Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Let's Take A Break...With A Jamaican Jewish Wedding! Mazel Tov!

I'm experiencing Blogger fatigue. Enjoy the music...listen to that clarinet!


LVF said...

What the F...

you had me shittin in my pants, its funny, your right the music is beutiful.

Avi Shafran said...

My little d**khead found a topic to write about, I just hope uoj will not see this article, b/c he will then demand I talk about something more relevant for example molestation.

Believing in resurrection

I'm not willing to consider a million-plus fellow Jews as nothing more
than a desiccated limb of the Jewish people.

Copy & Paste to view the entire article:

UOJ Agents - Tokyo Field Office said...


Teacher pinched for fondling school girl's bottom on train
A private junior high and high school teacher has been arrested for molesting a high school girl on a train in Tokyo, police said.

Hideshige Miyazawa, 48, a teacher at Otsuma Junior High and High School in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, stands accused of violating a Tokyo metropolitan ordinance prohibiting people from creating a nuisance. He admitted to the allegations.

Miyazawa fondled the buttocks of the 16-year-old victim on a train on the Tokyu Railway Denen-Toshi Line for about 10 minutes Tuesday evening, local police said.

The girl managed to overpower him and forced him to get off at a station. Miyazawa attempted to escape but other passengers captured him on the platform. He was on his way home at the time of the incident.

LVF said...

UOJ, you should put up a poll of who is the scariest looking (gadol) katan of our time, it is halloween afterall.

Undercover UOJ Agent said...


The Skverrer chevrah were nailed with the same long range lens as Colmer.

Anonymous said...

There seems to be some confusion regarding the Weinfeld's lowlife and he is indeed a lowlife if you know the truth about him and his scummy parents. I don't think he is a full fledged member of the shul but is seen around because his shver is a Weinfeld guy.

Der Mashgiach said...


A former kosher food inspector, who turned up in the Meiers Corners section of Staten Island after fleeing Israel, has agreed to return to his native country to face insurance-fraud charges.

Zuriel Hadar, 34, has waived extradition to Israel -- about two months after he was arrested at his Ash Place home, according to records filed in Brooklyn federal court. The married father of two had been held in custody since Aug. 17 on charges he bilked several insurers in Israel of $360,000 seven years ago.

Magistrate Judge James Orenstein ordered that the fugitive be turned over to Israeli authorities for return to that country.

Hadar bolted from Israel in February 2003 after allegedly confessing his involvement in the scheme to insurance authorities. He wound up in Brooklyn, and eventually made his way to Staten Island, although exactly when he arrived here is unclear. A Tel Aviv-Jaffa Magistrates Court judge issued a warrant for Hadar's arrest on Nov. 26, 2006.

Israeli authorities accuse Hadar and others of buying large life- and accident-insurance policies and later staging either workplace-related or car accidents. Afterward, they filed claims for their alleged injuries and shortly after receiving compensation, stopped paying their premiums, effectively canceling the policies.

On Sept. 23, 2000, Hadar was working as a kosher food inspector at a Tel Aviv hotel, when he allegedly faked a fall and claimed to hurt his back. He was taken to a hospital and subsequently filed an insurance claim.

To document his injuries, he submitted CT scans and MRI tests that actually were those of another person, authorities allege.

The purported mastermind was Baruch Refeal Toledano, a friend of Hadar's, who coached Hadar and others and referred them to a lawyer and orthopedist complicit in the hoax. They were not identified.

Hadar is accused of two crimes: Obtaining anything by deceit under aggravating circumstances and conspiracy to commit a felony or misdemeanor. The charges carry maximum jail terms of five and seven years, respectively.

The extradition order was issued Monday.

Rabbi Yitzchak Yehoshua said...


Who would have thought that Bokharians would start gunning each other down in broad daylight?

R' Yudel's Blog said...


Does R' Yudel have any information if last year's Kosher Fest michshol is going to repeat itself?

There were no advisories to distinguish between the kosher & adjoining treif foods.

Several haymishe fressers were seen gorging themselves on non-kosher goodies.

Lubinsky's buyout bosses are goyim who really have no interest and at least most people in the kashrus industry were afraid to say a word in case they lose perks from the company.

Note: Rabbi Lubinsky says bloggers are no good for kashrus.

Kol haposel, bemumo possul said...
"Rabbi Lubinsky says bloggers are no good for kashrus."

Lubinsky shouldn't talk because he's on Rubashkin's payroll as a consultant.

Anonymous said...

I'm not so sure that a class action against Rubashkin couldn't get off the ground.

There were 2 completely friviolous lawsuits against McDonald's that were allowed to proceed. The 1st, settled out of court, was by Muslims who were angry that chazir was in french fries without big warning signs. The 2nd, concerns obese fressers who sued the company for making food with high fat & calorie content.

Agudah Fresser said...

"Several haymishe fressers were seen gorging themselves on non-kosher goodies."

Stop embarassing us by reporting our every move. It's mamash hamalbin pnei chavero.

Newly Deputized UOJ Agents said...


Edgewood’s rabbi-led “defense patrol” is taking on a new target: absentee landlords they say are running down the neighborhood.

Patrol organizer Eli Greer and his sidekick, national Guardian Angels founder Curtis Sliwa (pictured from right to left), announced the new campaign Monday outside the police substation on Whalley Avenue. They promised to use publicity and patrols to pressure slumlords and the johns and drug-buyers frequenting their properties. And Sliwa promised to “take down” criminals at the properties with citizen arrests.

The pair identified one building in particular, 255 Ellsworth Ave., and its Meriden-based owner as their first target.

Meanwhile, city officials, including the neighborhood’s top cop, described the landlord as responsible and cooperative in efforts to fight blight and crime.

“Day of Reckoning”

Greer and Sliwa blasted the building owner, Christine Bonito, at the press conference unveiling their plans. Greer said his group had repeatedly written to Bonito and called her to complain about continual drug-dealing and prostitution at the multi-family property, to no avail.

He displayed a picture of the property along with Bonito’s name and the Meriden address of the limited liability corporation, Angel from Above, through which she owns it.

“This property has been a constant nuisance in this neighborhood,” he declared. “Her day of reckoning has come.”

Greer said his group has a list of “six to eight” other “slumlords” it plans to target if they don’t take responsibility for crimes committed by tenants. He said a message is going out to these landlords: “Take control of your property or don’t be a landlord… You’re the landlord. You milk it. You get the rent checks. You’re responsible for who lives there, who hangs around your property.”

Click on the play arrow to watch Greer describe his message to absentee landlords.

When Greer was a kid, back in the 1990s, Rabbi Daniel Greer, organized a similar neighborhood group that targeted prostitution by posting flyers with names and addresses of “Johns of the Week” who drove into Edgewood to patronize prostitutes.

In “ratcheting up” their efforts now, Eli Greer said, his Edgewood Park Defense Patrol would similarly expose both johns and landlords to public shame. They would also use the “sheer physical presence” of the armed citizen patrols they formed, along with Guardian Angels patrols, to keep deter criminal behavior.

Curtis Sliwa of the Guardian Angels vowed that, when his patrols see people leaving the building after buying drugs, “We will not hesitate to take them down, put the drugs out in the street, call the police, and make a citizen’s arrest.”

How will they avoid grabbing people on innocent visits to the building?

Through their “street smarts,” Sliwa said. He also said the Guardian Angels have been watching the building, gathering intelligence on who goes there and why.

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

There is no better way to demonstrate your disgust with Rubashkin and the Agudah than to vote with your money. If people were to boycott the Agudah Convention and Rubashkin meat, there would very possibly be a sea-change in their behavior.

If you eat their meat and go to the Convention...you are an accomplice to their crimes, period, end of story!

KosherFress Trade Show said...


In an incredible example of hypocrisy, employees of the NYC Health Dept will be presenting at Kosher Fest on kosher trans fat substitues. The Cardiovascular unit falls under the DOH Chronic Disease Bureau, headed by Assistant Commissioner Dr. Lynn Silver. She is known in city govt as a "Jewish anti-Semite", and a nasty one at that. The reshanta persecutes and chases out every frum Jew who comes to work at her Bureau. A frum doctor with a beard was endlessly harassed by her. She then purposely placed him in the Tuberculosis unit, knowing full well that you must shave your beard to work there. He resigned and is suing her & the city for discrimination.

She has instructed directors not to hire frum women because they get pregnant & have babies often. Silver is currently trying to get rid of a non-Jewish director who disobeyed her illegal orders.

Silver is obnoxious and mean spirited, constantly making inappropriate remarks to frum underlings, suggesting, among other things, that they should eat treif food.

At one point, some employees reached out to the Agudah & OU, who offered a pro bono attorney and other assistance. But they were advised elsewhere that it is best to just find another job since whistleblowers often get a bad reputation in the job market. The frum employees were also afraid to approach Commissioner Tom Frieden since he is considered to be insensitive & impatient.

Anonymous said...

There is no better way to demonstrate your disgust with Rubashkin and the Agudah than to vote with your money. If people were to boycott the Agudah Convention and Rubashkin meat, there would very possibly be a sea-change in their behavior.

If you eat their meat and go to the Convention...you are an accomplice to their crimes, period, end of story!
100% I never went to the convention (couldn't afford it), but have now boycotted Rubashkin. Surprise ! The chicken produced by Satmar is a so much fresher that I wish I had switched years ago.

Moishe Rubashkin Acting Up Again said...


Rabbi Shmuel Light, Director of the Weartherization Program for the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council, was dismissed from the JCC offices after 27 years working for them. Yosef Kanovsky, Director of YAM, the Youth Action Movement, has assumed R. Light’s position.

The latest move is the latest chapter in the story that began several months ago. On June 28 of this year, Moshe Rubashkin physically assaulted Rabbi Light in the JCC offices on Kingston Avenue. Rubashkin sent Light to the Hospital Emergency Room, destroyed Light’s computer, files and office, and left the place a shambles. He then screamed that Light was fired.

When the incident occurred, R. Shlomo Segal was in the office and witnessed part of the violence. When Segal declined to intervene and retreated to his office, Light contacted Rabbi Osdoba.

After several weeks of Light remaining at home and not being paid, the Rav ordered that, pending a Din Torah, Light should be returned to his position and paid his full salary. When Light came back to work he was told to report to the other office of the JCC, and was not permitted to return to his duties. Contrary to Rabbi Osdoba’s order, he was not paid for the time he spent at home, and Rubashkin reduced his pay since his return to 80% of his salary.

Now, in a move that left many Crown Heights residents shocked, Rubashkin told Light not to report to the office any more. It is not clear if his 80% salary will continue to be paid.

It is well known that Moshe Rubashkin has assumed dictatorial control of the JCC by claiming that he has a majority of votes among the members of the Board of Directors, claiming Lang and Plotkin’s votes against Sperlin and Nash. Nevertheless, the only other signature that appeared on the letter informing Light not to return to the JCC offices was Lang. Plotkin, Nash and Sperlin did not sign the letter and claim not to have been told about it. None of the Directors could justify violating Rav Osdoba’s order.

An inside informant stated that Rubashkin’s motivation in firing Light is to free up as much money as possible for his use. His strategy to justify his actions will be to allege misconduct on Light’s part. Finally, the informant stated that Rubashkin will attempt to avoid a Din Torah and reach a settlement with Light before a Din Torah takes place.

Anonymous said...

Rubashkin cronies are writing on blogs to defend the secret contracts to muzzle employees.

They bring a raaya from Levy at OK that it's standard industry practice, as if what that gangster does means it's normal.

Who are these losers trying to kid?

Shea Fishman said...

"Rabbi Shmuel Light, Director of the Weatherization Program for the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council, was dismissed"


Do I have any shot at getting that position?

Yechee Adoneinu Moreinu veRabbeinu, Melech Hamoshiach leoylam voed !!!!!!!!

stam said...

I was bh never molested, had someone attempted to I would have hurt them badly..

But there is a long line between a rebbe that pinches your checks and gives you a zetz than someone actualy molesting a child.

I have friends (female) who were molested, being the guy I am (a gun carrying settler in chevron) people are reluctant to tell me names for fear someone may lose legs or worse.

Yes there are evil people and good people that commit evil and yes we have yetzer hara's..

I will not defend those that sweep matters under the rug, but i'm sure that even when trying this is a hard situation.

What to do with a married guy that seems like a good frum jew and some talmid accuses him? maybe the talmid has a grudge ? look at sex scandals like duke and our very lovely al sharpton riots based on false accusations.

Perhaps a outside trusted phsycologist should be brought in to question other studends privately and seperately? Yes if its true with others he should be fired right away.. to hand him to the cops ? I usualy am in favor of giving people a chance.

I admit its easy for me to speak out, I have 200.000 arabs trying to kill me r'l every day and dont really fear much besides hkbh, I rely solely on hkbh for my livelyhood and with a gun on my waist who's gonna bother me?

But yes still others need to speak out, it should be done in the light that it would be more profitable for rabbanim to deal with the issues than them risking it being dragged out to kol haolam kulo.

"was it sharf" is a clear open case that there is a lashon harah / gossip problem here, who cares ? the guy in question mentioned going to a club...

And yes as a teenager I remember a time a friend of mine told me a friend of her's was raped r'l and later retracted the story saying the friend lied.

So yes clearly there is a defining line between liars and truth and instead of letting the baby down the drain with the water please watch what you say.

LVF said...

to the above anon at 12:12 PM, October 31, 2007

Way to go! I did the same a few weeks ago, when I told my wife rubashkin is banned in my home, it was tough when I needed chicken one night and all the supermarkets that were open only had rubashkin or supreme, and yes satmar really is a better quality.

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

R' Stam,

All the cases that were reported here, were multiple accusations by very credible people over a very long period of time. Each case was investigated thoroughly and in each case the rabbis had the option of leaving chinuch quietly.

The sad truth is that we are seeing an epidemic of this illness, and the yeshivas and organizations are just as guilty as the perpetrators.

Stay safe,

Is It Safe To Use A Shadchan? said...

The Obligations Of A Shadchan (matchmaker)
© (2007) The Awareness Center, Inc.

In the Jewish orthodox world it is not uncommon for young adults to use a shadchan (matchmaker) to help them find a mate.

A question was recently raised regarding the legal responsibilities of a shadchan (matchmaker) when they would introduce a man to a woman. It was asked was if a shadchan knew that either the man or the woman has a violent temper or a past history of any kind of sexual offenses would the shadchan be required to warn the other party? It was also asked if a shadchan could be held liable in a civil suit?

The answer can be different from state to state, yet in most states the victimized party would be allowed to have a negligence action made against the Shadchan.


§ 323. Negligent Performance Of Undertaking To Render Services

One who undertakes, gratuitously or for consideration, to render services to another which he should recognize as necessary for the protection of the other's person or things, is subject to liability to the other for physical harm resulting from his failure to exercise reasonable care to perform his undertaking, if

(a) his failure to exercise such care increases the risk of such harm, or

(b) the harm is suffered because of the other's reliance upon the undertaking.

Why we care said...

"who cares ? the guy in question mentioned going to a club..."

Because these putzes represent everything that stinks.

There were several people involved in the club incident of which I am familiar with three.

Subject A is the son of a big faker & creep who wears long on Shabbos and doesn't fall far from the tree. As mentioned, he is constantly drooling over scantily clad shiksos and frum veiber with tight fitting clothes. This is who the Agudah gives an askanus award to.

Subject B is honored by Margo at the YTT dinner.

Subject C has escaped scrutiny here so far but I'm 99% sure he was one of the chevrah. He himself has been honored by various yeshivos and his father is on the board of several.

Pinchos Lipschitz said...

In the Yated, I once briefly mentioned subject A, the "noted askan" who received the Agudah award.

It doesn't matter that he was a huge selfish putz in the dorm in yeshiva. It meant nothing to him if bochurim were trying to sleep, common courtesy and the issur of gezel sheena for which there is no tashlumin.

Aron "Tort Putz" Twerski said...


How dare Vicky write that without consulting me for my expert advice?

Anonymous said...

Someone made a wisecrack earlier about Rubashkin truck drivers stopping for zonos in Penn. There is more to that than you can imagine.

A chassidishe mobster from Boro Park who has been in & out of jail his whole life was a shutef with the Italian Cosa Nostra to set up just such whorehouses along the trucking routes there. A bochur from Beis Hatalmud fell in with his daughter and lived a nightmare. The gorush says that Aron Twerski got involved in his story and really messed him up. I suppose the pimp shver must be an honorable man.

Nosson Scherman, CEO of Fartscroll said...

Pinny Lipschitz should stop plagiarizing my phrases. I call Leib Pinter & some other shmucks who write for me, Scholars of "note".

figured out who subject "A" is said...

a very shallow idiot who was always commenting on who dresses shtatty and who is shlumpy and who has shtatty homes and who doesnt

Yossel Possul said...

Does anyone know who in Boro Park carries no Rubashkin and no International deli which uses Rubashkin raw meat?

Disco Dick said...

When I heard the dance club story, they were being matzdik for the ytt honoree that he just wanted to take a look and tried getting out as soon as the women started grabbing him.

Trucker said...

There are shomer shabbos, even chassidish truckers on the road out there. Some of them have patronized those hookers and gotten sick. The mishpochos are really suffering.

Im yesh darka achrita said...

Hey Disco Dick, what did the YTT putz think he was going there for? To be mekarev mit a Sefer Tanya?

City govt insider said...

Several Health Dept officials, both secular Jews and non-Jews appalled at her behavior, reported the machshayfa Lynn Silver to Deputy Commissioner Mary Bassett, a Black woman who is also professor @ Columbia University.

She did nothing.

Lynn Silver is panicking as of last night. After she just drove a bunch of employees out, planning to replace them with goyim or ochlei treifos, Mayor Bloomberg announced a hiring freeze yesterday at all city agencies because of the sub-prime mortgage meltdown. All of Silver's programs are understaffed and in shambles.

No Yudi Kolko Costume? said...


Halloween is full of shocks. But the shocks Christine O'Connor experienced at a local party and costume shop were not of the traditional variety.

Far from it.

O'Connor and her 12-year-old son and 13-year-old stepson were strolling the aisles in the Party Stop in Vails Gate about two weeks ago.

It was there she found a rack of costumes she could hardly believe. A pregnant nun. A costume depicting a Catholic priest with an erection.

"It made me sick," O'Connor said.

The sexual nature of the costumes was bad enough. The fact that they were visually available to anyone, including children, was worse. She got her kids out of the store, after complaining to a shop employee who, she said, just shrugged off her complaint.

Hugh G. Rection said...

Steven I Weiss is appalled that UOJ is using his dirty tactics to stop the sale of the obscene costumes. He feels strongly that journalism is the only way to go about it.

UOJ Gets Results said...


Costumes are pulled from aisles

By Jeremiah Horrigan

Times Herald-Record
October 31, 2007
New Windsor — On the edge of the biggest day of the year at the Party Stop in Vail's Gate, a pile of controversial Halloween costumes lay in back room yesterday, away from inquiring or curious eyes.

The costumes, which were intended for adults and were supposed to be funny, included one of a Catholic priest with an erection.

While the newspaper story attracted more than 100 angry comments at its Web site, www.recordonline.com, many arguing that the costumes were obscene and anti-Catholic, Alan Ortner, district manager of the three-shop chain of costume stores, said that reaction at the store itself was far more muted. He conceded that as soon as UOJ started looking into it, they were forced to remove the costumes immediately.

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

Where Is Rabbi Kaduri When We Need Him?

When It Takes a Miracle
To Sell Your House
Owners, Realtors Bury Statues
Of St. Joseph to Attract Buyers;
Don't Forget to Dig Him Up
October 30, 2007; Page D1

Cari Luna is Jewish by heritage and Buddhist by religion. She meditates regularly. Yet when she and her husband put their Brooklyn, N.Y., house on the market this year and offers kept falling through, Ms. Luna turned to an unlikely source for help: St. Joseph.

Some choose to bury St. Joseph upside down.
The Catholic saint has long been believed to help with home-related matters. And according to lore now spreading on the Internet and among desperate home-sellers, burying St. Joseph in the yard of a home for sale promises a prompt bid. After Ms. Luna and her husband held five open houses, even baking cookies for one of them, she ordered a St. Joseph "real estate kit" online and buried the three-inch white statue in her yard.

"I wasn't sure if it would be disrespectful for me, a Jewish Buddhist, to co-opt this saint for my real-estate purposes," says Ms. Luna, a writer. She figured, "Well, could it hurt?"

With the worst housing market in recent years, St. Joseph is enjoying a flurry of attention. Some vendors of religious supplies say St. Joseph statues are flying off the shelves as an increasing number of skeptics and non-Catholics look for some saintly intervention to help them sell their houses.

Some Realtors, too, swear by the practice. Ardell DellaLoggia, a Seattle-area Realtor, buried a statue beneath the "For Sale" sign on a property that she thought was overpriced. She didn't tell the owner until after it had sold. "He was an atheist," she explains. "But he thanked me."

Existing-home sales fell 8% in September to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 5.04 million units, the lowest level in nearly 10 years, according to the National Association of Realtors.


Some Catholic clergy are uncomfortable with the St. Joseph's trend. Read about this and track other news in the housing market at Developments, WSJ.com's new real-estate tracker.Statues of St. Joseph sold online can be as tall as 12 inches. One, made of colored resin, portrays St. Joseph cradling the baby Jesus. Yet most home sellers favor the simpler three- or four- inch replicas -- most of which are made in China and often depict St. Joseph as a carpenter.

Most statues come in a "Home Sale Kit" that is priced at around $5 and includes burial instructions and a prayer. One site, Good Fortune Online, recently added another kit with a statue of St. Jude -- known as the patron saint of hopeless causes -- "to help those with a difficult property to sell," the site says. Another site, Stjosephstatue.com, takes orders for its "Underground Real Estate Agent Kits" at 1-888-BURY-JOE.

Demand for the statues has been growing. Ron Weissman, who sells the statues at Good Fortune Online, says about six months ago he switched to online transactions because the increase in calls -- from about two a week to 25 calls a day -- was too much to handle. Richard Weigang, owner of www.catholicstore.com, says he sells about 400 statues a month, double the amount he sold a year ago.

In Catholicism, St. Joseph, a carpenter, is honored as the husband of Mary and foster father of Jesus. Representing a humble family man, he is the patron saint of home, family and house-hunting, according to the Rev. James Martin, a Jesuit priest and author of "My Life With the Saints." Popular belief holds that people who wish to enlist St. Joseph's help in selling a house should bury his replica upside-down in the yard. (Apartment dwellers are advised to put him in a potted plant.)

Methods of burying the statue vary. Instructions in one package give buyers several options, including burying it upside-down next to the "For Sale" sign, burying it three feet from the rear of the house and burying it next to the front door facing away from the home. Phil Cates, owner of stjosephstatue.com, says: "I've seen it buried in all types of places with all types of ceremonies." He says the detailed burial instructions are largely intended to prevent people from forgetting where they put their St. Joseph. (His kits advise burying it facing it away from the house, to symbolize leaving.)

Theologians say there's no official doctrine that calls for the statue's interment. The practice may have stemmed from medieval rites of land possession, in which conquerors claimed land by planting a cross or banner, says Jaime Lara, associate professor of Christian Art and Architecture at Yale Divinity School. Mr. Lara also suggests that the tradition may have gotten mixed up at some point with folklore surrounding St. Anthony. St. Anthony, known as a matchmaker, would often be held ransom, upside-down, until he found a husband for someone's daughter, he says.

Some clergy aren't sure how St. Joseph would feel about his replica ending up on its head in the dirt, and suggest displaying it somewhere in the house instead.

"I think it's much more respectful than burying the poor guy," says Msgr. Andrew Connell, the archdiocesan director of the Pontifical Society for the Propagation of the Faith in Boston. Some retailers, such as Mr. Weigang, owner of www.catholicstore.com, also encourage buyers to put the statues in the house.

"We don't advocate burying," he says. "Some of those statues are quite beautiful."

Catholic leaders also say that faith and devotion are necessary, in addition to burying a statue, otherwise the practice amounts to little more than superstition or magic. But they are also enjoying the saint's newfound popularity. "If they have a good result and they think it was St. Joseph, it might inspire them to practice more," says Msgr. Connell.

The St. Joseph "Underground Real Estate Agent Kit" from www.stjosephstatue.com
Once someone's home sells, the custom holds, the statue should be dug up and put in a place of honor in the new home. That's what Ms. Luna did after she and her husband sold their house shortly after burying St. Joseph. She put the statue in her office in their new home in Portland, Ore.

But not everyone is aware of the follow-up step. Trudy Lopez and her husband buried a statue of St. Joseph when they were trying to sell their condo, even though Ms. Lopez is Jewish and her husband is a nonpracticing Catholic. They sneaked out late at night, worried they might be breaking a condo association rule.

"And I'm thinking, 'If my family knew what I am doing, they'd die,' " she says.

Soon they got an offer, but didn't realize they were supposed to bring the statue with them to their new home.

"I'm afraid a lot of the statues won't be unearthed and someone will go over St. Joseph's feet with a lawnmower," says Father Martin.

Lamdan said...

Avrohom Avinu's father, shteit in Midrash, had a store that sold those kind of getchkas. One day when his father went away on a trip, he smashed every idol except for the largest one and put a stick in it's hands. When his father came back, he freaked and asked what happened. Avrohom said the getchkas had a fight and the biggest one smashed all the rest. Terach yelled at his son how can you tell me such lies about idols that have no koyach to do anything? Avrohom hot geentfert. listen to your own words.

Leopold Margulies said...

Does anyone know which store has the cheapest price on the Christian statues? I've already been davening to Yoshke that he should be matzil me from UOJ ober ain hamoyssif goraya.

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

To Maran Rosh Hayeshiva Slippy Lippy ,

Any mekubel in E.Y. can help you. Maybe the'll throw in a pulsa denura - gratis!

Yankel Applegrad said...

Rav Margulies,

We have to get the avoyda zora in discreet packaging so no one sees. It's like when 13th Ave electronic stores have to pack TVs in microwave boxes so customer can hide what they are doing from the shechaynim.

Aron Twerski said...


St Joseph was an honorable man.

Although his wife Miriam had znus with a goy named Pandora who was the real father of mamzer Yoshke, old Yossel kept it to himself.

What St Yossel did was the greatest cover up in history that fooled billions more people than the Agudah could in their wildest dreams.

Buddha said...


I suspected as much that Margo has no sense of loyalty. He davened to me last week to save him from UOJ. Next week he'll probably turn to Muhammed.

Klutz Kashya said...

Are any of the fresser retailers going to stop selling Rubashkin or are they more scared of their pro-Rubashkin customers?

It's like when stores wouldn't sell the Yated after some Lubabs threatened they would be boycotted.

It does help a little though that even many Lubabs stopped eating all Rubashkin and even anything with the CHK hechsher.

Fake Shul / Yeshiva Shysters Upstate Too? said...


Building tax rolls key in Town of Fallsburg supervisor's race

By Heather Yakin

Times Herald-Record
October 31, 2007

Close to 40 percent of property in the town is tax-exempt

Nebich said...


Borough Park soup kitchen is hungry for more aid



Tuesday, October 30th 2007, 4:00 AM

A diner has a meal at Masbia in Borough Park.

It's a scene Alexander Rapaport has observed far too often on his way to the Borough Park soup kitchen he runs - elderly Hasidic men or neatly-dressed Hasidic women going through garbage bins searching for food.

"Just this morning, I saw a very old man with a plastic bag going through the garbage," said Rapaport, who is in charge of Masbia, a public kitchen serving hot, kosher dinners Sundays through Thursdays.

"As I tried to catch up with the man to tell him he didn't have to do that, I ran into someone who recognized him and said he would help," Rapaport said.

The close-knit religious community is one where the wealthy, the middle class and the poor all live together within walking distance of over 200 synagogues.

"The people who have resources are enthusiastic in trying to help their neighbors," Rapaport said. But emergency-service providers say they are feeling the pinch for several reasons.

Rents in the crowded community and kosher food prices are climbing. And most families pay to send their kids to private religious schools.

"At a time when we're receiving more calls than ever, we're receiving between 25% to 30% less food from the federal government," said Rabbi Shaul Shimon Deutsch, executive director of Oneg Shabbos, a food pantry that gives out 1,100 food packages a week.

"More people have lost their jobs, jobs that were outsourced to China and India," Deutsch said. "Our donations are down 40% to 60%."

The problems in Borough Park exist all over Brooklyn, according to a new Food Bank for New York City report.

The number of Brooklynites who experienced difficulty affording needed food increased by 75% between 2003 and 2006.

About 84% of the households receiving food stamps used them up within three weeks and had to turn to soup kitchens or food pantries for the last part of the month.

During the last 12 months, 52% of Brooklyn's emergency food providers have run out of food at one time or another. And all of the agencies are appealing for help.

Deutsch said his organization is searching for food in other parts of the country and trying to raise funds for a large warehouse.

Rapaport said he faces deficits because if food runs out, he must buy more so Masbia never has to turn anyone away.

"Coming here really helps," one young mother said as she shared a meal with her small children at Masbia last week. "I work every day and I get food stamps, but I just can't make ends meet."


stam said...


Thanx just today a arab kid (18) was arreted with a gun and 2 knives on his way r'l to commit suicide attacks by mearat hamachpela, and I have 15 guests for shabbos and i'm going to be on my toes protecting em.

Are there any sympathetic rabbanim in these cases ?

My father may he live till 120 always warned me about people touching me inappriopiatly and to tell him about anything, he almost always sided with my rebbeim when i was accused of misbehaving but then again my rebbeim were people he knew well.

But my father is mamash a awsome jew and while always showed me how people can be fake he NEVER talks lashon harah in fact I got in trouble as a kid for saying a caterer's food was hottible and he said that lashan harah!!!

If you are really addresing serious issues, speak to a rav that is in agreement (there has to be one thats fighting this) maybe start some kind of seruv style blacklisting ? beyond richilus, motze shem rah, hamalvinpnei chaveiroh, lashon harah etc..

I am a lubavitcher and I wont say that these cases dont exist but am not going to accuse anyone c'v.

Furthermore, chabad has since its founding (and chasidim in general) always been targeted by misnagdim for no reason.

Throughout jewish history there were many big rabbi's and tzadikim who were slanderd and outcasted by witch hunt. Rav moshe chaim luzato famed author of mesilas yesharim had his sefarim burnt, the rambam, the chacham tzvi, his son rav yaakov of emden both lived hard lives.

As a resident of chevron, I have seen thousands of media articles that are pure bull! The jerusalem post had a article feturing 19 factual errors!

So while not refuting the evidence and testimony, I wont believe everything based on media acounts etc..

As they say about baal shemtov story's if you deny em your a kofer, if you believe all of them your naive.

Examine your intentions, if they are purely l'shem shamayim than there should be a committe set up and stuff should be done in the poper ways.

A expert can cross examine kids to see if they are telling the truth or lying.

We fight with mesiras nefesh for eretz yisrael, others fight for jonathan pollard with mesiras nefesh.. if you believe in this go stand with a sign outside someones house / yeshiva.. ive seen seruv protests before..

But be carefull to where this leads, you have neturei karta style people bombing internet cafe's claiming people are being metameh their neshamot... and families pay the price for other not popular action by a family member.

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

Fressers take note!

LONDON (Reuters) - Keeping slim is one of the best ways of preventing cancer, as is avoiding excessive amounts of red meat and wine, a landmark study has revealed.

The World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF) said the link between body fat and cancer is closer than generally realized.

It found convincing evidence of a link to six types of cancer, five more than in its last report, 10 years ago.

Among the new types are colorectal (bowel) and post-menopausal breast cancer.

Professor Michael Marmot, chair of the panel of 21 eminent scientists who compiled the report, said: "We are recommending that people aim to be as lean as possible within the healthy range, and that they avoid weight gain throughout adulthood."

The report, which selected 7,000 studies from a worldwide pool of 500,000 written since records began in the 1960s, includes five key findings.

They are that processed meats, such as ham and bacon, increase the risk of colorectal cancer, and should be eaten sparingly.

Another is the link between red meat and colorectal cancer, for which the evidence is stronger than ever. People should not eat more than 500g of cooked red meat a week -- or between 700g and 750g for "blue" or uncooked meat.

A further finding was the strongest evidence yet that alcohol is a cause of cancer. If people must drink, the report said, they should limit their intake to two units a day for a man or one for a woman. A unit is a half pint of beer or a small glass of wine.

The report recommended mothers breastfeed exclusively for the first six months after birth followed by complementary breastfeeding, after evidence showed breastfeeding protects the mother against breast cancer.

It did not recommend dietary supplements as prevention.

"This report is a real milestone in the fight against cancer, because its recommendations represent the most definitive advice on preventing cancer that has ever been available anywhere in the world," said Professor Martin Wiseman, project director of the report.

Scientists believe there are several reasons for the link between body fat and cancer.

One is the relationship between excess fat and the hormonal balance in the body.

Research has shown that fat cells release hormones such as estrogen, which increases the risk of breast cancer, while fat around the waist encourages the body to produce growth hormones, which can increase levels of risk.

Evidence of a link is most convincing for cancer of the esophagus, pancreas, colorectum, endometrium (womb), kidney and post-menopausal breast cancer.

The report makes 10 recommendations including 30 minutes of moderate activity a day, rising to 60 minutes; drinking water rather than sugary drinks; eating fruit, vegetables and fiber and limiting salt consumption.

The WCRF report can be found at: http://www.dietandcancerreport.org/

David Schick said...

By Kirk Mitchell The Denver Post

Article Last Updated: 10/25/2007 02:34:33 PM MDT

Two men who allegedly bilked investors from Israel, Canada and the United States of $7 million in a Ponzi scheme have been indicted on several fraud counts in Jefferson County, officials say.

Hidai Friedman, 32, was indicted on five counts of securities fraud and one count of theft of more than $15,000. Jason Sharkey, 30, was indicted on four counts of securities fraud and one count of theft of more than $15,000, said Pam Russell, spokeswoman for the Jefferson County District Attorney's Office.

The Jefferson County grand jury indictment alleges the pair bilked 21 Denver-area investors out of almost $692,642 through a fraudulent real estate investment scheme between March 2005 and October 2006, Russell said.

Doing business through Klyties Developments Inc. and Klyties LLC, the suspects guaranteed at least 10 percent annual returns with little or no risk. The investments were secured by an enormous trust, they said, but the trust didn't exist, Russell said.

The suspects paid original investors with money from more-recent investors, she said

UOJ Forces the Fed to Act said...

WASHINGTON—The Federal Reserve sliced an important interest rate Wednesday—its second reduction in the last six weeks—to help the economy survive the strains of a deepening housing slump that is likely to crimp growth in the coming months.
Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke and all but one of his colleagues agreed to lower the federal funds rate by one-quarter percentage point to 4.50 percent at the end of a two-day meeting on Wednesday.

Because he knows UOJ's looking for him said...


MTV Star Collapses, Screams When Found Guilty In Sex Case
Vincent Margera Carried From Courtroom After Verdict Read

POSTED: 7:18 am MDT October 31, 2007

Ben Bernanke said...



Binyomin Yoel said...


Neckermann's father was Josef Neckermann, known in the postwar years as the German mail order king. In 1938, Josef bought the mail order house of Karl Joel, a Jewish entrepreneur in Nuremberg who emigrated to the U.S., Neckermann says. Karl Joel was the grandfather of singer Billy Joel.

Dovid Brooks said...


The former head of the Long Island company that provided most of the body armor for U.S. soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan was arrested at dawn Thursday in his Manhattan apartment by FBI and IRS agents on charges of fraudulently looting the company and investors to pay for a lavish lifestyle.

That lifestyle included supporting a stable of trotting horses; a face-lift for his wife; a diamond, ruby and sapphire-encrusted belt buckle in the shape of an U.S. flag; and an $8 million bat mitzvah for his daughter, which featured music stars including 50 Cent and Kenny G, according to Benton Campbell, the U.S. attorney for the eastern district.

David Brooks, 53, the founder and former head of DHB Industries, which had been located in Westbury, was the highest-paid head of a public company on Long Island in 2004, making $2.7 million in salary and bonuses, plus tens of millions of dollars in stock options.

Federal prosecutors charged Brooks in a 71-page indictment with securities fraud, insider trading, obstruction of justice and tax evasion for allegedly obtaining almost all of his income by two illegal methods. One was by having the company secretly underwrite $6 million of his personal expenses; the other was by artificially inflating the value of DHB company stock, which he then sold in a type of pump-and-dump scheme, prosecutors say.

In the latter, Brooks allegedly made $186 million in 2004 by selling shares in the company shortly after he said he had no intention of selling the stock and shortly before the stock plunged because of reports about the quality of its body armor, the indictment said.

Brooks, who has a mansion in Old Westbury and a home in Florida as well as a Manhtattan apartment, also used tens of millions of dollars he acquired illegally to set up a number of supposed charitable trusts, according to remarks in court by Assistant U.S. Attorney John Martin, a prosecutor in Campbell's office.

Brooks took tax exemptions for the trusts' operations, but instead of contributing their money to needy causes, he used the funds to pay for many of the entertainers at his daughter Elizabeth's bat mitzvah, Martin said at the court hearing. Those entertainers also included Tom Petty, Aerosmith and the Eagles, Martin said. The November 2005 bat mitzvah had been widely reported as costing as much as $10 million.

In addition to the bat mitzvah, horses and face-lift for his wife, Terry, the indictment also alleges that Brooks illegally got the company to pay for luxury cars, vacations, jewelry, cosmetic surgery and country club bills for himself and his family. DHB moved its headquarters to Pompano Beach, Fla., in July 2006, after Brooks was forced out, and the company changed its name earlier this month to Point Blank Solutions. Although the company has set aside $60 million to settle a lawsuit alleging it manufactured defective vests, the vests in question were not among those supplied to U.S. troops.

Brooks pleaded not guilty at arraignment in U.S. District Court in Central Islip, and was held without bail by U.S. District Court Judge Joanna Seybert, pending a hearing Monday.

Seybert acted after prosecutor Martin said that in the past year Brooks had purchased a single diamond worth $10 million, unspecified millions in gold and had surreptitiously moved $22 million to banks in Switzerland and Senegal. The United States does not have an extradition treaty with Senegal, Martin said.

"David Brooks grew up in Brooklyn

Did Fartscroll print the Bar Mitzva bentchers? said...


Brooks also was accused of evading taxes by giving money to charities he ran.

Brooks made headlines in November 2005, when he rented two floors of the Rainbow Room for the bat mitzvah of his daughter, Elizabeth.

He reportedly sent the company jet to fly Aerosmith in from Pittsburgh, paying them a cool $1 million. In return, they let his nephew play drums.

In honor of the band's appearance, Brooks changed from a black leather suit into a magenta suede biker outfit covered with chains.

The indictment said the body-armor tycoon spent $122,000 of company cash on iPods and digital cameras for his guests. It also revealed he shelled out $20,000 for leather-bound invitations to his son's bar mitzvah in 2000.

Brooks pleaded not guilty at his arraignment in federal court in Central Islip, L.I., and was held without bail pending a hearing Monday.

shea fishman said...

AP - WASHINGTON - A coalition of religious leaders urged Congress on Wednesday to ensure that the most vulnerable like me are protected from the effects of UOJ induced climate change.

The appeals comes as lawmakers in the coming months plan to consider legislation that would combat global warming.

Dennis Kucinich said...

Kucinich: I Saw UOJ

Wednesday, October 31, 2007 11:51 AM

By: Jim Meyers

In one of the lighter moments of Tuesday night’s Democratic presidential debate, candidate Dennis Kucinich claimed that he had seen UOJ – and was moving his campaign office to an alleged UOJ landing site - Roswell, New Mexico.

Moderator Tim Russert of NBC News, prefacing his query by saying, “This is a serious question,” said to Kucinich: “The godmother of your daughter, Shirley MacLaine, writes in her new book that you’ve sighted UOJ over her home in Washington state, that you found the encounter extremely moving, that it was a silent and hovering, that you felt a connection to your heart.

“Now, did you see UOJ?”

Amid laughter from the audience, Kucinich replied: “I did. It was [an] unidentified big- mouthed flying object, okay. It’s like – it’s identified. I saw something.

“Now, to answer your question, I’m … going to move my campaign office to Roswell, New Mexico and another one, an extra, to New Hampshire.

“And also, you have to keep in mind that … Jimmy Carter saw UOJ, and also that more people in this country have seen UOJ than, I think, approve of George Bush’s presidency.”

It might have struck some observers as ironic that Kucinich made his UOJ claim on the same day that he questioned President Bush’s mental health in light of comments he made about a nuclear Iran precipitating World War III.

Russert continued his questioning by addressing Barack Obama:

“The three astronauts of Apollo 11 who went to the moon back in 1969 all said that they believe there is life beyond earth. Do you agree?”

Obama did not take the bait, instead responding: “I don’t know, and I don’t presume to know. What I know is there is life here on earth and that UOJ says we’re not attending to life here on earth.”

2007 Newsmax.

Inside City Hall said...

I really can't get over this site sometimes that is more informed and up to date than anyone else and in multiple areas.

I am shocked to see this discussion about the NYC Dept of Health here after getting home today. Unfortunately, you can't view UOJ during work hours, at least in City Hall itself, because Mayor Bloomberg acts more swiftly & authoritarian about internet use than the Novominsker alein.

Some people by us have been klerring but are scared about reporting Dr. Silver to Bloomberg but the latest I heard today really sounds like the old "UOJ gets results." We are hearing that Deputy Commissioner Bassett yelled at Lynn Silver today!

Anonymous said...

Wednesday, Oct. 31, 2007

NEW YORK -- Credit card processor MasterCard Inc. said Wednesday that increased cardholder spending, particularly overseas, boosted its profit by 63 percent in the third quarter.

At an unspecified City agency said...

I feel like UOJ is turning into my friggin intranet where I speak to co-workers.

I have information that Lynn Silver is waiting for Thomas Friedan to get an appointment in Washington, maybe as Health Secretary. The bitch wants to follow him there to get a more prestigious title.

steve said...

The hebrew letters of Rubashkin in gemmatria add up to 668. This is equivalent to the word "sarachta" which could mean either "you are corrupt" or "you stink".(or "tisrach", in the future tense). I think both definitions are appropriate in this case.

The Rubashkins figure that when consumers see all their fancy labels such as the OU, KAJ and Weissmandel, people will salivate to buy their products, like Pavlov's dogs. I mention dogs because Rubashkin products should only be fed to dogs, like all neveilos. The meat is clearly unfit for human consumption, much less Jewish consumption. You have to be crazy to put your health, and your family's health, at risk by eating that crap. You are not only destroying your neshamos but also your physical well being.

The $200,000 licensing fee that Weissmandel extracts from Rubashkin will not be enough for him if he has to keep coming up with excuses for them. He should insist on a percentage of the sales, just like other noted celebrities, who usually get 10% royalties. Not to mention their PR guru, Menachem Lubinsky, of UnKosherFressFest fame, who keeps on shilling for them.

Eventually, these frauds will all be exposed. In the meantime, to all you Rubashkin fressers, ruff ruff!

Anonymous said...

The Recessionary Macro Effect of the Worst U.S. Housing Bust Ever (Nouriel Roubini in RGE Monitor, Oct. 28th): "We're entering phase 2 [of the] housing bust: Home-builders’ bankruptcies, housing starts and permits crash, substantial layoffs in construction and real estate-related fields (mortgage brokers, mortgage lenders, etc.)... Home prices will have to fall by 20% to bring back home affordability to semi-normal levels; or mortgage rates would have to fall by 200bps... [Fat] chance... Long rates went up after the Fed eased on September 18th. So the adjustment will occur via a painful and deflationary 20% fall in home prices that will trigger an economy wide recession as any mainstream macro-econometric model shocked with a 20% fall in home prices shows."

The Impact of the Housing Crisis on Main Street (Markham Lee in Seeking Alpha, Oct. 25th): "Scores of baby boomers abandoned the stock market to speculate on real estate after seeing the values of their 401ks declines during the tech crash... Prior to the real estate boom (and even during) we had a generation of Americans who were ill-prepared for retirement, and [now] the housing downturn/mortgage crisis likely set them back in even further. Social Security, Medicare and other public services could face more strain in coming years [because] of the current housing/credit/mortgage mess. Whilst the “investor class” will recall Black Monday... and the Tech Crash as their waterloos, Main Street will remember the housing downturn."

Anonymous said...


A former children's services lawyer was arrested in an Internet child-sex sting Wednesday in the basement of the Ohio Statehouse, minutes after the investigator who lured him there testified two floors above in favor of a bill that would increase penalties for such crimes.

Barry Mentser, 48, of Columbus, thought he had been communicating online with a 15-year-old girl, said Lt. Jeff Braley, a detective from Hamilton Township in Warren County in southwest Ohio. Braley said he posed as the girl to set up a Statehouse meeting with Mentser.

Braley, who said he had been communicating with the man for about a year, testified before the state Senate Criminal Justice Committee in favor of a bill that would set mandatory sentences of one to five years for importuning by telecommunications, a statute aimed at sexual offenders who seek out children through the Internet.

Braley said later that he didn't arrange the sting at the Statehouse to draw attention to the bill or his testimony, but that he knew Mentser was in the Columbus area and that police were aware of his identity.

Undercover Columbus police officers spotted Mentser in the Statehouse basement and arrested him, said Sgt. Rich Weiner, a police spokesman.

A security video showed the man whom Statehouse spokesman Gregg Dodd identified as Mentser walking from one side of the basement to the other, then back. He was expecting to meet the teen in the Statehouse cafeteria, Braley said.

Great Neck said...

I heard some loud & eerie howling tonight. I looked out my window just off of Middle Neck Rd, expecting to see a ferocious dog. It was some Rubashkin Fresser who had just stumbled out of Bistro Grill.

Gosh, it's not even a full moon.