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By ALEX GINSBERG - New York Post
- September 13, 2007

A Brooklyn rabbi already facing trial for allegedly molesting two students was charged yesterday with fondling a third.

Rabbi Joel Kolko, an administrator and a teacher at a Midwood yeshiva (Yeshiva Torah Temimah - Lipa Margulies principal), posted $25,000 additional bail a few hours before sundown signaled the start of Rosh Hashanah.

He had been free on $5,000 bail, awaiting trial on charges he touched a 6-year-old boy in one of his classes, as well as a now-31-year-old former student who confronted the rabbi about abuse he claimed occurred decades ago.

The new sex-abuse and child-endangerment charges focus on a 2005 incident in which Kolko alleged fondled the genitals of a first-grade boy.

Lawyer Jeffrey Schwartz scoffed at the new accusations, saying they were fabricated by a disgruntled former student now dragging the rabbi's name through the mud on an Internet blog, - The Unorthodox Jew, - and trying to recruit new victims to bring cases.

"In 21 years of trying criminal cases, both as a prosecutor and a defense attorney, I have never seen a case so weak," Schwartz told the judge, adding that his client had taken and passed two polygraph tests (supervised by Yaakov Applegrad - world renown truth expert) and been cleared by a (drunk and corrupt) rabbinical court. "It's an orchestrated hit." (Performed by the Ocean Parkway Boys Choir)

Rabbi Yehuda Kolko accused of molesting five year old boy!


Thursday, September 13th 2007

Rabbi Yehuda Kolko Attempting To Impress The Judge When He Was In Court Erev Rosh Hashana:

A rabbi in a tallith, black hat and handcuffs (and chicken) was hauled before a Brooklyn judge hours before the Jewish New Year yesterday for allegedly molesting another boy at a Midwood yeshiva - Yeshiva Torah Temimah.

Rabbi Yehuda Kolko - already out on $10,000 bail on charges of sexually assaulting two other male students - rocked back and forth on his feet as his lawyer argued with the judge about bail on new charges that he molested a first-grader at the school in 2005.

"This is the holiest time of the year and to [increase] bail at this time is punitive," lawyer Jeffrey Schneider said, arguing that the charges stemmed from a malcontent who had it in for the 61-year-old Kolko. "[The higher bail is] just bizarre."

"Counselor, you chose this time to surrender him," Brooklyn Supreme Court Justice Cassandra Mullen shot back. (To avoid Jews watching the TV coverage and reading it in the papers because of the holiday)

She raised the bail to $50,000 bond, $25,000 cash (gelt - mezumen - mattress stuffers).

Kolko's wife, Edith, brought the cash within the hour and he was released in time to pray at evening Rosh Hashanah services. (I'm happy he made it home in time to pray)


A local screening of the new film Narrow Bridge, has been scheduled. This is your chance to catch the controversial, acclaimed film that has been making waves in the Orthodox Jewish community. Filmed on location in the greater Chicago area, it is the first film of its kind to break the silence on the issue of sexual abuse in the Orthodox Jewish community.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007
Northeastern Illinois University
5500 N St, Louis, B building, room B146
Chicago, IL
at 1:40 PM (promptly)
Admission is free. The film is 93 minutes long.

More information about Narrow Bridge is available at its website at

By: David Mandel

(Published in the September 2007 issue of The Jewish Observer)

Abstract: A more open dialogue on the issue of child molestation is a key to prevention. It is not stranger danger; child molestation most commonly occurs by a person known to the child. By having a dialogue with your children on personal safety we can help prevent the victimization of children. By removing the shame and stigma associated with victimization, children, adolescents and adults will not be as fearful to report and to seek support. Perpetrators may be less likely to offend children knowing their community will not tolerate their behavior.

Child molestation in the Orthodox Jewish community is not a new phenomenon. This problem, as other social ills, has existed for generations and centuries. The problem of men (and some women) inappropriately touching children, young boys and girls was sufficiently recognized by our great sages. They addressed it in several responsa (Minchas Chinuch, Mitzvah 209). The issue of drug usage has also been commented on, Rav speaking to his son Chiya (Arvei Pesachim 113a). Is our community responding to this problem? The answer, in these past years, has been a resounding yes. Is it enough? NO! There is still so much to do.

Our Roshei Hayeshiva have publicly addressed the issue. In September 2000 at a forum titled “Let’s Talk About What Never Happened, But It Did”, Harav Shmuel Kamenetsky shlita, stated “such an evening brings this issue out from under the rug, and people who need help should seek it from a Rav, a psychologist or a psychiatrist”. Harav Pam z”tl, at the same forum on the issue of depression, spoke of bochurim who believed they sinned based on what they may have learned in divrei mussar, “Don’t let the past linger and paralyze you, don’t feel worthless”. The Rosh Hayeshiva was speaking to victims of molestation who have suffered, who have been burdened, who feel it was their fault. Thousands of tapes of this forum and of a subsequent forum in November 2001 have been disseminated by OHEL.

HaRav Avrohom Chaim Levin, Shlita, Rosh Hayeshiva of Telz Chicago, addressing several hundred principals at a Torah U’Mesorah convention in May 2002 on the issue of child molestation stated, “there is no more room under the carpet”. And most recently at Torah U’Mesorah’s convention in May 2007, HaRav Levin encouraged every yeshiva, day school and high school to address and respond to this issue.

In September 2003, Torah U’ Mesorah, the National Council of Hebrew Day Schools, under the signature of leading Roshei Hayeshivas issued standards and guidelines on prevention and response to child molestation. On the issue of mesirah, reporting, it states “such action may include, under appropriate circumstances, reporting to the civil authorities when the principal determines that there is reason to believe that inappropriate activity has in fact occurred, insofar as halacha and secular law require such reporting”. Professor Aaron Twerksi, Dean of Hofstra Law School, and OHEL were instrumental in working with the Roshei Hayeshivas of Torah U’Mesorah in preparing these guidelines.

Prevention of unwanted touch means parents speaking to their children. Children are unprepared and don’t know how to respond to these terrible acts which go way beyond the boundaries of yichud. Prevention involves yeshivas and day schools providing information and education, parents and teachers becoming more alert to red flags, and Rabonim addressing the issue in shuls. An educated, informed communal response by parents, educators, and Rabonim – three primary sources of information and learning for children at an early age – would lead to fewer children being hurt. Equally important, it could lessen the shame and stigma associated with being a victim of child molestation, which remains the primary reason for underreporting.

This is all not limited to a one-time conversation. A parent knows their child best, what and how many words to use – V’higadita l’vincha bayom hahu. Rabbi Yehoshua Fishman, Executive Vice President of Torah U’Mesorah, notes the primary responsibility for teaching children these personal issues lies with the parents. Rabbi Shlomo Wolbe z”tl, in Planting and Building: Raising a Jewish Child, describes how the Chofetz Chayim z”tl spoke with his sons at age fifteen (Feldheim Publishers 1999, pg 67). As Rav Pam z”tl said, there was only one Chofetz Chayim. It is up to every parent to determine at what age to speak with their child and how often to reinforce this message. Dr. Susan Schulman, a pediatrician in Brooklyn, describes prevention as speaking to your child about good and bad touch at a very early age, then again when they begin school, then again when they go on a bus, then again when they go to camp, then again when they go to a sleep-away Yeshiva. Hillel Sternstein, Coordinator of OHEL’s RESPECT Program on abuse, describes it as teachable moments.

Ninety percent of children who are molested know their abuser. Parents cannot speak about “stranger danger” with their young children and expect them to understand this also means not becoming a victim at the hands of a relative, neighbor or rebbe. This lies at the heart of the complexity of child molestation, being hurt by a person a young child or teenager knows, trusts, loves or admires.

Several yeshivas that wanted to hold seminars on safety and prevention from unwanted touch were reluctant to do so lest they be perceived as engaging in sex education or worse, stigmatizing themselves as a school with a problem.

Professional staff in OHEL’s school-based mental health program and in other well regarded organizations, such as Debbie Fox of Jewish Family Services in Los Angeles who developed a prevention model, provide this information to students, faculty and parents in dignified, professional, age appropriate ways and in lashon nekia (clean language). Yes, it is true that some children may be hearing concepts and words they don’t yet fully comprehend, that by engaging them at an early age we may be opening a door to more information than we would like. On the other hand, one can posit it is better for the child to learn in a structured, safe environment where they can ask questions and know they can turn to parents, a rebbe, morot or teachers to ask questions. This is a much better option than “learning on the street”.

Schools can incorporate these forums for parents into their PTAs, train faculty as part of an educational curricula day or a special workshop, and educate camp counselors during their summer orientation. Students in 5th through 12th grades can participate in prevention workshops. Ten year olds begin to hear, understand and experience life events and a new sense of self. Finally, a shul or community center or a group of synagogues and community centers can host a lecture on the issue.

In these discussions with parents and educators red flags are described, behaviors a child may display when victimized, and how to respond to the child. At community forums, Ohel disseminates information on thirteen stages a child may go through from being a victim to becoming a survivor and how best to develop a community protection plan. Often the question and answer dialogue becomes an integral aspect of the forum. There are several good handbooks and guidelines parents can reference. Examples include, “What do we say to our children who are molested? A guide for parents” by David Mandel and Dr. David Pelcovitz (www.ohelfamily.org/articles.cfm), The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (www.missingkids.com) and more. OHEL also has an educational videotape that can be used by schools and community groups. The Task Force on Children and Families at Risk, a consortium of thirty social service organizations across the Orthodox community, has played a leading role in hosting seminars on abuse.

How prevalent is child molestation in our community? No one knows for sure. It is vastly underreported as it is in every community. For decades, police departments across the country publish crime statistics and asterisk sexual assault, a range of crimes historically underreported. This is not a problem restricted to the Orthodox Jewish community as some in the media portray. People, by nature, are private and modest. G-d instilled a sense of shame and guilt in us. People in every culture possess shame. It is a good trait. It is one of our characteristics that keeps us civilized. Indeed, contemporary “mandated reporting laws” were legislated to force licensed professionals who were viewed to be ignoring and underreporting these events, to make formal reports to child protection agencies.

It is widely documented that China and India, the world’s most populated countries, have experienced similar issues with regard to vastly underreporting and responding to child molestation. So too, Muslims, the Amish and countless other peoples across the spectrum.

Uncomfortable as it may be, we are now forced to be more open and confront this painful discussion; child molestation is a serious problem. Hundreds if not thousands of children, teens and adult survivors have been victimized. It is a problem in our community albeit at a much smaller number relative to the general population. We must embrace this discussion and respond on a communal level.

Dr. David Pelcovitz, a child psychologist and a leading expert in treatment of children who have been abused, notes the extreme rarity of a child self-disclosing s/he was a victim to this type of abuse. Children do not disclose due to a combination of fear, shame, loyalty and stigma. At varying ages, each of these issues may be internalized in the child or outwardly displayed in a different manner. And because most children are hurt by a person they know, these issues become embedded in the child’s psyche.

A primary reason a child does not disclose he or she was molested is fear. The child may be afraid of his or her parents’ reaction. The child may be afraid to speak lashon hara. The child may fear his abuser who may threaten to hurt him or his parents if he discloses.

A second reason children do not disclose is shame. The young child or adolescent may be confused about what occurred and is embarrassed about his involvement and response. The molester may have said to him he will tell everyone what they did together. He is afraid he will be made fun of by his friends.

A third reason is loyalty. To disclose that a person they love hurt them would be disloyal. As difficult as this may be to understand, remember, it is a person s/he likely knows and trusts, a parent, relative, neighbor, role model or other such person close to the child. These are all people the child has loyalty to.

A fourth reason children and their parents do not disclose is stigma. Does this require much explanation in our community? The stigma of shidduchim for this child or siblings becomes an overriding concern. Or it is the stigma of people saying ‘well, they’re a dysfunctional family anyway’.

Any one or a combination of these four factors would lead the victim to not disclose and to keep the abuse a secret and to intensify the painful consequences of these experiences. This person may hold the secret for years and decades. Harav Shmuel Kamenetsky was so moved to receive a letter from a 70 year old woman who, after sixty years, related for the first time of being abused as a young child by a relative that the Rosh Hayeshiva related this story numerous times.

Demonstrating support to a child or adolescent who has been victimized involves telling them you believe them, you love them and it wasn’t their fault. We cannot do this enough for our children under conventional circumstances, how much more important is this for children under extreme stress. This begins the healing process and the transition from being a victim, which is a passive term, to becoming a survivor, which signifies strength. Parents should neither overreact and blame their child nor deny them the opportunity to heal.

The overwhelming majority of children who are molested can and will, Baruch Hashem, grow up healthy and lead normal lives. Children, as Dr. Pelcovitz notes, are resilient and will be able to cope and deal with this as they progress and mature. They may never forget “the event” or the perpetrator, but they can move on. In the aftermath of the tragic events at Virginia Tech College, the murder of thirty two students, the resilience of the students and community was often cited as an important coping mechanism in the healing process.

A small percentage of children and adolescents are so traumatized they will need psychological treatment. This should be provided by a person with a specialty in this area, and not by a general mental health practitioner. They may require short-term treatment lasting several months or possibly several years. Girls who are molested as adolescents are especially vulnerable due to a sense of shame and pre-marital concerns. This becomes even more complex if the girl had been molested by a family member or a person she idealizes. These young women should receive professional treatment to help them cope and transition to marriage as they may experience relationship and communication problems with their husband. It is tragic that we may avoid seeking treatment to protect our children’s future opportunities for good marriages, only to see the problem surface again with greater complexity within the marriage.

How does a perpetrator succeed in luring children? A perpetrator works through a process called grooming. He cultivates a relationship with the child involving friendship and trust. He then transitions to a physical relationship first with a “light” touch followed by more physical involvement. Using incremental steps, the perpetrator gently gets close to the child’s mind and heart.

Perpetrators “look normal”. They have a variety of respectable jobs. Many are married and parents.

Perpetrators have preferences. Data available on several dozen perpetrators in our community is consistent with data on perpetrators in the general community. That is not surprising. Pedophilia, meaning love of children, is a psychiatric illness and follows a pattern. A pedophile is likely to be consistent in seeking out a young boy or a girl or a male or female adolescent.

A perpetrator will generally not stop on his own. Once again the data is consistent. The majority of perpetrators reveal they molested several children repeatedly. As time goes on the perpetrator may develop more complex rationalization for his deviancy. There are also men (and some women) who reveal involvement with a significant number of children over many years and decades.

Pedophilia is considered a treatable, manageable illness. Treatment generally consists of a comprehensive evaluation and weekly individual and group sessions lasting two to five years. A person must learn to behave differently, to modify or suppress their deviant interests and to be truthful. Treatment also incorporates the spouse who must work through her own issues of shame and guilt, especially if victims included her children. Rarely does a perpetrator self-disclose and seek treatment; they need to be pushed into treatment with some form of “stick” swaying them.

The public discussion in our community in recent years has directly resulted in greater disclosure by victims. This has resulted in evaluation and treatment of scores of perpetrators. It has become more safe for victims to disclose and for parents to seek help. This has been one of the most important and dramatic shifts in our community, a recognition that disclosure and obtaining treatment is more important than living with shame and guilt. More mental health professionals are developing a specialty in this area. At virtually every workshop my colleagues or I give on prevention and safety throughout the United States and Israel, at least one adolescent or adult will privately share with us their experience of having been molested. That several Roshei Hayeshivas have spoken publicly and encouraged victims and parents to seek help has been an enormous catalyst towards a communal attitude change. The most recent letter by the Vaad HaRabonim – Rabbinical Council of Greater Baltimore (Abuse in our Community - April 11, 2007) should act as a precedent for other communities to issue similar letters.

That most perpetrators do not go to jail is not a Jewish phenomenon. Former Westchester District Attorney Jeanine Pirro was noted for her aggressive pursuit of pedophiles. In six years of sting operations, 1999-2005, she succeeded in the arrests of 111 men with a 100% conviction rate. The overwhelming majority received probation with only eight perpetrators sentenced to jail (New York Times, 10.13.06).

The shame and guilt of our communities that prevent our children and families from reporting these crimes to our authorities also protect the perpetrators. He is impervious to the community’s concern. A public discourse involving education and awareness, vigilance by principals, educators, youth and camp directors, drashas by Rabonim will inculcate a zero tolerance mindset into our community and inoculate our children. It goes without saying we need a system to protect children by preventing mechanchim and other educators whose harm to children has been substantiated from moving to another school to do more harm.

Several Batei Dinim have been established in major Jewish communities across the country to deal specifically with allegations of child and adolescent molestation. These batei dinim also rely on advice of mental health professionals who may be asked to interview the victim(s) survivor, evaluate the alleged perpetrator and recommend appropriate treatment. Professor Aaron Tweski and I have been privileged to meet with numerous Rabonim in the establishment of Batei Dinim.

It is most important to keep the perpetrator in the community under a watchful eye, not to push them out so they can move to another community or another city and continue their horrible acts. A perpetrator who discloses his wrongdoing, who actively participates in treatment and who remains under watchful supervision in the community has the best chance of not re-offending. If Chas v’Chalila he does re-offend, his treatment and supervision may limit the number of victims and the severity of the offense by detecting the re-offense sooner.

My colleagues and I at OHEL have been led by a Board of Directors whose vision and sense of communal responsibility has enabled us to speak publicly and develop services in this sensitive area. Ohel has been fortunate to have Harav Dovid Cohen, shlita, as our Morah D’asra. Our ability to speak with gedolei haTorah throughout the country provides hadracha and strength. This has enabled us to provide consultations to Rabonim, principals, yeshivas, day schools, and community groups.

When asked if I’m frustrated by all that isn’t accomplished by the glacier progress in this area, I respond, it took 5700 years to come to this point, we have to concentrate on tomorrow not on yesterday. As my colleague Hillel Sternstein points out, discussions on child molestation have moved from private midnight talks to daylight seminars that are open to the community. Yet we can’t dwell on or be satisfied with accomplishments. Children are being hurt every day. We must respond to them and prevent tomorrow’s child from being hurt.

The best way to stop perpetrators is by teaching children and encouraging a greater openness in the community, as has begun. Perpetrators who know that parents, principals, Rabonim and the community will confront them are less likely to hurt children. Children who know they can report an incident without being fearful, shamed or stigmatized may stop a perpetrator from hurting the next child.

It is now time to have these discussions with our children. Today. And in the future.


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Scott Tulman said...

Kolko was fine when he got home before Rosh Hashana.

Ben Hirsch said...

Tulman, you putz! Was it another of those one minute to shkiah specials with Avi at the wheel? He probably couldn't shower before the 3 day yomtov.

Kolko supporter from Weinfeld's shul said...

Ben Hirsch probably Id'ed Rebbitzen Edith for the reporters.

Hogan & Hartson Law Firm said...


Jeffrey G. Schneider
Partner, New York


J.D., Stanford Law School, 1986
B.A., with highest honors, University of Michigan, 1983

Jeffrey has published articles on a variety of health law topics, including long term care payment issues, the risks and rewards of challenging state Medicaid reimbursement rates, repressed memory of childhood sexual abuse, legal issues relating to forensic psychology, the confidentiality rights of mental health patients, and structuring certification programs for specialists.

Anonymous said...

You should be ashamed of your self... did u go to shul this yom tov? do u think this post regarding rabbi kolko has done any good? regardless of rabbi kolko guilt or innocence this post is nothing more than lashon hara to the grandest scale..What do you think this post will do other can cause gossip? less than a week away is yom kipput - u should call rabbi kilko and ask him mechilla.
I hope to god rabbi kolko is innocent, i know him for 20+ yrs...regardless of that fact, ur using the internet and blog for damage and lashon hara when you could use your powers for good...at this point spreading this crap just causses embarassment to his wife, kids and grandkids... i feel bad for u and the hell u will go through for the embarrasment and shame you have caused people on this blog

Anonymous said...

Very shrewed timing by Kolko, agreeing to show up in court on Erev Rosh Hashana so that no one will see the press reports over the next 3 days.

Anonymous said...

You are a sick man. Stop blaming all your problems on the rabbis. Believe you me, I am no fan of the rabbinate, but you are blowing it all way out of proportion. Get a life.

From Shmarya said...


"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

Does anybody stop to think what kind of yom-tov Kolko & Margulies' victims - over 40 years had?

It's time for all of us to use the aseret y'mei teshuva to reflect on the damage caused to so many children and their families, and to do everything in our power to rid ourselves from this scourge.

Anonymous said...

You would have thought that all the fools supporting Kolko would have given up on UOJ by now.

"What good" they ask? Kolko is still around children and this latest arrest should cause people to take pause. I spoke to a rov over yomtov who never reads newspapers and the like. I asked him about Eisemann's sefer without mentioning any names. He said that if the story is true it should not be used. He then mentioned that "he heard" that the charges against Kolko were "not true."

UOJ's purpose is to save children and put Margo's false rumor mill to bed.

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

FYI....I knew about the pending arrest Wednesday morning, but would not post it prior to yom-tov.

It is important for all of us to know the damage done to generations of children by Kolko, Margulies and EVERYONE that knew about it and did NOTHING!

To borrow a slogan..."NEVER AGAIN"!

That includes Nosson Scherman, Shmuel Dishon, Shmuel Kaminetzky, Perlow, Fischman,...never mind about the Belsky's....

Anonymous said...

I as well spoke to a rav and huge talmud chacham over yom tov. He used to hate UOJ. He admitted that every single word of lashon hara generated by this blog is justified if it saved one kid. He also said that he asked mechila from UOJ before yom tov and that there was nobody ever that did more for the benefit of Jewish children than UOJ.

Yesh Elokim said...


To the victims of Kolko, Margo, Leizerovitz, the Tendlers and other monsters,

You have your health which some others do not have. Hashem should take away your bad memories and bring the reshoyim to justice.

A gut gebentched yor.

boog said...

Wonder if Dame Edith K has more inflated mattre$$e$ stashed away somewhere.

She'll need it.

It's time to shut down YTT and Weinfeld's.

Nevolim Birshus Ha'Torah.

Monsey said...


R' Yudel has been warning for some time now that the Treetop shaatnez tester in Monsey is being machshil people with the aid of the rabbonishe establishment. Some rabbonim have finally woke up and are listening to him.

At least it didn't take 8 years like when R' Yudel caught Moish Finkel's treif.

Anonymous said...

I thought R' Shmuel Dishon was a little better than the rest of that bunch. At least he kicked Kolko's butt out of Stolin.

Anonymous said...

Everyone is talking about kids-at-risk. Well it seems that the ones that really are "at risk" are the so called leaders of charedei judaism and their cronies.

Anonymous said...

rabbi kolko did much good for thousands and thousands of talmidim..
bedore everyone rants and raves lashon hara and has a good time at rabbi kolkos expenses they should know FOR SURE that he is guilty...the only way to know that is if you were in the room when these crimes allegedly happened...until then spreading this BS online is 100% gossip, has NO merit and just plain simple lashon hara...like earlier poster, i know rabbi kolko from temimah and Camp Ma Na Vu he was most definatly a strict head counc and a strict rebbe so the chance that some1 is out to get him is most definatly a real possibility... on the other hand there is a DEFINITIVE FACT that rabbi kolko did great for thousands of talmidim..how many people know how to daven and read because of him.. how many people became better people because of him...
I hope to Hashem that the claims are false.. but speading it and posting it here at this point in the game will do CRAP... he lost his job...regardless of outcome Temimah or anyother yeshiva will avoid him--which is unfortunate if this is FALSE....
so posting it here it PURE lashon hara and will do NO GOOD...and if u were rabbi kolko wouldnt u try to cause urself the least embarrasment? if u can avoid as much bad publicity as u can in your neighborhood - wouldnt u??

Where's the Monsey Lawyer Putz? said...


As this Wall Street Journal article points out, the Liberal NY Times has wasted no effort in criticizing Republicans like Rudy Giuliani and Fred Thompson for representing shady clients. Hypocrites like these then scream that everyone else deserves representation.

Lamdan said...

I assume that R' Boog is stating novol birshus haTorah as a play on words because in the classic sense, YTT and Weinfeld's are anything but. They are menuvolim SHELO birshus haTorah.

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

Let's not forget that if Kolko/Margulies would have shown up at Bais Din M'chon Horaah with Belsky's permission, none of this would have happened.

You step all over the Torah and now claim lashon hara, mesirah?

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

If I knew what Shmuel Dishon and Nosson Scherman knew, when they knew it...I would have gone to the police!!!! They have blood splattered all over their souls!

Question for UOJ said...

After R' Yudel took a lot of heat for allowing readers to quote you on a frequent basis, he answered that despite any criticisms, you have saved many children.

One relentless opponent of your's who started a blog against you, has complained many times on Yudelstake that you are a kofer for writing that Hashem was not in the concentration camps and that regardless of whatever good you may have done, no one is allowed to read your blog or associate with you.

I was dan lekaf zechus that you meant Hashem was not there as in hester panim. Could you elaborate on what you meant in that old post?

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

Could you elaborate on what you meant in that old post?

UOJ is the Roto Rooter Guy...when your plumber comes to fix your toilet, do you ask him what his belief in God is?

boog said...


Should have given due credit to the 'Enablers' and more aptly phrased it as Nevolim Birshus Da'ass Toiyreh"

Rabbi Israel Belsky said...


Who had time for Mechon Lehoraah? I was busy with Yudi & Edith at Taubus picking out stuffable mattresses. Jerry almost kicked us out because Margulies kept lying on the mattresses to try them out.

A victim of ... said...

I don't think anyone realizes what it's like to be a victim of a child molester, especially a child molester that is a Rav, a Mechanech, a respected and Chashuva Melamed.

At what point do you stop crying inside, and who do you blame?

The constant flashbacks of the molestation, even after all these years, the pain, not physical pain, not emotional pain, but the continuing pain.

The constant need to put on a mask, not a physical mask but an artificial mask - to live a double life - your life as a victim of a horrible crime - and your daily life.

This feeling of being a victim, an innocent victim - it tears you apart.

But you must live. You must get up in the morning and tell yourself that you must live, that others rely on you.

Of course those around you, those that you care about, no matter how much you love them and they love you - they never understand the constant hurt, the pain, the empty feeling that you constantly feel.

And how can they?

This isn't Loshan Hara. Telling everyone about a child molestor is a Chiyuv.

A child molestor is a Rodef and the din for a Rodef is misa.

Unfortunately it will take time, but this Menuvel will get his punishment, both in Olam Haze and for sure in Olam Haba.

This piece of drek destroyed young lives, he killed innocent neshomos, he deserves nothing better than what he's now going through and what he still will incur.

I have so much more to add, but this all just makes me sick...

Yankel Applegrad said...


Trying out mattresses is very important for Margulies. He was having nightmares on a regular basis where he thought he was in the middle of shouting at Eli Greenwald until he rolled off onto the floor in a BIG THUD.

Overlawyered said...


I can't figure out which Jeffrey Schwartz tells the NY Post he was once a prosecutor. None of the bios of these attorneys listed on Findlaw seem to be a match.

Jeffrey G. Schwartz - New York, New York

Jeffrey M. Schwartz - Carle Place, New York

Jeffrey L. Schwartz - New York, New York

Jeffrey M. Schwartz - Great Neck, New York

Jeffrey B. Schwartz - Albany, New York

Jeffrey M. Schwartz - New York, New York

Jeffrey N. Schwartz - New York, New York

Jeffrey M. Schwartz - Great Neck, New York

Jeffrey T. Schwartz Esq. - New York, New York

Jeffrey L. Schwartz - Jericho, New York

Anonymous said...

Doesn't the Yated have anything better to publish these days than pictures from every Bris mila where Belsky acts as mohel?

The Case of Robert Sokol said...

This lowlife used to be a frum Jew in Flatbush. He is living in Kansas and has left his wife an agunah. He is manipulating the legal system to force his sons to live with him while using abuse to stop them from keeping kosher, keeping Shabbos and from fasting on Tisha B'Av & Yom Kippur.

He is actually a registered offender in that state but an "expert" on children who attends his Reform temple convinced a judge that being Orthodox is detrimental. The Agudah and OU are capable of doing good sometimes and have teams of lawyers working 24/7 on this case of pidyon shvuyim, including OU Vice President Steve Mostofsky Esq.

Belsky is officially in charge of collecting funds but R' Aharon Schechter can probably also take donations if you feel uncomfortable.

If UOJ has any connections in Kansas, this is an emergency with Yom Kippur fast approaching. The father has threatened to force feed his 13 year old son.

YTT Misnaged said...

"Margulies kept lying on the mattresses"

LYING is what Margo does best.

Clerk said...

Latest Kolko charges

Arrest Date: September 11, 2007
Arrest Time: 10:49
Incident Date: January 1, 2005

Criminal Justice Tracking Number: 59460080K
NYSID Number: 981298P
Arrest Number: K07681422

D Felony, 1 count, Arrest charge, Not an arraignment charge
Description: SX ABSE:SX CNTCT W/IND<11
Indictment Count: 2

A Misdemeanor, 1 count, Arrest charge, Not an arraignment charge
Description: ACT MANR INJUR CHILD < 17
Indictment Count: 3

GRAND JURY, August 29, 2007

September 12, 2007
Bond $50,000 Cash $25,000

Yudi is due back for all his criminal cases on Oct. 2nd, Chol Hamoed Sukkos.

Also, Mutterperl will be back in court this coming Tues.

Flatbush Askan said...

The Sokol bar mitzva bochur from Chaim Berlin ran away when his father tried forcing him to eat this past Tisha B'av. Unfortunately, the police found and returned him before the tzom was over.

The judge in Kansas should be impeached for allowing an offender to have custody of children. Several Jewish organizations have filed briefs that outline the judge's violation of human rights laws.

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

Please post the name and address for the Tzedakka for the Sokol kids.

Lipa Geldwerth said...

Whose bright idea was that for Kolko to show up in court ba'atifas tallis?

Monsey said...


R' Yudel Shain has named 3 of the rabbonim who stepped up to the plate to support his exposure of the Monsey michshol:

Rabbi Fisher (Viener Dayan), Rabbi Yechezkel Gold and Rabbi Feivel Shneebalg.

Who Knew? said...


Marvin Schick has apparently done something useful. It states here that he took Oorah to Torah Umesorah's beis din to force them to pay towards public school kids that they dump in yeshivos while keeping all the money.

Sokol Pidyon Shvuyim said...

The address is:

Congregation Bais Torah, care of Yisroel Belsky

1412 Ave M
PMB 2216
Brooklyn, NY, 11230

The Sokol boys are Chaim Berliners so Rav Schechter is also very involved.

The agunah's name is Hadassa Bergmann who has moved to Kansas to be near her son.

The Kansas Dept of Social & Rehab Services has photographed huge welts, some 3 inches long, that the father has inflicted upon the boys. (Kansas Supreme Court - 1999 - Case # 981 P.2d 1172 at 1174)

The secular "child expert" is Maura Wechsler Linas.

The judge who should be removed in Johnson County has actually ordered the mother to feed treif to her children at Burger King.

Two lead lawyers in the fight against the judge are Mitchell Silk and Simcha Schonfeld.

Another Putz Rotzeach in the news said...

OJ Simpson was involved in an armed robbery over Yomtov. The police are having a hard time charging him though after he reached out to the victim and has possibly paid him off to drop the charges. This was on the same day that mechutzef OJ released what he calls a "fictional novel" titled "If I did it".

There are plenty of morons out there besides Kolko supporters as the book immediately became the #1 best seller on Amazon.

Anonymous said...

Robert Sokol. Does anyone know where he is originally from?

Lamdan said...

The Chofetz Chaim & R' Yaakov Kamenetzky have poskened that there is a chiyuv to be mechalel / docheh Shabbos to save someone like the Sokol boy from this type of shmad.

No Clue said...

Why is Kolko's bail substantially less than Mutterperl's? I would think Kolko is more dangerous as a little kid thinks he can trust someone who looks like a rabbi.

Hungarian Putz said...

Margulies has asked the oylam to raise money for Kolko's stuffed mattress, I mean legal defense fund.

Putzes for Kolko said...


Is this the same Jeffrey Schwartz who is defending the killer of little Nixzmary Brown?

Anonymous said...

BY PAUL H.B. SHIN, New York Daily News, October 31, 2004
"A 72-year-old man accused of posing as a rabbi has been indicted on charges he illegally married at least 30 couples in New York and New Jersey and pocketed $25,000 in marriage fees, officials said. Jerry Heller pleaded not guilty Thursday to 14 felony counts, including fraud and grand larceny, stemming from at least 30 marriages he presided over between November 1998 and March 2002, Rockland County District Attorney Michael Bongiorno said. Bongiorno's office launched an investigation of Heller two years ago after he left an upstate synagogue as its cantor when his credentials and demeanor were called into question. The probe found that Heller had submitted forged documents from rabbinical schools. "It's our position that he's not certified to perform weddings as a clergyman," Bongiorno said. But Heller attorney Jeffrey Schwartz said Heller was certified by a rabbinical institute that existed even before the formation of Israel in 1948. "The DA believes that because this institute doesn't exist today, and because of that, they believe it never existed," Schwartz told The Journal News in Westchester County. "The reason the DA doesn't believe he is a rabbi and a cantor is out of ignorance." Heller's victims said his faked credentials cause them pain and confusion."

Anonymous said...

Mark Zandi, chief economist at Moody's Economy.com, likened the current housing market to the dot-com boom and bust a few years ago, when stock prices for many high tech companies soared -- before some of them ever turned a profit -- and then crashed.

"The parallels are quite similar," Zandi said.

Foreclosures in the U.S. jumped 24% from July to August. The 115,000 foreclosure filings in August were "the biggest spike we've had all year" -- a 53% increase in foreclosures from August 2005, says Rick Sharga of RealtyTrac, an online foreclosure marketplace. "The fact is, we've never had this many of this type of loan mature all at the same time, so there really is not a precedent for this."

In the words of Tendler's Putz Lawyer said...


Allegations that Tendler had turned his counseling with women congregants into "sex-therapy sessions" also led the Kehillat New Hempstead synagogue board of directors to dismiss him as rabbi.

Tendler, scion of a prominent Orthodox Jewish family, founded the synagogue off Union Road.

"It's been horrible for him," Feinberg said. "These allegations have smeared him and have caused enormous distress and enormous problems."

Kolko Arrest #2 also in Newsday said...


Social Worker said...

Anyone that has any complaints about molestation or abuse connected with the Vaad can call board member Baruch Barry Hertz's wife Joan Hertz she is a social worker at Ohel
and she will surly know what to do or how to advise her husband. Her number at Ohel is 718 851 6300 and her home number is (718) 258-8274 and she lives at 1304 E Seventh St
Brooklyn, NY 11230-5104.

Steve Greenberg said...

Posted: September 14, 2007 - 7:00 pm ET

(Jerusalem) Some Israeli gays are criticizing Madonna for taking part in a conference in Tel Aviv put on by Kabbalah when Israeli leaders of the mystic Jewish sect have been vocal in their opposition to homosexuality.

Mainstream Judaism has been critical of the Kabbalah movement but Orthodox rabbis embraced Kabbalah leaders when they joined in voicing outrage over Worldpride in Israel and gay pride marches in Jerusalem.

Last year Rabbi David Basri, head of the Kabbalah's Magen David Yeshiva in Jerusalem blamed gays for an outbreak of bird flu.

Basri said the outbreak was God's punishment for the promotion of same-sex marriage.

"The Bible says that God punishes depravity first through plagues against animals and then in people," Basri said in a religious edict.

In 2004 he lashed out at gays on the eve of pride celebrations in Jerusalem.

"This is not a disease or a deviation, but a straight-out abomination. Even animals don't behave this way... There is no place in the Holy City for such a phenomenon," he said.

Several hundred Kabbalah followers from around the world took part Thursday in Jewish New Year observances in a Tel Aviv hotel. In addition to Madonna other celebrities included Moore and her husband, Ashton Kutcher.

Madonna was raised a Roman Catholic but has become a follower of Jewish mysticism in recent years. She has adopted the Hebrew name Esther and wears a red thread on her wrist to ward off the evil eye.

More on Robert Sokol said...


He's a Hebrew teacher at the Kol Ami temple in Prairie Village, Kansas.

(913) 642-9000

Congregation Kol Ami’s "Spiritual Leader" is Cantor Paul C. Silbersher who is responsible for enabling an abuser. Silbersher is also Adjunct Professor at St. Paul School of Theology - Methodist Seminary and Baker University in Baldwin City, Kansas.

The Sokol Case said...


I wonder if the attorneys are following the Reform temple's newsletter. They are trying to obliterate any memory of the real mother and the real bar mitzva. Robert Sokol's picture is under the bar mitzva story.

Pre-emptive Move by an Abuser said...


Robert Sokol is the contact for the Johnson County Committee for Judicial Ethics. If you try to complain about him and the judge, he kills the complaint.


He's also the Kansas contact for this organization that fights for more custody rights for divorced fathers.

Please pass this along to the mishpocho or the lawyers if you know them.

Bureau of Prisons said...


Upcoming Simchas Torah hakofos for Kolko & Margo behind bars.

Update said...

LAS VEGAS (Sept. 16) -- O.J. Simpson was arrested Sunday and faces multiple felony charges in an alleged armed robbery of collectors involving the former football great's sports memorabilia, authorities said.

The charges against Simpson will include robbery with a deadly weapon, conspiracy to commit robbery and burglary with a firearm, all felonies, Dillon said. More charges could be brought against him, he said.

YTV Related said...


By: Larry Gordon

But they are all grown now and probably dispersed around the world working in various Chabad Houses, continuing their life of that upstairs Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur minyan in 770. We had our older minyan members, too, like Rabbi Sholom DovBer Rivkin, who was the elder statesman of the minyan, a chassid of the previous Rebbe and a contemporary of the Rebbe who followed. Rabbi Rivkin was also a rosh yeshiva in Torah Vodaas, not a combination you are likely to find today. Rabbi Rivkin sat in the front, off to the left in a corner. He had one of the high-back leather chairs.

He was the one the chazzan waited for to finish his Amidah before the chazzan would begin the chazaras ha’shatz. He also was the shofar blower and the one who always received Maftir on both days of Yom Tov and on Yom Kippur. I guess it was the mid 1960s to the early 1970s that I recall with most clarity. Rabbi Rivkin was definitely well into his 70s and maybe even 80 by then. But he had a vitality to him and an earnestness about him that was interesting. I’ll never forget how he cried inconsolably every year as he read the haftarah about how Chanah prayed to Hashem to be blessed with a child and eventually gave birth to Shmuel HaNavi. It was a moving story, but I could not understand why Rabbi Rivkin was so touched by it to the point where he had to pause and gather himself before he could continue.

Now, when Rosh Hashanah arrives and the haftarah is read, I think of him sobbing—and now I understand why. Chanah’s story represents the fashion in which G-d responds to prayer and gives health and life. Chanah prayed to and beseeched G–d from the bottom of her heart. She understood that what she was asking was one of the three things the Talmud tells us is controlled exclusively by Hashem—the ability to have children. She was asking that the heavenly decree that called for her to be childless be reversed—and, through her prayer, it was. But beyond that, she asked that her son, whom she named Shmuel, be able to dedicate his life and very existence to G-d and the service of G-d. She wanted assurance that she would not only have a son but that he would also be frum and G-d-fearing to the point where the entire essence of his existence would be dedicated to serving Hashem.

And this, the Gemara says, is where the challenge that Chanah was presenting really came into the picture. The Talmud tells us that when it comes to the direction of a person’s life, “all is ordained from G-d, except for fear of G-d (yiras Shamayim).” Nevertheless, Chanah prayed that her Shmuel not only observe the laws of nazir for his entire life, but that he never stray from the path and be solely bound up in the service of G-d, which, as we know, he was.

This was the miraculous accomplishment of Chanah’s prayer: not the fact that she actually had a child after years of being unable to conceive, but who he was and what he became. Chanah prayed that the very infrastructure of creation be overturned and that she be assured that her child would be a tzadik. Her prayer was so deep and penetrating, so sincere and genuine, it was as if there were no alternative other than that it be fulfilled.

So I think this is why Rabbi Rivkin used to cry the way he did in shul on the first day of Rosh Hashanah. It’s the power of prayer—what it can accomplish when uttered and delivered from the deepest recesses of the heart.

Here is something about that minyan that I know you’ll get a kick out of. We started davening on Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur at 10:30 a.m. I think I have to let that information sink in for a moment before I explain. The reason for the late start was that the main minyan downstairs started at 10:10 a.m. and this was the time that the Rebbe would leave his study and walk down the stairs and enter the shul. Some of the chassidim from upstairs wanted to be there when the Rebbe entered the shul, hence the 10:30 starting time.

Anonymous said...

R' Yudel Shain has named 3 of the rabbonim who stepped up to the plate to support his exposure of the Monsey michshol: Rabbi Fisher (Viener Dayan), Rabbi Yechezkel Gold and Rabbi Feivel Shneebalg.

Certainly a Feivel among them.

When all Else Fails, UOJ Heeds the Call said...

Sokol has actually managed to get himself removed from the offender registry despite all the overwhelming evidence that was documented. Maybe UOJ can get him reinstated and get the judge removed from the bench.

Anonymous said...

Is RObert Sokol related to the infamous American rabbi in Israel?

Rabbi Moshe Eisemann said...

Dear Philip Jacobs,
Just a couple of weeks ago nobody (apart from us at the Ner Israel Rabbinical College) would even whisper that Jacobs, enfant terrible, was indeed on his road to repentance. Nonetheless, you are doing a perfect teshuvah, Philip! Many thanks for the long lovely letters engineered by my beloved friends Stan Lebovic and Joe Feld, which you sympathetically made public in September 7 issue of the "Baltimore Jewish Times." And now, in September 14 issue, I saw another creative pearl in the sand � an epistle by my dearest friend David Kramer (I am ecstatic to read his surname as "remarK"), which I am delighted to cite below. I am incredibly joyful that you were so expeditious to rehabilitate my heroic name. It is also exhilarating to recognize how much contrition you can accomplish livening up your day with a creamy full-bodied cup of "Pride of the Farm" milk produced by my darling companion Rabbi Joseph Tendler, while indulging your intellect in my beautiful teshuvah-book "Ramban As A Guide To Today�s Perplexed." Is not it wonderful to live in the Torah world imbued with love, affection, and tenderness!
Baltimore Jewish Times (September 14, 2007 / Tishrei 2, 5768, p. 9)


The Aug.27 article on Rabbi Moshe Eisemann, "When Whispers Get Louder," has degraded your paper to the likes of the National Enquirer and other gossip tabloids that are notorious for reporting erroneous and false stories of famous personalities. How can a quality paper such as the BALTIMORE JEWISH TIMES print rumors and conjectures that can only harm an individual without substantially verifying such allegations? Where is the police report? Where are the court documents? Where is the plethora of supporting evidence? Where are the multiple witnesses that have come forward to corroborate your story?
Why are you not embarrassed to print a feature story based on allegations that a teacher looked at their student inappropriately more than 30 years ago? Even if the other allegation is correct that this individual 30-plus years ago once gave his student a pat on the back, but a bit lower, does this justify your time and effort with such innuendo?
Maybe the Jewish Times should feature an investigative report on the impact of American media on the spirituality of Jewish values.

David Kramer

Anonymous said...

"The Sokol bar mitzva bochur from Chaim Berlin ran away when his father tried forcing him to eat this past Tisha B'av."

The rasha has otherwise been forcing the kid to eat treif. The kid is being moser nefesh and fighting in the hope that Hashem and the lawyers will free him.

Anonymous said...

Larry Gordon might be somewhat confused. I think the Torah Vodaas rosh yeshiva's name was Rav Dov Ber Rivkin and his son's name is Sholom. Rav Sholom has been the Chief rabbi of St Louis for decades.

Joe Putz said...

Yudi Kolko is deluding himself if he thinks manouevering press coverage to Rosh Hashana will solve his problems. The cops are investigating other cases and he will keep getting re-arrested.

boog said...

Remember Daniel Levin.

Anonymous said...

The media is asleep. How could they miss an opportunity to get a picture of Kolko draped in his tallis like a big phoney?

Brisker said...

Who was "zoyche" to hear Kolko's tekias shofar this year?

I heard Chaim Weinfeld was worried that the erev Yomtov court appearance might have put a damper on visiting the mikva. Mamash groysa problemmin.

SubPrime Fallout said...


A private New Jersey high school is closing days before the start of the school year, leaving teachers jobless and students scrambling for a new school.

The private Jewish day school in Teaneck, New Jersey, the Metropolitan Schechter High School, announced abruptly last week that it does not have enough money to open for class this year.

"People are obviously upset," a rabbi at a nearby school, Yosef Adler, said. "You have 80 kids looking for a school."

Rabbi Adler, who runs an Orthodox yeshiva high school in Teaneck, the Dorah Academy of Bergen County, said he learned about the crisis late last week when a family approached him asking if he could place their children. They had heard the school would not open the night before, he said.

Behind the school's abrupt closure is an ongoing crisis in the sub-prime mortgage field, a newspaper, Jewish Week, reported today. Citing the school's head, Jay Dewey, the newspaper said that the school closed after a longtime donor with major holdings in the field was forced to pull back his support.

Mr. Dewey and other officials at the school did not return several phone calls today.

The Schechter school is part of a network of Conservative Jewish schools around the country. Rabbi Adler said most of the displaced students are transferring to schools in the network, including schools in West Orange, New Jersey, and Westchester, New York, where he said many students have already been placed.

The rabbi said he has offered a place to two students, but they are still waiting to make a final decision on whether to attend.

boog said...

Hey Brisker;

Kolko blew Shofar in Weinfeld's Shul?!!

You making a sick joke or is this really true?

No Spin Torah said...

I respond to Anonymous's request for info regarding Meir Kin posted last May 15.
Let it be known that this man is being railroaded and trampled upon -- along with quite a number of other decent men -- by a system as unholy as any mentioned above.
It is the duty of every good Yid, in fact every just individual -- man or woman, Jew or non-Jew -- to support this man and show him any kindness you would show any other person being unduly persecuted and attacked by evil and greater forces.
I address the unfortunate popular lobby growing around "Get" issues and false declarations of "Agunah". This is probably one of the most misrepresented religious issues of our time. Sadly, it has only now come to my attention -- and even though in the past I have focused my efforts on more widespread epidemics which affect Klal Yisrael, I now believe this threatens to be an issue of immeasurable consequence -- one that threatens our survival as one people as much as any one issue ever has in our history.
To those who are now suffering from the horrible mis-information campaign being perpetrated by other Rabbis, lawyers, the media, and of course embittered spouses who justify their actions in their own minds, please forgive me for not having stood up sooner. Although it is no excuse, I simply did not know, was not aware, quite what a travesty of justice was being perpetrated upon innocent men, women and children by these self-serving crusaders. In this time of Teshuvah, I wish those of you who know me will forgive me. The rest will know me soon enough.
Meanwhile, I beseach all upstanding individuals -- men and women -- to steer clear of the Jewish Press and of an organization that calls itself ORA, as well as any and all Rabbis that foolishly associate themselves with them. Over the following months it will become undeniably clear just how far astray from Torah values -- and for that matter any manner of ethical behavior -- these groups and individuals have gone. To those of you who would trample upon the Torah, I would warn you to beware.
King David assures us in Psalms that the lies of the deceivers are venomous snakes that ultimately turn about and mortally bite those that brought them forth. I promise all of you his words were accurate and true. You will see it for yourselves. The scaffolding of lies cannot long remain standing.
To those who are currently involved in such a sad state of affairs, I beg you all take heart. These matters can most assuredly be resolved agreeably for those willing to follow the path set out for us by the Torah. You must not despair.

Luke Fan said...

What will we answer about Ohel in 20 years

Luke fan said...
We should get the Child Protective Services and the mayors office to investigate how Ohel determines who in adept to be a foster parent?. We can make a formal complaint and they will have to investigate.
How do they monitor whether the child is being exploited and abused by the foster parent. How do they choose foster parents. Do they have connections with Ohel and are in cozey relationship. All these things must be investgated.
Here is why people can exploit the children becoming foster parents. look at this website below and see what great benefits they offer. Ohel has to put in place some regulation and they need to be investigated so people do not exploit and abuse the foster kids like its reported on Luke fords blog


You'll Receive:
Tax-free funds every two weeks to cover the children's living & clothing expenses.
Full medical & dental coverage for all children.
Free training all year.

The stories on Lukes blog about Ohel send a chill through my blood.

Luke Ford is investigating Ohel. Send him any information or mistreatments by Ohel or the Ohel staff.

Luke Fan said...

We hope to have a major newspaper investigate Ohel Family Services soon.

Baltimoron said...

Rabbi Heineman's Shabos Shuva drasha blasted the crap out of Phil Jacobs and the Baltimore Jewish Times. He didn't mess with UOJ he is scared sh**less from him.
He told my friend that the Star K business has been damaged badly by UOJ.

Madison Ave said...

If the Baltimore area is Star-K's bread & butter, why wouldn't Rabbi Heinemann be more afraid of bashing Phil who can start doing exposes on him?

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

If the Baltimore area is Star-K's bread & butter, why wouldn't Rabbi Heinemann be more afraid of bashing Phil who can start doing exposes on him?
Because Heinemann is a dumb exposed fraud and getting desperate.

Brisker said...

Kolko has been a baal tokaya. The only joke was about Weinfeld as I don't have any information about what he said. What is sick is that a baal tokaya has to be a big yiras shomoyim. He has the 2nd biggest chiyuv, more than the shaliach tzibbur for selichos. Maybe only eidei kiddushin have to be on a higher madraiga.

Ever since all the unwanted attention and dirty stares by some visitors (the regular Hungarian oylam has no problem with him), Kolko has not been davening for the most part by Weinfeld. The meatheads around L & 22nd know where he's been going but refuse to tell anyone when asked. If I had to make an educated guess it would be to Lipa Geldwerth's shul, his old tayerra chaver.

Anonymous said...

To the supporter of Yisrael Meir Kin,

That's a very vague defense. What's his side of the story?

Rabbi Israel Belsky said...

"Star K business has been damaged badly by UOJ."

I hope the OU doesn't do a cost analysis of how much they're losing by associating with me.

Every Dog has his day said...

They nailed Al Capone on tax evasion.

OJ Simpson is facing 35 years just on one of the three felonies he was charged with yesterday.

It would be funny if Margo gets nailed on some abstract issue too.

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

I am somewhat familiar with the Meier Kin case. I have given advice(because they asked) to people involved.

Kin is absolutely correct!

His wife received three hazmanas to beth din, refused to go, because she thought she would get big money in court.... and got drek in court. Now she wants to go back to beth din as Kin legitimately is in the process of getting his heter meah.

He wants to be reimbursed first for his legal fees of approximately $500,000...then he'll go to beth din.

That's what happens to a smart-ass wife, her lawyers, and corrupt rabbonim who advised the wife to go to court first.

She deserves to remain an agunah for life and probably will. This should be a lesson to all women who screw over their husbands, which in fact are more numerous than the other way around.

This is not an isolated case... there are hundreds of them!

Flatbush Yenta said...

Which rabbonim advised the smart-ass wife to go to court first?

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

Which rabbonim advised the smart-ass wife to go to court first?
Some select shgatzim at the RCC in California.

Announcement said...

The Reform temple in Queens that almost became a Mosque is no longer being given on a silver platter to Chabad for reasons I'd rather not get into before Yom Kippur.

If anyone knows a yeshiva or Jewish organization looking for a building, please contact either Rabbi Penner from Young Israel of Holliswood or Rabbi Hochberg from Young Israel of Jamaica Estates.

The suitor should have solid funds and / or fundraising capabilities although the nearby communities will be donating a substantial amount of money to keep it in friendly hands.

OJ Simpson said...

I know UOJ was conspiring with Fred Goldman to get me.

Fred Goldman said...


The end of OJ was when UOJ found out he's a Rabbi Teichman supporter.

Anonymous said...

A friend of mine was robbed by some zhlobby putz who davens at an Agudah shul. When he took back some of what's owed him, the zhlob tried ganging up with his buddy Mendel "Veppstein" and sent him hazmonos for a shakedown at the Iggud Haganovim. My friend outsmarted them by saying he will only go to Machon leHoroah. The zhlob then went to court but his Agudah fresser lawyer couldn't even file the right kind of suit which had to be withdrawn. The Zhlob then went back to beis din. Rabbonim said the putz still has a right to do that according to some poskim like Rav Ovadya Yosef, but that the beis din will probably think he's a nudnik and ignore him. The putz backed down anyway when he realized how much evidence there was against him including being caught on video.

Just like Fartscroll promotes Lowlives said...


O.J. Simpson created an uproar with plans for a TV interview and book titled "If I Did It" — an account the publisher pronounced as "his confession" and the victims' families called revolting and exploitive.

Fox, which plans to air an interview with Simpson Nov. 27 and 29, said Simpson describes how he would have committed the 1994 slayings of his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and her friend Ronald Goldman, "if he were the one responsible."

"I'm not surprised at anything that piece of garbage — that murderer — would do," Goldman's father, Fred Goldman, said of O.J. Simpson Wednesday.

Denise Brown, sister of Nicole Brown Simpson, lashed out at publisher Judith Regan of ReganBooks for "promoting the wrongdoing of criminals" and commercializing abuse. The book goes on sale Nov. 30.

She added: "It's unfortunate that Simpson has decided to awaken a nightmare that we have painfully endured and worked so hard to move beyond."

Like Brown, Fred Goldman voiced disgust toward Regan and Fox. "They themselves have fallen to an unbelievably low standard," Goldman told CBS News.

Simpson was acquitted in 1995 of murder after a trial that became an instant cultural flashpoint and a source of racial tension. The former football star was later found liable for the deaths in a wrongful-death suit filed by the Goldman family. In the years since, he has been mocked relentlessly by late-night comedians, particularly for his vow to hunt down the real killers.

Simpson has failed to pay the $33.5 million judgment against him in the civil case. His NFL pension and his Florida home cannot legally be seized. He and the families of the victims have wrangled over the money in court for years.

In recent years, Simpson has made money signing autographs at trade shows. But according to the National Enquirer, he's being paid $3.5 million for his story, reported CBS News correspondent Hattie Kaufman.

The victim' families could go after the proceeds from the book's sales to pay off the judgment. But one legal analyst said there are ways to get around that requirement — such as having proceeds not go directly to Simpson.

"Clever lawyering can get you a long way," said Laurie Levenson, a Loyola University law school professor and former federal prosecutor who has followed the case closely.

Levenson noted that the criminal justice system's protection against double jeopardy — being tried for the same crime twice — means Simpson's book, explosive as it may be, should not expose him to any new legal danger. She added that Simpson could create an extra layer of insulation from any legal worries by presenting the story hypothetically.

"He can write pretty much whatever he wants," Levenson said. "Unless he's confessing to killing somebody else, he can probably do this with impunity."

Goldman's sister, Kim Goldman, told CNN: "He's snubbing his finger to the system, to the community again. He's telling us one more time, 'I'm gonna continue to get away with killing your family members and I'm not gonna honor the judgment and look at me, ha, ha, ha."'

Simpson did not return numerous calls for comment. Simpson's own attorney Yale Galanter said he did not know about the book or the interview until this week.

"The book was not done through our office," Galanter said. "I did not have anything to do with the negotiations of the book. This was strictly done between O.J. and others."

He said there is "only one chapter that deals with their deaths and that chapter, in my understanding, has a disclaimer that it's complete fiction."

On Amazon.com on Wednesday, the 240-page book was being offered for $16.47. An image of the cover featured Simpson's face and the title "If I Did It," with "If" highlighted in white and the other letters in red.

Other publishers and publishing industry observers practically fell over each other to criticize ReganBooks, an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers, and Simpson.

Otto Penzler, who runs Otto Penzler Books, a crime imprint of Harcourt, said he would have a moral problem with "carrying a book like that and enriching this lowlife in any way."

Patricia Schroeder, president and chief executive of the American Association of Publishers, described the developments as sickening.

Shari Anne Brill, a television analyst for the Madison Avenue firm Carat USA, predicted public interest would rival that of the 2003 interview with Michael Jackson, seen by 27 million people in 2003.

At least one other network, NBC, said it had been approached to air the special but declined the offer.

"This is not a project appropriate for our network," said Rebecca Marks, a spokeswoman for the entertainment division of NBC, a network that once employed Simpson as a football analyst.

Anonymous said...

About a month after OJ murdered the victims, he had the chutzpa to file for the trademark to recoup royalties from any orange juice company using his initials. The application was actually considered by the Federal Patent and Trademark Office. Outraged callers to Bob Grant noted at the time that NY Times buried the story as a little blurb deep inside the paper.

What's next? Twerski becomes legal consultant for Fox TV News?

Nosson Scherman said...

Applegrad just submitted the draft of "If there was molestation at YTT..." co-authored by Kolko and Margulies. Haskommos by Rav Belsky and many others.

Yevgeni Belsky said...


My cousin Yisroel wanted to put comrade Eli Greenwald in this gulag.

Kew Gardens Hills said...

Tomorrow night is the annual Torah Vodaas reception in Queens. Belsky will speaking on teshuva at the home of Rabbi Dovid Sheinfeld, 13728 71st Ave at 8:30.

Anonymous said...

R' Refoel Schorr in Monsey is raising money for a kollel yungerman in dire straights. In a letter co-signed with Effy "this generation" Wachsman, he says that the kollel guy had a vitamin business on the side but was put under by "unscrupulous" competitors who were out to screw him. What was that story?

Anonymous said...

Does Gil Student still daven by Yisroel Hirsch or did they have a falling out? If it's the same Hirsch, here he is attacking Gil's star author at Yashar Books:


No Fan Of Slifkin’s

I would like to commend Steven Plaut for his excellent front-page essay. It was refreshing to see a religious person effectively challenge the unfair and untrue stereotyping that closed-minded unbelievers frequently engage in.

His article, however, conveyed one inaccuracy that, while tangential, is of marked concern. He stated that Natan Slifkin’s writings were denounced mainly "for suggesting that the Talmudic sages were not infallible on matters of science."

Though obviously a man of enormous intellectual curiosity, Natan Slifkin is neither a trained scientist nor a Talmudic scholar. That a man so unqualified would have standing in offering biblical verse interpretation, creation theology, and the like, is not only unmerited but absurd.

There is a tradition in Judaism which holds that the secrets of creation are handed down orally from master to student; as Nachmanides states, devoid of such initiation, it is impossible to arrive at the truth. It takes great hubris for one so young in years and small in learning as Natan Slifkin to present a thesis on such an esoteric matter, and without apology or caveat.

Rabbi Yisroel Hirsch

Brooklyn, NY

Anonymous said...

Anon. 9-16-07, 9:56 a.m.

You wrote that you spoke to a rav, a huge talmid chacham over yom tov who used to hate UOJ. Now, you claim, he asks for mechila from UOJ.

In my humble opinion, he's not a huge talmid chacham. Huge talmidei chachamim don't make such mistakes. Over the past two years, a fair number of people have identified themselves by name on this blog, supporting the campaign to rid ourselves of the child sex abuse phenomenon. There is no need to repeat their names, the regulars know who they are. These people, by and large, have seen almost no repercussions. Except in one instance at the very beginning of this project, in early 2006, there has been no hazmanas, no beis dins, no cherems. There have been no neighborhood posters condemning them - no pashkevils. To the contrary, some of them have been quoted in Jewish newspapers and radio, with a strong sense of community approval. Perhaps the strongest public endorsement came from Rav Hershel Schachter at YU who has spoken approvingly of the community agitation to rid ourselves of this scourge.

Your rav wants mechila from UOJ? So let him ask for it right here on this blog, giving his name, so the whole world can see it, and understand the message. Maybe then I'll reconsider if he's a huge talmid chacham.

One of the regulars

Rabbi Eichenstein said...

My shvogger the Novominsker told me about the Narrow Bridge screening in Chicago. Is UOJ sure that admission is free? The Agudah is gathering information to decide if Izzy Moskowitz is getting attacked at the next fresser convention.

(The Disgraced) Judge Lance Ito said...

Does anyone remember Kato Kaetlin, the shnorrer who was mooching off of OJ Simpson? He's the secular equivalent of an Agudah fresser. They all go wherever there's free food and accomodations.

Harry Maryles aka the chelmer putz said...

Maybe UOJ can take me out to the movie Narrow Bridge and can explain to me what it all means. I heard that there was only "one" victim what's the big deal?

Anonymous said...

Where did Sokol grow up?

Sunday Times of London said...

(Was UOJ involved in this operation?)

September 16, 2007

Israelis ‘blew apart Syrian nuclear cache’
Secret raid on Korean shipment

IT was just after midnight when the 69th Squadron of Israeli F15Is crossed the Syrian coast-line. On the ground, Syria’s formidable air defences went dead. An audacious raid on a Syrian target 50 miles from the Iraqi border was under way. At a rendezvous point on the ground, a Shaldag air force commando team was waiting to direct their laser beams at the target for the approaching jets. The team had arrived a day earlier, taking up position near a large underground depot. Soon the bunkers were in flames.

Ten days after the jets reached home, their mission was the focus of intense speculation this weekend amid claims that Israel believed it had destroyed a cache of nuclear materials from North Korea.

The Israeli government was not saying. “The security sources and IDF [Israeli Defence Forces] soldiers are demonstrating unusual courage,” said Ehud Olmert, the prime minister. “We naturally cannot always show the public our cards.”

The Syrians were also keeping mum. “I cannot reveal the details,” said Farouk al-Sharaa, the vice-president. “All I can say is the military and political echelon is looking into a series of responses as we speak. Results are forthcoming.” The official story that the target comprised weapons destined for Hezbollah, the Iranian-backed Lebanese Shi’ite group, appeared to be crumbling in the face of widespread scepticism.

Andrew Semmel, a senior US State Department official, said Syria might have obtained nuclear equipment from “secret suppliers”, and added that there were a “number of foreign technicians” in the country.

Asked if they could be North Korean, he replied: “There are North Korean people there. There’s no question about that.” He said a network run by AQ Khan, the disgraced creator of Pakistan’s nuclear weapons, could be involved.

But why would nuclear material be in Syria? Known to have chemical weapons, was it seeking to bolster its arsenal with something even more deadly?

Alternatively, could it be hiding equipment for North Korea, enabling Kim Jong-il to pretend to be giving up his nuclear programme in exchange for economic aid? Or was the material bound for Iran, as some authorities in America suggest?

According to Israeli sources, preparations for the attack had been going on since late spring, when Meir Dagan, the head of Mossad, presented Olmert with evidence that Syria was seeking to buy a nuclear device from North Korea.

The Israeli spy chief apparently feared such a device could eventually be installed on North-Korean-made Scud-C missiles.

“This was supposed to be a devastating Syrian surprise for Israel,” said an Israeli source. “We’ve known for a long time that Syria has deadly chemical warheads on its Scuds, but Israel can’t live with a nuclear warhead.”

An expert on the Middle East, who has spoken to Israeli participants in the raid, told yesterday’s Washington Post that the timing of the raid on September 6 appeared to be linked to the arrival three days earlier of a ship carrying North Korean material labelled as cement but suspected of concealing nuclear equipment.

The target was identified as a northern Syrian facility that purported to be an agricultural research centre on the Euphrates river. Israel had been monitoring it for some time, concerned that it was being used to extract uranium from phosphates.

According to an Israeli air force source, the Israeli satellite Ofek 7, launched in June, was diverted from Iran to Syria. It sent out high-quality images of a northeastern area every 90 minutes, making it easy for air force specialists to spot the facility.

Early in the summer Ehud Barak, the defence minister, had given the order to double Israeli forces on its Golan Heights border with Syria in anticipation of possible retaliation by Damascus in the event of air strikes.

Sergei Kirpichenko, the Russian ambassador to Syria, warned President Bashar al-Assad last month that Israel was planning an attack, but suggested the target was the Golan Heights.

Israeli military intelligence sources claim Syrian special forces moved towards the Israeli outpost of Mount Hermon on the Golan Heights. Tension rose, but nobody knew why.

At this point, Barak feared events could spiral out of control. The decision was taken to reduce the number of Israeli troops on the Golan Heights and tell Damascus the tension was over. Syria relaxed its guard shortly before the Israeli Defence Forces struck.

Only three Israeli cabinet ministers are said to have been in the know Olmert, Barak and Tzipi Livni, the foreign minister. America was also consulted. According to Israeli sources, American air force codes were given to the Israeli air force attaché in Washington to ensure Israel’s F15Is would not mistakenly attack their US counterparts.

Once the mission was under way, Israel imposed draconian military censorship and no news of the operation emerged until Syria complained that Israeli aircraft had violated its airspace. Syria claimed its air defences had engaged the planes, forcing them to drop fuel tanks to lighten their loads as they fled.

But intelligence sources suggested it was a highly successful Israeli raid on nuclear material supplied by North Korea.

Washington was rife with speculation last week about the precise nature of the operation. One source said the air strikes were a diversion for a daring Israeli commando raid, in which nuclear materials were intercepted en route to Iran and hauled to Israel. Others claimed they were destroyed in the attack.

There is no doubt, however, that North Korea is accused of nuclear cooperation with Syria, helped by AQ Khan’s network. John Bolton, who was undersecretary for arms control at the State Department, told the United Nations in 2004 the Pakistani nuclear scientist had “several other” customers besides Iran, Libya and North Korea.

Some of his evidence came from the CIA, which had reported to Congress that it viewed “Syrian nuclear intentions with growing concern”.

“I’ve been worried for some time about North Korea and Iran outsourcing their nuclear programmes,” Bolton said last week. Syria, he added, was a member of a “junior axis of evil”, with a well-established ambition to develop weapons of mass destruction.

The links between Syria and North Korea date back to the rule of Kim Il-sung and President Hafez al-Assad in the last century. In recent months, their sons have quietly ordered an increase in military and technical cooperation.

Foreign diplomats who follow North Korean affairs are taking note. There were reports of Syrian passengers on flights from Beijing to Pyongyang and sightings of Middle Eastern businessmen from sources who watch the trains from North Korea to China.

On August 14, Rim Kyong Man, the North Korean foreign trade minister, was in Syria to sign a protocol on “cooperation in trade and science and technology”. No details were released, but it caught Israel’s attention.

Syria possesses between 60 and 120 Scud-C missiles, which it has bought from North Korea over the past 15 years. Diplomats believe North Korean engineers have been working on extending their 300-mile range. It means they can be used in the deserts of northeastern Syria the area of the Israeli strike.

The triangular relationship between North Korea, Syria and Iran continues to perplex intelligence analysts. Syria served as a conduit for the transport to Iran of an estimated £50m of missile components and technology sent by sea from North Korea. The same route may be in use for nuclear equipment.

But North Korea is at a sensitive stage of negotiations to end its nuclear programme in exchange for security guarantees and aid, leading some diplomats to cast doubt on the likelihood that Kim would cross America’s “red line” forbidding the proliferation of nuclear materials.

Christopher Hill, the State Department official representing America in the talks, said on Friday he could not confirm “intelligence-type things”, but the reports underscored the need “to make sure the North Koreans get out of the nuclear business”.

By its actions, Israel showed it is not interested in waiting for diplomacy to work where nuclear weapons are at stake.

As a bonus, the Israelis proved they could penetrate the Syrian air defence system, which is stronger than the one protecting Iranian nuclear sites.

This weekend President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran sent Ali Akbar Mehrabian, his nephew, to Syria to assess the damage. The new “axis of evil” may have lost one of its spokes.

Gut Yohr said...


Member of the audience said...

Why haven't we heard anything from Elliot Pasik for some time now?

Not just for Agudah Fressers said...

It's on the blogs that Rabbi Yankel Reisman from the 5 Towns warned in his Shabbos Shuva drosha not to eat at 2 chassuna halls in Williamsburg: Eden Palace and The Concord.

Does anyone know why?

Reb Yudel said...

If you utilize Tomchei Shabbos or donate to Tomchei Shabbos, specify that the meat should only be ALLE meat. Poultry should be Kiryas Yoel, Vineland, Natures Best.

If they don't or can't provide it, the only choice left is to eat Milchig on Shabbos / Yom-Tov rather than using Supreme Rubashkin products.

Anonymous said...

Dear UOJ and Chaverim,

Gmar v'chasimah tovah.

May Hashem bring us a shanah tovah u'mesukah in which we continue to see progress in our yeshivas becoming safer, better, and affordable. Certainly, the positive event Erev Rosh Hashanah is another step in the right direction.

A few months ago, in June, the NYS Senate voted in favor of a new law that would make yeshiva fingerprinting and background checks MANDATORY. The bill would amend last year's new law that makes it optional.

In order to become law, the bill must pass the State Assembly, which is expected to convene for a few days in October. Hopefully, the bill will be taken up then, and pass, but we need to do our homework. Please go to the NYS Assembly web site, and send supporting emails to your own Assembly member; to Assembly Speaker Silver; to Assembly Education Committee Chair Nolan; and to Assembly bill sponsor Weisenberg.

Someone wrote that a huge talmid chacham, first opposed to UOJ, now supports him, and asks for mechila. I'm interested in learning who, and speaking to him. This individual can ask the rav's permission first, before giving me his name, and explaining that I would like to confer with him. Please contact me privately, and I assure confidentiality.

Elliot Pasik, Esq.
Long Beach, NY

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

We now have another friend eager to help our battle to protect our children right in the White House. The Hon. Michael Mukasey was appointed the new attorney general designate.

Mazel tov Hon. Michael, may you use your wisdom to enhance our justice system and protect all our citizens from its many enemies..

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

From My good friend JWB...With Permission to post:

>We now have another friend eager to help our battle to protect our
>children right in the White House. The Hon. Michael Mukasey was
>appointed the new attorney general designate.
>Mazel tov Hon. Michael, may you use your wisdom to enhance our
>justice system and protect all our citizens from its many enemies..

Shana Tova UOJ. Thank you for all your hard work over the past years. I
can tell you that the child molesters, the abusers and the corrupt of
our community are no longer safe. Their enablers can no protect them.
The silence which has protected them is no more. A good start has been
made but we must continue to expose and remove this obscenity from our
midst ... and be assured this will be a very good year for us and a bad
year for them.

UOJ you are 100% right as usual. The Hon. Michael Mukasey is clearly on
our side and an excellent choice for this important position. Several
years back Mukasey ruled that although a Rabbi may be a private figure,
"allegations of sexual assault by a community religious leader on
school-children surely are of legitimate public interest and concern."

Mukasey made this ruling against lowlife pedophile Rabbi Ephraim Bryks
(son-in-law of convicted pedophile and former Rabinical Alliance of
America VP Rabbi Lippa/Lewis Brenner, Bryks is also related by marriage to
lowlife Rabbi Mordecai Tendler as Bryks' daughter is married to the
son of Tendler's wife's cousin Faskowitz). Judge Michael Mukasey also
handed the conspiracy trial of Sheik Omar Abel Rahman and his militant
Muslim followers charged with conspiring to blow up the World Trade
Cernter. Bryks, Brenner, Tendler and Rahman are all great enemies of the
Jewish people. But they no longer can operate in our silence. Those days
are over.


see: http://www.theawarenesscenter.org/bryks_ephraim.html

Entertainment Law Reporter Bryks v. CNN
Entertainment Law Reporter - February, 1997


HEADLINE: CNN wins dismissal of defamation case arising out of its
rebroadcast of investigative report produced by Canadian Broadcasting
Corporation, because CNN had no reason to doubt reliability of CBC or
specific report, federal District Court rules


Rabbi Ephraim Bryks is an American citizen who now lives in Queens, New
York; but during the 1980s he was the principal and a teacher at an
Orthodox Jewish school in Winnipeg, Canada. Something happened while
Bryks was at that school; exactly what isn't clear from the case reports.
What is clear, however, is that in 1994, the Canadian Broadcasting
Corporation produced and broadcast an investigative report that "examined
allegations that [Bryks] had engaged in sexual misconduct with students"
while he was at the Jewish school.

CBC offers its reports to other broadcasters through a syndicated news
service, and CNN is a subscriber. As a result, CNN Headline News
rebroadcast the CBC report about Bryks, virtually unedited.

In response to the CNN broadcast, Bryks sued CBC and CNN for libel in
federal District Court in New York City. Early in the case, the court
dismissed Bryks' suit against CBC, ruling that it was immune from suit in
federal courts because it was an organ of the Canadian government.
(ELR 18:3:14) The case proceeded, against CNN which enjoys no similar

Now, however, the court has dismissed the case against CNN as well, for
another reason. Judge Michael Mukasey has granted CNN's motion for
summary judgment, because although Bryks himself is a private figure,
"allegations of sexual assault by a community religious leader on
school-children surely are of legitimate public interest and concern." This
meant that under New York law, Bryks had to show that CNN had rebroadcast
the CBC report in a "grossly irresponsible manner." But as a
"republisher" of material from CBC, New York law permitted CNN to rely on CBC's
research unless CNN "had, or should have had, substantial reasons to
question the accuracy" of CBC's report.

Bryks attempted to show that CNN had reasons to question CBC's
accuracy; but Judge Mukasey was not persuaded. The judge reviewed Bryks'
arguments that CNN had reason to doubt CBC's accuracy in general, and the
accuracy of the offending report in particular. But the judge did not
agree with either argument. Even if the evidence Bryks offered was
credited, Judge Mukasey concluded, it was "insufficient to prove gross
irresponsibility' on the part of CNN."

Bryks v. Canadian Broadcasting Corp., 928 F.Supp. 381, 1996
U.S.Dist.LEXIS 8300

(S.D.N.Y. 1996) [ELR 18:9:21]

Stop Faskowitz & Bryks said...

Thanks to JWB's sleuthing, we now know that these cretins are not only related to each other but to the Tendler clan too.

I was puzzled why Faskowitz always lets Bryks give shiurim in his shul to women & children. Now we know why. Faskowitz of course is the putz who resigned from the RCA in solidarity with Tendler. It may be the Faskowitz relation that also allows Bryks free reign to give shiurim at many Queens Vaad affiliate shuls elsewhere in the Borough.

There are people who will not buy a house in the 160s because Faskowitz's yeshiva, Madreigas Haadam is the only place to daven there. Faskowitz's shul is in the 170s a block away from Young Israel of Hillcrest, but there are several shuls in that area.

Another Putz bites the Dust said...

Sderot Mayor Eli Moyal is suspending himself from his position indefinitely as his office is investigated for corruption. Moyal made the announcement Tuesday, a day after fraud investigators raided his office for evidence of corruption at City Hall extending to the mayor himself. Rabbi Oran Malka will serve as interim mayor, according to the Jerusalem Post, which reported the self-imposed suspension.

"I'm glad there is an investigation," Moyal said, explaining that the probe would prove he has "nothing to hide," the Post reported.

Moyal has been under investigation for several months following complaints that he and cronies have been bilking the city of money sent to help Sderot and its residents cope with the constant Palestinian rocket fire from the nearby Gaza Strip.

There Goes the Neighborhood said...

Russian citizens will be able to visit Israel without obtaining a visa. A special Israeli governmental commission announced the visa waiver decision after Internal Security Minister Avi Dichter, who initially warned the visa waiver would "flood Israel with thousands of prostitutes and illegal immigrants," withdrew his objections last week.

A bilateral agreement on the issue may be signed as early as October when Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Fradkov will be in Israel. However, some experts in Moscow are warning against overly optimistic expectations.

Sergei Shpilko, the president of Russia's tourism union, told Expert magazine that Russia's Interior and Defense ministries likely will object to waiving the visa requirement for Israelis.

Arkady Gaydamak said...


IN FRANCE he is wanted for alleged arms dealing, fraud and money laundering on a massive scale, but in Israel Russian-born billionaire Arkady Gaydamak fancies his chances in politics.

This week brought the long-expected news that the 55-year-old oligarch is about to run his own list of candidates in municipal elections in his adopted homeland, hoping to build local power bases for his distinctively populist brand of right-wing politics.

The move is injecting a fresh jolt of controversy into a political scene already noted for the number of its senior leaders — including Prime Minister Ehud Olmert — accused or convicted of serious crimes.

Yet even a threatened backlash against him seems unlikely to faze a man who likes to describe himself as the most popular man in the country.

"Every Israeli wants to be Gaydamak," he boasted on television last week.

Mr Gaydamak's foray into electoral politics is only the latest entry in an already long and colourful resume.

In 1972, the 19-year-old former circus employee was one of the first Russian Jews permitted to emigrate to Israel. Only a few months later, he moved to France, where he set up his own Russian translation company, a business that gave him close connections to French and Russian elites.

These contacts helped him amass a business empire with a worth estimated at between $A1 billion and $A10 billion. But they also embroiled him in the Angolagate affair of the mid-1990s. With senior figures in the French establishment, Mr Gaydamak was accused of selling more than $A700 million worth of former Warsaw Pact weapons to the Angolan Government, in return for oil and diamond concessions.

He fled France when international arrest warrants were issued in his name and today lives mainly in Tel Aviv and Moscow.

In 2005, Mr Gaydamak bought Beitar Jerusalem, a soccer club with a reputation for fan violence and racism, and close historical ties to the Israeli hardline political right. He has also donated millions of dollars to Jewish charities.

Yet Mr Gaydamak has also reached out to the country's 20 per cent Arab minority. He donated cash to the mainly Arab-Israeli football team Bnei Sakhnin and says his new Social Justice party will run candidates in Arab and Jewish towns.

Although not religious, earlier this year he announced he was buying Tiv Ta'am, the country's only non-kosher supermarket chain, with a view to shutting down its sales of pork, shellfish and other foodstuffs banned under Jewish dietary laws.

"I believe that in a Jewish state, in which there is a large Muslim minority, selling pork is a provocation," he said at the time.

The deal would have shut down pork production at Israel's oldest and biggest pork butchers, Maadenay Mizra, depriving consumers of such popular brands as Wiener Knackers, Knackers Hot Dogs and Tourist Salami.

The deal fell through, but many observers connected Mr Gaydamak's bid to his plan to run next year for mayor of Jerusalem.

Similarly, some commentators have speculated that Mr Gaydamak's involvement in politics is designed, at least in part, to make it more difficult for authorities to extradite him.

Anonymous said...

A Young Israel rabbi outside NY told me that Faskowitz is corrupt for trying to protect his cousin Tendler.

Here in Queens, Faskowitz runs around to Vaad food establishments in the 170s & 180s to make sure they are kosher enough. He should worry about his own affairs first.

Ohel Insider said...

Ohel Insider said...
Warning to men in BoroPark: Ohel Family Services has in the last few years been getting many government grants. One of them was for the purpose of opening a domestic violence center. In order to justify the money they receive Ohel must ensnare woman to come for counseling under the pretense that they are being abused. Ohel hires social workers and counselors and makes a nice fee off this. Once they sink their claws into the woman they don’t let go very easy because this is a major profit center for them. It can evolve into profit from divorce counseling, children counseling and the list goes on.

Here are the signs to look for if you suspect that your wife is getting involved with Ohel.

Modus operendi: The counselor will first try to get the woman to get her own cell phone so she can contact her discreetly. The counselor has the woman call Ohel at 718 851 6300 and leave a message for the counselor. The counselor will then call back with the appointment time probably when the husband is at work so he wont find out that they are sucking in his wife. Ohel will not come up on the caller id. The caller id will come up as 646718. If you see that your wife has called 718 851 6300 and then has a call back of 718646 you will know that she is in touch with Ohel and you better take action before its to late. Ohel will give her articles, books and lists of items to convince her that she is being abused. You will then hear her use words and talk in ways that she was not familiar with before. Watch out for these signs. Warning your wife could be involved with Joan Hertz of Ohel Domestic Violence.

This is being published for the benefit of the Jewish Community by Ohel Insider. I hope to post more information about Ohel and names of its counselors in the future. Anyone else that has information should also share it for the benefit of the community. This is a major scandal ready to break open. The Rabanim are unfortunately all quit about this. Some are paid fat salaries by Ohel to condone what they do.

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

A Young Israel rabbi outside NY told me that Faskowitz is corrupt for trying to protect his cousin Tendler.
Faskowitz is a fool! There is nothing left to protect! The Tendler family is ill, very seriously ill.

People should be very careful when it comes to do shidduchim with any of them; they are a family of very dangerous sociopaths.

ohel insider said...

Horor Story on Luke Ford about Ohel
Rosa Colon Lost 10 Of Her 14 Kids To Child Protection Services
By Luke Ford

Chaim Baruch said...

With a name like this you can't go wrong.


Kings County District Attorney Charles Hynes announced the sentencing of Orna Baruch, 38, for concealing from the New York City Human Resources Administration that she owned several properties while collecting benefits.

She pled guilty to Welfare Fraud in the Fourth Degree on May 31. She was sentenced Thursday to five years probation during which she must pay $121,000 in restitution.

For approximately seven years starting in February 1999, Baruch collected over $170,000 in welfare benefits from the NYCHRA. She was receiving Medicaid benefits and food stamps. During this time, she and her husband Chaim owned three properties, all in the Mill Basin section of Brooklyn. When Baruch applied for the benefits in 1999, she claimed that she had no assets. In fact, she claimed that she was a housecleaner in her own million-dollar home. If it was known that she owned property, she would not have qualified for the benefits.

The scam was uncovered after a joint investigation by the Brooklyn DA’s Office’s Public Assistance Crimes Unit and the NYCHRA. She was arrested on January 4, 2007 and charged with Welfare Fraud, Grand Larceny and Offering a False Instrument for Filing.

Ohel Insider said...

I have already passed on information to three reprtes from major newspapers about Ohel.family Services. Lets hope somthing comes out of it. At least it will put Ohel on the alert and they will have to be more carefull whom they counsel and what they do with their foster kids

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

For extensive details on Ohel...please go to Luke Ford's site. I can not post all the various claims here.

Margo is Next said...


Sept. 10 (Bloomberg) -- Former Comverse Technology Inc.'s Chief Executive Officer Jacob ``Kobi'' Alexander, a fugitive from criminal charges, lost a bid to stop U.S. prosecutors from seizing about $50 million in two of his bank accounts.

Anonymous said...

The Associated Press
Tuesday, September 11, 2007; 9:06 PM

Investors around the world have been spooked by the U.S. mortgage market's problems, amid uncertainty about how much they will grow. The Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. estimates that 2.5 million mortgages given to borrowers with weak credit will reset at higher rates and sometimes dramatically higher monthly payments by the end of next year.

The number of homeowners receiving foreclosure notices hit a record high in the spring, driven up by problems with subprime mortgages and heavy job losses in Ohio and other Midwest states.


By Michelle Singletary
Sunday, September 9, 2007; F01

Concerned about mortgage fraud and predatory lending practices, many states have toughened their laws by requiring loan officers or originators to undergo extensive background checks and show proof of professional experience and training. Still, attracted by the lucrative mortgage business, many individuals are originating loans without being properly licensed.

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

To the numerous people in Los Angeles e-mailing me about Shalom Tendler:

I absolutely believe the allegations against him are true. You would be well-advised to keep your children and wives away from him!

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

I found this piece quite interesting..I'm curious as to the opinions of the UOJ readers on these issues:

God and the Constitution Tue Sep 18, 12:20 AM ET. From USA Today

On Sept. 17, 1787, after a long summer of argument and compromise, the Founders completed and signed what would become the U.S. Constitution. And despite popular misconception, it didn't include a word about the USA being a "Christian nation."

In fact, the Constitution doesn't mention Christianity, or God, at all. It is a secular document outlining the structure of what would become the new government of this nation.

Likewise, the First Amendment to the Constitution, which protects every individual's right to practice his or her own religion — bans government "establishment" or direct support of religion — makes no mention of Christianity.

Yet, 220 years later, an astonishing 55% of respondents to a poll released last week said they believe the Constitution "establishes a Christian nation."

More disturbing than the mistaken assumption of special status for one religion is a broader pattern evident in this poll, taken by a respected survey research firm for the First Amendment Center. The poll shows widespread ignorance of basic freedoms and a belief that many of the Constitution's rights apply only to some Americans, not to all:

* 98% said the right to speak freely about whatever you want is essential or important. But 39% would muzzle public statements that might be offensive to religious groups, 42% would bar musicians from singing songs others might find offensive, 56% would outlaw public statements that might be offensive to racial groups, and 74% would prohibit public school students from wearing a T-shirt that others might find offensive.

* 97% said the right to practice the religion of your choice is essential or important, but only 56% said freedom of religion applies to all religious groups.

* 93% said the right to be informed by a free press is essential or important. But 37% would not allow newspapers to freely criticize U.S. military strategy or performance; 61% would impose government requirements on balancing conservative and liberal commentary in newspapers.

Just as the Founding Fathers didn't apply freedom of religion just to Christians, neither did they limit freedom of speech, freedom of the press or freedom of assembly just to those who behave politely or avoid offense. How could it be otherwise? If freedom of religion means anything, it must apply equally to minority religions. And if freedoms of speech, press and assembly mean anything, they must apply to all — most particularly those whose views might not be in the current mainstream.

In a democracy, if freedom is not available to all, then no one is truly free.

Fed Up in Queens said...

Faskowitz may have also thought he was retaliating against the RCA after they basically forced Bryks to shut down his yeshiva off of 150th St. I don't understand the cozy relationship he has with the Young Israel. It's unreal how the dumb masses don't see through this.

Bryks don't forget is also Paysach Krohn's brother in law. The Bryks clan are like the Tendlers with a long history and many skeletons in their closet. You can go back at least to the last generation when the Bryks family lived in Denver.

Dan Grunfeld said...


Does UOJ know if the LA Times is going ahead with publishing anything on the Tendlers?

Anonymous said...

Bryks has a relative living a secret double life. He's around Manhattan bars and dance clubs, sans the yarmulka, picking up shiksas to sleep with. Unless he's slipping something in their drinks, it's at least consentual.

Antonio Villaraigosa said...


I apologize to UOJ that the Tendlers & RCC were not included in the first draft of this strategy.

Anonymous said...

Once UOJ digs his claws into someone he never lets go until the ax falls.

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

Once UOJ digs his claws into someone he never lets go until the ax falls.

Bubba Cohen - Agudah D.C. Office said...

I can't believe the president just snuck in Mukasey with no advance warning. The Agudah can't tolerate a victim-friendly AG.

Gumshoe said...

Tendler ally Susan Rosenbluth of Teaneck's Jewish Voice & Opinion employs Rachel Bluth who writes a column and collaborates with Rosenbluth on articles. Bluth has also written for Low Klass at the Jewish Press.

Rachel Bluth was allegedly working with Rabbi Ephraim Bryks for years, promoting his counselling services for vulnerable women.


Bryks is also a member of this organization although he did resign from the RCA in 2003 when he found out they were going to expel him.

Yated's Idea of Teshuva said...


This is the Israeli edition, not Pinny Lipschitz. Why they feel this mechaber should be giving a shmuz on teshuva is interesting.

Bryks Warning said...


Weekly Lectures

Monday Nights

Rabbi Ephraim Bryks - Monday Nights at 8:30pm

Location : Lefrak Jewish Center 98-15 Horace Harding Expwy, Corona, NY 11368


And check out this pathetic page with his online shiurim. UOJ should save his head shot to post as it seems to be a recent picture.

Kolyakov.org is registered to Rubin Kay of 10820 62nd DR, Apt. 2B in Forest Hills and/or 71-28A Main Street in Kew Gardens Hills. Tel. 917-662-4957
Email: Rubin23@gmail.com

Incredible said...


This is the 2006 report from the Winnepeg Jewish Federation. Bryks donated money to their "Leave more than memories fund" listed towards the bottom of this PDF. They should send the money back instead of give him accolades. It's obvious that the bigwigs in town are Bryks supporters despite the trail of destruction he left there.

Bryks Warning #2 said...

It appears that Bryks is davening at the Kew Gardens Synagogue at 8217 Lefferts Blvd. This is the type of shul where people are likely to be less informed.


Contact Rabbi Aryeh Sokoloff

And President Jeffrey Geizhals


The shul newsletter is giving mazal tov for the birth of his Faskowitz grandson.

Say Cheese said...


Rabbi & Mrs Efraim Bryks walking their daughter, face veiled, down the aisle to the Faskowitz chosson.

What an Outrage said...


Paysach Krohn is running Shabbatons together with Bryks with all kinds of children around.

Paysach Krohn said...

I hope UOJ doesn't bug me as I'm a prestigious author with Fartscroll.



Rabbi Krohn was the youngest mohel ever to be certified by the New York Brith Milah Board.


A fifth generation mohel. He is affiliated with leading New York hospitals, such as the world-renowned Long Island Jewish Medical Center in New Hyde Park, and North Shore University Hospital in Manhasset.

boog said...

Watch the CBC documentary on Bryks and in particular the interview with Daniel Levins parents.

Tears your Kishkas out.

What a Chilul Hashem said...


This article warns about scammer camera retailers mostly in Brooklyn.


They point to this blogger who investigated them. They seem to be mostly if not all heimish companies.

Anonymous said...

What's wrong with Faskowitz? He did a shidduch with Bryks last year - 3 years after Bryks was kicked out of the RCA, so he can't argue there wasn't enough proof yet.

Most Rabbonim Today are Cowards said...


What a joke that Paysach Krohn is advertising affiliation with the "Brith Milah Board". They are a subsidiary of the so called NY Board of Rabbis which is run by a bunch of Reform, Conservative and left-wing Orthodox.

I wonder if that is being oyver on the gezeira signed by R' Moishe Feinstein, R' Yaakov Kamenetzky, R' Aharon Kotler. If I'm not mistaken, even Rav Soloveitchik may have been opposed to interdenominational.

Corona, Queens said...

The shul in the Lefrak City complex that Bryks hangs out in has an interesting history. The management was sued in the 1960s for discriminating against Blacks and had to give them 50 apts for free. The Jews started leaving in droves. By the 1980s, no one white was left and the place was overrun by thugs with weapons. By 1996, so many Russian Sfardim moved in that they needed to reopen the shul. I think they are led by a Rabbi Michael Borukhov.

5 Towns & Brooklyn are NOT immune either said...

The entire article is a worthwhile read:


Home values in America's ritziest areas may decline by as much as 11 percent in the next 3 1/2 years

NY State deputy commissioner of tax enforcement said...


N.Y. tax cop promises scrutiny of returns
By Jay Gallagher
Albany Bureau
ALBANY — Ever inflate the amount of money you give to charity a little on your tax return or not declare some cash receipts as income or exaggerate some business expenses?
If so, the state's new head of tax enforcement has a message for you: Stop it, or we're coming after you.

“Some percentage of people are gaming the system,” said William Comiskey, 55, a former Medicaid-fraud fighter in the attorney general's office who this spring took over the new job of deputy commissioner of tax enforcement. “I'm rattling my saber to encourage people into compliance.”

Comiskey, who earns $145,000 a year, is armed with another 144 tax-audit and compliance workers authorized by the Legislature this year (bringing the total to more than 1,500) and new authority that unites the department's collections, auditing and criminal units under him.

“We're dusting off investigative and enforcement tools that have rarely, if ever, been used,” he said in an interview.

For example, he said a common scam for some merchants is to declare they can't locate records when their sales-tax payments are audited.

So the state auditors provide an estimate. If it's lower than the actual amount, the merchants keep quiet — and pocket some of the tax money that they had collected for the state. If it's higher, they “miraculously discover the records,” Comiskey said.

His solution: start enforcing the law that requires merchants to keep records to support their sales-tax collections.

“They could lose their certification to sell goods,” he said. “For really egregious cases, I will arrest them.”

He is also looking to prosecute cases of tax preparers selling fake “dependents” to taxpayers, complete with names and Social Security numbers, so they can take a deduction year after year for a phantom child or spouse. “That's almost organized fraud,” he said.

Comiskey doesn't yet have a handle on how pervasive fraud is in the state, where 42 taxes, ranging from levies on personal income, sales, corporate profits, gasoline, alcohol, tobacco and a host of other smaller taxes, are collected. But he said that his “gut feeling” is tax fraud is at least as pervasive as the Medicaid fraud he used to deal with, where providers and individuals have been caught cheating taxpayers out of billions of dollars.

He cited a recent study by the federal Government Accountability Office that estimates the federal government lost about $290 billion to tax fraud in 2001.

Comiskey has been rattling his saber largely by speaking to accountants and tax lawyers.

A computer system known as CISS (Case Identification Selection and Scoring), which the state purchased four years ago, is another tool that has helped the state boost revenues by reducing income-tax refunds.

Its purpose was to review returns from which refunds were to be paid. In four years, the system has reduced refunds $300 million by picking up errors and potential fraud.

Comiskey wants to expand that system to review all returns.

Reducing errors and fraud is a good idea, but Manhattan CPA David Sands, who has been practicing tax law for 25 years, said, “It's not a good idea to pursue taxpayers for honest mistakes. Hopefully there will be some flexibility in their standards.”

NY Law Journal said...


Why it's a good idea to inventory your safety deposit box holdings.

UOJ's Claws are still Digging said...


Now Attorney General Andrew Cuomo is investigating the possibility that Hevesi committed other more serious crimes against taxpayers. The attorney general believes Hevesi may have abused the state’s public employee pension fund for personal financial gain since the state comptroller is the sole trustee for the $154 billion fund and therefore decides where the money is invested.

Cuomo is using the Martin Act, a 1921 state law created to combat Wall Street fraud to thoroughly investigate the pension corruption. Under the law the attorney general is empowered to subpoena documents from those doing business with the state, keep an investigation secret and pick whether to file civil or criminal charges.

State and county investigators have for months been looking into allegations that donors to Hevesi’s political campaigns received investment business from the public pension fund and that companies checked by the comptroller’s office to ensure reliability were pressured to give Hevesi contributions.

Applauded by Charlie Hynes said...


A federal judge acknowledged that a former president of a liberal civil rights group possessed child pornography of the “most abhorrent kind” but still issued a light prison sentence because the American Civil Liberties Union attorney had an “otherwise exemplary life.”

The attorney (Charles Rust-Tierney) who for 12 years served as president of the ACLU’s Virginia chapter, paid hundreds of dollars to subscribe to multiple illegal child pornography web sites and police found more than 800 still images and 36 videos in his possession when they arrested him.

Over the years Rust-Tierney downloaded numerous disturbing hardcore videos of kids--some as young as six years old--and disgusted authorities said he had a vast collection of the worst child pornography they had ever seen.

Despite the atrocious evidence, U.S. District Judge T.S. Ellis went easy during the recent sentencing hearing, giving Rust-Tierney one year less than the minimum sentence suggested under federal guidelines. Judge Ellis sentenced Rust-Tierney to only seven years in prison after giving him credit for what he said was an otherwise exemplary life that included decades of public service.

Appointed to the federal bench by Ronald Reagan, Judge Ellis made headlines last year for overturning a jury verdict against a military contractor that defrauded the government out of millions of dollars by submitting false and inflated invoices.

The fraud was exposed by a whistleblower under federal whistleblower laws and the Fairfax Virginia-based military contractor (Custer Battles) was found guilty of violating the False Claim Act, the single most important tool U.S. taxpayers have to recover the billions of dollars stolen through fraud by government contractors.

In overturning the jury’s verdict, Ellis claimed that the government entity (Coalition Provisional Authority or CPA) that actually contracted Custer Battles did not qualify as the U.S. government and therefore the False Claim Act didn’t apply. The now defunct CPA was formed by the U.S. government after the 2003 Iraq invasion to run country until a government was established and was controlled and funded by the federal government.

Frankel's Shul Mizrach Shvantz said...

I have to speak to Margo & Belsky. We have to put out a hit on the new tax cop in Albany before he starts sticking his nose in our inyonim.

Anonymous said...

Screw you margo, in a couple of years, this is what your big yeshiva will look like!
{unless the hingerisha oilem is so f**king dumb and ignorant}


Yisroel Besser said...


Hi, I'm the Agudah insider & acclaimed Fartscroll author that Pinny Lipschitz designated to run the "Chinuch Roundtable" at the Yated. I wanted to get input about bad hashpoas on your kids, so I interviewed my boss Nosson Scherman and someone from the Waterbury hanhala. No mention of molesters and enablers of course.

NY Magazine said...


Well wadda ya know? Michael Mukasey is a Jewish boy from da Bronx who went to an Orthodox yeshiva on the Upper East Side (does that mean Ramaz?)

NY Times said...


As a matter of fact Mukasey did graduate from the modern orthodox, co-ed Ramaz school and his wife was later the administrator. His son Marc is a partner at Giuliani's law firm


This report says his son graduated from YU.

Arutz Sheva said...


Monitor your kids internet use.

Haymish Neighbors said...


Just down the street from Young Israel of New Rochelle

Hearings on Capitol Hill said...


For fressers who go on cruises,

Congress wants to know why there are about 100 sexual assaults a year and a dozen disappearances of passengers who are thrown overboard, in most cases by crew members with the cruise lines covering up for them.

Agudah Fresser said...

The worst part of this is if you can't afford to eat out in restaurants anymore.

Foreclosures continue to climb in Brooklyn, with 1,032 filings in August, compared to 822 in August 2006, making the borough the hardest hit in the city, the New York Post reports. “Some 10,217 homes in the borough are in pre-foreclosure proceedings (when the owner has time to either catch up on bills or sell the property), another 1,297 are heading to auction, and 2,605 are already owned by banks,” according to RealtyTrac.

Anonymous said...


Federal Prosecutor arrested for trying to arrange sex with a 5 year old girl.

margo quote to tt board member said...

For real: "I can't understand how the anti-semite police can believe a 5 year old more than a 60 year old rebbe." Is the man sick or what?

Ombudsman said...

If the TT board member has any dignity he will resign his position.

From a Heimish Neighborhood in Montreal said...


The name sounds Yiddish too.

Hungarians can Breathe Easy over their Lincoln Town Cars Now said...


A stolen-car ring that specialized in ripping off Lincoln Town Cars for a livery cab service that needed spare parts for its 200 taxis has been dismantled, police said.

Phil said...

On September 11, 2007, Vicki Polin posted this shamelessly self-serving piece on her jewishsurvivors.blogspot.com site:

"Vicki Polin - Another Baltimore Hero!

A lot of good things are coming out of Baltimore. I've received several e-mails from people who reminded me of another Baltimore Hero (besides Phil Jacobs) who has been volunteering her time full time for over five years. This hero's dedication has made a major impact not only in the Baltimore Jewish community, but also around the world. Let's not forget Vicki Polin. She is the executive director and founder of The Awareness Center.

If you see Vicki during this holiday season stand up and give her a round of applause. Let her know how thankful you are for the work she does. You can also send her a thank you note by clicking here."

Vicki seems to be the only one who doesn't know that Vicki writes this blog!

Anonymous said...

Hey Phil,

Perhaps she's of two minds about it!

"Town Car" Friedman said...

Margulies asked Hynes to give top priority to the car thieves as most YTT parents are the proud owner of a Town Car or at least were before graduating to a Lexus / Infiniti.

UOJ & Yudel get Results said...

R' Yudel informs us today that for those having a hard time buying turkeys due to a shortage in the marketplace if you avoid Rubashkin, Kiryas Yoel has started producing turkeys distributed by Sysco.

Moishe Rubashkin said...


Here's another picture for UOJ's Hall of Shame.

Yediot said...


Rabbanut rabbis out of control?

NY State Court of Appeals said...


Some Pedophile Putz sued the Board of Examiners for the Sex Registry. Boruch Hashem he lost.

The question is who is helping some heimishe pedophiles stay off the registry?

We are awaiting comment from Hynes, Twerski, Shafran & others.

Sholom Rubashkin said...

It's my uncle who's the fleish moicher. I hope no one holds this against him.


September 17, 2007

When the former Montex Textiles property burned in Allentown more than two years ago, it was no routine fire. Crews had to contend with hundreds of barrels of chemicals being stored there, including highly dangerous powdered aluminum, sulfuric acid, acetic acid and hydrogen peroxide.

After firefighters had the area at S. Sixth and Cumberland streets under control, the presence of the chemicals, some in damaged containers, so alarmed federal environmental officials that they ordered an immediate clean-up, even before the owners of the property could be found. There were homes right across the street and the sprawling Good Shepherd hospital buildings are nearby.

To make matters worse, the family involved with the business was not forthcoming about what was stored at the site. Last week, therefore, it was good to see criminal charges filed against two men who were indicted by a federal grand jury.

Moshe Rubashkin, 50, and his son, Sholom Rubashkin, 28, are free on $250,000 bond following their arrest Tuesday. Though the property was sold to Skyline Industries of Brooklyn in 2002, according to an indictment, the Rubashkins continued to store chemicals there through 2005. There actually were four fires that year, including an arson that never was solved.

On Wednesday, the Rubashkins paid about $3,000 in overdue Lehigh County taxes, interest and penalties on 11 of the 12 parcels at the Montex site. The Rubashkins still owe $171,000 in back school and county taxes, interest and penalties on the former factory land. The property was offered for sale unsuccessfully on Wednesday. A buyer would have been responsible for the liens, but now the property will be offered at a Dec. 12 judicial sale with no liens attached. Also, $491,000 in taxes, mortgages and other bills is owed on the dozen lots that comprise the property. We would add one other item to the list: approximately $200,000 to cover the emergency chemical clean-up in 2005.

Last year, the Allentown Planning Commission declared the parcels blighted, a step necessary before the city can condemn them, take ownership, sell and redevelop them. Now, the Planning Commission will work with the Allentown Redevelopment Authority to make sure the new use of the land is consistent with long-range growth and zoning laws. The site has both industrial and residential zoning, so it can be used in various ways -- including, we hope, safe prospects for the Good Shepherd neighborhood that has waited quite some time for a fresh start.

Think Before You Fress Rubashkin Fleish said...


Agriprocessors Inc. kosher meatpacking plant in Postville.

The United Food & Commercial Workers cited more than 250 noncompliance records from the Department of Agriculture in 13 months and two food recalls in 2007 in the report, released earlier this month.

Among concerns identified by the union were the plant's monitoring standards for disease and the presence of rodents in the plant.

It also cited a recall of kosher hotdogs due to possible underprocessing. The company also recalled frozen beef and chicken products because they may have contained albumen, a known allergen, which was not declared on the label.

The union does not represent workers at the Postville plant.

Andrea Nill, a spokesman for the union, said that despite the lack of union representation at the plant, the union is concerned about conditions there.

He Almost Became a Rubashkin Hotdog said...


Clayton County officials are investigating human remains found along Robert's Creek in Grand Meadow Township.

Authorities, however, aren't saying whether the body is that of a Postville resident, Elias de Haro, 54, who has been missing since June 3.

Family and friends said de Haro suffers from Alzheimer's disease. He formerly worked at Agriprocessors in Postville until his illness reportedly forced his resignation.

Rubashkin Truck Driver said...


By: Frank Holleman
Posted: 9/17/07

Postville, Iowa, has the most rabbis per capita of any city in the United States.

Postville is interesting enough on its own merits, but even more so in light of the recent uproar over illegal immigration. And most insidiously, the alarmists would say, these newcomers have brought with them demands for political correctness.

Shmarya said...

The Rubashkin family has a closely held real estate arm, Skyline Industries. Apparently the Rubashkin's tried to shield their ownership of this company and flipped the mortgage of the Allentown mill between it and Rabbi Moshe Rubashkin. As I noted in November of 2005:

A source close to the case told FailedMessiah.com that Skyline Industries – the property's "mortgage holder" – is controlled by members of the Rubashkin family. Rabbi Moshe Rubashkin "defaulted" on his "loans" just as Allentown was about to sieze and sell the then-intact but rundown property for back taxes and fees. Skyline Industries then gained "control" of the property, thwarting the city's efforts. Soon after, the property burned in the first of what would become several arsons. Now, just as the city is about to sieze the property from Skyline Industries – which is reported to be controlled by the Rubashkin family – Skyline transfers all but the most heavily damaged parcel to Southside Redevelopment, a company Allentown believes is also connected to the Rubashkin family.

Rabbi Aaron('s Best) Rubashkin, the family's patriarch, was not indicted, even though he was at one point, I believe, an owner of the Allentown mill and may have played a role in Skyline, as well.

Why it took the EPA to get this on the Feds agenda is an open question. It might be worth noting that the US Attorney for that region is a former aide to Republican Senator Arlen Specter, himself close to Lubavitch. This also may explain the relatively minor charges – after all, the Rubashkins flipped the mortgage to avoid paying taxes and fines, and they left extremely hazardous material unsupervised while at the same time removing valuable machinery from a building that would soon burn. One would think charges beyond illegal storage of hazardous waste and making a false statement would be possible, especially when state lines were crossed and postal services used in these crimes. And I believe other family members were involved, as well.

Public Health Agent said...


It says that human *remains* were found, so how do you know that the rest of that poor soul wasn't rendered into Rubashkin hotdogs?

Rabbi Yehuda Shain has been known to do independent lab tests when he is suspicious of something. I wonder if he has any information.

Shea Fishman said...

The niftar didn't really have Alzheimers disease. He was just trying really hard to forget all the horrors he witnessed at the Rubashkin plant.

Rav Sekula said...

UOJ should stop making us laugh so hard with all these Hungarian & Rubashkin jokes.

Sholom Rubashkin (der Fetter) said...

Well, it wasn't in gantzen a pshia. (Thanks, "Pshea" Fishman for opening your big mouth)

I wonder if the OU has a problem with human remains. There is a teshuva sefer that poskens it's not treif.

Rabbi Israel Belsky said...

Mutter loch, mutter loch, mutter loch.

I don't have the heart to hold Rubashkin to a higher standard than Applegrad's mechutan Moish Finkel.

Conspiracy Theorist said...

I wonder if Rubashkin & Belsky had that guy put through the grinder to keep him quiet. The Iggud Haganovim has friends in the Gambino mishpoche that are very experienced with that.

boog said...

Hey Conspiracy Theorist;

Ya think, maybe, it's possible that Jimmy Hoffa wound up as a Rubashkin Hot-Dog?

Nothing was found under the Giants Stadium Goalposts.

Shmuel Y Rubashkin said...

KINGS Criminal Court
Docket: 2007SK005577
Born 1985

Incident Date: October 23, 2006

Summons/Ticket Number: 4283986574

Motorist ID:905273062

Officer Command: 071

Law Code and Code Section/Subsection
AC 10-131 (b)

Violation, 1 count, Arrest charge, Arraignment charge

Next Court Date: September 21, 2007

Conspiracy Theorist said...

What's going on now? Rubashkin's kid is a hit man for Mendel Epstein & Belsky? An air gun shot to the head is often fatal.

Anonymous said...

Does anybody know anything about a meeting called with Lakewood "Askanim" at the home of Reb Mattisyahu Solomon tonight to discuss the "Mageyfa" of child molestation?

Anonymous said...

Whoever is going, please teach HaRov, HaGaon, Maran, Rabeinu Rav Matisyahu Salomon, shlita, ad me'ah v'esrim shana, zol zein gedundt shtark, the following lesson: When you have a megayfa, you call a doctor. When a sex crime is committed, you call the cops.


Remind him also that when Lipa Margulies came to Lakewood last year, to open his Lakewood YTT branch, HaRov Salmon embraced him, welcomed him, fawned over him, and was photographed with him in the hallowed pages of Yated. Please tell HaRov Salomon that during the aseres y'mei teshuva, he should now ban all Lakewood talmidim from attending any Lipa school.

Please tell HaRov Salomon to publicly acknowledge that the Aguda/Torah U'Mesorah approach to the megayfa has been an adject failures, and as a result, hundreds, nay, thousands of young lives and their parents have sufferred.

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

Only a true and emeser chacham knows - what they don't know!
Rabbi Salomon has become a de facto accomplice to this mageyfa!

Lamdan said...

That Rubashkin ferd had better not be serious about the human flesh teshuva. It's true that when Yidden were starving to death in the Kovno ghetto, they asked the shaayla to Rav Oshry who writes in Shu"t Mimaamakim that the Torah does not technically asser it as a maachal ossur. He later wrote in a hashmotta that heyos Klal Yisroel are an Am Kedoshim, no one took him up on the heter.

Anonymous said...

The Yated has been promoting another darling of their's to everyone as a Torah askan. This guy has a criminal record after being arrested by Federal agents for smuggling. Unlike Kolko, he even made it to the NY Times.

What the hell is wrong with Lipschitz & the Agudah that they are so eager to kiss the rear end of every rich schmuck?

The Forward said...


The indictment from the district attorney in Philadelphia charges Moshe Rubashkin with leaving hazardous waste at a textile plant in Allentown, Pa. Rubashkin is a communal leader in the Crown Heights neighborhood of Brooklyn, the stronghold of the Chabad-Lubavitch sect of Orthodox Judaism.

Rubashkin’s son, Sholom, was also charged with misleading an investigation into a fire at the plant. The younger Rubashkin ran the real estate branch of the family’s business under the alias Sam Sternburg.

Nathan Lewin, a lawyer who is representing the family in the case, did not return calls seeking comment. The indictments were first reported on the blog FailedMessiah.

The Rubashkin family is best known for owning AgriProcessors, the nation’s largest kosher slaughterhouse. But the current indictments shed light on the family’s much broader business holdings and what is now a growing list of legal problems that has dogged the family in each of its endeavors.

The family got its start in America when the patriarch, Aaron Rubashkin, came over from Russia in 1945. Once in Brooklyn, Rubashkin, set up a local butcher shop in Brooklyn. In the ’80s, the family began expanding its business interests aggressively. Two of Rubashkin’s sons set up the AgriProcessors slaughterhouse in Postville, Iowa. The plant, which produces meat under the Aaron’s Best label, has been under scrutiny due to complaints about the way it has treated the animals that are slaughtered there and the people who work there. The company has also had run-ins with the Environmental Protection Agency, which brought forward the charges in the new textile mill case.

In addition to the kosher meat company, the family has long had holdings in the textile industry, including the one in Allentown and another in Cherry Hill, N.J., where family members have faced reprimands from the National Labor Relations Board.

Moshe Rubashkin, 50, has overseen the textile mills but kept his base of operations in Brooklyn, where he is currently chairman of the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council. The council receives public funding to promote social welfare in the neighborhood.

Rubashkin won his seat on the Crown Heights council shortly after being released from prison for previous charges relating to Montex, the now defunct textile company based in the Allentown mill. He had served 15 months for writing bad checks from Montex, which specialized in bleaching and dyeing textiles. A year before that, he had been fined for failing to secure workers’ compensation for Montex employees.

The current charges stem from events in 2001, when Rubashkin allegedly left drums of hazardous waste in the abandoned Allentown mill after closing down production at the site. According to the indictment, fires that broke out in the factory in 2005 were exacerbated by the chemicals stored inside. The EPA asked Rubashkin to clean up the site, but he allegedly did not comply, leading the agency to do the work.

In the indictment, the EPA claims that when it attempted to charge the party responsible for costs incurred in cleaning out the mill, it discovered that the property had been held by a confusing tangle of real estate companies with no clear owner. Sholom Rubashkin, 28, ran the real estate branch of the family business under his alias and informed the EPA that he had no connection to the mill site at the time of the fires. The indictment alleges that Sholom “knowingly and willfully made materially false, fictitious, and fraudulent statements.”

Both men could face a maximum of five years in prison and a $250,000 fine.

It is not clear what effect the charges will have on Moshe Rubashkin’s leadership position in the Crown Heights community. A person who picked up the phone at the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council hung up when asked to comment.

Joe Putz said...

It looks like Shmuely Rubashkin is pulling a Kolko. He probably asked for tomorrow's court date so no one will see the newspaper in two days from now.

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

It looks like Shmuely Rubashkin is pulling a Kolko.
It will not get by Shmarya!

Ohel Must be too busy said...

Isn't it odd that David Mandel goes running to rub shoulders with Margo & Twerski but doesn't attend events that count?

If you are a survivor of child sexual abused you, are invited to a News Media Event - Calling for State and National Laws Lifting Statute of Limitations of Survivor Lawsuits

Event Sponsored by:
Professor Marci Hamilton
Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law - Yeshiva University

September 25, 2007 at 11:00 AM

Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law - Yeshiva University
Jacob Burns Moot Court Room
55 Fifth Ave (at 12th Street ) New York City, NY

You must rsvp to lawpr@yu.edu or call 212-790-0237.

This news media event is a Call To Action on the National Grassroots movement for "Window" Legislation to retroactively suspend the statutes of limitations for child sexual abuse damage claims so that civil suits can be filed regardless of how long ago the sex crime against a child had occurred.

Speakers Include:

NY State Assemblywoman, Marge Markey - Sponsor of "Window Bill" in New York.
Delaware Sen. Karen Peterson - Primary Sponsor of "Window Bill" in Delaware.
Professor Marci Hamilton - Law Professor and Victims' Legal Advisor, will talk about the growing national grassroots movement for legislation and her recent book that details the need for such legislation and identifies its rather surprising opponents.

Survivor Matt Conaty will tell why he worked hard to get legislation passed in his state.
Barbara Blaine, MSW, JD, - National President, Survivors Network of Those Abused By Priests (SNAP).
Vicki Polin, MA, NCC, LCPC - Executive Director, The Awareness Center (Jewish Coalition Against Sexual Abuse/Assault), will address why legislation is needed for the millions of Americans who are survivors of incest.
New York survivors will speak about the need for similar legislation in NY.

If you are planning to attend the Event:

You must rsvp to lawpr@yu.edu or call 212-790-0237.

Bring a photograph of you at the age you were when your abuse began -- to hold up. It's helpful if you can enlarge the photo to the size of 8" x 11" piece of paper.

It is estimated that one in five boys and one in four girls in America are victims of childhood sexual abuse. Most of the perpetrators are known by the victims. But, far too many of these crimes go unreported for many years – only 10 percent of victims go to authorities – and most of the offenders escape responsibility. When victims finally – and courageously – speak up, they are denied justice as arbitrary statutes of limitations prohibit them from seeking legal recourse.

Two states – California in 2003 and Delaware in 2007, led by Sen. Peterson – have enacted legislation that amends these arbitrary deadlines to enable both criminal prosecutions and civil actions against the perpetrators. In California, "window" legislation, which suspended the civil limitation, helped identify 300 previously anonymous predators and enabled victims to seek justice again them. For the past several years, Assemblywoman Markey has introduced similar legislation in New York. It has passed in the Assembly, but has stalled each time in the Senate.

Politically Incorrect said...

I don't know if Shmarya has had anything about young Shmuel Rubashkin since the arrest which means he doesn't even know about it. Since he blocks people like me who have defeated some of his arguments in other areas, he is missing out on important info.

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

The religious olam owes Shmarya a debt of gratitude. He was riding Rubashkin shotgun from the start.

The premise is simple. You can not be a convicted felon, or a criminal even if you escape the wrath of the law, and be trusted for kashruth. Simple...but nobody gets it!

Belsky is a criminal...the OU is guilty of criminal behavior for backing Rubashkin.

Shmarya got it right! Go say thank you!

Rubashkin = Deadbeat said...


One of Sholom Rubashkin's first actions after making bail was to appear at an upset sale in Allentown on Wednesday to pay about $3,000 in overdue Lehigh County taxes, interest and penalties on 11 of the 12 parcels that make up the Montex site at S. Sixth and Cumberland streets.

Rubashkin did not pay the $171,100 owed in back school and county taxes, interest and penalties on the parcel where the factory once stood. That property, now in the name of Skyline Industries, which bought it from Montex, was offered for sale Wednesday with no takers, said Larry Kistler, director of the county tax claim bureau.

A buyer would have been responsible for paying the liens. The property now will be offered at the Dec. 12 judicial sale, where properties are sold with no liens attached.

A total of $491,000 is owed on the dozen lots, which next are subject to a sheriff's sale Sept. 28 for the taxes, mortgages and other unpaid bills.

As the overdue bills are being collected, Allentown officials are preparing to redevelop the land. Last year, the Planning Commission declared the parcels blighted, one of several steps necessary for the city to condemn them, take ownership and sell them.

Social Worker said...

I have been asked by a few woman to investigate whether Ohel is using unlicensed social workers to counsel them and are billing under the names of the licensed social workers. I have names to investigate and this could jeopardize the licenses of Ohels social workers if they are being used. Anyone with information of if you suspect that an unlicensed social worker was used to counsel you or your family should post information and if you wish to be contacted please note so. All in the strictest confidentiality. If you are a social worker at Ohel make sure your name is not being used to bill for services rendered by an unlicensed person or your license may be in jeopardy.

Anonymous said...

Some readers are alleging to Shmarya that Moishe Rubashkin does not have semicha, yet he tells everyone he is a rabbi.

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

98% of the idiots walking around calling themselves rabbi...do not have s'micha and are am h'aratzim.

I've long been a proponent of never letting anyone that is not an actual rav, using the title.

Certainly that title today has become meaningless as we well know!

Yeshivishe Nudnik said...

I hope to post soon on the beating the Yated took from angry readers in the letters section. Lipshitz published an essay that criticized the oylam with a big A-HA! You yeshivishe & heimishe chevra are all in debt because you are being rodef gashmiyus to impress everyone else.

The readers hit the roof. They wrote in practically crying that while some are guilty of material pursuits (5 Towns especially?), they are struggling to just squeak by with no luxuries even though they have 100k+ incomes. They took the obtuse yeshivos and others to task as the real culprits and yelled at the Yated, HOW DARE YOU!

letoyeles horabim said...

If you ever see Moishe Rubashkin in an angry mood, run far away from him. He is the chairman of the Crown Heights Community Council and constantly loses his temper during disagreements. Several times after he lost control during meetings & physically assaulted people, the Police came and arrested him. He has a pretty voluminous criminal record.

He might have a din of a shor hamuad that you should stay away from even when he's not angry.

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

Pinny Lipschutz is glued to UOJ. Feel free to blast him appropriately and tzum zach!

Upper East Side said...

Michael Mukasey is not the only Orthodox Jew in the Bush cabinet. A friend of his, Jay Lefkowitz, who incidentally also davens at Rabbi Lookstein's KJ shul, is the special envoy for human rights to North Korea.

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