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Court rules alleged U.S. pedophile Mondrowitz must stay in custody

By Haaretz Service - Monday Feb. 11, 2008

The Jerusalem District Court ruled on Monday that Avrohom Mondrowitz, an ultra-Orthodox man who fled the United States for Israel two decades ago to avoid sexual abuse charges, must remain in custody until the end of legal proceedings against him.

The United States seeks the extradition of Mondrowitz, 60, a member of the Gur Hasidic sect, and the court ruling stemmed from the suspicion he may attempt to escape Israel before his extradition.

Last update - 21:58 11/02/2008

Poll: 100,000 children in Israel have been sexually assaulted

By Haaretz Service

Tags: Sexual abuse, children

A national poll reveals that some 100,000 children in Israel have been sexually assaulted, but only 2.5 percent of the incidents are reported to the proper authorities.

The poll, presented at a National Council for the Child conference in Be'er Sheva on Monday, encompassed 500 polled parents.

The poll shows that 5 percent of the parents reported that their children had been sexually harassed, and a quarter of the parents never told their children to avoid contact with strangers.........................

Court rules to extradite alleged U.S. serial molester Mondrowitz

By Ofra Edelman, Haaretz Correspondent

Tags: Israel, Avrahom Mondrowitz

Alleged child molester Avrohom Mondrowitz can be extradited to the United States, the Jerusalem District Court ruled on Sunday.

Mondrowitz, a member of the Ger Hassidic sect in Brooklyn who posed as a rabbi and psychologist specializing in treating troubled children, fled to Israel in 1984 as New York law enforcement authorities were preparing to arrest him.

In 1985 he was charged with sodomy and other sex crimes against five minors, aged 9 to 15, from the ultra-Orthodox community in Brooklyn. The case first came to light after a report in Haaretz Magazine (November 17, 2007).

The U.S. Justice Department twice applied for his extradition, but legal hurdles prevented this until now. The first extradition request was denied because at the time, 22 years ago, sodomy was not an extraditable offense under the IsraeliAmerican extradition treaty.

The treaty was amended in January 2007, making it possible to extradite anyone who has been charged with a crime that carries more than a one-year prison sentence.

The U.S. submitted a second extradition request in September 2007, and two months later Mondrowitz was arrested in Jerusalem.

In Sunday's court decision, Judge Nava Ben Or ruled that since legal reasons prevented bringing Mondrowitz to justice, the statute of limitations on the crime with which he was charged stopped running the moment Mondrowitz arrived in Israel.

With the statute of limitations still valid, she ruled, he can be extradited to the U.S.

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Court rules alleged U.S. pedophile Mondrowitz must stay in custody

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The current Ha'aretz article describing the Jerusalem District Court's ruling that Mondrowitz is to be extradited to the U.S.... There are a couple of errors in it that have crept into popular accounts of this outrageous story, and which I think need to be corrected.

First, it is not true that the law prevented Mondrowitz's extradition until the U.S.-Israel extradition treaty was amended in January 2007. It is particularly untrue that the change in the treaty enacted at that time spurred Hynes' decision to renew the extradition request. According to every legal expert quoted in press accounts (and, as I have repeatedly pointed out, this was also the explicit written view of the U.S. embassy staff 20 years ago) Mondrowitz's extradition could have been sought at any time since Israeli law equated homosexual rape with heterosexual rape in 1988. What's more, Hynes's office claimed as late as the spring of 2007 (AFTER the treaty language changed) that extradition was STILL impossible because neither the 1988 law nor the amended treaty could be applied to Mondrowitz "retroactively." The fact is, what changed Hynes' policy was not the change in the treaty but public pressure that forced him to take the case seriously.

I am proud to have played a role in raising public awareness about this case, and everyone who helped shout from the rooftops our desire to see Mondrowitz prosecuted deserves a share of the credit. Victims who came forward deserve our particular gratitude. But this is not about self-congratulation. It's about the realities of political strategy; thus, about the future as well as the past. We must resist the factoids being planted belatedly in the press and be careful to take the REAL lesson to heart. Which is just this: the D.A. does the right thing when he knows the community wants him to do it; during the years when the only voices he heard told him the community wanted the case covered up, covered up it was.

That brings me to the second error in the new Ha'aretz piece. The five complainants named in the Mondrowitz indictment were NOT "members of the ultra-Orthodox community" in Brooklyn, as stated there. They were all non-Jews. By the time the indictment was drawn up in early 1985, there were at least dozens, probably hundreds, of Jewish victims -- but not one made it into the indictment. (Though a few were known to police by that time.) This is a painful and highly significant fact. So let us repeat: Italian-American families whose children were victimized were prepared to come forward and make the necessary statements to bring Mondrowitz to justice; not one Orthodox Jewish family was prepared to bring its violated child or children before a grand jury. Not one. Had it not been for those non-Jewish families, we would not be now be looking forward to a trial of this alleged criminal, whose reported violations of young children proceeded on a jaw-dropping scale among Orthodox Jews in Brooklyn for years on end.

I don't offer these corrections to be captious; they are important, because they help to place the story in critical perspective. There is much to be said about the Mondrowitz case. But we will not be saying the right things until we acknowledge how little our community cared about crimes being committed, on a massive scale, against its children -- and how complacently the community, our community, allowed or even encouraged law enforcement to look the other way for 20 years even after other people tried to do something to put an end to those crimes.

Don't let anyone make you forget.

Michael Lesher, Esq.

Michael Lesher, Esq.
22 Leitch Place
Passaic NJ 07055
(973) 470-0212


boog said...

I read it but can't believe it.

Prepare to make a Schehechiyanu when this Tinof Tinofes actually touches down on U.S. soil.

What happened? Did Ichud Molestas Gur throw in the towel and figure their money is better spent supporting their unemployable, no-skills, matjes herring/Yerushalmi Kugel fressing, baby-producing machines Yungerleit?

And let's see what Charlie (Black-Yarmulke Bimbo) Hynes does with this one. Can you hit this one out of the park, Charlie, or you gonna pull a Hamina-Hamina Ralph Kramden and whiff for Strike 3?

If you need some more Koach, we'll see if we can get Mcnafee or Radomski to give you a little HGH-Steroid boost in der Tuchis.

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

I'm informed by the legal experts, and just got off the phone with a friend at the DOJ...he may have one more appeal...but the odds are very good, and getting better,that he'll be returned to the U.S. to stand trial!

boog said...

So it's not a done deal as indicated by your above Headline.

Anonymous said...

Now will they expose Ohel

Leibish said...

what about a trial for Mordechai Wolmark for his pedophile crimes against young bachurim at Yeshiva Shaarai Torah? I hope at the time much attention will be directed toward pedophile Mondrowitz we will not ignore pedophile Mordechai Gimpel Wolmark.

Baltimore Conference on Sexual Abuse said...

The Awareness Center Presents...

From Darkness To Light
Ending Sexual Violence in Jewish Communities
(Child Sexual Abuse, Sexual Assault, Clergy Sexual Abuse, Professional Sexual Misconduct)

The Awareness Center is proud to announce our first two -- all day Mini-Conferences addressing Sexual Violence in Jewish Communities. Each day will feature different speakers that will be addressing various issues, concerns and aspects of healing relating to surviving sex crimes ) as both adults and children.

Both Mini-Conferences are suggested for rabbis, mental health and legal professionals, survivors of sex crimes, family members and the general public.

Go here for more details:

Baltimore Conference on Sexual Abuse said...

Looks like one of the Mondrowitz survivors is speaking at The Awareness Center's conference.

steve said...

Aside from perhaps the nazi collaborators, I would say that this rasha is the most notorious criminal in modern Jewish history. It's unfathomable that he was able to evade justice for so long, whiile committing such heinious crimes. Sometimes it takes decades or centuries to put these crimes in their proper historical perspective.

shmiel said...

UOJ I'd like to suggest something for your blog w/o any shaychus to the topics.
My problem is that opening up your blog takes longer than any other webpage I've gone to before. The page takes forever to load & while it's loading my browser completely freezes. I can't switch tabs, click on links, etc.
I believe it's due to the sheer length of your homepage together with the many graphics and videos. I'm sure that if you would archive all posts at the end of each month things would be greatly improved. You can place links to he archives on the side.
Please take this into consideration.

Sol Werdiger said...

Am I out of the woods yet?

Anonymous said...

I hope they eventually make him allecute who his advisers were who helped him and advised him to get away.

His Olympia Neighbors said...

Mordechai Wolmark = pedophile

He should be thrown out of Monsey forever. Send him back to Detroit, where he was kicked out originally for his crimes against boys!!!

Anonymous said...

I think you will like this from the seforim blog
A Defense of the Torah Temimah

spacedoutBT said...

Although the K'lall will be hurt it some manner thru the resultant media exposure the bottom line is that victims of Mondrowitz and their families cannot be allowed to go thru life thinking there is Leys Din V'leys Dayan.Yes there is a G-d who sees , remembers, inscribes and decrees.

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

I have good reason to believe that Mondrowitz will be brought back for trial. I also believe he will appeal today's ruling.

I'll rest easier when I greet him at JFK!

Anonymous said...

Mordechai Wolmark = pedophile

Could someone please elaborate on this. Was there any charges brought against Wolmark? Vicky has nothing printed on the Awareness Center. We need to know more please.

Limousine Driver said...

Aron Twerski will be at JFK holding a sign that says "Honorable Man".

Milton Balkany said...

High profile criminals are usually brought in to Stewart International Airport in Newburgh, then driven down to the city by US Marshalls.

AP said...


Court spokeswoman Tal Rosner said the state would make the final decision about whether to extradite Mondrowitz, who could appeal to the Israeli Supreme Court against Sunday's ruling.

Haaretz said...


In yesterday's court decision, Judge Nava Ben Or ruled that since legal reasons prevented bringing Mondrowitz to justice, the statute of limitations on the crime with which he was charged stopped running the moment Mondrowitz arrived in Israel. With the statute of limitations still valid, she ruled, he can be extradited to the U.S.

Steve Greenberg said...

Mondrowitz has one foot out the door but I maybe I can go to Israel and adopt a kid with Leizerowitz.


Same-sex couples can adopt children who are not biologically related to either partner, according to a recent ruling by Attorney General Menachem Mazuz.

The decision means that homosexual and lesbian couples will be able to adopt children through the department of child welfare or a third party.

Mazuz's decision marks a watershed in granting equal rights to gays and lesbians in the sphere of family law. Until now, Mazuz had confined his activities to social and financial areas only.

Shas chairman Eli Yishai called Mazuz's decision "shocking and disgusting," and said he viewed "with great seriousness the repeated trampling of an injury to the family unit.

Conservative "Rabbi" gets it right said...


By Rabbi Marc Gellman
Updated: 02/09/08 10:43 AM

Q: We have the following problem in our family: Our oldest daughter was divorced three or four years ago and has remarried a man about 10 years younger. They’ve been married less than two years. This daughter has a beautiful 17-year-old daughter, whom we recently found out had been molested by her stepfather. The daughter told several people and one of her aunts. The police were notified, but the daughter refuses to testify because she doesn’t want to hurt her mother and cause her to face another divorce.

We’re all devastated about this and want nothing to do with the perpetrator. We wish our daughter would “kick him to the curb.” We’ve been told the parents have resolved the problem, blaming the daughter for “leading him on” (impossible). We’re all supposed to “just move forward.” Well, we can’t.

The holidays were difficult, as no one wanted to see the stepfather. In fact, all family events have been minimal. We had a family cruise planned to celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary. Now, those plans are on hold, as no one in the family wants to celebrate with this couple.

How should the aunts and grandparents handle all of this? The Christian thing would be to forgive. However, I believe when you cross a certain line, there’s no room for forgiveness. I don’t wish this man ill but would like him out of my daughter’s and granddaughter’s lives. Our daughter won’t discuss any of this with us and hangs up if we try.

What’s your advice for a family such as ours? How can we have family get-togethers and not cause more pain?

— R., via godsquadquestion@aol.com

A: So your question comes down to: “My son-in-law has raped my granddaughter. Is it OK to invite him on a cruise?” Hello?

You must do everything you can to get your granddaughter to testify against this man, and get your daughter to leave him. Nothing else matters. Family gatherings don’t matter. Cruises don’t matter. What matters is what this man did to your granddaughter and what he’s likely to do to other girls.

Your daughter should seek an order of protection against her husband. She also needs counseling and family support. Most of all, she needs to understand what broken part of her best self would allow her to blame her daughter for being raped by her stepfather because she “led him on.” I suspect your daughter has also suffered abuse from this predator.

I do understand that what your family must do looks clearer from my perspective. I’m deeply sorry for the suffering of your granddaughter, the moral confusion of your daughter, and the deep fissures this event has opened in your family. However, if what you’ve written is true, and while I realize every story has two sides, you seem to be confronting a child rapist in the family who must be stopped. It’s not morally or legally proper for your family to be the ones who decide what happens to him; that’s for the courts to determine.

When you consider doing nothing, think about what you might say to the grandmother of the next child this man assaults. The awkwardness you face at planning an anniversary cruise is nothing compared to how you’d feel looking into the eyes of his next victims. How would you face them knowing you could have stopped him?

Scoop up your daughter and granddaughter now and bring them into the safety of your family. Then let the law deal with your son-in-law after your daughter explains to her daughter that divorcing the man who attacked her is not something to be avoided, but essential.

As to the Christian and Jewish impulse to forgive this man, let me remind you that he is unrepentant. You can forgive a sinner without helping him avoid punishment for his crime. The paired obligations of forgiveness and justice are made perfectly clear in Leviticus 19:17: “Thou shalt not hate thy brother in thy heart; thou shalt surely rebuke thy neighbor, and not bear sin because of him.”

Send questions only to The GodSquad, c/o Tribune Media Services,2225 Kenmore Ave., Suite 114, Buffalo,NY 14207, or e-mail them to godsquadquestion@aol.com

Anonymous said...

Mondrowitz will have a minyan in place at Rikers Island. Heads of some of unzere tzedakas are about to roll specifically OHEL.


boog said...


It took clear-thinking Italian-Americans to summon up the courage and moral indignation, speak out and bring this animal closer to the Justice he deserves.

Perhaps because they don't have Far-krumte "Dass-Toiyreh" guiding them?

And the abominations continue:

Last night at the Shuvu Dinner, I could not believe what I saw: Margoles was seated on the Dais, Row-1, right next to the Novominsker. One might say it's poetic Justice to have two enablers sitting side-by-side. But how do allow such a Margo Tinofes up on the Dais?

Whose brilliant idea was it? Was it you Heshy? Mordy? Abe B? Scherman? Duvid Z? Shame on all of you and the entire Board of Directors for allowing such a Menuval who robbed Torah Vodass blind in setting up his YTT to besmirch the Zeicher of Rav Pam, ZTZ'L. Especially at a function that highlights the incredible results achieved in bringing Kinderlech back to Yiddeshkeit. Yiddeshe Kinderlich of another time and place whose trust, innocence, and Emunah, Margo viciously destroyed.

This Tinof Tinofes Drek you put up front and center on the Shuvu Dais?!!

Shame on all of you! Keep him OFF the Dais next year!

boog said...

From The Theatre of the Absurd Dept:

At the Shuvu Dinner last night, Scherman in his remarks recalled how someone once came up to Rav Pam ZL and said that Rav Pam was this generations Chofetz Chaim ZL. Rav Pam vigorously protested and was Moicheh, saying NO! and that he has to stand up for the Kovod of the Chofetz Chaim.

You said this, standing right next to the seated margolies. Why did you not stand up for the Kovod of your Rebbe?

Pious Platitudes.

Black Comedy at its finest.

Harold Pinter would be proud of you.

LVF said...

Burach shehigiuni lazman hazeh!

Thanks uoj, This would not have happened w/o you.

Dr Seth David Cohen from Detroit said...


As of January 16, 2008, Seth David Cohen is Non-Compliant with the Michigan Sex Offender Registry.

Seth David Cohen pled no contest to Accosting a Minor for Immoral Purposes and was later sentenced to 60 days in jail with credit for one day. Upon release Cohen will be placed on probation, with terms, for a period of three years. Additionally, Cohen was ordered to pay fines and costs totaling $720.

This is a case that was in the orthodox community of Detroit. There was very little media attention due to the fact there was pressure from the religious leaders to keep the case quiet. Shunning the facts is another way we make survivors feel they are to blame for being victimized. We need to start honoring them for the bravery it took to come forward and do what was needed to convict or at least to attempt to convict offenders.

Ronnie Schreiber Spokesman said...


Please submit all questions about Seth Cohen in writing to Gimpel Wolmark.

TBH said...

Very appropriate for him to be at the Shuvu dinner and on the dais. Shuvu is the biggest marketing scam of all time.

YU Alumnus said...

Rabbi Zevulun Charlop never had the backbone to revoke Steve Greenberg's semicha because he was scared of a lawsuit. Now that Greenberg is openly saying that gay sex is permitted, YU must act if they are to save face.

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

If Nosson Scherman had one ounce of dignity and self-respect, he would have refused to speak and sit at the dais in protest!

The good ol' boys club keeps demonstrating over and over - how screwed up and corrupt they are! Something I've known for a very long time! They all deserve each other!

HaPutz Dovid Cohen of OHEL and Gvul Yaavetz said...


I suggest that the daughter press charges against the stepfather for statuatory rape and like wise bring charges against her mother, grandparents for neglect and also against the rabbi that performed the wedding between the mother and stepfather. If it was you so be it.

If the 17 year old girl is very pretty and needs a place to live, she can move into my home with me. You can be certain I will make sure that no else will ever molests her. If she's not pretty she can live at OHEL.

tbh said...

RAV Pam a was no Chofetz Chaim. The Chofetz Chaim never went to college and never taught science in the elementary school at the Yeshiva Torah Vodaath.

Anonymous said...

Ohels domestic violence program must come under scrutiny.

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

Rav Avrohom Pam ztvk"l was definitely, without any question in my mind at all - the tzaddik of our generation!

Wall Street Journal on Rabbi Haim Chalom Israel said...


PARIS -- French prosecutors have taken off the gloves in the war against money laundering.

Even high-powered bankers are getting the full treatment. Dozens have been hauled in for grilling about a bogus-check operation in Paris. Seven Societe Generale SA executives were locked in cells overnight at police headquarters on the Rue du Chateau des Rentiers while they waited to be questioned. Societe Generale's chairman, Daniel Bouton, was searched, the pockets of his suit turned inside out, before he was interrogated. Bred Banque Populaire's director general, Francois Xavier de Fournas, spent the night in a brightly lit cell and had to clutch his trousers to stop them from falling down after officers took his belt, standard procedure to prevent him from hanging himself.

None of the bankers detained in the past two years has been charged, and all deny wrongdoing. But most remain under investigation, and are indignant at what they say are prosecutors' unrealistic expectations of their abilities to spot bad checks. "This case puts the whole banking profession in danger," says Michel Beaussier, a lawyer who represents several banks in Paris.

Banks are in the spotlight world-wide as concerns mount about money
laundering by terrorists. The bogus-check investigation in Paris started three years before the Sept. 11 attacks on the U.S., and it doesn't target terrorist organizations. But it focuses on the weaknesses getting increasing international attention: loopholes in the banking system, and in banks' vigilance.

Isabelle Prevost-Desprez, the top investigating magistrate in the finance section of the public prosecutors' office, has been directing the probe into the bogus-check ring. Ms. Prevost-Desprez
won't talk publicly about the case. But people familiar with the
investigation say the architects of the money-laundering operation
designed a simple but ingenious scheme.

Legitimate checks drawn on French banks were stolen, doctored and sent to Israel, where check-cashing rules allow checks to be endorsed and cashed by companies or individuals other than the original payee. Accomplices in
Tel Aviv and Jerusalem pocketed the money, and the endorsed checks were sent back to France to be cleared, through what's known as the correspondent banking network, a confederation of banks that help each others' clients conduct business and that has attracted increasing attention since Sept. 11.

Among the dozens of people under investigation in Paris are executives of Barclays Bank PLC of Britain, Bred Banque Populaire, Societe Generale and Bank Leumi. The people familiar with the case say investigating magistrates in the public prosecutor's office suspect the banks knowingly let bad checks through their systems and failed to spot suspicious
accounts in their own branches.

The probe started in 1998, when magistrates were looking into what is known as the Sentier Affair, named after Paris's garment district. That case ended last month with the convictions of 88 garment and textile traders found guilty of using false invoices and accounting tricks to obtain money fraudulently from a number of banks, including Societe Generale, BNP Paribas SA and Credit Lyonnais SA.

While investigating the Sentier Affair, agents learned of a firm called Compagnie Europeenne de Textile, known as CET, which operated out of a dark and narrow Sentier side street, just behind the Paris Bourse. People familiar with the case say magistrates believe CET processed hundreds of
millions of ill-gotten francs, laundering some money for the garment and textile traders in the Sentier Affaire. (Officials believe the man behind CET, an accountant named Philippe Besadoux, has left France for Israel. Prosecutors have issued a warrant for his arrest.

A common stunt, these people say, was for someone in France to steal an envelope addressed to the French tax office, which would most often include a check. The thief would sell the check to CET, which then did its part of the job: If the beneficiary on a check was "Tresor Public" -- Public asury, the French tax office -- CET would alter it to read "M.
Tresor Public," adding the common French abbreviation for Monsieur.
CET collaborators would carry the checks to Israel, where third and even fourth parties are allowed to cash foreign checks. The people familiar with the case say many check transporters and cashers were affiliated with religious organizations. Among those under investigation is Haim Chalom Israel, a rabbi from Jerusalem who runs Massoret, which funds French-speaking schools in Israel. His lawyer, Jean-Alex Buchinger, says
Mr. Israel did cash about 30 checks drawn on French banks at
foreign-exchange offices in Israel, but that the checks were all legitimate and unaltered. "There's proof that the money went to the schools," Mr. Buchinger adds.

Since Israel is on an internationally recognized blacklist of 19 countries failing to do enough to combat money laundering, magistrates in Paris say the checks coming in from Tel Aviv and Jerusalem should have been red flags for the French banks.

"Investigating magistrates think the banks knew that the checks were endorsed irregularly, and that they did nothing about it," says Mr. Franchi, the public prosecutor.

The banks argue that what magistrates demand of them is far-fetched, the equivalent of expecting the head of a food company to taste every carton of yogurt his company produces -- and to taste competitors' cartons, too.

Most of the checks in investigators' sights went through the correspondent banking network, which allows institutions to clear payments and provide other services for each other's customers. That means a check drawn on Bank A that was doctored in Paris and cashed in Israel might have been cleared back in Paris by Bank B.

French banks don't have employees personally examine checks presented for clearance that are drawn on other financial institutions, and don't
individually inspect even their own checks if they are for less than a certain amount of money. The banks won't say what their
individual-inspection limits are; in the CET case, investigating
magistrates concentrated on checks for over 10,000 francs (1,524 euros or $1,337) but also looked at checks valued at as little as 500 francs.

With thousands of checks passing through their systems from foreign
countries every day, French banks insist there is no way for them to
detect when their far-flung check-cashing networks are being abused by criminals. Beyond that, they complain that their legal duties aren't clear.

"We never understood that we had to control every check," says Pierre de Lauzun, director of research at the French Banking Association, which is pressing the government to rewrite a 1996 anti-money-laundering law to spell out the cases in which banks should refuse to process a check. "It's
a serious problem."

To be on the safe side, in January, Societe Generale stopped processing checks cashed in Israel, and Credit Lyonnais stopped accepting most checks
from banks in all the countries on the blacklist. Credit Lyonnais said it took the step as a "precautionary" measure, and Societe Generale said it did so "pending clarification" of its responsibility under French law.

Some European banks far from Paris also recently have cut longstanding relationships with foreign institutions. HSBC Holdings PLC of London, one
of the world's largest banks, says that it has closed about 70 accounts held by overseas-based financial institutions. Others also are tightening up their rules for accepting new clients. "It's at the top of the agenda for most of the people I'm speaking to," said Urs Bigger, head of
compliance at Credit Suisse Group of Switzerland.

The moves come as governments and regulators around the world focus on the shortcomings of the correspondent banking system. In many countries, especially those with less-developed financial systems, correspondent banking is crucial to ensuring smooth international trade. The network is also an inexpensive way for banks to offer international services without opening offices in every country.

But tough U.S. legislation introduced after Sept. 11, and likely to become law, has forced financial institutions to look more closely at the overseas institutions with which they do correspondence business. The
European Union also is applying pressure: Last week, European Parliament representatives issued an action plan that, if enacted, will restrict European banks' ability to execute financial transactions with countries
deemed to have lax money-laundering laws.

In the past, banks didn't always look that closely at the banks they were doing business with, said Andrew Clark, head of the anti-money-laundering unit at PricewaterhouseCoopers in London. "As long as the relationship was commercially successful they didn't feel the need to ask too many detailed
questions." Now, he said, reputational risk -- the threat of public embarrassment that could damage a bank's name -- is one of the hottest topics in many boardrooms.

The changes are expensive, requiring banks to bring in new staff and expensive computer equipment to search for unusual or suspicious transactions. In the weeks after Sept. 11, banks around the world were given lists containing as many as 2,500 names of suspected criminals or
terrorists and told to compare them against databases of account holders.

In France, officials say that, despite banks' lobbying, it's unlikely the money-laundering law will be revised. Mr. Franchi, the public prosecutor, says even under the law as it is, French bankers have nothing to worry about, if they're innocent. For bankers to be charged, he says, investigating magistrates would have to prove executives had "fraudulent
intentions," and that they "knew what they were doing" in allowing the bad checks to be cleared.

Whatever the outcome, for bank executives, not used to the ignominy of being hauled in for questioning, the CET investigation has been embarrassing, and uncomfortable. Magistrates can detain people under investigation in criminal cases for up to 48 hours without charging them, and some of the bankers were held that long.

More accustomed to Paris's tradition of "dejeuners d'affaires" -- long and
lavish business lunches -- they were appalled to find themselves treated like common thieves, their lawyers say.

"It's not much fun spending 48 hours in police detention," says Francois Martineau, one of six lawyers representing Societe Generale in the case. "The banks feel they've been harshly treated on a human level."

Mr. de Fournas, the Bred Banque Populaire director general who spent a night, beltless, in a jail cell in March 2000, responded last year by filing a lawsuit, against "X," the check-forgers and check-cashers under investigation in the CET case. The suit says these unidentified people used the banks' "ordinary services for fraudulent means." In fact,
according to Bred Banque Populaire, the bank is the injured party, "the victim of an especially clever deceit since the crooks only carried out at Bred banking operations perfectly in line with the regulations, which made them undetectable."

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

Ahavah: Confirmation on what I believe both of us predicted:

U.S. stocks drop as AIG discloses auditor's doubts...........
World's largest insurer questions internal controls over "value" of derivatives............
By Kate Gibson, MarketWatch

Grey Poupon said...

The head of Societe Generale, Daniel Bouton, who is also charged, is apparently a Sefardi.

French Bastard at Le Marais said...

Belsky is offering a free steak a trois poivres and salad with BIG BEATLES to anyone who can still launder the proceeds from zee fake bittul kiddushins.

Rubashkin Fresser said...

The mustard at Le Marais tastes better than stam Grey Poupon. I bet those French bastards are sneaking in the real McCoy Dijon from France with white wine yayin nesech in it.

Anonymous said...

Chil molesters of the "civilized" type always plead not guilty initialy, dragging own family and victims thru the mud. Even when they cop a plea they will always insist they were realy innocent, and this was all the work of jealous people.
At this very time that is exactly what Mondrowitz and family are claiming. However, any thinking person knows that child victims in such large numbers don't make these things up, and jealousy (whatever the hell that means in his case) is not enough incentive to shame oneself to come out with the disgusting details of what this man did to them. He may have been just a young man with a devilish urge at the time, but thats not even close to justification for the HUNDREDS of lives he has so affected. "KOL DEMAI ACHECHO TZO'AKIM EILEI MIN HA'ADOMO"(from the kayin havel affair) is a very apropriate quote here, literaly. G-d bless this guys victims and families of victims with peace in this world and for those who have sadly not survived the torment with peace in that world. Just imagine the anguish of the relatives of those whose lives were ended on account of the misery this man created in his victims minds. I hear they are renovating and expanding hell so it will be big enough for him and the coconspirating gedolim that are on track to cause the greatest chillul hashem since the times when European jews used to whip goyishe child employees for small infractions at the proprietors shop. I witness reports mentioned in seforim state that these goyim returned for vengeance during the pogroms of Tach V'Tat and also at the onset of nazi occupation. Childs play compared to screwing your Italian neighbor's boy. I can forsee a new wave of anti'semitsm on account of these molesters and enablers. Like Boog and UOJ have been saying for years, these tinof tinofes will be our undoing chalila.

NY Daily News said...


Rabbi Avrohom Mondrowitz, who fled to the Jewish state in 1984 to avoid prosecution, could now be headed back to Brooklyn within a matter of months to face sodomy and sex abuse charges.

"It's good news," said Michael Lesher, who represents several of the rabbi's alleged victims. "This order means he'll be on the way back to face trial."

Mondrowitz, 60, a married father of seven, could still appeal the decision to the Israeli Supreme Court, a move that could take nearly a year to resolve.

"There's still some work to be done," said Jerry Schmetterer, a spokesman for Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes. "We look forward to bringing him to justice in Brooklyn."


The rabbi argued that the statute of limitations had run out on his alleged crimes.

But Judge Nava Ben-Or ruled Mondrowitz should not benefit from fleeing prosecution.

"When someone is escaping justice it is only fair and reasonable that this period of time is not taken into account," said Gal Levertov, an Israeli Justice Department official.

Dressed in a long black coat and yarmulke, the shackled Mondrowitz sat impassively as the judge read his decision.

His wife and children sat behind him, but were prevented by two guards from touching or talking to him.

"I'm very proud of my kids. I'm always proud of my kids," Mondrowitz said to his family as he was led away.

"We're proud of you, too," one of his sons cried out.

Mondrowitz was once a popular child psychologist and youth counselor in Borough Park, where he was especially well-known among Hasidic Jews.

He fled to Israel after several boys filed horrific complaints claiming he sodomized them after befriending them or taking them on outings to amusement parks and movies.

One of Mondrowitz's victims told Lesher he was pleased that the rabbi is one step closer to facing trial for his alleged crimes.

"It's been a long time to see any sort of justice," Lesher said. "We feel we are tangibly closer now."


Dumb Sfardim said...


The majority of Beth Din awards that are contested are enforced by courts in the UK, although they can be overruled.
In one case a son claimed his father owed him hundreds of thousands of pounds for smuggling carpets out of post-revolutionary Iran. The father denied the deal existed. If it did, it would have been illegal, which would have prevented the courts enforcing it.

In Jewish law illegality did not affect the rights and the son was awarded more than £500,000. The father refused to pay and the case eventually went to the court of appeal, which overturned the ruling.

UOJ's kind of rabbi said...

Written by a rov that UOJ would approve of:

Personally I doubt if it is Moish Finkel's family creating pressure for the Agriculture Dept's Rabbi Luzer Weiss and the DA to cover things up and not file felony charges. As far as I know they have avoided having anything to do with him since the affair. I suspect it is more a well-intentioned attitude of rabbonim that it reflects badly upon Rabbi Breslauer, who is very respected. I personally am much more offended that neither the State nor the Monsey rabbonim ever issued a report. We do not know if the mashgichim ever checked for anything at all or not. The Monsey rabbonim decided that kashrus is not sufficiently important for people to know. I do not understand that, although I agree that rabbi Breslauer is a very fine person who made a critical error of judgement in believing Finkel to be a super religious Jew for whom a mashgiach would be a redundancy and therefore allowed nominal visits by a mashgiach who was a close friend of Finkel and an employee of yeshiva of Spring Valley (where Finkel was chairman of the board).

And I wonder if you agree with what seems to me to be a scandal. The community pays top dollar (between $5 and $8 a roll) for Winnipeg-origin frozen gefilte fish. Fresh fish costs the same price, and these rolls are stuffed with flour and sugar and onions etc. which cost less than a $1 a pound and made of cheap imported frozen minced fish which is the cheapest kind of fish on the planet. The customer is getting Chinese, non-mashgiach temidi low quality product for the same price you would pay if your local fish store chopped fresh fish for you. And the consumer believes that he is getting reliable stuff, whereas he would be better off going to the local treif fish store where the Koreans still are makpid on whole fish, and then asking them to fillet and skin the fish with the customers knife and grinding it at home.

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

Emes v'yatziv...on your entire post! Particularly:

The customer is getting Chinese, non-mashgiach temidi low quality product for the same price you would pay if your local fish store chopped fresh fish for you.

The packaged ground fish is chopped dreck and potentially poisonous. There are NO controls at all over the fish coming out of China...and I would guess based on information from the Chinese themselves (yes...I'm in contact with Chinese manufacturers of food and toys...as well as other influential people)that tell me the drek that goes into these chopped and minced - meat and fowl products - are unfathomable!

JWB said...

>Rabbi Ephraim Bryks, who is a member of the Vaad Harabanim of
>Queens and is said to frequently officiate gittin, has been
>active on Rosenfeld’s behalf, and has been in contact with
>the Hacohens, attempting to negotiate an agreement with them.

Agunah in Oceanside struggles for a get
A local woman’s battle for freedom
The Jewish Star
Vol. 7, No. 6, Page 1 and 6
February 8, 2008

Susie Rosenfeld has been married to Ariel Hacohen since 2001, but for
the last two and half years, she has been fighting to get both a civil
divorce and a halachic one from him. After refusing to grant her a get,
Hacohen was issued a seiruv in July 2006 by Rabbi Aryeh Ralbag of the
Vaad Harabanim of Flatbush. Though a six-person jury recently voted
unanimously granted Rosenfeld a civil divorce on grounds of cruel and
inhuman treatment, she remains powerless in her struggle to obtain a get,
whose absence forbids her to remarry under Jewish law.

“It’s sociopathic and it’s a control issue,” Rosenfeld said of
her estranged husband’s behavior. “He wants to be in control of
everything on his terms and in his own way.”
Rosenfeld, who is in her late 30s, lives in Oceanside and works as an
ultrasound technician in Nassau County. Hacohen, in his late 40s, is
currently unemployed, living with his parents, and collecting worker’s
compensation for an injury he sustained several years ago.

“All I want is a get –– we have no children, no assets, and
we’re not fighting over anything,” Rosenfeld told The Jewish Star. “He
has nothing better to do than sit every night and think of ways to
make me miserable. He’s a malingerer and a liar.

“He’s very vindictive and he’s pathetic...hiding in his
parents’ house,” she added. “He doesn’t even show up in court because he
wants to prolong this so I can no longer have children, which shows
how vengeful this is.” Together with hundreds of volunteers, Rosenfeld
has been mounting a public effort to exert communal pressure on Hacohen
and his family to give her a get, through a letter writing campaign,
petitions, e-mails and phone calls, notifying people of his refusal.
With the assistance of ORA, the Organization for the Resolution of
Agunot, rallies have been coordinated to champion this cause.

“The rallies are helpful to a extent, but not enough in this case,”
explained Josh Ross, ORA’s executive director. “Sometimes it takes
many tries.”

A protest staged by ORA in Sept. 2006 at the Hacohen house was notable
for the appearance of counter-home protesters advocating the
withholding of the get, men who were shouting obscenities and acting on behalf of
Rabbi Shlomo Blumenkrantz, Hacohen’s rabbi.

This year, several rallies have also been held outside Rabbi
Blumenkrantz’s Brooklyn home. Rabbi Blumenkrantz, who has been advising
Hacohen, endorses the heter meah rabbanim, a rabbinical decree that allows a
man to remarry without a get. He maintains that Hacohen has done
everything right and Rosenfeld has done everything wrong in this case.

Rabbi Hershel Schachter, rosh yeshiva at Yeshiva University, appeared
at one of these rallies, on Nov. 4. He is vehemently against Rabbi
Blumenkrantz’s actions and fundamentally disagrees with his policies.
“To my great disdain, there is a particular rabbi in Brooklyn who
regularly issues heter meah rabbanim that do not conform to accepted halachic
guidelines,” Rabbi Schachter wrote in a letter to the Rabbinical
Council of America, urging members of that organization to attend the
rally. “In so doing, he is greatly increasing the incidence of agunah
cases...The more people at the protest, the greater the likelihood that
this rabbi will realize the harmfulness of his actions.”

Rosenfeld has also appealed to several other rabbis to enlist their
help with her situation. One is Rabbi Shlomo Herbst, Hacohen’s former
rabbi who officiated at their wedding and handled his divorce from his
previous marriage.

“Rabbi Herbst gave Ariel his first get, and I specifically asked him
if Ariel was a mentch and could be married again, and he said yes and
agreed to marry us,” explained Rosenfeld. “I speak to him all the
time, and he feels bad, but he hasn’t been able to do anything to

“He’s not connected to me anymore,” explained Rabbi Herbst,
describing his relationship with Hacohen. “He broke off with me over a
year ago, and now he’s not returning my phone calls.”

“He used to come to me and listen to whatever I told him,” Rabbi
Herbst continued but, unfortunately, that influence has lapsed. “I
wasn’t involved, and then he found Rabbi Blumenkrantz. I wish I could be
of more help but I cannot.”

Rabbi Ephraim Bryks, who is a member of the Vaad Harabanim of Queens
and is said to frequently officiate gittin, has been active on
Rosenfeld’s behalf, and has been in contact with the Hacohens, attempting to
negotiate an agreement with them. It is not possible for Rosenfeld to
talk to Hacohen herself, since he received an order of protection against

They have not spoken in a year and a half. “The Hacohens believe that
there is a process that has to be followed, and that Susie has not
followed that process,” said Rabbi Bryks. Though members of the Hacohen
family refused to comment for this article, they support
Ariel in his belief that the only recourse is to attend a beit din
presided over by Rabbi Blumenkrantz. Rosenfeld rejected this Beit Din
because she felt that it was biased and unscrupulous. At one point, she
told The Jewish Star, Rabbi Blumenkrantz suggested a payment of $100,000
to convince Hacohen to talk to her, but wouldn’t guarantee that she
would receive a get. Blumenkrantz denied that claim.

Rosenfeld presented to Hacohen a list of several acceptable batei din
from which he can choose. However, since they couldn’t agree on one,
she instead suggested zabla, an arbitration procedure in which each
party chooses one dayan, or judge, and those two dayanim then choose a

“Zabla works because even if there is one unethical rabbi, he would
only be one out of three, and you need a majority,” Rabbi Bryks
explained. “Even if his [Hacohen’s] dayan is Rabbi Blumenkrantz, she
[Rosenfeld] will accept it. She would also be willing to go back to Rabbi
Herbst. But the batei din he wants are unacceptable, and he feels that
zabla is not the right process.”

The Hacohen family also feels that the public pressure being exerted is
counter-productive, and that it is a form of harassment that needs to
stop. “As long as the harassment continues, we will not continue to
negotiate,” Rabbi Bryks said he was told by the Hacohen family. “We
will not negotiate with a gun held to our heads.”

“Rabbi Blumenkrantz echoes the position of the family,” reported
Rabbi Bryks, who has met with him in the past. “He says that the
harassment must stop and that the names must be removed from the papers.”

However, earlier in the year, Hacohen said that if his name was taken
out of the newspaper, and Rosenfeld did not speak publicly, as planned,
at an Agunah awareness event at YU, he would agree to meet and discuss
a settlement. Rosenfeld complied with these requests, but Hacohen
never met with her.

“After that, his name went right back into the paper,” said
Rosenfeld. “He is not to be trusted or believed.”

Hacohen has been offered a great deal in exchange for Rosenfeld’s
get, but nothing seems to appease him. “He doesn’t want money; all he
wants is to torture me,” Rosenfeld maintained. “I don’t think he
should get a cent, but someone was willing to give him a blank check
and he refused.”

At one point, about a year after she left him, Hacohen had said he
wanted four things: Rosenfeld’s pension, her engagement ring, health
insurance, and their dog. Rosenfeld was willing to comply with these
demands, but Hacohen rejected it, she recalled, saying it was ‘too

In addition to the problem of communal pressure, the Hacohens feel that
since Ariel is being wrongly portrayed, his reputation has been
damaged, and they would like his good name to be restored.

It’s a Catch-22 situation,” Rabbi Bryks observed. “If he says he
is being wronged, then he should go to a beit din. You can’t stand in
the street and say that you have been wronged but then refuse to go to
Beit Din.”

“Let all the claims be raised in front of the judge,” he advised.
“Susie is not asking for anything. If their marriage is over, and
everybody agrees it is, then you give the wife a get. If you don’t, that
is considered abuse of the highest level.”

Hacohen’s family, which includes his parents and three married
siblings, continue to stand behind him and support him, both financially and
emotionally. “They defend him, and if you speak to his sister, she
will say that he is a tzaddik,” Rosenfeld reported. “He doesn’t
care that he is killing his parents and crucifying his siblings. Our
family is hurting, and we want to know when their family is hurting enough
to do the right thing.”

Since her grounds for getting a civil divorce have been approved,
Rosenfeld is now asking a judge to put New York State’s Get Law Two into
effect, under which the judge can issue punitive monetary rulings until
she receives a get.

“But, until the rabbis come up with a solution, there is nothing that
can protect a Jewish woman from this,” she concluded “There is
nothing in halacha that accounts for crazy people like Ariel. He is
spending his life in revenge, and as long as I can’t move on, he is happy.
All I ever asked for is for him to give me a get.”

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

Rabbi Ephraim Boruch Bryks' private unlisted number:


Imagine....this Bryks criminal involved in rabbinic functions! Avinu Shebashomayim....How much more do you think we can take???

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

SAN FRANCISCO (MarketWatch) -- American International Group shares fell as much as 11% on Monday after the insurer's auditor questioned how the company values some of its derivatives.

PricewaterhouseCoopers LLC said AIG had a material weakness in its internal control over financial reporting and oversight related to the valuation of a derivatives portfolio owned by AIG Financial Products Corp., a unit of AIG, the company said in a regulatory filing.

AIG disagreed, saying it has appropriate controls and procedures in place to value such exposures. (The Agudah also disagrees that they cover for criminals and child-rapists)

But Fitch Ratings said it may cut AIG's AA ratings in light of the disclosure.

The problems are centered on collateralized debt obligations, complex securities that are partly backed by mortgage securities. As house prices have fallen and delinquencies and foreclosures surge, the market value on these securities have dropped sharply.

AIG Financial Products has a large exposure to these securities. The unit's credit derivatives portfolio had a net notional exposure of $505 billion at the end of September.

More than $62 billion of that was related to CDOs, mainly backed by subprime U.S. residential mortgage-backed securities, Fitch said.
"The announcement highlights the greater risk associated with AIG, and also has increased investors skepticism," Alain Karaoglan, an analyst at Banc of America Securities, wrote in a note to investors.

Alistair Barr is a reporter for MarketWatch in San Francisco.

What do you expect? said...

Is it any chiddush that Bryks is a member in good standing on the Queens Vaad? Belsky's buddy Peretz Steinberg from the Iggud Haganovim is running the show at the Queens Vaad.

Queens Vaad "Highlights" said...


Save Mokom Shalom! said...

Bayside is half a problem.
the northwest corner of bayside acacia cemetery is called Mokom Shalom. It was the first Free Hebrew Burial site in the US, dating back to the 1800s. Rabbi Elchonon Zohn of the Queens vaad harabanim has a financial stake in the cemetery and despite the fact that Rav Elyashiv ossered him from burying more people there, they have desecrated approximately 11,000 graves and plan on reburying a second layer on top of the existing dead. Something that was never voluntarily done in a Jewish cemetery. Here are pictures demonstrating the removal of tombstones. Be patient the server is very very slow. You may have to refresh the pictures. I hope to have someone mirror it in the near future. The cemetery was the subject of a series of articles by Moshe handler in 1997 on the desecration and proposed reburying.

Queens Vaad said...


E-mail us


General Information

(718) 520-9060

Chevra Kadisha

(718) 849-9700

Write us

Vaad Harabonim of Queens
141-49 73rd Ave.
Flushing, NY 11367

Fax us

(718) 520-9063

Queens said...

Bryks quit the RCA before they were about to kick him out but there are powerful forces protecting him on the Queens Vaad like his shvogger Paysach Krohn, his mechutan Moshe Faskowitz, Belsky's friend Peretz Steinberg and the Bukharian rabbis that are very fond of him.

The Queens Vaad did remove his name though from the list of members on their website.

Yisroel Belsky said...

You mean Peresh Steinberg!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe that all the militant feminists from JOFA and elsewhere are letting Susan Rosenfeld be involved with Bryks.

Cheapskate said...

How much does it cost to get that archived article on Belsky from Newsday?

I'm not splurging, I'm just curious.


Anonymous said...

To the wiseguy commenting about girls from Ohel, not all the ones that Rabbi Cohen took care of are attractive.

shmarya said...

Let's set Michael Lesher straight.

I personally asked Jerry Schmetterer, the DA's spokesperson, about the request for extradition. He said the request was made in early February, the same thing he told to every other reporter.

Lesher has brought no information to contradict this.

What this means, steve, is that either the DA is lying about something that can eventually be proved to be a lie ---OR--- Washington was refusing to process the extradition request.

Think about that.

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

I personally asked Jerry Schmetterer, the DA's spokesperson, about the request for extradition. He said the request was made in early February, the same thing he told to every other reporter.

Schmetterer is a liar!

Michael Lesher got it right!

Bungalow Yenta said...

I called Bryks's cellphone but no one answered.

What's a good number to page him on? Maybe the Awareness Center?

Anonymous said...

Who is the former Chaim Berlin rosh yeshiva who was misrepresented by Belsky?

Ronnie Greenwald said...

The false rabbi Ephraim Bryks

Yemach Shmo, besides being a

certified pedophile, and sexual

pervert that cannot be trusted

around women, he intentionally

makes Possula Gittin. A woman

with a Get from that scroundel MAY


I was at a Get together with Rabbi Leibel Tropper, in Flatbush, that this pedophile bastard performed, it was just a disgrace. It was 100%possul. Bryks is all fake and fraudulent.

Paysach Krohn said...


Penis Balloons Welcome Aguilera's Baby Son to Judaism
Christina Aguilera insisted on turning her baby son's bris into a big celebration and decorated her home with penis balloons.

Aguilera, a Catholic, has adopted all the customs and holidays of her husband Jordan Bratman's religion, and admits she now knows how to celebrate the rite of male circumcision.

The pop star refused to allow the sacred ceremony to become a somber affair and turned the bris into a big party.

She says, "I'm not Jewish, my husband's Jewish ... I never really knew a lot of Jewish people growing up either, so I really had no idea about the bris and all the Jewish holidays. It's all a learning process for me.

"It was a very sweet experience; we had a lot of close friends come over and experience the bris with us.

"We're such a non-conventional couple, we had a lot of penis balloons everywhere."

Aguilera and Bratman welcomed little Max Liron Bratman into the world on January 12. The naming and circumcision ceremony took place on January 20.

Frankel's Shul said...

And ven you shake hands mit a Hungarian, count your fingers to make sure none vere stolen.


A private attorney has been charged with physically assaulting a federal prosecutor in a Fort Lauderdale courtroom by shaking her hand up and down so hard that it injured her shoulder.

Kathy Brewer Rentas spent Thursday night in solitary confinement at the Miami Federal Detention Center. She was released on a $100,000 bond on Friday morning and ordered to get a psychological evaluation to see if she needs counseling or anger management training.

Monsey said...

Ronnie Greenwald, how's your pal Mordechai Tendler?

Anonymous said...

Paysach krohn was the Mohel for Aguilera Bratman.. he gave the honor of Metiza bpeh to his brother in law Ephraim Bryks. It took Brkys a very long time to do finish because he is very "machmir".

The baby should now be tested for AIDS.

Yehoshua Zev aka Josh Ross - EDITED VERSION said...


The post from JWB should be removed as it is entirely distorted of the facts. It is being used here to "KASHER" a swine with the name Bryks. Ephraim Bryks is involved with Susie because he has personal issues. This bastard does not care about Aishis Ish or a Get. He intentionally issues possula Gittin. Calling him repeatedly a rabbi puts confusion in the heads of some readers of UOJ.

Aryeh Ralbag was the hired rabbi for Susie. The bastard Ralbag sought a siruv against Arial without him ever failing to appear at a Beth Din. Accordingly, at the request of Ralbag (a/k/a Aryeh Scumbag) a siruv was issued by Herby Mamzer, the fired rabbi of the Young Israel of Ocean Parkway (He was kicked out of the Young Israel during another scandal about ten years ago.) Herby Mamzer, who works in the office at the Vaad Harabonim of Flatbush, wrote the phony Siruv on the stationary of the Vaad Harabonim of Flatbush, although the Vaad never issued any Hazmana to Ariel. According to rabbi Elimelech Bluth the Rosh Beis Din of the Vaad Harabonim of Flatbush, Herby Mamzer did this without his consent. Rabbi Bluth acknowledges that there was never any Hazmana from the Vaad and that the Siruv is of no Halachic validity. Shamefully, rabbi Bluth does not fight for the rights of others and does not stand up against truth. Bluth is afraid of Herby Mamzer moving to kick him out of the Vaad. You see, the Vaad is everything to Herby, since without anymore a shul and without any brains there wont be anything to write on Herby’s gravestone.

NOW FOR SOME ADDITIOANL FACTS: Ariel Hakohen is not just collecting disability for an injury, he was injured and became crippled. Susie his estranged bitch tried to have his insurance cut off and his disability stopped. Susie called the insurance and the state and falsely informed them that Ariel is working. Susie ripped off the savings accounts that were marital assets. She now cries there is nothing to fight about. If there was nothing to fight about why did she initiate all the fights and seek out false siruvim against Ariel. She lies about rabbi Blumenkrantz demanding a hundred thousand dollars for Ariel. Only a fool from YU would believe such nonsense. She says there are no kids to fight about, but Susie does not tell that she seeks custody of the marital dog and is fighting over him. (Makes me think why she calls herself an agunah?)

As to Blumenkrantz issuing many Heter Meah Rabbonim, we should consider; that would mean that there should be circulating many copies of these Blumenkrantz Heteirim all around town. After all, you do have to mail them out to over a hundred rabbis in order to get signatures from a minimum of 100 rabbis. Surely, by now there must be at least no less than fifty such copies floating around among the RCA rabbis. Yet, NOT EVEN ONE SUCH COPY has been found to exist. THERE DOES NOT EXIST EVEN ONE!!! The reason is because there is no truth to this. Rabbi Shlomo Blumenkrantz NEVER issued a Heter Meah in his life. I am told he has NEVER signed a Heter Meah rabbonim in his life.

If there is a valid complaint against Rabbi Blumenkrantz it should be for his having NEVER issued a Heter Meah for the so many husbands that are defending themselves from an estranged bitch wife like Susie and surely deserve a Heter Meah.

However, Hershel Schachter from YU attacks publicly Rabbi Blumenkrantz for issuing something that he has never seen.

Hershel Schachter the fool wrote in a letter to the Rabbinical
Council of America, urging members of that organization to attend the rally. “To my great disdain, there is a particular rabbi in Brooklyn who regularly issues heter meah rabbanim that do not conform to accepted halachic
guidelines,” “The more people at the protest, the greater the likelihood that
this rabbi will realize the harmfulness of his actions.”

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Who is the former Chaim Berlin rosh yeshiva who was misrepresented by Belsky?

Rabbi Elya Romnick

Anonymous said...


How can the queens vaad keep a murderer?

Get your Facts Straight said...

Rabbi Bluth is the Queens Vaad - NOT Flatbush, so how could Herbie Bomzer have a run in with him?

I never heard that the Young Israel of Ocean Pkwy fired Bomzer. Do you have an explanation & anything to back it up?

If I remember correctly, Rabbi Blumenkrantz admitted issuing a heter meah to the Jewish Week.

The Jewish Fress runs a proclamation every week that the Flatbush Vaad holds Hacohen in contempt. You mean the entire Vaad doesn't care if this isn't true?

Better Question for Ronnie Greenwald said...

Are you still having chit-chats with Ronnie Schreiber? He may be banned from UOJ but he still posts comments all over the blogosphere.

Abuse Tracker said...

Coverage of clergy abuse.

Abuse Tracker Friday, May 30, 2003

Rabbi quits under cloud
The Winnipeg Sun


A New York rabbi, who's been dogged by allegations of sexual abuse against at least one Winnipeg child for more than 15 years, has resigned from the Rabbinical Council of America.

Council officials confirmed Rabbi Ephraim Bryks resigned his membership from the prestigious Orthodox Rabbi association earlier in the week, according to a report on Newsday's Internet site.

The report said the council planned to remove Bryks due to long-standing allegations of sexual abuse against children in Winnipeg dating back to the 1980s.


"Perhaps, finally, people are recognizing him for who he is," said Toronto journalist Martin Levin, whose 16-year-old son, Daniel, committed suicide on Yom Kippur in 1993 -- just a few months after he told his parents he'd been molested by Rabbi Bryks as a child, back when the family still lived in Winnipeg.

"This man is toxic," the teen's mother, Sarah Levin, told Newsday.

Vos Zogt UOJ? said...

Which side is guilty in the Rosenfeld-HaCohen machlokes?

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

Which side is guilty in the Rosenfeld-HaCohen machlokes?
No clue!

Anonymous said...

Bryks mechutan & protector Faskowitz runs the only yeshiva in Eastern Queens. His shul is a couple blocks away from Asher Schachter's shul, the son in law of Belsky pal Peretz Steinberg who runs a joke kashrus agency. Schachter took over from Ginzburg who moved to Cedarhurst. He's the big talmid of Rabbi Scheinberg who issued that stupid letter that really didn't answer anything when his furious mispalelim asked about the Kolko no-penetration outrage.

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

RIYADH (Reuters) - Saudi Arabia's religious police have banned red roses ahead of Valentine's Day, forcing couples in the conservative Muslim nation to think of new ways to show their love.

The Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice has ordered florists and gift shop owners in the capital Riyadh to remove any items colored scarlet, which is widely seen as symbolizing love, newspapers said.

"They visited us last night," the Saudi Gazette quoted an unidentified florist as saying.

It is not unusual for the Saudi vice squad to clamp down ahead of Valentine's Day, which it sees as encouraging relations between men and women outside of wedlock, the newspaper said.

Saudi Arabia imposes an austere form of Sunni Islam which prevents unrelated men and women from mixing, bans women from driving and demands that women wear a headscarf and a cloak.

Relations outside marriage are strictly banned and punishable by law.

(Reporting by Souhail Karam; Editing by Giles Elgood)

Yehoshua Zev aka Josh Ross said...

A CORRECTED EDITED VERSION (please delete the previous):


Elimelech Bluth is with the VAAD of Flatbush. He lives in Brooklyn and his shul is in Brooklyn.

Herb Bomzer was F I R E D from the Young Israel of Ocean Parkway. There is another rabbi there today. This time the members chose a rav that is very chashuv and a talmid chocham. The rav is young but from the up and coming gdolei rabbonim of Brooklyn. A shame the Young Israel wasted so many years with someone like Herby.

Blumenkrantz would never have admitted to doing something that he does not do in policy. I already wrote that he NEVER issued a Heter Meah in his life. There exists no such document. Your proof to the contrary is the Jewish Week. Are you so dumb to believe everything you read in that corrupted paper. Remember they are in the business of selling papers (and ads). The Jewish Week is not the business of selling truth. Wake up sonny boy, the war with the South is over!

As for the Jewish Press, it ditto (same as above).

As for the Vaad not caring about the truth. You make me laugh. First of all read the post again. No they do not care. Elimelech Bluth does not care that Herby is using Vaad Stationary falsely. Maybe when Bluth finds out what is being written about him on UOJ he will begin to care. However, as of right now, none of the Vaad cares about the truth. Oh yes, they care about the truth when the truth is politically correct. To Attack Ariel Hakohen, even if he is in the right, is politically correct. Susie his estranged wife could be a dog, she could be the cause of her entire lousy situation; She could be the one that instigated all the anger in her husband with all the false negative publicity and wild demonstrations in front of the home of his elderly parents, but it does not matter because she is a woman and is demanding a Get.

You should not forget, and if you don't know, you should learn that there is two sides to every story.

Also, since when is a rav obligated to take the position of the wife? Is Hershel Schachter the fag lover have a Shulchan Aruch that prohibits taking the side of the husband? Did Hershel Shachter ever speak with Ariel HaKohen, that he could say that he spoke with both sides of the dispute?

I believe that there is no one that denies that Rabbi Blumenkrantz did speak with both sides. Shouldn't that give Rabbi Blumenkrantz the right to take a position between the two warring sides? Who are they to judge the Judge?

I stand by what I said above Hershel Shechter is a FOOL.

My Apologies said...

I should have Googled Bluth before speaking out of turn. It was stuck in my mind for some reason that he is from Queens but he is in fact from Brooklyn.

I'm still surprised that the Young Israel would turf out Herbie Bomzer. That particular shul is mostly Russians and old men.

Anonymous said...

The gefilte fish companies will argue that they are providing a convenience but it is scandalous nonetheless.

Ain ledavar sof.

Wine - It appears to me that Kedem is running an illegal cartel. Are you aware of what kind of dirty tactics they use to keep competitors out of the market?

Chicken - I have seen Federal Commerce Dept documents of complaints filed by our heimishe producers massering on an importer of Canadian chickens who threatened their artificially inflated prices.

Meat & Cholov Yisroel prices - Probably the biggest scandal of them all. There were riots in New York 100 years ago against an earlier cartel that the situation once again calls for.

Matzos - Price fixing & repackaging of stale product from last year.

Retail stores bilking customers on "tax" for items that are not taxable. And on & on.

Ich hob nisht ken koyech.

Detroit really is a Weird place said...

That picture of Seth Cohen makes me feel itchy. He's gotta be one of the creepiest looking molesters at Awareness Center's database.

zev lewinson said...

in regard to josh ross aka yehoshua ross aka yehoshua zev ,he graduated from y.u that is known to harbor gays and low and behold he marries the daughter of a convicted pedophile as listed at this site:http://www.theawarenesscenter.org/Lichtenstein_Howard.html
i find it ironic that ross and ephraim bryks who too was accused of pedophilia are now both champions of AGUNOS!! what a coincidence.

steve said...

A shame the Young Israel wasted so many years with someone like Herby.

If Herby the Momzer had his way, Mondrowitz would still be roaming free:


One member of Hynes’s Jewish council, Rabbi Herbert Bomzer, said he does not remember Mondrowitz’s extradition being discussed by the council. Bomzer did say that he knew Mondrowitz when the younger man was a counselor at Yeshiva University’s high school, and that Mondrowitz had been “loved” by the students.

When asked if he would now support extradition proceedings, Bomzer, president of the rabbinical board of Flatbush, said: “If he has managed to get to Israel and is protected by the law there — then leave it alone.”

steve said...

Schmetterer is a liar. I spoke to him several times over the past two years and even during the summer of 2007 he was saying that Mondrowitz was not extraditible. After we put all the pressure on the DA's office, the request was finally made. Schmetterer needs to put a positive spin by saying that the request was made right after the law was "changed" in January. The truth is they did nothing until the bloggers and Lesher put on the full court press last summer.

Posted by: steve | February 11, 2008 at 10:30 AM

I don't think so, steve. Last time I checked, the DOJ had the request in February.

Posted by: Shmarya | February 11, 2008 at 10:34 AM

I trust the DOJ more than the Brooklyn DA. Besides, if they actually did make the request in February, why were they telling all the callers that he was not extraditible as late as last August? Either they were lying then, or they are lying now.

Posted by: steve | February 11, 2008 at 10:40 AM

No, steve. Maybe, just maybe, they were reacting to an unheard of delay in processing the request to extradite.

Try asking why the DOJ took 7 months instead of 7 days.

Posted by: Shmarya | February 11, 2008 at 10:50 AM

Reacting by lying? Very convenient. If they had in fact already made the request, why not say so at the time and shift the pressure to the DOJ? What you are saying makes no sense at all. Perhaps they were "reacting" by lying when they claimed the request was made in February.

Posted by: steve | February 11, 2008 at 11:00 AM

Ronnie Schreiber From Detroit said...

America's Most Miserable Cities
By Kurt Badenhausen, Forbes.com
Feb 11th, 2008

Imagine living in a city with the country's highest rate for violent crime and the second-highest unemployment rate. As an added kicker you need more Superfund dollars allocated to your city to clean up contaminated toxic waste sites than just about any other metro.

Unfortunately, this nightmare is a reality for the residents of Detroit. The Motor City grabs the top spot on Forbes' inaugural list of America's Most Miserable Cities.

Misery is defined as a state of great unhappiness and emotional distress. The economic indicator most often used to measure misery is the Misery Index. The index, created by economist Arthur Okun, adds the unemployment rate to the inflation rate. It has been in the narrow 7-to-9 range for most of the past decade, but was over 20 during the late 1970s.

In Pictures: America's Most Miserable Cities

There also exists a Misery Score, which is the sum of corporate, personal, employer and sales taxes in different countries. France took the top spot (or perhaps bottom is more appropriate) with a score of 166.8, thanks to a top rate of 51% on personal incomes and 45% for employer Social Security.

But aren't there other things that cause Americans misery? Of course. So we decided to expand on the Misery Index and the Misery Score to create our very own Forbes Misery Measure. We're sticking with unemployment and personal tax rates, but we are adding four more factors that can make people miserable: commute times, weather, crime and that toxic waste dump in your backyard.

We looked at only the 150 largest metropolitan areas, which meant a minimum population of 371,000. We ranked the cities on the six criteria above and added their ranks together to establish what we call the Misery Measure. The data used in the rankings came from Portland, Ore., researcher Bert Sperling, who last year published the second edition of Cities Ranked & Rated along with Peter Sander. Economic research firm Economy.com, which is owned by Moody's, also supplied some data.

Detroit in the top spot, with its sister city Flint ranked third, is probably not a great shock. "If Detroit were a baseball team, we'd say they are mired in a slump," says Sperling. Both Detroit and Flint have suffered tremendously from the auto industry downturn. Flint's plight was immortalized in the Michael Moore movie Roger & Me, which chronicles Moore's attempts to meet with then General Motors Chief Executive Roger Smith.

Crime and unemployment are closely linked, according to Sperling. Our three most miserable places bear that out (Stockton, Calif., ranks second). All three are among the eight worst cities in terms of both unemployment and violent crime.

The United States' two biggest cities both induce a ton of misery. New York was the fourth most miserable city by our count, while Los Angeles clocked in at sixth. The Big Apple has the longest commute times (36.2 minutes) and the highest tax rates (10.5%) in the country. As the financial capital of the world and home to write-down kings Merrill Lynch and Citigroup , New York appears poised for more misery in 2008.

The people of La-La Land have some of the best weather in the U.S. (it's ranked seventh) but scored poorly when it came to commute times, Superfund sites and taxes. And we did not even factor in air quality, where Los Angeles is the worst in the nation by far, according to Sperling.

The biggest surprise on our list is Charlotte, N.C. , which is ranked ninth. Charlotte has undergone tremendous economic growth the past decade, while the population has soared 32%. But the current picture isn't as bright. Employment growth has not kept up with population growth, meaning unemployment rates are up more than 50% compared with 10 years ago. Charlotte scored in the bottom half of all six categories we examined. It scored the worst on violent crime, ranking 140th.

So take heart, Detroit, you are not alone. After all, misery loves company.

A Soul Touched By Kolko said...
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Monsey said...

"ironic that ross and ephraim bryks who too was accused of pedophilia are now both champions of AGUNOS!! what a coincidence."

Don't forget about Mordy Tendler who headed one such organization and the corrupt Jewish Fress who are involved with another.

Haaretz News said...

Last update - 21:58 11/02/2008

Poll: 100,000 children in Israel have been sexually assaulted

By Haaretz Service

Tags: Sexual abuse, children

A national poll reveals that some 100,000 children in Israel have been sexually assaulted, but only 2.5 percent of the incidents are reported to the proper authorities.

The poll, presented at a National Council for the Child conference in Be'er Sheva on Monday, encompassed 500 polled parents.

The poll shows that 5 percent o f the parents reported that their children had been sexually harassed, and a quarter of the parents never told their children to avoid contact with strangers.

Education Minister Yuli Tamir, who participated in the conference, presented data from the Central Bureau of Statistics indicating a 25 percent decline in high school drop-outs over the last three years. However, the data also shows that 22,000 students, or four percent of the national student body, still dropped out last year.

According to Tamir, the decline in the drop out rate stems from a special program initiated by the Education Ministry.

Supreme Court President Dorit Beinisch, who also attended the conference, said Monday that "we must take action to alleviate the suffering of the children living in Sderot and other communities bordering Gaza, rather than being affected only by pictures of children in Gaza lighting candles in the dark."

Beinisch's remark came several days after Israel began reducing the supply of electricity to the Gaza Strip in efforts to pressure militants into halting the ongoing rocket fire on Israeli towns close to the border with the Strip.

The chief justice also addressed the issue of juvenile delinquency, and said the rate of delinquency will not go down until the state invests adequate resources in preventing it.

According to Beinisch, there exists a severe shortage of parole officers and experts in treatment of juvenile delinquents. "In these fields, the gap between the law and the execution of the law is a gap exemplifying our failure as a society," she said.

"A justice system, as advanced as it may be, can't ensure by itself a healthy safe and complete society," Beinisch added, "the legal proceedings of minors are habitually delayed due to lack of resources at all levels."

lewinson said...

good point made by monsey: mordechai tendler too was accused of fondling "divorced women" and he too fought for AGUNOT!!! well well one has to wonder when a man fights hard for a woman to receive a get he has "special interests" in mind!!!

An early beneficiary of UOJ's huge heart said...

After reading the exchange of words between Mondrowitz and his kids in the daily news I have to admit i feel immense sorrow for the family. However, as a victim of his I say that he has a debt to society that should be disposed of in this life. One can argue that his sins should be dealt with by god and god alone for we are not perfect and who are we to judge. But given that the torah obligates both jew and non jew to establish judicial systems to judge a fellow man, it is obvious that we are required to mete out justice and refraining from that flies in the face of g-d's commanments.

Michael Lesher, UOJ, Steve, LVF, The Most Venerably Feared Vikki P (aka Miss Pain in the rear, to any and all jewish molesters), and the victims and lesser known supporters are all the tzaddikim of this generation and we who know what they have done on behalf of the klal should sing praise to them from the roof tops. Fight or Die! Together we stand for the name of g-d and his little orphans! Stand up for your own children or forever hold your peace! And when Mondrowitz gets hauled before the courts to face his long suffering victims we should all shout from the gallery those words of the torah immortalized by none other than Rudy Giulianni standing tall alongside Ed Koch at the protest rally after Yankel Rosenbaum was murdered in Crown Heights: "Tzedek Tzeddek Tirdof".

One Last Thing. Remember: (Try to follow me on this one, please):

When the Queen of France, Marie Antionette, was told the Parisiennes had no bread she retorted "Let them eat cake". End result was she was in no time flat off to the giullotine to be trimmed by a headlength.


When people cried to the Gedolei HaDrek to do something about child molestation they responded "No Molestation Without Penitration." and similar pearls of clerical wisdom. End results are you get UOJ and company on a unstoppable roll and YOU AINT SEEN NOTIN' YET, BABY. We are taking back Orthodoxy if it means running out the Rabble Rabbis in broad daylight in nothing but the Emperor's Cloths.

Show's over. The monkeys dead. Good Night!

P.S. UOJ, remember me?

LVF's Hit Men with Updated GPS & Maps said...

The long arm of UOJ's deputies covers more ground and more cases than all of the Canadian Royal Mounted Police (shame we werent around when that poor boy was molested by Bryks in Canada). Please get us the low down and dirty on Mordechai Wolmark so we can look into it and request confirmation and guidance from El UOJ himself.

Pissed and ready to hit the fan said...

Where in the world is Mordy Tendler?
Where in the world is his brother from LA?
Where in the world is Leizerowitz?
Where in the world is Ephraim Bryks?
Where in the world is the butcher from Chicago?
Where in the world is Goldman?

Tort-Putz Twirpsky said...

Where in the world are these honorable men, indeed?

Dovid Cohen Gambinni said...

Why didn't the Italian "familia" AKA the mob or Mafia knock off Mondrowitz years ago?

Anonymous said...

With freaks of nature like Kolko and friends I think I'm going to vote for the Pro Abortion candidates come election day.

Yanky Feuereisen said...

What's the story with the Ralbag divorce? It's always a pain when you have to cater in the same building as him.

“Change in social attitudes toward default” said...


February 12, 2008
Mortgage Crisis Spreads Past Subprime Loans
The credit crisis is no longer just a subprime mortgage problem.

As home prices fall and banks tighten lending standards, people with good, or prime, credit histories are falling behind on their payments for home loans, auto loans and credit cards at a quickening pace, according to industry data and economists.

The rise in prime delinquencies, while less severe than the one in the subprime market, nonetheless poses a threat to the battered housing market and weakening economy, which some specialists say is in a recession or headed for one.

Until recently, people with good credit, who tend to pay their bills on time and manage their finances well, were viewed as a bulwark against the economic strains posed by rising defaults among borrowers with blemished, or subprime, credit.

“This collapse in housing value is sucking in all borrowers,” said Mark Zandi, chief economist at Moody’s Economy.com.

Like subprime mortgages, many prime loans made in recent years allowed borrowers to pay less initially and face higher adjustable payments a few years later. As long as home prices were rising, these borrowers could refinance their loans or sell their properties to pay off their mortgages. But now, with prices falling and lenders clamping down, homeowners with solid credit are starting to come under the same financial stress as those with subprime credit.

“Subprime was a symptom of the problem,” said James F. Keegan, a bond portfolio manager at American Century Investments, a mutual fund company. “The problem was we had a debt or credit bubble.”

The bursting of that bubble has led to steep losses across the financial industry. American International Group said on Monday that auditors found it may have understated losses on complex financial instruments linked to mortgages and corporate loans.

The running turmoil is also stirring fears that some hedge funds may run into trouble. At the end of September, nearly 4 percent of prime mortgages were past due or in foreclosure, according to the Mortgage Bankers Association.

That was the highest rate since the group started tracking prime and subprime mortgages separately in 1998. The delinquency and foreclosure rate for all mortgages, 7.3 percent, is higher than at any time since the group started tracking that data in 1979, largely as a result of the surge in subprime lending during the last few years.

And it is not just first-mortgage default rates that are rising. About 5.7 percent of home equity lines of credit were delinquent or in default at the end of last year, up from 4.5 percent a year earlier, according to Moody’s Economy.com and Equifax, the credit bureau.

About 7.1 percent of auto loans were in trouble, up from 6.1 percent. Personal bankruptcy filings, which fell significantly after a 2005 federal law made it harder to wipe out debts in bankruptcy, are starting to inch up.

On Monday, Fitch Ratings, the debt rating firm, reported that credit card companies wrote off 5.4 percent of their prime card balances in January, up from 4.3 percent a year ago. The so-called charge-off rate is still lower than before the 2005 law went into effect.

Banks are responding to the rise in delinquencies by capping home equity lines of credit in areas with falling real estate prices. A few credit card companies have also moved to reduce the credit limits of customers they deem more risky.

In a conference call with analysts in December, Kenneth Lewis, the chief executive of Bank of America, said more borrowers appear to be giving up on their homes as prices fall, noting a “change in social attitudes toward default.”

“You don’t mind making a $2,000 payment when the house is going up” in value, said Steve Walsh, a mortgage broker in Scottsdale, Arizona, who has seen several clients walk away from their homes because they couldn’t refinance or sell. “When it’s going down, it becomes a weight around your neck, it becomes an anchor.”

High Lead Levels said...


February 11, 2008
High Lead Levels Are Found in Vinyl Plastic Baby Products
High levels of lead were found in a handful of well-known baby products made of vinyl plastic by an environmental group based in California that spread the word about lead on vinyl baby bibs and lunchboxes.

The products include a Medela-brand cooler for storing breast milk, a carrying case sold with the First Years breast pump manufactured by RC2, a Playtex baby bottle cooler and a vinyl pacifier carrying case made by Skip Hop.

The Center for Environmental Health, the group that did the tests, purchased the products in January and tested them first with a hand-held metal detector and then at a laboratory. The products were found to have from 1,100 parts per million of lead to 5,500 parts per million of lead, the group says.

Still, the findings are bound to be criticized within the plastics and children’s products industries, which claim that lead in plastic is not a health concern. Federal law bans lead from paint used on toys and other children’s products, but there is no mandatory federal rule about lead inside other materials in children’s products.

Legislators are considering new laws about product safety, and one provision in the proposed law would put a limit on the total amount of lead that could be in children’s products, no matter the materials. If enacted, that limit might forbid lead in plastic at the levels found by the California group. The group contends that no level of lead is safe in children’s products.

“It’s a product for a baby. It just shouldn’t have lead in it,” said Charles Margulis, a spokesman for the group, which is releasing its findings Monday. The toy and plastics industries say that lead in plastic is not a health hazard and that the lead in the plastic is not accessible.

“This is really an attempt to tag on to the lead-in-paint issue, but it’s a very different issue because this is not something that chips off,” said Frederick B. Locker, general counsel for both the Toy Industry Association and the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association.

In November, Consumer Reports magazine found lead in the arm band of the toy blood-pressure cuff made by Mattel. The toy maker is accepting returns of the blood-pressure toy, but it did not issue a recall. Toys “R” Us was among the companies that pulled the blood-pressure toy from its shelves after the finding.

Medela, Skip Hop and RC2 said on Friday that they were investigating the California group’s finding. Playtex could not reached for comment. RC2 is the company that manufactured the Thomas and Friends toys that were recalled for lead paint last summer.

Allen Blakey, a spokesman for the Vinyl Institute, an trade group based in Arlington, Va., said it was unclear how lead could have gotten in plastic children’s products. The vinyl industry in the United States stopped using lead in plastic years ago, he said, and instead uses tin, calcium, barium or zinc as a stabilizer to provide durability.

Leizerowitz shitten his pants said...

Courthouse News & Cases

Armed With New Treaty, Israeli Judge Orders ‘Rabbi’ Back to Brooklyn
by Ryan Thompson (court@brooklyneagle.net), published online 02-11-2008

After 23 Years Abroad, Alleged Pedophile To Be Prosecuted
By Ryan Thompson
Brooklyn Daily Eagle

JERUSALEM — After two decades of asylum in Israel, the infamous Rabbi Avrohom Mondrowitz appears to be headed home — where he will be prosecuted for sex abuse and sodomy of children. On Sunday, a judge in Jerusalem ordered the Hasidic man who claimed to be a rabbi to be extradited back to Brooklyn, where he will face sex abuse and sodomy charges that were filed against him in 1984. Eluding police, Mondrowitz and his family fled to Israel 23 years ago where they have lived outside the reach of U.S. authorities ever since.

Due to a new amendment in an international treaty, Mondrowitz should soon be returned home so that he can finally be prosecuted for his alleged sodomy of several children.

“We are gratified by the ruling, and we will continue to work hard to bring Mondrowitz to trial in Brooklyn,” said Jerry Schmetterer, a spokesman for the Kings County District Attorney’s Office.

As reported in the Jan. 9 issue of the Brooklyn Daily Eagle, Mondrowitz’s charged offenses were not extraditable until last year, when the U.S. and Israel amended their extradition treaty to include sodomy as an extraditable offense. Last month, Stefan Colmer, a 31-year-old Hasidic Jew from Midwood, was extradited from Israel back to Brooklyn, where he was immediately arraigned on sodomy charges, making him the first defendant in the country to be extradited under the new amendment to the treaty.

Colmer, perhaps aware of Mondrowitz’s seemingly successful escape to Israel, also took off abroad soon after he realized that he was under investigation for allegedly performing oral sex on two 13-year-old boys in 2006. Charged with 35 counts of sex crimes, Colmer faces more than 50 years in prison if convicted and is due back in Brooklyn Supreme Court on Feb. 25.

Mondrowitz’s alleged crimes are far more serious, having had numerous children between the ages of 9 and 15 accuse him of sodomizing them in the 1980s. The now 60-year-old father of seven was once a popular youth counselor who ran an unlicensed psychology clinic at his Borough Park home, where some of the sex crimes are alleged to have occurred.

When police went to his house with an arrest warrant in 1984, Mondowitz was gone, and the police posted “Wanted” posters around the neighborhood, which depicted the bearded man with spectacles.

After learning that Mondrowitz had fled to Israel, the U.S. sought his extradition but was ultimately denied, because the 1962 Israeli-American treaty did not include sodomy as an extraditable offense.

With the treaty amended last January to include sodomy and any criminal offense that carries a prison sentence of more than one year, the U.S. sought the extradition of Mondrowitz again last summer. Upon doing so, Mondrowitz was arrested in Jerusalem in November and has been held in custody by Israeli authorities ever since.

Dressed in a long black overcoat and yarmulke, Mondrowitz stood in shackles in a Jerusalem courtroom over the weekend. He argued that the U.S. statute of limitations had run out on his alleged sex crimes and that he therefore should not be returned home. However, the statute’s time-limitations toll as a result of his escaping prosecution, and therefore, the time abroad shall not be considered. It is possible that Mondrowitz may still file an appeal to the Israeli Supreme Court, which could delay his extradition by several months possibly. At this time, it is unknown when the purported pedophile will be returning home.

The Monsey Community said...

Pedophile Mordechai Gimpel Wolmark of Shaarai Torah beware!!! Your next.

Mordechai Wolmark sent enough kids off the derech with his sexanigans and molestations. He should run back to Detroit, the City that originally expelled him for being a pedophile, before he spends the rest of his cursed years rotting in prison.

Ronnie Greenwald said...

Hey Readers guess what I just found out.

Mordechai Gimpel Wolmark was never a former Rav of Bais Knesses Hagra in Detroit. I received an e-mail that the pedophile Wolmark was never the rabbi at that shul. He is a liar and fraud. Like Mondrowitz was not a psychologist, Wolmark was not the rabbi of Bais Knesses Hagra. The stationary Wolmark uses says on it "Bais Knesses Hagra", but not that he was the rabbi there. This is a ploy by Wolmark to gain the trust of naive women who think because he's a rabbi they can disclose their private bedroom life to him. It's his way of getting his hands on them and to take them under his power. Only, Mordechai Wolmark is a sick sex pervert like Ephraim Bryks, Avrohom Mondrowitz and Yisroel Belsky.

The parent body at the Yeshiva Shaarai Torah have as of lately been informed as to what Wolmark is about. Since then the school has lost about 70% of its enrollment. To make the building appear full, Wolmark is renting space to another institution.

What has to be done is Wolmark must be arrested or thrown out of Monsey, New York. He cannot be permitted around children or women. I feel very bad for his wife who is the biggest victim of this cursed animal.

Rebbetzin Fannie Ralbag said...

Lakewood Talmid said...
The way I understand it, R' Hershel Schachter is only in charge of Kollel Elyon / RIETS and has no control over the larger YU.

It's Norman Lam and company who is to blame for the fag activity and other atrocities.


ATT: Lakewood Talmid,

Have you ever heard (for example in Israel) of a party or a minister leaving the government in protest over violations of religious or national principles? Put aside the Chillul Shumayim brought on by Hershel Shachter and that entire REITS Kollel, for having endorsed the admission of the perverted fags into Jewish society by failing to join together in a mass walkout and abandonment of that evil anti Torah institution named YU, but if only Yiddishkeit and Torah carried a drop of value to Shachter and his kollel guys besides being a means of having a well paying job and position these people would have stampeded out of REITS and YU as soon as the homos announced their presence.

Let me ask you, what does a Kohen do when he finds out that a corpse was brought into the building where he is situated? He runs out!! Of course that is if he is frum. If he doesn’t care about Torah and its Halacha he remains there.

What if twelve years ago Hershel Shachter was delivering one of his discourses at the REITS Kollel when suddenly for an example it was announced that someone discovered in the building there was in an anthrax type–tainted letter. Do you think the bum would have continued his discourse and all those YU boys would have sat there and not run out? He and his boys would have run for their lives. Yet, when they heard that YU was sponsoring and promoting gay clubs, Hershel Shachter was not fazed.

Wake up and smell the coffee!!! Hershel Shachter is a fraud and a phony. He’s another Jimmy Swaggert. He preaches one thing, but practices for himself and his YU boys something entirely different. Sorry, Jimmy . . . . . . . . . . .Let me correct that. . . . He’s another Belsky. He preaches one thing, but practices something entirely different.

Hershel Shachter and the boys at REITS serve only one purpose today; they endorse and give rabbinical sanction (like the OU) to the fags that meet, shower and dance together at the YU Gay Clubs. REITS & HERSHEL SCHACHTER and the rest of YU are one long extended Homo organization. Don’t let Hershel Schachter


Anonymous said...

WHY Is nothing being done by the Monsey Community to oust Mordechai Wolmark from Shaarai Torah. Wolmark is another Mondrowitz. Monsey has suffered enough scandals. Why has Rabbi Leib Tropper and the other rabbonim not done anything about this animal yet. The people in our shul seem to be waiting for him to make a move. If not we will have to take this into our own hands.

Steve Savitsky said...

Right near my office in Lake Success is the headquarters for the Arizona Tea Company. The cops showed up yesterday to arrest the in-house account who stole over $1 million from them.

His name is Rubenoff. He commutes to Long Island from Rockland County.

Brisker said...

Who is the current rov of the Gra shul in Detroit? Is that Klein from Monsey who learned by AJ?

Hebrew National said...

Is Fanny Ralbag suing for the assets of Triangle K?

Son of Boog said...

Savitsky, never mind Arizona Tea. What's happening with Belsky?

R' Elya Svei said...

Vos vet zein mit Rubashkin?


Feb 11, 9:26 AM EST

50 live chickens found running through Philly high school

Charlie Hynes is an Irish Putz too said...


An 81 year old retired Irish cardinal, Desmond Connell, has gone to the High Court in Dublin for a writ to stop his successor as Archbishop of Dublin from handing over church files on paedophile priests to a state-organised inquiry into clerical abuse of children.

He has called on the court to prevent the head of the Catholic Church in the Dublin diocese from handing over information about criminal priests to the government-appointed investigation. He has got an interim writ, freezing proceedings until there can be a full court hearing. He claims that some of the files contain solicitors’ advice to him, and therefore that they are privileged, exempt from scrutiny without his say-so.

His overriding concern is to have as large a part as he can of the affairs of society — its mores, its morality, what it allows and what it forbids to the citizen — regulated by the “laws of God”, as his church understands them. In Britain now it is an effort to have society ruled according to the teachings of a church which the big majority does not accept.

The attempt by Murphy O’Connor and his bishops to impose the prejudices of their church so that lesbians and gays could not adopt or foster children is only one recent example.

The Catholic people of Ireland are now once again, in the grotesque Cardinal Connell affair, being unpleasantly reminded of what rule by priests, bishops, and cardinals sometimes has meant for them. For many decades, Catholic priests, members of the Christian Brothers (a monk-like teaching order), and nuns, running Irish schools, orphanages, and reformatories, savagely abused children, beating and raping them.

That they subjected them to relentless and merciless violence was known to everyone. What was not widely known — scarcely known at all, except to its small victims and to maimed and troubled adults who had been small victims — and certainly never discussed in public, was that sexual abuse of children in schools, orphanages, and reformatories, was also an everyday thing.

The abuse of children is now understood to be a feature of all institutions where children are helpless at the mercy of adults. In Ireland, within a loose and light framework of state regulation to check such things as the qualifications of teachers, schools (etc.) were an archipelago of hell-holes run or supervised by priests, Christian Brothers, and nuns.

Officially, Catholic Ireland was a desert of lacerating, arid sexual puritanism — a place where for many decades the average age of marriage was 35, and many lay men and women, never marrying, lived entirely celibate lives.

The poet Patrick Kavanagh — he is also the author of the well-known song, “On Raglan Road” — borrowed the common name for the Famine of the 1840s, in which a million starved to death, the Great Hunger, for the title of a long poem about that, Ireland’s other great hunger.

In that Ireland, the priests and nuns were honoured as paragons and models, demigods more closely connected to the Big God than anyone else could be. They were the moral police for a strict and very puritanical morality.

In the towns and in the villages, the priests were central in all social and political activities, honoured and deferred to in a way that people in Britain’s quasi-secular society cannot easily imagine. They set the standards in everything, including what writers of fiction could publish. They imposed rules under which most of Ireland’s best writers had at least some of their work banned in Ireland.

They laid down the law to politicians. When, half a century ago, an attempt was made to bring in state provision of rudimentary medical care for mothers and children, the bishops squashed it. They sent for the Minister of Health, Noel Browne — a Catholic who would be Ireland’s leading socialist until his death a decade ago — and told him that it should not be done.

The Irish clergy did not need a police state: they ruled with the reverent consent of the people.

Those priests who were the conscience and model of Ireland were — and are now generally known to have been — often viciously hypocritical child-molesters; and the Bishops are generally known to have been, at best, their protectors. An accused priest was frequently, perhaps normally, simply moved by his bishop to another diocese — and new victims.

Cardinal Connell, who became Archbishop of Dublin in 1988 was forced out in 2004 after a big sex scandal was exposed in Dublin. Now, like the savage spirit of the old Irish hierarchy rising out of its bolthole, the old clerical hoodlum has rudely pushed aside his successor as Archbishop of Dublin, Diarmuid Martin, appealing to the courts to prevent the church files compiled during his Archbishopric being read by the official investigation.

It is said that his action has the quiet support of many priests. But now there is a well-informed and critical Irish citizenry watching and listening and judging.

The good side of this story, if it can be said to have one, is that Connell, a priest since 1951, bred in the old school of Irish Catholic priests, is digging the Irish Catholic Church deeper into the mire by his arrogant assertion that the clergy are a privileged breed, answerable only to their own caste and to God.

Newsday said...


An Israeli court approved extradition to the United States of an American Orthodox Jew wanted on suspicion of multiple sexual attacks two decades ago at hisNew York home, the Justice Ministry said yesterday. The 60-year-old man, a member of the Gur Hasidic Jewish sect, was arrested in Jerusalem in November after being accused of abusing dozens of children at his unlicensed private clinic at his Brooklyn home during the 1980s. He fled to Israel in 1985 as police were investigating charges against him. Israeli Justice Ministry spokesman Moshe Cohen said the Jerusalem District Court approved the extradition order but the man has the right to appeal.

Fed up with Satmar Ferds said...


I would like to know why so many of the Hasidim that I have come into contact with over the years come across as rude. I am lifetime Orange County resident and I would be accepting of the people of KJ if they could cut back on the rudeness factor.

boog said...

Bottom line, cutting through all this BS, is that Mondro-Pervo is safe for at least another year and if Gur greases the right palm$, will get "off" (pun intended) and not be extradited.

The Ganav was related to Margo said...


One can view the testimony of a survivor describing how he stole another prisoner's cap at night (after his had been similarly snatched), knowing that by doing so he consigned his victim to being shot the next morning. But there is no testimony of the almost superhuman acts of hesed done by one inmate for another, or of the starving prisoners who gave away their daily bread for the chance to pray from a siddur. The omissions are justified on the grounds that Yad Vashem is not a "sectoral museum," though between a third and a half of those murdered by the Nazis were believing Jews.

TO REDRESS that balance, Esther Farbstein entered into the academic study of the Holocaust. She understood that people will naturally write about what they know best, so the history of spiritual responses to the Holocaust would have to be written by someone who inhabits the same spiritual universe. As a great-granddaughter of the Imrei Emes of Ger and wife of the rosh yeshiva of Hebron Yeshiva, she is eminently qualified to do so, immersed as she is in both the worlds of Hassidism and yeshiva learning.

HER CLASSIC work B'seter Ra'am (see Psalms 81:8), recently translated into English in two-volumes as Hidden in Thunder: Perspectives on Faith, Halacha and Leadership during the Holocaust, touches upon virtually every aspect of faith during and after the Holocaust - e.g., the role of rabbinic leadership, definitions of kiddush hashem when the choice whether to live or die had been taken away, and the efforts of the survivors to reconstruct their lives.

Like the late Dr. David Kranzler, who opened up the whole study of the rescue work of Orthodox activists, Rebbetzin Farbstein is a fighting historian. She has appropriated the tools of academic historians and carried the battle to their own turf. Take her treatment of the famous speech given by Rabbi Mordechai of Bilgoraj on the eve of his departure together with his brother Rebbe Aharon of Belz from Budapest for Palestine. Rabbi Mordechai told his listeners that they had no reason to fear. That speech has been seized upon by secular historians as an example of a leading rebbe abandoning his flock.

Yet even though Rabbi Mordechai spoke only three months before the German takeover of Hungary, no one, including communal leaders of all political stripes, anticipated the fate of Hungarian Jewry. There were no efforts to flee. As Polish refugees, however, the Belzer Rebbe and Rabbi Mordechai were subject to dangers - imprisonment and repatriation - that did not apply to Hungarian Jews at that time. If some official versions of the speech omit the 22 lines of reassurance, Farbstein argues, that is not because Belzer Hassidim are covering up Rebbe Aharon's abandonment, but out of embarrassment that the father of the present Belzer Rebbe proved so lacking in prophecy.

Nor was the Belzer Rebbe a "model" of any pattern, as some historians have alleged. Of the 300 Lithuanian communal rabbis at the time of the Nazi invasion, no more than one or two survived. And the overwhelming majority of hassidic rebbes suffered the same fate as their hassidim.

Anonymous said...

Where is this Monsey Shaarei Torah School and what is wolmark's position there? In addition we need detailed info on his dirty deeds in order to start a serious campaign against him. With UOJ's blessings and with enough info we should be able to run him out of the school and possibly the town in no time flat.

Montreal said...


Opposition leaders are calling on Canada's ethics commissioner to launch an investigation into the actions one of Prime Minister Stephen Harper's top officials following reports that the official intervened on behalf of a Montreal developer in a dispute with the public works department.

Controversy swirled through the corridors of Parliament Hill and spilled over onto the floor of both the House of Commons and the Senate yesterday following reports that Montreal native Dimitri Soudas who serves as deputy press secretary and Quebec advisor to Harper intervened in a legal dispute that has pitted Montreal developer Michael Rosenberg of Rosdev Group against the department of Public Works over an office tower located in downtown Ottawa.

Soudas is reported to have summoned senior ministerial staffers from public works to a meeting on Aug. 2, 2006 to intervene on Rosdev's behalf, allegedly because some Conservative organizers like his longtime friend Leo Housakos believed Rosenberg could become a strong ally in the party's battle to win seats in Quebec.

The meeting came only a few months after Harper came to power on a promise of bringing higher ethical standards to the government.

Housakos said he only once raised the question of Rosdev's dispute with the Public Works department on the spur of the moment with Frederic Loiselle, Fortier's former chief of staff.

"In passing I mentioned to him that there was a hot dossier in Montreal with Rosdev corporation where I understand you guys are at war with each other. I said he is a prominent, important member of the Hassidic Jewish business community and it would be nice on your part if you could find some kind of resolution outside of a court battle. That was the extent of my intervention."

"....The conversation took up about 45 seconds and the response from Fred Loiselle was, "Leo, it is inappropriate. I don't want you lobbying me."

Housakos said Rosenberg had no idea he had talked to Loiselle on his behalf, he had no business relationship with Rosenberg and had nothing to do with the meeting organized by Soudas. Housakos said to his knowledge Rosenberg has never given any help to the Conservatives.

Mr. Seven Mile said...

Got a call from an automated telemarketing machine last night from the Agudah of Maryland (located on Hooks Lane) reminding me to attend the Ohel/Vaad "Keep your child safe" presentation on Wed night

It's supposed to be bad weather.

Does 84 William Street know about this?

Agudah Fresser said...

I agree with the Apter Ruv except that I don't hold that any part of eating is bitter.


One hassidic master, Rabbi Avraham Yehoshua Heshel of Apta (1745-1825), commented on the olive bulk measure. The Ohev Yisrael (lover of Israel) - as he is called on his epitaph and as the compilation of his talks is entitled - was a large person, and later hassidic masters used to say that he was able to serve the Almighty by eating, just as others did by fasting. No stranger to eating, the Ohev Yisrael sought the deeper significance of the olive as the minimum eating standard.

The Ohev Yisrael highlighted two mystical properties of the olive mentioned in the Talmud: On one hand, eating a plethora of olives can precipitate forgetfulness. On the other hand, liberally using olive oil is an elixir for memory. According to one of the talmudic sages, just as olives can make a person forget 70 years of learning, so too olive oil can restore 70 years of study (B. Horayot 13b; see also B. Menahot 85b).

The mystical polarity of the olive is reflected in the nature of the fruit: As long as the olive remains in its original form, it has a bitter taste. It is at this acrid stage that it causes forgetfulness. The precious oil that can be extracted from the olive, however, is among the most prized of liquids and serves as a memory potion.

After analyzing the properties of the olive, the Ohev Yisrael continued to explain why the olive is the fruit that defines eating: If a person eating food solely considers the exterior nature of the food, then such a meal is a bitter, astringent spiritual experience, for the food answers only a base need and has no spiritual import. When a person mentally looks past the raw food, considering the concealed potential of the substance being ingested - namely the power of this physical object to animate us - then the eating activity suddenly takes on a new spiritual dimension. Our eating, therefore, must be akin to olives - seeking the value of the food that is obscured to the naked, insensitive eye, by looking beyond the initial taste which is in truth bitter and may cause us harm.

steve said...


In response to the Le Marais incident involving mashgiach Isaac Bitton, the OU now requires their mashgichim to wear the following: blinders, ear plugs and a muzzle. Any mashgiach caught taking these off will be officially terminated. The "Tommy" paraphernalia has been sanctioned by the OU's spiritual adviser, Rabbi Yisroel Belsky. Rabbi MM Weissmandl noted that he's ordered his mashgichim in Postville, IA to use them for years now and that it was he that gave the idea to Belsky and the OU. Belsky has advised all his followers to wear them whenever they encounter any controversy regarding himself, whether it's about chalav stam, eishes ish or child molesters.

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...


SAN FRANCISCO (MarketWatch) -- Oxford Funding Corp. said Tuesday that it bought a $2.7 billion portfolio of loans at a 70% discount, in an attempt to cash in on the subprime-fueled credit crisis.

The assets were purchased from a national lender in bankruptcy at a price equal to roughly 30% of the value of the collateral, according to Oxford (OXFD:oxford funding corp com
News, chart, profile, more
Last: 1.50-0.01-0.66%

It didn't identify the seller.

Oxford's current portfolio generated annualized returns of more than 90% in 2007, the company said. It's now looking to buy more mortgages that have been hit by the housing crisis.

Now Oxford is launching a hedge fund called the Oxford Opportunistic Mortgage Fund L.P., which will buy mortgages in the secondary market at "substantial discounts" and try to generate profits by rehabilitating and liquidating the assets.

Oxford's current portfolio generated annualized returns of more than 90% in 2007.

"We expect news like this to continue to fuel our acquisitions," Dunn added. "Every time this happens, we have another opportunity to pick up highly discounted portfolios and another chance to turn them into significant profit."

Alistair Barr is a reporter for MarketWatch in San Francisco.

Most Rabbonim Today are Cowards said...

The Apter Rov is probably very upset in the Oylam Haemes that the OU "certifies" olive oil without any actual oversight. "Olive" oil that is increasingly subject to adulteration & fraud by mafia groups and corrupt businessmen who quadruple & quintuple their profits by substituting any other oil or tarfus.

CNBC Junkie said...

Warren Buffett was interviewed this morning about bailing out approx. $1 billion in municipal bonds. He's usually very secretive so he's probably holding back that it was at UOJ's urging :o)

UOJ Casualty? said...

I wonder if the secular, infamous "Capturing the Friedmans" molesters of Great Neck are members of this Reform temple.


Sawdust sparked blaze at Great Neck synagogue, officials say


Arnold and Jesse Friedman were arrested Nov. 26, 1987, after Nassau police (New York) and federal agents executed a search warrant at their house at 17 Picadilly Rd. and found child pornography, pornographic computer discs and lists of children enrolled in computer classes in the home.

The Friedmans and a neighbor, Ross Goldstein, who was arrested in June (1987), were charged in a series of indictments with more than 400 counts of various forms of sexual abuse involving 7 to 11-year-olds who were students in Arnold Friedman's computer classes. Jesse Friedman was accused in more than 200 of those counts.

Arnold Friedman, 57, was also charged by federal officials with distributing child pornography through the mail. He pleaded guilty in March and was sentenced to 10 to 30 years in prison. He pleaded guilty that same month before Boklan to 42 counts of sexually abuse involving 13 boys and was sentenced to 10 to 30 years in prison to run concurrently with the federal time.

Jesse Friedman pleaded guilty Dec. 20 to 17 counts of first-degree sodomy; four counts of first-degree sexual abuse; one count of first-degree attempted sexual abuse; one count of using a child in a sexual performance and two counts of endangering the welfare of a child. In the plea bargain, Jesse Friedman gave up the option of appealing the case and was promised the sentence imposed.

Cheapskate said...


I wasn't going to pay but I thought I might find at least a free abstract. Why doesn't "Belsky" turn up anything in the Newsday archive search?

Blumenkrantz & Belsky said...


Michael | 15-Nov-07 at 6:20 pm | Permalink

Rebecca, with all due respect, you have no idea what you are talking about when you write that this is a rabbinic dispute between the “right-wing” and “modern Orthodox”. Many “right-wing” rabbis that deal with Blumenkrantz have the same feelings about him as their MO colleagues. The Jewish Press article singles out Rabbi Belsky and I am personally aware of many other “charedi” rabbis that have said that Blumenkrantz is a “rasha” or as one phrased it, in refrence to him and two other “rabbis” that he deals with, that they are the “axis of evil”.

This should not be viewed as something that is agenda driven, rather the rally took place to show the public’s outrage at Shlomo Blumenkrantz’s nefarious acts.

Also, the rabbinic courts that Blumenkrantz is ignoring range from Chassidic BD’s in Boro Park to Charedi BD’s in Monsey, even the Agudas Harabbonim. He says that he alone has the documents to prove his allegations and that “the others don’t”. He’s lying on both accounts. Ask him what he has and ask the other side. See who is quicker to fax you everything that you ask for.

Israel Belsky said...


In case anyone missed it, I got together with Bryks, Ralbag, Krauss & co to put in cherem the rov of Young Israel of Las Vegas.

Rabbi Pesach Lerner - National Council of Young Israel said...


Rabbosay, please scroll down for my letter that shows, yet AGAIN, that Belsky & company were taking money from people to do improper things.

We even forced Belsky's pal Peretz Steinberg to sign against him on this one.

Notary Public said...


Belsky & the Gang were forced to cave in before Young Israel exposed them.

Meal Mart said...


I would like to know how does ou give a hescher on meal mart if rabbi belsky himself addmitted that ou was not at the site for ten years

Observant Jew said...

This is the first we've seen that these two scumbags, Bryks & Belsky, have their signatures on the same document.

LVF said...

Uoj, shluffen vet men in kever!!

What exactly is the story with Mordechai Wolmark, lets get a picture of him, the address and phone number of the yeshiva.

Lets roll !!!

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

Uoj, shluffen vet men in kever!!
I don't plan to sleep there either :-).....


In the comments section, almost anything goes. Since we are now getting a glimpse of the corruption in batei din, I post almost anything.

The standards of HEADLINING ...is different. I need 3 confirmed people with total ne'emanut to establish that Wolmark is guilty as charged. I do not at this moment have that.

I will add, that I believe the charges...not enough for me to lambast him publicly, but getting there.

Anonymous said...

Shaarei Torah is in the Suffern section of Monsey. It's pretty modern and not at all mainstream yeshivish. There are a bunch of real scummy Hungarian Sickos that live in the Suffern area.

Hath Belsky no Shame? said...

He doesn't care obviously that Bryks is wanted by police in Manitoba and resigned from the RCA right before they were to kick him out.

The Belsky Gang Breakdown said...

Besides Bryks, Ralbag & Steinberg.

Chaim Krauss - is he the guy who Oelbaum took into Machon Bais Yaakov after being kicked out of YOB?

Elimelech Leibovitz - divorced rabbi from L & 36th

Dovid Wacholder - who's that?

Moishe Tzvi Berger - who's that?

Yaakov Goldstein - who's that?

Shmaya Jonas - Rebbe in Rabbi No-Penetration Scheinberg's NY yeshiva called Derech Chaim

It's not clear to me how Hersh Ginsberg of the Agudas Haganovim is involved in this mess.

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

Belsky and shame!!

Next time you see a dog lifting his hind legs when he does his thing at a fire hydrant...ask the dog; HAVE YOU NO SHAME?

Scummy Hungarian Sickos in Suffern said...

That's right! We're ex-Brooklyn Slimebags from Frankel's shul and elsewhere who now daven by Rubinstein or Stroli. Those are baal habatim by the way with a minyan in their homes as we don't like rabbunim in charge of us.

Anonymous said...

If it's the same Chaim Krauss that I once spoke to, he's a well known big-mouthed JERK!

Ahavah B. said...

And he's not afraid to do it, either:

Venezuela minister ready to halt oil exports-paper
Tue Feb 12, 2008 9:25am EST

CARACAS, Feb 12 (Reuters) - Venezuela is "ready" to cut off oil supplies to the United States, Energy Minister Rafael Ramirez was reported as saying in a newspaper interview published on Tuesday.

His comments came after President Hugo Chavez threatened to stop sending oil to America over a dispute with Exxon Mobil Corp (XOM.N: Quote, Profile, Research), sparking an oil price rally on Monday. (Reporting by Fabian Andres Cambero)...

Ready and willing. But are we ready for what will follow? (That's a rhetorical question - the answer is most certainly "no.")

Labels: distribution, oil, peak, Resources

Queens said...

Do you have any idea how PERVERSE this is?

Bryks is a wanted man by Canadian police. The major news networks have run exposes on his rape and abuse of children. He was kicked out of rabbonus by the RCA beis din. His yeshiva in Kew Gardens Hills was forcibly closed and he was resigned to becoming a real estate agent.

But Belsky is rubbing shoulders with this CREEP when he finishes peeing on the fire hydrant!

Pinny Lipschitz said...

I can't believe all this stuff is heating up. Too bad you'll never read about it in the Yated.

Gumshoe said...

What does UOJ know about the Las Vegas scandal & Belsky sticking his snout into it?

Bungalow Putz Neuhoff said...

Does anyone have any dirt on Rabbi Pesach Lerner? He can't get away with getting Maran Horav Belsky in a corner like this.

Joe Putz said...

It would be the Theater of the Bizarre if Belsky & molester Bryks get together for a bogus cherem to carry out Belsky's threat against Rabbi Yosef Blau. I hope that they're that stupid. Every YU guy and UOJ agent would converge to put their heads on pikes.

Anonymous said...

The crew by Rubinstein in Suffern decided es passt nisht to not have a ruv, so they hired Rav Schlesinger from Eretz Yisruel. The Lipshitz gangsters from Frankels shul decided they didn't like him so they harassed him and chased him out.

Incognito said...

I wonder if Steve Savitsky knows about Young Israel coming out against Belsky.

Rav Moshe Shternbuch said...

Rav Sternbuch’s words by Rabbi Daniel Eidensohn.

Proposed Conversion Process Threatens Our Existence

We strongly protest against the Israeli governments decision (unfortunately supported by the religious Sefardim) to establish a committee to make conversions easier.

This government effort is being made despite the fact that up until now thousands have been converted in disregard of the halacha. Now the government wants tens of thousands converted and at greater speed.

To accomplish this greater quantity and speed of conversion they have established a committee together with the Sefardic Chief Rabbi and HaRav Druckman (who is well known for converting hundred’s and thousand’s not in accordance with the requirements of halacha). Anybody with basic intelligence knows that the Russian Christians who are converted are not interested in fully observing the mitzvos.

In fact their motivation for conversion is simply to acquire the status of Jew because of social pressures or to obtain additional benefits. Not even one in a thousand of these gerim meet the requirements of the halacha. Therefore if until know there were thousands who converted against the halachic requirements, now we can anticipate tens of thousands of problematic gerim.

In addition they will all now have the stamp of approval of the rabbonim mentioned above – certifying that all was done according to the “spirit” of halacha. This is truly a great disaster. In fact from the destruction of the Second Temple until now there has been nothing comparable to this.

The Israeli government has offered a “solution” for this problem. They have offered to create a registry of those goyim who want to be “Jews” without conversion and the acceptance of mitzvos. They want to record on their Israeli identity cards and marriage certificates that these people are “Jews according to the standards of the government.” In this way these “gerim” will be distinct and separate from us.

In other words they propose that the major limbs of the body will be amputated but they assure us that the body will remain alive and very strong! Their proposal needs additional thought and clarification.

However even though it is problematic it is still better than what the rabbis are trying to do. In fact these Zionist rabbis and the religious parties - that still believe that the Israeli government is an integral part of the beginning of the Messianic Era and adheres to the spirit of the halacha – don’t agree to deal with this reality.

However little by little, day by day these “Jews” will assimilate into our midst. The holy Shechina will depart from us. That is because it doesn’t rest amongst us except when we preserve our pedigree as our Sages (Kiddushin 70b) have told us. Consequently we are in great and horrible danger because of these developments.

“I call out but there is no one who responds” (Yeshaya 66:4). “O that they would be wise so that they understand” (Devarim 32:29) that in the near future the land of Israel and its inhabitants will be in great danger. Anyone who is intelligent needs to simply open his eyes and he will understand the danger these proposal entail – and will distance himself from these compromisers.

G-d should give understanding to these mistaken people and they should merit to do His will and save us from these perilous times that are coming soon. We should merit the complete redemption – it should come speedily in the near future.

Anonymous said...

Original Poster on Frank Storch:

I do not believe a known adulterer whether or not he did Teshuvah should host a shul in his backyard .

Frank did the damage to his sons shidduch prospects as very few people want to go there no matter how much $$$$ the man has .

Kol Torah should've walked away from that arrangement and suspended services until they found a Makom Torah .No matter how I may have misconstrued the facts (honeymoon/Vad Harrabanim/fled to Israel ,two women instead of one) a shul does not belong in this man's house no matter who's idea it was .Bill Clinton's backyard would never host a church .

The truth is he has great kids from his first marriage .Hopefully , people in shidduchim will overlook the father's sins . Credit to Meril for raising such wonderful benei torah
on her own .

To the one who said :

"His "new" wife also knows everythying about his past. I think his new wife is his intended besheret, and he will never have to cheat on her because he is complete now"

You seem to rationilizing his sin of adultery as he was not complete in his first marriage .Please explain this complete or incomplete nonesense .

Yes ,I am glad the Mr Storch rebuild his life by himself and by the tool of family money for enormus amount of Tzadakeh and chesed but there is no way a shul especially the type shul that is in his backyard can be condoned .

Let's face it $$$$$ blinds all of us sometimes and it will not blind me. Tzadakeh and Chesed Yes hosting a so called Makom Torah Utfillah no.

Ahavah B. said...


Document Posted to U.S. Treasury Website - a fun exercise in reading between the "don't panic" lines.

hat tip: www.lifeaftertheoilcrash.net which posted this headline:

Over a third of the nation’s community banks have commercial
real estate concentrations exceeding 300 percent of their capital, and almost 30 percent have construction and development loans
exceeding 100 percent of capital. In the coming months...

I add: on page 7, bottom paragraph, the document says "and yes, there will be an increase in bank failures."

On page 9 it says "as we see the clear signs of CRE credit quality declining, that we will expect banks with CRE concentrations to make realistic assessments of their portfolio based on current, changed market conditions. That may require you to obtain new appraisals. For those of you in stressed markets, it will almost certainly require you to downgrade more of your assets, increase loan loss provisions, and reassess the adequacy of bank capital."

Worse, page 9-10: "We will also expect realistic grading of credits, which means not only properly assessing the collateral support that may exist, but also realistically valuing that collateral. And, where changed market conditions are very likely to have changed the value of the real estate, it will be quite important to order new appraisals – even where the existing appraisal is otherwise current."

In other words, it is possible your bank could decide to call your loan, because (retroactively) you don't have sufficient equity or collateral. Isn't that nice?

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

In other words, it is possible your bank could decide to call your loan, because (retroactively) you don't have sufficient equity or collateral. Isn't that nice?
Keeping payments current, should, almost certainly, keep that scenario from happening.

shea fishman said...

ANCHORAGE, Alaska - Arctic sea ice next summer may shrink below the record low last year, according to a University of Washington climatologist. Ignatius Rigor spoke Monday at the Alaska Forum on the Environment and said global warming combined with natural cyclical changes likely will continue to push Jews into the North Atlantic Ocean.

Ahavah B. said...

UOJ: that depends entirely on how desperate they get. Bank of America has sent out letters to thousands of credit cardholders who are neither late on their payments nor over their limit and jacked up their interest rate and even lowered their credit limits for absolutely no apparent reason (other than the obvious one - they're way in the red and fishing hard for cash):

Killer Credit Cards- Beware
« on: February 08, 2008, 01:55:16 AM »

Credit-card issuers have drawn fire for jacking up interest rates on cardholders who aren't behind on payments, but whose credit score has fallen for another reason. Now, some consumers complain, Bank of America is hiking rates based on no apparent deterioration in their credit scores at all.

The major credit-card lender in mid-January sent letters notifying some responsible cardholders that it would more than double their rates to as high as 28%, without giving an explanation for the increase, according to copies of five letters obtained by BusinessWeek. Fine print at the end of the letter -- headed "Important Amendment to Your Credit Card Agreement" -- advised calling an 800-number for the reason, but consumers who called say they were unable to get a clear answer. "No one could give me an explanation," says Eric Fresch, a Huron (Ohio) engineer who is on time with his Bank of America card payments and knows of no decline in the status of his overall credit.

The so-called "opt-out" letters give borrowers the option of no longer using their card and paying off the balance at the old rate. But they must write Bank of America by later this month if they plan to do so -- otherwise their rates on existing and new balances automatically rise.

Bank of America hasn't made it easy for consumers to reject the new rates. The letters require that consumers write Bank of America to agree to no longer use the card and pay off the existing balance at the old rate -- they can't telephone to do so, nor does Bank of America provide a form or a return envelope. Moreover, consumers don't have much time to respond. Cardholders say they got the letters in the latter half of January: four of the letters obtained by BusinessWeek require a written response by Feb. 19, while the fifth requires a response by Feb. 29. If the company doesn't get a response by those dates, rates automatically rise.

Analysts also say they are surprised by the magnitude of the rate raises Bank of America is imposing on affected cardholders. Michael Jordan, 25, a software developer who lives in Higganum, Conn., says he received a letter from Bank of America in late January advising him that his card rate would rise from 9.99% to 24.99%. The software developer, who earns $80,000 per year, says he was "shocked" because his payments had been on time and his credit score hadn't changed in the last year. In fact, Jordan says, he has only $4,500 in overall outstanding credit-card debt on two cards and that, on the Bank of America card in question, he had paid down his balance to $3,000 from $3,700 last August. "His rate increase seems unjustified based on his credit profile," says David Robertson, publisher of The Nilson Report, a credit-card industry trade publication. When Jordan called Bank of America about the higher rate, he says, the bank representative couldn't explain why his rate was going up. On a second call, he adds, the individual told him the reason for the increase was that he hadn't been paying down his balance fast enough, though he had lowered it by 19% in the last six months and was only now utilizing 54% of his $5,500 credit limit. Riess, the Bank of America spokeswoman, declined to discuss individual rate increases or to list all the criteria the bank was using as reasons to raise rates on existing cardholders.

Bank of America is trying to get ahead of Amanda Pennington, 29, of Euless, Texas. She says the bank raised her credit limit three months ago from $5,000 to $8,000 because of her strong payment history. Then she got the letter from the bank in mid-January notifying that her rate would rise from 15.74% to 25.99%. When she called, she says, the bank told her it was raising her rate because her balance was now too high, though it was still under the higher new limit the bank had previously granted."


Mortgages are like any other bank loans - they have a "call" option that the lender can exercise pretty much at their own discretion with little in the way of justification required. A bank that's in terrible trouble can call loans to raise cash - they presume you can go out and get a new one elsewhere.






"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

You are correct Ahavah; The last things the banks need right now...is to call performing loans, of course the shakeout has really just begun..and only time will tell what additional financial earthquakes are on the horizon.

They are in a double bind, can't make money without lending money, and greedy imbeciles they were, let's see what the government regulators have in mind.

Hersh Ginsburg of the Agudas Harabonim said...

The mass phony Geirim problem in Israel has existed here in America for the past thirty years at minimum.

It is a fact that today in America we have thousands of authentic goyyim walking around our cities and believing that they are legitimatly Jewish and intermarrying with unsuspecting Jews (and many having babies that are likewise authentic goyyim) all to the credit of one unscrupulous rabbi in Flatbush named Herbert Bomzer. Herby Bomzer charges these goyyim that come to him to convert thousand of dollars. Unlike a Rav that legitimately test a prospective Geir for years before allowing them to Tovel and be proclaimed an authentic Geiur, Herby Bomzer runs his operation on an assembly line. He takes their money, gives some pamphlets to read and a cassette to listen to has them listen to two sermons and then at the Mikveh he tells them to dunk and he says “ABBA KADABRRA behold you are Jewish”. Herby shamelessly and without any concern for the destruction and permanent damage he is causing to the entire Jewish nation by way of intermarriages, selfishly believes that the thousands of dollars he charges these goyyim for fraudulently proclaiming them to be Jews is more important that the destruction he is causing to the entire Jewish community and nation.

If only Herby Mammzer believed in G-d and his Torah. Unfortunately, he doesn’t.

According to Harav Elyashiv Shlita, Herbert Bomzer’s fraudulent Geirus factory is almost as destructive to the Klal as that of Yisroel Belsky who sanctions married women to engage in outright znus (adultery).

It has been heard from many reliable reports, that Rav Elyashiv’s gabbaim have been as of lately providing him with all the information that is being posted here at UOJ.

This takes the Cake! said...

"Rav Elyashiv’s gabbaim have been as of lately providing him with all the information that is being posted here at UOJ."

Rabbi Herby Bomzer said...

Hersh Ginsburg, how dare you say that about me!!

You are a stupid damn liar. It is absolutely not true. I do not tell my goyyish clients at the Mikveh to dunk after which I say “ABBA KADABRRA behold you are Jewish”.
That would be meanigless and the Geirus would be entirely invalid.

Instead I say "ABBRA KADABBRA" which is Hebrew, and then I say in English "Behold you are Jewish".

Please don't ever misquote me again. If you do I will publish a siruv against you from the Vaad Harabonim of Flatbush and publish it in the National Enquirer, Star Magazine and the Jewish Press.



The GAY clubs are not located
at the YU and STERN campuses. This
is a frudulant lie that has been
propogated by YU-haters for years.
They are located in the medical
and law schools which are far away
and have more than 50% non-Jewish
population. If they were located on the Main Campus Rabbi Schachter
would have left long ago! Get your
facts right before you insult a
Gadol Beyisroel who always tells
the truth and has the guts to stand up to evil!


It has come to our attention that Ner Israel Rabbinical College administration may be plotting an action "Purimfest-5768". This March, Baltimore Jewish community members who have spoken against NIRC and its gay-shielding policies may receive poisoned Purim food packages (shalachmanot). If you receive a Purim gift from an unidentified source or from someone at NIRC, DO NOT EAT IT! If you develop any symptoms of poisoning within the first two weeks after Purim, immediately contact your local Poison Control Center (1-800-222-1222).

SDR said...

Every day I feel the fact that we are a dor yasom sheb'yasomim more intensely. The problem is that nobody cares what the rabbonim say and the musag of having an actual rebbi who imparts ikkirei ha-daas v'emunah has almost vanished in today's yeshivos and 13 y/o pishers walk around thinking they're the Brisker Rav.

Lakewood has morphed into some sort of grotesque corporate yeshiva where the roshei yeshiva are clearly not in full control and many once proud branches of chassidus are emboriled in machloksim over gelt in secular courts vchulu ...... There is very little credibility left. Chabad has the moshichists, court battles and the corporate aura as well, so what is attractive to a young frum kid these days?

Rav Ahron Kotler would've folded up and taken the talmidim far away 10 years ago. The Satmar Rav would have thrown these clowns outta town 30 years ago. R' Shloimele Bobover, the ohev sholom v'rodef sholom of his day is rolling over in his grave.

Sex, drugs, and rampant kefira are all over the place along with ignored molestation problems and all of a sudden we're worried about "the big event" @ MSG!

Chareidi Judaism used to be a sacred cow to me but the culture out there is so repugnant at times it's almost too hard to bear. For instance OORAH a fine mossad is offering a catalog without women for those inclined to receive such. Well, is it poroper to have women or not? BMG puts out a catalog for a chinese auction that is considered too m'gushem and then cancels the event at a financial loss. Who authorized it in the first place? Were the roshei yeshiva consulted? Did they approve it? If so, fine. If not, we've got a problem. The rabbonim understandably assured the Internet but on Yeshivaworld was instructed when to "break" the recent Lipa story.

The "yeridos hadoros" that's taken place even in the course of my 39 year life is so immense that I fear for the future. IY"H Moshiach zol kummen b'meheira b'yomeinu! OY MEH HAYA LANU!

Anonymous said...

In reply to the the request for me to explain my comment regarding Frank Storch being incomplete in his first marriage:

Frank obviously had a lot of problems at that point in his life. Meril was obviously a good wife and an outstanding mom, but he still strayed. Frank would be very lucky if his new wife turns out to be so great and if his younger children turn out as great as his older kids.

I don't think it is right that you implied that Meril is resentful that her ex-husband is receiving all this koved. I do hope that Frank resolved a lot of the issues that caused him to stray and that he has another chance at happiness. Of course, a lot of families will not look at his kids for a shidduch, but that is their right and no one else's business. A lot of us have children that may be rejected for a shidduch for various reasons, such as divorce, health problems, and religious differences.

Obviously, what he did was horrible, and I am sure he is aware of that. He will have to live in the shadow of his past mistakes, but I just thought it was a shame that you were worried about Meril's so-called resentment so many years after her divorce. How do you think you are making HER look to others by advertising her resentment, or by implying she may have resentment? You said that he should not be allowed to host a shul in his backyard. Please explain how you justify this assertion in regards to halacha.

I would think there is no halacha on this particular topic because Frank committed adultery with an unmarried woman, who was not a Jew. Therefore, he did not commit adultery according to halacha, but of course, Meril does not have to forgive him for betraying her. She also has no right to expect him NOT to rebuild his life and NOT to use his family money to do mitzvot. (Although I am not sure if she really feels this way. You are implying it, though.)

You also have no right to try to organize an effort to try to close down this backyard shul.

Anonymous said...

If it bothers you so much that Frank Storch has a shul in his backyard, then think of the shul as Danielle Sara Storch's shul. It is my understanding that Danielle Sara was thrilled to be able to help people by hosting a shul in HER backyard. What makes you think this was not HER idea to begin with?

Danielle Sara is married to Frank, and his money is also her money, according to civil law. She was never married before, and therefor was not an adulterer. You stated that a known adulterer should not have a shul in his backyard, right? Well, Danielle Sara is NOT an adulterer of any kind.

Anonymous said...

i was looking at the beautiful front page od the yated,
most of the page concerned with the tremendous loss of am yisroel.
over 12 pages of heartwrenching comment.
even the inside back cover "community alert" full page anti-drinking, paid for??
anyway back cover, yovel dinner
tisha b'a"b,
guest of honor "rosh hayeshiva shlita"
the only thing i related was the kollel zeraim "cumulative seeding"

mamosh a bitterah purim