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When kids drop out today, “they’re condemned to poverty and social failure.”


Op-Ed Columnist
The New York Times

For me, the most frightening news in The Times on Sunday was not about North Korea’s stepping up its nuclear program, but an article about how American kids are stepping up their use of digital devices: “Allison Miller, 14, sends and receives 27,000 texts in a month, her fingers clicking at a blistering pace as she carries on as many as seven text conversations at a time. She texts between classes, at the moment soccer practice ends, while being driven to and from school and, often, while studying. But this proficiency comes at a cost: She blames multitasking for the three B’s on her recent progress report. “I’ll be reading a book for homework and I’ll get a text message and pause my reading and put down the book, pick up the phone to reply to the text message, and then 20 minutes later realize, ‘Oh, I forgot to do my homework.’ ”

I don’t want to pick on Miller. I highlight her words only because they’re integral to a much larger point: Our unemployment today is not only because of the financial crisis. There are some deeper problems. If we’re going to get more Americans back to work, we will need more stimulus from the U.S.G. — the U.S. government — from the top down. But we will also need more stimulus from the P.T.A.’s — the Parent Teacher Associations — from the bottom up.

The deeper problems fostering unemployment in America today can be summarized in three paragraphs:

Global competition is stiffer. Just think about two of our most elite colleges. When Harvard and Yale were all male, applicants had to compete only against a pool of white males to get in. But when Harvard and Yale admitted women and more minorities, white males had to step up their game. But when the cold war ended, globalization took hold. As Harvard and Yale started to admit more Chinese, Indians, Singaporeans, Poles and Vietnamese, both American men and women had to step up their games to get in. And as the education systems of China, India, Singapore, Poland and Vietnam continue to improve, and more of their cream rises to the top and more of their young people apply to Ivy League schools, it is only going to get more competitive for American men and women at every school.

Then, just as the world was getting flattened by globalization, technology went on a rampage — destroying more low-end jobs and creating more high-end jobs faster than ever. What computers, hand-held devices, wireless technology and robots do in aggregate is empower better-educated and higher-skilled workers to be more productive — so they can raise their incomes — while eliminating many lower-skilled service and factory jobs altogether. Now the best-educated workers, capable of doing the critical thinking that machines can’t do, get richer while the least-educated get pink slips. (We used to have a receptionist at our office. She was replaced by a micro-chip. We got voice mail.)

Finally, just when globalization and technology were making the value of higher education greater than ever, and the price for lacking it more punishing than ever, America started slipping behind its peers in high school graduation rates, college graduation and global test scores in math and critical thinking.

As Education Secretary Arne Duncan put it to me in an interview, 50 years ago if you dropped out, you could get a job in the stockyards or steel mill and still “own your own home and support your family.” Today, there are no such good jobs for high school dropouts. “They’re gone,” said Duncan. “That’s what we haven’t adjusted to.” When kids drop out today, “they’re condemned to poverty and social failure.”

There are barely any jobs left for someone with only a high school diploma, and that’s only valuable today if it has truly prepared you to go on to higher education without remediation — the only ticket to a decent job.

Beyond the recession, this triple whammy is one of the main reasons that middle-class wages have been stagnating. To overcome that, we need to enlist both the U.S.G. and the P.T.A. We need teachers and principals who are paid better for better performance, but also valued for their long hours and dedication to students and learning. We need better parents ready to hold their kids to higher standards of academic achievement. We need better students who come to school ready to learn, not to text. And to support all of this, we need an all-society effort — from the White House to the classroom to the living room — to nurture a culture of achievement and excellence.

If you want to know who’s doing the parenting part right, start with immigrants, who know that learning is the way up. Last week, the 32 winners of Rhodes Scholarships for 2011 were announced — America’s top college grads. Here are half the names on that list: Mark Jia, Aakash Shah, Zujaja Tauqeer, Tracy Yang, William Zeng, Daniel Lage, Ye Jin Kang, Baltazar Zavala, Esther Uduehi, Prerna Nadathur, Priya Sury, Anna Alekeyeva, Fatima Sabar, Renugan Raidoo, Jennifer Lai, Varun Sivaram.

Do you see a pattern?


Tropper is Troubled said...

Tropper's EJF monster returns, 1

The next great convention to look forward to is supposedly coming up in December, it's the same old-same old EJF crowd with a new name. BOYCOTT this group of scoundrels that have already done enough damage first time around:

Eternal Jewish Family is now Tiferes Bais Yisrael of One Jewish Family

"Eternal Jewish Family is now Tiferes Bais Yisrael (TBY) and is holding a conference in Newark, New Jersey in December.

They state: The Role of Tiferes Bais Yisrael...Well over half of all Jews worldwide choose to intermarry, yet some of these couples eventually decide to raise Jewish families. Proper guidance is crucial when a non-Jewish spouse sincerely seeks a halachic conversion. To assure full acceptance into any Jewish educational system or community throughout the world, including Israel, the conversion must adhere to the requirements and standards of Jewish law, as established by recognized Torah authorities. TBY assists intermarried couples who display a sincere and strong commitment to live a Jewish lifestyle, in accordance with Torah and halacha. In this situation, the Jewish spouse is becoming a fully observant Jew while the non-Jewish partner is committed to become a sincere and fully observant convert."

How is this different to EJF? Answer: it isn't.

Tropper is Troubled said...

Tropper's EJF monster returns, 2

Yeruchem said... Does the Emperor have new clothes, or is it the same raw deal with new marketing and a new brand name?

The Leader, Garnel Ironheart said...Is it led by a rabbi whose name sounds like Leif Flopper?

Recipients and Publicity said...Crazy! But what can you do. The new/old "International Chairman" is the same old/new Thomas Kaplan, as they advertize their "Staff".

No self-respect. They are still trying to do the impossible, to get all batei din to be under their control which cannot be done until the Mashiach comes.

Rabbi Ehrentrau is getting his handle on Europe, fine. Israel has the Rabbanut and various other Halachic authorities like the BADATS of the Eidah. America cannot and will never be "tamed" as it's too big with too many splits. The Modern Orthodox RCA, the Satmar CRC, the various Chabad factions, and all the local and far-flung batei din will never have or submit to "one" standard. So this is an exercise in futility.

The amazing thing is that Thomas Kaplan refuses to learn from his mistakes. Has he never heard of "once bitten, twice shy"? He threw money into Tropper's coffers and look what he got, sexcapades and scandals, he even lost his family, his sister and her son Guma Aguiar who is evidently still languishing in Israel. Tropper caused all this misery under the guise of EJF, so how can a change of name to "TBY" (who makes up these names, why not call it "Conversions, Inc" or "Giur Corp"), as if this is the "new Coke" a strategy that also failed.

What a pity that now reams of good money will be going down the drain with useless exercises that lead to nowhere and achieve nothing. (Who will supervise the dayanim while they in those fancy hotels again? What's to stop another Troppergate from happening again?)

Tropper is Troubled said...

Tropper's EJF monster returns, 3

Dovy said...Why do I think it's going to take a stake thru the heart to finally kill off the EJF-Tropper-Kaplan zombie?

I really thought they were down and out for good!

Yerachmiel Lopin said...We can only hope that no one will show up. But if he can pull this off then Tropper will know that he is never stoppable. It is sad that the Monsey bet din settled for his leaving town instead of making it clear that he can not be trusted in any rabbinic role in any place.

What are the considerations and possibilities of putting this dangerous man in cherem?

Who is backing him besides Kaplan?

Where is he living and davening these days?

I can only hope that next time anyone goes after him they do not settle for any half measures.

Yerachmiel Lopin said...I notice that they list R. Reuvain Feinstein as head of their halachic committee. Can this be true.

I also notice that LT himself does not appear on the list of people himself.

Clearly it has the whiff of his tumah. But is it remotely possible that this is EJF but without Tropper himself?

Nirah Lee said...re: We can only hope that no one will show up.

Perhaps we should do the reverse - have many bnei Torah show up, en mass, and give voice publicaly (no matter which head of Yeshiva is sitting in the dais! ;) that what they are doing is wrong! That should close them down!

Nirah Lee said...What a bunch of double speak!


I would have thought that one safeguards precious things by LOCKING the doors - not throwing them wide open!

re: "TBY is committed to preserving kedushas Yisroel from assimilation and intermarriage"???

Really? How do you do that? By giving classes and lectures around the USA on the dangers of "assimilation and intermarriage"? By providing quality outreach bnei Torah speakers to travel from city to city to inspire unaffiliated Jews to re-examine their heritage? Perhaps by having Mr. Kaplan fund Jewish Outreach programs in cities around the USA so that Jews will return to Torah and NOT intermarry?

I just checked their "Programing" on their website (http://www.tbyisrael.org/) - no such programs!

Wouldn't you think these are appropriate methods of "preserving kedushas Yisroel from assimilation and intermarriage"??? TBY is clearly more 'diluting' Kedushas Yisroel through post-facto conversions so that 'statistically' we can adjust down the the numbers of intermarriage!

As before - this is nothing new! Same sham - new name!

Tropper is Troubled said...

Tropper's EJF monster returns, 4

Nirah Lee said...PS. Same Executive Director as EJF - Rabbi Dovid Jacobs

JewishMad said...Re: Yerachmiel Lopin

Tropper has nothing to do with EJF/TBY, although he's still buddies with Tom, who must be nuts, despite being a gazzillionaire (sounds like Guma...Hmmm). Leibeleh commits unspeakable atrocities on your dime, and you can't let go. Sad.

Despite signing the document, Tropper still lives in Monsey, same house on Grove Street. He even davened Neilah for the amud at the Krohns on Yom Kippur. The feckless Monsey Rabbinate is shamed beyond description.

As for davening, he never davened with a minyan. Never. Ask anyone who knows him. Ask anyone who has ever been in the yeshiva. He used to claim that he went to shul Mondays and Thursdays for laining, but later proven to be a liar.

He also has a new blog, ironically named kavodhatora.com (I guess it's better than chillulshaimshamaimbferhesia.com), where he espouses his same-old garbage. BTW, one recent post justifies his not going to hear leining. He bashes the current Kol Yaakov administration. He even goes so far as to take a not-so-subtle dig at R' Shternbuch, shlit"a.

The whole thing is sickening.

Tropper 1, Klal Yisrael 0.

PS If you need enough cirumstantial evidence to convince you that kavodhatora belongs to Tropper, just ask.

Samuel said...

PS If you need enough cirumstantial evidence to convince you that kavodhatora belongs to Tropper, just ask.

Please provide such evidence.

Anonymous said...Give them a chance, guys. Tropper hates them now because they "stole" Kaplan's support. His - and his buddies - are gone. David Jacobs rejected him once the scandal broke and pushed him out. They brought in Rav Viener who is a respected, mainstream T'Chacham to lead the organization. they're not doing any couples' weekends in fancy hotels. sounds like they are trying to hit the restart button...I wait and see

Baruch Pokaiach Ivrim said...To Anon

Wait and see what? Were back to the same old issues. WHY?! Why have an organized "outreach" to intermarried yidden?

I know firsthand from an ehrliche Rav who does kiruv that he asked Rav Shach, when come across an intermarried couple should he put forth effort to be mekarev them? Rav Shach said "no! Use your kochos where they can more readily accomplish - where there is no non-Jewish partner that is an in automatic challenge to kiruv efforts. Unless they come to YOU first - then you can work with them."

And who asked TBY to be God's bahelfer (assistant) to establish "universal guidelines" for anything?! Such guidelines already exist - it is called Shulchan Orech Yoreh deah!

No my friend - this is just the same shochad takers of Kaplan's money - with a new name (and the same Rosh Yeshiva!) VERY SAD! :(

Tropper is Troubled said...

Tropper's EJF monster returns, 5

JewishMad said...Samuel,

OK. This may take more than one post.

Remember: all evidence is circumstantial. BTW, there's no doubt that Tropper himself doesn't do the actual posting. He is technically illiterate. He only uses his Blackberry. He doesn't even have a computer. But the content is written and provided by him.

1. The blog was formed Wednesday, December 16, 2009, just 2 days after his downfall. The stated objective of the site is "to restore the honor of talmidei chachamim, as the sin of scorning Talmidei Chachamim is too great to bear".

2. The first blog is about a rabbi annulling marriages.

3. The second blog is about how bad internet gossip is.

4. The post of Sunday, February 7, 2010 is all about three of the rabbanim who were against him. See here: http://www.kavodhatora.com/2010_02_01_archive.html

5. The only Monsey Rav he talks about with any respect is R' Schlesinger, see here: http://www.kavodhatora.com/2010/08/hagaon-harav-yisroel-d-schlesinger.html

6. There are two posts about Kol Yaakov, both strongly opposed to the current administration and both full of lies, see here: http://www.kavodhatora.com/2010/08/tumult-of-kol-yaakov.html and here: http://www.kavodhatora.com/2010/10/harav-dovid-wolpin-shlita-mashgiach-of.html He is the only one in the world (along with a small handful of cronies like Nachman Kramer) who feels this way about Kol Yaakov. Everyone else is either supportive of his ouster (really his resignation) or ambivalent.

7. He speaks about R' Aaron Shechter and R' Elya Ber Wachtfogel as if they're the only Roshei Yeshiva in America.

8. In an article about R' Shach, he mentions that R' Schach's rebbe was R' Leib Forer from Holyoke, Mass., who is his grandfather. No one else would even know that, or care.

9. The only two yeshivas that he mentions are the ones in Cliffwood Lake (Rabbi Alster) and Boston (Rabbi Wilhelm), which happen to be the two yeshivas his son, Tzvi Pesach, went to.

10. He speaks very fondly of Rabbi J.B. Soloveitchik. He would become livid if anyone mentioned anything negative against R' J.B. and would dedicate entire Shabbos Drashos to upholding his honor. He knew that the yeshiva world didn't hold of R' J.B., but he wouldn't constantly try to explain how the gedolim really held of him.

11. The subtle dig against R' Shternbuch here: http://www.kavodhatora.com/2010/10/halachic-disussion.html

12. The entire flavor and style of writing, without writing people's full names, not writing full or coherent sentences, the choice of words just smacks of Tropper. I guess if you don't know him, that doesn't mean much, but for those who know him, and especially for those who are close to him, the shoe definitely fits.

If I think of anything else, I'll let you know.

Tropper is Troubled said...

Tropper's EJF monster returns, 6

careful said...You all got it wrong! TBY formally EJF had nothing to do with Tropper's scandal..The cause and the work they did was commendable. Now they are refreshing their efforts with less pomp and more quality. Tropper is gone! he is in his own exile..Has nothing to do with TBY whatsoever. Just because President Clinton messed up, doesnt mean that the office of the presidency should be destroyed! People make many mistakes and pay with consequences to their actions but why should the Institution go down as well?

get it right said...I checked out that "kovad hatora" blog website. One thing is for sure...Whoever writes or edits the posts are lacking basic language speaking and writing skills.

I also noticed that there are 0 comments to all posts. The author of this site does not identify him or herself. Any anonymous site is not worth reading. Many would not spend time to read it.or answer to it..It seems that JewishMad's speculations and circumstantial evidence is correct.

Another One said...Another one: http://www.kavodhatora.com/2010_02_01_archive.html ["R'Dovid Ribiat, R' Pinchas Rabinowitz and R' ben tzion Kokis Of monsey, NY Ignore the Psak of Maran Harav Steinman shlita"]

orthodoxjew said...im so happy there will be an org to deal with the yu/mada community bais din's leberal standards for addmitting into klal yisroel

may we all have the protection to keap klak yisroel pure and holy with out compromises in halacha and hashkafa

Missing Lynx said...If you search the blog for comments by careful you will find out comments where he defends Tropper and claims that that Guma is behind the doctoring of the tapes.

Dovid Jacob is talmid muvhak of Tropper and would not do anything without his approval. The thing is still runs by Tropper.

We will see how corrupted is this generation's leaders when they run to TBY willing to do an anything for grants.

Celtic Jew said...Yes, the blog praises many times the harav hagaon Leib Tropper Shlita, and he still does not like these 3 bloggers: Daat Torah, Rav Mendlowitz and the Failed Messiah.

get it right said...who is mendlowitz?

Tropper is Troubled said...

Tropper's EJF monster returns, 6

Recipients and Publicity said...Poster "JewishMad" should be thanked for revealing that Tropper has been secretly running an attack blog since December of 2009, almost a year now, and nobody noticed. As "JewishMad" tell us above:

"He also has a new blog, ironically named kavodhatora.com (I guess it's better than chillulshaimshamaimbferhesia.com), where he espouses his same-old garbage. BTW, one recent post justifies his not going to hear leining. He bashes the current Kol Yaakov administration. He even goes so far as to take a not-so-subtle dig at R' Shternbuch, shlit"a.

The whole thing is sickening.

Tropper 1, Klal Yisrael 0.

PS If you need enough cirumstantial evidence to convince you that kavodhatora belongs to Tropper, just ask."

And by now, as others familiar with Tropper's style look over that sordid blog, it is undoubtedly Tropper.

Here is something else that catches the eye, how Tropper attacks the Monsey rabbis who led the way in defrocking him and evicting him from his posts, see this one for example, only the fourth post in that blog first three months:

(NOTE, all spelling errors are those of the original post, but the message is very odd): "R'Dovid Ribiat, R' Pinchas Rabinowitz and R' ben tzion Kokis Of monsey, NY Ignore the Psak of Maran Harav Steinman shlita (Sunday, February 7, 2010) In an unprecedented act of Defiance of a Gadol Hador, Three Rabbi's in Monsey went on A Slander campaign against a Talmid Chochom. Meny Gdolim in Eretz Yiroel and America are shocked by this conuct. A meeting of Gedolei Roshei yeshvot is scheduled for next week. For the immediate the Tzibur of Bnei Torah should distance themselves from the above 3 Rabbiws."

1) The 3 rabbis are well know but do they belong in one grouping and if so why? What is "In an unprecedented act of Defiance of a Gadol Hador, Three Rabbi's in Monsey went on A Slander campaign against a Talmid Chochom" all about? Is it because of their involvement with the Tropper case in any way (if that is the "Talmid Chochom" in question, which it seems to be), and why are they being counter-slandered on a blog devoted to "fighting slander of rabbis"?

2) Where and what is "the "Psak of Maran Harav Steinman shlita"??? Is it written or verbal or what? Did/does he support Tropper and if so what did he say if he said it? This is a big chiddush?

3) Who are the "Meny Gdolim in Eretz Yiroel and America" that" are shocked by this conuct."?

4) Does anyone know anything about "A meeting of Gedolei Roshei yeshvot is scheduled for next week." (i.e. in December of 2009)? and what was decided if anything?

5) Who decided and who abides by the last point that "For the immediate the Tzibur of Bnei Torah should distance themselves from the above 3 Rabbiws."? What does this mean, that those three rabbis are in trouble?

Tropper is Troubled said...

Tropper's EJF monster returns, 7

Eternal Jewish Fraud Watch said...Rav Mendlowitz is the grandson of R' Shraga Feivel Mendlowitz ztl who devoted much of his website to exposing Tropper. His brother wrote a book published by Feldheim so Tropper sought revenge by putting up a sign for all 3 bochurim left in Kol Yaakov that an unnamed "adam gadol" told him the book is "inappropriate and should not be read". How lame can he get?

Déjà vu said..."I notice that they list R. Reuvain Feinstein as head of their halachic committee. Can this be true. "

As long as Kaplan pours money into the organization you will see rabbis attaching themselves to it

MiMedinat HaYam said...what happened to the ejf $ ?

there's the answer to all your questions.

Get it right said...Eternal Watch...

Please direct me to Mendlowitz's website blog.What is the address or link?

Anonymous said...Feivel Mendlowitz = Paul Manilow = Unorthodox Jew


Recipients and Publicity said...In relation to all this it may just be that EJF has been renamed for yet another reason, perhaps it may have something to do with the legal struggles between Tom Kaplan/Leib Tropper versus Guma Aguiar/Ellen Kaplan Aguiar (Tom's sister) over the profits from their joint business at Leor Energy and control of the Lillian Jean Kaplan Foundation that had been the source of funding for EJF, that also carried the "Lillian Jean Kaplan" name as part of its title, that is, that it may be possible that Tom Kaplan/Tropper had to come up with a new name for EJF because it just may be that Guma and his savvy mother Ellen may have succeeded in getting a huge share of Leor Energy profits and wresting the legal control of both the Lillian Jean Kaplan Foundation, and its NAME, which was founded by them (i.e. Guma and his mother signed the incorporation papers) and hence it would be impossible for EJF to go on because the EJF name was also known as the "Lillian Jean Kaplan" something or other for the Jewish family.

Thus Tom Kaplan/Tropper HAD to drop the EJF name legally and come up with a new name for an organization with goals IDENTICAL to EJF's but being forced to drop the "Lillian Jean Kaplan" name ANYWHERE.

There seems to have been a news blackout, but surely there are legal records of the cases and its resolution (if they have been resolved) -- also WHAT ABOUT THE CASE OF TROPPER SUING GUMA? anyone who can help out here please?

How about Jersey Girl, can she do some research to clarify what happened in the end with the case over the fight over splitting the pot over Leor Energy, Tropper's case against Guma Aguiar for allegedly assaulting him, and the related case of the fate of the Lillian Jean Kaplan Foundation.

Time will tell.

UOJ gets results said...

Interpol has placed the founder of the WikiLeaks whistle-blowing Web site on a so-called red notice wanted list following allegations of sexual misbehavior by a Swedish prosecutor, according to the police organization’s Web site on Wednesday.

The notice said Mr. Assange, 39, was wanted for “sex crimes” on an arrest warrant brought by the international public prosecution office in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Marianne Ny, director of the Stockholm prosecutor’s office, said in a statement that she had moved to have Mr. Assange extradited to Sweden on suspicion of “rape, sexual molestation and unlawful coercion.”

Israel Belsky SHLITA said...


The director of Indiana University's Jewish Studies Program says someone took Hebrew texts from library shelves, moved them to library bathrooms and urinated on them.

Police have contacted the FBI and are looking for a person of interest who they describe as a white male age 40 to 50 with grayish-blond hair and a gray beard.

Baltimore, the city that breeds said...

If you look at this putz's house in Google maps (house with van in driveway)you'll see the massive junkyard he has, even more than what is pictured here.

It was a deceptively simple heist.

People cut through a chain-link fence surrounding a nondescript warehouse, backed trucks onto a lot and drove off with chassis loaded with shipping containers filled with nickel briquettes and a metal called ferrochrome.

But cashing in on one of the biggest thefts in recent Baltimore memory proved to be much more difficult.

Total weight of the stolen metal: 321,872 pounds.

Total value: $2.6 million.

City police began their investigation shortly after the Labor Day break-in and quickly identified a suspect. Now the incident is a federal case, with tentacles reaching from a scrap metal dealer in West Baltimore to companies in Pittsburgh, New York, Switzerland and Australia.

Prosecutors on Monday filed criminal charges in U.S. District Court in Baltimore against the owner of Industrial Metals, which has lots on Warwick Avenue and Baker Street, accusing him of possessing stolen goods used in interstate commerce.

Authorities said they arrested Alan A. Verschleisser, 65, before he boarded a Delta Airlines flight leaving JFK Airport in New York bound for Israel. Verschleisser could not be reached for comment, and no attorney was listed in court documents as representing him. Two others arrested by city police in September face local charges in connection with the theft.

Collecting and stealing scrap metal and selling it to recycling yards is a time-honored way of forging a living on Baltimore streets. Thieves strip houses of everything from copper gutters to washing machines, and have stolen the doors to the downtown courthouse, light poles, and even bleacher seats from a baseball park in Anne Arundel County.

But off-loading more than 300,000 pounds of metal is not as easy as pushing a shopping cart full of scrap metal to the front doors of a recycling plant.

"It's a pretty difficult product to move," said Rusty Davis, the vice president of operations for S.H. Bell, the Pittsburgh-based metal and mineral import company that owns the East Biddle Street warehouse that was holding the metals for the owners when they were taken.

"It was a monumental theft," said Davis, who added that the company has recovered all 14 large bags of nickel. He said the other metal, ferrochrome, was found in its shipping containers abandoned and untouched on a city street.

part 2 - Baltimore, the city that breeds said...

If you look at this putz's house in Google maps (house with van in driveway)you'll see the massive junkyard he has, even more than what is pictured here.


Baltimore Sun article:

Don't lose your money! said...

Beware of Oizer Neuman the optician at Neuman's Optical who is running an ad in the Jewish Press for a shomer Shabbos MD degree in Costa Rica with no pre-Medical or college background required! Before you hear anything else this already sounds like a scam.

Ask around Boro Park Flatbush for the people who gave him money to open an art gallery. The art gallery disappeared along with their money which was never paid back.

Oizer is also a chazan who gets paid to sing at Kings Highway Jewish Center which is Conservative. That is the group that doesn't have mechitzos by davening and allows singing in microphones on Yom Kippur.


Oizer rents out part of his store on 13th Ave for this mekubal or fortune teller who takes lots of nice crisp paper money.


Oizer's brother Yanky Neuman got his medical degree from one of these Hispanic countries but had his license to practice medicine in NY stripped by the State who found him guilty of terrible rishus, calling him grossly incompetent and morally unfit. If you open up the 3 pdf file at the bottom here you will see how he tried to defraud insurance by sending little girls for unneeded operations that could ruin their health for life. Sounds like chid abuse. When he got caught he stole hospital forms to forge reports to justify what he did. He still refuses to say sorry for what he did and will not hand back his license.

Anonymous said...

This is sick. At an Agudah event last May in Boro Park where Chaim Dovid Zweibel gave awards to the families of Mike Tress and Mrs. Recha Sternbuch, they had the Conservative cantor Oizer Neuman sing Keil Molei Rachamim.

Anonymous said...

I almost passed out when I read the reports on Yanky Neuman. His rov sends people to him for medical advice and everyone is calling him doctor. Neuman duped all kinds of people to testify as character witnesses for him because he lied and didn't tell them what he really did. I just spoke to one family that was suckered. They are very angry that they were duped and had their professional reputation ruined in court by supporting such a lowlife.

Anonymous said...

Baltimore, how is Alan Verscheisser related to the person with the same name from Norfolk Virginia who is the shver of Shereshevsky from the ponzi scheme and kidushei ketana scandals?

Anonymous said...


December 24, 2001

City and state officials say that a North Baltimore doctor and newspaper publisher is responsible for one of the largest illegal tire
junkyards in Maryland, and they are asking a District Court judge to
force him to clean it up.

Dr. Bernard Kapiloff, a retired plastic surgeon, has failed for seven months to make good on promises to clean up his company's condemned 3-acre lot on a desolate dead end in Park Heights, officials say. The roughly 18,000 tires that fill a building and rusty trailers there make it one of the state's biggest unauthorized tire dumps, according to Maryland environmental officials.

Kapiloff's daughter, Mimi Kapiloff of Baltimore, said that her father had spent "a bloody fortune" on cleanups and that illegal dumpers were to blame for the decrepit state of the property.

In August, city officials said, Alan Verschleisser of Baltimore was
found guilty of criminal contempt and sentenced to 89 days in jail
after ignoring a court order to clean up three trash-choked properties in West Baltimore.

That marked the first time a Baltimore landlord had been convicted of criminal contempt for code violations

Henoch's Aynickel said...

Years ago I worked for a business that operated a non-ferrous scrap yard. One day a tractor-trailer showed up with a load full of nickel. Apparently he was delivering it to a business and someone signed off on his paperwork before he offloaded. He figured he could make a killing with it.

Though the yard sometimes bought stuff that might have been a bit warm (like the 3" copper cables that still had the "repaired" tags from Chrysler attached that we had to unload from a roll-off dumpster), and like most scrap buyers, if you got an honest weight, you'd get a lower price per pound, but a truckload of nickel was way too hot. Nickel is very valuable. They told him to take a hike. The truck barely made it onto McNichols before there were tons of police converging on it from every direction.

Boruch said...

I must have missed comments on the posting. Friedman is a self aggrandizing fraud who spins in the wind. This tragedy of education was first uncovered 40 years ago when teachers stopped wearing business clothes and dressed down to their students. From there we were subjected to a series of educational nuances which were introduced to sell the textbooks of dubious education professionals (sounds like body scanning in today's world). Then, duplicitous government bodies allowed (forced) veteran educators out of the school system to bring in more with it and socially acceptable hirings to schools. The names aren't a shock - Friedman - you're politically correct leftist liberal friends have no issue with them at all. They created the present disinformation system that socially engineers instead of teaches. That this system leaches into private schools is no shock either because the candidates are these illiterates that the public school system, in collusion, with the colleges produced. PTA's and teacher unions have unholy allied themselves in perpetuating this farce. It's where the money lies, and where the lies gather the money. As far as jobs go, again the elitist leftist liberal cries about the manufacturing and textile jobs that have gone to Asia; while sitting back and collecting a hefty dividend check from the companies he invested in. Must think we're all idiots - well he can't be that far off, can he be? The failure of our education system is glaring. It's not that Poland or Singapore is better; it's that we have allowed the lefty liberals to socially engineer and remove teaching from the schools. Plus we have parents, barely able to read and write, who benefit from the welfare bank of America and don't see any reason to improve the lot of the next generation. Work means taxes and taxes mean you get less from what you make at work. Go on welfare and there are no taxes. You get all the benefits of a working person, on welfare, and none of the responsibility. Sure they throw workfare or other obstacles up every once in awhile, but the great lefist liberal machine will smooth it all over. Fret not Friedman, Chang or Moy, or Svetskaya will be writing your column some day and guys like me won't be around to read it, nor may their be many around at all to read it.