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Shalom Tendler & Friends


Anonymous said...

Is there anyone else out there like me who strive to be good G-d fearing Jews and yet hate, often for good reasons, shul and even davening? If so, are there any resources out there that can be of help?

Lamdan said...

Is this a lomdishe shtikel? What's the limud from the smichus of Sruly Singer and the Novominsker?

Questions said...

Is Shalom Tendler sitting next to his wife and what function is that?

Who are the 2 dudes right under Moishe Eisemann's picture?

Why isn't Leib Pinter's mug shot in this collage?

More Pictures of the Tort Putz for UOJ said...




Anonymous said...

What in the world do you have against Aaron Twerski and why is his picture here? Is it solely because he is an attorney for some of the accused?

Charlie Hynes said...


How insulting to be left out.

Avi L. Shafran said...


Who gives UOJ a right to publish personal pictures without permission?

Leopold Margulies said...


I know how to keep in the good graces of Agudah Fressers. I serve them "gala afternoon buffets".

Get with the program said...

"What in the world do you have against Aaron Twerski"

What planet has this guy been on for the last year?

OU Fresser said...

"Heck , even their feces covered chickens are labelled "glatt"."

Same thing for animals with BSE / Mad Cow Disease that Rubashkin tries snaeking past USDA agents.

Anonymous said...

steve said re: Belsky and the OU churning out the dairy:

"No matter how much evidence that you present to the contrary, and no matter how many poskim declare that it is treife, they will still claim that it is a "safeik"."

If at the end of the day NO ONE agrees with Belsky, he and the OU will be in a precarious position. People might have to kasher their kelim. They could then be mazmin Belsky to beis din. He may not show up like when Greenwald sent him a real hazmana. If there's then a huge class action judgement against him in State court, even Fuchs, Wiesner and the rest of those Hungarian butt holes won't be able to bail him out.

Ryan Karben said...


What is this? The Heimish version of Time Life Books?

Son of Boog said...

Hey Shafran, you're worried about people's pictures being shown? You are about as humane and compassionate as a Rubashkin conveyor belt.

Stephen Mendelsohn said...

As for R' Eidlitz's figures on glatt, his essay refers to chalak Beit Yosef, which he calls "true glatt" as opposed to the "watered down" definition now used by the OU et al. Take exception to the accuracy of his figures if they are not correct, as may well be the case, but there is no need for lashon ha-ra here (by Shmarya). In some ways, the essay actually opposes the current glatt standard of the OU, and actually favors non-glatt at times over hyped-up glatt of a lesser kosher standard.

(Shmarya, who never gives up getting the last word and never admits he is wrong, posted a long tortured response to this that justifies, in his view, what he said previously)

Anonymous said...

have you been threatened by the Eismonian / NIRC camp? Is that why Eisemann shtikel was pulled? Please elaborate ...

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

have you been threatened by the Eismonian / NIRC camp? Is that why Eisemann shtikel was pulled? Please elaborate ...

It was an inept piece of reporting that I chose to disassociate myself from. I fear no human, never did!

Moish Finkel said...


Why the big deal when it comes to my treif but everyone else gets a free pass like Leib Pinter, Belsky and Rubashkin?

Moishe Arye Friedman said...


This picture is an all time classic.

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

In response to the many questions as to why I removed the Eisemann post:

1-It was written like a first-grader.
2-He left out the much more important story; the coverup of Kaminetzky & Co. again; this time sending Eisemann off from Philly to Baltimore for some 40 more years of endangering kids as long as it would not damage his business.
3-Whitewashed the fact that Herman Neuberger was aware of the problem as well as Rabbi Ruderman.
4-Tzvi Berkowitz (Kaminetzky's son in-law) took an active role in the coverup.
5-The majority of the Baltimore rabbis and educators were aware of this case and tens of others and DID NOTHING!
More another time...got to go!

Milton Balkany said...


UOJ should have told me about the photo op. I would have put on my best Homburg.

Jack Abramoff said...


Suit yourself Uncle Milty. I prefer fedoras so Shafran loaned me his Borsalino.

Politically Incorrect said...

SHmarya is going ape today that Israel won't allow Sudanese "refugees" in. He places most of the blame with "Haredim" even though it is the policy of the secular govt.

While many are legitimate refugees, it's very easy for Sudanese Islamic radicals (read undercover al Qaeda) to sneak into Israel claiming persecution. However, nothing, including national security, trumps Shmarya's obsession with bending over backwards for people of color. It's an extra bonus if he gets to bash Haredim while he's at it.

SHmarya actually calls Orthodox Jews hypocrites for criticizing Western nations for not taking Jews persecuted by the Nazis. Why doesn't SHmarya take his blinders off and blame their fellow Blacks and Christians for not taking their own people.

Sheesh! If there was a crisis in Nepal or Bhutan, Shmarya would figure out a way to blame Orthodox Jews.

Lakewood Talmid said...

UOJ, your last post was very disturbing. While Hermann Neuberger was primarily a businessman, Rav Ruderman would be expected to be removed from any such suspicions. We are talking about a talmid of the Dvar Avrohom and other giants whose head was always in a sefer.

Why would Rav Ruderman even allow garbage from Philadelphia to be dumped in his beis medrash?

Otherwise, the Awareness Center lists about 15 pedophiles and offenders connected to Baltimore. How many exactly are the "tens" that you refer to?

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if the bochur who committed suicide in Crown Hts this week was abused?

Anonymous said...

It's actually the 2nd Chabad suicide in 2 weeks.

During the past 2 weeks when these 2 suicides happened, Rubashkin had just lost a variety major social services program for Crown heights. Rubashkin, brother of the fleish mocher and a Convicted Felon who recently (2 or 3 years ago) was released from Fort Dix Federal Penitentiary, is the Chabad Lubavitch, Rosh Hakohol, of Crown Heights.

During the past 2 weeks when these 2 suicides happened, Rubashkin had just lost a variety major social services program for Crown heights.

This program which Rubashkin lost had a Psychiatrists and a Social worker available to the community free of charge for the past few years until 2 weeks ago.

Is it a coincidence that Rubashkin lost the Government Grant which included a Psychiatrists, Dr. Spinner, and precisely at the exact same time 2 bochrim commit suicide at the same train station, exactly in front of 770 ?

The government program he lost, exactly 2 weeks ago, was called the "Focus on Fathers program" and was designed for social services for parents who needed assistance with difficult children including difficulties with their bochrim, exactly like these 2 bochrim who had killed themselves.

Boro Park Putz said...


Get your rush order esrogim here. You don't have to be mechalel Shabbos - we do it for you.

Moshe Mizrachi said...


It's not my fault. Someone put toothpicks in their locks like what YTT kids used to do to Margo. It takes forever to unjam them.

boog said...

Nu, so here we are the first day of Selichos and these are, sad to say, our new "Gedolim" pictures.

Or is it "Tachtonim"?

For those of you that didn't make the this first batch, not to worry, UOJ will probably have you losers listed up here before Yom Kippur.

What a sorry mess we're in.

Ohel Insider said...

Ohel Insider said...
Warning to men in BoroPark: Ohel Family Services has in the last few years been getting many government grants. One of them was for the purpose of opening a domestic violence center. In order to justify the money they receive Ohel must ensnare woman to come for counseling under the pretense that they are being abused. Ohel hires social workers and counselors and makes a nice fee off this. Once they sink their claws into the woman they don’t let go very easy because this is a major profit center for them. It can evolve into profit from divorce counseling, children counseling and the list goes on.

Here are the signs to look for if you suspect that your wife is getting involved with Ohel.

Modus operendi: The counselor will first try to get the woman to get her own cell phone so she can contact her discreetly. The counselor has the woman call Ohel at 718 851 6300 and leave a message for the counselor. The counselor will then call back with the appointment time probably when the husband is at work so he wont find out that they are sucking in his wife. Ohel will not come up on the caller id. The caller id will come up as 646718. If you see that your wife has called 718 851 6300 and then has a call back of 718646 you will know that she is in touch with Ohel and you better take action before its to late. Ohel will give her articles, books and lists of items to convince her that she is being abused. You will then hear her use words and talk in ways that she was not familiar with before. Watch out for these signs. Warning your wife could be involved with Joan Hertz of Ohel Domestic Violence.

This is being published for the benefit of the Jewish Community by Ohel Insider. I hope to post more information about Ohel and names of its counselors in the future. Anyone else that has information should also share it for the benefit of the community. This is a major scandal ready to break open. The Rabanim are unfortunately all quit about this. Some are paid fat salaries by Ohel to condone what they do.

Anonymous said...

thanks for elaborating re: EIsemann. it just struck me as strange that the piece mysterously disappeared with explanation. Even with your terutz, I am still not sure I get why it's better to have no article at all than one with the flaws you mentioned. so what's next for RME?

Anonymous said...

you still have not explained why you include Aaron Twerski in this group.

Anonymous said...

After the New York Magazine article appeared in May 2006, Lipa Margulies convened a parents' evening at YTT which was addressed by Aaron Twerski and David Mandel. A Jewish Week reporter was present. Twerski was quoted as publicly saying, "Lipa Margulies is an honorable man".

Twerski has also worked behind the scenes for assuring that orthodox child sex abusers do not get criminally prosecuted in Brooklyn.

Last year, after only two years as the Dean at Hofstra Law School, Twerski resigned, and returned to Brooklyn Law School as a professor. He claimed that the change was due to health reasons. The drive to Long Island was too far, and he just had a bypass operation. Others speculate that Hofstra officials were receiving complaints about Twerski regarding his apologetics over the child sex abuse scandals in the othodox community, and they asked that he return to Brooklyn Law.

Monsey Lawyer said...

Basically you are attacking him because he did his job as a lawyer. That is not a valid reason. Lawyers in this country have an obligation to help their clients, no matter who or what. That is the system in the United States. Even the worst criminals have attorneys and those attorneys are obligated to do their professional best to help their clients. People don't realize this, particularly in the frum community.

Sounds like R' Shmuel Kaminetzky said...

The (Conservative) R.A. has a “zero tolerance” policy toward rabbinical impropriety, said its executive vice president, Rabbi Joel Meyers, “but the goal is not always to just say, ‘Sorry, you’re finished.’ As rabbis, we absolutely believe that teshuvah [repentance] is possible. The question is whether there is a commitment to changed behavior.”


Toronto Congregation Rocked by Allegation That Rabbi Had Illicit Affair

Sheldon Gordon | Wed. Sep 05, 2007

Toronto - In a case that has rocked one of North America’s largest Conservative synagogues, a woman who was taking singing lessons from an area rabbi is claiming that the rabbi seduced her. She is seeking a total of more than $1 million in damages from both him and the synagogue he once served.

Yona Nadler, 52, brought the suit last month in Ontario Superior Court against Rabbi Tobias Gabriel and Beth Tzedec Congregation for breach of fiduciary duty and for the pain and suffering that the alleged sexual relationship caused her and her marriage.

Nadler is alleging that the synagogue failed to properly screen Gabriel as an employee and that it breached its fiduciary duty “to ensure that Gabriel would not take advantage of Yona for his own sexual gratification.” The allegations have not been proven in court.

With 6,000 members, Beth Tzedec is Toronto’s leading Conservative congregation. Its membership includes much of Canadian Jewry’s professional and business elite. Gabriel was, until recently, one of five rabbis employed by the synagogue.

He has dismissed the allegations as “groundless,” and his lawyer insisted the rabbi will challenge them vigorously in court. In a letter sent last week, however, the congregation’s president told members that “the impropriety” likely occurred, but maintained that Beth Tzedec neither condoned the behavior nor bore legal liability for it.

The plaintiff’s statement of claim alleges that the synagogue had known that Gabriel “previously engaged in sexual relations with another married woman who was attending the Beth Tzedec Synagogue while she was grieving the loss of one of her parents.”

Gabriel, who was hired by the synagogue 13 years ago and is described on its Web site as “happily married,” has “resigned” from Beth Tzedec, according to his lawyer, Alf Kwinter.

“He was not dismissed,” Kwinter emphasized.

Both Nadler and Gabriel declined to be interviewed for this article.

Last week, a joint delegation from the Rabbinical Assembly, which is the international association of Conservative rabbis, and the Cantors Assembly, the world’s largest cantors’ organization, came to Toronto to meet with the parties involved and to conduct an investigation. At press time, their findings were not yet released.

The R.A. has a “zero tolerance” policy toward rabbinical impropriety, said its executive vice president, Rabbi Joel Meyers, “but the goal is not always to just say, ‘Sorry, you’re finished.’ As rabbis, we absolutely believe that teshuvah [repentance] is possible. The question is whether there is a commitment to changed behavior.”

According to the statement of claim, in July 2006, Nadler, who was not a member of Beth Tzedec, was enrolled in a course for student cantors at the synagogue. She was the sole woman in the class given by Gabriel, and, according to a statement she has filed with the court, he became “friendly and flirtatious.” The rabbi kissed her in his office at the end of the course after she had given him “a small token of appreciation,” her statement of claim says. She then “fled” the office, “confused and shaken.”

The statement of claim alleges that the rabbi then phoned Nadler repeatedly while she was on a visit to Israel. He “pressured” her into seeing him when she returned. When they met, “Rabbi Gabriel began to kiss Yona and told her that he will take responsibility and that it would not be wrong to be intimate with him,” according to the statement of claim. He told her that “it is acceptable that she love two men.” The statement of claim alleges that the relationship progressed to sexual intercourse.

When asked if Gabriel acknowledges that a sexual relationship occurred, his lawyer replied: “Absolutely not. He has acknowledged nothing.” Statements of defense from the rabbi and the congregation are not yet due to be filed.

In his letter to congregants, Beth Tzedec president Shep Gangbar wrote, “Unfortunately, there is little doubt that the impropriety occurred.” While the synagogue “strongly affirms that such actions are improper and wrong,” it is not legally liable for the rabbi’s actions, the letter said. “Beth Tzedec has never condoned or tolerated such behavior and will never do so,” it stated. Gangbar and other synagogue officials declined interview requests.

But Nadler is arguing that the synagogue is far from blameless in the matter. Her lawyer, Simona Jellinek, told the Forward that if the lawsuit goes to trial, she can elicit testimony from another married woman who “many years ago” was also seduced by Gabriel while he was employed by the synagogue. “Beth Tzedec was well aware of what was happening, and they failed to put an end to it. Our case against the synagogue for negligence is very strong,” she said.

Jellinek said that her client’s emotional state is “very, very poor.” Nadler and her husband, who is suing the defendants for $90,000, have gone for counseling, “but whether or not their marriage will survive is unclear,” the lawyer said.

Gabriel was born in Bolivia to parents who had fled Nazi Germany. He has lived in the United States, Peru, Mexico, Israel and, since 1990, Canada. A graduate of Yeshiva University’s Cantorial School, he was hired as a cantor by Beth Tzedec in 1994 and was ordained as a rabbi at the Jewish Theological Seminary in 2006 at the age of 62. He and his wife, Sara, have been married for 31 years and they have two married sons and a daughter.

Ohel Insider said...

I am almost ready to file a formal request with the Comptroller and the Mayors office for state and city investigations into Ohel Family Services.
It is requested that a comprehensive probe be instituted into Ohel Family Services on a number of counts.

A through probe as to whether Ohel is warehousing mentally ill patients in halfway houses, drugging them up and not providing proper rehabilitation services. A through probe into Ohel family services handling of foster children, the relationship between Ohel and the foster parents. Are foster parents chosen by how much money they donate to Ohel. Are there cozy relationships between Ohel personnel and the foster parents. What is the relationship between Ohel and the social workers, counselors and therapists that Ohel employees. A through probe into Ohel Family services counseling services. Are the clients for which Ohel requests funding eligible to receive the services or does Ohel have its social workers file sham reports about its clients with false information so that Ohel can receive more money from the state and the city. Ohels reports scrutinized to insure that no false information is being reported. Are the social workers qualified to be hired by Ohel or are they in cozy relationships.
Anyone that has anything to add to this probe should post it and it will be taken into consideration.

Agudah Fresser said...


Wow, what a bonanza! This is FREE FOOD ** AND ** free air fare.

Marvin Hier said...


I'm surprised UOJ wasn't all over me last night for participating in the Chabad telethon. Every putz and his uncle was there helping the Cunins raise millions.

Anonymous said...

Hey Monsey Lawyer Putz, there is no obligation for an attorney to take a client where the presumption of guilt is overwhelming. It says in the Mishna Avos not to be like the orchei hadayanim.

Twerski is not even representing YTT / Margulies / Kolko. He's just being a PUTZ for the heck of it, just like he's assisted in other cover ups with the Agudah.

Fresser Watch said...

Lawyers are required to disclose conflicts of interest. Has the Monsey lawyer partaken from any Agudah feasts or day-long affair "gala buffets" hosted by Margo?

Rabbi Moshe Heinemann said...

UOJ's "Criminal-Jew-Life" Magazine should not be brought into any Jewish home. The fact that he said Phil's article is no good does not change my opinion on the matter.

Tendler Garbage Collection said...

Tendler believed he was the "Chief Rabbi" of New Hempstead. After he was mekalel the other shul & it's members for opening, the Tendler Kool Ade drinkers went along with it and wouldn't talk or look at "the others".


But here is something that occurred that fills me with revulsion to this day. MT “cursed” the other minyanim. His cult followers would tell you to your face in those days that they had put a curse on the other shul (the shul that became Knesses Yisrael). Now, I don’t know if I believe in curses, but here is what happened: in every home where that travelling minyan stayed, there was a death in the family. A three year old little girl died suddenly. Ari z”l passed away at age 32. Rabbi Chill lost his first wife. Some people attributed these terrible tragedies to the “curse” put on our neighbors in New Hempstead by MT and his cult followers. When I heard about his “curse” many years ago, It hought to myself, “What kind of evil disgusting people are these that curse their Jewish neighbors over disagreements?”

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

It is folly to believe that any human has the ability to cause harm by a "curse". It is also k'neged authentic Yiddishkeit to buy into that nonsense.

People die and get ill, because that's what happens. To believe otherwise is worse than naive.

Yeshivishe Nudnik said...

Any human?

Chazal speak of effects of brochos & klalos, even of a hedyot. There are documented stories with the affects of a klala from gedolim. Why did the Eybishter need to reverse the klalos of Bilam?

It also said that klalos will often turn back on the one who issued them. Maybe that's why Tendler lost everything.

Anonymous said...

Someone commented on a blog about Moses Tendler. That something was going on with him years ago in the lab he worked at. The commenter claimed that old timers of the Monsey "Community Synagogue" know about it. Can anyone verify?

Yeshivishe Nudnik said...

Even if UOJ were right, it doesn't subtract from the depravity of Tendler if he had given curses. Only a very sick person would do something like that.

lipa Margo opens branch in israel said...


copy & paste,

New Hempstead said...

Normal people wanted their own shul because Tendler is a big weirdo who was leading a bunch of wacky BTs and other weirdos. That he thought he could control where people daven is ludicrous. That's also what was behind his instructions to cult followers to tear down the eruvin erected by other shuls. Not the lie that they were trampling on R' Moishe's honor when R' Moishe had no problem with suburban areas like NH.

Anonymous said...

For what it's worth, R' Yaakov is said to have uttered that Margo will have no hatzlocho in the end. I would think that UOJ would want to back that.

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

For what it's worth, R' Yaakov is said to have uttered that Margo will have no hatzlocho in the end. I would think that UOJ would want to back that.

I am very aware of R' Yaakov's statement regarding Torah Temimah, I heard it from his mouth.

You must know it was not said as nevuah or a klalah, it was said as metzius..."a yeshiva that is built on fraud and stolen money, can not have a kiyum"

Shmarya must be Gloating said...

Jewish school in Sweden stripped of license
Beit Menachem, an independent Jewish school in Gothenburg, was stripped of its license when Swedish authorities discovered that it teaches boys and girls separately.
Thursday, June 28, 2007
By Spero News

The Local, a Swedish newspaper, reports that Beit Menachem, an independent Jewish school in Gothenburg, Sweden, has been stripped of its license after Swedish authorities discovered that the pupils were segregated by gender during lessons.

According to a representative of the Swedish National Agency for Education, the Swedish curriculum provides for "girls and boys living together and learning together" and that the school violated Swedish law by teaching single-sex classes.

Alexander Namder, the administrator at Beit Menachem, insisted that the pupils were separated for religious reasons, and that teaching boys and girls separately was permitted under the European Convention of Human Rights.

Source: the Beckett Fund

Agudah Fresser said...

Fresser minds think alike, so this is what was probably really motivating Tendler to stop the eruv. The other shuls had kiddush on the lawn that he wasn't invited to. It was probably retaliation.

Leopold Margulies said...

Those Monsey losers could have used just a little finesse to keep Tendler off their backs.

I give gala buffets so every Hungarian in Brooklyn can stuff his face all afternoon. And guess what? Not one of them complains about me. I realized the Agudah had to be doing something right when they dole out all that food at the convention.

Yankel Applegrad said...

Margo thinks it's so easy. He lays back on his kisei hakovod while he barks at me to run around like a shlepper buying all the food. And those big shot Hungarian fressers that came to be mechabed him at the kesivas Sefer Torah have very discriminating palates you know. The goulash has to have exactly the right amount of paprika or I never hear the end of it.

Ohel Insider said...

Ohel Insider said...
Everyone is aware that molesters are dangerous therefore the jewish community will watch out for them. Ohel family services on the other hand sticks out its chazer fiselach pigsfeet and yells I am kosher. Therefore the jewish community has to be educated about the dangers lurking at Ohel and its many programs in which they suck in innocent people to line their pockets.. It will take a herculean effort to fully expose them. A joint effort is underway to have a newspaper publish an exposé about Ohel and many members of their staff. Anyone that wants to help should post here.

Modesty Zone said...

Lakewood Shmuck, at least you live up to your name.

Great job being machshil people who struggle with their taayvos on erev Rosh Hashana.

worried YTT parent said...

Some guy is contacting various Torah Temimah parents and asking questions and even threatening to expose their names in public. Does anyone know who this person is and who is he working for?

Rubashkin Update said...


This newsletter was warning in the past that Rubashkin is most probably operating on Shabbos & Yomtov. R' Yudel writes on his blog today that it was verified and that Rav Weissmandel from Nitra has demanded that Rubashkin provide him with a copy of the supposed heter iska.

Anonymous said...

me too

Gumshoe said...

YTT parent, what is the caller threatening to expose exactly?

Modesty Zone said...

UOJ, yasher koach for removing the pointless post from that Lakewood idiot.

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

UOJ, yasher koach for removing the pointless post from that Lakewood idiot.
I wasn't paying attention. Slicha!

OU Crony Watch said...

Let's see if Rabbi Gordimer appears on one of the blogs to chide Steve that Rubashkin meat from chilul Shabbos is mixed up with the weekday production, ergo everything is nullified from safek.

Dr. Rabbi Seth Mandell may then write a letter that the rav from Nitra is "persona non grata" at some companies and has no business asking questions.

Rubashkin Truck Driver said...

Rubashkin wants a psak from Belsky that we can make deliveries via GPS autopilot.

Kosher Consumer said...

I wonder if Gordimer & Mandell really agree personally with Belsky's so called heter on chalav treifa or if Genack & Savitsky are forcing them to tow the OU line in public.

Rabbi Yudel raised an interesting point that why is Mandell, who is ulta-left wing Orthodox in charge of a matter that perhaps only someone who keeps chalav yisrael has a full perspective of?

Modesty Zone said...

Note to UOJ:

The hyperlink still gets you there when clicking on the fool's name. It disappeared from the Blogger page for posting comments, but it's still on the regular brown colored page.

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...


There were a bunch of e-mails that were sent in the last 24 hours that wound up in the bulk folder and were deleted. Please resend if you care to.

worried YTT parent said...

He says that he will bad mouth the family, spread rumors throughout the entire kehilla, ruin the family's name, etc.

He says that he wants to find out who is spreading all of the allegations about Kolko, and Margulies, and when this is all over each family who did not defend Toirah will be hounded and run out of the community.

Observant Jew said...

Great way for the YTT mafia to do teshuva & get into avodas Hashem during the Yamim Noraim.

Anonymous said...

Monsey Lawyer -

I'm the Anon. who answered your question, directed to UOJ, as to why Aaron Twerski was included in UOJ's "Criminal Jew Life Magazine".

I'll also add that Twerski allowed himself to be interviewed by the pornographic Village Voice, in its article about serial molester Mondrowitz, who ran to Israel and has so far evaded prosecution.

Twerski is more than a private lawyer. He is a public communal leader, and a long time Agudath Israel official. His duties to the community should supercede his private law practice. In fact, his role as apologist for orthodox child sex abusers IS as a communal leader - and that is what is so offensive. The community, in turn, falls behind Twerski and the others, as if coverup is the right thing to do, and the abuse continues, and justice is disserved.

YTT Misnaged said...

"and when this is all over" a bunch of those sub-humans on the YTT payroll will be in jail and Kolko & Margo will be financially bankrupt in addition to morally bankrupt.

Hachee garseenan.

NY Times said...


Two Federal Reserve officials said on Monday that the turmoil in housing and mortgage lending had begun to threaten the overall economy, which policy makers have called the key test for deciding whether to lower interest rates at their next policy meeting next week.

Several Wall Street analysts predicted on Monday that the central bank would cut rates by half a percentage point at its meeting next week, and reduce them further before the end of this year.

“It’s unambiguous,” said Robert J. Barbera, chief economist at ITG Hoenig, an investment research firm in New York. “You’ve had a second sharp leg down in housing and I believe it’s going to weight on consumer spending and employment.”

Mr. Barbera said the unemployment report on Friday had been the final piece of evidence to convince him that the Fed would reduce rates to 4.75 percent next Tuesday and to 4 percent by the end of the year.

Steven Weiting, an economist at Citigroup, also predicted a half-point rate reduction, saying that the credit crunch emanating from panic over soured subprime loans was continuing to build.

Ben Stein said...

: One of my best friends, a blue-eyed, red-haired stunner and a math whiz, is married to a builder and mortgage broker near Naples, Fla. She flew into town, and I had lunch with her today. "How is your husband taking all this stuff?" I asked her.

"He doesn't sleep. At most he sleeps from 5 A.M. to 7 A.M. We built two spec homes near Naples. We spent $2.7 million on each of them. We had them listed for $4 million each. We haven't had one prospect in a year. We lowered the price by a million each. Still no prospects. We're losing $60,000 a month on the two of them. My husband has no business. None. The phone never rings."

"Horrible," I said.

"I'm leaving him," she said. "He's grouchy all the time. I want a guy who's rich and cheerful all day and all night. Why should I have to suffer because his business is bad?"

"He's your husband," I said. "You have to stick by him."

"Why? I want to laugh and have fun, and he's in a bad mood for months on end. I didn't make this mortgage mess, and I don't see why I should have to suffer for it."

"It won't last," I said. "It never does."

She suddenly looked much more upbeat. "How long until the market turns around?" she asked expectantly.

"Maybe six years," I said.

She looked staggered. "That's it," she sighed. "I want you to start looking for a rich husband for me who's going to stay rich no matter what. Tell him I'll be a really great wife." (She has a killer sense of humor so I am praying she's kidding.)

Twenty-four hours later, as I was driving to Malibu from Beverly Hills, I was called by a woman friend of 37 years who is a psychologist and marriage and family counselor in a suburb of Philadelphia. I told her the story about my friend who's planning to look for a richer husband. She gasped.

"That could be a disaster," she said firmly.

"Because she's breaking up her family over money?"

"No, because what if she leaves him and the mortgage market and the spec home market suddenly turn around and he gets rich again and then she can't find anyone as rich to marry next?"

"Good thinking," I said.

"You have to be realistic," she answered.

Ombudsman said...

I normally would have advice to give to parents being threatened by wannabe mafia thugs, but this case is different.

Anyone foolish enough to leave his sons in YTT deserves to be "hounded & run out of the community" for a different reason which is entirely legitmate.

Tichle shana vekilkeloseha, tachil shana uvirchoseha. It's better late than never to do the right thing and switch yeshivos.

Anonymous said...

Talking about Agudah, many years (24?) ago I happened to be in their building and, due to an elevator malfunction, was going up when it was obvious that I wanted to go down. This frummie gets on with his two sons, sizes up what happened, and said (in hebrew or Yiddish): "Look at the fool... He goes up to go down!" or something of that nature.

(I said something to him that let him know I had understood, whereupon he got sarcastically apologetic.)

Lovely folks!

Monsey Lawyer said...

Regarding criticism of Aaron Twersky, you need to realize that role of a lawyer in the American system is to represent the interests of his client. Nothing less. If a lawyer does less, he has failed and violated every Canon of Ethics. Even the lowest child murderers and scum of society are entitled, under our system, to representation. If Aaron Twerski represented the interests of his clients, whether private people or public institutions, he was doing the correct thing. And for that he should be respected.

This is something that is not really understood in the frum community where attorneys are regularly lumped in with their clients by litigants, and in the "frum" media and opinion, as reflected even on this blog. If there is an indictment or conviction to be made, it is up to the prosecutor, judge, or jury to make the charges stick. As a "public service" blog you should focus on the perps, not the attorneys who represent them.

The defense attorney's job is to protect and for that an attorney should be respected, because that is the system in this country. And it happens to be the best system of any I know.

Anonymous said...

The hashkofa of the Monsey Lawyer Putz goes keneged the Torah. "Good" lawyers use lies to prevail. He should go back to cheder to learn the pashtus hakra of midvar sheker tirchok. The Mishna Avos admonishes "orchei hadayanim" like him and Twerski.

There is anyway no imperative that a lawyer must take every scummy client.

Are we going to be treated to a lecture now to learn more of the "role" of the American legal system? Surely there are many virtues that the juris doctor from Monsey can expound on like the "yashrus" of the OJ Simpson legal team and other "upstanding" individuals like Gotti lawyer Bruce Cutler.

Take a hike you fraud.

Am Yisrael Chai said...


How twisted of that Monsey lawyer. It's Twerski that has violated the code of ethics.

New York Lawyer's Code of Professional Responsibility said...

That would seem to exclude Twerski & the Monsey Putz.

Lawyers, as guardians of the law, play a vital role in the preservation of society. The fulfillment of this role requires an understanding by lawyers of their relationship with and function in our legal system. A consequent obligation of lawyers is to maintain the highest standards of ethical conduct.

The public should be protected from those who are not qualified to be lawyers by reason of a deficiency in education or moral standards or of other relevant factors but who nevertheless seek to practice law.

DR 1-102 [1200.3] Misconduct.
A. A lawyer or law firm shall not:

Engage in illegal conduct that adversely reflects on the lawyer's honesty, trustworthiness or fitness as a lawyer.

Engage in conduct involving dishonesty, fraud, deceit, or misrepresentation

A lawyer who writes or speaks for the purpose of educating members of the public to recognize their legal problems should carefully refrain from giving or appearing to give a general solution applicable to all apparently similar individual problems since slight changes in fact situations may require a material variance in the applicable advice; otherwise, the public may be misled and misadvised.

A lawyer on behalf of himself or herself or partners or associates, shall not use or disseminate or participate in the preparation or dissemination of any public communication or communication to a prospective client containing statements or claims that are false, deceptive or misleading.

DR 2-109 [1200.14] Obligation to Decline Employment.
A. A lawyer shall not accept employment on behalf of a person if the lawyer knows or it is obvious that such person wishes to:

1.Bring a legal action, conduct a defense, or assert a position in litigation, or otherwise have steps taken for such person merely for the purpose of harassing or maliciously injuring any person.

2. Present a claim or defense in litigation that is not warranted under existing law, unless it can be supported by a good faith argument for an extension, modification, or reversal of existing law.

Challenges id Defending Kolko & Margo said...

DR 7-102 [1200.33] Representing a Client Within the Bounds of the Law.

A. In the representation of a client, a lawyer shall not:

Knowingly use perjured testimony or false evidence.

Knowingly make a false statement of law or fact.

Participate in the creation or preservation of evidence when the lawyer knows or it is obvious that the evidence is false.

Counsel or assist the client in conduct that the lawyer knows to be illegal or fraudulent.

Aaron D. Twerski J.D. said...

Have I mentioned lately that Margulies is an honorable man?

Yankel Applegrad said...

It's a good thing I'm not a lawyer.

At no time ...

The Censor is Alive & Well said...

Over at Jewish Survivors, I tried posting the link of UOJ's thoughts on Phil's article but the blogger won't let it through.

It's long been suspected that the blogger is Vicky Polin.

Historical Video said...


Perhaps "Rabbi" Stephen Wise is responsible for almost as many Jewish deaths as Kasztner.

Anonymous said...

I've heard Wise is indirectly responsible for almost all 6 million kedoshim. He organized the protest against Hitler yms in Madison Sq Gardens, against the advice that he should not raitz him on with powerless gestures. Time Magazine reported at the time that when Hitler was shown the news clipping, he became enraged, crawled on the floor while biting the carpet, then signed the Final Solution.

Avromi David said...

I wonder if the gentleman from Monsey works at Twerski's law firm?


Abraham David practices in the firm’s litigation and appeals groups. His work encompasses complex and corporate litigation, labor law, construction accidents, products liability, general liability and maritime law and does not encompass putzing around with torts.

Mr. David graduated summa cum laude, with a B.A. in psychology, from Touro College in 2002. He received his J.D. from Fordham Law School in 2006.

In the summer of 2004 Mr. David worked as a Judicial Intern for the Honorable Leon Ruchelsman of New York State Supreme Court, Kings County.

Overlawyered said...


Could this be a case of "UOJ gets results"?

Twerski makes no mention currently (although I have a hunch he once did) of his degree from Beis Medrash Elyon or even his stint as dean of Hofstra. His bio skips that by stating he is a Brooklyn Law professor from '86 until the present. It does mention his previous employment at Hofstra decades past but not that he was very recently dean.

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

Twerski makes no mention currently (although I have a hunch he once did) of his degree from Beis Medrash Elyon or even his stint as dean of Hofstra. His bio skips that by stating he is a Brooklyn Law professor from '86 until the present. It does mention his previous employment at Hofstra decades past but not that he was very recently dean.

Cuz' he doesn't want anyone calling BME or Hofstra!

The Honorable Leon Ruchelsman said...

What does Twerski have to fear with BME? Did he have a falling out with R' Don Ungarischer? Incidentally, R' Shlomo Feivel's father was with R' Don at BME in the early days.

And hey Twerski, in case you've forgotten, a judgeship is what the title "honorable" comes with. Margo has no credentials, even if he deserved it.

gross said...

I nominate UOJ for a photojournalism award for his collage!


Gershon Tannenbaum said...

Hey Ruchelsman, that's wishful thinking. All Belsky has to do is snap his fingers and me & Mendel Epstein will make Margulies an honorary dayan of the Iggud haganovim.

Joe Putz said...

Twerski is a special kind of putz, but in all seriousness, what does his title "Special Counsel" mean. He's the only one at his firm in that position.

Leopold Margulies said...

Feh! Of course I have credentials! I have the BEST yeshiva!

Tort Putz Nephew said...


Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP

Twerski, Shlomo C.
shlomo.twerski@srz.com 919 Third Avenue
New York, NY 10022
(212) 756-2510


Hofstra University School of Law, J.D., 1983

Articles Editor, Hofstra Law Review

Mitchell Meshulem Zeesha Twersky, Esq said...

I'm a cousin (son of Chernobel rov of Lawrence.)


Mitchell M.Z. Twersky, a founding partner of the law firm of Abraham, Fruchter & Twersky, LLP, is a 1991 graduate of the Georgetown University School of Law

Now it all makes sense said...


A Twerski cousin, Rabbi Dr. Yitzchak Twersky aka the Tolner Rebbe of Boston aka Professor Isidore Twersky of Harvard, married Rav Soloveitchik's daughter. His son Mayer Twersky, rosh yeshiva of YU, wrote that book review featured by UOJ that was lavishing praises on Belsky.

Anonymous said...

One of the Twerski cousins was once rov of Maimonides Hospital but I don't know if they were feeding everyone treif when he was there.

Son of Boog said...

Something tell me that Twerski supporter is going to be sorry that he didn't just leave dogs where they lie. (pun intended)

Anonymous said...

A corrupt rov has been very vocally supporting both Belsky and that Gerrorist crook Wasserman, who as reported on Yudel's blog is still charging fake "tax" during chodesh Elul.

The "rov" who also vehemently attacks the detractors, says that Belsky is big enough that he doesn't have to be goress those of the same stature (he puts R' Shlomo Miller and others in this boat). He also claims that Rav Elyashev gave Belsky the go ahead to do what he wants with the bittul kiddushin, despite that the opposite story is floating around. That's not all he says. He smears Rav Miller as someone with "shmutz" on him. He also badmouths Rav Elyashev for other reasons that are ridiculous and R' Zelig Epstein, a true adam gadol. When I asked what he had against R' Zelig, all the lowlife could come up with is that he doesn't disown some modern orthodox family members.

After he raises his voice and his blood pressure shoots up in defending Wasserman, he is stumped when someone asks him how Wasserman will do teshuva when he took people's money for 20 years. Wasserman's father and his father were/are old friends.

It must run in the family. This rov's father was on trial for tax fraud years ago. The gedolim wrote letters to the judge at the time to go easy on him.

I feel sorry for whoever goes to this rov's Shabbos Shuva drosho.

Ombudsman's Deputy said...

Someone calling himself a rov is often dubious these days. All it takes is for some putz to open a beis medrash in his basement or a nicer binyan with funding and announce he's open for business.

Sukka Scams Reported on R' Yudel said...

One popular type has been knocked off by another manufacturer who uses kimaat the same product name. They only admit it's a knockoff after you ask 50 questions.

One manufacturer has stopped making sukkas in green. They only make them in blue now. It's well known in science that blue attracts bees & mosquitos. How convenient, as they also sell bug traps while causing people unnecessary tzorus.

R' Yudel Shain on OU Hypocrisy said...


In a nutshell, the OU tells everyone not to buy from Rosenbloom's Succah business because he was mesarev the Baltimore beis din.

Rabbi Genack himself is then responsible for certifying Lakewood's Kolatin / Glattech gelatin producer, when the owners are in siruv from the same beis din.

The OU turns an eye when they profit.

R' Yudel is asking if someone can help scan & post the shtar siruv against Rabbi Shimon Eider and Mr. Jacobowitz.

Contact R' Yudel on his blog if you can help.

Anonymous said...

One of the rabbonim excorciated by UOJ for enabling a molester, puts his tallis over his head & shpringt up and down during his Shabbos Shuva derosho.

NY Times said...


Every big manufacturer and retailer is checking Chinese products for lead.

R' Yudel warns not to trust the OU & Heinemann on Chinese product because they can't possibly give reliable hashgocho to people who can't be trusted.

The New Yeshivish Trend - Getting an MBA said...


All those starry-eyed M.B.A.’s are in for a shock, too. For the last four years, M.B.A.’s have been clamoring for jobs in the private equity industry. About 11 percent of Harvard’s M.B.A. class of 2006 secured private equity positions, up from 7 percent in the class of 2004. And the number from the class of 2007 is even higher.

That alone should probably have been a sign of a market top. In any case, the party’s over, and it’s not clear where all these M.B.A.’s will go.

Many M.B.A.’s were former bankers who had taken jobs at private equity firms and hoped to return to the equity shops afterward. Now the door to private equity and banking — and don’t forget hedge funds — may be shut, too.

The Maestro said...

Just in time for Yomtov. There were those 10 guys indicted at KPMG, mostly with haymish sounding names. The Israeli one among them has just cut a deal and will "sing" to prosecutors.

cat food again said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Cat Food Again said...

In the latest issue of the "Baltimore Jewish Times" (September 7, 2007, p.5), Phil Jacobs, the Baltimore Hero, published two letters authored by rabbi Moshe Eisemann's friends: Stan Lebovic of Salem, Mass. and Joe Feld of London, England. These letters do not appear on the jewishtimes.com site. Stan for example writes: "He (rabbi Eisemann) is as beyond reproach as is humanly possible... When the likes of Rav Eisemann are rounded up and burned at the stake you know you are not in Baltimore anymore." And what did Phil Jacobs mean by saying: "I think the conversation of molestation can turn a corner now and get into areas of prevention and education"? Looks like Rabbi Eisemann's case is now closed.

Rabbi Moshe Eisemann said...

Dear Philip Jacobs,
Just a couple of weeks ago nobody (apart from us at the Ner Israel Rabbinical College) would even whisper that Jacobs, enfant terrible, was indeed on his road to repentance. Nonetheless, you are doing a perfect teshuvah, Philip! Many thanks for the long lovely letters engineered by my beloved friends Stan Lebovic and Joe Feld, which you sympathetically made public in September 7 issue of the "Baltimore Jewish Times." And now, in September 14 issue, I saw another creative pearl in the sand — an epistle by my dearest friend David Kramer (I am ecstatic to read his surname as "remarK"), which I am delighted to cite below. I am incredibly joyful that you were so expeditious to rehabilitate my heroic name. It is also exhilarating to recognize how much contrition you can accomplish livening up your day with a creamy full-bodied cup of "Pride of the Farm" milk produced by my darling companion Rabbi Joseph Tendler, while indulging your intellect in my beautiful teshuvah-book "Ramban As A Guide To Today’s Perplexed." Is not it wonderful to live in the Torah world imbued with love, affection, and tenderness!
Baltimore Jewish Times (September 14, 2007 / Tishrei 2, 5768, p. 9)


The Aug.27 article on Rabbi Moshe Eisemann, "When Whispers Get Louder," has degraded your paper to the likes of the National Enquirer and other gossip tabloids that are notorious for reporting erroneous and false stories of famous personalities. How can a quality paper such as the BALTIMORE JEWISH TIMES print rumors and conjectures that can only harm an individual without substantially verifying such allegations? Where is the police report? Where are the court documents? Where is the plethora of supporting evidence? Where are the multiple witnesses that have come forward to corroborate your story?
Why are you not embarrassed to print a feature story based on allegations that a teacher looked at their student inappropriately more than 30 years ago? Even if the other allegation is correct that this individual 30-plus years ago once gave his student a pat on the back, but a bit lower, does this justify your time and effort with such innuendo?
Maybe the Jewish Times should feature an investigative report on the impact of American media on the spirituality of Jewish values.

David Kramer