Tuesday, March 03, 2009

The Lakewood boy that died of a drug overdose over the weekend was a victim of sexual abuse!

Steve writes.....

"The Lakewood boy that died of a drug overdose over the weekend was a victim of sexual abuse. The boy was involved in a project called "Ashrecha" to help other victims and to bring public awareness to the painful subject. May his death be a wake up call to ALL of us and may he be the last such victim, Amen. May Hashem avenge his blood. These are his words, posted on Facebook:


There is thing called child molestation that we have all heard of we all know it happens in different places we all know maybe priests or that creepy uncle.

Let me tell you a little about this thing and first hand what it can do to a kid. A frum child is molested he knows nothing about tummah and kedusha all he knows is that he was violated that his body is a toy thats what gets engraved into his brain not that he is a person worthy of respect but that he is an object a tool. This kid grows up he knows nothing of sex all he knows is that he is dirty and that his rabbis say sex is bad he doesn't understand he thinks he is bad any mussar shmooz he hears it directly at him and this innocent kid begins to believe of himself as a bad person.

Nobody likes being bad he will look for a place with no expectations of him a place were he can be free to fit in a world where everybody is bad....Chances are he will either convince himself this is the normal and pass it in to another innocent child or he will resort to rebelling to prove to himself he is as bad as he thinks he is......Often he will find drugs to take him away to give him an escape from his horrible reality....That being said...

Did you ever notice a support our troops symbol on the back of somebody's car? do you know what that represents? that means that thousands of miles there are people no different then yourself fighting a war and that we support them that gives them the morals they need to keep doing what they must do in order to protect us.
I dont expect to see "save our kids" on the back of all of our cars but is it too much to ask that each and everyone of us do our part???I will not mention names but there was one play group accused cased closed and dealt with. thats a start but that should send a chill down your spine theses are kids we are talking about.... there is another play group that is still open after over 5 cases have been brought against it!!!!! do you love your kids???? theses are the same kids that some vaad in lakewood will put in ad in the paper to protect from cellphone texting or god forbid a concert but did you see an ad saying

Guard your kids!!!!? DO research!!!!! If your in doubt dont send them there!

A play group that has had 5 allegations against it is still open????? Of course its there parnasah we are so worried about...

Maybe i should fill you in on some facts there is a jewish rehab whose name i will not mention that deals with kids whose lives are in danger i spoke to the intake administrator there about the cliental from Lakewood and i was told 99.% of all kids from lakewood Yes lakewood our holy town who doesn't allow text messaging were molested in this town!!!!! and that is what led to there addiction! now some facts of this rehab which has a high success rate 50% dont stay clean and out of all the jewish kids there that leave and relapse there is an average of 3 jewish souls that die a year!!! Murdered by you and me and all of us unwilling to take a stand against these people in our community the rabbis are scared to do anything? its political?? how dare they say that?? this is life and death we are killing kids over here we are condemning them to a life of misery of lonely depression and god forbid of passing on this horrible sickness.

IT IS YOUR DUTY as a Jew, As a Human to find these people in our community and no longer let them live among us!!!! 'Oy le rosha Oy le schayno' I think over here we are all the reshoim if we sit back and do nothing!! and if you dare say you are worried that people in play groups will lose there jobs there is some math you may want to do. a rehab a 6 month program to give a molested kid a chance $5,000 per months totals $30,000 now this place on average has 20 kids per six months thats $60,000 do you want me to count in the average fee of therapy $150-per hour????? or maybe you want the numbers i got from the local funeral homes?????? WAKE UP!!!!!! Ask yourself honestly is it that you are truly concerned about this just isn't your place or do you just not know what to do? I think trying to be worried about innocent money just went the window....

This cannot be hidden any more!!!!! you know something speak up!!! have you been thru this??? share your story, help create support groups Help publicize this letter share your story.... If you are an offender seek help it can be done your amends will not be easy but it can be done.

You can make one fatal mistake and that is to try and hide and think you will get passed by come out help fix the wrong before you will no longer have that chance EVER.

If we all get together as a town to help weed this community it can be done with minimal damage. Anybody innocent who may receive slight setbacks because of this consider it your part in saving a life."



Anonymous said...

why couldnt hikind send out this letter instead of his chest-thumping-otherwise-useless conference?

Toronto Chevra Tzeddakah said...

May he be a mailitz yosher for ALL klal Yisroel, especially victims suffering in silence. This story is sickening, and must be used as a catalyst for change.

Another karban on the Kotler/Solomon BAMMAH in Lakewood. For how much longer can Twiddle Dee, and Twiddle Dum think they can run a town? The Kotler thug obviously never learnt the Mishnah advising people to not live in cities where the leaders are "talmidei chachamim". WHY? Because when a serious issue affects their city, they will be so utterly oblivious to the problem, they will ignore it (i.e. sweep it under the rug).

Instead Tweedle Dee, and Tweedle Dum throw kids out of school, threaten victims, ban Internet, and mach shtussim at Agudah Conventions. The epitome of rishus these two Musketeers are. This is how THE Mashgiach, who is supposed to be the Mussar guide to the talmidim behaves? BMG is quickly turning into a relic, and punchline for jokes much like the Agudah has become.

Their out-of-town kollelim have drained the financial resources of their cities, while producing human waste. We have heard loud and clear the havoc caused by the "special asset" in Chicago, and how the baalei batim are spending countless hours fixing up the mess caused by the mushchess former kollel yungerman. We have heard enough horror stories about their rosh kollel's decisions made with negius, causing untold harm. We are extremely turned off by the information.

We are in the process of creating a bloc similar to that in Chicago, where only mosdos adhering to the ethical norms of the day will receive funding. The mosdos don't care about their talmidim, whether they have a life worth living, or commit suicide. They only care about their cashflow.

We will IY"H cut that cashflow to an anemic level, until morality is acted upon by the mosdos, not given mere lip service.

THE BUCKS STOP HERE! The choice is entirely up to them.

Shira said...

why the hell do we need my brothers death for these facts to be publisized?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? why? why? why? why? why? why?

AP said...

New York - A woman who says her ultra-orthodox rabbi father molested her for much of her youth confronted him Tuesday under tense circumstances: as he cross-examined her at his own sex-abuse trial.

The defendant, Israel Weingarten, decided to be his own defense lawyer, setting up what a frustrated judge called an "awkward" and "fairly untenable" situation once he got the chance to directly question the government's star witness.

The woman, now 27, initially turned her head and wept when her father stepped up to a podium normally used by lawyers in a Brooklyn courtroom. But she slowly regained her composure, even lashing out at him when he questioned why she didn't come forward as a teenager with the shocking allegations.

"My feeling from your molesting me was utmost fear and blackmail and years of torture because you hit me, because I told my mother," she said. "Didn't I get hit enough?"

Weingarten, 59, a member of the Satmar community in Monsey, N.Y., was arrested and jailed without bail last year on charges he traveled outside the country to have sex with a minor. In a rambling opening statement, he said he had been falsely accused by a daughter who rebelled against a strict upbringing, and suggested that a neighbor was the actual abuser.

The daughter, one of eight children, told the FBI in 2003 that she was victimized since age 9 while living with her family in Hasidic communities in Belgium, and on trips to England and Israel. Prosecutors allege Weingarten sexually abused her, sometimes on a daily basis, and moved the family around to help conceal his crimes.

The accuser has since changed her name, but came forward and identified herself in open court as the daughter of the rabbi on Monday when she first took the witness stand to detail the accusations. She has appeared in court wearing an orange scarf and pants suit, and with her hair down — a mainstream look she said her father had scorned.

She told jurors on Tuesday that once she grew up, she left the faith and hoped "to forget everything that happened to me," mindful that her father had warned her she "would never be able to prove it." But she went public with her charges at the urging of her mother, who was embroiled in a custody dispute with her father.

Weingarten, though assisted by two lawyers, struggled with his cross-examination. His questions meandered, and he often interrupted his daughter's answers by scolding her, which visibly angering U.S. District Judge Gleeson.

"I'm not sure where this cross is going, but I do know this: You are not going to lecture this witness," the judge told him.

The father peppered his daughter with questions about her admission that as a teen she briefly fell in love with an older man living next door in Belgium. Though she claimed she never had sex with him, she testified she was thrilled "that I finally got to be with another guy besides my father."

Her father reminded her that the neighbor was married with children, asking, "Didn't you feel that was wrong?"

"I didn't do much thinking," she responded. "I went with my heart."

The woman was to resume testifying on Wednesday.

boog said...

Pathetic Tinof Tinofes drek dressed in Hasidic garb:
Rabbi accused of molesting daughter cross-examines her at trial

BY Scott Shifrel

Tuesday, March 3rd 2009, 10:12 PM
Rabbi Israel Weingarten cross examined his own daughter, whom he is accused of molesting, bringing the now 27-year-old to tears.

Rabbi Israel Weingarten cross examined his own daughter, whom he is accused of molesting, bringing the now 27-year-old to tears.
Related News

* Rabbi's daughter tells of father's sexual abuse

A rabbi charged with molesting his daughter subjected her to hours of cringe-worthy cross-examination Tuesday in Brooklyn Federal Court.

Israel Weingarten, 59, who chose to represent himself against charges that could send him to jail for 20 years, rambled on all afternoon as his daughter looked away, wiped tears and struggled to understand what he was asking.

"Do I have to answer?" the now-27-year-old asked Judge John Gleeson in a trembling voice before gathering the strength to shoot back when asked why she didn't complain sooner.

"My feeling of your molesting me was at most fear and blackmail and years of torture," she said, eyes widening as she wiped tears off her cheeks. "Fear because you hurt me because I told my mother. Didn't I get hit enough?"

The girl, who broke with her father's ultraorthodox community after allegedly being abused by him from ages 9 to 16, explicitly described reprehensible acts in public with words she was once forbidden to say even in private.

Some jurors glared at Weingarten, others wiped their eyes when she told of years of abuse and shame as her father shuffled her between homes in New York, Belgium and Israel.

"You could ask me, I'm not trying to fight you," Weingarten said once after she failed to understand a question.

An exasperated Gleeson eventually cut him off.

"Mr. Weingarten, if anybody is going to admonish the witness it's going to be me," he thundered. "You have created a fairly untenable, horrific situation by deciding to represent yourself.

"Now, I'm not sure where this cross examination is going, but I know you are not going to lecture this witness."

The cross-examination continues Wednesday.


Marvin Shit said...


Gelbwachs Play Group said...

We love your children

Anonymous said...

Steve - i live in lakewood and I have no clue what playgroup you're refferring to, I understand that you cant name names but can you give me some sort of lead so that i can look into it so that i dont send my kids there

Anonymous said...

On March 11, Shushan Purim, there will be buses of children's advocates leaving New York city to lobby state legislators for extension to the statues of limitations. I am told that there may be a vote on this issue within a couple of weeks. Although it is a whole day trip, anyone who can participate will be doing a great mitzvah. At a conference at Cardozo law school today, in which Rabbi Blau, of our Rabbinic Advisory Committee of the JBAC participated, it was explained that the Catholic Church is behind the side to keep the SOL's. They claim that the whole idea of changing the laws is for the sole purpose of hurting the Church.

Therefore, for Jews to go and say NO! We want the laws changed so we can protect OUR children, it pulls the rug out from under their main argument. Let's all try to go. Let's all pray that justice prevails.

Ari said...

The letter was written by my brother I lost my brother this shabbos, the playgroup that was being refferd too - the husbands last name starts with an "R" First name starts with a "Y"

Ari said...

Sorry the first name starts with a "T" I hit the wrong key by mistake (i Think)

Anonymous said...

Lakewood, RBS,Bnei Brak,Williamsburg,Monsey, Boro Park, Baltimore.

There is a definite "tzad hashaveh" between these capitols of child molestation.

Charedi rabbonim.

Rabbonim who use years of extensive learning not "lishmor ulaasos" but rather to invent more chumros and edicts that will plunge the "am hanivchar" further into an abyss.

Rabbonim who aren't afraid to boycott supermarkets,chastise ehrlicher entertainers and condemn thousands of kilo of Indian hair BUT are afraid to say anything to a Mondrowitz, Kagan,Shapiro,Weingarten,etc.

Rabbonim who could use their gifts to guide people on the path of Torah,darcheah darchei noam, but rather choose to control what people think, eat and wear.

No wonder there are more and more "teens at risk".

What about our children at risk in the hands of these monsters?

Anonymous said...

I don't know whether Eidensohn was or is invloved in the Kagan case but I do know him well.

He is the principal of 2 schools in RBSA.
He does run a tzedaka organization called Kupa Shel Tzedada of RBSA.

Rabbi Eidensohn is closely connected to S.Z. Perlstein, the most rabid rabbi in RBSA. Perlstein started the Kupa and later appointed Eidensohn to run it.
Eidensohn is also connected with zealots from RBSB and Bet Shemesh.

Although his Kupa does many good things they are also known here in RBS to use bullying tactics against other organizations and businesses to garner financial support.

On a personal level Eidensohn has a big smile and is very arrogant.

He likes to talk about all that he does and all of the schools he runs, yadda, yadda.

So I will not lay blame on him for Kagan..I can safely say that he would do anything in his power to protect a molester who is charedi.

He has done this before.

RBSA Case said...

"I have heard accusations of mishandling by a various people, but I haven't heard of any mishandling by Eidensohn.
I am not sure why he is being dragged into this.
If anyone knows of any mishandling on his part, let us know."

As a lawyer for an organization that assists abused children in Israel I am too familiar with this case in RBSA.

These are the facts (and some of my legal/moral opinion).

Toras Moshe began absorbing Yishrei Lev while the school year was in session. Rabbi Eidensohn as well as Rabbis Kornfeld and Malinowitz were involved in decisions about this rebbe including whether to bring him back for the remaining school year and to bring him back the following year.
In the end many parents voiced concern and it was decided not to bring him back.
However the fact that Malinowitz, Kornfeld and Eidensohn would even consider bringing this man back to children tell us much about them.

Rabbi Eidensohn is culpable in that:
1) He knew of the accusations and never made a report to the local welfare department as mandated by Israeli law. As a school principal (of several schools as I understand) he should know that professionals must report knowledge of accusations. He was already "in on it" being associated with Yishrei Lev/Toras Moshe

2) As the head of a local tzedaka organization Rabbi Eidensohn should be concerned for residents of RBSA including children. he could have put pressure and influence on Toras Eliyahu (as should have Malinowitz and Kornfeld) NOT to hire this man to be around children.

This being said both Rabbis Kornfeld and Malinowitz are certainly more invloved and responsible than Rabbi Eidensohn.

Shame on all three of them for not doing what was proper and legal in protecting other children from this possible danger.

Anonymous said...

To Anon 11:43 PM...


Check it out. I heard he was already thrown out of Hatzolah. Check out that angle if you have any contacts there.

We will expect you to post what you have found so that your neighbors who don't know about this can protect their children.

Stiles Moving To Lakewood said...

Jury convicts man in toddler video sex case

AP LAS VEGAS – A man tracked down after a video of him sexually assaulting a 2-year-old girl was found in the Nevada desert was convicted Tuesday of that attack and another on a 6-year-old.

Chester Arthur Stiles displayed no emotion as guilty verdicts were read against him for 22 felonies, including sexual assault. He faces multiple life prison terms at sentencing, set for May 8.

Nineteen of the charges stemmed from acts Stiles videotaped of himself with the toddler in 2003. The jury viewed the graphic video Friday.

Outside the presence of the jury, Clark County District Court Judge Jennifer Togliatti called the recorded images "clearly child pornography in its most graphic form."

A man gave the videotape to authorities in September 2007, five months after he found it hidden in a desert lot about 60 miles west of Las Vegas. He later pleaded guilty to conspiracy to obstruct a public officer for the delay in turning in the video.

With clear evidence of a sex crime on a toddler but neither the victim nor the abuser identified, investigators released images from the video in a nationwide hunt for both people.

Stiles, 38, of Las Vegas, was arrested in October 2007 after he was identified as the man in the video and a fugitive in a case involving a 6-year-old girl. Prosecutors said he molested the older child in late 2003.

The toddler victim is now 8. Her mother testified she has no recollection of the encounter, which occurred when she lived with a friend's family in an apartment in Las Vegas. The friend's mother was Stiles' girlfriend.

Three charges stemmed from allegations that Stiles molested the 6-year-old while he and his girlfriend spent two nights as guests at the girl's Las Vegas home in December 2003.

That encounter was not videotaped. But the girl, now 11 and living in Washington state, testified that she awoke before dawn one morning with Stiles kneeling next to her bed and fondling her.

The names of the girls are being withheld because The Associated Press typically does not identify victims of sexual abuse.

Deputy public defenders Stacey Roundtree and Amy Coffee said after the verdict they will appeal the judge's decisions to let prosecutors show the video, air jailhouse telephone recordings and read Stiles' personal letters to the jury.

Stiles also faces federal charges of producing child pornography, which could carry a sentence of 15 to 30 years in federal prison. That trial is set for April 6 in Las Vegas.

Ari Finkelstein Lakewood N.J. said...

Victims and people that have information that is being withheld:

Speak publicly and say your names i have lost my brother to this sickness,

you dont have to be ashamed of giving information that has potential to save lives.

Dont be intimidated and dont let the opinions or ideas of a few (possibly well meaning) rabbis scare you into submission, they and their ideas only have power if we give them power by being scared or intimidated to speak out.

If we band together and speak up and be proud of it, my best freind and kid brother's death will not just be another one of many who have fell victim to this sickness.

boog said...

The Bob Grant Castration Act (1977)
should be applied to Stiles, Weingarten, Mondro, Koko, and all perv-molesters.

That will 'grab' their attention and serve notice to all of the other pervs.

The best chizuk and closure that the molestees and their families could receive. Perhaps then, they can resurrect their lives.

Anonymous said...

UOJ, I'm begging you to let us know.

Are there any rabbonim in lakewood that one can turn to in the unfortunate instance that a "story" would occur?

Does R Shmuli Tendler of sons of israel's work with JSafe (i think) make him a bar samcha?

Anonymous said...

R' Abadi of the Minyan

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

NO TENDLER or any rav is a bar samcha in this inyan, period!

In my opinion, the Tendler family is plagued with mental illness. I do not want to pasul every Tendler -- but the amount of information in my possession tells me that they can not be trusted on any inyan of arayus, nor with responses that require the raw truth to be exposed.

I have my hands full --- I promise every person that if you need help, I will lead you in the right direction, if you should contact me.



ok here goes im going to spill the beans on what is going on

im a lakewood resident for 25 years

shainky has been fighting molestation for years so has r' shmuel blech

r' matisyuho has set up a bais din who convicted the G molester

the accused man t.r. was cleared

beyond a shadow of a daubt

dr shanik has cleared him

dr shanik is a major player because he usually sees it first

he has a list of suspected offenders just ask him

the kotlers have a zero tolerance for molestation

although in recent years they have been consistenly on the wrong side of every issue in lakewood

molestation is one area that they get credit although they dont go to the police they do make the person parsana non grata any were in lakewood


r'matisyahu salamon let the parents go to the police about the presidential story


"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

Long Time Lakewooder:




can you give us examples of cases they covered up?

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...




"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...


Ari Finkelstein lakewood nj said...

"the accused man t.r. was cleared"

beyond a shadow of a daubt
Lies lies and more lies I KNOW you are lying and can drop enough names that people will know and will prove what I am saying beyond a shadow of a dougt.

However it is up to the victims to stand up, we can support, encourage and beg them but we cant force them.

That is not our right.


Ari Finkelstein lakewood N.J. said...

Victims and people that have information that is being withheld:

Speak publicly and say your names i have lost my brother to this sickness,

you dont have to be ashamed of giving information that has potential to save lives.

Dont be intimidated and dont let the opinions or ideas of a few (possibly well meaning) rabbis scare you into submission, they and their ideas only have power if we give them power by being scared or intimidated to speak out.

If we band together and speak up and be proud of it, my best freind and kid brother's death will not just be another one of many who have fell victim to this sickness.

PISSED OFF said...

can you give us examples of cases they covered up?

1:06 PM, March 04, 2009


steve said...

Shira and Ari,

Although I did not know your brother, I can tell from his writings and what his friends have written about him, that he was very special. May his sudden petirah serve as a wake up call and may his holy project, "Ashrecha" be continued. Hamakom Yinachem Eischem!

Ari Finkelstein Lakewood N.J. said...

How dare you mention Dr. shanik How dare you mention Dr. shanik

Long time Lakewooder if you know that story how can you mention shanik and look at yourself in the mirror.

Anonymous said...

reading this brings tears to my eyes along with bile in my throat. how i would love to kick the shit out all of the molesters and their defenders and apologists.
look what you've done!!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, I echo your sentiment. Let us not forget that the problem of drug abuse is also very real. I know of a situation where a frum kid overdosed on drugs and his family did not seek professional help out of the stigma associated with it.

Anonymous said...

What a stinking mess gedoylim, admorim, rabbonim!


again my understanding is that

Dr Shanik has agreed that t.r.

is not guilty

if im wrong i stand corrected

boog said...

stinkin mess is correct.

BTW, very surprising that abe (right hook) schorr didn't attend the Big Event this week to see his favorite entertainer and maybe get on-stage with him.

How great would it have been to see him do a jig with Lipa.

Maybe next time. Hey right-hook, how about it. You game?

steve said...

the kotlers have a zero tolerance for molestation

Rabbi Kotler is too busy signing on to the latest Lipa concert ban to worry about child molestation. He also has his hands full with the Bais Faiga fiasco.

Genuk said...

Lakewood is about to blow like a volcano. Word is that they are covering for over a hundred pedophiles. Just like Dov Hikind is covering for similar numbers in Brooklyn. Thousands of victims. Even the ones that don't kill themselves like Shua they are dead inside walking zombies. We will never know their pain. The guilty parties are the coverup Rabbonim and community leaders. The pedophiles themselves are mutants, uncontrollable monsters who need to be removed from our midst. When this blows up on us we are going to make the Catholic Church look like choirboys.

Boruch said...

When Kitty Genovese was murdered in Queens, NY some years ago about 30 people heard her scream and no one wanted to get involved. It's always the other guy who should have called. Or I supposed someone else would call. When you see a car accident, what do you do? You run to see the carnage but you don't call 911. Same with a wreck or a fire, you presume that someone else did the responsible thing. This syndrome where others are expected to have done the responsible thing probably has a name. For our purposes let's call it the "Ostrich" syndrome. People stick their head in the ground to avoid making a stand. Government does it too and it makes for good urban mythology. For example, in NY city everyone knows that a traffic signal is not put up on a corner before 5 fatalities are registered at that corner. It's a myth an entrenched myth. Here's another entrenched myth, parents, doctors and teachers know when somethings wrong or out of synch with a child. They should know and they should investigate, but sometimes they are too busy. Ready for another, the courts and the lawmakers will protect us from the perverts. From room 9, Governor Spitzer was writing legislation regarding adults committing acts of lewdity with underage males and females. He was doing undercover research. People with socio-pathic tendencies don't advertise themselves and need to be flushed out into the open. In our world we tend to have placed upon pedestals, pedestrians. There intentions may have, at one point, been gleich. But once they have been exposed and have been thoroughly investigated and there is no doubt, the criminals are the enablers who deny their crimes. As Pogo, so eloquently, stated; " the enemy is us."
While there cannot be any lynchings without thorough investigation and proof we should be make mistakes on the side of proactively protecting our future. Our future is our children. They carry our names. They carry our beliefs. They will carry out what we have taught them. It is slowly coming around, again. We, the Yidden, will remember and cry out and Hashem will remember and bring us out again. Each redemption had a sheliach. Each redemption started with one person who pressed and fought against the tide of complacency and despair. Each redemption left behind many who wouldn't let go of the ostrich mentality. It doesn't take 5 or 25 or 50 deaths to get a traffic signal to regulate the safety of the street. It doesn't have to take deaths to wake up Klall Yisroel to the monstrosity of denial.
Purim is next week. The poignant piece of the Megillah is when Mordechai tells Esther that if she refuses to go to the king, and it may be this (going to the king) that she is destined to do, then she and her family may be destroyed. She agrees. The rest is the redemption. She agrees. The rest is the hatzolah (saving) of the Jewish people. She agrees. Our enemies are cast down. Mordechai is calling us out, now. Mordechai is telling us that if we don't go then another will be chosen and we will not survive. Hashem will show up and show us what to do. But first, we need to show up for Mordechai.

Anonymous said...


In my opinion, the Tendler family is plagued with mental illness. I do not want to pasul every Tendler -- but the amount of information in my possession tells me that they can not be trusted on any inyan of arayus, nor with responses that require the raw truth to be exposed

Shmuli is a distant cousin. does the fact that he shares a last name with drek make him drek?

Dvar Chizuk said...

This tragic episode, again highlights the need for communal support of the "at-risk" professionals. Those who use their life experiences, as motivational tools to influence positive behaviors in the teenager. They use their talents to guide the troubled youth to find meaningful activites to fill their lives with.

They are the true Mordechai's of our misguided generation. They forge ahead regardless of public opinion, despite being ridiculed by the masses for dealing with children who have "no ne'emanus". They aren't dogs who must turn back to see what the crowd is thinking. These are leaders. Not the charlaitans who have shown such disregard for human dignity, and societal norms.

To all those who are fighting the battle to save the victims of abuse, ASHRECHA V'TOV LACHEM. May Hashem bless you with all that David Hamelech said in Shir Hamalos Ashrei Kal Yirei Hashem. You are the true gedolim, and future leaders of our great Jewish nation.

Rubashkin shochtim to be evicted soon? said...


By Lynda Waddington 3/4/09 10:21 AM

Three property management companies that are affiliated with the family that owns the bankrupt Agriprocessors kosher meatpacking plant have also filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.

According to U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Northern District of Iowa filings, the companies — Nevel Properties Corporation, Amereeka Properties LLC and SFG Corporation — submitted their voluntary petitions for bankruptcy on Monday. Candy Siebert, listed as general manager for the companies, signed the forms, which were prepared and filed by Des Moines attorney firm Bradshaw, Fowler, Proctor & Fairgrave.

Forms filed with the court indicate that each of the companies have between one and 49 creditors and estimated assets up to $50,000. Nevel has estimated liabilities between $1 million and $10 million, while Amereeka and SFG listed estimated liabilities up to $100,000.

Unsecured creditors listed in the Nevel filing are primarily utility and service companies, and debts owed to them total just over $60,000. The bulk of that figure is owed to Black Hills Energy ($16,463), Alliant Energy ($14,584) and the Postville Water Department ($14,342).

SFG listed only four unsecured creditors, with three of those creditors being owed an unknown amount of money. Only a $1,448 real estate tax bill from the Clayton County Treasurer is listed.

Amereeka’s largest listed unsecured creditor by far is a $32,514 real estate bill to the Allamakee County Treasurer’s Office. The company lists roughly $60,000 in unsecured debts total, ranging from service companies to the Postville Fire Department.

The Des Moines law firm representing the companies, according to documents filed with the court, received a $29,000 retainer on Feb. 27 from Cottonballs, LLC — a limited liability company mentioned in the Agriprocessors Chapter 11 case as being operated by the Rubashkin family. In addition, “fees and costs for pre-petition services were paid by the Pidion Shvuyim Fund, affiliated with a charitable organization (run by Shea Hecht) called the National Committee for the Furtherance of Jewish Education, for the benefit of Mr. Sholom Rubashkin.”

Toronto said...

I'm not sure why poster #2 is attacking the entire Toronto kollel when his beef is seemingly over the Revenue Canada (IRS counterpart) scandal with the gizbar. In Canada, as opposed to other countries, you cannot have tax exempt status for a gemach unless every recipient is a pennyless pauper. Unless there is a part of the story that I missed, there were no criminal charges, just a loss of tax exempt status.

"Big" deal.

Then there are plenty of messes in town caused by non-kollel people.

Margo and the 47,000 putzes said...


Swiss Bank UBS Had 47,000 US Accounts

Shimon Russell said...

Hey, at least Mengele was a real doctor. He wasn't some putz working out of his Lakewood basement without a State license.

Anonymous said...

NO TENDLER or any rav is a bar samcha in this inyan, period!

In my opinion, the Tendler family is plagued with mental illness. I do not want to pasul every Tendler -- but the amount of information in my possession tells me that they can not be trusted on any inyan of arayus, nor with responses that require the raw truth to be exposed.

I have my hands full --- I promise every person that if you need help, I will lead you in the right direction, if you should contact me.


12:37 PM, March 04, 2009

Dear OUJ,
You are absolutley correct in your judgement about Tendler. The taiva he has for money and power is equal to his 3 cousins have for sex. I can fill you in on more details another time but it's after midnight and I'm heading to bed.

Anonymous said...


its worse than that

there are very few frum foster homes in lakewood.

because of that, reports to social services are not made for fear of the child being placed in a non frum or goyash home.

what they do is send the child out of state

i have some friends who got involved with such a situation...

they were promised that not only room and board would be paid for, but also counseling for the child.

no money ever came

and this child had some severe issues...which led to alot of problems, and ultimately led my friends to having her removed

they are trying to hide all their problems

it is time to open our eyes

btw, i dont like the term od...lets call it what it really is...suicide

Anonymous said...

What about the Lakewood girls who are raped or molested by their families and are sent out of town?

Anonymous said...

Obama pick for HHS faces questions about state aid

By JOHN HANNA – 1 hour ago

TOPEKA, Kan. (AP) — Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius, President Barack Obama's choice to head the Health and Human Services Department, is facing questions about increased state payments to a social services group whose board includes the chairman of the state Democratic Party.

Last fall, Sebelius' secretary of social and rehabilitation services, Don Jordan, approved an increased rate for Community Living Opportunities, a nonprofit group that provides services to the developmentally disabled, that amounted to $713,000.

The group's board of directors included Larry Gates, a Sebelius friend who has served as state Democratic chairman for six years; Dan Biles, a Gates law partner recently appointed by Sebelius to the Kansas Supreme Court, and Lew Perkins, athletic director at the University of Kansas.

Ronnie Schreiber digresses said...


DETROIT: The automaker General Motors, which has borrowed $13.4 billion from the U.S. government and is seeking billions more, acknowledged in its annual report on Thursday that its survival was in "substantial doubt."

Marvin Schick said...

I don't believe the Kitty Genovese story really happened. What the story does in essence is raises the specter that some heimishe Hungarians in the richest part of Kew Gardens were the ones who stood by and did nothing while some girl was sadistically stabbed to death.

Avi L. Shafran said...

I'm with you Marv ol' boy. The Hungarians could not have heard anything, they have 5 carat diamond studs plugged into their ears.

Aron Tort Putz Twerski said...

The Tendlers are Honorable Drek.

Aretha Franklin and Diana Ross "I Will Survive" Lyrics said...

At first Ronnie was afraid,
he was petrified,
Kept thinking he could never live without the automakers by his side,
But then he spent so many nights just thinking about UOJ baseball caps
And he grew stong at how he strung all you dopes along
And now you're back
From being fleeced,
You just walked in to find him here
With that sad look upon his face,
He should have changed that stupid burned out circuit board,
He should have returned the money,
If he'd known for just one second
Detroit was going down the tubes.

Go on now go,
Walk off UOJ's blog,
Just turn around now,
Cause you're not welcome anymore,
Weren't you the one who tried to bore us about sweaty underpants

Ronnie replies:
Do you think I'd crumble?
Do you think I'd lay down and die?
Oh no not I

I will survive
Oh as long as I know how to say don't 'effin bug me
I know I'll stay alive
I've got all my life to live
I've got all my blabbering to give
And I will survive
I will survive
Hey Hey!

It took all the strength I had
not to allow GM to fall apart
kept trying hard to mend
the pieces of my broken Big Three
And I spent oh so many nights
Just feeling sorry for myself
I used to cry
But now I hold my head up high.
And you'll see me
Somebody new
I'm not that chained up little person
Still on Paypal scamming you
And so you felt like dropping in
And just expect me to be free
But now I'm saving all my lovin'
For Hell, Michigan

I will survive
Oh as long as I know how to fress
I know I'll stay alive
I've got all my life to live
I've got all my opinions to give
I will survive
I will survive
Hey hey!

Rabbi Ashkenazy, corner of Audley St said...

Marvin Schick,

My sentiments exactly. I don't think that all those heimish Hungarians davening by me could have heard the meydel screaming for dear life.

It's one thing if Ephraim Bryks in in charge of the shul mikva, but don't accuse us as accomplices to murder.

NY Daily News said...

New York - A rabbi accused of molesting his daughter manipulated his son into making a tape saying he was having sex with his sister, the young man testified yesterday.

"I know about things between you and your sister and I want you to record that for your mom," Israel Weingarten, 59, reportedly told son Yoineson, 29.

Testifying in Brooklyn federal court, the son said his father repeatedly pressured him to help clear his name, even though he suspected that the older man was having an improper relationship with his sister.

"It was not clear at that time, with your brainwashing, who to believe - you or my sister," the son said. "You terrorized my life."

The younger Weingarten said he was so confused that he wrote a threatening letter to his sister, saying he would devote his life to taking revenge on her and her friends because they were responsible for him leaving the Jewish faith.

He said the letter was written during the late 1990s during "the worst part of my life."

Judge John Gleeson repeatedly admonished Weingarten to keep questions relevant and stop berating his children.

Two lawyers Weingarten hired to advise him, Barry Rhodes and Alan Stutman, tried to help but threw up their hands as Weingarten repeatedly ignored their advice.

"I've never seen anything like this," Stutman said. "I'm speechless. It is bizarre. I don't know what to think."

Dr. Bungalow Putz Neuhoff said...

Marvin and Avi,

I am against sadistic stabbings of any kind.

Let's get together on this.

Hachut hameshulash lo bimhayre yenatek!

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

Anon 9:48,

Great lyrics --- Let's see some more of this raw talent!

I'll write the music, and we'll get it banned at the next "Event"!

Anonymous said...

s tendler in lakewood is covering up over 100 molestation cases

ATTN: Rabbi Horowitz said...

How can Rabbi Horowitz recommend as a resource for parents, an unlicensed mental health worker. Shimon Russell of Lakewood is recommended for Family and Teen Counseling. The sick lowlife sides with the parents DESPITE the depravity of the information. He's a walking advertisement for Project Derech which advocates children accepting whatever the parent does to them. He lectures about kibbud av despite the fact that many of these "parents" deserve Weingarten treatment. He is a parent advocate, to the detriment of the innocent victim. He is firmly implanted in the pocket of "Rabbi" Malkiel. He has been used by the Kotler/Tikotzky/Finkel family too many times to poo-poo situations he should have informed the authorities.

boog said...

Weingarten is the prime candidate for the Bob Grant Castration Act of 1977.

What unspeakable drek.

steve said...

btw, i dont like the term od...lets call it what it really is...suicide

Wrong. Let's call it what it really is... MURDER!

Bob Grant said...


that would be the Bob Grant Mandatory Castration Act of 1974. (With an emphasis on mandatory)

Let's be heard!

One who knows said...

Shimon Russell had originally been criticizing certain rabbonim who he claimed were downplaying the danger and severity of spousal abuse. When the word got out however, the yeshiva quickly moved to muzzle him.

That said, I think the guy is a hypocrite for several reasons, starting with his practicing without a license. If he would get any vibes that the police or courts might get involved he would just dump the patient in case he would be exposed and criminally charged. (And I don't know how many businesses operating under the radar from basements are paying taxes either).

Then in the case of a molester preying on a playgroup about a decade ago, the playgroup owner was forced out of town. Several rabbonim insist that the real molester is a friend of Shimon Russell (with a similar stuck-up Britannic accent), whom Shimon Russell covered up for. When R' Avremel Ausband and the Riverdale gvir Mr. Freeman took Rav Salomon and Schenky to a din Torah on behalf of the exiled playgroup operator, the Lakewooders won on the technicality that the playgroup owner is still achroy even if someone else is the molester.

Russell tops off his big phony act by boasting he is the last musmach of R' Shneur.

Citigroup trading at 97 cents! said...

The Dow is in the 6600s!

How low will she go?

R' Aron Schechter said...


Abuse was reform school's lesson, family says

Question To One Who Knows said...

To One Who Knows:

Did Shimon Russell get his degree from the same "Univesity" Herr Rabbiner Doktor Avremel Mondrowitz got his from?

How can Rabbi Horowitz allow this faker to be advertised on his site for "family counseling"?

Plus, that last group of Rav Schneur's musmachim are a bunch of doozies. Another reason to check a personality and qualifications prior to giving the Semicha paper. Otherwise it is no different than a korban as it says "Vesamach Hacohen Es Yadav Al Rosh HaPar"!!

Scumbags! said...


Obama "promised" during the campaign that he wouldn't tax health insurance benefits. Now he says he will "reconsider" it.

Anonymous said...

I onced called the 2 states where Russell was practicing, NY & NJ, only to discover he was not licensed anywhere. A clerk in NJ asked me to call the Attorney General's office and notify them where the bum is operating from.

I did not do so which may have been a mistake. A rosh yeshiva (outside Lakewood) who learned that I merely looked into the licensing, blew his stack at me. He said I had no recht and that Russell has "helped many people". He threatened me with repercussions if Russell was outed by my snooping around. This was a huge chutzpa because the rosh yeshiva was partially responsible in the first place for the predicament that someone wound up being seen by Russell. I no longer speak to this rosh yeshiva.

Girlie Boy Rahm-Bo Emmanuel said...


Rush Limbaugh challenges President Obama to a debate

Kenneth R. Bazinet In Washington And David Saltonstall In New York

Thursday, March 5th 2009, 9:05 AM

"If you can wipe me out in a debate ... do you realize you will own the United States of America?" Limbaugh said on-air. "You will have no opposition."

Stoking the flames, Limbaugh mockingly urged the President not to send in his place any "lightweights," including "the ballerina, Emanuel."

The reference was to Obama chief of staff Rahm Emanuel, a serious ballet dancer in his youth, who kicked off the strategy by calling Limbaugh "the voice and intellectual force" behind the GOP.

The White House's central aim, insiders say, is to stoke the anger of independents, a key bloc always more interested in solutions than in partisan naysaying.

Wednesday, the strategy came into full bloom when former Obama campaign manager David Plouffe penned an Op-Ed in The Washington Post headlined, "Minority Leader Limbaugh."

But the self-reinforcing power of the strategy, others noted, is that it depends on Limbaugh continuing to talk in ever-more divisive tones - a bet many are happy to make.

"As long as he's talking, we're happy," said Carville, whom Limbaugh referred to Wednesday as "a second-rate talking head" who - along with Emmanuel and adviser Paul Begala - looks like "a reunion of the Village People."

One who knows said...

Unless it's fake, Shimon Russell prominently displays his Rutgers University diploma near his BMG semicha.

What do you think? Russell just fills everyone in that he's not licensed?

It's highly likely that Rabbi Horowitz is unaware of the fraud. And it's easy to get taken in. The Agudah Fresser organ Jewish Observer makes Russell into a big expert and he is given the platform by everyone from the OU to the Raritan Valley Vaad Harabbonim to Nefesh who has him speaking alongside R' Dovid Cohen. Russell has also been doing the speaker circuit. I don't know if he gets to charge $400 a minute like Bill Clinton, but he gets around.

One who knows said...

To be clear, you can have a university degree like Russell and still not be licensed which requires all kinds of interning, tests and other requirements. The law dictates you don't get to be a doctor just because you're a textbook putz.

By the way, does anyone know what Russell's connection is to the Lubavitcher yeshiva "Nishmat Shlomo", for non-mainstream bochurim, with branches in Tzfas and Bayside, Queens? According to Federal records the corporation is actually in his name.

Alfred Freeman from Riverdale said...

Russell also takes on way too many cases. If a patient tries to speak to him outside of session, he notifies them they have a minute or less and times them.

L.A. Agudah Fresser said...

Vatican can be sued for clergy abuse, judges rule

An Oregon man who alleges he was molested in the 1960s by a priest can pursue a civil lawsuit against the Holy See, a federal appeals court says.

By Manya A. Brachear
March 5, 2009
Reporting from Chicago -- A federal appeals court ruling has brought an Oregon man one step closer to suing the Vatican for sexual abuse he says he suffered by a Roman Catholic priest.

In a 59-page decision issued Tuesday, a three-judge panel from the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the man -- who says he was molested in the 1960s by a priest at a Catholic school -- can pursue a civil lawsuit against the Holy See because the priest allegedly abused him while serving in a religious capacity.

Lawyers for the plaintiff hailed the ruling as a watershed moment for victims of clergy abuse, who for decades have wanted to hold the Catholic hierarchy accountable for protecting priests.

A lawyer for the Holy See commended the ruling for acknowledging the Vatican's decentralized structure.

"They have been choosing for years . . . to protect the clerics and not the kids," said Jeff Anderson, a Minneapolis lawyer representing the Oregon man. "This really is another step forward, another door open. . . . The good news for the laity, the community of faith, the parishioners and all of us is that the Vatican can now be held accountable."

Although the ruling does not permit victims to sue Pope Benedict XVI, Anderson said he intended to depose the pontiff.

The case involves the late Rev. Andrew Ronan, a Servite priest who, according to victims' lawyers, was sent to Chicago after being accused of molesting children in his native Ireland. Archdiocesan officials said Ronan worked for St. Philip High School on Chicago's West Side from 1960 through 1965. He was then transferred to a Catholic school in Oregon, where he reportedly assaulted the plaintiff in the case. St. Philip closed in 1970. Ronan died in 1992.

Officials from the Servite order did not return calls seeking comment.

Marci Hamilton, a professor at New York's Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law who assisted in the plaintiff's case, commended the ruling as a model of how the American judicial system is supposed to work, likening the triumph to the biblical story of David vs. Goliath.

"The fact that the United States courts have opened this opportunity in this case sets the standard for the whole world that there really can be justice for one victim even though he's a victim of one powerful organization," Hamilton said. "We now have a template for understanding that anyone who harms our children in the U.S. is going to be held accountable whether they're sovereign or not."

But Jeffrey Lena, a California lawyer who represented the Holy See, said the ruling favored the Vatican by recognizing that every action everywhere could not be traced directly to Rome.

"The court did recognize, based on the plaintiff's complaint, that within the Catholic Church there exists different and separate legal entities," he said.

The U.S. 6th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in November that a lawsuit filed against the Vatican by three men alleging they were abused by clergy could continue. The lawyer in that case is seeking class-action status, saying there are thousands of victims nationwide.

Some legal scholars say the rulings are not the last word and expect the 9th Circuit Court's ruling to be overturned by the Supreme Court.

But G. Robert Blakey, a professor of law at the University of Notre Dame, said that if the plaintiff could prove that the priest was an employee of the Vatican, the ruling would stand.

"Is the Vatican potentially liable for child molesting? The answer to that question is yes if and only if you can show that the priest was engaged in conduct as an employee of the Vatican," Blakey said.


Dow falls into the 6500s said...

Listen to UOJ and stock up on those tuna fish cans!

Lakewood Textbook Putz said...


There was a Monsey Breslover in Lakewood Viggy Landesman who is today a rebbe in Nishmas Shlomo in Tsfas.

Anonymous said...

Is rabbi Horowitz Liscenced??
since when is he the one to recommend

boog said...

Bob Grant;

Thanks for the correction.

Enjoy your retirement, my friend.

Anonymous said...

Why would Rabbi Horowitz need a license to recommend resources to help families? Do phone operators at Project Shalom Bayis or Yitty Liebel need a license to suggest an appropriate resource for help?
Obviously not.

The point is before Ohel, Yitty Liebel, etc. recommends a qualified professional as a resource it is their responsibility to check the validity of the qualifications of the resource. Rabbi Horowitz should not recommend a resource who is pro abuser and consider that HELP. Shimon Russell can get a platform/soapbox and say whatever he wants, but when it comes down to resolving issues, ONLY the abuser counts.

UOJ Gets Results said...

Food Safety Problems Slip Past Private Inspectors

The New York Times

Food manufacturers are increasingly hiring private auditors, but serious contamination problems are going undetected.

Agudah Rules Rabbis Are Not Responsible For Child Molesting said...

Canada judge: Man not responsible for beheading

WINNIPEG, Manitoba – A Canadian judge ruled Thursday that a man accused of beheading and cannibalizing a fellow Greyhound bus passenger is not criminally responsible due to mental illness. The decision means Chinese immigrant Vince Li will be treated in a mental institution instead of going to prison.

More OU approved Salmonella said...


World Spice in Roselle, N.J., owned by Bela Lowy, supplied a spice powder, imported from China, for Veggie Booty snack chips. The powder turned out to be tainted with salmonella.

An examination of the largest food poisoning outbreaks in recent years — in products as varied as spinach, pet food, and a children’s snack, Veggie Booty — show that auditors failed to detect problems at plants whose contaminated products later sickened consumers.

Keystone Foods, the Pennsylvania plant that makes Veggie Booty, received an “excellent” rating from the American Institute of Baking. But the audit did not extend to ingredient suppliers, including a New Jersey company whose imported spices from China were tainted with salmonella.

As many as 2,000 people in 19 states were sickened, according to federal estimates. The incident prompted the New York company that sells the snack, Robert’s American Gourmet, to add its own inspections and regularly test ingredients for contamination.

Even when audits do turn up problems, it is up to the discretion of food companies to fix them.

“The only thing that matters is productivity,” said Robert A. LaBudde, a food safety expert who has consulted with food companies for 30 years, adding that “you only get in trouble if someone in the media traces it back to you, and that’s rare, like a meteor strike.”

Ephraim Bryks said...

Before being in charge of the mikvos in Kew Gardens, I was molesting kids in Winnipeg where the beheading took place. The police never came after me when I skipped town.

Putz Thieves said...


March 5, 2009

14 Trading Firms Settle Charges for $69 Million


More than a dozen Wall Street trading firms systematically cheated their customers of millions of dollars by improperly slicing bits of profit from countless trades, federal regulators said on Wednesday.

The Securities and Exchange Commission disclosed the allegations after negotiating settlements. The firms did not admit or deny the charges but agreed to pay a total of more than $69 million in forfeited profits and penalties.

The 14 firms named in the complaints are all “specialists,” trading firms that have a specific duty to maintain orderly markets by matching buyers and sellers and standing ready to conduct trades when buyers or sellers are scarce. They include units or subsidiaries of well-known Wall Street names, including E*Trade Capital Markets, Goldman Sachs Execution and Clearing, Knight Financial Products and TD Options.

Regulators said the firms had engaged in various types of “front-running,” which involves trading ahead of customer orders or timing their own trades to seize profits. For instance, specialists that had a big order to buy a stock would first buy it from a seller themselves and then illegally bid up the price moments before selling it to profit on the transaction.

Regulators say specialist firms made a total of $58.4 million, which should have gone to their customers.

Anonymous said...

dont know whether russel is licenced or not but i do have a friend who went to him for counseling and the insure picked up most of the tab . Now is it at all possible that the insurance company would pay a bill if the doctor was unlicensed?

Anonymous said...

would pay a bill if the doctor was unlicensed?


Bungalow Yenta's Zayde said...


I wonder if that Hungarian putz Bela Lowy is the grandson of the guy by the same name who 75-80 years ago was the manager of Fleischmanns and owner of the Arlington Hotel in the Catskills.

UOJ Bureau of Detectives said...

I have a better question. If Russell told the insurance companies he is licensed when he isn't, isn't that fraud?

Hefker Velt said...

Former KB Home CEO indicted on fraud charges
Thursday March 5, 7:27 pm ET
By Alex Veiga, AP Real Estate Writer
Former KB Home CEO Bruce Karatz indicted on fraud charges linked to stock option backdating

LOS ANGELES (AP) -- A federal grand jury on Thursday returned an indictment charging the former chairman and chief executive of KB Home with multiple counts of fraud and other crimes related to a stock option backdating scheme that authorities say bilked the homebuilder's shareholders out of millions of dollars.

The 20-count indictment charges Bruce E. Karatz with 15 counts of mail, wire and securities fraud, four counts of making false statements in reports filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission, and one count of lying to the company's accountants, according to the U.S. attorney for the Central District of California.

Karatz, 63, faces up to 415 years in prison if convicted on all charges.

UOJ Banking Division said...

Wall Street tumbled to new lows on Thursday and shares of Citigroup, once the largest bank on Wall Street, dropped briefly below $1 as deepening worries about the financial sector and General Motors sent investors running for cover.

Shares of Bank of America fell more than 11 percent while Citigroup skidded 9 percent to close at $1.02 a share. JPMorgan Chase was down 14 percent, and Wells Fargo lost 17 percent.

“It’s just a continuing self-destructive market where even the slightest good news is considered negative,” said Peter Cardillo, chief market economist at Avalon Partners. “No one is taking a backseat approach. Everyone is just selling.”

UOJ Tomchei Shabbos said...

Citigroup stock falls below $1 a share
Thursday March 5, 7:00 pm ET
By Ieva M. Augstums, AP Business Writer
Citigroup stock drops below $1 a share, relaxed NYSE rule allows continued trading

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (AP) -- Shares of Citigroup Inc., once the nation's most powerful bank, fell below $1 a share Thursday.

The stock fell as low as 97 cents in late morning trading. It was down 11 cents, or 9.7 percent, to close at $1.02 in Thursday trading.

New York-based Citi has lost more than 85 percent of its value so far this year, and is down more than 95 percent from a year ago as the bank was pummeled by the financial market crisis.

UOJ Foreclosure Dept. said...

Most foreclosures pack into a few counties

WASHINGTON — More than half of the nation's foreclosures last year took place in 35 counties, a sign that the financial crisis devastating the national economy may have begun with collapsing home loans in only a few corners of the country.

Those counties, spread over a dozen states, accounted for more than 1.5 million foreclosure actions last year, a USA TODAY analysis of figures compiled by the real estate listing firm RealtyTrac shows — more than were recorded in the entire United States just two years earlier. They were the epicenter of a wave of foreclosures that have left leading banks teetering and magnified the nation's economic problems.

Leon Goldenberg said...

Since when does UOJ have his own Tomchei Shabbos division? Those numbskulls at the Agudah of Ave L coffee room never told me about it.

steve said...


Just a reminder that mikvas are places that children need protection from molesters. This is a problem in all religious communities:

CROWN HEIGHTS [CHI] — At 4:12pm, Friday, Erev Shabbos, a child called the Shomrim hotline asking for help. The child stated that he was just molested at the Empire Shtibel Mikvah and the perpetrator was still in the Mikvah.

Numerous Shomrim members arrived on the scene within seconds. After speaking to the child, they requested for Police to further investigate. The members had the suspect, a 23 year old Israeli, wait for Police.

The child told the Police what happened and the officers, then walked suspect to precinct, for further questioning by detectives.

After being interrogated at the precinct the suspect was formally arrested on charges pertaining to his crimes.

Anonymous said...

insurance companies always ask for licences just like they do when they insure your car . no insurance company takes your word when it comes to needing any licence of any kind

Anonymous said...

Let me say this again. I called NY and NJ and there was no record of a license for Shimon Russell. A NJ clerk asked me to report the location of his office to the Attorney General which I did not do.

Shimon Russell also dumped a patient when it looked like the authorities would get involved. When he was pressed, he admitted he has no license.

Slipping and sliding into 3rd Worldism said...


Friday, Mar. 06, 2009

CIA Veterans Blast Senate Probe of Operations Under Bush

By Bobby Ghosh / Washington

For a handful of CIA operatives who were on the frontlines of the war on terror in the early months and years after 9/11, it's the stuff of nightmares. After all, they did their job as their political masters defined it, using tools and techniques approved by their lawyers. Then came an election, and a new set of political masters, who have begun second-guessing everything they did before. Suddenly there is lots of talk about "violations" and "wrong-doing," the promise of formal investigations and hearings, and the very real possibility that their life savings could go to defense lawyers.

Unfortunately for them, that nightmare looks like it may soon become frighteningly real. Against the wishes of the agency's popular new leader, the CIA is in the crosshairs of two powerful Democratic Senators who are determined to get to the bottom of the Agency's more controversial operations. And not even the White House has been able to get them to back off.

Diane Feinstein confirmed Thursday that her Senate Intelligence Committee will investigate the CIA's interrogation and detention programs under the Bush Administration, a probe that she expects to take a year. The Californian seems to be reading from the same playbook as Senate Judiciary Committee chairman Patrick Leahy, who this week reiterated his call for a 'truth commission' into the Bush Administration's national security policies, including wiretapping, treatment of detainees and even the politicization of the Justice Department.

President Obama has shown little appetite for raking over those particular coals, saying he'd rather "move forward." Veteran Democrats on the Hill say it's all very well for the President to want to start with a clean slate, but they've spent years asking questions about alleged wrongdoing under Bush — and they want answers.

Current intelligence staffers rarely speak on the record, but a number of recently retired heavy hitters have told TIME that Feinstein's plan to investigate the Agency is a bad idea for a wide variety of reasons.

The former spies argue that the Agency's staff need to be protected from changes in political climate. A joint statement issued by Feinstein and her Republican counterpart on the committee, Missouri Senator Kit Bond, said the probe will examine, among other things, "whether the CIA implemented the program in compliance with official guidance, including covert action findings, Office of Legal Counsel opinions, and CIA policy." But the staffers responsible for carrying out detention and interrogation policies, they say, would never have used the controversial techniques if it had not been for explicit legal guidance from the Bush Administration. "The guy doing the interrogations — he did it knowing that the CIA wouldn't have asked him to do it unless it was cleared all the way back ... to the White House," says Carl Ford, an ex-CIA hand who headed the State Department's Bureau of Intelligence and Research from 2001-03. (See "Top 10 Secret Service Code Names".)

By second-guessing the staffers now, warn the Agency veterans, Feinstein's investigation will have a "chilling effect on people who are asked to do risky things for this administration," says a former senior CIA official.

Staffers at the CIA will wonder why they are being singled out for investigation for executing the Bush Administration's policies, "while whose who made those policies are busy writing their memoirs," says Paul Pillar, who was the agency's national intelligence officer for the Near East and South Asia from 2000-05, and now teaches at Georgetown University.

To some ex-officials, the whole thing smacks of politics and hypocrisy. They say Congressional leaders from both sides of the aisle were thoroughly briefed about CIA operations, including details about interrogation techniques. "The leadership was fully briefed, and there was no objection at the time," says Henry "Hank" Crumpton, who headed the CIA's operations in Afghanistan after 9/11.

Mazel Tov! said...

Brooklyn, NY - Prosecutors will soon have a team of investigators dedicated to unraveling mortgage scams.

Kings County District Attorney Charles Hynes is expected to announce today the creation of a real estate fraud unit in his office that will focus exclusively on mortgage fraud cases throughout the borough.

The district attorney's office says the unit will have 12 staff members.

The office says it is creating the unit after elected officials and residents complained that they had nowhere to go report mortgage and deed fraud.

Textbook Putz said...

Could it be that Russell is part of a phony partnership or group and is using someone else's license?

I know a chassidishe guy who was a student of architecture who started working early by using someone else's license.

Democrat Menuvolim said...

Sex ads on casual sex websites spike with Democrats' arrival

by Declan McCullagh

An unusual phenomenon has recently appeared. Sex-wanted ads spiked this week in Denver, which happens to coincide with the Democratic National Convention.

Ads seeking casual sexual encounters increased an average of roughly 70 percent to 80 percent over the same days of the week earlier in August.

On average, 425 posts appeared on the first three Sundays in August. But this Sunday, when tens of thousands of people had arrived for the convention, 763 posts appeared--an 80 percent increase.

The general content is what you might expect. Posts suggested "Here 4 DNC? Come get sexual with me"; "Does the DNC make you hot?"; and "Looking to service a young Democrat." (Most are far more gay inclined and explicit, but unsuitable for our upstanding, discriminating readers. Use your imagination.)

steve said...

Very disturbing post on VIN regarding reporting molesters to the police. The misapplication of the laws of mesira seems to be the least of the problem. It seems that this is the attitude of the overwhelming majority of the community. They would prefer to put all the other Jewish children at risk by not going to the police, in order to save their own child's shidduchim prospects (at least they think they can keep it a secret forever. Until this "stigma" is removed from abuse victims, there is very little headway that we can make. That is why Dov Hikind will not release the names of the molesters:


"NO WAY! Get him out of whatever position he was in giving him such access. And make sure he never does it again.

But, don't destroy the boy's life to put the bad guy in jail?
Jail/prison are not the only methods we have these days.

And yes, if a man touched my son inappropriately, or made it happen vice versa, I would not want my son's future ruined over this.
But, the man would not get to do it again.

Remember, if it is publicized, the innocent child's life is ruined.


Yes, I am out to protect MY son. Losing his chance for a Shidduch WOULD ruin him. If you don't understand this, you are not from our kehillah.

Maybe in your kehillah it is not such a life-threatening thing as it is for us.
Remember we do not have alternate ways of finding a spouse. Either a shidduch or NOTHING.
Maybe in your group, a girl would not hesitate to marry a boy who had such a thing happen to him. Maybe she is strong enough, or educated enough to know they can get past it.

But in our group, they do not know each other yet. They will choose another boy.
Trust me, that paid and injury of not getting the shidduch IS much worse than getting touched inappropriately.... or even raped, chas v'sholom.

One can get past either of those horrific things. One can not get past not being able to get a shidduch.

Those of you who participate in your own matchmaking would have no concept of how vital this is to us. It is like life and death to a boy of shidduch age."

Names Please said...

Who are the two lowlives who come to court every day to support the Weingarten rapist?

Who from Monsey is paying his legal fees for the two lawyers the abusive animal ignores?

Who are the G. and K. families from Monsey helping this vile piece of scum?

Chana said...

Shushan Purim Wednesday March 11th
Nullify the decree!


On March 11, Shushan Purim, there will be buses of children's advocates leaving New York City to lobby state legislators for extension to the statues of limitations. Although it is a whole day trip, anyone who can participate will be doing a great mitzvah. The Catholic Church is arguing to keep the Statute Of Limitation's. We must go and say NO! We want the laws changed so we can protect OUR children. Let's all try to go. Let's all pray that justice prevails.

What is the Child Victims Act?

1 in 5 children in America are molested and less than ten percent of their cases are ever brought to court. Thanks to outdated statute of limitations, sexual abuse victims only have a tiny window to bring their abusers to a court of law. Most victims of sexual abuse are only able to come forward until decades after the abuse occurred which makes prosecution impossible. Victims are penalized and sexual abusers are free to roam and create more victims.

The Child Victim Act of New York State legislation aims to change that. The bill extends the statute of limitations for both criminal and civil charges for sexual abuse victims as well as opens up a window to bring any sexual abuse cases that are currently beyond the statute of limitations. This means less abusers on the street and less victims.

Currently, a number of states have already abolished the statute of limitations and others have already passed legislation similar to The Child Victims Act. States are realizing that the only way to properly protect children is by enabling them to bring their abusers to court. Only with the passage of the Child Victim Act will our children be safe.

For those interested in supporting this cause and to RSVP, please e-mail:

Arthur said...


Arthur said...

Subject: the financial crisis simply explained


>> The WRITER is a PhD economist from MIT.... there's a lesson here.



>> Heidi is the proprietor of a bar in Berlin. In order to increase

>> sales,

>> she decides to allow her loyal customers - most of whom are

>> unemployed

>> alcoholics - to drink now but pay later. She keeps track of the

>> drinks

>> consumed in a ledger (thereby granting her customers loans).


>> Word gets around and as a result increasing numbers of customers

>> flood

>> into Heidi's bar.


>> Taking advantage of her customers' freedom from immediate payment

>> constraints, Heidi increases her prices for wine and beer, the

>> most-consumed beverages. Her sales volume increases massively.


>> A young and dynamic customer service consultant at the local bank

>> recognizes these customer debts as valuable future assets and

>> increases

>> Heidi's borrowing limit.


>> He sees no reason for undue concern since he has the debts of the

>> alcoholics as collateral.


>> At the bank's corporate headquarters, expert bankers transform these

>> customer assets into DRINKBONDS, ALKBONDS and PUKEBONDS. These

>> securities are then traded on markets worldwide. No one really

>> understands what these abbreviations mean and how the securities are

>> guaranteed. Nevertheless, as their prices continuously climb, the

>> securities become top-selling items.


>> One day, although the prices are still climbing, a risk manager

>> (subsequently of course fired due his negativity) of the bank decides

>> that slowly the time has come to demand payment of the debts

>> incurred by

>> the drinkers at Heidi's bar.


>> However they cannot pay back the debts.


>> Heidi cannot fulfil her loan obligations and claims bankruptcy.


>> DRINKBOND and ALKBOND drop in price by 95 %. PUKEBOND performs

>> better,

>> stabilizing in price after dropping by 80 %.


>> The suppliers of Heidi's bar, having granted her generous payment due

>> dates and having invested in the securities are faced with a new

>> situation. Her wine supplier claims bankruptcy, her beer supplier is

>> taken over by a competitor.


>> The bank is saved by the Government following dramatic round-the-

>> clock

>> consultations by leaders from the governing political parties.


>> The funds required for this purpose are obtained by a tax levied on

>> the

>> non-drinkers.

Arthur said...

Not just nostalgia...look at what we are missing on.

Obama's Terrorist brothers said...

NEW YORK, March 7 (Reuters) - U.S. President Barack Obama is open to the idea of reaching out to "moderate elements" of the Taliban, The New York Times reported on Saturday.

Anonymous said...

Malkiel was in Israel this week to try to get the gedolim to support his hostile takeover of Bais faiga. Rav Shteinman, Aurbach and Elyashiv all sent him flying and told him he is a liar. Quoth Rav Shteinman shlita "if you want people to respect you, sit and learn a little". Ashrenu, that our gedolim saw through his vile act.

Anonymous said...

Eliyahu Kirchner of flatbush molested many many kids and nobody had the guts to ever say a thing

Arthur said...

My saying of shma yisrael will never be the same

This is special -
May I humbly suggest your consider spending 4 minutes on "With All of Your Soul: One Soldier's Unforgettable Story" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UkFKUvNFkg4

May we percieve the Master of the Universe's showing mercy on his people and his land

London Aguda Fresser said...

London - Strictly Orthodox rabbis have warned schools to beware of unsuitable teacher training material on child abuse.

A letter from the rabbinical council of the London-based Union of Orthodox Hebrew Congregations, alerted Charedi school and kindergarten heads to new government regulations said to be “a difficult and bitter decree against Torah education”.

It also warned of a “danger” posed to teachers by NVQ training material and said teachers should avoid visiting “institutions which are not Charedi” without rabbinical permission.

The letter, which was signed by Rabbi David Halpern, secretary of the council, following a meeting, did not spell out exactly what had prompted rabbinic concern.

Rabbi Jehudah Baumgarten, chair of the Union’s education committee, explained that the letter related to educational material used in NVQ childcare courses.

According to government regulations, at least half of the staff in nursery schools are required to have qualifications equivalent to NVQ level 2.

“The manuals of the NVQs go into a lot of detail about child abuse,” Rabbi Baumgarten said. “This is a very sensitive area. What the letter meant to say was that people should be aware that it is sensitive and should take a daas Torah (Torah approach) on how to handle it.”

He added: “NVQs are taught in Charedi seminaries for young women and schools have hired NVQ trainers who present these issues in a culturally sensitive manner.”

Kindergartens and nurseries are also legally required to have at least one member of staff responsible for “safeguarding children”, who has attended a child protection training course. Those courses tailored to the Charedi community are run by such organisations as the charity advisory agency, the Interlink Foundation.

Rabbi Baumgarten said: “The handling of any suspected cases of child abuse follows procedural protocol.”

According to Rabbi Halpern’s letter, a committee of three leading rabbis has been set up to seek advice on how to deal with the educational authorities “in order not to damage Jewish education”.

Chana said...

Trip to Albany Advocating for Child Victims Act. Tomorrow, March 11th!

Buses will leave at the following locations:

Avenue J & Coney Island Avenue
Flatbush, Brooklyn:

82 Lee Avenue
Williamsburg, Brooklyn:

($25 donation recommended but not required)

Please RSVP at sfjalbanytrip@gmail.com

(Depending on where you are coming from, we may be able to pick you up)

Chaim Simcha said...

First of all, who is T.R. from Lakewood?

And what is the "chicago yungerman" story, referred to by the second comment on this post?

Anonymous said...