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Leib Tropper Delusional Sociopath - Eternal Jewish Family Fraud - Part Two

By Tropper is Troubled

Tropper tries to overcome isolation in Monsey.

There are a few reasons why R Nochum Eisenstein of Israel would need Tropper. Tropper has access to big bucks. He could and did assemble the big rabbis and promote Eisenstein cause. But it backfired when Eisenstein used his time on the EJF stage to attack some of the RCA type rabbis there, causing them to cut all ties to Tropper and EJF that they may have contemplated. But the real crux of the issues between Tropper and Eisenstein stems from the schizophrenic aims of EJF itself. Tropper has an outreach type of agenda to convert as many gentiles that fall into EJF hands while he also preaches a doctrine of "universal standards" meaning the highest possible chumras in geirut. Tropper is able to flip back and forth and use both as arguments when one fails he uses the other. Whatever works. While on the other hand R Eisenstein does not give a crap about converting anyone. If he had his way he would pull the conversions of all converts except a handful he knows about.

He proved this when he orchestrated with Rabbi Sherman in Israel the annulment of nearly 17,000 conversions that had been performed by Rabbi Druckman's Religious Zionist Batei Din of the Israeli governemnt's sanctioned Conversion Authority. So while Eisenstein's frame of reference is the ongoing conversions machlokesen in Israel, Tropper's focus is about taking his personal philosophy outreach and self-grandeur to a new level by reaching out to gentiles who want to convert many from intermarriages. Eisenstein hates this and has tried to stamp it out but he cannot because it was a pet project of Guma Aguiar and Tom Kaplan who were funding EJF and Tropper to the tune of tens of millions of dollars and making the haredi bigs come and pay attention at the EJF conferences in the first place and now it's what Tom Kaplan alone is funding, so Tropper has no choice if he wants Kaplan's millions to keep on flowing into his EJF and other coffers, but Eisenstein couldn't give a darn about Kaplan or Tropper's "great leader with blind disciples converting the world like a fake messiah" befitting Shabtai Tzvi meshugasen.

So to keep his own visions of grandeur rolling Tropper has tried to break out from isolation in Monsey, reaching out even to rivals and former enemies: Eternal Jewish Family - External Links.

His greatest grand scheme to do that has been the EJF scam itself.

But on a smaller scale he has tried to weasel his way back to some outreach organization who are obviously cash strapped in some ways and he has dragged in the Gateways organization, that basically like Tropper only shares a Monsey address, but has no campus or following to speak of, just a glitzy PR driven lecturing machine with weekends at hotels (plenty of known hanky panky at Gateways events too) that cater to mostly spoiled frum people.

Tropper has tried to reach out to his old nemesis of Ohr Somayach in Jerusalem and they have taken the bait for their own cynical reasons, but they have still not let him set his foot into their own bais medrash, while they conduct programs with him in far off Ukraine, and a few others from Israel who need to break out of their isolation, so they think that Tropper will help him, but it's like a prisoner who imagines he is breaking out of his jail cell only to find himself having landed up in the jail cell next door. While it helps Tropper get over his isolation and virtual banning from Monsey, it helps the others who now hold hands with him nothing.

Monsey to Tropper: Not in our backyard.

There is an unspoken common understanding in Monsey, NY, Tropper's is dangerous and a fraud and most of his students are weird and cultish. Yeah sure, he trains many of them to think super-yeshivish and even to learn a blatt well. But that only makes matters worse, because it's just replicating and reproducing Frankenstein-like monsters who can spout Tropper's sicko ideology of hating other rabbis that they are convinced is true "daas toireh" when it's just the cultish ramblings of brainwashed BTs practicing sinas chinam and machlokes at the feet of the master.

Bottom line, Monsey has not been kind to Tropper and the Jews of Monsey don't like him, his views or the type of fanatical students he puts out, when he puts them out. This is not because Monsey does not like kiruv or BTs. On the contrary, Monsey is a very welcoming and tolerant community. A lot better than the tough Brooklynites and far better than the unfriendly Boro Parkers not to mention Willimsburgers, or the nutty Crown Heighters, the Monsey people are good people. That is why Ohr Somayach of Mosney has had so much success there as it's been welcomed and staffed by people from the Monsey community. Just that they don't like Tropper and his skwered approach at his forever hanging by a thread Kol Yaakov aka Yeshiva Yedei Esav.

Could it be that they were privy to the public breakup of his first marriage while he was living there? Or that they saw and heard about his private predilections and rumors of womanizing and taking advantage of females when on the road with his "horizons I am the greatest gift to mankind" lectures on campuses all over America? Or how he suddenly met and reeled in a pretty young thing model who wasn't even religious and after refusing to give wife number one a Get for a long time, he suddenly saw the light and ran to dump her so that he could marry wife number two soon after a couple of months of number two's brainwashing at a girls seminary? These are things that matter and they cannot be kept from one's neighbors.

Gossip is a reality of life and when it is a supposedly prominent rabbi who is preaching high and mighty things and looks down at the world because "he knows better" that the gossip takes on more traction and becomes a window into the world of truth and reality that reveal a hypocritical monster at work, this causes your neighbors to stay far away from you.

These too must be at least some the reasons that Pinny Lipshitz owner of the Yated Ne'eman and long time resident of Monsey stays as far away from Tropper as he can and tries to sanitize his paper by running as little news about EJF and Topper as he can and very obviously letting the world know, that as far as the Monsey based Yated is concerned, Tropper is held at arms length or better yet like a figurative putrid rat held by its tail while the rat catcher holds his own nose with his other hand as he tosses the rat as far out of the window as he humanly can waving it goodbye and good riddance as it scampers off to bother other papers and publishers like at the The Jewish Press and at the Hamodia attention-starved news rags that will post anything that comes their way, especially if it's backed up by the big money that pumps artificial life into EJF and keeps Tropper flying all over the world creating mayhem and machlokes in his trail.

Pinny Lipshitz (editor Yated Ne'eman) has letely welcomed a column based on weekly Torah thoughts from lectures by Rav Moshe Sternbuch the Raavad of the Eida Hachareidit's Beth Din who just so also happens to be the staunchest hakchic authority and Torah scholar opposing every shred of what EJF is trying to do and who frightens the heck out of a Tropper. Neat and very smart trick by Lipshitz to arm himself with choshuve Sternbuch against the low-life Tropper bullying aparat.

Tropper fails to build his own Torah community on home ground in Monsey, New York, USA.

All Tropper has in Monsey after working day and night in outreach is a dinky little place that often barely has a minyan and a handful or more of wacko students.

After about 30 years of living, working and basing himself out of Monsey, NY, Tropper has gone nowhere.

People there don't like him. His original Kol Yaakov yeshiva (Yedei Esav) never seems to grow beyond a handful of students. Perhaps it's because he "mainstreams" them well meaning brainwashes his new recruits so quickly and so efficiently that they then move on to be absorbed into other yeshiva communities in Israel and America, and Tropper does have a nice little group of his alumni meaning disciples living in Israel.

But it still does not account for the fact that in Monsey, NY -- which by now is itself a huge Charedi community with both yeshivish and Chasidish people by the tens of thousands moving in and living there, that after three decades Tropper has not been able to do a simple thing for him like building a core community that one would think should be the natural outgrowth of his thirty years of attracting people to himself and setting himself up as their supreme leader.

What is the matter here?

And to double the shame for Tropper is that his arch-rivals and former employers Ohr Somayach set themselves up in Monsey about the same time he did, and by now they have a huge campus overflowing with students who are referred to them from all across America and the world, while they have built up a very strong kehilla of their own that revolves around the Ohr Somyach campus in Monsey.

Why hasn't Tropper been able to replicate this same level of success?

The answers are not that hard to follow by now. One is that Tropper is by nature restless and on the go and since he is a control freak and insists on micro-managing every last detail of his yeshiva's and students' lives, he is in effect his own worst enemy because no student or couple will invest time in a rabbi who is flying around America and the world seeking his own kicks and thrills and they sense he doesn't give a darn about their more mundane and human needs on earth itself.

But of course, two is the real reason that Tropper is simply too obnoxious and self-centered for any group of people to put their long-term emotional and spiritual lives into the hands of someone as selfish, bombastic and cruel as the menacing Machiavellian Tropper macho machine.


Boo Boo Bruno said...

A state ethics panel assessed last Wednesday a fine of $10,000 against an aide to former Democratic Gov. Eliot Spitzer for his alleged involvement in the Troopergate scandal.

The aide, Darren Dopp, was accused of using the state police to gather information about former Republican Senate Majority Leader Joseph L. Bruno.

Anonymous said...

why does tropper get away with giving rabbi shmeltzer money for the kolel in north miami beach

shmeltzer is taking out over 100k a year to supervise 8 guys getting 45K to sit and learn

tropper is funding this so telz & shmeltzer family will back him

Obama squandering your tax dollars said...


How to Spend $787 Billion

Shmelly Schmeltzer said...

Tropper also owes me payback for helping him and Leib Pinter to destroy Slifkin.

French Bastard from Le Marais said...

Filed at 12:12 p.m. ET

SAGUENAY, Quebec (AP) -- The son of NHL great Patrick Roy pleaded guilty to assault Wednesday for an on-ice beating that sparked a nationwide debate in Quebec about violence in hockey.

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

I have read and had researched by notable scientists most of Rabbi Natan Slifkin's writings (not by the idiot Gerald Schroeder and Dennis Prager's hallucinating buddy).

The current science backs up Slifkin (buy his books available by Gil Student)....and is absolutely consistent with the Torah. One must get away from the Literalists' point of view to remain a baal emunah.

I'm certain that if the scientific community uncovers different "facts", Slifkin would have no problem changing his mind.

Get over it --- the planet Earth is approx. 4.4 billion years old (in current measures) and "Man" is at the very least 100,000 years of age, in current 24 hour day cycles.

Lower East Side said...


“Jewish” waiters were supposed to be mean, and they usually were, in my experience anyway. The guys at Ratner’s were exceptionally so; they’d start yelling at you before they took your order. The written word fails me here, but I could do a suitable oral imitation.

Lakewood talmid said...

UOJ, like Rav Sternbuch has said, that view is apikorsis even though it does not make Slifkin himself (or you) an apikoris.

There are conditions that can mimic being billions of years old or ways of explaining how yemai Breishis were a lot longer than 24 hours each as people know a day. You need to at least frame it in this context.

UOJ Intervention Needed said...

ROME (AP) Berlusconi spokesman says Italian premier won't resign, despite ruling withdrawing immunity.

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

Rav Sternbuch Shlita is dead wrong on this issue!

Rabbonim - even gaonim like Rabbi Yitzchok Scheiner have never researched this issue competently.

Frame it any way you like, but here is another example of rabbonim (even well-meaning and ehrliche), that are clueless on this very important topic.

Agudah Fresser said...

The NY Times reporter is right. There is something about Jewish restaurants where all the waiters are rude even though most of them are not Jewish.

Remember Edna's on Church Ave right outside Boro Park? What a bunch of grubba ferds waiting the tables!

And the current day Brooklyn restaurants aren't much better.

Lakewood talmid said...

There are some people who have thoroughly researched this area and could provide you with very good arguments and food for thought.

While the administration of Gateways is problematic and under attack here they have some highly knowledgeable employees:

Rabbi Mordechai Becher who knows more bekius (kodesh & chol) than most people in generations and is very intelligent on top of it.

Big shot scientist Dr. Andy Goldberger who can explain away the apparent stiros within a completely scientific framework.

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

There are no stiras, this is where the Literalists assume time today is measured the same way it was measured at briat h'aolam.

Coached By Lipa Margulies said...

ROME (AP) Italian premier vows to finish his term in office, despite court ruling.

Anonymous said...

Check out a terrific satire of a supposed moetzes response to child sexual abuse


Archie Bunker said...

Shmarya should be fired.

He posted a fuzzy announcement about the shochtim going on strike at Agri in Postville but has no real info what led to the strike or if they are still on strike.

Here's a guy living a dysfunctional life, staying up all night Googling and speaking to his "confidential informants" but he can't get any information on a story this huge.

Meanwhile he keeps pounding his chest on how no one is on top of Rubashkin news like he is and belittling real media outlets.

Archie Bunker said...

I hope I'm not mistaken but I think that what UOJ said at 1:38 pm is in line with the right hashkafah.

The problem is saying the world is actually billions of years old. In other words, rabbonim will agree that time is not measured the same way and while the world can only technically be considered to be billions of years old. Most scientists are saying time IS measured the same way to be kofer. They also add all that other hogwash like that we evolved from apes.

Ahavah Gayle said...

UOJ - I agree with you 100%. Any book on quantum physics will prove you are correct.

Time is not a constant. It is an integral part of the space/time continuum and as space was expanding tremendously fast at the big bang, time was flying, too. As the universe accelerates, time accelerates. When the universe slows its expansion, time also slows. It only appears stable to us because we are phenomenally trapped inside of creation (the space/time continuum) and have no other point of view. It's simply wrong to project our subjective experience of time as a constant onto history or scripture.

Anonymous said...

WAUSAU, Wis. (Oct. 6) - A central Wisconsin couple who prayed rather than seek medical care for their 11-year-old dying daughter were sentenced Tuesday to six months in jail and 10 years probation in the girl's death.

Dale and Leilani Neumann could have received up to 25 years in prison for the March 2008 death of Madeline Neumann, who died of an undiagnosed but treatable form of diabetes.

Vic Mackey from The Shield said...


Shmarya has CIs (confidential informants) like Joe the Plumber look-alikes have hair on their heads.

He's got bupkiss on Hershey Friedman and Agri-Star because he's got no employees on the inside telling him anything.

Anonymous said...

UOJ, When will you give us more of the TV story. I feel like I have been left hanging just after a board member was hit over the head. I know that Mrs Mendlowitz was still living in house near the yeshivah a few years later but I dont know if that was the house you were talking about. Moreover as someone who lived in Williamsburg at the time I am dying to hear more of the story, especially since you are capturing, alas the transition from and admirable set of frum leaders to scoundrels. Clearly you have inside information that most of us don't. I truly believe that telling the story will help clarify why the current frauds should not be able to present themselves as the true continuations of that previous world.

Clearly, even those who still buy-in know something is wrong. But furnishing details will help them appreciate why they should go on admiring SFM but not the current bunch.

BTW, how has Belsky gotten his foothold at OU. It is not like the YU world is beholden to TV. And even with their problems they still have higher standards when it comes to rabbinical corruption.


Shmarya gets results said...

Democrats defeat GOP attempt to remove Rangel

The Associated Press - Larry Margasak - ‎11 minutes ago‎

WASHINGTON - House Republicans failed Wednesday for a third time to oust Rep. Charles Rangel as chairman of the tax-writing Ways and Means Committee

Anonymous said...

US study: Over 60% of kids exposed to violence

USA Today - ‎36 minutes ago

Captain Dan Sosnowik - NYPD said...

Daniel Sosnowik is a member of the Flatbush Orthodox community and a captain in the New York Police Department.

“The judge made a kiddush Hashem [sanctification of God’s name] where a chilul Hashem [desecration of God’s name] was being made again, by over 90 people in the community, as well as a packed courtroom [with rabbis] and other leaders,” Sosnowik told The Jewish Week.

“People don’t realize the enormity of the chilul Hashem,” he continued. “[If someone] is convicted in a court of law, this is a system that we all abide by in this country. [Weinberg] was convicted and [people are] still out there in support of him rather than [the] victims.”

Sosnowik acknowledged the possibility that people might be publicly supporting Weinberg in a misguided attempt to protect the image of the community, but strongly condemned that practice.

“I think of the Torah’s admonitions on many occasions to dispose of the evil in your midst. And maybe it’s [repeated so often] because it’s absolutely critical to deal with it, rather than [say] ‘well, we know there’s evil, and privately I support [the victims] but publicly I can’t possibly. ... No. Dispose of the evil in your midst. My hope is that words like the judge’s, especially coming after Yom Kippur, will [make a light] go off in people’s heads that you need to be on the side of victims and not on the side of people who are doing the victimizing.”

While the reaction to Judge Reichbach’s statements, along with the event in Passaic, strike some observers as evidence of a shift in the community’s thinking about and approach to this issue, many feel that there is still much work to be done, particularly on the part of the leadership, to effect meaningful and lasting change.

“[The] Passaic event [organized by Passaic Rabbi Ron Eisenman] marked a historic change in the haredi community,” said Asher Lipner, a Flatbush psychologist who has dealt widely with the sexual abuse problem in the Orthodox community. “Unfortunately, Rabbi Eisenman’s courage,” Lipner continued, “is in sharp contradistinction to the more mainstream Orthodox rabbinic leadership who have never reached out to survivors of abuse, to give them a forum to publicly tell their stories. All efforts of victims to meet face to face as a group with the gedolim [rabbinic leadership] have been rejected. For survivors of abuse this is the ultimate betrayal, more painful in some ways than the actual sexual abuse they experienced as children.”

Even the DA’s efforts to encourage reporting of abuse are “useless as a source of change,” Lipner noted, “as long as leading rabbis refuse to do the right thing and publicly encourage victims who suffer in silence to report their abuse to the authorities.”

Malach HaMovies said...

BTW, how has Belsky gotten his foothold at OU. It is not like the YU world is beholden to TV. And even with their problems they still have higher standards when it comes to rabbinical corruption.

Belsky started out as a simple mashgiach 25-30 years ago (not sure if it was at the OU). The first hashgacha (that i recall) was at a Carvel store in the Times Square area. I was in the store myself at that time and saw his hashgacha on the wall. I guess he was supplementing his income- being just a rebbi at YTV at that time.

Leopold Margulies said...

I'm no fan of prosecutors like Christie who are tough on criminals but Corzine is really crossing the line here!


October 8, 2009

Corzine Points a Spotlight at His Rival’s Waistline


It is about as subtle as a playground taunt: a television ad for Gov. Jon S. Corzine shows his challenger, Christopher J. Christie, stepping out of an S.U.V. in extreme slow motion, his extra girth moving, just as slowly, in several different directions at once.

In case viewers missed the point, a narrator snidely intones that Mr. Christie “threw his weight around” to avoid getting traffic tickets.

In the ugly New Jersey contest for governor, Mr. Corzine and Mr. Christie have traded all sorts of shots, over mothers and mammograms, loans and lying. But now, Mr. Corzine’s campaign is calling attention to his rival’s corpulence in increasingly overt ways.

Mr. Corzine’s television commercials and Web videos feature unattractive images of Mr. Christie, sometimes shot from the side or backside, highlighting his heft, jowls and double chin.

Mr. Baroni said that Mr. Corzine risked a backlash from the “tens of thousands” of Agudah Fresser New Jerseyans who struggle with their weight.

Weight is a sensitive subject with Mr. Christie, 47, who seldom speaks publicly, even jokingly, about the subject.

Former Gov. Mike Huckabee of Arkansas famously broke an antique chair during a cabinet meeting before losing 110 pounds, becoming a presidential contender and writing a self-help book, “Quit Digging Your Grave With a Knife and Fork.”

Short of that kind of success story, fat candidates have few ways of defending against the kind of attack Mr. Corzine is using, political consultants say. Among them: always wear a jacket, never wear tight-fitting clothes, and never get photographed while eating.

Some candidates inoculate themselves by making light of their weight problems. A lumpy Barney Frank, for one, once ran around a baseball diamond in a television ad to show that he might not look pretty but would still get the job done.

But aside from an elaborate exchange about his inability to pass up a doughnut during a radio interview in March, Mr. Christie has almost never addressed the subject voluntarily.

Shea Fishman said...


For Immediate Release
October 7, 2009



Winds up to 30 mph with gusts up to 50 mph are forecast for the New York City area today, October 7 through early tomorrow morning. In preparation for the windy weather, the Buildings Department is reminding all builders, contractors, and property owners to secure their construction sites and buildings.

These gusts of high wind may reach higher speeds than forecast depending on the area of New York City. Property owners must consider the safety of their buildings and construction sites, cranes, suspended and supported scaffolding, hoists, and any other building appurtenances that may come loose from exposure to high winds. Structures that have been subject to deferred maintenance or are in delicate condition could be at greater risk. The Buildings Department strongly suggests consulting a professional to advise how to safely secure construction sites and buildings.

In the vicinity of Ocean Pkwy, there is a risk of being hoisted by your own petard.

Most Rabbonim today are Cowards said...

Did I really just read that Belsky was machshir Carvel in Times Square of all places?

25 to 30 years ago, Times Sq was a bastion of zonos, vibrator stores and live sex shows.

It was much, much worse than when R' Elchonon Wasserman famously drove through in the early 1930s, a time when the znus was not openly displayed. R' Elchonon said he sensed there was tumah in the buildings and hurried to roll up the car windows while cringing. For anyone too young to understand this, it's because Rudy Giuliani forced the sex trade out of the Square.

Hert tzu rabboisay! This is the same Belsky that just signed a letter last week that you are mechuyav to use the Matzav filter to prevent you from reading "loshon hora" (primarily about him from UOJ & Yudel). Belsky emphasized that otherwise you are a RASHA altz the Gemara of darka achrita. Maybe Belsky should look up the sugya again since the Gemara is referring to displays of pritzus and not exposes about serial rabbinic fraudsters.

This takes the cake.

Restaurant fresser said...

The reason why many Jewish waiters are grouchy is because Jews are not generally labor intensive in the blue collar sense. The restaurants that get it will avoid hiring any Jewish waiters.

Archie Bunker said...

Oh and Ahavah Gayle must have it all figured out - not.

Science and math have been disproven before so quantum physics as we know it is not infallible. G-d cannot be fathomed by the human mind and he can do whatever he wants like we got a taste of at Har Sinai.

Go ahead and science textbook that.

Archie Bunker said...


Does anyone know why Shmarya is going to tremendous lengths to defend Ilan Parente of Solomon's Meats? He's even disputing multiple press accounts in Parente's favor.

Is Parente not orthodox or what gives?

What SHmarya is doing here is the exact opposite of what he always does when the subject is orthodox - agree with every critical news report and make up an indictment where it doesn't exist.

Anyone seen Ronnie? said...

By COREY WILLIAMS, Associated Press Writer – 1 hr 12 mins ago

DETROIT – Scuffles erupted as several thousand Detroit residents jockeyed, pushed and shoved Wednesday to get free money being offered to only 3,500 of the city's recently or soon to be homeless.
Several received medical treatment for fainting or exhaustion while frantically trying to obtain the applications for federal housing assistance. The long lines and short tempers highlighted the frustration and desperation that Detroit residents feel struggling through an economic nightmare.
The line around Cobo Center, a downtown convention center, started forming well before daybreak. Anger flared within a few hours as more people sought out a dwindling number of applications for the program.
Members of the Detroit Police Department's Gang Squad and other tactical units were called in for crowd control. Several people reportedly passed out from exhaustion and had to be treated by emergency medical personnel. Some minor injuries were reported, and no arrests were made.


There is nothing "holy" about this UNHOLY ALLIANCE:

Not only is the so-called Gateways organization on Tropper's and EJF's "recommended" list of Kiruv Organizations, there is a planned joint seminar in the works between Tropper's EJF and GATEWAYS:

"EJF Student Shabbaton with Gateways Stamford, CT
10/16/2009 - 10/18/2009
A Shabbaton in conjunction with Gateways focusing on intermarriage prevention. The event will include 100 students, and staff from both organizations."

Call on anyone you know to protest and boycott the GATEWAYS organization to stop them from exposing their students to Tropper's fanaticism and EJF's entrapment scams now enabled by "Gateways" !

Call, EMail and Fax the GATEWAYS people to protest their joint venture with Tropper/EJF:

GATEWAYS Main Office:

11 Wallenberg Circle, Monsey, NY 10952

Email: office@gatewaysonline.com




Fax 845-352-0394

GATEWAYS Director of Operations
Rabbi Avrumy Jordan
845-352-0393 x108

GATEWAYS Public Relations Liason
Dr. Robyn Fischer
845-352-0393 x107

GATEWAYS: Director of Russian Programming
Rabbi Mordechai Tokarski

GATEWAYS: Director of Collegiate Programming
Rabbi Reuven Ibragimov

Director of Special Projects
Rabbi Yisroel Cherns
845-352-0393 x115

GATEWAYS: Event Registration
Ms. Tammi Lit
845-352-0393 x127

GATEWAYS: Webmaster
Mr. Danny Glix

Tropper is Troubled said...

Tropper's current wars heat up.

Tropper faces well-deserved setbacks with Guma Aguiar/Rabbi Herbert Bomzer to his left and Rabbi Daniel Eidensohn/Rav Moshe Sternbuch on his right.

Tropper is fighting on many fronts. On two fronts he suffered major losses. Guma Aguiar humiliatingly yanked the Lillian Jean Kaplan Foundation away from his sphere of influenec in US courts and is now asking for an accounting from Tropper about what he did with ten million dollars that Guma Aguiar put in his pockets.

And Rabbi Daniel Eidensohn is acting as a watchdog of all things Tropper and EJF. Eidensohn has given Tropper a tough time and revealed a lot that would have remained hidden and unknown. Eidensohn is backed to the hilt by Rav Moshe Sternbuch of Jerusalem who is 100% opposed to Tropper and his EJF scheme to convert gentiles under cover of claiming "universal standards" meaning chumras only are applied by Tropper as his way of covering up the more nefarious sneakiness of EJF's outreach to gentiles evangelical stsyle.

In the middle Tropper does not shy away from joining his buddy Nochum Eisenstein in condemning the Centrist RCA rabbis in America. Tropper is always on declarations chiming in to justify the shoddy treatment and public humiliation of 17,000 converts overseen by Religious Zionist rabbis attacked and annuled by Rabbi Sherman in Israel orchestarted by Eisenstein.

Of course, Tropper still has age old scores to settle and battles to fight against many others, like both Aish HaTorah and Chabad whom he hates as well as grinding his teeth and biding his time to get back at his former employers Ohr Somayach for firing him and not seeing it his way to produce atomaton BTs the way he likes to do it.

This guy, like Count Dracula is just not happy unless he can frequently sink his teeth into someone's neck and drink deeply of their life's blood, preferably nightly, thank you very much, as he fights his jihadist style holy wars globally, just like, well, yes, the global jihadists out to prove the "purity" of their beliefs and to destoy any and all "infidels", read: MOs; RZs; Aish; Chabad; OS; RCA; you name it, who stand in their way. Waging war is not pretty after all, so battle on, even as it will sink you.

Tropper is Troubled said...

As Tropper fights the left, right and center of Orthodoxy he cannot come up with one shred of written support for EJF.

Hand it to Tropper he is an equal opportunity baal machlokes.

He also cannot come up with any written support for his EJF scheme.

He deprives neither the left nor the right wings of Orthodoxy, nor the center, neither Chasidim nor misnagdim, of the chance to taste his subterfuge, deceitt, venom and lies.

Tropper actually hates anyone who does not agree with what he says. That is part of his frightening malady that afflicts his twisted and tormented personality and soul, that is if he even has one, and that leads him to cause communal eruptions and devastation in his trail.

As is well known by now, Tropper's bitterest present struggle is on behalf of his main backer Tom Kaplan who almost criminally enables Tropper's inexcusable behavior all over the world, but they are fighting a joint battle now on their left flank against Kaplan's nephew and Tropper's lapsed disciple, the publicity hounding Guma Aguiar, groomed in the Tropper school of PR seeking shtik.

And not to let the grass grow under his right foot Tropper is battling via his Internet "Roni" troll who flames and baits away on the Daat Torah blog of Rabbi Daniel Eidensohn. The Daat Torah blog acts as the voice of Rav Moshe Sternbuch online by posting his articles and his official written rulings on all sorts of matters including those that called on all rabbis to boycott the EJF conferences and asked Tropper to stop his activities with recruiting gentiles and pushing conversions that cause more harm than good.

Tropper has not just shown them the figurative middle finger and flipped them, but has gone to war, viciously, with a scorched earth take no prisoners approach that reveals more about this mafioso style rabbi than anything else he may do.

Not to be deterred, Rabbi Dr. Daniel Eidensohn on his Daat Torah blog, who also practices as a qualified psychologist, and it takes a person with a doctorate in psychology to keep up with and effectively counter the nonsense that the Tropper troll "Roni" hurls. But with all of Tropper's huffing and puffing, Rabbi Eidensohn has kept up one consistent line: Show us the written haskoma, any written haskoma, from any Rov, Dayan or Posek that justifies in shaila uteshuva terms what EJF has set itself up to do. For over two years Rabbi Eidensohn has simply asked where is the scholarly teshuva and the lomdishe halachic heter for EJF to do what it does and all that Tropper's "Roni" troll can do is say, well, R REUVEN Feinstein comes to EJF conventions and sits on the dais, who wouldn't for getting the kind of money 3 million dollars that Guma Aguiar has already once given him, speaks into a camera but has never produced an official written haskoma or hmalotza for either EJF or Tropper to to do what they claim they are allowed to do.

Tropper is Troubled said...

The right's rulings against Tropper and EJF

To his eternal shame and discredit, Tropper was handed his biggest badge of disgrace when the full seven members of the ultra-Orthodox Eida Hacharedit's Beth Din affixed their signatures to declarations against Tropper and EJF.

These original rulings and declarations by seven senior rabbinical judges acting in unison were posted with permission and remain posted and remains on the Daat Torah blog of Rabbi Daniel Eidensohn.

Tropper refuses to heed the call of this Beth Din, at the very time when he runs around the world touting his nonsense that only a list of Batei Din approved by Tropper are good for conversions, makes one wonder why do they need Tropper's "approval" in any case, life goes on without such a scoundrel breathing down your neck.

These are the series of Rav Sternbuch's and the Eida Hachareit's Beth Din pronouncements against Tropper and EJF as they unfolded in late 2007 into early 2008:

Rav Moshe Sternbuch - Kiruv for non-Jews, click to read in Hebrew.

Rav Moshe Sternbuch - Authorized Translation

Bedatz letter regarding conversion, click to read in Hebrew.

And it went from bad to worse as the dayanim called for a ban on attending EJF's events. A cherem, shunning, by any other name.

Tropper is Troubled said...

Seven Dayanim ruled explicitly against Tropper.

Bedatz letter regarding conversion. Rav Sternbuch, shlita approved translation by Daniel Eidensohn: "The senior dayanim of the Bedatz met today to discuss allegations that certain kiruv activists are actively proselytizing the children of intermarried couples to convince them to convert – even though according to Torah law there is no halachic relationship with their Jewish fathers. They are calling for the acceptance of these non-Jewish children in Jewish programs and religious schools. Such an action is literally a disaster and self‑destructive. It is self‑evident that such a program is absolutely prohibited by the Torah..We therefore are turning to the poskim and the roshei yeshivos not to participate in their conventions - such as the one that occurred in America last week..We - the members of the Bedatz in Jerusalem - affix our signature to this document out of fear and concern for the holiness of the Jewish people – the holy nation.

Horav Meir Brandsorfer
Horav Moshe Sternbuch
Horav Naftoli Frenkal
Horav Avrohom Yitzchok Ulman
Horav Yakov Mendel Yorovitch
Horav Yehoushua Rosenberg"

Bedatz Letter regarding EJF signed by Gaavad, click for letter in Hebrew: "There was a second letter sent out with the additional signature of the Gaavad..: Distinguished Rabbi shlita, I am requesting from you - with every expression of entreaty - to stop and break off association with this organization (Eternal Jewish Family) which is a danger to the future of the Jewish people. Even isolated cases of this type of conversion (of intermarried couples) are extremely problematic. This is explicitly stated by the Achiezer (3:28) that “no kosher beis din should deal with this (the conversion of intermarried couples).” Also look in the Igros Moshe (E.H. 1:27) where he states “this whole issue of conversion of intermarried couples is personally totally distasteful even in isolated cases.” It is simply not acceptable to deal with the issue of intermarried couples in this manner and to openly reinforce their activities with public announcements and notices in newspapers and internet and other such means. They are in effect inviting non‑Jews to participate in a program of conversion through this publicity. It is a really damaging approach which unfortunately will bring about even more intermarriages and invalid conversions. Distinguished Rabbi shlita, please act according to your understanding and wisdom and desist from participating in this program (of the Eternal Jewish Family). It is a public danger. G‑d should assist you..[Horav] Yitzchok Tuvia Weiss"

This has been and remains grim news for Tropper from the right, but he has poured scorn on it and shows not a shred of respect to the seven dayanim who called him to task. After all they are not handing him tens of millions of dollars to do their bidding. The man knows on which side his bread in buttered, that's for sure.

Where's the Putz Thief? said...

For those of you trying to get your money from Yossi Neiman / Perfect Locksmith / Home Annex and the dozen other company names, there is a lot of interesting information on the NY State courts website.

It seems that he started defaulting on his personal credit cards a year or two ago and was using his businesses in a mafia style "bust out" as vehicles to steal for personal enrichment.

His wife filed for divorce from him in June.

He has blaming Ben Wilhelm for looting the companies. While Wilhelm is targeted by at least one lawsuit of Neiman creditors, Wilhelm sued Neiman and seems to have gotten a settlement. This makes Neiman's blame game much less credible.

Kings County Civil Court
Index Number: CV-043574-07/KI

Kings Civil Supreme
Index Number: 011032/2009

Meanwhile the collection lawsuits against Neiman just started pouring in this month.

It's the Belsky family? (Adams family niggun) said...

There are many Wilhelms in Brooklyn with heimish first names being sued by banks and utility companies as deadbeats.

Rabbi Ron Yitzchok Eisenman said...


Thanks for the plug.

Anonymous said...

That's really odd that Yossi Neiman would have been defaulting on his personal credit cards for years.

This is a guy who was running multi-million dollar companies.

The only things I can think of that would lead to that are:

A) If anyone in the family was sick and needed an experimental treatment not covered by insurance

B) If he was living beyond his means

C) If he was feeding some high price underworld habit like drugs, gambling, etc.

The City does designate his house as a landmark which probably doesn't come cheap.

Israel Belsky SHLITA said...

I never technically drayed zich in Times Square. I used shem hameforash to teleport myself inside the Carvel store.

Jesus said...

"I used shem hameforash to teleport myself"


Are you trying to steal my claim to fame? And is it with the Shem that you convince the OU to go along with your wild heterim?

Troppenstein's monster said...

There are several Charedi beis dins doing giyur that are not on Tropper's "approved" list. Although Tropper has no excuse to disqualify them since they are not RCA or Chabad, I wonder if he will try anyway as a vengeful megalomaniac getting even with them for not endorsing EJF.

While he may be able to get away with this in America if his partners in crime go along with it, Tropper has ZERO standing in Western Europe where he tried last year to woo a very large gathering of rabbonim. They saw right through his charade and asked him point blank why they need anything to do with him. Tropper's massive ego pushed him to go beserk. He yelled at the rabbonim and stormed out of the building. Tropper is currently trying to save face for himself on that continent by making conferences in the hinterlands of Eastern Europe with some clueless Lubavitcher rabbis in Ukraine. Evidently, Chief Rabbi Bleich of that country wants nothing to do with Tropper either so Tropper is forced to scrounge the bottom of the barrel for anyone he can find with a black hat and beard.

Yudi Kolko said...

Yoshke, "where the Hell" have you been? Still can't get out of gehinnom?

At least Belsky had his SECOND COMING and tried coming to the rescue of my nephew Yossi in Lakewood.

French Bastard from Le Marais said...


French Minister Pressured to Resign Over Sex With Boys

Posted: 10/8/09

Exhibit A is the latest sex scandal to hit the airwaves. It concerns one Frédéric Mitterand, France's culture minister (and nephew of former French President François Mitterand.)

Some of you may remember Monsieur Frédéric Mitterand as an early European defender of Roman Polansky in that whole sordid affair last week. (Boy, how time flies. That was a whole David Letterman ago . . .) Mitterand decried the "media lynching" that Mr. Polansky was subjected to back in the 1970s and accused America of showing a "frightening face" by reviving the case now. (The French government subsequently distanced itself from this view.)

But now it appears that in defending Polansky, Mitterand brought some of his own skeletons out of the closet. Apparently, in his 2005 autobiography, "La Mauvaise Vie" (The Bad Life), Mitterand confessed to paying "young boys" for sex while vacationing in Thailand. As he wrote at the time: "We could say that such a spectacle is abominable from a moral point of view, but it pleased me beyond reason. The profusion of attractive young boys who are immediately available puts me in a state of desire and I do not need to restrain or hide myself." (Mr. Mitterand has subsequently explained that he was using the word "young" loosely and really referring to young men.)

Young boys . . . young men. The jaw-dropping thing from an American standpoint is that Mitterand managed to get appointed minister of culture (!) with that kind of bio. And he did. France has a long-standing tradition of exercising discretion where politicians' personal lives are concerned. (We all remember Uncle François' funeral, which was attended by his wife, his mistress and their daughter.)

But it looks like that cultural norm might be changing.

Earlier this week, Marine Le Pen of the far right National Front Party read portions of Mitterand's book aloud on television and called for him to resign. Now some members of the Socialist Party have followed suit, with one member of Parliament declaring: "I find it shocking that a man can justify sex tourism under the cover of a literary account."

Mitterrand told the Telegraph on Tuesday he was "flabbergasted."
"If the National Front drag me through the mud then it is an honour for me. If a leftist politician drags me through the mud, then it is a humiliation for him," he said.

Kolko gets results said...

Congress acts to extend hate crimes to cover gays

posted: 10 MINUTES AGO

The House passed the defense bill 281-146, with 15 Democrats and 131 Republicans in opposition.
"It's a very exciting day for us here in the Capitol," said House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., saying hate crimes legislation was on her agenda when she first entered Congress 22 years ago.

The late Sen. Edward Kennedy, D-Mass., was a longtime advocate of the legislation.

Many Republicans, normally stalwart supporters of defense bills, voted against it because of the addition of what they referred to as "thought crimes" legislation.

"This is radical social policy that is being put on the defense authorization bill, on the backs of our soldiers, because they probably can't pass it on its own," House Republican leader John Boehner of Ohio said.

GOP opponents were not assuaged by late changes in the bill to strengthen protections for religious speech and association — critics argued that pastors expressing beliefs about homosexuality could be prosecuted if their sermons were connected to later acts of violence against gays.

Tom McClusky, vice president of the conservative Family Research Council's legislative arm said the next step likely would be contesting the legislation in court. "The religious protections are pretty flimsy," he said. He contended that Democrats were trying to move their "homosexual agenda" this year because it would prove unpopular with voters next year.

Boog gets results said...


(Oct. 8) -- Pressure is building on Rep. Charlie Rangel to give up the chairmanship of the House Ways and Means Committee. The New York Democrat is under fire not just from Republicans, but from some usually supportive publications.

The powerful head of the tax-writing panel, who's accused of tax evasion and a growing list of other financial misdeeds, has been under investigation for a year. House Republicans have repeatedly tried to strip Rangel of his chairmanship. The latest vote on a resolution fell short, 243-156, Wednesday. But while six Republicans sided with Rangel, two Democrats -- Gene Taylor and Travis Childers of Mississippi -- voted against him. That's a sign Rangel's support is eroding, says Politico.

Gail Collins -- one of the Harlem lawmaker's constituents -- says in a New York Times op-ed that Republicans are "completely right about Rangel."

Anonymous said...


1. Has anyone ever seen a written ruling by Rabbi Elyashiv?

2. Does anyone know of any instances where charedi poskim have used that ruling to sallow or even require reporting?

Anonymous said...

Jewish Leader: Jewish Support for Obama Sinking Fast

Thursday, October 8, 2009 2:56 PM

By: Ronald Kessler

Previously overwhelming support for President Obama among Jews is sinking fast, Morton Klein, president of the Zionist Organization of America, tells Newsmax.

Klein cites a recent Gallup Poll that found Obama’s approval rating among Jews in America has slipped from 83 percent in January to 64 percent.

“I give a lecture almost every week around the country to Jewish groups,” says Klein, whose organization of 30,000 members is the oldest pro-Israel group in the country. “I began to see serious concern after Obama’s speech in Cairo, in which he equated Palestinian suffering to Jewish suffering during the Holocaust, a ridiculous analogy. He said the Palestinian situation is equivalent to U.S. blacks in America before the civil rights movement, implying that Jews are oppressors.”

Jews became even more anxious when Obama gave the Presidential Medal of Freedom to “two of the most virulent anti-Israel people in the world, Mary Robinson of Ireland and Desmond Tutu of South Africa,” Klein says.

“More recently in the United Nations speech, Obama coupled supporting Israeli security with Israel fulfilling Palestinian claims and rights,” Klein says. “He could have said, I support Israel security, and I want Israel to fulfill Palestinian claims and rights. But he didn’t say that. He used the word couple, linking it.”

That linkage “has never been made by any president, ever,” Klein notes. “So that was an astonishingly new statement. This really frightens both Christian and American Jewish supporters of Israel.”

In that speech, Obama “condemned the occupation that started in 1967, giving it no context, not mentioning that Egypt started that war by closing the Straits of Teheran and the Suez Canal, an act of war; by bringing 100,000 Egyptian troops on the border of Israel; by throwing out the U.N. peacekeepers from the Sinai,” Klein says.

Moreover, “Jews are worried that in the Cairo speech he never mentioned Iran, and more recently he seems to be doing everything he can to delay any real, true sanctions, and he seems to have taken the military option off the table,” Klein says. “So American Jews and others are now worried that he’s not even serious about doing something about this ideologically fanatical terrorist-supporting regime. He’s not doing anything about allowing them to get nuclear weapons, which they could use to harm Israel, the West, and even America.”

As a child of survivors of the Holocaust, Klein says he was particularly offended by Obama’s comparison of the suffering of Palestinians with the Nazis’ murder of 6 million Jews during the Holocaust. “I found this to be an abominable, odious, and ridiculously false analogy,” he says.

While Klein’s parents survived, his father lost his eight brothers and sisters and all his aunts and uncles in Nazi concentration camps. Klein’s mother lost half of her family.

When it comes to Israel, “It’s tragic to realize that Obama’s sympathies and feelings are not that far from his mentor, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright,” Klein says.

Based on the president’s speeches and many of his foreign policy appointments, Klein thinks Obama “may become the most hostile president to Israel ever.”

Ahavah Gayle said...

Tell you what, Archie. I'll email UOJ a copy of my MENSA card if you'll do the same.

Leroy said...

Don't mind Archie, he hates women, muslims, goyim, shvartzes, shmarya.

Archie Bunker groupie said...

Hi Leroy, do you peeps make it up as you go along? This is the first time that even Shmarya's groupies have accused Archie of hating women.

Hi Ahavah, what else do you bring to the table? Is your daddy stronger than Archie's daddy?

Anonymous said...

Answer on Rav Elyashev

Rav Elyashev's teshuva was sent to the Agudah and Torah Umesorah who have not released it to the public. Why should they when they don't plan on listening to the gadol hador?

Rav Wosner's beis din did write a teshuva which was posted on Awareness Center then removed.

Rav Moishe Shternbuch has instruction Rabbi Dr. Eidensohn to post a number of his anti-molester psakim on the Daas Torah blog.

There is also supposed to be a teshuva from Rav Waldenberg printed in Tzitz Eliezer.

FBI starts investigation of Leib Tropper? said...


This is wild!

Tropper is Troubled said...

Guma goes for Tropper's jugular.

This is big news, breaking news, so it's worth posting it all. The journalist writing this story has obviously done his homework well and is getting the full cooperation of Guma Aguiar. This is a fatal blow to Tropper for it to come out in the open like this.

Note also that Tropper has been proven to be a liar and manipualtor in the past when he made up absurd canards agaiaanst Rabbi Natan Slifkin the "zoo rabbi" in the past to help cause Slifkin's demise in the Haredi world.

"Jewish Billionaire Sues Prominent US Rabbi Arutz Sheva - Israel National News, 10/08/09: "(IsraelNN.com) Energy industrialist and billionaire Guma Aguiar has filed a suit in the Jerusalem Rabbinical Court against prominent U.S. Rabbi Leib Tropper claiming that he misallocated funds intended for institutions and poor people in Israel. Rabbi Tropper's American attorney, Glenn Waldman, told Israel National News that his client categorically denies the charges.

The first public signs of the dispute with Rabbi Tropper were published on September 8th on the Haaretz website. Rabbi Tropper, who serves as Dean of Kol Yaakov Torah Center, Chairman of the Rabbinic Committee of the Eternal Jewish Family organization, and Director of Horizons (all based in Monsey, New York) accused Aguiar of assaulting him in the David Citadel Hotel and threatening to throw him out the window.

Aguiar denies the assault allegations. He says he came to the hotel to confront the rabbi with one question: "Where are the millions of dollars which I gave to you to distribute?"

Rabbi Tropper filed a complaint with the Jerusalem police which led to an investigation, but the police later closed the probe. However, Jerusalem Police Spokesman Shmuel Ben-Rubi confirmed to Israel National News that the investigation against Aguiar was reopened several weeks ago in the wake of an appeal by Rabbi Tropper.

Once a Warm Relationship

The two men were once very close. Aguiar was introduced to Rabbi Tropper by Aguiar's uncle and business partner, Thomas S. Kaplan. Aguiar and Kaplan became co-founders and co-chairmen of Rabbi Tropper's Eternal Jewish Family organization. However, due to a serious financial falling out between Aguiar and his uncle, the latter is now the sole chairman.

Through their natural gas-exploration company Leor Energy, co-founders Aguiar and Kaplan discovered trillions of cubic feet of natural gas in Robertson County, Texas and ultimately sold their holdings in November 2007 for $2.55 billion.

Aguiar's newfound material wealth had a spiritual parallel. Born in Brazil to a Jewish mother who later converted to Christianity, Aguiar was raised a devout Evangelical Christian. At the age of 26, he chanced upon the Outreach Judaism website, which encourages Jews who believe in Jesus to return to the Jewish faith. He phoned the website founder Rabbi Tovia Singer to challenge him, but after several conversations, Aguiar abandoned the church and accepted authentic Torah Judaism as his spiritual compass.

He introduced his siblings, mother and late father to Rabbi Singer's 26-part systematic review of Judaism's response to Christian missionaries, eventually bringing them all back to Judaism."

Anonymous said...

Something really rubs me the wrong the way when someone waves their MENSA membership in your face.

Gumshoe said...

The Arutz Sheva piece on Tropper reads more like an investigative piece in a major magazine like the New Yorker. I must say I am impressed.

I think the pshat that R' Shmuel Auerbach will not criticize Guma is that he was not involved in the suspicious gerus of his wife from before it happened. Now that Tropper & Bomzer already pulled off various segments of it, it is mutter to be mekarev them. But he would never approve it lechatchila.

Seemingly it is Rabbi Yudel Shain's relative that works as Tropper's secretary. There is no indication that she did anything wrong but it's interesting since Rabbi Shain is another rabbi to the right who is opposed to Tropper.

Tropper made a grave mistake playing around with the money when there is paper trail. I don't think any judge will accept his explanations to weasel out of it.

Tropper is Troubled said...

Guma reveals Tropper's hand: The Haredi bigs that Tropper fancies he has in the palm if his hand.

Note all the naive generosity of Guma Aguiar and how Tropper is ripping him off blind typical of what happens to naive BTs when they fall into the hands of scheming svengalis like Tropper.

Note also who Tropper funnels the money to, those he needs and those who back him, and it's obvious that Tropper doesn't give a royal crap about who and what Guma Aguiar means in this entire "transaction" and fake process.

Notice also that Tropper has his must do list and double dippers. He gives TWICE to the Feinsteins. both Dovid and Reuven get, why, is their yeshiva holier than other's? And he gives twice to the Ohr Somayach folks in Israel Mendel Weinbach and Nota Schiller, none to the succesful rivals of Ohr Somyach in Monsey, so no wonder they return some favors to Tropper lately. And note that Tropper never forgets his original rebbe, Pinchas Scheinberg and his schemer in chief behind the scenes Aron Schechter. The rest he is shmeering to get into their good graces. Wow. What a chutzpa and robbery all on the cheshbon of Guma Aguiar's naivite.

"Jewish Billionaire Sues Prominent US Rabbi from Arutz Sheva 10/08/09: "..Aguiar became passionate about supporting Torah study and assisting great rabbis. He says that Rabbi Tropper, who was a longtime close confident of his uncle, became his window to the Jewish rabbinic world.

Being a complete rookie to the Torah world, Aguiar says he asked Rabbi Tropper to help him compile lists of great rabbis to support. "I have a book called Gedolim of Israel," Aguiar says, "which has portraits of the Torah leaders of Israel. I used to read this book, and I took note of the Rabbis that I wanted to support from different communities. Partially due to Tropper's rabbinic past, I started off with supporting a very religious, hareidi group, which was also the focus of the book."

But later Aguiar says he asked Rabbi Tropper to widen the scope to include religious-Zionist rabbis, those from the Sephardic community, as well as Chabad and other Chassidic groups. Aguiar was in pursuit of a dream:

"I wanted to unite the rabbis and bring them all together for a conference. I thought that if I supported the various groups then I would have the clout to be able to encourage them to get together and be more united rather than having all these various different factions. That was my original goal, and that's why I came up with such a diverse group of rabbis to support."
For example, when Aguiar's daughter was born at the end of 2007, he wanted to express his and his wife's thanks to G-d by donating $36,000 to each of 36 rabbis. He says he turned to his uncle's close confident Rabbi Leib Tropper to formulate a list of 36 beneficiaries. Aguiar says that he approved the list, wired the funds to Rabbi Tropper for distribution, but the money didn't reach all the rabbis."

Tropper is Troubled said...

Tropper's troubles 36 names now back to haunt him.

"Jewish Billionaire Sues Prominent US Rabbi Arutz Sheva, 10/08/09: According to an email in Aguiar's inbox dated December 10, 2007 with the subject "36 names," Mrs. Shain, a secretary at Rabbi Tropper's Horizons organization, writes to Aguiar:

"The following are the 36 rabbis Rabbi Tropper reviewed - most of them with you. The ones in bold have not ever received checks from us. All the rabbis that I didn't note their place of origin are from Israel… I will catch up with the other lists tomorrow."
The email was sent from Mrs. Shain's Horizon's address to Aguiar's address with a cc to Rabbi Leib Tropper.

Subj: 36 names Date 12/10/2007

The following are the 36 rabbis Rabbi tropper reviewed - most of them with you. The ones in bold have not ever received checks from us. All the rabbis that I didn't note their place of origin are from israel.

I have tendinitis on my right hand. I will catch up with the other lists tomorrow.

Mrs. Shain.

1)Rav Yehuda Addas
2)Rav Shaul Alter
3)Rav Shmuel Auerbach
4)Rav Shalom Cohen
5)Rav Yosef Shalom Elyashiv
6)Erloy Rebbe - Rav Yochanan Sofer
7)Rav Boruch Ezrachi
8)Rav Dovid Feinstein - US
9)Rav Shmuel Kaminetzky - US
10)Rav Chaim Kanievsky
11)Rav Nissim Karelitz
12)Rav Boruch Dov Povarsky
13)Rav Shmuel Deutsch
14)Rav Aaron Schechter - US
15)Rav Chaim Pinchas Scheinberg
16)Rav Moshe Shapiro
17)Rav Yitzchok Scheiner
18)Rav Chaim Stein - US
19)Rav Aron Leib Steinman
20)Rav Moshe Tzadka
21)Rav Mendel Weinbach
22)Rav Nota Schiller
23)Rav Shmuel Wosner
24)Rav Ovadiah Yosef
25)Rav Eliyah Levine - US
26)Rav Elya B Wachtfogel - US
27)Rav Reuven Feinstein - US
28)Rav Reuven Meir Katz - Israel
29)Rav Shmuel Eliezer Stern - Israel
30)Rav Meir Hershkowitz
31)Rav Naftaly Kaplan - Israel
32)Rav Schreiber - Israel
34)Rav M Marcus - US
35)Rav C Solomon - US
36)Rav MY Lefkowitz

The email from Mrs. Shain listing 36 rabbis. Email addresses are blurred to protect privacy.

Regarding the list, Aguiar says, "I didn't know these particular rabbis. He [Rabbi Tropper] did, or he said he did. The fraud committed by Tropper is currently being investigated by authorities in the United States." Aguiar is referring to Rabbi Tropper's part in a multi-billion dollar law-suit in which Aguiar faces off with several parties including his uncle and aunt Thomas S. Kaplan and Daphne Recanati Kaplan. Rabbi Tropper is scheduled to be deposed in that trial later this month.

Before Aguiar began to suspect that his donations were not reaching the designated beneficiaries, Aguiar continued to work with Rabbi Tropper to widen the scope of beneficiaries to rabbis from other camps. Aguiar says that Rabbi Tropper claimed to consult with rabbis from a more diverse portfolio of factions affiliated with Torah Judaism."

Tropper is Troubled said...

Tropper scams Guma Aguiar: "I set up a lot of appointments in Israel for me to distribute the money" best pick up line by a rabbi crook!

Mae West did a lot better when she said "come up and see me some time"! At least she was being truthful, accurate and honest!!!

Further background to Tropper's scamming rampage is that when Aguiar finally dumped Tropper, Tropper went with his "Roni" persona troll onto Rabbi Daniel Eidensohn's Daat Torah blog and lied that the reason for the breakup was because Guma's wife Jamie refused to go along with Tropper's demand for a conversion only along the lines of EJF's meaning Tropper's diktat's.

With "Roni" the troll on the Daat Torah blog probably being Tropper himself in full panic, there unfolded the weirdest scenario whereby "Roni" tried to paint Rabbi Herbert Bomzer as a "villain" for taking a fee for the process of supervising Jamie Aguiar's conversion, with "Roni" claiming he "knew" that Bomzer got "$36,000" and flamed away on the Daat Torah blog about it in the most obnoxious way calling Guma and Jamie and Rabbi Bomzer especially the sickest names, when in real life it now is clear for all to see that Tropper was quite happy to take Guma Aguiar's money and that he was supposed to give at least $36,000 to 36 Haredi bigs and then more millions of dollars to others.

It's hysterical, but tragic in hindsight, to read Tropper's scamming words to Guma Aguiar: "I set up a lot of appointments in Israel for me to distribute the money." Yeah right. Is the Brooklyn Bridge for sale too? Poor Guma Aguiar, Tropper took him for the ride of his life. But now Guma Aguiar is about to wreak revenge in Beit Din in Israel and in US courts against Tropper and it won't be a pretty sight! Tropper can't be sleeping well lately.

What a scam worthy of a madoff mastermind it all is. So the latest report is worth reading as it continues with it's sordid unfolding tale of deceit and highway robbery by Tropper:

"Jewish Billionaire Sues Prominent US Rabbiarutz Sheva, 10/08/09: Before Aguiar began to suspect that his donations were not reaching the designated beneficiaries, Aguiar continued to work with Rabbi Tropper to widen the scope of beneficiaries to rabbis from other camps. Aguiar says that Rabbi Tropper claimed to consult with rabbis from a more diverse portfolio of factions affiliated with Torah Judaism.

In another email sent from the address of Rabbi Tropper's secretary Mrs. Shain on December 21, 2007 but signed by "Leib," – i.e. Rabbi Tropper – he writes:

Dear Yehuda Dovid [Aguiar's Hebrew name - ed.],

These are the last names for you to have the total of 186 names in
the different categories. Most are from Israel. The three categories are the greatest of the greatest - who do not need referrals. The next two categories were recommended by the greatest as the ones worthy of becoming successors as time goes on. We will fill in the referrals in the next few days. We just wanted you to have the names to complete the list already sent to you… We all envy you!

I set up a lot of appointments in Israel for me to distribute the money.



Email in Aguiar's inbox signed "Leib." Email addresses are blurred to protect privacy.

The Excel attachment to the above email displays an impressive list of rabbis and includes a column listing the referring rabbi for many of the entries.

Many more such lists are in Aguiar's email inbox. The young philanthropist says he would approve the recommended sums suggested by Rabbi Tropper next to each name and then wire the funds to Rabbi Tropper's organizations."

Tropper is Troubled said...

Tropper's Mounting Troubles.

Tropper must be viewed in the perspective of a mafia don, nothing less.

He acts above the law.

No rules apply to him, while he is able to apply any rule to others.

If a rule does not exist in Halacha, he will make it up as easily as saying geronimo.

He has proven this dozens of times through his online "Roni" troll on the Daat Torah blog of Rabbi Daniel Eidensohn, and now on his own blog where he posts his own questions.

On the Daat Torah blog he was proven to forge a letter in the name of nine other rabbis supposedly against Rabbi Herbert Bomzer for converting Guma Aguiar's Brazilan born wife, into English when the original existed only in Hebrew according to his partner Rabbi Eisenstein himself who admitted as such to his student who is also a poster on the Daat Torah blog. So now to find out that this habit is so ingrained that he did it to Guma Aguiar many times and poor Guma Aguiar swallowed it all hook line and sinker, is all very frightening that such a one is allowed to function with impunity in the Torah world.

Hand it to Tropper in addition to be an equal opportunity baal machlokes, he is also an equal opportunity forger against anyone he needs to using photoshop, and he is clearly an equal opportunity bullshitter and scam artist deluxe as Guma Aguiar learned the hard way, and Rabbi Natan Slifkin once discovered to his horror, and as many of Tropper's disciples dicover when it's too late and as even some of his own EJF convertrs discover when he scams them and fails to both produce what he promised them and is quite as ready to annul their conversions for the slightest infraction he deems to be improper, he makes up "halacha" as he goes along and he can do that because he is a twisteed gemora kop of the highest and krummest order. But it's all come back to haunt him and bite him in the behind as Guma Aguiar is tired of all the Tropper bullshit and lies that have hurt him personally one time too many.

"Jewish Billionaire Sues Prominent US Rabbi Arutz Sheva, 10/08/09: According to the public record for Aguiar's Lillian Jean Kaplan Foundation, $4,850,000 was donated to Rabbi Tropper's Horizons organization by Aguiar in the first four months of 2008. Aguiar says that on December 31, 2007, he donated another $3,000,000 to Rabbi Tropper's organizations as a personal donation not via the foundation. He speaks of yet more money transfers.

When asked by Israel National News about the compilation of the aforementioned lists in a recorded telephone call, Rabbi Tropper's American attorney Glenn Waldman says that Rabbi Tropper denies that he and Aguiar "prepared at any time specific lists as to the beneficiaries of the charitable donations."

However, in a follow up phone call and subsequent email, Rabbi Tropper himself clarified to Israel National News that he and his attorney have no comment, and that his attorney neither confirmed nor denied any of the questions relating to the compilation of lists of beneficiaries. He explained that since the matter is in litigation, he cannot comment.

Mrs. Shain also would not comment on the lists and deferred to attorney Waldman."

Tropper is Troubled said...

Tropper lies to his own Gedolim.

The height of Tropper's hypocrisy and the degree to which he is manipulator spills out in the way he refuses to do according to the wishes of his own team of GEdolim he subcribes too. When they show the slsightest tendency to be moderate and when they ask him to channled some of Guma Aguia'r largesse to rabbis who are viewed as moderate Tropper figuratively spits in their face, and does not follow their wishes. The man is sick.

"Jewish Billionaire Sues Prominent US Rabbi 10/08/09: A Billionaire Comes to Jerusalem: In early 2008, Aguiar turned to Rabbi Tovia Singer for advice about where to continue his life. "Should I move to Colorado or Jerusalem," he asked. Rabbi Singer
responded, "Guma, you know the answer." Aguiar flew to Jerusalem, where he would eventually purchase several apartments in the Old City and the Yemin Moshe neighborhood.

In accordance with the age-old Zionist tradition, Aguiar has also redeemed numerous Jerusalem properties from Arab ownership.

By early 2009, however, Aguiar began to suspect that some of the funds he entrusted with Rabbi Tropper were not delivered to the designated rabbis. "I asked him specifically who had received the money – that I wanted to meet with different rabbis,” Guma told Israel National News. "He [Rabbi Tropper] came to Israel a few times, and… would leave really quick and… be at the airport before he returned my call. I started calling him, and he wasn't returning my calls," Aguiar adds.

Aguiar says that in face-to-face conversations, some of the leading rabbis who Aguiar had previously believed helped Rabbi Tropper formulate the lists, said they weren't consulted at all.

Aguiar reads from one of the email lists of beneficiares: "Rabbi Shmuel Auerbach recommended that Rabbi [Avigdor] Neventzal get money. He never got the money. Rabbi [Yosef Shalom] Elyashiv recommended Rabbi Elchonon Berlin and Rabbi Michel Berniker. They never got the money. Rabbi Yechezkel Mutzaphi and Rabbi Dovid Shochet never got the money."

Aguiar meeting with Rabbi Shmuel Auerbach in Jerusalem
Israel news photo: Bhol.co.il

According to Aguiar, "Tropper lied in the name of the biggest rabbis... They don't even know who he is. Unfortunately, these appointments in Israel to distribute the money by Leib [Tropper], never got there... including hospitals, yeshivas, wedding funds, girls' high schools, research institutes, and rabbi's medical funds."

Aguiar says he has a portfolio of thank you letters that Rabbi Tropper allegedly drafted, signed and forged in the name of great rabbis. "I approached some of them, and they said that they never received the funds and never wrote those letters," he says.

However, Aguiar does acknowledge that some rabbis and institutions on the lists did, in fact, receive the designated funds.

Aguiar says he continued his attempts to track down Rabbi Tropper until April 26th, 2009, when he got word that Rabbi Tropper was at the David Citadel Hotel. Aguiar walked from his home in the Yemin Moshe neighborhood to the nearby hotel."

Tropper is Troubled said...

Tropper's lie'n lips do him in.

Aguiar disputes Tropper's version of the now famous alleged hotel encounter between them.

The problem that Tropper now faces is very simple. It's the same problem that Pinochio had when every time he told a fib his nose grew longer, or of the boy that cried wolf one time too many, so even when he told a supposed truth, no one would take him seriously and he got hammered by the wolf, serves him right for rapin' the Jewishly virginal Little Red Ride'n Guma Aguiar-hood.

Simply because if someone like Tropper who has so many enemies, who has proven himself to be an outright liar and forger in other cases, as in the Slifkin Affair, in the case of the forged letter against Bomzer on the Daat Torah blog, of being liar to the faces of prospective converts and working with shady crooks like Leib Pinter, relying on cynical Machiavellians like Aron Shechter and Pinny Sheinberg, that it's just very hard to believe anything spilling out of his lie'n lips.

"Jewish Billionaire Sues Prominent US Rabbi Arutz Sheva, 10/08/09: Showdown at the David Citadel. Regarding the confrontation between the two men at the David Citadel Hotel, Haaretz published Rabbi Tropper's statement to the police as follows:

"On the day he [Rabbi Tropper] was scheduled to leave Israel, he asked hotel staff to help him with his luggage, and when he opened his door he was stunned to see Aguiar and one of his bodyguards - at least one of whom reeked of alcohol - standing next to the bellboy.

"Tropper said Aguiar pushed his way into the room, cursed at him and ordered the bellboy to leave. He then pulled off Tropper's glasses and threatened to throw him out of the window.

"Tropper said Aguiar told him, 'I'll throw you off the ninth floor. You better take a look at the city, because it's the last time you'll see Jerusalem.'"

"When hotel security staff present threatened to call the police, the businessman allegedly said, 'I know all of the police in Jerusalem, and they'll listen to me.'"

"Aguiar's bodyguard then restrained him, and returned Tropper his glasses. A hotel security officer soon arrived, and Aguiar and his bodyguard left the scene. Tropper said he required medical attention after the incident.

Aguiar's version of the events differs:

"When I got there, he [Rabbi Tropper] wasn't around. I got a room in the hotel. I stayed on the 9th floor. Only the presidential suite was available so I got it for the night. Little did I know that Leib Tropper was staying on the same floor in an expensive business suite. So as I'm walking to my room, his door was wide open. I look inside – he's standing there. I was shocked to see him, and he was more shocked to see me…”

"I proceeded to say, 'Where have you been? Why aren't you returning my phone calls? What happened to the money that I gave you?' I was very civil… He wouldn't answer me… He wouldn't talk. [I said] 'What do you mean you're not going to say anything? This has nothing to do with anything outside of me having given you money to give to poor people in Israel. What do you mean you're not going to talk to me about it….' [Rabbi Tropper replied,] 'I have nothing to say.'"

Based on Rabbi Tropper's complaint about the incident at the hotel, a Jerusalem Police investigation was opened and closed and then reopened again several weeks ago.

Aguiar "welcomes" having the police come and question him, and adds, "but it will turn into an investigation about Leib Tropper." Aguiar further claims that there was a bellboy in the hotel room who denied that he threatened Rabbi Tropper.

In response to Rabbi Tropper's allegations of “assault and threats”, Aguiar maintains that Rabbi Tropper and his uncle Thomas Kaplan are “afraid of their weakening position in separate litigation in Florida and are trying to divert attention with sensational headlines.”

In the Florida law suit, Rabbi Tropper is scheduled to be deposed later this month."

YTT misnaged said...

A vengeful megalomaniac with a massive ego? Sounds like Tropper has a lot in common with Margo!

Tropper is Troubled said...

Ultimately, like tyrants, Tropper is just plain stupid.

A stupid liar, dumb fraud and tantrumming bully.

The world is tough on tyrants. Especially the Western Democratic world where most Jews live today and that people like Tropper scorn and hate even as they live off the fat off these democratic lands.

Tropper functions like he was working for the Czarist secret police, or as the "Czar" himself, to impose a code of behavior befitting Czarism. One fears to compare his style to Hitelerism amd Communism but tragically one has to concude that Tropper's world views and methods are not only scarily reminiscent of Czarism, but his tactics and and outlooks have more in common with the Soviet NKVD/KGB and with the notorious Gestapo/SS. No wonder that Aron Shechter loves this guy. No wonder that rabbis all around him fear him and are putty in his hands. No wonder he acts like a Torquamada and Inquisitor worthy of the Inquisition trying to impose his EJF scam and scheme.

He is the worst embodiment of what Haredi Judaism can become in this day and age. A destructive insensitive sociopathic killer ideology no different than that of the Ayatolas and the Imams who are waging their own unholy "holy" war-jihad of religious and racial "purity" against "infidels" and it's scary that they can reel in naive people like Guma Aguiar with billions in hand who then enable them to do their shtik and crimes against humanity.

In a way, Guma Aguiar only has himself to blame for his fall-out with Tropper.

Why couldn't such a smart guy, very savvy in business see through Tropper's villainy? It is testimony to Tropper's con man skills and powers that he can hoodwink people like this to get tens of millions out of them. Much will still come out in the media from court cases and dinei Torah.

"Jewish Billionaire Sues Prominent US Rabbi Arutz Sheva, 10/08/09: Fraudulent Ad in Hareidi Newspaper: On the eve of the holiday of Shavuot, an article in the hareidi publication Sha'a Tova praised Guma Aguiar and mentioned his warm relationship with Rabbi Shmuel Auerbach, the oldest son of the late great sage Rabbi Shlomo Zalman Auerbach of blessed memory.

A few days later, however, the hareidi-religious newspaper Mevaser published an advertisement in the name of Yaakov Epstein calling "G.", referring to Guma Aguiar, a "questionable character who is married to a woman who underwent a very questionable conversion." The ad stated that Rabbi Auerbach denies any connection to "G."

The hareidi website B'hadrei Hareidim published a statement later that day from sources close to Rabbi Auerbach saying, "The ad is an outright lie. There is no one named Epstein who is close to the rabbi. We don't know such a man, and the ad is completely fabricated."

Aguiar's Israel attorney Eitan Gabay says that he followed the money trail behind the ad and found that it leads to Rabbi Tropper's Eternal Jewish Family organization, which promotes strict standards for Jewish conversions "without compromise."

Rabbi Tropper categorically denied having anything to do with the ad, stating simply, "It's not me."

Aguiar says that his lawsuit against Rabbi Tropper in the Jerusalem Rabbinical Court is only the beginning. Aguiar says he will pursue this in other courts in Israel and the U.S. if need be.

He told Israel National News that if he couldn't back up his accusations, it would be silly of him to make them. "There will be no settlement. No sweeping of this under the table. This is going to be exposed. Tropper sealed his own fate when he stole money from rabbis and their communities which didn't get the grants which were intended for them,” declares Guma.

Rabbi Tropper's attorney, meanwhile, issued a "straightforward, absolute, unequivocal denial." Regarding claims of misuse of funds, he said, "That is total fabrication."

It will be up to the Jerusalem Rabbinical Court along with U.S. authorities to determine the truth in the matter."

Ephraim Stern said...

I'm the old time head of the National Council of Young Israel that hired Pesach Chometz Lerner when he was a young punk to run some programs for us.

Before you know it, the guy had conspired with his rosh yeshiva from NIRC yakov weinberg to get rid of me and take the place over for himself and the Ner guys.

I was also the guy who sent over Gerry Weisberg to help Ephy Buchwald set up AJOP with Sanford Bernstein's money from Avi Chai.

Gerry Weisberg said...

And I'm the guy who created the first ever working organization for kiruv workers, I called them "professionals" and wala, AJOP, the Association for Jewish Outreach Professionals was born 21 years ago.

Guess what happened to me?

Same thing that happened to Rabbi Ephraim Sturm my original benefactor over at the National Council of Young Israel. They threw me into the street.

After years of blodd sweat and tears of getting AJOP to fly with the unstinting help of the millions pumped in from Sanford Bernstein's AVI CHAI Foundation, I got theboot and was dumped by, you guessed it, some guys from NIRC who were getting "advice" on how to get rid of me from, yup, you guessed it, yakov weinberg, the rosh yeshiva of Ner.

And who was the guy who tossed me out? None other than Shlomo Porter from Baltimore, taking orders from weinberg. Oh, and where was Ephy Buchwald the original AJOP President while all this was happening? Turning a blind eye and kissing up to weinberg to get his approval for the work of his own NJOP, the National Jewish Outreach Program.

Today I am a sick and broken man with no memory living off the charity of the good people from the good Jews of Laurence, NY.

Hershel Leiner said...

What a lot of fun I had when they brought me in to replace Gerry Weisberg.

In no time I moved the office from NYC to Monsey where no one could watch me. Then I took all the names of AJOP's donors and the money that was left in the accounts from AVI CHAI in AJOP's bank accounts and gave them to..no silly, not to kiruv professionals, I gave it to me, yours truly.

Well, I managed to fool the guy who was running things briefly and who also helped to push out Gerry Weisberg, Shia Milikowsky was his name, another big time NIRC bozo no match for a Brooklyn ganev like me.

At least when NJOP's Ephy Buchwald got wind of my thieving he went for my head but not before we all had a din Torah and I got them to agree to let me go without naming names, meaning my name. Oh yeah, they also never got back a dime from me, and I left my secretary Mrs. Roberts to run the place.

I am a proud talmid of rav pam, who came to speak my praises when I was hired by AJOP.

I pulled the same shtik when I was hired by Shar Yoshuv Institute in Far Rock and they threw me out eventually too, but I got all their names of givers and a good settelement. I know how to make good money from the lists of institutions that I work for, and from dinei Torah, I am very clever!

Shiya Milikowsky said...

I am the bozo from NIRC that tried to fake being it's "president" I only got the job because only a true talmid of yakov weinberg like me could get it even though AJOP had at least 20 other better guys to choose from.

I heleped to get rid of Gerry Weisberg on yakov weinberg's orders.

Gerry was Modern Orthodox. He was an academic. We needed AJOP to be seen as more yeshivish so we hired a crook like Hershel Leiner. He had a beard, wore a black hat and dressed in dark suits, all things that Gerry didn't do.

I figured so what's the big deal with running an organization like AJOP, Gerry made it seem so easy.

So I got involved and I was working with Hershel Leiner and we both drove AJOP into the ground almost killing it dead. Secret's out, we both knew zero about kiruv or what's important to the people in the field.

Thank goodness rav yakov weinberg came up with the idea of having my buddy Shlomo Porter finally take over AJOP as it's new president, he was running a lot of things already, so we called up our other buddy Pesach Chometz Lerner who had just taken over the National Council of Young Israel to help us out.

But shuks I was forced to resign in disgrace when news leaked that I had not watched Hershel Leiner carefuly enough as he robbed our AJOP accounts and mailing lists.

I learned about taking responsibility the hard way.

Shmuel Stauber said...

Weeell, helllooo, I'mmm the famous Shmuel Stauber who does magic tricks. I had been magically married at least three times and disgraced even more times, when I was recommended by my good friend over at the OU Rabbi Raphael Butler, yeah the one was forced to resign later over the Lanner scandal, and he pushed me in as the guy to run AJOP as Executive Director after the bodies of my predecesors Gerry Weisberg, Hershel Leiner and the ex pres Shiya Milokowsky had been thrown overboard.

I was brought in to save AJOP with the blessing of my good friend yakov weinberg, us old time NIRC and Toronto guys stick together, no matter how much divorce and philandering scandal followed me.

Yakov Weinberg and Shlomo Porter were my buddies, the hell with those other pesky AJOP rabbis, so my task was easy, get rid of the unfriendlies, and merge the homeless, desititute and penniless AJOP with the National Council of Young Israel where our fellow NIRC alum, Pesach Chometz Lerner was waiting with open crocodile like arms to swalalow AJOP for good.

I was hired as a hit man to kill AJOP, and it almost worked. But then some guys got Shmuel Kamenetzky and Yaakov Perlow involved and they managed to detach AJOP from the National Council of Young Israel, and Shmuel Kaminetzky asked Shlomo Porter to get rid of me, which he promptly did.

Too bad, I was enjoying doing all those magic shows at AJOP conventions. Time to get on with my next marriage now!

Shlomo Porter said...

Wow, the bodies of ex AJOP heads was really piling up when they put me in the driver's seat for good. You know, I really needed to have AJOP as a "department" of my own Etz Chaim Center in Baltimore because I am one of the greatest kiruv leaders of our time you know, even though no one has ever heard of me outside of Baltimore.

Three of AJOP's executive direcors had bitten the dust already, Gerry Weisberg, Hershel Leiner, Shmuel Stauber. Now I was it's third president after no less than Ephy Buchwald of NJOP and the bozo from NIRC Shiya Milikowsky. Now it was all up to me.

There was another thing that I haven't told too many folks. My rosh yeshiva yaakov weinberg had overseen the taking of millions of dollars from Sanford Bernstein for decades through the AVI CHAI Foundation. How would it look after AVI CHAI had given NIRC millions of dollars to produce kiruv leaders through a program called MAOR headed by our own bozo Shiya Milikowsky, that our folks from NIRC, like me, Shlomo Porter, Shiya Milikowsky, Shmuel Stauber and yakov weinberg himself who was the chief rabbi of NIRC, MAOR, AJOP, that we had all let AJOP fail, be run into the ground and become dust and ashes under our own noses when Sanford Bernstein had pumped millions into AJOP and let us run it on our terms without his watching us.

So I fell on my own sword and kept AJOP alive. I helped ease yakov weinberg's shame when I brought on board Shmuel Kaminetzky and the Novominsker Rebbe, Shmuel K is half a NIRC guy himself, and the Novominsker is yaakov W's buddy from the time they were in yeshiva Chaim Berlin together.

So I brought AJOP to Baltimore, and for the first time we hired a true kiruv professional Rabbi Yitzchok Lowenbraun to be our new executive direceor.

But oy, this stuff about my brother Jack is going to cast a black light on me now. I am not such a good guy after all. How could I let my brother roam the streets all these years when I knew he was a sexual pervert all along? Oy the shame. Oy the busha. Maybe it's time I stepped down as president of AJOP, after all Ephy Buchwald of NJOP is still the honorary president.

Ephraim Sturm is my real name said...

Yeah I know, my name's Sturm not "Stern", silly me, my memory got rusty especially since I am already in the oilam ha'emes.

I used to enjoy telling people that I was close with my rebbe Rav Yitzchok Hutner of Chaim Berlin yeshiva. I claimed I had yadin yadin semicha, maybe I did and maybe I didn't, the new breed of CBers tried to make light of me, but truth is I was a true talmid of Rav Hutner from the golden olden days when the Young Israel of New Lotts was his home and where some of his greatest followers came from, the Schechters, the Hungers, the Rubinfelds, the Hisigers, the Laskers and lots of others were active.

In fact let me tell you, Aron Schechter's late father was a good friend of mine especially when he was the lay president of the National Council of Young israel.

Those were the days, before the hotheads and cut-thraots like before that upstart Pesach Chometz Lerner who defenestrated me from the NCYI came along.

How was I to know that today's breed of so called bnai Torah were schooled in the art of pushing old timers like me under the wheels.

Pulling the plug on the elderly is sure becoming a big thing down on Earth I see.

Ian Azizalahof said...

I know what you are thinking, that's not a real name, but my father comes from Iran so the name makes sense, it's Persian Jewish.

But honestly folks, why did you all forget to mention that I was the Executive Director of AJOP for the short tenure when AJOP was in jaws of Pesach Chometz Lerner at the National Council of Young Israel? Lerner was seriously trying to turn the entire kiruv field by using AJOP into a sub-department of his NCYI old time farts organization.

Can you imagine that, an organization that was part of American history from before World War II and was basically defunct, had the audacity to think it could overtake and run an organization devoted to kiruv which is all about the future? Hand it to Pesach Chometz Lerner he has chutzpa allright.

So to add insult to injury, the AVI CHAI people had become totally disgusted with us after they found out that EJOP had hired a thief like Hershel Leiner who stole from the money that AVI CHAI gave to AJOP, and was then headed for a while by my predecessor Shmuel Stauber who was let go once Rabbi Shmuel Kamintezky signed on because Kaminetsky knows all about Staubers's sordid past, how he dumped his first wife and and ran off with his shiksa lover and then after a while dumped her and married a fresh-faced BT, they are such suckers these BTs.

They wanted me to keep AJOP running without AVI CHAI's money, not have a real office in the NCYI, take orders all the time either directly or indrectly from yakov weinberg who was already probably diagnosed with cancer by then and knew his end was close, and act as if nothing was wrong.

Well, in the end I told them to get lost. But remember I was AJOP's fourth official Executive Director.

Yitzchok Adlerstein said...

Ahem yes it's me Professor Adlerstein. I was one of the founding rabbis of AJOP. Well, actually Gerry Weisberg chose us all, besides for Ephy Buchwald, who got the whole AJOP thing started because of his connections to big Steve Riskin who was Sanford Bernstein's rabbi.

I was at all the AJOP meetings when all the crises were happening and I smiled a lot. I am good at smiling. Whenever anything happens I smile and then people think that I am actually doing something when I am actually crapping in my gatges out of fright.

I am very good at writing articles and books even, but when they got me involved in AJOP I was supposed to do something real for kiruv. Yet I was only Ephy Buchwald's lapdog while I was there so if it helped Ephy feel good, and he IS a real doer and mover and shaker, especially with other people's money, like Sanford Bernstein's then I'm ok, I suppose. :-)

When things got tough at AJOP I jumped overboard myself no one even had to push me. With all my fame and smiling powers I was never able to raise or donate a nickel to AJOP as I smiled away at everyone in sight.

Oh, by the way, :-)

Sanford Bernstein said...

Hi everyone, I'm really dead already. I died a few years ago and I paid to be buried near the grave of the saintly Rav A Y Kook in Israel.

You see I am a true idealist and when Rabbi Shlomo Steve Riskin mekareved me and convinced me to become an Orthodox Jews, albeit a Modern Orthodox pro Zionist and a pro Torah Im Derech Eretz Jew, I went with it full blast. No half measures for me.

I divorced my first wife because she refused to become Jewish and I then married a nice younger Jewish woman. The marriage didn't last long but at least I tried! We had a baby daughter and I am very proud of her.

To prove my intentions to do good for the Jewish people and not just to be the successful business strategist that I was where people entrusted their billions to me at the Sanford Bernstein company that still carries my name and uses my finacial research methods, I set up the AVI CHAI Foundation. It is still up and running today. My rabbi and advisor was always Rabbi Riskin.

Among many projects, and I reserached the need for this well, my AVI CHAI Foundation gave the tens of millions to set up the new AJOP (Association for Jewish Outreach Professionals), NJOP (National Jewish Outreach Program), to NIRC I gave millions to set up an institute to train outreach rabbis, the first by any mainstream yeshiva called MAOR, and to fund the growth of SEED at Torah Umesorah.

Only AJOP gave me major headaches. The guy I was happy with Executive Director Gerry Weisberg was pushed overboard when I wasn't looking. Maybe it was Ephy Buchwald who seeing that AJOP was really growing didn't want it to outshine him at NJOP, because AJOP and NJOP were supposed to be twinned and support each in our plans.

I am in Gan Eden now and I am very happy.

Oh yeah, I met up with Marvin Schick one day when I was still alaive and I thought he would be a good pick to act as a good strategic advisor to AVI CHAI. Marvin baby what's up? I hear your nephew David got caught up in a real estate scandal and went to jail and now your son is being asked tough questions. Please don't make mud out of my gifts to you, I like it here in Gan Eden.

Oh, and another thing, my advice to my fellow BT BILLIONAIRE Guma Aguiar is do not get suckered and snookered by ruthless rabbis who steal your millions, like happened to me with AJOP and the sneaky bozo NIRC guys when all they could show for the tens of millions I pumped into them was scandal after scandal.


What do Guma Aguiar and Sanford Bernstein a"h have in common?

They are both baal teshuvas who are billionaires who then created philanthropic foundations to help many Jewish causes, especially kiruv rechokim, Jewish outreach to secular Jews.

Sanford Bernstein of blessed memory, created the AVI CHAI Foundation that gave the tens of millions of dollars that created AJOP, NJOP, MAOR, SEED and much more. It still funds many good Jewish causes.

Guma Aguiar founded the Lillian Jean Kaplan Foundation that gave tens of millions of dollars to create the Eternal Jewish Family (EJF) organization, help Kol Yaakov yeshiva and Horizons, and funded many other good causes.

Much of Sanford Bernstei's money that was given to AJOP through the Avi Chai Foundation was wasted through incompetence and outright thievery. One of it's executive directors, Hershel Leiner was forcibly removed with a din Torah after he had pocketed much of its precious resources. NIRC dudes Shiya Milikowsky and Shlomo Porter, two of AJOP's presidents channelled AJOP's funds to their own NIRC causes and needs. Sanford Bernstein and Avi Cahi walked away in disgust and stopped funding them after having entrusted them with so much money for kiruv causes.

Likewise, Guma Aguiar now finds himself in a situation of revealing the fraudulent and disgraceful thievery of the rabbi he trusted and whom he had helped to set up in a new EJF organization.

Bottom line, BT BILLIONAIRES and millionaires and anyone who gives serious money in kiruv, no matter how idealistic you may be, and no matter who you are involved with, be it Aish HaTorah or Chabad Lubavitch or any other such like organizations, PLEASE have mercy on yourself and on your hard earned money. Do not just fork it over to ANY rabbis without the involvement of your accountant or lawyer's advice and do not assume that the rabbis know what they are doing because most of the time they don't.

Rabbis are not skilled with money more than other Jews.

They may have studied in a yeshiva and they may be good with Talmud or even Zohar, and they may know a lot, but they are NOT to be trusted with millions of dollars without solid serious constant supervision!!!

Would you trust a rabbi to manage your personal finances or your portfolio with no ovesight? Would you allow a rabbi to be a co-signer on all your financial holdings? So don't assume that the rabbi can run big accounts without your constant watchful eye being part of.

Sanford Bernstein got burned bad at AJOP with the NIRC guys and Yaakov Weinberg was there all the time and still it happened, probably that's why it happened!!! And now we see that Guma Aguair got burned bad EJF and in his dealings with Tropper, and it's because of Tropper!!!

Once bitten twice shy, and we already have it happening twice with BT BILLIONAIRES in front of our eyes!

Tropwatch said...

(posted this to the wrong comment thread by mistake)

Reuven Schmeltzer, in his "kill all the Jews who follow the Moreh and accept science" sefer (see http://www.zootorah.com/controversy/ChaimBEmunasam.pdf), has an acknowledgment to Tropper at the beginning of the sefer. He also thanks him for arranging a big contribution from Keren Menachem Yitzchok. What's that?

Pesach Lerner said...

You missed the part of how I left the rabbi of Young Israel in the Bronx holding the bag when the shul closed due to financial difficulties. I saw to it that he would no longer receive benefits that member rabbis get from the National Council. So what if the rabbi was in dire economic straits?

And then there were the financial shenanigans with Chaim Kaminetsky and other NCYI bigwigs that brought an investigation and slaps on the wrist from the NYS Attorney General. I guess you could say we got off easy on that.

Rabbi Wohlgelerntner said...

What about all the nasty things that Chometz Lerner did to us when NCYI HQ was in our shul on West 16th St? We quit Young Israel over it and evicted them. The judge even lashed out at Chometz Lerner for locking the roof door so we couldn't use the sukkah.

Sholom Rubashkin said...

Pesach Lerner is a swell guy in my book. He even organizes 3 hour Gilligan's Island tours for his cronies in Postville to lie to Klal Yisroel about my kashrus standards.

He wouldn't let any rabbonim come who would tell the truth even if they paid their own way instead of getting all their expenses covered by me.

In the know said...

What is it with all these guys working for "establishment" mosdos? Are they all corrupt fressers from day one looking for kovod and monetary enrichment or is it the medium that corrupts them later?

I remember the South African fellow Derek Saker from the early days of Frumster. Frumster was a great idea that was solving the dilemma of too many older singles. A dilemma that is partially the fault of self-absorbed people in the community who do nothing to help.

But it was all downhill after a while. Frumster brushed aside frumkeit considerations in the name of money. First they hooked up with "Flakey Jake" Strauss who is constantly busy trying to find simcha halls that allow mixed dancing. Then Frumster opened up to secular Jews and doesn't care if people are on their network for sex hookups like goes on at JDate.

You bums took a platform that was kodesh hakodoshim and mangled it with your bare hands. The inventor of Frumster was a sincere baal teshuva Grayson Levy who is now living in Eretz Yisroel. How dare you disgrace his handywork.

Derek Saker has since "moved up" in the world and now acts as David Mandel's sex abuse cover up mouthpiece to the public at Ohel.

National Council of Piranhas said...

Yes, we have Chometz Lerner as our executive dreck-tor, Steve Mostofsky, the vicious pro-molester lawyer as president and Marty Samson, the guy who is the leading suspect of putting legal pressure on Google's Blogger to shut down UOJ, as legal counsel.

You wouldn't want to get cornered by these guys baring their razor sharp teeth at you.

Anonymous said...

Mordechai Kaplan

You guys have to stand in line after me for complaints about YI. I created the organization (emes). I was the original Mr Kiruv. I understood that the children were alienated from the old yidn, and also from the old Rabbis. So we created a rabbi free formula. And look what happened. I understand why the Jewish Center kicked me out. I was an apikores talmud chacham. In fact they were willing to keep me on if I didnt announce my views publicly. OK.

But not giving me any credit for Young ISrael. Well like I say, it is time to reconstruct things. When I first used that term, I did not intend to form a movement. I harbored the hope that all segments could grow up and grow closer.

All right so maybe I have become a kofer in spite of my lomdus. But up here I am told I am on much higher level or erlichkeit than these crooks. What is more, up here they give me credit for much more successful kiruv than these clowns Deserve

Anonymous said...

From FrumFollies.wordpress.com,

A Yom Tov Vort:

The posuk says "eynahim lahem viloy yiru, uznayim lahem voiloy yishmahu. Kamohu yihiy oseyhem vichol asher boteach bahem. (translation. They (idols) have ears which don't hear, eyes which dont see. The same should happen to their creators and all who believe in them.

From this we learn that the idols set up on a pedestal as leaders, have ears and eyes which ignore the pain of children who are molested (Macht zicht nisht vinsendig).

Anonymous said...

" Keren Menachem Yitzchok. What's that?"

---Menachem Yitzchok = Dr. Thomas Scott Kaplan.

Snake said...

This letter was going around the 5 Towns and was posted on luach.com, http://www.luach.com/posts/Region/brooklyn/announcements

6 MarCheshvan, 5765 (Hebrew date) Seruv (excommunication order) issued against Yitzchak Wyne (WyneSeruv.pdf page 1, http://www.zumodrive.com/share/1DVgOTQ4MT)

1 Kislev, 5765 Bais Din lifts seruv (page 1 AlteredSig.pdf , http://www.zumodrive.com/share/1DVeNzcyZD)

This lifting does not refer to any future seruvs.

11 Tevet, 5765 Bais Din reinstates seruv (WyneSeruv.pdf page 2-3)

Forty days after Kislev document lifted the seruv, the same Bais Din (including 3 of the same Rabbinical Judges that signed the earlier Kislev document) issued a reinstatement on 11 Tevet, 5765 (Thursday, December 23, 2004) of the seruv SIGNED in Hebrew by 8 rabbis complete with explanation why the seruv was reinstated which also declared (from the officially stamped translation/elucidation of the reinstatement from the Bais Din) that the seruv "was mistakenly removed due to incorrect testimony by Rabbi P. S." (Peretz Steinberg).

Sept 2007 National Council of Young Israel (NCYI) altered (forged) document of seruv lifting, and notarized translation (Notary is Comptroller of NCYI) to make it appear authentic (page 2 of AlteredSig.pdf and AlteredSigTranslated.pdf, http://www.zumodrive.com/share/1DVfNTYzMD)

The reinstatement of the seruv superseded the earlier Kislev document and rendered it null and void. Adding signatures to it at a later date is worthless. Thus it is highly unlikely that Rabbis Berger or Bryks would sign a document dated from before the one they signed in Tevet 5765 (December 2004) especially since they were not signatories of the original MarCheshvan 5765 siruv. Even if they actually did sign it in 2007, they most likely were coerced individually into doing so since the dates are 12 days apart. Besides, the other four signatures are still from before the document was nullified so it would effectively only have two signatures (Rabbinical Courts require at least 3 judges) even if Berger and Bryks actually were added in 2007.

In addition, on the Hebrew version of the altered Kislev document it is appears visible that the 2 added dates after the asterisks are written in the same pen and handwriting and do not seem to match either of the added signatures. The document has been forged to appear valid and used to defraud. (Any alteration is called forgery, a felony even with real signatures, if the alteration is done for fraudulent purposes.)

the legal definition of forgery at this link: http://www.duhaime.org/LegalDictionary/F/Forgery.aspx
"The making of a false document knowing it to be false with intent that it should be used or acted on as genuine to the prejudice of another."

The document was void at the time the two signatures were added in 2007. The false document was then used to file a false slander suit against frum people. So even if the signatures and the notarization were real, the document submitted to the court is legally considered a forgery which is a felony, besides being against the Torah.