Court of Justice, agreed to hand out the flags Wednesday afternoon.

In a letter sent to Mayor Uri Lupolianski, Open House attorney Gilad Barnea accused the mayor of "trying to disrupt and sabotage the ongoing preparations" for the parade.

The Jerusalem Municipality said in response that it was acting in accordance with High Court decisions

In recent years, the municipality has repeatedly committed itself to hanging the Gay Pride flags - as it does with the flags of other groups that hold events in the capital - only to fail to do so.

Shahar Ilan and Yair Ettinger contributed to this article

Anonymous said...

The NYS Assembly is now debating a checkoff system on your tax return to make contributions to the animal population control fund.

Anonymous said...

Was Monderowitz once employed by Ohel ?

LVF said...

Anonymous said...
Was Monderowitz once employed by Ohel ?

8:57 AM, June 21, 2007
yes he was the person they sent you, if you had problems and needed some help, so he helped them j--k off instead.

Anonymous said...

After molesting little boys the sick and diseased mondrowitz made them kiss him and repeat to him that they loved him more than their parents. Ela Pisher turned a blind eye (the green or blue one?) when the parents came to him. And he skipped town to london when it came to decide what to do with leizerowitz (didn't think jack alter's brother-in-law in london would put u on the spot in public, huh?). And u, "skin & bones" dave and the rest of the gay gerrer girlyguy gang (otherwise known as the g-strings) care only for your standings in aguda and within the hapless and leaderless Iggud/Ichud ger community.

rock on dudes