Monday, November 29, 2010

Rabbi Moshe Soloveichik Addressing Sexual Child Molestation in the Orthodox Jewish Community!


Eye on Schwartz and the Queens Vaad said said...

It seems that the Vaad of Queens is run by lowlifes who have the personalities of whores and no real principles. They are for sale and hire just like the women who stand on the street corners. They have no hesitation in appointing molesters to run their institutions and support candidates who are not only in favor of allowing abominations, but want to give it respectability as well. Its time that our communities get rid of the hypocrites, and liars who are "oseh ma'aseh Zimri, um'vakesh s'char Pinchas."
We are truly living in a dor yosom which is lovesh sh'chorim (shvartz aka Schwartz) and they are "osim kol ma shelibam chafetz", all that their hearts desire. Sprinkling holy water on the pig only makes it wet, but not kosher.
It is a shame that people who constantly identify themselves with the Gidolay Torah of the previous generations, do things and support those who would legitimize a style of life that these Gidolay Torah would have shuddered at.
Is money worth more than principle?

I guess when kashrus is Dollars and no SENSE, all principles - even the most basis ones in the Torah - are ignored and trampled upon.

Chicago said...

Rabbi Soloveichik's presentation was part of a larger program on this topic. Most of the program is now available on You Tube. Just search on JBACChicago (one word).

Will the "real" Queens Vaad please stand up said...


Chaim Schwartz won't respond here because as a die hard Agudah fresser, he holds that "gay Feivish" is an apikoros gomur.

He comes on to R' Yudel's blog all the time to fight back.

Elliot Pasik said...

Rav Moshe Soloveichik is a member of the Rabbinical Committee of the Jewish Board of Advocates for Children.

Thank you, UOJ, for posting.

It is, indeed, emes that some of our people are practicing molach. Hashem yerachem!

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Keep it coming!!!! said...

Beautiful video! The more this is posted and spread, the more the Agudah and TU will have to confront the real issues and adopt real positions that provide real protection for victims and real punishment for the perps. Don;t think they aren't watching and reading!!!! They even responded to that silly youtube cartoon in cross-currents.

Anonymous said...

>UOJ gets results said...<

What the hell does your post have to do with any Jewish or even moral topic?

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...


The good rabbi quoted R' Aaron Felder ... not Feldman.

Anonymous said...

For Chaim Schwartz & the Agudah fressers

Maharal (Be’er HaGolah #7): One should not reject something which is against one’s views especially if it is not presented as an attack on religion but is simply is an honest expression of the other person’s understanding of faith. Even if it is against one’s religious faith, he should not say, “Be quiet and shut your mouth.” Because if one silences sincere questions there will not be a clarification of that person’s religious understanding. In fact, such a person should be encouraged to speak and fully express how he feels. If sincere questions are silenced that is indicative that the religion is weak and needs to be protected from inquiry. This attitude is the opposite of what some people think. They mistakenly think that silencing questions strengthens religious faith. In fact however suppressing of dissent and questions indicates a weak religion. Thus, we find with our ancestors that even if they found something in books against religion they would not simply reject it

Maharik (12:62): There are some rabbis who want to dominate their students more than is appropriate and they assert that whoever has been a student even as a child is forever subordinate to them and can never disagree with them in any issue. They claim that this is true even if the student has become their equal or even their superior in learning because they assert that the main factor is where the relationship started not where it is now. They furthermore assert that even if the rabbi has clearly erred or behaves incorrectly, that disagreeing with the rabbi is the same as contradicting G-d and other such claims. The answer to this is that even if the student is forever subordinate to his teacher as these rabbis assert, nevertheless is quite obvious that that is only in relationship to honoring him by standing up for him or ripping his garment irreversibly in mourning for him. However, concerning matters of Heaven e.g., he saw his teacher err in Halacha which is a chilul HaShem - there is no requirement to honor his teacher. This can readily be seen in the many examples in the gemora such as the events with Rabban Gamliel (Berachos 26b)

Poor Shmarya said...


African infiltrators

Israel's cabinet approved Sunday a plan to hold and deport thousands of illegal migrant workers whom Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu described as a "threat to the character of the country".

NSA said...


Margo just got off the phone with Kim Jong Il to warn him that UOJ is instigating the United States against North Korea.

Dr. Bungalow Hundt said...


Kim Jong-un, North Korea’s leader-in-waiting is following in his father’s footsteps by reportedly splashing out on luxuries, including collecting pedigree dogs.

Simcha Adler said...


DOB: Oct 13, 1967


Date Arresting Agency Victim Sex/Age
Aug 12, 1992 NYCPD Sex Offender Unit Male , 10 Years
Male , 11 Years

Conviction Charges:

Attempted Sodomy-2nd Degree

Offense Description:

Actual,MoreThanOnce Sexual Contact

Relationship to victim:

Person in position of Authority

Daniel Rothbard said...


DOB: Jun 1, 1981

CEDARHURST New York 11516

Jul 13, 2010 Nassau County Police Department Missing Persons Unit Female , 13 Years
Female , 12 Years

Offense Description:
Actual,Deviate Sexual Intercourse

Jeffrey Goldberg said...


DOB: Jul 10, 1961


Sexual Abuse 1st Degree:Contact By Forcible Compulsion

Yoel Oberlander said...


How does the updated picture look?

Steven Friedman said...


DOB: Apr 25, 1953

HEWLETT New York 11557

M. Grosfeld said...


What about dirty old men on the Lower East Side who like 10 year old girls?

Ben Brafman = Slimy Putz said...


No, I'm not on the sex offender registry but I defended Upper West Side dentist Dr. Richard Zinaman who molested his patients after he knocked them out with laughing gas.


"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

"Lying to ourselves is more deeply ingrained than lying to others."

-Fyodor Dostoyevsky

David Glatzer said...


DOB: 10/02/1963


Victims: x - Under18 x - Female

Yudi Kolko said...

Kolko, Joel
Birth Year:1946

Date:November 5, 2010
Summons/Ticket #:
Date & Time: November 20, 2010 20:48
Arrest #:K10711720

Next Appearance
Date:January 11, 2011
Court:Kings Criminal Court

Anonymous said...

Why did it take 15 days to arrest Kolko? Was Charlie Hynes trying to cover up again?

Florida said...


The molester Jacob Jurberg was forced by his condo association to install soundproofing. Was he making too much noise with more victims?


The story of his arrest is here in case you missed it.

Anonymous said...

NBC's version of the story


Jacob Jurberg, 28, is being held without bond for the alleged battery that happened on Aug. 28 at the Young Israel of Greater Miami at 990 Northeast 171st St.

Jurberg allegedly told the young victim to follow him to an upstairs room at the facility, where he touched the girl's privates.

The girl later told her mother what happened, and Jurberg was arrested.
Officials at the temple said they'd rented out the facility to another congregation for the event, a rabbi's birthday celebration, and that they'd never seen Jurberg before.

Young Israel President Joseph Marmor said the organization won't rent out rooms at its facility after the incident.

Son of Boog said...


"Effectively immediately please be advised that the Vaad Hakashrus of Flatbush has removed its hechsher from Kings Highway Glatt 497 Kings Highway Brooklyn, NY due to kashrus violations. Any use of the Vaad's name or symbol is unauthorized."

Did you hear how Scheinerman's boys at Kehillah Ca$h R us stabbed poor Rabbi Goldberg from the Vaad in the back? The Vaad dumped the store after the owner physically assaulted Rabbi Goldberg. Kehillah told the Vaad they will follow suit and also drop it but then pulled a fast one & kept certifying the store.

Moetzes Resign! said...


A Manhattan principal placed on probation after a student drowned on a field trip last summer was removed on Tuesday after an investigation found he had used a school employee, with whom he later became romantically involved, as a baby-sitter, and allowed her to live rent-free in his apartment, education officials said.