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Rabbi Mordecai Tendler - former rabbi of an Orthodox Jewish synagogue, which he founded by offering free group sex in New York


Rabbi Mordecai Tendler is the former sub-standard and mediocre rabbi of an Orthodox Jewish community, which he founded by offering lots of free group sex in New Hempstead, New York. He was known among Orthodox Jews "as a calypso singer, scholar, educator, and bottom-of-the-barrel community leader". His last name had everything to do with his getting the job.[1]

[edit] Family Tendler was born into an American Orthodox family. He is the son of Rabbi Moshe Tendler, (an expert in Jewish medical ethics) and his maternal grandfather is Rabbi Moshe Feinstein, one of the leading 20th Century American rabbinic decisors (posek). He is the brother of the prominent porn star, Rabbi Aron 'Superboy' Tendler, who the Adult Video Network has nominated twice for their special philanderer-clergy award (although he is supposedly not very well-endowed).

Uncle (Pretty Boy) Sholom Tendler out West, is well known as the Community Banger (Tendler's version of the Community Kollel - come and hang out), any woman, any size, with any disease is welcome at his office or under his desk. Tendler serves as a vice president of the RCC - Rabbinical Council of California; noted for his erudition in the various colors of menstrual blood on ladies undergarments. He has copyrighted the halachic slogan - "Got Blood?"

First cousins of the Tendler boys are the Shisgal twins; they gained notoriety in the Orthodox Jewish community by posing for Penthouse Magazine. Bob Guccione, the publisher, ultimately, was paid a large sum of money by an anonymous Jewish community member not to publish the photographs (Guccione got real lucky!). Rumor has it that they were sexually molested as youngsters by a close family member.

As the posek's grandson and disciple, Mordecai Tendler worked closely with R. Feinstein in administering his efforts to a promulgate responsa on many matters of Jewish law (halakhah). Moreover, Tendler helped prepare and edit various volumes of Feinstein's responsa for publication in the Igrot Moshe series.

[edit] Allegations of misconduct - Due to allegations of sexual misconduct and his non-cooperation with an investigation, his membership in the Rabbinical Council of America was revoked in 2005,[2][3] and in 2006, he was removed from his Rabbinical position.[4] Tendler has continued to deny the allegations of both the plaintiffs and anonymous bloggers.[5] In 2007, the Appellate Division, 1st Department, of the New York State Supreme Court affirmed the lower court ruling, that dismissed the lawsuit brought by one of the plaintiffs against Tendler.[1]

Legal proceedings between Tendler and the bloggers were still ongoing as of 2008.[6]

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Talmidei Margo said...


Anonymous said...

Tropper has been reveling on his blog that the Skverrer Rebbe is trying to asser everyone from being on the internet. Is this any surprise? Blogger Yossi Izrael in Monsey has been complaining for years that Skverrer chassidim own all the porno shops in Rockland County and that the Rebbe refuses to intervene even though kids at risk are hanging out there. Then there was the Jewish Star article about child molesters in New Square including one of the Rebbe's own gabboyim. There is small time Rebbe in Queens who is himself a sort of chossid of the Skverrer who tries to insinuate to people that those complaining about the Skverrer are "Conservative" and should therefore be ignored.

UOJ gets results said...

Here's what happens after "Uncle Joe" Passof is arrested for molesting kids at Flatbush Park Jewish Center Day Camp:


Website is temporarily unavailable!

New Hempstead said...

Obviously Tendler is monitoring this site, he edited Wiki within minutes of the UOJ posting.

Anonymous said...

The Skverrer is known to refuse to sit down in a chair unless the upholstery and stuffing has been checked for shaatnez. Maybe he should stand up until the molesters are removed from New Square.

Tendler Trinity of Human Garbage said...

Tendler's attorney brother in Baltimore has been known to lawyer around for Mordechai to intimidate websites with legal threats. He even used to do it on his firm's letterhead until one anti-Tendler blogger contacted the partners at the firm to ask them if he has permission to use their letterhead for such purposes. Suddenly like magic, he ceased using the firm's letterhead.

Monsey said...


Mordechai Tendler's son in law Elchanan Shoff runs this blog and has long been suspected by some as operating a pro-Tendler blog that viciously attacked Tendler critics like Rav Yosef Blau.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't tendler tried in court in Rockland county and found innocent?

Monsey said...


Shoff is currently a maggid shiur at Aish. The Tendlers don't forget are mishpocho with the Weinbergs. Matis Weinberg who is wanted for questioning by authorities in California is hanging around Aish. Matis's modern orthodox brother was thrown out of Lincoln Square Synagogue amid allegations he misused his rabbi position to womanize. He started a shtiebel in Riverdale from where he wrote a letter of support for Mordechai Tendler.

Anonymous said...

Hey Dummy, the court said Tendler did not break the law if he had consentual adulterous sex with women over 18 years of age.

Mordechai Tendler said...

One of my favorite shtikel Torahs is this one that my son in law wrote for the Waterbury yeshiva website:


See Sanhedrin 38b, and Yosef Daas (Ben Arza) there, s.v. Moshech Biorlaso. See also Or Hachaim Vayikra 19:26, and 12:3 where he explains this clearly, that if not for the sin of Adam there would be no foreskin in man or animals, and no orlah in vegetation. He also explains that there would be no Niddah blood, which is the corollary in women to foreskin in man. See also Nefutzos Yehuda of R. Yehuda Moscato Drush 28 p. 226. For a different but connected approach to Adam’s state after the sin as regards his milah, see Toras Chaim to Sanhedrin 38b s.v. Amar R. Yitzchak, where he explains that Adam brought desire upon himself, for Ramban taught us that until Adam’s sin, there was no passion for intercourse for any reason other than procreation, and we know that circumcision takes away a bit of the pleasure of intercourse for the man (as Maimonidies makes clear in his Guide, part 3.) Thus, Adam brought himself to a greater level of desire.

"Uncle Joe" Passof said...

Someone had asked earlier if the place where I molested is orthodox.


We are an Orthodox congregation committed to Torah study and its observance; daily prayer, morning and evening; strong support for the State of Israel; charitable support of worthy institutions and individuals. Our membership is a mix of young and old; of American, European and Israeli birth, all sharing a deep commitment to Jewish life and community. We strive to build and maintain a vibrant, dynamic and cohesive Jewish community in Mill Basin, Brooklyn.

Flatbush Park Jewish Center
The Shul was founded in 1952. In 1960, our congregation built its permanent home at its present location on Avenue U, between East 63rd and East 64th Streets. In this location, inititially, the Schreiber Sanctuary, the Mestel Midrash, the Berkower Lounge and the Sisterhood ULAM were built. In 1967 a some classrooms and a small library were added, as well as a Gymnasium/Auditorium. Lastly, in 1992 with funding from the Crown Heights Yeshiva, a fourth building was added on the East 63rd Street side that houses many additional classrooms and educational facilities and offices. This last building is the permanent home now of the Crown Heights Yeshiva.

Our Shul is under the leadership of Rabbi David Halpern. He is the founding Rabbi, called to the position in November of 1952. During his tenure, now in its 58th year, he has guided and overseen our development from humble beginings in storefronts on Mill Avenue and later on Avenue N, to its present prominence as one of the leading Orthodox Synagogues in New York. With close to 500 family members, the congragation actively supports Torah and religious programs in Mill Basin, in New York City and in Israel

Fact checker said...

Adultery is still officially illegal in NY State although it is never prosecuted. The court merely ruled that it is not an additional illegal act for a rabbi to abuse his position of authority to manipulate women into having sex with him.

Anonymous said...

I used to live in the area by Mill Basin, Brooklyn. The Flatbush Park shul is not that frum. About a third of the membership wanted to go Conservative when affiliation came up for a vote. The kids in the Crown Heights yeshiva on the premesis are not from frum families. There is something very suspicious going on around the corner from there at the Conservative Temple Sholom that UOJ and the gang should know about. The temple is led by Rabbi Dr. Ari Korenblit who is also the guy at the Jewish Press who acts as the paper's in house shrink, gypsy palm reader and handwriting analyst. The cantor is that Israeli putz "Steve" Shor who has been investigated by WPIX News for running a charity scam.


This is a new twist in Shor's scam that emerged after the WPIX coverage.

Both Korenblit and Shor are orthodox so how are they allowed to run a Conservative temple?

Anonymous said...

Adultery is still sometimes laid as a charge by more traditional prosecutors in far Upstate NY. Even though they know they will have to drop the charge because the larger State as a whole is too politically correct and "liberated" to stand for morality, it is used make things difficult for the perps and to make an example of them.

Aron Tendler said...

Yes Mordechai, very impressive bekius that your eidim commands!

Tropper is Troubled said...

In spite of ex-rabbi Leib Tropper constantly deprecating and denigrating blogs, he nevertheless has seen fit to "relaunch" his stagnant career by "keeping in touch" with his followers via his nutty new "כבוד התורה" blog.

Make no mistake about it, Tropper's use of this blog is serious from his perspective, he knows he has some traction as long as he can keep sending any signals that he is "alive and well and kicking" since in any case to his talmidim he is a martyr.

Very few blind disciples openly broke with him after he was defrocked online as a sexual sicko and pimp. Laughably they all came to Tropper and asked him if it's "true" like dummies who would go to Stalin to ask him if it's "true" that he bumped off people in the middle of night. He told them it's all a pack of lies and not believe anything they read, see or hear online because it's all "sheker" so they believe him like people with their brains lobotomized. This a cult at work at its worst, that the Scientologists and TMers would be proud of.

The rabbonim of Monsey, except for his allies Yisroel Schlesinger and Moshe Green, were at least able to do the impossible, and obviously Reuven Feinstein saw the dead-weight of slimy Tropper around his neck and they told Tropper to step down as rabbi of Kol Yaakov yeshiva and the EJF, and he did, they even got him to sign an agreement about this and to quit Monsey, see: Tropper's admission of guilt and resignation - A blow by blow but he reneged on leaving Monsey.

In the year leading up to his resignation, Tropper fought a monumental battle on the Daas Torah blog of Rabbi Dr. Daniel Eidensohn (the "DIE" he refers to as one of his enemy blogger) under the guise of "Roni" and posing under several other names as well as having allies come to defend him. It was a long hard battle with many twists and turns but in the end Tropper had to end that as well once the sex tapes about him carrying on with Shannon Orand were posted online, see Rabbi Leib Tropper of Monsey, New York Tropper "Sex" Tape Video with ex-rabbi and ex-rebbetzin post-coital leib and liba tropper kissing and fondling another woman in the background as a prime example of his disgraceful and shameful behavior.

The tyrannical Saudis days are numbered said...

Yahoo News:

"Saudi Arabia's Regime Will Fall, Says Analyst

Posted Mar 03, 2011 02:35pm EST by Henry Blodget in Newsmakers, Commodities

As Libya descends into full-on civil war and protests spread across the rest of the Middle East, all eyes are focused on Saudi Arabia, which produces more than 10% of the world's oil.

So far, protests in Saudi Arabia have been limited. But our guest, Fadel Gheit, a managing director at Oppenheimer & Co., thinks that may soon change.

The root cause of the Middle East unrest, Ghait says, is inequality. Decades of autocratic rule have increased frustration that the vast wealth of the oil-producing countries in the region is in the hands of a small privileged few, and this frustration is finally boiling over. Although governments are making small concessions designed to quell this frustration, Gheit believes the yearning for freedom and democracy is unstoppable.

He says it is hard to predict whether the violence that consumed Libya will spread to Saudi Arabia and other countries, but he believes the protests will. And, eventually, he believes, the regime will fall."

Those who block the Internet hardest fall from power the hardest said...

In 2009, this is what was reported in The Guardian, just see how far the tyrannical Arab regimes got now when in the past they focused on the Internet as a fake "bogeyman" rather than on the REAL problems facing them:

"Saudia Arabia leads Arab regimes in internet censorship

Blocking of 'immoral' websites by governments is common practice from UAE to Tunisia

Ian Black, Middle East editor
Tuesday 30 June 2009 16.18 BST

Saudi Arabia leads the field among Arab regimes that practise internet censorship, blocking website content ranging from pornography to politics, but also in waging a highly effective online war against al-Qaida and other jihadi groups.

According to the OpenNet Initiative (ONI), the conservative kingdom operates a "sophisticated" filtering system run by the internet services unit at King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology in the capital Riyadh.

Blocking is done according to two lists: one of "immoral" (mostly pornographic) sites; the other based on directions from a security committee run by the ministry of interior. Citizens are encouraged to actively report "immoral" sites for blocking, with hundreds of requests made every week.

"The internet is one of the most heavily censored areas in Saudi Arabia," said Madawi Al-Rasheed, of King's College London, whose own Arabic website is blocked in her homeland. "But it is quite easy to circumvent using proxy servers. The idea is to protect society, but the so-called immoral sites are the most accessed, much more than radical or jihadi ones."

After Egypt, Saudi Arabia has the highest number of bloggers in the Middle East, many of them women who use pseudonyms to avoid trouble with the authorities.

In Syria, which has a secular authoritarian regime, at least 160 websites related to opposition parties, Kurdish groups and hostile media organisations are banned. A "clean hands" site, set up to campaign against corruption, was shut down after a banning order was issued.

Controls are being tightened as the government tries to keep pace with increasing computer use. Censors are also becoming more advanced technologically, their work made easier by the fact that all internet traffic must pass through two state-controlled servers.

Cafes and other public internet centres need operating approval from the security services and are required to keep detailed records of customers' surfing habits. Like most Arab countries, Syria blocks all Israeli websites.

Internet censorship in the United Arab Emirates, another Middle Eastern blackspot, is "substantial", according to the ONI. Reporters Sans Frontieres (RSF) categorises it as "an enemy of the internet". In 2006 the government passed a law against "information crimes". It criminalises "those providing the web with content that harms public order or moral values". The maximum punishment is five years in prison.

The telecoms regulator blocks websites deemed offensive to local culture or values. Pornography and gambling sites are blocked by local telecoms providers.

Tunisia is in ONI's "pervasive" category and on RSF's "internet enemy" list. The secular, western-backed North African republic blocks thousands of websites. "The Tunisian government has realised that censorship is not working the way it wanted it to," says blogger Sami ben Gharbia. "The flow of dissident information into Tunisia is a fact and censorship is simply not succeeding in stopping it. The government is updating its policy from a simple blocking of dissidents' websites and blogs to a much more aggressive one, that includes hacking and deleting websites and filtering emails."

Anonymous said...

I was looking for this on your side click pictures Which Brooklyn Shul would you call this?
UOJ check it out.

Congressman King will place the spotlight on American radical Muslims maybe he should call in Gadafis pal Farakhan from Chicago as the first witness said...

"The terrorist threat is real

By Peter King

As chairman of the House Committee on Homeland Security, it is my obligation to investigate threats to our homeland. I am holding today's hearing because the threat of al-Qaeda recruiting individuals from within the American-Muslim community is real.

Three of the top U.S. national security officials have told the American public that we are facing a significant terrorist threat from radicalization inside the U.S. homeland.

In a hearing before my committee last month, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano testified that the threat level is at the most "heightened state" since 9/11, and she expressed her concern over the growing threat of domestic radicalization.

Attorney General Eric Holder has said that radicalization of Americans is something that keeps him awake at night. As he noted, 126 people have been indicted on terrorist-related charges in the past two years, including 50 U.S. citizens. The great majority of those charged are violent jihadists.

And just last Sunday, President Obama's deputy national security adviser, Denis McDonough, gave a speech at a mosque in Sterling, Va. He told his audience that the American-Muslim community here in the homeland is being targeted by al-Qaeda.

The administration is saying it: Al-Qaeda is targeting and attempting to radicalize Muslims within the U.S. — and it is focusing its efforts on the American-Muslim community. This is the most significant homeland security issue we face.

The danger comes from a small segment within the Muslim community. Unfortunately, the issue we are facing is that not enough leaders in the community are willing to come forward when they know an individual is being radicalized. In some cases, these leaders have encouraged individuals to not cooperate with investigations.

Just as it is the responsibility of the administration to bring this issue to the public's attention, it is my duty as the chairman of the House Committee on Homeland Security to examine the issue. I will call on witnesses from within the American-Muslim community, including those who have seen family members radicalized. It is my hope that the community uses this hearing as a platform to voice concerns about radicalization. Having an open discussion will put us on the right track to countering the ongoing radicalization efforts and securing our homeland.

Rep. Peter King, R-N.Y., is chairman of the House Committee on Homeland Security."

Berlusconi and Gadafi team up like Eisav and Yishmael said...

Also sounds a lot like the way Tropper operated, based on the revealed audio recordings, in order to gain favors and influence using frivolous women who would "bunga-bunga" for him and his buddies:

The Telegraph:

"Berlusconi 'sent escorts to Gaddafi opponent as favour to Libya leader'

Silvio Berlusconi helped Col Muammar Gaddafi to gain the leadership of the African Union in 2009 with the help of two escort women.

By Nick Pisa in Rome 10:57PM GMT 06 Mar 2011

Italy's prime minister has himself been involved in several sex scandals and is said to have arranged the sending of the escorts to an opponent of Mr Gaddafi's as a favour to the Libyan leader.

Col Gaddafi was the surprise choice as leader of the 53-nation African Union in February 2009 much to the unease of countries such as Tanzania and Nigeria.

Details of how the escorts were provided were revealed by Nuri Al Mismari, a former close aide of Col Gaddafi's, in an interview with Arab newspaper Ashaeq Al-Awsat in Paris.

Mr Al Mismari was Gaddafi's diplomatic chief for 35 years before he left Libya last year and went into exile in Paris.

He told the Arab newspaper that an unidentified African leader was opposing the election of Col Gaddafi but the situation was "resolved with an unorthodox solution."

He said: "Berlusconi helped resolve the situation and secure Gaddafi's position by sending in two beautiful escorts to the leader of the African nation in question. This had the desired affect. The leader was convinced and he gave his vote to Gaddafi – and from here is born the expression 'bunga bunga' which indicates salacious, adventurous women."

Mr Al Mismari said he was "ashamed" to have worked for the regime, but said Western leaders should also shoulder some of the blame for treating Col Gaddafi as they did.

"Everybody was kissing his hand – heads of state, heads of government. They don't feel shame now? They had guards of honour for Gaddafi when he came to their countries. They brought out the red carpet for him. They don't feel shame?"

Col Gaddafi has visited Italy twice in the last two years and was greeted with a huge fanfare."

Anonymous said...

I always say that the last mishnah in Sotah, as it describes the last generation before moshiach, it says that "The face of the generation will be the face of a dog". This statement is obviously not talking about commonfolk, as it had already descibed them in the begining of the mishnah and it said that it was reffering to the 'face' of the generation. This could only mean the Rabbis (Gedolim), as they like to think they are the representors of KY. In fact, the mishna elswhere refers to rabbis as the 'eyes', which are the center of the face. The prophecy is all too true.

Anonymous said...

has anyone ever figured out which 'close relative' molested the Shisgal girls?

chaim said...

How do you know they were molested?

Jerry said...

is that really a pic of the shisgal girls? THEY posed for penthouse? no way!

RJJ said...

There was a weird maniac rebbe in RJJ Yitchak Tendler any relation to these animals?