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For The People That Want To Know What The Agudath Israel Does For Judaism!


1 - I'm really serious now, if anyone can introduce to me a bigger behaima, farshtuppte kup, shtik-ferd, and brainless putz in any Orthodox Jewish organization- than Avi Shafran, I'll pay big bucks to meet that individual.

2 - While you're on cafepress.com, be certain to check out the new and improved items at: cafepress.com/yudi. All proceeds will go towards bribing--Jake the flake Perlow-- to dump Shafran out the window at 42 Broadway. BTW, If you know of any other person that is misbehaving, that seems to be a religious individual, please keep me posted.



Rabbi Avi Shafran: Name Abuse - June 22, 2007

There is tragically much chilul Hashem in our world. Whether murder and mayhem in the name of religion or misbehavior on the part of seemingly religious individuals, actions that push holiness away from a world that so direly needs it are considered by the Torah to constitute a singular sin.

Recently, though, a quite literal desecration of Hashem’s name unexpectedly came to my attention. A cataloger at a law school library, Mrs. Elisheva Schwartz, called with a disturbing discovery. She had come across an online vendor seeking to make a few dollars off the marketing of clothing and kitsch bearing the Sheim Hamefurosh.

An English dictionary will call the Sheim the Tetragrammaton, based on the Greek word tetra, meaning “four”; and grammat, meaning “letter.” If it is a good dictionary it might also include the fact that Jewish law considers the Sheim so holy that it is forbidden today to pronounce or ever to treat in anything but a deeply honorable manner. According to halacha, of course, a piece of parchment, paper, cloth or pottery bearing the Sheim must be carefully preserved or solemnly buried. When it occurs in krias haTorah or tefilla, it is not read as written but rather as the less holy Sheim Adnus.

The vendor in question, for reasons unknown, had decided to print the holy Hebrew letters on an assortment of tee shirts, mugs, buttons and other articles, including underclothing and dog sweaters.

We live in a free society, of course, and nothing prevents anyone from exercising his or her right to personal expression, even if it may be offensive to others. But nothing prevents anyone, either, from voicing pain born of such offense. And so I contacted Café Press – a sort of online flea-market that the vendor was using to sell his or her wares – to register Agudath Israel’s chagrin at the commercialization and degradation of Hashem’s name. Please consider making a decision, I wrote, that is “respectful of Jews and Judaism.”

Within hours, what seemed a stock reply arrived. Café Press, it informed, provides its services to “a rich and vibrant community of individuals across the globe who differ in their views about what is considered offensive.”
Well, I’m sure it does and they do. All the same, though, I’m also pretty sure that the site isn’t being used to peddle dog sweaters bearing, say, the Arabic word for Allah.

So I inquired about whether Café Press had any code of standards regarding offensiveness. Again, a reply arrived quickly, directing me to where I could find the company’s standards. To its credit, the code is a responsible and comprehensive document. And one category of prohibited content was: “Material that is generally offensive or in bad taste, as determined by CafePress.com.”

And so I wrote again, reiterating that “from the perspective of all religious (and many less-than-religious) Jews, the placement of G-d’s holy Hebrew name on a piece of apparel, not to mention apparel like underwear or pet sweaters, is profoundly offensive.”

“Which leaves us,” I concluded,“with the ‘as determined by CafePress.com’ clause. “And so I ask: What is your determination?”

That was many days and two more inquiries ago. Thus far, no reply. Perhaps the administrators of the site are in the process of informing the vendor that his or her merchandise doesn’t meet their company’s standards. Or perhaps they are not.

Either way, though, should any readers of these words happen to have access to e-mail and share Mrs. Schwartz’s and my feeling of offense at the commercial debasing of something deeply holy to Judaism, please consider making an inquiry of your own to Café Press.

The address for such communications is cup@cafepress.com . Needless to say, inquiries should be polite and reasoned. And if – as I hope – the company’s response is that the merchandise at issue has been removed from the site, then a sincere expression of hakoras hatov to the company is in order.

In that case, not only Café Press’ decision but our expressions of gratitude will constitute a kiddush Hashem.

[Rabbi Shafran is director of public affairs for Agudath Israel of America.]


Shea Fishman said...

What about if someone already retired? Do they count as someone at a Jewish organization?

Tendler Loses Last of his MANY Lawsuits said...


Sunday, June 24, 2007
Tendler's Last Lawsuit Booted!!
The raving maniac who calls himself Mordechai Tendler lost his last lawsuit against members of KNH. The truth is that Tendler himself is a bloody coward and didn't file this lawsuit on his own. Instead, he shlepped his last "holdouts" and lied to them so they would sign this lawsuit against some specific members in an attempt to reinstate himself as the Rabbi.
One of the signers Mr. Zorour begged Michelle Tendler to please take his name off this atrocity, but Michelle wouldn't hear of it.

Other signers were Grossman, Schranz, and Nacca. Most people davening in KNH, don't even know who these lunatics are.

The Lawsuit was dismissed this past Friday.

Message to Mordy and Michelle:
We know what you are up to, and you will never succeed!
Hashem who exposed you and your family, will continue to monitor you and expose you for the fraud that you are.

Anonymous said...

What happened to the post about camp Segulah ?

You should be walking tall because it would not happen without you

The Monsey Tzadik said...

No doubt that Shafan is an evil idiot but I think this clip from the Life of Brian is funny and make Shafan an idiot


Matthias is about to be stoned to death]
Matthias: Look, I don't think it ought to be blasphemy, just saying "Jehovah".
[Everyone gasps]
Jewish Official: You're only making it worse for yourself!
Matthias: Making it worse?! How can it be worse?! Jehovah! Jehovah! Jehovah!

Jewish Official: I'm warning you. If you say 'Jehovah' once more--
[Mrs. A. throws a rock at the Jewish Official]
Jewish Official: Right. Who threw that stone? Come on. Who threw that?
Crowd: She did! It was her! [suddenly speaking as men] He! He. Him. Him. Him. Him. Him. Him.
Jewish Official: Was it you?
Mrs. A.: Yes.
Jewish Official: Right...
Mrs. A.: Well, you did say 'Jehovah.'
Crowd: Ah! Ooh!...
[Crowd throws rocks at Mrs. A.]
Jewish Official (stamping up and down): Stop! Stop, will you?! Stop that! Stop it! Now, look! No one is to stone anyone until I blow this whistle! Do you understand?! Even, and I want to make this absolutely clear, even if they do say 'Jehovah.'
Crowd: Ooh...!
[Jewish Official gets stoned to death]

Anonymous said...

From the pages of the May 2007 Jewish Observer, "Remembering Reb __________, Twenty-Two Years After His Passing", written by Rabbi __________, author of "Reb _______ and his Wisdom" (ArtScroll) (commenter's note: Who else?):

"Throughout his life, Reb ______ did not hesitate to take beggars into his home, giving them a meal and a place to stay.....

"One such poor soul was 'Yankele the Beggar'. His odor was so foul that people would have to hold their breath when walking in his vicinity. Yet, Reb_____ treated him royally, and would frequently drive him around in his car. During those times, he purposely kept the windows of the car shut, even in the hottest weather (and the cars that Reb _____ drove never had air conditioning), so as not to cause him embarrassment, lest he feel that Reb _____ was opening the windows to clear the air of his unbearable stench."

So there it is. In the eyes of Agudath Israel, the highest m'dreiga of Yiddishkeit means driving in a car with a smelly beggar on a hot summer day with the windows closed.

I believe that Reb _____ was wrong. For health, the windows should have been opened, for both men. For kavod haTorah, also.

Aguda Judaism is meshuga. I checked out a while ago.

According to my sources in the Mir said...

Some people may be accusing Osher Berenbaum of copping out because he did not attend the meeting between Rabbi Landesman and the NYPD. He was not required to attend the meeting and left it up to Landesman who had better knowledge of the events.

Rabbi Landesman, in no uncertain terms, warned the rabbonei Passaic to get Colmer the H*** out of there.

"You are either with The Un-Orthodox Jew - "UOJ"- or against him!"....... said...

Shea Fishman has left a new comment on your post "For The People That Want To Know What The Agudath ...":

What about if someone already retired? Do they count as someone at a Jewish organization?



Brain dead doesn't count.

"You are either with The Un-Orthodox Jew - "UOJ"- or against him!"....... said...

Rabbi Landesman, in no uncertain terms, warned the rabbonei Passaic to get Colmer the H*** out of there.

Anonymous said...

Did Colmer target high school boys too?

Los Angelino said...

The story around town is that mordechai and aaron were molested by their uncle shalom. Can anyone on knh or otherwise confirm the story?

Anonymous said...

By FRANK ELTMAN, Associated Press

GARDEN CITY, N.Y. - Advocates for victims of abuse by Catholic clergy on Friday urged presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani to fire a priest who was suspended from the church and then hired by the ex-mayor's security consulting business. A spokeswoman for Giuliani said the firm had no plans to fire Monsignor Alan Placa.

Placa, a childhood friend of Giuliani's, has defended himself for years over allegations in a 2003 Suffolk County grand jury report that detailed decades-old abuses by priests in the Diocese of Rockville Centre, N.Y.

None of the priests were ever prosecuted or even identified because statutes of limitations had expired long before the district attorney's investigation. Days after the report, Placa acknowledged in an interview with The New York Times that he was implicated in the grand jury report but he denied that he had ever abused children.

"There's ample evidence showing that Placa consistently protected predators, shrewdly deceived victims, and covered up horrific clergy sex crimes," said a statement from David Clohessy, national director of the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests. SNAP also contends that he abused children.

Placa was suspended from his duties as a priest in June 2002 after the abuse allegations surfaced. A lawyer, he currently works as a consultant for Giuliani Partners.

Placa was unavailable for comment Friday, said company spokeswoman Sunny Mindel. She said Giuliani was standing by his childhood friend.

"The former mayor believes that Alan Placa has been unjustly accused," she said.

SNAP called for Giuliani to fire Placa following the publication of a Salon profile of the cleric. In the story, the online magazine quotes Richard Tollner, who testified before the Suffolk County grand jury and claimed he had been abused by Placa. Tollner told the magazine Placa molested him and at least two others, but school authorities did nothing when they were told about it.

Placa and Giuliani have been friends since their days together at Bishop Loughlin High School in Brooklyn, N.Y. After he was suspended, Placa received special permission to officiate at the funeral of the former mayor's mother, Helen, in 2002. He also baptized both of Giuliani's children.

Anonymous said...

Give credit where credit is due. I know that y'all don't like Agudah, but the letter regarding the shem hameforash was perfectly reasonable.

Went to High School with Colmer said...

COLMER must have been sexually abused by our beloved High School Principal, yes you said it, BARUCH LANNER! Its still no excuse for Colmer but it takes one to know one and Colmer was always as strange as they get anyways.

I hope this tells us they we never know who's sittig next to us in Gotch's TSBP Class and that they also shouldn't let outsiders into our schools. That goes for LANNERS and COLMERS.

Colmer was also the MASHGIACH at our local kosher chinese resturaunt. Look who we let near our FOOD, let alone our CHILDREN.

The Monsey Tzadik said...

from the landsman antisemite Joe Izrael:

Friday, June 22, 2007
Honesty, Decency, Integrity

Heard behind the pargod: (heavy Williamsburg accent, broken English. Rolling R’s – translation follows) “Naaaaah, ich hob gefregt a sha’alah! Ich hob gefregt der roof aub men meg zogen a lign kdai tzu nemen disability insurance. Er hot mir gezogt “men meg? Es is a mitzvah!!!” (Nooooo, I did ask a shaila about it! I asked my Rov whether it is permissible to lie in order to collect disability insurance. He told me “Is it permissible? It is a Mitzvah!!!")
PS – from the context it was quite clear that they weren’t talking about a little white lie to get around some bureucratic obstacle.


Anonymous said...

In response to the Monsey Tzaddik's posting about the begger:

Agudah's magazine article should have suggested that Reb ---- offer this man a shower and perhaps try to find a dentist (if the foul odor came from dental problems) to help this begger "fix" himself. Just dragging a smelly begger around in his car constitutes Rambam's lowest level of charity. It was a bad object lesson and a bad lesson on how to give Tzedakah.

Sleepy's Mattress Company said...

This isn't fair. UOJ ratted us out just because Belsky hides his money in our mattresses.



Tsedrayter said...

what about

anyone try to make a deposit there recently? You probably did and didn't even know it!

Is your food a little "crunchy" lately? said...

This is disgusting. UOJ had posted a while back the BP / Flatbush restaurants, bakeries, etc, with health code violations. Has anyone eating in Queens checked the Health Dept website to see which places are crawling with roaches, rodents & flying pests?

Ruchel's Kosher Kettle
Kosher Corner
Max & Mina's
Queens Pita
Rosa's Bakery
Moshe's Bakery
Naomi's Pizza
Meal Mart
Pizza Professor
Annie's Kitchen
Cold Stone Creamery
Annie Chan's
Empire Roasters
Aron's Bakery

hacker said...


You are truly a piece of shit.

A picture of Lazer Ginzberg was sent to you, yet you never sent a decent "thank you".

You now stole an article from the yeshiva world news website, without placing a hyperlink on your website.

this was strike two....

but that was enough.

Your site will be hacked to pieces by 11PM tonight unless credit is given.

We are hot on your tail.

steve said...


UOJ must have known about this NY Post article from today:


By JEREMY OLSHAN Transit Reporter
June 25, 2007 -- An Orthodox Jewish organization has hired attorneys to represent the Pentecostal bus driver fired by the MTA for refusing to wear pants.

Agudath Israel of America, which defends Jewish interests(err..it's own interests), thought Tahita Jenkins' firing could set a dangerous precedent for Orthodox Jewish women, who, like Pentecostals, can only wear skirts.

"It's a funny partnership," said Eric Stern, whose firm, Sack & Sack, is handling the case with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. "But she's not looking to cash out. She just wants her job back." Transit officials said that Jenkins' insistence on skirts would endanger her passengers' safety.

But Jenkins claims in her EEOC complaint that the MTA only mentioned safety as an afterthought.

"They first told her it was a modesty issue," Stern said. "They were concerned that passengers would look up her skirt, which is ludicrous. They will have a tough time proving that it's dangerous to drive in a skirt - after all, there aren't Orthodox women all over Brooklyn crashing into poles."

The NYC Transit Authority, a division of the MTA which runs the buses, did offer to allow Jenkins to wear culottes, but she refused, saying, "Those are just wife pants."

She countered by offering to wear leggings under her skirt, but transit officials said there was still a chance the skirt could get caught on something.


lazer the hitchhiker said...

Anyone can snap a photo of Ginsburg every morning on E.9th Street around 6:15AM, looking to hitch a ride to shul. It's hard to miss him, he stands in the middle of the street.

"You are either with The Un-Orthodox Jew - "UOJ"- or against him!"....... said...


Ginsburg photos came to me about 50 times, from whom and where I don't know, and I am a direct recipient of Am Echad's material.

Hack away Eckstein, you don't get thankyous in this line of work PUTZ! !

Hahahahahaha !!!!! said...

Is it really that little Eckstein pisher who thinks he can threaten UOJ?

Duvys.com said...

I already have the go ahead from Extein to brink uoj down.

Yudel Shain Quoting Rav Mendlowitz zl said...


I accuse many Rabbis & Roshei Yeshiva, who although they themselves have no part in the hechsherim, nevertheless, know about them & still remain silent, at times may even be indirectly sanctioning them. There is a sort of mutual reciprocal agreement to keep quiet & sanction each other including their false hechsherim. Perhaps it’s because they wish to avoid Chilul-Hashem. They forget that where there is Chilul-hashem we do not impart honor to a Rabbi etc.

e.g. are they using Supreme, Kesser, KAJ, Rubashkin,Aaron's meat products R"L? ,
GOLAN, Morning select, AHAVA dairy items? by Y.S.]

The Moish Finkels of Milchigs said...


Anonymous said...
Rabbi Shain, Do you mind telling us what is wronge with ahavas milk? Is it perhaps b/c it has the hechsher of B"D of Crown heights???


Yudel Shain said...
Ahava products:
Thay were cought at least twice by NY State div of kosher enforcement aledgely distributing non-kpsher cheese.


They also alegedly printed false labels on their "hod-Lavan products.


All of Rubashkin's various products are all the same, the only difference is the label. THEY PRINT ANY LABEL THE CUSTOMER WANTS. Some of them are Aaron's, Supreme, KAJ, Kesser, Bet -Yosef, Shor-Habor, Glatt, kosher, Zeilingold, etc.

They will make changes when one comes to visit, they will lie, they will change labels, they don't have an open door policy, they rip "sirchos" etc

They sell kosher and non-kosher, all of the above doesn't even address the Lubavitch Meshichist issues at all.

Anonymous said...

> it's incredible and true
> Until a few years ago, I didn't take anything very seriously. I had
> graduated from a Yeshiva high school, and, unlike most of my class, I
> didn't feel I had what it took to be a learner. I didn't want to go to
> college right away, and I thought I would get a job and have a good time
> before I settled down. My parents were not very pleased with these
> decisions, but at that point in my life, what my parents wanted was not
> terribly important to me.
> Regrettably, during this time I fell in with a group of friends who were
> not orthodox. At first, I told myself that they would not influence me;
> but this turned out to be very far from the truth. In a very short
> period of time, I became exactly like them, and maybe worse, as I should
> have known better. Shabbos meant nothing, Kashrus meant nothing, and my
> life was spent in a haze which even today I have trouble remembering. My
> parents were devastated. Maybe they didn't expect me to be the best of
> the best, but they certainly didn't expect this.
> As well as having destroyed my own life, I was on my way to destroying
> my family as well. Because of the bad influence I was having on my
> younger brothers, my father asked me to leave the house. When I moved
> out, I said some really cruel and spiteful things to him. I can remember
> him standing silently at the door, with my mother crying at his side. I
> realize now that what I had seen in them as a weakness was actually
> enormous strength. I had no contact with anyone in my family for almost
> a year. Deep inside I missed them very much, but I foolishly thought
> that I could be seen as weak, if I contacted them.
> One morning, I was shocked to find my father waiting for me outside of
> the apartment building I lived in. He looked at me with tired, worn eyes
> and asked if we could talk. Stubborn to the core, I only nodded, and we
> walked to a corner coffee shop where we sat down. He told me how much
> everyone missed me and how I had been in their minds and hearts every
> second that I had been gone. He told me how my mother agonized over what
> had happened, blaming herself for not having been there for me. While he
> was talking, tears began rushing from his eyes. He told me that he
> wasn't here to lecture me. He just had one request. He wanted me to
> drive with him that afternoon to Monsey, NY, and say one chapter of
> Tehillim at the grave of a certain Tzaddik. As far removed as I was from
> Yiddishkeit, I was still moved by his request. I told him that I
> couldn't go that day, but that I would go with him any other time. In
> truth, I had plans to go with some friends to Atlantic City that
> evening, and I didn't want to break them. When I told him that I
> couldn't go that day, he reached across the table and took my hand in
> his and just looked at me with his tear streaked sad face. I felt my own
> eyes begin to water, and, rather then have him see me cry I just agreed
> to meet him later that day.
> I made the necessary apologies to my friends, and, later that day, I met
> my father. We didn't talk much during the trip up. I remember getting
> out of the car with him, and walking over to one of the graves. He put
> some rocks on top of the grave and gave me a Tehillim. We must have
> looked quite strange. My father in his long black coat, a black hat
> perched on his head, and me, with my leather bomber jacket and jeans. We
> didn't stay long. Ten minutes after we had arrived; we were on our way
> back. The return trip was as quiet as the trip there. My father let me
> off in front of my apartment building. I still recall the words he said
> to me as I got out of the car. He told me that no matter what may have
> happened between us, and no matter what may happen, I was always going
> to be his son and he would always love me. I was emotionally moved by
> his words, but I was not experiencing the spiritual inspiration he may
> have been hoping for. I shook my head at his words and we parted
> company.
> The next morning, I woke up to some shocking news. On the way back from
> Atlantic City, my friends were involved in a head on collision with a
> tractor-trailer. There were no survivors. As I write this letter, I am
> overcome with emotion. I made a bris today for my first child. My father
> was Sandak and, as he held my son on his lap, his eyes met mine and we
> smiled. It was as if we had finally reached the end of a long journey.
> We had never talked to each other about that trip to Monsey, nor had I
> ever told him about the death of my friends. I just walked back into
> their home that evening, and was taken back with open arms and no
> questions asked. I don't think I will ever understand what happened that
> day. I just know, sitting here late at night, with my son in my arms,
> that I will try and be the father to him that my father was to me.

Anonymous said...

To Anon 2:03

Wow, What a powerful & moving story. If only there were more forgiving fathers like your own,
Hashem only knows how many more kids could've been brought back.

Mazel Tov on the Bris you made & may you be zoche to see much yiddishe nachas from him & future children Ad Meiah V'Esrim Shana. Kudos for wishing to emulate your father.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Seven leading Rabbonim have issued a "Kol Korah" that Tendler is an out and out liar! The letter titled "Denial & Clarification,"signed by
Rabbi Green, Rabbi Yisroel Hager, Rabbi Halberstam, Rabbi Shnaybalg, Rabbi Chaim Rottenberg, Rabbi Zimmerman and Rabbi Ohrbach
have jointly announced, that after they thoroughly investigated Mordy Tendler in his presence, they found him to be a liar!
Tendler claimed at his open forum that two Batei Dimim found him innocent, they are therefore publicly announcing that this is a boldface lie.
In addition in the same proclamation they advise the Jewish Community not to "seek advice from him in any area of "Shalom Bayis, Divorce, Marriage or conversions!

Anonymous said...

Letter To Community Warns Tendler Supporters Not To Harass Rabbonim
A packet with two booklets that were mailed to the orthodox community this week warns Tendler and his supporters not to harass any of the 7 Rabbonim who signed a letter calling Mordechai Tendler a liar, and Harav Hagoen Wosner who wrote a Responsa forbidding everybody and anybody not to have dealings with Tendler.
If anyone dares harass any of these Rabbonim a CD with the voice of Mordy Tendler seducing a married woman will be mailed to 6,000 households. They challenge Tendler to test them!

LVF said...

If anyone dares harass any of these Rabbonim a CD with the voice of Mordy Tendler seducing a married woman will be mailed to 6,000 households. They challenge Tendler to test them!
hey tendler, please harass these rabbonim, i really want to hear that cd, bring it on!

aaron from L.A. said...

Since when is the Tetragrammaton the Shem Hameforash?I thought the Shem Hameforash was uttered only by the Kohen Gadol on yom kippur and it was not the tetragrammation!Besides,i thought God's real name was Harold.Iwent to public school up until grade 6 when prayers were said in the classroom.Every day I kept on hearing,"Our father who art in heaven,Harold be thy name."

Anonymous said...

UOJ-He's not a shtik ferd he's a gantze ferd un a behaima t'maah

"You are either with The Un-Orthodox Jew - "UOJ"- or against him!"....... said...

UOJ-He's not a shtik ferd he's a gantze ferd un a behaima t'maah
Dats it?

"You are either with The Un-Orthodox Jew - "UOJ"- or against him!"....... said...


The gentleman from Long Beach would like to know if his cap was shipped?

Another Tendler Caught with his pants down said...

It's just incredible.

What possesses a community to invite someone who has been accused of being a sexual predator to open a yeshiva?

Here we have a guy who posed as a Rabbi in the community of Los Angeles. He pays off one of his victims $100,000.00, gets thrown out of an organization that he was a member of for over 25 years, because he was found to act inappropriate as a Rabbi.

He is found to be a liar and a Rasha by no less than 30 Rabbonim . He was found to be a liar by his own congregation.

He was someone who single handedly almost destroyed our community, we now let him open a yeshiva?!

He invites someone who slept with no less than two woman that we have absolutely 100% proof, and who attempted to sleep with countless others.

Why are people still talking to this enabler?

What will it take to throw this enabler out of our community and close down his yeshiva?

Clueless said...

Huh? What Yeshiva did Tendler open? Who did he invite?

Angelino said...

He was kicked out of YULA and opened a yeshiva.

Anonymous said...


Check this out, it's part 1 of 4.

Sexual Abuse Victims speak out on national TV.


Anonymous said...

6th & 7th Aliya: Billam attempted his final curse but again blessed the Jews. As he left in disgrace, Bilam told the assembled coalition of kings of their eventual destruction by the Jews. As a parting shot against the
Jews, he advised them to seduce the Jewish men with Midianite women
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Clueless said...

I still don't get it! He just opened a Yeshiva in LA? I thought he was forced to move out of there! What Casanova did he invite into his Yeshiva?

"You are either with The Un-Orthodox Jew - "UOJ"- or against him!"....... said...


A must watch!

LVF said...


sickening, kudos to the host of that show for putting it down so well, these people can never be healed, no matter how many courses and treatment they go for.

Friends of Shea Fishman said...

Neal B. Pascal, a former weatherman for Channel 9 in Chattanooga, Tennessee, was sentenced to three months of home confinement and three years of probation after having pled guilty to knowingly making, using, and causing to be made, a materially false document in connection with the sale of real estate in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Pascal must also produce a video explaining real estate fraud.

The charge stems from a three-year investigation into mortgage fraud that involved the defendants inflating the sales prices of real estate in order to obtain more money from the lenders

Nahariya said...

Sex-case rabbis to lose title
Chief Rabbinate to discuss stripping rabbis of title following investigation against Nahariya rabbi for rape
By Chaim Levinson
YNet News
June 26, 2007

The Chief Rabbinate will discuss a proposal to strip rabbis found guilty of sexual offenses of their title, Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper reported on Tuesday.

The matter arose following an ongoing investigation against a Nahariya rabbi for raping minors.

Safed Chief Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu came up with the proposal, according to which a committee will be set up to examine accusations against rabbis accused of sexual offenses and will hear all parties before revoking the rabbi's title.

In a letter sent to the members of the Chief Rabbinate, Eliyahu wrote, "Someone in the position of a rabbi should be a man of values, moral and conscience, an impeccable man, and certainly innocent of forbidden sexual relations.

"It is our duty as rabbis and members of Israel's Chief Rabbinate to set rules according to which a man who is suspected of forbidden relations is temporarily suspended from his role. A man who confesses must not be able to serve as rabbi in a public role."

The subject will be discussed at the Rabbinate's next meeting on Thursday.

Pathetic said...

Israelis are notorious for using goyishe aliases when running fraudulent enterprises. The Giuliani administration went after a rogue tow truck operation run by a shmuck who called himself "Jones". That's one thing, but St. Martin?


The following 13 defendants are being prosecuted in a Cuyahoga County, Ohio mortgage fraud case that involves one house that sold for $625,000 in Shaker Heights.

Those indicted in the alleged scheme are:

Ayanna N Israel, 29, Middleburg Heights, Ohio, unlicensed loan officer, owner of Avinic Financial Group, Avinic Investment Group, Inc. and Nehkayvah Enterprises, Inc.

Nahum (Jeffery) St. Martin, 33, Middleburg Heights, Ohio, unlicensed mortgage broker, owner of Avinic Financial Group Avinic Investment Group, Inc. and Nehkayvah Enterprises, Inc.

Clueless said...

Will SOMEONE please tell me about the new Tendler Yeshiva in LA? I thought he was forced to move out of there! What Casanova did he invite into his Yeshiva? Tnx!

Anonymous said...

It was shalom tendler that opened a yeshiva, he is aron's uncle. He was himself kicked out of yula and young israel for similar reasons.