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Reuvein Feinstein - a man is what he does and who he allies himself with; therefore you are a menuvel b'rishus ha'Torah for your affiliation with Leib Tropper and EJF!

When Jewish historians will tell the sordid tale of EJF, it will be the story of Reuvein Feinstein and the myriad of ignorant, peasant rabbis that bought into this scam; they will be the real villains, more than the low-life Leib Tropper. Tropper will be a footnote, as Avi Shafran will be for his purveying of lies and deceit, when the real story of the Agudath Israel rabbis will be told.

But if not for Feinstein trading on the good name of his father, Rav Moshe z"tl; Reuvein Feinstein would be shoveling shit from the Staten Island Ferry to the shores of Battery Park in lower Manhattan.

He has said nothing of significance that will survive his death, he has written nothing that will be remembered for its wisdom -- he will be remembered for his attempt to destroy the very foundation of "Who Is A Jew" -- by accepting a $3 million dollar payoff to "sanctify proselytizing gentiles", no different than Rabbi Alexander Schindler of the Reform movement.

Alexander Schindler
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

"Alexander Schindler (1925-2000) was a rabbi and the leading figure of American Reform Judaism during the 1970s and 1980s.

Born in Germany, he came to America with his family at age 12. He was one of the last European-born leaders of American Reform Jewry.

He served as president of the Union of American Hebrew Congregations (since renamed the Union for Reform Judaism) from 1973 to 1996.

His best-known, and most-controversial, pronouncements were his call for Jews to accept Patrilineal Descent (recognizing as Jewish children of Jewish fathers) and "outreach" to non-Jews. He intended this to include general proselytizing to non-Jews, but in practice this applied to non-Jews married to Jews.

He served as chairman of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations".


Thursday, November 16th 2000, 2:15AM

Rabbi Alexander Schindler, a longtime Reform leader who encouraged women to become rabbis and non-Jews to convert, died yesterday at his home in Westport, Conn. He was 75.

The cause of death was listed as heart failure.

He retired four years ago as president of the Union of American Hebrew Congregations, which represents about 850 Reform synagogues in North America, after 23 sometimes tumultuous years.

Schindler was a major figure in late 20th century Judaism, and a bold one - he once suggested, "only half in jest," moving the Jewish Sabbath from Saturday to Sunday.

He broke with centuries-old tradition in the late 1970s, when he developed an outreach program to woo nonobservant Jews and non-Jews seeking a religious identity.

Schindler argued that instead of excluding Jews who had married outside the faith, synagogues should welcome their non-Jewish spouses. This, he said, would preserve Jewish traditions and rites that otherwise might become lost to assimilation.

He also broke with an ages-old tradition of defining Jews only as children of Jewish mothers. Schindler successfully campaigned to include Jewish fathers. This since has become the standard for many American Jews.

He once distributed tens of thousands of special cards to students and others, giving them free membership in synagogues and even Sabbath meals with Jewish families.

Born in Munich, Schindler fled with his family in the early 1930s. He became a U.S. citizen in 1943, and the next year joined the U.S. Army as a ski trooper. He took part in three European campaigns and was wounded in action.

When he returned home, he decided to become a rabbi. He was ordained in 1953 and quickly moved up the ranks of the Reform movement hierarchy.

At the time of his death, Schindler was president of the international Memorial Foundation for Jewish Culture and a vice president of the World Jewish Congress.

An Israeli forest of 500,000 trees is named for him.

He is survived by Rhea Schindler, his wife of 44 years, five children - one daughter, Judith, is a rabbi - and nine grandchildren.

Funeral services are scheduled at 11 a.m. tomorrow at Temple Israel in Westport.*

Charedi/Ultra-Orthodox Judaism frowned on the BT/Baal Teshuva movement until sometime in the late 1980's - when they saw Noach Weinberg cashing in on his ATM machine with no limits -- They frowned on the Russian Jews until Rabbi Meir Kahane made it fashionable -- and the US government contributed millions of dollars to emancipate as many people as possible from behind the Iron Curtain. And now these ignorant peasant thieves jumped on the Giyur/Conversion bandwagon when Tropper pick pocketed Tom Kaplan for millions of dollars and passed out that money freely to any rabbi with a black hat or a turban that showers once a week whether they need to or not.

Feinstein was the knowing facilitator of this scam, he knew too well that his father's family name name on this document would make it easy for Tropper to do the legwork and bring others on board without even questioning the motives for holding intermarriage weekends. Worse, once someone attended a free weekend, they easily were able to get their children into a Chabad school - with full Jew status - conversion and circumcision or hatafat dam brit down the road, maybe! And what person with a drop of Jewish blood (all descendants of Avraham Avinu) would turn down a free weekend at a luxury hotel?

Rabbi Elyashiv and all the other Alzheimer senior rabbis from Israel were fed the scam via their feeding tube, through the ilk of Nochum Eisenstein and other like parasites - in most cases these rabbis have a difficult time even imagining that they are still alive, never mind that a fraud of this magnitude could even be dreamt up; yeah, intermarriage is a very bad thing, good idea Tropper/Feinstein, let's save the Jews from this plague.

But nobody asked guys like me; we knew Tropper, he's been banging any naive BT or other unsuspecting vulnerable women for years now; the Tendlers did it for free, Tropper collected a fee.

And let me not forget the other smiling Agudath Israel rabbi; the guy up to his eyeballs with Solomon Dwek; the IRS had a caravan of FBI agents pull up to the Philadelphia Yeshiva last August, hauling off truckloads of records. How much was Shmuel Kaminetzky paid to "lecture" at the EJF conferences? None of Tom Kaplan's tax returns reflect a payment to Kaminetzky or the Philadelphia Yeshiva as did the $3 million dollars to Feinstein's Staten Island swamp. We know that Tropper's Horizons/Kol Yaakov returns reflect a $3 million dollar slush fund; did Kaminetzky lecture for free?




UOJ is incorrect on this one! said...

Gaichazi, the leading disciple of Elisha was a rasha and a menuvel b'rishus ha'Torah, literally. The Talmud in Brachas states that: he molested the Isha Hashunamis (fondling her breasts). The Talmud in Sanhedrin states that: after Elisha refused to accept the gift for healing king Naamen of leprosy, Gaichazi went behind Elisha's back and told the servants of Naamen that Elisha changed his mind, and stole the gifts for himself.

And, although Elisha had double the amount of miraculous powers then his Rebbe, Eliyahu Hanavi, performing many outstanding open miracles, Gaichazi was still able to pull the wool over his eyes. If not for the leprosy that came onto Gaichazi’s own head, Elisha would never have figured out that his leading disciple was a Rasha Mirusha. Yet, despite his evil disciple, Gaichazai, Elisha is known and will forever be known as one of the greatest Tsadkim (righteous individuals) and prophets that ever lived.

Hamaivin Yovin

Anonymous said...

hey uoj where are you all day. tropper fooled i just spoke to rabbi stefansky from kol yakov and he told me clearly that although tropper stepped down from being rosh yeshiva he has appointed himself as NASI of the yeshiva. rabbi ribiat is on to it already.

Anonymous said...

what's the kaminetzky/dwek connection?

Anonymous said...

Dovi Kahan, the Av Beis Din of Lakewood, who relied on Tropper for Geirus and scandals, should also be on your list. His tapes

Archie Bunker said...

Let's not forget that Tropper has a long history of forging signatures. I seriously doubt for instance that R' Berel Povarski signed this and there is no indication that he received any money.

And Rav ELyashev does not have "Alzheimer's". He learns 14 hours a day which is why he is not on top of the news and definitely never signed anything because you can be sure that Tropper would have broadcast that signature everywhere to promote himself.

Rothenberg from Lakewood said...


Newlyweds chased from their home by mold, bacteria

By Jan Hefler

After a honeymoon in Mexico, Danielle and David Beety returned to their dream home, a $407,000 yellow stucco on a cul-de-sac in Gloucester County. Their future seemed golden.

Suddenly, Danielle Beety was stricken with severe throat pain and developed flulike symptoms. Her baffled doctors ordered myriad tests. Three times they admitted her to Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia. She required two operations to remove a 5-centimeter abscess inside her neck.

Each time Danielle Beety returned to their home on Shira Court in Paradise Homes in West Deptford, her fever returned. Her neck would stiffen with such pain she would cry out when she moved.

Their house emerged as a suspect when they received an urgent phone call from an environmental engineer who did air and wipe testing in their leaky basement.

Michael Stocknoff, owner of A&M Engineering Services in Cherry Hill, reported that he had found elevated levels of mold and gram-negative bacteria - a resistant group of superbugs that can cause respiratory and other ailments. He said they should grab their dog and move out immediately. Doctors seconded the advice.

That was nearly a year ago. The couple moved in with Danielle Beety's parents, leaving all their belongings behind. Her health quickly improved, but now the couple struggle to pay mounting bills and to replace their possessions.

Last week, the Beetys received notice from PHH Mortgage/Charles Schwab that foreclosure on their vacant house would begin next month. David Beety said that could jeopardize his license and job, under new regulations on lenders, plunging them into deeper debt.

Paradise Realty Group L.L.C., the Lakewood, N.J., builder, disputes that the house caused the illness.

David Beety said he had noticed wet walls and puddles in their unfinished basement soon after they moved into the house in the summer of 2008. He alerted Paradise Homes.

Over the next few months, he said, the front yard was dug up six times - twice to fix a broken sewer pipe, three times to repair broken water lines, and once to mend a crack in the foundation. He said that the developer also had tried to clean surface mold with bleach, but that it had recurred and spread.

Finally, David Beety said, the developer promised to buy back the house. But when that did not happen, the couple sued in August, citing Paradise and unknown John Does for breach of contract and fraud.

The lawsuit seeks unspecified compensatory damages and cites poor workmanship, evidenced by numerous cracks in the walls and other signs. It also says Paradise failed to "eliminate a hazardous condition," the persistent water infiltration, that led to Danielle Beety's medical problems.

"We take the charges very seriously," said Joshua Rothenberg, the developer and owner of Paradise Homes. He builds mostly in central New Jersey and has been in business 10 years, he said.

Rothenberg plans to dispute in court that the house caused Danielle Beety's illness. "We feel some of the charges are unfounded," he said.

Ted Passon, director of Pure Earth Environmental Lab in Pennsauken, said that wipe samples from her basement showed three million colony-forming units of gram-negative bacteria per square inch, which he said greatly exceeded safety guidelines. Airborne bacteria and mold counts also were elevated, he said.

After reviewing Passon's report, doctors recommended Danielle Beety stay out of the house.

The Beetys left everything behind, as the environmental engineer advised. Danielle Beety was heartsick about giving up her wedding pictures, her childhood mementos, and other possessions, but she did not want to risk another bout of illness.

A day and a half after Danielle Beety left, her rash disappeared. Her hospitalizations ended, though she has lingering asthma and respiratory problems.

Yudels Mistake said...

why so quiet?

Boruch said...

So like the Marines, we Jews are in the need of a few good men. In Mishpatim we are exhorted to turn away from bribery as it will blind us to the truth. I still don't know what the need for an EJF really is? Do we really have tens of thousands of people banging on the doors looking to become Jews. Are we up to our ears in families who have a non-Jewish partner and have seen the light? What was the purpose here? These family businesses - yeshivas, baalei teshuvah, shidduchim, EJF are more of a thorn in the eye today then a ger wannabe. You can rant all over the Feinsteins of the world, but what about the small donors? Obamanation was funded by the small donors - who are hopefully more gun shy. I'll say it again, we all want to be associated with winners. We all want a nod from the Rosh Yeshivah, from the talmid chochom. We want a smile. We have forgotten the simple middle of the road way to God. We want the instant gratification that a check brings when, otherwise we wouldn't get the time of day, we hand it over to the Rosh. Money talks, all else walks.
We've created a crime family that is untouchable by the very legacy it was built on.
We have created the crisis of the month to supplant the chumrah of the month. Look in the mirror and ask what's the purpose of giving to the Familia. Why have we allowed dynastic and super dynastic monarchies. Hashem didn't put that into the program at Har Sinai unless the child was really fit to lead according to Hashem's will.
We want to be associated with winners, but Hashem is the biggest winner and we want no part of him.

Shea Fishman said...

UOJ is really getting the message across to Ner Yisroel with 34 inches so far on Yeshiva Lane.


More Snow Is Expected in Mid-Atlantic

Interested Bystander said...


You've hit an all time new low, even for you.

Sad how you've destroyed all the credibility you built up. This will give stregnth to all those who strive to discredit the abused children whose cause you championed and brought out into the light of day.

Every sick pervert in a black hat, from kolko on down, will now point to this post and proclaim 'look! it isn't just me he is trying to destroy! he is even trying to go after rav reuvain'.

Whatever issues you may have with the man, you just hurt yourself and your cause a hell of a lot more than your hurt him.

Ombudsman said...

Bystander chuchem,

Rav Sternbuch and Rav Dunner also blasted R' Reuvein.

So what?

Anonymous said...

Neither Rav Sternbuch nor Rav Dunner blasted him with a loaded sewer mouth.

Anonymous said...

what part of what he said is not true?

what a loser said...


Your'e a loser and a chicken for not posting my comments on Gaichazi and Elisha.

Shmarya groupie said...


On Capitol Hill, members of the Congressional Black Caucus are expressing irritation that Mr. Obama has failed to create programs tailored specifically to African-Americans, who are suffering disproportionately in the recession. In December, some of them threatened to oppose new financial rules for banks until the White House promised to address the needs of minority groups.

Some black scholars fault Mr. Obama as failing to lead on the issue of race. The Kirwan Institute, which studies race and ethnicity, is convening a conference on Thursday to offer policy prescriptions. After analyzing the State of the Union address, the institute’s scholars warned that “continued failure to engage race would be devastating.”

Black Americans remain overwhelmingly supportive of Mr. Obama; a recent ABC News poll found that 96 percent approve of his job performance.

But Elinor Tatum, the editor and publisher of the black-owned Amsterdam News, says that if blacks were asked “is he doing a good job for African-Americans,” his numbers would be lower.

Anonymous said...

the mark of a true leader is when he STANDS against all who oppose the truth

r feinstein huge error in the tropper case has placed a blemish on all rabbis who stand for the truth

it is a sorry day in the jewish world when rabbis cover up for tropper ( feinstein )

it is a sad day when rabbis cover up for eishes ish (shmeltzer )

but we all learn one thing
follow the money trail and you will understand the psak

Yeshiva tuition said...


Vos vet zein mit der kinder? said...

If Philly was raided during the Dwek sting, how come no one else wrote about it until now?

The Monsey Tzadik said...

The Chometz ben Yain who calls himself Reuven Feinstein, will do anything for money. I remember him endorsing hotel for pesach, he was not giving hecher, he was endorsing a product, just like Serena Williams is endorsing Tampax tampons.

If Tropper would pay him enough money he will endorse tampons as well.


I am a survivor of rabbi Moshe Eisemann. The story with him is similar to that of Tropper: everyone knows that he is a molester but he continues to swell at NIRC campus, he freely drives and davens around Baltimore, gets all the kavod possible, and learns with young guys at his apartment. (Come to Yeshiva Lane and see young people walking him back home from davening and coming in and out of his apartment!)

His message to me and other sufferers: WAIT A COUPLE OF YEARS AND I WILL BE BACK! Every year he comes out with a new book that ALWAYS has an updated haskama from NIRC rosh yeshiva rabbi Aaron Feldman. I am sure that years later Eisemann will be portrayed as the 21-century Baal Shem Tov, who was merely "misunderstood" by his contemporary Vilna Gaons - after all he wrote such charming books and was good to his wife (who covered up for him)!

Hey, Baltimore: the blizzard of 2010 covered up you shuls and yeshivas with thick blanket of virgin snow but it can't whiteout your corruption!



Masterpiece from Musée du Louvre in Paris!

Rabbi Eugène Delacroix z"l – "La liberté sexuelle guidant le peuple"!

I humbly ask our leader UOJ shlit"a to place it on his blog's wall for all the real connoisseurs of art to enjoy at least until Purim :-) (After all, it's 180 years since the Révolution de Juillet of 1830 that is coming up this summer!)


BOTTOM ROW (fallen heroes/kedoshim): reb Srul Shapiro, reb Sam Juravel, reb Ben Fleischman.

MIDDLE ROW: rabbi Tzvi Berkowitz, rabbi Aaron Feldman, rabbi Beryl Weisbord, rabbi Yaakov Hopfer, RABBI MOSHE EISEMANN, rabbi Boruch Neuberger, rabbi Sheftel Neuberger.

BACK ROW: rabbi Elchonon Obernstein, rabbi Eliezer Eisgrau, rabbi Yaakov Eisgrau, rabbi Simcha Cook, rabbi Aaron Tendler, rabbi Yosef Tendler, rabbi Shraga Neuberger, rabbi Yissocher Frand, rabbi Ezra Neuberger.

Daniel said...

Not a fair comparison to Rabbi Alexander Schindler , compare to Reuven Feinstein he was a Tzadik his involvement in outreach to intermarried couples was out of belief that is the right thing to do not because Tropper or someone else paid him money.

Unlike Tropper’s enabler He did work for klal Israel , like making temples accessible to people with disability etc.

Whatever his theology was wrong or not , it bears nothing on the fact that he was motivated by beliefs and not by money.

Anonymous said...

UOJ, please please post that image for everyone to see!

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

I will! This post is too serious to add that funny photo-shopped NIRC group of imbeciles. I will put it up ASAP.

Thanks for sending it in.. Chazak!

steve said...

Eisemann recently wrote a commentary on Pirkei Avos. He sent out the book in a mailing with an envelope for his Vaad Nidchei Yisroel. When I saw the book, I immediately deposited it in the wastebasket. I then took it out and placed it with my shaimos articles. I urge anyone else that received this sick joke in the mail to do the same. Artscroll is still advertising and selling his books. Anything that this Poshea has written needs to be disposed of properly.

AndyBee said...

Maybe EJF can help this woman with a Cadillac Citizenship.


"Illinois Woman Told She Is No Longer an American"

Monday , February 08, 2010
(Chicago Tribune)

Angela Boneva is living in limbo.
For years she, and the U.S. government, thought the Bulgarian-born 34-year-old was an American citizen. But, when she went to renew her passport in 2003, the State Department reportedly told her something terribly different.

Boneva's father was born in Indiana, and the consulate in Bulgaria gave her U.S. citizenship while she was growing up in the country in 1981. She was able to visit relatives in Chicago and eventually move to the area in 1997, the Chicago Tribune reported.

Then in 2003, the married mother of a now 7-year-old U.S.-born boy received a letter from the U.S. State Department saying there was a mistake and she wasn't an American citizen, according to the Tribune.

"I thought it was some kind of joke," she told the Tribune. "I grew up believing I'm an American, and now they want to take that away? This is like a bad dream."

The State Department said in the letter that an employee at the consulate broke a rule that required her father to have lived in the U.S. for 10 years before she was born, the Tribune reported. Her father had only lived in the U.S. for six years before moving to Bulgaria.

The letter also pointed out that that requirement changed in 1986 to five years, meaning that someone in the Boneva's position today would be eligible for U.S. citizenship, but she isn't.

Another letter sent later that year then told her "it does not appear" she qualifies to be a U.S. citizen anymore, the Tribune reported.

Since then, Boneva has made numerous attempts to get he situation cleared up, but has never received a straight answer from the State Department, the Tribune reported.

State Department spokeswoman Adriana Gallegos declined to talk with the Tribune about Boneva's situation, but told the paper in an e-mail, "We don't revoke citizenship, we revoke documents."

Gallegos wouldn't specify to the newspaper what that meant for Boneva.

The experience has left Boneva frustrated, and afraid to apply for a new driver's license, look for a new job or even travel to visit her sick grandmother in Rousse on the chance that she could be accused of identity fraud.

"I don't want to go back because I'm afraid it would be a one-way ticket," she told Tribune.

Aaron Twerski said...

Reuvain Feinstein is an honorable prosylitizer.

Bungalow Putz Neuhoff said...

I'm against gentiles and Reform Jews of any kind.

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

Andy Bee,

Who knew you had a sense of humor? Who knew?

Gil Student said...

Sometimes I'm for shoveling shit and sometimes I'm against it.

AndyBee said...

UOJ - Who knew? I knew, and everyone that knows me!

I'm so much more than just an angry young man who cries at the failings of the Jewish community and the small leaders leading it.

Spotlight on the Queens Vaad said...

This Young Israel guy David Weprin from Queens, a City Councilman who came in last place for NYC Comptroller with something like 10% of the votes is now running for State Assembly in a special election today Tuesday that was fixed by insiders including his politically connected family and the labor unions to exclude anyone else from running on the ticket.

The guy not just supported but SPONSORED EVERY BILL FOR TOAYVA in NYC Council tzuzammen mit the faygellach and radical Leftists, ad keday kach that he is trying to bring their "partners" from other countries under a special immigration exemption.

Why do they allow his election signs and pamphlets in Queens shuls & yeshivos and why was he given derisas regel in Chassidishe bungalow colonies this past summer????

Same thing goes for the two Jewish Councilmen from Flatbush who co-sponsored this bill, Lew Fidler & Michael Nelson and Oliver Koppell from Riverdale.


Resolution calling upon the United States Congress to pass the Uniting American Families Act of 2009 (H.R.1024/S. 424) or other legislation which would provide a mechanism under the Immigration and Nationality Act to allow United States citizens and legal permanent residents in binational same-sex relationships to sponsor their foreign-born partners for lawful permanent resident status in a manner consistent with the legal requirements and rights currently enjoyed by opposite-sex couples.
Sponsors: Kendall Stewart, Christine C. Quinn, Maria Del Carmen Arroyo, Robert Jackson, Annabel Palma, Charles Barron, Gale A. Brewer, Inez E. Dickens, Julissa Ferreras, Lewis A. Fidler, Helen D. Foster, G. Oliver Koppell, Larry B. Seabrook, David I. Weprin, Alan J. Gerson, Tony Avella, Melissa Mark-Viverito, Michael C. Nelson, Rosie Mendez

Lakewood's Xacta scam - Yehuda and Baruch Levin said...


The Federal Trade Commission has charged the marketers of Kinoki Foot Pads with deceptive advertising, including claims that use of the foot pads would remove toxins from the body; treat high blood pressure, depression, and a host of other medical conditions; and lead to weight loss. In its complaint, the FTC charges that all the advertising claims either are false or did not have evidence to support them when they were made. The FTC seeks to bar the defendants permanently from deceptively marketing the foot pads. The FTC also asks the court to order the defendants to provide monetary redress to consumers or otherwise give up their ill-gotten gains.

The Commission filed the complaint against the company marketing the footpads and two of its principals. According to the complaint, the defendants marketed Kinoki Foot Pads with deceptive advertisements on television and the Internet, offering a two-week supply for $19.95, plus $9.95 for shipping and handling. In advertisements, the defendants claimed that if consumers applied the Kinoki Foot Pads to the soles of their feet at night, they could remove heavy metals, metabolic wastes, toxins, parasites, chemicals, and cellulite from their bodies. In addition, the advertisements claimed that use of the foot pads could treat depression, fatigue, diabetes, arthritis, high blood pressure, and a weakened immune system. The complaint also states that the defendants falsely claimed to have scientific proof that the foot pads removed toxic materials from the body.

The complaint against Xacta 3000, Inc. also names individuals Yehuda (“Juda”) Levin and Baruch Levin – both of whom were principals – as liable and culpable for the charges made in this case.


Early last year, the FTC charged Xacta 3000 Inc., of Lakewood, N.J., with deceptive marketing of Kinoki-brand detox foot pads. In its response to the pending suit, filed in U.S. District Court in New Jersey, Xacta said it hadn't done anything unlawful. A pending class-action suit by purchasers, filed in the same court, seeks monetary damages from Xacta and another distributor for alleged fraudulent marketing of the product. A lawyer for Xacta, which filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in January, didn't return calls seeking comment.

let's call a spade a spade said...


We should begin a new trend that: whenever we mention a sexually abusive individual we should add on the suffix "Yimach Shmo Vizichro" or to keep it short, just use the acronym "ys'v".

This is how we should be phrasing a comment like yours:

Eisemann Yimach Shmo, recently wrote a commentary on Pirkei Avos etc….

Anonymous said...

Is this the Yehuda Levin from Coventry?


Xacta 3000 Inc. and its predecessor, Hollywood Gadgets Inc., companies owned by Juda Levin, also failed to respond to consumer complaints, refund money and adequately staff a customer service center, the lawsuit said.

Yudels Mistake said...

NMB guy is as much on the mark as Yudel Shain

Anonymous said...

Hey Putz,

Yudel is right 99% of the time, like it or not.

Adam Hochfelder said...

A man who once was one of the city’s high-flying real estate moguls was arrested Monday morning on charges that he stole $2.5 million from business associates and friends, including the best man at his wedding, by fooling them into believing he was making deals to buy hotel properties in upstate New York and Colorado.

The man, Adam C. Hochfelder, 38, a developer and landlord who at his peak claimed to own $2.7 billion in New York skyscrapers, turned himself in and was arraigned this morning in State Supreme Court in Manhattan on 31 counts of grand larceny, identity theft and scheming to defraud investors.

The Manhattan district attorney’s office said that starting in August 2007, Mr. Hochfelder tricked friends and investors into giving him money for shares of the Sagamore Hotel on Lake George and the Peaks Resort in Telluride, Colo. Mr. Hochfelder led them to believe he was in the process of buying the properties even after negotiations fell through, prosecutors said.

Tanya Apparicio, an assistant district attorney, said at the arraignment that Mr. Hochfelder used the money to pay his rent, his escalating legal bills, trips on a private jet and private school tuition for his sons. He even tried to forge e-mail messages by investors to release their investments from escrow accounts so he could spend the money, Ms. Apparicio said.

These charges follow a 58-count indictment against Mr. Hochfelder in 2008 that accuse him of fooling banks, friends and family into lending him $17 million by lying and forging documents to make it seem that he had far more collateral than he did.

During the time that Mr. Hochfelder had been meeting with officials from the district attorney’s office over these earlier charges, Ms. Apparicio said that he was given “the opportunity to come clean” and admit his additional crimes. But he never did.

“The facts of this case speak volumes about the defendant’s character,” she said. “He did it with an outstanding level of arrogance and entitlement.”

Mr. Hochfelder pleaded not guilty Monday. Justice Michael J. Obus granted him $1 million bail.

Agudah Fresser said...


It's boring to have Abish Brodt every year by the Convention kumzitz.

They should give these chevra a shot.

Shea Fishman said...

Feb. 9 (Bloomberg) -- All New York City public schools will be closed tomorrow “due to anticipated inclement weather conditions,” Chancellor of the New York City Department of Education Joel Klein said in an e-mailed statement.

The storm may dump 8 to 13 inches of snow in New York City and Long Island, weather forecasters are predicting.

“While travel conditions to school in the morning may not be difficult, the weather is expected to worsen as the day progresses, complicating dismissal,” Klein said in the statement. “We are making this decision today to give parents as much time as possible to make alternative plans for tomorrow.”

David Esenbach said...


Neary asked Dwek, the son of a prominent rabbi in Deal, N.J., about what he thought his yarmulke symbolized and drew analogies between the Ten Commandments and the 613 tenets of Jewish religious law.

"Don't lie, don't cheat, don't steal - can I assume you've heard those three very simple rules in your life?" Neary asked.

Neary, who is representing suspended Jersey City Deputy Mayor Leona Beldini against bribery and extortion charges, then detailed how Dwek has been receiving a $12,800-a-month stipend from bankruptcy proceedings, as well as about $16,000 a month the government pays for his personal protection. Dwek has testified there are numerous threats on his life.

As a cooperator, Dwek presented himself as David Esenbach, a corrupt developer looking to influence public officials to get approvals for a fictitious condominium project in Jersey City. Meetings he recorded with a hidden camera led to the arrest of Beldini and 43 others last July.

Avremel Ausband said...


As Solomon Dwek matter-of-factly recounted his life of crime for a federal jury he said his first crooked act came in a Riverdale, N.Y., religious school.

As a teenager about to graduate from the school for Orthodox Jews, Dwek suddenly was informed that he had failed math and would not receive his diploma.

But there was a way out, Dwek testified. The teacher told them that if Dwek, and other failing classmates, each paid $50, they would pass the course and graduate.

He said he also defrauded a family friend and business mentor, Jack Adjmi, who had started him in the real estate business as a teenager. Adjmi has since died.

Dwek said he would inflate the price of properties he was buying for Adjmi, telling him, for example, that a property cost $1.3 million when the real purchase price was $1 million. Adjmi would give Dwek $1.3 million for the property, and Dwek said he would split the extra money with an insider.

Dwek said he also defrauded his uncle, Joseph Dwek, inflating the prices of properties and also getting money from Joseph Dwek for "phantom properties" that he claimed to have purchased but did not actually exist.

Dwek pleaded guilty to money laundering and bank fraud in October. He said the government had made him no promises but that he hoped that his cooperation will be taken into account at the time of sentencing. He faces nine to 11 years, under federal sentencing guidelines.

Leib Tropper said...


In another line of questioning, Neary tried to tie Dwek to prostitution. Dwek acknowledged that he and his partners once leased a boat out of Florida for an offshore gambling business but he wasn’t sure whether or not its owner later leased it to others who used it as a floating brothel.

Anonymous said...


Is Scott Cohen involved with the Agudah in Chicago?

Moetzes Resign! said...

WASHINGTON (AP) -- House investigators say there's growing evidence that not all the causes of Toyota's acceleration problems have been identified.

A Democratic staff memo from the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee says neither Toyota nor federal safety officials have identified all causes of unintended acceleration.

The memo says there's substantial evidence that remedies such as redesigned floor mats have failed to solve the problem.

The document was prepared for a hearing originally was scheduled for Wednesday, but has been postponed until Feb. 24 because of an expected snowstorm. The hearing will examine whether Toyota and the National Highway Transportation Administration have failed to meet their responsibilities to ensure the safety of the vehicles.

Anonymous said...

Friend of David Weprin who co-sponsored the bill for toayva.


City Councilman Larry B. Seabrook is expected to turn himself in to federal authorities in Manhattan on Tuesday to face a 13-count indictment accusing him of money laundering, extortion and fraud, a person briefed on the matter said.

Fish from China under OU said...

Look at the picture here of the garbage floating in the rivers.


BEIJING — China’s government on Tuesday unveiled its most detailed survey ever of the pollution plaguing the country, revealing that water pollution in 2007 was more than twice as severe as official figures

Chinese environmentalists and media outlets took particular note of the amount of poisonous discharge of heavy metals like arsenic, mercury and lead, a frequent source of protests in towns and villages over mass contamination from nearby factories.

Agudah Fresser said...


Hey, this looks like the swimming pool at the Homowack hotel.

Anonymous said...

Bilaams Ass says-

Rabbi Schindler was a great Rabbi, If you who met him knew you were standing with a giant - even if you disagreed, and I did:

Next from kids helping kids: What to Watch For:

* Watch out Anytime Anyone refuses to let a child set his/her own limits
* Watch out Anytime Anyone insists on hugging, touching, kissing, tickling, wrestling with a child, particularly -if the child doesn’t want this affection
* Watch out Anytime Anyone is overly interested in the sexuality of a child or teen
* Watch out Anytime Anyone spends a lot of time alone or insists on time alone with a child
* Watch out Anytime Anyone spends most of his/her spare time with kids
* Watch out Anytime Anyone has little interest in spending time with people his/her own age
* Watch out Anytime Anyone regularly offers to babysit for free
* Watch out Anytime Anyone regularly buys a child gifts, or give them money for no particular reason
* Watch out Anytime Anyone takes a child special places, particularly overnight
* Watch out Anytime Anyone walks in on kids/teens in the bathroom
* Watch out Anytime Anyone allows kids/teens to get away with inappropriate or “adult only” activities

What to Do:

* Always MAKE TIME for your children, read to them, play with them, talk to them.
* Always HUG YOUR CHILDREN but NEVER force them to hug or kiss you or anyone else.
* Always tell them you LOVE them OFTEN.
* Always SHOW your child he/she is important to you.
* Always LISTEN to your child.
* Always BE INVOLVED with your children’s friends. Know who they play with, what they like to do, where they play, who’s around when they are playing.
* Always BE INVOLVED in school and after school activities. Know the adults responsible for organizing these activities.
* Randomly CHECK-IN, unannounced, on sitters and other adults involved with your kids.
* Always KEEP AN EYE ON INTERNET ACTIVITY. The Internet is a DANGEROUS PLACE. Children are easily lured by strangers on the net.
* Always PAY ATTENTION to changes in behavior – it’s an easy way for children to signal that something isn’t right and it’s more likely that your child will SHOW you something is wrong rather than tell you.
* NEVER ASSUME your child is fine. Ask him or her OFTEN and LISTEN.

What to Teach Your Children:

* Teach Your Children the difference between safe and unsafe touches.
* Teach Your Children that sexual abusers can be women or men, boys or girls.
* Teach Your Children that sexual abuse can be touching or non-touching, watching a movie, looking at pictures, or taking pictures of your child.
* Teach Your Children that sexual abuse happens to boys and girl
* Teach Your Children that sexual abuse does not have to hurt.
* Teach Your Children that sexual abusers trick and force children into sexual activity.
* Teach Your Children that sexual abusers say lots of things to silence children – they might even say I love you.
* Teach Your Children the proper names for all body parts, so they will be able to communicate clearly.
* Teach Your Children that their body belongs only to them and nobody has the right to touch or hurt them – EVER.
* Teach Your Children that Safety Rules apply to all adults and children, not just strangers.
* Teach Your Children that it’s okay to say “no” to requests that make them feel uncomfortable.
* Teach Your Children a safety plan they can easily follow.
* Teach Your Children to report to you if anyone asks them to keep a secret.
* Show your children that you will believe and protect them if they tell you about abuse.
* Teach Your Children that they are not bad and they will NEVER be blamed for sexual abuse.
* Teach Your Children that sexual abuse is NEVER the child’s fault.

Ben Atlas of Mentalblog said...

Rabbi Reuven Feinstein will not take a stand on Leib Tropper to the Tune of $3m by Ben Atlas on Jan 6, 2010

On the subject of Rabbi Reuven Feinstein and Leib Tropper Trope. If someone still wondering why Rabbi Reuven Feinstein will not take a stand on the Leib Tropper scandal, well the introduction to Tom Kaplan was extremely profitable for Rabbi Reuven Feinstein, just in one year his organization received $3 m. Other notable donation from The Lillian Jean Kaplan Foundation (in 2008 the foundation donated impressive $26.5m, mostly to the Jewish causes):

* West Bank City of Beth El: $3.2m
* Chabad of Fort Lauderdale: $515K
* Chabad World Headquarters: $500K
* Horizons (Leib Tropper): $4.85m
* Outreach Judaism, Monsey (Probably Tropper): $400K
* Mesivta Tifereth Jerusalem (Reuven Feinstein): $3m
* Nefesh b Nefesh: $8m

Note this is only one year and doesn’t include donations directly to the EJF, just Tropper’s outreach organization. It’s hard to tell who are the actual people behind the charities (or their connection to Tropper), for example there is a “Pesach Fund” donation without an address for $150K, not a small change. Also the officers of the The Lillian Jean Kaplan Foundation are listed as Guma Aguiar and Ellen Aguiar (I think this is Guma’s mother, Tom Kaplan’s sister). So it is unclear if the donations to Tropper listed here are from Tom Kaplan or Guma Aguiar. And if these donations are subject to the legal fight between Guma Aguiar and Leib Tropper.

Ben Atlas of Mentalblog said...

Rabbi Reuven Feinstein and Leib Tropper Trope by Ben Atlas on Dec 22, 2009

Often people who proclaim the departure from the Judaic creed display the internalized values and the logic that personifies the most blatant Judaic cultural imbalances, even when the renegades are compared to the openly observant. Witness XGHs riff on Rabbi Reuven Feinstein. There is a text and it must be dissected, regardless of the historical context, motivations or the character of the author, in other words the most pointless geekery and metal gymnastics. So how did Reuven Feinstein appear on the EJF web site? Do you think after Shabbos he booted up his laptop, read all the blogs, and then carefully wrote the responsa? One of the two things happened:

1. Someone called him on the phone and described to him in general, or likely misleading, terms the release and asked Rabbi Reuven Feinstein if it would be OK to use the endorsement (this is how Rabbi Elya Wachtfogel got ensnared).
2. Or someone wrote the release and brought it to Reuven Feinstein to approve, perhaps even together with a fat fee.

Now do you think for a moment that after Leib Tropper resigned from the EJF, “the board members” rushed to the bank to unauthorize Tropper from using the EJF funds? So while the blogosphere raged in indignation, Leib Tropper might have spent the precious time delivering money bags to people needed to protect his racket. Luke Ford have been doing a nice job on this tailor made for him story (sex, gerus, jews), he posts:

“Anne emails: You need to look into the role of Menachem Lubinsky in this affair. He is the PR frontman for EJF and Tropper, and he has always stepped in when Tropper has alienated people, which as an aggressive and intemperate pig he has tended to do fairly regularly. Lubinsky is the composer of last Monday’s EJF press release and he wrote all the so called statements by the various protagonists (Wachtfogel has since distanced himself from EJF and denied that he made any statement or accepted the role in EJF). Lubinsky has been working the phones all week trying to get rats to board the sinking ship that EJF has become. And of course the reason EJF can’t fall is because it is the key to obtaining Tom Kaplan’s money.

Who is currently signing EJF checks? If it is still Tropper then the whole resignation is phony – a cosmetic damage limitation exercise, cooked up by Lubinsky while a strategy is prepared – however ridiculous this may seem to you – for Tropper to rejoin the kiruv world, a humbled and repentant figure.”

Which brings us back to Rabbi Reuven Feinstein, it’s not his lack of the moral ground that is appalling, nor the glaring contradictions in the badly written release, not even his family relation to the Tendler kin in Monsey. The words are empty without the financial transparency. Till Reuven Feinstein and the rest of the politburo disclose the favors accrued in the process of pimping the Eternal Jewish Family, the HTML based pashkevilim will not do.

Anonymous said...

Schindler may have been smart but he was a heretic which makes him even worse. At least a heretic with mediocre intelligence has a little bit of an excuse.

Shea Fishman said...

CHICAGO (AP) — A small earthquake has hit northern Illinois, waking up scores of residents before dawn but causing no major damage.

The U.S. Geological Survey reports that the 4.3-magnitude earthquake hit near Virgil, about 50 miles northwest of Chicago, at 4 a.m. Wednesday.

Residents reported being shaken out of bed and finding books and tools scattered across the floor after falling from shelves.

Moetzes Resign! said...

Look how the NY Times downplays this because he is a Hispanic Democrat. The rest of the story is that he smashed a bottle across her face.

ALBANY — The State Senate on Tuesday expelled a senator convicted of domestic assault, the first time in nearly a century that the Legislature has forced a member from office.

The Senate voted 53-to-8 to immediately oust the senator, Hiram Monserrate, a Queens Democrat convicted last fall of a misdemeanor for dragging his companion down the hallway of his apartment building.

Anonymous said...


The Big One is coming soon, bigger than the 2000 dot-com crash and the 2008 subprime credit meltdown combined. A huge market blowout. And as Bloomberg-BusinessWeek predicts: "The results won't be pretty for investors or elected officials."

After the global-debt bomb explodes don't expect a typical bear correction followed by a new bull. Wall Street's toxic pseudo-capitalism is imploding. Be prepared for a massive meltdown. Yes, already the third major bubble-bust of the 21st century, triggered once again by Wall Street's out-of-control Fat Cat Bankers. And it's dead ahead.

Buy an isolated farm in the mountains. Protect family against the barbarians: "Your safe haven must be self-sufficient and capable of growing some kind of food ... It should be well-stocked with seed, fertilizer, canned food, wine, medicine, clothes, etc. Think Swiss Family Robinson."

Anonymous said...


United States v. Comstock: Will the Supreme Court Uphold the Federal Government’s Power to Commit Sex Offenders, or Invoke Principles of Federalism?


Monday, February 8, 2010

Currently pending before the Supreme Court is an important case, United States of America v. Comstock, that will test whether Chief Justice Roberts and the Court’s conservative majority are willing to extend the protections of federalism even to sex offenders. My initial impressions of the oral argument, held in January, suggest that the answer is no. But, of course, the nature of the oral argument is never a guarantee of the outcome of a case.

Comstock involves a challenge to a federal statute, 18 U.S.C. §4248, that authorizes the civil commitment of “sexually dangerous” persons by the federal government. The United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit invalidated the statute, stating that the law “grant[s] the federal government unprecedented authority over civil commitment – an area long controlled by the states.”

In this column, I will focus on what impressions can be drawn from the oral argument in Comstock. Based upon my review of the argument transcript (as well as the briefs submitted to the Court), it seems likely that the Supreme Court will reverse the Fourth Circuit and uphold the statute as constitutional.

Sruly Singer said...

(JTA) -- An elderly man said his Toyota car's accelerator stuck, causing him to crash into the steps of a New York synagogue.

Gerald Silver, 86, a D-Day veteran and Purple Heart recipient, was driving home with his wife, Rosalyn, when his 2009 Camry's gas pedal jammed, causing him to lose control of the car.

Silver hit two parked cars and flew over some bushes before slamming into the steps of the Forest Hills Jewish Center in Queens, according to reports. He nearly missed hitting a group of people, WPIX TV reported. The couple were treated for minor injuries.

Toyota has recalled millions of cars over sticky accelerator pedals.

Anonymous said...

Shlomo Dwek ruined a number of people, his father destroyed the whole community.

Anonymous said...


How a New Jobless Era Will Transform America

Avi Shafran's TelePrompter said...

Maybe Avi Shafran and the Bilaam Divinators on the Moetzes of Agudah can explain the cause of the Chicago earthquake.

Anonymous said...

the NMB community is wondering when solomon dwek will be coming from baltimore

it seems that the rosh kolel has paskened 2 majorshaalos recently

its ok if your a donor to the kolel to cover up your brothers eishes is

its ok to maaser if you give money to the kolel

dwek will fit right in to be in the kolel with rabbi schmeltzer

Yudels Mistake said...

Why do you keep letting North Miami Beach guy post redundancy?

Anonymous said...

yudels mistake

please be aware there is a lot more than one nmb guy

and eishes ish is not redundant when diseases are involved
and hitting childrens private parts is also not redundant unless you couldnt care about children and woman

its obvious to all who read that people are trying to protect schmeltzer just as they protected kolko

and you havent answered any of the questions that nmb asked

you just feel its redundant

why dont you answer the questions

Shea Fishman said...


Whiteout Conditions in Beleaguered Washington

Yudels Mistake said...

Shmeltzer was mattir eishes ish.
Shmeltzer was mattir eishes ish.
Shmeltzer was mattir eishes ish.
Shmeltzer was mattir eishes ish.
Shmeltzer was mattir eishes ish.
Shmeltzer was mattir eishes ish.
Shmeltzer was mattir eishes ish.
Shmeltzer was mattir eishes ish.
Shmeltzer was mattir eishes ish.
(if you were at all educated you would know that that fits the definition of redundancy)

WAIT! NOONE is paying attention to me! Let me try this..

Shmeltzer is a child Mollester. & I'm really three different people!

Shmeltzer is a child Mollester. & I'm really three different people!
Shmeltzer is a child Mollester. & I'm really three different people!
Shmeltzer is a child Mollester. & I'm really three different people!
Shmeltzer is a child Mollester. & I'm really three different people!
Shmeltzer is a child Mollester. & I'm really three different people!

I feel so much better now.
Sounds like you.

Leib Tropper said...


CASPER, Wyo. - Authorities say a Casper woman was assaulted at her front door, raped at knifepoint in her living room and left bound on the floor, and they say one of the men charged in the brutal attack claimed that he thought it was invited.

Two men are accused in the crime. One is charged with carrying out the rape. The other, the woman's ex-boyfriend, stands accused of posing as the victim online and claiming she harbored a rape fantasy and wanted to be assaulted.

The case in the central Wyoming city of Casper, population 54,000, illustrates that middle America isn't immune to the dangers of Internet anonymity and predators who target victims through online ads that hint at sex and prostitution.

Talmidei Fishman said...


Outspoken Hurricane Expert Sues Over Dismissal

Anonymous said...

There's software that allows entering terrorist names and then automatically generating 'people-webs' which helps zero in on troublemakers. Perhaps we can do likewise for the frum community? Of course folks like Tropper, Feinstein, etc. would end up looking like spiders sitting in the centers of their webs.

Israel Belsky SHLITA said...

I think I'm going to call 311 to sign up for temporary snow shoveling work.

It sure beats the dreck that Reuvein Feinstein is shoveling.

Anonymous said...

The average Joe on the street is smarter than the Hungarian morons who send their kids to YTT


Survey: Buyers Shy Away From Toyota

Pesach cruise ship fresser said...


Cruise Bargains Harder to Find

Agudah Of Bulgaria said...

Bulgaria Head Bailiff: No Mortgage Meltdown in 2010

Wed, 10 Feb 2010

There will not be a mortgage meltdown in Bulgaria in 2010 according to the Chair of the Chamber of Private Bailiffs, Avi Shafran.

Shafran stated Wednesday that despite the severe economic environment there will not be such a boom to that would lead to a sharp fall in property prices. No molesting of kids in yeshivas here also keeps real estate prices high.

R' Dovid Paterson said...


According to WPIX, federal prosecutors are now looking into Paterson's awarding of the Aqueduct video-slot-machine contract to a firm connected to an important black political leader, Reverend Floyd Flake, whose support Governor Paterson covets.

Making things more suspicious is that AEG "received poor ratings in a ranking of the bidders compiled by the state’s Lottery Division," the Times reported.
Okay, so this all appears kind of shady (although in Albany ... eh). But Paterson defended the integrity of the process on Don Imus's radio show this morning. He pointed out that both Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver and the Senate's Democratic conference leader, John Sampson, agreed to award the contract to AEG as well.

Wall St Fresser said...

In case you haven't been paying attention, it no longer feels good to be a banker. Everyone hates you, and you can't even tell yourself they're just jealous about all the money you make anymore because, well, you're not even making that much money anymore. There must be other, better-paying jobs where people get less grief, you might say to yourself. And in fact there are. Bill George from Harvard University said it a few weeks ago. The president intimated it earlier today. And analyst Richard Bove has been saying it for years.

I have constantly pointed out that one can make more money playing third base for the New York Yankees or being a shooting guard with the Los Angeles Lakers than one can get paid for running a financial company with hundreds of thousands of employees.

It's only a matter of time before the guys slaving away thanklessly making our financial system function go to where the real money is.


In short, this is what the future will look like.

Anonymous said...


David Weprin nebich won the election.

He actually attacked the Republican candidate who is also Jewish as not being "moral" for saying that marriage should be between a man & a woman only.

Leib Tropper said...

A Queens pimp who "bought" a young woman for $2,000 - and advertised her sex services on Craigslist - was sentenced to 25 years to life.

Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/ny_crime/2010/02/10/2010-02-10_sexslave_pimp_gets_25_years.html#ixzz0fB1dJQDC

Anonymous said...


David Greenfield, candidate for the open City Council seat in Borough Park and Flatbush, was expected to get Bloomberg’s endorsement this week. Bloomberg’s 2009 campaign Jewish coordinator, Mark Botnick, now works for Greenfield.

Julie Berman said...


The Claims Conference fired three employees last week who allegedly approved more than 100 fraudulent Holocaust-era claims — filed primarily by Russians now living in Brooklyn — that bilked the German government out of more than $350,000, The Jewish Week has learned.

A federal investigation has reportedly been launched but it is not known if the employees, one of whom was the supervisor of the Hardship Fund, were complicit in the fraud. The Claims Conference declined to reveal their names.

“The German government was defrauded,” said Gregory Schneider, the Claims Conference’s executive vice president. “No money was taken from Holocaust survivors. ... This was done by very sophisticated persons or a group whose aim it was to defraud. And the fact that
it is connected with the Holocaust makes it even more disgusting.”

Julius Berman, chairman of the Claims Conference, said he was “outraged that anyone would engage in a fraud of what we consider holy money.”

Sruly Singer said...

Hey Julie,

I'm not Russian.

Asher Lopatin said...


I'm the RCA rabbi who told Rahm-bo Emmanuel he can talk on his cellphone on Rosh hashana with the warped sevara that economics is pikuach nefesh in shitas Brisk.

My latest shtick is to start a new kehillah that is pro-Gay.

Anonymous said...

David Weprin also attacked the Jewish Republican by putting a picture of him with a swastika that he mailed to everyone in the district. And he refuses to apologize.


Marc Denker did not even know there was an upcoming special election when he heard about the Weprin mailing from a fellow member of the Yankel Rosenbaum Chabad Jewish Community Center in Bayside last week. He now plans to vote for Friedrich.

“This attempt to create a subliminal advertisement that links Mr. Friedrich to the Nazis is below David Weprin. Someone in his office okayed this and it’s beyond reprehensible,” he said. “This awakened me to the fact that there was a special election in the first place.”

Anonymous said...

Further evidence was introduced, reviewed, and discussed today in a meeting of Monsey Rabbonim, Roshei Yeshiva, and Askanim regarding the scandal surrounding Leib Tropper, the former head of the Eternal Jewish Family and Yeshiva Kol Yaakov. Tropper had ostensibly resigned last week, but it has been further reported that he continues to run and tend to the functions of the Yeshiva in an unchanged manner. Apparently, the inquiry has now widened to other areas as well. The meeting on Tuesday afternoon included some of the leading Rabbinic figures in Monsey and was chaired by one of the most senior Roshei Yeshiva in Monsey, HaGaon HaRav Moshe Green Shlita, Rosh Yeshiva of Yeshiva D’Monsey.

Others present at the meeting included Rav Shlomo Breslauer Shlita, Rav of Beis Tefillah; Rav Yisroel Dovid Schlesinger, of K’hal Shaarei Tefillah; Rav Dovid Ribiat, Rosh Kollel of Kollel Ohr Yaakov; Rav Chaim Schabes the Morah D’Asra of Knesses Yisroel in New Hempstead; Rav Shlomo Zalman Kaufman, Dayan of the Beis Horaah Beis Din and Rav Ben Tzion Kokis, Rav of K’hal Zichron Mordechai in South Monsey. Rav Dan Ungarisher was also consulted on the issues.

It is still unclear whether Tropper will cooperate with the Beis Din by appearing before it. An unannounced visitor to one of the Rabbonim last week who has had known connections to Tropper told one of the dayanim in no uncertain terms that Tropper will never cooperate. The Rabbonim have, in the past week, received numerous messages attempting to interfere with the proceedings from various individuals. They remain undeterred both by the attempts at interference and numerous forms of harassment that include phone calls to their homes throughout the night, taxicabs falsely ordered to their homes, and threatening calls.

An expanded meeting will occur next week for the purpose of authorizing an official Bais Din to convene.

and this tropper is the guy who gave the shmeltzer family money

AndyBee said...

Old question -- what was Arutz Sheva's motive for publishing the (great) article about Tropper & Guma Aguiar?

It was totally outside their normal sphere of interest.

It seemed to me that they were somewhat influenced by Aguiar -- yet the recent reporting shows that Kaplan donated over $3 million to Beit El (and i assume that would endear A-7 to Tropper).

Have i just gotten too cynical?

Anonymous said...

They shouldn't have Moishe Green leading the Tropper investigation. He is in cherem for that weird story where he took payoff to attack Dayan Abraham from Kedushas Levi deBerditchev.

UOJ armaments division said...

Did you hear Margo is building a bunker 10 stories under YTT?


In an article that avoids any mention whatsoever of Iran — nevermind the heightening tension over its largely underground nuclear program — The Economist looks at advances in “smart” guided aerial bombardment, including “cleverer ways of destroying deeply buried bunkers.” The magazine says munitions experts are trying to improve on the tactic of a succession of warplanes hitting the same spot — “drilling” with bombs that burrow first before exploding. The idea: “souping up bombs with rockets that speed up their impact” and go deeper, presumably to reduce the number of sorties required to destroy a target.

And no surprise that the Israelis are on the case, trying to improve on current bunker-busters (like the American BLU-109 in the test video above):

Israel Military Industries is studying a rocket that would ignite just before the bomb hit, digging it deeper than ever before exploding. That, according to Meir Geva, head of aerial munitions at Israel Military Industries, can be very deep indeed. His firm makes a bunker-buster which weighs about as much as a small car. “To my great sorrow,” Mr. Geva says, its shockwave ranges cannot be revealed.

But you want size? Scheduled for deployment at the end of the year is the Massive Ordnance Penetrator, an American bunker-buster that weighs 15 times as much. [The Economist]

Frankel's shul mizrach shvantz said...

States Get New Leeway to Tally Prisoners in Census

Filed at 12:58 a.m. ET

Mendel Margulies said...


Flatbush SY said...


Enviable Access Given Top 10 Donors to New York Lawmakers

Joseph J. & Betty Sitt

Pirsum said...

I heard that in NY in the shul that RAS zt"l, and his father, the Gram zt"l davened, the son of one of the members was convicted and sentenced to death and the Gra"m told the Rabbi of the shul that he could even to milacha and go up to Albany on Shabos to attempt to save the person's life.
Let those who understand, understand
re Grossman.

Bim Bam identity said...

WASHINGTON - President Obama says he is now "agnostic" about raising taxes on households making under $250,000 a year to help cut budget deficits, signaling a possible retreat from a campaign pledge.

In an interview with Bloomberg BusinessWeek on newsstands Friday, Obama said a presidential budget commission needs to look at all options for deficit reduction - including tax increases

Avi L. Shafran said...


You see, the 3 Stooges are lav davka Agudah rank & file.

Anonymous said...

Someone very high up in YU, not specified but possibly even RAS or his brother RJBS covered up for a molester with the excuse that "he doesn't know" what he's doing.

Heard this from a rov in his 60s who was in YU when this happened. The molester ran a kids group under YU auspicies.

Rav Aron Soloveichik's Talmidim in Chicago said...

Anonymous @ 11:40

Rav Aron Sloveitchik zt"l was a man ahead of his time in his concern for all victims of wrong.

To sully his distinguished name and reputation with unfounded reports is wrong. Kindly give more substance to your allegations. Kindly go ask the 60 year old rabbi for more specifics or offer a retraction.

Yudels Mistake said...


"Yudels Mistake" blogger = Putz said...

Let's see...

He posts a letter from R' Avrohom Rubin telling R' Yudel Shain he is fired from doing work for his hashgocho due to his speaking out against rabbonim behind kashrus scandals. Gee Einstein, is it any wonder when Rabbi Rubin works with the OU who is a sworn enemy of RYS who exposes them all the time?

Then he attacks RYS for exposing Zeev Rothschild's rip off prices and mafia tactics (which he lies to cover up for) by poking fun of RYS for being "low income".

Anonymous said...

The rabbi who is in his mid-60s would only say it was someone "very high up" in YU.

It could have been other personalities who were bigwigs in YU 45 years ago. I did not mean to limit it to the Soloveitchik brothers.

Anonymous said...

I wonder of Rav Simcha Kook agreed to the language on his letterhead that Rabbi Rubin used against R' Yudel Shain.

There are no bakovoddikke references. He just blurts out his name. Even when a beis din sends a threat of cherem to someone thay call them ad meah veesrim shana and other niceties.

Yudels Mistake said...

------ "Yudels Mistake" blogger = Putz said...
Let's see...

He posts a letter from R' Avrohom Rubin telling R' Yudel Shain he is fired from doing work for his hashgocho due to his speaking out against rabbonim behind kashrus scandals. Gee Einstein, is it any wonder when Rabbi Rubin works with the OU who is a sworn enemy of RYS who exposes them all the time?

Then he attacks RYS for exposing Zeev Rothschild's rip off prices and mafia tactics (which he lies to cover up for) by poking fun of RYS for being "low income".--------------------------------------------

First of all, its not my intention to hijack this blog with my own blogs issues. However, anyone with a brain can see the point being made with the letter is that Yudel was fired by Rabbi Rubin & that that can be part of this "vendetta" he has.

Number 2, you are obviously not from Lakewood, because if you were, you wouldn't call their prices ripoffs, as they have the absolute lowest prices in town. & saying I make fun of Yudel for being "low-income" is a lie. I made fun of Yudel for having an agenda...

Yudels Mistake said...

Anyone with beef about my blog should POST IT ON MY BLOG!!!

"Yudels Mistake" blogger = Putz said...

It's not your intention to further your issue against Yudel on this blog? What did you just do? Do you think people are blind?

And you must really think people are blind when you post Rabbi Rubin's letter terminating Yudel for speaking out against (corrupt) rabbonim and spinning it as something else.

Vendetta you say? As far as I know, Yudel has never attacked Rabbi Rubin or Rav Kook.

The issue with Rothschild is using mafia tactics to stop a competitor who has even lower prices than he does. Then you speak of Rothschild's customers as being "low income" which is really insulting 1000s of people. At the end of the paragraph you say Yudel is one of them.

It figures that a bad liar would be running such a pathetic blog.

Anonymous said...

yidels mistake

if you are from lakewood why do you defend the crooked rosh kolel schmeltczer who covers up eishes ish and honors drug users

you have no crediblity if you dont tell the truth

why your animosity for yudel shain

he tries to make a difference

Yudels Mistake said...
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Yudels Mistake said...

Please don't publish comments pretaining to my blog in this or any thread. I will not respond to them, only if left on my blog.

Unlike the fellow from North Miami Beach, I have no intention of hijacking your blog with my issues.

Thank You.

Warning said...

Yudels Mistake might be Eckstein from YeshivaWorld who is known to start blogs against his various enemies.

Especially if the putz has any of your email addresses from registration at his sites, he will know who posts any comments he doesn't like at Yudels Mistake.

Anonymous said...

You should see how people fawn over David Weprin in Young Israel.

It's not even clear how orthodox the guy is. He shows up to shul every Shabbat morning after missing the entire Shacharit then sniffs around for a while looking for a seat because it's packed.

UOJ-Yudel Fan Club said...


A jury in West Texas took less than an hour Thursday to acquit a nurse who had been charged with a felony after anonymously complaining to the state medical board that a doctor at her hospital was practicing unsafe medicine. The prosecution had ignited deep concern among health care workers and advocates for whistle-blowers about the potential chilling effect of a conviction.

Moetzes Resign! said...

Filed at 4:04 p.m. ET

CHICAGO (AP) -- Ousted Gov. Rod Blagojevich's businessman brother pleaded not guilty to revised corruption charges on Thursday

Avi L. Shafran - Agudah Press Release said...

For many men, Valentine's Day is an absolute nightmare. This should come as no surprise. There's a lot of pressure for us to do things we typically aren't that good at: being sweet and thoughtful, acting lovey-dovey, and making it seem like we're sensitive.

Many of us resent that it's a trumped-up holiday, and that restaurants and florists jack up their prices since they know they've got us over a barrel. Plus we're always hearing about some other guy who took his rebbetzin horseback riding on the beach in Aruba, so we always feel crappy if we're the Average Shloime who only brought home a last-minute box of Paskesz chocolates.

So the best advice the Agudah can give you, is do not get the rebbetzin anything, once a year shlepping her to the Agudah Convention is more than she deserves.

Moetzes Gedoileh Toirah

Shmarya Groupie said...

God went to the Arabs and said,
'I have Commandments for you that will make your
lives better.'

The Arabs asked, 'What are Commandments?'
And the Lord said, 'They are rules for living.'

'Can you give us an example?'

'Thou shall not kill.'

'Not kill?
We're not interested.'

So He went to the Blacks and said, 'I have Commandments.'

The Blacks wanted an example, and the Lord said,
'Honor thy Father and Mother.'

We don't know who our fathers are.
We're not interested.'

Then He went to the Mexicans and said,
'I have Commandments.'

The Mexicans also wanted an example,

and the Lord
said 'Thou shall not steal.'

'Not steal? We're not interested.'

Then He went to the French and said,
'I have Commandments.'

The French too wanted an example and the Lord said, 'Thou shall not commit adultery.'

'Not commit adultery?
We're not interested.'

Finally, He went to the Jews and said,
'I have Commandments.'

'Commandments?' They said,
'How much are they?'

'They're free.'

'We'll take 10.'

Shea Fishman said...


Bim Bam identity said...


Here he is wasting another $100 million on yet another dumb idea.

steve said...


With all due respect, I can list many more worthy causes than to pay Rubashkin's lawyers for more failed appeals. Although the sentence he faces seems very harsh, he has only himself to blame. For YEARS he was warned to clean up his act. The illegals from Guatemala were the worst kept secret. His abuse of workers, his abuse of animals, his underage workers, his safety violations, his financial shenanigans, his food safety issues, his kashrus issues, his environmental issues, etc., etc., were all well documented and widely reported. The man stubbornly refused to change ANYTHING in how he conducted his business. The OU and Weissmandl were accomplices in that they knew all about these abuses and they looked the other way. Every day SMR spends in prison is on their head as well. As for Pidyon Shvuyim, I do not feel that a convicted criminal with such overwhelming evidence against him, that caused such a massive chillul hashem, that caused countless Jews to be nichshal with eating treifos, should be a candidate for Pidyon Shvuyim funds. Jonathan Pollard and Gilad Shalit are true victims who are real Pidyon Shvuyim cases. Furthermore, Rubashkin was offered a plea deal which would have reduced his sentence considerably and he TURNED IT DOWN! This was corroborated by Shea Hecht in an interview with Nathaniel Popper, which Hecht later denied ever after SMR was convicted.

Personally, I feel this is an enormous tragedy, which could have been avoided. At this point, to continue pouring hard earned dollars into the coffers of these crooked lawyers is senseless. Use the money to educate our children to follow the dictates of the Torah which says to deal honestly in business. Use the funds to support victims of child sexual abuse. Use the funds for orphans and widows. Use the funds to help families pay their mortgages. Use the funds to help families pay tuition. I can go on and on. This "cause" is not a priority. Hundreds of thousands of dollars have already been collected. It's time to focus on the real needy and real victims. As I've written time and again, "Asheru Chamotz Velo Chometz", strengthen the victims, not the criminals.

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...


I have no disagreement at all with the events as you describe them.

The incarceration of SR pre-sentencing was one of the options this judge chose; I believe that her choice was wrong in the face of the fact that the overwhelming majority of white collar criminals, are afforded bail prior to sentencing.

That SR is being brutalized in jail is a fact I established on my own - without, and before Matzav put it up.

That's where we differ.

He should be home with his family until sentencing; he'll be spending much time and many years paying for the crimes he was convicted for.

That is something I would like to see happen.

steve said...


I agree that he should be granted bail before sentencing. Unfortunately, SMR burned that bridge as well by previously violating the terms of his release. Petitioning for his release on bail and sending money for "pidyon shvuyim" funds are two separate issues. The Matzav people that you linked to and Pinny Yated are still playing the race card and calling the case a "blood libel" and a "lynching". They are delusional if they think that throwing millions of dollars at the Nat Lewins and the other greedy crooked lawyers will get SMR a new trial and an acquittal. All they are doing is fueling the flames of more chillul hashem. So if you feel that he deserves to be allowed out on bail, then write a convincing post and get people to petition the court for his release. However, don't play into the hands of these Matzav/Al Jazeera/Yated putzes who continually defend the indefensible with their almost laughable style of journalism(besides Rubashkin, read how they defended Wallis). Even if SMR is a clear cut case of pidyon shvuyim (which he is clearly NOT), I would not trust these "journalists" by sending money through them.

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...


I was not aware of the "Al Jazeera" factor at all; I view it strictly as a grave injustice to deny him bail pre-sentencing, nothing more, nothing less.

Please write the petition,[I'm drowning] I'll put it up and get it into the right hands.

Thanks for your input....

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

By Larry Neumeister, Associated Press Writer , On Thursday February 11, 2010, 6:42 pm EST

NEW YORK (AP) -- Bail was set at $10 million Thursday for jailed financier Bernard Madoff's former finance chief, who has remained imprisoned since he pleaded guilty six months ago and cooperated with the government's investigation.

U.S. District Judge Richard Sullivan required Frank DiPascali, 53, to remain under house arrest and required that he and his wife forfeit all family assets except for an amount of less than $300,000 to be agreed upon by the government, the defendant and the judge.

Sullivan twice before rejected requests for DiPascali's freedom, calling his role in the fraud "crucial" and saying his potential sentence was "astronomical."

His lawyer, Marc Mukasey, said he hopes his client will be released by early next week.

"We are thrilled that judge Sullivan granted the bail application," Mukasey said.

DiPascali pleaded guilty in August to helping Madoff's multi-decade Ponzi scheme that cost thousands of investors billions of dollars. Madoff is serving a 150-year prison sentence.

Sullivan's refusal to let DiPascali await sentencing on bail was unusual because even the government was not standing in the way.

Mukasey had assured the judge on several occasions that DiPascali was providing evidence that could be used to arrest others in the case.

The bail package requires DiPascali to remain at his home at all times, except when he goes to court, travels with investigators or faces a medical emergency. Except for a medical emergency, at least one FBI agent will be required to travel with him, the judge wrote.

The bail arrangement also allow the FBI to conduct routine home inspections.

It also requires family or friends of DiPascali to pledge $2 million in cash or property to secure DiPascali's release.

steve said...

This is the link for the petition that is being sent to AG Eric Holder.


Or, you can write a personal letter to the Attorney General explaining why you feel Mr. Rubashkin should be allowed out on bail:


Department of Justice Main Switchboard - 202-514-2000

Office of the Attorney General Public Comment Line - 202-353-1555

Publicity hundt said...

Of course that Yudel-bashing idiot, Eckstein or whoever it is wants you to post on his blog. He is using UOJ to build himself up.

Don't give him the time of day.

Pulling a letter against Yudel from an establishment guy like R. Rubin is like saying that Eli Greenwald is a bad guy because Belsky wrote a hazmona that he is "motzee shem ra" on Kolko or that UOJ's brother is a bad guy because Tropper put up a sign against him.

While R. Rubin is nowhere as bad as those lowlives, he was the 3rd OU consultant after Belsky & R. Hershel Schechter. When there were items that were very controversial like the Heinemann scandal at Galil poultry, they would fly him to check it out. But since R. Rubin does not play the cover up game as well as Belsky, they do not seem to be using his services anymore.

steve said...

Rav Yudel was right about Galil, he was right abour Shevach, he was right about Rubashkin, he was right about Mezonos Maven, he was right about Banayan/Ahava, he was right about Strauss, he was right about MMW, he was right about Heinemann, etc., etc., etc. If only the oilam would listen to him more often before it's too late. There were many anti-UOJ sites that came and went. Rav Yudel, welcome to the club.

Anonymous said...


An investigation is being launched into the Pidyon Shvuyim Fund which has been collecting monies for SMR. The donations are not tax exempt and any person that donates will have their names turned over to the IRS. Paypal has already been asked by the feds to provide a list of people giving money through this paypal account

Posted by: INFORMED |

Anonymous said...

SR beheima closed his eyes & ears to helpless animals now he gets to see a bit what its like.

n December 2004, FailedMessiah.com exclusively reported Orthodox rabbis, kosher supervision agencies and kosher industry mouthpiece (and paid Agriprocessors' consultant) Menachem Lubinsky – led by Agudath Israel of America – met with senior USDA officials in Washington on October 23, 2003, one year before the PETA videos were made public. In this meeting, the rabbis claimed USDA directives outlawing "sawing" by the religious slaughters would be wrongly used to stop all kosher slaughter.

The rabbis asked for the directives to be reworded. The USDA agreed. Ann Veneman, a former food industry lobbyist who was appointed Secretary of Agriculture by George Bush, is thought to have participated in that meeting and to have approved the rewording.

The new directive was written with close participation of Agudath Israel of America and its supporter, Nathan Lewin, a noted constitutional lawyer. Lewin was also Agriprocessors' (the Rubashkin family's) attorney.

(Both the original and the new directives are found at the end of this post.)

The new directive made it nearly impossible for a USDA line inspector to stop a kosher slaughter line and created the horrors seen in the above videos.

Veterinarians, large animal biologists and animal welfare experts came down on PETA's side, while Orthodox rabbis supported Rubashkin.

Nevertheless, the OU promised to stop meat hook use and throat-ripping.

In a USDA report illegally suppressed by the Bush Administration for almost one year, Agriprocessors was found guilty of violations of the Humane Slaughter Act. The plant's owners are large Republican campaign contributors.

Two years later, Rubashkin's Gordon, Nebraska plant was found to be using a meat hook to probe the throats of fully conscious animals. The OU denied the instrument used was a meat hook. The OU was lying.

FailedMessiah.com obtained documents under the Freedom of Information Act that prove the USDA now allows this type of meat hook use, even on fully conscious animals.

Arthur said...

A eulogy for Dr Bernard Lander written else ware
"It's tough to eulogize and even thank a man whom you met only once - rather saw only once. Yet, despite never have met him I owe so much to him. As do so many other yungeleit that found parnosehs and are feeding their families - barely, due to his vision, for lack of a better term. Yet despite his accomplishments I doubt there was a man who had to deal with so much, you'll excuse me, crap, over his life. I'm speaking of course about Dr. Bernard Lander, who left this world two days ago. We would be hard-pressed to find a man who provided such a service to the community, yet had to deal with such attacks from often some of they very same people. What I mean is this: I think we can all agree that not all of us are cut out for full-time learning, myself included. Come to think of it, this notion that a person should sit and learn and either live off schnorr, the Government, his wife working, or all of the above, is a new and unheard of one. So I'm not quite sure why we need to make excuses for going to work to feed your family... So what should we all do if we cannot sit and learn? find a parnosoh, obviously.

So how does one find a parnosoh if he cannot just go to a wealthy family parent, sibling or family member? he goes to work. How does one find work if he has no skills other than being able to shlep boxes? Not that it's a bad thing to shlep boxes, but not all of us find ways to raise a family on that kind of salary. Some can. I definitely cannot. Well, Dr. Lander found a way. By eliminating all the excuses he left no choice for many of us, we had to go and learn a trade or profession, and here was the means to do it. Not only were there no women in school during your class, there were no women in school THE WHOLE DAY. They had separate days for men and women, not just hours! You didn't have to study any subject that might even be accused of being counter to Torah values and views, and you could do it all on Sundays, evenings and summers. But still, the zealots, since they need to keep busy, would go after him and accuse of him of all kinds of things. I guess it has a lot to do with his background, him being a musmach of YU, and not being subjugated to Daas Teyreh, but still, even that should have its limits. When you see the obvious advantages should you not just bite your tongue and keep quiet? Maybe that's what has happened. Maybe they gave up the fight when they saw they had no better alternative.

In any case, as far as I'm concerned I'm glad that I heeded the advice of those who dispensed it and enrolled there. Dr. Lander gave me the chance to learn a profession in a very comfortable setting, without compromise. The only thing I could've done was maybe choose a better profession, but that was my choice, otherwise I'm happy as far as that choice goes. The only time I met the good Dr. Lander was at graduation, and even then we didn't actually meet. He was there, as was I. that's about it. Maybe that should've been the time to thank him. I guess he did it because he liked helping other Jews, not for the thanks he wouldn't get... He really had very little to do with the day to day operations of the school when I was there, as far as I know. Never mind, there are still ways for Touro to improve and be less selective when it comes to our brothers and sisters in need, but hey, nobody's perfect. We can look for excuses as to why NOT to thank him, and we can focus on the faults of his fine institutions, but that would be nothing short of the height of ungratefulness. Let me take this opportunity to thank him and all those who assisted him in making it possible. And remember, it never hurts to thank someone who helped you, even if you do disagree with him on certain issues."

Arthur said...

I hate to break this to you guys but Jews who are incarcerated in prison, even in civil countries, are considered "captives" according to many Poskim EVEN IF CONVICTED OF A CRIME and one may spend more than 20% of his/her income to secure their release as it is "Pidyon Shevuyim- releasing of captives". (Psak of Rav Moshe Feinstein Zatzal and others).
Rav Eliyashiv paskuns otherwise.That if convicted of a serious crime the mitzvah of pidyun shvuim does not apply.
Take your choice.

Kolko gets results said...

WASHINGTON — In a sign that the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy may be weakening under pressure from the White House and the Pentagon’s top leadership, Lt. Dan Choi, who is facing discharge from the New York Army National Guard because he publicly announced that he was gay, took part in a drill last weekend with his Guard unit at what he said was the encouragement of his commander.

Yerachmiel Lopin said...

I have a new posting on Congregation Shomer Shabbos, Boro Park's hassidic minyan factory titled: "The Shul For Scandal: Where The Molesters Prey."

I am told that besides the distinguished trio of Rabbi Jerry Brauner, Rabbi Baruch Lebovits, and Rabbi Dovid Greenfeld, they also have some attendance by Berel Goldman (who left teaching at Bobov and Vien under suspicious circumstances). But Goldman usually hangs out at Ungvarer Rav, Menashe Klein's shul and beis medrish.

Here is a link to the posting: http://wp.me/pFbfD-dC

Anonymous said...


Commercial real estate losses -- empty office buildings, shops and hotels whose owners cannot make mortgage payments -- pose a serious threat to the stability of the country's banks and the ongoing economic recovery, the Congressional Oversight Panel warns in a new report out Thursday.

"Banks that suffer or are afraid of suffering commercial mortgage losses could grow even more reluctant to lend, which could in turn further reduce access to credit for more businesses and families and accelerate a negative economic cycle."

With about $1.4 trillion in commercial real estate loans reaching the end of their terms between now and 2014 -- and nearly half already "under water" -- the losses could be devastating, the panel predicts. Hundreds of community and mid-sized banks could fail, adding to the hundreds that have already collapsed during the recession. Potential loan losses projected for 2011 and beyond could range as high as $300 billion, the report says.

Malach HaMovies said...

And then God went to Lakewood and they asked him - What does the Torah say And God answered - it says - six days you shall work.

So they answered - Sorry the Torah is not for us...

Anonymous said...

reb yudel

please stay strong

keep posting about the frauds and the crimes in kashrus

in fact you shouls ad a post about the schmeltzer family and the fraudss that they have placed on communities whereever they go

btw here is a new one for NMB

if you go online you will see that the NMB community kolel was transferred to the schmeltzer family and they say it belongs to the community

check it out for yourselves


Ombudsman said...


Besides that R' Shlomo Zalman and R' Zelig also are against bailing out criminals in civil countries, there is another shayle here that needs to be addressed.

Rubashkin created a massive chilul Hashem and remains arrogantly unrepentant to this day. How do you think this looks to the umos when everyone mit berd stands behind his atrocious behavior?

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

Dr. Lander z"l was a once in a generation giant, a pious Jew with a vision that he saw to fruition.

Yehi Zichro Baruch

Both versions of the story are correct said...


BROOKLYN NY, Feb. 11, 2010 —

Mendel Margulies has a chilling warning for those who are hunting his father with drones, secret agents and blog strikes.

From Mendel's up-close look at the next generation of Hungarians and pedophile training camps he says the worst may lie ahead, that if his father is hoisted by his petard, UOJ may face a broader and more violent enemy, with nothing to keep them in check.

"From what I knew of my father and the people around him I believe he is the most kind among them, because some are much, much worse," Margulies Jr., who was raised in the midst of his father's thievery, told ABC News in an exclusive interview.

The son spoke out again recently after hearing his father praise the attempt by Belsky, the so-called "hazmono bomber" to blow up Eli Greenwald.

"Attacking peaceful people is not being fair, it is unacceptable. If you have a problem with UOJ or Yudel Shain you should fight those people. This is what I find unacceptable in my father's way," Mendel told ABC News.

He just expected us to act like everyone else, because he was the leader," said Mendel. He and his brothers were given baal gaavah training. In a breaking point between them, Lipa encouraged them to sign up for Tuvya's blog suicide missions, volunteering to blow themselves up in anger online.

"We were shocked. Why would our father say we should stoop to the level of Bungalow Putz Neuhoff?"

Today, Mendel shrugs off the notion that his father had a cruel streak. In his book "Growing Up der Rosh Hayeshiva," Mendel notes the change in his father when he started as a bus driver amid the violence of YTV.

"I looked at my father. He did not seem to mind UOJ's trying conditions, but seemed exhilarated by them," Mendel wrote. He added with a grudging admiration, "No matter what, my father was a tough man."

In Mendel's book, his father is infuriated with the presence of press conferences on Ocean Pkwy, arriving to protect against attacks by Yudi Kolko on children.

His father's pitch to Agudah fressers focused on establishment discontent over the blogs, an issue with broader appeal. They came in droves, a new generation of fressers seeking jihad against the infidels of Blogger.

Mendel describes how during meetings at 42 Broadway, Avi Shafran would play videos of imagined blogger atrocities, the demolition of yeshivas and the killing of the Agudah fresser convention. Fressers would leave the meetings raging to fight.

"The YTT rebbeim, as I know them, want to get the heck out of there but they're afraid because they know they are complicit, so they stay with my father," he said.

"I am a peaceful man, but I don't have peace," he said.

Anonymous said...


Nearly 2,000 people, mostly adolescent and young adult males in Orthodox Jewish communities in New York and New Jersey, have contracted mumps since last summer, according to health officials.
In Thursday's Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports 1,521 mumps cases, using data collected before end of January. But CNN has learned that the number is now at least 1,996.

New York City Health officials report 909 confirmed cases as of February 8. Most of those sickened are young adult males, said Dr. Jane Zucker, assistant commissioner for the New York Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.
New York state health officials told CNN that Orange County, New York, is reporting 611 confirmed cases and neighboring Rockland County reports 317. Ocean County, New Jersey, health officials have at least 159 confirmed cases.

Health officials in all jurisdictions are still investigating other possible cases of mumps.

CDC officials trace the origin of this outbreak to a summer camp for Orthodox Jewish boys in Sullivan County, New York, last June. That's when an 11-year-old boy arrived at the camp after having spent time in the United Kingdom, which has been dealing with its own mumps outbreak -- it saw about 7,400 cases last year.

Both the CDC and health officials in New York and New Jersey say the outbreak is still primarily confined to specific religious communities in their states. "Much of the current outbreak is occurring in congregate settings, where prolonged, close contact among persons might be facilitating transmission," CDC officials say in the weekly report.

Health officials say they believe there are several reasons why this outbreak is confined to these religious communities. One is that young men in particular are spending many hours in school, "often face-to-face with a study partner," according to the CDC's weekly report. It is likely community transmission also occurs within large families.

Mumps is spread by people sneezing or coughing, sending the virus-laden droplets through the air. People can also get infected by touching surfaces that a sick person has touched. Once infected, someone can transmit the virus for a day or two before showing any symptoms of the illness and for up to five days after symptoms appear, according to the CDC.

Symptoms of illness include fever, headache, muscle aches, loss of appetite and swelling of the salivary glands, causing the jaw and cheeks to swell. More serious complications can include inflammation of the brain, swelling of the testicles or ovaries, and deafness, according to the CDC. Adults are at higher risk for serious complications.

Health officials note that lack of vaccination is not to blame in this mumps outbreak, which is the largest since 2006, when 6,584 were in an outbreak that originated on a college campus.

"This is a well-vaccinated community," said Zucker from New York City's health department.
But the vaccine isn't 100 percent effective. Vanderbilt University's Dr. William Schaffner, who also is president-elect of the National Foundation for Infectious Diseases, says studies have shown that the mumps vaccine is about 85 percent effective.

The CDC notes in the weekly report that this outbreak shows that mumps can occur in highly vaccinated populations. However, Schaffner added that the mumps vaccine "is not perfect but considerably effective, and if someone gets the mumps even though they've been immunized, the symptoms will be milder."

Anonymous said...

2 more variations



Arthur said...

Omdudsman you said,
"Rubashkin created a massive chilul Hashem and remains arrogantly unrepentant to this day. How do you think this looks to the umos when everyone mit berd stands behind his atrocious behavior?"
The question I addressed was not one of Chillul Hashem.Indeed he did create one and therefore deserves punishment, albeit arguably not to the degree that he will most likely be sentenced.
My point was simply that according to Reb Moshe and many other poskim the din of Pidyun Shvuim applies to him in spite of his transgressions.
Some also bring up the point of Dina Demalchusa.It's interesting to note that the heterim to circumvent the halochos of DD are much more prevelent and lenient then the heterim to drink Stam Cholov yet how many of us are medakdek in making sure to drink or use only cholov Yisroel products?
As to being "arrogantly unrepentant" I doubt that any of us would act differently if we were C"V faced with the same situation.

Concerned Yid said...

Aleph Institute is crossing the point of no return with the Martin Grossman murder case. It's one thing to offer pastoral care for prisoners but their actions vis-a-vis Grossman have crossed the line.

Aleph Institute will be sanctioned for their actions. The biggest losers will be the Jewish prisoners. By failing to learn from the Glanz debacle, they have set in motion serious consequences for current and future Jewish inmates. They have simply lost credibility.

Rubashkin's case and his treatment are unfortunately greatly compromised because of the illogical and unethical activity of the Aleph Institute. If anyone has influence over Matzav.com urge them to stop the calling/e-mail campaign. It won't help Grossman while at the same time it will hurt current and future Jewish prisoners.

Ombudsman said...


I am going to look into R' Moishe's shita but I would be surprised if he holds pidyon trumps all forms of shelo yehai chotay nischar. Regardless of what R' Moishe ztl holds, I think he would be ashamed of the circus atmosphere surrounding the Rubashkin fundraising.

And there are plenty of criminals who ask for mechila. While it may not have been genuine, even Bernie Madoff said he was shuldiks which is more than can be said of Rubashkin.

You really don't have a right to speak on behalf of what everyone else would do and your statement sets a very bad example. There is a theme in Shas that we know from Dovid Hamelech that not owing up to your sins is serious business.

Sephardi child molester / pimp wanted by Interpol! said...


Check out this Sefardi jerk with the yarmulka on the front page of NY Times online


The police in El Salvador have begun an investigation into whether a man suspected of leading a trafficking ring involving Central American and Caribbean women and girls is also a legal adviser to the Americans charged with trying to take 33 children out of Haiti without permission.
When the judge presiding over the Haitian case learned on Thursday of the investigation in El Salvador, he said he would begin his own inquiry of the adviser, a Dominican man who was in the judge’s chambers days before.

The inquiries are the latest twist in a politically charged case that is unfolding in the middle of an earthquake disaster zone. A lawyer for the group has already been dismissed after being accused of trying to offer bribes to get the 10 Americans out of jail.

The adviser, Jorge Puello, said in a telephone interview on Thursday that he had not engaged in any illegal activity in El Salvador and that he had never been in the country. He called it a case of mistaken identity. “I don’t have anything to do with El Salvador,” he said, suggesting that his name was as common in Latin America as John Smith is in the United States.

“There’s a Colombian drug dealer who was arrested with 25 IDs, and one of them had my name,” he said, not elaborating.

“Bring the proof,” he said when pressed about the child-trafficking accusations in the brief interview, which ended when he said he was entering an elevator. Reached later, he became angry and said he had broken no laws.

The head of the Salvadoran border police, Commissioner Jorge Callejas, said in a telephone interview that he was investigating accusations that a man with a Dominican passport that identified him as Jorge Anibal Torres Puello led a human trafficking ring that recruited Dominican women and under-age Nicaraguan girls by offering them jobs and then putting them to work as prostitutes in El Salvador.

“I was skeptical of him because he arrived with four bodyguards, and I have never seen that from a lawyer,” the judge said in an interview. “I plan to get to the bottom of this right away.”

An Interpol arrest warrant has been issued for someone named Jorge Anibal Torres Puello, according to the police and public documents.

Anonymous said...

part 2

There were questions about whether Mr. Puello, the adviser, who said the Central Valley Baptist Church in Idaho had hired him to represent the Americans, was licensed to practice law. Records at the College of Lawyers in the Dominican Republic listed no one with his name.

Mr. Puello said he had a law license and was part of a 45-member law firm. But his office in Santo Domingo turned out to be a humble place, which could not possibly fit 45 lawyers. Mr. Puello’s brother Alejandro said that the firm had another office in the central business district, but he declined to provide an address.

Mr. Puello said in the interview that he had been representing the Americans free of charge because he was a religious man who commiserated with their situation. “I’m president of the Sephardic Jewish community in the Dominican Republic,” he said. “I help people in this kind of situation. We’re not going to charge these people a dime.”

But other lawyers for the detainees said that the families had wired Mr. Puello $12,000 to pay for the Americans’ transportation out of Haiti if they were released, and that they had been told by Mr. Puello in a conference call late Tuesday that he needed an additional $36,000. Mr. Puello said that he had not participated in a conference call.

One lawyer for the families said that Mr. Puello had told him that he was licensed to practice law in Florida, but the lawyer said he had checked and found no such record. Mr. Puello said in the interview that he had never said he was licensed in Florida.

Mr. Puello said that he had been born in Yonkers, N.Y., and that his mother was Dominican. He said that his full name was Jorge Puello and that he had no other names. But then in a subsequent interview he said his name was Jorge Aaron Bentath Puello. He said he was born in October 1976, and not in October 1977, which the police report indicates is the birth date of the suspect in the Salvadoran case.

The report said the police had found documents connected to the Sephardic Jewish community in a house in San Salvador where the traffickers had held women.

Avi L. Shafran said...

You see, a UOJ supporter has a good word to say about Bernie (L.) Madoff!

Finally some sanity around here!

Obama's Uncle Booga Booga from Kenya said...

Shmarya told me he suspects Archie Bunker has been instigating all this.


NAIROBI, Kenya — Kenyan police officers broke up a gay wedding on Friday and arrested several wedding guests, saying they had to intervene before an irate mob could stone the wedding party to death.

Like many other countries in Africa, which are intensely — and officially — homophobic, Kenya outlaws homosexual behavior. Violations in Kenya are punishable by up to 14 years in prison.

In neighboring Uganda, the homosexuality issue has become front-page news after a lawmaker with the ruling party proposed executing gay people. Most people in Uganda support criminalizing homosexuality, and an anti-gay bill is being debated by the Cabinet.

Anonymous said...

Seemingly before Yair Hoffman was working for the OU and Rubashkin promoter Larry Gordon at 5 Times Jewish Times, he sounded like a pretty normal guy in contrast to his ridiculous attacks on Rubashkin critics lately.

This is what is posted in Hoffman's name over 5 years ago at Shmarya's blog:

I have spoken to Rabbi Shain in the past and was very impressed by him. As far as the alarmist issues brought up by R' Wachmann, there is a Drashos HaRan which states that a community board of leaders requires a multiplicity and variegated voices. A community board requires a spendthrift and a miser and regular people as well. He compares it to the Ktores. In the years prior to WWII Churchill was viewed as a warmongering alarmist. I think that Rabbi Shain makes an important contribution and were it not for him kashrus would not be of the quality that it is today. He is responsible for many changes, and for people taking their jobs more seriously because someone is watching. Another time I spoke to him about canned vegetables w/o hechsherim, and he was right on the money. Eventually the OU switched its policies on that. BeKitzur, the Ran is the way to go.

Yair Hoffman

Rubashkin truck driver said...


According to Yudel, Weissmandl was about to be exposed by a chasidishe group from NY for kashrus shenanigans at Rubashkin, so he made a quick preemptive move to suddenly terminate his hashgocho in Postville, effective today.

Anonymous said...

So in Hoffmans estimation the function Shain would serve is "The Alarmist"?

Norman Lamm said...


Should We Clone Neanderthals?

Volume 63 Number 2, March/April 2010

by Zach Zorich

The scientific, legal, and ethical obstacles

Rav Eidensohn rips Avi Shafran said...


until a court of law or beis din renders a judgment of an accused individual (Tropper), no matter how heinous the crime and no matter the seeming preponderance of evidence, he or she may not be referred to as guilty. My use of the qualifier “alleged” was not meant to imply a defense of the accused, only to hew to the journalistically normative (and, I believe, halachically mandated) practice


Unforunately this statement displays an ignorance of gemoras such as Moed Koton, 17, Megila 25, Kiddushin 81. Nida 61 as well as the halachic literature.

There are several stages. Can we take protective action against him without a formal beis din? The answer is yes. As a minimum he should be removed from any position of rabbinic responsibility until a beis din renders a ruling.

Can he be punished because of the rumors without a beis din? Yes as the above gemoros state.

Can we rely on circumstantial evidence to say someone is guilty even with out a beis din? yes.
Rav Sternbuch in fact requested that I publicize the fact that he holds tropper is guilty.

Thus his defense of tropper is incredibly embarrassing.

It is similar to the one made by R Menashe Klein that unless we have two kosher witnesses we can't deal with cases of child abuse - contrary to what a wide range of poskim hold.

Someone about whom there is public percept of gross misbehavior is punished or at least removed from his position of teacher. Any teacher who had this type of evidence - even without a formal beis din would be as a minimum expected to suspend himself from teaching.

Rav Sternbuch rejected these arguments and said to call him a menuval. Rav Dunner similarly responded.

Arthur said...

Ombudsman,You said
"And there are plenty of criminals who ask for mechila. While it may not have been genuine, even Bernie Madoff said he was shuldiks which is more than can be said of Rubashkin."
Please stop being a sanctimonious SOB.Are you saying that Madoff who ripped of widows,retirees and G-d knows how many hundreds if not thousands of individuals and organizations,of billions of dollars and to top it off, as you yourself state, is a lousy hypocrite,is better then Rubashkin?
You don't want to join others who are rachmonim bnai rachmonim,a midoh which you apparently do not posses,then by all means don't give, but don't stop others from doing so with your holier then thou garbage.

Arthur said...

PS to my above tirade.
It just ticks me of that this so called "ombudsman"(for whom, I wonder) drait mit zein grubbe finger to prevent others from doing the right thing.
Rubashkin is currently in solitary confinement for having supposedly been in a fight with his cell "mate" not because of any proof to that effect but because "it takes two to make a fight".He is in a maximum security facility together with murderers,rapists,perverts and and other dregs of society.He is going through shiva medurei gehenom and his life is in danger on a day to day basis because he is obviously a "f-----g Jew" by his very appearance.He has definitely more then paid for crimes against society.
Instead of "planning to look into Rav Moshes psak on pidyun shvuim" Mr Ombudsman,I humbly suggest that you do a little introspection into your own disgusting behavior.

Anonymous said...

Putting Rav Shternbach & Abba Dunner together as opinions in jewish law is like saying that both Warren Buffet & the guy who takes care of investments in my local Community bank say to buy a certain stock.

No offense to Dunner, but he serves a function not unlike CDZ for the Aguda, & comparing him to the Rosh Beit Din of the most respected Beit Din in the world is just wrong!

Anonymous said...

Yener apikoros writes on his blog that he doesn't have proof but suspects that KCL / Lakewood Vaad is trying to get into Postville and that Weissmandl had conniptions when he found out Friedman would be maskim to take them on as a 3rd hashgocho. (A bunch of the dayanim on KCL letterhead object that their name is being used for kashrus aspects. The kashrus is run by Wiesner who has no shimush and Gavriel Finkel, the uncle of Moish Finkel from the treif chickens)

A blogger named Starman writes this:

I heard that HF needed a new hashgocha bc weissmandel was paying cash and insisted on keeping shochtim without documents. When HF objected, weissmandel threatened to
Pull out, and accuse HF of minding his business or walk out. That's why he brought in tartikov for a tour and that's when Rabbi W lost his marbles threw a tantrum right with Babad watching. He even threatened his people to storm out and tried to stop production

It was babad my brother saw him
The crazy thing is he removed his hashgacha from supreme but still uses that name on (Rubashkin) beef he certifies from uruguay so all along he's been fooling people to think that beef was from agri and now he's adding confusion by pulling his hasgocha from supreme kosher which he has allowed others to use...I'm really confused by this brilliant schemer.

The funny thing is I think supreme kosher is a former Agri trademark that weismandel "borrowed".

Tropper bin pimpin' said...

Rav Rothkopf gave a shiur in Eretz Yisroel and when asked by a talmid about how to react to the Tropper sex scandal, he said that Tropper is a "menuval shebemenuvalim".

Rubashkin truck driver said...


Seems like Hershey Friedman does not have a heter arkaos to go after Weissmandel.

Anonymous said...

(This is a letter postmarked Jan. 28 from Tropper's yeshiva to the alumni. 3 of the 4 signatures here are said to be gerim through Tropper. Yonason Meadows heads outreach for 2 Tropper organization.)

Dear fellow alumni,

Every morning for the past 26 years,without fail, Hilchos Lashon Hara from the sefer Chofetz Chaim have been learned in the Bais Medrash of Kol Yaakov, your Bais Medrash, after shacharis. This emphasis on binding together learning and character development in a tangible way is part of what makes Kol Yaakov so special.

This past month, Kol Yaakov Torah Center has endured one of the most challenging periods of its 29 year history. Kol Yaakov has emerged whole and is forging ahead.

Just this past Sunday, Rabbi Tropper and alumni of the yeshiva from Lakewood, Passaic, and Philadelphia gathered together in Lakewood for an asifa. Everyone took time out of their busy schedules to hear Divrei Torah from Rabbi Tropper, spend time with fellow alumni, and to gain new chizuk and direction.

As alumni of Kol Yaakov, you are the most important people outside of the walls of the yeshiva to its health and continued growth. Please take the opportunity to be personally mechazek the yeshiva: taking time to learn and daven in the Bais Medrash, calling the yeshiva office to share your simchos, and donating much needed funds to help ensure our future. Even if you are not able to visit the Bais Medrash personally, please reach out and call Rabbi Tropper and the yeshiva – reconnect to Rabbi Tropper and your Makom Torah.

Together, we will continue to emerge from this nisayon not as only as strong and healthy as before but in an even better position to broaden and intensify the yeshiva’s mission of teaching Torah, helping create a new generation of Tamidei Chachomim and strengthening Jewish life.


Yonason Meadows Binyomin Segall Amitai Bielinki Yaakov Gruber

Antwerp Agudah Fresser said...

You are wrong about R' Aba Dunner because while he fills a Zweibel-like role for the London beis din, he is an actual dayan for the CER pan-European beis din. And he is a talmid chochom in his 70s.

Anonymous said...


a word used to describe the dregs of scociety

the kolkos mondorowitz , schmeltczer rothstein , madoffs ,anyone opposed to uoj

arthur couldnt have said it better myself

Rav Gavriel Finkel said...

Lemaisah, my nephew had Monsey's best hashgacha team of Rav Bresslauer and Shloimy Ullman. It was kosher according to their standards for years, so who is to be blamed. Plus my nephew was chas al memmonam shel yisroel with unbeatable prices. I smell sour grapes with this argument.

Archie Bunker said...

Arthur's intemperate response shows that it is pointless to argue with these pro-Rubashkin lunatics.

What about the yisurei gehienom that Rubashkin put countless people through? Yes Arthur, shomrei Torah umitzvos too and even Lubavs like you. Ever heard of the Chazal that rachmonus for achzorim breeds more achzoriyus?

Yes, there are things that can be done to make Rubashkin safer in the prison system and to let him out on bail now but if left up to Shea Hecht vesiyato, the money will go into a black hole of nonsense for fruitless appeals to get the lowlife completely off the hook.

Arthur said...

"Archie Bunker".What an appropriate name for a bigot.Kishmoe kain hu.

Bi'tzail Hagras said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The rabbi who is in his mid-60s would only say it was someone "very high up" in YU.

It could have been other personalities who were bigwigs in YU 45 years ago. I did not mean to limit it to the Soloveitchik brothers.

You are guilty of motzi shaim ra and should do teshuva right now. this is not like speaking against the so called moetzes gidolai torah b/c they are truly protectors pf molestors and continue in this course of action.

Anonymous said...

And a lot of Rubashkin's so called chasodim were done with stolen money

Anonymous said...


Ronnie Schreiber said...

You see, the 3 Stooges are lav davka Agudah rank & file.

Don't slander the heilige Three Stooges. Remember, the gemara teaches that clowns have a special placed reserved for them in Olam HaBa because they make people laugh.

Actually, the Three Stooges had good yichus and among Hollywood Jews they are notable in that they actually lived Jewish lives. The Howard brothers, nee Horowitz, were descended from the Shelah HaKodesh. They married Jewish women (In Curly's case, a series of them), and are buried in Jewish cemeteries. As far as I can determine, Moe has Jewish grandchildren and great grandchildren. The Stooges routinely used Yiddish as part of their comedy.

Also, as far as can be determined, they never covered up for child molesters.

Ronnie Schreiber said...

Anonymous Bim Bam identity said...

Here he is wasting another $100 million on yet another dumb idea.

Whether that's a good plan or not, something must be done to prevent the spread of Asian carp into the Great Lakes. Asian carp jeopardize a $7 billion commercial and recreational fishery.

Over a century, navigational canals were dug that connect Lake Michigan to the Mississippi River basin. Closing those navigational locks is the surest way of preventing the spread of Asian carp into the Great Lakes, but shipping interests want to keep barges operating in the canals. With rail and truck alternatives, and the potential harm to Great Lakes fisheries, I don't see closing the canals as too big of a cost. Since the barge operators have juice in Illinois and since Pres. Obama is part of the Democratic machine there, he wasn't likely to come up with a plan that would close the locks. Instead they are spending money on electrical devices in the canal and doing research on other physical methods short of closing the canals.

Exotic species are the #1 environmental threat to the Great Lakes, which together make up the largest aggregation of fresh water in the world. I'm a free market guy, but the navigational canals were constructed with the active participation of government. There's no need for us to subsidize businesses, particularly at an environmental cost.