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A Brooklyn newlywed who jumped to his death from a hotel balcony the night after his wedding was tormented by memories of being sexually molested as a Jewish student, sources say.

After joyfully singing and dancing at their lavish celebration in Williamsburg on Nov. 3, Motty Borger, 24, bared his secret anguish to his bride, Mali Gutman, the next day -- and the revelation caused a strain, a source close to the family told The Post.

"That entire day he discussed it with her. He told her the story of his life, how he felt so awful and he couldn't go near her," the source said. The couple had met just last July, after a matchmaker set them up.

TORMENT: A suicidal Motty Borger "felt he couldn't go near" Mali Gutman the day after their Brooklyn wedding. "When he got married, he realized he couldn't face up to it, and he told his wife that he needed help."

The stunned bride responded, "So, why did you marry me?"

Borger reportedly answered, "You are absolutely right. It was not right of me to get married."

At 6:45 a.m., while Mali slept, Borger climbed a railing outside their seventh-floor room at Avenue Plaza Hotel and leaped, police say. He died hours later at a hospital.

Friends insist that Borger -- described as fun-loving, smiling and cheerful -- wouldn't take his own life.

"I know Motty, and I know he didn't jump. It was an accident," one said. The rabbi who spoke at his funeral called reports of suicide "wickedness."

A security video at the hotel shows him looking "agitated" in an elevator with his wife, cops said.

The city Medical Examiner ruled his death a suicide. The NYPD is investigating the sex-abuse allegations, said a police official.

A source familiar with the tragedy said Borger had confided in close relatives that he was molested while a teen attending a yeshiva, possibly by a rabbi, but they never went to the police.

Additional reporting by Rebecca Rosenberg, Liz Sadler and Reuven Blau


Read more: http://www.nypost.com/p/news/local/brooklyn/suicide_groom_twist_pa15C1Z5nGPyHIYj18xCNI#ixzz0Wx0F7KCo


Yerachmiel Lopin, blogger, frumfollies said...

This morning Matzav posted a tape by Motty's father which started with a call for change but turned out to be all about making up with those with whom you have disputes. I think the story will come out.

I have posted a new weekly roundup of this and other news on my blog.

Malach HaMovies said...


Check this out !! This is a message from Shmuel Borger father of Motty Borger.

I don't mean to be insensitive but the message is typical Agudah/Speak. Nothing about the evils of child molestation that his son experienced. I have also found out that Shmuel Borger is well connected with the Chafetz Chaim Heritage Foundation - So how can we speak against molesters ?

The cover up continues !! Shalom Bayis is to blame !! Television is to blame !! Newspapers and Blogs are to blame !!

But maybe blaming the molesters and those that protect them. Never !! Stop !! Loshon Hora !!

What a sick and sad communitty we live in.

Abuse is Pikuach Nefesh said...

I apologize for the corny line - it is wrong to jump to conclusions just because Motty did.

Over the past many days since the tragedy, there were many rumors circulating about what happened. Not more than one of them could be true, but all were possibilities. While I haven't a clue whether this version is emes, and I am not swayed by the fact that it appeared in the media, the pain is that it could be. There are victims of abuse who can never face marriage, and whether their bodies survive, they can become emotionally dead. The pikuach nefesh factor in abuse is substantial, and that makes all the statistics (or lack thereof) completely irrelevant. It is also tragic that those who wish to pasken shailos in this horrific and excruciating area are often clueless. They have little to no idea that most reports are true, and they only consider the "chezkas kashrus" of the perpetrator. The failure to remove a suspect from sensitive and risky positions is inexcusable. No one gets it until there is loss of life. And whether that is the true scenario in this case or not, it could be. Now, does anyone care, or do we just lift up the rug a bit farther?

Anonymous said...

The Kallah is my cousin. That is what he told her.

Anonymous said...

the comments on the NY post site are invisible or disabled. makes you wonder why.

Chabadnik said...

The News about Rubashkin obviously hit very hard. Just a bit harder in Lubavitch than elsewhere. That's not to say that most other Jews weren't shocked and pained by it. Although the mah yofis'nikkes were having a party... The idea that bank fraud can put a man away for possibly the rest of his life while mass murderers - think 9-11 detainees - may walk free and have Government appointed lawyers and advocacy groups, speaks volumes about the situation in these United States today - as far as frum Jews are concerned. Even some people who I thought had a gefiel for another Yid shocked me with recent comments, where they all of a sudden have a new respect in the "law." They see no problem with the fact that he may never see his kids again outside the prison walls.The only limud zechus you can have on such people is that their own lives are so miserable that they look desperately to kick the proverbial horse while down, no matter who he is and how long he must suffer.

To their credit - despite having terminated their relationship some years ago - the KAJ's Rav HaMachshir (and Rov of the Gerrer shtiebel in Flatbush) Rav Chaim Cohen did come and testify last week on behalf of Sholem Mordche. The big chachomim here will immediately respond with "a lot of good it did him," but that's totally beside the point. The point is showing solidarity. Your concern is not to make cheshbones of how much good it'll do. Kudos to Reb Chaim for that. We can ask where Rav Weissmandl was, and that would be a valid question, but we can agree that he's basically small potatoes, doesn't speak the language very well, and would not be a great help. But the big question is WHERE WAS THE ORTHODOX UNION IN ALL OF THIS? WHY WERE THEY NOWHERE TO BE FOUND? Why was it OK for them to profit from Rubashkin all this time - despite pressure from the MO/Conservadox community to remove the Hekhsher - yet not have one nice word to say about him when he needed it most?!

The so called advocacy groups who shall remain nameless are also deathly silent. I guess they can't see past the Lubavitch thing with him. Throw VIN into that mix too; he made sure to print the letter from the Hekhsher Tzedek buffoon as soon as he could put it together, almost as if he was working for VIN... He'll get his viewers any way he can, all under the supervision of the Chofetz Chaim Heritage Foundation and Rabbeinu Artscroll, the true purveyors of true Daas Teyreh...

Just when we thought that Jews were coming around, that they finally realized what's important for us as a nation, reality hits. You see the archaic opinions, the petty infighting, and very often they come from the enlightened ones, the "dina demalchusa" crowd, the same ones that thought Casper Weinberger was the reincarnation of Hitler when he locked up Pollard all of a sudden have full faith in Sioux Falls' most loyal civic servants. What does this tell us about our future generations, about the upcoming crop of "leaders?" It's times like these that you realize that this is not what the eibishter wants, that you're not fighting daas teyreh c"v when you speak up about these issues, but rather, you're fighting G-d's fight, you're the little guy speaking up for the big guy in the sky himself. That's what separates some of us from the heretics in the blogosphere, despite the fact that we often go after the same cast of characters. The heretics go after the "leaders" because they see them as part of what G-d wants, with me and some others it's the opposite. We see them as impostors, having no relation to G-d or his commandments, and we want them to stop claiming to represent the Torah way of life.

Tropper is Troubled said...

Tropper paves the road for a bomb-thrower I

From here:

"Buried in the midst of the Etrog/EJF infomercial, there was this astounding declaration that may ignite new friction with Orthodox and Charedi batei din in America:

"The dayan Harav Hagaon Rabbi Binyamin Attias, a member of the rabbinical court in Tel Aviv, presented a serious problem facing the rabbis in the Diaspora. In Israel, he explained, on any certificate of conversion to Judaism there is also a picture identification of the person, so that his identity is certain. In the U.S. and Europe, however, the conversion certificate is a document with no photo and no other means of identification and can be easily faked, so there is no certainty for the rabbis to know that this is indeed the person who was halachically converted to Judaism. This serious problem was presented to the Rishon L’Tzion, Hagaon Rabbi Amar shlit’a, and it is currently being examined as to ways to prevent counterfeiting."

Let's break this down and take a closer look:

"The dayan Harav Hagaon Rabbi Binyamin Attias, a member of the rabbinical court in Tel Aviv,"

RaP: This same Rabbi Attias was the one who triggered the series of events that resulted in the negation of all the conversions performed by Rabbi Drukman's state batei din creating war with the Religious Zionist rabbinate in Israel. It was Rabbi Attias who gave Rabbi Sherman the opening to go ahead and issue his ruling against Drukman's conversions that in turn led to the matter being referred to Israel's supreme court creating one huge unholy mess. Now Attias is invited to the USA and speaks as if he is the "posek ha'acharon" regarding the way Orthodox conversions are to be done in the USA. Notice how it is not Rabbis Tropper or Eichenstein saying this radical stuff coming out of rabbi Attias's mouth, but they rely on a bomb-throwing radical dayan who wouldn't care if he ignited a civil war between Orthodox, Religious Zionist, Modern Orthodox and Charedi Jews bringing everyone down. Attias was taken to task for the vile language he used in the initial ruling negating a conversion early on. He did damage in Ashdod what does he want in America, mayhem?

"presented a serious problem facing the rabbis in the Diaspora."

RaP: If it's a problem facing rabbis in the diaspora then let THEM say it. Why is HE, coming from Israel talking about it? If HE has the problem, then let HIM say it is a problem for HIM in Israel because rabbis in America, or anywhere or anytime, have never made this an issue.

"In Israel, he explained, on any certificate of conversion to Judaism there is also a picture identification of the person, so that his identity is certain."

RaP: Precisely, it's in Israel. But he forgets to mention that in Israel, religion/Judaism and the state cooperate very closely and are in a position to rely upon each other's systems. It is because Israeli citizens carry ID cards with photos that it is established that converts to Judaism can also be required to do so if that is what they want there, meaning when they ALSO become citizens of Israel they must have matching and correlating photos on both conversion certificates and on regular state state ID cards. But what does this have to do with America? It is absurd to expect any American batei din to act as arms of the Israeli ministry of the intererior that moniters and has the responsibility of accepting converts as citizens to reqquire converts in America to have photo ID as well. To now push a "need" and couch it as a "warning" that conversion certificates from the USA or abroad are somehow "lacking" because they don't have a photo stapled to it, is way out and simply stupid. It is just as easy to forge photos as it is to forge certificates..."

Tropper is Troubled said...

Tropper paves the road for a bomb-thrower II

From here:

"Etrog/EJF infomercial:

(Rabbi Attias says:) In the U.S. and Europe, however, the conversion certificate is a document with no photo and no other means of identification and can be easily faked,"

RaP: He is unrealistic and even stupid for making this assertion because Halachically there is absolutely no need to have photos on any Halachically-related documents, such as semichas, kashrut certificates, kesubas, gittin, or shtarei geirus. If the poskim and gedolim of our times would have required this they would have said so starting about 100 years ago since the discovery and development of photography. If someone wants to cheat the system, any system, it is always possible. But on the other hand in today's world, with instant communication and technology it is as easy as a few phone calls and Emails to confirm or reject information about a convert. Let batei din keep photo archives if they like. Some doctors' offices and credit card companies take photos of clients. But it should neither be a requirement for conversions nor a reason to question conversions because every convert must have appeared before a beit din. Every bais din has telephones and every rov and rebbetzin who ever spoke to the convert or saw them has phones and cell phones and Email usually and can be contacted instantly (unless the dayan or his staf are too lazy), so it's just provocative and demeaning to come up with these silly non-rocket science ideas that will just act as needless obstacles.

"so there is no certainty for the rabbis to know that this is indeed the person who was halachically converted to Judaism."

RaP: Which rabbis? The one's in Israel? Will they accept conversions they doubt even if it has ten photos and mug shots on it? No. Photos do not establish Halachic facts but talking with and confirming with a dayan or rov or posek do. Maybe next they will require a short video of the convert dipping in the mikva or of being under the chupa? This narishkeit is unbelievable.

"This serious problem"

RaP: What is a "serious problem"? Just making up things and saying them does not mean they are "serious problems"! The real serious problem is that Rabbi Attias backed by rabbis Tropper and Eisenstein can say such shtussim with a straight face and get away with it.

"was presented to the Rishon L’Tzion, Hagaon Rabbi Amar shlit’a,"

RaP: As if he has nothing better to worry about.

"and it is currently being examined as to ways to prevent counterfeiting."

RaP: This makes it sound that the matter has already been decided when it has not. Maybe in Israel the batei din have to deal with forgers, they should try examining Rabbi Tropper for that first as he is a leading forger of rabbinic documents as has been shown on this blog and as alleged by his one-time disciple Guma who claims that Rabbi Tropper forged thank you letters from gedolim and sent them on to Guma to bamboozle him.

Honesty has to start at the foundation and if rabbis cannot be honest then why should anyone expect the ordinary people to act differently?"

R. Shmuel Borger's plea from the heart said...

From Matzav.com

A Message from R’ Shmuel Borger, Father of Motty z”l

Sunday November 15, 2009 7:51 AM -

[Audio below.]

On November 6, Matzav.com, with great sadness, reported the passing of Mordechai (Motty) Borger z”l, a 24-year-old newly married yungerman. Motty, a son of Mr. and Mrs. Shmuel Borger of Boro Park, had just gotten married that Tuesday night at Ateres Avrohom Hall in Williamsburg.

Since the petirah, Motty’s parents have shown great gevurah in dealing with this terrible loss. They have actually provided chizuk to those coming to strengthen them.

R’ Shmuel has recorded the following message of chizuk for all to hear, so that all of Klal Yisroel will grow and improve following this tragic petirah.

To send R’ Shmuel and his family a message or words of chizuk, email shmuelborger@aol.com

To listen to R’ Shmuel’s message, click below."

Tropper is Troubled said...

Tropper's chief backer and lay co-conspirator reveals his psyche I

In what must be a truly rare revelation of the person who has joined with Tropper to concoct the EJF scheme, launch it, and keep it running in the face of severe and gruelling criticism from many directions, Tom Kaplan was recently featured in a marvelous story in the UK Telegraph.

There is no mention of Kaplan's partnership with Tropper in the story nor about how he has sunk tens of millions of dollars into helping prop up Tropper and keep the EJF plot screeching foward. But the article does finally answer some critical questions and fills in the big puzzle of why Kaplan has been so entranced with Tropper and is captivated with him even when it looks like their world may just come crashing down all around as too points of criticism against Tropper and EJF converge and gain critical mass.

One does not have to be a great psychologist or psychoanalyst to see very interesting revelations about the workings of Kaplan's mind in this article. Finally there is a window to peer in, and it's creepy.

Anyone familair with some basics of psychology and concepts such as projection; sublimation; aggression; and the Id, will easily recognize and identify and then connect what Kaplan says and what is said about him in this article as a critical key to opening up why he has latched on to Tropper so strongly and why he and Tropper remain in lockstep through thick and thin so far.

Tropper is Troubled said...

Tropper's chief backer and lay co-conspirator reveals his psyche II

Comments enclosed by "[ ]"

"Tom Kaplan: 'I have big plans for big cats'

US billionaire, Tom Kaplan, is funding a new Oxford University research centre in a bid to save endangered lions and tigers - and fulfill a childhood passion.

By Max Davidson
Published: 7:00AM BST 11 Aug 2009"

[Wow, this is exactly his spirit in starting up EJF to "save" the Jews and revive a "minority" to become big again. The man likes to save endangered species. But he is making a big mistake when it comes to the Jews, because Jews are not like big cats, since God Himself is always watching over His people and He will ensure they survive. The big cats may become extinct, but the Jewish people will live on, no matter how many people break off and marry gentiles, but that's not how Tom Kaplan sees it evidently.]

"It's time to put our asses on the line," says Tom Kaplan. "Otherwise we might as well give up." The American tough-guy slang sits incongruously with the soft voice and the immaculate business suit, but then a lot of things about Kaplan are incongruous.

[My, my, so Tropper's buddy is agrobbe yung. If he can speak like that why does he think people will give a crap about him or his phony-baloney EJF scheme? And beneath the timid exterior is a tough guy. No wonder mister tough guy latches on to tough guy Tropper, two tough guys, add to that a third Nochum Eisenstein and one shudders to think that these tough guys are out to save the Jews by enforcing "universal standards" in conversions.]

"Who could have predicted that a mild-mannered Oxford-educated historian, with a PhD in the politics of colonial Malaya, would make an absolute killing from mineral extraction, with assets valued at billions of dollars? Who then could have predicted that, while still in his mid-forties, the billionaire minerals magnate would channel his energies and business acumen into saving big cats from extinction?"

[And who would think that this character would give millions to create EJF schemes to save the Jews by attracting the intermarried ones to free get-aways in posh hotels and offer them charedi conversions a la carte? And now we know why he has the stomach for Tropper who is one of the biggest humanoid big cats one can ever bump into. Only a man irrationaly in love with vilde chayas like lions and tigers that rip people apart would love a tiger like Tropper. Life is stranger than fiction.]

"Peeping out from under his immaculate business suit is a bright orange wrist-band with the legend "Tigers Forever". His mission is to save tigers, he explains, not just by maintaining their present numbers, but by increasing their numbers by 50 per cent in the next 10 years. This unassuming businessman means business. Where others wring their hands, he acts."

[Indeed, isn't this so with his EJF scheme too? His mission is to pay tens of millions to headhunters like Tropper to go out into the jungles and bring back all the intermarried Jews with all sorts of screwy gimmicks which flies in the face of reality when all they want to do is run away and become extinct. But the lion hunting super action heroes Kaplan and Tropper think they are supermen and can stop what Nature and God have set in motion. They are hunters in revers, but hunters nevertheless. Kids at heart out to seek unrealistic thrills.]

Tropper is Troubled said...

Tropper's chief backer and lay co-conspirator reveals his psyche III

Comments enclosed by "[ ]"

"Tom Kaplan: 'I have big plans for big cats'

New York-based Panthera, the charity which Kaplan founded in 2006, has rapidly become one of the biggest players in wildlife conservation in the world, with projects around the globe and spending on a scale – its various financial commitments are set to top $20 million in five years – which other agencies can only envy.

"I am a businessman because I am good at business," says Kaplan. "But big cats are my first love."

[Baal gaava too, but that is forgivable. Yet it is no wonder that this baal gaava has found a mirror image in that other noted baal gaava Leib Tropper who loves to lavish on himself all sorts of titles and positions as if they were strings of medals and ribbons on a banana republic's dictator's chest. So he founds his Panthera as easily as he founds EJF, with the drop of a couple of tens of millions of dollars as if he was going for a stroll. It's all a game to this guy. There is no mesiras nefesh. No yisurim. No sense of feel of Yiddishkeit in this man. He is all about using money as a weapon, be it Panthera or EJF or his businesses. He should be worried that all this wealth is coming so easily to him. Just as easily as it came it can disappear.]

"He first fell under their spell as a seven-year-old, when he was given a copy of The Maneaters of Kumaon by Jim Corbett. Soon his bedroom was lined with posters of tigers and other predatory felids. By the age of 10, he was tracking bobcats in Florida. By 11, he was jaguar-spotting in Colombia with his mother. A life-long passion had taken root."

[Bingo. There you have it. he loves predators! No wonder he can relate to and love Tropper! They get each other's inner core! This also shows a desire to escape a bookish world. And he finds a kindred rabbi in Tropper he just cannot sit inside a bais medrash but has to keep on running around America and the world with all sorts of speeches and missions. They both are learned but can't wait to get away from their books. This is frustration city, and everybody who gets to be near them pays for it.]

"And his love of animals runs in the family. He has been married for 10 years to Dafna, whom he met at high school in Switzerland, and who was later serving in the Israeli defence forces while he was at Oxford. They are now based in New York. Only their daughter, Orianne's fixation was snakes. "Pop, you know you always said we should try to give something back?" she said, when she was just five. "Well, why don't we try to save indigo snakes?" Project Orianne, a Kaplan-founded snake conservation project in Georgia, was the result. A billionaire father can be a girl's best friend."

[Great, this family really shteigs, they go from loving predatory cats to loving SNAKES? So how can anyone feel relaxed with this crew, EJF's and Tropper's backers, when they are such predatory people and lovers of predators like big cats, snakes, and of Tropper. Well a symbol of the nachash hakadoni had to come in somewhere and here it is at the heart of this stsory. Why hasn't Tropper been able to ensure that this spoiled brat kid gets a bais yaakov education? Clue: Neither Kaplan, his wife or kid are observing Orthodox Jews! It's a known fact!]

Tropper is Troubled said...

Tropper's chief backer and lay co-conspirator reveals his psyche IV

Comments enclosed by "[ ]"

"Tom Kaplan: 'I have big plans for big cats'

"But childish sentiment alone is not going to save the world's big cats – the tigers and leopards and jaguars and other felids on the endangered species lists. Nor is money alone. For Kaplan, conservation involves the head as much as the heart. "When I founded Panthera, I set out to procure the greatest talent in wildlife conservation. And I use that mercantile image advisedly. Whatever you are doing in life, you have to build a high-class vehicle to deliver your vision."

["High class", sure. Now you know how he thinks and what was going on in his mind as he set about creating and funding EJF. This is the guy running the agenda and the lives of all those great rabbis one sees at the "fat cat" -- good pun -- EJF conventions.]

"To that end, he has appointed Alan Rabinowitz, a fellow New Yorker and world-renowned conservationist, to be the CEO of Panthera. Rabinowitz was the driving force behind the Jaguar Corridor that now extends from Mexico to Argentina and is regarded as a model of wildlife conservation in practice. It is not enough to talk conservation; it is necessary to provide viable habitats, often spanning many different countries. Similar "corridors" – effectively offering the big cats safe passage between their various natural habitats – are being considered for tigers in Asia and lions in Africa. One of the tiger corridors alone could stretch from Nepal to Malaysia. It is a colossal, visionary undertaking."

[Visionary, shmisionary. This Alan Rabinowitz sounds like the counterpart of Tropper and he probably is. Sounds like this boytchik has hit the jackpot and now has a great parnosa doing garbage. Why haven't these guys figured out, if they are so good at knowing that gentiles married to Jews should get their EJF conversions, that there are realities closer to life, like feeding the poor of Eretz Yisroel, supporting genuine Torah scholars, kollelim, yeshivas, bais yakovs, Jewish hospitals that desperately need good equipment all over Israel. How come the Klausenburger Chasidim who don't have college know they need a hospital but the smart aleks with PhDs want to save panthers in the farshtunkenne jungles of the Amazon instead? Only secular Jewish billionaires can act so stupidly. When was the last time anyone heard of an Italian or Russian billionaire saving wild animals? The mafias know how to take care of their own at least, nebech.]

"But outstanding leaders, as Kaplan knows from his business experience, need outstanding lieutenants. To that end, he is investing millions of dollars in endowing the scholarships and research grants needed to inspire a new generation of conservationists. He has donated millions to his alma mater, Oxford University, where last week he welcomed students from around the world – Madagascar, Zimbabwe, Bhutan, Bolivia – to study conservation at the Wildlife Conservation Research Unit, which he is funding, and launched a new diploma course in international wildlife practice. "This is going to be the premier university-based felid conservation centre in the world," he says, with a note of pride."

[Just as with EJF he paid for and put together a team of functionaries to do his bidding. To look at every ek velt nonsense hideout and bring people to do things that are worthless and spend tens of millions of this stupidity. Somewhere, somehow Kaplan, Tropper and Rabinowitz must hate themselves so much to lower themselves to the level of vilde chayas and imagaine that they are doing the greatest mitzva on earth. This is how people delude themselves.]

Tropper is Troubled said...

Tropper's chief backer and lay co-conspirator reveals his psyche V

Comments enclosed by "[ ]"

"Tom Kaplan: 'I have big plans for big cats'

"When Kaplan talks about the big cats he has seen in the wild, it could be a schoolboy speaking. "I once saw a male and female tiger together in a reserve in Rajasthan. They must have mated about eight times in two hours! And after each time, the female cuffed the male, as if she was cross with him. Extraordinary."

[And this is Tropper's main backer and the money bags behind EJF's gedolim talking dirty! This man is frustrated that he gets his kicks out of watching tigers mate multiple times and to admit it in public this is shameful. Then again Tropper too has a frustrated and over-active libido that acts out like a tiger in heat too many times for its own good. Maybe that's why Kpaln likes watching Tropper on the go-go, it reminds him of the mating tigers.]

"Left to their own devices, he says, the animals would reproduce effortlessly. Unlike the giant panda, say, big cats are naturally prolific. But on a crowded planet, it can be hard to persuade people of the desirability of breeding more dangerous predators. There are now, dismayingly, more tigers in zoos than in the wild. "People need to look at wildlife conservation in its totality," says Kaplan. "As soon as you lose the apex predator, it has harmful consequences right down the food chain."

[Food chain, shmood chain. Still talking dirty about the big cats' sex lives. Like Tropper who loves to talk dirty about ladies in mikvas and what they (under-)wear at home once converted. Well, he knows how to go against the stream. While most people hate big wild cats and don't want dangerous bears in forests near them, Kaplan has no fear of wanting the exact opposite. Similaraly, if for thousands of years Yiddishkeit never ran after those who left the fold and became meshumadim and cut them loose, along comes Kaplan with a moishe kapoyer EJF backwards theory that now it's time to reverse that and chase after the will of the wisp lost Jews who have married gentiles and are happy there even at the cost of upturning Halacha and hiring dudes like Tropper to help him go against the entire rabbinic tradition, and as to how to get cooperation and coopt those who may object, well the solution is simple, with the money at hand, just buy them off. He is consistent at least if one now finally sees the patterns inside this madman's mind.]

Tropper is Troubled said...

Tropper's chief backer and lay co-conspirator reveals his psyche VI

Comments enclosed by "[ ]"

"Tom Kaplan: 'I have big plans for big cats'

"Convincing others of that logic, winning the necessary hearts and minds, requires different strategies in different parts of the world. In Brazil, Kaplan has recently acquired huge cattle ranches on the edge of the forest. "Who would have thought it? Me, a vegetarian, buying 8,000 head of cattle?" But he knows that buying the land is the most practical way to protect his beloved jaguars. Under Brazilian law, the farmers would otherwise be entitled to shoot the jaguars if they preyed on their livestock. He also knows that, at the intersection of forest and farmland, there will be what conservationists call an "edge effect": a flourishing eco-system at the point where two different habitats meet. "Local communities need to be brought into the conservation process. They need to be treated as stake-holders. In a developing country like Brazil, there is huge scope for offering rural communities help with health care, say, in exchange for their cooperation."

[Yeah, they know how to bribe suckers with "healthcare" or with grants to batei din, its'aall a game in any case. What is it with these guys and Brazil??? Kaplan's sister Ellen lived in Brazil and married Otto Aguiar a Brazilain Christian. Their son is Guma Aguiar. When Guma Aguiar married he also married a Brazilian girl, Jamie, and now Guma Aguiar is also back in Brazil looking for soccer players to fill up his new team. While his uncle Tom Kaplan goes around buying up land so the panthers will have room to roam AND while he makes a lot of money from savvy speculation which is probably the main goal, to make lots of money as Brazil is an expanding economy. Perhaps the showdown between Kaplan and Tropper and Guma Aguiar now playing out in US courts and Israeli batei din will expand to a showdown in the Brazilian forests, they're such hunters themselves, no wonder they create organizations like EJF that hunts gullible rabbis and potential converts alike with poison darts.]

"Idealism may be at the heart of the projects which Panthera has undertaken, but Kaplan understands better than anyone the Realpolitik of conservation – the hard facts, the clinching arguments, the hidden interstices between money, power and land."

[This is serious because here is displayed in a nutshell the raw-fisted and hard-nosed toughness of the Kaplan/Tropper/EJF operation. They will beat up on anyone standing in their way and they have a strategy and plans of how to get to the goals they have decided to attain for themselves. These are VERY dangerous deluded people. And oh yeah, like all megalomaniacs they are totally insane madmen bound to fail!]

Tropper is Troubled said...

Tropper's chief backer and lay co-conspirator reveals his psyche VII

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"Tom Kaplan: 'I have big plans for big cats'

"In Malaysia, he persuaded the government that they were not just conserving the tiger but, specifically, the Malayan tiger, a rare sub-species; he appealed to national pride, and did not just deal in wishy-washy slogans. In Pakistan, he went one better, persuading then President Musharraf, not known as an animal-lover, to take a close interest in snow leopards: convening conferences and establishing leopard reserves. How did he do it? By quietly impressing on the Pakistani president how much kudos his country would get on the world stage from protecting its leopards, while India made such a hash of protecting its tigers."

[Malaysia, Pakistan??? How can one not read this and splutter in sheer disgust at this prostnyak with a PhD from Oxford who is too clever by half for his own good. These are Muslim countries. Haters of Israel and of Jews and Kaplan is running to save their tigers?! Let them burn in hell with their tigers. This is Tropper's chaver and yedid ne'eman. He talked to Musharaf, maybe he got him confused with one of the gedolim that he has bought off with his similarly concocted and distorted EJF scheme. Malaysia is one of the most anti-Semitic countries, maybe Kaplan should take Tropper for a long term visit to save tigers there.]

"Kaplan may be planning ahead, dreaming big dreams, making big plans, but he has not forgotten the lesson he learnt 20 years ago, when he was a history student at Oxford: it is the past of the planet that holds the key to the future of the planet.

"If you ask people to look too far into the future, they don't get it."

[Sure, only Kaplan gets it. That is why he will egg on and back Tropper to the death even if half the world's rabbis oppose him and he is openly disgraced with court cases and din Torahs.]

"You need to foster an understanding of the habitat destruction that has taken place in the past, and how we can avoid making the same mistakes. You need to explain and execute a strategy that shows people why wildlife is worth conserving." For more information about the big-cats conservation charity Panthera, visit www.panthera.org"

[More raw examples of how they know they need to do PR and manipulate people's minds and attitudes to get their way, as with the EJF scheme and its expensive paid spinmeisters always spinning away with their bobba meises of fake successes. What simple sechel says is wrong and is a total waste, these ibber klug shotim show that just having money, education, PHDs and the multiple semichas that Tropper claims he has, cannot save them from chasing fool's gold and shadows in the jungles, even if the wild cats and intermarried Jews trun around and bite them to leave them alone and let them die out in peace becaus, hey, that too is part of God's plan for His big bad cats on earth and for the traitors to the Jews apostates that have long left Him. The real problem is that due to Kaplan's and Tropper's inferiority complexes, they feel the need to act the big men on the range and even cross that line and act like god as they worship their own hubris, billions and arrogance run amock!]

Anonymous said...

The father was not inspiring.

He needs a check up
from the neck up!!

Ah Meshugganer!

Avi Kolko said...


3. Comment from Avi Kolko
Time November 15, 2009 at 9:54 AM

The USA is a sick place. Once someone is declared ‘guilty’ - by twelve people too stupid to get off jury duty - he loses all his rights. I’m not talking about dignity, privacy, or religion; he is deprived of his very humanity.

Singapore and Malaysia are cruel and inhumane because they use corporal punishment on criminals. But the Western World is more enlightened, so we jail people instead. And despite the country-club myth, jails in fact are hell-holes where inmates are treated like animals, abused by the guards and other inmates, and deprived of any sembelance of living life like a human. Shawshank still happens in 2009.

So we can take a father, a breadwinner, a gentle man, in the prime of his life, and lock him up, isolate him, humiliate him, and deprive him of the religios items he holds so dear. This is ‘justice’, the American way.

Anonymous said...

why does Shmuel Borger ignore totally the bride and her family? he only talks about himself?

Anonymous said...

Maybe I'm getting too cynical, but I found it odd that the Niftar's father taped his message during the Shiva itself. I don't understand why it couldn't wait another day.

....unless of course there is a sense of urgency to conduct damage control, in light of the rumors having already gotten out about the tragic fate his son endured while a young boy.

Like I said, it's cynical to be sure, but it's just too odd to me....

Anonymous said...

The reason there is no sympathy for Rubashkin is because the entire trial was not neccessary. He should have paid the bank and there would never have been any fraud charges. Krinsky,Cunin and Shemtov could have covered the amount easily and he never would have had to go thru any of this. The fact that they refused to part with their money to help him out shows the real animality of Lubav chassidus. The opportunists like Lifshuctz and Hecht should have gone around and raised money to pay off the bank instead of egging him on to fight and throwing Yiddishe gelt to lawyers.. There are special places in gehenim for people like this.

Anonymous said...

Queens County Civil Court
Index Number: CV-034342-97/QU
Case Type: Civil
Filing Date: 08/07/1997
Disposition Date: 06/02/2007

Sir Vivor said...


please. please, ease my torment and relegate the "Tropper is troubled rants to a seperate blog. Do something quick before we loose our minds and start saying some very not nice things to this poster.


AndyBee said...

"Tropper is Troubled" seems to a bit troubled himself, with multi-posts of what appears to be ranting at best, and babbling at worst.

Please limit your comments to what you think The Reasonable Man would want to read.

And, as always (with others too), you should consider starting your blog where all your many followers can follow your pearls of wisdom and random combination of words and thoughts.

Yerachmiel Lopin, blogger, frumfollies said...

I have to agree with Sir Vivor, lets create a seperate pinned posting for Tropper EJF issues. For that matter lets have a third one for everything else. The present situation discourages commenting and participation on current issues.

Shlomo said...

I also think it makes it difficult to post or read comments with tropper is troubled always rambling on

Arthur said...

"Thursday evening, after sitting through an hour-long recitation of the jury’s verdicts in Sioux Falls, Iowa, Shalom Mordechai Rubashkin was detained pending a bail hearing at the insistence of Peter Deegan.

If that were not shocking enough, the ordeal he was subsequently put through is positively offensive, contemptible, and a black mark on the justice system of the United States.

Reb Shalom Mordechai was taken by US Marshalls to South Dakota State penitentiary in Sioux Falls pending transfer to Iowa. He was not allowed to make a phone call to inform his lawyers or his family of his location.

One of the Marshalls, upon learning of this, was nice enough to call the family. They would have otherwise not known where he was.

As part of the entry process into the jail, Reb Shalom Mordechai was asked to disrobe and change into the prison uniform. He complied, but stopped short of removing his tzitzis and yarmulka, explaining that, as a religious Jew, he was required to wear these garments at all times, that it is permitted under federal law, and that he would not take them off.

The staff, after asking their superiors, were told that they would not allow him to wear his religious clothing.

At this point, six burly, intimidating prison guards entered with riot shields. They took a video of this interaction. He was told by the warden at the prison that he would be allowed to wear his yarmulka, but not his tzitzis.

Reb Shalom Mordechai explained that although he had no interest in making trouble, he would not remove his tzitzis for religious reasons and his religion does not allow him to walk around without tzitzis.

The prison staff belligerently insisted that he nevertheless remove them or they would be removed by force and he would be placed in a disciplinary area alone.

Reb Shalom Mordechai explained that he was not fighting with them, but he would not remove them himself. He was not trying to give them a hard time, but he was insisting on his religious rights. He also took the opportunity to inform them of his other religious needs, namely, the tallis and tefillin required for davening Shacharis, before which he would be unable to eat.

They responded by yelling at him for threatening a hunger strike. “Do you know where you are?!” they shouted They then removed his tzitzis. He was given only a thin sheet to cover himself and they brought a wheelchair to move him, since he had said that he would not be allowed to walk without his tzitzis.

The staff took him to the disciplinary area, where a woman asked him questions from a form, and then disregarded his answers, writing in whatever she wanted to, over his objections.

They left him to sleep with no clothes - only the thin sheet and his yarmulka and another sheet to cover himself.

In the morning, they brought him papers to sign, which he would not do without his lawyers. The US Marshalls arrived to transport him to Iowa, and they confirmed that he was allowed to wear tzitzis, which were then returned to him.

Due to his commitment to strict kashrus, food was purchased by his family that met those standards, but the food was not allowed into the Iowa prison because it wasn’t packaged correctly. He did not eat at all from Thursday lunch until Motzoei Shabbos when he was finally given a small bottle of grape juice for Havdalah, a package of rolls, and a pareve matzoh ball soup mix, which he ate cold.

Reb Shalom Mordechai is currently in county jail in Sioux City, which has been a lot more respectful of his rights and religious freedom. The bail hearing has been set for Wednesday, at 9:15 a.m., in Cedar Rapids."

To which I add the "brilliant, deeply thought out statement" posted by some intellectual midget above,that this shows "the real animality of Lubav chassidus" ("animality"???? wow, what a "profound" non existent word, coined just to bash Lubavitch).

Sir Vivor said...

Regarding this sad story, after plenty of research into this incident it APPEARS to me that here was an issue of ANXIETY and resultant panicky irrational stress due to the kallah's instinctive comment she made when he confessed to her his history and resultant situation. According to the aparrently reliable NY Post follow up of Nov 15 in print and online, he told her after failing to effect conjugal relations on the wedding night that he had been molested in an extreme fashion which left him with a sadly distorted association with anything below the belt and stated that he desperately needed help. Being a naive young girl she innocently reponded in an undersatndable fashion bemoaning the fact that "why me". "Why am I so unfortunate to have to fall into this lot when I was on such a high thinking this is the best time of my life". "Why this monkey wrench in the cogs?"
Although others have responded more thoughtfuly to such situations she by no fault of hers responded in a way which made him panic and give up on any hope of moving forward and even maybe getting professional help, at the very time he thought he might comisserate with a loving spouse who would help him out of a frightful torment which has held him captive for years. The rest is history...
Now, if you are wondering how I can conjecture all this. I am using the info available at this time and based on my own experience with my being molested by 2 Chareidi authority figures and having a distorted (though different than this poor guy's) view of marital relations. Had my wife responded in a less than supportive manner I might of taken my life as well. To the credit of my dear wife, although she had no previous exposure to such sordid stories, she reacted with compassion and determination to hear me out and help me work through it. What kills me to no end is the thought that had i been aware of Mr. Borger's situation I might of been able to help by sharing my experiences with these difficulties.

Joe Putz said...

Arthur is not going to get too much support here. While the government may have been a little tough, the pro-Rubashkin case is very weak when the best allies you have are Kolko and the Yated.

Ho Ho Holder said...


Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. announced Friday that the government would prosecute the self-proclaimed architect of the Sept. 11 attacks and four others in a civilian courthouse just blocks from the scene of their alleged crimes.

Holder's decision raised legal, political and ethical questions, including what kind of evidence will be used against men whom the U.S. government subjected to brutal interrogation methods.

And the trial almost certainly would turn into a propaganda forum for the accused terrorists. "We hold our trials in the open, and that gives defendants an opportunity to spew propaganda," said Matthew Waxman, a Columbia University law professor who served as a top Pentagon lawyer in the George W. Bush administration.

Debra Burlingame, whose brother piloted one of the planes that was hijacked, said she also feared that a public trial might result in the attacks being overshadowed by details of alleged CIA torture and by "the prospect of these barbarians being turned into victims by their attorneys."

Rep. Lamar Smith of Texas, the top Republican on the House Judiciary Committee, said that holding the terrorism trials in civilian court could result in acquittals, mistrials or shorter sentences. He vowed that Republicans would redouble their recent efforts to block the proceedings through a congressional vote.

Anonymous said...

LONDON (Reuters) - Britain will apologize for shipping thousands of poor children, often without the knowledge of their parents, to its former colonies during the 20th century, the government said on Sunday.

Under the Child Migrants Programme, a policy which ended 40 years ago, many poor children were sent to Commonwealth countries, mainly Australia and Canada, with promises of a better life.

But according to the charity the Child Migrants Trust, many of the 7,000 migrants sent to Australia ended up being abused, dumped in institutions or used as laborers on farms against their wishes.

During the enforced resettlement policy, which ran from 1930 to 1970, some migrant children were wrongly told their parents were dead. Many parents did not know their children, some of whom were as young as three, had been sent to Australia.

Schools Secretary Ed Balls told Sky News: "I think it is important that we say to the children who are now adults and older people and also to their offspring that this is something we look back on with shame.

"These are children who were shipped out of the country, often without their parents even knowing, who went on to be laborers thousands and thousands of miles away, who suffered physical and sometimes sexual abuse.

"It was something that was sanctioned by governments and that is no way to treat children," he said.

Bim Bam identity said...

Will there be enough doctors to provide care to millions of previously uninsured patients if the health overhaul is passed?

As is, the American Academy of Family Physicians is predicting a shortage of 40,000 primary care doctors by 2020, with medical schools graduating only half the number needed to meet demand. Democrats and the Obama administration do not dispute looming shortages, now seen in many poor and rural areas, that could lead to longer waits and more emergency-room visits.

UOJ gets results said...

Denver, Colorado (CNN) -- Operation Shepard, a four-day sweep for fugitive sex offenders in Colorado, has led to 106 arrests, according to the US Marshals Service.

Anonymous said...

uoj , this is a very worthwhile read , especially the comments . Lakewood is finnaly coming to an end with all its shinanegins

Arthur said...

"While the government may have been a little tough, the pro-Rubashkin case is very weak when the best allies you have are Kolko and the Yated"
My point is not whether Rubahskin is guilty or innocent.He probably is guilty.My problrm is how he is being treated by the government."a little tough"is gring tzu zogen of yenem We are supposedly rachmonim bnai rachmonim but one would never recognize it from the platitudes of the self rightous individuals and their noch shllepers.

Anonymous said...

To Tropper is Troubled...

I think conservation efforts for endangered cats is wonderful, and shows a great respect for G-d and creation.

You say that these cats and the countries in which they are located should "burn in hell". You have some serious issues. I hope you find some peace.

Anonymous said...

Just because someone is frum doesn't mean that they cannot have emotional problems.

Especially when they may have been molested by another frumik.

For the frum world to deny and cover all this up makes things even worse.

For every suicide within the frum community that is recognized by the Medical Examiner and NYPD you can bet that there are many, many more that are never recognized as such.

This is not avodas HaShem. This is pure hilul HaShem on the part of the bearded wonders who claim to represent Hashem and Torah.

Their punishment will be in both this and the next world.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand how the Post could possibly get info like that. While it may be true its wildly speculative.