Sunday, March 23, 2008

Trickled Down Hate Mail!

The hate mail is all but gone!

For shame; I used to learn so much from them. I would see the blind hatred for the truth. I would see what brainwashing has done to a generation. It destroyed logic - rationalism and common sense, and essentially destroyed Orthodox Judaism. The rabbis - you got to hand it to them - they got it down to a science.

They created this atmosphere of blind obedience; the kind we saw by David Koresch in Waco, and Jim Jones in Jonestown. They must have had a few meetings with the most Reverend Moon, Jew-lover - America-lover - white-boy lover - Jeremiah Obama Wright, and Ron Hubbard. Maybe a lesson or two from Jesse Jackson.

Keep your people dumb and ignorant - make certain they consider everything evil - except the ideas you want them to adhere to.

Make certain they hate reason, and intellect. Never let them make a move without your approval. Keep them poor - except for the rich that you designate as your ally - for your whims. Keep the passions alive - not the healthy ones - the most hysterical - venom filled - disdain for any reasonable value that is not congruous with your agenda.

Make certain you keep them desperate; desperate people will grab on to any idea that will make them a "somebody" in your evil eyes. Keep them in a ghetto/community - where they can be supervised and controlled. Create a huge sense of shame - if they dare step outside the box. Control the food they eat - where you profit off every morsel. Tell them how much sex they can have - and when and how to have it. Tell them that science is off limits - they just may discover a truth or two - Heaven forbid!

Tell them the rabbis are infallible - and anyone that does not buy that - is deemed an apostate - not worthy of being a member of the Jewish community. Never let your kids marry in to that family - God protect us. Break the "average" guy's back with $25/lb. matzohs - $200 esrogim - $10,000 a year tuition - $5000 for summer camps! Don't let the poor bastard breathe! Make certain that you follow him to the office - than double back to his house in a different car with a different driver - a week later with a different notebook of fraudulent rabbinic endorsements.

Create emergency meetings for the self-inflicted poor in Israel - because they were instructed never to leave the four walls of B'nei Brak or Jerusalem. Keep their wives pregnant - forbidding birth control - to make certain they are never able to feed themselves without your brachas, advice and "wisdom".

Ban anything and everything that may cause them to have moments of truth and enjoyment - and maybe just maybe - for a brief second - they may actually feel good -and find life worth living. Disgrace them for not being able to donate huge sums of money to your family businesses - by seating them in the back of the catering hall at dinners and gatherings. Never honor a "poor" guy --- that may be the "honorable" thing to do - Heaven forbid. Sit every thief and low-life at the dais of your dinners - teach our kids who the real people are.

Create perpetual " parasites" by keeping every one in kollel, and denying them a reasonable secular education - breaking their will to the point that they can not have a healthy mind --- in fact turning them in to perverts in one sense or another. Then put these same people around our children as teachers, mentors and rabbis --- broke, desperate, eager to please themselves in any way possible - fearful of their jobs, fearful of every healthy thing, fearful to think, fearful of being exposed for the misfits they are.

Elevate them to principals or rosh yeshivas - strictly because their fathers own the place. Never concern yourselves with "ability" or healthy psyche - or appropriate values! Perpetuating the family name and business is what counts - at the expense of your children - and their children - and their children - until the end of time!

The Dr. Death laboratory experiment continues. Even the rats get to enjoy a bite of cheese here and there - not you!

Oh yes - the more you suffer in this life - the more enjoyment in the World To Come!


Just a Reminder said...

"Remember Lipa, eat, drink and be merry this Purim; for, next week the end begins."

This was a message in a bottle dispatched last week by UOJ that floated up into Kolko's private toilet.

We are now into the week after Purim, so let's get the show on the road.

Just Curious said...

Can UOJ give us a snippet of a choice posting that was traced back to Applegrad's computer?

All Roads Lead to Pinter said...

"They must have had a few meetings with the most Reverend Moon"

Leib Pinter's mechutan Herzl Kranz is known for associating with various thiefs and con artists including Rev. Moon. There was a picture of the two together that was posted on an older version of this blog.

Yehuda Levin Misses the Boat said...

While he's correct on Paterson's immorality, he doesn't get it that Spitzer's apology was to himself for getting caught.


Rabbi Yehuda Levin, a New York pro-family activist, says in the wake of the recent slew of sex scandals involving state governors, it's time to take a closer look at the family values of elected officials.

The activist believes the sex scandal involving Paterson is even worse than the prostitution scandal that forced Spitzer to leave office. Unlike Spitzer, who Levin points out "had the grace to apologize for letting down his family," the Patersons have publicly attempted to justify their immorality, he says -- and in the process are sending a "terrible message" to children and families across the country.

Reform "Rabbi" on Musser Haskayle from Spitzer said...


"I think it's really shaken people up," says Katz, who counsels families and couples at New York City's Ackerman Institute. "There are a lot of people trying to understand this out there. It's been very distressing to people to see the strain on a relationship made so public."

Seeking to address those feelings, one rabbi at a New Jersey synagogue wrote to her congregants.

"There are families in our community who have struggled with infidelity," wrote Rabbi Elyse Frishman of the Barnert Temple in Franklin Lakes, N.J. "No doubt that Gov. Spitzer's public behavior has struck a deeper chord in your homes. It may be hard to even look at your spouse, or to discuss the governor's behavior with your children ...

"None of us is perfect. Marriages, families, friendships can heal over time."

Frishman says she heard back from several people who had experienced infidelity — from different sides — and were experiencing severe distress over the scandal. "They were so grateful that I had affirmed their reality," she says.

Rabbi Uriah Ohana said...


Margo should consider chasing headlights on Ocean Parkway.

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

Can UOJ give us a snippet of a choice posting that was traced back to Applegrad's computer?


Always keep the enemy guessing and off balance!

Reishis Bus Drivers Margulies Vachriso .... said...

Margo must have been traumatized thinking what UOJ is going o do to him when listening to parshas Zachor.

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

so let's get the show on the road.
The show is already on the road and will be on Ocean Parkway in due time. I haven't let you down yet - have I?

Newsday said...


It looks like there's some truth to Roger Stone's involvement in the Spitzer scandal. Spitzer's father also called the FBI to accuse Stone of threatening him. What a shmutzike putz this guy is.

Australia said...


Something smells like a cover up and I don't like that Norman Rosenbaum is acting as lawyer for the moysad. Norman is the brother of Yankel Rosenbaum hyd killed by the savages in Crown Heights.

YTV said...


Were some YTV alumni at work this past motzaei Shabbes on the outskirts of the 5 Towns? About 20 years ago, YTV was evacuated when some bochurim threw a smoke bomb in the ventilation system. Fast Forward to 2008 in Valley Stream, NY. Someone shpritzed pepper spray into the ventilation system at Wal-Mart. There was a massive Police, Fire & EMS mobilization as 16 shoppers fell ill.

Boo Boo Bruno said...

Roger Stone was accused on an episode of Hardball with Chris Matthews on August 22, 2007 of being the voice on an audiotape threatening Governor Eliot Spitzer's father Bernard Spitzer. The audiotape is controversial because of the expletives involved: "And there‘s not a goddamn thing your phony, psycho, piece-of-shit son can do about it."

Stone initially denied the reports. Thereafter, however, he resigned from his position as a consultant to the New York State Senate Republican Campaign Committee, at the request of Senate Majority Leader Joseph Bruno

Stone was also involved in the Watergate scandal when he was only 19 years old.

Rubashkin Fresser said...


Agriprocessors Inc. of Postville has been issued 39 citations with proposed penalties of $182,000 by the Iowa Division of Labor Services for allegedly violating workplace safety and health standards, the state agency announced Thursday.

Kerry Koonce, communications director of Iowa Workforce Development, said the proposed citations and penalties stemmed from a safety inspection conducted by the Iowa Division of Labor on Oct. 31 at the Postville operation and a Feb. 11 health inspection.

Sholom Rubashkin, vice president of Agriprocessors, referred questions to Jay Eaton of the Nyemaster Goode law firm in Des Moines, which represents the company legally.

Eaton said that Agriprocessors “maintains a pro-active program for the safety and health of its employees.”

Shmarya said...

Rubashkin, his good friend and business associate Rabbi Asher Zeilingold, and Zeilingold's friend Carlos Carbonera issued a fake OSHA report "clearing" Agriprocessors of the many charges leveled at it by workers and their advocates in the pages of the Forward.

I showed then that the "OSHA report" had not been issued by either OSHA or by Iowa state officials.

Iowa is a State-PLan state, which means it does all the inspection and enforcement of OSHA regulations, and OSHA itself cannot work in the state unless invited by state leadership.

The Iowa officials I spoke with then, while unable to comment on this specific case, did note their general displeasure at being misrepresented.

For its part, federal OSHA's regional director had this to say:

OSHA's regional head Chuck Adkins told me again today that he will "bring the hammer down" on anyone, this inspector included, who uses OSHA's name without permission. He also pointed out that what this inspector did was a violation of OSHA's "internal rules and regulations."
Companies can invite OSHA to do a consult. The findings from that consult are kept secret, and the company has one year to correct all problems before OSHA (or its state agents) can issue fines and penalties.

Rubashkin was, in fact, told to do this by the OSHA employee who, on his own time, illegally went to Agriprocessors and "inspected" it for Rubashkin, Zeilingold and Carbonerra.

The faker OSHA report was released by Rubashkin and Rabbi Zeilingold in January of 2007.

By late January 2007, OSHA and Iowa officials were aware of the fraud.

Did Rubashkin ever ask for an OSHA consult? I'm not yet sure.

But what I do know is, just over one year after the story of the fraudulent OSHA report broke (it broke here, by the way), Rubashkin has now been cited with OSHA 39 violations.

Rabbi Zeilingold is the head of United Mehadrin Kosher. This is UMK's kosher symbol:

Keep it in mind when you shop for 'kosher' food.

Video of a Dead Drunk Moishe Rubashkin said...


The guy in the red beard is Chanina Sperlin, one of the only people in Crown Hts who has had the courage to stand up to convicted criminal Rubashkin.

Chanina Sperlin said...


I told Moishe Rubashkin he's making a chilul Hashem.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't Roger Stone involved in the Ed Rollins scandal in New Jersey where they paid Black ministers to tell the shvartzas not to vote to make sure Democrats didn't get any votes? Everyone involved had to resign but as dirty a tactic it was it was also brilliant.

Anonymous said...

Class Action Lawsuit
See recent class action lawsuit against Tranquility Bay
(specifically pages 13 and 14).



What would you do to your neighbor if they sent their "troubled" son to a place where kids are ...

• Forced to eat their own vomit
• Kicked, beaten, thrown, and slammed to the ground
• Bound and tied by their hands/and or feet
• Chained and locked in dog cages
• Forced to stay in isolation for long periods of times
• Locked in small boxes or cages
• Locked in basements
• Forced to lie in or wear urine and feces as a method of punishment
• Forced to clean and scrub toilets and floors with their toothbrush and then use the toothbrush afterwards
• Forced to sleep on cold concrete floors, box springs, or plywood used as beds – some had no bed linens
• Forced to assume distorted and painful physical positions for long periods of time
• Forced to live in unsanitary living conditions
• Denied adequate food
• Denied even a minimally sufficient education
• Denied proper medical and dental treatment and care
• Exposed to extreme hot and cold temperatures for long periods of time
• Forced to exercise beyond their physical capacity
• Forced to carry heavy bags of sand or logs around their neck throughout the day over many days
• Sexually abused, including sexual relations and acts of fondling and masturbation performed on them
• Emotional abuse by subjecting children to near total parental and societal isolation; personal visits, correspondence, and telephone calls were either forbidden or discouraged
• Because of near-total isolation, these children were totally unequipped to enter outside society
• Forced to work many hours a day violating child labor laws
• Confiscated and/or kept students’ US mail
• Deprived from using the toilet, and as a result, urinated or defecated on themselves
• Verbally abused by lying that their parents knew what was happening to them and were supportive of it all
• Subjected to buddy system where older students were allowed to physically, mentally, and sexually abuse younger students and manage them as part of “cleansing” process
• Deprived of sleep
• Forced to wear the same, unwashed clothes for weeks at a time
• In most cases. denied religious affiliation
• Forced to eat raw or rotten food
• Poked and prodded with various objects while being strip-searched
• Forced to write false confession letters to parents to justify being sent to the WWASPS schools
• Threatened severe punishment, including death, if they told anyone about the abuse or poor living conditions --

Posted by Save Isaac Hersh Foundation

Anonymous said...

"About 20 years ago, YTV was evacuated when some bochurim threw a smoke bomb in the ventilation system"

They were trying to get out of Regents or some other tests.

Rav Pam ztl was very upset about that incident.

What's the Chiddush? said...

Some Chaim Berlin Baal teshuva is running Hatzolah when Dovid Cohen is their posek.

The same Dovid Cohen who won't allow any dissent but allows convicted sex offender Steve Zakheim to be a responder.

Ich Bein Chaim Berliner said...

Rabbi Brog who runs the Chaim Berlin BT program is R' Avigdor Miller's son in law. Rabbi Brog's son Elya is now the rov of R' Avigdor's shul.

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

NEW YORK - JPMorgan Chase & Co. on Monday moved to assuage shareholders of Bear Stearns & Co. by increasing its offer to acquire the ailing investment bank to $10 per share from the bargain-basement price of $2 per share.
Now ---- the shares are worth $10 - overnight!

This stinks sooooo bad!

JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon said...

I'm just trying to avoid a UOJ investigation.

Anonymous said...

Attorney Joshua Ambush will be available for interviews by phone appointment at 410-484-2070


Please have Yitzchak Meir Ben Michael Chaim Hersh in mind in your Tefillos when you say "Matir Asurim" - This is a real Mitzvah of Pidyon Shvuyim.

save Isaac Hersh foundation said...

Many prominent Rabbonim have already demanded this publicizing of this information, to help prompt a speedy release of Isaac Hersh. Please email saveisaac@yahoo.com with any questions.

Anonymous said...

WHich Rabbonim are trying to save Isaac Hersh?

Instigator said...

Who exactly is this Kleinman putz from YTT? Give me his exact name & Address and I will dig up some dirt on him.

Ben Brafman said...

Leib Pinter is upset that I have so many other clients


Weiss Agrees to Plead Guilty To Role in Kickback Scheme
By Anthony Lin

March 20, 2008

Famed securities class action lawyer Melvyn I. Weiss yesterday agreed to plead guilty to a federal racketeering charge over his participation in a scheme to pay kickbacks to lead plaintiffs in shareholder suits.

The plea agreement recommends a sentence of between 18 and 33 months in prison for Mr. Weiss, 72. He also has agreed to pay $10 million in fines and forfeited fees.

Mr. Weiss was the last major figure indicted in a probe by the Los Angeles U.S. Attorney's Office into the payment of kickbacks by the New York-based firm known until yesterday afternoon as Milberg Weiss. At the time he was charged in September, three former name partners of the firm - William S. Lerach, David J. Bershad and Steven G. Schulman - had already agreed to plead guilty.

The plea agreement means the near-certain disbarment of Mr. Weiss, who was admitted to practice in New York in 1960.

Coincidentally, the Appellate Division, First Department, ruled yesterday to disbar Mr. Schulman, based on his guilty plea to an identical racketeering charge. The court found that the federal felony was essentially a mirror of the New York crime of enterprise corruption, meriting Mr. Schulman's automatic disbarment. (Matter of Schulman appears on page 5 of the print edition of today's Law Journal.)

Mr. Weiss' lawyer, Benjamin Brafman, said in a statement he was hopeful the judge would substitute home or community confinement for up to half of Mr. Weiss' term. Judge Walter rejected a similar request by Mr. Lerach but Mr. Brafman said he hoped the court took account Mr. Weiss' long record of pro bono work and philanthropy.

Shtik Drek Putz Jeff Schwartz said...

There is no evidence that Mr. Boateng caused the cat to die.

UOJ manufactured this victim.

BRONX – A Bronx man has been convicted of Aggravated Cruelty to Animals in the beating death of a house cat in June 2005.

Aggravated Cruelty to Animals is a felony offense under the New York State Agriculture and Markets Law and is punishable by a maximum sentence of up to two years imprisonment.

Douglas Boateng, 21, of 1820 Phelan Place, the Bronx, was found guilty following a non-jury trial before State Supreme Court Justice Darcel Clark. Boateng was also convicted on two misdemeanor counts of torturing animals and criminal possession of stolen property each punishable by a maximum sentence of up to a year in jail when sentenced in May.

The crime occurred at 1945 Loring Place on June 14, 2005 at 4:30 a.m. Boateng and an acquaintance were walking two pit bull dogs past the building when they saw a cat sleeping next to a window in a ground floor apartment. The defendant’s acquaintance, who remains at large, opened the window and pulled the cat through both an anti-theft gate and a child protective window guard.

After the unapprehended accomplice threw the cat against a wall, the two men unleashed the pit bulls which began to maul the house cat. Boateng admitted that he repeatedly struck the cat with a heavy metal chain as the dogs mauled the animal. Boateng continued beating, chasing and throwing the cat to the pit bulls until it ran under a car and died.

Boateng was arrested following an investigation by the ASPCA which determined that the dead cat had sustained multiple fractures to the ribs, jaw and skull, bite wounds and bruising. The right side of the animal’s brain was crushed. Surveillance cameras that were installed for building security captured the brutal attack on videotape.

NYS Assemblyman Rory Lancman said...

I daven at the Young Israel of Hillcrest. The former rov of my shul, R' Simcha Krauss, was pushing the Queens Vaad to expel Ephraim Bryks, but what do you expect from the Vaad when it's controlled by Belsky's pals like Peretz Steinberg?

NEW YORK - Almost a year to date after New York’s Civil Confinement legislation was signed into law, Senator Jeff Klein (D-Bronx/Westchester) and Assemblyman Rory Lancman (D-Queens) called on the state to finally adopt a measure proposed by Klein two years ago allowing concerned parents and neighbors to receive instant email alerts every time a sex offender moves into their selected zip code.

With the recent unveiling of a new statewide emergency communication system, NY Alert, by the Department of Homeland Security, it would now be even easier for New Yorkers to register for instant e-mail notifications. Currently, New Yorkers desiring up-to-date information on registered sex offenders in their communities must make daily searches of the Sex Offender Registry maintained by the Division of Criminal Justice Services.

There are currently 26,000 individuals on New York’s Sex Offender Registry, which classifies offenders according to their risk of re-offending: low-risk (Level 1), moderate risk (Level 2) and high-risk (Level 3). Members of the public can access this database at local police stations or via a toll-free telephone number. Level 2 and Level 3 offenders are also listed on an internet subdirectory at the DCJS website. However, the information changes constantly as new offenders are added or existing registrants update their information. E-mail updates would allow New Yorkers to keep tabs on a specific geographic area, such as where they live or where their children attend school, and would save them the time-consuming chore of making regular visits to the subdirectory website.

The lawmakers released a report with 2008 data for all registered sex offenders living in the 5 boroughs, broken down by zip code. Of the 3,260 known sex offenders residing in New York City, 133 live in Staten Island, 683 live in Brooklyn, 232 live in Manhattan, 531 live in the Bronx, and 204 in Queens.

Overlawyered said...

Ben Brafman just worked out a sweet deal for Queens Councilman Dennis Gallagher. Instead of being jailed for raping a 53 year old grandmother, Gallagher pled guilty to forcible touching as sex assault and will not have to register as a sex offender or do prison time.

Moetzes Resign! said...

ALBANY – Acting State Police Superintendent Preston Felton Wednesday announced that he will retired from the State Police.

Felton’s last day will be April 4. He is a resident of Orange County.

He notified Governor David Paterson’s office of his decision.

Felton is the second high level state official to leave since Eliot Spitzer fell from grace in a sex scandal. Late last week, Empire State Development Corporation Downstate President Joseph Foye resigned.

Yeshiva Tuition is not the only Rip off said...

The New York State Public Service Commission Wednesday voted on a rate decision that sets new electric service delivery rates for Con-Edison.

The revenue requirement increase of $425 million is estimated to result in bill impacts of about 4.7 percent on a system-wide basis.

Bloomberg Radio on XM Satellite said...

Spitzer's defense team also includes Theodore Wells, who unsuccessfully defended former vice presidential aide Lewis ``Scooter'' Libby last year for lying about the leak of the identity of a U.S. intelligence agent, and Mark Pomerantz, who won a reversal of an obstruction conviction in 2006 of former Credit Suisse banker Frank Quattrone. All three are lawyers with the New York firm of Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison.

Authorities also will examine Spitzer's bank, credit-card and other records dating to 1999, an inquiry that could take months, the Post reported, citing a law-enforcement source.

Spitzer may be open to charges that he violated the Mann Act, which makes it a crime to transport someone across state lines for prostitution, lawyers said.

He could also be charged with wire fraud, if he made false statements about the source or destination of his funds; structuring, if he made payments to avoid U.S. requirements on reporting cash transactions of more than $10,000; or money laundering, if he knew the ring was using front companies to move money illegally, the lawyers said.

Selective Prosecution

Spitzer's attorneys, who declined to discuss the case, probably will press numerous arguments to persuade prosecutors not to bring charges, the defense lawyers said.

``I'd approach it by saying to the U.S. Attorney's Office that if you prosecute me, you've got to prosecute'' Clients 1-8, said William Mateja, who formerly helped oversee the Justice Department's Corporate Crime Task Force. ``They don't want to be accused of selective prosecution,'' a potential legal defense.

The other eight clients mentioned in the criminal complaint haven't been identified by prosecutors.

The Mann Act

Bradley Simon, a former federal prosecutor in Brooklyn, said the facts in the complaint could support a charge of violating the Mann Act because Client 9 is ``inducing and persuading a woman to cross state lines for sex.'' That law is normally used in conjunction with other violations and usually when it involves a minor, he said.

The law ``is typically reserved for people who operate prostitution rings,'' said Peikin, who's now at the Sullivan & Cromwell firm in New York. ``I would be arguing that the spirit here is not intended to reach this kind of conduct.''

Prosecutors may have a tough time supporting a structuring charge, said Joshua Hochberg, who once headed the Justice Department's fraud section. ``I'm not clear whether the financial transactions were done in any way to evade a reporting requirement,'' said Hochberg, a lawyer in Washington with McKenna, Long & Aldridge.

Bruce Zagaris, a defense attorney at Berliner, Corcoran & Rowe in Washington, said prosecutors might have a shot at a structuring case because of the way Client 9 arranged the payments in cash in amounts less than the $10,000 threshold required for currency reports.

Money Laundering

Money laundering isn't a common charge in prostitution cases, said Mark Arnold, a former bank secrecy auditor at Wells Fargo & Co. ``If you go out and do money laundering, usually it's for tax evasion,'' he said.

A fraud charge, based on the notion that Spitzer lied about the source or recipient of his payments, also may be flawed. ``Who's he trying to defraud?'' Mateja said. ``It sounds like it's money that was his money.''

Based on the likely charges, ``it seems unlikely'' Spitzer will spend time in prison, Douglas Muzzio, a Baruch College political science professor, said in an interview today with Bloomberg Radio

UOJ Gets Results said...

'Moral' issues keep writer out of the U.S.

London - British writer and self-styled dandy Sebastian Horsley was denied entry to the United States after arriving to promote his memoir of sex, drugs and flamboyant fashion.

Horsley said he was questioned for eight hours Tuesday by border officials at Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey before being denied entry on grounds of "moral turpitude."

The author, 45, was traveling to New York for the U.S. launch of "Dandy in the Underworld," his account of a life dedicated to sex, drugs and finely tailored clothes.

"They knew more about me than I did," Horsley said Thursday from his London home. "They said, 'We know you're a heroin addict, we know you're a crack addict, we know you're involved in prostitution.' "

Horsley's book - billed as an "unauthorized autobiography" - vividly recounts years of heavy drug use and frequent visits to prostitutes.

Mormon Putz from Utah said...


It's unofficial but one of our "WASP" facilities like the one that Hersh sent his son to was in the YTT boiler room.

This video is a must watch.

"Horsley" said...

Even his name tells you he's a Putz Ferd.

Tefillos for the Hersh boy said...

Yitzchak Meir Ben Michael Chaim?

Aren't you supposed to use his mother's name?

Mom's a CongressCritter w/ a sinecure said...

Wayne County Prosecutor Kim Worthy today announced indictments against Democratic Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick and his former chief of staff and lover, Christine Beatty, for perjury, obstruction of justice and misconduct in office, in their attempt to hide their relationship and suppress a police investigation of an alleged party at the Manoogian Mansion, the mayor's official residence, where the mayor's wife, Carlita, allegedly showed up unexpectedly and discovered a stripper performing a sex act on the mayor. The stripper allegedly filed a police report that Carlita beat her with a baseball bat, and was later shot to death (with a Glock .40, the same gun issued to Detroit police officers).

Kwame gets to turn himself in and do the perp walk today at 5 PM.

Your Tax Dollars said...

"New Jersey lawmakers are moving to cut mortgage foreclosures by imposing a six-month moratorium on subprime loan defaults, creating a new loan fund to help people stay in their homes and allowing some who lose homes to stay in them for a time. The legislation unveiled Tuesday is meant to help homeowners combat problems with subprime loans [whose] low-interest rates have adjusted higher, creating problems with paying mortgages. Sen. Ronald Rice estimates as many as 16,500 New Jersey homeowners with subprime loans will face foreclosure this year."

Riverdale said...

What a disgrace! Ralph Lauren attends an Orthodox shul in Riverdale.


George Bush's niece Lauren Bush has taken a moment to pontificate in the London Times about getting dressed and being a debutante. You know, the things that really matter (to us, at least), like how she was forced to wear ugly bunny outfits on Easter as a child and how she really enjoys hitting the New York party circuit with boyfriend David (son of Ralph) Lauren on her arm. And let's not forget her modeling days! She recalled one particular photo session where she interacted with the locals:
My most embarrassing modeling moment was one Passover when we were on Coney Island, New York, where lots of conservative Jews live. It was a swimwear shoot, but luckily the theme was Fifties so nothing was too scandalous. Anyway, a crowd of Hasidic teenagers surrounded the camera. I was so embarrassed, I felt like I was corrupting them on a religious holiday.
That's not awkward! But seriously, we must give credit to the gal for all her humanitarian efforts. She's often traveling to Third World countries like Guatemala to fulfill her role as honorary spokeswoman for the United Nations World Food Program. No, she doesn't bust out the resortwear and platform sandals for those.

What I wear on these trips is more important than you might think. I don't want to be the big whitey standing out in the crowd, so I usually buy local garments and try to blend in. We went to Chad in 2005, where the society is predominantly Muslim and women cover their heads. My friend had her ponytail showing and this little boy starting hitting her with a stick.
See! The wrong attire can be dangerous.

With a Name like Lubinsky ... said...


Couple accused of charity scam
Mar 10, 2008 7:48 PM

A New Zealand based couple has been banned from Samoa for life after being accused of taking freebies in the name of charity.

Ev Lubinsky and Richard Rowland came to New Zealand on a work permit to run an educational charitable trust - One World.

But the way they get free travel is under scrutiny.

Friend of the Tort Putz? said...


Martin Belsky, dean of Akron University School of Law

Anonymous said...

UOJ, why is nobody trying to get Mattis Weinberg extradited? He is quite a monster in the Mondrowitz sense. Is the problem with statute of limitations?

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

For starters, police complaints would have had to been filed by the victims. I don't believe a formal police report was ever filed - if there was - I am not aware of one.

Most child-rapists go free for this very reason.

Hopefully - this will now change in the Jewish community.

Anonymous said...

w w w . h a a r e t z . c o m

Last update - 10:49 25/03/2008
With top rabbis' blessing, Knesset approves organ donation law

I hear Rubashkin "the saint," has volunteered to donate his brain.