Tuesday, March 08, 2011

"Tropper is more of a medium size hustler!"

Evanston Jew to UOJ:

I want to say something about the comparison between Tropper and Berlusconi. If Tropper never showed up on the Orthodox stage the entire community would be better off. I personally don't see any redeeming features to Tropper. OTOH he's not a major person, more of a medium size hustler. If he doesn't return to public life the problem is solved...

UOJ to EJ:

Tropper, indeed a hustler, was well on his way to controlling all or most Orthodox conversions in the USA. Imagine if he was a big-time hustler!

The big league hustlers are the rabbis that took any money from this guy, or that showed up at his events. Why, even Shmuel Kaminetzky waited until his partner in Philly, R' Elya Svei passed away (Svei despised Tropper), no sooner was his body cold, did Kaminetzky participate in these EJF orgies and take money from Tropper.

Tropper is Orthodox Judaism today - hustlers with their pants down and hands out!


chaim said...

I just think that hashem gave us Tropper to expose the real chaim berlin and more specifically Aron Shechter. If the lies he constantly spouts, or the cherem d'lo tzayis ledina from R' Moshe Feinstein, or the New York Post article, or the continued support of Kranzcer, Hersch, and Kolko don't turn every jew away from him like they should, hopefully this will.

Tropper is Troubled said...

The situation with the ex-rabbi Leib Tropper is very troubling!

On the one hand he has been dealt some serious blows and he is no longer the head of his once notorious (for extreme brainwashing) yeshiva Kol Yaakov and he was forced to resign from his and Tom Kaplan's brainchild the EJF (the misnamed "Eternal Jewisf Family" that lasted less than Hitler's y"sh 12 year reich that was supposed to last for a "1000 years").

But on the other hand Tropper is still strutting this earth. In spite of the humiliation he suffered by being forced to quit from Kol Yaakov and the EJF he found ways to NOT complete the rest of the deal against him that he signed on to to leave Monsey and to basically get out of communal Jewish life.

There are a lot of people who owe him IOUs for all the carefully funneled Tom Kaplan-Guma Aguiar millions, basically shochad, to hundreds of the most notable Charedi rabbis, rosh yeshivas, institutions and organizations across three continents because he was busy all over North America, Europe and the UK and all over Israel. He had global ambitions and he made sure that Tom Kaplan's and Guma Aguiar's free-flowing tens of millions got sent to people who Tropper could control. And who knows how many others he provided with prostitution services at his hotel retreats and other places as his recorded and revealed phone conversations later proved was true.

So now Tropper is trying with all his might to crawl out of his hole. He goes to Israel and gets articles written about him like he still heads Kol Yaakov. He mentions that EJF now has a new successor organization that's staffed with his own people. He meets with his gedoilim and talks to them in learning. He writes commentaries on seforim, and of course he comes up with the idea of starting up and posting on a new blog, all of which ensures that he gets noticed as he sends out the signal that he's very much alive and out there.

This is very troubling! Nobody was happy with Napoleon escaping because he always came back to cause more trouble. Nobody feels safe if "the Joker" is out on the loose not knowing where or when he'll make trouble next.

Yes, it's true, that the likes of Aron Schechter and Elya Ber Wachtfogel and Moshe Green keep Tropper propped up. They were forced to accept Tropper's resignations, but they still see HIM as the "victim" and as the "great one" because he is after all, a "groiser lamden" and one of them, they cannot begin to fathom his depravity and crooked mind, and even if they do, they think his "good deeds" outweigh his bad ones.

So whatever is done to remind people of this great peril and menace to Jewish and Orthodox society and keeps the spotlight on him, makes sure that he will not get a free ride and slink into the dark to get up to mischief again that harms every other Jew and is bound to lead to more chillul Hashems.

On a practical note, at a minimum, ways must be found to enforce the "expulsion order" by the Monsey rabbonim to force Tropper to leave Monsey and to make sure that the world knows he is no different to the defrocked Shabtai Tzi who also in his time caused a lot of damage to the Jewish people with his false beliefs.

Staten Island said...

Isn't there something wrong with Rabbi Reuvain Feinstein hanging on to the 3 million smackeroo$ he got in exchange for helping Tropper promote the big lie that his own father R' Moishe supported Tropper's bogus gerus standards?

JJJ said...

David Holthouse article

Westword ran a cover story on May 13, 2004 entitled "Stalking the Bogeyman" in which the 33-year-old journalist, David Holthouse, described being molested at the age of 7 by a 14-year-old at his home in Anchorage, Alaska. The attacker was not named but a picture and other details were printed. The article told of Holthouse's recently abandoned plans to belatedly kill his now grown-up attacker: "I was going to watch him writhe like a poisoned cockroach for a few seconds, then kick him onto his stomach and put three bullets in the back of his head. This time last year I had a gun, and a silencer, and a plan" [5].

After the article was published, Holthouse feared retaliation and asked a friend to follow the alleged attacker. The friend was arrested on suspicion of stalking on May 29, 2004. Holthouse's arrest soon followed. "Any charges against me are essentially charges of thought crimes," he said [6]. The alleged attacker and his wife declined to press charges [7]. The article won a 2nd place in the annual awards of the Colorado Society of Professional Journalists [8].

Westword published a followup story by Holthouse on July 8, 2004 in which he described his reaction upon being arrested: "I said to myself, to the walls, to no one, 'Well, isn't this a bitch? The guy who raped me when I was kid just got me arrested. I should have gone ahead and shot his ass'". Holthouse feared retaliation because "After the article came out, my mom, who still lives in Anchorage, Alaska, where the rape occurred, and from whom I inherited my taste for vendetta, mailed copies of the cover story to everyone in the man's neighborhood, along with a signed note identifying him as the unnamed molester in the story. She was a one-woman sexual-predator notification program"



PHILADELPHIA (AP) Philly archbishop says 21 priests in grand jury sex abuse report put on administrative leave

JJJ said...

Just get over it, they say.


Revenge Not Taken: The Better Path?
One Man's Plot to Murder His Molestor Ends With a Surprising Twist

May 21, 2008

"I arrived at a point in my mind," David Holthouse says, "where it seemed to me that murder was entirely rational, justifiable and even a morally responsible course of action."
How far would you go to get even with someone who wronged you?

Holthouse's 25-year path to revenge began in Anchorage, Alaska, in 1978, at the home of his parents' best friends. The friends' son was 10 years older than Holthouse, and was the quarterback for the high school football team. Holthouse admired him. But one night, the high school quarterback lured the 7-year-old downstairs to play and trapped him in a corner.

The older boy forced a terrified Holthouse to stimulate him orally. "Then I remember being face down on his waterbed with a pillow over my head," Holthouse says. "I had no concept of sex or rape or anything like that. I just knew that it hurt like hell." Once the teen had finished violating Holthouse, he ordered him never to tell anyone what had happened.

Holthouse grew up to become a journalist; his career took him from Alaska to Arizona to Colorado. Then one night, his parents called…with a remarkable coincidence to report. Their best friends' son was also living in the Denver area.

The knowledge tormented Holthouse. Memories of his violation flooded back. "And I just fixated on it," he says, "and fixated on a desire to kill him."

And so, using the skills he employed in reporting one of his stories, Holthouse carefully, incessantly plotted his revenge.

'I Just Wanted to Shoot Him'

"Once I decided I was going to kill him, I felt a lot calmer about things," Holthouse says. "I was convinced that I was not his only victim and that in all likelihood, he was still raping kids. And therefore it was crucial for me to wipe him off the face of the earth."

"That's what I told myself. That's how I justified it. I think that really, I just wanted to shoot him."

But before Holthouse could take action…while his mother was cleaning out his old bedroom in Alaska, something caught her eye. It was a long-forgotten childhood diary -- Holthouse's diary -- in which he'd confided what had happened to him.

JJJ said...

Part 2

Horrified, his mother fired off a brutally frank message to the man's parents. She says she "told them that, um, that their son had raped my son when he was 7."
How far would you go to get even with someone who wronged you?

"And once my parents told me that, I knew that there was no way I could go ahead with my plans to kill him," says Holthouse.

The Confrontation

Then Holthouse thought of another way he could get revenge. He decided to write about being raped and about his plan for vengeance. He knew that meant confronting the man at last.

When the two met, Holthouse's hidden tape recorder captured the man's voice. "It happened one time…I don't know why…It never happened since, it never happened before," he told Holthouse.

"I guess my main concern is that you're okay…I'm never going to be able to apologize to you enough."

Those words led to another momentous decision: Holthouse decided not to name the man in his story. The story set off a firestorm of reaction from readers. "Person after person after person saying, this happened to me too, this happened to me too, when I was a kid."

'You Have the Obligation to Exact Some Form of Revenge'

Four years later, Holthouse is now married and is a writer and editor for the Southern Poverty Law Center, where his words and stories seek to expose klansmen, neo-Nazis and other purveyors of hatred. He is still sought out by victims of child rape. He tells them revenge is their right…and maybe even their duty. "Not only do you have the right," he says, "but arguably, you have the obligation to exact some form of revenge on the person who sexually assaulted you when you were a kid. Because you have that same special, critical knowledge that I had. You know, beyond any doubt, the identity of a kiddie rapist."

What Holthouse is willing to offer is what he calls "conditional forgiveness." He wrote a second letter to the man who raped him.

"If you were telling me the truth when you said I was the only one, then I accept your apology and I offer you my forgiveness, and I wish you the best of luck. If you were lying, then God help you, because you're going down."

Was running that story a more satisfying way to deal with what had happened to him than killing this man would have been? "Definitely," Holthouse says. "I think it did more good for a lot of other people. I think it did more good for myself. And that's a relief."

Anonymous said...

UOJ,I think that many well meaning people were sucked into Troppers EJF money greased scam. Most of them bailed out quick when they realized what it was about. Yes, you may have seen Rabbonim there, but how many of them stayed for long?

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

Reuvain Feinstein is still there under a new name, and stayed until the end of EJF! The same bogus conversions/weekend partying is still going on with Kaplan's money.

Shmuel Kaminetzky stayed to close the lights and Aron Schechter still supports Tropper.

How come no Kol Koreh/Cherem? HUH?

That's close to half of the Moetzes!

Lakewood Parent said...


Now its Kuwaits turn as Internet mobilized against tyrannical rulers said...


"Kuwait square blocked after protest calls

From correspondents in Kuwait City | From: AP | March 09, 2011 4:49AM

POLICE have barricaded a main square in Kuwait's capital before planned protests for greater political freedoms that could bring another Gulf state into the surge for reforms around the Arab world.

The police cordons around Kuwait City's central Safat Square were a high-profile warning to demonstrators, but organisers used social media to point to alternative sites in attempts to keep a step ahead of the crackdown.

Although the calls for protests would mark the first in Kuwait since the stunning Arab uprisings, the oil-rich Gulf nation is no stranger to political showdowns.

Kuwait has the region's most powerful parliament and opposition MPs have waged open battles against the ruling system, including nearly bringing down the prime minister two times with no-confidence votes.

One of the protest slogans: "Leave! We Deserve Better!"

The planned rallies were timed to dovetail with the return of parliament from a nearly month-long recess.

One of the first acts was the swearing-in of the new interior minister, whose predecessor was dismissed in January following an uproar when a suspect accused of illegal liquor sales was beaten to death in police custody.

But the main target of Kuwait's opposition remains the prime minister, Sheik Nasser Al Mohammed Al Sabah, accused of stifling political freedoms and muzzling dissent.

The prime minister is a nephew of Kuwait's emir, whose ruling family holds all major government posts and controls the oil riches in the world's fourth-largest producer.

The Gulf is already gripped by unprecedented political unrest. Bahrain's monarchy has been hit by more than three weeks of protests and clashes. Smaller protests have flared in Oman and Saudi Arabia.

Last month, police in Kuwait used tear gas to disperse protests by descendants of desert nomads demanding Kuwait citizenship and the generous state benefits that come with it."

Tropper is Troubled said...

Anonymous said...UOJ,I think that many well meaning people were sucked into Troppers EJF money greased scam. Most of them bailed out quick when they realized what it was about. Yes, you may have seen Rabbonim there, but how many of them stayed for long?

The above apologetics is very lame. Take one look at Tropper and you know he is very troubled. Like, would you take money from John Gotti? Or from Muamar Ghadafi? You know it's gonna lead to trouble. So people took that money out of greed. Perhaps a few who came early on to EJF events, seeing the same batch of "gedolim" at EJF meetings, thought this was just another "branch" of Aguda, being fooled that it's no worse than a Torah Umesorah, NCYI, OU, or AJOP event. But those who stuck around to remain on Tropper's dole, who hosted him when he flew into their communities to splash big bucks ta batei din all over the the world and at kiruv programs for years, what's their excuse when they knew full well that Tropper was a toxic menuval from the get-go.

So it's not an innocent picture, those who joined Tropper at his fessing fests ENABLEB him and PARTNERED with him, until Tropper's own voice and acts were posted live online on YouTube with him talking and acting in his own XXX-rated porn shows with his wife and lover/s and ONLY then, when he forced to resign from Kol Yaakov and from EJF in DISGRACE, did his buddies pull back.

In the meantime the ONLY real person who was screaming against Tropper and who has seen the light was his former supporter Guma Aguiar (Tom Kaplan nephew and former partner), the one in fact who was in charge of the Lillian Jean Kaplan Foundation and signed the checks -- he was the one who gave Reuven Feinstein 3 million dollars "into his pocket directly" it was Guma who finally pulled the plug on Tropper, even though he was Tropper's "talmid/client" but he ran away from Tropper.

Gum and his wife Jamie were married when they were involved with Christianity and later Guma got interested in Yiddishkeit through Tovia Singer, and then they met Tropper and started the process of a conversion for Jamie, but Jamie got tired of Tropper's demands and antics and they went to Rabbi Bomzer instead for her conversion. At which point Tropper, together with his partner in crime Nochum Eisenstein, went ballistic and forged letters to defame Bomzer, but to no avail because even though Guma took ill, at the very same time Tropper was outed as a sex pervert having threesomes with other gals and his wife Laurel-Liba and arranging for paid prostitutional sex trysts for himself and his buddies all recorded and posted online.

Yet the rabbonim stayed till the bitter end, and in fact many are still on board with Tropper now because they OWE him and he has the goods on them, and for some others he "can do no wrong" because he knows how to kiss up to and manipulate the gullible "gedoilim" like Aron Schechter and Chaim Kanievsky with whom he can enjoy a bowl of chicken soup as he lies straight to his face, something the sociopath Tropper is an expert in.

It is a very sad and troubling state of affairs and the Jewish and Torah world needs to be on guard against the slime that is Tropper.

Soros thinks Chinas supression is great in spite of whats going on online and on the ground said...

It is incredible to read this report that someone can actually promote "emunas chachomim" blind trust in the totalitarian communist Chinese dictatorial tyrannical government at the very time when there is so much unrest among its own people to enjoy the freedoms and liberties of a free and open society that have allowed misfits, and Holocaust survivor yet, like Soros to become mega billionaires, yet still and all Soros has the audacity to talk like this, what an immoral and amoral nut he is:

Business Insider:

"Soros: The Chinese Model Of Suppressing Individuals Could Become The Envy Of The World

Courtney Comstock | Mar. 9, 2011, 10:48 AM

Apparently, Soros is considering the possibility that people might some day want to be censored and live in a socialist society like China's.

He said yesterday at the Traveller’s Club in Paris, according to Dealbook:

“The world does need order, and that order needs maintenance. The idea that markets can correct their excesses turned out to be false.

“Perfect order and global governance are not realistic expectations. However, it is a sad fact that Western democracies provide less successful leadership than China.”

"[China’s model of state capitalism, in which the interests of the individual are subordinated to those of the government, pose a danger if its example becomes] “the envy of the world.”

He must think that things could get really bad in the Western world to think that anyone in a free-speech democracy is capable of envying life in China.

In fact, let's take a look at what's going on there right now and you tell us if you'd ever envy its leadership.

Today in China, gchat, skype, and video chat are blocked, according to a resident.

And here's why: the past few Sundays, small groups of protestors have organized online and gathered to perform "strolls," that turned out to be little more than a few people.

But because word got out that protests might take place, the designated area was surrounded with reporters and police
, according to Hollywood Reporter, which writes:

Yet when camera crews showed up – and when the outgoing U.S. ambassador, Jon Huntsman, went to McDonald’s to eat lunch with his family and their security detail – Chinese police swarmed the scene, throwing a BBC cameraman into a van, and severely beating a reporter from Bloomberg News.

And the Hollywood Reporter's says he and other journalists have been contacted by Chinese authorities about regulations on their behavior.

And of course, a spokesman for the Ministry denies the beating.

A spokeswoman form China's Foreign Ministry denied overseas journalists were beaten by Chinese police, saying at a regular press conference: "There is no such issue as Chinese police officers beating foreign journalists."

Anonymous said...

Feinstein only received $500,000. His arrogant ass will leave Monsey in a paddy wagon ride (on the house, gratis,free) to the pokey.

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

Feinstein received $3 million dollars, (that I was able to verify) right off Kaplan's tax return!

BT Archipelago said...

"Forbes 400"(HoRav Tom Kaplan is one of them)reported that Guma Aguiar("yehuda dovid kaplan") is placed in the home for the mentally ill. Yes, he did physically fight Troppppper but...(All this is another proof that "kiruv"/baaltshuva "movement"--all are scam).

Anonymous said...

the rabbis who took money from tropper don't see any problem because they are doing the same thing.

here in miami, the av beis din for gerus is running a prostitution service. it just got ugly when one of the "dear johns" who was extorted for $$$ when to the DA's office to file for a restraining order.

he didn't know that the DA was frum (no kippa or beard).

anyway, the john told the attorney that dora m. a geirus candidate with rabbi turk had sex with her daughter and him. now she is extorting him and his brother for money not to tell their families.

BTW, rabbi turk charges $250 for each "lesson".

that is how he can afford his house in miami beach with no job.

Daniel Z said...

It was the holy UOJ who first went after the menuval way back in 2007


I'll come after you as an exterminator goes after poisonous rats! I'm on to you and your pathetic scam! You're going down - BIG!

Is is unbeliveable how most of teh haredi rabbis and many of the modern orthodox (yes, it is you Hershel Schachter) went after Tropper giving him head and eating from his hands

Anonymous said...

This is disgusting! Unfortunately there are hundreds of so-called Rabbis like Tropper out there.