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OY - Father In Heaven - We Are Guilty Of The Grave Sin Of Lashon Hara - But We Can't Help It! - What's The Shmooze Up There?


"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

[Partially Plagiarized]

The economy is so bad...

* I got a pre-declined credit card in the mail..

* I ordered a burger at Chap-a-Nosh and the kid behind the counter asked, "Can you afford fries with that?"

* Shelly Silver and David Mandel are now playing miniature golf.

* If the bank returns your check marked "Insufficient Funds," you call them and ask if they meant you or them.

* Hot Wheels and Matchbox stocks are trading higher than GM.

* Rubashkin is selling the 1/4 ouncer.

* Parents in Brooklyn fired their nannies and learned their children's names.

* A truckload of Jewish Americans were caught sneaking into Mexico .

* Dick Cheney took the Agudath Israel hunting.

* Motel Six in Borough Park won't leave the light on anymore.

* The Mafia is laying off judges.

* AIPAC laid off 25 Congressmen.

* Congress says they are looking into this Bernard Madoff scandal. Oh Great!! The guy who made $50 Billion disappear is being investigated by the people who made $1.5 Trillion disappear! And, finally...

* I was so depressed last night thinking about the economy, wars, jobs, my savings, Social Security, retirement funds, etc.., I called the Suicide Lifeline at Rubashkin's Agriprocessors. I got a call center in Pakistan , and when I told them I was suicidal, they got all excited, and asked if I could drive a truck.

Anonymous said...

the jokes would be funny if they werent true

by the way can OUJ comment on the fact that a rosh kolel says he doesnt need to tell a wife about an affair because its loshen hora

what is wrong with these clowns

Anonymous said...

can someone please repost the posta bout lakewood and malkiel kotler and the 92 million dollars that they ammassed and used

Anonymous said...

whats the story with the av bes din in lakewood?

Tropper is Troubled said...

Put Tropper/EJF/Horizons/Kol Yaakov in Cherem. 1

Finally, an serious poster on Rabbi Daniel Eidensohn's Da'as Torah blog has called it like it is by asking the most solid Halachic questions (shaylos) and comes up with the most obvious answer:

"Tropper - Why the Rabbis were silent: Anonymous said...First of all, this is not about one community. Second of all, the pulse of the community is beaten by us, not by the Rabbonim in the shuls. Third of all, Purim is coming up. We need a resolution. Those who live near Grove Street or Maple Avenue need to know where their children can go to deliver mishloach manos. As a family with teenage daughters, we need to know if Kol Yaakov bochurim should be allowed to dance in our house this year. When bochurim go shteeble hopping, do they go to Kol Yaakov? Do we drop by the purim shpiel? What if a shidduch is red with a Kol Yaakov bochur? Without any answers or at least progress reports, I think the de facto answer will be to isolate anyone having to do with Kol Yaakov..."

This is what it's come to. The above was in response to the interview in the 5 Towns Jewish times by Rabbi Ribiat of Forshay in Monsey NY: "Leib Tropper - Why the Rabbis Were Silent: 'If True - A Venemous Snake in our Midst'" January 24, 2010.

The masses of Torah Jewry are about to take the law into their owns hands.

They must.

They HAVE TO protect their daughters, and sons, who can easily be "role played raped" as Tropper told Shannon Orand he could do, by Tropper or one of his henchmen.

The dangerous Tropper cult is practiced in OUTWARD frumkeit and chumras but INWARD sexual depravity and sex-crazedness. They think that sexual misdeeds are just "opportunities" up the wrung of the next act of "teshuva", they are morally meshuga and the Jews of Monsey where the Tropper wolf's lair is dug in are the most worried because they have werewolf Tropper and she-wolf Leba with fangs dripping on YouTube for the world to hear and see on their doorstep.

The time for fun and games is over.

Word has it that the people at Agudath Israel are going to stonewall, they are going to act dumb and dumber and have bozo articles written by Avi Shafran to have the wool pulled over the goilem oilem's eyes, but they can forget about it.

Just listen to the underlying fear in the tone of that heart-rending shaylo from a Monsey resident. Amcha is calling.

It's going to be a people's revolt against Tropper and the rabbanim are going to look like a bunch of frightened castrated caged rabbits imprisoned in Tropper's basement.

What do you do when you a have an umasked werewolf and rabbinic dracula like Tropper posing as the "rabbi next door"? Ever seen a werewolf or dracula movie? You have to be brave and defang him, (just don't show him a cross r"l or maybe that is just what apikores Tropper needs to be shown he is a false messiah like Yoshke)

It's not a joke and no one is laughing!

Tropper is Troubled said...

Put Tropper/EJF/Horizons/Kol Yaakov in Cherem. 2

Behind the scenes the Moetzes Gedolei HaTorah of Agudath Israel of America is in deadlock over how to react to the Tropper scandal.

Since the ruling Moetzes is controlled by a troika of old-time octogenarian talmidim of the late R Yitzchok Hutner led by Aron Shechter of Chaim Berlin yeshiva and abbeted by Aron Feldman of Ner Israel with the supposed Agudah head Yakov Perlow of Novominsk bringing up the rear, and of course they can count on Dovid Feinstein brother of Reuven Feinstein to protect their interests, and Shmuel Kaminetzky is probably dithering somewhere in the middle because in the past he was the only one who stood up to Shechter in the kidnapping affair of Isaac Hersh and he also backtracked from the forged "kol koreh" against LIPA the singer, so maybe now too Kaminetzky is knocking his head against the wall that Shechter does not want to cut his losses and Kaminetzky may be the only lonely voice pleading that Agudah say something more clear. He will have no problems dumping Tropper once and for all and not have that darned place in Monsey Kol Yaakov associated with his late father's holy name.

So what do they think these Moetzes mighty men? That people don't know what's going? Or that America is like Meah Shearim and you can stop people from reading and writing on blogs? Or that freedom of the press does not apply to Jewish newspapers who can can get some good mileage out the Tropper/EJF sex scandal? Just how dumb do they think people really are?

Maybe they are trying to save the name of the nera defunct EJF organization by passing the buck to dumbo megalomaniacs like Suchard of Gateways according to some reliable rumors. But they are clearly out of date and out of their depths here as this scandal will never go away until Tropper's own rabbis, not the BADATS that already wiped its hands of Tropper years ago, or the RCA that condermned him the minute the scandal became public, but these same dunder heads at the Moetzes must show what they are made of and not act like Nixon's cover-up squad.

The the ubber-Agudists are the ones who got the millions from Tropper, like Reuven and Dovid Feinstein and those who have been in cahoots with Tropper for decades like Aron Shechter must now do the avoda of the kohen gadol and send the Tropper se'ir la'azazel and be done with him once and for all, or else risk a massive destruction of every last vestige of respect that anyone has for so-called "gedolim" who cannot even go by the simple logic of "it it talks like a duck and walks like a duck -- it's a duck" and get rid of the Tropper monster duck once and for all and not act like a phoney Sanhedrin of shotim gemurim.

Tropper is Troubled said...

Put Tropper/EJF/Horizons/Kol Yaakov in Cherem. 3

In light of everything, the fact that there is irrefutable proof that it is none other than Leib and Leba Tropper's voices on those tapes committing those abominations and depravities, as well as much else that is both common knowledge and behind the scenes knowledge about Leib and Leba Tropper. They must be put in CHEREM immediately! There are enough good rabbonim to so.

Tropper must give up all positions in the rabbinate. No more "rosh yeshiva" of anything no more "rabbi of this and that" and all the titles he collected like a tin pot dictator. Preferbaly the Tropper family must leave Monsey and settle in place like Switzerland (Tom Kaplan can buy them a chalet near a minyan) or Miami (they have friends there.)

EJF must be shut down PERMANENTLY!

Kol Yaakov yeshiva in Monsey must be shut down PERMANENTLY!

Horizons outreach program must be shut down PERMANENTLY!

The Lillian Jean Kaplan Foundation must be shut down PERMANENTLY !

Menachem Lubinksy of LUBICOM must be boycotted for the damage he facilitated by acting as EJF's PR and propaganda czar.

Tom Kaplan and his wife Dafna Recanati, the enablers of Tropper/EJF/Horizons in these last years, must be kept out from the Orthodox community (they are not religious Jews in any case and don't care much about wanting to be religious) and not one more cent must ever be accepted from them by anyone in the Torah world, PERMANENTLY!

No more funds should be accepted from Guma (he should have a refuah sheleimah bekarov) and Jamie Aguiar, and Guma's mother Ellen Kaplan Aguiar and the Aguiar family or their Lillian Jean Kaplan Foundation. They were also originally Tropper's enablers with the EJF scheme.

Rav Reuven Feinstein must be put on notice to STOP his support of the immoral and corrupt Leib Tropper and NOT harrass and instigate problems against those from Rav Shternbuch's side who have had the courage to speak the truth when it was not popular. Had R Reuven Feinstein heeded the advice of those from the BADATS he would not be in the sick situation he is in now. he only has himself to blame.

When you sleep with the dogs you catch fleas.

Tropper is Troubled said...

Put Tropper/EJF/Horizons/Kol Yaakov in Cherem. 4

Aron Shechter of Chaim Berlin must be put on notice that the world will NOT tolerate his tyranical irrational and damaging support for Tropper.

Shechter is in remission from cancer and he should have a refuah sheleimah bekarov but he would be well advised to stay home in Brooklyn and end his days in happiniss surrounded by his family and zombie talmidim and stop his delusions of protecting sickos like Tropper and Michael Hersh.

Shechter has already caused lots of damage by his stubborness in protecting his crazed BT disciple Michael Hersh who sent his own son to the island of Jamaica with Shechter's blessisngs and support. Maybe the earthquake in Haiti was a sign from Hashem against that. What if Isaac Hersh would be now on Haiti under ten feet of rubble, would that make Shechter and Michael Hersh happy? Who knows.

And finally, Agudath Israel of America must speak out STRONGLY to condemn and shut down any vestige and trace of Tropper and his organizations.

The Agudists are so dumb for not seeing what's going on here. Wake up Agudah and smell the Tropper poison-laced coffee, before Klal Yisreol starts organizing demonstrations against all of you, running away from you, and the worst fate you deserve, just IGNORING you the way you are ignoring the festering and still spreading Chillul Hashem of the Tropper/EJF cancer.

Wake up, before it's too late! It may already be too late, so much damage has already been done by your ildk and brother Leibel Tropper der menuval shebemenuvalim, as Rabbi Rothkopf referred to him in Yerushalayim recently when students at YU in Israel asked what should be the reaction to the Tropper sex scandal!

Every corner of the Jewish globe is aware of this scandal as each day goes by more get to know about it, and only you, Tropper's rabbis can bring it to proper closure by putting Tropper & Company (vechol abizraihu) in Cherem PERMANENTLY!


Any institution with the endorsement of Rav Reuven Feinstein is being completely boycotted. We don't need Agudah's Moetzes to say a peep. Reuven Feinstein continues to give credibility and backing to a rabbi who sold the institution of geirus for sexual pleasure. Shame on him and shame on all institutions that want his haskamah.



Boruch said...

Pogo said it best, "I've seen the enemy and it is us.". If a cartoon character can, through it's very human cartoonist, get to the point of the matter, then - unless you're in aveilus - the mirror in your house can do the same. The matter rests with us. Blaming the Rabbonim is nothing more than a displacement of where the actual blame lies. It's a psychological problem in Judaism that now enables us to abhor blame. We have empowered our rabbonim. We have allowed the dynastic approach to be the only approach regardless of how dysfunctional the surrogate and real progeny are. Moshe Rabbeinu's sons couldn't follow him and Moshe picked Yehoshua, with Hashem's blessing. But that was a teeth pulling exercise too. Beware those who run toward and covet honor. The humblest and noblest of today's rabbonim are cowering because they can't fight the organizational dysfunction and wagon-circling. It took AI how long to admit that molestations took place when they took place at Camp Agudah? It requires an investigation with forensic science to determine who is a self-avowed charlatan, is a charlatan. The cajones are owned by the deceivers. All others need permission and broad consensus to do the right thing. Welcome to the Congress of Judaism. There is an issue with broadly condemning without investigating; but not in Lipa's case. Were we right about Rubashkin? Was it a witch hunt? Maybe partially, but there are signs that he was complicit in fraud.
Our egos are blindly complicit in allowing these aberrations of Judaism to continue because we won't allow ourselves to answer the call of Mi Hashem alay. That's why we have a welfare state of mind. That's why scandal after scandal can come out and not be addressed with a Pinchas type of force. The cajones of the deceptive are iron clad, Pinchas spear would have broke. A canoi today is a guy who goes shush during krias HaTorah and smiles through the abusive responses.
For those who despair and think it's time to chuck it. Ha Kodesh Boruch Hu is carrying you and helping you along. He sees and hears. He listens and then acts. Keep crying to him, the geulah shleima is at hand.

Concerned Kol Yaakov Neighbors said...

Will any of Avi Shafran's gedolim and Rabbi Turd Ribiat answer the following pressing issues:

We need a resolution.

Those who live near Grove Street or Maple Avenue need to know where their children can go to deliver mishloach manos.

As a family with teenage daughters, we need to know if Kol Yaakov bochurim should be allowed to dance in our house this year.

When bochurim go shteeble hopping, do they go to Kol Yaakov?

Do we drop by the purim shpiel?

What if a shidduch is red with a Kol Yaakov bochur?

Without any answers or at least progress reports, I think the de facto answer will be to isolate anyone having to do will Kol Yaakov."

Gevalt geshrigen, rabboisai hert vos di velt zogt: It is now a series of Halacha le'ma'aseh questions in Torah Jewry's eyes!!! How long shall you dither and dilly dally while "Rome"/Yiddishkeit burns???

As of now the de facto answer will be to isolate anyone having to do will Kol Yaakov!!!

Amen !!!

Anonymous said...

so where are the tropper/orand videos already? i mean voices maybe people doubt, but seeing is believing...

The Monsey Tzadik said...

I wonder you even ask these questions
See answers below:

As a family with teenage daughters, we need to know if Kol Yaakov bochurim should be allowed to dance in our house this year.
NO!, If I had a dog I would keep him away from Kol Yaakov weirdo talmidim

When bochurim go shteeble hopping, do they go to Kol Yaakov?

Do we drop by the purim shpiel?

What if a shidduch is red with a Kol Yaakov bochur?
Save the Damsel In Distress!

UOJ gets results said...

ALBANY — New York has become the latest of a handful of jurisdictions to permit a controversial use of DNA evidence that gives law enforcement authorities a sophisticated means to track down criminals.

Under a state rule approved in December, DNA found at a crime scene that does not exactly match that of someone in the state’s DNA database can still be used to pursue suspects if the DNA closely resembles that of someone on file.

Since family members share genetic traits, a partial DNA match allows investigators to narrow searches to relatives of people whose DNA is already in the state database, forensic experts say.

New York’s DNA database contains more than 343,000 genetic profiles of people convicted of serious crimes.

As DNA databases have grown and investigators have become more sophisticated about recovering genetic evidence from every possible source at a crime scene, partial matches have become a tantalizing policing tool.

In Denver, prosecutors say searching for partial matches has so far led to one conviction in the year and a half the city has been using new software that allows investigators to identify possible relatives of suspects. In that case, a suspect broke into a car and bled on the dashboard. Investigators were able to match the blood to someone already in the DNA database who turned out to be the suspect’s brother.

New York’s rule, which was approved by the state’s Commission on Forensic Science and is expected to take effect in the spring, will allow forensic investigators working for the State Police to share information about partial matches with local law enforcement agencies.

Law enforcement officials say the policy frees forensic scientists from sitting on potentially valuable evidence that they had not been able to turn over to local police departments.

“You could have a horrific crime — a serial rapist or killer — and you could have a clue in a lab that could identify the killer or rapist that we’re currently not allowed to use,” said Denise E. O’Donnell, New York’s deputy secretary for public safety and chairwoman of the Commission on Forensic Science.

State Police forensic labs typically analyze DNA evidence for police departments too small to have their own labs. Each year, investigators run across 10 to 15 partial matches indicating that the DNA sample could belong to the relative of somebody on file, Ms. O’Donnell said.

Hahahahaha !!!! said...


... residents of Miami Beach were addressed by Rabbi Kamenetzky, Rabbi Weisbord, and Rabbi Zwiebel on the topic of “Honesty Is the Only Policy: Strengthening Our Reputation in the Eyes of The World.”

(Like covering up for Tropper?)

Rabbi Moshe Matz, executive director, Agudath Israel of Florida, delivered an impassioned speech on Agudas Yisrael as an effective vehicle for defending and promoting da’as Torah and gedolei Yisrael.

Anonymous said...

Felder's departure sparks scramble for Brooklyn seat

Crain's New York Business - ‎Jan 6, 2010‎

One source predicts Civil Court Judge Noach Dear will run for Felder's seat with support from leaders of Agudath Israel

Anonymous said...


Add Ezra Friedlander’s name to the mix of possible candidates to succeed Simcha Felder in the City Council from the 44th District.

Dov Hikind is reportedly leading the charge, along with some members of Agudath Israel, in a an anybody-but-David Greenfield campaign.

Among the people that Hikind is pushing to run is either longtime civic activist Joe Lazar or former City Council member and current Civil Court Judge Noach Dear. However, Hikind reportedly doesn’t want both to run because that would help Greenfield.

Greenfield, who used to work for Hikind, is said by sources to be a reformer in the tight-knit Orthodox Jewish community.

Dear, for instance, has had several ethical lapses, including one where he agreed to repay more than $37,000 to a private foundation under a civil settlement announced by Robert Abrams, then New York Attorney General, after it was found he used the foundation’s money to pay for expenses for his wife and kids.

Sources say that Dear, who as a judge cannot talk about his running, is strongly considering stepping down to run, but wants a clear path to victory.

However, if he loses, sources said that several district leaders will not support a Dear run to get his judgeship back in September.

Meanwhile, Lazsar said he has every intention of running, but won’t announce formally until Felder steps down.

“I have no reason to step aside for anybody. I think Noach Dear, being younger then me, should step aside and stay on the bench,” said Lazar.

Likewise, Greenfield, whose base is strongest in Midwood and Bensonhurst, said his hat is in the race.

“I don’t concern myself with who will be running against me, Regardless of who runs, it will be clear that we have the best plan to deliver results to this community,” said Greenfield.

Also running is Republican Jonathan Judge.

One longtime political operative in the district said he is staying out of the race completely because it will get ugly.

“It’s going to get down and dirty. Everyone is going to be digging up stuff. There will be posters being torn down and all kinds of stuff,” said the operative.

Bubba Cohen Esq. said...


Even though the Badatz said there is no problem lehalacha, the Agudah wants to be holier than the Pope on tznius and has been complaining about airport body scanners that will stop Arab terrorists.

Avi Moskowitz said...


Outrageous that LexisNexis is making it easier for UOJ to follow legal proceedings against Rabbi Margulies.

Rav Doniel Eidensohn said...


Devorim 17:11

לֹא תָסוּר מִן הַדָּבָר אֲשֶׁר יַגִּידוּ לְךָ יָמִין וּשְׂמֹאל


Even if they tell you that right is left and that left is right (you should listen to the sages) certainly if they tell you right is right and left is left.

The Sifsei Chachomim explains that you are so sure that they are wrong, that they seem to be saying right is left. Still you must listen.

The Sefer HaChinuch (Mitzvah 496) explains that we have a mitzvah to listen to the Chachomim of our generation.


The verse is describing a Sanhedrin or a rabbinic decree. The Chinuch's view is in fact a minority opinion which is always brought out because he is the only source for equating contemporary rabbis to Sanhedrin. Contemporary rabbinic authorities are not Sanhedrin.

I don't know any rabbis - including Rav Sternbuch - who claim infalliblity. Rav Moshe Feinstein acknowledged he made mistakes and said his ruling were to be accepted only because his logic was accepted - he never said Daas Torah according to his son Rav Dovid. Even the Choftez Chaim made mistakes (See first teshuva of Rav Wosner)

My sons all went to mainstream chareidi yeshivos and they weren't taught such an idea.

There is a concept that if a gadol makes a statement that his words are to be taken very seriously and treated with respect - but they are not infallible.

A number of years ago, I was working on the subject and asked Rav Heineman if there was any problem of publishing such an article - he said that if I saw a need for it there was no problem.

So both the idea - that there is an official psak that must automatically be followed as if it were from the Sanhedrin and that the pronouncement on all subjects are infallible - are not part of normative Rabbbinic Judaism - though there are some who claim it.

I ran into this issue when I publish Daas Torah. There was someone from Artscroll who claimed that I was a danger to Klall Yisroel if I showed that there were multiple legitimate views. Rav Eliashiv told me that there was no problem and he didn't understand why it was even a question. Rav Moshe Shapiro also told me that there was no problem. (See introduction to Daas Torah)

Nosson Scherman said...

Eidensohn, shut your mouth!

Chometz for Pesach Lerner said...


A group of the nation's most prominent Rabbis will hold a news conference on Tuesday at the National press Club in Washington to oppose the premature imprisonment of Sholom Rubashkin, former vice president of Agriprocessors, Inc., once the country's largest kosher meat processing plant. The Rabbis will urge the U.S. Department of Justice to closely scrutinize the demands by federal prosecutors in Iowa that Rubashkin be imprisoned before he is sentenced. The group also will request a meeting with U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder.

The Rabbis include Rabbi Pesach Lerner, Exec. V.P., National Council of Young Israel, Rabbi David Zwiebel, Executive Vice President, Agudath Israel, Rabbi Gershon Tannenbaum, Rabbinical Alliance of America, Rabbi Aaron L. Raskin, Rabbinical Association of Brownstone, Brooklyn, Rabbi Chaim Schwartz, Executive Director, Rabbinical Board of Queens, NY and Representatives of the Aleph Institute and Rabbinical Council of America (RCA).

The conference will be at 1:30 PM on Tuesday.

Rubashkin, 51, was convicted last year in federal court in Sioux Falls, S.D. of bank fraud, and prosecutors are demanding he receive a minimum of 27 years in prison. The bail issue is pending before the full Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals on a petition for rehearing en banc.

5 Towns said...

This article on Rubashkin is probably approved by 5TJT publisher Larry Gordon and the reporter that covers this beat, Yair Hoffman.

The "most prominent" rabbis?

These are a bunch of political figures with accidental semicha who have been covering up for Rubashkin's misdeeds all along. One of them, Gershon Tannenbaum, is a convicted felon and career criminal himself.

Has anyone noticed by the way that no one at this paper will put his name to any article on Tropper. They all say "staff writer". They must be scared that Tropper will exact revenge on them.

Whiskered Cows Part 2 said...

"A group of the nation's most prominent Rabbis will hold a news conference on Tuesday at the National press Club in Washington to oppose the premature imprisonment of Sholom Rubashkin, former vice president of Agriprocessors"

Anonymous said...

The Rubashkin article doesn't identify the author either. Maybe Hoffman knows that people are finally on to him for not disclosing he was an OU employee when he helped the whiskered cows with his see-no-evil write up of the Gilligan's Island tour of Postville.

A 3 hour tour. A 3 hour tour. Shea Fishman told them the weather was getting rough, Agriprocessors was tossed. Because of the lies of Pesach Lerner's crew, the emess would be lost.

Politically incorrect said...

Did Shmarya ever live for free on Chabad property?


I lived at a Chabad House in college. They had taken in some Jewish students to occupy their newly renovated building. The rent was minimal and the the rooms were big and clean. Just had to abide by the rules. A rule: could not have girls in the room with the door closed. One night a friend comes over with two girl friends. We sit and talk, with the door open. Big fat rabbi shows up in the doorway: "I thought we told you no girls in the room. You're out of here." I reminded him politely that the rule was "no girls in the room with the door closed." He closed the door. "You're out of here." I was the last one left anyway, since they had kicked out the others on technicalities before me, so I really didn't mind going, but they can take their Talmud and shove it so far up their fat hypocritical pedophile ***es they choke.
Not to mention all the rabbis' kids going down to play video games after dark on shabbat, and letting Barbara Streisand Bob Dylan drive into the underground lot after dark on Yom Kippur

UOJ needs more results said...


28 minutes ago

As Illinois prepares for its primaries, Scott Brown’s election last week has raised Republican hopes of taking the Senate seat once held by Barack Obama.

Queens said...

Rabbi Chaim Schwartz, Executive Director, Rabbinical Board of Queens, NY


Leave it to the Queens Vaad to come running to the rescue of Sholom Rubashkin. After all, they have that business arrangement of pushing Rubashkin's disguised meat from South America on their accounts.

Why couldn't Weissmandel make it to Washington? Where's the hakoras hatov $$$ ???


And talk about bizyonos. The National Press Club is the hangout of that old fossil Helen Thomas, who is an Arab born in Syria. The Wall St Journal calls her "the crazy old aunt in the attic of American journalism" for her nutty attacks on Israel and Republicans.

UOJ always gets results said...

LOS ANGELES (AP) Judge says director Roman Polanski must return to US to be sentenced in decades-old sex case.

steve said...

The Yeshiva World News is now officially David Greenfield's campaign headquarters. Any time this idiot sneezes it is reported on that moronic blog. Greenfield is one of the first Amalekites to jump into the scalding waters and publicly oppose the Markey bill. There were many others that followed including Yaakov Horowitz. They will be held accountable. In the meantime, Greenfield must be defeated. I do not want this bum representing me or the Jewish community in the city council. Let him continue taking money from the SY's so that he can make believe he is representing their interests in Albany. Joe Lazar is not the answer either. He had Shea Hecht on his radio show and failed to question Hecht about how he contradicted himself in the Forward about Sholom Rubashkin being offered a plea deal. Lazar also characterized Rubashkin as a "tzaddik". We don't need any more frauds and corrupt politicians.

Shmarya groupie said...


This very important rally was held in Minneapolis. They are referring to Orthodox Jews.

Leib Tropper said...


The mechaber of this Agudah Fresser bibliography is on my payroll by the way.

steve said...

Notice how Harry Maryles gives "one of his favorite people", Avi Shafran a pass, after Shafran's latest rant on Cross Currents. In Harry's world, it is perfectly okay for Shafran to attack the editor of the Jewish Star for criticizing the non-response of the rabbis in the wake of the Tropper/EJF scandal. Meanwhile, Harry himself wrote several long posts attacking the rabbis for their silence. In fact, he has been a lot more critical than the Jewish Star. Had Shafran directed his vitriol at Harry, I wonder if Harry would rethink his "favorite person" comment?

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

I have no doubt Harry is a nice guy; has he ever come up with an original thought, gedank, or anything that can be contributed to him that is worth while repeating?

I don't read him or know him, just what the UOJ chevra tell me.

Boruch said...

Rav Eidensohn said: So both the idea - that there is an official psak that must automatically be followed as if it were from the Sanhedrin and that the pronouncement on all subjects are infallible - are not part of normative Rabbbinic Judaism - though there are some who claim it.

Sorry if I offend, but my first Rabbonim in yeshiva, part of the YU hanhala at one point, stated that a psak is based on the situation at the moment and for the individual questioner. Public psak should deal with those inyonim that present a clear deviation from the Torah. By that notion, disseminating information by the Internet is okay, and Tropper should be in cherem.

Shea Fishman said...


Scientists are worried that the Haitian earthquake could foreshadow more seismic activity in the Caribbean.

steve said...

Harry is not a bad person. He's just hypocritical sometimes in how he picks and chooses whom to criticize. When he's taken to task and he tries to defend his inconsistencies, he often sounds foolish. In another post he wrote that the haredi leadership never intentionally covered up for child molesters. When I produced a post of his where he makes that exact claim, he tried to dismiss it by saying that hassidim are not haredim. Then there was the infamous post where he criticized UOJ and called Shafran "one of his favorite people".

Yerachmiel Lopin said...

I am going to do a post on frumfollies about the shomer shabbos shul in Boro Park titled "Shul for Scandal: Where the Molesters Prey."

I have some pictures of newly arrested molester Dovid Greenfeld davening there as well as the older stories about Baruch Lebovits and Jerry Brauner. If anyone can give me additional information I would appreciate it. Please put a comment in any of my posts and I will email you back (your email address will only be visible to me).


Yerachmiel Lopin, frumfollies.wordpress.com

the Monsey Tzadik said...

called Shafran "one of his favorite people".

anybody who calls Avi Shafan "one of his favorite people" should not be allowed around children and for that matter around older sheeps.

Bernie Maddoff said...

Avi Shafran is one of my favorite people too!

Joe Putz said...

Isn't Harry also a defender of Shalom Tendler and the Novominsker? The guy plays both sides better than Gil Student.

New restriction for Margo said...

New rule for truck, bus drivers: No texting

CNN - ‎50 minutes ago‎

Washington (CNN) -- Drivers of commercial trucks and buses will be prohibited from texting under federal guidelines

Eternal Jewish Cover Up said...

Aside from the adults, there are countless kids out there, modern orthodox, yeshivish, heimish, off the derech etc. and so forth who are WAITING for someone from the rabbonus in America to make a statement condemning Tropper. It's nice that some rabbonim with blogs have done so (and some gedolei Eretz Yisroel) but it is not nearly enough. They are disillusioned, confused, disappointed. They are not nit picking at finer points of the Rambam or if Monsey has a Vaad HaRabbonim. They deserve and NEED an answer.

If one who sees a sotah questioned is required to become a nazir because of the detrimental influence it may have on him, we have all been exposed to the 'sotah' of Tropper - whether it is true or not. Perhaps there should lechol hapachos be a ban on drinking this Purim? It may sound radical but at least it will get across a message that yes, this was awful, whether it happened or not, just the fact that someone who acts as a Rosh Yeshiva, Rabbi and Mentor was accused of such things should make the Jewish community shudder. A world-wide and Jewish wide shudder.

Aron Tendler said...


The pregnancy rate among teenage girls in the United States has jumped for the first time in more than a decade, raising alarm that the long campaign to reduce motherhood among adolescents is faltering, according to a report released Tuesday.

Boruch said...

Yonasan Rosenblum's Mishpacha column is worthwhile reading this week. There are definitely Rabbonim out there that are congregational leaders. There are Rabbonim who have earned our respect. They are under the glare of honor and they reflect the middos of Hashem - they give without having to be given to or to be taking from.
Morris Mandel's quote says it too.
The true wealth of a person lies in his hidden strength: his desire to help others without recompense. The best exercise for strengthening the heart is to reach down and lift others up. -- Morris Mandel

Rabbonim go in the way of Hashem. We don't have to think to hard about the way rabbonim go.

Purim-Shpiel-2010 said...

Masterpiece from Musée du Louvre in Paris!

Rabbi Eugène Delacroix z"l – "La liberté sexuelle guidant le peuple"!

I humbly ask our leader UOJ shlit"a to place it on his blog's wall for all the real connoisseurs of art to enjoy at least until Purim :-) (After all, it's 180 years since the Révolution de Juillet of 1830 that is coming up this summer!)


BOTTOM ROW (fallen heroes/kedoshim): reb Srul Shapiro, reb Sam Juravel, reb Ben Fleischman.

MIDDLE ROW: rabbi Tzvi Berkowitz, rabbi Aaron Feldman, rabbi Beryl Weisbord, rabbi Yaakov Hopfer, rabbi Moshe Eisemann, rabbi Boruch Neuberger, rabbi Sheftel Neuberger.

BACK ROW: rabbi Elchonon Obernstein, rabbi Eliezer Eisgrau, rabbi Yaakov Eisgrau, rabbi Simcha Cook, rabbi Aaron Tendler, rabbi Yosef Tendler, rabbi Shraga Neuberger, rabbi Yissocher Frand, rabbi Ezra Neuberger.