Thursday, June 21, 2007


1- Agudath Israel Of America- These hoodlums had the time to issue two statements against the parade in Jerusalem, but did not find the time to chastise Rabbi Lazer Ginsburg, the Mirrer Yeshiva, and Osher Berenbaum and Co. for harboring and enabling indicted pedophile Stefan Colmer.

2- Rabbi Shmuel Kaminetzky - The rabbi that sent Moshe Eisemann off to Ner Israel because he did not want a sexual predator in his yeshiva, and URGED the parents of the victims of Stefan Colmer NOT to go to the police! Shame on you, you're a disgrace to your father's memory!!

3- The entire staff at the Mir Yeshiva who was aware of the danger that is Stefan Colmer, and did not even have the humanity to call any rabbi, not one, in Passaic - warning them as to why Colmer ran off to Passaic.

4-The entire Baltimore community including their gang of idiots "Vaad", who were prepared to welcome Aron Tendler into their community without a word of protest. Aron Tendler is dangerous as well as his brother Mordecai and their uncle Shalom from Los Angeles. These sub-humans have caused vast amounts of disgrace to Judaism and the Orthodox rabbinate, and all of them, all three should be banned from the rabbinate, they should not be near women and children, and publicly disgraced for their despicable inhumane and criminal behavior.

5-Sheftel Neuberger, for permitting Moshe Eisemann to continue to live on the Ner Israel Campus, and Aron Feldman for endorsing Moshe Eisemann's new book on nothing!

6-I hope I'm wrong, but I don't believe that the New York State Legislature will pass the mandatory fingerprinting bill for sexual offenders in private schools. Sheldon Silver-- Your'e a disgrace to Judaism and humanity!

Readers...feel free to add your choices to the UOJ Hall Of Shame!


Baltimoron said...

Anyone have addresses for the newly-arrived Tendlers?

LVF said...

1- Agudath Israel Of America- These hoodlums had the time to issue two statements against the parade in Jerusalem,


The gerer rebbis concern with all the protests in israel against the parade, that young boys who had no idea of such things began to ask questions, and he was worried about their pure neshomos finding out information about gays/lesbians, something so very against the torah, so he banned the gerer oilem to protest.

"big dave olewski", the gerer rebbi bans the protest to protect our children, and you keep this menuvel shtick tinaf leizerowitz in mesivtah to "Homotize" the gerer buchrim, and "elya pisher" you helped mondrowitz, a rapist escape to israel, no shame that will ever befall the 2 of you will ever be enough, scum that you are.

BaltiBlogger said...

My sources tell me Aron Tendler was strongly advised not to move to B'more and won't be doing so any time soon! Thanks UOJ!

"You are either with The Un-Orthodox Jew - "UOJ"- or against him!"....... said...


KINDLY.....get this hat out today or tomorrow. I'll pay the overnight Fedex..PLEASE!

Black cap, white letters, quantity of one, Long Beach, New York 11561

B'More Blogger said...

What makes you thing the entire Baltimore community welcomed Tendler into the community? We are a huge community that spans the entire spectrum of Orthodox Judaism (not to mention our misled brothers and sisters in other denominations). Most of us have never heard of the sthtick dreck nor common in contact with him.

UOJ - More power to you. Keep on airing the dirty laundry that so needs to be aired for the safety of our families. But why bash the entire community for the actions of a small bunch of losers?

"You are either with The Un-Orthodox Jew - "UOJ"- or against him!"....... said...

UOJ - More power to you. Keep on airing the dirty laundry that so needs to be aired for the safety of our families. But why bash the entire community for the actions of a small bunch of losers?


Is Eisgrau still a day school principal? Is Eisemann still on the Ner Israel campus? Did you and the community protest in front of the schools and in front of Heinemann's shul-Agudah? Of course I blame the whole community! Every single one of you that did not do yours to end this madness!!!!

Mrs.Wein the real estate agent that was going to sell the house to Tendler...did you protest in front of her house??!!

G said...

Is Eisgrau still a day school principal? Is Eisemann still on the Ner Israel campus? Did you and the community protest in front of the schools and in front of Heinemann's shul-Agudah? Of course I blame the whole community! Every single one of you that did not do yours to end this madness!!!!

Mrs.Wein the real estate agent that was going to sell the house to Tendler...did you protest in front of her house??!!

Did you?

steve said...

UOJ's Hall of Shame reminds me of Rabbi Meir Kahane's "Swine of the Month" in his monthly Kahane Magazine.

Regarding the Baltimore community, they are as much in denial as the NY community and have their heads as deep into the sand. Read these two posts from the BJT blog and you'll see what I mean:


Consider all the people who are showing tremendous support for Rabbi Eisemann. The yeshiva has not broken ties with him. They allow him to live on campus. Rav Aaron Feldman wrote a haskama on Rav Eisemann’s latest sefer. Rabbi Heinemann and Rabbi Hopfer still invite him to sit on the Mizrach when he comes to shul. Either the self-righteous superzealots are right and there is a large and complicated conspiracy or, what is logical and intellectually honest, Rabbi Eisemann is not an abuser. I ask you, dear objective reader, would all these people and rabbis put their own reputations and careers on the line, would Ner Yisrael risk such a scandal of harboring an abuser, especially in today’s world? Not a chance. Even if you think that Ner Yisrael has no concerns for what the Torah says (also illogical) about harboring abusers, you’ll have to admit that for their own selfish concerns, they would not want to be associated with an abuse scandal and of harboring an abuser.

The blogs have grossly and unjustly fabricated the abuse charges.

Posted by Phil Jacobbs on 06/15/07 at 12:41 PM

I have first hand knowledge of the Rav Eisemann case, and HE IS NOT A SEXUAL ABUSER. I have even spoken to Rabbi Hopfer about it. Even if all the allegations are true, there is no abuse or any legal issue here. This is why after all the fishing, Phil Jacobs has not found anyone who has come forward. The case could not be sent to the police. The vast vast majority of the allegations are not true. The yeshiva only asked him to leave the staff because of potential public perception of some small inappropriate behavior he may have done 30 years ago, which was deemed inappropriate for him to continue as part of the staff. I repeat, he is not an abuser, there is no fear that he ‘would strike again’, which is why he is still living on campus, and to lump him with the real abusers is so horrificly unfair. The man has done so so much good in his life and to have people say things about him which are patently false is a crime. He may have made a big mistake with something inappropriate many years ago, but haven’t we all done similar things perhaps once, except that his was discovered. The fact that he is imperfect should not have cost him his career but depressingly, it has.

It is so sad that people can say whatever they want and make up things on a blog with no accountability.

Just because we are zealous about abuse cases as we should be, does not mean people are now guilty until proven innocent.

Posted by Truth on 06/12/07 at 05:26 PM

B'More Blogger said...

Do you think we all have anything to do with Heinemann, Agudah or Eisgrau' school?

safra didayne L'UOJ utoen rabbani l'kihuloes haprix said...

LVF shlita,

it's homotize or HOMOginize?

another balti-moron said...

Thanks to UOJ and UOJ only, Aron Tendler is not moving to Baltimore.

boog said...


You're dead right. NYS Legislature WILL NOT pass the mandatory fingerprinting into law.

Shelly ("I don't go to Cops Funerals") will see to that. You can add this drek tinaf to your Hall of Shame.

BTW; how much is he making from Weitz & Luxembourg?

the jewish week said...

Modern Orthodoxy’s ‘Cultic’ Influence
Retiring Rabbi Marc Angel charges movement’s growing reliance on yeshiva deans is danger sign.

Debra Nussbaum Cohen and Stewart Ain - Staff Writers

Rabbi Marc Angel of Manhattan is going out with a bang.

As he prepares to retire from the pulpit this fall, the prominent Modern Orthodox rabbi and former president of the Rabbinical Council of America, has fired a salvo at his own movement, saying it is “slipping over the line to a cultic superstitious kind of religion.”

“In the early part of my rabbinate, Orthodoxy was free, open to dialogue and discussion, and had a message for other Jews and for the world,” he said.

But during his 38 years as spiritual leader of the Upper West Side’s Congregation Shearith Israel, known as the Spanish and Portuguese Synagogue, Rabbi Angel said he has seen a growing insular perspective that shuns innovative thought and relies instead on the opinions of so-called authorities.

“There’s been an increasing tendency to defer to certain authorities and of the individual rabbi or individual Jew to back off on personal responsibilities,” he told The Jewish Week.

Thus, instead of answering a congregant’s question about halacha or Jewish law, many Modern Orthodox rabbis are turning to a rosh yeshiva (the head of a yeshiva) for the answer.

“If the rabbi doesn’t know the answer, he should try to find out” and can consult a rosh yeshiva as part of his research, Rabbi Angel, 62, suggested.

“The answer should come from the rabbi of that congregation. He shouldn’t say, ‘I’m not capable of answering; that kind of question has to go to a rosh yeshiva.’

“And in general, this is what is happening. ... The Modern Orthodox have surrendered in almost every area of responsibility to the more right-wing group.”

The result, Rabbi Angel said, is that “people with independent opinions get shut out. When people stop thinking and expressing creatively, then there’s no more intellectual dynamism.

“Once that intellectual dynamism is gone that’s the beginning of stultification, of cultism. There’s a very fine line between true religion and cultism. Orthodoxy to a certain extent is slipping over the line to a cultic, superstitious kind of religion,” he said. “It bothers me endlessly.”

Samuel Heilman, a sociology professor at Queens College who has written extensively about Orthodox Judaism in America, agreed, saying that there are younger rabbis today who were educated by “more haredi [fervently Orthodox] and less modernist” Jews.

“Many went through a yeshiva system that is further to the right or were ordained in Israel in yeshivas where you always defer to the rosh yeshiva and seldom take a position on your own,” he said.

Such reliance on roshei yeshiva has pulled Modern Orthodoxy to the right, Heilman observed, because these halachic authorities “tend to be more right- wing.”

To counter this trend, Rabbi Angel is creating the Institute for Jewish Ideas and Ideals, an organization whose goal is “to foster an appreciation of legitimate diversity within Orthodoxy.”

It is similar to Edah, the organization that folded last year after nine years working to bring Modern Orthodox Jews together through conferences and programs. The difference, Rabbi Angel said, is that he intends to focus more on ideas than action and to develop religious responses to questions that have not been adequately addressed in the existing Orthodox legal literature.

Among them is whether it is permissible to go to the opera, which appears to be a violation of the prohibition against men hearing women sing.

“I know there are plenty of good Orthodox Jews who go to the opera,” Rabbi Angel said. “How do we understand kol isha [a woman’s voice]? What are its parameters, what does it include and not include?”

Rabbi Haskel Lookstein, principal of Ramaz, a Modern Orthodox Jewish day school in Manhattan, said he agreed that “in general there is a tendency towards hesitancy in rabbis making halachic decisions.

“But on the whole I think most rabbis make them except where there is a major community issue or an issue of marriage or divorce where the seriousness requires the expertise of an outstanding posek [Jewish law expert],” Rabbi Lookstein said.

Rabbi Angel said the situation has now reached the point where rabbinic candidates for pulpits are asked by congregational screening committees, “Who are your gedolim, who do you turn to when faced with hard questions?”

Rabbi Fabian Schonfeld, spiritual leader of the Young Israel of Kew Gardens Hills in Queens, who has been in the rabbinate for 56 years, acknowledged that such a question has been asked.

“It depends on the nature of the congregation,” he said. “He is not wrong, but he is exaggerating it. Balabatim [lay leaders] do ask.”

Rabbi Schonfeld said there have been occasions when he was asked by congregants to consult with another rabbi on particular questions.

“It happens, but he [Rabbi Angel] exaggerates. And in some cases, one is duty-bound to consult,” he said.

Rabbi Basil Herring, executive vice president of the RCA, said that although there has “certainly been a trend in recent decades towards specialization in dealing with questions of Jewish law ... congregational rabbis do not necessarily simply echo or consistently give carte blanche to such opinions.”

“They are able to filter that very specific knowledge through the prism of their communal realities and through the prism of the world around us, which requires a certain exposure to these realities,” he insisted.

But Rabbi Angel said he has found that roshei yeshiva have “become surrogate authorities” for a rabbi’s own judgment “instead of coming to conclusions based on [their] own reasoning. ... Of course we consult with other people who are experts in certain areas, but we’re not just blind sheep, and we have to think for ourselves.”

When he was president of the RCA and tried to implement new ideas, “there was more resistance than I anticipated.”

He recalled that he organized five regional conferences for RCA members to discuss intermarriage and conversion. “My hope was that people would say that ‘we should open our doors and people have a place to come and talk, so they know the Orthodox are open to them.’”

But instead, he said, “I was attacked tremendously, mostly from the right. Several of the roshei yeshiva [rabbinic deans of Yeshiva University] called me on the carpet and said, ‘The people who marry out are wicked, they are traitors and by having conferences on the subject we imply that Orthodoxy is soft on the issue.’”

“Why should we pretend that people don’t exist?” he asked, adding that “today Orthodoxy has become much narrower than it was in 1990” when he was president of the RCA.

Rabbi Angel, whose 600-family synagogue was the first established in North America, will be succeeded by his son, Rabbi Hayyim Angel, the current assistant rabbi.

Reflecting on the changes in Modern Orthodoxy, the elder Rabbi Angel said those who dare to offer a different opinion “are cut down and isolated, which is something that is not healthy for Orthodoxy and Judaism in general.

“There is a sort of intimidation out there and if one takes a stand that is different, that person is isolated. People are afraid to be isolated; that fear is palpable.”

Anonymous said...

The bill is not on today's three Assembly calendars, and today is the last session day.

We say, gam zu l'tovah. Shelly always holds out for something else. But what is the else? We don't know. Elliot Pasik wrote a long letter asking for a whole bunch of stuff, like mandatory reporting, abuse prevention plans, and employee discipline. Is that what Shelly wants?

Anonymous said...

Hey, I just thought of something...


Bungalow Yenta said...

Which Lower East Side shul does Shelly Silver daven at?

And where's that other Lower East Sider, Steven I Weiss? Is this more of his baloney non-UOJ type effort to "stop" molestation?

Yeshivishe Nudnik said...

Marc Angel is exaggerating. It's one thing if shul rabbis turn to phoney "gedolim" and roshei yeshiva, but we need our R' Moishe Feinsteins and Rebbi Akiva Eigers. Is Angel trying to make himself relevant when retiring because nobody knows who he is?

"You are either with The Un-Orthodox Jew - "UOJ"- or against him!"....... said...

But we need our R' Moishe Feinsteins and Rebbi Akiva Eigers.--------------
They're gone to be replaced by Yisroel Belsky and Lipa Margulies. That's exactly the point!

Upper East Sider said...

That was no small irony that the Jewish Week slid right into Haskell Lookstein after floating the issue of kol ishah at the opera. Haskell is even the subject of ridicule in YU circles after he has been going to the opera for years. He originally held a shita that it was not appropriate for him to wear a yarmulka there. He eventually put it back on after protests from his daughter. Haskell is about as to left that you can get in "Orthodoxy", except for maybe Gary Rosenblatt's old pal Emmanuel Rackman.

Anonymous said...

UOJ, Please be aware. This just happened. Rabbi David Amar, from Israel, is in New York and he has a website wehre he claims to be an oracle to tell the past and future. He has just acted inapropriately with a single woman, who trusted him, and has known him for months. He is married and lives in Israel and claims to be a student of Rabbi Kaduri. Rabbi David Amar told this single woman to go to the mikvah so he could sleep with her over Shabbos! He then went on to hold her hand. She was appalled and shattered over the behavior of a Rabbi coming on to her. Could you check into this guy? Hopefully this is his first misstep and he can do teshuvah.

Anonymous said...

I'm not saying the Mirrers did enough, but they must have warned the Passaic rabbonim who would not have made an assifa about Colmer unless it was confirmed in the yeshiva.

Eyewitness said...

It's interesting that Osher Berenbaum of all people is being accused. When the lowlives from the Egyptian shul Ahba veahba beat up the women chanting that Rabbi Israel should give his wife a get, there were two rabbonim that came out of the Mir and got caught in the hubbub. R' Moishe Weissman screamed at the Sfardim for hitting women and hurled all kinds of insults at them. Osher Berenbaum just stood there silent like the cat got his tongue.

Because the "Climate" isn't quite right said...


Anonymous said...
Recently Torah Umesorah launched a campaign to help Rabbeim get life insurance. I think this is unfair as many hard working people and kollel yungerleit can not afford life insurance either. How about making a campaign to help all who need get life insurance???

Shea Fishman BBQ Watch said...

First on the agenda was the problem that bears present. Carl I. Lindley took the chair by relating how the bear population is growing rapidly. Last year (2006) alone, there were 150 reports of bear sightings, but this year the number of calls in its’ regard has already been reached – and it is only JUNE!!

Lindley advised those who spot a bear NOT TO CALL 911! 911 is only for emergencies, such as bodily harm or life endangerment cases. Additionally, he said that extra care should be exercised to minimize the possibility of bears in public places. Garbage pails on campgrounds and bungalow colonies should be emptied daily, as the bears are attracted to food scraps. Bird feeders also are a significant problem, enticing bears into the area.

Besides the challenges presented by the bear population, Lindley said that coyotes, pose a threatening presence, citing the instance where a coyote attacked one person in the state of New Jersey, resulting in wounds that required 47 stitches.

Coyotes resemble German Shepards, tend to have rabies, and instinctively go after bats and other small pets. If encountered by a coyote, the smart choice of action is to chase it away; they will typically run off.

"You are either with The Un-Orthodox Jew - "UOJ"- or against him!"....... said...

But they must have warned the Passaic rabbonim


Please believe me, THEY DID NOT!

It was the Passaic rabbonim and others that had to go begging to them for an explanation after a "certain blogger"; maskil, lowlife, mechallel Shabbos, disgrace,....got victims and their parents to talk to people in Passaic.

Anonymous said...

Is UOJ going to be specific about why Shalom Tendler is in the same category as his nephews?

"You are either with The Un-Orthodox Jew - "UOJ"- or against him!"....... said...

Is UOJ going to be specific about why Shalom Tendler is in the same category as his nephews?
Absolutely! Very specific...when I'm ready.

Sully Berenbaum said...

I once wondered if UOJ is a maskil, lowlife, mechallel Shabbos, disgrace, but after I saw Colmer written up in the NY Post, I realized what an adam gadol he is!

Anonymous said...

UOJ wrote, "The entire staff at the Mir Yeshiva who was aware of the danger that is Stefan Colmer, and did not even have the humanity to call any rabbi, not one, in Passaic warning them as to why Colmer ran off to Passaic"

Does UOJ have certain knowledge that R' Ginsburg knew that Colmer settled in Passaic. Perhaps Colmer bolted from Brooklyn and did not reveal his whereabouts. Colmer is a crafty manipulator. Any half-wit knows the recidivism rate in regards to sexual molestation is sky high, thus such a charge against the likes of a R'Ginsburg defies reality.

Does UOJ indeed know what R'Ginsburg knew? Or is UOJ assuming and extrapolating?

"You are either with The Un-Orthodox Jew - "UOJ"- or against him!"....... said...

Does UOJ indeed know what R'Ginsburg knew? Or is UOJ assuming and extrapolating?

Are you nuts? I verify everything 100 times! The crazier the story, the more I verify! LAZER GINSBURG IS A CRIMINAL AS WELL AS EVERYONE IN THE MIR THAT KNEW AND DID NOTHING!

Milton Balkany said...

I don't know why Margo is kvetching about Shea Fishman fressing at his BBQs. He only went there a few times. Fishman didn't mind so much that Leopold was using Shevach and now Rubashkin meats, but they got into a big argument. Margo insists on basting the meats with Hungarian paprika and refused to supply Shea with his favorite, Grey Poupon Mustard.

Anonymous said...

The Mir is not exactly as culpable as the others. Colmer was not in any way affiliated with them. He was a member of Lazer's shul and Lazer shlepped him for a while inside their building. It's happened before that R' Shmuel Berenbaum doesn't like Lazer's ideas but Lazer imposes them on the whole yeshiva anyway. R' Shmuel hasn't even been well lately.

Yudi Kolko said...


Uncle Milty, "but of course"!

The wine in Grey Poupon is just stam OU. Margo only uses goyishe wine that Belsky gets him from the chef at Le Marais.

Kraft Foods said...


There is a special version of Grey Poupon at Le Marais that has BIG BEATLES added.

"You are either with The Un-Orthodox Jew - "UOJ"- or against him!"....... said...

The Mir is not exactly as culpable as the others.
Don't you excuse the Mir. Everyone in the hanhala knew about Colmer, everyone. Would they have let Colmer in their house near their kids? Ginzburg should be tossed out on his ass as well as the others that knew.

Chabad Mafia said...


Thursday, June 21, 2007
Rabbi Shea Harlig and Chabad of Southern Las Vegas Vs. A Rape Victim

Rabbi Harlig is attempting to sue a rape victim for attorney fees. This is a rape victim of a convicted sex offender who is on the national sex offender list. Right before Passover, 2007 Rabbi Harlig is seen at the US House of Representatives. The rape victim in this case has been trying to fight the corruption in Las Vegas for the last several years. What chance does she have when she's fighting the mob?

Richard Lavoie, M.A., M.Ed. said...


If You Don't Stand Up for Something, You'll Fall for Almost Anything

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile in the NYS Assembly, the declaration of Peruvian Heritage Week by Gov. Spitzer will be voted upon shortly. Its the week of July 23.

You will be assimilated said...


Your equation of Chabad with the Borg is far more accurate than you think. Chabad preaches elimination of the self and merging the individual into the community.

Accountability said...


As someone who has known the girl all of her life... she was a model child until she became involved with this lunatic who calls himself a Rabbi at the local Chabad House.

The Chabad people abused her and took advantage of the girl's wonderful spirit.

She went to the Chabad to help them for community service hours to quality for a scholarship. Instead of enforcing her parents wishes when the girl was still a minor this "Rabbi"...(it is very difficult to call this predator a Rabbi)played with the girl's mind and coerced her to do what he told her to do.

Her parents and family are not only Jews, they are pillars of the local Jewish Community... serving as board members at several of the different shuls.

The Grandmother built a wing at Haddassah Hospital in Israel, and a Wing for the Daughters of Miriam in NJ... both of which bear the family name. Another close family member served as a member of a recent President's Cabinet.

This family loves their daughter and are completely torn apart over her disappearance!! This only 3 weeks prior to her graduation with HONORS from one of the finest schools in Florida.

This girl became controlled by this "Rabbi"and left home due to his encouragement and complete involvement...even to the point of waiting until immediately after she turned 18 to leave...so her parents could not stop her.

The girl needs to be HOME with the family who loves her. That is all the family asked Krinsky to do was "to HELP them"!!!!!! What is wrong with him??? He is the head of Chabad?? And this is the "value that he places on FAMILY" BY IGNORING THEM???

And what on earth is wrong with you people???? WHERE IS YOUR SENSE OF PROPRIETY AND DECENCY??? This good Jewish family is shocked and appalled at the way FELLOW JEWS are responding to this entire nightmare.

I am an Orthodox woman, I keep kosher, I keep shabbos....

It is ALL VERY VERY CLEAR TO ME... all of the Chabad should be ashamed and appalled that any of this happened ON THEIR WATCH!!! It is about time that Chabad, the people who created this nightmare be held accountable!

Rabbi Korf said...


My poking around on the internet has revealed that Rabbi Korf is the head shliach of Florida. If this took place there, has he been contacted?

Posted by: Disgusted | June 19, 2007 at 05:09 PM

Yes, he was contacted. He refused to help, I'm told.

Posted by: Shmarya | June 19, 2007 at 05:12 PM

Korf refused to get involved is the truth...

When the family contacted Korf IN WRITING... he told them off... stating "there were two sides to every story and that he believed his Rabbi...NOT the parents... and therefore refused to discuss it period.

This family tried since March 27...one month before the girl disappeared to get help from the Chabad Organization only to have doors slammed in their faces. The Chabad cares about one thing ... the Chabad.

It is disgusting.

Posted by: orthodoxmichaela | June 19, 2007 at 08:52 PM

Anonymous said...

The NYS Assembly is now voting on expanding the legal term "memorial" to include its "foundation" and the "inscriptions" thereon.

Two additional calendars have been added to today's session, which still continuing. No sight of the fingerprint bill.

Sounds really screwed up said...


we receive MANY chabad bochurim from the US here in AUS and i have seen them, in their tzitzit and taliltot katan, hitting on women/ young girls in my gym. I've also seen them 'asking for directions' from young women and girls in local supermarkets, the mall and elsewhere. i find it amazing that bochurim are allowed to go to a coed gym. but in their "yeshiva" they are encouraged to go to that particular gym, as it is close to the yeshiva neighborhood,they get 'student' discounts. everytime i've asked a chabad rabbi about it, i've been told that exercise is good for their health... the same bochurim who chainsmoke, buy copious amounts of hard liquor for shabbat and 'open study sessions'. those boys are looking for opportunities to begin chatting the girls up, girls who are usually in their school uniforms (and these are not jewish day school uniforms!) and the girls, being silly young things, are curious about these boys with the beards and (sort of) side curls and so, talk to them and who knows what else.

again, while i lived in iran, it was common for muslim boys and girls to ONLY date jewish or other non-muslim girls and boys, on the equivalent of the principle that "shiksas are for practice" and that whatever sexual adventures that take place WILL stay quiet and not jeapordise their chances for marriage in own religious communities.

while the R. was still alive, i know of a black orthodox chabad jewish man who had learned in their institutions his entire life and who asked for help with a shidduch fom his R. he was told by the R's minions that he needed to DONATE US$75,000.00 to merit the R's personal involvement, so he did. then they told him that "sorry, we (they) have no control over ANY shidduchim" and sent him on his way. eventually, this man, who truly BELIEVED in whatever the R taught, was a broken man, and so he died: young, wealthy, well-educated and scorned by the chabad community(as a schwartze)and by the black community as a race and cultural traitor. yet, when he died, there was the local chabad contesting his will, wielding a signed promissary document and demanding their share that had been 'promised' to them. who knows if he had ever really signed the thing? just sickening.

Anonymous said...

identifyingchabad.org check it out!

Auto Report World Editors said...

The cap should arrive on Saturday.

"You are either with The Un-Orthodox Jew - "UOJ"- or against him!"....... said...

The cap should arrive on Saturday.
No signature required, or Monday delivery please and thank you.

herschel kaminsky said...

Let me set the record straight.

R' Shmuel Birnbaum told Colmer to his face when the rumor broke "if I ever see you anywhere near the building, I am not responsible for your safety".

Meaning, that if he finds out that he is near the Yeshiva, he will have Yitzchok Mitnick beat the shit out of him.

Thanks for allowing me to state the truth.

I suggest that you verify your facts not 100 times as you state you do, but 101 times.

Take care,

Herschel Kaminsky.

moshe gordon from chap-a-nosh said...

this is payback to the mir for starting up with yudi nelkenbaum and yosi asia last year.

not to mention eckstein the rosh yeshivas driver.

i'm sure he'd like to see moshe willeger - the dictator / ganav in flatbush hatzalah go down like a ton of bricks.

don;t worry, i'm sure uoj will step up to the plate one day and have the hatzolah corruption put to an end.

one sicko at a time

"You are either with The Un-Orthodox Jew - "UOJ"- or against him!"....... said...

R' Shmuel Birnbaum told Colmer to his face when the rumor broke "if I ever see you anywhere near the building, I am not responsible for your safety".


1-I don't believe it.
2- Then what happened....Ginsburg brought him back into the yeshiva, Mitnick did NOT beat the shit out of him, he tried to be M'KAREV him
and Colmer lived happily ever after...right?
3-Colmer runs off to Passaic, but R' Shmuel did not know that Colmer was gone, so he doesn't even find out, right?
4-You're a typical naive Brooklyn idiot that still believes Kolko is innocent, Margulies knew nothing, and Belsky was right in issuing the hazmana to Greenwald! Right? Is that YOU? PUTZ!

exposemolesters said...

LAZER GINSBURG is made from the same cloth as Lipela Margulis, Shlomele Mandel, and Yisroel Belsky etc. He'll say and do anything to avoid a 'chilul Hashem', even if the offender is raping Jewish children.

Is it any wonder he wined and dined a sexual predator such as colemar? Is it any surprise he protected Stefan Colemar?

I'll let you answer my rhetorical question.

LAZER GINSBURG is the same nut job that makes up outrageous stories on the spot (a whole Israeli army unit leaving their base to follow some rabbi 20 minutes away during the height of last summers Israel /Lebanon war, during which the rabbi gave water to all the soldiers, only to find out later that they were saved from mortal injury had they not followed him)
so he could be mekarev us. He's the same guy who speaks out against watching the super bowl (chas vesholom we yidden should get currupted from it).

Problem for Lazer is - most people don't believe his BS.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Check these out for accurate and scary internal-chabad happenings -these people are wackjobs and probably not je..sh well iwont say it because it hurts too much to do so:

Anonymous said...

מאירה, צעירה חרדית מבני ברק, גילתה לתדהמתה שבעלה מבצע מעשים מגונים בילדים. למרות שהקליטה אותו מודה, מסרבת המשטרה לטפל בו. אם כל זה לא מספיק, משפחתו של הבעל לא מוכנה שהוא ייתן לה גט, והיאוש של מאירה נשמע בקולה: "המשטרה מכריחה אותי לחיות עם פדופיל".

herschel kaminsky said...

2- Then what happened....Ginsburg brought him back into the yeshiva, Mitnick did NOT beat the shit out of him, he tried to be M'KAREV him
and Colmer lived happily ever after...right?

No jerk. Colmer never again entered the building.


Like I said before, get your facts straight.

3-Colmer runs off to Passaic, but R' Shmuel did not know that Colmer was gone, so he doesn't even find out, right?

R' Shmuel made sure he never came near the place & R' Shmuel was told that Colmer was getting medical treatment (seeing a mental doctor - which he DID).

He was never told that he moved away - nor was he ever told that he lived nearby.
All he knew was that there was a monster who used to frequent the Yeshiva Bais Medrash, and after being informed of what this monster was - he gave him his piece, and that was the end.

AmEchad said...

Shmuel Kaminetzky was always a piece of crap. He never contributed anything to Judaism or humanity. His name shouldn't even be mentioned on this blog. The rest of your gang should be zoche to get gang raped in prison.

Keep on blogging!! Long live UOJ!!!

Yeshivish said...

Who cares about Chabad? Those are stupid things compared to Mir harboring molesters etc. Get a life and go back to crown heights!!!

Mirrer said...

UOJ, based on events that happened when I was in yeshiva, I believe you are getting some inaccurate info.

Rabbi Mitnick, who you yourself have praised in the past, kicked a molester out of the Mir and "took care of him" to "make sure" he went back to Israel, if you know what I mean.

R' Shmuel Berenbaum has not hesitated to call the police before. He did so when a bochur having a nervous breakdown turned violent.

Rabbi Trenk once created a commotion in beis medrash and physically tossed a suspected molester out onto Ave R.

I don't understand why they stand for Pinter but I think it's mostly naivette as they don't have access to media reports. They probably figure az ess ken nit zein mit an eidim by Rav Shurkin.

Rabbi Wohlberg Comments on Ephraim Shapiro said...


I have concerns about what rabbi Wohlberg wrote. He never really addressed the issues. He just skirted around without saying anything.

Could it be true that a rabbi who also runs a grade school and high school never heard about children being molested? Is the topic really new to him?

Alter Mirrer said...

I would think that UOJ would admire R' Shmuel Berenbaum. He doesn't care much for the Agudah and will never attend the fresser convention. As a matter of fact, he will not attend any Agudah event - even the siyum hashas. Shafran once sent a limo to pick him up for the siyum and he still refused to get in the car.

"You are either with The Un-Orthodox Jew - "UOJ"- or against him!"....... said...

Mir Defenders,

This is sounding like a Jackie Mason comedy spoof!

Are you saying that NOBODY in the Mir, NOBODY knew Colmer went to Passaic? So Colmer vanishes and NOBODY knows where he went?

Mir has zero credibility if they let Pinter, a convicted felon, and off to jail once again, use their address as his home office. And yes, alot of HEIMESHE GELT lined Pinter's pockets, because you are allowed to steal from the Goyim if they are not aware of the theft.

Give it up guys, you're looking dumb...getting dumber with everything you write.

Yochanan Berkowitz said...


What kind of track record does Ohr Sameach have?

Quasi-Defender of the Mir said...

I think some people did know but did not share it with the entire hanhala. There happen to be rivalries there with different factions not sharing all the information they have.

Learned in the Mir said...

"this is payback to the mir for starting up with yudi nelkenbaum and yosi asia last year.

not to mention eckstein the rosh yeshivas driver."

I've been out of yeshiva for a long time. What does that mean?

Anonymous said...

While my comment may not be posted and if it is it will likely be ridiculed by others here, I feel it is my obligation to submit this. I will not be returning to this site to see if it was posted or to see any responses. From quickly seeing this site, where I ended up unknowing of its content, I was appalled not as much by this that someone can write such things as by that there are people reading it. To read this site is a LAV DIORAYSO of lo sosuru! These types of sites are a modern day version of the sifrei minim that made a tana become acher. Do your soul a favor and don't read the laytzonus here! Even if there are things about which he is right, it is not an excuse for what is posted here. This is all besides the issur diorayso of lashon horah and motzi shem ra. An apikoros is one who is bevaze a talmid chacham, it does not say that he must be a "godol". Even to see someone doing so without being moche caused punishment to tanaim, all the more so to us! I AM MOCHE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If I was Colmer, chas vesholom said...

I would not tell anyone where I was running off to.

It's certainly plausible coming from a guy who used Dovid Cohen as an alias.

You're barking up the wrong tree if you think Rav Berenbaum is another Margo or R' Shmuel Kamenetzky.

"You are either with The Un-Orthodox Jew - "UOJ"- or against him!"....... said...

I think some people did know but did not share it with the entire hanhala. There happen to be rivalries there with different factions not sharing all the information they have.
Like the Bush administration prior to 911. Right? Nobody knew anything! Like Reagan did not know about the arms for hostages...Nixon did not know about Watergate and nobody told him, like Hillary didn't know about Monica, Clarence Thomas never saw Anita Hill, Israel Singer never stole money from the WJC, Pinchos Scheinberg never said the no penetration psak, Belsky never knew about Kolko,....RIGHT????


"You are either with The Un-Orthodox Jew - "UOJ"- or against him!"....... said...

You're barking up the wrong tree if you think Rav Berenbaum is another Margo or R' Shmuel Kamenetzky.
He's certainly not; the buck stops at the Rosh Yeshiva's desk!

LVF said...

Anonymous said...

Why are the gerer rabbonim in isreal not demanding this gerer yingerman give his wife the get she wants.

Anonymous said...

Was that really Phil Jacobs defending Moishe Eisemann on the BJT blog or an imposter? It's a little suspicious, especially since his name is not spelled properly, but if it was an imposter, why wouldn't the comment be removed?

Shmarya said...


If At First You Don't Succeed, Sue the Victim
A Chabad man serves as the hazzan of a Chabad synagogue. Several years ago, outside another synagogue after a community event, the Chabad hazzan sexually assaults a woman who is a member of the Chabad synagogue. He is eventually arrested and pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge of lewd conduct. He is sentenced, serves a very brief time, is given probation and community service.

Meanwhile, the victim civilly sues Chabad, in part because she claims Chabad sheltered the hazzan. Now Chabad has sought a judgment against the victim for more than $175,000 in attorneys' fees, and a judge is about to grant that.

The Chabad? Las Vegas, Nevada. The Rabbi? She Harlig. The hazzan? Michael Segelstein. As Jewish Survivors notes:

Rabbi Harlig is attempting to sue a rape victim for attorney fees. This is a rape victim of a convicted sex offender who is on the national sex offender list.

Immediately after the arrest, Rabbi Harlig falsely claimed this victim – who worked in the synagogue's kitchen – was not Jewish. She went to the RCA's beit din. They investigated and found Rabbi Harlig's claim false. The woman is the daughter of a Jewish holocaust survivor from Vienna, Austria. The beit din issued her a document verifying her Jewishness. But, during the time the beit din was investigating Rabbi Harlig's false claims, this woman's teenage son – a very active synagogue goer and participant – was forced to sit in the back of the synagogue. He was banned from receiving aliyot or leading services. And he was shunned by other members, as was his mother, apparently at the direction of Rabbi Harlig.

And the man who attempted to rape this woman? He is a proud member of Chabad to this day, leading services and fully participating in synagogue life.

A double standard? You bet it is. And that double standard is sanctioned by and orchestrated by Chabad-Lubavitch.

Victim said...


They ALWAYS say you aren't Jewish if you do something that questions their authority, her son is lucky they even let him in the shul--after all, they thow people out for less.

Nothing will be done, and NYC has nothing to say--the LA faction is in control of the West Coast and it is a nepotistic septic backwater.

The Chabad ship is without a rudder, floating aimlessly and running over innocent victims daily.

A poor testament to the Rebbe, but they don't care unless you have 100K to donate. Pour another Vodka!

Posted by: Victim | June 21, 2007 at 09:22 PM

Corrupt Conflict of Interest said...


In this case legal fees were awarded because the victims lawyer did not do any depositions and or discovery and the victim was not allowed discovery ever it was closed by Judges who had recived donations.

The victim then became a victim in what is called Civil Conspiarcy, falling as I understand under RICO laws. Statring with a sex crime, civil conspicarys and ending in bankruptcy.

The sex offender by records at district records in this case filed bankruptcy a few days before trial and advoiding a fair trial for the victim and that just happened to be after he had just been released by the State of Nevada Correction Probation Department and he completed that as State records show on line.

As I read by motions at the court house:

Victim was taken and driven by an employees car from one law firm to another law firm who was to take the case for the victim. Because that law firm leading manager shareholder was the President of the shul were the sexual assult happened. Conflict of Interest.

The next week that same law firm took the case for Chabad against the victim Conflict of Interest. Maybe Planned.

Conflict of Interest and Torts to a vcitim of a sex crime and insult to injury as I have been told. What a crime of corruption I belive.

The legal fees were paid for by SAFECO/AMERICAN a Sexual Molostation Insurance Policy in which the Catholics use as well for a free pass. Las Vegas Chabad must have on record by District Court Motions the same insurance company and they just happen to have this on hand for this case and this is a free pass to do what you want and cost Chabad nothing.

What a way to play with human lives and victims lives and cost you nothing.

In this case everyone in Las Vegas knows there were donation sheets in the Judge name that had been donated from the lawyers for Chabad and inside of the camp.

Conflict of Interest and not disclosed to the victim that Conflict of Interest by donation to the Judges be exposed to her. They were keept secert. Not giving victim the right to refuse the Judge. Who would want a Judge like that over your case.

The claims in the legal fees were not for frivolous. As I understand and think in my own mind a way to get a victim to back down from there maybe Federal case which should be filed at once in federal Court.

Clergy abuse statue is extended in Federal Courts.

Victim I guess was under the due care of Chabad it seems. Her trust I take it in them was breached by fiducary duty and or I take it negigenced by Chabad is in the thoughts of any victim if this happened to your family? Word is she trusted Chabad many have made that mistake. Poor girl what a shock.

Israeli Cheder said...


Recently, within the last week. A Chabad cheder in a haredi town not that far from Jerusalem or Tel Aviv. A 13 year old boy molests more than 10 younger boys, leading them into the bathroom and groping them. The administration of the school is notified. The principal warns the molester – you do this again, you get thrown out of school and we call the police. The school does not tell parents or arrange counseling for the victims – or for the molester.

Less than two weeks later the molester is caught abusing in the school again and is expelled or suspended from school. It is unclear if police are called. Parents are not notified. No counselors are brought in.

I told a parent of two of these victims, boys under 9 years old, that he needs to get them counseling and that he should be prepared to have them in therapy for a long time, perhaps for years, if necessary.

This molester was allowed to remain in school. Parents were not consulted. And, it seems, even now police have not been called. I used to think Chabad was better than most Orthodox groups when it came to handling abuse and molestation. I no longer believe that.

Chilul Hashem said...

R' Zelig Epstein reportedly holds there is no pidyon shvuyim for a criminal and has gotten angry with people who organized similar fundraising efforts.


Friends and family of a man accused last month of the attempted kidnapping of an 11-year-old girl posted $1 million in property and cash to secure his release from jail after an angry judge increased his bail from $25,000.

Local business people also contributed to make Bernard Mutterperl's seven-figure bail, defense attorney Leo Kimmel said Tuesday.

Mutterperl, 19, "comes from a close-knit Orthodox Jewish community," Kimmel said. "People in the community, who know the family, felt he should be out. He's not going to run. He's not a flight risk."

Mutterperl's family put up its home as part of the bail package, and he was released from a Rikers Island jail last Thursday, Kimmel said.

Kimmel blamed the drastic increase in bail on media attention to the case, and he stressed that his client had no prior convictions. He said the teen works days and attends school at night.

Mutterperl is due back in court July 19.

Anonymous said...

UOJ should dig up dirt on Leo Kimmel and expose his friendship with DA Charlie Hynes to the media.

Kimmel is worse than just another enabler. He's a profiteer who hides behind his J.D. title.

Ombudsman Deputy said...

They'll have to find another crooked way to pay tuition and maintain their high flying lifestyles.


Landlord crackdown

Landlords whose rent-stabilized buildings are riddled with code violations should not be entitled to any rent increases, City Council Speaker Christine Quinn told the Rent Guidelines Board yesterday.

Anonymous said...

There was a crazy old Syrian man, convicted of statutory rape of an underage girl, who would come into Mirrer beis medrash late at night to hock a tcheinik. He would scream stuff like there would be no yeshiva unless the Syrians paid for the building. Meyer Shimon Berenbaum and other bochurim would tchepper him back.

Avi L. Shafran said...


I'm just brimming over with hakoras hatov to Ephraim Shapiro.

Kol Torah talmid said...

R' Shlomo Zalman AUerbach also holds there generally is no pidyon shvuyim in a country like America.

Gumshoe said...

Are there any public records of who pitches in for bail?

The people and businesses who are enabling Mutterperl should be identified.

"The Mechutan" said...

Do all those criminals and homeless freaks still sleep in the Mirrer basement where they get warmth from the mikva?

What a Putz! said...

Why does that PUTZ Leo Kimmel have to broadcast to the world that Mutterperl is an Orthodox Jew? Surely he knows enough about the law that his client isn't getting away with this.

R' Reuven Schepansky said...

Ok, from now on no more molesters in the Mir. I even give permission to use those special orange chairs in my shiur room to bop them over the head.

Mendel "the Coat Rack" said...

The Mir is NOT anymore a homeless shelter with dozens of bums lying on the basement floor. The yeshiva got in trouble with City Hall for not locking the doors at night after an armed hold up and splurged for a locksmith. It still doesn't stop the bums though from stopping by during the day to steal coats from the coatroom and food from the kitchen.

R' Yisroel Fishman said...

There's a molester? Where? The rosh yeshiva wants to farbreng with him.

Anonymous said...

UOJ should make sure there should be someone on duty in the Mirrer dining room. The boys as young as 5 come down the stairwells unsupervised with those grubba Poilishe kitchen workers around. I once saw one of those smelly shkotzim pick up a very cute 5 year old and kiss him. When i walked in and surprised him, he got very nervous and put the boy right down.

R' Zalman Stern said...

I wonder if Colmer ever came to the high school minyan on the 3rd floor next to the Mirrer gym?

Anonymous said...

Just for the record:

Rabbi Zevi TrenK & Rabbi Yitchok Mitnick are not HANHALA at Mirrer Yeshiva nor do they decide policy or have any other authority there.

While they may have performed commendable acts by acting to get rid of molestors from the yeshiva, one cannot say the yeshiva did anything about it when reffering to them unless they were directed to by the Hanhala which is yet to be determined.

Both these Rabbi are employed by other yeshivas. Rabbi Trenk davens in Mir on shabbos. I don't know what Mitnick's connection is. i though he was a chaim berliner.

Anonymous said...

this is payback to the mir for starting up with yudi nelkenbaum and yosi asia last year.

not to mention eckstein the rosh yeshivas driver.


can someone explain what happened to eckstein?

Peeking in from the "Aza't" said...

There are a lot of people who while not officially part of the Mirrer hanhola, have much leeway in taking action with the tacit approval of the roshei yeshiva, whether before or after the fact. People like R' Leiby Puretz come to mind. Rabbi Trenk davens there every day - not just Shabbos - and is the official baal tokaya among other things. He's more or less part of the furniture.

It is not unusual whatsover if Rabbi Mitnick was contracted for his gibor qualifications. This is nothing new. When BMG in Lakewood needed to turf a bunch of troublemakers and vagrants out of the Irvington, they recruited muscleman Berel Leifer. When a Yerushalmi guy in BMG got a Kiryas Yoel pregnant and refused to marry her, a number of rather hefty fellows were asked by R' Malkiel to physically heave him on to 7th Street.

The alter Debreciner rov zl was said to utilize the services of a black belt in Karate. I believe his name was Ezrachi. He became very persuasive when cracking his knuckles and asking people with a nice smile if they plan on cooperating or forcing him to take other measures.

Disgusted said...

"To read this site is a LAV DIORAYSO of lo sosuru!"

Fortunately, that is only your opinion. After the dream of Rabban Shimon Ben Gamliel, he was Modeh B'Peh Malai Bifnai Am Va'Aida that Shema Manati Chas V'Shalom Torah. How many of today's Manhigai HaDor- G'dolim- will be Modeh to the many mistakes they have made?

Sh'tika K'Hoda'ah Dami- Silence betokens consent. Ki Im HaCharaish Tacharishi Ba'Ais HaZos! Eventually, B'Siayata Dishmaya, the Revach V'Hatzalah will come to us all. But, it won't happen because of those who remained silent.

Menachem Mendel Soprano said...


Anonymous said...

Chabad in many states (each of which has its own "head"- Read that as "Don") functions independently. Some places, like in Maryland, for example, the head is an upstanding guy who works well with others and doesn't take more than his fair share. In some places, Chabad really functions as a solid organization the way the Rebbe, z"l intended.
In other places, for example, South Florida and apparently, Nevada, the organization is really "that thing of ours" (Cosa Nostra).
The "Head of state" is the Don and he has all his little Captains in their various communities with their crews of other Chabadniks and Baalei Battim. In each community they suck and suck and suck all the money they can in the name of "Torah and Tradition", they have County officials in their pockets, (many times because they build developments around their synagogues and help to pad the tax rolls)and the declare themselves to be "The Rov" of each community, exclusively. And as long as they are raising their own money and kicking some upstairs to the big guy, they have 0 accountability and can do as they please.
They make sure they get positive press, keep the long beards etc. while still living in mega mansions (where'd they get that money?) and driving around in Lexus's.

You do anything to try and develop the community in your own way, or you get another shul that could take membership away from the local Chabad and your sweet Chabadnik becomes a vicious bulldog.
They have been known to sever their own people when in best benefits the "family".

You think the Sopranos are gone?
My friends, they exist right in our midst in the guise of Chabadniks all over the country. They're not eating Capocuollo (Gabbagool), they're eating kishke and drinking vodka. "A Salut" has been replaced with "L'Chaim".

The day a corrupt Chabadnik whether it be in Boynton Beach, Los Angeles or Las Vegas is actually held accountable for his actions and misdeeds, it will be both justice, and unfortunately, a HUGE chillul haShem (desecration of God's name) since they purport themselves to be religious Jews.

Did you know that a "Captain" (Shaliach) in a Florida community allegedly actually charged a congregant tens of thousands of dollars for an aron kodesh, which his neighbor built, then used the money to take his family to Israel?
Check this out:
`Duped' donor sues rabbi

By Missy Diaz

South Florida Sun-Sentinel

October 21, 2006

When Loretta Miller's husband of more than 26 years died in October 2003, her rabbi suggested she donate an ark -- a sacred chest to house the Torah -- in his memory.

Miller has sued Rabbi Mendy Muskal of the Chabad Lubavitch in Wellington and claims his family used the $18,000 she donated to boost their lifestyle, take a family trip to Israel and deliver an ark that cost only $2,000.

Sometime before the scheduled October 2004 unveiling of the ark memorializing Jordan Miller, his widow said in an interview, she learned she had been 'duped.' While at the Muskals' home, Loretta Miller said, the rabbi took her into his garage and showed her a wood cabinet with mahogany veneer on top of plywood.

'It looked like somebody did it as a hobby and it just looked horrible,' she said. 'It looked like an armoire.'

Muskal denies all of Miller's allegations and says he's confident a court will agree he did nothing wrong.

'We'll be proven to be meritorious in this,' he said, adding that donations are not spent on a dollar-for-dollar basis. 'We need those funds for operating and programming. That's how we're able to provide half a dozen classes a week for free.'

On the advice of his attorney, Muskal declined to comment on the cost of the ark or who built it.

The suit, filed in August, names Muskal, 38, his wife, the synagogue and its advisory board members.

The Muskals, Miller says, told her that the cost of a customized ark, including shipping, would be $18,000. An expert in New York would make it, Miller said she was told, and she was promised three designs from which she could choose. She wrote the check and said she specifically designated the funds for the ark, nothing else.

Miller says the Muskals' lifestyle changed for the better soon after she delivered the check.

'He didn't have any money before I gave him the $18,000,' she said. 'He always gave chicken legs for dinners and suddenly he's giving chicken breasts and putting better wine on [his] table than he normally has. He became very wealthy on my money.'

Time passed, she said, and she heard nothing but excuses about the ark. She was shocked when she learned the Muskals and their five children -- they now have six -- had taken a trip to Israel in June 2004, staying for two months.

Mendy Muskal acknowledges the trip, but said that although his family stayed for two months, he was there only 10 days. Miller alleges the Muskals vacationed on the ark money.

She questions how they afforded the international flights when about the same time, a Palm Beach County judge had ordered Mendy Muskal to pay $12,945 to MBNA America Bank for defaulting on his debt, court records show. The judgment still hasn't been satisfied and the case against Muskal was re-opened in 2005, records show.

Muskal declined to comment on that suit, saying it's 'a personal matter.'

When Miller first laid eyes on the ark in Muskal's garage, she said the rabbi told her his Israeli neighbor, who woodworks as a hobby, built it for $2,000. She said she immediately told Muskal she wanted her money back, to which he allegedly replied: 'I'm not going to let my children starve because you want your money back.'

At the Oct. 21, 2004, unveiling, Miller claims the ark was still not completed.

'It was stained, that was about it,' she said. 'He didn't have a curtain on it, he didn't have my husband's name on it and it looked like it needed work. I was supposed to pick out a design and he picked it out. It's not what I ordered. I ordered an $18,000 ark and got a $2,000 ark.'

Muskal disputes Miller's allegations, saying she, along with others at the service, 'oohed and aahed' at the ark's beauty.

He also adamantly denies the ark was unfinished and presented the South Florida Sun-Sentinel with photographs of the ark he said were taken at the 2004 High Holiday services, underscoring his assertion. He acknowledges the curtain was unfinished but said 2004's active hurricane season caused the delay.

In her lawsuit, Miller also said she was provided a receipt containing the synagogue's Tax ID number, which she planned to use to write off the $18,000 as a deduction on her taxes. But according to the state Division of Corporations, the synagogue's nonprofit status was dissolved from sometime in 2002 until May 2005.

Muskal blamed the dissolution on a 'clerical error,' explaining that he neglected to file the necessary paperwork.

'The moment we found out about it we took care of it,' he said.

Miller reported what she found to the IRS, which she says informed her that 'his receipts are worth nothing.'

'They said I better not present those receipts or I would be audited,' Miller said.

When an organization loses its corporate status, it also loses a shield of protection from liability, according to Palm Beach tax attorney David Halpen.

'The directors, the rabbi and the people who were in charge of the synagogue are the ones who are most at risk if a court agrees that the synagogue was not a valid corporation,' he said. 'The individual donors can go after the synagogue and the IRS can also go after the synagogue.'

In her lawsuit, Miller is seeking $16,000, plus $3,000 for pain and suffering as well as court costs and interest.

'He preyed on my goodness, my grief, my charity,' she said. 'He and his wife were like a vulture that came down and went after me.'

The rabbi said he has worked seven years to build his synagogue from a few families to more than 100 and he hopes Miller's accusations won't affect their good works.

'It's so easy to destroy, yet so difficult to build,' he said.
They eventually settled out of court in a "confidential" settlement (read that as payoff), but no accountability.

Good Luck holding these guys to the fire for anything!

They Should be High on UOJ's Hit List said...


Everyone needs to be aware that SAFECO INSURANCE/AMERICAN in Seattle needs to be mentioned as they are behind a lot of this. They have been doing this since 1967 to the Catholics and survivors of other religions.

SAFECO INSURANCE/AMERICAN in Seattle created the insurance lawyer fee as an attempt to bully the survivors into signing agreements to remain silent.

Do you think it's OK to rape children and or adults and then have the victims pay the offenders or those who cover up the crimes attorney fees?

You let the offender off the hook and they go out and do it all over again creating more victims and most likely more attorney fees. In the end who makes out like a bandit? SAFECO INSURANCE/AMERICAN.

SAFECO INSURANCE/AMERICAN in Seattle encourages sex crimes, they make a living doing it.

Chabad Mafia said...


Dina said...
Rabbi Krinsky has been involved in case of Cantor Michael Segelstien and was served with legal papers and he had complete knowledge of the sex conviction, sexual harassments. Rabbi Krinsky is the same rabbi involved with the missing 18 year old girl from Florida.

Rabbi Krinsky has allowed for the preparer to remain in position as the kar-bora and kosher business profit, "Bankruptcy" in the Las Vegas Chabad.

Rabbi Krinsky, has had lawyers in Las Vegas to protect the assets of Chabad headquarters in Crown Heights, NY He also made oaths that Chabad in Las Vegas and Chabad of the State of Nevada is not connected in business with Chabad in New York and or vice/verse.

Rabbi Krinsky did not care that the woman was a victim of a sex crime. His goal was to protect the Chabad business partner. He is a religious Leader who profits in Kosher Catering at Chabad of Southern Nevada.

You would think the Chabad leadership would be more concerned about the rights of a rape victm, but they aren't.

Rabbi Shea Harlig honors the convicted sex offender each week when he sits next to him in shul and allows the Segelstein to read from the Torah just about every shabbos. If I remember correctly this violates halacha.

How can you trust someone who violates halacha this way to sell, touch, kosher meats, or any kosher product?

Chaifa said...

Haifa chief rabbi suspected in insurance fraud scandal

Haifa's Sephardi Chief Rabbi Shlomo Chalouche was questioned Thursday by the northern department of the National Fraud Squad on suspicion of involvement in an insurance fraud scandal.

The rabbi, who is also head of Haifa's rabbinical court, is being investigated by an NFS team led by Dep.-Cmdr. Robert Goldstein. He is suspected of having received "a donation" from a prominent businessman who wanted him to advance his interests in a case that Chalouche was judging. The rabbi was released on bail following his questioning.

Attorney Tami Ulman, who represented Chalouche, said the rabbi was questioned about two separate cases. One had to do with allegations that Chalouche had received a bribe for performing a conversion 20 years ago, a claim the rabbi rejected. He said that he had disqualified himself from sitting on the panel of religious judges who performed the conversion and had nothing to do with the conversion.

The second case involved insurance fraud. Chalouche's daughter, Pedut Margi, had an accident while driving her father's car. Margi allegedly lied about the accident and said that Chanan Chazan, Shalush's former driver, was driving.

But Ulman said that Chazan was a "pathological liar." According to Ulman, Chazan was the one who tipped off the police about the two cases.

Chazan, who was at one time employed by the Haifa Religious Council as a kashrut supervisor, had close ties with Chalouche before a recent falling out between the two.

Ulman also represents Shimon Frye, Chalouche's former rabbinic court secretary, who has been accused of accepting bribes to expedite rabbinic court cases involving divorce and conversion.

Following media reports of Chalouche's interrogation, a flurry of allegations were directed at the Sephardi chief rabbi by a senior Ashkenazi source in the religious council. The source claimed that Chalouche received bribes on numerous occasions over the past several years for everything from kashrut supervision to expediting conversions and divorces. But the source could not explain why he had not come forward until now.

Ulman called the rumors "vicious lies." "If somebody has evidence against the rabbi then he should come forward," said Ulman.

Moshe Shtatman, administrative head of the religious council who said that he has worked with Chalouche for 16 years, first as deputy mayor of Haifa and for the last four years in his present position, believes Chalouche is an honest man.

"In every bureaucratic apparatus there are tensions from time to time," said Shtatman. "But I have never come across incidents of corruption or intentional mismanagement. If I had I would have filed a complaint."

Investment Banker said...


For all you guys who go running to the Barney's warehouse sale (including you Syrians and other shtadttie guys who bribe employees to put the good suits away for you), you are now enriching the Arabs.

Barney's & Loehmann's are now owned by the United Arab Emirate of Dubai.

moshe kimchi simchas torah fight of 1987 said...

To Alter Mirrer:
You said "Shafran once sent a limo to pick him up for the siyum and he still refused to get in the car."

That's not true.....

What happened was that R' Shmuels little sidekick eckstein 'worked out' a minor detail in schedule and 'for some strange reason' R' Shmuel was boarding an airplane to detroit at the same time that the car was ariving to pick him up for the siyum.

fact remains, that rav birnbaum hates the agudah with passion.

he hates the novaminsker in particular. It is well known that he once was at a meeting with 75 rabonim and r' shmeul called the novaminsker as 'rabbi perlow' thus erasing the title of rebbe from his name.

the list goes on....

he hates margo for years.

every time he meets the fatty he asks him 'nu, what did the rosh yeshiva say in shiur today?'....when it is well known that margo never said a shiur in his life.

UOJ, u picked the wrong person to bash.

refoel kops checking the panties out for ya! said...

Rabbi Trenk davens there every day - not just Shabbos - and is the official baal tokaya among other things.......

Zevy Trenk never blew shofer in the mir in his life.

Anonymous said...

Rabbi Trenk is menahel of Yeshiva Darchei Torah's High School in Far Rockaway, so I highly doubt he daven in Mir daily. Secondly, he is not the bal tokeia there unless he became it recently. Rabbi Kops and Rabbi Bensousan are the official bal tokea's there.

gershonovitz (the one that needs a shidduch) said...




yackow from greater recording company - from my grave said...

UOJ I've been following your blog for a long time now.

I just want to tell you that you are fuc*ing with the wrong person this time.

Margo, Kamintezky, Agudah, Lazer Ginzberg, Kolko etc etc etc etc......
I have no problem with that.
But Reb Shmuel Biranbeum shli"ta??

Are you sick?

He hates the agudah, never sticks his nose in anything that's not his buiz, and it was confirmed by myself - that he personally took appropiate action in regards to Colmer.

As a matter of fact, he instructed the parents of some of the raped children that they should go to the police/DA.

They were smart-asses and did not listen to him.

But please. Watch who you attack.

I would not want to be on his shi* list.

Mirrer said...

You frishe bochurim should get your facts straight.

Zevi Trenk was the official baal tokaya for many years. Ben Shushan was only the back up after Trenk had umpteen misfires, part of the reason why they finish Rosh Hashana davening at 3 or 4 pm. R' Shmuel only wanted Trenk because he is a yiras shamayim who works in limudei kodesh. He didn't like the whole idea of a baal habos like Ben Shushan blozing unless there was no choice.

R' Shmuel doesn't like the Moetzes because there are political determinations that get you there instead of how much learning you know. Meyer Shimon would always call them "the college boys".

R' Shmuel made mince meat out of Margo before the groundbreaking for the new building. Margo was dying to have Rav Berenbaum there to enhance his own kovod so he came to R' Shmuel's house to implore him to come. R' Shmuel asked which masechta YTT is learning. When Margo replied, R' Shmuel purposely asked him a poshutta kashya that any idiot who leined the Tosafos could answer. Margo had no clue and walked away ashamed.

Josh Mehlman said...

Osher Berenbaum's brother in law Eliyohu Feivelson spoke to David Mandel at Ohel who gave his haskomma to going easy on Colmer.

Anonymous said...

wheres the camp segulah letter?

Anonymous said...

UOJ, I have a very-very important information for you. You seem not to receive my e-mails. I would post my message here, but I don't want it displayed on your blog (it's a link to a private file) and I'm not sure if you review the messages personally so I don't want to get into trouble. If you're reading this text and willing to keep my message private, post a reply in this blog (you can delete it right after): "Ready for input."

Anonymous said...

zevi trenk wasn't & isn't the baal tokea. ben shushan is one of the baal tokea, there is someone else also, I think Rabbi Kops. Also, Zevi Trenk is only fairly recently involved in limudei kodesh. granted he is & always was a ben torah however he was a business man for approx 20 years before he went into chinuch. this is well known. so get facts straight. btw ben shushan is a ben torah in his own right & and i assure you he lives up to mir standards otherwise who wouldn't be blowing. R' Shmuel is certainly not the biggest kanoi in mirrer yeshiva.

Semangelaf said...


"And he brought me to the door of the court; and when I looked, behold a hole in the wall. Then said he unto me, Son of man, dig now in the wall: and when I had digged in the wall, behold a door. And he said unto me, Go in, and behold the wicked abominations that they do here. So I went in and saw; and behold every form of creeping things, and abominable beasts, and all the idols of the house of Israel, portrayed upon the wall round about. And there stood before them seventy men of the ancients of the house of Israel, and in the midst of them stood Jaazaniah the son of Shaphan, with every man his censer in his hand; and a thick cloud of incense went up. Then said he unto me, Son of man, hast thou seen what the ancients of the house of Israel do in the dark, every man in the chambers of his imagery? For they say, the Lord seeth us not; the Lord hath forsaken the earth." (Ezekiel 8, 7-12)

In 1964, when the massive 90-acre Ner Israel Rabbinical College campus had been established in Pikesville, Maryland, there was created a "Chamber of Counsels." Over the years, only a few chosen ones were allowed to enter it. There -- surrounded by strange pictures on the dark walls -- the Ner Israel ancients make their decisions replicating the medieval prayer:

"On Rosh HaShanah will be inscribed and on Yom Kippur will be sealed how many will pass from the earth and how many will be created; who will live and who will die; who will die at his predestined time and who before his time; who by water and who by fire, who by sword, who by beast, who by famine, who by thirst, who by storm, who by plague, who by strangulation, and who by stoning. Who will rest and who will wander, who will live in harmony and who will be harried, who will enjoy tranquillity and who will suffer, who will be impoverished and who will be enriched, who will be degraded and who will be exalted."

The decisions made there affect lives of both Jews and gentiles not only in Baltimore, but around the world as well. Some of the decisions are later publicized to boost the reputation of the Ner Israel (like smuggling thousands of people out of Iran), but most of them are kept secret. If they were revealed, the horrible castle of Ner Israel would instantly be razed to the ground.
Woe is to anyone who dares to learn or divulge the secrets of the Chamber of Counsels. The ultimate punishment is death. Swift as a hawk. Ner Israel zombies carry out the retaliation. You can see them around every now and then: usually very outward friendly individuals who are always ready to stab or poison, or hire somebody do that.
The Ner Israel scholars have taught them well: "Never think on your own, let your mind be as a clean tablet in the hands of your teacher to write upon, as a piece of clay in the hands of a potter. Remember what holy Nachmanides said (Deuteronomy 17,11), 'Even if you believe the priests to be mistaken, for you know what is your right and what is your left, do as they command you. Do not say, 'How can I eat this forbidden fat or kill this innocent person,' but rather say, 'The Lord has commanded me to perform all the commandments according to the directions of His servants at His chosen place. He gave me the Law according to their understanding even if they err.' If you think something is a wrongdoing, and your Rabbi thinks not, you ought to obey him."
They call it "Bittul HaDaat" -- abolishing the intellect. It must not surprise you that in the Chamber of Counsels they declared that it is absolutely forbidden for the NIRC students to take psychology courses at college -- lest they realize that they are being brainwashed and oftentimes turn into zombies. (Naturally, the prohibition did not apply to the "chosen" by the Chamber like Rabbi Beryl Weisbord's son, who is now a licensed psychologist staunchly serving the Ner Israel.)

Below are some Ner Israel people who clearly knew about the Chamber of Counsels and are now dead. For obvious reasons, I cannot be very explicit and cannot mention many names -- I know that the ancients of the Chamber of Counsels are trying to hunt me down, yet this is my message to them: you may exterminate me, but others will continue this noble fight. The truth will be heard. God, whom you believe "seeth us not, the Lord hath forsaken the earth," will pay you back for all the blood you have shed. Blood ruthlessly mixed with crashed dreams, destroyed lives, betrayed souls, bitter memories, and lost faith in the Lord...

* Rabbi Jacob Moshe Kulefsky was a lecturer and later for a short time a Rosh HaYeshiva at Ner Israel. He wanted a reorganization and even modified several NIRC "traditions." One winter day after he gave a public lecture at Ner Israel, Rabbi Kulefsky suddenly passed away. Some assert that he was unwell in any case, had poor vision, etc. Others question that. Rabbi Kulefsky lived right beneath Rabbi Moshe Eisemann's and on top of Rabbi Herman Neuberger's apartments at 401 Yeshiva Lane (Rabbi Moshe M. Eisemann moved to 403 Yeshiva Lane when both Rabbis Kulefsky and Neuberger were dead). He and his wife apparently knew what was going on (around that time his wife got instantaneously sick with the Alzheimer's /!/ disease). Following his passing, Rabbi Moshe Eisemann, Dr. Julian Jakobovits, and Rabbi Monish Sax (Rabbi Kulefsky's chauffeur, a Rabbi at NIRC high school, and a very close friend of Rabbi Eisemann) all of a sudden wrote lengthy eulogies in the local "Where·What·When" ultra-Orthodox journal regarding Rabbi Kulefsky's greatness. Was that done to remain above any suspicion?

* Rabbi Joseph Wolk was a principal of the Ner Israel high school for boys. At one point he (like later on Rabbi Moshe Eisemann) was hastily and unexpectedly "retired." However, he remained living on the NIRC campus. He later pioneered the Kishiniev yeshiva in Russia together with Rabbi Moshe Eisemann. For many years there were Russian girls living in his apartment on Yeshiva Lane, who privately performed sexual services for some yeshiva members. Every morning Rabbi Wolk studied the Talmud with previously mentioned Dr. Julian Jakobovits, his personal physician. Then Rabbi Wolk suddenly died. Again, some claim he was sick. Others question that and think he just knew too much. (Rabbi Wolk's successor at high school, Mr. Bernard Yaffe, also met a sudden quick cancerous end.)

* The Friday Rabbi Herman Neuberger passed away, he was seen strong and healthy at Rabbi Moshe Heinemann's (!) synagogue in town. In the evening he lit the Sabbath candles and laid down for a nap, from which he never woke up. Everyone knows that at the end of his life Rabbi Neuberger grew somewhat demented, was saying over things the Chamber of Counsels normally kept secret. (There were also rumors of his affair with a Russian woman who took care of his late wife.) My brother told me that the funerary Shiva at Rabbi Neuberger's residence looked more like an engagement party. The Neubergers there were simply beaming.

* The late NIRC Rosh HaYeshiva Rabbi Jacob Weinberg was famous for his pitiless remark in a case of ousting a little girl from the local ultra-Orthodox school, because "she had a bad influence (!) on others": "Kill her and later ask for forgiveness." Years later, it took only a couple of months for Rabbi Weinberg himself to die... of cancer. But was it really cancer, like was it actually cancer in the case of NIRC teacher Rabbi Ephraim Eisenberg (NIRC called his death the "untimely passing")? For Ner Israel, it is much safer to have someone without a backbone such as a current Rosh HaYeshiva Rabbi Aharon Feldman, who wrote in his famous letter to an Orthodox homosexual, "Judaism looks negatively at homosexual activity, not at the homosexual nature.... It is obvious that for many people this (ceasing their homosexual activity) will be difficult and will have to be accomplished over a period of time." Now you understand why Rabbi Moshe Eisemann needs a longer "period of time" to leave the kids alone.

* There were young students at the Ner Israel who were very close to Rabbi Moshe Eisemann. Some of them mysteriously died. Rabbi Eisemann was seen very enthusiastically involved in arranging their funerals. The official explanations for the deaths were predictable for NIRC: cancer, car accident, etc. Some believed that. Others had doubts. (The Yeshiva Lane residents still recall a horrifying death of Rabbi Jacob Eisgrau's daughter, who passed away within a few days, her eyes shedding blood. Did she also know something and was about to reveal it?)


A common denominator of all these puzzle pieces is a relatively quick death, later habitually explained by some kind of natural phenomena such as a deep-rooted ailment, heart failure, cancer (which, of course, certain poisons can rapidly trigger), or an accident. In the ultra-Orthodox world, autopsies are not usually done and in the case of NIRC may be even performed by their own instructed physicians.
So are we dealing with deaths, or are we dealing with murders? Many do not realize that Ner Israel has its loyal following all around the globe: in USA, in Israel, and in Europe. Ner Israel has its people in Congress and in Knesset. One phone call -- and the fate of a person is sealed: "who by water and who by fire, who by sword, who by beast, who by famine, who by thirst, who by storm, who by plague, who by strangulation, and who by stoning."
The Ner Israel gods who seal the fate of men do not believe in God. They do not believe in the Torah. They do not believe in the Resurrection and the Final Judgement. They only believe in the thick cloud of oblivion going up in front of their dollar-bill idols. So this is what God of Ezekiel tells them (8, 17-18):

"Then he said unto me, Hast thou seen this, O son of man? Is it a light thing to the house of Judah that they commit the abominations which they commit here? For they have filled the land with violence, and have returned to provoke me to anger: and, lo, they put the branch to their nose. Therefore will I also deal in fury: mine eye shall not spare, neither will I have pity: and though they cry in mine ears with a loud voice, yet will I not hear them."

Anonymous said...

In New York City, we have both Ashkenazi and Sephardi 'rabbis' which come from Israel to provide 'blessings' to those who visit them. These rabbis also read palms; claim to be able to tell people when they will to be married; advise people if they are infected with 'ayin harah' (the evil eye); tell people about their past; advise them on their future; and, tell them who they were in past lives. Such statements, and assorted various others, are issued to their victims who come to have their fate told and who provide a cash donation to the good 'rabbi.' This paper strives to advise people, male and female, but primarily the latter, that these charlatans are nothing more than fakes. It is the hope of the author that many Jewish women will read and share this paper, written with a Torah-grounded intellectual (not emotional) approach, to learn for themselves, that they are being taken advantage of by visiting with these pseudo-rabbis. The author would like the reader to know that by participating with these people, that they are being taken advantage of, and are unintentionally conducting themselves in a way that is not in line with the Torah and goes against the desires of the Almighty.

Can you mention this important paper?



Anonymous said...

shelly silver davens at the bialystoker synagogue.

how could you not know.. he and his friend poverty p--p willie rapfogel nd all the other wannabes daven there so they can compromise ethical values ans salary themselves 349k from the metropolitan counsel on jewish poverty while needy jews are neglected..