Friday, December 24, 2010

To My Gentile Friends - No Wonder Your Guy Was So Ticked Off At Us! Happy Holiday!


Kranc Iz Er ("sick is he" in Yiddish) said...

The tale of Gershon Kranczer, the Krancer aka Kranc-iz-er, 11

Kranczer is a COWARD! At least the latest crop of rabbinical and Haredi wrong-doers are facing courts, juries and judges and going to jail taking it on the chin like men. It is not "beneath" the dignity of the Spinker Rebbe to go to jail. He even hosts a melaave malka before his departure.

Kranczer's fellow Chaim Berlin alumnus, David Schick went to jail for a long time for his crimes of fraud. He could have skipped the country and left his wife as a virtual agunah, but instead, he went to jail. Kolko did not cut and run all the years he is under investigation. Rubashkin faced his accusers, argued his case, and was given a hefty sentence, far too hefty, of nearly three decades, but at no point was he thinking of absconding from the law and running from his accusers like a chicken. Rabbi Milton Balkany, Rubashkin's brother-in-law is also facing serious charges and jail time, he is not running anywhere.

Today's world is such a small place. "Wise" criminals caught with their pants down KNOW they are better off facing the law, arriving at plea bargains, cooperating fully and SHOWING REMORSE!!!! Police forces share data and information. There really is no place to hide, as the "rabbi" Chen who tried to run to Brazil found out and was shipped back to Israel to face trial for running a sicko cult and torturing babies. The Satmar Chosid Yisroel Weingarten who was raping his daughter and shipped her around to Europe and back also went to jail, and there is a moral equilibrium that is created, and a collective sigh of relief, of Baruch Hashem, when crimes are punished.

But not Kranczer who imagines that he "hovers" above the law. He is a "holier than though" practitioner of incest. He not only runs and hides, but obviously has the help of his friends in Israel who are housing, feeding and shielding him and his equally depraved 21 year old son Osher Anshil also wanted for rape and incest charges against his sisters.

They cannot run and hide forever. How can they sleep at night? How can they live with themselves? Who gives such animals shelter? Would you harbor such derelicts? They must be turned in to the law, and brought to justice before they cause more harm to innocent unsuspecting simple and trusting humans around them.

Moshe Feiglin said...

The Jewish Press

Who Set The Fire And Why?

By: Moshe Feiglin

Date: Wednesday, December 22 2010

(The following column is translated from Maariv's NRG website)

The radio reports were incessantly covering the fire raging in the Carmel Mountains. The focus of the reports was twofold: The heartwarming response of the Israeli public to the fire's victims, with families from around the country volunteering to open their homes to those who lost their homes or were displaced from them; and concentrating on finding the guilty party or parties. Who is guilty for the fact that Israel doesn't have amphibian planes? Whose fault is it that Israel doesn't have more firefighters? Who is to blame for their lack of basic equipment? The finger-pointing is gathering steam. Just one question is not being asked: Is the guilty party the person who struck the match?

There is no question that Israel must better prepare itself for fires. Perhaps God is giving us a fire drill in advance of a strategic attack. Perhaps somebody will finally remove the dangerous chemicals being stored in Haifa Bay to storage areas far from population centers. Maybe Israel will finally buy amphibian planes, capable of filling huge amounts of seawater within minutes and releasing them on the flames before they get out of control. There are certainly many technical lessons to be learned and implemented from this Chanukah tragedy. But when all is said and done, we are looking for all those responsible for the fiasco everywhere but where they really are. The question is not why the fire wasn't extinguished sooner, but rather who lit it.

This time the fire started in the illegal Asufiya garbage dump? Perhaps.

And no proof of arson has been found for the fires that broke out simultaneously in nearby Kiryat Bialik? True.

And no perpetrators have been found for the fires that broke out at the same time in the south, even closing down some train service there. Also true.

Nevertheless, it was clear to me - and to all others afraid to talk about this openly - that the huge blaze in the Carmel Mountains would kindle all sorts of other fires far away from the range of its sparks. It makes no difference if it started in a garbage dump or by arson. It makes no difference because we all know that most of the fires in Israel are caused by arson - arson perpetrated by Arabs, not by crazies or criminals; arson motivated by nationalism. Yes, arson by Arab citizens of Israel.

Everyone is busy figuring out how many tons of fire extinguishers we must keep in storage, but they are afraid to touch upon the real reason for the fires. So the question begs: Who is setting these fires, and why?

Moshe Feiglin said...


The Jewish Press

Who Set The Fire And Why?

By: Moshe Feiglin

Arson in Israel is generally perpetrated by Israeli Arabs. Not all of them, of course. But somehow, those guilty of arson are generally from the Arab sector.

Why would they do it? After all, life is good for Arabs in Israel. There is no Arab state where an Arab can enjoy absolute freedom and economic wellbeing like in Israel. Why do they hate us so much? Why do they burn the land that is showering them with so much good?

I do not think that they do it because they are bad people. I have gotten to know quite a few Arabs with hearts of gold. They also do not do it because of some dark primitivism. And they are not stupid.

But they have a problem with the Islamic religion and culture.

When a doctor from Kfar Saba's Meir Hospital murders his sister for "family honor," he is motivated by a very problematic cultural background.

"The Arab is not the son of the desert, but its progenitor," said the first British commissioner of the Sinai, Sir Charles Darvis. Wherever the Arab goes, he brings the desert with him. Now he has brought the desert to the evergreen Carmel Mountains.

Take Israel-hater Arab MK Azmi Bishara, for example. If his dream comes true and Israel is defeated, he will lose his fat salary and the other benefits that he has. Why is he cutting off the branch upon which he sits?

The answer is that questions like that are irrelevant in a culture of robbers. In Arab countries, there is no middle class. In the Middle East, either you are one of the lucky few partaking in the feast, or you belong to the masses that are part of the menu. For this reason there is not, and there never will be, democracy in the Arab states, and their economies will never flourish. Israel produces more than all of its neighbors combined. That is not because we are extremely industrious. It is because true economic vitality cannot exist in a culture of robbery.

"The Jews' goal is to establish a Jewish state in the Land of Israel," explained former British Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs Ernest Bevin to the UN, "while the goal of the Arabs is that there should not be a Jewish state in the Land of Israel." Bevin cannot be counted as a friend of Israel. But he, like Darvis 30 years before him, understood that there is no struggle taking place in Israel between nations and cultures that desire to settle and develop the land. Rather there is only one side that wants to do so - while the other side has no positive intentions. Its only goal is the elimination of the first side's goals.

Arab culture is anti-productive. It has no good and bad, only strong and weak. If you have given me something, it is a sign that you are weak - in other words, morally inferior to me. And that makes you my prey.

Currently, Israel is the main course on the Arab menu. If we want to live, we will have to wake up and deal with the Arab enemy. Sadly, we have plenty of experience.