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Can You Hear Me Now? - Part 3 - Yeshiva Torah Vodaath Versus Lipa Margulies - Part Two


Ten years after Rav Yaakov Kaminetzky zt"l forced Lipa Margulies to surrender his property at 150 Ocean Parkway to Bais Din, to be held in Trust pending a full accounting of the sources of the millions of dollars raised under the name Yeshiva Torah Vodaath of Flatbush, Rabbi Gedalya Schorr (a good friend of Margulies), released the property back to Margulies WITHOUT any accounting of the millions of dollars raised, with a "promise" from Margulies to never use the name of Yeshiva Torah Vodaath again or lose 150 Ocean Parkway (which was sold subsequently by Margulies). That would make it a full 21 years that Margulies was raising large sums of money from the unwitting masses, under the guise of being Yeshiva Torah Vodaath. By that time, Margulies had already built the new building at 555 Ocean Parkway, and Rabbi Gedalya Schorr had attended the groundbreaking years before, during his tenure as principal or menahel of YTV.

It is interesting to note, and no coincidence, that Frank Klein, the deceased nursing home magnate, who in 1966 was on the original deed transferring the property to YTV, and a board member of Margulies' school, in 1977 was a board member of YTV, a very close ally of Margulies and Schorr, and a very "prominent" Ger chasid, as was Rabbi Schorr (for different reasons of course).

This could only have been done if R' Yaakov Kaminetzky or his designated rosh yeshiva of YTV, R' Zelig Epstein, was out of the hanhala of YTV....

With these facts now disclosed, we will shortly revisit the years of YTV after R' Reuvain Grozofsky z"tl passed away, the subsequent din Torah with Rabbi Aaron Kotler z"tl, his ruling regarding Rabbi Schorr's duties at YTV, the fierce battle for the Rosh Yeshiva position waged by Rabbi Schorr once Rabbi Kaminetzky announced his intentions to retire in 1966, and the events that ultimately destroyed Beth Medrash Elyon in Monsey, and brought YTV to the brink of disaster, causing YTV to become a third-rate Banana yeshiva!



Yerachmiel Lopin said...

Yasher Koach for continuing this history. Even if it only comes in sections at a time it is much appreciated. This is history that must be told because it clues us in to larger problems in the frum world.

Margo's accountant said...


Tax evaders beware: NY state has an app for that

Analytical engine, developed with IBM, helps New York recover millions in unpaid taxes

By William Jackson
May 11, 2010

The effort has paid off for both the state and IBM. Comiskey said his office has saved $1 billion since 2003 by improving its audit process with the Tax Audit and Compliance System developed with the company, and the office is on track to bring in an additional $100 million in delinquent taxes during the next three years using the Tax Collections Optimizer (TCO) that started operating in December 2009.

Anonymous said...


The Bahamas has been linked to another investigation related to alleged U.S. tax evasion after America's Justice Department revealed it has charged a developer and his son for allegedly failing to report income from the $33 million sale of one of their hotels in New York.

Mauricio Cohen Assor and Leon Cohen-Levy, both of Miami, were arrested in New York City on Thursday after federal authorities issued a criminal complaint accusing them of conspiring to defraud the United States.

Court records in the case say the father and son failed to report income from the sale of one of their New York residential hotels, which are known by the trade name Flatotel.

According to documents in the case, the Cohens used entities in tax haven jurisdictions including the Bahamas to defraud the government. The two men each face up to five years in prison if convicted.

The arrests underscore how federal authorities are broadening their investigation into offshore tax fraud to include private banks other than the Swiss giant UBS, the focal point of the Justice Department's crackdown on financial firms that sell tax evasion services.

The Nassau Guardian reported last week how Paul Zubczuk of Texas had admitted opening a UBS account in The Bahamas to hide more than $500,000 of assets.

Mauricio Cohen Assor and Leon Cohen-Levy are alleged to have routed at least $65 million in cash and bonds through their offshore accounts, court papers show.

Leon Cohen-Levy was behind a plan to build a 93-story apartment-hotel skyscraper called Empire World Towers in downtown Miami, a project that would have been one of the tallest residential high-rises in the world.

But the deal stalled in 2008 when a New York State Supreme Court judge ruled against him and his father over separate fraud accusations brought by a French lender regarding the Flatotel. The judge rendered a $266 million default judgment against the men.

Archie Bunker said...


Colgate-Palmolive CEO Admits Bankrolling Sharpton After Company Denied It

Peter Flaherty, our organization’s president, raised this issue two years ago at this meeting. He noted in front of shareholders that Colgate-Palmolive had accepted a “corporate excellence” award from Sharpton. He then asked a logical question: Did Colgate-Palmolive give to National Action Network, and, if so, how much? It took substantial effort on his part to coax an admission from management that the company had given $50,000.

Management apparently sees giving large sums of money to National Action Network as a business opportunity, a way of expanding its customer base. With Al Sharpton’s name attached to the corporate name and logo, more blacks presumably will buy its products.

By giving money to his nonprofit organization, a company effectively expands an ongoing campaign to shake down companies who haven’t gotten with his program yet. The language may be soothing, with inevitable bows to “diversity” and “inclusion,” but it’s still a shakedown.

Archie Bunker said...


Obama Takeover of Higher Ed Financing Could Bust Taxpayers

The legislation also relaxes loan repayment terms; provides massive funding for Pell Grants; and maintains high levels of aid to historically black institutions.

Archie Bunker said...

I forgot to mention that although there were two Times Square street vendors who reported the Paki terrorist to police, Obama only called the Black one to thank him.

After there was some buzz about this on the blogs, Obama must have been tipped off by his strategists and called the White one, who is a Vietnam War vet, the next day.

Obama's boy at Justice, Eric Holder, also tried to cover up that FBI agents lost the terrorist while trailing him and he was able to board a plane because the Obama administration was relying on an Arab airline to police the no-fly list.

Eric Holder LIED that the airplane had never left the gate. ABC News found out that the plane was revving for take off when air traffic controllers ordered it back to the gate at the last possible second.

Anonymous said...

This Persian putz could be either Jewish or Muslim.

The owner of a California-based automobile glass replacement company with more than 60 stores nationwide was convicted on several counts, including overcharging insurers for moldings and other parts never used.

Mehrdad Hakimian, 48, the owner of Glass Emporium of Marin, Calif., was convicted of conspiracy to commit wire fraud, nine counts of wire fraud and one count of obstruction of justice, according to the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Northern District of California.

A federal jury found that Hakimian had, from 1999 through 2006, conspired to defraud insurance companies by misrepresenting the type and price of windshields installed, overcharging the companies and destroying and concealing documents to impede an ongoing FBI investigation into his company.

Jacob Eisenstark said...

He used to live in Edison and now lives in Livingston NJ where his wife is also secretary of Rabbi Wahrhaftig at the Kushner yeshiva


State securities regulators accused the owners of a Livingston investment firm of defrauding investors out of more than $450,000 to buy homes in New Jersey and Florida.

Jacob Eisenstark and his wife, Blanche, were accused in a five-count complaint of committing securities fraud. They are alleged to have used investor funds to buy homes in Livingston, West Orange and Palm Harbor, Fla., according to a complaint filed in Superior Court in Essex County.

Their Livingston advisory firm was shut down temporarily and its assets were frozen under a court order after the state Bureau of Securities filed a lawsuit against the principals.

Jacob Eisenstark was the principal of Eisenstark Advisory, a registered investment firm. Blanche Eisenstark was the secretary for J.N.J. Capital Management, a company controlled by her husband, the complaint said.

There were no phone numbers listed for either of those companies. The phone was disconnected at the Eisenstarks’ home in Livingston, which has the same address as their investment firms.

“The victims trusted that their hard-earned investment funds would be applied as promised,” said state Attorney General Paula Dow. “Unfortunately, the defendants allegedly violated their trust and, in so doing, the state’s Uniform Securities Law.”

Jacob Eisenstark allegedly told investors they would receive annual returns of 15 percent, according to the bureau.

Anonymous said...

Location just outside Lakewood


The Brake-O-Rama auto repair chain has agreed to pay $125,000 to the state in civil penalties, and reimburse the state for attorneys’ fees and investigative costs, as part of a settlement that resolves a suit filed by the Attorney General and the Division of Consumer Affairs last year.

The Lodi-based company operates 13 retail locations in the state. The suit, which came after an undercover investigation last summer at the Jersey City shop, as well as shops in Brick, Linden, West New York and Elizabeth, alleged that Brake-O-Rama charged consumers for repair work that was not actually performed, and advertised and sold motor vehicle inspection services when its stores were not licensed by the state Motor Vehicle Commission to perform inspections.

Monsey said...

(AP) — Former Yankee Rondell White and former Met Cliff Floyd have filed a $12.5 million lawsuit in federal court against two New Jersey financial advisers, alleging they lost millions of dollars in a real estate development deal.

The lawsuit against Steven Kolinsky and Stephan Hill of the Kolinsky-Hill Financial Group alleges federal securities fraud and misrepresentation, breach of fiduciary duty and civil conspiracy to defraud, among other claims.

CLU, ChFC, Chief Executive Officer

Steven is past President and Chairman of the UJA/Federation of Jewish Philanthropies Endowment and Plan Giving Committee of Rockland County, New York.

Anonymous said...

This crook is originally from Silver Spring MD

Four Florida seniors who lost their life savings following an annuities scheme were reimbursed $1.2 million from the state’s department of financial services.

The seniors were scammed into buying inappropriate equity indexed deferred annuities from Larry Yale Krakow, 52 of Delray Beach, Fla., according to the department. Krakow received thousands in commissions while leaving the victims penniless, according to the department.

The owner, president and director of Golani Financial Group, also known as Golani Insurance Group, Krakow had his license suspended by the Florida Department of Financial Services, which oversees insurance regulation in the state. Krakow must also pay a $25,000 fine for numerous violations of the state insurance code.

In order to gain the trust of one of his victims, Josephine Passinissi, 74, Krakow regularly ate dinner at her house and sent flowers on her birthday, officials said. Krakow convinced Passinissi to liquidate her investments and place $274,384 into annuities generating thousands of dollars for him, but leaving her unable to access her savings.

Anonymous said...


A Union City, New Jersey man who owned a building at 235 56th Street in West New York, New Jersey was sentenced today to 34 months in prison for bribing a West New York construction official to permit an illegal apartment, J. Gilmore Childers announced, Acting United States Attorney for the purposes of this case.

Herman Friedman, 49, was convicted by a jury of bribery in on November 20, 2009, following a trial before United States District Judge Anne E. Thompson, who also imposed the sentence today in Trenton federal court.

According to documents filed in this case, statements made in court, and the evidence at trial:

The West New York building Friedman owned, which contained an illegal apartment on its ground floor, also lacked a Certificate of Occupancy—a legal document certifying that a building is suitable to be occupied.

After a routine inspection on March 2, 2007, the Township of West New York issued a Notice of Violation instructing Friedman to remove the illegal apartment. Friedman was informed that he either had to remove the apartment or obtain a variance from the West New York Zoning Board.

On Aug. 30, 2007, Friedman met a West New York construction code official—who testified at trial for the government—at the illegal apartment and offered to pay him $5,000 to “put it on” meaning that Friedman would be permitted to use the apartment. The defendant also attempted to conceal his activity by using hand signals to indicate the amount that he was willing to pay.

Friedman paid the $5,000 bribe on March 25, 2008, during a visit to the code official which was audio and video recorded by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (“FBI”). Friedman arrived at the official’s office with an envelope containing 50 $100 bills, which the code official counted out in Friedman’s presence.

Cohen Tzedek said...

A Somerville, New Jersey man was sentenced today to 78 months in prison for possession of child pornography, United States Attorney Paul J. Fishman announced.

Benjamin I. Katz, 26, pleaded guilty in September 2009 to a one-count Indictment before United Stated District Judge Robert B. Kugler, who also imposed the sentence today in Camden federal court.

At his plea hearing, Katz admitted that he downloaded approximately 1383 images containing child pornography from the Internet, and that the images portrayed individuals less than 18 years of age engaged in sexually explicit conduct. The images also portrayed numerous minors under the age of 12.

In addition to the prison term, Judge Kugler sentenced Katz to five years of supervised release.

You can't make this stuff up said...

Yiddish-speaking Nigerian national jumps bail after being charged in massive mortgage fraud scheme


Wednesday, May 12th 2010, 4:00 AM

Now that's chutzpah.

A Yiddish-speaking Nigerian national has jumped bail after being charged in a massive mortgage fraud scheme.

Real estate broker John Star went on the lam last month, a week after prosecutors in Brooklyn offered to let him plead guilty in exchange for 15 years in jail. Now the feds are likely to offer nothing - or, as Star might say, bupkis.

A bench warrant has been issued. Star was free on a $200,000 bond secured with a home in Mount Vernon, Westchester County. He surrendered his Nigerian passport when he was arrested April 6 and is believed to be in the U.S.

"Rather than us having to expend valuable resources looking for him, Mr. Star should be a mensch and turn himself in," said FBI spokesman James Margolin.

Star, 39, learned Yiddish while growing up in Switzerland with Orthodox Jewish adoptive parents. He moved easily in Orthodox real estate sources and hatched a scheme that bilked lenders of $10 million, officials said.

He and his accomplices submitted false loan applications that said properties were being purchased by credit-worthy buyers, authorities charged. Shortly after pocketing the loans, the defendants stopped making payments on the mortgages. Star's lawyer, Anthony Mamo, declined to comment yesterday.

Anyone with information about Star is asked to call a confidential tip line: (212) 384-5000.

Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/money/2010/05/12/2010-05-12_scammer_skipped_bail__not_kosher.html#ixzz0njSMnU6I

UOJ gets results said...

U.S. federal investigators are probing whether Morgan Stanley misled investors about mortgage derivative products it helped create and sometimes bet against, the Wall Street Journal said, citing people familiar with the matter.

Moetzes Resign! said...

ALBANY - Gov. Paterson was criticized for granting pay raises to office staffers on Tuesday, a day after the Legislature approved a harsh furlough plan for state workers.

Three of the five staffers are getting five-figure wage hikes.

Charlie Hynes = Useless Putz said...

A Brooklyn assistant prosecutor was suspended after being implicated in a financial scam, the Daily News has learned.

Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance Jr. called Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes to inform him of the investigation.

Sources said the 32-year-old assistant district attorney was not a target of the white-collar crime probe and her involvement was described as "tangential."

The woman's laptop was confiscated, and she was suspended without pay Friday. She has worked for Hynes since 2007.

Hynes confirmed the suspension but would not release the woman's name.

Anonymous said...

Yediot Achronot reported that Moishe Holtzberg, 3, son of slain Mumbai Chabad emissaries Rabbi Gavriel and Rivka Holtzberg, was being offered a monthly stipend and other assistance from the Indian government in compensation for his parents’ murder during the attacks. Indian representatives reportedly asked Israeli authorities how to get in touch with the boy’s guardian to offer the assistance, according to the newspaper. Moishe is receiving money from the Israeli government as a victim of a terror attack.

Low Klass said...

The granddaughter of Low Klass was convicted already.


Four followers of "abusive rabbi" Elior Chen were convicted on Wednesday of all counts of child abuse with which they were charged. David Kugman, 24 was convicted of pinning a child to an electrical oven in February 2008 until his skin was burned and began to peel.

Avraham Maskalchi, 25 was convicted of burning the fingers of one of the children, binding him with rope, forcing a yarmulke in his mouth and blocking his breath with duct tape. Masklatchi and Kugman put the child in a suitcase and deprived him of food and drink for many hours. The two others to be convicted are Roi Tzoref and Shimon Gabai.

Vos zogt UOJ? said...


Rav Yaakov Kaminetsky discusses the mitzva of kiddush hashem in Parshas Emor.

Could this really be accurate? Who wrote Emes Leyaakov?

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

Could this really be accurate? Who wrote Emes Leyaakov?


More nonsense from Mordecai Kaminetzky!

OU certified said...


Think you're being healthy by choosing a veggie burger instead of red meat? Think again.

In an effort to make their products as low-fat as possible, many veggie burger manufacturers are turning to a potentially harmful chemical, according to an investigation by the non-profit Cornucopia Institute.

Most non-organic veggie burgers contain hexane, a neurotoxin that's also a petroleum by-product of gasoline refining. Hexane is listed as a hazardous air pollutant with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), according to the report, which called hexane the "dirty little secret of the 'natural' soy foods industry."

To keep down the fat content of energy bars, veggie burgers and other products, food manufacturers submerge soybeans in a bath of hexane to separate them into soy oil, protein and fiber.

Products labeled "organic" aren't allowed to contain any hexane - but foods that are less than 100% organic, such as those labeled "made with organic ingredients," may contain the chemical.

Veggie burgers that are likely to contain hexane-extracted soy ingredients, according to the research, include popular brands such as Amy's Kitchen, Boca Burger (conventional), Garden Burger and Morningstar Farms, along with others.

Boca Burger and Morningstar burgers labeled "made with organic soy" are not produced using hexane.

The full list of veggie burger and nutrition bar brands researched can be found on page 37-38 of the report.

OU certified said...


Gardein is a Canadian company that produces soy “chicken” & soy “beef” — for brands & private labels including Yves Cuisine, Morningstar Farms, Trader Joe’s & It’s All Good Foods, and for grocery store prepared foods depts such as Whole Foods. While the company describes these meat analogs as “pure,” it doesn't mention hexane-extracted soy.

Shoppers think they're making a healthy decision, without knowing the soy “chicken” or vegetarian burger was processed with hexane. With new processes to make hexane-free soy isolate, we hope consumers will demand hexane-free & that companies will respond by offering it.

Clif Bars appeal to consumers on its web site: “food, made right, can make the world a better place. That’s why we use organic ingredients.”

What customers may not understand is this does not mean Clif Bars are 100% organic. Clif Bars comply with the 70% organic requirement & their soy isolate is hexane extracted. We use Clif Bar as an example because of its prominent position in the natural foods marketplace.

Industry research indicates that Clif Bar’s soy isolate comes from Solae. Clif Bar & Co refused our survey & company executives ignored repeated attempts to contact them, including registered mail, so we can't confirm their sourcing. But we do know for certain that the soy isolate used in Clif Bars is not organic. (Clif Bar is sealed in a way that it's difficult to read the ingredients without purchasing the product & ripping the wrapper apart).

Until recently, a non-hexane-extracted soy lecithin didn't exist.

Today, organic soy lecithin is commercially available to all manufacturers. Yet many organic foods continue to list conventional soy lecithin.

Federal organic standards clearly state that conventional ingredients such as lecithin may be added to organic foods only if they're not commercially available in organic, so any manufacturer adding conventional soy lecithin to certified organic food is in violation of federal law. There is no apparent reason to choose hexane-extracted lecithin except the price difference — conventional costs $1.20 per lb & organic costs $8.50 per lb.

2 types of lecithin, liquid & de-oiled.

De-oiled lecithin is not yet available in organic, because an organic alternative to using the solvent acetone in the de-oiling process has not been developed.

Since acetone can be harmful to workers when inhaled, leading to irritation, headache, blurred vision & narcosis, the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) has set a limit in workplace air. According to the Centers for Disease Control, ingesting small amounts of acetone is not harmful, but effects of long-term exposures have not been studied in people. In animal studies, long-term exposure to acetone was linked to kidney, liver & nerve damage & birth defects.

Unlike hexane, acetone is not listed as hazardous with the EPA.

If a company is truly committed to organic integrity, it can find a way to use liquid organic lecithin even in dry foods such as powdered infant formula. In addition to being processed with acetone, conventional “de-oiled” lecithin that remains allowed in organic food will be extracted with hexane.

Since this was the first time that the National Organic Standards Board considered to remove a food ingredient, this 2009 vote set a precedent with NOSB’s willingness to remove ingredients from the National List when organic alternatives become available. Their decision to keep de-oiled lecithin on the List, however, is disappointing since it is hexane & acetone-extracted & is chosen as a convenience for manufacturers.

OU certified said...


On or shortly before one month of age, my son Aidan began experiencing violent reactions to the Similac® formula with DHA. Symptoms included: explosive diarrhea, projectile vomiting, dehydration, excessive gas, weight loss, excessive crying, and loss of sleep. It was difficult to get him to finish a complete bottle because he would begin screaming half way through. This screaming continued, along with pulling his legs up and writhing, for approximately two hours after the feeding. When it was time for him to eat again, the process would start all over again. In all, over a six month period, I tried every formula I could find, including: Nutramigen, Alimentum, ProSobee--and all included DHA/ARA. As a last resort, I gave him Neocate, also with DHA, but it produced the same results as all of the other formulas. It was not until I accidentally bought a non-DHA formula that all of the symptoms stopped at approximately 6.5 months of age. The symptoms stopped approximately 24 hours after using the non-DHA formula, if not sooner.

– Holly Schneider, Taylor, Michigan

(The Cornucopia Institute has more than 100 similar adverse reaction reports on file.)

Algal DHA and fungal ARA oils are hexane-extracted ingredients that are added to some organic foods, including organic infant formula and Horizon Organic milk with DHA. DHA is a long-chain, polyunsaturated omega-3 fatty acid that is naturally found in fatty fish such as salmon and sardines. Martek Biosciences Corporation produces a vegetarian and not quite identical DHA additive called Life’sDHA™ for foods, used in products such as Silk soymilk with DHA, Rachel’s® yogurt, and nearly all infant formula on the market. Martek’s Life’sDHA is produced by immersing fermented algae in hexane to extract the oil. The company’s Kentucky plant, where Life’s DHA is produced, emitted nearly 200,000 pounds of hexane into the environment in 2006.

According to the USDA regulations, Martek’s Life’s DHA should be prohibited in organic foods because it is a synthetic additive that is not listed as an approved substance on the National List of Approved and Prohibited Substances.

Moreover, it should not be added to organic foods because it is hexane extracted. The Cornucopia Institute has filed legal complaints against the manufacturers that we allege are illegally adding these hexane-extracted oils.

The Cornucopia Institute is especially concerned that these oils, when added to infant formula, are making babies very sick. These findings are detailed in The Cornucopia Institute’s report Replacing Mother—Imitating Human Breast Milk in the Laboratory, which presents disturbing research indicating that these hexane-extracted algal and fungal oils lead to virulent diarrhea, vomiting, and other gastrointestinal problems in some babies. In some cases this has led to significant health complications, failure to thrive, and hospitalizations.

The report also outlines how formula manufacturers profit tremendously from adding DHA and ARA (another fatty acid, which Martek extracts from fungi by means of hexane) to formula. It allows them to misleadingly advertise their formula as being “as close as ever to breast milk,” and “supporting brain and eye development.” The vast majority of scientific studies show no meaningful benefits from adding DHA and ARA to infant formula. Meanwhile, some infants continue to get sick from these oils, while infant formula companies refuse to acknowledge the serious problems and side effects associated with their lucrative additives. There is no information about possible side effects listed on the packaging or on the manufacturers’ web sites.

There is one conventional manufacturer that supplies infant formula without Martek’s DHA/ARA supplementation (Nestlé®) and one organic supplier that does not use these novel oils (Baby’s Only®).

Harry Maryles said...

So much for my pareve veggie burgers!

What a putz said...

Film critic Roger Ebert is never shy with his opinions, be they about movies or otherwise. But after criticizing five California teens who chose to wear clothing bearing the American flag to their high school on Cinco de Mayo, Ebert has faced a particularly angry backlash.

After refusing to remove shirts and bandannas emblazoned with the American flag, five students at Live Oak High School in Morgan Hill, Calif., were sent home on May 5, the day that commemorates a Mexican victory over the French in the Battle of Puebla, and on which Mexican-Americans have long commemorated their heritage.

Forty percent of Live Oak's students are of Hispanic origin, while 50 percent are white.

"They said we could wear it on any other day, but today is sensitive to Mexican-Americans because it's supposed to be their holiday, so we were not allowed to wear it, " one of the students, Daniel Galli, told NBC News.

The Morgan Hill Unified School District has launched an investigation into the matter, and the school's principal has since apologized.

Anonymous said...

I thought that UOJ held of R' Gedalya Schor.

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

I did, that's why this is so difficult for me.

Lower East Side said...


Do you say his misa was mechaper that Rabbi Ginzberg from the Bialystocker shul was maspid at the levaya?

The niftar wasn't just a yeshiva dropout. He was publicly pushing for toyeva as a leader of the gay group Act Up.

Gumshoe said...

But UOJ had earlier accused Rav Schorr of being in cahoots with the lowlives trying to throw the almana of RSFM out of the house. Nisht?

I wouldn't think that puts Rav Schorr on his A list.

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

The legacy of Rabbi Schorr is very conflicted to the talmidim who knew him well.

On the one hand he was the handpicked menahel of the Mother of all Yeshivas in America - YTV, on the other hand there was a dark side that I still have a difficult time digesting.

Eventually, I'll try to spit it out.

Anonymous said...


The Pennsylvania Supreme Court has upheld the death penalty for a Pittsburgh man who used a 10-pound sledgehammer to kill his wife and autistic stepson so they wouldn't see his trial on sexual assault charges against his stepdaughter.

Avremel Schorr Habor said...

I'll grab the microphone out of UOJ's hands before he can say anything!

Troppenstein's monster said...


I thought there was something fishy about this Bialystocker thing and was wondering if Rabbi Yissocher Ginzberg is any relation to that fruitcake Hersh Ginzberg.

A little digging revealed that the shul is affiliated with the Pinchas Tropper tape library run by Rabbi Dov Tropper.

How are these people related to Leib?

Shmarya gets results said...


Nine people have been indicted in federal court on charges they accessed President Barack Obama's student loan records while employed for a Department of Education contractor in Iowa.

The U.S. attorney's office says a grand jury returned the indictments Wednesday in U.S. District Court in Davenport.

The nine individuals are charged with exceeding authorized computer access.

The charge is punishable by up to one year in prison and a fine of up to $100,000.

Boog gets results said...



11 May 2010

Ho Ho Hoenlein said...


One of the anecdotes he most likes to repeat in defense of his bipartisan reach is about a phone call he once got at home from then-President Jimmy Carter. In its original version, Carter calls and asks Hoenlein for advice on how to handle negotiations at Camp David. In our interviews, Hoenlein said he was called more than once, but the first time, he thought it was a prank. “I picked up the phone and they said it was the president calling, and I remember saying, ‘Who is this really?’ ” Hoenlein recounted. “And then I hear this voice on the line, going”—he paused and gathered his tongue for an attempt at slow Georgia peach—“’Maaal-cumm, you got uh minute?’” In this telling, the president overheard Hoenlein’s son in the background asking who it was, asked to speak with him, and invited him down to the White House to play with the first daughter, Amy. “Well,” Hoenlein continued, “he said he goes to a yeshiva and doesn’t play with girls.” I heard the story twice from Hoenlein, once in early March and again in late April, by which time I had discovered it has been an enduring favorite: Cynthia Ozick, writing in the New Leader [14] before the 1980 presidential election, noted that Hoenlein told it to her two or three times in a single sitting.

Partly on the advice of his friend George Klein, a New York investor and prominent Republican donor, Bialkin recruited Hoenlein for the job. Not everyone was a fan of the choice.

R' Lawrence Taylor said...

Disgraced Giants great Lawrence Taylor, accused of raping a 16-year-old prostitute, has come up with a dubious defense strategy: I didn't touch her, I touched myself.

Team Taylor will acknowledge that he was in the Rockland County hotel room with the Bronx teen last week, but that he engaged in a "masturbatory act" and did not have actual intercourse with the girl, TMZ.com reported Tuesday.

Taylor's tactic appears to be an attempt to scuttle a third-degree rape charge which could send him to jail for up to four years.

Ninja Yingele said...

How are these people related to Leib?

The menuval grew up in the Lower East Side so those Characters could be close relatives of him.

I used to give money to Yad Eliezer but after I found out that head of Yad Eliezer is Suri Tropper I stopped giving them money, let her get money from Tropper and Kaplan's millions not from me.

Bim Bam identity said...


Remember President Obama’s supposedly inviolable pledge—repeatedly uttered during the 2008 campaign and at countless town meetings since the inauguration—that he would never raise taxes on middle-class citizens who earn $250,000 a year or less?

This morning at a Manhattan breakfast sponsored by Thomson Reuters, White House Budget Director Peter Orszag threw that pledge out the window. Instead, he described Obama’s pledge as a “stance” and a “preference” that is subject to study by the president’s newly formed bipartisan Commission on Fiscal Responsibility.

Republicans will hit Obama’s apparent willingness to break his no-new-taxes pledge hard, and it will damage the Democrats as November looms.

Bungalow Yenta said...

How is she related to the pimp?

Sori Tropper, CEO 718-258-1580.
Toll free: 1-888-354-3737 sori@yadeliezer.org.

American Friends of Yad Eliezer
1102 E. 26th St.
Brooklyn, NY 11210

Anonymous said...

NO RELATION TO THE MENUVEL - please do not drag a good person into this

Anonymous said...

The legacy of Rabbi Schorr is very conflicted to the talmidim who knew him well.

On the one hand he was the handpicked menahel of the Mother of all Yeshivas in America - YTV, on the other hand there was a dark side that I still have a difficult time digesting.

Eventually, I'll try to spit it out.


I sense the struggle.

Are you just finding this stuff out or have you known it for years? The reason I am asking is that in one of your early posts, you listed Rav Schorr and sons on the A list of gedolim if my memory serves me correct.

How did Rav Schorr become friends with Margo? MArgo, though smart,is not a groiser talmid chacham and is a fraud. Did he fool Rav Schorr?

UOJ gets results said...

The New York attorney general has started an investigation of eight banks to determine whether they provided misleading information to rating agencies in order to inflate the grades of certain mortgage securities, according to two people with knowledge of the investigation.

Fresser said...

The Cedar Rapids Gazette reported this week that a large portion of current Agristar employees are Somali Muslims.

Many Somalis are suspected of being al Qaeda sleeper cells.

Even if the plant is kashered and they get a normal hashgocho with no more management by Rubashkin relatives, I still would not want to eat anything coming from this place.

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...


I sense the struggle.


In order to overcome our internal struggles, the brain tends to select information that we choose not to believe and stores it away, as a survival mechanism, and attempts to focus on what we'd "like" to believe.

Now that I realize that I have a duty to go back and expose, for the sake of the benefit of the community and the historical record, I need to revisit that "storage" compartment and examine the evidence and information in an unbiased manner.

And that my friend is not easy...., and since nobody else was willing to do it, we are now left with a group of misfits running the asylum.

Tony Soprano said...

Former Agri supervisor Matthew Derrick told the judge this week in testimony that he complained to Rubashkin about young children working in dangerous conditions and that Rubashkin just smiled and said nothing.

He says that he later received death threats pinned to his locker and that when he showed one note to the fugitive Palestinian manager, Hosam Amara, who Rubashkin helped escape to the West Bank, he just grabbed the note, crumpled it and threw it in the garbage.

Because there is no proof that this happened, the judge instructed the jury to not consider it.

But according to former workers, Amara was a thug who acted as Rubashkin's "enforcer" who "maintained order".

Anonymous said...


Well said....appreciate your sharing your thought process on this.

Shmarya groupie said...

Shame on you despicable Orthodox Jews for not celebrating Ethiopian Immigration Day yesterday (today is Shushan Ethiopian Immigration Day which is celebrated only in St. Paul, Minnesota).

This Yomtov is of course the only one that should be celebrated now that all other Yomtovs are bottul with the coming of Moshiach Obama and it's on a higher level than Yom Kippur.

Shmarya will be hosting a Yomtov seudah but space is limited in his mother's basement.

Chazir will be served according to the shitos that it is now mutter with the bias goel Obama.

Rahm-Bo Emmanuel's rov wrote a teshuva on this inyan.

Chag Sameach!

Anonymous said...

A Queens Catholic priest is under fire for claiming that the church pedophile scandal has been distorted by the media -- because it's controlled by Jews.

"The most insignificant facts are intensified, they make sensational headlines, and that helps sell newspapers," the Rev. Vytautas Volertas, told a Lithuanian-language newspaper on May 1.
"To put it another way, who controls the press? The Jews. Have you ever seen an article in The New York Times about a criminal rabbi? No? And you won't see one."

In fact, the Times, like every other major New York newspaper, last year reported the arrests of five rabbis who were indicted in a money-laundering probe in New Jersey.

Volertas, assigned to the Church of the Transfiguration in Maspeth, apologized after being chastised by Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio of the Brooklyn Diocese.

Read more: http://www.nypost.com/p/news/local/queens/priest_jewish_press_pushes_perv_2iuc2IGCGZzZ3FmOtbpa4O#ixzz0npZhLdCi

Malach HaMovies said...


I was out of town for the last few days so i couldn't comment. Thanks for revisting this issue. I know it's difficult for you but letting Artscroll revise and censor out history is much worse.

I stopped off in Lakewood yesterday and bought the Hamodia newspaper.

Allow me to quote from the chief vantz of the Moetezes Gedolei Havantzen - J. Perlow -speaking at the agudah dinner :

We live today in the world of the Internet and the Blog, in which ish hayashar b'einav yaasah R"L. It is open season on the norms of kedusha (trying to stop the molestation of cheder boys) and Mesorah (having 10 plus kids and then having the parents support the children in Kollel until the father because of the tremendous stress ends up in a box being driven by the driver of the chevra kadisha on the belt parkway to a beautiful cemetary on long island) that were once held to be self-evident and inviolable (Don't dare question the "gedolim", especially if they are involved in covering-up crimes of child abuse).

Today everything is questioned. Everyone can be a self-styled Man D'amar. The remarks of one cynic can be read and discussed by hundreds of people (No Rebbe, by thousands of people).

We can easily picture what this does to the precept of she'al avicha v'yagedcha zekeinecha v'yomru lach (i don't think they mean the men like yourself that are "oiver batal" or who "poo-poos" away serious crimes against children)

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...


Welcome home and thanks for the update.

What the Novominsker said is exactly what you'll hear from the patients in most mishigoyim houses; "the doctors are poisoning us", v'chulu...

Under this lo yitzlach's watch, there are more kids off the derech and worse, more troubled adults, and more families starving to death in kollel...and the list goes on.

But he's got a new building worth millions of dollars on the community's cheshbon...so does Shmuel Kaminetzky, Reuvain Feinstein, Aron Schechter, Malkiel Kotler...

And what does the community have from this?


Anonymous said...


American Meat Is Even Grosser Than You Thought

In the focus on E. coli and salmonella, meat contaminated by heavy metals, veterinary drugs and pesticides has been slipping through the bureaucratic cracks.

By Ari LeVaux

May 1, 2010

In 2008, Mexican authorities rejected a shipment of U.S. beef because the meat exceeded Mexico's regulatory tolerance for copper. The rejected meat was returned to the United States, where it was sold and consumed, because the U.S. has no regulatory threshold for copper in meat.

Incidents like this are why the food safety arm of USDA, known as the Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS), is under USDA scrutiny. While the public has gotten used to microbes like E. coli and salmonella threatening the nation's meat supply, and while food safety agencies make food-borne illness a high-profile priority, contamination of meat by heavy metals, veterinary drugs and pesticides has been slipping through the bureaucratic cracks.

Microbial contaminants can be killed by cooking, but chemical residues aren't destroyed by heat. In fact, some of these residues break down into more dangerous substances when heated, according to the FSIS National Residue Program for Cattle, a recent report by the USDA's Office of the Inspector General.

The report is full of bad news about the ineffectual attempts that are being made to keep chemical residues out of the food supply, but optimists might point to the report's tone as a sliver of good news. The report is sharply critical of the efforts to keep our meat free of chemical residues, and shows determination to shore up this gaping hole in food safety.

"... The national residue program is not accomplishing its mission of monitoring the food supply for harmful residues," the report says, noting that thresholds for many dangerous substances, like copper and dioxin, have yet to be established. "We also found that FSIS does not recall meat adulterated with harmful residues, even when it is aware that the meat has failed its laboratory tests."

The routes by which veterinary drugs make it into human food trace a disturbing portrait of how large dairy farms operate. Sick dairy cows are given medications to help them recover, but if it appears an animal will die, it's often sold to a slaughterhouse as quickly as possible, in time to kill it before it dies. That way, "[the dairy farmer] can recoup some of his investment in the animal," according to the report.

In such cases, medications may be consumed along with the meat. Such drugs include Ivermectin (which can act as a neurotoxin in humans), Flunixin (which can damage kidneys), and penicillin (which can cause life-threatening allergic reactions in some people).

The meat from sick dairy cattle is low-grade, and is usually turned into burger and sold to the sorts of buyers who stretch their dollars furthest, like fast food chains and school lunch programs. But veterinary drugs are also finding their way into an upper echelon of meat: veal.

The milk produced by medicated dairy cows is barred from sale to human consumers -- a sensible rule, given the dangers suggested above. Unfortunately, no law prevents this "waste milk" from being fed to veal calves, the meat of which sometimes tests positive for these drugs. As with sick dairy cow meat that tests positive for antibiotics, no measures are taken to recall such veal or penalize the slaughterhouses that produce it. One slaughterhouse, according to the report, amassed 211 violations in 2008 and was still considered by FSIS as a place where contamination "is not reasonably likely to occur."

Anonymous said...

for the veiber


Toxic Nail Salons: Why Your Nail Polish Color Could be the Next Agent Orange

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...


"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

Rav Shraga Feivel Mendlowitz, the founding dean of New York's Mesifta Torah VoDaath, became a vegetarian after the Holocaust/Shoah, simply yet powerfully declaring, "There has been enough killing in the world."

And his grandson as well.....

Anonymous said...

Belsky may have posed for the picture with that big side of beef just to bug UOJ.

It's like that clever ad from Smith & Wollensky steakhouse:

"Horrifying vegetarians since 1982"

Wink n' Stare Synagogue said...


If Obama is picking someone for the Supreme Court, she must be a Left Winger.

It was pretty vicious though of some bloggers making fun of her physical appearance, like "she looks like she is the meat cutter at a kosher deli" or "makes Justice Ginzburg look like the beauty queen of Kazakhstan"

Malach HaMovies said...


Henry Hirsch was one of the major supporters and builders of YTV and was very close with Reb Shraga Feivel. How did he fit into this whole thing ?

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

Henry Hirsch was no longer active at YTV in 1977 and was just a figurehead on the corporate documents.

By then Hirsch's fortune dwindled, his son Richard took over Welbilt, and had very little interest in the affairs of YTV.

Henry was also influenced by Richard's opinions; and am told that Richard advised his father to sign off.

the Shtetl Hustler said...

Malcolm Hoenlein...

Do you know if he reaaly got to sit next to Kaplan in Menuval Tropper’ son chosuna ? it was sort of funny that between the sex conversations Tropper mentioned that Malcolm Hoenlein asked him to be sit next to Kaplan.

What a creep !

freelakewood said...

lakewood is going down unless some leadership steps up to the plate!

Citicom for Schechter said...

Toady Mordy Mehlman's latest issue of his self-styled "Flatbush Jewish Journal" shmatte of May 13, 2010, once again reveals how under the thumb of Aron Schechter he really is!

On the front cover are 20 crammed photos of mostly dead rabbis, including two small ones each of Rav Moshe Feinstein and Rav Shach. Three of a living Rav Eliashiv. And 4 big ones of 3 dead rabbis side by side with one living one and him being Aron Schechter.

In case you missed his glorification of the El Duce of Flatbush Haredism, there is more inside about how great Chaim Berlim yeshiva is with hypocritical descriptions of it's late lamented mashgichim, Rav Miller and Rav Freifeld (p. 18) (they were both fired by Rav Hutner for those who know the truth), all mentioned following how great El Duce Aron Schechter really is, but toady Mordy somehow manages to be "Chaim Berlin politically correct" and gloss over the fact that there is another still-living mashgiach of Chaim Berlin yeshiva, and the only one authorized to still be so by none other than a written ruling from Rav Moshe Feinstein to Aron Schechter, aided and abetted by dishonest Abe Fruchthandler, to present himself for a din Torah regarding the matter of the firing of Rav Shlomo Carlebach (not the singer) who, according to Rav Moshe Feinstein, retains his title in absentia and who still needs to paid his severance package, now totaling millions of dollars.

You see Mordy, Halacha, Yiddishkeit and the Torah world is funny that way, you can't just "fire" an established mashgiach ruchani and throw him into the trash as if he were a useless piece of furniture without there being consequences. Otherwise what does having a yeshiva system really mean if it is ruled by tin pot dictators and corrupt despots?

Strangely, in this same issue, Mordy allows a PAID ad (p. 32) for Rav Carlebach's 2nd volume biography of his martyred father Rav Joseph Tzvi Carlebach, murdered by the Nazi despots of yesteryear. Seems Mordy is too dimwitted to put one and one together and see what it adds up to.

Oh yeah, there is also a full page ad (p. 8) selling hundreds of tapes for hundreds of dollars of the manic-depressive puppet of Aron Schechter aka Avrom Schorr, the anti-Lipa nut-job and known maniac. Guess he needs the bucks in this "depressed" -- good pun -- economy.

Another week another issue of toady Mordy's absurd Flatbush shmatte of no note!

Own up Mordy: WHO THE HECK IS REALLY PAYING YOU TO PRINT THIS MOUNTAIN OF CRAP THAT LANDS UP ON EVERYONE's STEPS IN FLATBUSH EVERY WEEK FOR "FREE" ???!!! Does it have anything to do with Chaim Berlin yeshiva's newly launched updated glitzy weekly E-newsletter.

Looks like the Chaim Berliners are gearing up for a no holds barred media war, but first they are softening up the Flatbushers with soft and fuzzy lies and it remains to be seen what follows.

Shmarya groupie said...


At first I thought it was wonderful news that racists against Blacks were forced into bankruptcy, until I learned that Haredim are buying the building at auction:

Congregation Beth Solomon and Beis Medrash Govoha of Lakewood teamed up together to bring a kollel, religious college into the Philadelphia community. The kollel is comprised of young Rabbis who moved to Philadelphia to be able to study torah and impart their knowledge to the members of the community. The backgrounds of these Rabbis vary; Russian, American, and Israeli to be able to reach out to everyone no matter what language they speak and understand. The Rosh Kollel is Rav Aharon Notis from Lakewood.


The Huntingdon Valley swimming club where a racial-discrimination controversy erupted a year ago was sold Thursday in a bankruptcy-court auction.

After several hours of competition among five bidders, Valley Club went for $1.46 million to Congregation Beth Solomon of Northeast Philadelphia.

An attorney for the synagogue did not return a call about the proposed use of the 10.5-acre property, which operated as a private swimming club for 55 years before going into bankruptcy in November over legal bills and other liabilities.

The club's woes began June 29, when 56 black and Latino children from Philadelphia's Creative Steps day camp visited in the first of what was to be a series of arranged swimming trips. But after regulars of the club, which had no black members, complained, the deal with the day camp was revoked, a $1,950 check was returned, and a national racial protest ensued.

The club was hit with lawsuits - from the family of one child and the U.S. Justice Department - and a state Human Relations Commission investigation. All are pending, and another lawsuit on behalf of other children has been discussed.

Terry P. Dershaw, the club's bankruptcy trustee, said the revenue from the sale would be parceled out to claimants after the court cleared the transaction, which should happen within a month.

The Justice Department requested before the auction that special consideration be given to any bidder planning to use the pool as a public accommodation. Dershaw said no objections were lodged to the sale to Congregation Beth Solomon, though the synagogue's plans for the site remained unclear.

Golders Green, London said...


A man has been arrested over an alleged £300,000 fraud and money-laundering operation which led to the closure of a charity founded by Prince Charles.

Accountant George Gray and his wife Gillian were arrested by Scotland Yard officers in an early-morning raid on their home in North London.
Mr Gray, 49, is a former chief executive of the organisation at the centre of the investigation – The Prince’s Foundation For Integrated Health – which Charles set up in 1993 to promote complementary and holistic therapies.

Last week the trustees announced that the charity had stopped its operations with immediate effect.

Mr Gray is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants and his wife, 54, is a voice coach.
They have been married for 14 years and have a teenage daughter. They bought their five-bedroom home in Golders Green for £745,000 in December 2006.

Colmo the Homo said...


Protecting our children: a passion of Rabbi Yitzchok Eisenman


RABBI Eisenman’s first “monster” — and his introduction into the dark world of molestation — was a convicted pedophile who moved from Brooklyn to Passaic several years ago. Informed by a therapist who had worked with some of the pedophile’s victims, the rabbi suddenly faced a tough decision for which he had absolutely no preparation.

“I had no formal training or experience with pedophilia,” he explains.

“I knew the words existed but it wasn’t in my orbit. It wasn’t as if I was a survivor myself or there were survivors in my family. It was by default. It came to my doorstep and to my community.”

The informant not only told Rabbi Eisenman but several other rabbis in the Passaic area. It was at a meeting with his fellow rabbis that he realized that he had little choice but to act independently.

“It seemed to me that as much as I had hoped or thought that it would be taken care of by others, whoever the others happened to be, I realized that there was a vacuum of proper attention given to the subject,” he says.

When he informed his colleagues in the rabbinate that he intended to denounce — and identify — the offender from his own pulpit, the other rabbis were enraged, Rabbi Eisenman recalls.

Meir Dascalowitz said...


Meir Dascalowitz, a 27-year-old hasidic Jew from Williamsburg, Brooklyn was arrested yesterday for child molestation. He is scheduled for arraignment today in Kings County Supreme Court on multiple charges including ten Felony D charges of criminal sexual activity-2 with a victim under fifteen years of age (PL 130.45 01). There are many additional felony and misdemeanor charges as well.

Meir Dascalowitz was arraigned in front of Judge Kevin McGrath in the New York State Supreme Court, Kings County, on Wednesday, May 12. He is charged with close to 100 felony sex abuse charges, and many more misdemeanor charges for an incident that occurred on January 2, 2009 with a child under fifteen. A private attorney represented him and Judge McGrath set bail at $75,000 cash or $150,000 bond. As of yesterday he had not met the bail and was still in jail. The case was adjourned to Monday, May 17.


An orthodox Jewish man charged with molesting a boy at a Brooklyn synagogue dropped a bombshell on cops: He claimed he was abused years ago by a rabbi just sent to prison for preying on youngsters.

Meir Dascalowitz made the allegation in a confession while he was questioned about his 2009 encounters with a 12-year-old in a ritual bath in Williamsburg, a source told the Daily News.

Dascalowitz alleged that he had been molested by Rabbi Baruch Lebovits - who was recently convicted of abusing a 16-year-old boy and has been charged in two other sex cases. "He said he was molested by Lebovits and made an outcry, but nothing ever happened," a source said.

Dascalowitz, 28, an unemployed married clerk with a wife and child, was arrested Tuesday after he left his therapist's home.

Prosecutors allege he molested the 12-year-old once a month between January and June 2009, according to court papers. Almost a year later, the boy told his father, who went to authorities, prosecutor Wilfredo Cotto told a judge.

Dascalowitz declined to comment as he left the courthouse after being freed on $150,000 bail.

"He denies the allegations," said his lawyer Israel Fried.

UOJ gets results said...

The child molester Berel Ashkenazi has been fired from assistant menahel position at the Spinka yeshiva.

Berel refuses to face up to reality and goes around saying he left over money.

evanstonjew said...

Good to see you return to the history of YTV, and looking forward to future posts. With respect to today's post I would like to make sure I understand the claim. Margulies raised millions for his yeshiva, now called YTT, by calling it YTV of Flatbush. People gave money because they recognized the YTV brand. Were Margulies to have said "I am raising money for Ugh" pointing to an empty hole and later to a functioning yeshiva he would have raised little money. Hence some or all of that money was in play, and had it gone to a din torah RYK thought YTV would collect a sizable sum. Rav Schorr settled without even trying to take it to a din torah. Is this a fair summary?

At some point the situation reversed, or so I would think. At some point it must have become easier to collect money for YTT than it would be if it were called YTV of Flatbush. I've been told the yeshiva is a good place with a fine reputation in learning.Is the claim that this reversal of fortune didn't occur during the period under discussion?

Chicago Baal Habos said...

Here they go again.

As Rabbi Finkel in Chicago always tells victims of abuse: If Dascalowitz was molested by Lebowitz and went on to molest others, he deserves every day of pain and suffering he will get in the justice system. The minute a victim becomes a perpetrator, HE IS NO LONGER A VICTIM. HE IS VERMIN, A LOWLY, FILTHY MOLESTER AND DESERVES THE ULTIMATE PUNISHMENT.

Stop justifying his actions with sympathy for being a victim. He is NOT a victim. Let him and all his protecters and ilk suffer forever for their actions.

Chaim Berlin = My Way or the Highway said...

Meanwhile, Mordy Mehlman's kid brother Aaron from the Upper West Side keeps peddling his substandard hashgocho that rabbonim warn not to eat from and which BMG Lakewood forced to stop using their name on the teudah.

But that's ok with Chaim Berlin as long as he doesn't certify the pizza store across the street.

Bim Bam identity said...

What is Washington thinking?

That's the question New Yorkers of all stripes were asking Thursday after the Obama administration slashed $53 million from the city's terror-fighting budget - a dozen days after a botched plot to bomb Times Square.

"Who is making these decisions?" asked Lance Orton, one of the two vigilant vendors who sounded the alarm. "I think it's messed up that Nebraska got millions of dollars for their police officers and New York is getting peanuts."

Former NYPD Deputy Commissioner John Timoney said everyone but Washington understands New York is the world's top terror target.

"The funding should be based on risk analysis," he said.

Coincidentally, Northwestern University researchers released a study yesterday suggesting New York should get $15 million to $92 million more security money - not less.

Their findings were based on how the feds allocated homeland security funds to the 10 biggest cities from 2005 through last year - and factored in the likelihood of a terrorist attack.

Stung by criticism he shortchanged New York, President Obama made a surprise stop at 1 Police Plaza, vowing to "make sure that you are getting the support you need to protect this great city."

Rep. Pete King (R-L.I.) accused the White House of "playing games with numbers."

Treif said...


This hotel in Westchester is owned by the kiruv organization Gateways.

Is it mutter for them to have a treif restaurant there?

Frankels Shul Mizrach Shvantz said...

Stepped-up Medicare fraud enforcement snags $2.5B

Pete Yost Associated Press Writer – Thu May 13, 5:36 pm ET

WASHINGTON – The government says it recovered $2.5 billion in overpayments for the Medicare trust fund last year as the Obama administration focused attention on fraud enforcement efforts in the health care industry.

Investigators have new tools this year to help crack down on health care fraud, with the Justice Department and the Health and Human Services Department working cooperatively to police companies. The newly enacted Affordable Care Act is designed to lengthen prison sentences in criminal cases and the new law provides an additional $300 million over the next 10 years for stronger enforcement. It also gives the government new authority to step up oversight of companies participating in Medicare and Medicaid.

"We're going to attack fraud at every stage of the process," Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius said Thursday at a news conference.

Attorney General Eric Holder said "as long as health care fraud pays and goes unpunished, our health care system will remain under siege."

Under the Affordable Care Act, providers could be subject to fingerprinting, site visits and criminal background checks before they begin billing Medicare and Medicaid.

Chronicles Of Crises In Our Communities said...

Part 1

Dear Rachel,
I don't really know where to begin but I must unburden my heart, and here I know I can do it safely and anonymously.

To all eyes, we would appear to be having it all. We live in a quite comfortable home with Baruch Hashem enough room to house our own family as well as guests comfortably.
But what would the casual observer know of what really goes on behind our closed doors (or any closed doors, for that matter)?

The economic downturn, or meltdown, has affected many families, so maybe we won't generate much sympathy on that front. Besides, we don't look like we're suffering too badly. Affluent neighborhood, beautiful home, delightful children what would anyone know about our inability to pay our mortgage; our mountain of debt; the weeks we literally have not a dollar in our pocket to buy food with; the numerous times we've had to face our teenaged children and tell them that they couldn't join their friends for a pizza or that they'd have to endure wearing their tattered sneakers for now.

My husband is a hard worker, but when the real estate market tanked and banks mercilessly yanked the credit out from under their long-time trusting clients, those who had their funds (and others') tied up in investments with the hope of garnering decent returns had their money and dreams wiped out virtually overnight.

Needless to say, the "investors" who were only too eager to part with their extra cash cry foul and stick their heads in the sand, failing (or refusing) to recognize that an investment is not a loan and that we may be hurting more than most of them - first, because we have been left bereft of a livelihood and with literally nothing to fall back on (while most had invested only some of their spare cash); second, because it is not a pleasant thing, to say the least, to be the object of disdain and, in some cases, outright hatred. (At the same time, it must be said that some "losers" have been very understanding of the unfortunate situation and have, to their credit, not resorted to lashon hara and motzi shem ra.)

What else is new, you might be asking. Plenty!

Chronicles Of Crises In Our Communities said...

Part 2

You see, Rachel, we - my husband and myself - have always had our doors open. Anyone passing through town has always been welcome in our home, for as long a time as needed. We have a longstanding motto of "mi casa, su casa" - our home is your home. Most of the wayfarers who enjoy our hospitality have no inkling of our dire circumstances; we share whatever we have and somehow get by.

A local family had been having serious shalom bayis problems (which entails more than can possibly be said in a letter). In brief, the woman, suffering years of emotional abuse by her spouse, found an ear and an open door with us whenever she had the need.

One particular day, this woman showed up at our door in an emotionally distraught state. She had finally had enough of her husband's mental and verbal assault and had nowhere to go. We quieted her down and settled her in our basement guest quarters.

Little did we dream that the safe haven we were offering our needy guest would soon prove to be not so safe - when her husband forced a window open from the outside and barged into her room catching her unawares. We were alerted to the commotion and the poor woman's screams as she came running up the stairs, her husband in hot pursuit threatening to kill her.

My husband called 911 and we then set about trying to diffuse the situation. Police officers arrived within minutes and the wife made it clear to them that she was unwilling to go with her husband and that she feared for her safety.

We, on our part, refused to press charges for breaking and entering (he was a fellow Jew, after all, and we felt that he would have enough on his plate to deal with).

As expected, he was booked for threatening his wife. As for her, we summoned her close kin (who live a distance away) and they promptly came to be by her side and to see her through the difficult coming weeks.

Of-course there is much more to this story, but the details left unsaid are not relevant to the matter at hand. More to the point, when my husband contacted the Rosh Yeshiva of our boys' school to relay a message on behalf of this woman regarding her children, he was bombarded with scathing criticism over this whole affair. My husband, a composed individual, was aghast at the personal insults hurled at him from a so-called educator and a highly respected community member.

If readers have not guessed it yet, this man (who threatened his wife and broke into our home) has been a generous donor to the yeshiva and so how dare we, my husband and I, cause him all this "trouble and aggravation."

My husband tried to explain things but the Rosh Yeshiva would not let up his blistering attack. Shocked and shaken to the core, my husband finally gave up. Needless to say, our children would no longer attend this yeshiva.

The bottom line, Rachel, is that money talks. Whether a person is a mensch or not, whether a donor abuses his wife or not, it's all about money.

Nothing surprises us anymore

Rav Avrohom Chaim Levin said...

This story was way too personal.

Tairah! and the supporters of Tairah! are the ikkur.Money is money.

If you don't like the Rosh Yeshiva, find another yeshiva. But, redt nisht lashon hara about a moisad Tairah!

Henoch Teller (Hey Taxi!) said...

The city’s Taxi and Limousine Commission plans to revoke the licenses of 633 drivers for routinely overcharging customers as part of a scheme that cost passengers $1.1 million, it was announced on Friday.

Congressman Gary Scumbag Ackerman said...

I hope the Jews in my district of Queens & Nassau don't realize how slimy I am and throw me out of office in the coming election.

First I pretended to be a friend of Israel, until Obama came along and I went along with all of his anti-Israel agenda.

Now I am trying to protect my buddies the Wilpons, my neighbors in Long Island who I hobnob with in the cocktail party circuit, to protect their millions that were stolen from Madoff's victims.


The New York Mets benefited from one bailout from Congress. Now, TheStreet.com wonders, whether the team’s owners could be in line for another — this time, from Bernard L. Madoff’s vast Ponzi scheme.

The Mets’ first indirect bailout came from Citigroup. When Congress approved the Troubled Asset Relief Program, it allowed the Mets to hang onto the $400 million they received from the bailed-out bank for agreeing to name their new ballpark Citi Field. Now Representative Gary Ackerman, the New York Democrat whose Queens district includes Citi Field, has introduced legislation that would prevent trustees from clawing back money from investors in Ponzi schemes like the one run by Mr. Madoff.

Clawbacks could hit the Mets’ owners pretty hard. The trustee recouping money for victims of Mr. Madoff’s fraud asserted in Federal Bankruptcy Court last fall that the owners, led by Fred Wilpon, pulled out $47.8 million more than they invested with Mr. Madoff.

The Mets are owned by the Wilpon family

Congressman Anthony Weenie said...

Don't tell anyone that the rest of the NY delegation is supporting Ackerman's bill to bail out our rich friends who finance our election campaigns.

We will let them keep all the extra profit that Bernie Madoff stole for them and if the real victims cry loud enough, we will simply give them a taxpayer-funded bailout.

You should just know that Avi Shafran is in complete agreement with this little scheme we hatched.


It also seems reasonable that people who withdrew more than they put in should be eligible for SIPC insurance if they can show genuine hardship. However, allowing the Mets' owners, or anyone else, to keep several million dollars above what they invested with Madoff while others are wiped out completely seems to be difficult to justify.
That's why I found it surprising that the Ponzi Act has attracted support from 12 other members of Congress, including the six of New Yorkers I mentioned earlier. These include some high-profile legislators, including Anthony Weiner (D., N.Y.), who ran unsuccessfully for mayor in New York last year, and Carolyn Maloney (D., N.Y.), a long-serving congresswoman who represents Manhattan's East Side and part of western Queens. Maloney flirted with a run for the Senate seat vacated by Hillary Clinton in 2009. A spokesman for Weiner did not respond to questions about why he supported the legislation.

When it comes to politics, of course, you never know who owes what to whom.

FOr UOJ's sidebar said...


Change the caption to Agudah Fresser Convention

Anonymous said...

For the veiber


The group tested 17 name-brand perfumes colognes and "body sprays" for men and women:

Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gio
Jennifer Lopez J. Lo Glow
Calvin Klein Eternity (for women)
Bath & Body Works Japanese Cherry Blossom
Britney Spears Curious
Calvin Klein Eternity (for men)
Quiksilver (for men)
Victoria's Secret Dream Angels Heavenly
Coco Mademoiselle Chanel
Clinique Happy
Abercrombie & Fitch Fierce
American Eagle Seventy Seven
Hannah Montana Secret Celebrity
Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue
Old Spice After Hours Body Spray
AXE Bodyspray For Men - Shock
Halle by Halle Berry
All of them contained secret chemicals not listed on the label. On average, they contained 14 chemicals, some are which have been linked to estrogen disruption, sperm production disruption and even cancer, the group says.

According to the study, Calvin Klein Eternity perfume for women, for example, contained 14 unlisted chemicals. Giorgio Armani Aqua Di Gio for men had 17 chemicals, while American Eagle 77 spray contained 24 unlisted chemicals.

The study found the perfumes also contained an average of 10 "sensitizing" chemicals, which are chemicals that can trigger allergic reactions, such as nausea, headaches, wheezing, and vomiting.

The questionable chemicals include:

Diethyl phthalate (DEP)
Butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT)
Musk ketone
Benzyl salicylate
Benzyl benzoate
Butylphenyl methylpropional
The report says that galaxolide and tonalide -- two synthetic musks linked to toxicity to the endocrine system – were found in 16 of the 17 perfumes. A recent cord-blood study by the Environmental Working Group found those two chemicals inside the bodies of most babies tested.

Twelve of the 17 products in this study were listed as containing DEP, a chemical found in 97 per cent of Americans that is linked to abnormal development of reproductive organs in baby boys and sperm damage in adult men.

Jane Houlihan, senior vice president for research at the Environmental Working Group, says these chemicals easily find their way into our bodies.

"Fragrance chemicals are inhaled or absorbed through the skin, and many of them end up inside people's bodies, including pregnant women and newborn babies," she said.

The group also contends that of the 91 ingredients identified in the study (either by lab tests or product labels), only 19 had been reviewed by the industry-funded Cosmetic Ingredient Review, and only 27 have been assessed by the International Fragrance Association (IFRA) and the Research Institute for Fragrance Materials (RIFM), which develop voluntary standards for chemicals used in fragrance.

The group also plans to investigate what chemicals might be found in makeup, perfumes, lotions, shampoos and soaps

Chicago Askan said...

Shaya Cohen's Priority 1 program in Chicago has gone out of business. It was started to increase infighting in the city. Goodbye, and good riddance!

Similarly, the founding donors have stopped funding chassunahs and now want to have the monopoly on upper class weddings.

This family has no clue what chessed means.

Avrohom Klein / Mendel Zilberberg / Yaakov Spitzer said...

Part 2

Persaud says her dispute with Klein began when he approached her in October 2008, for a $7 million line of credit through Caring Home Care, to finance expansion of a business he said he operated in China. Since she knew nothing about the business, she declined, she says.

Persaud had also hired another lawyer, Queens-based Eugene Levy, to handle Klein's attempt to take her to the arbitrator, Marvin Neiman, of Neiman & Mairanz, P.C., in Manhattan, whom she says Klein had proposed.

The records show that the arbitration hearing did proceed the next day, on March 19, 2009, at the offices of Neiman & Mairanz. In attendance were Neiman; Abraham Klein and his attorneys, Mendel Zilberberg, and Marvin L. Tenzer, of Tenzer & Lunin, LLP; and, by telephone was Paul Salazar, also of Zilberberg's firm.

The records also show that Zilberberg had asked that the transcripts be sealed. Persaud and her attorney Levy, who had challenged Neiman's qualification to be a neutral arbiter, were not there.

In addition to being awarded control of Caring, the most lucrative of Persaud's three businesses, Klein was also awarded $2,172,607.58, which he claimed he was owed by Caring even though he testified that he had put in about $800,000 in Caring and about $180,000 in Liberty Home Care, records show.

Klein was also awarded 50% claim on Liberty Home Care; he told Neiman during the arbitration that Persaud had also verbally agreed that he would be a partner in Liberty.

"Liberty was not even part of the dispute," Persaud says. "Klein loaned me about $150,00 to launch Liberty when things were still going well. There was no partnership agreement for Liberty because it was a loan. But Neiman gave him Liberty too, without even the benefit of a forged contract," Persaud says. "At least Caring was taken away with forged contracts. This is not nice."

What's more, the three signatures attributed to Persaud, in the three different documents, all look different from each other. "Maybe they were forging by committee," Persaud says.

Separately, Rabbi Jacob Spitzer, who is heavily involved in healthcare issues, was made the receiver shortly after the Neiman award.

Avrohom Klein / Mendel Zilberberg / Yaakov Spitzer said...


DA Investigates Claims $40 Million Business "Stolen" With Forged Contracts

Following inquiries by The Black Star News, the District Attorney in Queens County has confirmed that his office is investigating allegations by a Guyanese immigrant that forged signatures on contracts she never signed were used to wrest control of her multi-million dollar businesses by a money lender who was at one time a prospective partner.

The immigrant, Christine Persaud, who's in her 40s, says she never signed partnership agreements with the prospective partner

What's more, even though the prospective investor had only filed a claim for 50% ownership of one business, Caring Home Care, the arbitrator awarded him 100% ownership, more than $2 million in cash, and claims against a second Persaud business, records show.

"They don't even have original copies of these alleged contracts I signed," Persaud adds, referring to the documents used at arbitration to take away her businesses. "I challenge them to produce them so a forensics expert can review them."

"This is robbery," Persaud says, in an interview with The Black Star News.

She says her former finance manager also misappropriated nearly $200,000, according to an accountant Persaud hired; this manager is now working for the money lender who now controls the businesses Persaud founded.

She says she now regrets the day she placed an advertisement in The New York Post in 2007, seeking payroll funding for Caring Home Care. Through the ad placement, she was introduced to a businessman named Abraham Klein.

Klein agreed to fund the payroll, retaining 66% of the profit after all expenses cleared, while Persaud got 33%. Some financiers familiar with this line of business say these terms were overly-generous in Klein's favor.

Persaud says things initially went smoothly so she and Klein started negotiating a possible 50/50 partnership in Caring, which had about 300 employees. In addition to the payroll funding, Klein injected $100,000 as down payment on the proposed partnership, Persaud says. Since the health care industry is highly regulated, the partnership was contingent upon
Klein getting licensed by the State Department of Health, Persaud says.

Klein then brought his son Joel Klein and brother in law, Philip Gottehrer, to work at Caring, at his own expense, Persaud says. "I did not know they were planning to take my businesses," she says.

Persaud claims even Klein's attorney, Mendel Zilberberg, of Mendel Zilberberg & Associates, P.C., knows that the agreements enforced at arbitration were forgeries because she and an attorney who represented her during the negotiations, Samuel Rieff, had gone to Zilberberg's office at one point to sign the papers; she says she ultimately declined when Zilberberg wouldn't remove the terms she objected to.

Avrohom Klein said...


Here is a picture of me smirking.

Mendel Zilberberg said...

I am the Agudah askan lawyer who donates the basement of my office on 13th Ave in Bensonhurst for Invei Hagefen's shidduchim group headquarters.

"Mendel Zilberberg is the World Agudath Israel Organization Director of International Affairs and Representative to the United Nations.He is the founder and owner of Mendel Zilberberg and Associates law firm and the founder and owner of the Brookwood Title Agency.Mr. Zilberberg is a Director of the Park Avenue Bank as well as founder and principal owner of KSF Capital."

Rabbi Yaakov Spitzer said...

I am the guy who convinced Elliot Spitzer (no relation), to not hire Dr. Tom Freiden as NY State Health Commish because he is anti-metzitza bapeh.

UOJ gets results said...


No new taxes, but big welfare cuts in Schwarzenegger's California budget plan

May 14, 2010

Bim Bam identity said...


WASHINGTON — If Elena Kagan is confirmed as the next Supreme Court justice, President Obama will have something that has become increasingly rare for presidents: a personal friend on the court.

Obama brought her into his administration by nominating her to be solicitor general and now, after slightly more than a year in that job, he wants to elevate her to the Supreme Court.

... they have maintained their relationship over the years through common outlooks on politics and law

White House press secretary Robert Gibbs, dismisses suggestions by conservatives that the pick of Kagan amounted to cronyism

In the summer of 1993, she was special counsel to Biden


With Friends Like These . . .

From a Politico report on Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan's college days:

Another friend, former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer, a member of Kagan's social circle at Princeton University, wanted to make the same point as Walzer (arguing that Kagan is not gay). "I did not go out with her, but other guys did," he said in an email Tuesday night. "I don't think it is my place to say more."

Spitzer was forced from office two years ago amid a prostitution scandal. Even if he "did not go out with her," do we really want somebody on the Supreme Court whose "social circle" includes such a reprobate?

Australian Agudah Fresser said...


Melbourne Jewish teenagers are being refused entry to commmunal events….because they arrive intoxicated.

John Searle, president of The Jewish Community Council of Victoria, told J-Wire: “A Purim function was held recently at which parents actually dropped off children who had been drinking. Sadly, this is not an isolated case. We have seen children as young as thirteen suffering from the effects of alcohol. There have been many instances of alcohol being smuggled into events and of medical help being needed when children passed out. ”

He added: “I think most people now realise that it’s time to act on youth alcohol abuse. Again I wish to thank the members of the Youth Alcohol Project steering committee for their work in getting to this stage, particularly representatives of Jewish Care and Hatzolah.” He added that in some cases, police have had to get involved.

The Jewish House’s Rabbi Mendel Kastel added: “It is a growing problem. I have seen children as young as 10 suffering from alcohol issues. No less serious is the problem of marijuana…and there I have come across cases of 13 and 14-yr-old using the drug.”


“Clearly, parents and the rabbinate have to take the lead in opposing alcohol abuse on Simchat Torah, but no one should be a bystander, particularly in relation to teenage drinking. To this end the JCCV together with the Rabbinical Council of Victoria, Hatzolah and the Jewish Taskforce Against Family Violence are putting a notice in the Australian Jewish News calling upon the community to watch out for young people on Simchat Torah.

Scientific evidence increasingly demonstrates the harmful effects of binge drinking, too often irreversible, on developing brains. When one considers the dangers of alcohol-induced risky behaviour including violence, accidents and sexual abuse, what young people consider a night of fun may well end up one of tragedy. ”

Chief Penguin said...

I am the Agudah askan lawyer who donates the basement of my office on 13th Ave in Bensonhurst for Invei Hagefen's shidduchim group headquarters

This is amazing! the corruption of the Aguda and their group of charlatans they call gedolei Yisroel (yeah right!) is not only protecting child molesters they involved in stealing from immigrants.

Do you think he is doing something with the invei hagefen girls, A-la HaRav Hagaon Leib Tropper ?

Dov said...

>>On the one hand he was the handpicked menahel of the Mother of all Yeshivas in America - YTV, on the other hand there was a dark side that I still have a difficult time digesting.

UOJ, I am having a very hard time believing this. My admiration for Rav Schorr, zt"l knows no bounds. I am shocked.

I believed your grandfather held the world of him. In any case, you know a lot of good about him too. Try not to paint him as a croni of Margos--its simply too simplistic for a Rav Schorr, a bona fide genius and genuine gaon, no matter how you look at it.

It seems that you see Rav Kaminetsky as in the right. I have no comment on the machlokes because I know nothing--nothing--about it. But I always enjoyed Rav Schorr's torah more. What can I say, I like him a lot.

Anonymous said...

I enclose this fascinating link on the rav schorr's involvement in bme.



Anonymous said...

What was R' Pam's take on all of this?

Dr. Bungalow Putz Neuhoff said...


What has gotten into Avi Shafran's head that his Ami Magazine is printing this mayseh Meraglim, this apikorsus, against going to the bungalow?

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

Rav Pam ztvk'l was on the same page with R' Yaakov, although publicly he remained silent.

Marvin Schick said...

Chaim Dovid Zweibel warns people to be on the look out for goyishe molesters only. Levi Aron was a Torah Vodaas boy but it was a really a shaid disguised like him that carried out the murder because orthodox Jews don't harm kids


As part of a Special Edition by the Yiddish-language publication “A Blik Arim Dee Velt” (A Look Around the World) commemorating the two-week mark since Leiby Kletzky A”H was laid to rest, Political and Community Leaders provided me the following statements. (It is available in Yiddish in the latest edition of A Blik):

By: Yossi Gestetner

Rabbi Chiam David Zwiebel, Agudah Yisroel: “The question we need to ask ourselves is not just what we should do to better protect our innocent young kinder’lach from the dangerous outside world, but also what we should do to better ensure that the next troubled young person in our midst will receive the attention he needs — medical attention as well as human attention — to prevent him from becoming a menace to himself and the community.”

YU - Torah Madua? said...


A black market baby ring led by Rabbi Seymour Fenichel, YU class of 1946.

Anonymous said...

Can UOJ or someone comment on the following? It has long been said there were 3 molesters at YTT. Two of them, Kolko and Weingarten, were identified in the press. So who is the 3rd? A comment was made on a YWN obituary of someone who suddenly dropped dead at home in the last few years. The commentator ripped the niftar as a notorious child molester who will "rot in Hell". Surprisingly, Eckstein has not censored the comment which is still there for all to see.

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...


Teaneck Rabbi Charged With Molesting Teenage Boys From Israel.

The paper's webpage is showing the photo but not the story at this time.

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

Teaneck rabbi charged with molesting teen boys from Israel
www.cliffviewpilot.com/.../2674-teaneck-rabbi-charged-with-molesting- 33 minutes ago – Teaneck rabbi charged with molesting teen boys from Israel ... Uzi Rivlin, 63, of Congregation Beth Aaron, was charged with aggravated ...

Very suspicious said...

You mean to tell me that Uzi Rivlin never molested kids at Camp Moshava where anti-molester guru Rabbi Mark Dratch is the mara d'atra? If anyone was molested at Moshava, Dratch would have to know.

And did molesting have to do with Rivlin's sudden departure from Albany?



The principal of one of the Albany area's two Hebrew day schools has taken an indefinite leave, but school officials were tight-lipped about the reasons behind his abrupt departure.

Rabbi Uzi Rivlin, who took over as principal of the Hebrew Academy of the Capital District just eight months ago, stepped down effective March 8, according to Richard Friedman, president of the private school's board of trustees. Friedman declined to say why, calling it a ``sensitive'' personnel issue.

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...


Archie Bunker said...

Well now, was Failed Shmarya threatened with a lawsuit by Empire kosher poultry for smearing them? Shmarya has become so rabidly anti-frum that he starts crawling out of his skin because JTA did a positive write up on a kosher company.


He layed on every insinuation and then some that Empire may have paid off JTA for the coverage which he says covered up for improprieties at Empire.

He quickly removed the lengthy screed which must have taken hours to write, perhaps when contacted by an attorney.

sdei chemed said...

4:45 pm

Since the comment left up by Eckstein is public, let's air this issue and get it out of the way. Either YTT's Rabbi Eli Teitelbaum was a molester or he was not and then UOJ would want to help clear his name. You can't know if anything backed by Eckstein is true. He once helped Moishe Scheinerman (his rebbe from high school) say motzee shem ra on the competing mikva at Rav Halberstam at Ave N & East 33rd. Even after R' Dovid Feinstein realized he was duped into supporting Scheinerman and retracted and 40 rabbonim & roshei yeshiva from across Boro Park-Flatbush gathered to officially rebuff Scheinerman, Eckstein still leaves up the vicious attack on Rav Halberstam's mikva.

Anonymous said...

Anyone know a good treatment for this for my son?

Where's the beef? said...


Menachem Lubinsky is starting to scaremonger that there might not be enough meat to go around for the upcoming Yamim Tovim. Are the factors really there to make this a legitimate concern or does one of Lubinsky's clients have an agenda to make everyone believe there is a problem so they can raise prices?

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

Nobody ever came forward and told me that Eli Teitelbaum had abused them. Yes, there were rumors; I've asked people to come forward. Nobody ever did (to me)!

If anyone wants to come forward now, I'm willing to listen and investigate.

Spotlight on the Queens Vaad said...

Chitrik helped the Rubashkins create and run all those front companies like Tevya's & Stonehill. Something doesn't sound right with Chitrik's version of events as told to the court. He says Weissmandl wouldn't let Rubashkin partner with him - yet that's who was machshir Tevya's! What's really remarkable is that Chitrik told the court he wanted a "lower level" of kosher supervision. That about sums up how all those unmarked trucks were showing up everywhere like grubba peddlers with the Queens Vaad acting as their high pressure mafia style salesmen. There were traceability issues and funny business with labeling but VHQ simply said it's all Weissmandl approved.

The verdict here is that the trustee is successful in blocking Chitrik from taking $100,000 from the bankruptcy pool.

What was payback for the Queens Vaad $$ ? Was it contingent on Chitrik wrestling this money away from creditors? Oh well, on to their next money making scheme. The Queens Vaad always partners with colorful characters - shyster Lubavitchers, Reform rabbis with fly by night coffee companies - it's sure to be interesting!


In re: AGRIPROCESSORS, INC., Chapter 7, Debtor.
JOSEPH E. SARACHEK, in his capacity as CHAPTER 7 TRUSTEE, Plaintiff,
ARI CHITRIK, Defendant.

Bankruptcy No. 08-02751, Adversary No. 10-09058.

United States Bankruptcy Court, N.D. Iowa.

July 22, 2011.

Sammy said...

Somee lady recently wrote that during the CH riors in the early 90's Rav Pam refused to do anything to help them. Anyone know more about this?
(I hope it isn't true!)

Anonymous said...

UOJ did say Pinto is a con man


Argentina's chief rabbi sumbitted a deposition this week to the Jerusalem District Court saying he was exploited by his son in law, Rabbi Yoshiyahu Pinto, to launder money through the purchase of a Jerusalem apartment.

Rabbi Shlomo Ben Hamo claimed he was asked by Pinto & his daughter Deborah to open a bank account in Argentina for the couple. Subsequently, Ben Hamo says, he helped with the acquisition of a luxury apartment by the couple.

The dwelling, valued at more than a million dollars, is located in the Jerusalem of Gold complex in Jerusalem.

Ben Hamo is being sued by the Har Zion hotel concern, which is developing the project, for not making good on the purchase contract, which he signed as a guarantor.

Pinto, who splits time between Ashdod & New York, is well-known as a spiritual adviser to many elites in Israeli society. Haaretz failed to obtain a response from him.

Ben Hamo said his daughter & Pinto approached him a few years ago about opening a bank account in Argentina in his name.

Ben Hamo claims he originally refused, but after his daughter implored him repeatedly, claiming such a refusal was aggravating a dispute with her husband, he relented.

Ben Hamo testified the Pintos arrived at his home in Buenos Aires with the rep of a foreign bank, and had him sign papers authorizing the account.

In 2007, Pinto and his siblings purchased 2 apartments in the prestigious Jerusalem of Gold complex for $1,150,000 apiece.

Ben Hamo wrote that his daughter explained to him that her husband wanted him to serve, for technical reasons, as a guarantor in the purchase agreement with the contractor.

Ben Hamo said they promised he would have no responsibility.

"From this point onward," Ben Hamo wrote, "my relations with my daughter & son-in-law ran aground; I was the target of insults & threats. In retrospect, it became clear that all this happened so I could be exploited & Rabbi Pinto's money could be laundered."

The developer subsequently threatened legal action against Ben Hamo in 2009 if he did not pay for the unit.

After receiving this notification, Ben Hamo traveled to Israel, and met with lawyers & rabbis who tried to help him in negotiations.

Anonymous said...

Oh please! What was Rav Pam ztl supposed to do about marauding savages in Crown Heights when they were being protected by the bathroom attendant in lieu of Mayor, David Dinkins and the putz Police Commish Lee "out of town" Brown? No one paid attention in that administration unless you had plenty of melanin pigment. They certainly wouldn't listen to some pale skinned old man.

Anonymous said...

Archie, good catch. I chuckled a few days ago when Shmarya attacked billionaire Michael Steinhardt due to the Israel Birthright swimming excursion on Tisha B'Av. Shmarya goofed and assumed that Reform & Reconstructionist also do not allow swimming on that day and demanded all Jewish movements receive an apology. That ticked off a number of his Reform readers who told Shmarya he has no idea what he is talking about as their movement has no problem with it. As is always the case, Shmarya can never admit he is wrong so he tried to outshout them.

As someone who has connections to another Steinhardt funded organization, this is an old story that Shmarya hates Steinhardt's guts. I think Shmarya is driven by two warped agendas. It drives him mad that an atheist like Steinhardt is actually funding a kiruv organization and also some yeshiva chinuch initiatives. Second, Shmarya is consumed with petty jealousies when it comes to people with plenty of money that don't share any of it when he goes begging for handouts to run his blog.

Anonymous said...

Is a Queens Vaad client behaving badly? Every competitor of this supermarket from Little Neck to Plainview is a Queens Vaad client.


The NY Times was duped by Lehrer who owns TOT (roshei taivos tuchess offen tish). They did a profile of him using the alias "Joe Levin" and calling himself a Bobover when he is a Lubavitcher. Lehrer was also recently arrested for trespassing in a Manhattan train yard.


Brooklyn private investigator Avraham Lehrer was arrested July 14 on charges related to corporate espionage in a theft that could have put kosher grocery store Shop Delight in Great Neck out of business.

Operating under the alias Joe Levin, in Sept 2010 Lehrer called Shop Delight posing as an employee from the dept of social services, and asked to speak to a secretary, according to Shop Delight Attorney Gary Rosen.

Lehrer lured the secretary outside by telling her he was investigating her child's teacher. He then offered to pay for information about Shop Delight. "But she was honest, loyal & honorable," Rosen said. "Immediately she went to the owners."

In coordination with Nassau County Police detectives, she agreed to meet Lehrer at Starbucks Coffee in Manhasset, where she would hand over an envelop full of bank records in exchange for cash.

While a dozen detectives waited for Lehrer, he intercepted the secretary in her car & made the exchange before she arrived.

"When police tried to get Joe Levin they couldn't because there was no Joe Levin," Rosen said.

Operating as Joe Levin, Lehrer founded T.O.T. Private Investigation, according to an article in The New York Times July 8 that lionized the Hasidic sleuth.
T.O.T. specializes in Orthodox-related crimes, including background checks during matchmaking, surveillance & drug testing.

Last November Lehrer located in Israel, Yitzhak Suchat, a suspect in the 2008 beating of a cop's son, according to articles in The New York Times.

Lehrer was charged with 2 counts computer trespass & 2 counts committing a bribe in connection to the Shop Delight incident, according to detectives. Attempts to reach Lehrer were unavailing.

Rosen said Lehrer was hired to obtain Shop Delight's business records, lists of clients & vendors, invoices, statements to customers & received from vendors, and the entire contents of the store's computer hard drive.

"I can't say why," Rosen said. "We believe we know why & who, but we're working on getting the person who hired the private investigator. We intend to have that person held accountable."

Kew Gardens Shills said...

It's important to know if Baba Elazar was a tzadik or guilty as accused, of being a con artist and extortionist, because there are still dangerous fake mekubalim out there that so called establishment rabbonim are covering up for. Rav Kaduri and the mekubal of Bais She'an, R' Machluf, did not ask for money, certainly not the collective $80 million in Baba Elazar's bank account.

We know that Baba Elazar would no longer travel to NY because of fear of being arrested by Brooklyn DA detectives who were actively investigating him for fraud. There have been countless stories from all kinds of people alleging they were conned by him, this man who Pinny Lipschitz calls a tzaddik. While some gedolim went to the levaya, many more did not.


R' Yaakov Hillel shlita who is very outspoken against fake mekubalim has specifically said some of the Babas are fakers. He often says over the Ramchal that koychos are sometimes given to shlechte mentchen as an oynesh.

There are also rumors that R' Chaim Kanievsky warned people to stay away and his hand written note to the aveilim made public is certainly cryptic enough that it could mean anything.

Rabbi Dr. Josh Waxman who resides in Kew Gardens Hills and davens at a Queens Vaad shul writes on his website that he has personal knowledge of Baba Elazar extorting people in the neighborhood. He says that a rabbi in Queens (who he refuses to name) was approached and acknowledged the problem but refused to do or say anything about it.

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

It's important to know if Baba Elazar was a tzadik or guilty as accused, of being a con artist and extortionist, because there are still dangerous fake mekubalim out there that so called establishment rabbonim are covering up for.


I'll say it again for everyone to take note!


Abuchatzeira, Kaduri, Pinto and the list goes on.....

These thieves are no different than the palm readers on Flatbush Av. Get over it - and start using your heads!

Fact Checker said...

Rav Kaduri said one year near the end of his life that the coming year would be full of strange occurances. There is no question he was deemed correct. There were all kinds of weird and unprecedented events that year like the first recorded case of an Atlantic hurricane that suddenly went in reverse and hit Europe. Maybe Rav Kaduri wasn't the grand wizard that superstitious Sefardim made him out to be but someone over 100 years old who is not guilty of rishus and who has learned a lot of Torah must have some level of kochos.

Agudah Kovod Zucher "serving" on your local yeshiva board said...

Adlerstein should have stuck to the topic at hand which is mekubolim instead of coming after all us guys


Fooling people has become a brisk business, through the manipulation of PR machinery. People pay to have their photos printed alongside recognized greats, in order to increase their prestige among the populace. One unworthy candidate paid $250,000 to be the keynote speaker at the dinner of a major Torah institution, just to bolster his image.

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

Fact Checker:

I have a "zillion" stories to tell you how I conned these mekubalim by telling their kids and handlers BS stories before I got my turn to be go in.

The same with Rav Shach in his last years, what I told his crackpot ainekel Bergman, was spit out in silly drivel by Rav Shach.

At some point these guys become oiver u'batul, no disrespect to Rav Shach.

These behaimas use them like ATMs - when they are in LaLa land already.

I met once with the old Chesshin some 30 years ago long after he knew if he was alive or dead, I told his gabbai that my doctor told ME - that I WAS PREGNANT! I was alone!

I got a bracha for a gezunter kint - he said the Ribonno Shel Olam has his ways...

Anonymous said...

it's not fair to drag any adam gadol into this discussion that lost his mind at the end to lump together with shysters. yes we are all aware that maran rav schach deteriorated. when the lakewood roshei yeshiva went to visit in the early to mid 1990s, their escort lazer stefansky reported back az r' lazer zol zein gezunt iz nisht bei der kelim

excuse my ignorance but who is chesshin?

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

Chesshin was the go-to "mekubel" at the time.

Old Torah Vodaas said...

R' Yaakov Kamenetzky went to Elazar's zayde der Baba Sali to get a berocho. The picture is floating around of R' Yaakov bending his keppel under Baba Sali's hands. Rav Elyashev's grandfather was also the real thing.

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

R' Yaakov was fooled and betrayed by many people much closer to him than Baba Sali.

"Rav Elyashev's grandfather was also the real thing"

I have no idea what the real thing means in that context.

Anonymous said...

"R' Yaakov was fooled and betrayed by many people much closer to him than Baba Sali."

If that nut Chaim Schwartz from Agudah & Queens Vaad is to be believed, guess who he will finger as the first culprit to dupe R' Yaakov? :o)

Actually, let me rephrase that. He believes anyone who sat on the Moetzes has papal infallability so the culprit was a case of a pain in the butt tag along invading R' Yaakov's space. He already alluded to this once on Yudel's blog while mentioning how "Feivish" knows some of R' Yaakov's zogs.

Peanut gallery said...

A rosh kollel who knows Shas baal peh told me he saw in person by Baba Sali the famous thing said over by the velt that they kept pouring from the same bottle of Arak to visitors yet the bottle would not empty. Unless someone slipped something in his glass to play tricks on his eyes or there was a secret tube replenishing the bottle, how can it be explained. Don't forget the Baba Sali was in the same dor as R' Moishe or even earlier so it's not so shver he had some kind of powers.

Sammy said...

>What was Rav Pam ztl supposed to do about marauding savages in Crown Heights when they were being protected by the bathroom attendant in lieu of Mayor, David Dinkins and the putz Police Commish Lee "out of town" Brown? No one paid attention in that administration unless you had plenty of melanin pigment. They certainly wouldn't listen to some pale skinned old man.<

He could've urged mass-trhillim or a march on City Hall perhaps.

Leopold Margulies said...

If anyvone vants a brucheh, dey can come to me for a nominal donation. UOJ tinks he can pooh pooh all us baalei moifsim but da bottom line is I kept Kolko going for 30 years.

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

A rosh kollel who knows Shas baal peh told me he saw in person by Baba Sali the famous thing said over by the velt that they kept pouring from the same bottle of Arak to visitors yet the bottle would not empty.


Read what you wrote carefully! Would you let your daughter marry anyone who believes this?

YTT Vaad Hahorim said...


The Sharon Home, also known as Simkin, is the only kosher nursing home in Winnipeg.

“Simkin quality of life & fulfillment remain at the core of what the centre's about,” the website says. “We ensure spiritual & physical needs are met.”

However, during the past 2 years, events have come to light that reveal a very different side.

Lillian Peck, 93, was rushed to the hospital with horrendous bedsores. She died shortly of wounds which became infected.

Her daughter Marsha Palansky told the Jewish Tribune her condition was caused by negligence.

“When staff saw the skin, they didn’t contact the wound teams,” Palansky said, adding nurses at the hospital observed her mother had not been cleaned by Sharon staff.

A report by Manitoba Protection of Persons in Care Office supports Palansky. PPCO investigated Sharon after Peck died. They issued a report concluding “physical abuse by neglect.”

The report vindicates Palansky & also families that tried to approach the board of Sharon with their own concerns. This delegation asked the board to meet & hear complaints about care their elderly family members were receiving. The board denied the request.

Harriet Berkal, whose father was a resident says the refusal to meet families is symptomatic of a closed system of governance in the home.

According to home bylaws, only individuals nominated by current board members can run for the board. There's no process that allows the public to be nominated.

“You need democracy,” Berkal said, adding her delegation is calling for the resignation of Sandra Delorme, CEO of Sharon, & the board

Berkal says the board is perpetuating “fear & intimidation” harming residents & alienating families. She threatened to go to CBC News because a nurse was trying to “ram medication” down her protesting father’s throat. In response, the home sent a letter threatening to ban her.

The home does it under the guise that staff have been threatened by a family member, Berkal said of the banning letters, which she added have been sent to many individuals. “There’s no impartial hearing.”

Berkal's father developed an ear infection, which nurses insisted was ingrown hair. Berkal was forced to take her father to a specialist, who immediately hospitalized him because his infection had gone septic.

“Nurses are encouraged not to bother the doctor,” Berkal said. “there’s malignant culture there reflected in many attitudes.”

Palansky felt there was no communication. “I wasn't informed my mother had temperature until they took her to the hospital”.

In a letter detailing its investigation into Peck’s death, PPCO found the nurses “lacked knowledge of the wound, how to treat it & failure of basic protocol.”

Delorme insists Peck’s death was “an isolated incident.” After Peck died, Sharon disciplined 6 staff & a nurse is no longer employed there.

WRHA is conducting a “full standards review” of Sharon, the 1st in Manitoba history.

WRHA also ordered a “leadership review,” to address governance & management.

47th St said...


Be on guard. Sophisticated thieves have been tracking frum diamond dealers in England by attaching tracking devices under their cars.

Shmarya groupie said...

I got excited when I saw Africa but then my face fell when I saw the word yeshiva in the same sentence


First Yeshiva Opens in Central Africa

Skverrer Liars and Ganuvim said...


In this article about New Square flouting building & fire safety codes for 50 years, note that the village falls in a fire district called "Moleston". Ess passt with all the molesten'.

Skver has hired PR super power broker Hank Sheinkopf which is like hiring Ben Brafman as an attorney.