Sunday, March 22, 2009

"On the other hand"


"Rabbi David Zwiebel, Agudath Israel’s Executive Vice President, said that they have not yet taken a position on the issue.

“It’s a subject of conversation at the highest levels of our rabbinical leadership,” Rabbi Zwiebel told The Jewish Star.

“There are likely to be real-life cases that are resuscitated as a result of the passage of such a bill. And that is part of the consideration,” he elaborated. “You can’t ignore the real world potential of a bill like this in evaluating whether it is the correct thing for our community to embrace. On the other hand, you can’t ignore the real impact on victims of abuse.”


The victims of abuse are "the other hand" when they should be the "ONLY HAND" that counts!

In my life, I have not come across an entire group of rishaim, even close to the menuvalim, on the inside of Orthodox Judaism -- as the Agudath Israel. They are concerned about the yeshivas and criminals that perpetrated these crimes on unsuspecting children, damaged them for life, and the kids are the OTHER HAND?

How far have these born Jews fallen into the depths of depravity? How ill is Zwiebel who dares to open his foul mouth with such a statement? How sick is Perlow and Kaminetzky who use Zwiebel and "yenner tipish" Shafran as their ventriloquists?

They are the prime cause of the child-rape machla to have metastasized in the Jewish community by covering-up these crimes for decades! They are the epitome of evil and vile rishus! And now the "rabbis at the highest level are talking"?

Talking about what?

Whom next to cover for? What other child-rapists and their rabbi enablers, scores of them, should do to cover their crimes? Bribe a few politicians? Squeeze D.A. Charles Hynes out of office if he does not continue in the decades long cover-up?

Send out Aron Twerski and David Mandel to another gathering of idiot parents and assure them that all the various rabbis/pigs/enablers are "honorable animals"? Who the hell do they think they're kidding? They've been exposed as the "kapos" of this generation. They knowingly have participated in the murder of Jewish children! Does it get any lower than this?

I got news for you filthy animals, if you block this bill in any manner, I will make every effort to get your sorry rear-ends tossed into jail! Think I'm kidding, don't you? You thought I was kidding three years ago, didn't you?

I keep my promises! You pray hard that the Markey bill passes or you have not seen yet what I'm capable of doing!


Malach HaMovies said...

Go Go UOJ !!!!

Give these Vantzen hell. I remember when you gave Torah Temimah all the time in the world to get rid of Kolko. The chief Vantz Margulius thought that it'll blow over and you'll beg him to accept your teshuva with a $50,0000 donation.

Little did he realize that you aren't one of his typical Flatbush geverim that's panting to get his son into Brisk via TT !!! And will sacrifice other jewish children on the alter in the process.

Agudas Yishmael knows darn well that if the all right bills pass they will be up s***s creek. What they don't realize is that they will be in hotter water if they don't pass.

After exposing their nakedness and shallow personalities for the past 4 years what do we have from the frum and krum yishmailim leaders ?? !! No regrets !! No apologies !! No Nothing !!

These are your leaders O'Israel...

Malach HaMovies said...

Rabbi Zweibel,

Why don't you just ignore the bill ? Just make believe that it's not there. Just like your leaders tried to make all of us believe that there was no sexual abuse in any shape or form in the frum community.


Notice how they are not bashing you and bloggers anymore. 3 years ago they were huffing and puffing with pride and Gaavah. Notice how their tone became alot more subdued.

Anonymous said...

why continue to threaten . they already know you hate them so why keep on warning them just go through with plan A B and C and you will have accomplished all.

Anonymous said...

why has Eliyahu Kirschner of flatbush been molesting boys for years and no one talks about it?

boog said...


History has shown that Yedei Eisav has to be pushed to do the right thing.

You will have no choice but to show Dovid (On The Other Hand) Zwiebel, the back of your hand.

the blue jew said...

i heard torah temimah offered Moshe Spitzer the vacant third grade rebbe job.

Anonymous said...

why hasnt anyone exposed the chazerie in telz thAT HAS BEEN GOING ON

steve said...

Our attitude towards the Agudah has to be the same attitude shown to Bilaam. We don't need your blessings nor your curses-not from your honey and not from your sting. The same goes for the phonies at the OU (thank you very much for "not opposing" the bill, creeps). The Markey bill WILL pass both houses in Albany, and most importantly it will become law, AS IS. There must not be any modifications, as Dov Hikind is pushing to eliminate the one year window. All of us normal, decent, and caring human beings must take time out of our busy schedules and call every State Senator and Assemblyman and push this bill through. In the Senate it is the Duane Bill, #S2568, and in the Assembly it is the Markey Bill, A2596. Please tell the assemblymen to also support the Mandatory Fingerprint Bill, A06656. Passage of these bills will show all these phonies that this war against molesters will be won by the actions of decent and caring human beings in the Jewish community. For the sake of the survivors and for the sake of our children, we cannot fail. Failure is not an option here. We must not let the phony "religious leaders" and the phony politicians get in our way.

steve said...

What's amazing is everyone's non-reaction to the news that an accused child molester was arrested in Boro Park last Friday. In the past such news would have been shocking, for many truly believed the words of Avi Shafran and Marvin Schick that molestation hardly ever occurs in our community ("underrepresented" was the term the smelly poet used). Now it's become ho-hum, like the news that a single drug dealer was arrested in Harlem. The same way that Harlem and Bed Stuy are infested with drug dealers, Boro Park and Willy B. are infested with child molesters. When you fail to exterminate the rodents over several decades, you end up with an infestation. When you have decades and decades of coverups and denials, you end up with the sorry state that we are in right now.

You can't make this stuff up said...

Yedei Esav...the two hands....slight of hand...which hand is it in?...now you see it now you don't...one second we are gedolim...and all of a sudden....presto! we are child rapist enablers, harobores and coconspirators...

UOJ, what can we ALL do about this to expose the Aguda for what it is?

Anone up for a sit-in of angry frum parents at 42 Broadway, we don't leave until either they sign backing the Markey bill or else they have to call the cops. They can't be moyser a child molester, but can they be moyser parents trying to protect their chidren? Of COURSE they can.

Who here does NOT think that this irony would make it onto the NY Times front page? And THAT they would not like. Can you imagine next time "Mr. Zweibel goes to Washington", and the senators and congressman say "Hey Rabbi, how are the Jewish kiddies doing these days, any better than the Catholics?"

Or if the sit in requires too much energy and time, how about an open letter paid advertisement in the Times exposing the unholy trinity between the Catholic Church, The Agudah and Satmar?


The Jewish Children of New York

steve said...



Please Mr. Hikind - Do the Right Thing

Imagine living in a community where there are 65 toxic waste dumps in unidentified locations. No one knows exactly where they are but it is known that they are mostly in places where children are found. This is the situation in Boro Park. Only it isn’t the kind toxic waste one normally thinks of. It is the toxic waste of 65 child molesters who roam the streets of Boro Park with impunity.

steve said...

I would not give the Agudists any attention at this point. If they decide to once again align themselves with the Catholic Church, like they have in the past, then it will be time to raise hell. In the meantime, let Zwiebel and his "rabbinical leadership" ponder and examine the hands they have been dealt. Let them take all the time in the world for all we care. We have work to do to get these bills passed in Albany. We have work to do to encourage parents to go to the police. We have work to do to expose the molesters in our midsts. We have work to do to get UTA Satmar to remove Reichman. We have work to do to get Eisemann out of the NIRC campus and his works buried in genizah. We have work to do to make sure Mondrowitz gets extradited and pays for his brutal crimes. We have work to do to avenge the blood of Shua Finkelstein and Daniel Levin, Aleihem Hashalom. May their abusers never live another day in peace, Amen. We have work to do to support the efforts of Elliot Pasik, Dr. Asher Lipner and Sherree Belsky of the JBAC. With all this work to do, who has time to worry about these pathetic losers?

Anonymous said...

by the way is there any truth to the rumors that there are 55 molesters in satmar to be named very shortly

very high level names
i hear coming very soon

also who was arrested friday in nyc please provide the information

Yudi Kolko said...

In the one hand is the talmid's genitals....

In the other hand is my genitals! :-)


Reb Matisyahu Salomon said...

While everyone is focused on Dov Hikind's Task Force in Brooklyn, and the Agudas Yisroel's legislative betrayal of Klal Yisroel, UOJ and all the rest of you are completely forgetting about what I have been up to in Lakewood....

There are over 100 molesters that I know of that NOBODY else does. Remember... my speech at the convention..."it is our HONOR to sweep it under the carpet".

So if as Vicki Polin is always quoting, studies say that many molesters have a hundred or so victims in their lifetime, then that comes out to 10,000 kinderlach.

We have it all under control, no more molesters will slip through our fingers.

Sometimes I ask myself if maybe I could use the help of the Lakewood police force, but then I laugh and remember that we have already trained them NOT to deal with sex crimes. We are the only town in the U.S. that can boast a zero arrest rate for sex crimes.

We have it all under control. The Neuberger's think that they came up with this plan of "monitoring" Eiseman on Yeshivah Lane. Hey, we INVENTED monitoring. We monitor the molesters. We monitor their molesting. We have zero tolerance of molestation. No molestation allowed in Lakewood that is not being monitored. We have a registry with a list of molesters in my possession that I monitor. I monitor the list. Once in a while I send a molester to "therapy", and once or twice they even agreed to go! Of course since we monitor with secrecy (its our honor) there is nothing we can do if they don't want to go. Besides, we all know that Torah is the best therapy and we have plenty of Torah in Lakewood which is why we have plenty of molester monitoring.

In Los Angeles they use a similar approach, right UOJ? Rabbi Bess and the RCC are "monitoring" Aron
Tendler. They don't want to publicize his crimes because "his wife doesn't know". I'm not making this up. This is Rabbi Bess's reason for allowing Tendler to roam freely with Nobody telling the parents of the teeny bopper girls.

I'm so glad that I moved here to America to be able to be involved in such holy work monitoring the molesters. This is Avodas Hakodesh. Of course, there is one other problem. If I feel that there is a molester that I need to tell people about (not sure exactly how that could happen, but hypotheticaly) then the Kotlers, especially Aron, but Malkiel too, come down on me like a ton of bricks! They threatened my man Shimon Russel to throw his kids out of yeshiva because he and I were "monitoring" a molester they did not want "monitored".

But its a small price to pay for such a wonderful job. I am Rabbi Mattisyahu Salomon, child sexual predator "monitor".

Anonymous said...

also who was arrested friday in nyc please provide the information

His name is Moshe Spitzer.


Malach HaMovies said...


I now truly believe that the agudah will one day ask you and much more important ask mechilla from the victims that they have abandoned all of these years.

But that will happen only after the mosdos are being sued in the tens of millions and the enablers and their abusers have already been thrown into a maximum security prison.

Another Filthy Mushchess said...

Did anyone see Leib Pinter davening in the Mir this Shabbos?

The thieving putz was completely at ease as if he didn't have a trouble in the world.

Chazal say that reshoyim gmurim, afilu beshaarei gehhenem lo oysim teshuva.

Lakewood said...


Do you think you get to pick & choose which molesters you have a problem with and which molesters you cover up for?

Booro Pawk said...

Why hasn't the spotlight been put on Ben Barber of the Iggud Haganuvim?

He is the chief fundraiser in the frum community for Charlie Hynes and has been involved in high level negotiations to keep things hush hush about molesters.

He owns Elegant Linens and custom shirts where all the feinschmecker fein-schmeckels shop.

Common thread running through all this said...

One of Pinter's relatives was abusive to his wife but the rabbonim didn't believe her. The guy was a client of Shimon Russell. Russell advised him to put in writing for her all the avlos that he did and ask mechilah. She then had evidence that the rabbonim supported her in the divorce.

So is Russell a complete doofus or is he a genius who was a double agent for the other side?

Henna White said...

I am the Lubavitcher lady from Canarsie who serves as "liason" to the Jewish community for Charlie Hynes.

My apologies to all you out there who called about molesters who I never got back to.

I am held "victim" to a phenomenon that David Mandel could explain. It goes something like this .... If you do the right thing, you may find yourself without your cozy and well-paying job!

We are the "real victims", I'll tell ya!

Ho Ho Holder said...

After consulting with the Brooklyn DA & Agudah, I believe we should release molesters in the general population. I mean, if we're already doing it with al Qaeda terrorists from Gitmo, vos is shlecht?

Sleeper Cell said...

Obama insists on Afghan exit strategy

Times Online – ‎1 hour ago‎

Good job! Now us terrorists can rebuild our networks and training camps to attack Americans & Jews.

Boog gets results said...

In the view of New York state voters, David Paterson’s performance as governor just keeps getting worse.

Siena (College) Research Institute reported Monday that the Democrat has just a 29 percent approval rating compared to 58 percent who rate him unfavorably

Wall St. UOJ Fan Club said...

From The Business Insider, March 23, 2009:

Tim Geithner has finally revealed his plan to fix the banking system and economy. Paul Krugman, James Galbraith, and others have already trashed it.


In short, because the plan is yet another massive, ineffective gift to banks and Wall Street. Taxpayers, of course, will take the hit.

Why does Tim Geithner keep repackaging the same trash-asset-removal plan that he has been trying to get approved since last fall?

In our opinion, because Tim Geithner formed his view of this crisis last fall, while sitting across the table from his constituents at the New York Fed: The CEOs of the big Wall Street firms. He views the crisis the same way Wall Street does--as a temporary liquidity problem--and his plans to fix it are designed with the best interests of Wall Street in mind.

If Geithner's plan to fix the banks would also fix the economy, this would be tolerable. But no smart economist we know of thinks that it will.

We think Geithner is suffering from five fundamental misconceptions about what is wrong with the economy. Here they are:

The trouble with the economy is that the banks aren't lending. The reality: The economy is in trouble because American consumers and businesses took on way too much debt and are now collapsing under the weight of it. As consumers retrench, companies that sell to them are retrenching, thus exacerbating the problem. The banks, meanwhile, are lending. They just aren't lending as much as they used to. Also the shadow banking system (securitization markets), which actually provided more funding to the economy than the banks, has collapsed.

The banks aren't lending because their balance sheets are loaded with "bad assets" that the market has temporarily mispriced. The reality: The banks aren't lending (much) because they have decided to stop making loans to people and companies who can't pay them back. And because the banks are scared that future writedowns on their old loans will lead to future losses that will wipe out their equity.

Bad assets are "bad" because the market doesn't understand how much they are really worth. The reality: The bad assets are bad because they are worth less than the banks say they are. House prices have dropped by nearly 30% nationwide. That has created something in the neighborhood of $5+ trillion of losses in residential real estate alone (off a peak market value of housing about $20+ trillion). The banks don't want to take their share of those losses because doing so will wipe them out. So they, and Geithner, are doing everything they can to pawn the losses off on the taxpayer.

Once we get the "bad assets" off bank balance sheets, the banks will start lending again. The reality: The banks will remain cautious about lending, because the housing market and economy are still deteriorating. So they'll sit there and say they are lending while waiting for the economy to bottom.

Once the banks start lending, the economy will recover. The reality: American consumers still have debt coming out of their ears, and they'll be working it off for years. House prices are still falling. Retirement savings have been crushed. Americans need to increase their savings rate from today's 5% (a vast improvement from the 0% rate of two years ago) to the 10% long-term average. Consumers don't have room to take on more debt, even if the banks are willing to give it to them.

The two charts below from Ned Davis illustrate the real problem: An explosion of debt relative to GDP. The first is Nonfinancial Debt To GDP. The second is Total Debt To GDP.

In Geithner's plan, this debt won't disappear. It will just be passed from banks to taxpayers, where it will sit until the government finally admits that a major portion of it will never be paid back.

Lakewooder said...

"One of Pinter's relatives was abusive to his wife"

Yes, and he's another "acclaimed" Artscroll author "of note".

He is a big baal gayve who tried to make himself into a shadchan in BMG. He was really full of himself and spoke condescendingly.

Lubavitch Putz said...

Lubabs were gozer a half-day taanis today because of the auction currently underway for Agripro-fressers at the Cedar Rapids Federal courthouse.

Rubashkin is of course in our tefillos so that one of his front companies can place the winning bid to buy the company for peanuts.

Anonymous said...

"tried to make himself into a shadchan in BMG"

Who was his rebbe? Moishy Pinter's best friend, Shaya Dovid Willner?

i'm @ the 60th st library said...

just noticed that novomisnk's dormitory has been dedicated by ellly & brochie kleinman. hey rebbe: that's why u signed onto his sons hetter meah!!!!