Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Leib Tropper Fraud - EJF- Eternal Jewish Family Fraud - Must Be Stopped!

Leib Tropper, head charlatan of EJF [Eternal Jewish Family fraud], has now been summoned to both Jewish religious courts and to American courts accused of not being able to account for what he did with Guma Aguiar's millions of dollars of donations, that Tropper used to aggrandize himself as EJF's leader.

There is a planned joint seminar in the works between Tropper's EJF and GATEWAYS:

"EJF Student Shabbaton with Gateways Stamford, CT 10/16/2009 - 10/18/2009 - A Shabbaton in conjunction with Gateways focusing on intermarriage prevention. The event will include 100 students, and staff from both organizations."

Call on anyone you know to protest and boycott the GATEWAYS organization to stop them from exposing their students to Tropper's fanaticism and EJF's entrapment scams now enabled by "Gateways" !

Call, E-Mail and Fax the GATEWAYS people to protest their joint venture with Tropper/EJF:

GATEWAYS Main Office:

11 Wallenberg Circle, Monsey, NY 10952

Email: office@gatewaysonline.com




Fax 845-352-0394

GATEWAYS Director of Operations
Rabbi Avrumy Jordan
845-352-0393 x108

GATEWAYS Public Relations Liason
Dr. Robyn Fischer
845-352-0393 x107

GATEWAYS: Director of Russian Programming
Rabbi Mordechai Tokarski

GATEWAYS: Director of Collegiate Programming
Rabbi Reuven Ibragimov

Director of Special Projects
Rabbi Yisroel Cherns
845-352-0393 x115

GATEWAYS: Event Registration
Ms. Tammi Lit
845-352-0393 x127

GATEWAYS: Webmaster
Mr. Danny Glix


Tropper is Troubled said...

Guma drops a deadly bunker-buster on Tropper and the fall-out spreads.

In the 10/08/09 super-hot Arutz Sheva article Jewish Billionaire Sues Prominent US Rabbi Guma Aguiar dropped nothing less than the equivalant of a neutron bomb on Tropper, the likes of which he has never known.

Even Hirohito of Japan had to climb down from his demonic royal perch and declare his mortality to the sons of Nippon and agree to unconditional surrender a few days after the US dropped its atom bombs on Japan, or face total incineration.

If Tropper were wise, which he is not, he would come clean, apologize and beg for forgiveness.

He should know what this means from making all those secular folks that came to him into BTs, so now it is time for him to eat humble pie and become a true BT himself, if he knew what was good for him.

Why does he want to risk incineration at the hands of a guy like Guma Aguiar whose warth has been mightily stirred against Tropper. Guma Aguiar is not stupid, even though he does not have a rabbi's background. He became a billionaire in the Texas oil and gas business through his own grit and savvy in about four years!

Everyone can understand and forgive human weakness but no one will accept or pardon arrogance and stupidity especially from a supposedly notable rabbi like Tropper.

No doubt a soul as generous as Guma Aguiar's would accept that, and between all the rabbis involved here, a real metaphoric bloodbath, not to mention mass chillul Hashem, in beth dins and courts, can be avoided.

Now while Hirohito was smart and submitted to the great American conquerer General McCarthur, there was that other egomaniac in Germany who refused to surrender honorably and therefore had to be literally blasted out of his bunker by the Allies until he did everyone a favor, and well, we all know the rest...but if one were to take an educated guess, how do you think Tropper will succumb? Like Hirohito or Der Fuhrer?

Well, Guma has dropped his first atom bomb atop Tropper and EJF with this latest interview/article/release of two original Emails with lists of rabbis bribed and paid off by Tropper to support him in his launch of EJF, all in the guise of course of his lie that it was as Guma Aguiar wished as straightforward gifts without any strings attached.

Names are named in this "list of the 36" and while some may have some claim to fame, many, like Aron Shechter are notorious bullies and cut-throats straight out of the Godfather movies, while others, like Reuven Feinstein who don't give a crap about kiruv or conversions, after all a rosh yeshiva's job is supposed to be tending to his disciples in his own bais medrash and not run around the world supporting a wise guy like Tropper who bilks naive billionaire BT's like Guma Aguiar out of tens of millions and then hands a king size cut to Reuven Feinstein who then shows up at EJF conventions and smiles as "proof" of his support for Tropper and EJF when he could care less.

Tropper is Troubled said...

EJF and Tropper launched a lot like Buchwald and NJOP.

Guma Aguiar's masterful dropping of his deadly information bomb/interview on Tropper with crushing effects for EJF that now loses all credibility as a neutral "Torah organization" as it is now revealed, by it's very paymaster and founder for years, Guma Aguiar, as being a grand hocus pocus scheme and smoke and mirrors show that was funded by Guma Aguiar through the Lillian Jean Kaplan Foundation that he (Guma Aguiar) founded and still runs together with his mother Ellen Kaplan Aguiar, that Tropper then single-handedly used to consciously twist and mould into a platform to launch himself into the big leagues of "gedoilim" all with a strategy to channel and harness the burgeoning field of growing numbers of gentiles in marriages with Jews or in relationships with Jews who today number in the millions and who he cynically set out to convince that he would be their "savior" and "messiah" by providing them with his now patently ridiculous "universally accepted" conversions recruited by his EJF entrapments of "free seminars at luxury hotels" and then performed by Beth Dins that only he approved of.

This was something like "a star is born" with help of the tens of millions of a naive billionaire BT's no strings attached contributions.

Just a hunch, feel free to disagree but only if you know the inside scopps of both dramas:

Perhaps Tropper learned this from his rival in kiruv and egomania Ephy Buchwald who 20 years ago launched his name big time via his own NJOP organization with AJOP serving as a related "booster rocket" for him too. President and founder of both NJOP and AJOP and that's why they have similar sounding abbreviations. All carefully planned.

Ephy Buchwald relied on the tens of millions that Sanford Bernstein dumped in his lap, care of Steve Riskin's blessings, which he (Ephy Buchwald) then used to launch his name together with> NJOP's and AJOP's name in "yesh ma'ayin" ex nihilo fashion, sort of creating what he fantacized was a kind of MO "Lubavitcher Rebbe" and he even speaks in those terms.

Tropper is Troubled said...

Woes of two naive BT billionaires: Guma Aguiar and Sanford Bernstein.

It is very probable that Tropper used the model that had worked so well for Buchwald and his NJOP and AJOP multi million dollar mega launch with newly religious and naively BT billionaire Sanford Bernstein's money, to then similarly launch EJF, with the blessings of Aguiar's Uncle Dr. Tom Kaplan, to funnel Guma Aguiar's money 15 years after Buchwald proved it can be done and even how to do it, with subsidized conventions, seminars and massive professional PR that Tropper was long sold on on a scale level with Buchwald's and a willingness to go all out and do it in every media outlet possible no holds barred. This was how modern-day Orthodox outreach false messiahs are born and made and sold to the world, Mad Men style.

Once he got going for a couple of years, Ephy Buchwald also did the Halachically unimaginable and dumped his Orthodox outreach buddies at an emsculated and corrupted AJOP floundering under the likes of the NIRC bozos and he (Buchwald) went deep-sea and trawling and fishing alone for students with NJOP newly enhanced with co-programs in the Reform and Conservative movements to host NJOP programs in the no-man's-land of Reform and Conservative temples, and he has become very famous for that, all the time using tact and diplomacy, and smarts,things that the innately mad hatter Tropper lacks, while he (Buchwald) got an actual support letter from the late Zelik Epstein co-signed by Dovid Cohen to give him cover with the Orthodox, just shows how smart he is, he even got strong support all along from yakov weinberg, as they scratched each other's backs, while Tropper has no such letter from anyone with all the money he shmeered them with, even though his plan was to use EJF to lure in rabbis and lull them, like AJOP was used to lure in rabbis and lull them, while EJF went on hunting expeditions to attract converts, like NJOP went to the Reform and Conservative to sell them once a year Shabbat and Hebrew instant meaningless "Judaism" which they bought into, like the free handouts that it gives, and similalrly EJF offers free conversions for those following it enough to make a bargain with that kind of devil.

And while Buchwald had yakov weinberg lured in with Sanford Bernstein giving millions to support MAOR at NIRC, Tropper similarly has Reuven Feinstein to give him cover at EJF events paid for by channeling naive billionaire BT Guma Aguiar's money to Reuven Feinstein, and as we now know to the rest of the notorious "list of 36" revealed by the Email from Tropper to Guma Aguiar and for which Guma Aguiar wants an accounting.

Guma Aguiar is young enough and strong enough to pursue and wait for an answer from Tropper while Sanford Bernstein was older and could not act fully against the corruption and downfall that befell AJOP under Buchwald's and yakov weinberg's and the NIRC bozos watch.

Tropper is Troubled said...

Tropper waits for Guma's other shoe and big bomb to drop.

Tropper's deadly game of chicken with Guma Aguiar is not a smart move on his part.

In a sign of how out of touch he is, Tropper has lately doubled up his attacks against Guma Aguiar using his Internet troll persona "Roni" referring to Guma Aguiar as the "plaintiff" on Rabbi Daniel Eidensohn's Daat Torah blog and trying to twist and turn like a trapped reptile to defame, deligitimize, demean, insult and utterly negate Guma Aguiar on Rabbi Eidensohn's links to the same story at his Daat Torah blog.

Guma Aguiar has made his move and has shown that he is capable of delivering knock out blows.

Any guy who can jump from relative obscurity to becoming a billionaire in four years is deadly lethal, the guy knows how to use lawyers to his advantage, obviously, and now he has twinned that to using the media to promote himself in Israel too.

Guma Aguiar obviously has lots more original Email and correspondence from and about Tropper and EJF relating to himself and the Lillian Jean Kaplan Foundation he fully controls that he can publish at will naming names and outing Tropper to the point that he will face the same meltdown that Anakin Skywalker got for all his troubles fighting Obe Wan Kenobe and that then turned him into the inhumanly darkly clad Darth Vader. At this point Tropper across much like Darth Vader fighting for the Emperor trying to "exterminate" those he deems his enemies and weaklings "worthy" of extinction.

But in this case, the "weaklings" are fighting back and Tropper is not being mindful anywhere near enough of the figurative death blows he is about to receive from Guma Aguiar's wrath.

Hiding in a "bunker" will not help. Claiming to be a high and mighty god-like figure will not help either.

When confronted with such allegations of fraud and deception, Tropper needs to come clean, apologize, express all the mea culpas he can, and do like what King David did when confronted by allegtions of wrongdoing by Nathan the Prophet, admit to the wrongdoings and not try to put up a lie'n and cheat'n struggle that just looks like a detached bycycle wheel spinning hopelessly in the wind.

So Tropper is in trouble, much like Hirohito's god-like status was torn down by the Americans led by McCarthur and the largest ego in Germany had to face the American ego of a Patton who was hunting him down, in short Tropper is in big time trouble.

Tropper is Troubled said...

If Tropper were truly wise...

Tropper should apologize sincerely To Guma Aguiar for any hurtful words, admit mistakes and try to correct and atone for them, and beg Guma Aguiar to drop all charges in all Beth Dins and courts.

If continued to spiral out of control the now relentless blood feud and public airing of attacks and counter-attacks between Tropper and Guma Aguiar will be a total disaster for Klal Yisrael.

The Arutz Sheva story was already given further circulation when it was posted on 10/08/2009 on the widely read Vos Iz Neias (VIN) news blog Jerusalem - Jewish Billionaire Vs. Monsey Rabbi Tropper Lands In Rabbinical Court that quoted the story in full. VIN was also the site that circulated the report from Haaretz that Tropper was going to sue Aguiar for assault. So it is lebedik, but bottom line, none of these stories looks good for Tropper.

Ultimately, no one wants to be involved with a rabbi who gets into alleged physical fights especially fighting with formner ex gevirim lay-people who are billionaires and carry huge clout.

But rather than back off, even mumble an apology and stop his pre-emtive strikes on Guma Aguiar, as Tropper has done via his mercenary troll "Roni" persona on Rabbi Eidensohn's Daat Torah blog where for over a year Tropper has directed attacks at Rabbi Herbert Bomzer for helping Guma's wife Jamie get an Orthodox conversions, and while not uttering a sound on his (Tropper's) own blog about Bomzer or Guma Aguiar, which of course could allow Guma to sue Tropper for defamation, Tropper chose the more devious dishonest route and went with troll "Roni's" guns blazing at anything that moved with the name "Guma Aguiar" or "Rabbi Herber Bomzer" on it as if conducting a scorched earth take no prisoners war and quite pathetically making the name of Tropper into mud even more that he would stoop to hire or express such crazy views and opine as "Roni" the Internet troll has done for well over a year peddling backwards on behalf of Tropper quicker than Obama ran to Copenhagen and lost to get the Olympics in Chicago for 2016.

Tropper's buddy in the Nathan Slifkin defamation and tricks scandal, the other "Leib," Leib Pinter, has already gone to jail for a few years for fraud, and now it looks like Tropper is headed to the same place, unless he can summon his resolve to make peace with Guma Aguiar, and sincerely beg his forgiveness and ask him to drop all charges against Tropper. Only this would save Tropper from total annihilation now. But based on his past record, he is not man enough to do it. Pity.

Ilan Feldman said...

More AJOP Follies:

Hi, I'm from Atlanta and I'm married to THE Harav Yaakov Weinberg's younger daughter which makes her the granddaughter of Rav Y. Y. Ruderman THE Rosh Yeshiva and founder of NIRC.

Heck man, I am really choshuv since my father was the famous Rabbi Emanual Feldman of Atlanta, yeah, the one who wrote those books about what rabbis think etc, so by just marrying my wife it made me super choshuv for life. Oh and my uncle Aron took over my father in law's job at NIRC eventually and he got a promotion to the Agudah's Moetzes which that bad Rav Svei stopped my father in law from getting, sheesh, folks from Phily are just not friendly to us Southerners south of the Mason-Dixon line like from Atlanta and Baltimore.

What I wanted to tell you AJOP watchers was that in spite of me not being so bright, shhh, it's a secert noone is supposed to know because I am so tall and comb my hair so straight so people think I'm "smart" well sorta, but not smart enough if you know what I mean.

Well, way back, when AJOP got rollin' 21 years ago I was on the trustees of rabbis committee and I'm still on it to this day, my pal Shlomo Porter makes sure it stays that way, well my job was to make sure that no one stabbed by father in law Rav Yakov Weinberg in the back or anything. Any comment or opinion against him was duly noted by me and the person would be dealt with.

While I was looking out for my father in law, I forgot to notice that AJOP was overpaying it's staff, lavishing too much money on expenses, and then when they fired the founding director Gerry Weisberg I looked the other way and did nothing, which is what I did when they hired that crook Hershel Leiner to replace him who then looted what was left in AJOP's treasury.

But never mind, I made sure to cover for my father in law Rav Yakov Weinberg and see to it that somehow or other, like magic, hehe, he was never made to be responsible for all the misdeeds and wrongdoing and thievery at the AJOP office for years, after all, he was a great Torah leader and like all leaders he was an expert at turning a blind eye and I was an expert of turning the blind eye at AJOP with him and for him as long as he was not hurt by anything.

I protected him like I was born to be his secret service agent. I am sorta smart I guess, like agent Smart maybe.

Boog's "Sick out there and getting Sicker" file said...

Did you see the poster paid for by Friedman being distributed by the Agudah to shuls telling people to turn off their cellphones in shul to preserve the status of mekomos hakedoshim?

What about the Kolkos and Lanners of this world who get to hang around with kids in shuls?

What about kids getting raped and groped in the mikva?

Anonymous said...

Has anyone looked into Aguiars past? Before he was wealthy.

Regarding Ilan Feldman said...

The AJOP basher doesn't really have his facts straight with R' Ilan Feldman.

R' Ilan happens to be a bright guy. He does sometimes come across as awkward because he doesn't have the yeshivishkeit act down pat and I could see where people would think he is lacking in intelligence, but they are mistaken. His father's shul was originally Conservative / Traditional and still does not have a normal mechitzah. The only place for Ilan to learn the ropes was Baltimore (still north of the Mason-Dixie Line) which is even less yeshivish than Chofetz Chaim.

His relationship with his shver was not one of a heissa chossid blindly leading the charge, I can assure you of that.

And if Philly is so against him, then why did R' Shmuel Kaminetzky take him as a mechuton?

What makes you think that every board member is on top of organizational bookkeeping? You are correct that they are legally on the hook even if they didn't know, but that does not have the same culpability attached as those who do.

R' Ilan deserves a lot of credit meanwhile for fighting off the outrages of fellow Atlantan Michael Broyde. Broyde cannot seem to make up his mind whether he is with the extreme Left of the RCA or with YCT. Broyde, who defintely looks the part of a dumb slob, thinks he is the smartest guy on Earth because he can come up with complex but twisted sevoros that get published by Gil Student.

Hirohito said...

You are underestimating Tropper. He has a bunch of kamikazis living in the basement of Kol Yaakov who were never informed that he was kicked out of Ohr Sameach decades ago!


Anonymous said...

Gateways owner Motti Suchard is the son of Johannesburg dayan R' Tzadok Suchard.

Ask around in Brisk or with old time Telzers or old time South Africans what the Suchard family covered up years ago ...

Troppenstein's monster said...

The difference between Buchwald & Tropper is that Buchwald is up front about not listening to gedolim and doing whatever the heck he wants with Shabbat-Across-America in partnership with the Reform & Conservative.

Tropper on the other hand pays millions of dollars to buy haskomos from pseudo-gedolim to twist around the psak of R' Moishe Feinstein.

Vicki said...

WARNING: Support Group for Frum Survivors

The Awareness Center was made aware of a support group for frum woman who are victim/survivors of sexual abuse in Manhattan that is scheduled to begin on today (October 13, 2009). Unfortunately The Awareness Center does not support this group. One of the issues is that the group is under the direction of David Pelcovitz, who is a strong supporter David Mandel, CEO of Ohel.

Over the years The Awareness Center has received countless complaints regarding this dynamic duo (Pelcovitz and Mandel). Out of respect of those who complained, The Awareness Center is sending out this warning in hopes that no one else will be psychologically harmed by individuals who self proclaim themselves to be experts in the sexual trauma field. The complaints were made by both survivors and parents of survivors who at one time utilized their services.

Back in Sept. 2008 David Pelcovitz and David Mandel spoke at an event put together by the Vaad of Baltimore. During this event David Pelcovitz is seen alluding to David Mandel as an expert in cases of child abuse/neglect. Mandel does not have a degree or license in the mental health field. Mandel's education is in the business realm. Mandel also does not believe in making hotline reports. Instead he's a supporter the rabbonim of the ultra orthodox world, who believe these cases should be handled quietly and internally, often placing the blame on the victims in hopes of allowing the sex offenders to continue earning a living for their families.

The Awareness Center has no information regarding Ellen Labinsky, PhD nor Bronya Shaffer on their experience in the field. They are unknown to our organization.

There are several other support groups for women in New York. Including those conducted by agencies connected to the New York City Alliance Against Sexual Assault. These agencies will do their best to be sensitive to the needs of frum survivors.

Below are links to the presentation in Baltimore.

David Pelcovitz, PhD

David Mandel


Troppenstein's monster said...

I did not see the letter from R' Zelig Epstein ztl but I believe he was misled by Buchwald if such a letter exists. R' Zelig had only been saying that the Conservative are no longer the danger they once were. They no longer have any appeal and are dying. R' Zelig did not mean that Buchwald can give status to apikorsim as if they are on par with shomrei Torah. This is the perverse sickness of Avi Weiss, not the wisdom of R' Zelig.

This is the reason why Conservative honcho-ette Julie Schoenfeld has decided in 2009 to come out of Left field to fight the orthodox by launching Conservative kashruth agencies and fighting orthodox kosher definition laws with high priced lawyers in court. She will do anything to justify her existence.

Was Ya There Charlie? said...

'Tropper is Troubled' posted that R'Tropper "messed up the life of Gideon Busch, a promising medical student who tropper told him to drop out of school, messed up with his mind, then he kicked him out of his yeshiva causing him to get killed by the NYPD." I came across this post innocently, I live in Israel, never met Tropper and do not have an opinion on the Tropper issue. I am not a schil. I am though one who had the pleasure of having Gideon Busch A"H, as a ben bayat for the time he lived and learned in Zefat, before the people who really destroyed him entered his life. 'Tropper is Troubled' knows nothing, does not even know the reason Gideon took a leave of absence from medical school. Part of Gideon's problem was that he was too much of independent mind and no Rav could really reach him, and in Eretz Israel he met ones, far, far greater than Tropper, before his mental breakdown. If this false reportage is any indication of the other information you give over, readers should beware.

Ishinosuke Uwano said...

Tropper told me he will NEVER surrender!


Why were some Japanese soldiers still fighting decades after World War II?

by Josh Clark

One soldier remained on an island off the coast of eastern Russia that he was charged with defending until 1958.

A group of 30 Japanese soldiers and nationals, including one woman, were shipwrecked on Anatahan, a small island near Saipan. The group formed a microcosmic society, making their own clothes, hunting and foraging for food and making wine distilled from coconut milk. From 1944 to 1951, this group held out, finally emerging from the forest after a joint American-Japanese effort to convince the stragglers that the war was over

Lt. Hiroo Onoda remained a combatant on the Filipino island of Lubang until 1974. Two years earlier, a fellow Japanese holdout, Shoichi Yokoi, had been discovered fishing along a riverbank in Guam. Yokoi was wearing a shirt he'd made from tree bark and pants made of burlap. The aging soldier admitted he was aware that the war was over; he'd simply been too humiliated to return home

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

As a newlywed, and still in yeshiva, I sought to be mashlim my income. I was offered a part time position in a Conservative Talmud Torah as an assistant principal/teacher on Long Island.

Rav Yaakov Kaminetzky and Rav Pam zt"l both encouraged me to take the job, but never to be there over a Shabbos. (I did this for 2 years)

There were approximately 150 students; I have been in contact over the years with eight former students (male and female) who are proud Orthodox Jews and have raised a generation of shomrei Torah.

Troppenstein's monster said...

It is true that R' Yaakov ztl allowed working in a Conservative temple with conditions attached, such as being able to direct the people there for the better.

Buchwald however is doing whatever he wants and partners with actual Reform & Conservative "rabbis". Then you have Tropper who lies in the name of R' Moishe Feinstein to actively seek out goyim to convert.

Lipa Margulies said...


I didn't know about these UOJ talmidim from Long Island. Find out who they are, make threatening phone calls to them and drop rumors around town to destroy their reputations!

Monsey said...

Tropper's followers are besides themselves with grief. They are insisting that he must have been "framed" by Guma. They are also falling for Avi Shafran propaganda and say they will forgive him even if he is guilty because Nevuzaradan was accepted after killing thousands of Yidden. They don't seem to be aware that Nevuzaradan actually did a real teshuva, something that would require Tropper to pay back the $10 million and apologize.

Atlanta said...

The frum faction in town knows nothing except what they are told by the people from NIRC & Heinemann.

Every so often when they hear a tidbit about the rest of the yeshiva world being angry at NIRC & Heinemann they are stunned and confused as to what is going on.

This is like any out of towner whose only source of news was the Jewish Observer magazine and Agudah Coalition newspaper stumbling across UOJ saying they are evil incarnate.

There's a lot of head scratching in these here parts.

Vos vet zein mit der kinder? said...


Creditors hoping to take over Philadelphia’s two main daily newspapers accused the current owners Thursday of trying to “game” the bankruptcy system to keep insiders in control.

Moetzes Resign! said...

Update | 10:00 a.m.

The chief executive of the CIT Group, the troubled lender on the brink of a bankruptcy filing, will step down at the end of the year, the company said in a statement on Tuesday.

Traitor! said...

WASHINGTON — Senator Olympia J. Snowe, Republican of Maine, said Tuesday that she would support the Democrats’ landmark health care legislation.

Gerrorist said...


Rabbi Yaakov Litzman tried to force psychiatrists to change their medical reports to protect haredi pedophiles.

Litzman is technically Deputy Defense Minister. This is a legal fiction that allows Litzman to avoid voting on certain cabinet level votes mandatory for all cabinet ministers. There is no Health Minister other than Litzman, who is a Gerrer hasid.

Litzman also intervened in the "starving mother" case that sparked haredi riots throughout the summer in Jerusalem and Bet Shemesh. Litzman got the mother released from jail, and helped keep her free – even though she failed to comply with the conditions of her release.

Litzman is thought by some to be one of the men who protected accused pedophile Avrohom Mondrowitz, who fled indictment in Brooklyn more than 20 years ago and lived safely in Jerusalem for most of that time, until extradition proceedings were finally begun in 2007.

Channel 2 is now reporting Litzman applied heavy pressure on psychiatrists to "soften" their expert opinions and evaluations of the level of risk presented by the release of Haredi sex offenders in order that the court-ordered supervision on them will be eased after their release. Several psychiatrists threatened to resign.

Watch Channel 2's report.

Yaakov Litzman said...


If Nuremburg interrogator Richard Sonnenfeldt was still alive (he was niftar on Hoshana Rabba), he would call me this:

His first interrogation was of Goering, who had been Hitler’s designated successor.

At one point, remembering a childhood joke, he addressed him as “Herr Gering,” a play on the name that means “little nothing” in German.

Japanese Samurai putz said...

I am glad to see that Leib Tropper is from the yechidei segulah who follows the Samurai "Bushido" code of never surrendering.

Maybe this is a selling point for the Japanese women married to Jewish men.



October 14, 2009

Orthodox Jews Relying More on Legal Prosecution of Sex Abuse


For decades, prosecutors in Brooklyn routinely pursued child molesters from every major ethnic and religious segment of the borough’s diverse population. Except one.

Of some 700 child sexual abuse cases brought in an average year, few involved members of the ultra-observant Orthodox Jewish community — about 180,000 followers of Hasidic and other sects who make up the largest such cluster outside Israel.

Some years, there were one or two arrests, or none.

But in the past year, there have been 26.

Ben Hirsch, founder of Survivors for Justice, a New York group whose members include ultra-Orthodox Jews molested as children in communities nationwide, said the clandestine handling of molestation cases had kept leaders from dealing with the problem and made it easier for predators to operate.

Mr. Hirsch credits the Jewish press, therapists and rabbis in the Orthodox population itself, and organizations like his, with bringing the issue to light. Jewish blogs like ... theunorthodoxjew.blogspot.com, he said, have also been “a major catalyst,” giving abuse victims their first opportunity to vent and connect without fear of being identified.

“People are rising up,” he said.

Has Aron Twerski been busy again? said...

Rabbi Baruch Lanner's Parole will be up on November 23, 2009.

Last week The Awareness Center when looking up Lanner on the National Sex Offender Registry we were made aware that Rabbi Baruch Lanner no longer appears on the New Jersey, Florida or National Sex Offender Registry. While we were trying to find out the reason why, we were told that sex offenders have rights and that the matter was confidential. At one point one of our volunteers spoke to Lanner's current parole officer, who stated that asking the question regarding Lanner's removal from the sex offender registry could be seen as a "hate crime", for harassing the offender. We have great concern regarding Baruch Lanner's removal from the sex offender registry. The goal of the registry is to hopefully prevent a convicted sex offender from harming any more children. That is the same goal as this e-mail. The Awareness Center needs help in learning why someone like Lanner would be removed from a registry which was established by our government.

The Awareness Center's page on Baruch Lanner is back up. On it we have entries from the National sex offender's registry dating back to October 16, 2009.

Yosef Schneider said...


Rabbi suspected of multi-million shekel fraud

Noted ultra-Orthodox persona Rabbi Yosef Schneider suspected of swindling aspiring inventors seeking assistance of Israeli Center for Inventors, defrauding business partner

Avi Cohen • Ynet

Rabbi Yosef Schneider, founder of the Israeli Center for Inventors and a renowned figure in the ultra-Orthodox community, was arrested on suspicion of fraud Tuesday.

The Israeli Center for Inventors aimed to provide fledgling inventors with step-by-step assistance on the way to realizing their ideas, but according to police suspicions, Schneider pocketed the fees paid to the center and failed to deliver the goods.

Dozens of complaints were filed with the Tel Aviv Police Fraud Division against the center recently, according to the which the Bnei Brak resident and father of eight, promised budding inventors their products would be produced in China – a pledge for which they paid him tens of thousands of shekels.

As time went by and no products were supplied, the inventors began questioning Schneider, who allegedly provided them with fictitious invoices indicating the manufacturing process was underway.

The police allege that Schneider defrauded both his clients and his business partner to the amount of millions. Early Tuesday morning, police officers raided Schneider's office, arrested him and confiscated computers and various files.

Schneider will be arraigned later Tuesday and the police are expected to ask the court to allow him restricted bail

Bullseye! said...

The day that millions of people will click the NY Times hyperlink to get to UOJ, Leib Tropper and his fraudulent schemes are getting the most exposure.

This is priceless and something that Guma can't buy!

UOJ Forensics lab said...


DNA Leads to Arrest in 1990 Child Rape

Baruch Lanner said...


Lanner Off Sex Offender Registries?

by Gary Rosenblatt • NY Jewish Week

Baruch Lanner, a former yeshiva high school principal and religious youth group counselor who was convicted in 2002 in New Jersey of sexually abusing two teenage girls, appears no longer to be on the New Jersey, Florida or national sex offender registries.

Lanner, 59, an ordained Orthodox rabbi, was sentenced to seven years in prison, but did not begin serving his sentence until 2005, after his conviction was upheld on appeal. He was released on parole in January of 2008. According to the New Jersey Department of Corrections, Lanner’s parole ends next month.

Lanner’s arrest and conviction were prompted by reporting in The Jewish Week, beginning in June 2000, based on allegations made over a period of three decades by dozens of young men and women who had been under his charge at the National Conference of Synagogue Youth (NCSY), the Orthodox Union youth group he directed, as well as at the Hillel yeshiva high school in Deal, N.J., where he was principal for many years.

According to information posted online by Vicki Polin, the founder of The Awareness Center, Lanner’s name appeared on both the New Jersey and Florida registries as recently as 2008. He lived in both states following his release from prison.

However, an online search of these registries this week by The Jewish Week did not include Lanner’s name.

A call to the Monmouth County prosecutor’s office, which tried the case, was not immediately returned. But a spokesman for a prosecutor’s office in another New Jersey county told The Jewish Week that information about why someone may have been removed from the sex offender registry is “confidential” and not a matter of public record, though she did indicate that it is possible for an offender to apply to the court to be removed from the registry.

The point of the registry is to make public known sex offenders.

Based on information posted on the Web site of the New Jersey Attorney General, it seems unlikely that Lanner would have been able to make a successful application to be removed from the registry. According to the site, “All sex offenders subject to Megan’s Law must register for the remainder of their lives. Sex offenders may apply to the court to be removed from the Sex Offender Registry if they committed only one offense, have not committed another offense for 15 years, and prove that they are not likely to pose a threat to the safety of others. Juvenile sex offenders may also apply to the court to be removed from the Sex Offender Registry if they were under the age of 14 at the time of their offense but are now over the age of 18.”

None of these criteria appears to apply to Lanner.

The Jewish Week contacted the New Jersey Attorney General’s office, which is looking into the matter.

In a Jewish Week article from Jan. 4, 2008, on the occasion of Lanner’s release from prison, Elie Hiller, a former NCSY assistant director under Lanner who helped lead community opposition to him in New Jersey, said: “I expect some of the victims will have a bit of anxiety, but I hope they realize that his release does not change the fact that he has a criminal record and remains on the Megan’s Law list.”

the Monsey Tzadik said...

…before the people who really destroyed him entered his life. 'Tropper is Troubled' knows nothing, does not even know the reason Gideon took a leave of absence from medical school. Part of Gideon's problem was that he was too much of independent mind and no Rav could really reach him

First, it just evil to Blame Gideon Busch for his own death. If was left alone by incompetence rabbis he probably would be still alive.

While many rabbis messed with him, the first one, the one who told him to take a break from medical school and to go t o a yeshiva was behaima Tropper.

If you know about a yeshiva Gideon Went before Tropper brought hom to kol yaakov please share it with us.

Tropper is Troubled said...

The unmaking of a mediocre rabbi like Tropper.

(Observation: There are absolutely no written haskomas/approbations for Tropper to approve the EJF scheme from any known gadol or rov nor does a written teshuva exist, besides the krumme ramblings of Internet troll "Roni" on the Daat Torah blog, to justify and explain it as would be expected in the real world from a supposed "lamdan" like Tropper, while Buchwald has a real letter of blessings and approval from Zelik Epstein, of "ערב חג השבועות
5 Sivan 5756" that Buchwald co-composed and signed with Yitzchak Rosenbaum of NJOP, had Zelig Epstein sign it and had Dovid Cohen approve it. It exists. Ask Buchwald himself. He can fax it to you. He is proud of it. While Tropper wishes that he had anywhere near such a golden communique and "papal dispensation" to go out and performm conversions on the unsuspecting gentiles of the world who need the "EJF cure" like a hole in the head.

Next observation: It is no "defense" to say that Gidon Bush met worse rabbis than Tropper who then messed him up for good. One set of wrondoings never excuses other lesser or greater undoings by some sort of false "chain of events" while it has been establsihed and stated multiple times on Rabbi Daniel Eidensohn's Daat Torah blog by the a poster who calls himself "Monsey Tzadik" that Tropper bears the greatest responsibility for unhinging Gidon Bush from his academic ambitions of wanting to go to medical school, and the rest, well, it's a tragic history. But please, do feel free to note and question anything you may read, its the way of a free and open society, something Tropper would never allow, certainly not on his blog. So far few people, if any, had had any trouble with the information revaled in the "Tropper is Troubled" series, and had there been falsehoods and errors, the sharp readers of UOJ would have been the first ones to spot it and chuck it out.)

So here's the question, it's sort of a take off on that book "The Making of a Gadol" a biography about Yakov Kamenetsky written by his son Noson supposedly that was banned for speaking simple and mundane truths, what is it that "UN-makes" a rabbi, even one who had the potential for greatness?

Take a guy like Tropper for example. He was just an ambitious yeshiva guy out to conqquer the world and got as far as running a perpetually struggling dinky yeshiva for BTs in Monsey which he barely managed to do until he ran into the Kaplan family of Tom and Guma Kaplan Aguiar.

At times Tropper introduced Guma Aguiar as "Yehuda Kaplan" at his kol yaakov yeshiva events probably to forestall questions about a guy with an odd name like Guma Aguiar. More oddities to digest. Did Tropper convince Aguiar to convert as well because Tropper intimates that he belives that kids born to Jewish mothers but with gentile fathers, could/should also undergo conversions: Should the Child of a Jewish Mother and Non Jewish Father Go Through a Jewish Conversion?. When it come to strictures Tropper is all for them as long as they apply to others.

Margo Is Number 13 said...

12 key figures prosecuted in UBS tax evasion case

The U.S. tax investigation of UBS began in 2007 when UBS banker Bradley Birkenfeld began telling federal investigators how he and others had helped the Swiss banking giant's American clients avoid taxes on assets hidden in offshore accounts.

The investigation has widened to include other banks and financial advisers to Americans with unreported foreign holdings. Here are key figures in the case and the dates they were charged, entered pleas or were sentenced.

Source: USA TODAY research by Kevin McCoy

Tropper is Troubled said...

How a mediocrity like Tropper became the victim of his oversized eyes.

When Tropper lucked out and the newly rich billionaires Tom Kaplan and Guam Aguiar fell for Tropper's well-honed snake charming skills as he sang much like that snake in "The Jungle Book" animated Disney movie "Close Your Eyes, Trust In Me" it's just what Guma and Tom did as Tropper proceeded to fleece and pickpocket them as they remained in this kind of hypnotic inanimate limbo, with their power of reasoning lobotomized by Tropper's "divrei Torah talk" out of it state long enough to transfer tens of millions of dollars from them to Tropper's control.

That then had Tropper imbibing from the forbidden fruit of excess gelt that would intoxicate him and give him a false sense of empowerment, with a fake cape of a destructive superman on fool's gold cryptonite and willingness to risk brutal confrontations in the name of a new EJF creed and cult to be.

Now that Guma Aguiar has had an awakening from his trance imposed on him by Tropper, guess what, he is very angry. Big suprise. Any former cult member can attest to this, just Guma was ripped off to the tune of tens of millions. Now he wants an accounting bi time and Tropper is in deep doo-doo.

Now all this transfer of money pumps Tropper up bigger than the ill-fated Hindenburg super blimp. In addition it buys Tropper prestige as he can invite and hob-nob with all the big names in the Haredi world. Only the seven rabbis of the Beth Din of the Eidah Hachareidit oppose him and the EJF scam and put it on paper. Only one blogger, Rabbi Daniel Eidensohn on his Daat Torah blog has the guts and stamina to stay on Tropper's tale and call him to task that he has no written permission from any gadol, rov or poseik to do what he does through EJF to reach out to gentiles via PR to get them to convert.

Not just that but Tropper goes on offense. He starts demanding things from Guma Aguiar, that Guma's wife Jamie "must" submit to Tropper or else. Sort of like "tiba'el lehegmon techila" (newly married maidens were required to first submit to Greek overlords on their wedding nights) as she must submit to a rape of her mind and soul and emotions to Tropper's fenzied demands before she can arrive at her own female instinctive decisions to resist and desire something more moderate that plenty of other women just like her have gotten, a conversion that is doable with a more moderate Orthodox rabbi just as Rabbi Herbert Bomzer. Jamie cannot be blamed for her choices and there is no reason to demonize her or Guma for that, but that is just what Tropper did when he launched his jihad against his long time hate object Rabbi Bomzer in inquisition style subjecting Bomzer, Guma and Jamie to underserved written verbal abuse and harrasment as if he (Tropper) were a Puritan to boot attempting to pin "A" letters to Bomzer, Guma and Jamie. Very shameful all around and gauranteed to trample on any normal human being's senses and sensibilities.

Sara D said...

Thank you guys for exposing Tropper, you may save lives and families by making the public aware

Tropper is Troubled said...

The forces that ruin people like Tropper.

What force is it that can turn such a mediocre run of the mill yeshivishe guy like Tropper into such a frenzied and fanatical Torquemada that he thinks he can run an inquisition against his enemies as if he had some divine right and papal dispensation to do so at will, above and beyond all the source from Talmud and poskim he is a master of producing like pulling deformed sick rabbits out the abyss of his black hat?

Given some thought, it is "frumkeit" that does it. The Kotzker Rebbe said that a "frummer iz a rotzeach" ("a zealot is a murderer") as he then imagines and goes about putting people on torture racks for "religious crimes" or to extract forced confessions. How does this happen? It is truly fascinating.

Take a look at the times of the Inquisition or to Nazi Germany, or to the modern day Jihadists. An ordinary run of the mill Spaniard or German is plucked out of nowhere from his farm or factory or maybe out of a university or a religious seminary, and he is put through some pre-planned well-honed paces, brainwashed with immutable teachings, informed that he now has power. He is given some rank, sometimes it's high rank and authority in the chosen hierarchy. He is given an elite uniform to wear and immense powers to issue orders, and of course he must submit to higher powers and take orders to, a kind of sadomasochistic system of taking and giving orders in unthinking fashion for a "true cause/belief" with a "true ideology" with a "true belief system" that is the "only truth" and those who question it are the outside "enemy" to be hated and confronted and even destroyed and crushed.

Such a man, or we should say creature is DANGEROUS. He has been UNMADE as his humanity and ordinariness has been stripped from him as he now bestrides the world like a God, a Master of the Universe before whom all must bow. This is the character of a Haman.

The ordinary worker, citizen, seminarian, farmer and academic thus becomes a predatory monster. That is how a man like Tropper is "unmade" by skipping being an ordinary guy who'd been to yeshiva and is now going to work like the rest of world from 9 to 5 and trying to keep up with paying the bills and being an ordinary good mentsch, jumping into the persona of an "ubermentsch" and a "high and mighty figure" he paradoxically loses his humanity and resorts to doing things of the worst order that is rationalized and sanctioned by the uniform of the "higher and better" order.

That is how ordinary Spaniards were turned into bloody inquisitors. While they would not normally kill innocents as ordinary Christians, but when granted the powers of Inquisitors they are literally give a "license to kill" and do the unspeakable, totruing in the name of God and religion. Hating in the name of "faith" and spitting on enemies in the name of "salvation."

Likewise with how nice friendly jolly Germans who loved beer drinking and fat ham more than running around hunting and killing Jews and fighting the world were transformed into crazed genocidal killers when Hitler demonically transplanted his own inflated racial purity ideology and doctrines, with an evil Captain Hook glint in the eye for good measure, into ordinary Germans who then don uniforms of death and undertake crimes against humanity.

This is the sad path of unmaking that befell poor old troubled Tropper. Not a happy route.

Tropper is Troubled said...

Tropper's hangover after being drunk on power.

Tropper's intoxication that came with Guma and Kaplan's tens of millions coupled with self rationalizations and surrounded by equally money-hungry rabbinical nodding heads of the highest order, convinced Tropper that he was walking on air like a Jesus and that he was now free to conduct his own vendettas and wars openly against Bomzer, against the Aish HaTorahniks, against the MOs and the RZs, against the RCA and any rov who stood in his way even if was the notable Rav Moshe Sternbuch and his six co-dayanim at the Eidah's Beth Din, against Guma and Jamie Aguiar.

Tropper had tested out this kind of politics of destruction and character assissination and loved it when he acted cunningly against Natan Slifkin the Zoo rabbi and truly excellent kiruv worker who got the shaft from the two Leibs, Leib Pinter the fraud now in jail, and Leib Tropper the persecutor of all those whom he hates who is probably now immutably headed to a cell nearby Pinter's on similar charges of financial fraud as pressed now by Guma Aguiar in US court and in beth din in Israel.

This is going to get a lot worse before it gets any better unless some great peacemakers can stop Guma Aguiar from eating Tropper up alive with more revelations and release of original documents long before Tropper is even dragged to court to face the charges brought by Guma Aguiar on the rampage seeking revenge.

NIRC is Not AJOP said...

Too bad that so many folks confuse NIRC with AJOP, they are just not the same thing.

The whole of AJOP is definitely greater than the sum of it's parts.

In fact, the whole of AJOP is greater than the outright robbery and skullduggery that it was dealt primarily by guys from NIRC like Shiya Milikowsky, Ilan Feldman, Shlomo Porter and the great Yakov Weinberg himself who oversaw the looting of every last penny of the many millions that Sanford Bernstien had pumped into creating AJOP, while guys like Shaya Milikowsky, Ilan Feldman, Shlomo Porter feel asleep at the wheel that allowed crooks like Hershel Leiner, or miscreants like Shmuel Stauber,or totally out of their depth people like Ian Azizalahof to be hired as the Executive Direcors, one after the other, having tossed the founding director Gerry Weisberg to the dogs because he was "too modern" as well as being damned good at his job, as long as Yakov Weinberg was given cover, and oh of course, Sanford Bernstein had sent all those millions to NIRC proper to launch MAOR, that was obviously useful to NIRC's budget, a few million bucks without oversight are great to get.

So quit confusing criticism of the bumblings by the NIRC guys who over-ran AJOP with criticising AJOP as a huge visionary idea and a great place for kiruv workers who need it, but don't need the NIRC bozos and Haredi crooks like Hershel Leiner and multiple marriage practitioners like Shmuel Stauber, who should have been dumped instead of dumping Gerry Weisberg. Gerry could have done a great job blindfolded with half a brain, as he did when he got AJOP off the ground and before the NIRC bozos decided to toss him to the dogs.

Anonymous said...

Yerachmiel Lopin:

I only wish I would have had the talent to invent a character like Tropper. But even if "tov mishelo noled" now that he exists I feel obliged to try and find the time to give him the kind of publicity he does not welcome. Though by now he has way bigger problems than us JBloggers.

Still "Kul hamarbeh l'saper. . .

Michel Twerski said...

I am that great Hornets-nest rebbe from Milwaukee. I am a good friend of Shlomo Porter who's from there too. We stick together we love each so much. We are NIRCs united against the world. You see I attended NIRC too, even though I am a bona fide Chasidishe Rebbe now.

I make a point of attending AJOP conventions with my wife Feige who loves to give mussar to all in earshot. She can get away with it because she smiles a lot. Like that other founding AJOP dolt Yitschak Adlerstein she smiles a lot but really it means bupkes.

Neither my wife or me brought a penny to help AJOP, we are God's gift to AJOP, get it? All our travels and stays in the hotels at AJOP conventions was subsidised after all by naive Billionaire BT Sanford Bernstein's money and it had to go somewhere it may as well have gone to pay for our free weekends in luxury hotels even though we have a multi-million operation of our own back home.

Back to being at AJOP lectures and seminars, my policy has always been "see no evil, hear no evil, talk no evil" no matter what scandal or dispssute is happining, even if they are busy shaming and tossing out half the rabbis on my late buddy's Yakov Weinberg's orders, I stay quiet and happy as if nothing is happening. People steal from the organization, I know about it, there is din Torah, I stay quiet as if I saw nothing. People get hurt by the organization, I heard nothing I saw nothing.

I trust in my power of sermonizing and SINGING lovely ditties and I will never betray my fellow NIRC alums especially not any Weinberg or related relatives. I will never see their faults I will only preach to the people in the audience about their's.

I am a short-sited selfish bastard but I would never put it that way openly in public.

Feige Twerski said...

Thank you for that lovely introduction beloved Michel, we are truly a loving couple worthy of being sponsored and fawned over at AJOP events.

We are really a small-time out of town rabbi and wife but shhh please don't let that get out because at AJOP we are hailed as it's own in-house "Hasidic Rebbe and Rebbetzin" but the only reason my husband has an in with AJOP is because he's a NIRC alumnus and talmid at heart. Cunning and ruthless as they come, but in the end just bumblimg bozos with no credibility with the rest of my very Chasidishe kroivim in Buru Pahk und Villiamsbuhg.

Teeheee, I wish I could on Oprah and say this, but I am the smiling bitch of AJOP that likes to smile as she berates, humiliates, castrates and tears into the hard working attendees at AJOP conventions. God came to me once and said Feigele give Mussar to the AJOP attendees. No, not really, but I am endowed with heilige ruach hakoidesh/holy spirit you know,and I cannot resist speaking out like a true prophetess.

As my husband noted I can get away with this trademark bitch behavior as long as I flash that trademark friendly seeming smile of mine CONSTANTLY. I make sure to go to a good dentist who keeps my teeth pearly white and shiny like a movie actress, so that I can smile and smile and smile as I aim to bust all the balls of the guys at AJOP events.

This is fun. Has to be a reason I am such agood community builder, I am good at demolition and construction, just I can't get why you just can't do that with any people in any audience. Ok, I'll admit, I don't get it, my husband is much better at this than I am, and he's NIRC guy at heart so he always has friends when he heads down to Baltimore for AJOP's next convention with his buddy Shlomo Porter slobbering all over the place.

Hmm, Shlomo really is going to need our help of "see no evil, hear no evil, talk no evil" and make it work as people want to know why Shlomo did nothing to warn the public for all those years while his brother Jack went about being a king size sexual predator. Everything about the Porters is king size if you know what I mean.

You can bet your undies it will not be discussed at the next AJOP convention. Smile, smile, smile, wink, wink, wink.

Anonymous said...

I have noticed that the NY Times articles has Brooklyn D.A. denying that he ever failed to prosecute because of ultraorthodox pressure. Does anyone have a way of getting Amy Neustein to contact them to report the Williamsburg case about a Rabbi Hafner (not sure I got the name right and I think he was in Bobov). She and another author published an article in a professional journal which clearly asserts that a frum parent complained, then a group of rabbis visited the DA's office to say they had investigated the charge and found it false, and the investigation was dropped without even contacting the complainant again!

I strongly suspect that Hynes needs to also be brought down. I suspect he was corrupted by votes and perhaps with other considerations as well.

I wonder about RICO laws. Are federal laws applicable? Are there State RICO laws in NY? Cases like Kolko and Mondrowitz and Reichman should not end when the offenders are sentenced. Sadly, we need to also need to penalize their enablers.

As long as there is a single parent who still goes to rabbonim before they go to the police the rabbonim have to realize that it is a dangerous business for them to leave children unprotected.

One other thing that bothers me, is the failure to give enough credit to Vicki Polin and to Rabbi Blau. Vicki Polin deserves special credit because she led the way and totally extended herself on this issue, and it wasnt even her community.

Rabbi Blau deserves real credit because he shows what real teshuvah is about. He screwed up when he was part of the first Lanner Bet Din. He fully admitted as much. He didnt just say I made a mistake, but explained that their approach was flawed both in its understanding of molesters and in not supporting direct reporting to police. He went a step further and worked with the Awareness Center for a while.

I think any of those enablers at Agudah or elsewhere says "give us another chance" we should say show us repentance, admit how your mistakes were made, apologize to those you hurt, tell us what you would do differently, and then do it. But for goodness sake all these guys know the Rambam's hilchos thsuvah.

When I was a kid, after our class learned about the obligation to grant mechilah, there was this jerk who ran around hitting kids and saying "please be mochel me" even before he finished retracting his hand. He must have graduated to the Agudah and learned to be a smidgen more subtle.

Troppenstein's monster said...

And what makes you think that Buchwald is following the exact letter of what was presented to and approved by R' Zelig?

If you think that R' Zelig approves of giving chashivus to Reform & Conservative "rabbis" and referring people to them for "kiruv", you are dreaming.

Don't forget that Buchwald is in the sphere of that nut Stevie "Shlomo" Riskin and not the yeshivishe oylam.

Jewish Weak publisher Gary Rosenblatt said...

Just to remind everyone who I am. I am the hypocrite who goes after Baruch Lanner because I have a score to settle with the OU but I give other pedophiles and molesters like Marc Gafni a free pass because they are in bed with the Left wing modern orthodox rabbis that I adore like Saul Berman.

Was Ya There Charlie? said...

Again, ‘Tropper is Troubled', regarding the Gideon Busch saga, is dealing from pure ignorance. Rabbis did not bring this man down. Adaraba. Gideon's decision to take a leave of absence from medical school was due to a serious personal medical issue. He shared this information with me and I believe any competent Rav (any clear thinking person) would have advised him to take time off from his studies. This was not about a Baal Tshuva leaving school to become frum as ‘Tropper is Troubled’ believes. Further, in Zefat, Gideon, sought the help of an charlatan, a women posing as a spiritual and psychological therapist claiming to be licensed in America with proper Rabbinical haskamas. (People were lined up at her door for ‘treatment) She used illegal and dangerous protocols in treating Gideon. This was verified by the MDs that subsequently treated Gideon. Concurrently, he also befriended a charismatic, older shomer Shabbas individual, as many spiritual seeking young people did. This man and his wife were later exposed as missionaries of a hideous mind control Hindu cult. The ‘therapist’ and the missionary were working hand in hand. I received a brocha from an Adam Gadol to help steer Gideon away from this 'therapist'. The problem was that the shomer Shabbas English speaking community was held in sway by this ‘therapist’, a true charismatic. I was a loner, crying wolf. Subsequently, the ‘therapist’ and the Hindu missionary were exposed and driven from Zefat with the help of the late Chief Rabbi of Zefat, zt”l, and others. Thus, on the Gideon Busch issue you are speaking the worse sort of motzei shem ra on R'Tropper.

SDR said...

I think someone should send him a copy of Pinter's Artscroll book to help him cope.

Archie Bunker said...

I agree with Charlie.

While Tropper is indeed a dangerous fraudster who must be stopped, we are doing a disservice to the cause by blaming Tropper for everything under the sun.

There were plenty of eyewitnesses btw that Gideon Busch was killed by trigger happy NYPD.

Archie Bunker said...

While I was taking some time off, we have a new thread, but if Ahavah Gayle can get over trying to best people over who has a higher intelligence quotient, I am willing to discuss the issues.

And I can hold my own, thanks.

Archie Bunker said...

I didn't have time earlier to take Shmarya to task for touting the anti-frum op-ed in the LA Times from a jerk in Beverly Hills named Stanley Gold.

What Shmarya slyly does not divulge is who & what this guy is.

Stanley Gold is a combative Reform Jew who as head of the Reform group Hiddush is leading the charge to legalize any & all fake converts in Israel. If you think Tropper is dangerous, what Gold's friend Uri Regev is trying to do with the Who is a Jew law in the Knesset is even worse. These guys are also Failed Messiah wannabes who dig up dirt on the orthodox to attack them in venomous press releases.

Regev is a pro-Palestinian Reform or Reconstructionist rabbi who is involved with the self-hating Jewish group "BeTzelem" who are constantly snitching to Israel's enemies abroad about perceived "persecution" of Arab terrorists.

Gold is the CEO of Shamrock Holdings which is the investment arm of Walt Disney. Talk about Mickey Mouse management.

Rav Perlow's Secretary said...

Reb Michel, I never expected to see you on this makom ma'us. Yetzt az ich vaist that you will certainly find out what is written here:

Efsher kenst du mispallel zein for mein shvugger in Chicago. He's having a shrekklach yur since Rosh Hashanah. Ich hub gehert az a sefer torah hut arup gefallen on der ershteh tog fun Rosh Hashanah. Demulst, he collapsed on Hoshanah Rabbah faren amud in mitten fun Shemoineh Esrai. Iz mammesh a pachad, a shrek.

Maybe you can take him along on a retreat somewhere to help him rest up. Your son is a chushev ruv in Chicago, maybe he can bring achdus and bracha back to Chicago. This is mammesh devarim hayoitzim min halev.

Besirois Toivois,

Reb Yakov

Tropper and Margo Watch said...


Report Documents the Risks of Giant Invasive Snakes in the U.S.

Ombudsman said...

Tropper is troubled,

I have eagerly read your exposes and gotten a kick out of your flowery oratory and way with words, but you are now getting out of control.

The Inquisition, Nazis, Haman?

Surely you are not serious?

Ombudsman said...

AJOP critic,

Do you care to explain how anyone "looted" AJOP? Forcing out modern orthodox staff is not the same as stealing organizational funds.

the Monsey Tzadik said...

Rabbis did not bring this man down. Adaraba. Gideon's decision to take a leave of absence from medical school was due to a serious personal medical issue.

If so, he should go to get a medical treatment and not to go with Tropper to Kol Yaakov. Kol Yaakov is a BT yeshiva for weirdoes and not a medical facility.

From your post I can see that you are BT, I can tell you than some people should not be forced to be BT (Hint Tropper), they should stay in their normal life and be encouraged to keep as many mitzvos that feel conformable. (This is one thing Chabba d does well).

Tropper and other rabbis who think everyone should be haredi are destroying lives and families.

This is another reason Tropper needed to be stopped

Anonymous said...

Rav Gifter reportedly had a problem with the hashkofos of the old Rav Twersky in Milwaukee.

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...



I want to go on record here --- I believe the Government versus Rubashkin trial is now a stare-down contest game of chicken on who blinks first.

Rubashkin's strategy is to aim for a mistrial --- and if the prosecution feels that this could happen, a plea bargain deal will be struck.

I am informed that a deal, in principle, has already been agreed to, the only question remains as to the length of time Rubashkin should serve.

Rubashkin's legal strategy is a high risk game of nerves, wearing down the government; and it may work.

Or...Rubashkin can spend the next 25 years of his life in orange.

I believe Rubashkin would be better off cutting the best deal he can get...but what do I know?

the Monsey Tzadik said...

have eagerly read your exposes and gotten a kick out of your flowery oratory and way with words, but you are now getting out of control.

The Inquisition, Nazis, Haman?

Yes, maybe strong words, but Tropper is evil person who will stop at nothing when he is enraged. Like the way he beat his first wife into pulps, like going on crusading campaign against rabbi Slifkin, Like revoking a conversion of a mother and a wife (to a Jewish man) because she wore pants and occasionally neglected to cover her hair.

Or trying to ruin a conversion of a woman who started her conversion with him but then decided to go with the RCA

I can go on and on

There is no other man in contemporary Jewish History who inflicted more pain on klal Yisrael than Tropper.

Ombudsman said...


From where do you know that Tropper beat Rav Margolin's daughter "into pulp"? I have been following the scoundrel and this is the first I have heard of this.

I am not really impressed with anything from Jewcy and it's author David Kelsey, an ex-chossid, who like Shmarya is angry at the world. While it's possible that Tropper mistreated that women, there are many rabbonim who will hold on to the shtar gerus for a year or two and sometimes never release it. I don't think Tropper could "revoke" anything already issued.

I have news for you. There have been plenty of problematic RCA conversions. The RCA itself knew this and only acted after Tropper lit a fire under their behinds.

Tropper is a very bad guy but please don't trot out these other bogus agendas by demonizing him where uncalled for.

Ombudsman said...

Can UOJ verify the blog rumors that the Novominsker and Nat Lewin have reached out to the US Attorney to cut a deal for Rubashkin and in doing so have brought up the usual religious interference arguments?

Boro Park said...

The murder of Gidone Busch was covered up by the Mayor's office and police commissioner.

The askan Heshy Friedman tracked down some gentile furniture delivery guys who were there when Busch collapsed under a hail of bullets. They said Busch was just a harmless fruitcake lazily waving a hammer who probably could have been disarmed with little effort or at most with a shot or two to his limbs. The cops were not close enough to have been injured when they gunned him down.

This was confirmed to investigators by eyewitness Tzvi Rokeach, a lawyer who learned in Lakewood, who saw everything from a balcony across the street.

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

I am able to confirm that the government is amenable to a plea bargain, and get rid of this case once and for all for a host of reasons. One of them is certainly the "Jew Card".

Never in Jewish history has a scam that undermines the basic tenets of Judaism as Tropper's EJF, seeking out converts as its objective, been perpetrated before, although the BT well is going dry, and Chabad is going in that direction as well if the father of the potential "donor" is Jewish.

Tropper must be stopped dead in his filthy perverted fraud.

Al Sharpton said...

I tried to insert myself into the Gideon Bush controversy but was shouted out of Borough Park because I couldn't hide the fact that I am an anti-Semitic opportunist.

But let me know if Tropper is using sistas married to Jewish men.

Leib Glanz said...


Where's the fire, rabbi?

The city Correction Department rabbi who resigned after The Post revealed he organized a bar-mitzvah bash for an inmate's son behind bars recently has been parking illegally while displaying a placard that falsely claims he is a firefighter.

The Post spotted Rabbi Leib Glanz using an official Uniformed Firefighters Association placard Friday while praying in a Williamsburg synagogue.

In June, the Post exposed how the politically connected rabbi organized a bar mitzvah last December for the son of notorious fraudster and longtime fugitive Tuvia Stern in the downtown Manhattan jail known as The Tombs. The soiree had dozens of non-inmates as guests, featured catered kosher food and a live performance by popular Orthodox Jewish singer Yaakov Shwekey.

Several former inmates soon afterward said Glanz for years had arranged for Jewish inmates to be housed at The Tombs, where he let them use his office to watch movies, make phone calls and nosh on kosher delicacies.

The exposé sparked a still-pending Department of Investigation probe into Correction's coddling of Jewish inmates, as well as the resignations of Glanz and Correction chief Peter Curcio, who didn't stop the rabbi's flouting of jailhouse policy.

But Glanz apparently still has friends in high places.

A Post reporter saw a black Chevy Suburban with official license plates double-parked Friday in front of Glanz's home on Ross Street in Brooklyn. The vehicle had emergency lights on the roof and dashboard. Also on the dashboard were two parking placards.

One read, "Active firefighter . . . This vehicle is on official UFA Business . . . Uniformed Firefighters Association . . . Expires Feb 1, 2010 . . . #22344." The other was a placard from "Chevra Hatzolah," the volunteer emergency ambulance service.

At 7:30 a.m., Glanz drove to Wilson Street and Division Avenue and parked at a school where signs read, "No Standing 7 a.m.-7 p.m., School Days." Glanz went into a synagogue at 210 Division Ave.

A friend asked why a photographer was taking pictures and then got the keys and moved the SUV to a "No Standing 9 a.m.-5 p.m." zone.

Glanz came out about 9 a.m. and said he was given the firefighter placard by the Fire Department "as a courtesy" so he could park at the main synagogue of the Satmar sect on Hooper Street.

"In case I have to respond, I can park there. There aren't a lot of spaces," he said.

Asked why he was using the placard away from the Hooper Street synagogue, Glanz replied: "I'm willing to take it off. I don't need it."

He removed the two placards and drove off.

A spokesman for the firefighters' union could not immediately answer why Glanz had a placard but said that the placards are meant to be issued only to professional firefighters.

"In past years, unauthorized personnel have been arrested for misusing these vehicle identification placards, so if someone illegally obtains one, we highly recommend returning it to the UFA or turning it in to a local police precinct," the UFA said in a prepared statement.

Lakewood talmid said...

Tropper's discussion on his blog of the shitos Rishonim, omits Tosafos who hold that a goyish father confers mamzerus on the child.

I can see why Tropper would like to leave that detail out as it would not be a very strong selling point for the EJF scam.

Rabbi Shemtov covers up for pedophile talmid of R' Elya Svei said...


Chabad's International Co-head and emissary to the White House, Rabbi Avaham Shemtov says child sex abuse that took place in his synagogue is beyond his purview.

Shemtov said that there were "lots of rumor that flew back and forth" about Levitt over the years, but he never got involved, and the rumors have stopped.

"No one came to me either seeking a solution or asking for help," said Shemtov.

With these kind of rumors, "unless you can be of help or assistance, you don't get involved," he added.

Levitt entered a plea of no contest to indecent assault and corrupting a minor -- both classified as misdemeanors. He was sentenced in 2004 in the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas to five years probation, which will be up in December.

Another case went to trial and resulted in a not guilty verdict. Charges were withdrawn in the third case, court documents show.

According to court records, a number of the alleged incidents took place from 1999 to 2002 inside Congregation Lubavitch, Lubavitcher Center, at 7622 Castor Ave., where Levitt attended services for a time.

A number of sources within the Orthodox community declined to speak on the record. But several said that Levitt -- who apparently hasn't worked as a rabbi or teacher in the local community for years -- was essentially shunned following the accusations.

Sources said that Levitt grew up in the area and attended the Talmudical Yeshiva of Philadelphia.

According to a Maimonides yearbook from the mid-70s, he earned his ordination at the Rabbinical College of New Jersey, which later became the Rabbinical College of America, which is affiliated with the Lubavitch movement.

The same yearbook notes that from 1968-70, he taught at the Hebrew Day School of Eastern Connecticut in New Haven before moving to the now-defunct Beth Jacob School in Elkins Park, where he worked from 1970-72.

From 1972 to 1974, he was employed at the Hebrew Academy of Atlantic City, N.J., before moving on to Maimonides in Massachusetts, where they noted that he stayed until 1977.

Philadelphia court records from the early 2000s show that Levitt was then unemployed and living on a pension.

In the past few years, Levitt had been attending services at Young Israel of Oxford Circle in Northeast Philadelphia, which closed earlier this year, according to the synagogue's president, Stanley Grosswald.

Grosswald added that Levitt, whom he knew as Samuel Levitt, had helped out the congregation from time to time, including trying to sell the synagogue's scrolls when it was attempting to stay afloat.

Grosswald also said that Levitt had been in a car accident several years ago and now walks with a pronounced limp.

He said that these days, Levitt supports himself in part by getting work repairing damaged Torah scrolls.

Grosswald said that, for his part, he had never heard about the accusations against Levitt.

R' Elya said...

Vos drayt men oyf Castor Ave?

Leib Tropper on deck for 2010 Nobel Peace Prize said...


A Wicked and Ignorant Award

Yasser Arafart said...

Good choice!

Was Ya There Charlie said...

The 'Monsey Tzdakik', in responce to the post that related “Rabbis did not bring this man down. Adaraba. Gideon's decision to take a leave of absence from medical school was due to a serious personal medical issue.” stated that "If so, he should go to get a medical treatment and not to go with Tropper to Kol Yaakov. Kol Yaakov is a BT yeshiva for weirdoes and not a medical facility." This is babble, from an individual ignorant of the circumstances behind Gideon’s leaving school. His leaving school and learning Torah was not in lieu of treatment, which is absurd. Gideon sought the best medical care available.

In many hours of conversation with Gideon, I never heard him mention R'Tropper. He was not overly impressed with Rabbanim in general. He was very independent of mind, he had a brilliant one indeed, and his death was a great loss to the Jewish People. Stop blaming his demise on R’Tropper. It is a blood libel.

Agudah style public relations said...

According to 10connects.com in Tampa Bay, Fla., a manager at a Jacksonville Wendy's is complaining that she was called on the carpet last week for calling 911 after drinking something at work that may have been laced with oven cleaner.

Sara Barahona said it was hot at the store, the AC was out and she gulped her drink. It tasted funny and when she lifted the lid, it didn't look right, either. She had no clue what was in there so she called for medical help. Sounds reasonable.

Now comes the weird, news-making part. A few days later she's summoned by the district manager. She says he faults her, in front of others, for getting help because emergency vehicles outside the restaurant is bad for business. Poisoned managers aren't real high on the PR scale either, but let's move on.

Alan Pruitt, president of Wendy's of Michigan and Florida, has confirmed there was a meeting. He told the Web site that the district manager did not fault Barahona for calling 911; instead, get this, managers were reminded to also call the district office in the event of an emergency.

Let this sit for a minute. You think you've been poisoned. You don't know what you just drank, so you call for help. You're also supposed to call your boss? Does the manual also include instructions for passing out in a proper, corporate manner?

James Taranto said...

...Like the way he beat his first wife into pulps,
News of the Tautological

This is probably why she is an ex-wife

Anonymous said...

Am I the only one who is confused here?

The molester Zusya Levitt learned in Philly, then went to Morristown to get semicha from Lubavitch, then went to give a shiur under Rabbi J.B. Soloveitchik.

Tzaddik in peltz said...

I don't always trust what I read from "Monsey Tzaddik" since he is known for crude sexual innuendo and just plain bad corny jokes at Failed Shmarya and other forums.

And no, I cannot stand Tropper.

Anonymous said...

Please be Mispallel for Yosef Shalom ben Chaya Musha.

Both versions of the story are correct said...

No illusion - Dow Closes Above 10,000 for First Time in Over a Year

4:18 PM


Reactions to front page NY Times story on child sex abuse in the Orthodox Jewish community

By Putzville Daily Herald staff writer

Putz in the street interviews reflect a consensus that Chaim Dovid Zweibel and the Agudah are for real when they admit that investigating pedophiles is better left to law enforcement.

Hey Big Spender said...

WASHINGTON (AP) -- President Barack Obama called on Congress Wednesday to approve $250 payments to more than 50 million seniors

Rep. Charles Rangel, D-N.Y., chairman of the Ways and Means Committee, which has jurisdiction over Social Security in the House, said he supports the $250 payments.

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

Danger: AVG Search-Shield has detected active threats on this page and has blocked access for your protection.
The page you are trying to access has been identified as a known exploit, phishing, or social engineering web site and therefore has been blocked for your safety. Without protection, such as that in the AVG Security Toolbar and AVG, your computer is at risk of being compromised, corrupted or having your identity stolen. Please follow one of the suggestions below to continue.

IP Address:

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

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The page you are trying to access has been identified as a known exploit, phishing, or social engineering web site and therefore has been blocked for your safety. Without protection, such as that in the AVG Security Toolbar and AVG, your computer is at risk of being compromised, corrupted or having your identity stolen. Please follow one of the suggestions below to continue.

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"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

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"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

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"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

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"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

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"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

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The page you are trying to access has been identified as a known exploit, phishing, or social engineering web site and therefore has been blocked for your safety. Without protection, such as that in the AVG Security Toolbar and AVG, your computer is at risk of being compromised, corrupted or having your identity stolen. Please follow one of the suggestions below to continue.

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"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

Danger: AVG Search-Shield has detected active threats on this page and has blocked access for your protection.
The page you are trying to access has been identified as a known exploit, phishing, or social engineering web site and therefore has been blocked for your safety. Without protection, such as that in the AVG Security Toolbar and AVG, your computer is at risk of being compromised, corrupted or having your identity stolen. Please follow one of the suggestions below to continue.

IP Address:

Avi L. Shafran said...

It's just a matter of time until they nail Sully Sullenburger!

October 14, 2009

NTSB Faults Pilot, First Officer for Plane Crash

Filed at 7:02 p.m. ET

WASHINGTON (AP) -- The pilot of a 2007 medical flight that crashed into Lake Michigan, killing all six aboard, mishandled an unusual flight situation and was unable to properly coordinate with his first officer, the National Transportation Safety Board said Wednesday.

Bureau Chief Shea Fishman said...


The American Farm Bureau has outlined a new campaign effort to derail Congressional bills to combat climate change.

Archie Bunker said...

The NY Times article on reporting pedophiles was in the top 10 read articles on the website today, as high as #7 when I checked.

I do think it was a mistake though for Ben Hirsch to give a boost to Shmarya in his interview. While UOJ is certainly a forum where you can vent anonymously, Failed Messiah is a completely different venue. When the blog master is not busy attaching his two cents to every inane comment as an egotistical micro-manager, he is blocking readers he doesn't like from posting whatsoever.

Rabbis Still Want Role In Abuse Cases said...


Mezonos Maven said...

Kings Civil Supreme
Index Number: 017389/2007
Case Type: Contract
Track: Standard
RJI Filed: 09/27/2007

Kings Civil Supreme
Index Number: 003885/2008
RJI Filed: 09/01/2009


Kings Civil Supreme
Index Number: 000350/1989

Kings County Civil Court
Index Number: CV-110300-06/KI
Case Type: Civil
Classification: Consumer Credit
Filing Date: 08/10/2006
Disposition Date: 01/30/2008

Kings County Civil Court
Index Number: RE-407863-08/KI
Mezonos Maven Bakery
Case Type: Replevin
Filing Date: 03/24/2008

Kings County Civil Court
Index Number: CV-052872-09/KI
Case Type: Civil
Classification: General
Filing Date: 05/19/2009

Rabbi Moshe Kletenik said...

I ONLY got hired in Seattle because the rabbi was removed due to sexual abuse. But, I still don't believe ANY Jew would ever sexually abuse someone. Therefore, Bais Din is the place to go. We simply disregard testimony of little children under thirteen, and rely on Rov. Since Rov Jews aren't sexually abusive there is no reason to suspect.

Rabbi Moshe Zev Weissberg of Lakewood also has NEVER found any credible cases of sexual abuse in Lakewood. It stands to reason that sexual abuse is a made up phenomenon by doubters trying to cast aspersions on Judaism. Molestation NEVER happens in families. Any notion to the contrary is pure fabrication. It's simply called "Brotherly Love". Isn't there the Gay Shul called Sholom AL Yisroel?

Marvin Schick's Avi Chai Foundation said...


Petitioner, YESHIVAS NOVOMINSK, be and it hereby is authorized and granted leave to secure an interest free loan of $1 million from Avi Chai Foundation by entering into a line of credit agreement ("LOC") with North Fork Bank (the "Bank") for the purpose of providing credit enhancement and collateral for
the benefit of Avi Chai Foundation in connection with said loan €ram said foundation, and to secdre said line of credit by a mortgage lien on the premises located at 1680 61st Street, Brooklyn, New York and other security requested by the Bank

Londinski in Lakewood said...

Kletenik, who was the rabbi who was removed in Seattle?

Jacob Perlow said...


UOJ is probably wondering why the legal secretary of Novominsk is Rabbi Lipa Brennan, a Lubavitcher. (Not to be confused with child rapist Lipa Brenner).

Anonymous said...

The only Seattle incident I am aware of is about eight or so years ago, a day school Rebbe was removed for having porn on his computer, or something like that. I am quite sure no child porn was found. So this guy, while certainly not worthy of being a Rebbe, is far from being a molestor. Perhaps there is another incident involving another.

Too much coffee in Seattle said...

There is also the rabbi who drives like a maniac and has run people over while speeding, sometimes killing them, because he is yapping on his cellphone or just plain tzefloygent.

He was lucky last year that a judge only revoked his right to drive instead of throwing him in jail for a long time.

Wall Street Journal said...

Songwriter Joseph Brooks has been having a difficult time of late, the Associated Press reports. He is scheduled to go on trial next week after having "pleaded not guilty in June to raping 11 women seeking film roles." He's also involved in a messy civil case:

Brooks filed a fraud suit Tuesday seeking at least $2 million in damages and the return of a $550,000 bank account, a $60,000 engagement ring and other expensive presents he says he gave to Joaly Gomez. . . .

According to the lawsuit, the 71-year-old Brooks met the then-21-year-old Gomez more than 18 months ago and grew close to her after suffering a stroke in April 2008. . . .

Told she was a student with no money, Brooks treated her to more than $1 million worth of designer clothes and jewelry, the lawsuit said. After professing his love and proposing in May, he followed up with the 1.38-carat diamond-and-platinum Tiffany's ring, about $50,000 worth of dental work, a $70,000 Mercedes-Benz and more than $1 million in deposits into her bank account, the suit said. Gomez later returned about half the money but kept $550,000, according to the lawsuit.

The "complete shock" came Oct. 2, when he peered in her open handbag and discovered a 2007 marriage certificate listing her as another man's wife, the suit said. She had concealed the marriage "so that he would continue to shower her with gifts, attention, propose to her" and spend money on her, the suit said.

You almost start to think the guy has suffered enough. And then you realize he's the guy who wrote "You Light Up My Life."

Anonymous said...


Representative Michele Bachmann

... she said she would not complete all of her United States census forms next year because such forms were inappropriately intrusive.

Shortly before the election, she said on “Hardball” on MSNBC that she was “very concerned” that Mr. Obama “may have anti-American views.”

Troppenstein's monster said...

Roni (a.k.a. Tropper?) posted on Rabbi Eidensohn's blog that UOJ is a "smut" peddler who "hates" observant Jews "with a passion" and therefore anyone reading material here needs to do a cheshbon hanefesh.

And his latest kuntz to discredit Guma is that he heard kol isha at the Madonna concert in Israel.

Wall Street Journal said...


David Espo of the Associated Press is certainly excited about what the Senate Finance Committee did yesterday:

Historic legislation to expand U.S. health care and control costs won its first Republican supporter Tuesday and cleared a key Senate hurdle, a double-barreled triumph that propelled President Barack Obama's signature issue toward votes this fall in both houses of Congress.

Michael Cannon of the Cato Institute throws some cold water on the double-barreled hurdle-clearing of a signature-propellent, noting that lots of special interests--not just industry groups but unions, wealthy constituents of Democratic congressmen, and even coal miners--have reason to oppose this legislation. "Can President Obama and the congressional leadership satisfy [these] groups?" he asks. "My guess is, probably not, and this misguided effort at 'reform' will therefore die. Again."

Let's hope he's right. Meanwhile, if you're not part of a special interest but just a regular American who hopes one day to grow old (because it beats the alternative), NewsBusters.org has a timely reminder that proponents of "health-care reform" don't necessarily sympathize with that aspiration. NewsBusters links to another Morgen Richmond YouTube clip, this one of a speech that Robert Reich, who served as President Clinton's labor secretary, delivered on the subject in 2007:

I will actually give you a speech made up entirely--almost at the spur of the moment, of what a candidate for president would say if that candidate did not care about becoming president. In other words, this is what the truth is, and a candidate will never say, but what candidates should say if we were in a kind of democracy where citizens were honored in terms of their practice of citizenship, and they were educated in terms of what the issues were, and they could separate myth from reality in terms of what candidates would tell them:
"Thank you so much for coming this afternoon. I'm so glad to see you, and I would like to be president. Let me tell you a few things on health care. Look, we have the only health-care system in the world that is designed to avoid sick people. [laughter] That's true, and what I'm going to do is I am going to try to reorganize it to be more amenable to treating sick people. But that means you--particularly you young people, particularly you young, healthy people--you're going to have to pay more. [applause] Thank you.

"And by the way, we are going to have to--if you're very old, we're not going to give you all that technology and all those drugs for the last couple of years of your life to keep you maybe going for another couple of months. It's too expensive, so we're going to let you die. [applause]

"Also, I'm going to use the bargaining leverage of the federal government in terms of Medicare, Medicaid--we already have a lot of bargaining leverage--to force drug companies and insurance companies and medical suppliers to reduce their costs. But that means less innovation, and that means less new products and less new drugs on the market, which means you are probably not going to live that much longer than your parents. [applause] Thank you."

As noted in our transcription, Reich's Berkeley, Calif., audience applauded the idea of taxing the young, killing the old, and stifling lifesaving innovations. One suspects that these ideas would not be greeted as warmly in most other American locales, which is why elected politicians who are actually trying to sell such ideas cloak them in euphemisms about "universal care," "reform," "cost cutting" and so forth.

Recipients and Publicity said...

Tropper / Roni has been circulating a letter in English attacking Rabbi Bomzer - a letter that has now been proven a forgery.

Rabbi Nochum Eisenstein was asked personally if he in fact signed the letter. Rav Eisenstein knew NOTHING about an English letter against Bomzer and he exclaimed how things could be done with PHOTO-SHOP.

After all, Guma asserts that Tropper had repeatedly tricked him by sending forged "thank you letters" from rabbonim who were later found to have never received any money from Tropper.

This just therefore shows and affirms the contention that Tropper is fully capable of forging letters and signatures (PHOTO-SHOP makes it so easy) in order to achive any goals, be it fooling Guma into believing his donations reached their goal, or painting Rabbi Bomzer in the worst possible light, with the justification being that it is somehow "muttar" to do things against such people since Tropper deems them to be beyond the pale using this or that so-called krumme and dangerous "Halachic reasoning" to attain his goals.

It is the height of hypocrisy, inhumanity and a total lack of kovod habriyos to denigrate people who have unstintingly and unquestioningly given you tens of millions of dollars that now you/Roni/Tropper resort yet again to your/Roni's/Tropper's ad hominem and red herring attacks against Guma.

Tropper PR machine said...


They have Ladaat.net running puff pieces about him to counter all the bad publicity.

Coming soon to Yudi Kolko & Gissinger's shul? said...


North Carolina is a proud member of the so-called Bible Belt of states that take their religion seriously. So some eyebrows were raised when James Nichols was arrested for attending church.

His offense? Nichols, a convicted sex offender, had chosen to worship at a church that has a nursery where kids play while their parents pray. Now Nichols, 31, who only recently got out of prison, is fighting back, challenging the legality of a new law that took effect in December prohibiting registered sex offenders from coming within 300 ft. — nearly a football field's length — of any facility devoted to the use, care or supervision of minors. (See pictures of John 3:16 in pop culture.)

As more states have adopted laws regulating where sex offenders can go, it was only a matter of time before the noble goal of protecting children butted heads with the sacrosanct First Amendment right to worship where and when you choose. Which takes precedence?

Anyone here from Passaic? said...

Is it true that Rabbi Eisenman is telling people not to give money to Ger because they are protecting pedophiles?

Son of Boog said...


WASHINGTON – Republicans are capitalizing on the troubles of community activist group ACORN — ranging from charges of voter registration fraud to embarrassing videos of its employees — to revive their long-standing fight against a federal law that grades banks on their investments in poor and minority neighborhoods.

The 1977 Community Reinvestment Act was intended to end redlining, a practice in which banks in effect walled off many inner-city neighborhoods from mortgage loans. But some GOP lawmakers say it has outlived its purpose and is being used inappropriately by ACORN to shake down banks for money. They want to repeal the law, scale it back or at least block a Democratic proposal to expand it.

Critics of the law are linking it to ACORN — a subject many Democrats wish would go away

Rabbi Aviner imitates UOJ said...

Women attacked by rapists are permitted to kill them to ward off the attack, Beit El Chief Rabbi Shlomo Aviner ruled in a newsletter published Saturday.

“In either word or deed, fight him off. Yell out loud so that everyone can hear you. If he touches you, slap him. If he attempts to do worse, and there is no other choice, you can kill him…yes, kill him,” Rabbi Aviner wrote.

The rabbi also noted in his article that his advice falls well within the guidelines of Israeli law, which is also on his side. ”A young man broke into a woman’s apartment and wanted to have his way with her. She killed him and the court ruled that in this instance she had the right to use reasonable force in order to defend herself, and that her actions were justified.”

Politically incorrect said...

Shmarya shows no sign of backing down from his lies that the Eidah is unanimous in demonizing Hadassah Hospital. He chooses not to divulge that there is a rogue faction in the Eidah behind this and that Rav Sternbuch has publicly warned the oylam to stop subscribing to their krum views.

Monsey said...


Prosecutors this morning dropped all charges against a Monsey man and a fired Ramapo police officer who had been accused of sexually abusing a Rockland woman.

Rockland prosecutor James Mellion told acting Supreme Court Justice Catherine Bartlett that the charges against former office Andrew Dale and Monsey resident Zalman Silber were being dropped “in the interest of justice.”

Dale immediately hugged his defense attorney David Goldstein. Dale's wife, who was also in the courtroom, began to cry.

Silber was not in court at the time.

Mellion said the credibility of the prosecution’s chief witness, Sarah Silber, had been damaged by DVDs showing her giving unlicensed massages to clients in Monsey and the Bronx.

Silber had accused Dale of sexually abusing her while her husband watched inside the bedroom of their Monsey house. She said that the two performed gynecological and rectal exams on her.

Dale was fired as a result of Silber's accusations.

Anonymous said...

Burlington Coat Factory is owned by frum people.

COLUMBUS, Ohio - A woman being driven around in a rented limousine pulled up at a coat store and announced she'd won the lottery and would pay for everyone's purchases, police said, but she ended up causing a riot when customers realized it was a hoax.

Angry customers threw merchandise around and looted, leaving the store looking as though a hurricane had passed through it, police said.

Linda Brown was arrested Tuesday after an hours-long shopping spree that began when she hired a stretch Hummer limousine to drop her off at a Burlington Coat Factory store, police Sgt. Lt. Michael Deakins said. Brown walked to a cash register and loudly announced she had won the lottery and would pay for each person's merchandise up to $500, he said.

"Well, of course, people like to hear that," Deakins said. "Apparently they were in line calling relatives who were not at the store and told them to come."

People flooded the registers as cashiers began ringing up purchase after purchase, but Brown had not yet paid the bill, Deakins said. At least 500 people filled the aisles and another 1,000 were outside trying to get in, he said.

"She was telling people she won $1.5 million," Deakins said. "But it ends up she didn't win anything. She had no money to pay for anything."

About an hour later, Brown had the limousine driver take her to a bank to withdraw money, but she returned empty-handed, police Detective Steven Nace said. By then, store employees had called in two dozen police officers to handle the crowds.

Shopper Candace Jordan said she told Brown she didn't need clothes, she needed help paying her rent.

"And she said, 'How much is it?"' Jordan told WBNS-TV. "And she promptly wrote out a check."

By the time employees realized Brown didn't have any cash to pay, police said, she already had taken off in the limo.

That's when angry customers, realizing they weren't getting free coats, began throwing merchandise on the floor and grabbing clothes without paying for them, Nace said.

"Everybody was like, 'I still want my free stuff,' and that started the riot," he said. "It looks like (Hurricane) Katrina went through the store."

Police said they have no way of tracking down the customers who stole items and fled, but they're reviewing surveillance video.

When the limousine driver realized he wasn't going to be paid the $900 Brown owed him for the day's rental, he turned her in to police, Deakins said.

Brown, 44, was arrested on three outstanding warrants for aggravated menacing, misuse of a 911 system and causing false alarms. She was jailed late Wednesday, but no charges had been filed against her related to the coat store chaos pending a mental health evaluation.

A spokeswoman for Burlington Coat Factory, which is based in Burlington, N.J., and has more than 300 stores across the country, said late Wednesday she couldn't comment on the incident.

Boog's "Sick out there and getting Sicker" file said...

Lawmakers in Washington are considering a bill that would give tax breaks of up to $3,500 per person for pet care costs, according to a report by ABC News.

Competition for Leib Tropper said...

Rev. Sun Myung Moon presides over Unification Church's mass wedding of 40,000 people


Wednesday, October 14th 2009

Rav Eidensohn responds to Roni / Tropper said...

Strange the facts seem to be just the opposite. Your incredibly wrong understanding of Rav Eliashiv's teshuva? Your citing Rav Reuven's collection of sources as proof that R' Tropper had widespread rabbinic support - when the views Rav Reuven collected did not relate to the topic? Your assertion of the meaning of the Igros Moshe when what you are saying is an interpretation which is problematic and is disputed by Rabbi Fuerst? Your repeated insistence that proselytization is not so terrible because there is no explicit source when you well known that R' Tropper would be laughed out of town if he explicity acknowledge that he was deliberately proselytizing. Your insistence that R' Tropper's approach is valid when he has absolutely no written approval and the Bedatz explicitly condemned what he is doing.

And yet you don't understand why your schloarship is not treated with greater respect - aside from your boorish midos?!

Lazer A said...

I will say that the comments written by Roni over there hurt my brain.

They are written in a careless manner, with innumerable typos and misspellings, and the use of extremely unclear language. It is simply not worth the effort to try to decipher his points. This is asides from the excessively aggressive language he uses.

For all I know, Roni may actually be the correct, but no one will ever know from his comments.

Anonymous said...

Roni / Tropper is accusing Rabbi Eidensohn of devoting his entire blog to attack him when only 10% of the entries are anti-Tropper.

Calgary, Alberta, Canada said...

EJF in Calgary, Alberta are currently being mekarev the ex-Hillel representative who has a non-Jewish girlfriend and her kids. Not a situation of intermarried couple but a boyfriend-girlfriend situation.

Who says EJF are not preaching to the goyim?

Chicago Agudah Fresser said...

Now it makes sense why Tropper reportedly slandered rabbonim in the Midwest that "not one of them is qualified to be a dayan".

After Dayan Fuerst said that Tropper is distorting the psak of R' Moishe, Tropper wanted his head on a pike.

Troppenstein's monster said...

Nice way for Tropper to distract away from his promotion of intermarriage.

Mordechai Neugroschel is on the Gateways payroll.

Yeshiva World News

Jerusalem, Israel - In a bold initiative to rescue Israeli women drawn into marriages with Arab men that have horrifying consequences, the Eternal Jewish Family International (EJFI) has partnered with Lev L'Achim in a dramatic effort to rescue many of these women. For decades, Israeli women of both Orthodox and secular backgrounds have been lured into relationships with Arab men only to find themselves mistreated and abused. The Lev L'Achim organization has become a key force in their rescue. Lev L'Achim has set up a hotline for family members and friends of the victims and frequently for the victims themselves. "Our hotline is published in newspapers, mentioned in lectures throughout the city, and advertised on pay phones, even in Arab villages when possible," says an active leader in Lev L'Achim. "We're trying to reach every woman that needs our help to let her know that she doesn't have to handle her situation alone." With EJFI's involvement, Rabbi Mordechai Neugroschel acts as staff advisor and counsels women involved in interfaith relationships. Horrific stories of their abuse make the headlines, but are sometimes not enough to prevent these women from allowing their relationships to progress.

UOJ gets results said...

Now that the NY Times hyperlink is bringing half the world to take a look at UOJ, this blog appears to have transformed overnight into the leading forum for people the world over to share new revealations that are damaging to Tropper's shady schemes.

Leib Pinter said...

I hope my old friend Tropper doesn't plan on bunking with me at Otisville prison.

The bunk bed will zicher collapse under his hefty weight!

I have to get a hold of Uncle Milty and ask him to keep me posted.

Arthur's travel agent said...


(IsraelNN.com) Five Israelis travelers have been hospitalized and are undergoing treatment for typhoid at the Sheba Medical Center in Tel Hashomer following recent trips to Nepal. A sixth is hospitalized in Tiberias.

Hospital officials said that all six are suffering from fever and are being treated with intravenous antibiotic. Following investigation, it was discovered that all of them had eaten at two Chabad centers in Nepal, including meals during the recent holiday period. The possibility that that the disease was transferred to their food by one of the local employees is being considered.

Because of the potential connection to the Nepal centers, Health Ministry officials suspect that there are additional cases of as-yet-undiagnosed infection. Israelis who were in Nepal over the past month and who have experienced a fever are asked to immediately seek medical attention and be tested.

On Sunday, an Israeli woman who returned from a trip to Nepal was was taken for treatment to a hospital in Tiberias after complaining of severe stomach pains. She is in stable condition, said doctors who diagnosed her as the sixth traveller suffering from a typhoid infection.

Stomach typhoid is caused by the salmonella virus, which is ingested in food or drink, entering the digestive system and then the circulatory system. It is characterized by a severe, sustained fever, and carries the risk of death if not treated in time. The accepted treatment for typhoid, also known as typhoid fever, involves two weeks of intravenous medication.

The Health Ministry said that it is investigating the source of the infection, as well as attempting to track down additional infected patients.

World health officials handling several recent natural disasters acknowledged that they are worried about possible outbreaks of such flood-borne diseases like typhoid, cholera, leptospirosis, A/H1N1 flu virus, and hepatitis A.

the Monsey Tzadik said...

This is babble, from an individual ignorant of the circumstances behind Gideon’s leaving school. His leaving school and learning Torah was not in lieu of treatment, which is absurd. Gideon sought the best medical care available.

Going to Kol Yaakov while getting medical treatment defies the purpose. The real question is "Was Tropper his “rabbi” at the time he dropped out of medical school ? Was Kol Yaakov the first yeshiva he went after dropping out of medical school ? " If not please inform us.

Stop blaming his demise on R’Tropper

See above