Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Leib Tropper has formally resigned from all his positions~!

http://www.Troppergate.com --- run by an insider in Monsey is reporting that Rabbi Leib Tropper has formally resigned and told a select few, one of whom told him.


Tropper is Troubled said...

Mazel Tov to Klal Yisroel!

Mishenichnas Adar (almost there) marbim besimcha!

Homon-Tropper has had his final downfall, now he must lead the horse through Monsey, all the way to prison!

The so-called Moetzes of Agudath Israel (in America and Israel) should be put on trial with Tropper for being on the take from him, for enabling him, for covering up for him and for attacking those who wished to remove him along time ago when they were enjoying Tropper's largesse via Kaplan and Guma at all those fancy hotels and retreats designed to "entice" gentiles with all sorts of "Tropper sexy specials" to become super-duper "charedi halachic" Jews!

Anonymous said...

BEWARE!!!! Tropper is a shrewd operator! He probably stepped down just till the heat passes over. BRILLIANT IDEA!! When he takes his name off the legal papers of KY and Horizons - then you can say - Yitamu Chataim min ha'aretz!

Anonymous said...

Schmeltzer in NMB

open up your books and resign

you and your family got money from tropper

you are covering up eishes ish
you are honoring a man who does drugs as your maarbitz tora


Anonymous said...

See what happens after you lay low for a few months.

Tiger Woods slated to 'make a shock return' to upcoming golf tournament following sex rehab stint

Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/gossip/2010/02/03/2010-02-03_tiger_woods_slated_to_make_a_shock_return_to_upcoming_golf_tournament_following_.html#ixzz0eVxqz11T

Joe Putz said...

Tropper is also the head of the Horizons kiruv oranization.

Menachem Youlus said...


A Baltimore rabbi could be turning a false profit.
Menachem Youlus drew fame in the last decade for unearthing supposed Holocaust-era Torahs hidden in mass graves, monasteries and concentration camps throughout Europe, but many of those discoveries appear to be fakes, according to a new report.
Spinning sensational yarns of his hunts for sacred scrolls, the 48-year-old rabbi earned the moniker "The Indiana Jones of Torah Scribes" and sold the texts to US synagogues and Jewish families for $6,000 to $15,000.
One of the 1,100 recovered Torahs was bought by billionaire investor David Rubenstein and donated in 2008 to Manhattan's Central Synagogue.

But The Washington Post poked holes in stories behind the Torahs' origins, raising doubts about their authenticity.
Youlus sold a Virginia synagogue a Torah he claimed to have found in the floorboards of Bergen-Belsen, a German concentration camp. But the camp's historian told the newspaper that no such discovery occurred.
Central Synagogue's Torah also has a dubious provenance. Youlus claimed he secretly unearthed it in 2004 in a cemetery near Auschwitz, the Polish concentration camp.
Youlus, however, could not provide the newspaper with a single name or document to back up the tale.


NPR interviewed Rabbi Youlus. But the story was never broadcast. “They could not confirm any of the facts Rabbi Youlus presented them,” Lunden says.

He and Wexler intensified their research after the New York Times reported on the Central Synagogue ceremony two years ago. He and his co-author, aided by a journalist in Poland, started researching the rabbi’s story. “Nobody” in the area of Auschwitz “was aware of Youlus and him digging there,” Lunden says. The journalists investigated other parts of the rabbi’s stories, then contacted Rabbi Youlus again. “He just changed a lot of the details.”

“In a three-hour interview, Youlus is unable to provide a single name, date, place, photograph or document to back up the Auschwitz stories or any of the others,” the article states. “He says that until Save a Torah was founded in 2004, he kept no records. He refers all requests for documentation since then to the foundation’s president, investment banker Rick Zitelman of Rockville [Md.]. But in a late December meeting at The Washington Post, Zitelman, 54, shows no documentation for any of the scrolls, despite requests. Zitelman says the only paperwork he gets from Youlus is an invoice the rabbi himself writes up for each Torah.”

Anonymous said...

Mazel Tov!

Wishing much hatzlachah and bracha for future success. Those who dedicate their time to return the frum children who left Yiddishkeit and fight for kedushas Yisroel should be blessed with all the good in the world. They are Oskim Betzarchei Tzibbur B'Emunah and Hashem WILL make sure they are paid back with interest for the good work they do.

Eliyahu Ezagui said...


The rebbe made him do it.

A Brooklyn developer accused of fleecing dozens of Hasidic families in a massive subprime mortgage fraud scheme took cover behind a divine defense on Tuesday.

Eliyahu Ezagui's lawyer told jurors his client received "a blessing" from the late Rabbi Menachem Schneerson to build affordable housing for the Lubavitcher community in Crown Heights.

"It was a mitzvah to him, a Hebrew word that means a good deed and an obligation," defense lawyer Susan Necheles said in her opening statement in Brooklyn Federal Court.

Schneerson is considered by some followers to be their Messiah, and thousands of Hasidim from all over still make a pilgrimage to his grave site 15 years after his death.

Assistant U.S. Attorney William Schaeffer said Ezagui was nothing but a crook who scammed $2.6 million from condominium buyers and more than $10 million from banks.

"Family after family who trusted the defendant are fighting against foreclosure of the homes they bought from him," Schaeffer told the jury.

Prosecutors built a criminal case against Ezagui after the Daily News revealed in 2008 how he allegedly conned buyers into purchasing condos, then refused to hand over the deeds when the construction was completed.

Instead, Ezagui allegedly gave the deeds to family members - including his wife, father and mother - who applied for mortgages on condos the victims thought they owned.

Although Ezagui had the grand rebbe's blessing, he needed cash to build and that's where the investors came in, Necheles argued.

She said the so-called victims are sore losers trying to use the criminal justice system to recoup their investment losses.

The government's first witness appeared confused by the contracts and promissory notes.

"I thought Ezagui was a good man and I still think he's a good man, but I trusted that whatever I signed was not going to hurt me," said Tova Eilenberg, who bought two apartments at 770 Lefferts Ave.

Tony Soprano said...

I have Tropper's Horizons kiruv oranization right here. Fugettaboutttit!

Menachem Lubinsky said...

Rabbi Tropper is not really resigning.

This is a "consolidation".

Mr. Ventana said...


Following hospitalization, Aguiar to pull out of Beitar, Hapoel Jerusalem

Avi L. Shafran said...

A supposed resignation meint gornisht. He might just want to spend more time with his family.

Unknown said...

Would you help with this cause? time is of essence! PLEASE...

"To save one life is like saving the whole world!"

Please take a few moments and help save the life of Martin Grossman


We need your help today to save the life of Martin Grossman who is set to be executed on February 16th. We are only advocating that he not get the death penalty at this time. We are asking that the Governor take the time to hold a proper clemency hearing to determine if the Death Penalty is really appropriate in this case. This may not be easy for you to go out of your way to try and save the life of someone who took someone else’s life but we must do what is just and right and what the Bible teaches us is correct.

Read more: www.thepetitionsite.com/2/save-martin-grossman

Anonymous said...

With the permission of UOJ, I'd like to encourage the NMB ranter & raver to "put up, or shut up." So I'm thinking about putting $50,000 at a lawyer/bet din, that we could both agree upon, to be matched by said ranter, & the monies to be released when his allegations of schmeltzers sexual abuse are verified by a first person accuser whose testimony is indictment-worthy. If NMB ranter is not ready to accept said conditions, & just wants to throw mollestation accusations on top of other (valid(?)) issues to get more attention, then know that he is setting back to campaign to root out abuse in our world by bringing false accusations.

I'm posting this b/c ALL(!) the NMB people I've spoken to, have denied this.


Ombudsman said...

There is a molester in the NMB kollel.

Rav Eidensohn initially removed the story from his blog but allowed it back on after the link to the Florida sex offender website was provided by readers.

Mr. Todah is either a liar or everyone who he spoke to is either lying or grossly ignorant.

Anonymous said...

while i dont know about the NMB poster about the molestation issue

there is certainly enough evidence that he is unfit for his position regarding the eishes ish case in the community where he said he doesnt want to hear any evidence because its loshen hora

there is certainly enough evidence that he honored a man who is on drugs with a marbitz torah award
this same individual is the one that brought him to the community

there is certainly enough evidence that his leaving Zwiegs yeshiva was after numorous complaints for behaviorl issues

there is enough evidence his family has recieved money from tropper

there is also enough evidence out there that he changed the board of directors of the community kolel to be his wife , mother in law and himself and the books and salary he said are not available to the community

there is more info soon to be posted regarding a psak from this shmeltzer about hilchos mesira and dina dimalchusa dina

while molestation will be hard to prove im sure you will agree that maybe the best move would be to have Rabbi singer lead the kolel and have shmeltzer relocate

should you have contacts in NMB you would surely know how well liked rabbi snger is

In fact it has been discussed by many people in the community

perhaps when the new information will be out there you will give the money to UOJ to assist in a community rabbi search

Anonymous said...

with permission of UOJ

if shmeltzer is proven to be guilty of financial fraud and things of that matter such as spinker issues or just fraud in general do you forfiet the 50K

Anonymous said...

I thought this article would be of interest:

http://www.aolnews. com/crime/ article/oregon- parents-jeff- and-marci- beagley-found- guilty-of- neglecting- ill-son/19343293 ?icid=main|main|dl1|link3| http%3A%2F%2Fwww.aolnews. com%2Fcrime%2Farticle% 2Foregon- parents-jeff- and-marci- beagley-found- guilty-of- neglecting- ill-son%2F193432 93

A married faith-healing Christian couple in Oregon was just convicted of negligent homicide, in connection with the death of their 16 year old son. Instead of treating him for a congenital urinary tract blockage, they prayed for him, and put oil on him.

This couple's 15 month old granddaughter died in 2008 of pneumonia and a blood infection that also could have been treated. She also received prayer and oil.

Religious fanaticism exists among all groups, including the Jews. At the end of the day, fanaticism is why we continue to have a child sex abuse problem. We have over-zealous rabbis who "divine" their own version of a Torah-only solution. In the name of religion, some children die from a urinary tract blockage, and others die from child sex abuse.

Paul Mendlowitz said...

"....perhaps when the new information will be out there you will give the money to UOJ to assist in a community rabbi search"


I will happily assist in the search for a rav for NMB. Put the money in a bank account controlled by the future board. There are quality people available if you're serious.

Monsey said...

I can just see this coming. Maybe a photocopy of the sign from Tropper's yeshiva hanging in the NMB kollel that UOJ's brother's sefer is improper reading material as per some unnamed mystery "adam gadol".

Anonymous said...

why not have shmeltzer relocate to head troppers yeshiva

it would be fitting to have someone who defends tropper and molesters and attacks slifkin

he has all the credentials to be the new kol yaacov rosh yeshiva

and he already agrees to not listen to eishes ish because its loshon hora

Just Think About It N.M.B. said...

For those interested in keeping a kollel afloat in North Miami Beach. Contact Rabbi Luban and have the seven kollel guys learn under his jurisdiction. Donors can help pay the salaries of the kollel yungerman, you'll have trustworthy supervision, and Schmelczer will ride off into the midnight sky.

Toras Chaim is an established location that does a very good service to the community already, why not give them a shot for this as well?

i kapish said...

I think mr Todah is talking about the allegations of shmeltzer himself being a mollester..

Anonymous said...

honest supervision thats a novel concept for NMB

we all agree that shmeltzer is incapable of opening up his books due to financial shenanigins

he also changed the directors so the kolel is under his and his families control

let the 50 K man answer the following question

why is the board only his family and why are the books not available to everymember of the kehila

why the coverup

Don't get mad, get even said...

I'm confident that the collective brain power of the UOJ oylam can be of assistance here.

There is a mid-size goyishe owned company with hundreds of employees that is nasty to it's workers. They pick them off one by one because they need to lay them off but they are too cheap to pay severance and increased unemployment taxes so they try to engineer firings under false pretenses.

My wife was worried for an entire year as she watched it happen to others that it was going to happen to her but she is in a specialized field and there are no jobs out there. The company attorney is a nasty Black woman who speaks condescendingly to everyone (boy does she feel good that she landed a position of authority) and does things the company doesn't even benefit from in order to maximize the financial loss to people like giving instructions to cash out tax shelters right away instead of at the end of a period. I already fixed them somewhat but I am looking for any other ideas you might have.

When I heard all the chairs in the place are uncomfortable, it got me thinking and I looked on the website of the Federal OSHA agency, learning that the chairs do not meet legal guidelines intended to prevent injury. I had OSHA send them a warning letter and they were forced to replace all the chairs to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars.

Let's see some Gemara kep at work here.

Anonymous said...

I forwarded to UOJ a letter written to me by a young man who says he witnessed molestation by schmeltzer while he was a student at the mechina.

Rabbi Luban would not be any better a choice than Schmeltzer. There have been as many allegations surrounding Rabbi Luban as there have been about Schmeltzer.

The first and most obvious "red flag" was that when Rabbi Luban first relocated to NMB from Israel and bought the Escovitz's old house, Mrs. Luban stayed behind in Israel for an additional year.

Many in the community wondered how a married man could live without seeing his wife for nearly a year.

Some of the bochurim shared Rabbi Luban's secrets.

I can put UOJ in touch with one of the bochurim who RAN out of the yeshiva shortly after Rabbi Luban arrived.

Getting even said...

If they own the building, pretty much everyone is oyver on some kind of building code violation. Study the code book and nail them.

Observant Jew said...

For the record, increased unemployment taxes for each laid off worker is much more significant than most people realize. I could see that the mamzer employers would try to screw the employees. In some states, the company must actually pay back as much as 150% of every dollar collected by the laid off worker.

The NY Times has been running a series from business owner Jay Goltz titled "20,000 reasons not to hire an employee". The series is named after the $20,000 he was forced to pay after an ex-employee tricked a judge into believing she qualified for benefits when she actually didn't.

Anonymous said...

i dont know about luban but i am sure that removing shmeltzer is a good start

there will be more coming forward on schmeltzer and fraud shortly

watch and see

Binyomin Luban said...


My brother is Yaakov Luban, the OU big shot who works to cover up scandals with Genack & Elefant and most recently the high profile lynching of the mashgiach at Montefiore who could not remain silent while the OU knowingly fed treif and bishul shabbos food to the public.

Anonymous said...

I think Yaakov Luban was the rov in Highland Park / Edison who I called about a shidduch 15 years ago. The girl was divorced. He was very evasive and any question I asked he said he cannot answer me unless he has permission to speak from his mispalelim, the mishpocho. The halacha says otherwise when something is nogeyah but the rov was being a mechanef and sycophant to those who butter his bread. This is the kind of guy who is running the OU?

Archie Bunker said...

That guy Jay Goltz is nothing but a big kvetch who the NY Times is using to further a Liberal agenda.

The guy is crying over unemployment taxes. He is no different than any other business. Everyone else is paying it because that's the law, like it or not, and you have to spend money to make money.

That girl working for him was only there for a matter of days. He fired her because she was texting too much. According to the law, she is still entitled to benefits because her firing was the result of a single event. Yes, she was texting 3 days in row but in was in a very short time frame and she was not given enough of a nice talk down from HR that our politically correct laws mandate.

What's in it for the NY Times Liberals is that they are trying to send a message to Obama to give even more tax breaks and free lunches to employers. They have been hammering Obama in the editorials and Jay Goltz's bellyaching is just another angle.

Anonymous said...

UOJ did you get that letter, & if so why did you bury it?

Yudi Kolko said...

I think it was Yaakov Luban who former OU mashgiach Reuvain Frank tried to approach about his problems when he saw him at a bris but Luban ran away.

On the one hand it's not nice to run away, but on the other hand I can sympathize with anyone who RUNS AWAY WHEN BEING ACCOSTED AT A BRIS.

Trust me.

Paul Mendlowitz said...

I don't recall ever seeing such a letter, if the NMB molester letter is the one you're referring to.

Did you get the right e-mail address? If you sent it via Facebook, I have not checked the e-mails there for months...[I am weeks behind all my communications].

Kindly resend to: a_unorthodoxjew@yahoo.com


Anonymous said...

we are waiting for UOJ and the letter about shmeltzer

re shmeltzer when will shmiltzer come clean about his finances -- about his cover up with eishes ish
allowing molesters to learn in the kolel

paskining people can become a moser especially protecting himself

not telling other rabbis about hatzola members with eishes ish

wow great legacy

Anonymous said...

schmeltzer and his cronies are very upset about poeple wishing to see the books and to report to the community

he is even more upset when rabbi malkiel kotler asked him about his choice of an honoree

now even people in lakewood and telz are realizing there is much more to the story about him leaving zwiegs yeshiva

Anonymous said...

I emailed to the above address for UOJ, a letter that was sent to me a while back from a young man who is now an adult who told us about Schmeltzer.

I promised the young man that I would remove his identification from the letter before sharing it.

There are a lot of people in Miami who know about Schmeltzer (the big dog).

If you ask, they will tell you.

Anonymous said...

Come on!!!

Just saying "People are saying" & "Everyone realizes" doesn't a tru statement make...

YTT misnaged said...

Kolko, what's the shaychus?

The bris that Luban went to was at the Albert Einstein shul in the Bronx where presumably there were none of your molestation victims floating around.

You had the crap beaten out of you by an angry victim in the Catskills at a bungalow putz shul.

kashrus insider said...

Why doesn't R' Yudel Shain give us the gantza arum with the new shayle on fish parasites?

Is he only taking the side of the Monsey Viznitzer machmirim of Chevrah Mehadrin because the Fallsburg yungerman trying to get all the poskim to asser it is on his case?

Rav Wosner says it's not a problem. Rav Falk says it's not a problem. Even R' Shlomo Miller didn't give in to the mutcherei of the Fallsburg yungerman in the end.

This shmuz is nogaya to anisakis worms. With the other parasites, rabbonim are alarmed that Rav Belsky wants to drey a pshat that the Shulchan Aruch means to give a blanket heter for all of them, which is not mistaber. In the words of one rov, if the OU had not hired Rav Belsky for their heterim, they would have to invent him.

Forest Hill guy said...

Are these Luban brothers the son of the Rabbi of the Young Israel of Forest Hills. The Yankie I remember was too frum for Chaim Berlin so he went to a more right wing yeshiva.

Anonymous said...

R Shloime Miller was not mattir.
R Dovid Feinstein was not mattir
R Elyashiv was not mattir.
R Shmuel Felder was not mattir.

Stop inventing psakim!!!

Anonymous said...

Wednesday, February 03, 2010
Leib Tropper has formally resigned from all his positions~!

the key word here is: FORMALLY

he has absolutely no intention of giving up the kol yaakov real estate he "owns".
in other words he will still be running things there, just wont be the face(ass)of the yeshiva.

Anonymous said...

just as everyone is saying doesnt make a true statement but we all agree that no one has stepped up to disprove the comments about

eishes ish

honoring a druggie

having a molester in his kolel learning

taking a huge salary for himself and changing the board of the kolel to hos mother in law , wife and himself

that is the facts please disprove if you dont like the truth

kashrus insider said...

I'm not inventing any psakim.

Read my words carefully. I did not actually say R' Shlomo Miller was mattir.

But allow me to give some more details to make things clear.

The Fallsburg yungerman mutched R' Shlomo to asser and he was about to give in. After he verbally assered, he was asked to give it in writing which is when he had second thoughts & hedged. He is now in the middle of studying the sugya, examining fish and writing a teshuva. We don't know yet what his final position will be.

We have a problem here that there are machmirim who want to asser every kind of parasite even though the Shulchan Aruch clearly was mattir at least one min. And you've got people like Belsky who want to say that every parasite is mutter which is outrageous.

Vos vet zein mit der kinder? said...


Yaakov Luban is a Philly boy.

Fish fresser said...


Tuvya Chaim Neuhoff said...

YTT misnaged, what are you talking about? As far as I know it wasn't my bungalow colony where Kolko got beaten up at a bris.


Anonymous said...

There is a rov of an out of town Agudah shul that has a reputation of only giving out whatever information about shidduchim, true or false, that he thinks his members would want him to say. He also allows aliyos for rich guys who go to arkosayhem without trying beis din first, even if they took another shul member to court.

The Vaad to expose the Queens Vaad said...


One of the sources that was giving inside information to R' Moishe Handler of the Queens Vaad and Ohel's David Jacobson digging up & selling kivrei yesomim to freye Russians was murdered a few days after speaking to him.

Is this only a coincidence when there were millions of dollars at stake?

Anonymous said...

why doesnt schmeltzer see the light

he is well aware of the scandals that are coming up in the community and he is paskinning people can be a moser

he has been a washing machine and he has a spinka propblem

let him resign now and stop this joke and be replaced by a timeclock and rabbi singer

Clerk said...

Dennis Rapps is one of the lawyers working for Tropper & EJF.

Look what kind of idiots he defends. This guy Moshe Farkas brought a woman to a radiologist to get medical services but they didn't want to pay so she gave a phony name:

New York County Civil Court
Index Number: CV-023342-94/NY
Case Type: Civil
Filing Date: 06/24/1994
Disposition Date: 08/29/1995

DENNIS RAPPS Attorney Type: Attorney
New York, New York 10020

Town Car Putz Lefkowitz said...

Neuhoff doesn't have the dikduk exactly right.

It's supposed to be:


Moetzes Resign! said...


Toyota’s Chief Steps Forward to Apologize


Akio Toyoda, Toyota’s president, who had been out of the limelight recently, expressed regret for what he called “a crisis.”

Paul Mendlowitz said...

While I received the NMB letter, I certainly have "no opinion" as to the allegations against Shmeltzer, other than there was one accusation by an unamed person against him.

To be fair, I don't believe anyone would expect me to "indict or even accuse" someone of such a heinous crime based on this type of accusation by an anonymous person.

Now, I feel for the person who wrote the letter, and he may in fact be 100% right -- but how would I be able to come to that conclusion?

Please understand where I'm coming from.

Shabbat Shalom

Shlomo Veingrad said...


A Rare Blend, Pro Football and Hasidic Judaism

Agudah Fresser said...


This image of a chazir mit a yarmulka is a must have for UOJ's sidebar to symbolize the ubiquitous chevra chazirim!

Anonymous said...


OU Crony Watch said...


The OU's Nathan Diament was Obama's basketball buddy in law school and was basically pushing for him as soon as he announced his candidacy.

Now that Diament sticks his wet finger in the air and feels strong winds of resentment in the orthodox community against the administration, he suddenly waffles and sings a different tune.

Anonymous said...

& so my offer still stands. 50k for INDICTABLE evidence that schmeltzer mollested kids. you will have to put up 50k of your own, & untill then, shut up with your unsourced allegations that you spout because of your agenda against the man. Now, if your other points are valid, I don't know & I don't care, but throwing around allegations of mollestation only will cause harm to those who have real accusations to make. (ever read the boy who cried wolf?)

Anonymous said...

Dear North Miami Beach Residents,

I am still frum today because of Rabbi Finkel's parsha class that stayed with me. Of all the laws in Parshat Mishpatim, he chose the laws against accepting a bribe. Besides for blinding the wise, the Torah promises that wickedness will not be exonerated. Rashi says if the Bait Din was blinded and exonerated a guilty man, that man will have the same judgement happen to him through another person.

Rabbi Finkel promised us that justice will be done. If a Bait Din rules with blatant disregard of Torah law they are either stealing money from an innocent man, or are exonerating a guilty man. In either case Hashem is personally guaranteeing that the guilty one won't escape punishment and if the decision was made with bribery of family connections on the minds of the Bait Din they too will be punished. Then Hashems justice is being done in honor of the wronged person without you being the cause directly.

A Bait Din or a rabbi can beat the rap using Torah to bully you, but when Hashem sees you in pain he will be your attorney pro bono and gives guaranteed results. There is no such thing as a Gadol in Hashem's eyes, once they abuse others with the Torah they will be uprooted. I went through so much but this lesson gave me hope. It sure sounds like your rabbi is abusing people with Torah. Stay strong Hashem will take matters in his own hands through another source.

Keep the faith!

Josef Ganz said...

Toyota's crisis is actually relevant to problems in Chareidiville. Toyota focused on reliability and value as core brand concepts until the mid 1990s when they decided that they could no longer afford "fat engineering", making vehicles that exceeded customers' expectations. They started "decontenting" their cars, using cheaper materials, and ended up taking their eyes off their core values in the pursuit of becoming the biggest car company in the world.

Toyota's hubris is not much different from that of the Chareidi leadership who have ignored growing problems. Damage control, minimizing the extent of the problem, sound familiar?

Anonymous said...

Vaccine available in all states in November 2010!


The Centers for Disease Control has issued a warning about a new virulent strain of transmitted disease. The disease is contracted through ignorant, promiscuous, and irresponsible behavior. The disease is called Gonorrhea Lectem and is pronounced "gonna re-elect ‘em."

Many victims contracted it in 2008, after having been "brainwashed" with promised change and then screwed. Naturalists and epidemiologists are amazed at how widespread this disease has become since it is so easily cured....by voting out all incumbents!

Apparently, there is a vaccine available in Massachusetts.

Scott Lee Cohen said...

I've got to hand it to Rabbi Finkel. He opposed my campaign and endorsed my rival Art Turner. He also endorsed David Miller for comptroller. If I step down he may be 2 for 2.

Prosecutor imitates Belsky said...


Anonymous said...

TO the fifty K man

a parent has come forward who said that shmeltzer hit his chiild and advocates hitting children AND HIT HIS CHILD IN PRIVATE AREAS this information will be forthcoming

as i have stated beforE he is unfit for his position and there are many credible sources that on this blog have explained why

he is as fit to be a rosh kolel and a leader in israel as tropper was

this we can all agree on
NMB needs a new rosh kolel

why are you defending this oisvorf chazir of a rabbi who is not a mench
who doesnt care to tell a wife that her husband slept with a woman with std's
tried to keep the guy on hatzola so no one should find out a kolel boy had an affair


do you believE thats exusable behavior FOR A RABBI ANYWHERE ( and by the way dont try the daas tora answer on this blog :) , )

do you believe its ok to have a sex offender learn in the kolel.
50 K should be spent helping people in the community by getting a shul open

or are you the 50 K man who drinks schmeltzers koolaid and believes a kolel which did spinka stuff should be held up to esteem

Anonymous said...

an issue for NMB

can the 50k man please outline for us on the blog why he defends schmeltzer

can he explain why the kolel directors were changed to his wife , mother in law and himself

can he explain why the books arent open to the community which pays his salary

can he explain his handling of an eishes ish in the kolel

can he defend his psak allowing a person to maaaser on the founders of the kolel

can he defend the spinka laundry problem of the kolel

can he defend why a member of hatzolo was not removed from the group because schmeltzer hid eishes ish from other rabbis in the community

how about some answers on these questions please

Anonymous said...

50k man here. I don't feel like you really have anything to add on top of the spittle that comes flying out of your mouth and all over your keyboard while typing furiously all about the dysfunctional community you happen to reside in. I could care less about your cheating spouses and tax evading scoundrels & even a rosh kollel who wants to run a kollel all by himself! (its 2010 man, wise up!)

What bothers me more is a guy who, upon noticing that nobody cares about these "issues" he has with him, starts accusing him of mollestation, so as to get the rest of us riled up against him. It almost worked for me, but upon calling friends & family in the greater MB area, they told me you are a classic boy who cried wolf.

Understand yet?

Anonymous said...

One more thing, if I haven't made this clear already.

Accusing people of mollestation just to get attention is damaging to the movement of awareness we have helped create. You, SIR, are just about as damaging to this as is Lipa Margulies, SIR! (K.O.)

& saying that he hit students & that that is akin to mollestation??? You are a disgrace, SIR!

Anonymous said...

hey 50K man

let shmeltzer allow his confidentailty waiver he signed by zwieg to be opened up and we will be able to prove a lot more

let shmeltzer agree to allow UOJ to speak with zwieg

and by the way we are working on 2 children and their parents to come forward

BTW any answers for our questions yet

or its just ok for a rosh kolel to claim daas torah

still waiting for your answers

Anonymous said...

Please contact Rabbi Mordechai Neuman in Miami Beach, a family therapist certified by the FL Supreme Court who has counseled some of Schmeltzer's victims. Rabbi Neuman has smicha from Rabbi Zweig.

Touching a child's privates in any way is molestation and cannot possibly be construed as beneficial to the child in any way.

A member of my extended family was touched by Schmeltzer.

What good does it do for the victims to come forward? All that happens is that the victims are punished by the community while everyone defends the perp.

Anonymous said...

a new anon saying a distant relative was touched, & a therapist who can not discuss this with me. great move SIR!

Rothenberg from Lakewood said...


Newlyweds chased from their home by mold, bacteria

By Jan Hefler

After a honeymoon in Mexico, Danielle and David Beety returned to their dream home, a $407,000 yellow stucco on a cul-de-sac in Gloucester County. Their future seemed golden.

Suddenly, Danielle Beety was stricken with severe throat pain and developed flulike symptoms. Her baffled doctors ordered myriad tests. Three times they admitted her to Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia. She required two operations to remove a 5-centimeter abscess inside her neck.

Each time Danielle Beety returned to their home on Shira Court in Paradise Homes in West Deptford, her fever returned. Her neck would stiffen with such pain she would cry out when she moved.

Their house emerged as a suspect when they received an urgent phone call from an environmental engineer who did air and wipe testing in their leaky basement.

Michael Stocknoff, owner of A&M Engineering Services in Cherry Hill, reported that he had found elevated levels of mold and gram-negative bacteria - a resistant group of superbugs that can cause respiratory and other ailments. He said they should grab their dog and move out immediately. Doctors seconded the advice.

That was nearly a year ago. The couple moved in with Danielle Beety's parents, leaving all their belongings behind. Her health quickly improved, but now the couple struggle to pay mounting bills and to replace their possessions.

Last week, the Beetys received notice from PHH Mortgage/Charles Schwab that foreclosure on their vacant house would begin next month. David Beety said that could jeopardize his license and job, under new regulations on lenders, plunging them into deeper debt.

Paradise Realty Group L.L.C., the Lakewood, N.J., builder, disputes that the house caused the illness.

David Beety said he had noticed wet walls and puddles in their unfinished basement soon after they moved into the house in the summer of 2008. He alerted Paradise Homes.

Over the next few months, he said, the front yard was dug up six times - twice to fix a broken sewer pipe, three times to repair broken water lines, and once to mend a crack in the foundation. He said that the developer also had tried to clean surface mold with bleach, but that it had recurred and spread.

Finally, David Beety said, the developer promised to buy back the house. But when that did not happen, the couple sued in August, citing Paradise and unknown John Does for breach of contract and fraud.

The lawsuit seeks unspecified compensatory damages and cites poor workmanship, evidenced by numerous cracks in the walls and other signs. It also says Paradise failed to "eliminate a hazardous condition," the persistent water infiltration, that led to Danielle Beety's medical problems.

"We take the charges very seriously," said Joshua Rothenberg, the developer and owner of Paradise Homes. He builds mostly in central New Jersey and has been in business 10 years, he said.

Rothenberg plans to dispute in court that the house caused Danielle Beety's illness. "We feel some of the charges are unfounded," he said.

Ted Passon, director of Pure Earth Environmental Lab in Pennsauken, said that wipe samples from her basement showed three million colony-forming units of gram-negative bacteria per square inch, which he said greatly exceeded safety guidelines. Airborne bacteria and mold counts also were elevated, he said.

After reviewing Passon's report, doctors recommended Danielle Beety stay out of the house.

The Beetys left everything behind, as the environmental engineer advised. Danielle Beety was heartsick about giving up her wedding pictures, her childhood mementos, and other possessions, but she did not want to risk another bout of illness.

A day and a half after Danielle Beety left, her rash disappeared. Her hospitalizations ended, though she has lingering asthma and respiratory problems.

Jonathan said...

I wish you'd stop letting this crazy NMB guy rant & rave here.Genug.You don't like the guy and you've bombarded the comment section off topic about it.Now go hijack someone elses blog

Anonymous said...

The "crazy NMB guy" you are referring to is definitely more than one person. I know what I have posted about NMB, things that I know firsthand and most of the posts about NMB are not mine. I have proof of everything I have posted, BTW.

Anonymous said...

dear johnathan

there seems to be many NMB crazy guys with issues not just one or two if you ask freinds in nmb

its the same way it started with kolko and mondorowitz and tropper and maybe schmeltzer

one voice asking questions and look what happens

stay tuned

Arthur said...

"Arthur's intemperate response shows that it is pointless to argue with these pro-Rubashkin lunatics.

What about the yisurei gehienom that Rubashkin put countless people through? Yes Arthur, shomrei Torah umitzvos too and even Lubavs like you. Ever heard of the Chazal that rachmonus for achzorim breeds more achzoriyus?"
Do ligt the hunt bagrobben.The truth ultimately comes through.It all comes down to "Lubavs like me".The good old "Lubav" hatred comes to the fore as I knew it would do due to my posts.
First of all I have no connection whatsoever and have never spoken a word to the man.I am no "Rubashkin fanatic".I have no axe to grind for Rubaskin either way and never met the man.My feelings about this would be the same for Joe Shmoe,Yankel Todrus,Satmer,Yeshivish,Litvish,MO and otherwise.It's guys like you who think that you are G-t's Kozakin,most specifically when it comes to us "Lubavs".
Your reprehensible achzorios to an other Yid shtinked foon kop.It seems to me that the ones that are "intemperate" here are you and the self appointed "Ombudsman".As I said to the other achzur "don't give" but don't berate others that do.It seems that you are also of the opinion that Rubahskin is worse then Madoff.Ah zein och un vei. Just one more more point.I never said the man was innocent.I did say that he has received more then his just deserts.
To praphrase. "Your intemperate response shows that it is pointless to argue with these anti-Rubashkin lunatics".

Leib Tropper Sex tape said...

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Anonymous said...
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the club rabbi said...

I put it to UOJ and that moron that everybody knows is Kaploun to produce a shred of evidence to support allegations that The Rosh Kollel, Rav Shmelczer did anything wrong.Until now he has not, but he has at the same time abused his friendship with the mayor and his office to intimidate many members of the NMB community.Included in this fiendish plot is the intimidation of a divorce lawyer, handling a case against a friend of Kaploun's. Also included in this scam is the threat to rat out a homeowner to the city if he lets the Kollel meet in his empty house for Shabbos services.
Kaploun"s continuous name dropping on your blog,outing people who have never harmed a soul(one such person was named because he attended Kol Yaakov 22 years ago, another for being arrested for allegedly urinating in public or something even more minute,Accusing the Rosh Kollel of harboring a "sex offender").
Kaploun gains nothing by attacking the Kollel and is lying when he says that many in the community have entertained the possibility of firing the Rosh Kollel and replacing him with Rav Singer.
Attacking Rabbi Luban and accusing him of infidelity is petty and Richilus to boot.
Kaploun is lonely and bitter, with not a soul to talk tom in shul or the community in general (that he professes to the mayor to represent),at odds with every segment of the Kehilah, including Chabad, the Yeshivah(petrified that he will call a building inspector and close them down for dozens of violations),the Kollel,Most of Congregation Khal Chasidim,Rabbi Benzinger,Hatzoloh, and a large shul in Monsey that he ratted out for some minor building violations(this may have greased his journey to Florida where we are graced with his presence).Before he goes any further in disgracing the good names of every member of the NMB community, the un-Orthodox Jew should do some independent fact finding and cease publishing this drivel which according to Sefer Chofetz Chaim, may confound the angels in Gohenim with how to punish such Rishus.As one particular blogger I just discovered puts it"that's the Emes Mamash"www.ememsmamash.blogspot.com

Unknown said...

Kaploun is a loser!