Thursday, February 10, 2011

Coming to America!


Failure to protect a child from abuse will finally become illegal this year, more than 12 months after Justice Minister Simon Power first announced it.

Mr Power said in December 2009 that the Government would make it a crime for adults to turn a blind eye to risk of death, serious injury or sexual assault of a child or vulnerable adult, such as the elderly, in their homes.

This followed Law Commission recommendations in the wake of the deaths of twins Chris and Cru Kahui in 2006.

Mr Power had said he would introduce a bill early last year as part of reform of the Crimes Act. However, this work had proved complex and the tougher child abuse laws would now be enshrined in separate legislation, the Crimes Act Amendment Bill, he said yesterday. He hoped to make an announcement before the end of next month.

"The legislation will ensure that it will no longer be an excuse to say you were not involved in abusing a child when you lived in the house and knew of the abuse taking place."

Prime Minister John Key, in a statement to Parliament yesterday, confirmed legislation would include tougher penalties for child abuse and measures to improve the treatment of children who appeared in court as witnesses and victims.

Further changes may stem from a ministerial inquiry into the case of a nine-year-old Auckland girl who was allegedly tortured by her parents, and the abuse concealed by several people.

"Despite decades of good intentions from government, we're still failing too many of our kids," Mr Key said.

The Law Commission recommended doubling to 10 years the maximum sentence for cruelty to children after the Kahui case, in which no-one was convicted and relatives were reluctant to co-operate with the police investigation.


Anonymous said...


Manchester rabbis have backed two services that claim to offer Jewish spiritual healing.

In recent weeks two Jewish papers have carried an advert by Israeli Rabbi Avraham Lebel in which he says he can remove the ayin hara (evil eye). He charges £50 for the service.

In another, the Chabad House in Whitefield advertises free "spiritual healing" by two men, Eric Sayers and Carl Montlake, described as "Jewish healers for the Jewish community".

Mr Montlake, who was convicted of fraud and given a six-year prison sentence in 2007, said he had trained in reflexology, aromatherapy and massage, and said the spiritual healing had been "self-developed" from there.

Manchester Dayan Osher Westheim, who is named as a supporter in Rabbi Lebel's advertisement, said the practice of removing the evil eye was "a long-standing and widely known tradition".


Bury Hebrew Congregation's Rabbi Binyomin Singer said: "What is tragic is many Jewish people seek spirituality elsewhere. There is a wealth of it in our own religion so we don't need to go to Tibet to find things like this."

Chabad of Whitefield's Rabbi Shmuli Jaffe said he supported the men because they also had qualifications in other forms of alternative remedies.

Berlusconi and Tropper know how to use their cash said...

The Telegraph:

"Silvio Berlusconi gave me cash after we had sex, says teenager

A teenage Moroccan model [Dallas convertee] has claimed she slept with Silvio Berlusconi [Leib Tropper], the Italian prime minister [EJF head], in return for a cash "gift", according to reports.

By Nick Squires in Rome 9:00PM BST 27 Oct 2010

The girl, identified only as Ruby [Shannon] and allegedly an illegal immigrant, claims that she had consensual sex with the prime minister at his luxury villa [yeshiva] in Arcore [NY], outside Milan [Monsey], according to Italian press [Jewish blog] reports...

But Il Giornale [Jewish Week], the newspaper owned by Mr Berlusconi's brother, described the allegations as a potential "sex scandal" and another "D'Addario case" – a reference to Patrizia D'Addario [Shannon Orand], the prostitute [convertee] who last year claimed that she slept with the prime minister [rosh yeshiva] at his mansion [yeshiva] in Rome [Monsey].

Magistrates cautioned that the Moroccan [Dallas] woman's claims might be without foundation and could be part of a plot to blackmail the 74-year-old [60+ year old] premier [rosh yeshiva], or an attempt at self-promotion by the aspiring showgirl [convertee].

The teenager [convertee], who is now 18, claims that she attended several private parties thrown by Mr Berlusconi [Mr Tropper] at his home between last year and this spring, at a time when she was trying to break into modelling or television.

She was part of a circle of aspiring models and actresses who were allegedly introduced to the prime minister [rosh yeshiva] by a prominent show business agent, Lele Mora [Tom Kaplan], although he has denied all knowledge of the case.

Investigating magistrates said her accounts were sometimes contradictory and that she had made claims which she subsequently retracted.

The story emerged when she was thrown out of an apartment in Milan [Monsey] after an argument with her Brazilian flatmate in May, the Italian press [Jewish blogs] reported.

She was stopped by police, who found she had no residence permit, but pleaded for leniency on the basis that she knew the prime minister, and proceeded to tell them of her alleged encounter.

One of the magistrates in charge of the case, Antonio Sangermano [Reuven Feinstein], has experience in investigating prostitution and extortion cases, but on Wednesday refused to comment on the claims.

Prostitution itself is not illegal in Italy [Israel], but the law prohibits organised prostitution and you must be older than 18.

A member of Mr Berlusconi's [Mr Tropper's] People of Freedom Party [Outreach Program of Horizons] dismissed the story and predicted that it would prove to be untrue.

"This is the same old stuff – as we get closer to elections, out come the various D'Addarios [Orands] bragging about their encounters with the prime minister," said Nunzia De Girolamo [Nochum Eisenstein], an MP [BS].

The allegations come at an awkward time for Mr Berlusconi [Mr Tropper], whose approval ratings are at their lowest level since he was re-elected prime minister [rosh yeshiva] in May 2008.

He has been involved in a feud with his former political partner, Gianfranco Fini [Noach Weinberg], who has threatened to block any legislation [kiruv] that he and a group of rebel government MPs [BTs] do not like.

Mr Berlusconi [Mr Tropper] has for months tried to pass legislation that would guarantee him immunity from prosecution in two potentially damaging corruption trials in which he is accused of bribery, tax fraud and false accounting.

In one of the trials, he is accused of paying a £370,000 bribe to David Mills [Mr. Orand], the estranged husband of former Olympics Minister [EJF employee] Tessa Jowell [Shannon Orand], in exchange for giving false testimony in court."

Berlusconi and Tropper love to bunga bunga said...

The Telegraph:

"Patrizia D'Addario claims Silvio Berlusconi knew she was a prostitute

The call-girl [convertee] who allegedly slept with Silvio Berlusconi [Leib Tropper] has claimed that the prime minister [rosh yeshiva] was well aware that she was a prostitute [convertee], during her first interview on Italian [Israeli] state television.

By Nick Squires in Rome 11:56AM BST 02 Oct 2009

Patrizia D'Addario's [Shannon Orand] claims that she had sex with the prime minister [rosh yeshiva] at the end of a party at his mansion [yeshiva] in Rome [Monsey] last November have dogged Mr Berlusconi, 73, [Mr Tropper, 60+] for months.

"The premier [roshiva] knew that I was an escort [convertee]," Patrizia D'Addario [Shannon Orand] said in a live television interview on Thursday night. "I spent the whole night with him and everyone there knew that I was an escort [convertee] . He knew too."

Miss D'Addario [Miss Orand] said she attended two parties at Mr Berlusconi's [Mr. Tropper's] residence, at both of which glamorous young women in black dresses outnumbered men.

The male guests included Gianpaolo Tarantini [Nochem Eisenstein], a Bari-based [Yerushalmi-based] businessman who says he recruited more than 30 models and actresses for the prime minister's [rosh yeshiva's] private parties and is being investigated for allegedly procuring prostitutes and dealing in cocaine.

"To me it seemed like a harem," Miss D'Addario [Miss Orand], 42, told a current affairs programme on a channel run by public broadcaster RAI [VIN]. "There was the prime minister [rosh yeshiva] and Gianpaolo Tarantini [Nochum Eisenstein] and then more than 20 girls. We danced, we sang."

Miss D'Addario ]Miss Orand] was interviewed on a live videolink by a journalist in Bari [Dallas], with her face projected onto huge screens in a studio in Rome [Monsey].

She repeated claims, made to The Daily Telegraph [Jewish Week] during an interview in August, that there were other prostitutes present at the two dinners she attended. "I was not the only escort," she said.

Miss D'Addario [Miss Orand] said she had used her mobile phone to record pictures and audio of her encounter with Mr Berlusconi [Mr Tropper] in order to protect herself, not to blackmail the billionaire media [billion conversions] mogul.

She said she never intended that details of the purported encounter should be made public, but that she had to turn over the audio recordings when questioned about the affair by prosecutors in Bari [Dallas].

Mr Berlusconi [Mr Tropper] has admitted that he is "no saint [tzadik]" but said he cannot remember Miss D'Addario [Miss Orand] and insists he has never paid for sex."

Moetzes Resign said...

CAIRO – Egypt's military announced on national television that it has stepped in to "safeguard the country" on Thursday and assured protesters that President Hosni Mubarak will meet their demands in the strongest indication yet that Egypt's longtime leader has lost power. In Washington, the CIA chief said there was a "strong likelihood" Mubarak will step down Thursday.

chaim said...

wow - the one who did all that about tropper and buscialoni did really good.

Anonymous said...


Rav Meir Schuster who raises money to send baalei teshuva to yeshivos is unfortunately quite ill – struggling with the effects of Lewy Body Disease, a rare degenerative condition with symptoms similar to both Parkinsons and Alzheimer's. In the last 2 weeks, his condition has sadly deteriorated to the point where he now requires full-time in-patient care.

Unfortunately there has been a major down turn in R' Meir ‘s condition in the past few hours, and his condition is critical. He is going in to major surgery within the next hour and the medical opinion has not been positive. He has the best medical experts on the case. He needs our tefillos immediately. Please circulate amongst the list of friends to daven and say tehillim for the next few hours which are critical. The surgery is taking place in Sha’arei Tzedek.

Please be mispalel for Harav Meir Tzvi ben Mirka

Tropper bin pimpin' said...

Can anyone confirm a report by a blogger David Z that R' Chaim Kanievsky gave an audience a month ago to the menuval Leib Tropper when he visited Israel?

Don't forget that Aryeh Ginzberg in the 5 Towns twisted the arms of several 5 Towns rabbonim who refused to show up at the Rubashkin fundraising circus with the story that R' Chaim was mechayev everyone. This got everyone to cave in to Ginzberg except for the Rockaway roshei yeshiva and Rav Kalish from Harborview who still stood their ground.

Moetzes Resign! said...


Haifa chief rabbi to be tried for bribery

Rabbi Shear Yashuv Cohen suspected of taking part in scheme that gave 1,500 security officers fake rabbi titles, swindling State out of millions

Haifa Chief Rabbi Shear Yashuv Cohen was summoned for a hearing by the Jerusalem District's Prosecutor's Office on Thursday over alleged acts of bribery and falsifying corporate documents.

Cohen is suspected of taking part in the 'Rabbi Affair,' in which false rabbi titles were given to security forces personnel. With the cooperation of the Chief Rabbinate Examinations Department, senior rabbis issued fake diplomas stating that that the recipients completed five years of higher religious education, even though they only completed one or two years of limited studies.

The recipients, who were employed by the police, army and Shin Bet, used the certificates to obtain raises. About 1,500 police and IDF officers participated in the scheme. Anywhere between NIS 2,000-4,000 ($544-1088) were added to their monthly wages, swindling the State out of hundreds of millions of shekels.

Cohen was investigated for taking part in the illegal activity following the unearthing of the affair in 2008. The suspicions against him touched upon a secondary case involving Ariel College, which Cohen headed. Despite the evidentiary basis that was established against him, the prosecution decided to close the case after Cohen announced he will resign from his post as chief rabbi of Haifa, and will no longer serve in public positions.

The prosecution was informed recently that the rabbi has remained in his post, and continues to serve in other public positions despite his pledge. Therefore, the prosecution decided to summon him for a hearing, after which charges will be filed against him.


SALT LAKE CITY (AP) A person with knowledge of the situation says Jerry Sloan stepping down as Utah Jazz coach.

Hey Big Spender said...


In his State of the Union address last month, Mr. Obama called for securing high-speed wireless coverage to 98 percent of all Americans within five years. On Thursday, the White House released details of how he would spend billions of dollars for the plan

Mr. Obama is also asking Congress to make a one-time investment of $5 billion to bring wireless coverage to rural areas

Avi L. Shafran(ovitch) said...

Does anyone know if that lowlife "hero" Captain Sullenburger had anything to do with this?


Ruth Madoff flew from Florida to Greenwich, Conn., to attend a private memorial service for her son Mark after his suicide last December — but was turned away by his unforgiving widow, Stephanie.

The first lady of fraud mourned at a friend’s house and sat shiva alone, a family source told People magazine.

Vos zogt UOJ? said...

Real estate mogul Donald Trump says he is seriously thinking about running for president but won’t make a final decision until summer.

Appearing on CNN’s “Piers Morgan Tonight” Wednesday night, Trump said the United States is faring poorly and has lost the respect of the world.

steve said...

What a difference four years can make. See below the complete transformation of Harry Maryles.


This morning I was apprised by an acquaintance of yet another prominent Rebbe in a prominent Yeshiva who, not long ago, was accused of sexual abuse of some of his students. The accusation includes behavior going back many years. I found a website that spoke of his misconduct. And after reading all the accusations, I am not convinced of his guilt. But the results of those accusations seem to have cost this Rebbe his position in the Yeshiva and his reputation for life. If he is guilty, he deserves that… and a lot worse. But if he is innocent, a great injustice has been done with irreparable harm to the individual, his family and the Torah world.

I don’t know whether to be more upset at publicizing accusations without substantiations or more upset that there have been so many abusive teachers that have managed slipped through the cracks. Actually I think I am most upset by the cover-ups by people in positions to do something about them. But which ever situations are the worst, none of them are tolerable.

The problem in this case is that a website that is famous for it will name a suspect and then list the accusations by supposed victims. Not evidence. Just accusations. But often the accusations describes behavior that is far from abusive… even if some what questionable.

Here is basically the sum and substance of one accuser’s experience: “(The rebbe) would tell me he loved me and would hug and kiss me inappropriately. In this day and age, what rebbi does this?”

This is hardly a description of sexually abusive behavior. But that did not stop them from listing it first in list of accusations by those who described their experiences.

I don’t know if the individual Rebbe I was told about is guilty of anything or not. And certainly the argument of “better to be safe than sorry” should apply when the welfare of our children is at stake. But that does not mean that we should disregard the rights of an established Rav based on flimsy evidence? No.


There is unfortunately a similar case of a popular Rebbe in one of America’s premier right wing Yeshivos. Allegations of sexual molestation came forward about years of abuse to some of his students there.

While he was dismissed from his position at the Yeshiva. He still lives near it and is given honor by that community. His books are still being distributed by reputable publishers of religious books. And those books have glowing endorsements from at least one Rosh HaYeshiva who knows about the abuse.

What a contrast between two communities dealing with a sex offender. One community expelled a popular religious figure even while being threatened with physical harm and another still gives their popular religious figure Kavod as though nothing ever happened.

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

Too late Bozos!


Technology Alert
from The Wall Street Journal

A U.S. government panel is poised to recommend that the president unravel an acquisition made by China’s Huawei Technologies Co., after the Pentagon sought review of the deal, people familiar with the matter said. The startup, 3Leaf Systems, developed supercomputing technology that let collections of server computers work together like a more powerful machine.

The Chinese equipment maker has struggled to gain a foothold in the North American market, having been consistently thwarted by U.S officials who argue that China's military could use Huawei equipment to disrupt or intercept U.S. communications.

The Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States is expected to release its decision Monday. The transaction still could be approved, and the U.S. president is free to disregard a recommendation by the committee.


Dovy said...

Was reading your brothers' book last night and was pretty surprised how he fell for Chareidei Judaism hook, line, and sinker and, AFAIK, didn't mention modern orthodoxy even once.

Even more shocking was the slavish praise of Tropper. What does Moshe say about the Great MeNuval now?

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

Harry reminds me of one of my friends in yeshiva ketana; good kid that was always late, even to recess!

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

Vos zogt UOJ? :


I'd "consider" voting for Donald if Hershel Schechter and Haskel Lookstein arrange for the mohel Yitzchak Fisher to give the Donald a gezunte shnit! Maybe he'd shut his stupid mouth for a few days!

Although every once in a while, by accident, he makes sense.

Anonymous said...


Posted on Thu, Feb. 10, 2011
4 priests charged in sex abuse investigation
By David O’Reilly

Inquirer Staff Writer

Monsignor William Lynn, former head of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia's Office for Clergy, has been charged for allegedly failing to protect children from sexual abuse by priests, District Attorney Seth Williams announced today.

Two felony counts of endangering the welfare were lodged against Lynn follow a grand jury investigation, Williams said at a news conference.

Williams also announced the Revs. Charles Engelhardt, 64, and Edward Avery, 68, and Bernard Shero, 47, a former 6th grade teacher at St. Jerome's School in Northeast Philadelphia, had been charged with raping and sexually assaulting the same boy in the parish between 1998, when he was 10 years old, and 2000.

Another priest, the Rev James Brennan, 47, is charged with raping and sexually assaulting a 14-year-old boy in 1996.

All five men were arrested today, official said.

Williams said Lynn, who was the Archdiocese's Secretary of the Clergy from 1992 to 2004, "supervised two of the abusers . . . knew they were dangerous and chose to expose them to new victims."

Since 2004 Lynn has served as pastor of St. Joseph's Church in Downingtown, a parish of nearly 4,000 families.

As head of the clergy office, Lynn oversaw all priest personnel issues, which included advising Cardinal Anthony Bevilacqua and his successor, Cardinal Justin Rigali, on the assignment of priests; interviewing persons who reported sexual abuse by a priests; and overseeing the treatment of clergy known to have abused children.

In a message to church deacons, Rigali said he could not comment directly on the grand jury report because he had not yet received it.

But, he added: "I know the release of this report will be painful and my deep concern is for all of those who have been abused. I urge all the faithful of the Archdiocese to pray for, to extend every concern for and remain open to understanding the experience of the victims. It is in that spirit that we reflect upon the grand jury's actions and the recommendations they make."

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

Was reading your brothers' book last night and was pretty surprised how he fell for Chareidei Judaism hook, line, and sinker and, AFAIK, didn't mention modern orthodoxy even once.

Even more shocking was the slavish praise of Tropper. What does Moshe say about the Great MeNuval now?



You must mean *** JUST ONE JEW***

available at *** FELDHEIM.COM ***

Moshe was fooled like many other people.

Tropper bin pimpin' said...

Wow! Tropper put up a sign against the book for his 3 talmidim in Kol Yaakov even though it praised him? Talk about cutting off your nose to spite UOJ.

Anonymous said...


I just found out a legitimate reason why Satmar would want to move shechita to Mexico to escape the animal rights activists. I can't link to the article though because it's too prust. One group has been making protests in front of companies in the southern States while arum vee Adam veChava kodem hachait and are being arrested by the police for indecency. A menuval friend of Failed Shmarya who also blogs and is also a former Lubavitcher BT who went off the derech again is citing this report as a reason why he wants to become a vegetarian.