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One of Potchu Lipschitz's many enemies said...

I found the copy of the cherem.

I showed it at the time to a rosh yeshiva to find out if the beis din was proper or corrupt. He said that for a siruv to take hold lehalucho, you only need one dayan out of the three to be an oisghaltenner mentch. He said one is a bum (presumably he meant Chaim Krauss) but that at least one of them is a proper dayan. The rosh yeshiva added that it is a mitzva to be mefarsem against Lipschitz and scream at him for being mevazeh the Torah according to a befeirush din Shulchan Aruch and that anyone in siruv is also put in cherem min hashumayim.

If anyone would like a copy, please post your fax number requesting it.

Only for fax numbers that allow me to block my caller ID or you won't receive it.

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

Read between the lines - There's Chinese baby formula in the U.S.A. and God knows in what other food products that are never tested and disclosed by the FDA!


By Elizabeth Weise, USA TODAY

Chinese newspapers are reporting that infant formula has been linked to kidney problems and kidney stones in babies there because the formula contains melamine — the same industrial contaminant that poisoned and killed thousands of U.S. dogs and cats last year.

No baby formula approved for use in the United States is manufactured in China, according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

"We want to reassure the public that there's no contamination in the domestic supply of infant formula," says Janice Oliver, deputy of operations for FDA's Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition.

In addition, no U.S. manufacturers or marketers of infant formula receive ingredients from China. "We contacted all of them,' says Oliver.

"Chinese-manufactured infant formula is illegal in the United States and should not be coming into the United States, and we have controls at the borders to insure that infant formula products don't come in," says Oliver.

However, the agency is concerned that illegal infant formula may be sold in Asian and ethnic markets. (in the U.S.A.)

That happened once before in 2004, when fake infant formula from China, which killed dozens of babies in that country, was found in at least one U.S. store.

The FDA is working with state officials to make sure that all Chinese, Asian and ethnic markets are aware of the problem, Oliver says. The agency is also alerting the Chinese community to avoid using China-produced formula.

"We don't want any babies to get sick. None of this should be in the United States. We're not aware of anyone finding it here, but knowing that it happened once before we want to get the word out," she says.

Reports in the Chinese media from several provinces say that as many as 60 babies have been admitted to hospitals with kidney stones and that the illnesses have been linked to use of a specific brand of powdered infant formula.

Melamine is a by-product of plastic manufacturing. It can be used to mimic high-protein additives such as wheat and rice gluten. Adding melamine to ordinary wheat flour, for example, makes it test as if it is the higher protein, higher cost wheat gluten.

In March 2007, the discovery that pet food was causing kidney disease and death in dogs and cats across North America lead to the largest pet food recall in the nation's history.

In that instance, melamine and a related chemical, cyanuric acid, had been added to grain products in China to fraudulently increase their apparent protein content, making them appear to be gluten. The products were then sold as gluten to U.S. and Canadian pet food manufacturers.

Veterinary pathologists established that the combination of melamine and cyanuric acid caused crystals to form in the urinary tracts of animals, causing sicknesses and deaths.

It is unknown at this time if the Chinese infant formula tested positive for both melamine and cyanuric acid or just melamine.

Anonymous said...

Which "Rabbi Brenner" is that supposed to be in the video? A son of Lipa the child rapist?

Anonymous said...

"cherem min hashumayim"

There is a very chilling cheshbon in that according to seforim. One day in sruv gets him 30 days in beis din shel maalah. 30 days gets him a year. And a year makes him doomed l'oylam voed.

Lipschutz passed that milestone a long time ago.

Belsky said...

This isn't a joke by the way. Does anyone know the story that Potchu Shitlips had with Rav Chaim Kreiswirth zl? Potchu screamed and yelled all kinds of obscenities at him that would put a Rubashkin truck driver to shame.

Anonymous said...

1- Rabbis are going out of their way to protect the perverts among them.
2- Rabbis are fleecing, abusing and blackmailing their powerless alien employees.
3- Rabbis are using goon squads to beatup, shut in, and pour acid on the faces of our "immodestly dressed" wives and daughters.
4- Rabbis are daring to pass judgment on the victims of the Holocaust.
5- Rabbis are encouraging our sons to lead lives of dependency and shiftlessness, while hating the very Israeli government that supports and protects them.
6- Rabbis are choking the joy out of Judaism by making EVERYTHING Halachically micromanaged. They have made Pesach into a nightmare.
7- Rabbis are forcing singers to include Haskamot (endorsements) in their musical albums.
8- Rabbis via Artscroll are idealizing and whitewashing recent European jewish history.
9- Rabbis via Artscroll are piling more and more worthless books on our people, increasing their anxiety and fear that they can never know enough.
10- Rabbis via their amateurish, Artscrollesque Talmudism have destroyed the aesthetic sensibility of our people. Noone cares for, or has even heard of the classical Hebrew and Yiddish literature. These rejected and forgotten elements ennoble the heart and mind, they give the people an awareness of and appreciation for beauty and romance - two elements glaringly absent from modern Judaism.
11- Rabbis are compelling our normal young men to divest themselves of their own personalities and adopt programmatic emotional responses. (Example: Jason goes to Aish, with the idea in the back of his mind that he wants to go to law school and lead a very orthodox life. He comes back from Aish as Tevye Der Milchiker, forgets about Law School and adjusts to his new life of poverty and fanaticism.)
11- Given the above and much more, rabbis are becoming a harmful influence to Benei Yisrael.

Shmarya said...

Sources familiar with federal law enforcement tell me the US government is following an established pattern: indict and charge those lower down while using information gleaned from those relatively minor players to help build stronger cases against the bosses. They think it’s reasonable to expect federal charges against senior Agriprocessors management sometime this fall.

Rabbi Genack was asked a tough question. Would the OU remove its supervision if Agriprocessors senior management were charged? Rabbi Genack said he would, but he hoped new management would be brought in before that time so that decision would not need to be made.

But new management was not brought in, the decision had to be made and Genack parsed it. Rather than pulling the OU’s supervision, Genack gave Agriprocessors a two week deadline to bring in new management.

And while that new management has to be “independent,” Rabbi Genack told me the Rubaskins can continue to control the board of this privately owned family corporation. Sholom M. Rubashkin can still serve as VP; Aaron Rubashkin can still be president. And Heshy Rubashkin, Sholom’s as yet unindicted younger brother, can continue to serve on the board and can work in the company’s management as well.

Genack, who was once Bill Clinton’s rabbi, dices language finer and faster than a sushi chef on a Red Bull binge. Was an inhumane procedure stopped? It depends on what the meanings of “procedure” and “meat hook” are. Is new management really on Agriprocessors’ horizon? It depends on how “management” is defined.

If the OU had reacted properly to Agriprocessors’ first violations of Humane Slaughter law, the Jewish community would not be suffering through yet another Agriprocessors scandal. But the OU did not properly react – no matter how that term is parsed or who does the parsing.

For its part, I’m told Agriprocessors has turned down offers to buy the company, one from a group of Japanese investors. Unless the Rubashkins can get what is described as a very high asking price, any ‘sale’ of Agriprocessors may turn out in the end to be a shell game, with the Rubashkins remaining in full control behind the scenes.

I’d like to say that the Jewish community deserves better than this – but we don’t. We stood by silently as Agriprocessors business practices became exponentially more abusive and exploitative. Having access to kosher meat was more important that how that access was gained or who was hurt as a result.

Two weeks ago the Forward exposed mistreatment of workers at America’s number two glatt kosher meatpacker, Alle Processing. Owned by Satmar hasidim, Alle pays its workers bare minimum wages with no paid sick leave, health insurance, or other benefits, and it engages in what appear to be illegal union-busting tactics. One worker told the Forward that, when seriously injured on the job, Alle punched out his timecard the hour the injury happened. He was paid nothing after that. Worse yet, Alle management told him when he recovers he will be suspended for one month without pay, because he used the machine that injured him improperly. Workers at Alle receive little if any safety training.

So far, the Jewish community has remained silent.

Yossel Neumann said...

My shvugger Potchu was always trying to live up to me being that I'm the richest guy in Vishnitz who owns Park Row, rented by J&R Music World across the street from City Hall.

He would cheat, beg, steal to accomplish that to show off to the Frankel's shul putzes.

Monsey said...

Potchy Shit-Lips - Good one!

He's just a little midget with a BIGGGG MOUTH. He always starts yelling and screaming to get his way and no one stands up to him. Except one time I heard that that chevre man Kalman Charnas saw Lipshitz acting up in shul and told him to shut the hell up. Lipshitz was so stunned that someone actually barked back at him that he didn't make another peep.

Agudah Fresser said...

Has anyone ever seen the Lipschitzes at a restaurant? It's like a sitcom where the people start yelling there's something wrong with the food so they can get out of paying the bill.

Anonymous said...

What ever happened with Simcha Klohr & his yeshiva?

Joe Putz said...

Sounds like the Lipschitz who sent all his boys to a YTT & YTV combo except the oldest one who went to Chaim Berlin. They were always dressed fancy and everyone knew their custom made clothes were paid for with stolen money.

New at the yeshiva tuition thing said...

What is the percentage of yeshivos that asks you to pay for a building fund on top of high tuition rates?

Is it a scam if they ask for both?

Derech Eretz kadma leTorah said...

We have a problem where frum people approach our nanny, including a number of people who know exactly who we are, and try to steal her away for themselves.

Is there an issur in Choshen Mishpat that deals with this?

We treat her well so she wouldn't think of leaving but it's disheartening that people are so low.

Genack needs to Stop Lying! said...

He keeps giving himself credit for instituting supposed systems at Rubashkin. If Rubashkin was checking all employees now to make sure they're not illegal, this wouldn't have happened this week.


Thursday, September 11, 2008 12:16 PM CDT

Traffic stop leads to false identification charges

WEST UNION — Two more Agriprocessors employees were arrested for possessing false identification documents.

Enrique Ortiz, of North Carolina, is charged with false documents after the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office stopped his vehicle Sunday just east of Highway 18 for several traffic violations. He allegedly gave deputies the name of Jose Ramon Delgado Hance, 38.

His passenger, Crisofora Barrios, 35, was charged with false documents and public intoxication. Barrios was using the name of Ruben Puented, 31, of Austin, Minn. The names were discovered their real names after checking their fingerprints, the sheriff’s office said.

During a further search of the car, deputies discovered 13 false birth certificates and social security cards.

Both men have been referred to the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, who is also conducting its own investigation. Further charges may be pending, the sheriff’s office said.

Toronto said...

The Wynn family were originally shutfim with Claude Bitton, one of the fraudsters arrested by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.


Wynn Properties has been repeatedly called "Toronto's biggest slumlord" by Bart Poesiat, Community Legal Worker at PCLS. I will leave it to you to decide if they are a slum landlord, but all the tenants in the two West Lodge apartment towers and the Parkdale community have already come to our conclusions.

Their corporate names include: The Wynn Group, Wynn Family Properties, B'nai Fishel, Pajelle Investments, Primont Investments, Wynn Family Trust, Ceephil Investments, and several numbered companies.

Wynn Residential Properties - High-Rise Apartment Buildings
91 Cosburn Avenue
115 Dowling Avenue
344 Dupont Street
157 Jameson Avenue
165 Jameson Avenue
1577 Lawrence Avenue West
125 Lawton Boulevard
66 Spadina Road
70 Spadina Road
31 Spencer Avenue
24 Tyndall Avenue
100 Tyndall Avenue
630 Vesta Drive
85 Wellesley Street East
103 West Lodge Avenue
105 West Lodge Avenue
2278 Weston Road
2360 Weston Road
Out of Town
1650 Dundas Street West, Mississauga
350 Quigley Road, Hamilton
51-67 Ardglen Drive, Kennedy and Steeles

Commerical properties
2242 Bloor Street West (the Humber Cinema)
328 Dupont Street
330 Dupont Street
332 Dupont Street
344 Dupont Street
358 Dupont Street
480 Spadina Avenue
484 Spadina Avenue
Out of Town
25 Consumers Road - Whitby - Wynn Whitby Centre
2086 Dundas Street - London - Bowlerama
1024 Dundas Street East - Mississauga
1590 Dundas Street East - Mississauga - DunWynn Centre
1650 Dundas Street East - Mississauga - DunWynn Centre
505 Hespler Road - Cambridge
300 John Street - Thornhill Square
358-360 Ontario Street - St. Catharines
11160 Yonge Street - Richmond Hill

steve said...


Brooklyn, NY - A former mortgage lender pleaded guilty today to conspiring to commit fraud in a $44million theft of payoff proceeds for refinanced mortgage loans funded by Fannie Mae.

Leib Pinter, whose Olympia Mortgage Corporation originatedand serviced mortgage loans owned by Fannie Mae, admitted in U.S. District Court in Brooklyn to a charge of conspiracy to commit wire fraud.

A grand jury indictment charged him and another officer of the same Brooklyn-based firm, Barry Goldstein, with conspiracy, wire fraud and bank fraud.

The charges stemmed from FBI investigations into mortgage-related fraud in the troubled U.S. housing industry.

Pinter & Goldstein had controlled Olympia from 1994 until November 2004, when the firm gave up its mortgage lender license.

Prosecutors said that, when Olympia refinanced a Fannie Mae mortgage loan, Fannie Mae wired the money to an Olympia account. Olympia was then required to pay off the underlying mortgage loan by sending the outstanding balance to Fannie Mae, but Pinter was accused of misappropriating the proceeds to his firm.

“When the fraudulent scheme was revealed, Fannie Mae held nearly $44 million in unpaid, but refinanced, underlying mortgage loans from Olympia Mortgage,” the U.S. Attorney’s office in Brooklyn said at the time of the indictment.

Pinter faces a maximum sentence of up to 20 years on the charge, but the sentencing guidelines as part of the plea agreement call for a prison term of 10 years and one month or less. The sentencing was scheduled for December 19.

Goldstein was charged with fraud in Olympia’s sale of a portfolio of nonperforming mortgage loans to Credit Suisse First Boston using falsified loan histories. His case is pending, the U.S. Attorney’s office said.

Leib Pinter said...

Hi Ho, Hi Ho Off to the slammer I go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mazel Tov, Mazel Tov said...

All yeshivas are encouraged to join the initiative

OU Inaugurates Safe Schools Yeshiva Network Policy
September 10, 2008

The key word is “proactive,” with participating schools determined to be on the cutting edge of prevention. The policy includes guidelines for incorporation into current school procedures where they already exist, or may be utilized as stand-alone documents in schools that have not previously formulated a formal response.

The Safe Schools Policy was created as a collaborative effort of the Orthodox Union, F•E•G•S Health and Human Services System, the Board of Jewish Education of Greater New York, and the Yeshiva Counseling Network, with input from many principals and mental health professionals serving yeshivot.

The policy is part of the OU’s larger initiative, “Safe Homes, Safe Shuls, Safe Schools,” which seeks to deal with challenges in all three venues.

Participating schools in the Safe Schools Yeshiva Network (SSYN) to date include:

New York City:
• Marsha Stern Talmudic Academy High School, Manhattan
• Samuel H. Wang Yeshiva University High School for Girls, Holliswood, Queens
• SAR High School, Riverdale
Long Island:
• Davis Renov Stahler Yeshiva High for Boys, Woodmere
• Hebrew Academy of Nassau County, Uniondale
• Machon HaTorah (Rambam and HAFTR), Lawrence
• SKA Yeshiva High School for Girls, Hewlett
• Westchester Hebrew High School, Mamaroneck
• The Frisch School, Paramus
• J.E.C. Rabbi Teitz Mesivta Academy, Elizabeth
• Ma’ayanot Yeshiva High School for Girls, Teaneck
• Torah Academy of Bergen County, Teaneck
• Moshe Aaron Yeshiva High School, South River
• Rae Kushner Yeshiva High School, Livingston

Guidance counselors, school psychologists, and other mental health professionals have participated in professional development workshops of the Safe Schools Yeshiva Network during the past academic year and will continue their participation “for the physical, emotional, social and spiritual benefits of their students,” explained Frank Buchweitz, Orthodox Union National Director of Community Services and Special Projects, who played a central role in coordinating the cooperative effort.

SSYN schools provide “prevention education for students and parents and endeavor to enhance students’ growth in the vital areas of healthy communication, stress management and decision-making skills. Parents, teachers, and school leadership working together in the best interests of children and community help safeguard their lives and futures,” Frank Buchweitz said.

“The Safe Schools initiative is committed to the well-being and safety of every student in the school, the home, and outside environments,” he declared. “Participating schools have recognized the importance of joining this communal effort and of promoting a unified response, and look forward to additional schools joining in this initiative.”

Jonas Waizer, Ph.D., Chief Operating Officer of the F●E●G●S Health and Human Services System declared, “The Orthodox Union brought together many parties in this collaborative effort, working together to strengthen our schools, teachers, and parents in fighting the influences that lead to abuses in the first place, and to intervene quickly if a need is seen.”

Policy suggestions include a host of directives for responsible action by parents, including supervision of parties in homes; calling host parents to ensure that supervision take place; not permitting alcoholic beverages (including beer) or illegal substances to be brought in or served in the home; notifying parents if a teen arrives inebriated, forbidding entry, and calling parents to pick up the teen immediately.

The policy has been initially launched in the New York Metropolitan area but is replicable elsewhere, Frank Buchweitz emphasized. “Intensive research has resulted in a policy which can appeal to all sectors of the Jewish community. Yeshivot and day schools throughout the country are encouraged to adapt this Safe Schools policy.”

To receive a copy of the policy, or further information, contact the Orthodox Union at 212-613-8188, or frank@ou.org.

Pervert Bernard Freilich gets job with NY State Police said...


Hate crimes in Sullivan are highly unusual and relations among the largely Orthodox and Hasidic seasonal residents with year-round residents have been much improved in recent years, said Rabbi Bernard Freilich, liaison to the state police.

Investment banker said...

"Davis Renov Stahler Yeshiva High for Boys, Woodmere"

There's something very wrong when a yeshiva is named for criminals.

Kalman Renov is a convicted felon for genayvos on Wall St. His son in law Davis has been under investigation repeatedly but managed to wiggle out of it. They operated the defunct D.H. Blair, a frequent source of chilul Hashem in the Wall St Journal and Barron's.

Besides, since when are yeshivos named for living businessmen?

Denver said...


Horrible story. A 3 year old Jewish boy being treated to ice cream was killed by a putz who fled the scene and ran to Hooters.

Bill from WaMu said...

Move over Lehman Brothers. ABC News is reporting this morning that Washington Mutual Bank is the verge of bankruptcy. The CEO was already ousted on Monday.

"Rabbi" David Senter said...

I'm another putz with semicha from Leib Tropper. That's what inspired me to encourage interfaith families at my Conservative temple in NJ.

But my favorite hobby is helping stop the US govt from deporting Hamas terrorists.


Rabbi David Ross Senter

My background is somewhat unusual. I am a fourth generation rabbi, who is proud of his lineage. After studying in Shor Yoshuv Rabbinical College, my studies continued on a seminary level at Kol Yaakov Torah Center, where I received ordination in 1985.

In 1996 I left the rabbinate and established the kosher concessions at Shea and Yankee stadiums. After 2 years in the business world I decided to return to my true passion - the rabbinate.

So what type of Rabbi am I? Orthodox? Conservative? Reform? Reconstructionist? I guess I am a “paradox”. One of my colleagues dubbed me a “Reconstructed. Neo-Chasidic, Orthoxotive, Yeshiva boy. I guess you can call me a constantly evolving Under-constructionist Jew.


A federal judge ruled on Thursday that a popular imam accused of terrorist connections could stay in the United States indefinitely, ending a months-long deportation trial that drew supporters from around the region.

“I believe in this country, and I believe in the justice system,” the imam, Mohammad Qatanani, said moments after the judge handed down the decision granting him permanent legal residence. Mr. Qatanani, 44, is a spiritual leader at the Islamic Center of Passaic County.

The federal government sought to deport the imam, a Palestinian, on the grounds that when he applied for permanent residency in 1999, he did not disclose a conviction in Israel in 1993 for assisting Hamas.

On Thursday, more than a dozen supporters inside the courtroom stood up and cheered the 69-page decision by Immigration Judge Alberto J. Riefkohl. Many hugged and wept. One man wore a T-shirt that read, “Keep the Imam.”

“This is a phenomenal day for the American community,” said David Senter, a rabbi at Congregation Beth Shalom in Pompton Lakes, N.J., who came to court to support Mr. Qatanani.


Anti-terrorism researcher Steven Emerson, who has written articles denouncing Qatanani for alleged ties to Hamas and has called for his deportation, was highly critical of the judge’s decision.

“I think it’s a disgrace and an act of pure political corruption,” he said, that Corzine, Christie, Congressman Bill Pascrell (D-Dist. 8), and the FBI special agent in charge “intervened to help Qatanani during the legal process of the deportation proceedings.

“I know for certain that Christie and the FBI SAC had access to information about Qatanani’s background, involvement with and support of Hamas,” said Emerson.

Emerson charged that statements and actions by Christie, Corzine, and Pascrell in the Qatanani case “betrayed U.S. national security interests, and I call upon Congress to hold hearings immediately.”

In an interview with NJJN, Christie acknowledged the “paradox” of his offering praise for Qatanani while another branch of the U.S. government involved in law enforcement was doing its best to have the cleric deported.

“Yes, there is an apparent paradox, but these are two different branches of the U.S. government,” said Christie. “My office is not involved in the immigration dispute.”

Christie said his comments at the annual Ramadan dinner, delivered before the judge’s decision, “were in no way a commentary on the dispute between the imam and DHS.”

Rather, he said, “they were a reflection of my office’s experience with the imam over the past seven years. After I came in, in the immediate aftermath of 9/11, we were looking to have a dialogue with the Muslim community, and we found Imam Qatanani to be a constructive force in attempting to strengthen our relations with that community.”

Senter, who once lived in an Israeli West Bank settlement, said he disagrees with Qatanani on many aspects of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict but agrees with an adage attributed to Moshe Dayan: “You make peace by talking with your enemies, not with your friends.”

“What happened was that in the course of four years of talking to each other, this man truly became my friend,” said Senter.

Another Taxpayer Bailout said...

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc was forced into talks about a possible sale after the Wall Street investment bank's shares plunged more than 40 percent on Thursday, raising questions about its survival.

Lehman and U.S. regulators were in intensive discussions about a number of options, including a complete sale, but the firm was resisting government intervention, a source with direct knowledge of the talks said.

Even so, media reports said the government, including the Federal Reserve, was helping to broker a "deal" to sell Lehman that could be completed as soon as this weekend.

The U.S. government is "hoping" to avoid spending money on a bailout, a source with direct knowledge of the situation said.

And it's because of this:

Lehman donors give generously to political candidates

Thu Sep 11, 2008 4:56pm EDT

By Kevin Drawbaugh

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc is a big player in donating to political campaigns, which could be a plus if the struggling investment bank needs federal help, said a watchdog group on Thursday.

Anonymous said...

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Merrill Lynch & Co Inc's shares fell nearly 17 percent on Thursday as worries over Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc's future raised questions on which investment bank may be next to face questions about its survival.

"I think the market's telling you that if Lehman is going to go away, Merrill is probably the next victim," said Malcolm Polley, chief investment officer at Stewart Capital Advisors.

Lehman shares slid 42 percent to $4.22, dragging the entire sector lower. Merrill stock fell was especially hard hit because it is seen as having similar weaknesses, investors said.

Archie Bunker said...


Larry Gordon of the 5 Towns Jewish Times is STILL LYING to protect Rubashkin & the OU.

Jewish (Blindfolded) Observer said...

“Laws, halachic and otherwise, are already in place to ensure proper treatment of animals, workers, consumers and the environment; and ignoring any of them renders a company subject to punitive action by federal and state agencies,” wrote Avi Shafran, a spokesman for Agudath Israel, in the September 8 issue of the Jewish Observer. “To the extent that an envisioned new ‘badge of approval’ simply reiterates those requirements, it is superfluous. And where it aims to go further, beyond halachic and/or governmental strictures, it overreaches, and can serve only to make mischief.”

Shafran went on in the article to accuse the Conservative movement of using Hekhsher Tzedek as “a bald attempt to portray itself as something other than dwindling and desperate,” citing the recent divisions over sexuality issues.

Hey Shafran, you Putz. What about the sexual divisions caused by constant cover ups from 42 Broadway?

Anonymous said...


Now two weeks into the school year, Torat Eliyahu, the Ramat Bet Shemesh school which knowingly selected and employed a suspected child motester to teach its 3rd Grade kids, is sticking to its position, and refusing to send the teacher home.

Claiming they know with certainty that the allegations are false, and the teacher is "entirely innocent", Rav David Takshe, Principal at Torat Eliyahu, and Rav Zev Greenberger, Assitant Principal, have told concerned and angry parents that they employed Akiva Kagan in the full knowledge that he was a suspect in a child molestation case last academic year - and that he is currently under investigation by the Child Protection Unit of the National Police Depoartment.

Takshe & Greenberger base their claims on the results of an "internal investigation" by the school, and their "confidence" that in the seven years that Torat Eliyahu previously emplopyed Kagan, "there were no incidents of him abusing children".

So confident are Takshe & Greenberger, that they have both left for a trip to America, leaving Kagan without even the pretence of effective supervision.

A stunned parent likens this to putting "the fox in charge of the henhouse".

Some parents speculate that the school may have "davka" re-employed Kagan, after he was suspended from Ishrei Lev, in order to cover their own backs against the spill-over accusations that Kagan also abused children during the seven years Kagan operated under Torat Eliyahu's "protection".

Torat Eliyahu's concern, or practical measures to safeguard the kids, apparently don't feature on any radar screen.

The only hope now for these kids is that pressure recently generated by UOJ will permeate to the parents and funders of Toras Eliyahu, and to the Police, to firmly and finally evict this suspected child molester from the classroom.

Or for concerned parents to draw their own conclusions, and simply remove their children from this reckless and grossly negligent school.

JWB said...

From JWB:

Artscroll author and convicton felon Rabbi Leib Pinter
( http://www.artscroll.com/Authors/Rabbi_Leib_Pinter.html )
pleads guilty to criminal charges yet again and faces going back to jail yet again ... this time for up to 20 years.

Rabbi Pinter plead guilty on Thursday to conspiring to commit fraud in a $44 million theft of payoff proceeds for refinanced mortgage loans funded by Fannie Mae. Rabbi Pinter admitted pocketing the payoff proceeds for 257 mortgages his company serviced. Rabbi Pinter faces a maximum sentence of up to 20 years on the charge, but the sentencing guidelines as part of the plea agreement call for a prison term of 10 years and one month or less. The sentencing was scheduled for December 19.

This is of course the Rabbi who helped spearhead the campaign to smear the zoo rabbi.
see: http://www.zootorah.org/controversy/account.html

A. Past guilt:
1) Multiple articles at: http://news.google.com/archivesearch?hl=en&ie=ISO-8859-1&um=1&tab=wn&q=%22leib+pinter%22
2) Salami and Cheese Put In a 'Kosher' Sandwich
New York Times
February 20, 1978

Salami and Cheese Put In a 'Kosher' Sandwhich
When Representative Elizabeth Hotlzman first started investigating complaints about the B'nai Torah Institute's operation of a summer feeding program, a Queens woman telephoned the Congresswoman's assistant, Elizabeth Lang, to describe the "Kosher" food she was receiving from the Queens Assistance Program, a B'nai Torah affiliate.

The woman said she specifically requested kosher food, but salami and cheese sandwiches were delivered to her site - a clear violation of Jewish laws that forbid the consumption of meat with dairy products.

"She told me she called the program and they put the 'Rabbi' on," Miss Lang recalled. "The Rabbi said, 'if it's kosher salami and kosher cheese, it's a kosher sandwich.'"

Rabbi Pleads Guilty To Bribing of Flood
Washington Post
May 12, 1978
Charles R. Babcock, Washington Post Staff Writer

A Brooklyn rabbi pleaded guilty yesterday to paying more than $5,000 in bribes to Rep. Daniel J. Flood (D-Pa.) for the congressman's help in obtaining federal contracts for his Jewish poverty agency.

Rabbi Leib Pinter, 34, head of B'Nai Torah Institute in New York, told a federal judge in Manhattan that he paid Flood about $1,000 at least five times between late 1974 and early 1976.

B. Present Guilt:

4) The indictment

5) The guilty plea

L'Maan Achai said...
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Archie Bunker said...

$44 million for Leib Pinter is only the preliminary figure that investigators came across.

There is much more. Mortgage fraud that was targeted at mostly low income Blacks in Brooklyn & Queens together with his brother Sam or Shmelka Pinter and their partner Ron (Yaron) Hershco who is close to Chabad.

Investigators keep discovering more and more front companies where the Pinter brothers are hiding stolen money. The real figure is over $100 million and counting.

Mind you, the Pinters are very nasty people and are hated by much of the frum population. This includes Leib Pinter's wife who runs the Masores Bais Yaakov school at Ave I and Ocean Ave.

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...


Tizku L'Mitzvot!

Anonymous said...

Voice your protest!!!
Ohel must not put children in foster homes with molesters and perverts
Ohel needs oversight
Call Joan Hertz at Ohel Family Services and make your voice heard. Ask for Joan Hertz and leave a message
718 851 6300

Anonymous said...

let's not forget the nephew who double's as shmelke's "bagman"

Another Fishman Loser! said...

Washington Mutual said it expects to set aside $4.5 billion for loan losses in the third quarter, down from the second quarter's $5.9 billion. It also said it expects about $2.7 billion of loan write-offs.

The outlook suggests that Alan Fishman, Washington Mutual's new chief executive, will next month report the thrift's fourth straight quarterly loss.

All Roads Lead to Pinter said...

Comment at 11:05 am, could you please elaborate on Shmelka Pinter's "bagman" nephew?

Which nephew and what does he do exactly?

Letzonus said...

Bill from WaMu?

Was he one of the whiskered cows on Pesach Lerner's vacation to Putzville?

Mirrers against Pinter said...

We demand that Mirrer yeshiva evaluate if anyone is more rauy than Moishy Pinter to be a rebbe in the yeshiva and how much they were influenced to hire him because he's the son of Leib the crook.

Moishy Pinter was an officer of Olympia until it was seized by the Feds and is also on the payroll of a yeshiva in Maryland owned by his shver Herzl Kranz which is a Jack Abramoff operation. So esentially, Moishy Pinter is on Jack Abramoff's dole, living off stolen money fun di alla zeiten.

LVF said...

Thats it the ban on jewish music is here! Whats next you "Gedoilem" dreck, a ban on the crapper?


Leib Pinter said...

Well, there's no denying that for 30 years that I lived a few houses away from the Mir that I never stepped foot in the place. All of a sudden, my son needs a shteller in a choshuver yeshiva, so I start hanging out yomam valayla and raising money for them.

Pinter money trail said...

So Moishy Pinter lives in Lakewood and commutes to his job in Brooklyn. Is it legal that a non-profit yeshiva on the outskirts of Washington DC is paying him a salary?

Avi L. Shafran said...

Oh boy! I'd better not start wearing Abramoff's dusty hat that he can't use in prison, even if it is indeed free.

Or else UOJ will connect me to the Pinters!

Anonymous said...

Shimshy Pinter (the son of the brother who believe it or not runs a school!!) is Shmelke's right hand man. He runs all of his real estate "operations" and is supposedly in charge of his check book.

Yankel Applegrad said...

Could the kind fellow please fax the YTT office a copy of the cherem on Potchee Lipshits?

Rabbi Margulies thinks he still owes some tuition payments.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Leib will be the new coordinator for the OU's new food service skills traning in NYS Correction Facilities

Mirrer Gabbai Shimon Greisman said...

I'd better get some answers here if Leib wants to continue getting aliyah shishi.

Leib Pinter has a brother in Boro Park but I'm sure what he does.

There is a Pinter in London, England who runs a school but he is Leib's first cousin.

Agudah Fresser said...

I don't think Leib Pinter will want the food coordinator job at Otisville. All those picky eaters from Frankel's shul will hock him a tcheinik.

shmuel Kaminetzky said...

NEW YORK (Reuters) - The Sunshine State's metropolis has the most beautiful people, according to an online survey of "America's Favorite Cities" by Travel + Leisure magazine, while Philadelphia came in last at No. 25

Saudis copy Gedoiiiiilim! said...

Saudi: OK to kill owners of 'immoral' TV networks
Friday September 12, 10:38 am ET

Top cleric in Saudi judiciary: it's OK to kill owners of TV networks airing 'immoral content'

RIYADH, Saudi Arabia (AP) -- Saudi Arabia's top judiciary official has issued a religious decree saying it is permissible to kill the owners of satellite TV networks that broadcast immoral content.

The 79-year-old Sheik Saleh al-Lihedan said Thursday that satellite channels cause the "deviance of thousands of people."

Many of the most popular Arab satellite networks -- which include channels showing music videos often denounced as obscene by Muslim conservatives -- are owned by Saudi princes and well-connected Saudi businessmen. Al-Lihedan did not specify any particular channels.

Al-Lihedan is chief of the kingdom's highest tribunal, the Supreme Judiciary Council. Saudi Arabia's judiciary is made up of Islamic clerics whose decrees, or fatwas, on everyday issues are widely respected. Their fatwas do not have the weight of law. In the courts, cleric-judges rule according to Islamic law, but interpretations can vary.

Al-Lihedan was answering listeners' questions during the daily "Light in the Path" radio program in which he and others make rulings on what is permissible under Islamic law.

One caller asked about Islam's view of the owners of satellite TV channels that show "bad programs" during Ramadan.

"I want to advise the owners of these channels, who broadcast calls for such indecency and impudence ... and I warn them of the consequences," he said.

"What does the owner of these networks think, when he provides seduction, obscenity and vulgarity?" he said.

"Those calling for corrupt beliefs, certainly it's permissible to kill them," he said. "Those calling for sedition, those who are able to prevent it but don't, it is permissible to kill them."

Among the most viewed Arabic satellite networks is Rotana, which airs movies and music videos. It is owned by Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal, a billionaire businessman and member of the royal family whom Forbes ranks as the world's 13th richest person.

Al-Lihedan sparked controversy in the past by issuing a decree that Saudis can join jihadists to fight U.S. troops in Iraq.

Joe Putz said...

This might be interesting. Schmuckstein usually never allows stories about criminal indictments on Yeshiva Vorld. But what does he do when he hates Pinter's guts?

Dr. Bungalow Putz Neuhoff said...

I am against Fannie Mae frauds of any kind. Especially when my friend Gil Student is an arch-enemy of Leib Pinter.

Anonymous said...

Even the guys on UOJ's idiot list hate Pinter. Does the creep have any friends?

National Weather Service said...

We hope Shea Fishman's hiding place is on high ground or else he, Lubinsky and Pesach Lerner are dead meat.

We issued a very unusual advisory considering that the Hurricane Ike storm surge is producing waves at least 20 feet tall. It will mow right over flood walls and engulf entire cities. Even Houston, Texas, which is inland will have entire neighborhoods under water.

Basically, anyone lower than the 3rd storey of a home or building faces certain death.

Sir Vivor said...

"Pinter is an honorable man"
Where did I hear this before?

Sir Vivor said...

UOJ. can u confirm mondrowitz's appeal date in first days of December and a reservation has been made for a flight to take him to the US a FEW DAYS LATER? This means the sabras are confident he is on his way to a riker's roto rooter special l'kovod chanuka.

Aron Twerski said...

Sir vivor, dee kenst Pinter? Ich ken em far a shtick tzeit.

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

R' Sir Vivor:

I have been told so many different dates for Mondrowitz's final appeal, that I hesitate to count on the December date.

One thing I do know for certain - Ger is fighting tooth and nail to keep him in Israel.

I believe Ger will ultimately lose - unless Bibi gets in office - and names his price.

Anonymous said...

Lubinsky and Pesach Lerner are dead meat.


Potchu Lipschutz said...

Everyvon hates me too!

Leib Pinter, do you vant to be my friend?

Sholom Rubashkin said...

Nat Lewin has filed an official complaint with the National Weather Service. Referring to my shills as "Dead Meat" is inflammatory language meant as a gratuitous insult against my family as well!

Sir Vivor said...

VIN - u r a coward if u cant put up this information:

Anyone can cal Meir Silberstein, cheif Rav of Ger in Yerushalayim and here it from the horses mouth. He personaly went down to court to offer bail for Dr. Mondrowitz SR"Y. He offere too to supervise him in the rabbi's own home. When challenged by phone by a victim of Herr Doktor M. all the good raabi could say was that it happened a long time ago, the victim should get over it, learn a blatt gemorah, he probably did teshuva, g-d will forgive the victim (yep you see right, forgive THE VICTIM) and understand him for not being frum and that prosecuting the doctor is OSSUR because it will kill his elderly parents. Asked again what about the victim's need for closure and validation he said "get over it". Call this old fart bag is Israel early morning, and u will get the same hogwash!

Volvy Sicherman said...

Yossel Neumann, you're not the only guy Potchu Lipshitz looks up to. I'm his mechitten who's da richest guy in Vien.

Quick Learner said...

"Call this old fart bag"

So farts are weapon of mass destruction of choice for Gerrorists?

Avrohom Aron Rubashkin said...

I don't do nutting to no one!

I don't even fart on a cat!

Delusion Watch said...

Shmarya is reporting that a group of Japanese investors made an offer for Agriprocessors but the Rubashkins turned it down, convinced they can still get top dollar for the company.

Emporio Suit Store on 13th Ave said...

Pinter's lawyer tried blaming us because we sold him a suit with a lot of pockets.


Leib Pitner entered the plea Thursday in federal court in Brooklyn to a charge of conspiracy to commit wire fraud. He was accused of secretly pocketing money from Fannie Mae payoffs of 257 loans.

The charge carries a potential penalty of 20 years in prison. But Pitner is unlikely to serve more than 10.

Sentencing is Dec. 19.

Harvey said...

As silly as this blog gets, it's hilarious. No wonder yeshiva bochurim are in stitches laughing when they discuss it.

Anonymous said...

The executive search firms are predicting another 10,000 Lehman employees will lose their jobs even if the company doesn't go under.

This just in said...

AIG (American International Group) slumped an additional 27% in Friday trading as investors worried about its bad mortgage bets and ability to raise capital.

Rikers Island said...

The CDC estimates that HIV prevalence among those who are incarcerated is nearly five times higher than that of the general U.S. population. One in 15 black men ages 18 and older is incarcerated, compared with 1 in 106 white men, according to a Pew Center on the States analysis of U.S. Department of Justice statistics.

Dovid Zweibel said...

Please, no drug tests for private school teachers either.


Priest charged with selling coke from campus rectory

Anonymous said...

Foreclosure Activity Increases 12 Percent in August According to RealtyTrac(R) U.S. Foreclosure Market Report

Friday September 12, 11:38 am ET
Activity Up 27 Percent From August 2007

IRVINE, Calif., Sept. 12 /PRNewswire/ -- RealtyTrac® (http://www.realtytrac.com), the leading online marketplace for foreclosure properties, today released its August 2008 U.S. Foreclosure Market Report(TM), which shows foreclosure filings -- default notices, auction sale notices and bank repossessions -- were reported on 303,879 U.S. properties during the month, a 12 percent increase from the previous month and a 27 percent increase from August 2007. The report also shows one in every 416 U.S. households received a foreclosure filing during the month.

Rav Ovadya Yosef said...


In the 1999 elections, Deri, on the eve of incarceration in Ma'asiyahu Prison for bribery and fraud, managed to spearhead a campaign, based on the slogan "He's innocent," that garnered Shas a record 17 Knesset seats.

As one Deri supporter put it, "430,000 voters declared that Aryeh was innocent and was being discriminated against because he was haredi and Sephardi."

Shas's No. 2 man, Communications Minister Ariel Atias, is Deri's Jonathan, it was hard to miss his genuine excitement at the prospect of seeing Deri return to the political arena.

"I think Aryeh's comeback is good for Shas and good for the Sephardi population," Atias told Army Radio after Deri's plans to run for mayor became known. "He brings us a lot of pride."

Also, Atias - who began his career in Shas seven years ago as a manager of Shas's Beit Yosef kosher supervision during the last shmita year - was not a party to the battles between Deri and Yishai. In contrast, Yishai, 46, worked his way up in Shas from the bottom. According to one Shas source, he predates Deri in the party. He started off as an aide to one of Shas's members of the Jerusalem city council.

The real animosity between Yishai and Deri began after Yishai took over the party leadership. By that time Deri was on his way to prison for accepting bribes while serving as director-general of the Interior Ministry. Deri attacked Yishai via his supporters, known as Deri's Tanzim, who had pitched a protest tent outside the prison. A leading Tanzim member from those days, Yosef Haim Halaf, is now Deri's official spokesman.

The tension between Yishai, who had begun to purge Shas of Deri supporters, and the incarcerated ex-Shas head reached an apex at a huge event at Yad Eliahu (now Nokia Stadium) that marked six months in prison for Deri.

Rabbi Ovadia Yosef made his appearance at the event conditional upon Yishai's attendance. Yosef also insisted that Yishai sit next to him on stage. Nevertheless, the event ended badly. Yishai was physically attacked as he left with Yosef. His hat was knocked off and two of Yosef's aides were also attacked.

Only through the intervention of the kabbalist Rabbi David Batzri, a close friend of Deri's and Yosef's, were relations between Deri and Yosef repaired. Deri ordered his followers to dismantle the protest tent, which had become a place of Torah study and also a center for anti-Yishai activity.

Even before the Yad Eliahu event, Deri and Yosef had their run-ins. During Deri's heyday as Shas's gifted political wheeler-dealer in the mid and late '90s, he often pushed the limits of his political license. Yosef's supremacy as religious authority who made political decisions based on a combination of Godly inspiration and Torah knowledge was usurped by the ostensibly subservient Deri, who operated on instinctual political savvy and infinite self-confidence.

However, over the past few years the relationship has improved. Deri is a regular guest at Yosef's Shabbat afternoon table and regularly asks Yosef's opinions on a variety of subjects, according to Yosef's son Rabbi David Yosef, a close friend of Deri's. David was distanced from the center of power as part of the purge of Deri supporters that took place after Yishai assumed the party's political leadership. His younger brother Moshe has since consolidated his power within the Yosef household.

Deri's formidable popularity prevents Yishai from openly opposing him even though he knows that his return to the political arena can endanger his own political career. That is why the day after the story of Deri's decision to "seriously consider" running for mayor appeared, Yishai was careful to issue a laconic press release stating that Shas would support him "should he manage to overcome the legal obstacles."

Deri is blocked from running by a seven-year ban on those who served a prison sentence of more than three months. But he still hopes to receive permission to run. Deri's attorney argue that the seven-year ban is the result of an amendment to the law that took place after Deri began serving his sentence. Therefore, it's a retroactive punishment. The issue has yet to be settled.

Yishai's trepidation at Deri's comeback was reflected in the haredi press. Ya'acov Reinetz, senior correspondent for the weekly Bakehila, wrote that Deri's return marks the beginning of Yishai's demise, "if not de jure, de facto... The press and the public will scrutinize Yishai in comparison to Deri, who has leadership qualities and charisma that overshadow his replacement."

It is difficult for people who have worked with Deri to put their finger on the secret of his magnetism. A recent example: Deri arrived as a guest at a wedding of a prominent haredi family. As he walked into the hall, the crowd and the band broke into a spontaneous version of "If a lion [Aryeh] roars, who does not fear?"

Even Deri's opponents were swept away. A supporter of MK Meir Porush (United Torah Judaism), who will be Deri's only haredi competition in the Jerusalem mayoral race, said that he shook Deri's hand and could not help feeling the electricity.

Ma'ariv's haredi affairs correspondent Avishai Ben-Haim could not contain his excitement over about Deri's comeback during a radio interview. This prompted Israel Radio's Nissim Mishal to ask him to explain why, as a reporter, he felt such emotional involvement. "It's like telling a sports writer that Michael Jordan is making a comeback," answered Ben-Haim.

Kabbalist Yitzhak Batzri of Jerusalem's Shalom Yeshiva, where Deri once studied, has a mystical explanation: "Some Jews' souls are bigger than others. Deri has the type of soul that enables him to connect to a large and diverse group of people. It also gives him special powers and charisma. His soul came into this world to do great things. Great Jewish leaders like King David have his type of soul."

Olmert gets chizuk from Pinter's Artscroll book "Don't Give Up" said...


Olmert likely to face jail time, say police

Embattled Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert is likely to face jail time as a result of at least some of the seven corruption investigations being carried out at the moment, police sources told Ha'aretz on Monday.

The most serious case against Olmert involves allegations of bribery by a US Jewish businessman, but the sources said what could ultimately do Olmert in is his failure to be more careful about not violating Israel's new money laundering laws.

Olmert has admitted to receiving hundreds of thousands of dollars from American tycoon Moshe Talansky over a period of several years, and to bringing that money into Israel without declaring it.

Several years back, Israel joined an international effort to curb money laundering by implementing new laws that make Olmert's undeclared transfers of large sums of money illegal.

The maximum sentence under the new laws is 10 years in prison.

In addition to the money laundering charge, Olmert is also facing bribery charges over the funds received by Talansky, as well as serious fraud charges over his alleged use of publicly solicited funds to pay for family vacations.

In light of these revelations, senior members of Olmert's ruling Kadima Party are demanding that he suspend himself and leave the Prime Minister's Office.

Party sources fear that Olmert is scheming to retain power as long as possible by merely "resigning" the day after an upcoming Kadima primary election.

By resigning, Olmert will ensure that he remains in power as head of a transitional government until a new government can be formed. In the meantime, Olmert is seen to be doing everything possible to sabotage the primary winner's ability to form a new majority coalition.

If the winner of the primary election is unable to form a new majority coalition, Olmert will remain prime minister until new national elections can be held sometime next year.

George Clooney tries to score points with UOJ said...


Abramoff's wife, Pam Abramoff, wrote that the "past 20 months have been a difficult struggle, attempting to raise our children by myself without my husband." She told her husband's attorneys that the family is nearly broke, resorting to buying used clothes, renting rooms to boarders and selling off family antiques and heirlooms. Other family members and friends point to Abramoff's five children being teased and taunted at school and the public humiliation of being linked to the scandal, including a reference actor George Clooney made to Abramoff at the 2005 Academy Awards ceremony.

Abbe Lowell said...


As Jack Abramoff's attorney, I told the judge on page 6 (no pun intended) that UOJ has turned my client into a caricature.

On page 7 I explain how Jack gave 50% of his money to what I call charity (although others call it self-interest since the yeshiva was for his kids and the kosher restaurant was to stuff the faces of fresser politicians he needed).

Page 8

He didn't pay off his own mortgage (maybe on Leib Pinter's advice?)

Page 9

Rabbi Baars from Aish Hatorah & a Catholic priest say (besheim the Agudah?) that Jack did teshuva.

Page 24

Rabbi Yehuda Oratz is the principle of an Abramoff school (don't ask me if it's the same Yehuda Oratz, convicted sex offender from YTT, Brisk & Lakewood). He vouches that Jack is someone who is moser nefesh.

All Roads Lead to Pinter said...

Unless there is another Yehuda Oratz, you can bet that that sex offender only got a job as principal at Abramoff's yeshiva because he is friends with Leib Pinter's boys from YTT & Lakewood.

Here is a guy who performed oral sex on little kids a la Colmer and he is the principal of a yeshiva.

UOJ, how do we take this guy down?

Son of Boog said...

Did Pinter buy his suit at Emporio the same time that Zweibel came in looking for a new tie?

I'll have to ask Josh Szpilzinger & David Rappoport about that.

Arthur said...

WN recently had an article (HERE) about Rabbi Ephraim Luft of Bnei Brak who was introduced as the man who heads the “Committee for Jewish Music”. His goal is to have a hechsher placed on permitted music, and more importantly, ban all music not deemed suitable for the frum world. He claims that he is supported by “leading Haredi rabbis”.

His mission has led him to a recent interview with the Jerusalem Post, and today with the BBC. The following are excerpts from an article appearing on the BBC Website today:

Lipa Schmeltzer looks and sounds every inch the popular ultra-orthodox Jewish singer that he is. He sings in Yiddish. He dresses in the clothes of a Haredi Jew and all of his song lyrics come from the scriptures.

Yet some say Schmeltzer’s music, and that of others like him, is indecent and unfit for public consumption.

“They are leading the public astray and are causing a great negative influence on the young generation,” says Rabbi Ephraim Luft, head of an ultra-orthodox organisation in Israel called the Committee for Jewish Music.

Supported by leading Haredi rabbis, Rabbi Luft has drawn up a black-list of musicians and bands - music that he says that is not kosher and cannot be played at ultra-orthodox weddings or public events because of its decadent nature.

What Rabbi Luft objects to so vehemently is not just contemporary, western music - rock, rap or pop - but the use of modern instruments and beats in the tunes of orthodox singers like Lipa Schmeltzer.

“The main part of the music should be the melody. Percussion should be secondary. They should not bend notes electronically and should not use instruments like electric guitars, bass guitars or saxophones in Jewish music,” he says.

Sitting in the dining room of his small flat in the orthodox town of Bnei Brak, close to Tel Aviv, Rabbi Luft explains his preference for traditional, even sombre, Jewish tunes like Kol Nidrei.

A serious, studious man the rabbi explains how he thinks modern music is disrespectful, leading young people astray and can lead to the collapse of education and the family system.

It is a broad charge, but the rabbi is convinced that in the last 25 years music has gradually eroded moral standing in society.

Saying that music is “powerful”, he says the “purpose of modern music - its influences - is to distract young people and change good characters into bad”.

The Rabbi says such music, even Jewish rock music, “where the dangerous beat plays more of a part than the melody, has no place in a society where people are trying to keep their moral standards high.

There are approximately 500,000 ultra-orthodox Haredi Jews in Israel. Because of the loyal relationship between orthodox Jews and their rabbis, the influence of bodies like the Committee for Jewish Music and the Guardians of Sanctity and Education is considerable.

They have already succeeded in banning virtually all public concerts by ultra-orthodox groups and singers in Israel.

Famous, successful singers like Avraham Fried - a devout, observant orthodox Jew - are not exempt. Making up around 8% of the population of Israel, the Haredi community has real economic clout. Boycotts have been very effective.

Menahem Toker, an award-winning disc jockey, who was dismissed from a radio show under pressure from Haredi activists, warns the policy could backfire.

“In Jewish Orthodox culture there’s no cinema, no theatre, no television. The only thing we have is music”, says Mr Toker.

“We are the same, orthodox, people but if they don’t find an alternative they’ll lose the young people - they’ll go to non-kosher shows and they’ll have lost the next generation.”


Anonymous said...


is the story about oratz true
please let me know asap

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

I do not have 3 people that put their names to the allegations against Oratz.

Anonymous said...

Related to Rabbi Oratz of Jewish Education Center//Bruriah in Elizabeth?

Anonymous said...

Yehudah Oratz from Eshkol is not the yehuda ARYEH Oratz who is a molester. I worked with Yehudah Oratz from Eshkol. If you want to see the ,olester Oratz see the awareness center
Thank you uoj for handling these matters Responsibly and not posting until you have verified

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

Yehudah Oratz from Eshkol is not the Yehuda ARYEH Oratz who is an alleged molester.

Anonymous said...

Bekerov Etzlainu!
Soon by us!

It has been brought to my notice that the UOJ has announced the launch of a new OU policy initiative to safeguard children.

Kudos to the OU on their "Safe Homes, Safe Shuls, Safe Schools,” initiative (see OU Inaugurates Safe Schools Yeshiva Network Policy on UOJ above)!

Such policies would clearly be valuable throughout the Jewish communities in the USA (beyond the current scope of NY and NJ), and even here in Eretz Yisrael.

It has been the experience of many communities in Israel that, when faced by issues of abuse, the response is far too often inappropriate: ranging from bewilderment, outright denial/zilzul, to aggression against the victims.

"Safe Homes, Safe Shuls, Safe Schools,” is an important step in the right direction, and would be applicable universally, including for communities throughout Israel.

I look forward to studying the OU policy document in more detail, with a view to launching a similar initiative in Eretz Hakodesh.

Kol Hakavod! Bekarov Etzlainu!

Anonymous said...

Did anybody see the Shafran statement on VIN that "we are not against protecting kids from molesters". Not against it? Then why have they been stopping it for 4 decades?

Anonymous said...

Tremendous amount of conjecture and theories surrounding the "RBS child abuse case". Tremendous amount of L.H. directed against respected Rabbi's and a respected school (Toras Eliyahu). If there IS a case here, why aren't the police involved? Why isn't the child and the Rebbi being questioned. What if the Rebbi is really innocent of all charges? What if....

Pain in RBS said...


The child has been questioned. I should know. I am his father.

The police are quite invloved.

Many of the other children have been questioned as well.

They continue to gather evidence from current and possible past victims.

So, Mr. or Mrs. "Know It All", what if...

A child molester is still allowed to prey on children?

Tha is the only what if that should concern you.

I hope that you and your family never have to live through what we are now.

What if...