Tuesday, October 05, 2010

You can help us win the war against child abuse by doing two things!


Dear Friends:

Our community has turned the corner. There is a consensus. We are committed to eradicating child abuse.

You can help us win the war against child abuse by doing two things.

First, sign our petition. Visit the web site of the Jewish Board of Advocates for Children at: www.jewishadvocates.org. Our petition calls for new laws, such as, requiring our religious schools to fingerprint their employees, so we can avoid hiring registered sex offenders, and other dangerous persons with criminal histories; strengthening of our mandatory abuse-reporting laws; no corporal punishment; mandatory discipline of abusive employees; reform of our unfair statute of limitation laws.

New York State has the weakest laws in the country for protecting religious school children. It is no wonder that our religious schools have been afflicted with an abuse problem. This has to change.

Next, the week of October 17 through 24, 2010, has been declared, National Jewish Week for the Prevention of Child Abuse. The Week is endorsed by the Rabbinical Council of America, the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America, Iggud HaRabbonim-Rabbinical Alliance of America, JSafe-Jewish Institute for an Abuse-Free Environment, Chicago Rabbinical Council, and Associated Talmud Torah of Chicago. Our web site proposes how synagogues, yeshivas, and all Jewish community institutions can participate through learning, speaking, listening, and doing. Please also visit the web site of the Orthodox Union, at ou.org, where the National Week is also promoted.

And please tell your friends!

Jewish Board of Advocates for Children, Inc.

Board of Directors: Elliot Pasik, Esq., President; Dr. Asher Lipner, Exec. V.P.; Perry Schafler, MA, MSW, VP.

Executive Committee: Haim Dweck, Eli Greenwald, Moshe Fessel, Esq., Rivka Finkelstein, Bracha Goetz, MA, Dorron Katzin, CPA, Maury Kelman, Esq., Dr. Nachum Klafter, Brochie Neugarten, Chaim Shapiro, MEd, Dr. Jeffrey Singer, Dr. Vivian Skolnick, Mark Weiss, Leon Zacharowicz.

Rabbinical Committee: R' Yosef Blau, MS, R' Mark Dratch, R' Allen Schwartz, MA, R' Moshe Soloveichik, R' Chaim Wakslak, PhD.


Leopold Margulies said...


Toxic Sludge Floods Several Hungarian Towns

Tropper bin pimpin' said...

What was the outcome of Kol Yaakov's lawsuit against Leib Tropper? The State website only says that the case ended on July 19th.

Teaneck said...

Bergen County Prosecutor John L. Molinelli announced the arrest of Michael T. Mager (DOB: 9/8/78) of 316 Cane Street, Teaneck, New Jersey, on Sexual Assault and Endangering the Welfare of a Child. The arrest came about as a result of an investigation conducted by members of the Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office, Sex Crimes and Child Abuse Unit, under the direction of Chief Steven Cucciniello, and the Garfield Police Department, under the direction of Chief Kevin Amos.

On Monday, October 4, 2010, members of the Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office, Sex Crimes and Child Abuse Unit, and the Garfield Police Department arrested Michael T. Mager after learning that he engaged in inappropriate sexual activities with a fifteen (15) year old female acquaintance.

OU Eyepopper said...


Has anyone seen Dokter Rabbiner Seth Mandel lately? Just curious if he joined his friends from Hazon again, this time for the seudah on Sukkos at Branch Creek Farm in Perkasie, PA. The seudah was catered by Zahav in Philly, a TREIF Israeli-style restaurant that serves basar becholov and wines made by Muslims in Arab countries. Hamotzie was made by a Reconstructionist rabbi.

Yankel Applegrad said...

Can someone get UOJ off our backs?

KOLONTAR, Hungary (AP) Hungary's national investigative agency takes over inquiry into burst of toxic sludge reservoir at 555 Ocean Parkway.

Anonymous said...


Jews declare war on abusers.

Both versions of the story are correct said...


October 6, 2010

Hungarians Raced to Escape Sludge


KOLONTAR, Hungary — Just before he raced for refuge in the attic of his family’s home here on Monday at lunchtime, Krisztian Holczer called his mother at her job at a school near here.

“You won’t believe what is happening,” Mr. Holczer said.

A wave of caustic red sludge had just poured in over the back fence and was descending rapidly over the backyard, smothering chickens and hares as well as an elaborately tended garden of flowers, peppers, grapes and tomatoes. The muddy red mud rose up until it covered the tiled front porch, leached in through the front door, dying the pristine white lace curtains red. Mr. Holczer, 34, escaped with burns on his feet from the caustic sludge.

Nikolett Fekete who lives here said she was mowing her lawn when the dog began to “bark like mad” and she heard a “strange moving sound like horses running in a field,” announcing the red mud’s arrival.


Hungarians Raced to Escape UOJ


555 Ocean Parkway — Just before he raced for refuge in the attic of his family’s home here on Monday at lunchtime, Yudi Kolko called Edith.

“You won’t believe what is happening,” Kolko said.

A wave of caustic blogs and NY Mag articles had just poured in and was descending rapidly over Brooklyn, smothering Agudah Fressers and Hungarians. The muddy exposure rose up until it covered the front porch of Margo's house, leached in through the front door, dying his pristine white kittel red. Kolko managed to escape with burns on his feet from a simple misdemeanor after Charlie Hynes sabotaged the case.

Mrs. Fekete who knew Margo in Satmar said she was mowing her lawn when Bungalow Putz Neuhoff began to “bark like mad” and she heard a “strange moving sound like horses running in a field,” announcing UOJ's cracking of the 30 year cover up.

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

R' Both Versions:

You keep getting better:-)))

Chicago putz said...


When will they get these guys on the dais of the Agudah Midwest fresser convention?

Queens said...

Someone from the Queens Vaad, very possibly Chaim Schwartz who used to work at the Agudah, recently wrote a comment on R' Yudel Shain's blog attacking a Queens resident, namely me, for focusing on a michtav (which he didn't name but was obviously the one from R' Shraga Feivel Mendlowitz ztl), "instead of focusing on Rabbeinu Yona & the Chofetz Chaim." Because the post was ridiculous and otherwise full of personal attacks that go against the very spirit of what he claimed to defend, R' Yudel erased the comment.

The only person I have ever shown the michtav to is a rov who I later learned was turning around & feeding everything I told him to Schwartz. The weird thing is that this rov does not eat from the Queens Vaad because he doesn't trust them (which drives Schwartz mad) but still decided to throw me under the bus after he was convinced by some yoyos that R' Yudel and UOJ are the biggest reshoyim on Earth. He literally repeated from a jerk at the OU who is friends with Schwartz that "Yudel is worse than Hitler, he is mamash a Nazi".

If this isn't a sign that some of our "manhigim" are extremely gullible and dangerous people, I don't know what is. I spoke to some (true) gedolim who agree these people are out of their minds for a variety of reasons. I have since left my shul because of this.

Big shot from LA said...


When I started reading here about another Beverly Hills based scam, I cringed and wondered if the trail leads back to Beth Jacob again. Thank G-d it some Chinese or Korean putz this time.

Lawrence Cohen said...


A 45-year-old convicted sex offender, formerly of Manalapan, has been charged with two counts of endangering the welfare of children after viewing child pornography on the Internet at the Asbury Park Public Library earlier this week.

Detective Capt. Anthony Salerno said that Lawrence J. Cohen of Sixth Avenue was being held in the Monmouth County Jail in lieu of $70,000 bail.

Salerno said Cohen was observed viewing the child pornography Monday afternoon and when he returned to the library on Tuesday, he was identified and arrested.

Authorities took the computer and are applying for a search warrant to go through it, Salerno said.

The library has a reputable filtering system on its computers, but that system still can be circumvented, library director Robert Stewart said. Salerno said the pornography could have been sent via e-mail, but that is not yet known.

Cohen claimed in 1997 when living in Manalapan that a multiple personality disorder led him to arrange a weekend of bondage with an 11-year-old boy. A kindergarten teacher at a public school in Brooklyn at the time, he was apprehended because the boy he thought he was making arrangements to meet was a police officer posing as a child in an Internet chat room.

When Cohen arrived at a motel in Wall, arresting officers found he had brought a car trunk full of bondage gear, according to news reports. Later, police found similar restraining devices in his desk at his school.

Cohen served seven years in prison on state and federal charges. He returned to his parents' home in Manalapan in 2006 but quickly came under attack from neighbors who said he could not live within 2,500 feet of a school, day care center, park or library under the township's Sex Offender Residency Restriction ordinance. That law was repealed in 2009.

Cohen began a fight to stay in Manalapan, but later moved to Asbury Park.

Munkatcher Putz said...


More victims of Burich Lebovits have been going to the police.

UOJ gets results said...


Yeshiva Poll Shows More Awareness of Sexual Abuse

Arthur said...

Just another something to give the Rubashkin bashers something to bash about.

Arthur said...

Camp Simcha.Simply amazing and inspirational.


Anonymous said...

Funny that the Agudah is not listed on the list....

Anonymous said...

Has anyone seen this blog:

It is off the wall crazy, attacking UOJ, etc. bashing the current Kol Yaakov admin and calling Tropper HaRav "Shlita" at every opportunity.

It is also filled with unabashed chanifa of every other Rov, as if the author is the grand decider of "Gedolim".

French Bastard from Le Marais said...


If this story were presented as a screenplay, no producer would buy it. It’s just too incredible. A flamboyant artist charms his way into the good graces of an 88-year-old heiress, who gives him gifts worth more than $1 billion. The heiress’s daughter sues the dandy for allegedly exploiting her mother’s feeble condition. Meanwhile, the old lady’s butler secretly records her conversations with her financial advisers. Leaked to the press, the recordings suggest massive tax fraud, murky ownership of a tropical island, and cozy, perhaps illegal relations with the country’s president, whose campaign was partially funded by the heiress. Then a key witness for the daughter accuses a prominent Cabinet minister of accepting $195,000 in cash on behalf of the president. But the witness’s reliability is questioned when it turns out that the daughter paid her $515,000. Added to all that, the colossal fortune in question comes from a cosmetics firm founded by an anti-Semitic Nazi sympathizer, whose granddaughter, the plaintiff, is married to the grandson of a rabbi who died at Auschwitz. Would anyone buy that?

Yankel Velvel Katz in Cleveland said...


Being friendly with Tropper pays off. I get a favorable mention on the pro-Tropper blog and they leave out that many of my kollel yungerleit and their veiber were named as conspirators in the biggest mortgage fraud case in Ohio history.

Vos zogt UOJ? said...


In the comments of this article where Dr. Pelcovitz promotes himself as a champion of abuse victims, he is attacked by Vicky Polin and an unnamed abuse survivor for talking out of both sides of his mouth. The survivor further accuses Ohel of a cover up in progress to make sure that pedophiles from New Square don't go to jail.

Troppenstein's monster said...


They are also attacking Rav Eidensohn and falsely accuse him of lying about being backed by Rav Sternbuch.

They try to discredit Rav Eidensohn & UOJ by lumping them together with Shmarya.

Bat Melech said...


Bat Melech provides rare support for abused religious women

Anonymous said...

Someone giving hashgocho in the Midwest identifies himself as a "neo-Hasidic" rabbi. At first I thought it was some kind of a joke or a label that the guy made up but it turns out that there is a small movement by that name.


The neo-Hasidic movement was led by "the New Yorker Rebbe" Rabbi Joseph Gelberman who was niftar this Rosh Hashana at 98 years old.


He started learning by Rav Schneider in Frankfurt in 1929 and later received semicha from the Satmar dayan in his hometown of Nagyesced, Hungary. He nebich snapped eventually and went off the derech after his wife & daughter were killed in Auschwitz, but not before enrolling in YU in 1939.


He founded a multi-faith seminary on the Upper West Side together with every avodah zara imaginable including American Indian Shamanism and Wiccan witchcraft.


He also attended retreats with the Ashram cultists.

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

I do not know Dr. Pelcovitz, but have heard only good things about him.