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UOJ Media Watch - Will This Mass Murderer Get The Press Coverage Solomon Dwek Or Sholom Rubashkin Got?

Shooter --- Major Malik Nadal Hasan - [Unlikely To Be Amish]

FORT HOOD, Texas – An Army officer opened fire Thursday with two handguns at the Fort Hood military base in an attack that left 12 people dead and 31 wounded. Authorities captured the gunman and apprehended two other soldiers in what appears to be the worst mass shooting at a U.S. military base.

There was no immediate word on a motive. The shooting began around 1:30 p.m., said Lt. Gen. Bob Cone at Fort Hood. He said all the casualties took place at the base's Soldier Readiness Center, where soldiers who are about to be deployed or who are returning undergo medical screening.

"It's a terrible tragedy. It's stunning," Cone said.

A law enforcement official identified the shooting suspect as Army Maj. Malik Nadal Hasan. The official said Hasan, believed to be in his late 30s, was captured after opening fire at the base. The official spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to discuss the case publicly.

A defense official, also speaking on condition of anonymity, said Hasan was a mental health professional — an Army psychologist or psychiatrist. Officials say it was not clear what Hasan's religion was, but investigators are trying to determine if Hasan was his birth name or if he may have changed his name and converted to Islam at some point.

Associated Press

Quite interesting that no investigator tried to determine if Dwek or Rubashkin was their birth name or if they converted to Judaism at some point!



steve said...

Only if:

a)He refuses a plea bargain and the case goes to trial, a la Rubashkin.


b)He becomes a cooperating witness for the FBI/CIA and helps nail 44 muslim jihadists and/or corrupt politicians in NJ, a la Dwek.

Boycott EJF dayanim and ladies conference said...

The EJF is in panic. They have now announced a "women's mentoring" free invitation adding it to the proposed "dayanim conference" to corrupt women in kiruv to enter EJF's conversionionist batei din.

Tropper is in the middle of legal cases and dinei Torah, he has NO right to advertise and "summon" anyone, let alone "dayanim," to come hear him pontificate!

The fourth EJF/Tropper-ego/Kaplan-Recanati bribe money/Rav Nochum Eisentsein-anger/Rav Reuven Feinstein-two faced show, aka "Dayanim Conference" is scheduled to take place November 8-10, so take note

Tropper's sickening chutzpa and fraudulence are being exposed and his so-called major backer R REUVEN Feinstein will have to explain in court and bais din what he did with the 3 million dollars Guma Aguiar gave him, heed the call to boycott and stop any all upcoming EJF events and put Tropper out of action for all time:

Concerned Jews who fear the consequences of a fanatical and unstable Tropper hegemony over all Orthodox conversions are called to protest the upcoming Fourth Eternal Jewish Family Dayanim Conference Scheduled for November 8-10 in New Jersey. See full ad below.

If you know any of the noted speakers in the ad below, contact them and make your strong opposition to Tropper and his EJF scheme known loud and clear. Do not allow Tropper's personal power's to spread. Once he has them he wield's them ruthlessly.

Some of the slated speakers, such as R REUVEN Feinstein have allegedly been paid at least three million dollars to help Tropper and EJF, they are not trustworthy!

Urge your local rabbi, rov, posek or dayan on any Bais Din NOT to attend and to make their own protets heard. By now many rabbis are sick and tired of Tropper's antics and his controversial EJF scheme. Do not submit to Tropper's dictates under any cirmstances!

Urge your rabbis and rabbonim to RETAIN THEIR INDEPENDENCE as any self-respecting person should. Do not submit to Tropper who is a notorious control freak!

It has now been revealed that Tropper cynically uses bribes (given as "grants") to his favored rabbis to attend his free EJF events, thus entirely corrupting the integrity of the Halachic process and forcing those accepting his bribes to adhere to his extreme views that have been criticized and condemned by rabbis from the right (Badatz of Eidah Chareidis) and the left (RCA).

If you are able to, please join a vigil and protest outside of the hotel Novemebr 8-10 at the Sheraton Meadowlands in Secaucus NJ.

Full text of Tropper's and EJF's ad:

"Fourth Eternal Jewish Family Dayanim Conference Scheduled for November 8-10 in New Jersey

Written by Admin on October 13, 2009 – 12:06 pm -

PREPARATIONS WENT into high gear for the fourth EJF Dayanim Conference, which is scheduled to take place November 8-10 at the Sheraton Meadowlands in Secaucus NJ. Some 40 dayanim and Roshei Yeshiva will gather to confront crucial halachic issues that arise involving universally accepted Jewish conversion standards in intermarriage.

Most of the dayanim are part of a growing network of independent batei din in North America that have adopted the Jewish Conversion standards of leading poskim, as is being promulgated by EJF International. The Batei Din function in cities such as Baltimore, Monsey, Philadelphia, Chicago, Cleveland, Detroit, New York, Los Angeles, Milwaukee, Montreal, Miami, Lakewood, Dallas, Toronto, Houston, and Vancouver. Last year’s conference was addressed by such prominent Torah personalities as:

Harav Shmuel Kaminetsky, Rosh Yeshiva of the Yeshiva of Philadelphia and a member of the Moetzes Gedolei Hatorah of Agudas Yisroel

Harav Reuven Feinstein, Rosh Yeshiva of Mesivta of Staten Island and Chairman of the Halachic Committee of EJF

Harav Dovid Olewski, Rosh Yeshiva of the Gerer Mesivta (Brooklyn)

Harav Betzalel Tuvia Wettenstein (Belzer Dayan of Monsey)

Rabbi Eliyahu Levin (Lakewood)"

Tropper is Troubled said...

Tropper marches merrily forth, dancing in his EJF-Titanic's ballroom looking for prospective converts.

Not one to let the grass grow under his feet or to be put off by being summoned to court cases and dinei Torah, Tropper keeps his sinking EJF scheme afloat. You just never know where one of his hired PR underlings will place an ad to look for more gullible customers, oh, this time they want to charge for the first time: "The cost for couples approved for participation is only $99 per person ($198 per couple)" must be that criticism of "freebies for conversion help" is catching up with them, and that may help EJF get around the accusations that they recruit for converts, a sign that Rav REUVEN Feinstein may be TRYING to have a penny's worth of say.:

"From admin.tcism.cn/xie/435116: Eternal Jewish Family Holding Seminar for Intermarried Couples Seeking a Universally Accepted Conversion

Thursday, November 5th, 2009 at 06:29 pm

The Eternal Jewish Family is presenting a seminar to educate intermarried couples who are seriously contemplating or seeking a universally accepted conversion. The theme of the seminar is "When a Family Commits to Join the Jewish Family." It will be held at the Marriott Baltimore Hunt Valley Inn in Baltimore, Maryland, December 29-30th, 2008.

Eternal Jewish Family

It is critical that when the commitment to become a full-fledged member of the Jewish people is made, the conversion meets all of the requirements of halacha. Then the union will be recognized by all rabbinic authorities across the globe. Couples, their children and their children's children will have the confidence to rely on this Universally Accepted Conversion.

The two-day seminar is similar to the successful seminars for intermarried couples held in Oxnard California, Phoenix, Arizona, and Montreal, Canada. Similar seminars were also held in Israel. Those who wish to attend should be currently seeking a universally accepted conversion, or have sought conversion which has been problematic.

Couples must be referred by the rabbi that they are working with and in most cases the rabbi himself joins the couple at the seminar. The seminar will educate couples on what it means to embark on such a serious and life-changing journey. Couples must be in the early stages of seeking a universally accepted conversion to attend.

The halachic conversion is vital for a family to be fully integrated into the Jewish lifestyle and community. Couples who do not obtain a universally accepted conversion may have problems being accepted into Jewish communities. This includes being unable to register their children in Jewish day schools.

EJF has helped many Jewish couples learn what's required to obtain a universally accepted conversion. The decision is not taken lightly - not only does it involve a serious commitment - but it can take a few years to complete.

Speakers at the seminar sessions are given by some of the world's most sought-after educators and lecturers and includes prominent Orthodox thinkers and lecturers. There will also be people who have gone through the experience of obtaining a universally accepted conversion to Judaism who will share their experiences of how they have sought to live an authentic Jewish life."

Tropper is Troubled said...

New ad, same old speakers.

"Speakers include:

Rabbi Leib Tropper, Rosh Yeshiva Kol Yaakov/Horizons and Chairman of the EJF's Rabbinic Committee

Rabbi Mordechai Neugroschel - a leading lecturer for Arachim, an outreach organization that has set the bar for creative and innovative approaches to educating unaffiliated Jews

Rabbi Mayer Schiller, noted thinker and lecturer

Rabbi Doron Kornbluth, author of the best-selling Why Marry Jewish? Surprising Reasons for Jews to Marry Jews

Rabbi Daniel Assor, a former Protestant minister and leader of the Jews for Jesus movement.

The cost for couples approved for participation is only $99 per person ($198 per couple). Scholarships are available and babysitting services can be arranged upon request. Please inquire about an extra room for those that wish to comply with Jewish law that only those who are halachically married should stay in the same room.

To sign up, couples should contact the rabbi who has been working with them on a UAC or sign up online at http://www.eternaljewishfamily.org/site/programs/seminar_application.

About Eternal Jewish Family:

Eternal Jewish Family is an affiliate of Horizons/Lillian Jean Kaplan Jewish Pride through Education Project and is dedicated to promoting universally accepted standards for conversions

in intermarriage and helping batei din and rabbonim around the globe by giving them the assistance and support they need throughout this challenging process.

EJF organizes major rabbinic conferences around the world led by the foremost Torah scholars to deliberate on universal conversion standards in intermarriage.

A complete list of Eternal Jewish Family seminars can be found at http://www.eternaljewishfamily.org/site/programs/seminars/

Author Information

Joshua Haller
Eternal Jewish Family"

Anonymous said...

The grandfather of these two “Rebbes”, was the Shomer Emunim Rebbe, Rabbi Aron Roth. Rabbi Roth escaped europe in 1939 with the help of the Zionists, as did his good friend Rabbi Yoel Teitelbaum of Satmar who escaped on a stolen Zionist passport. Notwithstanding this, both men became ardent anti Zionists. The Satmar Rabbi would say, better for the chassidim to have died then to have become Israelis. Its ironic that these rabbis who yearn for the return of Israel to arab hands, and who frequently espouse how “in the olden days, pre Zionisim” life was so much better, are raising money from a pro israel community. It seems dollars make for strange compromises.

What is stranger is that a community like this would be hoodwinked to accept these two anti semitical rabbis, and that people like Dr Fred Marton would be willing to join hands with those who hate us. Their damage to Judaism doesn’t stop with their hatred of Israel. Their chassidim don’t pay taxes nor serve in the army yet make full use of Israels hospitals, doctors, roads, firefighters and police, utilities and other public services. Their vile protests make it onto CNN, BBC and other international tv stations and media outlets, making Jews look primitive and archaic at best or like close brothers to Hezbollah and Hamas at worst. They beat up women on busses, curse policemen who apprehend fathers who kill or starve their children, call security nazis, and cause the irreligious to truly despise God and the religious. A dollar to these misguided souls is a dollar to the destruction of Israel
In defense of Rabbi Weinberger and the other hosts, I can only say; the world is full of misguided souls. A few years ago a kindly settler gave a ride to a suicide bomber who killed 16 people in Tel Aviv.

shmarya wannabe said...

Don't you think its bigoted to just blame arabs? Put it in context of the guy being pushed over the edge by republican policies to fight in iraq on behalf of neocon orthodox jews.

Major hassan is the real victim.

Ahavah Gayle said...

To shmarya wannabe:

Except that we don't have a draft at the moment. He voluntarily signed up for military service. Usually, that involves fighting and every war everywhere has been about protecting the interest of TPTB and not for any real ethical or moral considerations. Maybe they don't learn that in public schools, but even a casual perusal of history makes that pretty clear. He knew or should have known he would be deployed eventually. He's more likely to be a sleeper agent than an innocent bystander.

The Margo Defense said...

HACKENSACK, N.J. jury convicts Florida man who claimed he was "too fat to kill" in son-in-law's slaying.

Anonymous said...

Well put UOJ.
Ralph Peters in the NY Post has a biting Op-Ed highlighting our collective lack of kuhlyunes. Mr. Peters article is entitled: "Call this horror by it's name: Islamist terror"
It is a must read.
Gut vuch

Tropper is Troubled said...

Slifkin to Tropper: Don't tread on me! I

Rabbi Natan Slifkin the zoo rabbi that was persecuted by the likes of the two "leibs" with krumme teeth (Leib Pinter and Leib Tropper, with Leib Pinter now behind bars for fruad and crookery) has unveiled an attack against Tropper on his blog that is worth reposting here in full. It is very serious and it speaks for itself:

"Rationalist Judaism: Exploring the legacy of the rationalist medieval Torah scholars

Rabbi Leib Tropper and EJF, Sunday, November 8, 2009.

Rabbi Leib Tropper is known to many readers of this blog as one of the team of people involved in engineering the ban on my books. He told the story about two students in his yeshivah, "malachai hashareis, "who read my books, and promptly dropped out of yeshivah and went off the derech. When I investigated it, I found out the one of them, who had said, "if the rabbis can make mistakes then why am I learning Bava Kamma" (a direct quote from R. Tropper), dropped out of the yeshivah and left observance before my book on Chazal was published. The other one, who read my books, dropped out of the yeshivah and went to YU - which I would not exactly describe as "going off the derech." When I discovered the identity of the other student and wrote to ask him if it was true that my books caused him to drop out, he wrote this reply.

I honestly don't really care much about all that. But there is something else about Rabbi Tropper's activities which I find very, very disturbing. First, some background. For the last few years, Rabbi Tropper has been running an organization known as EJF - Eternal Jewish Family, whose mantra is that they are seeking a "universally accepted standard for conversion," which sounds wonderful. Exceptionally well funded by Tom Kaplan, EJF flies out rabbonim to conferences in hotels.

There are, however, some very serious accusations against EJF. I will briefly review these, after which I will get to the problem that I personally find particularly worrying.

One problem, which unites such disparate forces as the Badatz of Jerusalem and the Roshei Yeshivah of YU against EJF, is the charge that EJF encourages proselytization. This has been discussed at great length by R. Daniel Eidensohn on his blog Daas Torah.

Another problem, also discussed at the aforementioned blog and elsewhere, is that the rabbis who endorse EJF have also received exceptionally large donations to their yeshivos - in one case, millions of dollars. כי השחד יעור עיני חכמים ויסלף דברי צדיקם.

The third area of controversy was recently made very public. Guma Aguiar, the nephew of Tom Kaplan, has filed a Din Torah against Rabbi Tropper for allegedly misappropriating millions of dollars that he gave him for charity. This story, which you can read in great detail here, includes this report:

For example, when Aguiar's daughter was born at the end of 2007, he wanted to express his and his wife's thanks to G-d by donating $36,000 to each of 36 rabbis. He says he turned to his uncle's close confidante Rabbi Leib Tropper to formulate a list of 36 beneficiaries.

The list, which you can find on the website, is basically a who's who of the rabbis that consented to sign on to the ban on my books. It pays to play along with Rabbi Tropper's zealotry! But apparently Aguiar wanted the list to include rabbis from a broader spectrum of Judaism than that represented by Rabbi Tropper's narrow perspective. After the list was expanded and agreed upon, the money was sent, but according to Aguiar, the money didn't reach all the rabbis. While the article does not specify which rabbis are alleged not to have received the money, my impression is that it is those who were not part of Rabbi Tropper's suggested list."

Tropper is Troubled said...

Slifkin to Tropper: Don't tread on me! II

"Rabbi Leib Tropper and EJF, Sunday, November 8, 2009. (Continued):

But the problem with EJF that is of greatest concern to me is the serious effort by Rabbi Tropper and his partner in Israel, Rabbi Nochum Eisenstein, to delegitimize those who do not share their narrow hashkafic viewpoint - both rabbis and converts.

There is a deeply troubling report as follows:

Rabbi Nachum Eisenstein said words to the following effect, from the podium, during the Tuesday, November 6, 2007 afternoon session of the EJF conference:

"Rav Elyashiv holds that any person who believes the world to be older than 5768 years is kofer b’ikur, and as such, is pasul l’dayanus. Therefore, a ger who underwent conversion through a beis din on which such a person served as a dayan remains non-Jewish. The conversion is invalid even b’dieved."

Let me repeat that these words were made before a large audience of rabbis and gedolei Torah. Stunned, I privately asked Rabbi Eisenstein if he realized that this psak would, in effect, exclude the modern orthodox rabbinate from the conversion process. He answered affirmatively, adding that Rav Elyashiv held this psak to be “pashut.”

Similarly, the previous day (Monday), Rabbi Leib Tropper mentioned, also from the
podium, that Rav Chaim Kanievsky was asked if it is mutar to convert a person who is mikabel ol malchus shamayim but is unwilling to believe that the world is only 5768 years old. Rav Kanievsky answered that it is in fact assur to convert such a person. Rabbi Tropper also made seemingly hateful remarks, saying: how ridiculous would it be for a person wearing non-Yeshivish clothes and/or wearing cologne to serve as a dayan!?

More troubling yet, during the same speech, Rabbi Tropper made remarks to the following effect: "EJF’s goal is to connect a would-be ger to a universally accepted beis din. A universally accepted beis din could not, by definition, include dayanim
who believe the world to be older than 5768 years."

I would be remiss not to mention that these remarks were said boldly, publicly and to an audience of over one hundred chashuvim. There was no visible protest amongst the assembled.

We thus have Rabbi Tropper's well-funded organization working to delegitimize the entire non-charedi rabbinate."

Tropper is Troubled said...

Slifkin to Tropper: Don't tread on me! III

"Rabbi Leib Tropper and EJF, Sunday, November 8, 2009 (Continued):

We also have a nightmare scenario for sincere converts. I noticed the following report in the comments to this post:

I know about a case where a Jewish boy was dating a non Jewish girl and the local Chabbad was mekrev them for Orthodox conversion with kabalas mitzvos. Someone told the EJF about them and they got involved, they scared the girl with their tactics and the couple left orthodox Judaism and got married in Reform temple. As it turned out the girl was a scientist and the EJF freaked her out with their insistence that she will believe in 6000 years old universe.

Nor should one think that this witch-hunt will be limited to those who accept that there was an age of dinosaurs. In opening pages of the appalling work Chaim B'Emunasam, which claims that every Jew is obligated to believe that every single word in the Gemara is from Sinai or else he is a heretic and should be killed, there is enthusiastic praise for Rabbi Tropper and EJF for his assistance to the author. On his own blog, Rabbi Tropper recently made the following announcement regarding the forthcoming EJF conference:

Some of the new issues to be discussed will be the importance of true Torah Hashkafa and Midos as an ability to measure a candidates seriousness to convert properly... Someone who does not believe in “Emunas Chachachim” though he knows Halacha, should a Beit din proceed with the conversion?

We know from another post on his blog that Rabbi Tropper believes that every Jew is obligated to listen to the "Gadol HaDor." (As I noted in a previous post, he claims to base this on a Teshuvos Yaavetz, but Yaavetz says no such thing, and even if he would, there are clearly others who argue.) We thus have a real risk of a situation whereby converts who do not accept whatever pashkevil has Rav Elyashiv's signature to it are going to have their conversions declared invalid by EJF. Read this post to gain an insight into the terror being experienced by many sincere converts.

The latest EJF conference begins today, in the Sheraton Meadowlands, NJ. Something has to be done.

Posted by Natan Slifkin at 6:09 AM"

Tropper is Troubled said...

Slifkin to Tropper: Don't tread on me! IV

Rabbi Slifkin is no dope, he knows is that it's now payback time against Tropper who faces multiple legal battles and dinei Torah from Guma Aguiar. Tropper caused Slifkin much grief, you don't have to agree with or share Slifkin's views, but it's certainly a great pleausre to see him rise up and take some hefty swings at the heavy-handed and under-handed Tropper street brawling machine:

"Rationalist Judaism: Exploring the legacy of the rationalist medieval Torah scholars

Arguing with the Gadol HaDor, Monday, October 12, 2009:

Rabbi Leib Tropper, of kanno'us and EJF fame, has a blog in which he recently wrote that it is forbidden to challenge the halachic ruling of a Posek HaDor who is alive. He quotes the Yaavetz as his source, presumably referring to Teshuvos Yaavetz 1:5. It's a very long teshuvah but I can't see where the Yaavetz says such a thing (in fact, the Yaavetz very much stresses the importance of not honoring people over the perceived truth of Torah), nor do I find it easy to imagine that he could say such a thing. Rav Moshe Feinstein certainly did not believe this; his teshuvah on this topic is a must-read and you can download it here.

Posted by Natan Slifkin at 8:18 PM "

Do hashgochos ever think? said...


Or are they simply unaware of the important detail in this NY Times article?

There are franchises of Edible Arrangements in cities all over the country under various hashgochos. The profit from the franchises is funneled by the Pakistani founders to an Islamist school that is teaching hatred of Yidden.

Kickback Central? said...


Kickback Central?
Hashgochos have long been accused of a type of illegal activity. The Tartikover has been accused of forcing his stores to take ONLY from his shechita.

Even worse are people like the Queens Vaad who are accused of such ridiculous things as only allowing one type of OU certified pickles and not another brand. It depends on who is willing to shmear them the most.

So maybe that explains why the Queens Vaad is supporting those peddlers in the unmarked trucks showing up unannounced to sell the Rubashkin meat from Uruguay.

How much is getting kicked back to them to push it around?

I think this sets a very bad precedent for kashrus in general. It's a disruption of normal supply chains and it can lead to abuses. Have they really learned nothing from the Moishe Finkel story?

Speaking of Moishe Finkel, he was never charged with anything because certain forces in the community made sure that the criminal "investigation" went nowhere.


Meanwhile, Denver's kosher hot dog scammer Arnold Zaler was just sentenced to 15 years.

Queens said...


Huge Avlah - Tzrichim lefarsem!

The Queens Vaad is certifying a new pizza restaurant in New Hyde Park, near LIJ Hospital.

They are giving chashivus to a Conservative rabbi there because of the Almighty dollar.


Rabbi Abraham Eckstein certifies Vassilaros Coffee which is setting up a coffee bar at the restaurant with the blessings of the Queens Vaad.

Eckstein has added his own teudah on the wall that is misleading the public about who he is really is. It says in loshon kodesh that his name is R' Avrohom Boruch Eckstein who has semicha from Yeshivas Rabbeinu Yitzchok Elchonon.

What Eckstein and the Queens Vaad do not tell you is that he left YU to get two doctorates at JTS.


He is the rabbi emeritus at the Conservative Little Neck Jewish Temple where he served for 26 years and he is still a member of the Conservative "Rabbinic Assembly". He also gives shiurim at the Reform Temple Emmanuel in Great Neck.

The Queens Vaad was always alternating between a joke and a mafia like operation which is why the real heimishe rabbonim are not members. But they have never stooped so low before.