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Uncle Joe!


Brooklyn camp counselor charged in kid-sex case

"City Yossi" - Joseph Passof, a retired New York City schoolteacher known by the nickname "Uncle Joe," is accused of molesting a 5-year-old boy in a bathroom last summer, authorities said.

The counselor was slapped with a slew of sex-abuse charges for the heinous July assault, in which he allegedly sneaked up behind his young victim and attacked him in front of a 4-year-old camper.

"That's Uncle Joe, bad person," the young witness told investigators when he was shown a photograph of Passof, police sources said.

The 65-year-old, who spent 36 years on staff at the Flatbush Park Jewish Center Day Camp, was arrested Wednesday and pleaded not guilty yesterday.

A camp photo shows the tubby teacher surrounded by child playthings and a pile of kids' clothes. Camp director Kevin Adelson didn't return calls and e-mails for comment.

Passof's defense lawyer, Jay Cohen, said Passof is impotent because of high blood pressure and diabetes.

Cohen said the accusation was fabricated by the mother of the witness, who had been chastised by Passof and another counselor.

Joseph Passof, a retired New York City schoolteacher known by the nickname "Uncle Joe," is accused of molesting a 5-year-old boy in a bathroom last summer, authorities said.

The counselor was slapped with a slew of sex-abuse charges for the heinous July assault, in which he allegedly sneaked up behind his young victim and attacked him in front of a 4-year-old camper.

Cohen said Passof had actually walked in on the two boys in the bathroom "experimenting" with their pants down.

Passof, who plans to testify before a grand jury, says he only yelled at them to pull their pants up and denied any abuse, according to Cohen.

Passof appears prominently on the Web site of Flatbush Park Jewish Center Day Camp, which costs $3,000 for eight weeks and accepts kids from ages 4 to 14.

There are pictures of a portly-looking Passof sitting on a child's jungle gym and another section touts his skills in preparing fish sticks for the campers.

He was ordered held on $50,000 bail or bond.

Passof taught at city schools, including PS 99 Isaac Asimov School for Science and Literature in Midwood, Brooklyn, from 1984 until his retirement in 2003.

The Department of Education said he had no disciplinary history.



Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if this piece of fleish mit oogle is married?

Internet and Facbook fuel moves to change Saudis and Haredim said...


"Saudi Arabia bans protests, gatherings

Sun Mar 6, 2011 6:11AM

Saudi Arabia [Haredi Stan] has banned all kinds of rallies and gatherings, as anti-government [anti-aguda] protests demanding democratic change and the release of political prisoners gain momentum in the monarchy [moetzes].

Saudi Arabia's [Haredi Stan's] Interior [Fibbing] Ministry described protests as “illegal” in a Saturday [motziShabbos] statement and declared that security forces [agudaconventions] were "authorized by law [halacha] to take all measures needed against those who try to break the law [halacha]."

"Regulations in the [aguda] kingdom forbid categorically all sorts of demonstrations, marches and sit-ins... as they contradict Islamic Sharia [Daas Toireh] law [halacha] and the values and traditions [minhagim] of Saudi [Haredi] [backward] society," SPA state [aguda] news agency quoted the ministry [moetzes] as saying.

The decision came after anti-government [moetzes] demonstrations were held after the Friday prayers in the Saudi [Haredi] capital, Riyadh [Boropark], and other cities.

Hundreds of Saudi [Haredi] protesters took to the streets in Riyadh [Boropark], for the first time, to join anti-government [anti-moetzes] protests in other cities in the country, calling for the release of political prisoners.

Protesters gathered in front of Al-Rajhi Mosque [Main Agudah Minyan] in the eastern part of the capital, chanting anti-government [anti-moetzes] and anti-corruption [anti-shochad] slogans.

Witnesses say Saudi [Haredi] security forces detained at least three people, who had chanted slogans against the Saudi [Haredi] monarchy [moetzes], in Riyadh [Boropark].

At the same time, groups of protesters continued their rallies in the towns of al-Hufuf [fl-Atbush], al-Ahsa [fa-Rockaway], and al-Qatif [la-Akewood] in the Eastern Province, with demonstrators demanding the release of political prisoners, including a senior Shia cleric [College professor].

In al-Hufuf [fl-Atbush], the peaceful protest rally, which condemned the Saudi [Haredi] government's [moetzes's] detention of Sheikh Tawfiq al-Amer [Professor Yosef Ber so-Loveitchik], was held following the Friday prayers.

A similar protest, which was held in al-Qatif [la-Kewood], was dispersed by Saudi [Haredi] security forces [overweight kolleniks], witnesses [eidim] said.

The Shia cleric [College professor] was arrested on February 25 after delivering a sermon, in which he said that Saudi Arabia [Haredi Stan] should become a constitutional monarchy.

In a move to intensify its crackdown on mass protests planned next week, the Saudi [Haredi] government [moetzes] also has decided to deploy thousands of anti-riot police [unemployed bochurim] to northeastern Saudi Arabia [Haredi Stan].

This comes against the backdrop of growing calls on Internet for a massive anti-government [moetzes] protest expected later in March.

A group of Saudi [Haredi] youths has called for a “Saudi [Haredi] Revolution” on March 20, using Facebook, to demand democratic and political reform in the monarchy [moetzes].

The Facebook group, which has over 17,000 members, also called for a “Day of Rage” to be held on March 11. Tens of thousands of Saudis [Haredis] have already joined the drive.

Protests and public displays of dissent are forbidden in Saudi Arabia [Haredi Stan]. The government [moetzes] has become increasingly nervous about the protests that have taken the Arab [Frum] world by storm, toppling the Egyptian [Ghetto] and Tunisian [Shtetel] presidents, and recently reaching Oman [Meahshearim], Bahrain [Bnaibrak], Yemen [Gateshead]and Libya [Aguda]."

Libya's internet goes dark as upheaval spreads said...

You know Gadafi is as finished as Mubarak was if he has to resort to cutting off the Internet to "defend" himself. No doubt Aguda, Rebbes and Haredim who hate the Internet are loving this moment and taking note. Just read what's going on without interspersed comments, fact is stranger than fiction:

The Register:

"Libya's internet goes dark as upheaval spreads: Net communications severed

By Dan Goodin in San Francisco

Posted in Music and Media, 4th March 2011 23:00 GMT

As violence escalated against people protesting Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi, internet traffic flowing in and out of the African nation dropped to zero, making it impossible to send communications over its borders.

According to figures supplied by Google's Transparency Report, traffic flowing between Libyan computers and YouTube began a precipitous drop starting at 5 am GMT on Thursday. Four hours later, traffic vanished altogether and had yet to recover at time of writing. Libyan traffic to GMail, Blogger, and other services showed a similar pattern.

Connections to Google were by no means the only ones to be severed in Libya.

“When we do traceroutes to measure the reachability of sites inside Libya, our traceroutes don't go across the border,” James Cowie, CTO and cofounder of Renesys, told The Register. “Nothing comes back. When you go to look at Libyan websites, the ones that are hosted in Libya as opposed to the ones that are hosted in Chicago or some place, those websites simply don't answer and often the DNS isn't working, so you can't even resolve the domain name.

“All of that suggests very strongly that there's very, very, very little traffic coming in and out of LTT, the Libyan provider.”

Libya isn't the first country of late that has seen disrupted internet traffic amid tumultuous protests calling for the ouster of its leader. Five weeks ago, the Egyptian government switched off its internet as citizens called for President Hosni Mubarak to step down. In that case, the disruption was the result of a virtually across-the-board withdrawal of routes from the internet's border gateway system.

In Libya, border gateway routes are still being announced, but somehow those connections are failing to transmit any data in response to queries sent from the outside world.

“The best analogy I can think of is that, although the figurative canal system is still in place to get traffic to the right destination, Libya simply pulled the plug and drained the water,” TrendMicro researcher Rik Ferguson blogged.

Cowie said Libya's technique may give the government the option of allowing the internet to be used by forces loyal to Gadhafi while preventing its use by everyone else. But he pointed to data (PDF here) gathered by internet sensors monitored by Arbor Networks showing all traffic in and out of the country has ceased."

Anonymous said...

is that an orthodox camp?

Tricky Tropper reinvents himself as the anti Internet knight said...

Leib TRopper, the ex-rabbis from Monsey is determined to press forth with his Internet dabblings. Not only does he run a his new nutty "כבוד התורה" with posting about this, that, and anything that he wishes to drum up, but he uses it to post and make frequ3ent attacks on blogs and bloggers he hates and on the Internet itself even as he uses the Internet for his own ends in hypocritical fashion, such as in his latest posting:

"Sunday, March 6, 2011

Rebbe of Skver & Internet

The Skverer Rebbe Shlit"a has involved himself in the battle against the internet.

In an article in this weekend's Bakhila it is reported that the Rebbe Shlit"a has met with advisors who discussed ways of filtering the internet to protect the young and old from reading & seeing Loshon Hora, Rechilus, Hotzas Shem Ra and other sorts of damaging content."

Note how Tropper sees it as his "job" to "report" what's written in other sources for his own reasons since the Internet played a key role in revealing Tropper's own sordid sex dealings that forced him to resign from all his official positions at his Kol Yaakov (Eisav) yeshiva and EJF the Eternal Jewish Family (Fraud) to help gentiles convert, with him being obliged to sign an agreement to leave Monsey which he has yet to fulfill.

When will this guy finally learn to shut up and hang his head in shame?

Israeli websites face Muslim hackers in ongoing cyberwar said...

While Muslim countries panic and enforce stricter controls on Internet usage, there are plenty Muslim hackers who have time on their hands to attack Israeli websites:

"Arutz Sheva Published: 03/07/11:

Anti-Israel 'Hacktivists' Strike Again

by David Lev

Once again, Israeli sites were invaded last weekend by Arab “hacktivists,” hackers who specialize in taking down Israeli sites to express their anger at Israeli policies.

This time it was “Arutz Meir,” a popular Israeli site with Torah lectures for adults and plays, games and educatonal activities with Jewish content for children. The site was compromised by a group of Turkish hackers on Shabbat a week ago, with the hackers replacing the site's main page with anti-Israel slogans and caricatures.

Dina Cohen, director of the site, told Israel National News that the site was quickly repaired after Shabbat. Tens of thousands of Israeli children, mostly from the religious-Zionist sector, who eagerly await each episode of the mischievous Asi, wise Tuvia and riotous chicken-puppet Pulka series, breathed a sigh of relief.

“We have an idea why they might have targeted us,” she said. “Several days earlier we ran an interview with a Muslim convert to Judaism, who, despite his being educated in mosques in Gaza and Hevron, rejected Islam and joined the IDF."

Yoram, the site's technology manager, said that the site's defenses would be strengthened in order to ensure that the attack would not be repeated.

Site invasions are a constant problem and annoyance for system managers and website owners around the world. Many hackers send out viruses and malware to seek out security holes on websites, quickly hijacking a site and posting their “victory” messages on it, informing the world of their hacking prowess. Arab and Muslim hackers do not necessarily target only Israeli sites; they post their anti-Israel creed on any site they can successfully hack. “Of course, they're happy when they hit Israeli sites, but any site anywhere will do,” says Internet expert Steven Cohen.

Anti-Israel hackers are just a small minority of hackers worldwide, says Cohen. “The largest group of hacktivists is the group Anonymous, which specializes in political attacks on banks, politicians, and basically any idea or concept they don't like.”

Could Arab hacktivists eventually bring down a major site in Israel, like the Knesset site or the Bank of Israel site?

“It's certainly possible, and therefore the responsibility on website managers for these sites is all the greater,” Cohen says, “They'd much rather take out major sites, but if Arutz Meir is all they can get to, they will start with that”."

Anonymous said...

I wonder if this one is a result of overkill pursuit. If he didn't do it all his teaching life why now when he could just about move?
I think anyone who trust their kids with a 400 pound gorrila old fart can't complain later. Yet I am not convinced this man is guilty of anything yet?

Anonymous said...

Tricky Tropper,
May the Lord bless the internet and the website that has all the goods on a menuval like Tropper. I am suprised that he spends time attacking UOJ. He should be banning youtube!

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