Sunday, November 29, 2009


It has been almost a full year since the final decision on whether or not to extradite Avrohom Mondrowitz to stand trial in Brooklyn was submitted to three judges of Israel's Supreme Court. And still -- nothing.

Remember, we're talking about the man police believe sodomized or sexually abused hundreds of boys, nearly all Jewish. And we're talking about the case that nobody in officialdom (at least, nobody who listens to charedi voters and rabbis) has ever wanted to pursue.

What is taking so long? We can't be sure, but we ought to know by now that we can't take anything for granted. If we want justice, we have to ACT.

Israel's High Court is sitting on its hands FOR A YEAR about a man wanted for some of the most heinous crimes in New York's penal code -- and New York's government isn't saying a word. A man who may have committed the longest run of child sex crimes in Brooklyn's history is still out of reach of justice -- and the Brooklyn D.A. isn't complaining. The State Department claimed to be actively fighting for Mondrowitz's extradition -- and they're silent over the extraordinary delay.

So it's time for good people to let Israel's High Court judges know that we DO care about the Mondrowitz case! Call the court, write to it, let them know we're watching the case and are eager to see the result.

Israel's High Court, Public Affairs Department telephone numbers are 011-972-2-675-9612 and 011-972-2-675-9613. Their email address is: tlunotrasham@court.gov.il and the fax number is 011-972-2-651-3191.

Bear in mind that it's not proper to try to influence judges [unless they're influenced already], so the message is more or less: we are very interested in this case and its status; we know its history; we intend to continue to follow its progress.

I'm sure that if the court gets enough calls, the word will filter through. On the other hand, if people don't let Israel's top judges know what they think. . . well, look at the history of the Mondrowitz coverup -- one of the biggest ever -- and do the math.

WRITE OR CALL NOW . . . AND KEEP IT UP. Maybe we'll have a victory to celebrate over Hanukkah.


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RWisler said...

Why should it matter that "they were almost all Jewish"? A human soul is a human soul and non-Jewish children who are raped are just a precious in God's sight as those who are Jewish. Shame on your racist hatred UOJ!!!

RWisler said...

Too cowardly and morally bankrupt to post my comment, eh UOJ?

Michael Lesher, Esq. said...

I am certain no racism or chauvinism was intended. Abuse of non-Jews is every bit as heinous as abuse of Jews, but the fact that prominent members of a JEWISH community has covered up for so long for the rapist of so many JEWISH children underscores the scandalous problem this case exemplifies. That's why this case has been discussed so much on this blog.

And, of course, if other Jews aren't going to stand up against this kind of criminal Jewish "leadership," who will?

That's it. Aim the anger somewhere else.

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

I've said it more than once, if not for the great Italian community, no charges would have ever been brought to the D.A. at the time, Elizabeth Holtzman. She told me this in person when her father and my father z"l shared a hospital room at Mount Sinai.

UOJ Admirer said...

RWisler: You owe UOJ an apology, there is NO SINGLE INDIVIDUAL that did more for ALL children's safety in THE WORLD, than UOJ.

Both Versions Of The Story Are Correct said...


After the Agudah Secret Service insisted that the Moetzes was never endangered by a security breach that allowed a couple of anti-molester protesters to crash the keynote address of the Agudah Fresser Convention, the Agudah has released a photo showing that not only did the pair get close to Jacob Perlow, they were actually wearing UOJ baseball caps without anyone noticing.

As the Agudah was disclosing that the couple met Perlow in the receiving line, a "deeply concerned and embarrassed" Agudah Secret Service acknowledged that its officers never checked the lettering on their baseball caps before letting them onto the East Brunswick Hilton grounds.

The Agudah Secret Service earlier this week had said the Moetzes was not in danger because the couple — like others at the dinner — had gone through magnetometers that checked for the presence of UOJ live-blogging on Blackberry devices.

The protesters were not on the guest list and should have been barred from entering the Fresser Convention, said Agudah Secret Service Director Avremel Schorr. Schorr said the agency that protects the Moetzes is "deeply concerned and embarrassed" that procedures to rip off the baseball caps were not followed.

"As our investigation continues, appropriate measures have been taken to ensure this is not repeated," Schorr said in a written statement.

"The preliminary findings of our internal investigation have determined established protocols were not followed at an initial checkpoint, verifying that two individuals were on the guest list," Schorr said. "Although these individuals went through magnetometers and other levels of screening, they should have been prohibited from entering the event entirely. That failing is ours."

Agudah Secret Service spokesman Tuvya Chaim Neuhof said officers at the checkpoint had a clipboard with names of the invited guests. Even though the names weren't on it, they were allowed to proceed. The officers should have called someone on Zweibel's staff before allowing them past the checkpoint, Neuhof said, adding that he "feels like a putz".

Earlier, Neuhof said the Agudah Secret Service may pursue hazmonos and a smear campaign against the protesters.

Schorr said it wasn't good enough that his agency screened more than 1.2 million fressers last year and protected more than 10,000 sites for the Agudah.

"Even with these successes, we need to be right 100 percent of the time," he said.

It is unclear what the couple told officers at the checkpoint that allowed them to go through the security screening. Agudah law makes it a crime to knowingly and willfully tell the truth about molesters within any jurisdiction.

Agudah spokesman Avi L. Shafran vowed the Agudah Secret Service will take appropriate action once the review is completed.


Sruly Singer, (Forest Hills) the ranking former honoree on the Agudah Security Committee, told The New York Times that he was demanding a congressional investigation.

They were photographed with Executive Vice President Chaim Dovid Zweibel, Yated News anchor Pinny Lipschutz, Ohel Chief of Staff David Mandel - and even a YTT thug contingent. And then they posted the pictures for all the world to see on UOJ's Facebook page.

"They could have tarnished the reputation of the Agudah using other means - iPods that tape record secret discussions of covering up for molesters, for example," said Paysach Krohn, author of a book on covering up for molester brother in laws. The Agudah Secret Service does not check for iPods, he said.

Maharsha said...

Rabbi Zweibel:

You quote the posuk “hanistoros l’hashem… vihaniglos lunu ulibunainu”.

The Gemara in Sanhedrin 43:B quotes Rebbe Yehuda’s opinion on this aforementioned posuk,that: Klal Yisroel is indeed punished on the nistoros, because of arvus – being responsible for one another. The Maharsha questions Rebbe Yehuda’s opinion from another Gemara in Shabbas that states: “tsadikim are punished for the acts of wicked individuals when they withhold from taking a stand against them”; however, according to Rebbe Yehuda, one would even get punished when he has no means to take a stand due to his unawareness? The Maharsha answers the following: the only time we are responsible for the nistorus – the secret sins of others – is when we could have prevented them through a shmira toova – implementing extra precautionary measures.

With all due respect:

How do you have the chutzpah to stand up in public and claim we are responsible only now because “they are niglos”, when you and the rest of your organization have known for so long the issue at hand and have taken a blatant stand against the Markey Bill - a proven method of a “shmira toova” against sexual abuse?

Although you’ve publicly acknowledged the issue at hand – a move in the right direction - the burden of proof and the blood of our children is still very much on yours and your organizations shoulders.

The bloggers will continue to watch every move of yours very carefully.

steve said...

There is no doubt in my mind that this stall tactic is the result of the efforts of the Gerrorists. You cannot underestimate the power they wield in Israeli politics. With their henchman Litzman as health minister, they are creating havoc in every area of government. They singlehandedly insured that Meir Porush would not be elected mayor of Jerusalem, thus handing the election to Barkat. They have protected Mondrowitz for a quarter of a century and they continue to do so. The pressure has to come from the US State Department as well. Israel must honor its extradtion agreement. Mondrowitz must be brought to justice without delay.

Sir Vivor said...

UOJ, with all due respect, I humbly submit my rebutal to the Zibbele's Motzei Shabbos speach at the Agudah Convention.

Niglos Nistaros Blah Blah Blah!!!

Chaim Dovid'l I'm not sure which orifice emitted your blatant BS about not knowing what was going on. You were standing before hundreds of Gerrer Chassidim who worship rebbes in Israel who davened with Avreml Mondrowitz in the main gerrer shul in Yerushalayim. These are of the same scum and scurge of the earth that welcomed Avrum Mordche Leizerowitz (Former mashgiach and molester-in-chief of the Boro Park Gerrer Mesivte) back to Yerushalayim with open arms. Under the guise of forbidding him to be involved in chinuch again they allowed him to mainstream into the Gerrer society where he is still adored and rutinely heaped with honors at private Gerrer simchos, with not a word of protest from an individual or the community.



So while our legal eagle dovidl zweibel is posturing before an adoring crowd of agudah fressers and gerrer bums, one of their very own is feeding disadvantaged boys to a known child molester. If this is not passing children through the fires of molech, I don't know what is!

How can one see this and not conclude that Agudah and Ger are infested with malicious molesters and enablers.

David boy, your spin on Dan Ess "Kol" HaOdom was skillfully employed by you as elaborate smoke and mirrors. But the majority of klal yisroel sees through it. Kaf Zchus my ass.

Free lunch for Shmarya and his favorite people said...


November 29, 2009

Food Stamp Use Soars, and Stigma Fades


MARTINSVILLE, Ohio — With food stamp use at record highs and climbing every month, a program once scorned as a failed welfare scheme now helps feed one in eight Americans and one in four children.

There are 239 counties in the United States where at least a quarter of the population receives food stamps, according to an analysis of local data collected by The New York Times.

The counties are as big as the Bronx and Philadelphia and as small as Owsley County in Kentucky, a patch of Appalachian distress where half of the 4,600 residents receive food stamps.

In more than 750 counties, the program helps feed one in three blacks. In more than 800 counties, it helps feed one in three children. In the Mississippi River cities of St. Louis, Memphis and New Orleans, half of the children or more receive food stamps.

Although the program is growing at a record rate, the federal official who oversees it would like it to grow even faster.

“I think the response of the program has been tremendous,” said Kevin Concannon, an under secretary of agriculture, “but we’re mindful that there are another 15, 16 million who could benefit.”

“Some people like to camouflage this by calling it a nutrition program, but it’s really not different from cash welfare,” said Robert Rector of the Heritage Foundation, whose views have a following among conservatives on Capitol Hill. “Food stamps is quasi money.”

Arguing that aid discourages work and marriage, Mr. Rector said food stamps should contain work requirements as strict as those placed on cash assistance.

Across the 10 core counties of the Mississippi Delta, 45 percent of black residents receive aid. In a city as big as St. Louis, the share is 60 percent.

Use among children is especially high. A third of the children in Louisiana, Missouri and Tennessee receive food aid. In the Bronx, the rate is 46 percent. In East Carroll Parish, La., three-quarters of the children receive food stamps.

A recent study by Mark R. Rank, a professor at Washington University in St. Louis, startled some policy makers in finding that half of Americans receive food stamps, at least briefly, by the time they turn 20. Among black children, the figure was 90 percent.

Anonymous said...


A modern orthodox candidate who raised concerns about Skverrer shechita didn't get one chassidishe vote. The Chassidishe all voted for a goy.

Bim Bam identity said...

Obama's "five year relationship" with the Salahis.

By this, they meant that Obama had been photographed with the Salahis at an MTV Rock The Vote event in 2005.

"They actually knew Obama five years ago," said Right Truth. "BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA AND TAREQ SALAHI GO WAY BACK," said Reliapundit. "So-called 'party crashers' of Obama's dinner have known Obama for years," said Jacksonian Lawyer's Blog, etc.

Even worse, Tariq Salahi "serves as a board member for the American Task Force on Palestine," says American Pundit, "a lobbying group with established ties to the government of Mahmoud Abbas" -- also, per American Power, "the 'moderate' rights groups pushing a thinly-veiled program of Palestinian nationalism and the 'right of return' (the backdoor destruction of Israel)."

American Power describes Salahi as a "former" rather than a current member of the board, and the Task Force has removed Salahi's name from its web site, which liberal site Talking Points Memo describes as "scrubbing." (The New York Times seems to have removed a reference to Salahi's connection to the Task Force from its online article on the event, without explanation.)

Jeannie-ology has more conclusive proof than the Rock the Voter grip-and-grin of The President's close ties with the Salahis: Obama's own words, concerning his evenings spent with... Rashid Khalidi, another Palestinian supporter. The Task Force is an "inadvertent successor group of the American Committee on Jerusalem (1995-2003), to which Khalidi once served as President." Connect the dots, people! This makes the Salahis cronies of Obama: "Based on President Obama's comfort level dining with PLO activists, its feasible that either he or a close associate extended the invitation to kindred Palestinian sympathizer Tareq Salahi and his wife."

"Ashan speculated that intimacy with the Salahis might have been the reason that the state dinner was held in a tent," says Rick's Cafe American. "That way, the Salahis could have a conversation with Obama in the reception line and it would be less likely to be recorded."

"As far as I'm concerned, this 'incident' fits right in with the plans of the Muslim Brotherhood.," said JewPI. "Yes, I think it's a conspiracy, and not only that. It's a conspiracy decades in the making of which Americans are dangerously unaware."

"That Settles It... Obama Is In Fact A Jihadist," said Snooper's Take Our Country Back. "Remember. Obama is in fact a Jihadi scum bag."

Bim Bam identity said...

Obama State dinner

"Let Them Eat Arugula," cried blogger Moonbattery. "Fresh arugula in November? Really?" asked Red State Eclectic. "Uh - how long does fancy lettuce keep? And they grew enough to create 300 - 400 salads? Exactly how big is that White House garden? Are they creating jobs by paying people $50 an hour to pick lettuce there?" etc.

Others were enraged that the Obamas were having a state dinner at all, given the state of the economy. "Don't expect to find any criticism in the liberal media of the Obamas throwing this lavish affair with so many people around the country out of work," said Freedom Eden. "Taxpayers Fund Lavish State Dinner For Leftists," said Freedom's Wings. (Also: "Arugula was on the menu. This was an elitist crowd after all.") Michelle Malkin helpfully provided a list of "the cronies, czars & corruptocrats at Obama's first state dinner."

House Minority Leader John Boehner and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell were invited and declined, and Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal attended, but that cut no ice with rightbloggers. "And don't bore me with, 'Well, some Republicans were invited!'" said Life With Monkeys. " It is true however, it seems disingenuous since Obama has REFUSED to meet with anyone from the GOP since APRIL, regarding health care," etc.

All this faded from view when it was revealed that a pair of gate-crashers, Tareq and Michaele Salahi, attended the event without authorization, which turned out to prove that Obama was in league with the Palestinians in a plot to wipe out Israel.

"Between the White House and the Salahis, it is like a conspiracy of dumbasses," said Don Surber. "Can Barack Obama do anything right?" asked Right Pundits. "The Obamas are Washington's version of the Beverly Hillbillies." "I wonder if Barack Obama will blame George W. Bush for this as well?" asked Scared Monkeys. "The story went on to say it appeared that the couple belonged at the event... So if they were say GOP'ers or looked like Tea party goers then the Secret Service would have jumped in? What would some one look like who did not belong at this event, a God fearing, First & Second Amendment loving Republican?"

"I believe this embarrassing incident finds its greatest importance in its symbolism," declared NewsRealBlog. "It represents an Administration that has consistently proven itself faulty on who has the ear of the President and clueless on the policies presented to the American people." Also mentioned: Reverend Wright, ACORN, Van Jones, et alia.

Anonymous said...

So why are they listing Moseson who is a Conservative rabbi?


GoDaven is a worldwide searchable database of Orthodox Minyan information, including minyan locations, times, and contact information.


Long Island Jewish Hospital
270-05 76th Avenue
New Hyde Park, NY USA
Nusach: Ashkenaz

Mincha: 2:00 PM M-TH only

Rabbi: David Moseson

Friday Mincha: 1:00 PM

Does the Queens Vaad have anything to do with this? You know, the same guys who take products from a Conservative rabbi at their pizza store around corner from the hospital. After the Vaad was exposed by R' Yudel's website, they removed the sneakily worded Conservative teudah that made "Rabbi" Eckstein look like a frum guy. But you can still see the Vassilaros Coffee Bar that he certifies inside the store because the coffee company also supplies the coffee pots with their name emblazoned on them. What will the Queens Vaad do next? Switch the coffee pots to further cover up the avlah they are doing?

The coffee pots are of course another kashrus concern. Are they owned by the goyishe company thus requiring tevilah? And if they have ever been used before, it is a machlokes if Pyrex requires kashering. But of course the coffee itself is suspect as treif since the company also makes flavored coffee and the Queens Vaad has no control over their kelim.

The question remains. With hundreds of coffee suppliers with OU and other hashgochos, who at the Queens Vaad is getting a kickback to use this company no one heard of?

Both versions groupie said...


Broker wrong to cover client flights, meals, 'gentleman's club' visits, regulators say

By Ann Saphir
November 24, 2009

Terra Nova Financial LLC, a Chicago-based broker, has been fined $400,000 by federal regulators who say the firm made unauthorized payments to clients, including money to cover one hedge fund manager's visits to a “gentleman's club.”

Terra Nova didn't admit or deny the allegations, but it agreed to hire an independent consultant to review its policies, the statement said.

Terra Nova paid for airline tickets, hotels, meals, clothing and even parking tickets without any documentation that such expenses were allowed, the agency said.


Shmarya Rosenberg wrong to shnorr for flights, meals, 'gentleman's club' visits, regulators say

By Ann Saphir
November 24, 2009

Shmarya Rosenberg, a Minneapolis basement-based broke blogger, has been fined $400,000 by federal regulators who he made unauthorized shnorring binges for money to cover visits to a “gentleman's club.”

Rosenberg didn't admit or deny the allegations, but it agreed to hire an independent consultant to review his "pinned post" policies, he said.

Rosenberg paid for airline tickets, hotels, meals, clothing and even parking tickets without any documentation that such expenses were allowed if he only claimed to be shnorring for expenses related to the Rubashkin trial that he never in fact attended.

Jewish relative of Margulies said...


Chelsea Clinton, the 29-year-old daughter of former President Bill Clinton and Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, is engaged to her longtime boyfriend, Marc Mezvinsky, Mr. Clinton’s office said Monday.

Mr. Mezvinsky, 31, works at Goldman Sachs and is the son of two former Democratic members of Congress, Edward Mezvinsky of Iowa, who served from 1973 to 1977 but was later convicted of defrauding investors and sentenced to seven years in prison, and Marjorie Margolies-Mezvinsky of Pennsylvania, who served from 1993 to 1995 and lost re-election after voting for President Clinton’s budget program.

Shmarya groupie said...

Shmarya was always on to something with his inclination that there's something really sexy about strong minded Black women.


Serena Williams, the top-ranked player in women’s tennis, will pay a price for her threatening, profanity-laced tirade against a lineswoman during the semifinals of this year’s United States Open. But though she was fined a hefty $175,000 by the Grand Slam committee in a decision announced Monday, it decided against suspending her from next year’s Open or any other Grand Slam event

Serena Williams lost her temper Sept. 12 while serving to stay in the match against Clijsters. Trailing by 4-6, 5-6 and 15-30, she was called for a foot fault after a second serve, which gave the point to Clijsters and brought up match point.

Williams, upset at the timing of the foot-fault call, turned toward the lineswoman who had made the call and, using profanity, threatened to stuff a tennis ball down her throat.

Williams, who had received an official warning for smashing a racket earlier in the match, was given a point penalty on court by the tournament referee Brian Earley. With Williams facing match point, the decision gave Clijsters the victory.

Williams, initially unapologetic and evasive, incrementally amplified her apology over the next two days. She was fined the maximum $10,000 during the tournament but was permitted to play in the doubles final the next day.

Yerachmiel Lopin said...


Dear Rabbi Eidensohn,

I would like to request that you post a responsum of great relevance to the problem of molesting.

I am referring to the tshuvah of R. Oshry about eshes ish and removing a tattoo for a couple rejoined after the holocaust. She had been impressed into prostitution in a concentration camp and had a tattoo “a whore of Hitler’s Armies.” As I remember it (having read it in English over 2 decades ago) the psak was to treat her as a woman who cried out based on the assumption that ‘no Jewish daughter would have willingly consorted with those who were murdering her Jewish brothers and sisters.’

He forbade the removal of the tattoo for the usual reasons regarding needless injury to a body but offered words of chizuk about the tattoo which touched me and may touch many who were abused in our communities. The words escape me but they may have been along the lines “wear it with pride as a sign that we triumphed over those reshoim.’ I think we now have thousands of Jews who also need to know they can proclaim the triumph of their survival in spite of the reshoim who molested them.

The alternative is silence motivated by shame. The shame leads to suicides, substance abuse and many other problems. In truth the shame should fall only on their abusers. The victims should feel free to speak to their abuse if it helps them heal.

If you would post this wise and powerful psak with an English translation it might help give yad v’shem to those who were violated. Implicitly they did cry out and no one listened.

Feel free to post my request, or to name me or just to leave me out of this. But I hope you will give serious consideration to this request.

Yerachmiel Lopin

Eliot Pasik said...


Elliot Pasik said...

Interesting, and consistent with Rav Shmuel Kamenetsky's remarkable statement, and this is a quote, "To the victims I would it's a duty, a mitzva to go and reveal their stories."

I agree, of course. Its therapeutic, empowering, and lifesaving for the victim and other victims. To reveal is a very personal decision, however. Its a choice. We can't make the decision for them.

Free lunch said...


LAST year, a new law was put into place in New York to help protect subprime mortgage borrowers from foreclosure. Now the state is on the verge of extending similar protections to prime borrowers, too.

A bill passed by the State Legislature this month would require, among other things, that lenders give all borrowers 90 days’ warning before starting foreclosure proceedings and that they take part in settlement conferences with borrowers before proceeding with a foreclosure action. The bill also covers co-op owners.

Gov. David A. Paterson is expected to sign the legislation; most of the measures would then take effect within two months.

The new law would give tenants more time to get out, but Mr. Biondi of the New York Mortgage Brokers Association said this measure could further damage the financial health of lenders.

“Tenants will probably just stop making payments,” he said. “And for lenders, getting any sort of legal enforcement against that will probably be difficult in the current environment.”

Who was behind this? said...

That site that advocates heimish adultery was sold by "Jerry" to 2 investors. Jerry wrote a farewell letter that he was abused for 5 years by a big shot rabbi (not clear how promoting adultery is getting even) and that it was time to move on.

The new owners "Barry & Harry" advertised a swinger party on Dec. 8th and began taking payments of $300 per person, demanding that people hand over their real names that would be checked against photo ID at the door by armed guards.

A few days ago, Barry & Harry sent out a missive titled "AM YISROEL CHAI" announcing that they bought the site in order to close it down and that anyone who paid them big bucks for the party and overall membership can speak to their lawyer.

Cyber Monday Specials said...

In light of the actual adulterers being identified, my Bais Din is proud to offer the HOLIDAY GET SPECIAL!

For only $75 my Bais Din can arrange the complete Get Proceedings.

Contact: Rabbi Yisroel Belsky

Cyber niuf said...

That Jerry sounds like a real putz. In the farewell letter he asks mechila for impersonating 6 "Shaindy.com" male members (that he names with their initials) when he hooked up with the married women, saying that he had to hide his identity that way because people want to kill him.

In the opening letter from Barry & Harry, before they revealed their true intentions, they said that theu will not date any women from the site because it is unethical. Now we know what that means.

Mordechai Tendler said...


How much do you charge for a shtar heter for adultery?

I don't need anything fancy, like your friends' rubberstamps.

Hook, line & sinker said...

The new Shaindy owners offered free memberships before shutting down.

How many husbands will soon be notified by a beis din that their wives are Sotahs?

Bim Bam destroying the moral fiber of America said...

WASHINGTON, Nov 30 (Reuters) - The United States, which is preparing to lift a ban on visits by foreigners infected with HIV, will host a global AIDS conference in 2012, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said on Tuesday.

Poor Shea Fishman said...


NOVEMBER 29, 2009

The Web Discloses Inconvenient Climate Truths


bizayon hameiss said...


Ohel's David Jacobson and the Queens Vaad's Elchonon Zohn try to cover up the graves they desecrated for profit but old photographs expose their lies.

Sydney Applebaum said...


Mokom Sholom was run by shady people - just the right type who would remove gravestones to make a profit.

Second, even in 1977 they attempted to behave as if the gully area of the cemetery contained no burials. At that time the cemetery was run by Rabbi Sydney Appelbaum (Vaad HoRabonnim of Flatbush.) Note the investigators report. "When they started digging they found bones and after consultations with other Rabbis they stopped operations."

They knew this area was full in 1977. Rabbis told them to stop operations - Rabbis already forbade burials here in 1977. Rabbi Appelbaum went to those Rabbis and followed their advice. The Rabbis in 77 made one key mistake. They should have insisted the area should be marked so that there would never again be a question of whether graves were there or not. Hopefully that will be rectified now.

Yet, that was not what others wanted for the cemetery. Someone called Attorney General Louis Lefkowitz's office and turned Rabbi Appelbaum in for the financial shennanigans that went on at the cemetery. Within two years David Jacobson was the new manager. Although there is evidence to suggest that the old maps were handed to Jacobson and that Jacobson may have been real estate partners with Appelbaum, Jacobson carried on as if those gully fields were empty.

This letter pretty much explains why it was so important to put six feet of earth on top of the cemetery. Not to do so would mean uncovering an old body every time there would be a funeral - something most family members would not appreciate.

bizayon hameiss said...

Check out the pictures.


When Florence Marmor, David Gevertzman and I toured Mokom Shalom, Florence showed me how gravestones had been thrown down and covered over with dirt to make it seem they were not there. In no time at all we were able to uncover hidden stones. All we had to do was look for suspicious red earth. Dragging our feet over these pile of earth produced stones as in the photo below. In a few hours we were able to uncover thirty markers.

This was a truly strange discovery, especially since both David Jacobson and Rabbi Elchonon Zohn, were both claiming at the time that this was an unoccupied tract of land.


We photographed these piles of headstones ready to be discarded. They're gone now. Both piles were results of bulldozer work. Stones were gathered together before they were discarded. Both pictures were taken only three years ago.

We were banned from the cemetery and the gates are now always locked to prevent us from taking embarrassing photos like these


In a clumsy attempt to deny we had found the proper location of Mokom Shalom, David Jacobson had signs identifying the Mokom Shalom Cemetery removed. Today, small signs have replaced the missing ones.

Chaim said...

That story from rabbi Oshry is odd. There was rape, without question, during the Holocaust, but it seems odd that a woman would be given that kind of tattoo as "Rassenschande (race defilement)" laws were very strict, and that tattoo would serve as proof that could be used by the Nazis against the rapist

Anonymous said...

How I learned to mind my own business!

I was walking past the mental hospital the other day And all the patients were shouting, '13...13...13.'

The fence was too high to see over, but I saw a Little gap in the planks, so I looked through to see what was going on.

Some idiot poked me in the eye with a stick!

Then they all started shouting '14...14...14'...

Anonymous said...

I don’t usually send around bulk emails, BUT I am involved in arranging weekend getaway, with the world renowned Rabbi Paysach Krohn !

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Archie Bunker said...


Not too long ago, some were still in denial that Shmarya had devolved into a full fledged Apikoros.

Here we are this week from the horse's mouth:

Large chunks of the Torah are factually incorrect. The universe is not 6,000 years old, no worldwide flood took place, millions of Hebrews did not flee Egypt, and the Land of Israel was not conquered like the Book of Joshua claims. This is not speculation; it is science-based, fact-based reality. And it doesn't even begin to touch on the Torah's internal contradictions, of which there are many.

(Then he goes on to call the early Mekubalim "major criminals or enablers of major criminals" without any evidence of explanation)

Archie Bunker said...

"They" and their patrons at the NY Times will never stop complaining as this front page article from tomorrow's newspaper illustrates:


There is ample evidence that race remains a significant obstacle for African-Americans in the job market, even those with degrees from respected colleges.

In fact, whether Mr. Obama’s election has been good or bad for their job prospects is hotly debated. Several interviewed went so far as to say that they believed there was only so much progress that many in the country could take, and that there was now a backlash against blacks.

“There is resentment toward his presidency among some because of his race,” said Edward Verner, a Morehouse alumnus from New Jersey who was laid off as a regional sales manager and has been able to find only part-time work. “This has affected well-educated, African-American job seekers.”

Archie Bunker said...

Ignore that moron Robert Wisler who leads this thread by lashing out at UOJ. He is a hard core Shmarya follower who is obsessed with hatred of frum Jews and sees everything through a conspiracy prism.

Bim Bam identity said...


BOSTON — President Barack Obama's aunt buried her face in her hands and sobbed as she described her anguish that she no longer has contact with him and his family after the revelation she had been living illegally for years in the United States in public housing.
Zeituni Onyango told The Associated Press in an exclusive interview that she is troubled that her immigration woes have made her a political liability to her nephew.
Onyango, the half sister of Obama's late father, says she has exiled herself from the family after attending Obama's inauguration because she didn't want to become fodder for his foes. Obama and his family have not reached out to her either, she said.

Onyango helped care for the president's half brothers and sister while living with Barack Obama Sr. in Kenya. She moved to the United States in 2000 and applied for asylum in 2002, but her request was rejected and she was ordered deported in 2004.
However, she did not leave the country and continued to live in public housing in Boston. She had been a health care volunteer, but not since her status became public.

>>> She refused to discuss how she affords to live now or who is paying for her attorney. <<<

Onyango said she previously had no trouble visiting Obama when he was state senator in Illinois or after he became U.S. senator, though she declined to discuss details of how often she had contact with Obama and his family. Her tiny apartment in a modest subsidized public housing complex for seniors and the disabled is adorned with photographs of her with Obama at the Illinois Statehouse, the president's official portrait, his family, the inauguration, her children and African wildlife.

She also denounced persistent allegations that Obama is not a natural-born American citizen, saying that she is angered by the "outrageous, absurd, calculated conspiratory claim" that he was born outside the United States and is ineligible to be president.

Onyango reserved special words of kindness for former President George W. Bush for a directive he put in place days before the election requiring federal agents get high-level approval to arrest fugitive immigrants, which directly affected Onyango. The directive made clear that U.S. officials worried about possible election implications of arresting Onyango.
She said she wants to thank Bush in person for the order, which gave her a measure of peace but was lifted weeks later.
"I loved President Bush," Onyango said while moving toward a framed photo of Bush and his wife standing with Barack and Michelle Obama at the White House on inauguration day. "He is my No. 1 man in my life because he helped me when I really needed that help."

Anonymous said...


LAKEWOOD, N.J. -- The leaders in the local large Orthodox Jewish community go to great lengths to keep out the outside world, discouraging nonbusiness use of the Internet and encouraging strict filters to keep the ungodly out when members must use the Web.

But last month, several rabbis and other elders did something astounding for them: They took a public stand on a political issue, declaring their opposition to same-sex marriage in the state.

"This really hurts us," said Rabbi Osher Lieberman, a key figure in the community in the suburbs about 30 miles east of Trenton. "To say it's immoral is not enough."

He said community members are being encouraged to do whatever they can to make sure lawmakers don't vote to recognize gay marriage.

In a state that leans a bit left, the conservative rabbis are one of a handful of groups taking a passionate - and maybe surprising - role in a debate that's likely to be decided by January. The newly political rabbis have joined a coalition including Roman Catholic bishops, evangelicals and some black and Latino leaders.

When Republican Chris Christie unseated Democratic Gov. Jon Corzine in the gubernatorial election last month, it gave gay-rights activists more urgency to try to achieve their long-held goal of getting a same-sex marriage bill through the Legislature before Christie takes office Jan. 19.

The reason is simple: Corzine supports the bill. Christie says he would veto it.

Lakewood's Orthodox community is mostly isolated from the rest of society. The men wear long beards, white shirts, black suits and black hats, and women are not nearly as visible as men. The community was founded in 1942 by a rabbinic leader who fled Poland and the Holocaust. It's now home to some 10,000 Orthodox families and the rabbinical school, which has more than 5,000 students.

Before last month's election, rabbis allowed distribution of a voting guide from the socially conservative New Jersey Family Policy Council. While religious institutions would not be required to marry gay couples, some say their religious freedom could be squeezed by permitting something they say runs against their beliefs.

A group of Lakewood community leaders granted an interview with an Associated Press reporter - a rarity and part of the effort to become involved in the push against gay marriage. The leaders said they're taking their position public because in the Internet age more information about the broader world is flowing into their community.

The large Orthodox community is not the first to speak out against the prospect of gay marriage. Last year, the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America made a public statement in favor of California's Proposition 8, a state constitutional amendment that outlawed gay marriage there months after a court allowed it.

And leaders in Lakewood say they received political guidance from some in the Orthodox Jewish community in Monsey, N.Y. In New York, the state Assembly already has passed a law to allow gay marriage, and the Senate is considering whether to follow.

Orthodox Jews traditionally have been regular voters who oppose candidates who support abortion rights and gay rights, said Yaakov S. Ariel, a professor of religion at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.
"The visible part is what's new," Ariel said. "The opinions and the support of candidates is not new."

What's especially troubling to some in Lakewood is not just that New Jersey might recognize same-sex marriages but that Orthodox Jews would be more likely now than in the past to know about it - and think that it's OK to be gay.

"These type of laws bring an exposure to our community," Rabbi Aaron Sarscher said.

"I really don't believe in getting involved in government," said another community leader, David Sofer. "But when an issue is so dangerous, you have to stop it."

Abish Brodt said...


I can't even button my suit after all this good food at the Fresser Convention.

Jacob Perlow said...


This is how I closed my eyes when I saw on a map that YTT is technically a few blocks outside of Boro Park.

Menachem Lubinsky said...


Here I am posing with CEO Aaron Kotler but Eckstein hates his guts so he plastered over his face with the YWN logo.

Zev Brenner said...


I know. I was the only putz at the Fresser Convention with a srugie. I'm a YTV boy but when living on the Upper West Side, do as the Romans do.

Abe Biederman said...


By the time I'm finished fressing, I have a 3rd chin.

Chaim Dovid Zweibel Esq. said...


Hey Abish, let me give you a demonstration how Kolko walked boys to the boiler room.

Leopold Margulies said...


Balkany macht choyzek?

He told me about this place but it seems they only wear bend-down hats here when I told him I need a more heimish oylam.

Anonymous said...

Not a very good month.

3 alter Mirrers were niftar, R' Dovid Kviat, R' Yaakov Nayman & R' Moishe Bunim Pirutinsky, plus the Itri / Shaar Hatorah rosh yeshiva, Rav Elefant.

Gerorista said...

I have a little secret for you, Sir Vivor. I think Leizerovits was sent to America years ago because of improprieties he was involved in before. In short, they were just passing off the rubbish to the USA like they did with Nuchem the Ganif Kernwasser.

Duddy Spira said...


I'm the skinny guy in the front row. Not everyone comes to the Agudah convention to fress. I show up so everyone thinks I am a big rich and important knacker. People thinking your are chushev is a much biggger geshmak than fressing big juicy steaks.