Thursday, July 08, 2010

"Mr. President, Whose Side Are You On?"

Obama: Israelis Suspicious Of Me Because My Middle Name Is Hussein!

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OU Crony Watch said...


The apple doesn't fall far from the rotten OU tree.

Lower East Side said...

Police responded to a call about an unconscious man in the third-floor loft at 101 Wooster St. at 9 a.m. Wed. They found James Rothstein, 58, who was declared dead at the scene by an Emergency Medical Services team. Police sources said no criminality was suspected. Rothstein, a former bond trader with Merrill Lynch, Bear Stearns and UBS, and head of his own investment firm, had been fighting alcoholism and depression for years, especially after a recent breakup with his former wife

S.O.S. from Queens said...

We need help to neutralize the Queens Vaad gangsters. There are a lot of them but the two most out of control right now are Yoel Schonfeld and his personal enforcer Chaim Schwartz.

Schwartz who used to work for the Agudah is spending his whole day writing attacks on the internet and email to defend molesters and cover up for non-kosher food and grave robbing. They pay this putz 6 figures to do this when he is supposed to be overseeing kashrus. He even sent an email to taunt a victim of Eisemann in Baltimore. When he's not on the computer or Blackberry he is making phone calls to have people threatened.

Schwartz is like Bungalow Putz Neuhoff, Avi Shafran and a shlemazal version of Margulies-Belsky all rolled into one.

Schonfeld is a YU and yeshivat hesder guy who decided to improve his resume by capping off in Lakewood for a short time. He makes sure that the food in town never reaches an acceptable kosher standard and has Schwartz run around with his big payos and yeshivishe shprach to lie to everyone that it is lemehadrin.

These unterveltniks are also working together with Peretz Steinberg & Elchonon Zohn to cover up the millions they make from grave robbing.

Besides help from UOJ, any information about these creeps from the public is appreciated.

Scarsdale said...


A longtime lawyer for the Bronx Public Administrator stole more than $300,000 from the estates of those who died without leaving a will, prosecutors charged Thursday.

Lawyer Michael Lippman was counsel to the office that administers the estates of those who died without wills from 1983 through 2009.

He surrendered in the morning to face charges of billing for work he never performed on five estates. Lippman's problems were first exposed by the Daily News last year.

Lippman was arraigned in Bronx Supreme Court on charges that could put him in jail for up to 15 years.

The city Department of Investigation says Lippman took advance fees from the estates without court approval for work that was never done.

He pleaded not guilty and was released on his own recognizance.

"We perceive that many of these charges are beyond the statute of limitations," said Lippman's lawyer, Murray Richman. "We absolutely maintain our non-guilt."

Lippman was charged with two counts of grand larceny in the second degree, three counts of grand larceny in the third degree, scheming to defraud in the first degree, and four counts each of offering a false instrument for filing and falsifying business records, according to the indictment.

Lippman pocketed more than $1.5 million in upfront fees between 2005 and April 2008, before he was dogged with questions about the practice.

He is expected back in court in October.

Nassau County said...


A former investment analyst at NIR Group, the Long Island hedge fund firm run by Corey Ribotsky, has been accused of securities fraud in a criminal information filed by the U.S. Attorney in Brooklyn.

According to the criminal information, Daryl Dworkin misled investors in the hedge fund by “making materially false statements and material omissions” regarding assets held in NIR’s funds specializing in deals known as PIPEs, or private investments in public equity. The criminal information, filed in federal court on July 2, also says that in defrauding investors Dworkin was “acting at the direction of NIR’s senior management.”

Dworkin solicited and accepted kickbacks from deal finders who facilitated PIPE investments by NIR’s PIPE funds, which once claimed to manage more than $700 million in assets, according to the criminal information. PIPE deal finders facilitate PIPE deal financings for publicly-traded companies in return for a fee usually paid by the companies. In these deals NIR would provide cash to a publicly-traded company in exchange for a convertible debenture that entitled NIR to receive interest and repayment in the form of cash or discounted equity securities. This would often cause the stock of thinly-traded companies receiving the financing to plummet.

In one instance, federal prosecutors claim, Dworkin received $375,000 in kickbacks from one “corrupt PIPE deal finder.” Dworkin was wire transferred kickbacks and also took them in cash. He also took steps to conceal the kickbacks from NIR’s senior management, says the criminal information.

UOJ gets results said...

People sexually abused at the hands of Catholic priests will have more time to file a lawsuit against the church after Vatican City extends the statute of limitations for sex crimes next week.

Church sources tell Reuters that in addition to increasing the statute of limitations from 10 years to 20 years, penalties will be imposed now for priests caught with child pornography.

The moves come as Pope Benedict tries to control the wave of sex scandals in the United States and Europe.

Shmarya groupie said...


Depression in Black gay men hardly registers, even as a blip, on the national radar of mental health issues. As a mental illness, depression rearing its ugly head, manifests in the high numbers of unreported suicide attempts by Black gay men. Outside of choosing traditional methods, such as slitting wrists, hanging, shooting themselves, overdosing on prescription drugs, or jumping from high places, reports are surfacing of increases in narcotic and alcohol abuse, rampant sexual promiscuity, and more creative ways such as suicide by proxy – placing themselves in positions for either death by cop or dangerous life threatening conditions. Some also choose “bug chasing”, deliberately setting out to contract HIV by having promiscuous unprotected sex

Anonymous said...

Anyone know if this is a haymishe guy? He lives around the corner from Young Israel of Bayside


Irving Stitsky, who defrauded more than 250 people in a $23 million fraudulent real estate investment, was sentenced to 85 years in prison today in Manhattan federal court. U.S. District Judge Kimba Wood sentenced Stitsky, whom she called “an inveterate con man,” to the maximum for his third securities fraud conviction.

Moshe Heinemann said...

The 9th Circuit upheld the convictions of two men who insisted on representing themselves on charges that they ran an illegitimate debt-elimination business, and then claimed incompetence when their plan backfired. "The record shows that the defendants are fools, but that is not the same as being incompetent," Judge Barry Silverman wrote.

Kurt F. Johnson and Dale Scott Heineman were indicted on fraud charges for accepting more than $3 million from homeowners who were desperate to reduce their mortgages. The methods Johnson and Heineman used were legally questionable and landed some borrowers in hot water.

Anonymous said...


A Missouri woman who claimed a Chuck E. Cheese mascot groped her breast has settled her lawsuit against the operator of the restaurant chain, On Point has learned.

Jennifer Sorbello's case raised some novel issues of employer liability for an employee's misconduct toward a customer. She alleged in a complaint filed last year that William Thigpen “touched and groped [her] breast with his hand” while performing as the Chuck E. Cheese mascot at a Chuck E. Cheese restaurant in St. Louis.

Agudah gets results said...


Former Governor George E. Pataki and other officials can be sued for the involuntary civil commitment of violent sexual predators without notice or a hearing upon the completion of their prison terms, a federal judge has ruled.

Southern District Judge Jed S. Rakoff concluded that Mr. Pataki, the former commissioners of the New York State Department of Correctional Services, the state Office of Mental Health and others are not shielded by qualified immunity for actions that "rather blatantly violated plaintiffs' constitutional rights."

The inmates were shuttled directly from prison to the Manhattan Psychiatric Center after Mr. Pataki unilaterally promulgated a Sexual Violent Predator Initiative in September 2005. He acted after the Legislature several times failed to enact a civil confinement statute.

Judge Rakoff said the governor's initiative ran afoul of U.S. Supreme Court case law and, in any event, "no balancing of public and private interests can remotely justify what happened here."

The state Attorney General's Office has appealed Judge Rakoff's decision in Bailey v. Pataki, 08 Civ. 8563, to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit. Both the office and Mr. Pataki, now of counsel at Chadbourne & Parke, declined comment yesterday.

Six plaintiffs sued Mr. Pataki and several officials alleging a politically motivated conspiracy to violate their civil rights.

OU Eyepopper said...

Lo lechinim holich hazarzir etzel Steve Greenberg.

Does the OU really have NO problem that Seth Mandel is a working partner of the only openly gay musmach of YU, who distorts the Torah to permit toeyvah?

Seth Mandel and the OU cannot plead ignorance since Steve Greenberg's elevated position at Hazon is specifically to promote "alternative lifestyles", lo aleinu!

Did Seth Mandel follow Steve Greenberg as a co-presenter at this recent event as well?:


Three national Jewish LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) groups came together to organize the “2010 LGBT Jewish Movement-Building Convening” in the hopes of fostering an organized Jewish LGBT movement. The meeting, held in Berkeley, California on June 27-29, took huge steps toward making that goal a reality. GLAAD Religion, Faith and Values staff was among the more than 100 Jewish and advocacy groups who attended this invitation-only conference.

The Convening was organized by Keshet, which advocates for the inclusion of LGBT Jews in all parts of the Jewish community; Nehirim, which aims to build community for Jewish LGBT people; (Greenberg is the rabbi of Keshet and Nehirim & Hazon share the same commune in CT)

the conference and, as usual, included a number of LGBT or LGBT-allied rabbis. Here are just a few of them:

J. Rolando Matalon (senior Hazon official) is senior rabbi of Temple B’nai Jeshurun in New York City, which, among its many social justice programs, runs a Marriage Equality Hevra that advocates for same-sex marriage in New York State.


An Interview With Rabbi Steven Greenberg: Orthodox And Gay

Q: Has the Orthodox movement become more accepting since you came out?

A: Yes. Despite the hardening of some in fear, most are hearing our stories and opening their hearts.

(Who knew that Seth Mandel and the OU were such "rachmonim"?)

Leopold Margulies said...

Ha Ha, as if anything vill happen even if Vatican City extends the statute of limitations.

They are my talmidim on how to "investigate".

yudi said...

please excuse that my typing is kinda sloppy and that i don't recall the exact date, i think it was 1999 or 2000.

i dealt with a schwartz, i think it was a chaim schwartz, at the agudah who is the most narrow minded yeshivishe idiot i ever dealt with in my life

there was a big problem on an aol forum for jewish dating. in the 18-25 yr old group the participants were over 90% frum. there were people coming there for znus and enticing the kids (i was about 25 at the time). they included married swingers. the marrieds were not orthodox from what i could tell, one couple was in the 5 towns. they probably preferred aol for ease of access and because frum kids arent likely to have diseases

i thought for sure the agudah would immediately contact jewish family & child services who were funding the forum and get them to monitor and kick out the swingers and warn parents to either stop their kids from using internet unless they are supervised

what happened instead? schwartz starts giving me the 5th degree why are you on the internet? i told him that a very yeshivishe posek told me it is mutter to find a shidduch that way because i am now a little older and out of yeshiva. schwartz insisted i must be mistaken because according to him it would be impossible that any yeshivishe posek would allow internet or date in a way that's not yeshivish, i said whatcha mean? even an adam gadol told me that some yeshivishe derachim are silly. schwartz had some involuntary spasms when he heard that and grunted "oy vey, chas vesholom, i'm not mekabel!" i later found out that achronim on the Tu B'Av sugya in maseches Taanis back up what i was doing and rav gifter held it was chiyuv for older people to look outside the box for shidduchim

schwartz said he would not do anything to stop the znus because it is an even bigger problem for the agudah to be makir that the internet exists so they therefore would not contact JFCS or warn parents

schwartz badgered me several times in the 45 minutes that he gave me his dreidel to tell him my last name and became agitated when i refused. he also tried twice to sweet talk me into agreeing not to use the internet and got pissed off when i wouldn't agree

yudi said...

after agudah i went to young israel. some old lady betty ehrenberg took the call but i couldn't get her to understand what the problem was. i think she was a little hard of hearing and too old fashion to understand what i was saying.

next i went to another org, i think ou. they were very rude and not interested

next i went to a rosh yeshiva related to someone on the moetzes. he refused to speak to the moetzes and passing the buck told me to make a copy of the dialog from the swingers and mail it to rabbi bressler in scranton so torah umesorah can deal with it.

believe it or not, my hard drive crashed a couple of hours after i spoke to him

next i went to jews for morality. think what you want of rabbi yehuda levin but he was the first one with enough sense to take it seriously. he went to rav avigdor miller but the gabbai was an idiot like schwartz who wouldn't let him inside with the excuse that you can't bother a gadol about the internet

next i went to a rov who knows howard jonas because he owned 10% of aol. the rov asked him to get aol monitors to block the swingers. howard jonas wouldn't step up to the plate either

the only thing that worked was my final effort with secular jews. i went to the uja because they fund jfcs. the uja said they hear me and would have a meeting to discuss it. the uja used their influence and the aol forum was not just restricted but completely shut down. it seems that the funders did not want their name associated in any way with swinging

it's also possible the rosh yeshiva had a change of heart after we spoke because around the same time the moetzes warned parents about kids on the internet. i don't know because i was disappointed he refused to get involved and stopped talking to him

Tzad hashoveh said...


Two years after a national health scare over melamine-tainted milk products rocked China’s dairy industry and called food safety here into question, inspectors in western China’s Qinghai Province have seized 76 tons of dairy ingredients laced with the same industrial chemical, the state-run Xinhua news agency reported Friday.

On Wednesday, a southern China newspaper reported that one father who launched an online crusade for food safety after his child died from melamine poisoning had been sentenced to one year in a labor camp for “re-education,” a form of punishment often handed out to dissidents who incur official disfavor.

The Guangzhou-based Southern Metropolis Daily said that the father, Tang Lin, lost his 1-year-old son in August 2008 after the boy was poisoned by tainted infant formula made by the Sanlu Group, then China’s biggest dairy. The company went bankrupt after the poisonings became public.

After the local authorities in Chongqing city, in central China, refused to compensate him, Mr. Tang took his grievances online to a popular chat service called QQ. He was arrested on May 19, his wife told the newspaper, and apparently was sent to the labor camp shortly afterward for “posing a threat to public security by scare-mongering,” the newspaper stated.


The Ocean County Prosecutor’s office says that Luban sent out text messages urging residents of Lakewood to try to pressure an alleged victim’s father into not testifying.

A flier distributed in the New Jersey town last Wednesday that was provided to The Jewish Star names the alleged victim’s father in the headline and states that he “makes a mockery of the Torah.”

Free lunch said...

Obama has gotten together with FCC Chief Julius Genachowski, the first cousin of the OU's Menachem Genack, to give free high speed internet to shvartzas and rural people that will cost taxpayers $7.2 billion.

Queens Vaad Kindergarten said...

When Schonfeld and Schwartz started attacking Rabbi Dr. Asher Lipner the other day on Yudel's blog, they also suddenly developed an obsession to demonize UOJ who they refer to as "Feivish".

For months now, they have been impersonating the screen names of their critics to say stupid, immature things in the hope that Yudel's readers will think low of the Queens Vaad critics.

Starting today, the Schwartz-Schonfeld impersonations include the screen name "gay feivish".

Crown Heights said...


Big shot Lubavs don't listen to the Rebbe's tzavoah when it comes to money & power.